What The “Deplorables” Must Accomplish In the Next Decade To Rebuild America

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    This article was written by Brandon Smith and originally published at his Alt-Market.com site.

    Editor’s Comment: There is no doubt that the control freaks in government are attempting to undermine the inherent rights of the people by using politically-correct speech as a weapon.

    First they sensitize everyone to a bunch of cultural loaded terms, then they unleashing clashing populations upon one another and watch the chaos unfold. Most of the conflict remains in the ‘safe space’ of fights that don’t matter, and won’t change deep structural problems or threaten the power monopoly of those at the top.

    What it could accomplish, if people allow it to happen, is a chilling of free speech and, eventually, an Orwellian inability to even hold prohibited thoughts. That is one possible future, if people do not find a way to stop what is happening.

    How The ‘Deplorables’ Can Save America

    by Brandon Smith

    In my last article, “The Deplorables – Who We Are And What We Want,” I examined the basic philosophies that define what I call the liberty movement; the same group of Americans that Hillary Clinton admonishes as part of her “basket of deplorables.”

    It is important to recognize that only foolish progressives actually take Clinton’s claims at face value. Clinton seeks to characterize a large subset of conservatives as narrow minded when she mentions the “deplorables.” But, it is how she defines “narrow minded” that is the crux of the thing.

    When people like her talk about “racists,” they are referring to conservatives who want a secure southern border. When they talk about “Islamaphobes,” they are referring to people who want to stop Islamic refugees from being bused into the country without being vetted or philosophically and morally acclimated to our way of life. When they talk about sexists, they are usually referring to all males in general, because remember, social justice warriors (SJWs) claim that we are “subconsciously sexist,” even if we think we are fair to women. When they talk about homophobes, they are referring to Christian bakers who do not want to participate in services for gay weddings despite the fact that they should be perfectly free to refuse association with anyone at any time for any reason.

    What Clinton and social justice lunatics are really referring to when they use these attacks are those people who want to be free to think and do as they see fit as long as they are not violating the constitutional rights of others. No one in Hillary’s basket is actually narrow minded, but she and her cronies pigeonhole them as narrow minded anyway.

    Clinton is not actually worried about real racists, or real sexists or real homophobes. What she and the establishment are worried about are true conservatives, because our principles are not built on hate; they are built on reason and truth. It’s easy to defeat a movement driven by hate; it’s next to impossible to defeat a movement driven by truth.

    It is absolutely essential for liberty activists to understand that the goal of the establishment will be to redefine the core of our movement. If they can repaint us as hateful, then we can be beaten. If they can fool us into acting against our principles in the name of winning by any means, then once again, we can be beaten. If we are able to retain our principles and repel the propaganda, then we will NEVER be beaten. Even the greatest war machines on Earth can be crushed by the force of a principled rebellion.

    As my readers know well, I do not hold much optimism for America in the short term. Our economic status is dismal. In my article, “Brexit Aftermath – Here’s What Happens Next,” I warned that global markets would be experiencing a slow grinding decline into the U.S. elections. This is now occurring. It is my belief that international financiers and central banks will pull stimulus support from the global economy just before or just after the elections. I believe that the establishment will attempt to blame conservative movements for the fiscal crisis they created.

    By extension, and as I have been predicting for many months, I believe that Donald Trump will be allowed into the White House. Whether Trump is aware of this dynamic or not, I do not know. The point is, our fight is just beginning, and it has nothing to do with a Trump presidency.

    The U.S. cannot be saved from financial crisis; instability is a mathematical certainty. It is how we respond to this instability that will determine our success or failure. Here is what we “deplorables” must accomplish in the next decade if we are to rebuild America and defeat globalism.

    Put An End To Economic Harmonization

    Economic harmonization is nothing more than a globalist phrase meaning the socialist redistribution of wealth. Globalists and progressives will assert that capitalism is the cause of all our ailments. They will say it leads to an unfair allocation of wealth into the coffers of a select few through the “natural” evolution of corporate power. In reality, most socialist nations work side by side with corporations, and even the existence of the legal corporate model is owed to government interference in free markets. That is to say, there is nothing natural about corporations.

