What The Hell Just Happened In Russia: Powerstation Explosion In Naval Base Region – Helicopters Landing On Moscow Streets – Dead Man Found At Russian Consulate in New York

by | Nov 8, 2016 | Headline News | 97 comments

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    Something serious appears to be happening in Russia, as well as at the Russian Consulate in New York.

    Speculation abounds as multiple events taking place in the last few hours indicate that either a very coincidental set of circumstances just happened, or an attack has been initiated against Putin’s government.

    Here’s what we know right now.

    On the heels of a previously announced pre-positioning of cyber warfare assets last week and some 300,000 NATO troops preparing for battle in Europe, we learn this morning from RT that a massive blast at an electrical substation in Murmansk, Russia has left part of the region without power.

    What makes this outage particularly interesting is that Murmanks is the main administrative base for the entire Northern Russian Fleet.

    The northern Russian port city of Murmansk, with a population of 300,000, has been partly left without electricity following an emergency at an energy facility. Eyewitnesses captured a bright flash, after which the lights went out.

    There have been eyewitnesses’ reports of a “huge blast” at one of the city’s electrical substations, according to SeverPost news agency.

    There is apparently no electricity in government headquarters in the city center, FlashNord reported citing its correspondent in the area. Lights have been off in both central areas and in the outskirts, according to SeverPost.

    An incident happened at one of the facilities of the Kolenergo regional energy company, its press service told RT, without specifying what exactly happened.

    The causes of the “incident” are now being investigated by a special commission, the company said, adding that specialists are now working on damage control and recovery.

    Hat tip: God Like Productions ; Sourced Via RT



    While no information has been made available about the cause of the blast, there is speculation that the explosion and subsequent outage may have been the result of a virus or trojan similar to the Stuxnet hardware virus that took down Iranian nuclear reactor centrifuges. A similar cyber warfare tool could be used to take down electric power stations much like the cyber attack on a U.S. water treatment facility in Illinois several years ago.

    In and of itself that event would normally be dismissed as just a power outage, except just a few hours ago numerous helicopters landed on city streets in the Baumanskoj suburb of Moscow. Witnesses are reporting a huge police presence in the area:

    And even that wouldn’t necessarily be all that suspicious as a stand alone event, but since it’s election day and the Obama administration has threatened Russia with a significant response should they be found to be meddling in U.S. elections, the fact that a dead man with head trauma was found at the Russian Consulate in New York City this morning gives us a hat trick of very odd events occurring at exactly the time when U.S. elections are taking place:

    Police are investigating after a 63-year-old man was found dead inside the Russian Consulate on Manhattan’s Upper East Side on Tuesday morning.

    Authorities say they found the man unconscious and unresponsive at the location on 91st Street just before 7 a.m., reports CBS New York.

    The victim, who has not yet been identified, appeared to have suffered head trauma, police said.

    Source: CBS News

    All of this begs the simple question: What the hell is going on with Russia right now?



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      1. Between the election and this new news, I’m heading to the store to stock up and replenish my supplies and filling my water barrels. This can’t be good news. The only good thing right now is that so far, there has been no response to ISIS’s pleas for jihadists to kill voters in the US. Knowing them, however, that could change in the blink of an eye. Scary things are happening — but I am blessed to trust in God and know that he is the King of Kings. I’ll do what I can for my family but ultimately I have the peace of being in the hands of Jesus.

        • have been slowly adding to my preps for the last few months. wouldn’t be at all surprised if they false flagged civil unrest, especially in the big cities. it’s easy to control the herds of sheep in democrat strongholds.

          • The funny thing is that when they destroy their neighborhoods and cities we just sit back and watch because I think most Trump voters live in the burbs and rural America.

            • I wish I lived in the country but am held down by family.

          • OK…so the Russian dude had a heart-a-stroke, keeled over and STRUCK his head on the Goddamn floor. There solved the case for the NYPD Retards.

            • You are probably not the best at connecting the dots.

              • dots? ya mean .. like, with glue?

