What Prices Look Like Before and After A Mandatory Minimum Wage Increase

by | Jan 4, 2015 | Headline News | 293 comments

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    Minimum wage workers in 19 states are bringing in 2015 with expectations that they’ll make more money this year than last. While the recent pay bump will no doubt lead to higher income, what many who supported wage hikes like Seattle’s $15 per hour minimum fail to consider is where that money comes from.

    And no, it’s not going to be printed and distributed by the government (at least not at first).

    It turns out that when you mandate wage increases for employees, said increase in compensation is actually paid for by the employer. As we noted in Stupidity Has a Price, that means one of three options:

    Businesses in the area just saw a massive increase in their labor costs (and let’s not even mention new Obamacare health insurance requirements and taxes). There are really just three possible solutions here:

    1) Businesses will be forced to raise prices, which will essentially wipe out the benefit of any wage increase because while employees may make more money they’re now paying more for the same goods.

    2) Businesses will have to cut back hours. If you force a business to pay 50% more per hour per employee and consider how much money that is, many will have no choice but to cut back hours, which effectively leaves the employee making the same amount of money.

    3) Businesses will have to let people go. It’s simple. If their revenue stays the same but their labor costs go up a business has no choice but to consolidate its work force.

    The effects have already started appearing. What this boils down to is a basic game of arithmetic. If a business has to pay more for labor, they will subsequently push those costs onto consumers (and many of those consumers turn out to be the very people whose rising wages are responsible for the rising costs).

    This may be hard to believe for those who blame America’s poverty levels and low wages on the private sector as opposed to the disastrous policies of our central bankers and government leadership, but it’s true. An analysis from The Heritage Foundation found that Seattle’s minimum wage hike will lead to across-the-board price increases with fast food chain customers set to see a whopping 38% increase in the cost of their super sized mega meals.

    A visual from The Daily Signal sums it up and finally explains why we can’t just force businesses to raise everyone’s wage to $100 per hour:


    One unforeseen problem is that many of the workers who will see a wage increase may be pushed into a higher income bracket causing them to lose access to public services like Electronic Benefits Transfer or other income assistance programs.

    And for those on EBT or other social services that help them pay for the bare essentials and make ends meet, they are about to see price increases in food, clothing and everything else as businesses move to offset increased labor costs.

    But no need to panic, because even though the government created these problems there is absolutely no doubt that as soon as people start complaining about not being able to afford their living expenses our elected officials will find a way to finally, once and for all, end the war on poverty.


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      1. michelle

        good thing I don’t eat fast food?

        But… it’s gonna be … everything??

        and people who were making more than minimum wage…probably won’t be getting as big of a raise… if any…

        • admin

          Exactly… which leads to impoverishment across the board!

          Those who make minimum wage see no difference in the end. Those who make above minimum wage see their wages buy less.


          • the renegade braveheart

            Mac, spot on comments. I’ve been at minimum wage before back in the 80s and it’s no picnic, believe me. At one point in the late 80s, I was working 2 minimum wage jobs to make ends meet. I lost a helluva lot of sleep during that time frame, but I survived it. So, yes, I can relate to what people go through making nothing more than minimum wage to survive. Been there. done that, survived it. Sometimes I wish I could forget it. In 1991, I started getting more hours at my primary job and a little extra money, so I let the 2nd job go, and things have gradually improved for me ever since. I improved my work skills and worked my way up the ladder to a senior management position where I’m at today. I’ve stayed with the same company since 1982, going on 33 years. Not bad for a steady work history. I keep my nose to the grindstone and work for what I want. I go the extra mile for the people at my company. That’s how a person gets above minimum wage. It doesn’t happen overnight. It takes years of keeping at it, busting your rear end, having the right kind of attitude, etc. I won’t say it’s easy because it’s really not. It is tough all around but the day will come when things start looking up for you. That’s the way it’s always been. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

            • Man on the inside

              Did exactly the same thing BV and picked up two pensions in the process. Now I live in a small town, buy local (it is actually cheaper and better), grow a bunch of my own food, have a good job and a small business. Couple that with s small note on the house, off grid power, and I am laughing my butt of on all of these antics. Let them drowned under their own weight with all of this stuff. “Who is John Galt”. PRAY, PLAN, PREP, FORM TEAMS.

              • Po Rich

                Thats all good but it’s not 1960s 70’s or 80’s anymore…
                things are very different, what do you think your odds for similar success would be if you started your work life today???
                If one was thankful for having opportunities to make the best of, I wonder why there is such bitterness towards those who simply did not have as many opportunities available. You yourself would probably be “on the take” if there were very few things left to make (small business and mfg in America just about gone). There is very little “step one to step…etc” left. There is far less opportunity to learn a trade or a useful skill.
                Maybe if you figure that out you might be even happier. If you realize that if you don’t wish to have compassion for others, you are still just wasting your time and producing nothing by feeling “so superior”….and aggravated.

                • durango kidd

                  After a stint at a paper route, odd jobs like shoveling snow and washing cars, my first real job was as a garbage man for the local Parks & Recreation during the summers at 16 years old.

                  It was a dollar and a quarter an hour, which was minimum wage at the time, and “all you could eat”. Not much pay but the fringe benefits …. yummy!!! LMAO!!! 🙂

                  If you have to work at minimum wage, the fast food restaurants usually include a meal for your shift if I am not mistaken.

                  Robots are coming for every menial job and for those which are not so menial; so if you want a job in the new economy, better run for office. Engage!!! 🙂

                  • Shithead (Shi-theed)

                    At $15/hr, its not hard to envision burgers being made by machines. Instead of McD’s having 15 employees per shift, I can see it being reduced to 1 or 2.

                • mad irishman

                  There is a small idiosyncracy to many here that you need to know before posting….but will never understand, well maybe never?

                  We crab about any and everything wrong here, in this country and out. But when we talk about “the least among you” we have the least amount of compassion and forgiveness. When we talk about the corporations, banks, elite, government, pseudo authority figures and their abuses…..most here seem to have Stockholm Syndrome.

                  Idiosyncracy or controlled opposition through years of propaganda conditioning and mind control? If you want a good example of the latter, turn on Fox News or MSNBC.

                  • NetRanger

                    I am not sure I would call it Stockholm Syndrome. The result is the same but I think its due to Normalcy Bias with an unhealthy dose of Cognitive Dissonance.

                    (…whereas Stockholm Syndrome is 100% CD driven.)


                    • NetRanger

                      Hehehe. Let call it FlagWavers Syndrome. Its all the same thing, really, just different levels of brainwashing and pain coupled with too many years of public schooling.

                  • Anonymous

                    No compassion for laziness

                    • BJ

                      So everyone making minimum wage is lazy?

                • the renegade braveheart

                  Po Rich, I understand your points and know all too well from where you speak. Been there and done that and survived it all. I’ve seen all the changes take place myself over the years with growing alarm. I’ve seen how the generations since then have been dumbed-down by the public schools and not even raised right by the so-called parents. It’s not about feeling superior; it’s about doing things right, the old-fashioned way, the way I was raised, and I won’t apologize for that. I know all too well if I had to start adult life today things would be the exact opposite of what I went through in the old days. So your points are well-taken by me. Take care.

                  • Po Rich

                    Thank you very much for your courteous words!
                    I appreciate everything you have said in the reply and never thought for an apology, you have certainly done me no harm.
                    Yes, doing things right is the sure and simple solution to the task at hand, and what comes from that is never less than satisfactory. Unfortunately, even that has become more difficult to do for those who are not self employed, due in brief to the rise of credential-ism, and “scripting” in the workplace. Seems just about everyone who wants to keep their job does “the wrong thing” when it is called for as “right”. A creeping systemic disease on the individual spirit. Act otherwise and you wind up like….Po Rich, who can’t afford to pack up and move to Narnia. (been to Shangri La, but didn’t like the food)
                    As Net Ranger pointed out above, we sometimes get angry at the victims,rather than the cause, yes the flag waver syndrome, American Governance right or wrong and “magic bullet proof cookies and made in China yellow ribbons for the troops, instead of fighting to bring them out of harm’s way. I love my country, but I do not love it’s government, and what it has done to our country, and the world (for decade upon decade).
                    Sad the dumbing down etc., but I do meet quite a few younger people who do seem a bit on the ball and do have more than a clue. If the opportunities came back, the nation just might.
                    Used to get angry about numbskulls and takers, then just tried to remember that all that money stolen from us is still better wasted here, then shipped off to do God Knows What!!
                    Well, maybe I write so long in response to my 8 thumbs down, I only wish you…all the best

                    • Bernadette O'Shaughnessy

                      Po Rich- Hi! Some things still work and some don’t. I am a 70+year old great-grandmother, college-educated and still surviving-even with husband dying from fatal illness. NEVER TRUST THE RICH BASTARDS! There is more to life than money! Find something that matters a lot to you and do it! Learn to build musical instruments, go to clown school, be a gourmet cook! Study anything related to the medical field,etc. Go to work where you can design a schedule that pays most of your living expense. Do something on the side you LOVE! Try to get into something that doesn’t require you being hired or fired! Go out on your own. Farming is ideal! So is a medical practice, a good restaurant, a service of some kind,etc. Make sure that if you lost one of your jobs, you could survive!CUT EXPENSES! Share costs! Always keep your ear to the ground regarding the government.

                  • Elder Statesman

                    The first time I heard a so called parent say ” If you dont stop it right now you will go in the time out chair! Thats enough to make anyone sick. The problem is kids dont fear their parents the parents fear them. All my parents had to do was give me the look which worked most of the time, and when that didnt work a swift kick did the trick.

                • Anonymous

                  Po Rich

                  An extremely thoughtful comment you’ve made which really rings true. However, it is wasted on braveheart. He doesn’t have the mental capacity to comprehend the logic, he’s also still convinced it’s the same as it was in the sixties. He’s too far gone in his own little world for any reason to reach.

                  • the renegade braveheart

                    Anonymous troll, if you would stop being so ignorant and read my response to Po Rich, you wouldn’t have made such a stupid post. I understood his post perfectly well and never even questioned anything he was saying. You’re the one who is too far gone. You just put your foot into your big, stupid troll mouth. Read my post first before you make any comment, idiot.

                    • Anonymous


                      I admit I posted my response too late. Yes, you did appreciate his comments and I admit I’m in the wrong here. I don’t have a problem admitting my errors, I won’t try to baffle “em with bullshit by saying nonsense like ” nothing contradictory here” or ” you misunderstood my comments” so yes , this time I’m wrong. But before you go jumping up and down for joy, don’t forget your tally of stupidity posted on this board far outweighs anything that plus a dozen other posters will ever do.

                  • Anonymous

                    In the middle to late 1990’s I put myself through college working two jobs. After that, I put myself through law school as well. I had to do it all because my parents were not rich – they were barely scraping by. If I wanted more than minimum wage jobs, I had to get an education. And that’s exactly what I did.

                    I never demanded that I make more than minimum wage during that time – I figured if I wanted to make more money it was always on ME to make that happen. I never assumed nor relied on the government to help me. People now-a-days have this severe entitlement streak, like society owes them juse because they breathe and have a pulse. It makes me ill.

                    Having compassion for someone does not mean you give them a handout whenever they demand it. That will only foster entitlement and a dependance on the “Man”.

                    • shropster

                      Reading through the above posts is once again the reminder that “we’re not in Kansas anymore”.
                      When I was too young to work for an hourly wage, I walked racehorses to cool down after their race (groomers farmed out that job to kids as they didn’t like getting stepped on), picked cotton (only for an afternoon, with a new-found respect for those that had to do it to live), caddied (imagine a 5′ doing 18 holes in Phoenix during August), etc.
                      Family situation – single parent, with no government aid in the early 50s.
                      I do feel that I was blessed to come of age in the 50s, the best decade ever to be young.