    It was western governments that fabricated special legal protections for corporations including corporate personhood and limited liability. Without government protection, corporations could not exist at their current level of dominance. Therefore, bigger government and more government intervention in free markets will likely only serve to secure even greater empires for the corporate elite.

    These empires can only be dismantled by removing government as a factor in free markets, and allowing true competition in business to return instead of corporate favoritism. As a part of this shift, the middle class must be allowed to thrive through innovation and production. Taxation designed to redistribute wealth only seems to harm burgeoning entrepreneurs and stifles their ability to use good ideas to compete with larger businesses and their superior capital.

    Economic harmonization will eventually result in equality — it will make everyone equally poor. Only a handful of elites will ever be able to pursue economic success within this kind of framework.

    The End Of Forced Multiculturalism

    We’re tired of Cloward-Piven strategies used by cultural Marxists to undermine western principles and heritage. The bottom line is, some cultures are completely incompatible and they should not be roommates. Are we racist for holding this view? No, we’re just being practical. One look at the scheisse-storm hitting Europe right now and only an idiot or a Leftist with an agenda would argue that mass immigration of contrary cultures is a good idea.

    Uncontrolled migrations of peoples from socialist nations into nations that desire free markets will only make the effort towards free markets impossible. Illegal immigration by people who only want taxpayer funded entitlements and that import their socialist ideals as they invade is counter to the health of a liberty-based model.

    Harshly theocratic cultures also will not be able to integrate into a society that respects individual freedom. Social justice groups assume that religious freedom requires us to remain apathetic in the face of unchecked theocratic immigration (as long as it is anything other than Christian).  But, potential immigrants and illegal immigrants do not have legal rights under the U.S. Constitution. Religious freedom has nothing to do with immigration.

    For example, fundamentalist Islamic culture does not mix with the traditional Western ideals of liberty and free market participation. Period.

    Leftists are willfully blind to the distinction. Globalists understand the problem full well and they intend to exploit it. Their goal is to import counter-ideologies en masse in order to annihilate the last vestiges of the West.

    Why? Because this is about eliminating the final obstacle to total globalization. They seek to wash out conservative and classical liberal thinking to make way for a collectivist system that outlaws sovereign philosophies as “barbaric.” It is not exactly an “ethnic cleansing;” more like an ideological cleansing of true conservativism.

    We aren’t going to allow that.

    This is why many in the liberty movement do in fact support a ban on all immigration into Western nations until the damage done by the multicultural cabal can be mitigated. Some may argue for a limited ban on the immigration of certain groups (including Muslims) and this is an issue where the “deplorables” diverge.

    I personally don’t know how such a selective ban could be enforced without an insanely large, intrusive and expensive immigration bureaucracy designed to investigate and weed out millions of people not allowed under such a law. A simpler solution would be to freeze ALL immigration for a period of time (perhaps 10 years or more).

    This would eliminate the need for the U.S. Citizenship And Immigration Services (USCIS). The $3.2 billion allocated to that entity could be spent better securing U.S. borders.

    Frankly, there is nothing wrong with denying citizenship to immigrants for a period of time. The extreme left acts as if open immigration into our country is some kind of human right. It’s not.

    A Less Inclusive Republican Party

    It is perfectly healthy to be discriminating against ideologies and people that are destructive to inherent freedoms. I remember after Barack Obama took office for a second term that the common argument by Democratic and Republican elites alike was that it was “time for the Republican Party to be more inclusive” if they ever wanted to win the White House again.  What that really means in translation is, it was time for the Republican Party to move completely away from conservative values and be more like the Left.

    In reality, the Republican Party needs to stop accommodating socialist and globalist ideals and be more selective in who its friends are, and who its leaders are. Either that, or the party needs to go the way of smallpox and die so that more honest political organizations can take its place.

    The Eradication Of Language Policing

    We “deplorables” have seen political correctness and social justice fear mongering turn our society into a simpering cesspool of terrified effeminate spineless men, deluded miserable vitriolic women who think they are men, and the rest of us who are supposed to walk on eggshells whenever the PC police are around while being sure to use the “proper pronouns.” I think not.

    I think instead, the deplorables are going to say whatever the hell we feel like saying. Why should we concern ourselves with the irrational feelings of others? Why should we censor ourselves just to satisfy the ignorant notion that language shapes environment? Language is irrelevant to our internal monologue. Changing the language is not going to change our souls. Thus, controlling it is pointless and only serves to oppress the public.

