What THEY Can’t Take: “The Only Thing You Own Are the Skills In Your Hands and the Knowledge In Your Mind”

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    We can say without a shadow of a doubt that 99.9% of the establishment media never saw it coming. Ahead of the 2008 credit collapse they not only failed to warn the American public about what was happening beneath the surface, but they publicly mocked and laughed at those who urged investors to exit stock markets and prepare for an economic fallout unlike any we’ve witnessed in modern history.

    People like Doug Casey, Peter Schiff, Harry Dent, Chris Martenson, and Jim Rickards were saying what most didn’t want to hear, what most wouldn’t believe could happen, and they were vilified by expert economists, top market analysts and even our elected representatives for telling the truth.

    Well it did happen. And they were proven right. And now, they’re sounding the alarm once again.

    In the following video from Future Money Trends these same legendary contrarians share words of wisdom about where we are, where we’re going, and how to prepare yourself to prosper during the hard times ahead.

    You’ve got to produce a good or a service that other people are willing to buy…

    The only thing that you take with you… Absolutely the only thing that you own are the skills in your hands and the knowledge in your mind. That’s all you own. The rest of it they can take away from you, and they very well might.

    What you’ve got to do is arm yourself with specific marketable skills and knowledge. And I don’t mean the kind of bullshit you get by going to college. That’s worthless…

    Must Watch: Words of Wisdom to Prepare You To Prosper For Hard Times

    (Watch at Future Money Trends)

    No matter where you are with your efforts you can take steps to prepare for what’s coming – for what’s happening right here and now.

    Whether you are investing in gold, silver, commodity stocks, long-term food stores, supplies, arable land or skills-building, your focus must be on assets that will either preserve your wealth or have some sort of productive capacity should our economic system completely buckle.

    Everything else can be very quickly rendered worthless in any number of ways.



    It Took 22 Years to Get to This Point

    Gold has been the right asset with which to save your funds in this millennium that began 23 years ago.

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      1. I dont know why these always focus on preserving your wealth and assets. Im a silver bug, but metals are only really good in a rebuild. You have to survive the reset first.
        Prep, prep, prep!

        • By far the best skill to be learned is how to negotiate. You can barter, make peace, lead etc. I am sure you all saw that fat “marauder prepper” on Doomsday Preppers, he’s a moron and we’ll need to be ready for those type of ppl. I suggest you all use this survivalist card game, it has really made a change for the better in our group. I saw an ad for it here and a video Southernprepper1 made on it, it’s almost Xmas time, you can’t go wrong with this.


          • Watch: “The Fifth Element” It shows you how to negotiate. It they can take my stuff they can take my life, and they will have to, so screw them.

            • Survive Its Death

              I truly see no other plan. But until then life must still be enjoyed.

              And yes you can prep and still live a life of enjoyment.

              • I got a garage full of toilet paper.
                Bottom line…….I’m good to go.

                • Everything I have belongs to God, including my skills and what is in my mind.

                  I will defend Gods property to the best of my ability, and if I fail I will just get called home to give it back to Him.

                  • Off topic and yet not.
                    Last week the US House of Representatives stenographer got up and walked to the microphone and started speaking about how the US was never one nation under God.
                    She said “He will not be mocked. He will not be mocked. He will not be mocked. The greatest deception here is that this is not one nation under God. It never was. Had it been, the Constitution would not have been written by freemasons. They go against God. They go against God. You can not serve 2 masters. You can not serve 2 masters. Praise be to God, Lord Jesus Christ.” She was dragged off the House floor and taken to a mental hospital.
                    For a week before her speech, she was woken up each night and felt called to prayer and then later to go speak but said she did not know what she would say. She felt the Holy Spirit spoke through her to the nation.

                    Today in the national news for all to see, I see a picture of our national flag laid across a football field. It was ripped in half and from the angle of the picture shown to this nation, it was “flown upside down”. The US flag code 173-178: The US flag should not be flown upside down except in times of extreme distress with imminent danger to life or property.
                    Food for thought.
                    Prep if you do. Pray and fast first and last.

                  • GC..

                    Great post.

                    To bad everyone does not have your mind.

                    Eventually God will rule.

                    Time is short pick your side.


                • “I got a garage full of toilet paper.
                  Bottom line…….I’m good to go.”

                  Bottom line…..???

                  Hoo haw haw hoo Har!

                  Now that’s funny.


                  • good one, I would add that I’ll come clean in the end.

                • What good is it if you ain’t got enough to eat? Maybe for cry’n?

                  • Trade goods. There’s gonna be a lotta sheeple who are going to just shit when the breakdown comes and they ain’t prepared.

              • Obama and the democrats are digging themselves
                a deep hole (grave) with their lying policies,
                i.e. you can keep your existing insurance.

                Remember when G.H.W. Bush pushed his mantra,
                “read my lips, no new taxes” that got him
                elected, then went back on his word raising
                them anyway? He was tarred and feathered
                and rode out on a rail.

                The American people know when politics has
                fleas, they get bit by them.

                • …and yet we have to pay to keep his lying, zionist, commie, nwo ass alive.

                  I’m with Facebook…survive its death.

                  That is the only plan. Us or them, which way will you go?

                  • With you, but he is just the same as he was in College. I just keep wondering what happened to his college boyfriends?

                  • he fucked them all

              • As if we don’t have enough surveillance on us already…

                Russia Seeks ‘Monitor Stations’ in USA

                “In recent months, the Central Intelligence Agency and the Pentagon have been quietly waging a campaign to stop the State Department from allowing Roscosmos, the Russian space agency, to build about half a dozen of these structures, known as monitor stations, on United States soil, several American officials said.”

                “But the C.I.A. and other American spy agencies, as well as the Pentagon, suspect that the monitor stations would give the Russians a foothold on American territory that would sharpen the accuracy of Moscow’s satellite-steered weapons. The stations, they believe, could also give the Russians an opening to snoop on the United States within its borders.”

                The NY Times
                (posted on Drudge Report)

                • What does this have to do with anything? Unless your reporting that the war has started who really gives two shits, right?

                  The words in this article hold true to your WHOLE life, not just to money or your job.

                  • Peterson, what is your problem with KY Mom? Like I told you in the last article, she provides a valuable service to this community. You have the choice of clicking or not clicking on the links she’s provided. You could just ignore her altogether if you want to. I, for one appreciate the articles she calls our attention to. A lot of us are information junkies and this is the kind of info we need. If you don’t want the info, OK, just stop your BS attacks on her and other people here.

                  • Ya I read your comment. How is it helping you out any? Your not convinced enough yet that we are in trouble yet or something?

                  • …. and KFC isn’t as rightwing as she believes she is. When she spoke up about her Liberal teacher friend, that was her undoing. But oh we’ll I guess huh?

                  • braveheart,

                    Thank you for your support!

                    Many people provide informative and useful links here.

                    Hope you have a great day!
                    KY Mom

                  • At least Peterson-less has stopped posting videos of herself. You really need to cut down on the carbs. It is NOT good to carry around all that excess weight.

                  • Peterson,

                    I am a former teacher. I became a teacher because I have always enjoyed working with children. I have taught in a variety of settings, including special education. I have taught in public and private schools. Since my husband’s job required moving often, I had the opportunity of teaching in schools in different states, in the north and the south.

                    I have met many fine teachers. Not all teachers are liberals. I have NEVER been a liberal.

                    KY Mom

                  • I too am a teacher and have a very good friend that is also a teacher and we are definitely not liberal. There are many conservatives and patriotic teachers in our schools. Too many professors may be liberal. Some kind of screening process there to be sure they are woosies prior to becoming a professor.

                  • Peterson. Not meant to argue with you but your comments towards Ky Mom are not adding any value to the conversation. She is trying too. I would hope that is what we are here for.

                  • Sorry about that Mike! I feel the same way about KFC’s posts…. wish she’d just start her own blog where she can poach news stories all day long.

          • can you negotiate a fire to start in the woods when you are alone? Skills such as welding, elect, plumbing, mechanics, horticulture, veternary, etc.

        • Why society is failing… TV.
          People don’t want to read anymore.
          Everyone thinks they need to shell out tons of money for a college degree.
          But at the end of a failing economy taken over by socialists and commies…
          They will find few jobs.

          The folks that have the skills to create new jobs and businesses will just be doing this for only their own kids. Obamacare took care of that.
          They enslaved the employers to the employees..along with payroll taxes and legal liability. It’s all going down…so you’d better have your shit together when the dollar is brought down by the commie bankers and NWO UN jerks.
          I’m just saying.. know your place in history and teach and prepare your children well.

          I do wonder if we will default on China..then they will invade with Russia?
          Not only do you need skills…you’ll need tools. And know how to use them.



          • $1.99. At harbor freight.

          • Peterson, I know damned well what kind of trouble the country’s in, so don’t start lecturing me about anything and KY Mom is not a f#$%in commie either, so go f#$% yourself!

            • Why do you want more of it then buddy? Doesn’t change anything does it?

              • Peterson, why don’t you just go and play with ncjoe or something like that?

                • I was asking you real questions there Braveheart. What value are you gleeming from her ripped off news stories?

          • @Real life. China and Russia don’t need to invade. If we default, that’s our problem. But for Russia, China and a host of other countries, they’ve taken steps to insulate themselves from the Dollar. For nearly 70 years, we’ve pretty much demanded that the US dollar be the worlds reserve currency. No-one could do anything without having to use the US dollar. Well, now, enough countries have slowly managed to throw of the yolk of oppression (US dollar) off. And have gone their own way. Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa and all the countries that associate closely with these five superpowers have collectively pulled away from the dollar. The only countries that are in peril are the ones that use the US dollar in the reserve capacity still, the EU and of course the long gone, not so mighty anymore, USA. We ruined it for ourselves.
            If you still think the US still has a dog in the fight …. I feel truely sad for you. We went for broke ….. And we lost.
            So back to your question @Real life, no Russia and China don’t need to invade the US. We’ll be fighting ourselves soon enough. We’ll destroy ourselves first. Very few countries care about what happens to the US these days, as we’ve already burnt them historically in some form or another. The US will collapse like the USSR into poverty, with civil war and starvation. Dissenters will be rounded up Nazi Europe 1942 style. Survivors chipped and borders blocked. This war is already over, but few even realize that it’s even started.

            • Put it another way – they won’t need to invade because they can cripple us using our own government. The Chinese may be devoid of scruples, but they are not stupid. In the end they want to own the one big industry that they cannot “offshore” – agriculture. They need food, we have the means to produce it. The Mississippi basin is the largest and most productive agricultural area in the world, and the rivers make transport cheap and easy.

          • I have never been able to make one of those work. I’ll stick to my Mable’s Match Safe and my other little match-safe full of smokeless powder. If a sprinkling of that won’t light your tinder, you are drowning, and a fire is the least of your worries.

          • We terminated our Dish Network two weeks ago. Cost over $200 to cancel the contract, but we accepted that (a contract is a contract). We own our home and our cars. Almost no bills. We are dry canning dried goods, learning farming skills, and doing everything possible to get as far away from the money economy as possible. Get your preps in order.

            • Good Job!! Change your name to Mating the Right Decisions.

              • “Mating the Right Decisions” … Oh man! I just shot coffee out my nose!

                But how true! Our lives are definitely better for deciding onto the right mate.


          • Youre spamming us. You have an Amazon referral of globalcodeguild that is probably your dot com spot and you make money off us if we buy the stuff you link to.

            So I went back a post or two and I saw that you did this with other names. The names you use are The American, Real Life, What About First Aid and so on.

            So youre an Amazon whore pimping your own listings for some extra bucks and you come here to lure us. Thats dishonest. Everyone here should know what you are doing. I know I wont be played again or check out amazon links unless they come right from Mac or another web owner where I read.

        • They always say to buy gold and silver… but they are willing to SELL you some. Too many are saying the collapse will happen soon, and they just keep pushing the date farther forward. They will be correct someday, but dont quit you job on advice from a salesperson/investor.

          • If you look at the history of the Great Depression the stock market crash took years with many mini crashes along the way. They were all signs the world currencies were in trouble. Then came the big crash a long with a cascade of bank and business failures.

            Could people see it coming? Absolutely! Did they know exactly when? Nope, but it took almost eight years of global political paralysis just like we have now for the real crash to hit. Smart investors and preppers of the day did well. Most people did just squeaked along.

            Part of being prepared includes several diversified investments that will hold value and make income along the way. Go to the library and read up on the Great Depression. It won’t be wasted time.

          • So true.
            I recently realized this as well.
            I would simply be a fool to trust anyone’s information if they are clearly benefiting from my trust in their words.
            I am not saying they are bad people, or that they lie, or that the collapse will never happen.
            But they have something to sell to me, and they are trying to persuade me to buy that. That does NOT add to their credibility. Nothing personal, just simple logic.
            I do however agree with the advice that everything can be taken away, except skills and knowledge.

            My advice to everyone who thinks I am an idiot:
            please consider if people in those countries where SHTF happened before, or is going on right now, did, do, or will care about precious metals and such?
            Will you be able to buy food or medicine or ammo or fuel from those who have it, by paying in precious metals? You probably will, but rest assured: you will be overcharged MANY TIMES OVER the normal price.
            If you expect an enemy’s death squad to hit your family any time, and there is nowhere to run because everywhere is about the same, will 10 kilograms of gold hidden in a remote cache keep your loved ones safe, or will an AK with a few extra magazines do a better job? That is, of course, if we don’t mention that you will NOT be able to buy an AK after SHTF for any reasonable amount of gold, whereas now it’s far more affordable.
            What you can buy now for, say, $1,000-worth in gold, is many times more than you will be able to buy for the same amount of gold in a bad situation.

            So, unless you are so well-to-do as to already have several years of food in both your primary and bug-out location, at least several thousand rounds of ammo for each of you dozens of guns hidden in caches and stored in those 2 (3?..) locations, a town-worth cache of antibiotics and other essential medications, and have been trained multiple times (until it became your second nature) from all best CQB and tactical schools, at least one Gen-3 night vision device for your family and your team, perimeter defense devices, NBC (nuclear/bio/chem)survival tools and equipment and shelters, and so on, and so forth…
            … why do you even consider precious metals?

            If you are already all set with the necessities for many years, plus extras, more power to, but in that case I have another question for you: why are you still living here, instead of retiring to some extremely remote location in Peru?

            • If people are willing to accept precious metals as barter for more utilitarian goods; then what you say is the exact opposite of economic reality.

              The value of precious metals will skyrocket due to both rarity and their value as a medium of exchange (i.e., money). It is the value of precious metals as MONEY (rather than barter) which makes it better to have them than night-vision, or NBC protection.

              The problem is that value is relative; and the value (price) of things that are cheap today (like food) will skyrocket even more than gold or silver.

              On the flip-side, many things that are costly in today’s economy will lose most, or all, of their value (e.g. 3rd gen night vision, NBC gas masks, etc).

              As things like food production and distribution begin to stabilize over a year or three, the value (price) of each bit of food will plumment; whereas the value (price) of gold and silver will remain high.

              I’ll forego explaining why this is the case (hint: you want to sell your NVGs, you need to find someone who wants, and does not already have, NVGs. But, everyone will [in time] take gold and silver for the simple fact that they can then be exchanged for anything, anywhere. This is why money exists; because barter is difficult and inefficient.) These are things that can be learned in any introductory Econ 101 class, or by using common sense.

        • *********************************
          BARTER BAG….is your’s ready?

          Folks, in addition to knowledge…you will need tangible items to get by.
          Below is an example and a nice resource I found for info. on Antibiotics.

          YEAR: 2018
          FAMILY ISSUE: Family member needs anti-biotics
          ANTIBIOTIC RESOURCE LINK: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_antibiotics


          GLOW STICKS: These will be in hot demand.

          MAYLAR BLANKETS: Another hot prep and barter item


          THE BOOT…to close the deal. Some oz of silver, a flask of Jack and some shotgun shells. Some MREs and a pail of grail, beans and rice.

          SOLUTION: Your loved one does not die!

          WISDOM: Better have a barter kit ready.

          I also keep HUMANITARIAN bags ready to hand out to close friends.

          Good luck.

          Plan well.

          • I have no plans to barter with anyone for anything. You have to find those people first. And who knows if they’re running out of food and looking to kill you for yours? I plan on avoiding all people outside my house for the duration of the collapse.

            • Then what is your definion of the end of a collapse.?

              • When the electricity goes back on.

                • So much truth in so few words!

                • What if the electric stays on in your area but milk is 24 a gallon. And no one even has a job except for the hydro dams such as in the PAC nw

            • Brain Dead

              Bartering in the beginning at the very minimum will be extremely dangerous, even if you’ve had Tactical TRX. Each of you should at least try to get to a point where you can survive for at least a couple months being 100% self intact. I know all of our budgets are different, but do the best you can.

            • “And who knows if they’re running out of food and looking to kill you for yours?”

              Too many forget… your body is meat. Think about it.

          • Glow sticks? a 8 hour light you cannot shut off, then throw it away. I dont think so.

            • Chem Lights or Glow sticks.
              6 in. long 3/8ths diameter
              30 min. high intensity
              6,8 and 12 hour.
              various colors.

              Green lasts the longest. Keep in package until use. If in cool weather have seen them last 16 hours. Green type only.

              • Flashlight… turn off when not needed. turn on sixmonths later when needed. various color lens. Penlight 3 inch long, half inch diameter.

                • 🙂 🙂

          • Barter Bank items: Estwing Camp Axe. (Personal fave)

            Hammers, shovels, garden and leaf rakes, hoes (clean ones or dirty ones), mattox, wheelbarrows. In short, multiple copies of hand tools. Many people will have to work the fields if tractors and such can’t be fueled. Wooden replacement handles. Varnish and polyurethane. I’ve found that powder post beetles like hickory, but can’t get thru three coats of polyurethane. I think it’s because they can’t smell the wood.

            With respect to power tools, make sure you have several single speed drills and saws, stuff like that. Not variable speed. The single speed ones will work ac/dc. you may be able to rig up a portable 120v DC solar array, which will have better efficiency than 120 volt AC, since the power doesn’t have to run thru an inverter. Yeahm you will only be able to use power tools in broad daylight, so the scheduling of construction projects will have to be sun-dependent.

            Also, drill bits and saw blades. Manual saws too. But just like in today’s economy, the carpenter with power tools will have an income advantage. So the thing to do is rig a portable solar system.

            Nail pullers. Lotta studs will be re-used, not thrown away. Coffee cans, metal or plastic, will be great for collections of bent nails. If nails are in short supply, the childhood skill of straightening bent nails will come in handy.

            But new nails, screws, fence staples, fence, etc. too. Many supplies will be valuable and readily barterable. Obviously, groups of marauders would be intent on stealing your carefully created barter bank, so there’s the typical security issues there.

            What are some of the items people in your area are likely to need? A barter bag is what you carry. Your barter bank will provide a long term barter income stream.

            Just for fun, in case you’re feeling healthy:



        • Metals are great during high inflation. You can sell your silver to buy food no matter how expensive food is. That’s why I’m trying to save up a year’s worth of food money in gold and silver.

      2. You own whatever you refuse to give away.

        • I wish that was true. And in your heart and mind it is. But in the real world all that you own you must also be able to defend.

          • Look up the definition of refuse.

            • Sometimes you have to flee in order to fight another day, right?……

              • True, and sometimes it’s time to fight like a pissed off badger. King Leonidas isn’t remembered because he won. But he did kill enough of the bastards that they didn’t. Everything I have is mine. I will not run, hide or compromise. (Longer than it takes to get to my next firing position) Molon Labe

                • Ya have to pick the battles you can win. Dying doesn’t do anyone any good.

                  • In the end we all die. Sometime a bit early isn’t so bad. I’m old enough it’s more important to help the good people after I’m gone than it is to live another few years. Young people should not fight wars until the old are used up. Fewer wars, less damage. Us old folks will make a far more dangerous enemy, we have patience and no need to run.

      3. Possession is 9/10’s of the law. Whomever has their hands on it owns it…for the time being, until the next ‘holder’ comes along. That or a well placed silenced rifle round. One of the disadvantages of ‘skills’ and knowledge is they cannot be scaled easily.

        Say you are a great welder for instance- one of the best in your profession. Most likely you have gained years of experience and knowledge that newcomers to the trade do not know. When you die (and we all will, at some point), those skills and all that knowledge are lost. Setup a way to make your skills valuable, but also document or train some others in your group (if you have one)so that all is not lost… if and when you are.

        • That’s really good advice…we should have never gotten rid of the apprenticeship system.

