What The World’s Biggest Money Managers Are Thinking Right Now: “Holy Crap!”

by | Oct 5, 2015 | Headline News | 62 comments

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    While stability is a major talking point of the Federal Reserve and US government officials, those who are in the know understand that the economy is teetering on complete and utter disaster. Job losses continue to mount, stocks are swinging wildly and foreign creditors have begun divesting themselves of U.S. dollar-denominated assets.

    All of this has put such pressure on the system as a whole that it is set to collapse under its own weight. As global strategist and New York Times best selling author Marin Katusa explains it, the deflationary forces are so powerful and the divestiture of US debt by foreign creditors so significant, that major money managers are spooked as they rapidly scramble to prepare for the next leg down. What’s worse, the Federal Reserve, which has thus far been perceived as being in control through quantitative easing and zero interest-rate policy, is powerless to stop it.

    Watch full interview:

    (Watch at Youtube)

    If you use game theory the best game plan for Janet Yellen and the Fed is not to do anything…

    I got heckled and booed at my own conference when I said look at all these deflationary forces… The reality here is that we are an interconnected world… what happens in China affects us here and vice versa. So the reality here is that we are in a deflationary environment. You’ve got some of the smartest guys that I pay attention to saying the same thing.

    What does this all mean?

    One of the nine who voted against the [interest rate] raise said that by the end of 2016 we’ll have a negative rate. That is something that has never happened before… That was a nine to one vote…

    Do you think they’re going to raise it in the next meeting?

    Hell no.

    Nine [of the Federal Reserve board members] are saying we’re not going to raise rates here. They can’t just do a 180… and the world is not going to solve itself in the next two months.

    They’re going to have to put more financial heroin in the markets and just like any drug addiction you need more drugs for less of a high and that’s what we’re going to get into in these markets.

    So the Federal Reserve has been left with one option and one option only. Either continue on the same path and print trillions more dollars and infuse them into the system, or the whole things crashes right here and now.

    But whatever they do, the long term prospects for the US economy and monetary system look ominous because the trajectory can no longer be altered and actions of the Federal Reserve and US government are nothing but temporary stop-gaps.

    Eventually the whole thing comes unglued. In fact, according to Katusa, the end game is already in sight for those willing to see it:

    What is China going to do? That’s really the question.

    Remember, one-third of all U.S. Treasury notes are owned by China. They’ve sold 12% of their holdings.

    The Chinese are not stupid. How come no one is talking about this?

    … You’re looking for what the guys managing money are thinking. And that’s what I’m thinking. I’m thinking, “Holy crap!”

    If somebody blew out 15% of a position and they own one-third of the stock, you want to pay attention, right?

    So why is it any different if the Chinese own one-third and they’ve sold a little over 12% of their U.S. dollars and it didn’t even make a headline in the Wall Street Journal. It’s not in Forbes. It’s not on NBC. It wasn’t even mentioned in the GOP debate.

    There are some serious changes going on…

    The Chinese are going to continue to ease their currency… They have to. We are in a currency war and these are deflationary pressures.

    The mathematics of a deflation is… everybody loses… The key is that he who has cash loses the least.

    And is gold cash? If you believe gold is cash, which for the last 5,000 years gold has been the most stable form of cash, you want to start thinking about how to position yourself to gold.

    Scores of the world’s top money managers are echoing Katusa’s warnings and strategies.

    The fundamental problems that crashed the global economy in 2008 have not been resolved and have only gotten worse. The cracks are now beginning to show.

    As Katusa notes, you can prepare by owning assets that are actually worth something – assets like gold, silver and other commodities.

    For some that may require diversifying retirement and investment portfolios into resource-based assets. For others, that may mean stocking up on the physical commodities in anticipation of supply shortages, rising prices and disruptions to the normal flow of commerce.

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      1. Crap is right, be on the right side of what ever goes on…
        Prepper mentality…
        Be well rounded…
        If in doubt, hit the archives, tons of prepping articles available, do your due diligence…

        • They didn’t do their due diligence.
          They didn’t do it,
          And now they rue it,
          And how they will rue not doing it
          With vigilance when they had the chance.
          They talked the talk but didn’t dance the dance.

          They committed the folly
          Of failing to follow the lolly.
          They didn’t learn about the booze,
          They didn’t learn about the flooze,
          The smack, the jack, and the lolly.
          And, in short, they missed the trolley.