                    • Bernadette O'Shaughnessy

                      Anonymous-You have the right idea! What gets me is this:
                      People who think they MUST have a law degree from Harvard or an MD from Johns Hopkins,etc. As long as your school is licensed or accredited, who cares? Compare law school costs at your local state university with the annual $40K bill at Harvard. The Harvard degree may get you some attention initially, but after a few years, what gets you the best job is YOU getting RESULTS! Ditto with medicine, teaching, nursing, or whatever. Is the cost of a medical technology degree daunting for you? O.K. Try becoming a med lab tech first. Earn some money and then go on from there! You are in the same field and getting experience to boot! Same with pharmacy tech, dental hygiene, LPN,etc. Technicians make good money. Shoot for that first and the rest can come at a slower pace.Also, if you are really ‘strapped’ look for short-courses at hospitals and legal practices. Someone has to run the EKG machinery, do the phlebotomy, pick up legal records,,etc. If you lower your sites a bit, like becoming a med lab tech instead of becoming a pathologist, you may not feel so ‘put-upon’ and deprived.

                    • the renegade braveheart

                      You sound like a good anonymous. good post.

                    • Anonymous


                      You sound like an idiot, like all your posts.

                  • Shithead (Shi-theed)

                    There’s still no free lunch. PO Rich sounds like he is one of the college grads who has been convinced that because he warmed a seat on a college campus, somebody OWES him a high paying job. DK extolls the value of a college education, but I doubt if he thinks it entitles the grad to ANYTHING.

                    • Po Rich

                      No, not me, never even been to troll shcool!
                      Would be fun but I’ve got to go do something or other productive. Bye

                    • shropster

                      After your post, I think an alternative pronunciation to your avatar is more appropriate.

                  • Po Rich

                    Thanks, but maybe you underestimate him.
                    I don’t post much, but read a lot (too much maybe)and marvel at how easy it is for others to trash others in entirety, based on a few simple statements. That’s another story.
                    Of course I love it when it is very funny, wit to appreciate, even if the joke on me, but maybe z hedge is better for that!

                • Man on the inside

                  My odds today would been no different. All of my kids (in their twenties) are doing very well. I did not let them make excuses and taught them how to succeed. I know of a company in my area that can’t find qualified help for money starting at 15-16 bucks with potential to 28 bucks an hour. The jobs are there if you know where to look and what training to get. No one on this website if they are true to the stated values here should have any problem making it. If you do (except for big life events) you are not listening to some of the wise advice given here. If you are worried about making it….. Pray, weigh your options, get the right training, cowboy up and grow a pair and drive forward.

                • Rebel in Idaho


                  Our 15yo daughter just got her first job a few months ago working the spud harvest (that’s what people call potatoes here in Idaho). Not only did she learn the value of 12 hour days, six days a week, for three weeks doing hard labor, she was seriously upset that she only got a thousand something dollars instead of $2000 like she was expecting. Taxes suck huh?

                  I told her ahead of time that if I heard anything other than she was the hardest working employee they had she would be really sorry. She did us proud and they asked her to stay on an extra week and have already asked her to come back next year. The funny thing was that one of my mexican coworkers’ son quit after 10 days because it was too hard. I really laughed that a 17yo mexican boy got out worked by a 102 pound 15yo white girl.

                  To Po Rich’s complaint: not only did my teenager make pretty decent money, she now has a really good reference and future work if she wants. When a big well known farmer around here will vouch that you’re hardworking and reliable it opens a lot of doors. She asked me if I was going to make her do it again or if I would let her take a job that used her brain more instead. Imagine being 15yo and more than 1 job option (you can drive here at 15 and 1/2) above minimum wage.

                  She’s going to continue as a ballet instructor over winter (slightly more than minimum wage but she loves it) and evaluate another job and/or more farm animals in the spring. The kids are getting $2 per dozen for eggs, $7 per gallon for milk (raw, organic, from grass fed jerseys) and we just slaughtered the sheep for roughly triple our investment in the best tasting lamb ever.

                  Sometimes it’s better to be an entrepreneur than an employee though the risk is higher. Either way she will have options and very well might get a job, or two, and continue her side business with her siblings.

                  They key to all this is working really hard to convince your first employer that you are reliable and will work harder than anyone they’ve ever met any time any day. My first employer at 16yo was Arbys, who vouched for me after a year so I could move up to a full time slot cooking pizza at another fast food place. Nobody has ever offered or given me anything. I’ve earned it and it’s pleasing to see our kids doing it too.

                  • truth

                    The price of fast food went fom petty dining to fine dining ,its like from the mvie Demolition Man wear Sylvester Stalone goes out to eat at a fine dining restaurant ,and the restaurant was TACO BELL,wow do see the price of a 3 taco combo!

                • Shithead (Shi-theed)

                  You mean we don’t need plumbers or electricians anymore? You can make a pretty good living as a handyman doing things like cleaning gutters, unstopping sinks, painting, ect.

                  OH, I forgot, there are apps for all that now.

                  • buttcrackofdoom

                    shithead …YES, there ARE apps for those now…the “apps” are do it yerself youtubes, aka, DIY’s…thanks to the internet, there’s NOTHING you can’t know. yup, we still NEED those trades workers, but i can tell you MY car-repair business is WAY down from the old days, and i know for a FACT lots of people fix their OWN cars now, that wouldn’t have in the old days. for TWO reasons, the money isn’t there anymore(middle class decimated by obamacare, among others), and the DIY videos online….you can replace a timing belt/water pump….clutch….tune-up….you name it, and there’s an “app”/youtube for it. welcome to the 21st century….until we get sent back to the 19th century, eventually.

                    • sixpack

                      I was fixing my own cars, before it became fashionable. I prefer older models, because if I can’t fix it myself, I don’t care to own it.

              • Rebel judes

                Hey Man on the Inside…..I totally agree. When you say “form teams”….are you talking about like-minded folks living in close proximity preparing for what’s coming?? I would like to know more about how you achieved small town, buying local, living off-grid, etc. We want to do that too, just having some conflicts on where (what state)to go. So many rules, regs, and issues with where to live off-grid and not be bothered, what can and can’t be built on property, just stuff…..anyway, if you reply that would be great help…

            • Kevin2

              The problem is one cannot compare “then” (pre Free Trade impact) to “now” (post Free Trade impact). The, “I put my nose to the grindstone”, is nobel but it works with diminishing returns as the percentage of minimum wage jobs is increasing. If 40% of the jobs pay minimum wage then 40% of the workforce will receive minimum wage.

              You cannot turn water into wine. By extension you cannot logically pay a burger flipper the wage in a higher profit real industry such as manufacturing and the like. By the same token you cannot retain and expand your industrial job base by removing tariffs with the slave labor paying developing world devoid of any civilized safety, environments and worker compensation.

              As Joe Louis said, “You can run but you can’t hide”. Little by little and sometimes in big bites the overall true standard of living separated from its debt fueled coating is dropping.

              • Rebel in Idaho

                I partly agree. While it’s true that many higher paying jobs aren’t around anymore, there are still plenty of opportunities. The key is to spend less than you make and save the difference.
                I started with really crappy minimum wage jobs, shared really crappy apartments with roommates, bought my clothes at the thrift store (I still do), and drove old beat up paid for cars or walked (3 years without a car or bicycle). I’m only 40 now and I didn’t buy a television until I was 25 and didn’t have cable, a cell phone, or the internet until I was 30. People thought I was crazy. They would come over to my apartment and quickly ask “where’s your tv?” fully expecting me to say I was just robbed or something. The idea of not having a tv, or video games, or any electronics is too much for most.
                All that time I was saving, working, saving, and investing. My dad jokes I will catch up on all the sleep I’ve missed the first year I’m dead.

                The point is that you can make more than you spend, even today, it’s just that most people aren’t willing to live like that and save.

                • Kevin2

                  “While it’s true that many higher paying jobs aren’t around anymore, there are still plenty of opportunities.”

                  One must rephrase. If their aren’t as many (and thats an understatement) high paying jobs then their isn’t plenty of opportunities. Yes their are opportunities but the trend is continuing downward. If a manufacturing plant opens creating 500 jobs more were lost in the same time frame that paid more too. Debt falsely propped up the economy but is unsustainable.

                  Regardless people go ballistic at the thought of raising the minimum wage and still have not collectively focused on both the evisceration of wealth creating manufacturing and the de-regulation of the financial sector allowing the fox to guard the chicken coup. Its almost like a collective Stockholm Syndrome has psychologically taken over the captive population.

                  • Kevin2

                    Oh everything is relevant too. If through inflation and wages either dropping or not raising with it one who lost 20% of their purchasing power is doing real well compared to one that lost 40%.

                    The frog is boiled oh so slowly that the body politic fails to notice.

            • Kevin2

              the renegade braveheart

              Unfortunately vast areas of the US are now the rust belt. Countless workers did exactly what you did but you were lucky as I was and the facility never closed and moved overseas.

              The tried and true method one used pre Free Trade has less opportunities post Free Trade. Once upon a time you methodically climbed every rung on the ladder. Today some ladders have no rung above you. Some ladders push off the climbers and send the ladder to China while others are mere step stools.

              • the renegade braveheart

                Kevin2, everything you say is sad but true. That’s just the way I was raised, putting my nose to the grindstone, and that’s what I’ll do until I drop dead. I’d rather be dead then to turn into what these kids are today.

                • Man on the inside

                  When my jo faded I got taining and moved….. I grew a pair keptmy ose to the grind stoneand took care of my family.

                • Kevin2

                  I was raised the same way having started “working” at about the same time I could tie my shoes. By 14 I did 5 lawns for pay on top of home. Washed trucks at a 76 Truck Stop, remodeled apartments at 16, helped build a very expensive home at 18 and then hit the ground running before turning 19 in first the Chemical Industry then Oil Refining. Those were “Real Jobs” with real opportunity.

                  The last two Chemical & Refining are now either gone or extremely small in number that its unwise to even consider them. The “kids” have to pretty much focus on Medicine which is a service not a wealth creator and Finance with is really part of the problem. Service trades (electrician, plumber, auto repair) hold some promise but without industrial wealth generation they are at best a stopgap.

            • km

              Your grind stone, will wind up being your tomb stone! They will be dipping into people’s pensions and retirement soon!

              • Shithead (Shi-theed)

                MYra to the rescue!!!!!!

            • Pissed Off Granny


              Great, true post. I wish you the best in the New Year.

              • the renegade braveheart

                Howdy, POG. I wish you the best also. I have 2 new trolls attacking me. Looks like I’m starting the New Year off just right.

                • Anonymous


                  Try drying the tears from your eyes long enough to reference comment ID 3305642.

                  • the renegade braveheart

                    Troll I never cry over anything and especially not crying over a POS toll like you, so go f#$% yourself.

                    • Anonymous


                      It’s obvious you have as much courage as your chicken stuffer buddies pog and sgt dale. You’ve run away from the facts put forth to you and hurl insults like an 8 year old girl, which is what I REALLY have come to think of you as. I’ve challenged you to respond to my comment and you are only able to throw a childish tantrum, which, by the way, you’re EXTREMELY adept at! But then again, you would be with the mind of a 10 year old so I can’t expect an adult response from you like I would from any normal person. The trio of you, pog, and dale form the perfect trifecta of ignorance and cowardice, so just keep running away when the facts interrupt your childish little fantasy worlds.

                • Pissed Off Granny


                  One of them, talking you, also stalks me all the time. No problem, Israeli Talkbackers don’t get paid unless they are attacking posters who tell truth.

                  Want to remember that any poster, at any time, can have different screen names, and I believe one of your shadows are doing that very thing.

                  • the renegade braveheart

                    Granny, I just LOVE trolls. [I’M BEING FACETIOUS.]

