What the Secret Service Has to Say About Hillary Clinton

by | Oct 5, 2015 | Headline News | 61 comments

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    This article was originally published by Joshua Krause at The Daily Sheeple

    hillary-secret-servicePerhaps it’s a little cliché to say this, but most politicians have no real substance. They really only have two primary skills, which is acting and public relations. They are nothing more than professional election winners, and anyone with a half a brain knows that the politician you see on stage is a different person behind the curtain. However, this fact applies more to Hillary Clinton than any other presidential candidate.

    According to The First Family Detail, a book that investigates the lives of Secret Service agents, Hillary Clinton is probably the nastiest, most abusive individual in American politics today. Behind the scenes she talks down to everyone that works for her, and throws tantrums at the slightest provocation. She frequently cusses out agents for driving over bumps, screamed at an electrician for replacing a light bulb in her presence, and even fired the White House usher for communicating with Barbara Bush. Secret Service agents actually hide from her when she shows up, and those that are assigned her detail consider it a form of punishment.

    More importantly, she has clearly hidden her disdain for the average American. Once when traveling through Upstate New York, she started seeing cows and farmers. She turned to her staffer and said “What the f – – – did we come here for? There’s no money here.” According to one agent, Hillary also seems to loath anyone in the military, and didn’t let military aides wear their uniforms in her presence. “She was just really rude to almost everybody. She’d act like she didn’t want you around, like you were beneath her.” As author of the book, Ronald Kessler so aptly put it “No one would hire such a person to work at a McDonald’s, and yet she is being considered for president of the United States.”

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      1. Oh dont get me started on this bitch!

        • I bet ‘bitch’ is her name to those guys.

        • Tip: get a cautery iron to seal wounds with as a last resort in combat.

          • Hey, WTF is going on here. I didn’t come here for prepper tips or interesting articles, I came here for the daily sermon DAMMIT! Now give me some Jesus or end of the world stuff RIGHT NOW before I go BALLASITIC!

            • Billy, this article is about the commie/feminazi bitch Hillary becoming president. That WOULD be the end of the world. Close enough?

              • I think the person was doing a tong in cheek imitation of Hillary Clinton!!!

                • To think that the most powerful country in the world was governed by a guy (Bill Clinton) who was knocked about by his wife (the charmless Hilary).

                  I’m really pleased to live in a country where our elected leader doesn’t get beaten by his wife. David Cameron’s only sin is a liking for sticking his penis into a pigs mouth (Google it) – much more statesmanlike!

          • One problem with cauterizing, you have to do it as deep as possible, the first time, or you may seal in infection. Good advice, though.

          • Were you born stupid, or did you just get that way somehow? Are you unable to engage with the present conversation due to ADD or because you’re trying to show your ass? What a dolt.



          PAUSE THIS BITCH AT 21:00








          • Acid, good post, if you would just settle down.

          • Get a grip Acid! Take your meds or we’ll hose you down with cold water.

        • What the fuck?! EVERYONE HERE IS WRONG!!! Hillary is a motherfucking homophobic prick.

      2. Volkswagen’s pollution-control chicanery has not just been victimless tinkering, killing between five and 20 people in the United States annually in recent years, according to an Associated Press statistical and computer analysis.

        What total BS. The EPA just dumped millions of gallons of pollution into the water ways of America and just walked off with no one saying a word about how many people will be affected by their mess which stretched more than 100 miles, spreading contaminants including cadmium, arsenic, copper, lead and zinc. Nothing at all was done to them. We have absolutely NO IDEA and neither do they about how many 1000’s of people, livestock, crops etc. their screw up will cause but have you seen the AP come out and suggest something like they did with VW? Nope.

        “Environmental Protection Agency regional chief Shaun McGrath on Saturday conceded that federal officials know the levels of the heavy metals in Cement Creek and the Animas River but would not reveal early testing results. “Those data sheets have not been finalized by the scientists,” McGrath said. “As soon as we are able to release them, we will.” Haven’t seen them yet and the only thing we hear from the EPA is: “Gosh, the water is safe so drink up people.” As people become sick in the years to come from the water they drink, as their crops are fed to people all over the country, the meat from their livestock is sold in markets, so what? That was the EPA.

        Now they rush out to claim that down the line “Computer software allowed VW diesel cars to spew between 10 to 40 times more nitrogen oxides (NOx) than allowed by regulation, making this “clearly a concern for air quality and public health,” said Janet McCabe, acting air quality chief for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.”

