What the New World Order Will Look Like

by | Jun 14, 2022 | Headline News | 13 comments

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    ‘Global Peace’ is the most overrated concept in human history. Consider that the easiest way to create world peace is through a full-scale nuclear war, a few months after which the only life on Earth would be cockroaches and carp – peace then covering the land.

    Tenants in apartment buildings sometimes fight, but there has never been a fight between the tenants of a graveyard.

    Once we consider that nuclear war is the easiest route to world peace, hopefully, we can all agree that how good a thing world peace is depends at least partially on what ‘world peace’ looks like.

    Another way to create world peace would be to have some Stalin-like figure take over the Earth, subjecting the global population to slavery. If everyone on Earth is a slave, other than a small ruling class just large enough to keep a boot heel on all of our collective necks, we would have world peace, and yet our nation was founded by people who felt war was preferable to totalitarianism.

    How close are we to totalitarianism? Consider the following five steps to take over the world:

    1) Scare the bejesus out of everyone on the planet with Covid-19, created in a lab by the United States and China, and sent into the wild at a particularly advantageous time, politically speaking.

    2) Kill a million or so odd Americans, and several million people globally, by denying early treatment options, even when those treatments are known to be effective.

    3) Give the World Health Organization the power to control countries – the whole world if necessary – during pandemics, to help control the spread of disease. We are here.

    4) Change the definition of ‘pandemic’ to include non-disease global health emergencies.

    5) Declare climate change a global pandemic.

    How about a world government that only performed a small set of tasks, such as those enumerated in Article 1, Section 8 of the US Constitution, with hundreds of states, all constrained by the Bill of Rights, protecting the Natural Rights of all people on Earth. This would allow everyone on Earth to go as far as their time and talent can take them, and when most people think of ‘World Peace,’ I would hope some semblance of this is what comes to mind.

    The truth is that most of the people calling for world peace have not really thought through what world peace might mean. Such people imagine a land of pixie dust and fairy tales.

    I believe the leadership of the Western World views war as increasingly untenable. The prospect of war going nuclear (and leading to peace between carp and cockroaches) is too terrible to even consider, but there has never been a nation that has ever existed outside the threat of war. Even ancient, tribal man banded together first and foremost for protection against other tribes. It is the threat of war upon which societies form, and it is the threat of war that has held societies together for all of human history.

    Do the natural resources to bring everyone on Earth to a US standard of living exist? If they do, can we access them without making the Earth uninhabitable? Economic history would seem to indicate that there are sufficient natural resources and that we can absolutely raise the living standards of the world to where the West is today. Human ingenuity is batting a perfect 1.00 in overcoming shortages without destroying our habitat, and in fact, the cleanest nations on Earth are also the richest.

    Note too that the richest nations are also always the freest.

    There is a correlation between freedom, wealth, and environmental awareness.

    But let us say, hypothetically, that the current leadership of the Western World was convinced that 1) nuclear weapons make war untenable, 2) the resources to bring the world up to the standard of living freedom would afford either do not exist or cannot be extracted without destroying the globe, and 3) any economic system in which the ‘moral and intellectual elite’ are not the ones with the wealth and power is inherently unfair.

    Someone who believes those three things would want world peace, but they would not want the masses to be free.

    When all of the information we are given access to – all news, all media, all uncensored social networking – is all based on narratives, they are also, almost by definition, a part of the SAME narrative.

    Now that we have established that the leadership of the Western World views itself as a ‘moral and intellectual elite’ in a world where war is untenable, and where freedom leads to extinction, and now that we have also established that everything we hear (other than those few voices that have not yet been shut down) are all a part of the same single overarching narrative, we are left with the reason the left is doing what the left is doing. It also starts to make sense why so many business people are falling in line – not only are they facing overwhelming pressure from the leadership of the entire Western World to do so, but they are also facing the prospect of their bloodlines being a part of the ruling elite for the foreseeable future.

    The Western Elites are building a new nobility.

    Many of the things the left is doing revolve around their obsession with world peace. The Middle East is a hotbed that could easily become the catalyst for the next world war, so of course, we must appease Iran and eradicate Israel. These two things are considered central to stability in the Middle East.

    Putin is against the Western desire for a world government, so of course, we must drag him into a war of attrition in Ukraine, using economic sanctions to force the rest of Russia’s leadership not only to remove Putin from power, but to then appease the West such that the West will let Russia rejoin the family of nations.

    China has the world’s largest population, so Xi Jinping must be both appeased and constrained. If I had to guess, I would think we are going to give China control over Taiwan, the Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, Brunei, and Indonesia. This would give China complete control over the South China Sea. Xi Jinping may even be content with that – anyone who can read a map can tell that these are Xi Jinping’s short and medium-term plans today.

    I think the Western Elite envision a world with, at least for the near term, two centers – the Americas, Europe, and Russia (at least the part West of the Ural Mountains) banding into one region, and Asia along with Africa forming the other. Beijing would be the center of the Asian/African region, and the center of the Euro-American part would be either Washington DC or Brussels. If both regions are ruled the same way, then look at what China is doing by blending communism with fascism, and using a social credit scoring system to keep the public controlled, as our future. Once the world is split into these two regions, those two regions can negotiate a merger, and world peace can be achieved.

    Freedom and liberty are not on the table, and neither is dissent. Joe Biden may have put his Disinformation Board on hold – but he did not kill the idea entirely. The Ministry of Truth will be making a comeback. Also, note that the government has openly admitted working with Twitter (pre-Musk) and Facebook to censor content, which is a pretty clear indication that the government decided Joe Biden would be President at some point prior to November 2020.