                  • Anonymous


                    The only thing people need to do is go back and read your comment history from the Jan 1st article of this year. It CLEARLY shows your method of argument, which is nothing but hit and run, and then cry to everybody oh wah wah, I’m being ” stalked”. Whenever you can’t answer a post with facts you run away from the conversation, only to surface a few articles down the road with more phony religious BS. What Nazi group is signing YOUR paychecks granny? You’re familiar with trolls because you’re being paid to be one, like your SS hero condor

                    • the renegade braveheart

                      Anonymous troll, you back off from Granny.

                  • the renegade braveheart

                    Anonymous troll, I never run away from facts, I state facts in my posts, mofo. YOU’RE the one who is a f#$%in liar on here, you and your buddy mean gene. What I challenge is the propaganda put out by you and other trolls on this site. I’m full of credibility regardless of what you think. You and gene both go f#$% yourselves!

                    • Anonymous


                      For all your bluff, bravado, and B.S., WHY do you continue to avoid addressing my comment # 3305642? you know, the longer you avoid it, the worse you look like an idiot who’s incapable of an intelligent response. Really, look at your latest effort, MOFO? Like I’ve previously stated, you have the mind of an 8 year old child, better go get your milk and cookies from your mommy, it’s almost your bedtime here little boy.

            • KYBOY

              We have a few people working on our farm. I have found that most people working for ,minimum wage are not worth more.

              • Rebel in Idaho

                Here too; most are worth less.

          • Skiman

            So very true Mac. That is the intention of this administration…. to completely wipe out the middle class. Easier to rule as King when all you have is peasants left!

          • GMAFB

            You might be a redneck if…you think “fast food” is hitting a possum at 65 miles an hour.

            Jeff Foxworthy
            (1958 – ) stand-up comedian & television personality

            Same shit, new day.

            • Shithead (Shi-theed)

              You might be a redneck if your car has a two-tonre paint job and one of the colors is ‘red oxide’.

          • vtfree2

            MORE BANDAIDS

            Another sign that this system is not sustainable.
            Which will lead to the downfall of the corporate controlled economy.

          • David

            People miss the point with the minimum wage. There’s no doubt about the economics. The real question is this however –

            Should I be able to negotiate a private employment contract at any rate that is mutually beneficial?

            In other words, let’s say the government mandated minimum wage is $15 per hour. What if I am willing to work for $10 per hour? Would it be a criminal act for me to accept a job paying under the minimum wage and a criminal act for an employer to pay me less than the minimum wage?

            Here’s a real world example:

            Let’s say a shop owner wanted to make his life just a little bit easier by hiring some kid, eager to make some cash, to sweep his floors and otherwise keeps things straightened up over his shift. He can only afford to pay him $5 an hour. The kid has never had a job and judges that working for the shop is his best option to make some cash and develop some skills and a work ethic. So the shop owner and the kid (with his parents blessing) agree on $5 an hour. With a minimum wage of $7.25, this arrangement is illegal. As such, those who support a minimum wage should be willing to employ violence against either the shop owner or the kid in order to keep them from their business. Are you willing to employ violence yourself against either of these peaceful individuals? If so, you should be ashamed. Neither deserve violence. Their actions are peaceable and agreeable. A minimum wage is an act of violence against peaceful individuals.

            • Rebel in Idaho

              Absolutely correct. Furthermore, these low wage jobs aren’t dead end jobs, they are entry level positions. These entry level positions are your opportunity to establish your reliability, learn something about the job (imagine how well off you would be if you just learned what the person employing you knew about your job), and hopefully get a good reference.

              These jobs are just a stepping stone to better ones and certainly not meant to raise a family as the primary income earner. If you start a family before you have full time employment, a paid for car, and $10000 in cash you have made a serious error in judgement and will have to work extremely hard to not live paycheck to paycheck the rest of your life.

            • David

              One more point that is over the head of most people who are advocating for a raise in the minimum wage:

              Why does it have to be raised constantly? It has to be raised in order to keep pace with inflation. Inflation brought about having a debt based monetary system and fractional reserve banking. The government of the US and its central bank constantly and persistently debases the currency which neuters the purchasing power of many and specifically those with lower income levels.

              Of course if you talk to most people about fractional reserve banking they have that “deer in the headlights” look. The bottom line is that if the government mandated minimum wage is raised to $15 per hour soon that will not be enough and it will have to be raised to $25….then $50…then $100 just to keep pace with every increasing inflation brought about by depraved banking practices.

            • Ken

              Great point David. It shines a big spotlight on the real problem. Liberalism and an overbearing criminal Government. Spot on.

            • sixpack

              Remember David, the entire plan rests on the govt taking away our freedom to choose for ourselves. We can no longer “choose” to work for a certain wage, because THE LAW now decides what wage we can work for. They decide who we have to hire first. They decide what/now much we are allowed to expect an employee to do for their wages.

              This “minimum wage” thing is just one more method of complete control of the people. IMO, THEY WILL OUTLAW PRIVATE WORK, DONE UNDER THE TABLE. They can’t control or tax that. Even babysitting will be regulated before long.

              Expect it.

          • db427

            something is up with your site, tried a few times today to log in, and kept directing me to “Go Daddy” website, and was telling me shtfplan.com was available to rent for 14.95 a month. very strange, and I know I am not the only person this happened to. is your amount of people checking out your site dramatically lower today than usual?
            just a heads up.

          • Seattle man

            I own 5 retail stores in seattle. I employee 132 people. I pay 10/hr & 12/hr. I will be shortening my hours by 1 hr per day and raising my prices by %0.23. When obama care employer mandate kicks in i will double my workforce to 264 and turn all my fulltime employees into part time. This has only screwed the employees it was designed to help. I run a business,NO i will not eat the cost. Sad socialists never figure this out because they dont understand business.

          • Professor Higgins

            Ah, it’s heartwarming to see the frightened little lemmings like all of you actually fall for this nonsense. You’re all so easy to manipulate, it’s like talking to little children who will believe anything. Most of the states are NOT getting a large pay hike as the article hints at, but never actually says. For example; Florida’s raise in minimum wage goes from $7.93 to $8.05, a whopping .12 cents an hour. Not wishing to tax your feeble math brains, that’s just under $250 a year increase for a full time employee. And since most of you barely squeaked out of high school, the economic statements in this article are false. Seattle is the only city, not state, to go to $15, and that will take effect over several years (2017 to 2021), not all at once, and certainly not in all the states implicated in this ‘pack of lies’ sorry excuse for an article. You are all so simpleminded as to fall for any crap that anyone feeds you, it truly pathetic. I know most of you don’t like facts, especially when they contravene your paranoid little fantasies, but they ARE facts. Look them up for yourselves.

            • sixpack

              So Seattle is the testing ground. If it destroys Seattle businesses, then they’ll expand it. Simple.

          • wr

            yea right so you are saying the years we don’t increase the minimum wage prices don’t go up. lol believe whatever you want

        • the renegade braveheart

          Michelle, in 2013 I made $44,000 before deductions and it will be most likely the same for 2014. I’m just counting my blessings with what I already have. We’ll all be paying more for everything.

          • Anonymous

            when the minimum wage increases and products like fast food, bread and milk and other things increase to pay for it..the people that make a lot more than minimum wage will pay the difference, hopefully there is a lot more of them than minimum wage workers, this is the obama mentality, everybody share the wealth, regardless if you work harder or not. Robots will soon replace these low wage workers anyway.

        • mad irishman

          We don’t eat out/fast food, with the one exception of Casey’s Pizza once a while.

        • Mongoose

          The usual result of static economic model (liberal) thinking.

        • Marcus

          “and people who were making more than minimum wage…probably won’t be getting as big of a raise… if any… ”


          So then what happens to the guy who was making $25/hr because he was motivated and educated? His pay is effectively CUT.

          If this such a grand idea, why not raise the minimum wage to $500 an hour…? Wouldn’t that make us all wealthy? (sarcasm..)

      2. michelle

        well, since people won’t have the money to pay for the higher prices, they can just close the stores, and save everyone the trouble – we just all go on welfare… that must be the plan!

        • admin

          A self reinforcing negative feedback loop… Years upon years of the EXACT same policies have led us here… and still our society has learned nothing.

          • KY Mom

            I agree. Look where it has led our country.

            • WhoWuddaThunkIt

              Shall we look at Credibility and Approval Ratings.
              According to Stephen Ledman, as of Dec 29th 2014

              Current Approval Ratings=
              Russians Approval Rating of Pres Putin= 85%
              American’s Approval Rating of Pres Obama= 40%
              US Active Military Approval Rating of Obama= 15%
              American’s Disapproval Rating of Obama= 55%

            • Shithead (Shi-theed)

              Funny how the ‘new ideas’ make thigs visibly worse, but our ‘leaders’ refuse to even consider going back to the old way. Best example is government schools, where ‘fresh new methods of teaching’ are constantly being tried, producing ever worse results.

          • the renegade braveheart

            Mac, I agree on the same policies leading nowhere. when I started my first real job at age 16 in 1973, the federal minimum wage was $1.60 per hour and legally I was only allowed to work part-time since I was still in school. Every increase in the minimum wage I’ve seen over the years has led to the same result; when wages go up, prices go up immediately afterward. That’s the way it’s always been. I’ve already backed away from fast food for the most part just because of the poor quality. I’m eating more of the canned goods in my preps now because they have more taste and are only a fraction of what fast food already costs. These areas that have raised the minimum wage higher than the federal wage have shot themselves in their feet and just don’t know it yet. They’ll see the results soon enough and when they do, they’ll shit a brick.

            • wr

              and prices don’t go up when the minimum wage doesn’t

              • Infidel

                Yes….Yes they do !!

              • John W.

                Really? What have you been smoking? Seems prices have been going up long before any minimum wage increases.

          • munchkin52

            Yes sir, the same old soup, just warmed over everyday!

        • Steve

          Don’t forget soome of these formerly employed will go on a rampage blaming the “rich” employer.
          Ferguson for a different reason?
          Turn everyone against each other for race, income, religion etc.

          Ovomit will laugh…It’s the plan alright.

        • Legion7

          Until they run out of other peoples money!

      3. eppe

        And think what prices would be in Rubles???

        • Sgt. Dale

          Big Mac almost 2500 Rubles.

          • durango kidd

            I had a Big Mac in McDonald’s years ago at Pushkin Square in Mochba. At the time they did not offer Quarter Pounders: too much meat. 🙁

            They happily accepted my USD, though!!! 🙂

      4. captjack

        Mac whtf! hit your site twice and an add for Go Daddy came up trying to sell the shtfplan name.

        • admin

          Sorry all – errr, technical difficulties!

          Actually, my own stupidity – I register the shtfplan domain name for 2-3 years at a time and it came up for renewal this year. I totally dropped the ball. The name servers should be routing correctly now but there may be some slight issues for a few more hours for some users until the update has propagated globally.

          apologies for the inconvenience and thanks for your patience!

          • wrong

            Your grounded, no tv for a week and no desert tonight!

          • durango kidd

            I thought about buying it the other day Mac and making a BIG profit on the resale!!! 🙂

            • Warchild Dammit!

              Durango,was thinking of buying the name and selling for cost,as long as the thumbs gone.I swear,since the thumbs pages take twice as long,checked on many different computers/isp’s/os’s.As I don’t care about the thumbs figured just hit stop loading and go without em,whoever runs the new thumb program bogs down site loading speed,not worth it but to each their own.Mac,you see it’s all over and bail leave a cryptic warning/goodbye if you would,perhaps”LOCK AND LOAD”!

              • Anonymous

                Agree Warchild. Thumb Voting is for the children who are too stupid to know how to form a sentence and express their thoughts in writing. Thumbs are for the simpleton minimum wage earners. Yeah biggy size that Vote Count.