    We’re not going to refer to anyone by a gender other than what their genetics dictate. We don’t care if you wear make-up and a wig and a tampon. If you were born with a Y chromosome, then you are a man. Your personal freedoms do not include the right to force others to recognize you as a woman, a “trans,” a diva, a porpoise, etc. Your feelings do not matter. We are no longer going to participate in your gender role-play fantasies.

    Some of us may at times play with race related jokes and have fun at the expense of other groups. We might argue that women actually don’t make very good Ghostbusters or that movies pontificating about slavery are becoming extraordinarily boring. We will probably refer to illegal immigrants as illegal immigrants and stare at beautiful women like we have x-ray vision.

    Understand, there is nothing you can do to stop us, so you might as well spend your time doing something more constructive, like dropping out of gender studies and enrolling in a real college course.

    No More Recognition Of Victim Group Status

    For decades now it has become trendy for anyone besides white heterosexual males to blame all their failures on white heterosexual males. With all the gnashing of teeth over “white male privilege,” we might forget that the only groups with privileges under the law are victim groups. So much government preference is being given to these groups that almost everyone is now clamoring to categorize themselves as a victim in some sense.

    The “transgender” movement is the culmination of this insanity; primarily because there is no such thing as a transgender person except the extremely rare occasion when someone is born with both male and female genitalia. Gender is biological, it is not fluid. You cannot argue with nature about your gender. Laws that govern gender issues should follow biological standards, not hollow psychological standards.

    Today, anyone can simply say they are a victim group by virtue of what amounts to a mental illness. It is time to stop treating this mental illness as a civil rights issue. In turn, it is also time to stop government from designating privileges to groups based on arbitrary victimhood. Everyone today has equal rights under the law. Everything else should be based on merit. If you fail, then it is your own fault. To foster the notion in our society that the evil white man is to blame for all the inadequacies of every loser in the world is to do more harm to those losers than good. Instead, let them take responsibility for their failings so that they might actually strive to do better.

    Limited Government

    There are only a few reasonable purposes behind government — to defend the inborn liberties of the populace, to repel foreign invaders and to secure a sound monetary framework. That’s about it. But while we deplorables see these as limited powers and responsibilities, socialists and globalists see these as excuses for an infinitely expanding government behemoth.

    For example, you can build a functioning military based on the militia model, in which every able-bodied citizen rises to the defense of their community and nation in the event of attack. This would be a cost-effective and less intrusive model.

    Or, you can build a massive standing army with hundreds of bases around the world and a police state here at home, all funded by an unsustainable fiat money and debt system. This would be the big government model, which socialists argue is what government should do to fulfill its role.

    Government can also be used to force private associations in the name of protecting the “rights” of others. A Christian taxpayer might be forced to fund entities they oppose, like Planned Parenthood (which receives around $500 million in tax dollars per year). This is the problem with open-ended nanny government; the individual freedom to associate is violated in the name of protecting the victim status of others.

    This comes from a “fluid interpretation” of the Constitution and the role of government that allows expansion to be rationalized. To put an end to this would require we “deplorables” to assert a literal and limited interpretation.

    True Free Markets

    The establishment has spent the better part of the past 30 years trying to convince the world that globalism is a natural extension of the free market. It’s not. The fact is, globalism is a system thrust upon the people, not an organic evolution of economics.

    True free market philosophy would dictate that if a model is destroying the wealth standards of a society, that society would naturally abandon it. If a model is elevating corporations, which are a product of government charter and are artificially supported by taxpayer dollars, then this is not conducive to real competition. If a model is allowing those same government chartered corporations to export jobs while destroying any chance for smaller competitors to fill the void through unfair taxation and other laws, then this creates economic instability. Without government intervention, globalism would not exist, because no society with a free market would naturally seek to destroy itself.

    The “deplorables” want the end of all welfare, including corporate welfare and the concept of the “too big to fail” company. We want the end of government intervention in business and special favors for corporate elites. We also want the end of central banking and fiat debt based currency. It’s funny, but the mainstream media constantly accuses us of seeking an unfair world, but we are actually the only group of people working for a level playing field.