    The American People have hopefully turned the corner on Cultural Marxism and are finally starting to see it for what it is, but note that much of what Cultural Marxism wanted to accomplish, it already has, in terms of breaking down the family unit, destroying Judeo/Christian values and morals, and breaking Western Society of its individualistic nature.

    The Western Elites are now moving into their end-game, and we must be prepared to pivot as well if we are going to ensure that the elite does not succeed.


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      1. The Boogeyman of Nuclear War is – today – a pure fiction.
        To understand that consider if even a limited Nuclear exchange occurs. Given that there are 541 Nuclear Power stations in the northern hemisphere it is almost certain that at least one would suffer fallout from an upwind nuclear blast. Sooo, who hazards themselves to drive diesel fuel into a plant which has lost it’s grid-tie? All spent fuel pools require 24/7 cooling as do shut-down nuclear reactors…especially those.
        Now imagine that in any larger scale. Reactors start burning since there’s no one there to maintain them…eventually you have a radioactive shroud encompassing the northern hemisphere.
        We know this…the Russians know this…the fxckin Idiot Chinese know this. So that’s not exactly a “Game Winning ” move is it?
        OTOH, the release of a high mortality pathogen – say Smallpox – which could be deployed by any major power out of ‘research stocks’ in light of the Monkeypox scare going on presently would be the perfect cover to initiate a global Smallpox outbreak since initially the symptoms are identical. Are you going to let friendly ol’ ‘Big Pharma’ give you their GUARANTEED vaccine to immunize you against that once it’s loose in the wild? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

        Cheerio Kiddos…JOG

        • Modern nuclear power plants are pretty safe from safety failures caused by malfunctions and other adverse situations.

        • Back in the 1980s we trained around this topic over and over again. Even then it was acknowledged a nuclear war was nuts and no rational state would do it. As for clearing out large populations, this could be done via other means (targeted bio weapons being very effective).

          But there are many other weapons that can be deployed that are just as effective and leave the buildings standing and the birds singing:

          1) Debt: debt deployed through shock therapy gets the job done.
          2) ‘Natural disasters’
          3) Packing them in: an oldie but a goodie. Be it a city block, a buffer state (Ukraine etc.), a large apartment building etc., just concentrate the undesirable group there and then hit the ignition button.
          4) Gay sex: encourage it and disease will spread. Think HIV in Africa.

          And there are so many more.

          • Howdy Frank,
            Yep, bullet points 1-4 are all perfectly acceptable propositions for “excess population reduction”.
            However, a small point of clarification of my post above is order.
            Before beginning here, yes Nuclear plants have primary, secondary, tertiary and sometimes even quaternary backup systems that engage all but automatically when a higher echelon system fails. However, that is NOT to say that they are SAFE. Having spent a career as an NE (Nuclear Engineer) I can authoritatively state that Nuclear plants today (virtually all are of the PBW type – Pressurized Boiling Water) are little more than the proverbial “Deal made with the Devil”.
            Hyman Rickover – father of the modern Nuclear Navy – insisted on the PBW reactor types for two specific reasons, 1) High power density, 2) it’s the BEST venue for breeding Plutonium.
            The tradeoff is spent fuel that simply has to be actively COOLED for decades…let alone the cores of shut-down reactors themselves. Hence my reference above to the grid-tie issue. Such is exactly why Fukushima blew out; it lost it’s grid-tie after the earthquake and also it’s CnC control network.
            Anyway, the other consideration is the potential use of a Poseidon type torpedo off either or both of the US seaboards. Through careful placement those could easily decapitate the entire US Government, all Naval seaports and assets thereat but not endanger coastal reactors…or their grid-ties.
            The amount of damage from primary and secondary (worse than primary) effects would be COMPLETE, utterly total in character.
            The very fact that such COULD be done is the scary part since if it can be, then it leads to the notion on the part of the Russian CnC that maybe it SHOULD be done…and permanently rid themselves of their enemy in toto.

            And there’s our HAPPY thought for today kiddos!


      2. Wallace Garneau (?),
        Your logic is severely flawed.

      3. 6) Change the definition of male and female.

        Which one is X Gonzales (they, them)?

      4. Deleting the elites would be a great start for humanity! Maybe when the people of the world are starving things will change!

      5. There is no COVID, never been isolated and there is no test. These people perpetuating the lie of COVID do a disservice to truth and freedom.

      6. There is no COVID, it has never been isolated nor proven to exist…and there is no test (the PCR is used fraudulently). These people perpetuating the lie of COVID do a disservice to truth and freedom.

      7. I’m a Magnum P.I. spokesman. Your pension, social security & savings might not be enough to get you “by”. Sell us your house, trust us.

      8. I will be frank: only countries that have civilisation can combine material prosperity with stable use of the environment. Go to any turd world country and you will see the same thing: filth and garbage everywhere, a small elite living as well or better than people in the West. Go to Switzerland, and you could eat off the streets and even off the backside of the first hot woman you see walking to work. The country is clean.

        It is the best salvation for the planet for China to take over the direction of Africa. China’s social control technologies, when applied to the chaotic animist cultures of Africa, will discipline and tune the population until it is under control. The worst thing for Africa, as President Obama pointed out, is for every African to end up living like an American. That would kill the planet.

      9. the author believes that nuke war is not viable option to elite. But regular war certainly is. Exporting the anility to make war is big business. Most of the major powers thrive on the military industrial complexes in their nations. Use them or sell them but by all means make profit off of killing others. This is reality. I dont see the elite stopping this freight train of MICs running the worlds powers.

      10. The aristocracy Swinging from lampposts would look nice!

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