          • Cellar Spider


            Holy shit, the shtfplan.com domain expired. Damn, I figured the government or some other nefarious force would be on the watch for that. Minute 1 after expiration I would think the government would snap that thing right up, reset the NS records and point it to an eternal page not found site. Phew.

            • Karmageddon777

              “I figured the government or some other nefarious force would be on the watch for that”


              yes, because shtfplan’s nutty conspiracy nuts and redundant prep posters are high on their watch list lol.

              this site is light entertainment at best…no more threatening than yahoo news…rofl.

              • Cellar Spider


                Dude…..stick to drudgereport.com. You’ll read the same stuff there as you do here……only a couple of weeks late. Fucking moron.

          • tishie

            Whew…..thought you knew something we didn’t and you and Tess got out of dodge. Of course wouldn’t blame you if you did. Just say’in.

          • PO'd Patriot

            I thought it was Gone Daddy.

      5. Grace

        In Australia, wages are out of control. Unions have pushed wages for cafe workers on weekend shifts up to $60.00 PER HOUR! No cafe owner can afford this. So what happens? The cafes stay closed and no-one benefits. If you want a coffee around the Opera House/Rocks area in Sydney on a weekend, you best bring a flask and sit on a park bench. You might like to know that the unionised car manufacturing has closed down in Australia. The lowest paid worker was on $150,000 PER YEAR. But, it was not coming out of Ford or Holdens pockets – 3/4 of the wage was being SUBSIDISED by the taxpayer!!

        • WhoWuddaThunkIt

          Anybody who’s life goal is to work for Min Wage or worry about min wage is doomed. Anybody I ever hired was an independent contractor. 100% commission. So I never had to give benefits or pay your taxes. If you didnt produce you starve. No free rides or lunch.

          • Rebel in Idaho

            Yup, I’m much more interested in potential “employees” that want to get paid by the job instead of the hour. I work really hard, do a really good job, and want to get paid extra to reflect that.

            When getting paid by the hour, most people seem to lower output to match their perception of the worth of their wages. Rarely do you see someone increase output to match what they want their wages to be. They go on to become the boss.

        • Anonymous

          I am an Aussie and you are just spinning right wing politics.In some cases deservidly it is paid but not every one.They are trying to do tous what US poiticians have done to you normal Joe.

      6. Basstard

        It’s amazing that our government can consistently do the wrong thing. Every time. Almost like it was intentional. Hmmmmm

      7. Smokey

        The Seattle unions and the socialist idiot city council woman pushing for this wage hike are already on record telling us that the greedy McFood corporations are a.) lying about price increases, and b.) should be forced to fund shortfalls out of their evil profits. So they’re trying to talk out of both sides of their mouth on this, but it’s not working, so far.

        Still, there are enough leftists in Seattle to pass just about anything they propose, so watch for a large problem in Seattle next year.

        • durango kidd

          The two story McDonald’s on the Strip in Las Vegas generated $22 million in revenue a couple years back. The Micky D’s in Cottonwood Arizona $3 million; the McDonald’s on the I-17 at Verde Valley $9 million, and the one in Flagstaff $4 million.

          One million of that $4 million was generated overnight! 🙂

        • buttcrackofdoom

          it’s all the californians retiring and moving up there. communism(let’s call it what it IS)is alive and well in america.

      8. hammerhead

        I wonder if the fed gov will mandate that i give myself a raise ?
        I cant afford “affordable ” health care much less raise my prices to cover all this insanity.

        Another big spoonful of socialism… yum .

        • the renegade braveheart

          Hammerhead, I’m not getting Obamacare regardless. I’ll take my chances.

        • wrong

          You rich builders make enough as it is!!!

          • hammerhead

            Damn straight , nuttin but a bunch a crooks anyway.
            LMAO , winter is here , not spending another dime till may .
            This year was good , but next year aint shapin up so good…. we will soon see.
            You ?

            • wrong

              I’m spending the last two years of my life as a carpenter/builder working for another builder here in town. He has huge jobs lined up for the next several years. It was a big decision but the wife and I decided it was a pretty fair deal. I get a nice paycheck plus millage and I’ll be running the jobs. No more tool belt every single day. I just turned 60 and the old body is starting to hurt from all the work. I’m looking forward to it a bit. In other ways it’s a bit sad… I haven’t had someone else pay for my health insurance for over 25 years.

              • OutWest

                Old Body? Wait till you have to take Viagra
                to keep from pissing on your shoes …..!

                • wrong

                  It’s so damn cold at the jobsite it takes 5 minutes just to take a piss. Most of that is spent coaking the little guy out!

                  • PO'd Patriot

                    It’s called ‘turtling’ when that happens. Little fella says its too cold and retreats.

                • durango kidd

                  Old West: If that is the reason you are taking Viagra, you should have gone to college!!! And reason enough to go back!!! 🙂

                  • OutWest

                    I’m sure you are right, kidd.
                    But I frittered away a perfectly
                    good youth on wine, women and
                    fast cars.
                    I’m almost sorry for that ……

                    • ready down under

                      Outwest, I spent most of my money (and youth) doing the same although I would add guns to the list. The rest of my money I wasted …….


                    • wrong

                      Ha! How fast could a model t go? 🙂

                    • OutWest

                      Now that’s a low blow — sonny.

                    • Shithead (Shi-theed)

                      I won $1MM in the state lottery. I spent $995K on hookers and whiskey. The rest I just wasted.

              • hammerhead

                Last two years of WORKING life i assume…..
                Good for you , thats a good job to have .
                At 52 , my body is startin to fade some and i will be lookin at being a “briefcase” builder or gettin out and just farming soon . I dunno .

                • Rebel in Idaho

                  That’s my dream too . . . to be able to afford to just be a farmer.

              • Warchild Dammit!

                Wrong,they hiring?Though in no mood to put down belt(won’t do more then a square or two a day roofing,getting there in another decade)the carpentry is slow in the New England region,not dead but slow.That said,also paint interior/can do basic hardscape/ect. so options at least a little more open for me,doing a lot of small/handyman type work which is fine when aroundbecause as Warchild always says”The smalls add up”,unfortunetly,just not adding up to much lately.

      9. Jim Smithe

        It wasn’t Seattle, it was Seatac which is a small city between Seattle and Tacoma. I should know since I lived there until 1999.

        • Steve

          SeaTac was first, but Seattle passed it recently as well.

          ht tp://www.bing.com/search?q=seattle+15+dollar+minimum+wage&qs=PA&sk=OS1&pq=seattle+15+&sc=8-11&sp=2&cvid=bf77f3da52554e32b97e7baa84c03bf1&FORM=QBLH

      10. KY Mom

        Off topic…

        I wonder if these two reports are related.

        November 21, 2014
        Ebola Blood Samples Stolen by Bandits in Guinea

        January 1, 2015
        Weaponized Ebola? ISIS Militants Said To Contract Deadly Virus

        “Forget targeted US airstrikes, ISIS faces a new existential threat. Citing an unnamed source in a Mosul hospital, Iraq’s official pro-government newspaper, al Sabaah, said Ebola arrived in Mosul from “terrorists” who came “from several countries” and Africa.

        Mashable further confirms, three outlets reported that Ebola showed up at a hospital in Mosul.”

      11. Foxglove666

        Gotta love Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton and all there free trade bullshit. All the manufacturing jobs that our economy was based on vamoosed to places like India, China, and Indonesia. Now all that’s left are low paying service jobs like fast food. Alvin Toffler had it right back in the seventies with “future shock”. Since 1985 over 56,000 manufacturing businesses have closed in this country. Thanks, free trade……

        • the renegade braveheart

          Foxglove, you’re damned right free trade is BS. When I was a kid, my mother worked in factories and one-third more in wages than she could have in any service industry job. Factory jobs were a pretty good deal back then. We had the strongest economy in the world back then. If you really wanted a job, there was no way you wouldn’t find one, unless you were a convicted murderer or something of that sort. Nowadays, there are fewer people willing to work and more people who want to become leeches and live on our tax dollars. The number of “producers” has been going down since 2008 while the number of “takers” has been going up and still is with no end in sight. The day is coming when that gravy train will dry up and when it does, TSHTF. Yep, 2015 will be a very interesting year.

        • WhoWuddaThunkIt

          FoxGlove, Especially when they deregulated the Banking system and mega mergers consolidated about 1000 Banks into about 5, it was a race to the bottom. Brilliant Einstein!!

        • Kevin2

          I’m unaware of Free Trade under President Reagan. GH Bush proposed its start with NAFTA and Bill Clinton signed it and China Free Trade into law.

          • Foxglove666

            Go back and look at older Reagan references from mid-eighties. Bush I and Clinton co-opted and morphed those ideas into NAFTA, et al.

            • Steve

              Do a youtube search for

              giant sucking sound ross perot

            • Kevin2

              All I know is GH Bush campaigned for NAFTA, Ross Perot formed an independent run against it and basically terribly fumbled the ball as his popularity increased. Perot took votes from GH Bush, Clinton won and twisted vital Democrat Congressman’s arms to get NAFTA passed despite a position to the contrary while running.

              Democrat Congressmen were re-elected as their supporters knew with certainly that Democrats don’t hurt the working man. They then did it one better with China Free Trade five years later and the abandoning of the financial regulations of Glass-Steagall. The Unions were silent. The Main Stream Media avoided the debate once a Democrat was behind it.

              The sheep went back to worshipping the sphere and watching dancing with the stars.

            • the renegade braveheart

              Kevin and Foxglove, free trade actually started under Nixon. I remember it because my mother worked at the RCA TV plant in Memphis when it was shut down in 1970 and she was laid off along with 150 other people. At that time, TPTB had started giving away our TV manufacturing to Japan. it really started picking up steam during the Reagan era.

              • Kevin2

                In planning it probably even predates that. I know the political process of it goes like this.

                1. Republicans propose lowering and removing tariffs to ostensibly facilitate employment and job creation forgetting to mention that the creation of jobs will be outside of the US.

                2. Democrats aided by the media campaign against the evil Republicans and win majorities in the legislature and / or take the Presidency campaigning against Free Trade telling the masses, “I feel your pain”.

                3. Once in office the Democrat President works feverishly to get Free Trade through the Legislature getting vital Democratic votes for passage that were unobtainable for the Republican to get.

                4. Free Trade is passed with nary a word from the media. The Democrat voters condemn the Republicans for Free Trade and plant closures.

                Both Horses Are Bought In The Two Horse Race.

                5. The working class public

                • Dean in MT

                  Now here’s a guy who totally “gets it”. BOTH parties are completely corrupt and the NWO agenda advances steadily no matter which party is currently in power.

                  Dunno who it was that said if voting actually accomplished anything it would be illegal but I’m a firm believer in the truth of it at any level higher than county-and not too sure about THAT.

        • Cellar Spider


          Don’t worry Fox, manufacturing is going to be coming back to the good ole USA the likes of which never has been seen. It’s due to the proximity of BTU’s. It is now cheaper for a manufacturer to set up shop right here.

          Too bad though, it’s not for the baby boom generation, they’re expected to die off. It’s for the next generation and beyond. Immigrant labor is the new human fuel. That’s why the PTB want an immigration policy in place within the next 5 years. Once that is set in stone, then you’ll see the factories starting to take shape.

          Now if you think manufacturing coming back to the USA is a good thing, I’d say think again. The low skilled labor needed to fuel world demand must be paid a low, unlivable wage. Get ready folks for slavetown USA….all because of fracking and our new found unlimited supply of oil and natty gas.

          • Kevin2

            Fracking is world wide; they’re just scratching the surface at this point. If you had coal you have natural gas.

            Manufacturing will be in the lowest cost labor / environmental nations. Natural gas from fracking in the US will probably facilitate the production of fertilizer as the components to make it are close to its demand.