    This concept terrifies progressives and corporate elites alike because without a socialist welfare system and special treatment for victim groups and companies, all success would then rely on merit. This means, they would have to work harder than most, or be smarter than most or be more naturally gifted than most in order to be more prosperous than most. Take a look at the millennials permeating the halls of universities today — those that espouse socialist ideals –and you will find yourself struggling to identify a single person with exceptional merit or work ethic.

    Take a look at all the banks and corporate monstrosities that should have collapsed eight years ago due to terrible business practices. Under a free market, they would be failures, and rightly so.

    As mentioned in my first article on the “deplorables,” these changes– which represent a redress of grievances over decades of American corruption –will not take place without years of struggle and sacrifice. Again, this is not about a Trump presidency or any other future election. This is about action on the part of regular men and women, average conservatives, everyday. This is about self sufficiency, localized economies, the return of individual producers, the refusal to comply with social justice-based laws and legislation, the return of community-based security rather than reliance on state and federal security, local efforts for border security, the punishment of criminal financial institutions, etc.; all of which will probably come at the cost of a fight with the establishment.

    While you are welcome to vote for whatever candidate you please, remember that central leadership is not the solution. Self leadership is the solution. We do not need a hero on a white horse. The future is in OUR hands. Only by the efforts of millions of liberty champions in large and small ways can America return to prosperity, and to freedom.

    This article was written by Brandon Smith and originally published at his Alt-Market.com site.


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      1. AMEN!

        • When we win, for a while we will spend many hours burning and burning bodies.

          • Yep! I have several brush piles ready to go for a big BBQ. Remember – BBQ ribs, beats an elbow tar tar..


      2. ” Donald Trump will be allowed into the White House” ?

        why and fir what purpose,if any ?

        “Economic harmonization is nothing more than a globalist phrase meaning the socialist redistribution of wealth”

        wealth is being redistributed and has been for the last several decades,ALL evidence shows a flow from the bottom to the very top

        and I’m afraid the “liberty movement” and or Tea Party was co-opted VERY early on
        when you saw the Koch brothers pouring millions into it you knew what was happening
        the movement is largely dead

        • I believe the real tea partiers ect. saw when co-opted by monied folks that they needed to stay small and keep it local,as folks should be with groups when it falls apart.Politically and on other fronts there will be a time to be national,but small/loosely organized wins local hearts and minds in politics and other endeavors,and,groups like this very hard to co-opt/stop.

        • The thing about those who like to call themselves Conservatives, is that they love to wrap themselves in the US Constitution, which is everybodies not just theirs. They love Massive National Debt and Love to keep the War machine busy and their barrels hot, for their biz interests and fascism at tax payers expense.


      3. While I agree I also know folks of same persuasion will not be left alone to live this way,folks that think this way have a hell of a fight on their hands!

      4. The last great gasp of angry white manistan….you mooks Crack me up.

        • Bang, remember that sound as it will be what you hear last.

          • You will be pissing your pants. Big talk, little do….

            • We will see. the shooting hasn’t started yet. You have no idea the amount of arms that will come out. You are going to die.

              • Menz,don’t waste your ammo!

                • WD no doubt! this one gets the bayonet.

        • Hi Silent,

          Thanks for coming on this site, you fascist H8TER hypocrite. I wouldn’t worry to much about being cracked up, seeing that it is you vile leftist who have cracked up the whole nation, making the whole country into a leftist Detroit that owes 19 trillion in debt, has massive numbers of students in $1 trillion of permadebt, and fraud like Hitlery the toast of her crony banksters and Goldmun Suchs.

          So, in sum, thanks for coming on! You remind me of Hitler – head of the national SOCIALIST Workers’party, crowing about how he had already won in 1943.

          You fascist leftists are hysterical. Thanks for putting your ignorance on display for the world.

          • Hitler through out the communists. The communists won . That’s what we have now.

          • you know dude
            you really REALLY REALLY need to read a book or two

            there are so many errors in your post
            I don’t know where to begin

            there are so many errors in so short a post
            reminds me of a clown car emptying out

            • Yeah, I really love how Menzo wants to kill me, too. These dumbass fucktards don’t know the basic differences and definitions of the words they fling about. If they had ever made it to 8th grade civics class they might have learned some of this. On the other hand, that theory is based on the assumption that they even had reading comprehension skills in the first place. The “Dumb Fuck” is really strong with Menzo and TEST.