          • Im a welder. Ive been welding most of my life (mid 50’s now) Ive been trying to get a job for the past 5 years and cant get hired. Most companies wont reply to your resume unless you have a trade school. The few that allowed me to test were impressed at my ability yet still would rather have the 20 year old tech school grad with no experience.
            In the 1970’smy grandfather (who was a numbered death camp excapee during ww2. He was neither a german or a jew) used to say the US was on its way to Fascism and within 20 years would be just like Germany was. He was mainly talking about the Department of education and the other newly planned social programs of the day and the way big business was in control of congress.
            He used to rant on and on. On day he looked at me and told me that I should pay attention to him. He said in 30 years or so Id be fighting a civil war. I Laughed at him and told him that even if that was the case id be too old by then. He said that Just wars were always fought by and won by old men.

            • You had a very smart grandfather. Old people would not be in the fight for the paycheck or the fame.

            • Your Grand dad gives me hope bud, he was right,

            • My great grand father was german. He told my father that there was going to be a time when the Soviets would ditch communism (at least most of it) and the United States would ditch capitalism and (at least most of it) meet the Soviets in the middle and on common ground. This is happening today. He was no fool and could see it coming, even in the late 1950’s.

          • I strongly believe in the ‘apprenticeship’ program or ‘on the job’ training…. The sad thing is that today, many of the guys I see coming into the railroad industry may have the ‘skill’ or the ‘natural ability’, but absolutely ‘no drive’ or motivation to actually work.

            I’ve been with the railroad for over twenty years and before that, I was in commercial construction and the service for another 20 and back then, you either ‘worked’ or they let you go. Today however, laziness has become such an issue that the shop supervisor has put out a new rule that if you’re caught “..finger f#*!%!g..” your phone (playing games, etc) you’re written up for “failure to follow instruction”. It’s virtually an epidemic – pathetic actually. If these ‘new hires’ are any example of what ‘tomorrow promises’, this nation is screwed…

            • Jerry C.;

              Couldn’t agree more. The work ethic in this country on an individual and collective basis is pretty well shot. Don’t even get me started on the numerous educated idiots I run into with absolutely ZERO common sense. I feel like America is just living off the residual efforts of previous generations gone by. Yep; stick a fork in the American public. Were done.

            • @Jerry C & Dave,

              Recently interviewed at my job for a promotion. Ended up as second banana. Was given the weak and strong points of the interview a week later. Long story short…was told in no uncertain term that its not about who works the hardest but who interviews the best. So basically the people who bullshit the best get promoted. Think of that if you ever go to Lowe’s for help or advice.

              • Ran into that at the last job. Even though I owned 2/3rds of the workload in completed projects spread amongst 4 guys, I could not get promoted. The lead slacker amongst the 4 of us was promoted time and time again. I was told I needed to be more like this guy. I looked at the boss and told him “shit floats to the surface”.

            • That’s what unions brought us. I served a 15 years sentence in the Big 3 auto plants. The stories I can tell would fill a book, and not a small one. No matter how badly a union man f&^%*@’d off, the UAW’s first objective was to protect him. Only men they would oppose was the rare man who worked too hard, and showed up the rest of the slackers. Boy oh boy, would they ever make an example of that guy. But the fact was that getting out of there with his spirit unbroken would be the best thing that could happen to him.

              SOooo glad I’m retired from there.

          • They haven’t gotten rid of the apprenticeship program, at least not for carpenters, drywallers, painters and iron workers, those considered it “the trades”.

            They have simply bastardized it. They’ve turned it into a very controlled, academic trade. You go through college courses, take a test and if you pass you are a carpenter. You do still work while you study, but the emphasis is on the study, not the craftsmanship now.

            There is no more “Trades”, at least as I knew it, it’s all just another college credit study course.

            • I served an apprenticeship in Tool and Die making. While in my apprenticeship I also attended a community college and took trade related courses, or something close to it like algebra, geometry, trigonometry, drafting, metallurgy and a semester of welding. At the time there wasn’t a college course for Tool and Die making and as far as I know there still isn’t. I can’t understate how much the courses that I took helped me in my trade.

              I was fortunate in where I was serving my apprenticeship we had journeymen Tool and Die makers that had learned their trade the old school way and I learned so many craft ways of working with metal from those old timers. Combining that experience with the college courses made me a well rounded and valued Tool and Die maker.

              Technology advancements has made many of the skills obsolete. When I first seen what a wire EDM could do I knew that much of what I had learned I would never use again. When I seen CAD for the first time I knew that the years of taking mathematics had lost much of it’s importance as a critical skill for the Tool and Die maker.

              I now have my own business and I use wire edm, cnc, cad and quite often I use those skills that were taught to me by the old timers.

              One of my sons work for me and I’m teaching him all I can about the trade, he can learn the business later on. I’ve enrolled him (and myself) in a blacksmithing course. Nothing wrong with getting in touch with the foundation of our trade.

              In manufacturing, for a business, technology has made a traditional apprenticeship unnecessary.

              I once worked as a supervisor and I wanted to promote a machine operator that had great natural abilities to an apprentice tool maker. My boss said something like “If we train him and he leaves then someone else will get what cost us time and money” “If we promote him then we need to train his replacement and we will lose twice”.

              • RickinOregon-

                This ‘system’ is destined for a complete reboot at some point down the road. Never doubt.
                Whether it is manifested via a world-wide paper currency collapse, revolution, civil wars, super-natural disaster or a global war catastrophe, it doesn’t matter, its coming in one guise, or several.

                Humanity’s horrors/sufferings will dwarf(imo) anything in recorded history (thus far) & will likely proceed in progressive wave patterns of misery & woes, as each succeeding wave crashes over mankind delivering misfortune & death.

                The depth & breadth of the culling will be enormous and I truly believe TPTB will receive their fair share of slaughter-house activities.

                Paybacks are a real bitch, sometimes.

                But at some point, the wave impulses will ebb & subside, mainly due to a lack of energy.
                Meaning loss of technologies, control, know-how, electrical power and especially the number of humans remaining to continue such mayhem.
                Call it—hitting bottom.

                Seems like I recall Mother Shipton alluding to something like that.

                At some point, rebuilding civilization begins in earnest.
                It simply has to, because the Creator hard-wired many of us that way, at the DNA level. Folks who possess real skills, will be the ones who lay the new foundation.

                Thus, I salute you/your son & damn near everybody here, who have hailed from/sought to maintain or have learned the old-school skill-sets, in their manifold forms(whatever said skill/knowledge may be, as long as its productive for the greater good).

                Perhaps, when the great rebuilding begins, we will have learned our lessons and you’ll see a rebirth of the guild/apprenticeship system, spread across manifold disciplines and coupled w/ a profound understanding that the measure of one’s creative capacity/ability…is not measured via a piece of paper or silver tongue syndrome..but upon their intelligent/real world capabilities alone.

              • Yeah, I went through classes, where we got A WEEK off from our union jobs to attend. Now it’s more like going to classes and college at the same time. They even got rid of the Willamette Carpenter’s Training Center (WCTC). We went there to learn the math and other stuff we’d need to pass the journeyman’s test. We were just studying for the test and practicing the skills.

                A rep recently told me “the days of the good ol’ boys is over)… I guess it is. It’s more controlled and more difficult to get into the apprenticeship now.

                I don’t know how to explain it, the whole thing is just different.

            • SixPack,

              All of the trades around my part of the country have been taken over by the illegal Mexicans… No white or black folks are allowed any more… The only surviving trades are the ones that require a license like electricians or plumbers….

            • I did some work for one of these college “construction managers” ten years ago. What a joke this kid was. He didn’t have a fucking clue.

          • “””we should have never gotten rid of the apprenticeship system.””

            WE didn’t. Just the masses got conned into attending higher indoctrination (college) instead.

            You can be an apprentice to anyone, if you want to and can work for free or close to it. Just don’t expect the corp to endorse your activities or it’s sub-corps to acknowledge the real world skills you gain.

            If it ain’t on paper, the corp don’t care abut it.

            • My training in midwifery is the apprenticeship model, and though the medical system generally despises it, we are trained to handle most emergencies without an operating room close by. We can do twins, breeches and VBACs, and use our knowledge to help teach the clients to care for themselves in a way that helps avoid most of the complications that are seen in hospital…there is a place for the medical model, but not near as often as its being used….and when the economy goes south, we will be there to help people have their babies safely at home…

              • Oh, and fwiw, it’s taken me 25 years to get to this point ( what with raising a family and all). Most midwives I know apprentice three to 7 years before going out on their own…

                • What a great skill to have.

                • Its an old and honorable profession!

                • I hope your business card has your name Babycatcher on it. Love it! My daughter is pregnant and has already met with her Midwife. Oh boy! Grampa wrong!

            • “If it ain’t fiction, the fictions don’t care about it.”

              There, fixed it for ya!

              In order for you to “rate” you have to attend a fiction sanctioned training school. Then, only the training sessions that you attended matter.

              The more fiction that is in the world, the more it can be manipulated by the fictions.

              The fact is, even the UN admits that unless you are a fiction (a birth certificate), the governments cannot recognize you. You are invisible to them.

              • I keep arguing about the merits of using an expired drivers license/ID card for proof of age. When the card “expires”, does it change my birth date?

                No. But not paying the state for the card, loses them revenue. A “valid” ID doesn’t mean you are who you say you are…it means you’ve paid for permission to be recognized for who you are.

                My card expired in 2002 and I’m not trying to pay the state any more than I have to. I use my bank account and pay my bills just fine without it.

            • We can relate to that. We sent one of our sons to “Vocational” school during his junior and senior years and he had “hands-on” experience in a reasonably good school. The local high school doesn’t like it because they lose state money for each student attending the Vo-Tech. Our son came out at apprentice level, but the catch was that to earn his journeyman’s license, he had to get his AA, which he did, and the company for which he worked had to pay what they called “qualification fees” into the State of Ohio to certify him. He graduated at the beginning of the economic collapse in Ohio, and could not find a company willing to pay the steep fees. He’s in another state now and doing reasonably well. I’ve learned so much from the people with whom I work, and a good apprentice program could work if the State would just stay out of it. Certification is one thing, but sucking businesses dry is another.

              • Yep.

        • I have been railing for the past few years, don’t put your kids in college get them a trade. The two premier trades is see for the coming future is HVAC and electrician/contractor.
          A good friend of mine is an electrical contractor and has made bank for the past five to six years, right thru this obamanimics bullshit. It’s just him and two employes.
          He is busy all of the time.
          Next. Pick up a paper look in the want adds under and for HVAC. Everybody that knows this trade has been working all along and for high money too.
          So what’s going on here?
          Most Mexicans don’t understand electricity and won’t fool with it. And most clients wouldn’t trust them to do quality work. They don’t want to come and find out their hispanico electro did a bad job as their house in on the ground in a pile of ash.
          Most Mexican electricians aren’t subject to the same or anything close to modern UCB standards and compliance. It mostly left up to their discretion down south.
          An American trained electrician is worth absolute bank now days.
          HVAC, another trade somebody just can’t waltz up to and bullshit their way into. And judging by what is coming up as far as employment in this country HVAC is coming on strong. All of these college educated degree holding unemployed in debt up to their necks snotty morons that will be getting a job in a modern building, watch them whine when the AC goes on the fritz. When your an AC contractor, there’s not a bidding process, when you get their call for service it’s show up and fix it and give us a bill. Again, BANK!!
          What’s going on here are these aren’t trades that you can see and learn watching seven or eight episodes of DIY channel and all of a sudden your a fucking expert.
          That’s what has happened in the trades for years now. Either that or anybody that could pick up a hammer and beat a nail in to a 2×4, miraculously was a carpenter.
          Another thing about electricity. With all of the copper thefts going on unabated, there has been big big big dollars in repairing damaged electrical systems that have been savaged by meth fueled tweeters.
          Good HVAC techs and electricians aren’t a dime a dozen and are impossible to be counterfeited. There’s nothing wrong with a blue collar trade when you’re knocking down $100+ a year and no student debt and in great demand. You’ll have a job as long as you want it.

          • As long as the grid is around these jobs are good.

            Everyone puts their ass on the line when they depend on the grid…and oil.

            They are lying about oil/gas production and the electric thing…coal for electricity is going to China because they didn’t lend us all that money “on our word of honor”.

            They wanted some collateral…our coal, our freshwater, probably our national parks, forests, etc.

            WE will give you money to prop up you wall st, you give us resource we need…coal, water…and must buy our shitty goods to keep slaves happy/employed so you to can have you own slaves sooner. We buy USA with you shitty treasuries and we mine/stash all gold in meantime…and in the end, you (may)get all you shitty paper back (like Jim Willie has recently said that the chins will “write off” all US treasuries because they will have all the gold and the power will revert back to the east from the west). We no care,power over people is power over people.

            Soooo…in the end the commies always say that the power comes from the barrel of the gun.

            Freedom has and will come the same way.

            Make your choice…and for God sake, “don’t go down without one helluva fight”

            • Perfect evaluation of the truth of our situation. The word of the american govt isn’t worth shit—and the world knows it.

              • Im just glad Snowden leaked all the shit he is leaking, the guy is a hero in my book, but its amazing how many sheep still just dont get it, theyll get it when its too late.

            • Hammerun makes excellent points… and I agree with them all. My youngest son is following the advise of his ‘old man’ and after attending only one day of college, he decided that going to trade school and entering into an electrical apprenticeship program was the wiser choice (and there was truly NO pressure from me)… for the time being, I see it being a better deal for him to have the paper cert. than just having all the training from his dad (me) – even though I’ve been an electrician now for 21 years.
              Hammerun says that those with the HVAC and electrical knowledge will always have a job – I feel he’s absolutely right – my personal experience goes clear into industrial and I’m just blown away by how many of my friends refuse to even change out a wall switch or a receptacle.
              But with that, I’m in complete agreement with your concerns and perspective about the grid ‘lastmanstanding’.
              That’s why I’ve been expanding my own experience to include a very good working knowledge in solar and wind – alternative power sources – and it’s already coming in handy – again, I have a lot of friends who are finally waking up and their questions about ‘power’ are endless… I’m fairly confident that even if the grid goes down, my sons and I are going to be in ‘high’ demand in our area… we’ll probably be resorting to forms of bartering, but it’s like Selco talked about in his situation that’s been covered on this site: https://www.shtfplan.com/?s=selco The bottom line is: don’t go into the FEMA camps, don’t let DHS stand in your way (if they want “one hell of a fight”, they’ve come to the right place), and don’t go hungry… did I leave anything out?
              Oh, of course, for our family – we don’t go anywhere without Jesus….

              • Cant go wrong learning the trades, i started out in the mid 80s as an electrician, then got into building, did everything from footings and walls and flatwork through framing, into sheetrock and finishing and had a cabinet shop and sawmill for 10 years, dont regret a minute of any of it, now am a grower, its hard to find folks who can really work these days, is really pretty baffling actually, is also a sad statement of our society and youth!

                • I’m with you on not being able to find help. A couple of years ago we went through 5 people between 16 and 26 for spring greenhouse labor. They either spent most of their time looking busy or whining that they had to do something over again that they messed up in the first place. When reminded that they were getting paid to do it a second time and maybe should have listened the first time-so the only injured party was my checkbook they whined some more. Most of these kids come equipped with a can of pop in one hand and a marlboro in the other and try to juggle the damn smartphone with what fingers are left. Sent the last ones home midway through the season and had tremendous relief .Would not be excited about hiring anyone under 30 again. We only have one employee now and she is in her mid 50s, what a peach of a gal! We now grow 20,000 sq ft of bedding plants with only 3 people but are burning out and would like to sell out and move to the mountains before it is too late.

                  • I used to hire out of labor ready once in a while. I was forming and pouring upstairs concrete slabs. The hardware required was about 90 pounds and had to be taken up the stairs and nailed into place by hand. This had to be done for each landing.

                    I ran the first steel up the stairs and showed them how to put the 6 nails in it. We had 20 slabs to prep that day, and the kids were pretty robust-looking (for kids). They started out pretty slow.

                    I told them “If you can’t keep up with the women, get the hell off my job site”. I ended up sending the whining kids home by lunch, and finished the job myself.

                    True story. After that, the only labor ready help I got, was when I needed someone to push a broom or throw trash in a dumpster.

              • Jerry

                My father always told me to marry a nurse. My mom always told my sister to marry an electrician.

        • how do i pass on my trade when no young people want to work ? the first time the temp. hits 90 they quit.
          Its been three years since i have had a serious apprentice.
          and BTW i have always paid more than most, these kids want the world handed to them .
          sorry for the off topic rant.

          • Hey, I’m on the opposite end of your problem. I’m about to be medically discharged and I can’t find work after the fact. It’s like everyone wants the young kids with no snow on their boots and can’t tell they’re being screwed instead of someone who has a realistic idea what he’s worth, has life experience and the ability to learn (but no shiny degrees on my wall) and will work through thick or thin.

            But if it means flipping burgers 120 hours a week to provide for my family, I’ll do just that.

            • Canadian Vet: Please enlighten me about the Canadian military. Here in the U.S. if person is discharged for medical reasons they draw a disability from our V.A. and that person receives a percentage of their active duty pay based on the percentage of their disability, up to 100%. I know, that’s never enough to live on but it’s a good start. Our veterans also get college benefits in order to earn a degree. How do things work for you?

              • It’s a multi-stage process here too.

                In case of a medical discharge, the member gets his pension, based on his years of service (2% of his pay per year of service! based on an average of his best 5 years, to a maximum of 70%) and unlike the regular pension it is indexed for inflation.

                Also, we have a governmental insurance service that provides lump-sump for disability and/or dismemberment, the amount depending on the injury and also long-term disability, topping up the pension so it come up to 75% of the member’s pay, again averaged over the 5 best years. Don’t know if that one is indexed.

                There is also out Veterans’ Affairs, who give out a lump sum compensation for injuries sustained.

                As for education, there are some benefits but it is kinda complicated. If you are assigned to the Joint Personnel Support Unit, you can get education as your regular place of duty, but until 6 months prior to release the member had to pay up front and will be reimbursed upon passing the course. At six months prior and for 18 months after, that same insurer I mentioned will foot the bill for schooling plus provide 75% of the member’a pay for those 18 months.

                In the end, it isn’t enough to live off of and, truth be told, I would qualify for full disability because of my neck injury, which is derived from my PTSD.

                And at least, I can also get a placement with in the job training for something I can do, with the possibility of being retained as a paid employee once my release date comes around. In the meantime, though, I’ll still draw full pay.

          • Hammerhead, my daughter was my apprentice. At 16, she made me proud, hauling wheelbarrows full of gravel. She learned how to tie rebar and shovel and compact gravel. She screeded with the best of them.

            If nothing else, she is her mother’s daughter.

            • SIX – Thats great! I am honestly impressed.
              You just dont here too many stories of kids willing to get their hands dirty.

              • Well, this one did, and she loved it. I’m also directly responsible for one of my little brothers choosing to work concrete, instead of the path he was on. He figured if his sister could do it, so could he. It kept him out of a life of going in and out of prison and for that. I am grateful.

                It just goes to show you, you do lead by example, not by force.

                • But it takes a good parent to raise a child who is willing to work! Kudos to you! I totally get it, and it isn’t easy, as I have three that are hard workers! One with a college degree that she put herself thru( I still had the youngest at home and couldn’t afford to help her), one who has raised three children almost singlehandedly to be hard workers, and the third just got out of the Navy after 6 grueling years, and is now doing hardscaping work until he starts college courses in January. So you are to be commended for giving your children a skill they can support themselves with!

                  • Thanks to all. You know what? There’s a special kind of bond you get when you work on a real job with your kid. Being able to work together, means you’ll be better prepared to survive together when it really counts. I know I can trust my daughter to do what I asked of here, even when I’m not there. I think she trusts my judgment.

                    THAT is the real “win” at the end of the day.

          • It’s very true though Hammerhead. I remember one of the best jobs I had as a teenager was running around with a neighbor who refurbished homes around the local area. He was licensed in a lot of areas and taught me a lot. I earned amazing money for my age by doing what I was told, when I was told, and how I was told…cuts, scrapes, sweat and all. My cousins who complained why I was never around to sit in the A/C and play video games during the sweltering Texas summer heat always complained again when I had so much money in my pocket and wouldn’t loan them any!

            Sad thing is that I foresee a major issue for this country regarding skilled tradesman. Youngsters see the glamor of today’s technology and rapidly changing career fields and they easily choose little work for perceived good money instead of a valuable trade for real good money. If it involves sweat most don’t want to do it!

          • Don’t feel sorry for it. It’s true.

          • Hammerhead I agree I am a master mechanic and I feel your pain. I’ve always made a good living because I learned from experience. Yes I took a college course because to pass the ASE test you have to be book smart, it doesn’t matter if you can fix a sandwich.

            The Dealers want experience but only want to pay $10.00 an hour for it. That’s where the young ones come in.
            Yes I’ve seen the true story of what they do to your car at the dealer.

            But when SHTF I have a needed skill. I can fix just about anything. But who wants to learn what I have to share?