      12. Sgt. Dale

        Any time you raise the wages of a wigget maker, the cost of the frigging wigget goes up.
        This so simple, I believe that TPTB think we are too frigging stupid to understand this.
        Now saying this the Zombies and Leaches for now think they are getting something over on us TAX payers. Then they will see that their State Aid won’t buy them anything, they will want more and more. When in the Hell will this stop?

        • the renegade braveheart

          Howdy, Sarge. This won’t stop until the gravy train called welfare, food stamps, etc. dries up. The takers are already getting reduced benefits thanks to all of the illegal aliens coming in and getting on that bandwagon. The number of producers aka people like you and I who work and pay taxes will continue going down until these programs run out of revenue and that’s when the party begins. That’s only one of the things that will finally kill this economy. Keep prepping for it. This year will become more interesting than I like to see.

          • Old Guy

            Where have you been? the producer have dwindled and the parasite takers have increased. There is no possible way that the few remaining working making producers and be robbed (taxed) enough to fund the parasites. And its been that way for quite some time. And these programs are not running out of revenue. The Parasite party AKA these programs is funded by debt and will continue to be funded until the very end. The private sector will go completely broke first.

            • the renegade braveheart

              Old Guy, I’m in the same real world you’re in. Those are exactly the points I was making in my post to Sarge. I’m sure we’ll have a tax increase to try to cover it, but a house of cards will stand for only so long. It’s going to reach the point where there won’t be any extra revenue anywhere to get and it will all come crashing down. That’s only one thing that will help kill what’s left of the economy.

        • Satori

          is anybody here stupid enough to think that if a corporation gets it’s labor cheaper
          that they are going to pass on that savings to the consumer ???

          oh I forgot iPhones 6 sell for 50 bucks because they are made in China by people who are defacto slave laborers?
          a guy at work just bought one and paid $650 for it
          wonder where all that extra $$$
          damn sure didn’t go to the poor schmucks assembling the damn thing

          and we all know that Nikes and Addidas sell for $10 a pair
          because they too are produced by people who get paid pennies an hour
          sure nice of those companies to pass along the savings

          HA HA HA
          joke is on us

          they would turn the US into a slave labor country like China if if wasn’t for our laws

          do a little research on wealth inequality
          and when your through be sure and turn out the lights
          and say buh bye middle class

          • Mean Gene

            “is anybody here stupid enough to think that if a corporation gets it’s labor cheaper
            that they are going to pass on that savings to the consumer ???””

            Sgt Dork is, then again he is a government worker, we pay his wages, he is basically a welfare baby sucking the public tit… and then there is the bribe money he gets. Maybe if fast food workers could get some bribe money they would not complain so much.

            As far as this story….
            As Walmart has shown us, they make plenty enough money to pay workers a living wage and make 14 Billion a year… and so does fast food places… but they pass along the extra wage costs to consumers and blame the workers for price raises while they make the same amount of massive profit.

            • the renegade braveheart

              Mean Gene, Sgt. Dale WORKS for a living and pays taxes just like I do. Neither one of us are freeloaders, mofo. And we damned sure don’t like for our tax dollars to go toward supporting a useless POS like you. You want to know how to make more money? Go read my comment #3305489 that I posted up above earlier to Mac. That is how it’s supposed to be done.

              • Mean Gene

                You are an instigating shill and a racist piece of crap who is mainly trying to stir the pot and incite people to do stupid things.

                People like you are a big part of the problems we have today. And I stand by my comment that Sgt Dork is a welfare baby, government worker and also a proven racist piece of crap who posts some very strange things here as do you. You both post things that seem to be rooted in causing problems while not helping anyone.

                Beware both of these posters (Sgt Dork and renegade bravefart). Do not be motivated by their instigations.

                It is a fact that there are plants all over the internet whose main job is to stir the pot, cause problems and incite people to do things they might not other wise do.

                • the renegade braveheart

                  “Mean” Gene, if you’re talking about people like yourself in that last sentence, then yes, I agree there are trolls everywhere. We certainly get some here on this site. And what do you mean I cause problems and don’t help people? I’m just another average citizen trying to survive out here. I’m “old school” and do things the old-fashioned way. I WORK for what I want and need in life. I never try to incite people to do anything. I take responsibility only for my own actions and no one else’s. The only people I have any obligations to are my own loved ones. Nobody is owed a damn thing by anyone else, period. I never stir any pot and never try to get anyone to do stupid things. If/when such things happen, they’re doing it on their own. That’s on them, not me. As far as helping people goes, on occasion, I do help out a co-worker with a few bucks when that person asks for it. I’ll do that because I know that person WORKS just like I do for a living. No problem with that. But if you’re talking about a bum who walks up to me and ask for something to support his drinking or drug habit, then HELL NO, I won’t help a bum that refuses to try to get his life straightened out. You’re the one trying to cause problems coming here and attacking good people for no good reason. So go trolling somewhere else.

                • Rebel in Idaho

                  Dude, no one owes you, or anyone else, a living. No one owes you a job either. If walmart, or any other company, has need of an employee and isn’t willing to pay as much for your labor as you feel it’s worth . . . DON’T WORK THERE! If no one would accept a position at the offered wages the company would have to reevaluate their offer.

                  Free people should be able to negotiate wages and contracts without government interference.

              • Anonymous


                How did arrive at the conclusion that YOUR tax dollars are supporting Mean Gene and he doesn’t work for a living also? By the same means the you ascertained that he was also black?

                • the renegade braveheart

                  Hi, Anonymous. I was wondering when you would jump in on this article. OK, I’m not really sure IF he’s on any programs but it IS possible. Minority groups do have that option available to them if they want it and that’s a fact, a politically incorrect fact. Whether he does or not is beside the point. The point is he’s making attacks on me for no good reason just like you do, so both of you must be trolls. Just trolls looking out for each other. I know I have to expect that. I’ll give Mean Gene credit for living up to his name. He is definitely mean-spirited. But, then again, that’s what I have to expect from trolls. Have a good day.

                  • Anonymous


                    Reference comment ID 3305642 and have a good day yourself.

                • Mean Gene

                  If you read enough of his posts you will start see an unusual pattern of how he posts, same thing with Sgt Dork.

                  Notice how rarely Sgt Dork reply’s to anyone’s comments to him. He seems like a classic “paid to post” shill who comments (then logs the comment to his sheet) and then moves on. Paid to post people have little actual interactions with people. When you notice it is kind of weird, until you realize what is going on with them.

                  Bravefart is similar, but uses a slightly different style. Watch how he usually posts one of two types of canned(stock/boilerplate) reply’s- 1)is to anyone who calls him out and he uses the ole racist, homophobe, lazy, Obamablahblah… 2)the other is him using one liners like “Oh good point”/I agree you”/”Great post” type of things. It is very predictable.

                  These patterns emerge on a lot of boards like this if you pay attention. The bottom line is just be careful with these types of shills.

                  • the renegade braveheart

                    Gene, the bottom line is to be careful with Obama-supporting trolls like you. So how has all that “hope and change” been working for you?

                  • Sgt. Dale

                    Thanks for sticking up for me. You really don’t have to but it is nice to see that there still good people on this site.
                    As far as m.g. you know that I don’t respond to trolls.
                    I don’t post to trolls like it. Just another stupid turd, that has no idea what the hell he/it is talking about.
                    Trolls like it is not worth my time. And it isn’t worth your time either.

                    • the renegade braveheart

                      Sarge, I’m actually considering your advice. I confess I use to enjoy challenging the trolls just to let off some steam but I am starting to get tired of it. not really enjoying it anymore. But I still do enjoy good useful conversation with everyone who DOES know what they’re talking about. No way some useless troll will drive me away from this site. Take care.

                    • Mean Gene

                      We are on to you Sgt Dork, and your buddy bravefart, so maybe you will cutback on your BS shilling.

                  • the renegade braveheart

                    Gene, I’m still waiting for an answer to my question. What’s wrong, did the cat get your tongue?

                    • the renegade braveheart

                      Looks like Mean gene doesn’t want to admit his hero Obama let him down. That’s OK.

                    • Anonymous


                      I’m still waiting for YOUR response to comment # 3305642. What’s YOUR excuse I wonder? Did you have a little too much chicken stuffing with your buddy sgt dale?

                  • Rebel in Idaho

                    Just out of curiosity, but how much could I get “paid to post” and where would I apply? Since I like posting here anyway, how do I go about getting paid for it too? Can I drink while I do this job like I do now? Oh and would I get paid by the hour, the post, or the word?

                    • Look it up

                      Like most questions, the answer can be found on Google. Do a search for “paid to post on online”, but be prepared to sell your soul and admit that your opinion will no long matter.

                • WhoWuddaThunkIt

                  Anonymous How about you show your face you FN coward hiding behind anon. Run you twit your comment means nothing. Be a man not a coward. You are as bad as the red thumb suckers. Tag and run like a sissy. Sheesh. Where are all the Men today. Just sissys here hiding like cowards.

                  • the renegade braveheart

                    WWTI, way to go, get him, get him! I’m starting the New Year off just right with 2 new trolls coming after me. Some trolls do show themselves. Glad I got restocked on Preparation H.

                    • Anonymous


                      Be careful where you apply that Preparation H, you may dissolve after using it. Do you have ANY idea of how childish you sound? way to go, get him, get him! He’s coming AFTER me!. What are you, 8 years old? You can’t be much more that that on an emotional level. Remember when the thumbs system came back, your comment was something like ” Oh Mac, the thumbs are back! Oh goody goody! You really need to get out of the sixties dude, I know you’re comfortable there never having to grow up and think beyond the level of a 10 year old kid but don’t you think it may FINALLY be time?

                  • Sgt. Dale

                    We don’t always agree on things, but I do agree with you on this.

                    • Anonymous

                      Hey dale

                      Don’t you have to go run your fingers around in some young boys underwear looking for money while tapping the handle of you gun ?

                    • WhoWuddaThunkIt

                      Thx Sgt. I wanted to be more contructive in disagreeing with you on the cost of the widgets. In a true market based economy of supply and demand, it does matter the cost of the wages as to the price of the widget or burger. If the widget maker cant sell his wigets for more than his costs he will stop selling them just like oil rigs shut down if the cost to produce it is more than they can sell it for. Prices are dictated as to what the market will bare. If nobody buys a burger at $7, you can be damned sure MacStoopid will drop the price down to where they are selling. And find other areas to make up for the higher cost of wages. Nobody is force to buy the $7 burger for survival.

                    • Anonymous


                      What’s wrong sargy boy? Don’t you AGREE with my comment?

                  • Look it up

                    LOL!!!! as if your name is showing your face, lmao

                    • recon

                      mirror mirror on the wall, whos the fairest of them all

                      three may be four, if you look behind the door

                      the flock of seagulls had to fall

                      but a convocation of eagles replaced them all

                      watch that the jackrabbit, don’t get behind the eight ball

            • big red wolf

              SagebrushGo down to your neighborhood supercenter and get yourself one of those high paying jobs they offer. Living wage my ass. You don’t know as much as you think you do.

          • the renegade braveheart

            Satori, when I have $650 available to spend on anything, that money goes on preps; something far more sensible than any iProduct.

            • hammerhead

              DITTO RB – I will keep my prepay flip pnone awhile longer.
              All i need to do is talk on the damn thing.

              • the renegade braveheart

                Hammerhead, my employer gave me an iPhone for my birthday in 2013. I also used to be a flip phone man and was reluctant to make the change, but I got used to it. No way I was going to pay out of the nose for a phone.

