What They Don’t Teach You In College About Government

by | May 3, 2010 | Headline News | 2 comments

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    It’s no secret that our best and brightest are a bit misguided (some would say brainwashed), and it’s because they’re only getting half of the story (ok, maybe like 1/100th of the story).

    Here’s an excerpt from President Obama’s commencement speech at the University of Michigan:

    “Government .. is the roads we drive on and the speed limits that keep us safe. It’s the men and women in the military, the inspectors in our mines, the pioneering researchers in public universities.”

    Yes, government is those things, and I must admit, there’s nothing better than a paved road when you drive a POS like the Mac Mobile (made in South Korea circa 1999 – hey, it helps me keep a low profile and I’m payment free!).

    But, the President left out a few things. Not to worry, however, because Neal Boortz finished up what President Obama’s speech should have been:

    Government is forcing you to buy health insurance. Government is seizing your money with a vague promise you’ll get some of it back at a negative rate of return if you live long enough to retire. Government is seizing your home because some developer promises to build something on what once was your property that will deliver more property taxes. Government is finding you in an airport with too much cash in your pocket, seizing that cash and telling you that you’re just flat out of luck. Government is forcing you to pay an employee more than that person is worth to your business, and then telling you that you cannot pay a top level executive what he IS worth. Government is (or will be) health care rationing. Government is telling you that you cannot invest your own money in a business venture you find promising. Government is charging you with a federal crime if you pick an eagle feather up you see lying on the ground. Government is telling you that you cannot use property that you own because it might – just might – be a nifty habitat for some esoteric mouse that, by the way, has never been actually seen anywhere near your property. Government is telling you that you cannot advertise a home with a “walk-in closet” because the phrase “walk-in” discriminates against people in wheel chairs. Oh … and government is spending over a billion dollars of taxpayer money a year on electric scooters for lard asses who are simply tired of hauling their massive selves to the bingo game down at the community hall. Government is allowing teacher’s unions to control the education of our children. Government is forcing the top 1% of income earners to pay 40% of all personal income taxes while allowing the bottom 50% of income earners to become net tax consumers. Government is chasing businesses and jobs overseas with confiscatory taxation. Government is creating a financial meltdown by encouraging and then virtually guaranteeing hideously bad mortgages by the tens of millions … and then blaming Wall Street when it all turns into s#!t stew. Government is owning General Motors. Government is ignoring the law and giving unions advantages in bankruptcy proceedings. Government is flying elected officials all over the globe on meaningless junkets while demonizing corporate executives who dare make use of private aircraft. Government is taxing a man his entire working life, and then coming back for half of what he has left when he dies. All of this and Obama tells the grads that “government is the roads we drive on.” Only a freshly minted college grad would buy a load of waste material like that.

    We’re pretty sure Mr. Boortz did not pull this out of a government issued text book.


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      1. Government is made up of Human Beings. Long before they became “Government” they were people who ate food, expelled liquid and solid waste, needed water and air to survive, watched T.V., wore clothes, went to school, ect. They are not any more or any less than anyone else. Many of them were elected through a voting process. Many who voted for them did not know much about them, other than their party affiliation. If you park your car, leave the windows rolled down, it rains and gets the inside of your car wet , is it the rain’s fault? If we keep doing the same thing over and over again and the results do not change. Who is to blame?  Those people (politicians) are in office because we allow them to be there. So, we must be getting exactly what we want.

      2. Unless and until there is blood on the streets of America, the political and financial elite will not get the message they need. The “silent majority” must come out of their houses en mass to demonstrate against the corrupt political system that the republicans and democrats, and lawyers (read lobbyists) have created. Choosing between frick or frack on election day is NOT a viable option.

        Eradicate the G FLU:   R1, D1, L1

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