              • The snowflake is butt-hurt.

              • FYI. If you liberal/progressive ideology types really believe you can destroy our freedoms and way of life without paying a high price yourselves is extremely delusional. You better learn how to fight.

                • Not a liberal progressive, not a snow flake. Just way smarter than a bunch of mooks like you and have actually been in some shit. Blowhard micropenis dipshit keyboard commandos like you will fold like an origami fan when shit really hits the fan. It simply amuses me to watch you idiots bluster and pontificate about things of which you know nothing. You call yourselves Patriots and true murikuns yet if you had to take the test LEGAL immigrants have to take to become citizens it is doubtful you could score 20%. So instead, to feel like a big man, you threaten to kill someone in an open forum. Really smart, dipshit……the hills have eyes.

                  • Then by all means come get some

                    • Oh please….grow the fuck up. And while you are at it get some treatment for your microcephaly.

                  • Silent Eyes

                    I took the test and scored a 94. Should have aced it.
                    Some of the questions asked had very little in common with US History or how our government works.

                    Example. Who is the President of the United States.

                    A Russian could pass the test and score higher than most Americans.

                    • Anon, you totally made my point. I would bet less than 5 posters on this board could even pass that test much less score decently on it.

                    • Silent Eyes.

                      The test is a fraud. Despite the difference in opinions, there are some smart people who post here.
                      The dialog can get out of hand at times.

                      Time is getting short.

                      “Battle lines being drawn,
                      Nobody’s right if everybody’s wrong”

                      Buffalo Springfield Band.

                  • I can’t believe the level of denial that scum like you live in. You don’t even know there is a shooting war almost upon us. And if you do, you believe that you will be protected by government goons. Its you that better grow the fuck up. Doesn’t matter if you are a man or woman or an it either. I’m extremely impressed by your exaggerated opinion of your intelligence. Typical of someone fixing to lose badly.

      5. I do agree that a President Trump cannot change everything you stated, however, he can at least give us some time to start taking our Nation back from the Globalist. We need a leader in charge that believes what you said or we will not stand a chance.

      6. I am happy to be a deplorable.

        • End,not sure I feel the same as you as I am “Deplorably Happy”!

        • Trump needs to ask Hillary to release the transcript of her Goldman Sucks speech. You know when she dissed all the little small people.

          -WWTI… And where she is getting her cabinet staff from a pool of GS employees if they back her.

        • At least we’re not deportables, like all the minions in the basket of the war goddess witch, HRC.

          • I wonder who the first ‘Miss Piggy’ was?

      7. We need to weave more rope and utilize more tall lamp posts, too.

        Remember, ‘It’s for the children’.

        • Gassing is more efficient!

      8. Herbert Marcuse, the lefty hero of yester year, popularized the “repressive tolerance” theory of modern progressives. “Liberating tolerance would mean intolerance against movements from the right and toleration of movements from the left,” Marcuse pontificated. “Certain things cannot be said, certain ideas cannot be expressed, certain policies cannot be proposed.”

        • TEST, ah yes, Herbert Marcuse, that icon of political correctness. May he burn in hell forever.

      9. Abortion is murder. It’s taking a life. In some cases, it makes sense. If the unborn is going to be mentally retarded, crippled, etc., some exceptions are logical. But abortion was never about preventing more basket cases from being born. It was to make room for people from Africa, the Middle East, and India. Soon, abortion laws will be reversed. And by the same people who put them there. They will point out that abortions are racist and target blacks. Margaret Sanger’s racist comments will be at the forefront of the debate.

        White people carrying deformed encephalitic babies will be financial and emotionally destroyed as they will be expected to care for their little freakazoids. Harsh but true. Additionally, TPTB will not want to interfere with the large families of sand dwellers and Canabals from Africa. Black Afro-Americans who mostly are mixed with Caucasan and Native American will get to find out what it means to be called Racist. We will be displaced and replaced by even more ignorant masses than the current bunch of fools.

        All this and more if we don’t deal with the problems facing us. Trump and Duke are a start. But we need more people willing to shoulder the hardships and responsibilities of activism, politics, law, and leadership.