          They overlooked some obvious flaws.
          Why? Was it arrogance
          Or the need to spare the expense
          Or just a lack of common sense?
          Who can say? Whatever the cause,
          They failed to observe the clause.

          They didn’t do their due diligence.
          They didn’t do it,
          And now they rue it,
          And how they will rue not doing it,
          How they will rue the day
          They didn’t do their due diligence.

          • I copied this, do not know who wrote it or the previous, just sounded good… Bless all here…

            Values being created

            “Money can’t buy happiness; it can, however, rent it.” – Unknown

            “The only thing money gives you is the freedom of not worrying about money.” – Johnny Carson

            “It is pretty hard to tell what does bring happiness; poverty and wealth have both failed.” – Kin Hubbard

            “Whoever said money can’t buy happiness simply didn’t know where to go shopping.” – Bo Derek

            “If you would know the value of money, go and try to borrow some.” – Benjamin Franklin

            “The greatest luxury of riches is that they enable you to escape so much good advice.” – Sir Arthur Helps

            • eww that smell
              can’tcha’ smell that smell
              eww that smell
              the smell of DEBT surrounds youuu

              lynyrd skynyrd wrote THAT one, and sooo prophetic! how’d they KNOW?

          • I wondered where I had heard this before so checked.Don’t know if David Lehman is the original author but here it is – Due Diligence,David Lehman September 2015 Issue, Atlantic _http://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2015/09/due-diligence/399314/ A very good poem, thanks for posting eppe

            • Someone here said YEARS ago that the next recession would be deflationary in character and suggested that it would likely be an extended one, while everyone screamed “HYPERINFLATION!”

              Anyone who believes the FED will hyper-inflate the currency and destroy the wealth of the Uber Rich Investment Class, has misread and underestimated the ruthlessness of these bastards.

              Including Schiff. 🙂


          For most of us, we never feel like we have enough preps. After so much money spent you look at what you have and you think, REALISTICALLY, how much time would this buy me? Not near as much as most think. Every Doomsday Preppers episode almost everyone disagreed with Practical Preppers, stating that they would last much longer than their projected survival time. Does Southernprepper1 know what he is talking about? Who the hell knows. I trust Selco I know that. Even Ferfal is full of shit from time to time.

          No one can answer the capstone question…how bad is it gonna be and how long is it gonna last? I think it’s not gonna be full-blown SHTF and it’s gonna last for many years.

          • Acid Etch.

            The people in the Carolina’s and Virginia are asking those questions right now. Looks real bad and it will last a long time before getting back to any normalcy.
            Good Post. Must be getting mellow. ;0)

            • Staying dry,,,,,,
              Have any of you tried to see if you can stay dry or get dry if you dont have your home to do it in?
              I was just pondering this thinking about the flodding in SE and listening to the rain outside that has been steady since yesterday noon.
              Tent? Poncho? Big piece o plastic? Full body condom?
              Be interesting to hear ideas,
              Almost all the modern “high tech” rain gear sucks.
              My old Grundens work gear is the only thing that really keeps rain out, that or my PVC hazmat suit,
              So far out of about 3 dozen pairs of different so called “100% waterproof” boots only 1 kept my feet dry, other than a pair of older Mammut mountaineering boots,
              Cabellas PerfectHunters are the ONLY boots that truly keep feet dry. ALL the others failed. ALL OF THEM!
              I work in the field and boots are always soaked, the Perfect Hunters or Muck boots are it. Even the Muck boots leak through the upper though. Neoprene is NOT water proof.
              How you planning on getting or staying dry.

              • the black army cold-weather boots(fort lewis, i think they’re called) are decent for SHORT-TERM. and they can be had at the gun show very reasonable. also, the rubber boot covers that go OVER them look like they would work well. i hear the trick is to but a grocery bag(plastic) on your boot first, then pull them on. otherwise you won’t get them back OFF. i walked 6 miles in pouring rain last year in just the black boots, and totally dry at the end of my walk. granted, YOU are walking in total downpour much of the time over there in heaven, LOL.

              • Kulafarmer.

                My first approach would be to stay indoors or under a shelter. Having to wear a full rain suit can become uncomfortable. One side as you can have rain and the humidity climbs to the stratosphere in warm climates. Then on the other side you can have rain and the temperature drops and you can freeze your ass off. Body temp/sweat, in a plastic rain suit can be horrible.