            • if it involves work , nobody wants to learn.
              Just what i have seen.
              I left high school under the resession created by Jimmy Carter , work was scarce, i learned my trade in texas, california and colorado with a short stint in idaho.
              I ended up back in michigan ,in the last 8 yrs it has become harder to find kids that want to really learn the trade. they only want a check on friday and dont care about anything else.
              with all the new regulations concerning licensing , i am worried that in 20 yrs every carpenter will work for home depot . thats where we are headin .

            • I would, in a heart beat! I’d love to graduate from a shade tree duct tape stretcher, to a real mechanic. I can patch up an old fixer-upper with the best of them, but once they all went computerized, that left me basically in the dirt.

              Too bad you don’t live in my neighborhood.

        • But then again, there are valuable skills you can use for trade post SHTF.

          You can always use your skills and trade you product for stuff you need, or for a much larger fee you can teach someone else and/or take them as an apprentice. The old medieval master-apprentice system would work great in a case like this. One would pay a sum of money to a tradesperson so they would apprentice a relative, teach them the trade. And until the apprentice produces his masterpiece, which in the day meant he’d matched or even exceeded his master’s standards, the master had another pair of hands working for him for food and board and maybe even minimal pay.

        • Socrates is spot on. Education of the next generation is paramount.

      4. All I can say is, if you got money in a bank get it out, and I’ll come to your rescue. I’m so good hearted that I’ve got some gold coins I’ll sell you for just exactly what I’v got in them. I think around $1600 maybe a little more, but I’ll take the loss, just give $1600. And I’ve got them in my hand. Trekker Out. Nothing Gained, Nothing Lost, Or Something Like That.

        • There are many out here that will pay 1600 for physical gold bullion in cash. Especially in quantity. So don’t tease us. I still don’t have enough. And shortly 1600 will be what a fraction of an oz will be going for.

          • FB…gold @ $1600.00. So explain to me the crash of the gold miners stocks, GDX, GDXJ, and the iShares Silver Fund at the same time when the world government’s were printing billions of worthless paper currency, so fast the bearings on the presses were burning out. I lost $$$ thousands….And how about NAKED SHORTING, where the WS gangsters short stock they don’t even own! The corruption, lies, scheming, and back room governmental manipulations are everywhere, especially for this current wretched administration. Trust nobody.

            • Paper sucks and you found out the hard way.

              If you hope to have any future, you must hold real things in your own possession.

              That is how the planet works, you must have all assets where you can use them to YOUR advantage even if you have NO idea how things will play out.

              Get out of their game and play your own.

              You get a choice…you must be VERY cagey right now and be playing both sides of the game. Your real wealth needs to be in your possession and rest of the paper game can played with caution…play that part of the game day by day.

              You must risk your survival and play the real game…not the real comfortable game.

              • @LastMan…interestingly at the time having been a stock investor for many years, I thought purchasing mining stocks was a no-brainer given the currency inflation and bail-outs that were goin’ on thru-out the world. It was a real eye-opener when it all tanked. It was like WTF! $49 to $22.00 for silver! Who put the fix in? It’s made me real skeptical of commodities. Friend of mine has $30k worth of silver dollars in his physical possession, the value of which got trashed like everything else. However, the one investment that has stood the test are my AK-47’s and AR-15 and 30 which I grabbed years ago when Bill Clinton was seeking a ban. My 10k rounds of ammo have also stood up well to all the down with all the Homeland Security/Martial Law BS which has been goin’ down. It’s one crazy FU world out there today.

            • Of course you got screwed. You were playing with paper. I hoard gold silver lead. And all the ammo boxes I can get to store it in. And yes 1600 or more. A friend in Europe told me 2000 american was not uncommon a few months ago.

              • @FBP…the problem I see with holding 1 oz. gold coins, is how the f*ck you gonna get change back if you run into the situation like the Germans in WW I where many were selling valuable family heirlooms for a couple of bushels of potatoes. Always liked individual silver dollars. There’s heft to them, they feel like real money, and you won’t find yourself on the far side of cashing out.

                • I have 1000 upon 1000s of 1 grams. And the bigger stuff is for the rebuild land and equipment and labor.

                  • If it got that tough, I’d bust out the tin snips—gold is a soft metal.

                    I’d rather get beat out of a few bucks, than a few hundred.

                • HD74Man, It is called “clipping” and is the reason for edging on coins. You can tell if it has been clipped or shaved. Old Roman coins with no edging always seemed to be shrinking in diameter for some reason. You are trading weight at that point so cut em up, the forge doesn’t care about the shape going in. Maybe that is why they call it “making change”.

                  • @Grandpa…RE: Roman Empire coin clipping…the saying goes you mark the rise and fall of a civilization by what happens with its’ coinage. Up until 1964 all US coins were 100% silver. Now you’ve got copper wafer crap which shrinks every time you turn around and now looks like the peso garbage which spews out of Mexico and other 3rd world dungholes. No doubt which direction this country is headed. And it ain’t “UP”.

                • The way I look at silver is it will never be worth less than lead. You can always cast the silver into bullets.

          • Facebook, I was being somewhat sarcastic, but $1600 per oz. cash money and in quantity? I’m not teasing, name the place and time and we’ll get together. Trekker Out.

            • Seattle Wa we pay all the time. No amount is to much. Any type too. Bullion to scrape. I have bucket of 14 KT bands. And a ton of circuit straps just waiting for the next run.

              • And at say 1000 or so coins we will come to you cash is still not a problem. Below that it is not worth the travel time. My sibling that does the gold stuff now is to busy to fool around. Hell he just did a huge trade for gold for guns. Even impressed me. Love the barter system..

          • You can buy gold coins at Providentmetals dot com. Like 1 ounce Maple Leafs for $1334.21 plus shipping. I’m not affiliated with them. I just buy my metals there.

            • They are traceable an d not always available. I talking about real wealth. The kind you buy 1500 coins or bricks and not one bit is traceable. A oz or two doesn’t make a difference. That amount you should keep in grams or silver if that’s all you have. That for survival. The rebuild is where you will need real weatg to start or you will be just labor such as now.

            • It was the book safes that caught my attention. I made my own once, but it didn’t have a lock on it. I might have to get me one of those.

        • Facebook I can understand, who would want to deal with less than a thousand coin, at $1600 thats only around a mil.6 and if I could only make $300,000 on a quick transaction which would mean I most assuredly would have to purchase some more coins, since I don’t have quite that many that I purchased at $1600 it wouldn’t be worth the (Travel from Wyoming to Seattle) to make no more than that. I think maybe one of us is pedalling BS, must be me cause you have buckets of 14kt bands and I could only afford bucket of BS! Trekker Out

          • How are you going to get them. You bought them it will take at least 20 ownership transfer before that lot would start feeling clean. They never can have been in a 401 and should of been underground for say15 years or more. Also the purchase you made have to be with untraceable cash you have on hand. No loans checks or banks of any kind.

            I have gold still my father was paid in in the 20s I have silver dollars I got from the Vegas ma hi when slot were slots.

            The gold silver and other pm. There are many watching tons yes tons. Silver more than gold. I also when I had heath own a place in AZ digging up for me. My group also go and pay cash direct to mines in Nevada and AZ. For mine pour bricks. Don’t care cost as long as it is in hand untraceable and then secured for the build..

      5. Right now there is an umbrella of censorship going on in the MSM that is withholding all that we get on this site and other alternative news sites. 99.9% of the MSM simply DID NOT and were not allowed to discuss what happened in 2008. Many DID see it coming, as they see it NOW coming from not just the money angle of it, but the crisis in the Middle East, China, Russia, terrorism, geophysical warnings. Right now it is not politically correct to even discuss something that even worries the public. It goes beyond just what is offending people, it is censorship of the truth.

        I wrote this recently about what we are seeing in the media, but also around the entire internet that people are NOT being allowed to talk. It is a disease of the First Amendment that is rampant and gaining popularity with the idiot masses, CENSORSHIP of not only what offends but what upsets. It started with the cancer that is political correctness and has grown into censorship of ANYTHING that goes against the establishment. Please read what I wrote and see if you don;t agree.

        Why is political correctness a deadly toxin to all?

        The most widely accepted defintion of political correctness is a reference to any speech, concepts, and ideas that are “perceived” as not being discriminatory against and or alienation of certain groups. This is the friendly and misleading definition. In stark reality political correctness is all about censorship of speech that is deemed “offensive” to ANYONE. The same free speech guaranteed to all of us by the First Amendment. Political correctness is actually a tool that is abused by those that want to censor something based on the very loose characteristics of what is or what is not offensive.

        Many people become confused between what is political correctness and what is straight out harassment. The difference is day and night as harassment is a type of directed attack on an individual or number of people that have requested to be left alone using any number of protections available. An opinion, belief, feeling of someone that others find not ACCEPTABLE that expresses themselves on that opinion is an opinion column, web site, etc. but not directing attacking someone must be considered totally free speech, but often is censored based on being politically incorrect for any number of reasons.

        Some examples of the way political correctness is at work include expressions of Christams now termed X-Mas or Holiday Season. Gender-neutral terms such as police officer instead of policeman or policewoman. Abbreviations to present a more word friendly expression of a group or term, such as even political correctness down to PC. Then there are extremely serious or worse infringes of free speech that use the excuse of political correctness to quiet criticism or worse crucial information that affects the lives of countless people, like keeping government whistleblowers silent as possible. This is where the true danger with political correctness begins, when more and more free speech is edited and kept from others seeing or hearing about it.

        With any controlling government that has ambitions of total control of the populations the number one worst enemy of them is freedom of expressions to others. There are reasons why authoritarian regrimes of the past, present, and future have and will continue to burn and dispose of books that germinate ideas and beliefs that counteract against what the dictatorship wants conditioned into the minds of everyone. Remember the re-education camps of the USSR?

        True control starts with and must continue with mind control. It has longed been asserted you will lose the country without the hearts, minds, and the spirits of the people. Being outnumbered has always lead to downfalls of all tyrants. When a totalitarian state can control what is read, seen, and heard by the people, so can ideas about how much better it can minus the government control. North Korea is a prime example of censorship and total indoctrinating the populace from birth.

        The founding fathers of the United States fully understood how critical freedom of speech and expression of oneself it was to maintain a free nation. The very first amendment of the Constitution was written to guarantee this right to not only protect the right of the one individual, but the entire foundation and stability of the entire country as a whole. This safeguard has worked remakably well for over 200 years, but is beginning to show deep fractures in the steadfast devotion and commitment of preserving those freedoms.

        As the popularity of political correctnss grows in not offending anyone, the feelings of abandoning or at least altering the basic principles of the Constitution to reflect a “kinder” and a “genteel” defintion of those laws take seed like noxious weeds. In other words, if it offends it is no longer protected under the “new” rules of what or what is not free speech. Right now, sadly, many people are terrified to exercise their right to free speech because it MIGHT offend someone.

        As right and left philosophies wane and gain in support, so does what is accepted at the time through a majority rules what is deemed politically correct or not. Recent examples of this include new sweeping changes in restrictions based on one group’s opinion what can or cannot be said and done. Anyone living 25 years ago must see the difference for the worst of what is now acceptable and what is taboo behavior. Turning on the TV and watch how guarded what is spoken anymore to back up this assertion.

        If you are a government planning a tyrannical conquest of the people, one of the first steps like mentioned earlier is to control what is distributed to the people via all communications networks. You want only what is pro-government propaganda driven to eventually be what is given the people. The political correctness viper shows its head from the grass by playing heavily on the emotions of not offending anyone through unsanitized speech. As more becomes censored from Big Brother that “knows best” the easier it is to follow through with more blacking out of free speech. A motto used to promote political correctness would be similar to; “a peaceful nation is one the doesn’t offend and cause conflict with each other through unkindness”. People respond to problems free ideas and peace notions without thinking much of the underlying agendas.

        It should be understood that redefining the very first amendment of the Bill Of Rights means that all proceeding amendments can also be redefined. Political correctness takes as a whole new meaning when what was “really” meant by the right of the people to keep and bear arms. Protection from unreasonable search and seizure. Right to assemble and to petetion. Private property not to be taken without compensation. Or all the other protections coming into question. After all, being critical of the government’s dealing with laws is not politically correct or acceptable. Already there are many considerations to ban criticism of government officials, that this is to be reguarded as harassment of an individual. Where can a line be drawn between questioning authority and those elected representatives of the people and not being allowed to because you are harassing them???

        Of course walking on eggshells about what you can say, write down, or even think benefits only one set of individuals, those at the very top of any power structure. Yet the appeal of political correctness gets stronger each day as even internet web sites have put togther all sorts of strict policies of what cannot be expressed anymore on comments. Look at how the A to Z letters are more common that ever to describe a word instead of daring to say the word. No one even knows exactly what the word is when someone says the F-word was used because there are so many F-words now.

        Political correctness is a disease leading the charge to tamper with the bedrock of the Constitution and is gaining steam with millions. Just the same the state grows more and more powerful as the desire to infuse more and more political correctness into as much as possible into every aspect of the nation. Free speech is a beautiful gift that billions on this world don’t enjoy. It is absolutely not to be thrown away because something someone says offends or might offend another. If free speech was lost it would be sorely missed and everyone would be the worst for the loss.

        • Nice. I believe political correctness is nothing more than a device used to propagate an agenda.

          • Be informed

            Political correctness is not being
            able to cry out when you feel pain.

            • Old Polish Proverb: The Jew crys out in Pain, when he smacks Your face!

              New York Orphan’s Institue agency Proverb: After he brutally murderes Both his Parents, the jewish man crys for court to go easy at sentencing him due to he is Now a 45 yr old Orphan!

              • More brainless antisemitism. Sure, “Them Guys”, Jews are known for their street crime aren’t they???

                Hey Mac, you got another guy to ban!

                • Barney Kitty…….. Ban Them Guys? How about banning you to be an stupid ignorant jackass? But no I don’t want anyone to be banned to express their views specially when they tell the truth. Banning stupids is a good idea.

                  • Barn Cat, this isn’t an MSM site. Mac is not MSM. I think the only way he’ll ban somebody is if he’s given a DAMNED GOOD reason to do so. Not even trolls are banned from here.

                  • Sir. I told Justice not to even adress the types of ridiculous comments like the one you just made. I now retract that advice. You appear to be Trailer park redneck trash. Should anyone be banned it should be you. I am quite certain that you have the same number of teeth in your head as you do tattoos.
                    Hey Mac, you got anoyher on to ban !

                • Barncat:

                  What part of the article on free speech did you not absorb? We see your boring daily posts here and realize you have a right to drone on over and over the same old tired bs; but realize you have a right to post it article after article.

                  Just let someone post something that you disagree with and you are “Johnny on the spot” to ask Mac to ban someones postings.

                  So should you be put in the catagory of the people that DO NOT support free speech; the progressive libertarians that are ruining America? Does that actually make you a troll here on SHTF? I think some of us are beginning to wonder.

                • Yes Mac, please ban all those pesty truth tellers because Barn Cat is bothered by all the inconvenient truths that they might post!
                  Give me a friggin break!
                  Grow up Barn yard Cat

              • I support you right to freedom of speech regardless of how redneck and poor white trash it may be. Please do the same for me when I say you are a retard.

                • OPSEC- Best to leave the redncks alone. The more you call them out the more racist they become. I agree that that sound like redneck trailer park trash with allt their Neo Nazi skin head BS. They’ll get a DUI soon enough and hopefully learn a lesson in the County lock up ! If not I’ll see them and their kind in a Federal facility for hate crimes. Either way You are correct but rather than retarded they sound inbred.

                  • Justice:

                    I have already called out your post calling ThemGuys a criminal out on parole who had, according to you, been ass-raped while in prison.

                    I ask you to prove the truth of your allegations; which you have not.

                    That particular post of yours, justice, should alert readers of shtf that your credibility from now on should be questioned each time you post something.

                    You should be sued for defamation of character at the least.

                    You spend zero time showing that the posts you disagree with is not the truth. Your time is spent trying to destroy the messenger, not the message.

                    Anyone familiar with the commie agenda knows that they teach their komrads “if you cannot destroy the message, destroy the messenger”. You have learned that message very well justice. Congrats!

                  • Wow you really got that freedom of speeh thing down pat Pissed off Hag. I realize that you and the other White Supremisists here on this site just hate it when people call you out. I deal with Aryan Nation types routinely and they learn that hate crap that you spew in prison from their boyfriends. Are you Pissed off Granny or Pissed off Tranny which one ? Push away from the computer, get out of the trailer and get some fresh air. You need it !

                  • Justice looks like you are the one who stirred up the Inbred redncks this time ! LOL Pissed off Tranny. Way too funny.

                  • Justice- Iam a redneck. I’d appreciate it if you wouldn’t include me with these Nazi hating dopes on here. Being a redneck aint a bad thing. Hating somebody because of their religion just aint right .

          • Political Correctness is actually just another name for the cancer of Cultural Marxism. And, for those of us who have done our homework – and who’re up to speed on the Frankfurt School of Cultural Marxism – we are aware that Cultural Marxism is a Communist invented ideology.

            May I recommend a book by Professor Kevin MacDonald, originally published back in 1998 – titled: ‘Culture of Critique’. Now available in paperback – this book is a scholarly must-read for every White European American, because it will explain what has happened to the traditional White Western Civilization that once constituted the character of the old America. It will also identify the culprits who were associated with the Frankfurt School-driven subversion and undermining of our nation, and provide the identities and ethnicity’s of the hate-filled aliens who lead the endless attacks on the traditional people, values and culture of our nation.

            In essence, the primary stated objective of these Frankfurt School Cultural Marxist Communists – was the systematic destruction of White Western Civilization. White males, being seen by these Communists as the architects of Western Civilization – were singled out for relentless demonization, constant criticism, endless persecution and marginalization. Essentially, painted as the modern face of ‘evil’ and therefore, these White male ‘devils’ had to be disenfranchised and removed from as many positions of power and influence over the West as possible. Replaced, of course, by non-Whites – as we see now, with Obama being anointed as the supreme ruler over a nation that his own race lacks the talent, ingenuity, intelligence or aptitude to either create or to even maintain. Exhibit A and B for the prosecution: Haiti and Zimbabwe. Or, if one cares to take a sample a little closer to home, one can point to Detroit, East St Louis, Camden, New Orleans, Atlanta, or perhaps Oakland.

            The agenda of the Cultural Marxists required a systematic denial of reality and so, in order to force the implementation of an unnatural set of conditions upon the West and to unseat the White European male – who was the natural and gifted leader of the nation and civilization that his talents were responsible for producing – the ideology of ‘Political Correctness’ would have to be imposed, and with P.C. as a new weapon in the hands of the Cultural Marxist Communists, they could basically criminalize any expression of the truth and thereby create and foster a new system that was based on lies and Communist fantasies regarding the false premise of egalitarianism.

            In order words, expressions of reality would be made a dangerous and potentially career ending exercise – for anyone who dared to challenge the lies of the Cultural Marxist Communists. This was the only way that the Cultural Marxist Communists could overthrow the old order and replace it with their new anti-White system; utterances of the truth and recitations of the facts and applications of logic had to be rendered dangerous and criminalized whenever possible. At a minimum, the Cultural Marxist Communists seek to heap mountains of social condemnation upon truth tellers and then ostracize them from their new, perverted definition of ‘social acceptability’.

            However, the most amazing thing to me – is to look around our society, and see the incredible number of otherwise pretty intelligent White European Americans who have apparently decided to either embrace or cower at the feet of the Political Correctness Thought Police.

            Paul Craig Roberts wrote a very good column a few weeks ago, titled ‘Ignoring Reality is Going to Wipe Out the Human Race’ – and in it, he pretty much hit the nail on the head. Adhering to the evils of Political Correctness means denying the truth and it means denying reality. These are very dangerous mistakes to make, as we see what is left of White Western Civilization rapidly sliding down into the dustbin of history.

            It is time for the White European people – who are the architects of Western Civilization to pull their heads out of their asses, and rise up and crush these Cultural Marxist Communists and take our nation back.

            • Tucker:

              In an earlier post ThemGuys posted the entire article on the history of the Frankfurt School. I wonder how many people took the time to read that article; and I wonder how many people really absorbed what that article said.

              Your post is important to all of us to wake us up to the peril America is facing. We are in the last hour of any freedom we “think” is left in America.

              At some time in the near future we are going to have to come face to face with the awful truth what has been long in the plans for America and how that plan is now in the 11th hour of fruition.

              I hope everyone viewing this post will take the time to read your post and then take the time to read the history of this communist organization. No more wondering, no more guessing, no more hoping it will go away, no more hoping things will get better.

              Stop kidding yourself that things are going to be the 1950’s again. Time to educate yourself, time to quit calling lies “spin”, time to prep, and pray for your families and for America.

              You can find the history of the Frankfurt School at:
              FrankfurtSchool dot US/history.htm.

              • There’s an article on yahoo about some guy who got a special license plate saying “NOT SEE”. The DMV gave him the plate after they “vetted” it for political correctness. They are now persecuting they guy, because he paired it with a nazi symbol on his car…NOW they see the error of their ways!