                • Rebel in Idaho

                  I still use my motorola razor. It doesn’t give my gps coordinates when the battery and sim are out. Plus it’s so retro now that people actually comment favorably when they see me use it 🙂

          • Old Guy

            is anyone her stupid enough to think that a corporation wont pass along increased labor cost to its customers? Oh by the way the decreased price of oil is being passed along to the customers!

          • Rebel in Idaho

            When I used to work in construction I would often wear a t-shirt that said “we screw the other guy and pass the savings on to you.” You might be surprised how many people thought my joke was not only acceptable, but in fact a great deal for them even if it was at the expense of someone else.

          • Richard Head

            I believe they are turning into slave labor like china, but their trick is bumping up the slave wages to $15.00 to get us happy to work for it though in reality it is only worth pennies when you try to go spend it. Free Market is the only system that works IMO.

      13. Illini Warrior

        ALL wages will be increasing across the board – not just the ones currently working at minimum wages …. when labor contracts come up for renewal this increase will be an automatic starting increase … you think a union is going to allow one of their apprentice workers to be making a few dollars more than a damn McD’s french fryer scrub? …

        and that union wage increase coming rolling down into our laps along with these now expensively paid minimum wage people … an apartment building now costs more to maintain – apartment rents need to raised accordingly …. that wage increase doesn’t look as good when a rent increases a $100 a month …

        • Northern Reb

          I have to tell you that the hospital that I work at has already told us if Minimum wage goes up DON’T thing your wages will rise accordingly, if at all. My wife was told the same thing were she works, a different hospital. The cost of Medicare non-payments and patient non-payments have gone up over 30 to 35% over last year. Plus the state is NOT paying there bills on time they are 4 to 5 years behind.
          Just because minimum wage goes up that does not mean everyone wages will.
          I’ll bet you a Big Mac meal that there will be more people on the unemployement line because of this new minimum wage they will shut down stores and have few people on staff.
          Companies don’t make a profit they do not stay in business and that means more people on unemployement and welfair line. The more people the have in those lines the easier it is to control them. Suprising what a person will do for food and shelter when it come to their family.
          Also, if the prices are going to be that high I’ll be in those fast food places even less than I am now because of the prices.
          The only thing that $15.00 minimum wage is going to buy is VOTES. Only people that will make good on this are the same FOOLS that put us in the mess we are in today.
          Over $18 trillion in debt, on the debt clock. In real life it’s more like $58 trillion.
          N.R. N.S. N.Reb

        • Kevin2

          Illini Warrior

          “you think a union is going to allow one of their apprentice workers to be making a few dollars more than a damn McD’s french fryer scrub”

          Industrial Unions getting wage increases because they have power?

          You must have awakened from a coma; its 2014 not 1964. Ask the physician to put you back out; you don’t want to see the rest of the changes.

      14. T-town

        Part of the war on the middle class. You will work harder for less. This will not improve conditions for low wage earners. it will only increase the number of people needing assistance. I am sure it all makes sense to Obama and the like.

        • the renegade braveheart

          T-town, that is part of the plan; to eliminate the middle class and go back to the Middle Ages when there was only the poor and the rich. The NWO wants to turn the entire world into a plantation.

      15. led

        I’d pay 15 bucks for the Baconator……

      16. Satori

        people at the bottom make too damn much money

        people who prepare fast food,wait on tables and clean toilets
        are too damn greedy

        the reason this country is financially collapsing is because
        the minimum wage is too damn high already

        SNARK !!!

        geez guys
        again with this ???

        divide and conquer
        works EVERY time

        • WhoWuddaThunkIt

          I would first cut all corporate welfare and subsidies. And then Foreign Welfare Aid. Our country is beyond repair financially. $18.1 Trillion, and Obama’s Leadership added 70% of that figure. Disgusting. And I refuse to bail out anybody.

          • the renegade braveheart

            WWTI, I agree. I’m not bailing out any POS either.

      17. Red Hummingbird

        I don’t like to walk into fast food joints, much less order their food. Homemade tastes so much better. There was a news item this week regarding a woman who admitted to spitting in the food she was preparing. Very disgusting.

        • WhoWuddaThunkIt

          About everytime I eat Macdonalds food I get a stomach ache and need to take a dump. My body is saying to me stop poisoning me. I ate MacDs about twice last year rarely.

      18. B-17

        I wonder if this will justify our LAW MAKERS IN D.C.

        A.K.A. (ROME) a PAY RAISE because they can not afford the

        inflationary cost of things??????

        • the renegade braveheart

          B-17, they’ve done it many a time before. They’ll do it again.

          • B-17


      19. confederate

        Socialism = shit sandwich, time to take another bite.

        • Rebel in Idaho

          Communism is where the state owns two cows and gives you a little of the milk.
          Socialism is where you own two cows but the state comes and gives one to your neighbor because he doesn’t have one.
          Capitalism is where you own two cows then sell one to buy a bull.

      20. Alaska Girl

        I live in Juneau, Alaska, where everything costs more. We just ordered a pizza from Dominoes. It just went from $24 to $28. The pizza guy said the reason for the increase was the cost of insurance. Think I’ll start making my own.

        • Stolz Vorfahren

          Alaska Girl…. if I was living in Alaska I would be 100% of the grid and the cost for the pizza would be spend on bullet and other stuff for my off the grid expenses even being small enough. Again that’s just me and your circumstances might be different which I respect.

          • the renegade braveheart

            Stolz, I wouldn’t even consider relocating to Alaska. Way too cold for me. Prefer my southland where the winters never get too bad.

            • Stolz Vorfahren

              Brave, I am reaching a point that isolation and dealing with grizzlies and -50 temp., beats the current mess we deal with in the cities. I just need to reassure my wife and son that I haven’t totally lost my mind. lol.

              • the renegade braveheart

                Stolz, I have an arrangement with family in north GA to go join them when the time comes. Most of my supplies are already at my cousin’s BOL, so when I bugout I won’t have much left to carry. At that point, it will be no more city for me.

            • WhoWuddaThunkIt

              What Winter. It was 82 deg here in Florida again today, was painting a deck outside sweating. Lol.

              • Sgt. Dale

                Go ahead and rub it in. I went to work at 0600hrs this morning it was 32. at 1500 when I was on my way home it was 19 with the wind blowing at around 25 mph. I think it had wind chill around 0 to -5. GOD I HATE ILLINOIS.

                • mtgrandma

                  Sgt. That’s warm! It is all relative.

                • Molly Pitcher

                  Sarge, it will be worse later this week….and snow advisory …

                • grandee

                  Sgt. Dale, sorry to bring this up–

                  it’s gonna be 3* in the villes around my hill (So. Mid TN)

                  thursday am

              • the renegade braveheart

                WWTI, I lived in SOUTH FL for 7 years and had no winters at all. When I moved back to TN from FL in 1982 I had to get used to winter all over again. I do miss being able to walk around in a t-shirt and shorts in Miami at this time of year; LOL those were the days.

              • Rebel in Idaho

                That’s nothing. It got so hot here today my kids didn’t even wear gloves to take care of the animals. At 30 degrees and windy one of them wasn’t even going to wear a jacket until I threatened her. If it gets above freezing I’ll bet she’ll want to break out the shorts.

        • durango kidd

          Alaska Girl: Do they guarantee delivery in 20 minutes and a warm pizza with ALL of the toppings? Just asking. 🙂

      21. swinging richard

        It seems to be hard to decide what is a fair wage. We do not want the cost of fast food to go up so we deny fast workers a living wage. On the other hand we allow auto workers 75 bucks an hour and willingly pay 50k to drive a new car.

          • swinging richard

            You forgot perks and benefits.

        • Steve

          “On the other hand we allow auto workers 75 bucks an hour and willingly pay 50k to drive a new car.”

          Not me, my 1995 Geo Metro with 190 thousand on the clock still gets 47 mpg.

          And NO gummint spyware anywhere in it !!

      22. Jim in Va.

        Its like Obamacare…pay more get less care. They should teach economics in high school so the kids know what they are walking into. In the end the consumer pays for it all and that consumer probably is part time ,can’t afford that burger because his monthly healthcare premium is due.

      23. Chainsaw

        Another impact that is not mentioned is the earners who pour a lot of effort into skilled positions like say mechanics, construction laborors and craftsmen that are just above the mandated increases. Are they willing to continue sacrificing their efforts when they can just quit and take a low skilled position for the same amount of pay? I put my life on the line for a middle class position but the moment I can make the same pushing a broom around the decision will become a no brainer. You want fries with that?

      24. slingshot

        Raise the min. Wage to $20
        Adjust the payment for the EBT and Snap Cards.
        Vote Hillary in the election.

        Destroy the middle class.
        Enrich the ranks of the FREE Shit Army.

        • Frank Thoughts

          Fire anybody who is a deadbeat on $20/hour. Reduce the EBT and welfare so that the pressure is on to get a job and to up the game. This will change the game: people will see that working pays and start making a serious effort to get those jobs; they will be catapulted from their sofas to get a job. If those jobs remain crappy, then why do them? Life is easier sitting at home and collecting EBT. People are simple and respond to the right incentives.

          • the renegade braveheart

            FT, nice thoughts, but you’re dreaming. The Free Shit Army won’t get up and do squat.

            • Frank Thoughts

              It should be a straight deal: the minimum wage goes up but welfare and EBT go down. For those who are really degenerate and lacking work ability, they should be sent to a camp for re-training: military-style discipline/weightloss and a deportment and manners programme to get them out of the zombie trance. Shock therapy works and there is nothing like receiving the hairdryer treatment from a gunny sergeant in your face at 6 am on a minus 5 Celsius parade ground. A video should be made showing what happens if you do not make an effort, which should scare the crap out of the malingerers.

              • Rebel in Idaho

                You are arguing like our present system could possibly be fixed without a reset. Stop thinking it could be fine tuned a little, maybe a cut here or there, and it would be alright. If only we could … just a little this … if congress would just pass … just a few more republicans in office would … all it takes … if more good people voted … is all nonsense.

                It can’t be fixed at this point. Accept it and plan accordingly.

          • Kevin2

            If 40% of the jobs pay minimum wage then 40% of your workforce will make minimum wage.

            Its the evisceration of US / Developed world manufacturing that is the root cause. The rest os just a symptom.

      25. Frank Thoughts

        This a canard: raising the minimum wage will not lead to catastrophic price rises. It will cause a rise but that will be held back by market forces. Employers will need to get more efficient and use software and robots to make their operations profitable. In any country that has raised standards, markets still function and commerce still takes place. What this means is businesses will need to up the value proposition for their products. So, for example, McDonalds will need to offer organic food in a tasteful, cool atmosphere. Hotels will need to pile on the services. Rather than having an ill-educated, low-wage ‘serf’ with their hand held out saying ‘si! sir’, you train a smart employee who can interact with the guests and offer lots of value-added services (tips on chicks, food advice, etc.).

        You are paying more for staff, so you have to think more about how you use them and what you offer the customer. You must get smarter. This will put pressure on some of the more slovenly workers out there. If I am paying $15 an hour plus benefits, you better not be fat and you better dress well and speak well. No “Yo, waz up? Whatever…” while scratching your butt. Go out and buy a copy of Monocle and learn how to dress and behave.

      26. Stolz Vorfahren



        • the renegade braveheart

          Stolz, Gruber is just a typical member of ‘the tribe’.

          • Stolz Vorfahren

            Indeed brave.

      27. MommaD

        So back in the day I will admit to being dumb and stupid. I got married at 18 and got divorced and had 2 kids by the ripe old age of 21. I got a job at a machine shop for minimum wage (glad to have it). I cleared 199.00 a week for 55 hours a week. No child support! Managed to scrape by, had no medical, got no food stamps ect. What did it do for me? It made me want more, get manufacturing experience and keep working to get a better life…it wasn’t magically handed to me! They are called entry level work force for a reason. I even put myself through college later on. Not a burger flipper can make what Honey makes in his skilled trade that he worked all that time for. At least he has medical and other benefits. What the heck, has the war on poverty been put into reverse?