        • B From CA. Agreed Abortion is murder. Anyone interested in helping to turn our Country away from this Holocaust can join a Life Chain which will take place on Sunday, Oct 2nd from 2:00PM to 3:30PM in most Location across the U.S. and Canada. For locations and times just check LifeChain.Net. Trekker Out. Defund Planned Parenthood!

        • Right on, B from CA. The shedding of innocent blood has defiled our Land and brought a curse on the people. The difference between the platforms of the Dems and the Repubs could not be more extreme. It is literally the difference between death and life.

      10. This article is Dead On! Damn, how could any man with half a brain not be pissed-off about this ass-backwards society that we are living it. Everything at this point seems like a bad dream, a satire, that continues to mock and defile man… make that -defile men by politically striping them of all their testosterone. The sorry son-of-a-bitches that play along with this bullshit have become eunuchs and are still harassed and ridiculed by gays and alpha-females that are totally lacking any moral compass. What a $%#@ing disgrace! The Chinese and Russians must be enjoying the hell out of our own genocide. The propaganda machine (MSM) is creating an anti-sodium pentothal titration of lies and the public’s addiction has turned from recreational use to total dependency. The moral decay of society has reached an exponential rate where there is now a universal denial of guilt where truth are lies and lies have become truth.
        Ten years ago I never would have imagined that our country would become so unbelievably $#@&ed-up in less than eight years.

      11. ” What she and the establishment are worried about are true conservatives”
        No Brandon , Hillary is worried about losing her money pipeline .
        She couldnt care less about this group or that , its all about money and control .Everyone is the same to a socialist , the conservative Texan is the same as Somali refugee , no difference to her , just more cattle to herd, more money to take , more control to apply .
        This is why the 2nd amendment is such a big deal to her , because she knows its not about hunting deer , she knows its about the people haveing the ability to stand up to the tyranical government that she envisions in her wet dreams.

        In her mind every US citizen is a deplorable , useless eater , servant of the government , sheep for slaughter.
        Dont you dare think freedom means anything but an EBT card !

        • You’re too naive to understand the point. Hillary is a puppet; she is middle management. Nothing more. She is doing what the globalists tell her to do. The entire purpose behind the elites allowing the Brexit vote as well as a Trump presidency (which will happen) is to set up conservative movements to be demonized. Money means NOTHING. Power for the elites requires opposition to be eliminated. WE are the only opposition left. Their target is us. Let’s not ignorantly simplify the issue down to “money”. They print the money.

      12. They’re going to do to trump what they did to Jessie Ventura. The republicrats will gang up and make him the equivalent of a lame duck. The bureaucracy likewise won’t effectively carry out orders. The “Your Fired” can’t be used. A false flag will steer him in the direction that TPTB desire.

        If the masses decide to vote out both Houses in great number and put in political unknowns essentially starting with a clean plate something positive on a limited scale might result.

        I’ll be happy with pro 2nd Amendment USSC justices filling the vacancies.


        • It’s frightening, but Obama has redefined the presidency and how it can be gamed.

          We are potentially entering the age of the dictator president. Obama has shown how a president can ignore the laws and constitution and do as he pleases.

      13. Guess we will do what we gotta do for the good of our children and grand children disreguarding our own well being and sacraficing ourselves to set things right

        • Exactly Godsoldier

      14. Time to return to sanity.

      15. God soldier. Will we sacrifice our lives for our children? Like our ancecters? We are greedy little bitches. We won’t sacrifice anything for anybody.until it gets dirty. Then Hellstorm .then we better get dirty. Beat your plow shares into swords. Sell your clothes to buy a sword.

      16. Why should we do anything? Just stand back and let them burn it and themselves up THEN, we rebuild the country the way it used to be w/o all the leaches/takers.

      17. The biggest thing is WE outnumber THEM.. the idiot-ocracy is doing everything it can to make everyone feel alone and helpless. We are not alone and when WE stand up and say “NO MORE” the globalist minority will freak out.. there are more guns and registered hunters in 4 states than the UN can bring to bear..
        Libtards go hide in your safe spaces and suck your thumbs while chanting black lies matter slogans… the real Americans will lift up the standard of freedom once again and kick some ass..