                He WAS a bus driver, and he lost his job over his supposed “insensitivity” as well as the plate he legally bought and paid for.

                While I’m not especially a nazi fan, I’ve just about had it up to —– HERE with all of the sensitive sheep, bleating their opinions about what is appropriate thought. He hadn’t done a damn thing to anyone.

                To me, the haters are the ones who decided “NOT SEE” meant Nazi and punished the man for what THEY perceived as “hate speech”.

                For all they know, the plate could’ve just as easily meant “DO NOT PERCEIVE”, which would make the message “Don’t see the symbol of hatred”.

                It’s all about perception, and one man’s perception is just as protected as the next.

              • Another useless comment brought to you by Pissed off tranny.

                • The only useless comment on my current screen is yours.

            • TUCKER: Bravo Sir! This post of yours may be one of if not The finest yet! And being it is posted on a Sunday, if one read’s Your posting as if it were a Sermon, they will learn Far more from a simple 10 minit reading of it, than if they travel to some fat ass pastors church and spend an hour or more listening to all sorts of fuzzy touchy feely preachings on most all BUT the Truth!

              Indeed! the Frankfurt school kommies. AKA another part of the askanazi Khazar(jewish) tribe members of the inventors and Perpetrators of the Evils we call Communisim. Too bad the other founders rejected Ben Franklins attempts to include a us const Clause that would forever forbid usa citizenship to any Tribe members.

              If Those Other us const authors did listen to franklins advice comminusim would never have gained even a tiny foothold in the usa. Now americas being systematically Devasted by that bunch of satans children. JOHN-8:44

            • Tucker:

              Glad to see another posted with “eyes to see and ears to hear”.

              Great post.

            • Tucker…what else can be said except AMEN to your post.

              • How about BS. That can be said !

            • Tucker and BI, both of you just gave the best descriptions and motives for PC I’ve ever heard anywhere. Just like everyone else here, I reject PC BS also. My late wife was a refugee from Cuba who lost half of her family to Castro’s butchers. She was my original source for learning about PC long before it became a household phrase. Anytime someone tells me to watch what I say I tell them where to go. a lot of people think there’s something wrong with me for not being PC, but I don’t care what they think. I don’t have any obligations to such people as far as I’m concerned. braveheart

            • Political correctness: advancing the proposition it is possible to pick a turd up by the clean end.


            • Well now it’s time to report this site to the Southern Poverty Law Center. I’m sure that this type of Racist BS will draw some unwanted attention to this site.

              • Wont need Report anything since all aprox 25 Kommie libs at SPLC ARE Kommie JEWS!…Very likely Grandkids of the Original Russian Bolshevik Jewish Kommies who are the 1918 and onwards, Mass Murderers by use of Their jew invention of communisim aka Talmudisim For Non jew goyim gentiles. And they already Know who all us Truth Tellers are, fool. Guess what fool…We too Knows who all them kommies are too.

                You are just another Pal of “Justice” whos posts mirror your asinine crap. You and he think yourselves The Main protectors and defender Heros every time you IGNORE Factual Historical TRUTH such as I and several Others Post here.

                I will Tell you! You Two clowns are NOT heros for defending the tribe that mass exterminated MORE innocent Whites and Christians during the 20th century alone, than in all of Prior recorded History of such Terroristic Tourtures and mass Murder…Yes thats correct fools, communisim is responsible and Jews invented and USED it to accomplish that job of mass exterminating what is arguable The Best smartest most acpompished Race of folks to ever exist.

                You types Are the Posterboy examples of exactly the type fools and Enablers mentioned in TUCKERS Exallant Posting about Cultural Kommies as taught by Frankfurt school JEWS.

                Thats Facts. Like it or not too bad it is what it is assholes. And You like that Justice poster prison guard guy, Both have fallen for and bought into being good goyim duped enablers, which along with so many Other likewise delusional “americans” and Especially the white fools assisting kommies in total destruction of Their OWN Race!

                All so You can Emotionally “Feel” swell and pat yourself on the backs for so wonderfully ignoring Facts that are well proven as well as Fully Documented by Historical evidence and admitions by a “few” honest jews or former kommie jews….When folks finally do awaken, it will be the enabler dupes who will face the harshest rebukes and they well do deserve such harshness treatments for such obviously idiotic stupidity, in so attacking every Truth teller simply because You types FEAR truth, FEAR Facts, and think by so defending unquestionally all issues jewish you somehow are going to be praised.

                Yes I shall tell you as to what exactly You types will be so Praised for…..For being such swell dumbed down and always rejecting factual Truths, your Master Race jew pals are going to Praise you types for being such good “usefull IDIOT Goyims”, that shall likely occure just moments prior to when they execute You by means of the same methods They used on MY polish relatives now All DEAD due to Jewish Kommie Godless Murdrers! That You enable!

                Since You so dislike this sites poster folk, perhaps You need go back to storeing Your head Up your pal Justice’s ignorant Ass as you will be more warm and happy there as compared to Here fool.

                I won’t reply to anymore asinine childish complaints from you or justice, unless and untill you Both first READ+RESAERCH at least some of the many factual truthfull docuemnted and Undeniable issues at the Many links or prior Postings of such Info, I and several others here has posted. Our posts abound with factual evidence, links, quotes, Names etc etc that prove beyond all doubts what we post Is truth. Let me know When you two begin to be Able to Handle such things as Factual Documented historical Truths. Otherwise Piss off fools.

                • Aryan Nation, Skin Head, Klan or white seperationist? Man you got some anger in your heart.

              • Opsec..so now you’re “threatening” people here for freedom of speech? After that little exchange between you and Justice, I think that we all have a better idea of your agenda and Justice’s as well….which is spelled TROLL!

                • I read those guys stuff and it looks like they just disagree with some of the stuff put on this prepper site. I live in Alabama where the Law center is. I’ve seen what they have done. Some good some bad. Remember freedom of speech aint free somebody had to earn it for you. Show them respect by not calling names. Your momma wouldn’t like it.

              • OPSEC:

                Your statement of reporting the shtf site to the Southern Poverty Law Center (Communists) places you in company of the worst of the worst. Congrats on OUTING YOURSELF! We now know what a libtard progressive you are and you care nothing about AMERICA.

          • True. And your version of political correctness is nothing more than your device to attempt to propagate your agenda.

            • @ NC JOKER. MY agenda is real f’en simply, preserve our freedoms and the freedom of speech. Your pro BO friends would love nothing more than to silence ALL speech not part of the state’s propaganda instrument. That means that NC JOKER is not allowed to talk about anything that is not filtered first. What a terrible way of living. Do you want to torch the Constitution NC JOKER and kill our given right to speak? Remember censorship affects ALL of us and benefits ONLY those at the top that control everyone else below them. Censorship is evil and evil’s tool.

            • ncjoe, in the last article you made some good points that I agreed with and that was a decent conversation for a change. You proved you’re capable of that. Now all of a sudden you go back to your ‘normal self’. Why? what is your problem with the people at this site? Our agenda is to survive what’s coming to this nation and promote and preserve freedom. As long as you’ve been coming here, you know damned well none of us subscribe to political correctness. We tell it like it really is 24/7/365 and we’re not afraid to do so. If any of us can be censored, so can you. How do you live with yourself supporting a group of people like the Obama administration? That tells me what fantasy world you’re from. When the dust finally settles from SHTF, we preppers will be the ones who will be standing tall. what about you?

              • Remember BH it depend who shift it is in there computer pit for that day and hour.

            • I’ve had enough of you cultural marxists. Do some research and find out what the hell you’re promoting, and F— OFF!

          • What we call PC correctness was first invented and used in the russian soveit by Lennin. Lennin told marx’s Pal Engles, that his desire for control extended even to actually controlling what people Think. Engles told lennin he knew of no such ability now and that none will ever exist to control “Thoughts” of Humans.

            Then Engles told Lennin there was something Lennin can do or impose upon people that is as close as possible to real actual Thought control…It was what we call PC thought. Engles explained that by makeing certain words OFF Limits to be spoken by anybody, it will work almost as well as actual thought control. This is due to the Fact that while you may not realize it, every single word you speak out loud, even if you talk to a wall, must first be Thought of and processed in your Mind before it comes out as a spoken word.

            Like breathing, which you never think about as long as you are alive to breath, your Mind Must tell your bodily systems to work together and Breath in and out. The MIND controls Everything the Body does and every function of the body is first thought of in the Mind. Even when you are not aware of that method of mind control of speaking or breathing.

            You see today that, like Lennin did once PC was enacted, and began with ONE type word or subject that was strictly Forbidden speech…Then more words are added, and more and more added untill a massive number of “Forbidden” words and Things and ISSUES are forbidden speech.

            It is very noticable today on TV news when every individual from show host, to every guest and politition or “experts” on a tv news show always seems to be Hesitating between words. Their sentences are filled with “Hems” “haws” “Oh’s” “Aaaaaannnnddddd’s” and even total moment’s of dead silence. To the point that when you hear them speak on TV news, it gets very annyoying and you wish they would simply “Spit It Out already and just SAY IT” in One conected smooth sentence of words.

            But everytime, every sentence spoken by ALL TV personalities is a broken halting between words type sentences. It is or Should be quite obvious to You the viewer or listener that the speaker person is trying to do TWO things at once. They are trying to speak a sentence or answer to a reporters question. Yet at exact same time frame, are also trying to think In Advance of each individual Word before spoken. Their MIND is thinking thoughts prior to speaking a word out loud something like this.”Well Mr Jones in answer to your question, I think My plans will be good for…Oh Oh! Mind at work here silently! Is the plan bad for blacks? Jews? mexicans? Midgets? Sex perverts? Pilots? Farmers? etc etc etc…Their mind must operate at warp speed to conjur up every offensive Potential somebody else may be offended by or with before its spoken out loud, as once spoken cannot be retracted. And if even one black women or one midget or circus clown decided he or she was “offended” then thats the end of a job-Carrear-Family-Home-end up a total societal Outcast.

            PC Is in effect as close as humanly possible to have State controled “Thoughts” as it Forces all persons to play that mind game within their own mind in EVERY public scenario possible, and by use of it Destroys Free Speech and Free Thinking. And it always begins with One single Forbidden word or subject.

            For Lennin in Soviet bolshevik Russia, that very first subject Lennin made a Forbidden Topic to ever be spoken of was all things or spoken words related to the single word of “Antisemitisim”…Lennins Penalty for ALL folks Only “Suspect”, not charged and convicted etc. Just “Suspected” Of, doing or saying Anything that the soviet rulers which were Jewish soviet kommies decided was antisemtic, the “suspect” was Hunted down and Shot in back of Head Dead on the spot. His or Her entire Family was also usually shot dead also just “Incase” they may have been thinking of telling some others that jewish run soviet communisim was bad or evil etc.

            Lennins plans worked real swell too! Didn’t take very long before the Fact that Russian communisim was a jewish invented and jewish run system of Woe and Death and Evil like none before or Since, was entirely kept silent and Secret from the Rest of the entire World!…Untill the mid to Late 1930’s and 40’s when several British Journalists and Reporters unafraid to ask questions and then Report the findings to the world. But for Americans the Fcat that soviet russian communisim was run by Jews and did such horrible tortures and so many hundred million Deaths was kept from them. Untill the Internet recently made hiding these Facts impossible any longer.

            Just remember it was Lennin+communisim where PC first began and it started with just ONE forbidden topic or issue to be spoken of. Look where it led and how many Dead. Bet yer ass if we did not have a 2nd amendt here you already would be mourning several Dead family or pals who got shot dead in the back of Their heads for “Suspected” of uttering a word forbiden due to PC in america. So far our many firearms prohibits soviet stlye treatment…For…Now…so far.

            PS: Incase you may be wondering also as to Where and Whom first invented that word of “Racist”, that was an invention of Lennin’s sidekick, Lev Bronstien aka also know as Leon Trotsky aka Vicious mass tourturer and exterminator of white christian folk by the Ten million’s of. He too was raised talmudic. His main reason for the use of the word “Racist” was based on the same principals as Lennings word of antisemite. Both by Design used to Stiffle Truth and Free Thought/Speech and keep Hidden what the main kommie rulership were. Change names to not sound jewish, invent forbidden topics or words used, and totally Control 150,000,000 persons, untill they murdered aprox 1/2 and had far less persons to deal with or control. These facts should assist folks not yet aware of why some of Us folks say that “The ONLY Good Kommie is a DEAD kommie”.

            • Read a little more history there TG.

              Political Correctness goes back to the dawn of time. In Renaissance Europe up to WW1 it was called lese majesty. I don’t speak or read Latin so I don’t know what the Romans called it, but they had it. The sad thing is the our Founders knew all about it, which is why there’s a First Amendment.

              The Communists didn’t invent it, they just adopted it, as all tyrannies have to do to stay in power.

              • That may well be true. However never in History, was PC used to mass murder aprox 1/3rd of a BILLION innocents untill JEWISH Russian, along with jewish hungarians, poles etc etc combined forces with Their Invention of Communisim decided to create a false flag revolution in Russia 1918…That was also FUNDED By New York Bankster JEW Jacob Shiff when in 1917 he gave Lev Bronstien aka Trotsky $20 Million in Gold to take back to russia along with the 300 Other NY jews trotsky convinced and Trained to assist in the Rulership and Inner circle when they began the revolt and mass Murders in russia, then expaned it to another dozen eastern european countries.

                So no matter if it existed prior or not. What does matter is it Was as I described Kommie Jews who have a deep seated Hatred of all Goyim non jew gentiles. Their use of the word GOYIM which means Animals and HERD animals such as Cattle, when jews refer to all NON jew folks Proves how they so detest gentiles. Especially Whites and Christians who jews hate due to it is they the whites and christians who recieved the Multitudes of Blessings promiced by God.

                98% of todays jews are askanzai Khazars of which I several times posted the factual DNA of a jew scientist and Published By John Hopkins and Hebrew Univ biolab centers etc as the proof. That makes Khazars not only Imposter jews as Jesus so aptly called them in REV 2:9, but also makes the imposter jew khazars EDOMITES of ESAU…Check Your bible Old coach for alot More esau/edom/edomite infos and whats the real deal on these human demonic devils children of Darkness. About the Only thing the bible don’t call them is Kommies! Perhaps it should eh.

            • Well stated.

        • Good points BI.

          Political Correctness is the newest form of evil taking control of the minds of the young, weak minded, and ignorant.

          The saddest part of it is that PC has gotten rooted within most of the religious circles.

          Don’t agree or believe it? Take a poll on any given Sunday School morning and ask how many think it is a woman’s right to “decide” if she wants to have an abortion? Ask how many believe we should embrace homosexuals and their agenda? Ask if American Muslims should be allowed to ignore federal laws because of their religion? By the way; they are given a free pass on paying Odramacare fines/taxes because of their religion. The numbers may astonish you.

          PC has taken a foot hold in our schools beginning with kindergarten thru university. It’s the liberals way of taking God out of the equation.

          • If liberals can take God out of the equation, he must not be much of a god. Also, if god is out of the occasion, it the fault of those who claim to follow him for not doing their job of getting the message out. Don’t blame liberals, blame yourself for being an ineffective communicator are blame your god for being impotent. And do not give me that lame bullshit about censorship. If you were truly committed to getting the message about your god, no amount of censorship, real or imagined, would stop you.

            • Honestly, NCJ, you are honestly this blog’s best friend. The hardest lessons in this life include:

              1. The ability to be called names…and learning to ignore the name-caller.
              2. The ability to listen to God’s name being impugned…and learning to love the impugner.
              3. The ability to accept what’s your fault and dismiss guilt others strive to place on you falsely.

              Each day, something can be learned to teach us to become a more complete individual.

              So, sir, I thank you for your contributions to life’s lessons.

            • NCJoe:

              Just curious. You seem to have quite the questions and answers. My question to you is do you have a belief/god, and if so, what is it?

              • NC Joke is the kid who couldn’t build a lego skycraper but enjoyed knocking his sister’s down.

                That’s the only reason he spends so much time here. Sad. And funny. But mostly just sad.

              • Pissed off tranny. LOL Sorry I thought that was funny !

                • I’m not the only sick fhuck, I laughed my ass off too.

                  Not at granny, she is a cool, honest, and patriotic woman. Wise beyond her years. I value her opinion.

            • Well, at least NC Joe isn’t pretending to be politically correct. If he was he would smile and nod and not say a word about his religious views so as not to offend anyone.

          • Someone once told me political correctness was fascism for pussies. I don’t see any reason to believe otherwise.

            • Haven’t heard that one, CV, but perfectly true. I’ll have to remember that one.

          • watch http://vimeo.com/63749370 for a good explanation its a bit long but very informative

        • BI

          Correct you are sir…

          What we are experiencing is the rapid deterioration of all rights be they God given or by law/decree..

          Witness the recent applied “free speech zones” to protect Caesar and his senators/congress/cabinet appointees from us the ‘commoners”..

          Witness the intrusion on the 1st amendment by silencing/threatening the supposed 4th estate..”the media”..targeting those who do not support the empire 100%.

          Witness the emperor changing law(ACA) by empirical decree usurping the Constitution and congress..

          And these are but a microcosm of what’s unraveling before us on a daily basis as..

          One could post page upon page of examples..

          Witness the entire destruction of the United States without a single shot being fired..

          All from our enemies within..


          • Free speech zones are not recent, they have been around for years, before Obama came on the scene. Get your facts straight or you just look stupid.

            • Citations please. You have a right to your opinion, but you do not have a right to make up “facts”.

              • The Old Coach:

                I agree with you. Anyone on shtf are entitled to their own opinions but when they make a post claiming it is factual, you, just like most of us on shtf, would like some kind of proof that we can link back to.

                MSM has all the “spin” that anyone can possible swallow. We are tired of trying to wade through the bullshit to get to the truth. So a way to verify “facts” are very helpful.

            • Stupid is replying about Obama to a message which never mentioned him.

              Stop staring at your Obama idol on your desk so much. It’s really screwing you up.

              • Just get a room nc joe, you and your idol obviously need some alone time…

            • Joe in NC

              I’m unaware of that. Thanks for that info and I would like to read about it further. Please site some examples.

        • Everyone has their own version of political correctness. The left has its version, the right has its version, blacks have their version, whites have their version, Christians have their version, muslims have their version. Any group or individual has their own version. Your version is no more valid than another. Get over yourself. You, nor anyone else or any other group has a lock on truth; just varying degrees of self-delusion.

          • @ NC JOKER. I don’t care how stupid it is that someone says, they can bowl at the Moon all night and preach worship of a carrot. I support that right of that individual to be able to speak, it is the freedom of choice of others to listen or not. I NEVER favor censorship of anyone’s opinion no matter how absurd it is. I fully support the greatest document ever wriiten, the Constitution that guarantees freedom to all. Your radical friends though have a plan, and that is called using the premise of offending people as a tool of censorship, that is called political correctness.

            I don’t care whom is trying to destroy our freedom and the Constitution, which side of the spectrum they are from, they are the ememies of ALL of us. They only want control of everyone. If someone doesn’t like what someone is saying, don’t listen. NEVER censor them because it is a slippery slope that eventually means CENSORSHIP OF ALL OF US OTHER THAN THE RULING OLIGARCHIES THAT VIEW ALL OF US AS NOTHING BUT TOILET PAPER.

            • BI, good day to you. Just like you, I’ve had my fill of ncjoe. He’s just another useless troll who doesn’t ‘get it’ and never will. braveheart

              • He’s not useless. He makes me laugh every night.

              • I don’t think he’s stupid, or that he believes everything he says. I think nc joe is actually trying to piss people off, just to see if he can. I think he’s the one sitting quietly in a room full of people, thinking fucked up thoughts to himself, too afraid to actually speak them aloud.

                I think that’s why he chooses to post shit on sites like this, because over the internet, he doesn’t need to worry about getting his face punched in.

                • Bingo!!!!
                  We have a winner.

            • People do worship carrots, watch Emeril Why do you think he calls Celery, onions and carrots the Trinity? We of the smarter North know he is doctrinally wrong; it’s Potatoes, Carrots and onions. Expect war to break out shortly with those heathens, we must enforce purity on them in the name of peace. After all our Princess of peace and spiritual Julia Child said:: “In the pursuit of peace we must kill all those who don’t do it our way. Or something like that.

            • NC Joe Misses the Main Point. That being PC is Cultural Marxisim, invented and Taught BY Frankfurt Askanazi Khazar(jewish) german resident commies in 1930’s era. Then Brought it and They here to the usa. And the Fact that YES it was the Dem lib party that latched unto it and began to approve of and Use it as a method to devestate and destroy America and all it stands for from WITHIN.

              Because by the 1930 era those evil kommies in europe, with their main HQ in Russia-Moscow, realized that no method of armed revolt to begin mass killing of usa citizens as they did to Russia first then to another Dozen eastern european nations, would EVER work as it did in russia et al.