                • No, like with a cloth.

          • Absolutely. In the larger cities ANY amount of civil unrest would now be punished with “maximum hurt” (no law on the street, and the LEO can shoot you and walk).

            This may come as soon as tomorrow morning, as everything we read is “suggesting” strongly that “the people are going to start a movement and the LEOs will only resist “us” so far, and then head home to protect their families, as they too are pissed off and no longer going to protect the true criminals in America.

            I’m all for it and am praying it happens, despite the high price.

            • Equorial, that’s the scenario I think will happen also, but I’m in the mountains for almost a week now so i’ll just pop some popcorn and watch the show from a safer place.

        • If someone is attack Russia right now then this is only the beginning.

          • “The victim, who has not yet been identified, appeared to have suffered head trauma, police said.”

            Probably a liberal Homeless NY person who stumbled into the Russian Center seeking help, thought he was going to kick somebodies a$$. Seriously without even reporting WTF who died, this is a BS claim on an international scale trying to tie Russia to some false flag. Stretching the truth are ya?

        • Yep when I was 10 or12 i remember my great grandfather telling me that one of the worse things was when they allowed women to vote and he was like 93yr old at the time

        • Niiiiiiice….Bet your Mama is proud of you. :/

        • I suggest you come and tell me to my face that I need to be, controlled by a man, and my 9mm w/hollow point self defense rounds will tell you different! Your whole post is nasty. Shame on you for being such an asshat!! May God humble you before all peoples!You are pretty high on your ladder to fall off. You sound a lot like Isis. You want to think that way, you need to move to the middle East!

        • amen brother.

          • amen brother was meant for turtlemama

        • Yea, me too. The peace of knowing that I am in the hands of Jesus is the only thing that allows me to sleep at night.

        • but I am blessed to trust in God and know that he is the King of Kings. I’ll do what I can for my family but ultimately I have the peace of being in the hands of Jesus.
          Yes, That is all we need.

        • If, and I mean IF, the U.S. Government, in its infinite imbecility, has decided to initiate hostilities with Russia by taking out a power st

          • If, and I mean IF, the U.S. Government, in its infinite imbecility, has decided to initiate hostilities with Russia by taking out a power station in Murmansk, we are at risk for GREATER damage from Russia, in the shape of a nuclear EMP TAKING DOWN OUR ENTIRE NATIONAL GRID….

        • HELLLLLOOOOOO DICKHEADS…This is clearly a hilary backed NAto clandestine operation carried out by ukranian infiltrators posing as american anonimous right wing voters aimed at causing tension between Vladamir and the new pres Trump….why are you even discussing this when its so obvoious….helloooo….anyone home Mcfly?????

      2. Also, Russian banks were hacked today by American hackers. Cyber war has begun. The world is screwed. Thank you, Washington, D.C. based NWO.

        • Him, you have a source or link about that?

          • Saw it on whatreallyhappened.com, posted today at 0825 AM. A hacker calling himself “vimproducts” says he hacked Russian banks. He showed it to Mother Boards.

            • Uh….ONE guy?? LMAO….hardly a cyber ‘attack’

          • Braveheart1776, I didn’t write down any links but saw some shit on the same wavelength. I think you can write it off as bullshit since most of the servers are simply offline to prevent such attacks, especially overseas servers and lines (they are maxed out and running on 1).

            • Equorial, I agree.

        • Correct, in fact the cyber warfare is already “alive and running” on all Linux-based servers/systems that are attempting DdOS attacks and other weird shit that makes it appear that we are suddenly on shaky ground, and if Putin has “one iota” of suspicion that Obama made good on his threat Putin will light up America, and then we’ll get to experience “THE BIG SURPRISE” we were warned about in March of this year, by some ISIS big mouth on TV.

          May wanna disconnect your generators from any house wiring should there be a surge (it would trash your “panel” at the very least).