        • Rebel in Idaho

          Good for you. It takes some of us longer to realize just how dumb and stupid we were at 18.

          As Mark Twain once said: when I turned 13 I was just positive my parents were the dumbest people on the planet. By the time I turned 20 it was amazing how much they had learned.

      28. Ass hat

        I don’t see the big deal my state raised min wage from 8to9 an hour this will not hut businesses like mc Donald’s really the only reason you will pay more because they will take it out on the consumer just a redistribution of wealth really. I don’t care anyway I don’t eat the shit it’s garbage I make a lunch and take it to work y’all should do the same. These people are working too they are not gonna be living better off $20 a week really. I mean shopping at Wally’s the goods are shit throw away . I shop there because I save $ on shoes for my growing kids stuff like that. I tried to get a night stocking job there 2 years ago went to interview thought I had it bagged they didn t want to hire me because I was over qualified and they knew I would leave sooner or later I owed $1000 to bank on my truck no savings was starting to hurt for$ a week later landed a job for $20.00 hr time and half after 8 company paid medical I still laugh I couldn’t get a job at Wally’s . I don’t want to be mean to anyone but Wally’s is for retired folks that just need a little extra$ or young people living at home that’s it. It is no career people need to figure this out .you don’t want to be parent trying to raise a family on a walmart salary. There is no $ in retail for associates I’m sorry if I hurt some peoples feelings but that’s the truth folks . But if you need work it’s better than no$ Get training in something that’s in demand you will fare better . Put the dope down and take life seriously. Consume less and this won’t really affect you .it sucks prices will go up you should have all the things you really need already . But really some people are such lazy workers they aren’t worth more than the minimum. People take minimum wage jobs on purpose because they know they will be below poverty and be eligible for assistance programs. Everything subsidized so it’s weed money for them .they will end the war on poverty someday with gas chambers .

        • WhoWuddaThunkIt

          The 10, 000 decisions you made on a daily basis over your life time got you to where you are today. If you made a lot of stupid decisions, that’s your fault. If you are an older adult and worried about Min Wages still, seems you are still making bad decisions. Sucessful people do the hard complicated shit stupid lazy people fail to do.

      29. Bijou

        Some companies may leave town also. Then hours will be cut.

      30. Milo Mindbender

        T heir
        A intro
        N o
        S ucheck
        T hinges
        A s
        F ree
        L unch

        TANSTAFAAL was coined by a scifi writer to describe the philosophy that everything contains a price either stated, or concealed. Anyone who believes that anyone can get anything for free is a liar or an idiot, raising the minimum wage without trying to encourage self improvement is enabling poverty. Why should employers pay higher wages for the same caliber of employment and still satisfy the share holders?

        • Kevin2


          Many of those that don’t see this intentionally choose to be ignorant because they fear the truth. It rocks the foundations of their values. Its equivalent to being in a dysfunctional family. You protect it because its the only family you have.

      31. John Danielson

        EBT is just a method of transferring funds, not a social program. You probably meant SNAP, so just say that.

        • alf

          Food Stamps come via an EBT card…

      32. Johnston

        This whole concept of businesses shutting down because of increased wages is nothing more then greed. No way you’ll ever convince me chains like Walmart.mac Donald’s etc will be hurt by this the CEOs are whining because their bonuses will need smaller businesses like that depend on ripping you off. The company could just be happy with slightly. Less profit . It no they retailiate by publicly stating they will close doors lay people off and cut hours to maintain a high profit margins. Comes down to greed and greed alone.these CEOs know what the financial situation is yet they want those profits.they could be paying these living wages and still make a tidy profit. We are told work harder and you’ll get ahead OK fair enough…..,.so why aren’t these huge multi-billion d
        ollar companies doing their part to help bolster the economy.

        • Rebel in Idaho

          These “multi-billion dollar companies” are part of the economy and “help it” by growing larger. What’s hardest about this to understand is that they are really just a collection of individuals acting in their own perceived best interest.
          I own stock, and perhaps some others have retirement funds, or have loaned a company money (bonds). When the company I own a little piece of makes money I do too. Even though I used zero labor for it. I own stock in the company I work for, yet I still want my wages to go up more than I want the company to save money on my wages so I can earn on my stock. Currently my wages earn more than my stocks so this is rational from my point of view.

          As long as you don’t violate anyone’s rights through force or fraud you are welcome to any point of view you wish. During the times where our points of view overlap and we can reach an agreement we might do business. The other times you are free to do as you wish but please stop trying to force others to do as you wish.

          I business XYZ widgets doesn’t pay what you think is fair feel free to not work or shop there. But please don’t try to force others to agree with you.

          I currently pay my 9yo $1 per day to shovel the manure out of the barn, spread straw, and feed and water the rabbits. She thinks this is a really good deal and is happy to do it, mostly. It’s well worth it to me for all the time my wife saves by not having to do this, so my 9yo keeps her job. If she gets older and realizes I would pay more than $1 per day for this under pressure, I will simply fire her and hire some of her mexican friends to replace her.

          Ok I was kidding about the replacing her part.

      33. Satori

        Unskilled Workers Report for New Jobs


        and people are worried about the minimum wage going up ???
        REALLY ???????

        the 1% are laughing their asses off at us

        we’re fighting over the CRUMBS they brush off their tables

        divide and conquer
        works EVERY time

        is it just me
        or is it not absolutely asinine to be crying over
        the cost of a salt laden pink slime,chemically saturated piece of crap ???

        • Pissed Off Granny

          No Satori it isn’t just you. There has been plenty of proof here at SHTF of what that great tasting fast food is really made of. Maybe those fast food joints can convince the USDA to allow more sawdust in the “meat”.

          I disagree with all posters that businesses can just pass off the increase in wages to customers. I owned several small businesses in Oregon, where minimum wage was increased yearly. Think older employees were happy to find that new employees were not far behind them as far as wages were concerned?

          America was built on small businesses. Look around your town and see what happens to mom and pop stores in the near future. They will not be able to “work smarter, etc.” to cover the cost of the wage increases, their
          doors will close.

          Huge corporations will survive fine, small business will not, but that really is the plan, is it not?

          • the renegade braveheart

            Granny, excellent points. I already avoid fast food joints for other reasons. In my office I have a small refrigerator where I keep some bottled water, cold cuts, etc. Even have some canned goods stored in the cabinet underneath. So my lunches are already waiting for me when I get to work in the mornings. Much cheaper, tastier, and filling than the fast food. I even gave up sodas 2 years ago. Water, tea, coffee are the only fluids I have, especially water. It’s sad to see the mom-and-pops going away. Wallyworld alone has already caused a bunch of them to go under.

          • WhoWuddaThunkIt

            Granny. Some people go to work daily for something to do, Smart people go to work to make money. If you are in a business just scraping by worried about wages to pay employees you need to close your business today and find a new opportunity. Dumb people work 50 to 60 hours a week and just get by. Stop working for nothing. Smart people work smart and not hard. If you are in a business that depend you showing up to make money you are doomed. Smart people create opportunities that make money if they are there or not. The best businneses are those that make the customer do the work. Like pump your own gas, bag your own groceries, check your self out and automated pay. Read the book reinventing money. Smart people are always investing in themselves with education and an increased knowledge base. Lazy people go work for other people and worry about bills and min wages. Then waste more time bitching about it.

          • Kevin2

            “America was built on small businesses.”

            Nope, America was built on US Steel and General Motors just to name two. The talk about small business was promoted in media and politics in the 80s on because US policy facilitated the transfer of big business out of the country.

      34. Ass hat

        A guy I know from way back has been to college 5 times trained for three different careers. And never got the degrees or the training completed . state funded his schooling and the last time he tried to get training they told him no. And he was all mad I said what the hell you mad for he said I can’t afford school. This dude totally doesn’t get it he has no intentions of passing he wants to be a career student failure . On the state dime what a bum . but more than that I think he’s to stupid to succeed. His wife talks to mine from time to time and their story is always from rags to riches and it’s always lies my wife catches them in . We don’t do anything together as couples. My wife likes to catch them in lies she thinks it’s funny . I don’t even talk to them as I can’t be bothered with liars. I said to my wife why do they have to lie about having $ I know they don’t have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of . I don’t disassociate with them because they are poor that don’t bother me plenty of folks are poor. It’s because they lie. The last thing they said was they were getting a $460000 house with a boat slip outback they even went as far as to have a realtor show them the house and they took video of the house and put it on Facebook. So people that know them would see it . Then called my wife a few days later and told her to look at the house they were getting on Facebook so my wife calls me over to show me the video. So I’m looking at her and said did they hit the lottery or something. now these people were living in a 2bed apartment in the bad end of town. So my wife finds out the realtor selling the property gives him a call and asks if the house is still on the market guy says it’s pending right now. So wife says maybe they did get it. I said good for them they have always struggled. So a few weeks later my wife checks the listing It says it’s off the market so she calls the realty office and finds out the realtor got fired and some other realtor is selling it now. Hmmm my wife tried to call her and her phone was turned off for non payment so a month later my son ran into their daughter and she said they were moving into an apt 2 towns over and gave him the new phone number . See what I’m saying it’s one lie after another . What kind of people go to this length to deceive others . they were saying they were moving out of state into a mansion with a boat slip and severing old phone numbers and their daughter told my son the truth .they wanted us to think they moved up in the world or something . So after all this we don’t bother with them.we have seen them in walmart and the little girl runs over to my son and says hi joe. I think the kid knows her parents are liars. We don’t blame her and she goes to sundayschool at our church. we never mention this whopper of a lie to other folks.

      35. Ass hat

        Remember when you were in gym class and the teacher would pick the two most athletic kids to be team captains and they would pick other kids out of the line for their team it was always the most athletic kids got picked first then their friends then the unpopular last this is the pecking order in life still . Look at where you were in this order nothing has changed thought I’d put that out there for those trying to fit in

        • wrong

          I was always one of the captains when I was in school. I always picked the little goofy guys first. Guess I felt sorry for them.

          • Kevin2

            One of those “Little Goofy Guys” might become Bill Gates as the introverts tend to study more.

            Went to a class reunion. One guy not only became an MD but was a co-inventor of a very popular heart drug. The ladies that did not give him the time of day were all over him. My wife actually heard some ladies room talk about how handsome he became, she shrugged as he isn’t. You become a giant with MD after your name.

            “So what if he’s short, he can stand on his wallet”.

        • Rebel in Idaho

          lol I was always middle to last. Of course I was always at least a year younger than everyone else and of course smaller. Now I’m still smaller, though I’m 6’0, because I still have the same waist size as I did 20 years ago and they are all fat. Oh and I have a doctorate, a smokin hot wife of >15 years, more than (ahem) 5 kids, and all my hair.

          If those guys are really polite, and have good references, I might offer them a job though. See, no hard feelings.

      36. BrerRabbit

        A lot of union contracts are tied to the minimum wage. They compound the effect.

        • Kevin2

          Unions? What are they?

      37. CharlesH

        Consequences…it’s always the unintended consequences when anything becomes mandatory.

      38. Tn songwriter

        Many union jobs, especially public service union jobs, have wages attached to minimum wage. So when a burger flipper gets a raise, so do the big unions.

      39. JRS

        Look for the silver lining…

        With the lower gas prices, when these people get laid off they can now afford to drive around all day looking for jobs that don’t exist.

        • PO'd Patriot

          I’ve read they’re starting to shut off the lights in Nebraska and Texas oil fields. People are starting to get laid off. All that will trickle down to the restaurants, fast food chains and boarding houses. Towns and states are already starting to feel the tax pinch.

        • Rebel in Idaho


          It’s like looking at a giant pile of horse manure and thinking “there’s just got to be a pony in here somewhere.”