              Thats the sole main reason they invented cultural societal communist tactics. And no amounts of naysayeing or crying foul will ever change the FACT it was the DEmoncrats and leftist liberals who adopted that system of kommies to RUIN america by first ruining White Males.

              Only one as Blind as stevie wonder is not able to Daily see dozens of examples of such white male ruination in progress. Its also whats Behind every dem lib Program or agenda such as Affirmative action for blacks, which is really REVERSE Racisim against Whites.

              All we today see like dems change names and meanings of words. Fags/Homos now called “Gays” Look up in Older dictionairys the word GAY means “Happy or Festive” as in a happy Festive wedding etc…NEVER did Gay = Homos.

              Gay is used to make folks think it is a good and happy thing to be a faggot homo and do Unnatural sex acts.

              It is absurd nonsense to say or believe there or zero Absolutes. The very recital of saying “There Are NO absolutes” IS an absolute statement itself fool!

              Joey Can Say or believe that Gravity means his fall causes him to RISE UPwards! or to go sideways…But its an absolute LAW of the Universe that if he falls Joey is going to Hit the Ground HARD. Thats absolute. Period.

              All else is pure lib kommie BS nonsense as Taught by Frankfurt jewish cultural marxist’s. Whiety GUILT along with PC has become the Top Two achievments the left dem lib kommies can brag of doing to the usa.

              Whites as Tucker stated must awaken and Stop it all and REtake america Back. If That or Me offends libs or kommie jewish folk or leftists or even Panzyass zio christian whores who so assist the kommies thats too Bad fools.

              • nc joe didn’t miss the point. How could he, when it’s clearly on the top of his own head…

              • It’s well worth researching how Christians (often Gnostic, and or Coptic) are treated in the Holy land.

                It’s also then well worth researching how the African Jews that have been repatriated to Isreal are treated. This tribe held the ark of the covenent for millenia and speak hebrew, not Yiddish as their first language. However their beliefs on how to treat other humans are in direct opposition to the ruling caste. You would have thought those of Armenian descent would have taken the opportunity to LEARN from a group that had remained so true to the original purity of the Jewish faith. Their treatment at the hands of the Armenian usurpers is nothing short of disgusting!

                Once you’ve done that, take a look closer to home. You’ll start to note that the leading Jewish bankers who had registered an objection to the start of the fed went down with the Titanic. (research the passenger list & the politics and publications of those on board). You’ll also then realise that those Jews who believe strongly that their faith FORBIDS the creation of Israel, have been either silenced or murdered last century. The lucky ones merely suffer ridicule.

                Lucian Freud was one sicko who is personally responsible for a lot of the poison that permeates popular culture. His was the start of the “thought regulators”. Nowadays every government department has a team of behavioral analysts to modify the behavior and thought patterns of the masses. Behavioral analysis has done some wonderful things in helping those on the autistic spectrum unlock the world of human communication, but like most tools it is heavily abused. State schooling is now essentially indoctrination camp for vulnerable young minds.

                This is why I refuse to blame all Jews for what’s happening, just as I refuse to blame ALL Christians. The elite choose a group of objectors to the nefarious plans to use as a lightening conductor for rebellion which is then crushed ruthlessly. There is a reason every tyrant murders the scientists, intelligentsia, teachers. From Pol Pot to Stalin those who can see through the lies and warn others is at risk of being on the immediate elimination list.

                This trick of the cult of the personality is now being used to destroy Islam. I’ve taken the time to read the Koran, and it does NOT incite it’s followers to commit the kind of atrocities we have seen in recent years.

                I get SO frustrated that so many Christians refuse to READ the good book, and rely on the word of “pastors” who are trained and paid (tax status) to deceive and lead people AWAY from the truth. The habit of 10 minutes spent daily reading the bible is a good one for people to teach their children, and to indulge themselves in.

                10 minutes reading of the good book, and 5 minutes quiet contemplation seems to immunize the mind/soul against a LOT of the Neuro-linguistic programming and other tricks used by the MSM and popular culture. 15 minutes is so easy to insert into the start or end of the day. There really is NO excuse not to for any Christian. (Severe dyslexics like my son can now access audio versions).

          • ncjoe, f#$% you! OK, I’m finished with trying to talk any sense into you. You are one of the most delusioned and deranged trolls I’ve ever come across. We live in the real world, @hole. go back to your fantasy world and go f#$% yourself in the process!

            • Now come on Brave; tell us how you really think. Because I think I agree with you.

              • Brave…don’t waste your energy on stupids….NCJOE is just one of those lost souls.

                • Paranoid and Tactical, sometimes I WISH I could just laugh at ncjoe and the other trolls. Peterson really got to me earlier with his attacks on KY Mom. I try not to get too hard on him because he does on occasion offer some good tips or post a link to an article or video, so I know he’s not a troll. I think he’s more like Eisen. I’m not the only one who gets irritated with the trolls. I noticed BII himself jumped on ncjoe twice on this article. I’ve lost track of how many times he’s ever fired off at all the trolls who come here. Besides, I confess I do enjoy jumping on the trolls. I’ve got to have some fun sometimes.

                  • Dear Brave: I don’t get mad at the Trolls very often any more. I get mad at myself. If I’m right, they will get their own reward far better than anything I could say. As I eat, and they starve, that’s good enough. If they are right, well I’m wrong. and that makes me more angry than they do.

            • I don’t believe you are finished.

          • Ah ha! A moral relativist. Everything’s OK as long as it comports with the morality that I just made up to make it OK. NC Joe, you’re a sly one! You just defined the Devil!

        • truer words were never spoke

        • “Why is political correctness a deadly toxin to all?”

          Because is is not real. It’s an elitist tool of control and deception, based on THEIR perception of what is “correct”.


          • sixpack,

            Political correctness is even more insidious than the elite’s “perception of what is correct”.

            It is a subtle tool of cultural marxists who, once PC is in place and gradually then widely accepted by a society, moves on to the overt tools of a tyrannical government, such as prosecution of dissenters.


            • yep. couldn’t agree more.

              • well said, sixpack &GV.

                Something else that PC has lead to, or shall I say “leads us in to”, and that is “hate speech”.

                If one crosses the pc line drawn by liberals, they are then labeled as “haters” and anything they say and do may be construed as hate speech or possible hate crimes.

                TPTB have, as part of their agenda, thru the United Nations, the ability to charge anyone, anywhere, at anytime with a “hate crime” simply because of one exercising their right of free speech.

                A simple slip of the tongue can land an individual into an international court in the near future.

                Control and conformity is their goal.

                OOPs! I referred to some thieves the other day as “lowlife scum”; and some caucasian couple that beat their infant as “white trash”; and some lazy blacks as “negro deadbeats”; and a couple of queers in walmarket as “faggots”.

                Whew! All this goin’ around hatin’ is wearin’ me out. i need a recliner and a beer. Great! just in time to watch the Panthers beat the crap out of the Brady Bunch, on MNF.

                I just call it like I see it folks.

                • Well, I may as well be clear about my hate speech—

                  I HATE THE NWO
                  I HATE THIS POLICE STATE
                  I HATE OBUMMER
                  I HATE GUN GRABBERS, and

                  There. ‘Nuf said.

        • Political Correctness was first formulated in Frankfort; Germany in 1933; and IS one of the tenets of the Communist Manifesto.

        • Freedom of speech and thought is the only thing that humanity has created of lasting value. 2A supports 1A. What’s going on is largely as BI has laid out. It is a battle to compel speech, and thus the mind.


        • Too bad the ‘justice system’ is on the fraud.

          • Excellent point Unreconsructed Southron. OBAMACARE is a sub function of the total financial crimes committed by the criminal bankers. How many banksters are in jail? NONE. The entire system is a fraud.

            btw.. Old Vet….this is not against your post. Indeed thank you for sharing the link but so many articles were written by the wall street insiders stating crime this and crime that. I want to see punishments. Otherwise we are just living in an imaginary world by reading articles extending the SHTF by a year as we get screwed each day.

            • Very true, Tactical
              Crime without the consequences of punishment
              is no crime at all. It’s tacit approval.

              • You got it and well stated. Outwest. Prime examples are the mediocare fines against JPMorgan/Chase, Citi, Goldman Sachs etc by our named “Injustice Dept”. These criminal entities not only made billions illegally through their criminal plans but also caused lives.

                • Tac: Who is going to punish them, NO BODY BUT US and we need to get moving don’t you think.

              • “Crime without the consequences of punishment
                is no crime at all. It’s tacit approval.”

                Not only that, with every crime that carries no consequence, crimes committed multiple exponentially.


                • multiply

      6. I was in a deep sleep back then and didn’t think much after. To be honest didn’t notice till places started shutting down like crazy and even then I sorta belived them *sigh*.

        As far as skills…I’m not good at one particular skill, but I do have some knowlegde/dabble in a few areas. Gardering, Animal husbandry (including some medical knowlegde for Animals), Carpentry, Fishing, crafting, a little metal working and good old fashion ingenuity.

        • Regretfully that sound like almost everyone I know. You will need real skills or plan on just being labor or fodder.

          • I’m a head of the game compared to the vast majority, I know some who wouldn’t know how to use a Hand saw. Not sure which skills I would need for a SHTF, but the ones I know know will at least help me to Survive. Gun smithing would be a nice skill and if I had the equipment I prob could do it. I reckon auto mechanics may be useful, electronics to a degree (solar and wind) I know how to make a Wind turbind, thermal heating and some other basics so do I have that as well.

            • I was just making a point. I not afraid to offend but did not mean to say you are not without skills. One skill is to be good labor. Trusted and with a brain.

        • “Gardering, Animal husbandry (including some medical knowlegde for Animals), Carpentry, Fishing, crafting, a little metal working and good old fashion ingenuity.”

          That sounds like a pretty good set of skills, Prep Shepherd. Bravo.


          • I’ve spent the past 20+ yrs researching and learning about Kommie bastards. My best specialty will be as a Kommie-Hunter!…I can spot a phony Khazar within a crowd of two thousand folks at the mall etc and do so in One or Two seconds Flat!

            Even when they change their real names to an irish sounding name and get a plastic surgery nose job!…I can tell in seconds with just a quick peek into their evil black souless eyes. The eyes Are the dorways to the human soul. As the satanic children of Darkness, which describes Kommies and communisim to a Tee, and after Two decads study none can fool me any longer!

            We are going to se a Vast shortage of real certified Kommie Hunters when the time arives, since so many folks today are so brainwashed and unable to learn nor Know truth such as I have self taught myself on these issues.

            Then after the proverbial smoke clears, I will write many top seller Books similar to Eli Da weazel aka famous nazi hunter…Except My books shall be Honest And Factually Truthfull!!

            Deep Kommie Hunter Thoughts…From, Jack Handy

            • Them Guys ! Thanks for sharing all your research as i am a definite beneficiary.When you get around to writing that book I would like to purchase the first copy!
              And you are right about being kommie hunters because im afraid at this point thats our our only alternative.its probably going to take us old boys to show most the way, I just hope its not to late to get organized.
              I don’t think we will get much help from the younger gen as they have been brainwashed longer than us,They have no idea what is like to be free and not have it handed to them,which is partly our fault. They no longer think for themselves and are ruled by popularity, Tv,Movies an now the cell phones, imagine all that subliminal messaging? they hardly ever even look up from the virtual world to say Hello
              All of us old boys have lived our lives,seen our children born,and have had a hand in helping some people leave this earth that looking back ,when it should have been the ones that we are after today!
              Anyway Thanks for the Truth as i believe it is!!

            • I prefer to call them Orc hunters. They’re not just commies, they’re orcs.

      7. Knowledge is in my mind,
        my mind is a powerful tool.

        I had lousy grades all thru school,
        and college too. But I made it.


        Somedays I look in mirror and see two
        of me,

        Right-Ugly and Left-Ugly.

        A mirror image or a chimera?

        I am the same.

        As Croce sang, ‘I Got a Name’

        Life, Love, Dignity, and Sorrows follow me. They are my footsteps. I run with joy, and I run with sorrows as well.

        I am American! That pride will never go nor fade away….

        • Amen Ugly!

          I have a quote on my refrigerator that says:

          “The only thing you take with you is what you give away”

          How true. The sharing of skills, knowledge, and compassion is all we really have. To put it in a nutshell; it’s called our “good deeds”. That is how God will judge us and hand out rewards based on our good deeds. They make up our raiment. Some will have muli-layered, flowing white linen garments.

          Some may squeeze into Heaven on a prayer, but still be naked as a jaybird.

          • @pissinwiththewind….Jerry Lewis once said…”The things you keep….you lose, the things you give away, you keep forever.”take care, CC.

        • pass…flunk…repeat.

          only way to learn the game of life…eventually you pass most of the time…or you don’t survive.

          But hey, everyone is a winner these days.

          The perfect world.

      8. Blacksmithing, Woodworking, small and large game hunting, predator hunting (I through that in there because its a hunt a lot of people forget about)Leather tanning, curing, working, Hugelkultur, How to make a solar dehydrator box, How to drill a well with your garden hose, how to pipe a well, how to make a hand pump, Booby trap making (not the usual stuff either) study Vietnam pit spikes, roller spikes…grow a goatee so you know what your evil side looks like and think that way for a while…know when to back away from that. Your world is made of food and weapons learn to find them. I do all of these things and I incorporate each into the other, my forge can be used for heating the house (convert to wood coal will KILL YOU)I use fire bricks that can be easily moved. Use it for drying leather and foods. Learn how to plank wood and small boat build. There are many ways to be on your own, you just need the intestinal fortitude to learn how and do it. Being an ethical hunter I have a hard time hunting, because of the rules and being sure if its male or female or old enough or even on the endangered list…unfortunately for the animals if I have to feed myself and family all I am going to see is meat, and because the rules run through my mind all the time I have seen just how easy it will be to get food if I have to. I understand now that the rules are there BECAUSE we absolutely would hunt everything to extinction if we had the chance…no offense but humans suck in the woods department. But…I will join the ranks of poachers to get food but still keep it in moderation, take only what you need…that should be used in everything. Take only what you need.

      9. [Absolutely the only thing that you own are the skills in your hands and the knowledge in your mind.]

        And debt. You are the owner of lots and lots of debt thanks to the government mismanagement of the money taken from you.

      10. Dang! You mean if the tyrants come for us, or the economy crumbles, all my training as a high tech redneck is down the drain? No more fixing beta-max players? No more splicing 8 track tapes back together… No tune-ups for a ’74 GTO with dual carbs?
        What the heck am I gonna do to survive? Does anybody want to hire a court jester? I can juggle (drops keyboard in lap…)

        • Relax, any good redneck can learn to make good “shine” nothing else is required.

          • And the sour mash makes good feed for the pigs & chickens,

            • To tide them over between ‘revanewer’ visits.

        • Hey okie, synchronizing dual carbs is an art form and, not for the faint of heart (or inexperienced)—lol. Been there, done that.

          • Just like a 2-4 cyl/carb motorcycle, hook up a carb stick to sycronize and balance them.

            • and not a lot of people could do that…especially not us girls.

        • OAKI: See My post above yours…I May need a …Driver!



        The what is energy, the question is not who, when, where, or why, but how.

        This is a quick and dirty primer on our energy situation. It is simplified, but I have tried to cover the most important concepts and explain them and their relationships compared to one another and to society. I believe the energy issue is somewhat complex, but it is THE critical ‘issue’ for our globalized, growth based, consumer society and that will become painfully obvious in short order. We need to have informed awareness about the problem if we expect solutions.

        This is not politically suggestive, nor does it propose solutions on how to deal with the energy issue, I leave that up to you. This is strictly observational.


        “It takes money to make money” – Energy Return on Investment / Energy Return on Energy Invested is fairly straightforward. In the first years of commercial oil production, it took one barrel of oil energy equivalent to produce one hundred barrels of CRUDE oil. Now days it is between ten and twenty to one and getting worse. The difference is that EROI focuses on the monetary investment where as EROEI focuses primarily on the actual physical energy required (usually measured in btu’s).

        EROI or EROEI, in a sense, represent the profitability of oil extraction, or the economically recoverable amount of oil (or any finite resource) that can be extracted.

        >ECONOMICS (Supply & Demand)

        “I can’t afford it.”
        “Well then I can’t afford to produce it.”

        This is the cycle that plays out as the EROI number goes down and the economy struggles to grow with the high costs of energy. As the costs get higher, the oil industry can invest in more production and so ‘excess’ energy is once again delivered to the economy. But soon the abundance drives the price back down and the oil industry can no longer afford to discover and drill for more.

        At some point this imbalance could level out, but always with energy availability in over all decline. As the Super Giant fields around the world that still provide the vast majority of the worlds Crude oil continue to decline.

        The economy depends on a growing and cheap supply of energy to feed the machines of modern industrial society. The problem is that the supply is getting smaller and less productive.


        The different types of fossil energy sources vary, but they can be broken down into Gas and Oil. Each have their own subtypes but are the primary differentiators when it comes to their use in our civilization.

        The “Low Hanging Fruit” applies to all energy exploits. People go after the mother load that is easiest to get to. But also there is the issue of Energy Density. As some resources are mined, such as coal, the resource contains less of the material that makes it energy useful, and more of the material that does not. In short, it doesn’t burn as hot.

        So as we expand our reach for fossil energy, we are forced to resort to lesser and lesser quality sources of energy that are more and more costlier to extract and refine.

        >ENERGY USES

        Knowing the different types of oil is a prerequisite to understanding their uses.

        Conventional Crude Oil is the black gooey stuff we all think of, but it is ‘fully matured’ and energy dense, where as the ‘Oil’ like substances coming from Fracking are not always fully ‘cured’ and require expensive treatment to make them available as gasoline or other useful oil based byproducts.

        The process of Hydraulic Fracturing (I am lumping Tar Sands in with these fuel types even though it is strip mined) (Fracking) produces Gases like Methane and Butane as well as ‘tight oil’ and gas that is trapped in rocks and must be blasted out. There is quite a bit of energy available around the world with this method and resource types. However it still only buys us a few decades, and that is if the economy can continue to adsorb the increasing costs of the energy.

        Our primary uses for Crude and some types of the Fracked oil is transportation, as well as other things like plastics and pesticides.

        Our primary use for gas (Methane, Propane, Butane, and many others) is in some small and larger vehicles as well as fertilizer, cooking and heating and producing electricity.
        It does not contribute to transportation in any significant way and our infrastructure isn’t set up for it.

        Though we have a ‘lot’ of natural gas in the US, Natural gas does not have the kind of global market like Crude oil and therefore is primarily subject to local costs. Although there have been talks about building more Natural gas ports. But Natural gas is expensive to transport due to it needing to be very cold and under very high pressure.

        We are setup to run on highly energy dense, combustible liquid fuel, or Gasoline.


        Alternative energies such as wind and solar have the potential to provide energy for a few decades longer, but only in limited areas, and subject to sunlight and wind variations. We would have had to divert all of our efforts for building our infrastructure around that type of energy decades ago.

        It is highly unlikely we will reach that level of renewable capability before the costs of energy make it impossible. Developing these technologies requires that the fossil fuel dependent backbone of the global economy continue to be greased with cheap, abundant energy.


        Climate Change forces us to look at the humanity side of the coin. And it doesn’t tell a pretty story. The climate changes naturally, the Sun has warm and ‘cool’ phases, we can see it in the data. But the data also tells another story. A story of rapid acceleration of many recent data points that do not occur in the available historical data, ever.

        Humans are certainly impacting the climate, but whether or not we are causing the damage, Climate Change is still a game changing issue, not merely for our convenience, but for the survival of almost every multi-cellular life form on this planet (which includes humans).

        The newer methods of extraction and fossil sources not only prove more expensive and of less quality, but they contribute more of the chemicals that scientists tell us are the main culprits of our environmental and climate impact.

        • Don’t forget that technology will be more efficient. If you want to save money in the long run. It’s already worth buying LED Light bulbs. In 20 years, they will be as cheap as incandescents are now. And I suspect incandescents will have gone the way of the Dodo.

          We already see that computers are more efficient too. Look at tablets versus desktops.

          IMHO, housing can become more insulated and eco friendly. Who knows what it will be like in 20 years.

          • That technology requires a stable and growing economy to manufacture. Efficiency does not help the situation, but ironically it adds to the problem.

            See Jevons Paradox. I am not going to post a link cause it will take forever to get approved. But a quick Google search should find the wiki for Jevons Paradox.

            • In economics, the Jevons paradox (/ˈdʒɛvənz/; sometimes Jevons effect) is the proposition that technological progress that increases the efficiency with which a resource is used tends to increase (rather than decrease) the rate of consumption of that resource.[1] In 1865, the English economist William Stanley Jevons observed that technological improvements that increased the efficiency of coal use led to increased consumption of coal in a wide range of industries. He argued that, contrary to common intuition, technological improvements could not be relied upon to reduce fuel consumption.[2]
              The issue has been re-examined by modern economists studying consumption rebound effects from improved energy efficiency. In addition to reducing the amount needed for a given use, improved efficiency lowers the relative cost of using a resource, which tends to increase the quantity of the resource demanded, potentially counteracting any savings from increased efficiency. Additionally, increased efficiency accelerates economic growth, further increasing the demand for resources. The Jevons paradox occurs when the effect from increased demand predominates, causing resource use to increase.[2]

              • None of this discussion on the economics of energy matters here. In the near future, after shtf, energy use will be totally different than it is now. What will be used will be determined by who has the knowledge to create this fuel and what they have in their vicinity.