      3. If Obungo had anything to do with this, this country and Europe will be in deep trouble.

      4. Keeps going on. Somebody is going to raise the stakes.

        • Perhaps for this entire time we (they) have been preparing for World War 3 – entirely at our expense. Talk about complexities…

      5. It would be an act of war for political purposes, nothing lower than that.

      6. I remember in meetings being told an attack on Russia would happen at the end of Obama’s presidency: when he could do whatever he likes because he gonna be outta there. Looks like things are right on schedule. Something that big can’t really have its window moved around that much because it is just too big and with too many moving parts.

      7. Get your water and food, gas in the car, flashlights handy.

        But first V O T E. Cast your vote for Trump. Don’t allow these things to distract you. Get out and vote.

        V o T e V O T E V O T E

        Did I happen to mention, get off your laurels and V O T E !!

        __. ? ?. ?. ? ? ?

        • Naw…
          I think I’ll just go and veto!
          Veto Hillary by Voting for Trump! 🙂

          Only thing I hate to think about is when Trump gets in office we will be hearing about all the “bad” decisions he makes. Like “war with Russia started when he got in office” – never allowing us to point out that Obama started the war – after all, that’s “racist!”

      8. 11:47 AM Central Daylight Saving Time–Dallas Texas

        UTC/GMT is 17:47 on Tuesday, November 8, 2016

        There are Utility crews stationed at Major Sub Station.
        Have been driving by there for 7 years. No one ever there. Very Seldom.
        Until this past week. Crews were Putzing around there at end of last week. 2 man crew on Saturday. Seemed clueless.

        Herd strange noise from there yesterday drive by.
        Like a bug zapper sound.

        Multiple crews there now camped out. Are crews there for a timely Repair or to take down grid on command? Who knows?

        If Something is up. I would believe this is a thought out PLANNED False Flag Operation. A set up by Obama-Hillary Crime Family that employs them.

        There are also lots of Internet/Cable trucks in area. AT&T-TWC-Spectrum.

        Currently ALL is calm and well. Rain. Vote places ok.
        Texas went to Paper ballots here. Not sure if everywhere in Texas or just Local.
        DHS is supposedly at polls. To protect? Or to steal an election for Evil NWO Commies? Who knows?

        Watch Your 6.
        But likely much a-do about nothing.
        All is Good so far.

        Hope the Obama-Hillary NWO commies accept their defeat and don’t pull some False Flag BS.

        • We live on a ‘drain-able’ lake owned by TVA and its purpose when filled is to be drained via a hydro-dam system and sell the power to Florida. Just as you have said, there has been tons of activity on everything to do with power lines for the past week, almost a frenzy in our area (lots of large intersections and switches in the mountains here).

          For an extremely small town, the cops are rolling everywhere and aren’t screwing around. Moving fast and expecting compliance. We have stayed put all day, lubing everything just to be sure.

        • Interesting. Lived on the same road with the same substation for many moons. Early this morning as I drove by and subcontractors were out there on the only gravel road in and out to it putting up a gate. Decades no gate needed.

      9. Uncle Obammy idiot sychophants attempting to start WWIII, and Putin is gonna oblige him, Hillary is tanking in the polls..so obammywhammys pardon by her is off the table..Oblamers plan B in effect.

        • Obama is trying to start something. False Flag. Diversion. Provoking Russia.
          Obama-Hillary criminals want to have diversion. Obama stay in office. Hillary made “Real” president because of so called hack? All a False Flag.

          But Putin will not be provoked.
          Russia is more capeable than the “incompetent Obama” in EVERY area.
          Putin has won EVERY move in the checker game that Obama plays.
          Obama plays checkers. While Putin plays Chess. Obvious to anyone watching.

          Russia will be cool-calm-collected. Putin will wait out Obama until Trump is in office.

          Trump will DeEscalate tensions.
          Trump will invite Putin for a good Dinner. Maybe golf.
          Trump-Putin will come to an agreement.
          Putin does not want war. Trump does not want war.
          Americans don’t want a war. Russians don’t want a war.
          There will be NO world war if Trump gets into office.