                Have you ever tried standing in the rain, getting fully drenched and then let yourself dry of without changing clothes. Depending on your age and temperature tolerance you will find out just how much people are acclimated to air conditioning. Or heating for that matter.

              • Nothing keeps the feet dry like a good pair of Wellingtons.

          • Acid Etch,

            Good job Grasshopper. You’ve listened to me boy and I’m proud of you for the time being. Your post was relevant. Keep up the good work.

        • In 2008 everyone thought this bitch would be inflationary. Only one person was saying this would be deflationary. Guess the deflationists have it.

          • We’ll get some of both.

        • EPPE
          Great advice!!!!!
          Just got back from BOL#2 If needed and if I will try to get there. Things look good. Have some family members that know where the stuff is and if they have too and can get there and I can’t they will have stuff to use.

        • The money changing scum probably wish their minions would hurry up and disarm us so we don’t kill their sorry asses. Furthermore, all these people hollaring for gun control are on our list too.

        • deflationary = bullshit

          Have you seen the price of butter at the grocery store?

          $7.25 for a two pound pack at Walmart.

          Two weeks ago we paid $6.50 for the same two pound pack.

          deflationary my ass

          • The only thing sure to be deflationary soon will be everyone’s 401k’s.

          • there was a couple years ago a big jump in butter price, and it went back down a while after that. so it DOES seem to fluctuate.

          • Bought some powdered butter made by, ( Hoosier Hill Farm ). Shelf stable, No refrigeration required.. Ordered it from Amazon.. It’s 1: 1 ratio to reconstitute it with water..

            • Now all you need is to stock up on dehydrated water to reconstitute.

              • Angry,just what does one use to reconstitute hydrated water?!

                • Instant water, just add water!

              • Hey they sell that there dehydrated water at emergency essentials. Just add water and viola. Gag gift of course but I am sure some brain dead idiot bought up a bunch

      2. look out below. whatever it is that’s about to happen is out of the control of central bankers. THEY are a failed experiment and we are all going to pay the price.

        • The elitists and big corporations have nothing to fear — THE TPP IS HERE!

          ht tp://news.yahoo.com/united-states-11-pacific-rim-countries-reach-trade-133130029–finance.html#

          The fed is the least of our problems.

      3. We are getting pulled from many directions, “should I go, or should I stay.Eeny, meeny, miney, moe!”. It is enough to make your head spin, “What goes up, must come down, and go round and round!” Where do I begin?

        • “Where do I begin?”

          RIGHT HERE–> ❤

          Everything flows from the heart. You’ll know.

          • Sixpack,

            Thanks! That also was the timeless wisdom of grandmother Willow!

            In 2008 I chose to keep some savings in cash and over the past 7 years the value has eroded considerably, but, hey!?

            The NWO have access to the best advice money can buy but look at what it has gotten them and where it is taking them. When the economy is tanking the conventional wisdom says, ‘It’s time to go to war!’ If this is the case, war is inevitable?!

            I do think WW III is inevitable. When will it occur? That is the million dollar question. Who will be best positioned if war breaks out? I guess it will depend on where you stand in the economic ladder. Some of us will become cannon fodder, many of us will become dust from those mushroom clouds going up all over the place, many will linger on in pain and suffering, physical and emotional wrecks. Some will survive intact. The NW redoubt is vulnerable to southwest winds bringing unseen dangers from the coastal regions to the west. The current drought could be a blessing in disguise if you think about it. Bunkers anyone?

            I know my night sky very well, but yesterday it occured to me that what I am missing in my BOB is a map of the night sky for purposes of navigation. Some sort of ‘night vision’ would also be invaluable.

            Is it going to be business as usual as the world hiccups its way to war, or is it time to hunker down or bug out to the BOL?

            • In this tech society, what is War? PayPal was down INTERNATIONALLY! for several hours. Took the money from people, did not pay whoever it was meant for. Cyber war has been going on for years now. And our government is at war with us.

        • No, I can’t say that feminine men get any attention from me. I only notice REAL men.

          • Sixpack, AE,

            great point! Acid stepped into that one! Unfortunately many of us lose our masculinity as we age and testosterone levels drop, we get fat and things go limp.

