What The Election Results Mean For Trump’s Trade War

by | Nov 7, 2018 | Headline News | 30 comments

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    The trade war started by president Donald Trump, which is supposed to punish the Chinese, but instead, will end up hurting Americans, is still underway. But did the election results change the dynamics?

    The short and simple answer is no.  Democrats and Republicans alike favor more theft of the American paycheck, and the trade war is one sneaky way to get more money flowing into their hands and out of ours. “It’s going to be the same, if not worse, in terms of U.S.-China,” said Steven Okun of McLarty Associates according to CNBC.  Considering Americans ARE paying for this trade war, that’s terrible news

    The only real change Tuesday’s United States midterm elections are poised to create is simply how President Donald Trump will accomplish his domestic goals, But again, the results will likely not mean much for the country’s trade policies already demolishing the U.S.’s precariously balanced economy. The outcome of yesterday’s elections is set to challenge Trump in several areas such as military spending and his foreign business dealings. It will also make it difficult for the commander-in-chief to pass any major legislation (a win for those who feel we are already bound to too many laws as it is). But on trade policy, one of the areas most relevant for the international community, Trump still has the executive power to make decisions and can set the terms of foreign trade regardless of whether Congress is divided or not.

    “Congress doesn’t have much of an ability to control trade policy,” analysts at RBC Capital Markets wrote in a recent note. Rather, “the Oval Office has wide-reaching powers to act unilaterally,” which means the president is likely to “keep pushing his trade agenda,” they continued.

    According to some economists, Democrats will fight Republicans on some area of foreign trade, however.  “While trade is not necessarily a critical issue for the Democrats, it is unlikely they will support a trade war with traditional allies like the E.U,” economists at ING said in a note published before Tuesday’s result. “Withdrawal from the WTO (World Trade Organization) is unlikely to get a lot of support from Democrats, so overall Congress is likely to put up more resistance regarding trade policy than it did previously,” they continued.


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        • Yeaaaa, as much as i like Dave, ya kinda got to take his stuff with a grain o salt,,,

          • Jeff sessions just “resigned” AG. I think it proves he was a swamp rat, just in case you Q supporters had any doubt.

          • And lots of butter, I love butter 😛

            • I luv grass fed cow butter (Kerrygold) and Calif. XVir. olive oil, gotta try to control portions on the veggies.

          • You forgot the popcorn. Again.

          • Nail B: He and Paul Martin @ revolution radio.com get fired up that’s for sure and the folks they interview too. Talk about real drama.

        • “The trade war started by president Donald Trump, which is supposed to punish the Chinese, but instead, will end up hurting Americans, is still underway. ”

          FALSE. FALSE. FALSE.

          Only a few multinational companies will be financially hurt by TRUMP TARIFFS and these companies have been making OBSCENE profits at the expense of the American worker, family, and taxpayer for DECADES !!!

          It’s time for them to take one for the country !!!

          Soybean farmer’s have an immediate problem with excess inventory that they currently have, but for starters, this problem can be mitigated by 1) finding new markets; 2) donating product at full market value to charities (Feed The Children & others), who can then discount the product to other users to raise additional funds from the donated product; and 3) these corporate farmers will be supported by subsidies from Congress and the subsidies funded by increased revenues from the TARIFFS.

          Going forward, soybean farmers can replant with other crops and these corporate farmers can deduct any losses from next years profit; or even from last year’s taxes. Lots of ways for farmer’s to adjust to market reality.

          This isn’t Jimmy Stuart in It’s A Wonderful Life” trying to stave off small creditors (depositors) trying to save the S & L from bankruptcy. These are MULTI-MILLION DOLLAR CORPORATE FARMERS and ASSOCIATIONS facing market (business) risk like any other entrepreneur.

          Risk & reward. That’s why it’s called CAPITALISM, people !!! 🙂

      1. We’ve been finished since 94′ but most didn’t realize it until recently.
        NAFTA sealed our fate and was the final nail in the coffin.

      2. Waters or, better still, Ocasio-Cortez would be a far better choice for speaker of the house than Pelosi is.

        Waters is one of our finest current rulers, but Ocasio-Cortez is Americas future and will get us where we need to be faster.

        • Anonymous, nice sarcasm. Waters and Cortez are 2 of the biggest morons on Capital Hill.

          • Renegade I second that..