      18. Quit being a denialist. Face reality. The Rebublic is history. Its over. had a pretty good 200 year run but its over. There is not a political or ballot box solution. Its falling apart and most people don’t care one bit.

        • Second.

          Long, slow decline because the usa built itself up so greatly, but it’ll never return; especially as it was founded.

      19. Not going to be able to accomplish a damn thing if we don’t vote this November.

        • So we vote? And we elect the slightly lesser evil. still didn’t accomplish a damm thing. If trumps elected he aint gonna do anything.

          • As long as 1 person is left on this planet who knows about the Constitution and what liberty is or was the Dream of America will never die..i home school my children and they can quote the constitution and debate its faults and advantages along with the Gettysburg address and a large part of the federalist papers.. have hard copies of all and a lot more…
            The future is uncertain but i’ve done what i can to prepare my children for what may lie ahead..

          • You can quit and be a whiner about it, or you can try.

      20. The thing that makes me sad about this is the fact that it’s never happened.

        You can say all you want about the failures of Socialism and Communism (and you’d be exactly right).

        And how come they’re so prevalent then? If this works, in theory at least SOME of them should never get off the ground.

        Sigh humans…

      21. OG
        It’s more like TPTB won’t let Trump do anything. I’ve come to the conclusion that everything is a sham and we the people are going to have to learn to deal with it.

        The debate was rigged and so will the ballot box. Glad I’m on the mountain, we are snug, well fed, and safe, what more could a girl ask for?

        • Hen your correct. Yes Obamas policys are not challenged because they are part of the Plan. Agenda 21, and the NWO endorses everything Obama does. Trump would meet obstacles on anything not approved by The Powers That Be. The only hope is when the race war Begins the White race has a leader. David Duke is smarter more aware of what the real problem is and what is necessary. Ask anyone has things got better for the blacks since the Equal rights act was passed in the 60,s. And look at the white race today. Parasitic Land wales living on food stamps & government dole. Most couldn’t do a hard days labor. And lots of them have college degrees and will never produce nothing but more lazy Land Wale White wiggers or mixed race misfits. Hillary got that partly right there are deplorables. However they are not supporting Trump they are supporting her. I think We are now on the cusp of world wide change. Its the end of an age. Im very Skeptical about Nibiru. However you don’t need to be a tin foil hat wearing certified looney to know something is up with the planet. And its isn’t caused by or can be mitigated by man. I recommend being at high elevation at least 700 feet.

          • We have WWIII with Russia looming, trade agreements that have eviscerated US manufacturing and your focused on race issues as a solution? The problem is “We The People” don’t politically control that we’re Constitutionally supposed to control. A Princeton study was done that proved what everyone has felt.

            • Kevin. the main reason we have the problems is a race issue. The Muzzies, latinos and blacks all combined are a real quagmire. They all come here from shithole third world places. And they don’t produce, build and invent like the Immigrants of the 1800,s and earlier did. They all go on the dole. By and large they are taking parasites. They are turning the USA into a shit hole like where the came from. They will continue to vote money from the already empty public coffers. We are at the same crossroads the 1800,s plains indian was when the first wagon train trundled across the plains. Our way of life & our very existence is threatened with extinction. The boomer generation is all we have. And we are old and dying off. I went to a friends funeral yesterday. 69 was a producer and a good rifle shot. heart attack. Maybe the only chance the white americans of European decent is that Russia can be the new bully on the block. Possibly HICKS NIBIRU?

        • OG

          “The debate was rigged and so will the ballot box.”

          They can rig a close election but not one with significant Trump support. In event of a Trump Presidency they’ll put political mine fields and and mines between him and real change. He has one “Trump Card” that no other President was fully used; the bully pulpit. He can and probably will call out, specifically name Senators and Congressmen that are blocking change that has significant grass roots support. Generally that is considered burning bridges but he has no bridges to begin with other than that built by The People.


        By Stephen Goodson

        With the banishment of the moneylenders and the abolition of usury, there were hardly any taxes to pay and no state debt, as the interest-free tally stick was used for government expenditures. England now enjoyed a period of unparalleled growth and prosperity. The average laborer worked only 14 weeks a year and enjoyed 160 to 180 holidays.