            Fat cells produce estrogen. Estrogen is what some men desire, and women lose as they get older. I don’t know how much the fat cells can compensate for the loss of estrogen producing cells in the ovaries. Interesting question to ask an Endocrinologist.

            • Doesn’t help either that the school system has pussified every boy growing up in the last 30 years. In my day you went to the playground beat the hell out of each other and was friends from that day on. Now they make you take anger management classes. No wonder these losers are shooting kids at school. They are pussies. You know if you are going to get shot you might as well go for broke.

      4. These gold mongers crack me up. Buy gold because of inflation, now we have one saying buy gold because of deflation.

        Cash is king in deflation, gold will drop in price as quick as goods. Deflation is what we should all fear.

        • You cannot put gold in the same category as other commodities. There is a reason they call gold a ‘precious’ metal. Gold is not less precious in Japan than it is here. Paper cash can lose value from day to day, or the government can print a new cuurncy to replace the old, but gold will always be gold. Granted, gold has lost value since its peak a few years ago. The value of the dollar has eroded over time, but gold has has held its own. When it start raining gold, be sure to grab a bucket.

          • Laeagle

            I agree with you. Paper will be use for other things when TSHTF. Gold and Sliver will be where it is at.
            Some PM’s in you hand is better than none, also a little Paper money won’t hurt either. Besides you will be able to use it for other things.

            • Sgt.,


              Paper will have its use and may be what is used the most as a means of exchange. Barter often depends on the value the beholder sees in the item in question and will vary from one person to the next. The value of cash may be different from one community to the other as well. In the areas where people congregate in big numbers the value of cash is less may buy you less than out in the country where cash may be more scarce. Nonetheless, cash will be needed until someone, somewhere, decides that it is worthless.


      5. Acid, even at 56, I can still flex my pex…
        Great post…
        All be well…

        • It seems to be one poster per 100 readers, if you think you are not being tracked, by reading, make up a moniker and post…
          They know who we are…

          • Or do they???

            • Thank you Mac….

            • Yes we do.

            • Who cares,,,,
              I know i could care less if some pencil dicked government asshole is following me,
              All i can say about that poor asshole is i feel sorry for them because that is one boring ass dossier, unless they are interested in raising chickens, welding equipment, traditional woodworking tools or farming with the occasional browsing of NV or armor or firearms stuff, they are embarking on a big time snooze fest,,,,
              Move along. Nothing to see here but an outspoken demeanor and a desire to be self sufficient and able to find work of some sort as the FDA enforces the FSMA…

        • Eppe,

          Unfortunately flexing pecs don’t equate with things going limp. It becomes ‘all show but no substance’ as you get older! I don’t know how DK does it? I guess regular visits to the Men’s Clinic!


      6. Obama has done nothing to solve any of the structural financial problems that are causing the crash we are experiencing now.

        On the contrary Obama has done all he could to make it worse. They just finalized the Tranny Pacific Free Trade agreement that will cause more American jobs to vanish as the last of America’s wealth is redistributed.

        Obama and his regime now have the entire world in financial flames, and I believe he knows exactly what he’s doing.

      7. They should have to sign a legal document stating why the decision was made and what information was taken into account before they announce. Then we can take them to court when the sky falls in.

      8. We’re all going to implode but at least we’re not getting hit with outrageously high interest on our loans.

      9. Do you think the bank will give me a loan for Beans Bullets Bandaids?!?!?

      10. ht tp://news.yahoo.com/video/police-department-investigated-over-inappropriate-200024636.html
        filthy fuckin pigs!

        so what if the chief “retired” , its time to prosecute !

      11. just an item of interest

        Ancient Tsunami Was Nearly As Tall As The Eiffel Tower, Scientists Say

        h ttp://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/ancient-mega-tsunami_56129c03e4b0dd85030c9b85

        “An international team of scientists has found evidence that an approximately 800-foot-tall tsunami was generated when the eastern slope of the Cape Verde islands’ Fogo volcano, off the coast of West Africa, collapsed into the sea some 73,000 years ago”

      12. ” You should never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that- is in a crisis, you get to do things that you did not think you could do before.”- Rahm Emannuel.
        The flashpoints are Syria/Iran/Russsia & China- and they are very much aware of this! (Start a major war, to divert the public’s attention from a deliberate ecconomic crash- hell yes. It has always worked before! (May we all live in ‘interesting times’!)