          But Trump will have an unmanageable mess to clean up after Obama IDIOCY.
          ———————————————-That is my world.

          But then again.
          Obama is like Stalin
          Stalin said , “He was fine with democracy and elections. As LONG as he COUNTED the Votes.” DHS is in Texas Polling places. DO you Trust them? ……………..Obama does.
          Hillary = Nuclear World War III
          But she will loose election so no worries.

          • we HAVE to have the war(s), because we can’t pay back the MONEY we owe….sorry if you haven’t grasped that yet, america(ns).

            • Bingo. (Love your handle)!

          • Nice post Anon!

      10. If DC/NWO is behind this, they need to stop. This whole affair will get out of control and we’ll all be lucky to survive it.

        • Man, I do not think we would. But they are right in that Russia nor Putin are remotely interested in using nukes, he wants peace and is being relentlessly prodded, if not forced, to do Obama a favor and nuke somewhere, anywhere is fine, in The USA. Then he’d work it from there using those damned EO’s …we’d be SOL and have no choice but revolt, like major revolt and fast.

      11. The criminal elements of the Obama and Clinton crime cartels have acted out on NO EVIDENCE WHATSOEVER of Russian involvement in hacking our elections…America is so phucked because of these mentally ill LIBERAL SCUMBAGS trying to divert attention away from themselves after 8 years of chicanery.

        This is not going to end well for the liberal traitors. Just saying.

      12. At least no one on the political scene here is advocating cyber attack against Russia, otherwise it could have potentially serious implications as the cause of this unfolds.

        • Joe BIDEN plainly stated we WOULD ATTACK Russia by cyberwarfare at a time of our choosing…they attacked banks and Murmansk 9stategic target of Russia’s MAIN naval port and ship building port.

      13. Just Looks like a transfer station transformer blew up.. I know this because it Happens all the time over here !!!
        Nothing more to see here folks – let’s move On!

        • We’ve watched a couple of city ‘feeder’ areas smoke their transformers. The brightness is incredible and even the heat, hell you can even feel the Infrared being generated by all that copper and iron melting down. (Must use priceless amounts of electricity before they can get some to even shut down).

          YouTube has many Power Transformer vids “burning out” and they are no laughing matter.

      14. just a bit of humor here. i was going to my polling place and i happened to pull up behind a car at a stoplight. THE B**** had stickers on her car for the criminal Hilliary
        and one that read; NASTY WOMEN VOTE.Well i knew she was going the same place i was so i pulled in behind her and when she turned around and looked at me with a smug look and a snide comment because i had my military hat on i said yep you not only are a nasty woman you are also ugly as hell!!! With that said she stomped off to vote for her traitor to our country. i actually felt quite satisfied lmao

        • Excellent! !

        • At this point I say we simply institutionalize what’s already happening.

          Hire some woman for like 850k – 1 mil to have your kid and have the State raise it. Then go off and die or live in your car.

          I mean screw it with the whole bullshit process in between, just go straight from Point A to Point Z.

          You know. I’m right.

      15. they have their agenda, and it doesn’t include most of us.

      16. If Trump is winning look for massive power outages here to delay the closing of the polls to pad more Klinton votes.

      17. Nothing is happening. You are only fanning the flames of your own fear.

      18. Squach – Thanks, I needed that! 🙂

      19. Anarchy is commin our way just imagine how much calamity will occure if hillary gets elected and the lights go out purge purging purged

        • Russia can get the ball rolling without sending a single man.

      20. I would bet we have a simple power outage. It happens. Given all the rhetoric by our liberals loons, the Ruskies really have no choice but to be on high alert when anything happens. The talk about false flags, the UN buildup etc… Ruskies are probably at a higher defcon than we are. Prolly got their finger on the trigger. And who can blame them? ‘Murica has become a unstable society and is highly unpredictable.