        I have no idea what the pollution rate is in DC but about 1000% pure BS is my guess. The ‘scientists’ that made the dire predictions above? DC Scientists being paid to spout out anything they are told to say. Pollution from CARS is the biggest problem in ANY STATE. VW was wrong to lie about their product, but to say they are causing the death of anyone by their ‘massive pollution’ is just ludicrous. Old cars still spew out tons of pollution into the air we breathe, as do most of the new cars though they meet ‘government regulations’. Smog is the biggest contaminate in California, NYC, DC, and almost every big city and it is the end result of many deaths every year. This is sort of the pot calling the kettle black.

        America has to invoke the Convention of STATES and soon or we will be dead due to government screw ups and they are well underway today.

        oh and Fuck you Hillary

        • For fuck’s sake, if you BURN SHIT you’re going to get PRODUCTS OF COMBUSTION! WHO KNEW?!

          PFFF shocker!

          Maybe it’s your test’s insistence that I can take a hose from the exhaust pipe and plug it into my lungs and breathe that for the next 72 hours that’s… oh I dunno… COMPLETELY UNREALSTIC?

          Fuck you guys, if I was the car companies I’d cheat the shit out of your total BS too.

      3. I wish I could screw up as many times as she has, and GET AWAY WITH IT…

        • It pays to know everything there is to know about the people that can hurt you.

          Especially the bad stuff that they don’t want anyone to know.

      4. None of this surprises me.

      5. If you had lived the life of her prestige, opulence and superiority, you to would look down on people who have to work with their hands. Waiting for an Eppe joke!

        • Hillary’s Deal With the Devil

          Hillary was finishing up a day as Senator for New York when the Devil suddenly appeared in her office and made her an offer…

          “I am here to offer you a deal,” the Devil said. “I will give you unlimited wealth, even more power, and a media that will pander to your every whim. In return, all I ask for is your soul, the souls of every member of your family, and the souls of all your constituents.”

          Hillary pondered for a moment and then asked, “Unlimited wealth and power?”

          “Absolutely unlimited,” the Devil asserted.

          “A pandering media?” she asked.

          “They’ll fall over themselves to support you, no matter what you say or do,” the Devil assured.

          “And you want my soul, my family’s souls, and the souls of my constituents?” she asked.

          “Yes. All of them,” the Devil answered.

          Hillary was deep in thought for a moment, then finally spoke:

          “So…what’s the catch?”

          • Eppe, another outstanding joke. Keep them coming.

          • Thanks eppe I knew I count on ya!

          • The catch: every person and thing you authorized destroyed , including ambassadors and SEALs, get to go to heaven But YOU don’t!

      6. She will be your next President. If the dumb asses voted for Obama twice you sure as hell bet they will vote her fat ass in. I’m voting for her to get things started and I hate her fucking ass.

      7. Excuse me, but what does this article have to do with surviving the coming shitstorm?

        • If Hillary gets in………Everything! We are all the average Americans. I have no clue of the truth that someone writes about another but I know this: Never liked her for reasons I can’t even explain. Just didn’t have trust in her attitudes during interviews. But that isn’t actually the full extension of

        • She is doing her best to bring on the storm, that’s what.

        • It doesn’t even have to have anything to do with it. It’s Mac’s website and he can post whatever he wants. There are plenty of prepper websites out there for you to choose from.

      8. Killary is a New World Order puppet, nothing more.

      9. Actually they are nothing but Bilderberg members’. Hilary will win the Presidency for no other reason that she is slated to. In fact she will win a second term!

      10. 101 reasons to step back from the system and let it collapse under its own weight,,,

      11. She’s just a worthless piece of sh*t…wouldn’t give her the time of day. Her, Bill, Obama and George W. Bush should all be place in jail for their treasonous acts. The End…

      12. Bitch is too good of a word for this Snake. (No disrespect to snakes.)

        • Sarge, nothing that neither she nor Bill ever did ever had any legitimate basis to it whatsoever. Look at how many people connected to them died under suspicious circumstances going back to when Bill was Governor of Arkansas. Anything the commie bitch says about my rights will fall on deaf ears. I’ll never follow anything she says about anything.

          • Sarge, btw, Hillary makes snakes look honorable.

            • Brave and sarge,
              either of you ever read the book one of there body guards wrote while bill was just a governor? they are VERY EVIL SICK scum bags, and THAT is putting it nicely. BTW, bitch is way too nice of a word to use on her!

              • Apache and everyone, check out a video titled The Clinton Chronicles produced by Larry Nichols back in the 90s. Should still be on YouTube and well worth your time.

      13. The fact of the matter is, we have gun control everywhere that the left runs the show, and what we don’t have is an absence or even reduction in gun crime. So I want to know: Why do they have any credibility on the issue? Hillary already said she will take the guns thru executive order!