        • The market goes up, the market goes down. Money is important. But what really concerns me, and what I believe we are having our attention diverted from is, the innocent sounding implementation of the Strong Cities or aka United Nations Police force. This group is illegal. It was implemented without approval by Congress. Therefore it is authorized in the manner of a dictatorship. We no longer have a President. We have a dictator. Those prophesizing that Obama will be our last President may be almost right. Rather contend ourselves with what we should have done seven years ago or fanatical fantasies of getting justice, perhaps we should keep our attention in the present. We, the People, have a problem, a big problem. An organization like the United Nations has no business imposing its foreign membership in a police capacity within the United States. They, the U.N., are terrorizing us, peaceful law abiding rational citizens of America.

        • Yeah we are seeing that with uncle Joey fire two shots out the back door Biden. They are saying he was the one who leaked it that his dying son should run for POTUS. Don’t know if true but if it is he just stooped lower than anybody else ever has

      13. They are talking about selling strategic oil reserves to fund government . At the worst time
        When oil is cheap and this will be projected into the future.

        • Obama already sold off the US wheat reserves. They were supposed feed the common folk when the SHTF. All those people depending on the government will go zombie.

          The US treasury has been emptied, our personal savings leveraged, the gradine ties emptied, there are strong rumors all the gold is gone, and now you say they want to sell off our energy reserve.

      14. Yes holy crap, holy crap.

        Maybe the money managers are drinking the same soup the Yellen was driking at the time, its not wonder why she is chocking and almost passing out, almost loosing bladder control in public, and the fact that the 50 plus lawsuits from the Texas Republic just reached them in the ass, as the key to the law suit settlement meant they better ship the damn gold to Texas and avoid public media confrontation. Like i said before, the GOLD Got here on the 09/07/2015. I am not going to keep arguing about this fact of life. You noticed that we havent calapsed yet have we? That is litreally like a swift kick to the balls of World Bank leaders as the reality set in. Of course the solutions is more false flags and more “Give you guns crap” thinking that everyday citizens are stupid enought to watch nationals from Cuba, Mexico, Russia, China, and other UN, soldiers just come into our cities, shoot us, kill us, rape us, shot us, execute us. Just because it makes the pope./point of fact/Ceaser feel better, and the elite need to live more comfortably, with access to your children to feed pedofiles, child rapist habits, at our childrens expense. This type of sick behavior will not be lasting too much longer around this country of the United States of America. Its not a wonder why they have been trying to EMP the crap out of us, to cancel the chances of them getting thier sick asses arrested by the White Hats-FBI’s in the govenment, who have been after these rat bastards for quite some time. Coupled with the fact that the chi-comp piece of sh…t Leland Yee, the California State Senator, who was arrested, yes, this is the same piece of sh…t that was on TV, with the president, since i saw it with own too eyes, talking about disarming Californians, as he armed jihadist and chinese soldiers. Then the FBI’s white hats, then arrested that f…king chi-com, Leeland Yee, who was caught get this, smuggling rocket launchers, fully automatic Ak’s for Jihadist and chinese soldiers into America. I belive that its impossible with the current conditions, to have a 2016 Election. I dont and cant see this happeing, we will be in civil revulutionary war in the very near future. Every piece of evidence is suggesting that this is enevitable. I think we are really screwed. Do a search on that chi-com piece of sh..t on Google and read it for your self. So you agency ass clown trolls thinking that your going to just come on this site and sugar wash, my comment, you stant no chance in hell of doing, so go eat sh…t.



        • Hcks.

          Obama is a threesome.

      15. Coal is being eliminated instead of being required to update plants and use in new,clean ways.
        When oil is gone coal will be what we turn to for fuel, we are sitting on vast amounts of it in this
        Country. Not to mention the jobs and infrastructure lost by this administrations policies……..

      16. I knew you’d show up for more shit and abuse HCKS. For a while there I thought you were the one making all the headlines. Well in honesty I’m glad its not you and that your back
        Say something dumb and well still dog pile on ya.

        Oh ya when did mom give back the computer privileges

      17. You know everybody has their opinions of who they like or don’t. Who to blame or not. What is needed now is for AMERICANS to put aside their differences of opinion, come together with a solution to turn the tables on theses people who are trying to make us eat their shit sandwich and instead stuff it down their throats and while you got your hand far enough down in there it is sticking out their asses pick their pockets for a change

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