      21. The name on the side of the civilian variant of the MI-17 helo. Poccha.

        Russia-1 – Wikipedia
        Russia-1 (Russian: Россия-1) is a state-owned Russian television channel founded in 1991. It belongs to the All-Russia State Television and Radio Company …

      22. New world order is going forward whether we like it or not. All we can do is prepare for what might come our way, hope that we have done enough and try to protect our family the best we can. It’s going to be pretty bad guys…

      23. The name on the side of the civilian variant of the MI-17 helo. Poccha.

        Russia-1 – Wikipedia
        ht tps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Russia-1
        Russia-1 (Russian: Россия-1) is a state-owned Russian television channel founded in 1991. It belongs to the All-Russia State Television and Radio Company …

      24. Long time reader, few replies. My 2 Cents…. CME “predicted” to hit tonight. Of course, NOAA, NASA Etc will only post what they WANT you to hear. Nothing about this on MSM, can’t even get “Good News info” with all the election crap on MSM. You see this article, you hear about the DHS at polling sites, you hear about the 13 Oct Exec Order… the math is easier than usual. HRC wins, CME will be a glancing blow and all is well. DJT wins, CME was worse than thought, all is down, ML is declared, Exec Order is enforced and we are on our own. Going to be a VERY interesting night. Glad I read “Going Home” (Thank you A.American) as the camel’s back is breaking. Would love to hear your thoughts on my opinion. 23 Yr Retired/Combat Experienced, in case you’re wondering.

        Lock and Load that First Mag and… Watch… Your Lane.

        • Interesting scenario, hope it’s not going to come to pass, but nevertheless it’s a possibility, rumor has it POTUS and VP and whole clan are not on AF1 and AF2 with ABC Command Post, Looking Glass? Possibly heading for Antarctica, I wonder if you might have any sources that can confirm or deny?
          Thank you for your service.

          • Yes, All the major players are in “New Swabialand” with Adolf Hitler, Rasputin, Aleister Crowley, and Timothy Leary.

            A GIANT party is brewing.

            We were not invited.

            Lock and Load your party Bus and get the heck Rolling!

        • Maverick, we’re ready, watching AND waiting for (((THEIR))) first move. After THAT, gloves OFF, game on…

        • you make it sound so simple….there’s a LOT of tentacles to THIS monster!

          • thank you!it’s been a while since i elaborated on where i got it. grandma always said “i’m gettin’ up at the buttcrack of dawn”. so i was looking for a name, and when “crackofdoom” was already taken, i just added butt to the front…viola!

      25. Hey brother, its Murmansk not Murmanks

        • Whoops my bad there !



        • Murmansk, Murmanks…at this point, WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE!

      26. There was a huge CME due in today, from the Sun. I would imagine that this is where at least part of it hit.

      27. Why does Obama think he can meddle and send his brown shirts into Canada and Europe to affect their elections, but ours are off limits to Russia. Are the Dems not rigging them from withing the US? We are becoming a banana republic. If it were Putin against wimp boy, I am afraid we are in big trouble. His big move is to turn his back on Bibi, and that was deplorable.

        • Don’t forget, the Obamanation also sent his brownshirts into Israel last year to try and unseat Netanyahu. Pot, meet kettle.

      28. I have a more detailed comment in yesterday’s CME article comments. There are multiple sites and MULTINATIONAL sites to monitor solar activity. Again, tonight’s “massive CME” is a very minor and only “possible” G-1 Geomagnetic Storm (the weakest on the scale).

        The power grids will be fine. Go to Norway and watch some very cool aurora! If our power grid goes down and they are not seeing vivid aurora in southern Texas and Florida, well, THEN we can know we are being duped!

      29. What is CME??

        • CME Is Coronal Mass Ejecta, Big Solar Flare.

        • Allen, a CME stands for “Coronal Mass Ejection” and is a by-product of our sun when it “burps” out energy. If the Earth happens to be in the path, depending on the strength of the energy, our technological lifestyle could be at great risk. Not a technical answer, but I hope that helps 🙂

      30. Maverick,

        I agree. hilliar wins we have a little more time, before being persecuted. Trump wins emp and/or martial law isn’t to far away.