      14. Coming to a survival/preparedness website puts you on the UN list of extremists.
        Just about every subject discussed puts you as a potential violent extremist. Being a Veteran puts you on the list. Being religious, being intolerant of religions, being an Evangelical Christian puts you on the list (apparently hypocracy is OK). I had to laugh but it isn’t funny. Belonging to various family groups puts you on the list. Anti-abortion, anti-homo, all manner of trivial personal beliefs, even car stickers, and “don’t tread on me flags” can get you labeled as a POTENTIAL violent threat. Any patriotic bumper sticker.

        I wasn’t sure if it was some kind of a joke. They are bringing in Police from the United Nations.
        Do our police and FBI want to be bossed around by these people from the UN. Are our police going to be replaced by UN thugs. What is Happening to the Country I love? Who will stand up for America before it is too late. Where are our Generals? Where are our Leaders? Who will help us? We are being destroyed.

        • Generals? All the top generals now are brainwashed sheep out for pasture. Look at the forscom General, watched that guy send soldiers to their deaths in Iraq. Read the book Long Road Home and ask yourself why did we send our boys into a hot zone in a non armored cargo truck. Who was the Col who sent them in, the four star who has the tank named after his daddy.

          • Jam, for the first time you made a post I can agree with. Let me take it further and say what passes for generals today are just politicians in uniform. They know which side of their bread has the butter on it and it’s the side where they do what the political hacks want without question and without hesitation. Look at how many generals and admirals got the axe since the African virus has been around and that’s because they won’t get with the program, the nwo program that is. It’s possible some of our military will break away and join us but how many remains to be seen. We haven’t had any REAL military leadership since WW2.

        • B, I don’t care about their lists. We have lists of our own. That works both ways. Let them bring it on and we’ll see who’s left standing when the smoke clears.

        • B from ca, no way will I ever follow any orders from any damn foreigner. Most of the things you mentioned apply to me. So I know I’m in the right kind of company.

        • If you’re Not brain-dead, you are on the list.

        • You are right, this isn’t a joke. It’s really taking place in our time. Just be ready to evade the midnight raid. For, as long as we can, as we communicate so we tell intentions. So be prepared to go silent. Down, over, down with codes: it worked in the navy, it’ll work elsewhere. You only need to set the matrix.

        • Hopefully Bernie Sanders! The real deal.

      15. There’s nothing new here – this all came out when she was 1st Lady …. the Clintons treated everyone like shit … even Gore was a royal azzhole ….

        just wait until the tell all books start to crop up about Obammy – just the crap overheard between Obammy & Holder will be enough to re-write history ….

      16. As I’ve shared before, those who protect her do not find her likable (Bill is a different story). I have family that was CHP and worked dignitary detail. Hilary (old cankles is what they called her) was awful. At the end of the detail when they’ve arrived back at airforce one, if is customery for the dignitary to shake hands with secret service and police escorts…Cankles refused to shake their hands.

        I was s young bride at the time and didn’t ever know where my husband or uncle where when they were on detail. It’s dangerous being as they were motors and would leap frog from intersection to intersection at 120 miles an hour. She couldn’t even shake their hand….

      17. Maybe she just needs some new ever-ready batteries.

        • Hbomb, the bitch runs on batteries? emp, emp, emp!

      18. The United States is being brought down by feminism. It is a tool of the NWO. They could not bring in communism with men so they used the women. Anyone who speaks up about feminism is fired off.


        • She, she’s a commie and feminazi.

      19. “Secret Service agents actually hide from her when she shows up, and those that are assigned her detail consider it a form of punishment.” lmao!!!!!!!!!

      20. No one seems to notice that we are in grave danger. No one in the Christian world is really waking to the reality of their own situation. The kid with the clock gets a White House invite and the press made him into a kid persecuted for his religious belief. But when college kids are asked if they are Christian and if they answer “yes,” they are executed, the media yawns. Worse yet, our friends and even fellow Christians will ask: “what persecution?”

      21. I actually know a treasury agent ( secret service) and he told me similar stories about Clinton. They called her sausage legs as a code name when talking to each other. I was also told she was a screaming abusvie person and almost all of them hated her.
        As an aside, most of the secret service loved Reagan and Barbara bush. They thought gore was a good guy and smart. They thought Bill was smart but didn’t really know much about issues. But without exception they all loathed Hillary.

      22. And last but not least………She’s a dirty, rotten, stinkin’ bitch.

      23. Open treason. Why do we tolerate this? She is openly calling for violation of the U.S. Constitution

      24. Open treason. Why do we tolerate this? She is openly calling for violation of the U.S. Constitution

      25. Hillary Clinton is a very caring person. {sarc}

        Hillary Clinton likes public school teachers so much, she spent a small fortune sending her child to private schools.

        Hillary Clinton hates guns so much, she sent her daughter to a school protected by 13 armed guards.

        Hillary Clinton hates high college tuition costs so much, she charges colleges a quarter of a million dollars for a half-hour speech.

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