                Ethanol, methane and methanol, coal, biodiesel, solar, geothermal, and hydro.

                It will be many generations before there is sufficient manpower to work the factories, transportation, production, distribution, everything it takes to do anything large scale.

                molon labe

                • BAM! BAM! BAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                  Be prepared to do with alot less.

                  Globalism sucks, is an abuse of energy, humanity, the earth and will not last.

                  That is why they want so many of us fucking dead!

                  So that they can have their island, g5, 5 30k sqft homes, unlimited vineyards, private hospitals with unlimited finest care, small jam-packed towns where the servants live in fear of their lives.

                  I, AM, NOT, LIVING, THAT, WAY!…How about you AND YOUR FAMILY!

                  • “I, AM, NOT, LIVING, THAT, WAY!…How about you AND YOUR FAMILY!”

                    lastmanstanding, NEVER!


                  • lastman.

                    That is the truth. We must all wane away from our total dollar reliance. Cause its gonna hurt far worse for those that don’t versus those that do.

                    How does one wane away the dollar?

                    First, get your dollar debt down (payoff bills)
                    Second, do stuff yourself such as gardening (sorry Monsanto)
                    Third, buy some PMs cause they have a real value history
                    Fourth, learn to do some bartering such as silver round for an oly. Or trade, such as peas for firewood, etc.
                    Fifth, I ran out of ideas, but you get the point.

                    Let the rich worry about the dollar. I am going to worry about food, water, shelter, and safety.

                    Above all. The Lord controls it, not them….

                  • Lastmanstanding, AMEN. I don’t live in fear either and never will. MOLON LABE braveheart

              • A good reminder, Timothy that things are not always what they seem re: cause and effect.

                I have had some serious reconsiderations over this energy proposition. I think people can reasonably expect availability of fuel (gasoline, diesel, natural gas), albeit it at a higher cost, in the future due to the simple fact that extraction in the future will be more costly, but that the “cure” for high prices will simply be the subsequent decreased demand, which will serve to “stabilize” the increase in prices(assuming no petrodollar collapse-and that may be a big if). Already, we have seen the price of gasoline decrease in the past two months as demand has dropped, despite all the attempts of big oil and traders to manipulate the price.

                Hence, I am not sure if the costs of maintaining even a 1000 gallon fuel tank, 1000 gallon propane tank, generator, etc as part of traditional long term “preps”, are worth it. It buys you a few weeks in a true SHTF event when there is no fuel, but after that you have go to plan B for long term sustainability anyway. While there is no question that generators and fuel storage are a cornerstone of short term emergency planning, it less clear whether it makes sense for the long term. Options like gasifiers might be considered.

                Which leads me to solar, especially portable solar panels and lighter Lithium batteries. I see on survivalblog for instance, an advertiser that is selling monocrystalline folding /portable 200+ watt panels with 28% efficiency with claims of 25 year life at 80% production (the highest in the industry he claims) and although they are very pricey, the portability is what you pay for, which leads up to the whole issue of whether you stay put in a SHTF scenario or bug out with all the attendant risks and problems of being a refugee.

                I can’t count on staying put, and therefore am hesitant to spend money on a permanent solar panel installation. Wind power the same argument. Thus portable solar is the way to go for me. To digress a bit:

                The problem is, unless you are entirely self sufficient already, you rely on some kind of employment to generate “currency”, without which, I know I would not be able to or want to remain where I live, which is why I currently choose to live in an apartment, even though I could theoretically, for now, afford a nice “permanent” place.

                Right now, it appears that solar power is relatively cheap, even down to $1.00/watt although I haven’t figured in the charge controller and battery costs. The main use for extra power above and beyond the usual electronic appliances or lights etc. would be refrigeration. Thus automatically, my goal would be to have enough power and battery storage to run a moderate sized refrigerator/freezer, and just double that amount for miscellaneous electric needs. Very arbitrary, admittedly, but it forces one to account for the most important/convenient thing that is difficult to reproduce (unless you live in the northern climates) -refrigeration.

                Refrigerators, like solar panels, and these newer Lithium Ferrous Phosphate battery claims have around a ten- life expectancy–or least refrigerators used to which is why you would almost have to buy a back up unit or have parts to rebuild the compressor/motor etc).

                But for me, I think staying on the grid for now, but quietly building up a portable high efficiency PV panel system with charge controller and Lithium batteries may make more sense. No noise. No exhaust. No dangerous hydrogen build up from charging traditional lead acid batteries, plus the longer life and the larger number of recharge cycles, etc.

                • I think a portable solar panel could work even in a permanent location…if all you want is some lighting.

                  I do think that we will be giving up on “Freon” appliances. Spring houses, fermentation,canning and salting to preserve food will be what works for us.

                  I just see life as more of an “old style” existence in the future as we slide down the bumpy backside of Hubbert’s curve.

                • Trying to preserve the electrical lifestyle is a losing proposition. Better to learn the skills needed to do without.

                  That’s coming from a retired engineer. I love high tech as much as anybody. I made my living at it, and it also keeps me alive in my old age.

                  But this web of technology we live in is like a soap bubble. Prick it in one place, and the whole thing collapses. To use your example: solar cells might be viable for 25 years, but the batteries will last only five or six if used steadily. Over-discharge (or overcharge) any lithium cell just once and they die. Have one cell in a series pack go bad, and the charge controller may overcharge all the others, or it may just quit. And when one tiny component among the thousands in your digital charge controller fails, your system is as good as dead. I collected dozens of “dead” Li-Ion batteries from the Dell Latitude series we used at work ten years ago. (The IT guy was a good friend.) 60% of the time the cells were good, but the charge controller had failed.

                  What can survive long term is technology that can be made with blacksmith’s tools. Steam engines are about the top of that tree. The skills and knowledge along that avenue are what must be preserved, along with all the other everyday tools that our great-grandfathers would have had in their hands.

                • I’m totally onboard with the protable PV setup. RElatively easy to do with several thousand dollars today, if you want to set up as a portable carpenter.

                  It’s a bit more difficult if you want to set up as a welder. Then I think you might consider the permanent setup. People would have to bring their welding projects to you.

          • @Sierra Dave, what housing will be like is written into Agenda 21. “Homes” will be incredibly small and many will be packed together.

            IMO, building will become little more than box making, with running water and electrical wiring.

            • SIXPACK: RT Tv News a week ago showed a 1/2 hr tv documentary on Housing shortages in England. Shortages mainly due to high cost Rents and Obscene prices to Buy a house there.

              What RT was showing as an alternative solution was New China shipping crates stacked two tall, each crate made into a full apt housing “unit” around 200 sq ft space if I recall correct. Man who builds them units said it costs him just $10,000 per unit to build and then Rent out for an avg per mo of $450 and UP!!!

              Inside dwelling looked ok. It will suffice. But still its a shipping crate thats 8ft wide by 20 to 40 ft long and celings aprox 8ft tall inside. Not a real Home by far.

              Thats the agenda 21 kommie NWO UN Mindset they are promoting by Lies of peak oil and peak everything needed to live. If any was truth the PTB types would themselves be setting good examples and conserving.

              12 mansions, massive sized like al gore has, a jet plane, 200+ ft long Yhats that use more fuel than a private jet plane uses, and all the other mass waste tptb does and we should believe their lies?

              Let me get this straight: I am supposed to never trust nor believe ANY Info from Govnt’s- the UN-or any MSM’s….BUT I Am to believe all those SAME entities says on issues like Peak Oil-Global warming-and all they claim of holyHoax issues and numbers etc right?

              Because all named entities LIES on Everything..EXCEPT the few issues I noted lastly…Is That correct?

              I say if they Lie and oh Yes lie they do…Then they Lies on all info from their sources. Liars Lie. None can ever be trusted. Especially after thousands of scientists emails got leaked out to reveal ten thousand global warm LIES eh!

              Is that double standard of belief in just “certain” things like six million or global warm while rejection of ALl other info from same entities whats called Cognitive Disonence ? or however its spelled.

              • The only box I’m going into is my coffin.

                Where the hell does one get out of this ant farm, anyway?

              • Housing costs in Southern & Eastern England are simply obscene. For years I stayed in a one bed apartment, like most of my neighbours, sleeping in the sitting room once I had a child. I kept my eye on the end goal though.

                A mortgage translates as little death so I did my damnedest to keep mine affordable and look at what I NEEDED as opposed to what I wanted. We needed a safe, secure roof over our heads, not a swanky palace. You get used to living in a small space. In the meantime I rented an allotment to learn how to garden and kept an eagle eye on the prevailing winds of change.

                We’ve relocated – Northern England, parts of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are still affordable. I guess in the US you can choose to live in Manhattan or the boonies too! There is no work in these regions though so you have to think of a way of generating your own income. You also have to consider that many in these areas survive on welfare with the attendant OPSEC risks that brings.

                Land is still beyond my reach – a couple of acres is a dream from childhood. However soon we’ll have a small house that’s easy on the bills (mansions cost a fortune to maintain and heat) with a reasonable sized garden. Large enough for 1/2 dozen chickens, a couple of fruit trees and a vegetable patch. It’s in a region where common sense has not completely deserted the inhabitants, and I can defend it. I’ve kissed the banksters goodbye, so will only have taxes to worry about.

                You pay a premium for a smallholding in the UK, as those city types are not daft. 2nd homes for the rich push the locals out of rural areas. The very best farming land remains in the ownership of the Crown.

                I read on here about people with 40-100 acre spreads and think sometimes you don’t know how lucky you are that in the US land prices make a small holding an affordable target for the little man still, providing he is willing to relocate to the hinterlands.

            • Sixpack, I’ve also researched Agenda 21. I WON’T LIVE IN A ‘SHOEBOX’ PACKED IN WITH OTHER PEOPLE LIKE SARDINES. MOLON LABE braveheart

              • Not without one helluva fight…

        • Tim, check out the srsrocco report.

          Steve St. Angelo gets it.

          Oil is on its way out and nothing powers tech like oil…unless we can pull someones great energy ideas out of the oil companies ass. You know, the stuff that was bought, stolen, hidden away from the rest of us.

          We have wasted the earth resources for the power and profit of a few. That will be coming to an end.

        • Good luck, Timothy. Most believe that the US is on the way to energy independence. The US is the new “Saudi Arabia”.

          Is this posted on your website, also?

        • Yeah like that Popup AD just before THESE replies posted here says $20-TRILLION NEW Oil Find will make arabs no longer main oil producers eh!!

          PLUS More recent Massive Huge oil finds in austrailia-brazil-USA off and on shore-Russia-Several Others I cant now recall…Yeah we will run dry of gasoline and oils in ablut 500+ yrs maybe. So what. As for Cost to drill etc? OIL Prices etc are Swindled BY govnt and oil co’s and banksters. So its a straw man issue.

          Global warming? Man caused??!!! Been vastly Proven as a total UN-Al GORE-TREE HUGGERS-Banksters swindle scam to suck MORE Taxes away from YOU, all of Youse! To Fund the UN global NWO govnt And the UN global army with the ONLY weapons allowed period. Can You say AGENDA-21?

          Thats stuff is all proven falsehoods from them agencys and new ager earth worshippers and assorted other godless fools. Like those several Thousand Scientists emails Proved they LIED tremendously on all issues Global warming. The only question now left is WHY do You still believe and promote proven falshoods and Lies?

          50 yrs ago they warned us air to breath-water to drink-food to eat-planet space to stand or sit on-all life will evaporate by the year 2000, after an ICE AGE EVENT!!!

          50 yrs later, wrong wrong wrong…Same as Peak Oil clowns and global warm al gore devotee’s…Libs buys into Any falshoods yet always reject solid Truths. Its reason america is so screwed up Now.

          Hopefully soon, Very soon enough patriots get fed up and begin to try different tactics on libs and kommies…Something closer to a 10 LB rifle Butt to their Snouts to convince lib kommies we aint fuckin playing around no more and they have THREE Options.

          I give lib kommies Three Options as its the Christian way to operate and show Love to enemys..

          #1-STOP the BS and wake up pronto…Or…

          #2-Pack yer bag and LEAVE the USA for good and never return!…Or…

          #3-If they think a 10 lb rifle butt to their snout hurts? Wait till we all turn that rifle around and begin to make good use of the Buisness end where bullets exist the rifle!…Get out or be Taken out their choice so we can go Back to how its supposed to be again.

          Maybe Al Gore is who should recieve that global warn peak oil message since Gore pays $30,000 per Year in one homes elec bills! Who knows how many Million Gal’s Jet Fuel his huge private jet flown daily consumes eh?

          I’d wager what Gores Jet uses in ONE Month of jet fuel, is enough in gasoline gal’s to supply 1000 familys Gas for entire households cars for a Few Yrs.

          Yet hes worried of peak oil or global warming? WAKE UP!

      12. Those that think gold, silver, precious stones, etc are worth anything are also blind.
        When the dollar is worthless what is anyone basing a “gold price” on (as zero dollar value equals zero “dollar” value to gold, silver etc).
        The only value is weight (which in itself is only the gravitational pull on an object).
        The answer to the age old scientist question of “what gives matter it’s mass”?
        The masses believing that any matter has a value.
        When in fact it’s the “human energy” that gives the matter it’s mass, as it is the human energy that is needed to create the matter’s value to begin with.
        When there was nothing to be “hailed” as a currency in the beginning, how was one “paid” when all had nothing?
        As the title implies all anyone has is their skills and knowledge (and even knowledge is either with held or denied, so as to enslave the masses).

        • you’ve got it kinda backwards there, guy.

          • I meant to say, you’ve got it kinda backwards about the value of gold and fed reserve notes, guy.

            • Considering Gold has been money 4000 years and the dollar has existed about 250,I think gold can survive without $

          • Six, my above comment was in response to your 2847515 above…having issues with sat link.

            Snowing/windy here in the Rockies.

        • commonsense, ability to work hard/smart and tell it like it is are my only strong suits.

          I always got your “six”…way to go on the daughter and bro…there are alot of good people with money that they want to share with others…many are not judgemental and appreciate your abilities and require them. We have learned to recognize them. Share that tidbit with them girl.

          I am in the trades, spouse in healthcare..we are changing, planning, adapting every day. We are 50 plus.

          I am convinced that those that embrace the old school ways will have the best chance to survive. We are going back in time taking advantage of today’s real advancements in hopes that we will finally be left alone.

          God bless your family.

          • Thats it, go back in time and get skilled with the old methods using hand tools. We swapped out most kitchen gadgets for hand tools. The only electric kitchen tool now is the mixer for big dough mixing for breads. Everything else we have is now manual but the oven and thats propane but we also have a wood cookstove and a wood stove to heat the house with.
            I have tools to build with and use electric now but work with manual too even tho it takes me longer.
            Next year an outhouse is on the list so we can have our own crapper. Were not in town and dont plan to try for permits we wouldnt get anyway. I figure the govt is so damn corrupt and evil I may as well stop trying to be all legal.

      13. Todays Cruisin’ Down The Road Quiz

        A few random questions that pop into your head as you drive long distances-

        1 Tom Cochrane, Rascal Flats, or Chris Ledoux?
        Who’s version of Life Is A Highway is best?

        2 How many granola bars do I have to eat to counter act that greasy double cheeseburger?

        3 Do these orange barrels multiply on their own? Why is there so many of them?

        4 What really IS the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow?

        5 Is Joel Osteen secretly demonic?

        6 Honestly, now. Ginger or Maryann?

        1 They’re all good, but it’s Chris, hands down.
        2 Six, and you have to wash them down with nothing but pure spring water (no Dr Pepper, or it zeroes out and you have to start over on the granola)
        3 Yes, orange barrels are closely related to rabbits. Two barrels, left alone on a secluded highway, will produce over 6,000 offspring in a year. (gestation time is estimated at 15 minutes)
        4 African or European swallow?
        5 No, he’s not demonic, just confused. He smiles like that because he’s related to Jimmy Carter (or the Osmond brothers)
        6 No contest. It’s Maryann.

        • Wrong! The answer to 6 is: YES!

        • On # 6, I’ll have to go with “Lovey”. Experience and Mr. Howell’s $$$ will take us to many new heights. If she won’t leave him, then i have to concur, it’s Maryann.

          On Joel Osteen, God will judge. But, out of nothing else to watch on TV, a few Sunday mornings ago at the retreat (no cable or satellite);I tuned in. He talked for thirty minutes and never once quoted scripture or opened the Bible.

          I thought preaching was supposed to be about God’s word, not man’s. Oh well, he wins with a smile everytime. Kinda like Odrama and his followers, UH?

        • Have you seen maryann,s Mugshot?

          • She a young woman in our book remember.

          • not bad for 69 years old.

            • Not bad at all. I bet she still has a bong made from the island’s bamboo. I’ll hold it for her if she does the tokin’. Oops, Dawn, blow is just an expression. You got to draw on it.

      14. It was philosopher Immanuel Kant who said “We are not rich by what we possess, but by the things we can do without.” The more we can do ourselves the less we have to earn to outsource. I was flabbergasted to find my neighbor hired someone to install a new gas range where his old one had been. People lack basic skills to provide directly for themselves. Learn to provide the basics yourself: food, water, shelter, and security. If you can build a home, plumb it, run basic electrical circuits, put food on the table, and protect those around you there are plenty of people who will share what they own if you can manage it efficiently.

        People complain about jobs becoming part-time and it sucks, but I made minimum wage the first year I was married and bought both a home and a new car (not wise so only once), More recently I skated by on a few thousand dollars a year when she got the business in the divorce, but I bought a $4,000 house and fixed it up, walked everwhere, and improvised.

        We are going to have to return to multigenerational housing. An elderly person who owns their rural home outright and a younger person who can repair and maintain it plus work the land are a match that benefits them both.

        • You mean families sticking together? What a concept. 🙂

          • You’d be surprised at how many people don’t know what one of these is, much less how to use it…well, maybe you wouldn’t be too surprised.

          • Canopeners. Buy two dozen of them. You could trade a can opener for something. Also. Save corks and wine bottles. They’ll come in handy too.

      15. There has been a disease of epidemic proportion; this country has suffered from for years. What is it: The Ostrich Syndrome you know stick your head in the sand (don’t look around at what is happening) and leave you’re A$$ hanging out. Many will die from this Dreaded Disease. It’s coming folks and it’s coming soon.

      16. -to W69- (off topic)*

        Two strikes thus far per request for ‘digital alchemy’ Fanuc source code.
        Still searching.
        Will M-series stuff work for you?
        Are you after config & parameters too?

        • You will NEVER get Fanuc’s source code. I was in that business years ago. They absolutely refused to let anybody even see it, much less wok with it. I always suspected that it was because they’d pirated most of it. I’ll save the story for another time.

          • “work with it”. Gotta get the crumbs out of this keyboard.

      17. Because 99% of the Established Media no longerdoes investigativereporting, rather they are handed the aftermath script and told what to say. If you ever notice immediately just after a disaster, pay close attention to the on the site reporters and what they say. They will leak important info before their handlers rein them in and create a script of what story to stick to. I see this happening over and over again. Go back to the original 9-11 news report as it unfolded, like building 7 falling. Same with the Colorado movie theater shooting. They leak important clues and info before the story becomes scripted. And once the script is developed that piece of info is never touched upon again.. Just saying.. record the news as these events unfold, then weeks later play it back again, and compare it to the later developed script, and you will know what I am talking about.

        • A Good method to convinve others in denial of fake tv news and swindlers and phony false flag agendas etc. is to watch a recent movie on a rented Tape. or one You pre taped. Then once You know what parts the subliminal suggection and outright political scam stuff is in. Halt the movie rewind and play back in slow mo or stop frame.

          Thats when it is very easy to spot the liberal scam agendas. Example is Gun control antigun agendas.

          That Mel Gibson as a detective with a black partner series of movies. In one of the series movies Mel just got bitched out by his supperior capt detective,and as he walks out of capt office, there is an ANTI-NRA antigun Poster tacked up on the Wall Mel pases by.

          But the movie frame goes by so fast you never realize you seen that antigun poster that bashed the NRA!

          Ask guest viewers “hey did ya see That propaganda bashing NRA and Guns?” None will agree that poster is In the movie frame…Untill You rewind and play back at slow mo speed or halt frame at exact poster spot.