        According to Lord Leverhulme, a writer of that time:

        “The men of the 15th century were very well paid,” in fact so well paid that the purchasing power of their wages and their standard of living would only be exceeded in the late 19th century. A laborer could provide all the necessities his family required. They were well clothed in good woolen cloth and had plenty of meat and bread.

        Houston Stewart Chamberlain, the Anglo-German philosopher, confirms these living conditions in his The Foundations of the XIXth Century.

        ….”In the 13th century, when the Teutonic races began to build their new world, the agriculturist over nearly the whole of Europe was a freer man, with a more assured existence than he is today; copyhold was the rule, so that England , for example – today a seat of landlordism – was even in the 15th century almost entirely in the hands of thousands of farmers, who were not only legal owners of their land, but possessed in addition far-reaching free rights to common pastures and woodlands.”

        During their spare hours many craftsmen volunteered their skills in building some of England’s magnificent cathedrals, which reinforces one of the basic tenets of Western civilization that without leisure time, the fostering of culture is not possible.

        George Macauley Trevelyan, the English social historian, describes these accomplishments as follows:

        ….”The continuous but ever-moving tradition of ecclesiastical architecture still proceeded on its majestic way, filling England with towering forest of masonry of which the beauty and grandeur have never been rivaled either by the Ancients or the Moderns.

        In the newer churches the light no longer crept but flooded in, through the stained glass, of which the secret is today even more completely lost than the magic of the architecture.”

      23. BRANDON FOR PRESIDENT!!!!! Love it, Especially the sections on Language policing and “victim groups”. The PC turds only have the power over us IF WE LET THEM!

      24. Stop allowing the jewish bankers to bribe you politicians and hold them to account for 9/11 and hang any member of Congress who commits treason

        Carry on going with all these wars for Israel and the bankers and someone else will have to do the job for you and yes I am talking nukes.

        • Mr Smith Just how pray tell are we supposed to accomplish that task? We are aware of the problem. Its a viable solution that we don’t know.

      25. Sorry, to the author but IT IS OVER FOR THE USA !

        Texas is going to flip to democrat in 2020 or 2024 at the latest and now that the democrat party is firmly set to be socialists which will increase every year because most every immigrant coming in is from a scoialist country and is used to being ruled by a socialist, the decline into socialism or communism will only increase.

        It not trump or the gop’s fault, this has been trending since the 1965 immigration act; just a matter of time. Get used to being Canada south or England west, that’s where the usa is headed.

        • Lena Is correct. You know the plains Indians where armed. where superior warriors and had the Know How. The US army recruited immigrant troops from foreign lands to kill them off. Sadly history is repeting itself.

        • Lena Is correct. You know the plains Indians where armed. where superior warriors and had the Know How. The US army recruited immigrant troops from foreign lands to kill them off. Sadly history is repeting itself.

      26. So,
        I’m a deplorable infidel

        Fine with me , fits my character well … Would you really want to stand toe to toe with someone who takes those names as a badge of honor?

        Bring it pansies

        • Rebel they don’t stand toe to toe with anyone. Its all done deceitfully. the equalvent of back shooting.The presidents are simply puppets. If trump is elected they will effecticely Hamstring him.

      27. World War 3 has All ready began And All you YoYo’s think Us Deplorable’s Are Going to Have a Say in what Comes Next ALOL

      28. Great ideas in this article but it ignores the elephant in the room. 49-51% of our population now depends on government assistance in some form or another to survive. NONE OF THE THINGS IN THIS ARTICLE ARE EVER GONNA HAPPEN. The “deplorables” are out numbered, they can no longer control the nations destiny at the ballot box. As a whole they oppose the ideas of a NWO, meaning they will NOT have the support of the 1% who control the money and the military. So how do any of these pipe dreams become a reality, there is only ONE way and it ain’t pretty. We accomplished something similar in 1776, dut the forces we defeated were like ants compared to the vast power and technological might we would face today. The ONLY chance I see is some sort of TEOTWAWKI event leveling the playing field. Very pessimistic adout our future, may just hang out on my farm and ride out the fall of freedom and hope my sons can sort it all out at some future date when perhaps TPTB hubris trips them up. And all you folks that think TRUMP is gonna win ,dream on

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