      31. I do not rule out any scenario. It appears that yesterday’s Reuter’s poll was pulled because it showed Trump ahead by 6 points, beyond the MOE. Of course we all know that the national polls are rigged, but it appears even the rigging was not enough, so the poll was pulled.

        My hope is for a Trump win so decisive that the Deep State will cave and not do anything idiotic. As an aside, I’ll bet Obummer cannot even play checkers. And thanks, Sasquatch, for making my day!!!

      32. Anyone want to take a look at this and see if they can get a confirmation? If it’s true it has some very scary consequences. go to http://rense.com look for Air Force 1, Air Force 2 & More Airborne Today – Why?

      33. Occam’s Razor says it’s a transformer explosion. Could be natural causes like they think happened to one in NYC that caused a 7-story fireball. Could be something else, but the odds go down.

      34. From a strategic perspective, the window to go to war on Russia is now to January. Obama is on the way out, and Hillary can take it forward.

        This is especially key with Russia now tied up in the Middle East. They can’t fight a war on two fronts. The route to Moscow passes through Kiev and Poland.

      35. Nothing like WW3 to cover election fraud, eh?

      36. No, I don’t know either, and can easily imagine several different, and contradictory scripts.
        But as for the affairs in Moscow. The three Mi-8/17 helicopters in the photo are not Army but are Emercon, the Russian Emergency Situations Control agency, Baumanskoe is a district on the eastern side of the city, not particularly close to the Kremlin nor other obvious command centers.

      37. “..the Obama administration has threatened Russia with a significant response should they be found to be meddling in U.S. elections..”
        Yeah, start a frickin war with russia…with either of these two dweebs taking office we’re up the creek…

      38. What we have dug up monitoring the military sites is that we, or a half-assed non-allie, have somehow done the unthinkable with the expected result of Russia EMP’ing The USA …tonight or shortly.

        Probably “fear porn”, but it’s real, active and unexplained so far. It gives me the feeling we should lock down “hard” and get our best “ready to engage.” (earlier than was expected but whatever)

      39. We As Americans,need to take our heads out of the sand,it’s time to stop all the chatter,and grab the sword of Truth And Justice,and stop the Evil that is taking over this great Nation,GOD HELP US ALL!!!!!!

      40. The Federalist Papers (nearly 600 pgs. paperback) suggests the States pull together to return Feds/U.S. Inc. back to where they have any legislative authority at all – 10 sq. miles on the east coast – D.C. – the District of Criminals. Thing is -at this point- the federal Grants w/attached military commands, removed all checks & balances. County annual financial reports shows over 50% of county funds come from U.S. Inc. So, in the real world of poly (many) ticks (blood suckers), the revenue generators, the elected, appointed and employees are federal – ask for their federal EIN # -they each have one.

      41. Amen Pastor
        Lock N Load
        Good vs Evil
        What side you on

      42. Maybe, just maybe, Russia’s infrastructure is vulnerable to a Coronal Mass Ejection that occurred on the 8th like the USA’s infrastructure is. That would explain the explosion at the Power Facility. The other incidents in Moscow and the Embassy may be totally unrelated but blamed on a coincidental Power Plant explosion.

        The fears of the unknown (or uneducated) manifest themselves in the sequence of comments on this article.

      43. Congrats on your new president, America!
        It proves that the majority of Americans are still not so badly bamboozled by the (Jewish controlled) “mainstream American newsmedia” that they would vote for a criminal NWO puppet.
        God answered a lot of Americans’ and South Africans’ prayers. Being a South African, I am extremely relieved that mister Trump won the election. Let’s hope Trump goes down in history as one of America’s best presidents, ever. Peace and goodwill between America and Russia will benefit the whole globe. Together, Trump and Putin can clean up the NWO.
        Go, Uncle Sam, go!!

      44. how does “martial law work in a communist country like china? they are already controlled by the military…

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