          Just a few times you show others that way, and it sinks in totally that Yes absoluty hollywood is in cahoots by Brainwashing viewers big time. Once awoke to that scam your firends will never again view Any movie the same way again!…They will begin to Look for such propaganda agenda examples in every moment of the movie regardless what movie is playing.

          be certain to alert them viewers to the massive anti white agenda too as it is very important of an issue to americas demise and destructions today.

          Its not Only Movies neither! Its on Every TV show, History chanel documentary, TV News Galore! Everywheres on tv and hollywood movies. Even black + white older movies from the 1930-40-50’s eras too.

          Every screwed up issue like black agendas, femminist nazi agendas, current PC agendas, Envirowhacko agendas, ALL were first heavily promoted by such subliminal tactics that are really in your face and not so subliminal once alerted to the tactics.

          Most all the older movies were forrunners to womens liberation femminst kommie crap. Every female actress so “Loved” by fellow msm and hollywood promotions, like Betty Davis etc were promoted due to they did a swell job at playing a Bitch who hates or always argues with Males and Male controls of govnt etc.

          Pay close atten and you discover every todays agenda forced on us as “normal” was first promoted for 30-40 yrs prior on hollywood and tv shows and movies. Every one.

      18. DHS preparing for 2014 COLLAPSE Check this out..

        http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=otvxqRmmLfA (Preview)

        At just about the 4 minute mark, Fabian describes a DHS Memo to Banks NATIONWIDE, telling them that during a National Emergency, the DHS has the right to seize the contents of your Safety Deposit Box. No Kidding!! Probably looking for gold and other assets that you own to steal for themselves without a warrant. I had to listen to this twice, to make sure what he is saying.

        Get ready folks. Gonna get ugly!! Pass this on.

        • If they start doing that kind of crap; they can have my Box. My ammo is in the basement.

          • Mine is empty…except for a piece of paper that says…

            “kilroy was here”

            • My she safe box is use for a theegal thing for death and that’s it. Mostly just lawyer stuff. But now there is a thumb drive in there for Mac too.

        • I thought it was supposed to collapse in oct 2013?

      19. THEY, THEY, THEY again. Name names. Another useless article citing some unnamed boogeyman and a thinly veiled commercial for the precious market. How much of a kickback are you getting? You are obviously in bed with the precious metals and gun and ammo industries and “them.

        • Did you have to train to be an Xhole or did it come naturally?

          • They have schools in NC that turn ’em out like shit through a goose, P.

            • They must feed the geese shit to begin with, ’cause he’s genuinely double-refined.

            • US and paranoid, I think it just comes to him naturally. ncjoe, go back and play with the other trolls.

      20. I only have skills in kick boxing and gun play. I don’t have any problems with hippies, commies, fags, or liberals. The ones I will be looking out for are all the right-wing, flag waving moron, gun nuts who were responsible for getting us into this rotten mess in the first place. Now I’m expected to believe that they will lead us out of it and into a post American right-wing paradise?

        • Richard,

          Paradise in USA is 100% gone. The Dems have had their chance from 2006 to hopefully just Nov 2014. If not, then not sure what 2016 will look like, but it will look like economic collapse.

          If you like dem control, then just move to one of their cities like New Orleans or Detroit. That is where USA if going.

          Something tells me you are one of those 50 year old hippies in Eugene that still skateboards?

          • Nope. I’M one of those 60 year old Anarchists that was born and raised in Berkeley. I was 16 before I realized that “Fuck” and “America” were two different words. For the longest time I never knew that some pigs had four legs and a tail. I thought they all wore blue and carried badges and guns. People from Berkeley can’t spell. They think “Patriot” is a four letter word.

            • Richard.

              No wonder. Next to Eugene and Ashland, Berkeley has a very high population of hippies. Skateboard sales are out-of-the-roof in those areas.

              In all honesty, nobody is saying that democrats have 100% of the problem and that republicans are 0%. The USA has always had ups and downs with its economy and dollar strength. But also, the USA usually recovered within 8-20 months from those down turns.

              We have not recovered since 2006.

              This is the longest the USDollar has been indexed less than 90, 7 years and counting. The collapse is here and coming very soon (my guess within 2-3 years, or less).

              To survive, we must work together (somehow?). That includes whites, blacks, mexicans, chinese, and hippies.

              • “OK…we’ll take the blacks and the Chinese, but we don’t want the Irish”

                Blazing Saddles, people. Just a joke.

              • We haven’t recovered since 1998. Bush’s recovery was built on Wall Street schemes and scams and market manipulation that sucked wealth out of the unsophisticated that had bought their homes when prices were much less. The PTB’s mantra was “Treat your home as an ATM” “Equity is wealth, spend like your wealthy”. There was work shops and seminars to teach you how to borrow on your equity and buy buy buy. Peer pressure was created to make you think that you were being left out if you weren’t borrowing on your equity, you were an uninformed ignoramus if you didn’t capitalized on your equity. This unsophisticated, uninformed ignoramus still his his home.

                Under Bush’s recovery you would have seen anchored on the Columbia River at Longview, ship after ship waiting for their turn to load up on unprocessed logs that were being shipped overseas. We weren’t shipping dressers, entertainment centers, chairs, dining tables, no…..we were shipping raw timber and then receiving in return the finished products. We haven’t had a value added economy for decades and this so pisses me off.

                Value add economy = Convert a natural resource to a finished marketable product.

            • From Commiefornia, huh? it figures.

            • This site is going to the dogs. Can’t believe Dickhead got 9 thumbs up. Trekker Out. Si vis pacem, para bellum!

              • MT.

                Bad case of gas.

          • my thoughts exactly, ugly.

        • I though libtards didn’t play with guns.. Keep drinking the Kool-Aid

        • Dick, you chose the perfect name to post under. You ARE a dick if you believe people like us created this nightmare. it’s the government and wall st. responsible for all this mess, moron. Go away and play with ncjoe.

          • That’s not his name, that’s his desire.

          • Dick.

            Its not just a name its a way of life.

        • Well, that’s what happened in Chile. A right-wing, flag-waving, kick-ass army general overthrew the Commies and made Chile the best country in all of South America. But of course you think he’s the Devil incarnate.

          I pray that God will allow us a Pinochet. That’s what it’s going to take.

      21. I have plenty of negotiable skills , real world skills .
        It’s more than likely why I’m still working , and why I am where I am
        I have also been told I could sell a ketchup Popsicle to a woman wearing white gloves
        You have to be able to use your head , and your hands , read people , and know what is needed to get the job done and be able and WILLING to make it happen no matter the situation
        The ability to barter and know how to work with people , and meet their needs too will be much needed as the system crumbles around you
        Too many people just do the minimum , go to work come home and sit on their ass, picking up a book and learning something with your mind , than apply it with your hands until you are proficient at it will be what gets you thru it

      22. “A man who thinks cannot be ruled”

        A. Rand

        • ———-AHHHHH———-
          BUT a man who thinks to much may get a drone up his ass!


        • Didn’t the queen of Objectivism take social security?

      23. Think about where you are in history.
        My age.. I’m behind the boomers. They will try and steal my 401k.
        They are already trashing the currency. I used to be able to fill up my gas tank for $20.
        Today… over double that.

        My game plan.. keep stacking metals… then I’ll also pull the 401k if they don’t take it on me and then sink all that into rental property. No too much of it.
        High quality and fix it up. So I don’t have to rent to scumbags who keep getting fired and cannot pay the rent.

        Folks, remember that in the last depression, 25% were out of work. So anything you create must be sold to the 75% who have jobs.

        Life goes on.. people will still need the basics.. food, shelter, meds, education.
        Build your long-term strategies around that.

        The best generational planning for now is metals..then in say 15 years…
        you sell it all off…once they have peaked..then by rental property.

        With rental property… you end up getting 20% of a person’s net pay that month.
        Think about it.

        That’s what I’m doing. I just collected the rent. $950 in my mailbox. Each and every month for life.

        LIfe is short.
        Plan your wealth for the post capitalist economy.
        The commies and dems…really the same thing.. are now in power.
        So you need to invest in things they cannot take, nationalize or legislate against.

        I once knew a man who bought a crapy old house. He got it for almost nothing.
        My Dad and his friends were laughing at him.

        20 years passed. Stick by stick, door by door, pipe by pipe..and so on.. he would collect the rent. Pay the bank and taxes. Then take what was left and buy building materials on sale. 20 years later I was in his garage looking at his new $50k car.
        He told me the shack he rebuilt, which is now fully paid for, fixed up and nicely rented makes the payment on his car. He has other properties that pay for his vacation home, vacations, medical and so on.

        If you don’t have money for property..then start reading and start a small fix it business. Then you take that money and buy more tools. Then take the money and build up a down payment on a real shit hole. Work hard…that’s how you get started.
        Have a long-term vision.

        Yeah..be prepared for bad times.
        But also think long-term.


        • When this all tanks, there will be a real shortage of people who can afford to rent “high end” homes. Looks like you’ll be renting mostly to govt lackies, because everybody else will be too broke.

          You can’t collect what they ain’t got.

          • exactly, in fact, I don’t think there will even be anyone to rent to in most places.

            People still can’t wrap their heads around what is coming.

            • exactly, who would ever sink their savings/retirement into rental property?

              Someone who wanted to put all their profits into property taxes and repairs, maybe. Someone who will most likely, at some point find themselves having to evict a family who can’t pay. putting crying children out on the street ain’t my idea of “sound investing”.

              Just sayin’. but he may have better luck with renting. good luck in renting out high end houses/apartments.

              • I think he doesn’t realize that renting more expensive flats means, greater losses when they can’t pay.

                I’d rather get snookered for a few buck, than a whole lot of them.

            • The elite are sucking up all the real estate. If you are not elite then you stand to lose it.


              1. Look at what happened to Russian home owners under communism.
              2. The Ukranians were starved off their OWN damn farms! No tenant is going die to protect YOUR property.
              3. The mortgage crash of 2007/8 was designed to rob ordinary people of their homes, land and real estate! Seriously that was the damn plan!
              4. They haven’t finished number 3 yet. If the banking scam didn’t get you, then they intend that taxes will. The elite plan to take everything you own.
              5. They can and will regulate rental amounts when it suits them aka 1970’s English protected tenancies. Rent control can be introduced in an instant and Obama has already stated he wants scum living in high end neighborhoods. This method of robbing you is already in the works.

              If gubberment state you can only claim 5 dollars a month rent from your tenant on a property worth 500 hundred dollars a month – how is that going to service your bankster master’s demands for a mortgage payment?

              6. Interest rates – the banksters haven’t played this card yet! Sooner or later they will raise interest rates back up to the 15% we saw back in the 1980’s (they wait one generation before rinsing and repeating certain tricks). when they do LOTS of people who were feelng smug about coping thus far, will lose the shirts on their backs. Top of this list will be highly leveraged amateur landlords as rent controls will be implemented around the same time in order to extract maximum “juice”.

              You are still thinking in terms of the world as it was in 1985 when you are growing up. Things have moved on, the game has progressed since then.

              Arable land will have value, as food controls the population, BUT you will have to be able to defend it from the gaping mouths of the elite. Water rights also look interesting.

          • Or Liberals in various fed agencys will Force him to rent to a welfare queen black women from detroit with 8 chillins. he wont be able to say no without a fed discrimination against minority blacks filed.

            Then after the welfare detroiter bitch is renting his crib for aprox 6 mo or less, he goes to inspect premises and will find most every important thing fucked up beyond repair. Stuff like elec wires, plumbing -faucets-floors-walls-doors and doorway corners mangled.

            Cat and dog crap all over even Inside bedroom closets! Crap on floors, walls and celings!

            Good Luck collecting for the damages from the fed renters agency afterwards. Even better luck in evicting said welfare queen house destroyer family.

            Think ahead Now for a good story to tell prospective White renters if you finally do evict her and her 8 wild chillins…They are going to naturally inquire why the rental house has smells that are exactly the same as the wild animal cages at the detroit zoo and also like a typical DSR-public Buss by the time its 1/2 full and 1/2 way to downtown detroit areas.

            ps: You cannot rid that smell once its there long enough to Permeate every wood fiber and wallboard etc!

            Dont get me started on the cockroaches certain to invade and infest due to those type renters.

            If real lucky the other whitey neighbors will burn the place to ground and You collect fire insurance and Move!

            Life of a Landlord in renters paradise.

            • Be a slumlord I was. And that sound lime how I rented them not how I got them back.

            • meth kitchen – that’s a landlords worst nightmare!

              meth heads seem to come from all creeds and colours. Rural white America has a huge issue in this area. Anti-social behavior isn’t limited to blacks.

              The new wave of designer trendy drugs are MOST popular in high end neighbourhoods. They all need cooking. Just saying.

        • You are so right. Build wealth slowly.

      24. BI!!! Do you think this is another precursor or something different? 7.8 quake on the Scotia Sea??

        • @ Thinker. I woke up this morning and saw this and I said to myself, oh boy. ALL of these precursor quakes pointed to somewhere else, not the Scotia Sea. Horizontal plate movements always are alarming because they are pushing other plates on a horizontal plane, much like the mega horizontal quake last year triggered major quakes for a solid week all over the planet. It is also an indication that something larger is at work that allowed a much smaller plate to release this much energy on a horizonal plane. The ONLY larger quake to ever hit the Scotia plate was back in 1929 which was a 8.0 that was on the section of the plate that was a covergent part of it, more vertical movement.

          I would not be surprised to see another huge quake in this area where the Scotia plate is interacting with the South America and African plate near the South Sandwich Islands because of this horizontal movement towards it, however because of all the other precursor quakes pointing to the other areas, a major quake is very likely STILL coming to these areas shown in the comment eariler. Right now there still is a good chance of a 8.5+ coming, about 33% to 40%.

      25. Finally the 7.5+ occurred, but in a place that is actually a precursor zone. 7.8 in Scotia Sea. This is a sequence in which it has grown from 6.1 to 6.8 to 7.8. This is extremely rare to have two foreshocks grow like this to 7.8 range. The 6.8 was the largest in this spot. The 7.6 back in 2003 was a couple hundred miles away and lead to a 8.3 in Japan about a month later and a 7.2 on the New Zealand South Island 16 days later.

        This fault movement was side to side, like the San Andreas. It put tremendous pressure on the South American and African plate. The South American plate in turn will affect the Nazca plate and ALL of western South American coast. The African plate with affect the Australian plate that should lead to a very large earthquake in the Samoa to New Guinea area, eastern Indonesia, or the India/China region. Not to foregt that Japan, Toyko area is still in danger. Yes, Aleutian Islands to southern Alaska is still in the danger zone along with the Cascadia fault and California and Central America.

        There was 43 out of the past 49 precursor quakes that said a 7.5+ was cooming. 7.8 came like it should. The location though of ALL of these precursor quakes DID NOT once indicate the Scotia Sea. It did show the South Sandwich Islands as mentioned before as a darkhorse of where the huge quake is coming, but not the Scotia Sea. The above areas REMAIN in an extreme hazard state until 20 days from today’s day, until DECEMBER 7. Normally it is 15 days, but from past records of this area’s smaller quakes up to 20 days before another major quake hits. I am still very concerned about the northern section of the Australian plate from the western India area to western China.

        • There was quite a swarm in alaska too

          • @ Kulafarmer. About 60% of all those precursor quakes pointed in the past to the line from Eastern Russia and the Aleutian Islands to southern Alaska in the past as being the area to get hot with a major eartquake. I still feel Alaska is in for a large shaker.

            • It is certainly overdue in my mind,,, have had large quakes everywhere around the Pacific excep the region you mention, also cascadia,,, maybe the polar shifts coming about have some effect?

              • A lot of aftershocks in the Scotia Sea. Also been having a number of 5 plus in northern Japan near Fukishima, lately.

      26. A person needs to determine what industry will survive.
        Think core dimensions to life. Food, shelter, medical, education.

        That’s where you need to build your skills list.

        For me.. I’m an IT guy. I make twice as much as the average joe in the street.
        All these managers and directors cannot do shit. They depend on me.
        So in your career survival… WE NEED TO TALK MORE ABOUT THIS…SURVIVING CORP. AMERICA. Then you need to get into a situation where you have them by the balls.
        They rely on you and cannot get buy without you.

        My approach.. I bought many used computer books off of Amazon.com and learned nightly. Just keep at it. Just like prepping… you do it over time.

        Stop thinking the shtf will happen next week and don’t be nervous. Prep like you are preparing for a six month winter shut in. Also.. READ THE BIBLE. even if you are not religious. There is tons of human wisdom in there. Amazing what I’ve learned.

        CAREER PREP. CONCEPT.. Keep your mouth shut. Be quite in the workplace, keep your head down. Don’t talk about prepping and stop trying to sell folks on prepping. You get branded a nut. Speak ill of no man. Be known for having a book and digging into what runs your company and your tools. THIS.. will keep the SHTF job monster away from your door. Be a resource.



        • How many different screen names do you have on here to try and sell your stuff on Amazon, you must have at least a half a dozen already….

      27. Speaking of education.. just to cover everything possible. practice escapes.
        there is a good video on youtube about how to escape zip-tie handcuffs. you never know when you will end up in a bad situation.
        think about how you could break out of duct tape, or rope. anything.

        in the event of martial law, cops don’t use steel handcuffs(too many people). they use zip ties.

        • in the event of martial law I will be using a REPR, dont give a crap what the “authorities” will be using,,,

          • +1 just like my coffee…..scalding hot.

        • Kelly Alwood, search him out. That’s the kinda shit he teaches.

      28. The elites have pretty much taken care of people’s minds and skill sets with GMO’s, radiation from those high tech toys everyone has to have, chemtrails, corexit, Fukushima, etc. Sorry, they have been mind controlling people for decades!

        • km, however since we are aware we really have all we need to fight back, we can use our minds and tell our bodies not to participate in their games. Do not fight their wars, do not buy the stock schemes that make them rich and us poor, do not eat the foods they sell and because we outnumber them we will win.

        • I must be naturally immune, because my mind is sharp as it ever was. I can still do the newspaper crossword in 7 or 8 minutes in ink. I can build anything I want to. I can still learn from books. I built my current computer.

          My mind is not controlled by anybody. As Ralphie May, the comedian says, I’m not “politically correct”: I’m just “correct.” When I’m talking, somebody will try to stop me, saying somebody else will hear. I say I don’t care because I’m telling the truth.

          The problem with younger people is education and the media. My nephew couldn’t operate a yard stick to measure a wall and wants to do nothing but play video games.

          And there are no “chemtrails” where I live.

      29. Another thing they cannot take……..That is your soul.
        They cannot kill it….or take it……


        • We are not talking about souls here. What we are discussing is the systematic dumbing down, and morally bankrupting people everywhere. Satan himself doesn’t own your soul, however you can yield your soul to his lies. When the elites are finished collapsing the globe, and people are starving and their lives ravished, they will submit to anything they say. Trust in the Lord’s warnings would have had to been heeded way before that, to make mental, spiritual, and material preparations – most haven’t!

      30. BI,
        Major outbreak of tornadiac activity in Illinois , major damage
        News just breaking .

        Semper Fi 8541

        • Yes, everyone be safe, swarm tornado activity they are predicting

          I know most of you don’t watch MSM, but Fox now has twice as many viewers as CNN Nd cnbc combined. Even if folks aren’t preparing, millions know what is happening is wrong. Maybe the tide will turn. Ellen is talking about money printing until 2016. I don’t ow how much time that will buy. I agree with the post on the other thread about Obamacare being the first Domino in the final cascade of events that brings down the economic system.

          I found Campbell’s cream soups at Walmart today for .64 a can. Bought 3 cases. We use lots of this. Someone was watching me with an odd look. So I just started explaining to my son about ‘loss leaders’ and how stores use that trick to get people to buy overpriced items that more than compensate for the savings on the loss leader. then i explained how much money i save buying in bulk on sale. The sheep took it in hook line and sinker.

          • Yellen. I hate freakin autocorrect.

            • But you need learn you do not ever need fear or have to invent an explaination due to strangers stareing at You like that. Maybe a better plan is for You to develop a stare that will convey to Them fools that you are 1/2 inch away from Pouncing all over Them instead!

              I see many posts here that folks say the same thing on feeling Guilty for large buys and a need to invent explainations or stories.

              Thats just another element of the massive guilt complex done against mostly white folk by cultural marixist Frankfurt school teachings perpetarted upon us all the past 50 yrs. I Pray for the day when zero white folks has ANY white guilt or prepper guilt or any such guilt feelings. Its ALL been done by design to destroy us with death by thousand cuts methods. It all Ends when we reject it all totally. With so many folks here saying how they too do explainations similar to yours it proves its a huge problem across america and needs be Nipped in the Bud as Barny Fife would say!…Nip it! In the Bud Andy!

              • I apologize. I helped wipe out the sugar supply in a store a few weeks ago. They had a good sale, but had run out by the time I got there. I complained to the manager, and he said I could get another brand at the sale price. I told other people in the store about the sale and explained that because of inflation, buying something now on sale was like money in the bank as interest is so low. Everyone I talked to seemed to see that I was correct and loaded up on sugar.