      40. Learn

        In most states seeing an increase in minimum wage for 2015, the increase is very small, under $.50. This $15/hr. fear mongering is a straw man argument. Besides, those imagined price increases will happen anyway, given a little time.

        Obamacare has not been the job killer the Chicken Littles screamed it would be and neither will a minimum wage increase.

      41. Cellar Spider

        Minimum Wage Hikes are really gifts to major corporations. What those hikes do is put pressure on the Individual / S-Corp business owners to either raise prices or layoff workers and decrease capacity.

        In either case, major corporations who have competing franchises increase market share. This leads to increased profits which satisfies shareholders.

        The average sheeple worker that works for a mom and pop business doesn’t realize that when a minimum wage hike occurs, the clock starts ticking on their employment. Of course the clock doesn’t stop ticking until after the next election.

        Bottom Line: Minimum Wage Hikes are a boon for major corporations and a big win for politicians.

        • Rebel in Idaho

          So true. It’s unfortunate that so few realize that big corporations like high barriers to entry and high regulatory burdens to crush and small businesses that might one day grow to be their competitor.

          Workers might think they will get a raise, but the reality is that if the value you provide to a company is worth less than the minimum the company is legally allowed to offer you won’t be offered a job.

          Price controls and minimum wages are two sides of the same coin. How may of your rifles would you sell me if the legal maximum was $100? Probably the same as the number I would hire if the minimum was $100/hr.

          If you think $15 or $20/hour is ok, please explain why $100 wouldn’t be better. Or $1000.

          • Kevin2

            Reverse the logic. If you want to facilitate employment just reinstitute slavery.

          • mad irishman

            “If you think $15 or $20/hour is ok, please explain why $100 wouldn’t be better. Or $1000.”

            Wow….I wish I had a dollar for every time I seen that or heard it. It sems to be the new silver bullet for modern day capitalist.

            • Rebel in Idaho

              Maybe you hear the question so often because we are still waiting for an answer?

              Why so cheap? Why not just make minimum wage $1000/hr?

              Spend a few hours thinking through that scenario and you should be able to figure it out.

              Better still, read “the Law” by Frederick Bastiat then repeat the thought exercise.

        • hammerhead

          YEP , And walmart supported Obamacare for the same reasons .
          Bash the little guy .

      42. PA farmer

        For anybody that likes history, I have an acc log from a farm over the hill from me for the year 1881,here is a few lines out of it.
        5 qt milk .20
        1 chicken .28
        3 lbs butter .36
        5 doz eggs .70
        77 lbs beef 5.39
        300 lbs flour 4.50
        300 lbs cornmeal 4.50
        4 lbs sugar .36
        Its crazy how much more it cost to grow the same things nowday.

        • PO'd Patriot

          Thanks PAf. Almost laughable now ain’t it?

      43. DDearborn


        It just goes to show how easy it is to lie via omission. Corporations have been recording huge increases in profits since 2008. 2008 is the beginning of the big disconnect between increased productivity and wages. Though it bears noting that wages have essentially been flat or in decline relative to inflation and productivity since 1973. The gold standard ended, and inflation began in earnest.

        The big lie is that instead of the corporations stealing the fruits of labors increased productivity entirely for themselves they could chosen to share the increased profits with labor. This would NOT have resulted in increased prices, merely a redistribution of the profits. Obviously this could and would not apply to every business, in every sector. Just as some sectors could have easily given a much larger percentage of the increase in profits to labor.

        Greedy corporations lead by the even greedier 1/10 of 1% have will have no one to blame but themselves when the common man decides enough is enough.

      44. Ass hat

        Yay I’m getting a raise now I can afford to keep driving to work

      45. Ass hat

        I used to work for small busnesses and realized its a waste of time they just don’t have the capital to compete. the days of the mom and pop type busness are over I would rather work for a big corporation with a bargaining unit this seems to be the best for the employee .I never liked being used as a pawn for the small busness hearing their excuses for why they can’t provide. Operating a company requires capital and brains. I’m not friends with my employer it’s a busness transaction services for $ that’s it . I don’t care if they fail tomorrow and close I will get reemployed immediately .to the company you are a number an employee number and a human resource. People act like work is their life that is sad. I work with a guy he loves it he is the same age as me he has a big house he lives by himself no girlfriend or wife or kids . Work is his life I think he will cry when the place closes. Portageez

      46. Pissed Off Granny


        Just had a chance to look up your “Lucy/the poster girl of evolution” bs story.

        Anyone interested in YOUR and Lucy’s genetics and the story behind her and your ancestors will find this article will give them a chuckle about the Lucy bs story of yours:
        answeringgenesis dot org//human evolution

      47. Digby

        Every time minimum wages go up that robot machine looks more attractive to employers.

        Burger flippers, checkout operators, they are all doomed if wages keep going up.

        Better to have a job than no job.
        And companies need a market to sell their products to.

        Keep western wages the same for the next 20 years and let asian wages catch up. Then watch the jobs come back.

        • Kevin2

          “Keep western wages the same for the next 20 years and let asian wages catch up. Then watch the jobs come back.”

          I’m at a loss for words and that never happens. You can’t be serious.

      48. Just sayin'

        Lower the minimum wage to $1.50/ hr. with no , FICA, Social Security, or payroll taxes, then the “Globalists” will move jobs back to the USA.

        We have to under-cut the Chinese slave labor wages if we want jobs in the USA. Hahhahahaha

        Welcome to the 21st Century.

        • Kevin2

          How do you compete with 50 cents per hour; make 49 cents per hour.

      49. grandee

        thought i might mention

        *McD hasn’t flipped burgers since about 1992. Burgers are cooked under a clamshell (cooks both sides a once). Don’t need so many grill people on the clock.

        *late 1990’s brought in automated french fry baskets. Baskets loaded from a hopper, basket travels up convayer belt, auto drop into fryer vat. Don’t really need a fry person. Manager can pull basket on way to office.

        * bout 10 yr ago, automated drink drawer in drive through. Don’t need that extra drive thru person anymore.

        soon i expect McDonald land to be fully automated. Won’t need to hire any more people at all.

        • Rebel in Idaho

          Touch screen ordering is coming and if all you can do is “cashier” you will be replaced by a fancy ipad. It is so easy to press a picture of a whopper, large fries, and diet whatever size and then swipe a card.
          Plus a touch screen isn’t rude, can calculate change, and doesn’t call in sick. Cheaper too.

          • Kevin2

            I guess its indicative of just what has happened in the US, when the wages and technological improvements in the fast food (oh I hate to use this word) “industry”, are of major concern. Once upon a time, in what one could believe a land far far away, steel production was important. We’re now reduced to french fries.

      50. Kevin2

        Interestingly a trillion plus eased into the stock market from the various QEs facilitated by the abandonment of Glass Steagall and food prices rising 100% + in a decade while minimum wage might have risen 15% in the same time frame raises no alarm.

        The public is conditioned with the puritan work ethic to such a degree that unethical acquisition of wealth via the above is not scorned but God help anyone at the bottom getting anything.

        They have the public behaving like a pavlovian dog.

      51. Joe

        I don’t understand these cheap bastereds of company’s or corporations, I guess they don’t make enough money. Pay the people what they work for not your slave pay rates. If the company’s don’t like it tell them to move to another country and never come back.

      52. Ace USMC

        Thats fine to pay a little more and not have people working for nothing.

        It will take some people off the welfare CASH AID rolls, some off the EBT card, and many OFF section 8 housing money.


        YOU LIED< the mantra of "if you pay people more, prices will DOUBLE" is a LIE!! NOWHERE did prices " double" not by a LONG SHOT!!

      53. Emily

        As labor costs increase beyond the ability of worker productivity to offset them and the cost of robotic workers decreases the minimum wage raises don’t necessarily mean higher prices.

        Replace expensive human workers with cheap robotic replacements for most jobs that pay in the minimum wage range and you may actually see price decreases.

        Minimum wage raises provide a very valid -and desirable if you’re in the robotic industry- incentive for more widespread use of robots to replace menial workers and even some semi skilled ones as well. Maybe even highly skilled ones if you consider how much medical work can easily be done by robotic replacements.

        So don’t be a Luddite, look on the bright side and encourage this trend.

      54. Randy

        The three points noted in the article in my opinion should have a 2 B and 3 B, cut back in hours or employee number due to the loss of customers because they are not willing/unable to pay more for the product (ie – $9.00 hamburger)

      55. Nickyname

        Too expensive for me. Will be FORCED to make my own foods but REFUSE to buy fast foods.

        Places will close down and then these people will go on welfare leading to more unemployment.

        Brilliant, just brilliant!

        • Kevin2

          If they abandoned the minimum wage more people would be hired.

      56. lost in the woods

        There is a term for the acceleration of technology, I just can’t remember it. This is what we are all experiencing I believe. I no longer know what to tell young people; I was going to advise my nephew to become an OTR truck driver; it’s a pretty good financial living for a young single man, but I’m pretty sure that within 10-15 years, all freight will be delivered by Google self-driving trucks; and yes, a robot will be making your McNuggets much sooner than you think. Perhaps in the future the artists will be the only ones NOT starving…

        • Kevin2

          It reminds me of a conversation between Henry Ford 3rd and Walter Reuther in 1970 just prior to Reuther’s death in a plane crash.

          Henry showed Walter the first generation robots on the assembly line and said; “Those robots won’t go on strike”. Walter replied, “They won’t buy any cars either”.

          Advances in technology can be advantageous. It can however be very destabilizing. Its increasing climb both in magnitude and acceleration significantly adds to the destabilization. We’re certainly in unchartered waters that appear to be getting more choppy.

      57. Ozarkanna

        Plain and simple— It is not just the payroll increase, it is the increased taxes that have to be paid by the employer. My business has not magically made more money on the 1st of January just because minimum wage has gone up.
        Starting this week,I have had to cut the number of hours that we are open; and, one more employee will be working his last day on Thursday just to keep the percentage of payroll expense in balance with the business income.

      58. BigA521

        Doing some quick math, I think it would be an increase of .20 to .30 cents per meal. Not the increases listed here. You have to remember the cost is shared among all of the people coming in per day, which is hundreds or thousands in some locations. There are also usually only 5-7 people working per shift. If 5 workers were making an extra 10$ an hour, that would mean you only need to recoup 50$ per hour. You could cover that with the lunch rush alone by increasing the meals by about a quarter. I’m all for making people work for what they have, like I did, but I also know that the jobs aren’t there anymore and that it would be impossible to support my family no minimum wage. Who cares if the big fat super corporations have a greed fit. The only down side would be more companies off-shoring, that’s what worries me. It would also get some people off of welfare, and I would rather them work then sit at home and collect a check.

      59. RICH99

        I think minimum wage now is not in balance with many product prices !!
        This all goes back to the inherent problem with capitalism which is INFINITE GROWTH and that is IMPOSSIBLE !!
        Such as my company that wants managers to beat previous years sales on a Weekly basis or be forced to work 6 days a week instead of 5 …….now think long and hard about that one and tell me where the problem is !!
        When my company raises the hourly rate , shouldn’t employees get a raise ….I think so but we don’t and we have become UNDERPAID SLAVES to GREEDY capitalists !!
        My company is the perfect example of the evil in capitalism

      60. Richard

        I’m disappointed that SHTF have chosen to jump on the band wagon and blame poorly paid workers for problems in the economy.

        Increasing pay for the lowest paid workers wont create a big increase in inflation as not that many get it and it is rubbish to claim that businesses can’t afford to pay it when most low paid workers work for large multi-national organisations.

        Western economies would benefit immensely from a higher minimum wage as economic growth comes from increases in demand now also the lowest paid are the most likely to spend it their wages and not save them like the middle class.

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