        • Anonymous: Ocasio-Cortez is not the future. She is a Marxist, presently almost all people who call themselves socialists, Marxists, progressives, etc. are students, political types, and public benefits recipients who are highly dependent on gov’t. Without the levels of funding only a capitalist society and dollar based economy can provide, they would not receive the education, health care, or have the quality of life or standard of living they now have. Ironic isn’t it? The socialist ideology only lives in the US so long as the country is rich enough for people to tolerate silliness, when things get bad, and contrary to the message progressives try to promote, socialist ideology will go out the window. At least half of Americans have a very healthy and correct mistrust of gov’t, politicians, and centralized power. When the socialists try to suspend our Constitutional rights, well trust me, there will be absolute hell to pay to those trying to accumulate illegitimate power.
          Furthermore, the country’s population is split 50-50 between liberals and conservatives, you can believe half the population is not going to just roll over and and just let themselves surrender to a new Marxist order. We are not like many oppressive countries in Asia or Europe, who does not have a heritage or culture of freedoms and liberties, we have been born and inculcated in our liberties, vast numbers including me will not “adjust” to anything less. There would be hard times, but those of us who are not surrendered to the gov’t trough has more self-sufficiency, and retain our love of freedoms. Those most dependent on gov’t and centralization will die off.
          Speaking for myself, and I suspect millions of others, NO politician is my ruler. When you say Waters is one of our finest rulers that tells me you are a weak-minded individual who has been completely and successfully propagandized, a simple-minded statist who just loves power and order, or a provocateur (a useful idiot), or maybe just having fun getting a response.

          • Bill, AMEN to your comments. My thoughts exactly. Outstanding post.

          • The people we vote in are supposed to be our representatives not our rulers. It’s a big difference that they seem to forget right after winning an election. I try not to vote for the same fool in the next election but sometimes there’s a bigger one challenging the first.

      3. The main good thing to come from the election is Government gridlock. Secondly we got rid of a lot of RINOs.
        Hopefully Nancy gets to be speaker again.
        I just love to see the government ripping itself apart.
        We have gone down hill since the 16th Amendment.
        America is going to die. I just hope millions of Democrats
        die before I do and the normal people left over can pick up the

        • The only things that save us from Government is gridlock and inefficiency.

          • Fritz, the libturds wrote the book on gridlock and inefficiency.

            • I don’t think they are done writing the book but they are using what they already have.

      4. last night was about the war between people who work and those that don’t and demand government provide for them by taking from those that do.

      5. Its good that the dimocraps now are the house majority. Now in two years Trump can point the finger at the do nothing congress and the end of those idiots is near. two years is a very short time. And the lopsided trade deals needed to be broken and better ones made. I dnt care if ADM goes broke. I don’t care if Mansanto goes broke. Stuff need,s to be made in America.

        • AMEN Old Guy!

      6. It’s all part of the plan. Who knows what the plan is? All I know is every night the big C-47 Chinook Helicopters are flying over-head. “Whop. Whop. Whop. Whop. Whop.” What’s that all about?

      7. Nothing matters anymore. We are being attacked
        from all sides. The worst are, “the enemies within”.
        our own country. Those who want Communist/ Socialism/
        Globalism you have won!! Now where are you going to
        live? When you find out your govt. has no interest in
        you except as a pack mule. Will you love the country
        you screwed up so well?? Will you want it, even after
        you find the globalist agenda will crush you and spit
        you out like used toilet paper….then use the next one.
        We know less than 1/16th about what they are
        planning for us. They have planned this for years.

        What are you going to do when every inch of farmland
        has been depleted, to build towers to house half of
        the world. The Constitution, now burned, has been replaced with lawless
        and organized chaos.

        Rulers are druggies, drunk on power, who need money and
        have stolen every home and asset….. at knife / gun point. Every shadow
        “moves” in darkness….if you don’t yield, you die.

        Ahhh…. such a lovely place….
        Welcome to your world….of Communist / Scocialisum… 3rd wrld poverty,
        No assets, You own nothing….ever.

        You WORK 20 hours DAILY…EVERYDAY !
        Don’t work, they will whip you …to death if needed.
        Get sick or hurt.. they shoot you…

        You work from childhood to death….weigh 90 lbs,
        sleep among rapists, crazies…on the bare ground, among
        fleas, bedbugs, spiders, snakes, flies, scorpions and rats,
        which may become the only fast food you ever see.

        A bath, is a bucket of polluted water dumped on
        you by the next prisoner in line. Yes, you are a prisoner.

        You don’t see family….in case they were already killed.

        Ahhhh yes ….. what a wonderful world.

        • You gave me a bad case of the gloomy because I’m afraid you might be right.

        • Kay, that’s all the more reason to resist the commie agenda.

        • The left has been playing the long game. The other side has not unfortunately. That needs to change or the USA will be losing people as they emigrate elsewhere.

      8. Good grief. TRY at least to be A LITTLE objective with this. Yes, there may be some higher prices for Americans, but don’t act like this isn’t going to hurt the Chinese a LOT MORE. They depend on America buying their stuff. We’re still the #1 economy by a long ways.

        Come on, get a grip on it!

        • EXACTLY!

      9. You folks that are so negative about the Tariffs. You ought to be patient and give those measures some time to actually get some actual results that are bad or good before wholesale lamblasting them. You nay sayers are as bad as the Fake News

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