                • @ archivist, this is what I tell everybody when I see a really great deal in the store. Butter is my biggest savings
                  I haven’t seen it under $2 in over 5 years, but when it hits $2 i buy 16-20 pounds (i do a lot of baking, etc) it keeps in the freezer . I always get lots of looks in the checkout line, and I just start telling folks it keeps in the freezer. So many people don’t know that.

              • I don’t feel guilty, but just throwing folks off the prepper line. Especially because I was ‘carrying’. Some people in this area may call buying cases of soup suspicious activity! LOL

          • Cashiers always want to take back the box when I buy bulk but the boxes are handy for shelving. I just tell the cashiers its easier to bring them in the house that way.

            • Every place I go, the cashiers are just fine with keeping things in boxes. It means they don’t have to bother with bagging.

        • The last wave of high wind and heavy rain just passed thru Cook County Il. Also a possible tornado in Wayne County in southern Il. My mammies’ birthplace.

        • Night breaker. Just saw on the net that a tornado hit Washington Il. I have a Brother and family and 3 Niece’s and their familes that live in Washington Il. can’t seem to find out anything about casualities or injuries and no phone contact. I am somewhat conerned. Anyone have any info reguarding this incident. Trekker Out.

          • Some injuries. Massive damage. That town got hit the worst. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. Good luck.

          • 2 dead is what I got from the news four hours ago. Was an f4.

            • Omg…just saw an update. Now five dead, ppl missing and lots injured. I haven’t seen any info on how to contact anyone. Prayers for your loved ones!!!

          • maudy and IL woman Thanks for your prayers and concern, finally made contact with my Brother, he and his 3 daughters familes all came through with no injuries and no damage. A nephew, son of another of my Brothers had his house totally destroyed, but no injuries in his family either. I thank the Lord for his protection. Please pray for all the people that live in that area that lost loved ones and that have injuries. Trekker Out.

            • Thank god. Now we have to think about Sgt dale. I think he is a little nw of there.

          • I pray your kin are safe!

          • Trekker, I don’t have time to research it, but I would suspect the HAARP machine did it, as there is now evidence surfacing it was used to create the Typhoon in the Philippines.

            How horrifically evil!

            I’m glad your loved ones are safe. I feel very sad about everyone who has been injured or has died, especially in the Philippines.

            The Filipino people are very devout people, prayerful, and dedicated to God.

            Alert to everyone: suspect man-altered weather in everything, and plan accordingly, especially when the crap rips away the fan.

            – The Lone Ranger

            “Whenever you have eliminated the impossible, whatever is left, however improbably, must be the truth.” – Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

      31. very well said socrates.i shoud like to add this:, the main principle of ancient socrates [whose name you are using,hope wisely] was to pass the knowledge to others without expecting getting paid for it.


        Who cleaned the blood at Sandy Hook school of the 26 that suffered as many as 11 bullets??
        About 1 hour, 25th minute…the answer. 🙂

      33. Howdy Everyone…

        Ummm, first, marvelous post BI…Meticulously thought out..one of your BEST thus far Methinks, a quick brief note here.

        “Of all the Virtues, Truth is arguably the most important; For whenever Truth has been taken Unawares and held Captive…for ANY Reason, Horror has thereater come to take up Residence Amongst the Peoples…”

        Thus, always, TRUTH First, likewise any who wish to commit EVIL in the World will neccesarrily destroy that, ere they tackle anything else…this pattern does NOT vary.

        On another note here: “WHAT is UP, down in the Scotia Sea!?!?!?! A 7.8 but hours ago…and a full-bore ‘cluster’ occurring thereabouts! As always, I wait for your particlar insight, thereon….here, somewhat ‘nervously’.


      34. JustOneGuy, braveheart, Night breaker. Just had an earthquake east of the Mid Atlantic Ridge that has NO record of any earthquake there, at least 4.5 or more. The closest point is about 110 miles away. That zone lead to several Greek earthquake and the 8 pointer in Tonga, that is the 5th area showing this and a 7.7 in the Loyalty Islands back in 1995. Anytime you have horizontal movement like this in the Scotia Sea it disrupts the other plates. In this case the African and South American plate where this earthquake just occurred.

        This shows that a big earthquake is still on the way, within the Dec.7 day. The weather system is a result of the LACK of hurricane activity in the Gulf and Atlantic this year. Hurricanes cool the waters, nature’s air conditioners. The warmer water allows warmer air to intrude much further air to the north. Whjen this warm moist air interacts with the cold dry air from Wyoming, Montana, the Dakotas, and southern Canada you have a massive dry line develop and these thunderstorms have the perfect ingredients for super cells to develop. The sparing of the Atlantic and Gulf from hurricanes this year has someone else paying for it, the Midwest with tornadoes and extremely likely the southeast states such as Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia later on.

        • We are having a warm day. 87 degrees in north Arkansas and steady south wind gusting up to 13 MPH. unusual for November. I fully expect for some mega quakes to occur in north America in the near future. Im located 200 miles west as a bird flys of the new Madrid. we are on the rock so at least we wont liquefy like the Delta can. About 1600 ft elevation so we wont flood. Im staying put hopefully its about a safe a place as any?

          • 75° here in Southern Ky.
            Weird!!!Our winds last night were 24 MPH.

            • We have 65 degrees and south wind in eastern NC, with a line of rain coming.

              Technical problems are keeping the weather service from showing local conditions. I had to go to Weather Underground.

          • warm here to at 36 degrees.

        • REPOSTED….

          Once more then!….this has GOT to be ‘TOR’ related….

          Thank You BI,

          “Ever Vigilant” indeed…

          As I said previously, the Gross Solar Flux, as meaured on the 10.8 cm band (2800 MHz) is a GOOD measure of the Total Solar irradiance which is incident here pon the Earth…and THAT IS extremely HIGH at present, unaccountably so. With the departure of the 11890 region from the face of the visible disk we SHOULD almost ‘instantly’ have seen a drop therein…we have not as yet; not notably.

          As such, we are actally VERY much here in a state of ‘transition’…from one quasi-stable, DYNAMIC “equlibrium” to another, which as yet is not arrived. But INCREASES…or DECREASES in the Solar irradience, which we see here, !BOTH! result in such changes to the Atmosphere, broadly with corresponding changes in the characteristic weather patterns previously observed.

          “Interesting times”, No?

          We here are seeing an unusually ‘mild’ pattern thus far….cold yes, but little or no snow…which should now be evident here in ABUNDANCE. Therefor your observations as to the operative ‘purpose’ of Hurricanes is also, “Interesting” to me, specifically…as descibed.

          I am caught by the thought that the seemingly cyclic nature of the weather, on LONG time-scales, possibly as was witnessed during the Mayan “extinction” – of which we know LITTLE – that is, of the times/conditions leading thereto, might here be returning…might be indicated thereby. During that time, the Yucatan became a virtual DESERT, as the prevailing pattern of Hurricane generation in the Atlantic Ocean – which has it’s origin off the Western coast of Africa, (in a perpetual LOW Pressure system located there) shifted – RELOCATED – to stand off the coast of Central America in the Caribean basin, for SEVERAL years, causing an immense drought all across the regions abutting that….decimmating the Maya,
          whoi though seemingly POSSESED of the KNOWLEDGE of that very phenomena…who had therefor constrcted VAST ‘catch-basins’ in preperation for, still ENDED as a culture. Perhaps there IS here a lesson to be taken…

          A TEST of this will be the coming Winter(s)…for during that time, the lake-bed sedimentation records we have recently obtained, indicate the onset of FEROCIOUS average drops in temperature, with attendant SEVERE Winters unlike any seen in thousands of years of that record…across the entirety of the Northern Hemipsphere, at least….we SHALL see, No?

          My Perpetual Thanks for such a wonderful diligence, Friend….always. “Vielen Danke, Mien Herr…”


          • Jog; Speaking on the Mayans I just remembered something i read about some of them possibly relocated to the Florida region because of some archaeological finds there as well as some DNA in some of the local indian tribes.The article said that may have been where the name Miami originated! Ill see if i can find the source and link.

            Maybe they moved there because they new of the coming drought?


            • …Reposted, again..DAMN TOR,

              Howdy Thinker!

              I DO like your ‘monicker’ Friend! You MAY well be on to something there…the story, abbreviated here is this;

              A bit ago, someone, a CE, “Civil Engineer’ along wqith his Friend, a “Paleo-Archelogist” (Ancient WEATHER) working in cahoots discovered that the Maya did indeed have – unaccountably – a ‘fore-knowledge’ of the cyclic nature of droughts which – apparently – COME every 500-700 years quasi-cyclically, as I stipulated.

              To wit; the CE, found, in his travels on holiday to the Yucatan, that the Maya continuously built VAST catchments for water, near EVERY major population center …in a friggin JUNGLE!?$%^ T’ain’t a ‘reasonable thing’ to me, so, WHY? Takes A LOT of energy to BUILD that much STORAGE, eh? The story is longish so I won’t here repeat it…I HAVE already, before, S’OK?

              So, then those who DID survive had to go somewhere, Yes? Here, the Hopi come into play, for apparently they LONG knew of their ‘Southern Brethren’…and thier ‘temples of stone’ going WAY, WAY BACK Now…I ask you HOW could the Maya KNOW that something that only happened every SEVERAL hundredd years be an existential THREAT to them? Hell, we didn’t know about this until some SERIOUS research was done, Eh? So, then ALSO,the Hopi say that thier brethren have travelled ALLLLLL over the continent…as have THEY themnselves….

              Thus, you may be ON IT here Friend! I would be INERESTED to KNOW if that were so, TRULY…post here if you can, please.


              PS: there is SOME WIERD ‘Stuff’ with the History of the Hopi…them’s seem to have known things that they SHOULD NOT HAVE, things we can’t easily explain…or explain at ALL. Thus my ongoing interest therein….and No, they DID not EAT people EITHER, just like the MAYA didn’t EAT people EITHER… 🙂 So, to-do-loo Friends

              OH SHOOT, BI!… DAMN Scotia Sea is acting up AGAIN,, there is a REAL CLUSTER down there now, 40+ in the 7-day, 28+ in the 24-hour…what up WITH THAT Friend?! ALSO, ALASKA is seeing a BUNCH of ‘smalls’ all along the spine from Denali to the Kenai…A LOT of them…kinda a distributed ‘cluster’…for that REGION at least!

          • Didn’t the Mayans go extinct due to they Ate all available tribe edible members? Then after cannibal din din was no longer feasible, the top Few honcho tribe chiefs stole all remaining Gold and stone statue gods and headed to Chicago was it? They moved into the crib nextdoor to Bill Ayers as I recall it.

            • You suck at humor.

            • He sucks at everything else, why break the pattern.

        • Isis is showing nothing today except one down off west africa. Where are you getting your information?

      35. OK, so you don’t have anything we can take huh?, well lets see you have your hands and whats in your mind, hmmm, OK, so don’t comply, we’ll just get the order to cut off your hands and chemically fry your mind.

        Ahh what, you say, you do have something we can take after all.

        • Hoody no matter what you or anyone does to my physical body. You cant touch my immortal soul. Im the only person who can harm my soul.

          • Old Guy.

            As Jesus said in paraphrase, ‘Do not be afraid of those that can destroy your body but cannot touch your soul. Be afraid of the person (God) whom can destroy your body and controls your soul’

            That is why.

            Let God be true! and every man a liar!

        • Hoody, come to my place and try something stupid. Bertha will have the ultimate say over that.

        • Good grief, sometimes I think some of you people are wound too tight to start with, I didn’t say a damned thing that “I” was gona do that to anybody, It was just a metaphor, what “THEY” the gov, the goons, ,whom ever would use as a way to counter the post about not being able to take what you know ,and can do with your hands.

          Geezee, forget this!!, to whom ever thumbed me up I guess you got it.

          • Stay cool Hoody. That’s what I love about this site. As the saying goes, some times your the windshield, and sometime your the bug. So just grin or grimace what ever the moment may bring. We’re just like one big happy family here, we may fight with each other, but don’t no outsider mess with us. Trekker Out.

      36. @Jerry C and Dave,

        Recently applied for a promotion but lost out to someone else. A week later in the post interview I was told my weak points and strong points….and in plain english was told its not about who works the hardest…its about how you interview”. So basically @ Lowe’s its all about how well you can bullshit your way through. Keep this in mind if you ever need advice on anything in that store.

        • Nope, anon, that is so not true.
          They just liked that person better or he/she had connections.
          A family member, a friend…it is what it is.
          Quit working so damned hard–it will never pay off.
          When you show you are capable, able, and actually think for yourself, your superiors are intimidated.

          • Stop working so hard sounds d just like a liberal. That expect everything for nothing.

            Do you even listen to yourself.

          • JayJay-

            That’s precisely one of the reasons I started my own company.
            Like R-n-O, I’m grooming/training my son. Its a niche market..I charge $125/hr now + $75/hr travel(one way), w/ a min $500/per service call(+ travel).

            I have a 5-week backlog right now.*


            *see Hammerruns dissertation above, he outlined it better than I could!

        • Applied for a promotion, in my world, a promotion is earned.

      37. Hey Mac,

        I’ve got a great article for you to write…


        • Ironically the american people being Disarmed are also Paying Fed Taxes to Buy all types nice costly Full Auto rifles as well as expensive Pistols for just about Every Jewish citizen in that rabid state of israel.

          And if That weren’t bad enough! The very elected Officals like us senators et al, and various antigun Org. groups main memberships are also members of the Same Tribe as those who Recieve all them firearms usa taxpayers send to israel!

          Such blatent Hipocracy no? While dem lib kommie jewish senators demand usa taxpayers fund firearms for jews in israel to carry and use in self defense, and most like Finestine, Boxer, Schumer etc etc also Carry guns concealed themselves!…Yet of ALL antigun kommies nationwide none ever speak out as Loudly nor as Often attepting to fully Disarm Us american folks and Ban all forms self defence in usa nationwide! Oy Vey!

          It has gotten as bad and expensive as Gentile Goyims(thats You if a non jewish folk) Paying xtra $$$ for close to Every Item and ALL foods items to Fund hundreds of Rabbis earning several Billions of dollars Per year for their “kosher Labeling” scam swindles!

          Got Circle with small K inside circle somewheres on that food item label? Who does that grocery store owner Pass on His costly expence of Paying enormous Labeling Fees to those Rabbis for the “Rights” to sell Kosher labeled foods to? It is fees Passed onto You gentile goyims who make up the 98% of citizenery in usa who do Not subscribe to Kosher religious Laws! (and All store owners that refuse to comply with rabbis kosher labelings and Pay thru the Nose, are Threatened with mass Boycotts and imeadiate MSM’s nationwide broadcasting how antisemitic said store and owners are!).

          Thats like a Double Taxing! Once taxed to fund Private weapons for jews in Israel, and taxed Again at favorite stores everytime You pay Xtra for Kosher label Fees!

          I Swear it outta be a Crime of a swindle eh. And the same group of a few hundred Rabbis collects Kosher label Fees in almost EVERY country on earth! Same as their tribal cousins the Fed Reserve Bankster cartel cabals, who also own banks and collect Billions Per DAY in Usury intrest from the govnt’s and regular folks of almost every Nation on Earth! Anybody have a realistic total cash ammount acumulated by the bankster cabals when all usury intrest paid by 200 nations govnt’s Daily and Added to all consumers that Pay usury intrest for every loan, mortgage, car loan, colege loans,and credit cards intrest combined Totals worldwide?…it Has to be a grand total Daily that ranks in the Multi-TRILLIONS Per day usury intrest fees worldwide from 200 countries daily eh!!!

          Amazeing the non kosher 7 billion folks worldwide keep allowing so many kosherized swindle scams to continue by one tribe group that Barely consists of 13-14 Million members of that 7 Billion folks worldwide eh.

          It Must be due to a vast Majority folks worldwide are NOT aware they are so being swindled and scammed by so many different methods and All from that same tribes members eh…A Great Reason to Do Your Part in awakening as Many others as possible to these swindle scams and just how Costly it has been for all of us/you/them fellow goyim gentiles worldwide.

      38. @ JustOneGuy. The number one issue with the Mayans and the drought and ALL preppers/survivalists is WATER. Without abundant water, any of us are in big trouble. There are people that live in scarce water areas, desert and semi-arid, but the crop production is not too good unless there is reliable water in the form of springs, rivers, streams, etc. Anyone planning any relocation should always consider water sources as one of the top issues, if not the top.

        • Under extreme situations, ff you don’t have a well, collect rain water from your roof. Before SHTF you should pick up a couple rolls of clear visqueen and if you are in an extreme situation, dig a few holes in your yard and make some solar stills. Make as many as you need to generate enough condensation to satisfy your water needs. One won’t do it, ten might. Or, consider moving to a different location.

          • Here is a website that allows you to calculate how much rainwater you can collect in a year:


            You type in an address to get the Google map for your house. Zoom in to make your roof large enough to see in detail. Click on each corner of the house. The site will calculate average rainfall for your location and tell you how many liters you might capture in a year.

            For my house, it came to almost 100,000 gallons, more than enough for drinking, flushing, washing, and gardening. That would fill almost 1800 barrels.

            I think I’m going to need more barrels.

            • Rain water from roof.

              Lots of bird crap. Plenty of critters use roofs as a highway if close to trees. Careful of water contaminations.

              Use the four pole method, a tarp with a grommet installed in the middle to flow into barrels. Nails or screws to hold the corners on poles. Put it up when it rains and take it down after the rain.

              • You divert the first water from a rainstorm until the loose stuff on the roof is washed away. Then you let the water go through filters into your barrels.

          • Make sure you buy UV stabilized plastic for greenhouse covers, the cheap clear plastic from the hardware store breaks down in a matter of a month or so, will be useless, the greenhouse film lasts years! My greenhouse for starting plants has lasted 2 years now and seems to be still solid.
            Is well worth the extra $ it will cost, can get big pieces too the roll i got was 200′ long 40′ wide, i think 6 mil,

            • Polycarbonate panels for the green house with a good strong frame to hold a 60lb snow load.

      39. Have supplies ready to go in a hurry, in case you have to leave your prepped locations in an emergency.

      40. They can take your learning and skills if they imprison you indefinitely or put you down like a dog. I agree on skills but one of the best skills in situational awareness as it may protect the other skills.

        • Does ‘j’ stand for JEB?

      41. j Stuart

        “I agree on skills but one of the best skills in situational awareness as it may protect the other skills.”

        Not many people paying attention to anything these days. Good one.

      42. off topic.. but I’m currently located bout half way down Mexico. In the East, South Eastern sky is an odd object.. not visibly moving and flickering with odd colors. Can anyone further north see it ? I’m wondering if it could be ISON ? I don’t have a clue when it is supposed to become visible or from where… It’s low in the sky.. and very bright.

        • -oUCH

          Comet ISON C2012 is already ‘naked eye’ visible. Look for it low in the east, early morning around 4:30-5:00am. Should be near the planet Mercury about now. If you have good binoculars or better yet a decent telescope you will see the colors and everything.

          • Thanks Socrates… this was in the right location; but wrong time of day.. very pretty though.. I’ll watch for it again tonight..

      43. They can’t take your skills or mind away from you? I call B.S. Someone knowing that you had a good skill set and were intelligent could easily hold a gun to you or a family member to force you to use your skills for their benefit.

      44. A crumbling infrastructure in the USA is a huge problem
        Our sewer systems , underground clean water transfer systems , power grid , roads and bridges , and structures are all I’m massive decline , yet our administration keeps sending billions to other countries , mostly countries that hate us..
        There is going to be a huge price to pay for this short sighted and greedy actions of our government , we the people will be the ones to pay the price , in many many different ways

      45. Only by extreme measures can things like self reliance know how. faith in your religion & soul . love of country. Hope for a better life . a code of moral behavior ect be taken away from you. Your breath of life and all your worldly possessions can disappear in a instant. buying PM,s wont change that fact. If your able to keep the PM,s the likely hoodis that you will also retain your other plunder too.

      46. Thirty years of Prepping. Or am I just collecting stuff?

        Skills and knowledge is a plus, but do you have the materials and tools to fix or build things? To keep things running.
        Many times it is the little items that keep you from completing a task. “O” rings, gaskets and other seals. Fuses, filters, glue, nuts, bolts screws, etc.
        My truck tool box is slap full of gear and must lose 3mpg by the weight of it all. A traveling repair shop if you will. Includes an inverter to run electrical tools.
        At the campsite, there are always needed repairs to plumbing. A Regular Home Depot with all the fittings.
        What do I get out of all of it? A simple thank you is fine. I have been paid in beer and smokes. A dinner or two. But the satisfaction of keeping things going is my reward. There is a helping hand if I need it too.

      47. What is all this about apprentice programs?

        My apprentice program started with my Dad. Come over here, Slingshot. Let me show you how to do this.
        Was the only kid in town with his own toolbox.

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