What Kind of Government Do We Have in America?

by | Oct 23, 2011 | Headline News | 210 comments

Do you LOVE America?


    The essence of freedom is the proper limitation of government.


    In a previous commentary we opined  that Most Americans Are Leftists and presented supporting evidence in the form of two political spectrum graphics.

    A traditional view of the political spectrum as discussed in the mainstream and indoctrinated by pedagogues into the minds of millions of unsuspecting children, teens and college graduates :

    A true view of the political spectrum as it has existed throughout history:

    The idea that most Americans, and citizens of the world for that matter, are leftists really comes down to one’s point of reference. The concept is completely lost on those beholden to the “Traditional” political spectrum view who have never been exposed to or had the opportunity to contemplate other possibilities. It begins to make much more sense when considered with respect to the “True” view.

    The following micro-documentary, The American Form of Government, presents a more expanded look at the True View spectrum and argues that there exist only two types of government – oligarchy and republic – with a transitory state of democracy which exists between the two.

    This is one to share with family, friends and those in need of a (hopefully insightful and life-changing) provocation of their world view.

    Now that we understand what kind of government we’re supposed to have in America and why, the question that needs to be answered is: what kind of government do we actually have?

    References: The Illusion of Opposites, Market Ticker


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      1. There’s a difference between economic freedom and social freedom. We should be able to have a society where we have economic freedom without making drugs legal.

        Anarchy vs fascism shouldn’t be on a single line. It should be at least an x-y continuum. You could also make it a three dimensional model where religious freedom is one of the variables.

        • all drugs should be legalized… all… and if some fool wants to become a crack head… fine!

          true freedom is real FREEDOM! THE INDIVIDUAL age 18 + should be able to do as they please with their own bodies and minds! As long as it doesn’t directly affect children and their developement.

          the gene pool will be that much better in a 100 years when all the hard core druggies kill themselves off with o.d.’s!

          as well as the medical benefits far exceed the negative affects of a open drug use society…

          • one problem is tax payers have to pay for these crack heads

            • In the new society everyone pays their own way. Do drugs, enjoy them and pay you own way. Live in a van down by the river but, get nothing. The collective is over, it has failed.

            • Ben
              “”Live in a van down by the river but, get nothing”” , who pays for the clean up after the drug freaks and hippies have dumped all their garbage there and moved on?

            • Yes, but you can pay for them at a much reduced rate than what the American Taxpayer is currently paying to support them. If they were legal.

              The Heroin that the addict in NYC is using on a daily basis costs them between $200 – $300. This means that they have to steal $3,000+ a day of your property to fence to get the money to support their habit. The actual price of the Heroin, if it weren’t illegal, would be between $2 – $3.

              Making drugs illegal doesn’t stop people from using them, it just makes them more expensive for the folks using them and much more profitable for those criminals selling them. The costs to society of making drugs illegal and attempting to protect people from themselves are astronomical. Let the druggies enjoy themselves while they eliminate themselves.

            • The same people who are going to pay for the cleanup after the drug freaks and hippies at OWS.

            • First Off I’m a “Straight Edge” no Drugs or Alcohol… my body is my temple! My drug of choice is Chocolate!

              Man folks do the MATH… ;0P pssszt You already do pay through the nose through property crimes , muggings, armed robberies so they can buy their next fix and you pay out the nose to the corporate medicine companies like bayer and johnson and johnson etc etc etc companies which are intentionally poisoning you, your children , especially yours daughters… the new guardisel genital warts vaccine is KILLING YOUNG WOMEN barely teens in texas and rick perry the male whore , oppsss i mean goooood christian he is made it texas LAW all girls must have them or they can’t go to school! wtf! ;0P pssssszzzzzt

              once again just as the flu shots have mercury in them poisoning babies and children causing , a.d.d. and autism… not to mention life long paralysis… SHOTS KILL FOLKS… the humane immune system in not ment to be bypassed by needles… you only weaken and destroy your best weapon against infections and disease by getting shots! an all just so some companies can get richer and a few board members can buy new toys on your pain and suffering… how many must suffer and die before you all wake up … huh?

              ask a retiree how much their meds now cost!!! some are eating cat food so they can afford life saving drugs!

              recently the CIA and CDC just released in to the California Drug Market Tainted Flesh Eating Cocaine… No BS your own Government is poisoning Coke Heads!

              congress just passed a new law making aternative cancer treatments illegal and also it’s now illegal to buy drugs cheaper drugs from canada… same stuff just cheaper… it’s a drug monopoly get it??? not to mention the american CIA… IS AMERICA’S GREATEST DRUG PUSHER AND TRAFFICKER! bILLIONS AND billions are made by the CIA… SO YOU CAN SNORT A LINE ON THE WEEKENDS AND SMOKE A BONE JOINT TO RELAX! AND the the Los Zetas Drug Cartel in Mexico is CIA owned and Controlled and Currently is commiting genocide upon the Mexican people and southwest united states… Look up OPERATION FAST AND FURIOUS OBAMA and the DEA just sent 30,000 auto matic weapons illegally to MEXICO and american cops are being killed with them! 5 texas law men have died so far! 5 COPS DEAD! They SENT GUNS AND HAND GRENADES to DRUG PUSHERS IN MEXIXO ! WTF! ;0P HELLO CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW! The US DRUG war IS bullsheeit it’s all a scam upon you the american taxt payer it’s just one more way to put fear and control in the people of the world and america… prime example in afghanistan … american soldiers are giving out poppy seeds and fertilizer and GUARDING Opium fields! WTF… THE US ARMY AND MARINES ARE GUARDING OPIUM FIELDS! wtf! OPIUM production was almost wiped out by the Muslims in Afghanistan … since we arrived theRE in the last ten years it has grown into a 700 billion dollar industry… and we AMERICANs and the CIA are to blame… OPIUM is booming Now because of THE americaN INVASION AND OCCUPATION!


              and there’s more … etc etc

              So Just me says:

              October 24, 2011 at 5:10 am

              one problem is tax payers have to pay for these crack heads

              and your little negative voters , DO THE MATH!

              It’s cheaper and healthier for society to legalize it and control it with regular Doctor visits and care… and in every case where a child is threatened just remove the child from the family or parent. There are plenty of good families still looking for a adoption!

              Do the MATH!

              I’m done here ;0p pssssszzzzzt!

              Don’t Tread On Me!

              Arm Up Stock Up Prepare
              Preditor or Prey the Choice is yours!

          • You’re mostly correct, Nina. The only problem which looms up is that brains don’t mature until about age 26. Thus, people 26 years of age and over should be totally free. There still needs to be reasonable constraints on children and the immature.

            • agreed! and the name is ninny ;0P pssszt ;0) tee hee

            • Look up BILL CLINTON – ARKANSAS HILLBILLY DRUG CARTEL, his brother the musician Roger Clinton was Bills dealer and trafficker…

              Clinton says he remembers his stepfather as a gambler and an alcoholic who regularly abused his mother and half- brother, Roger Clinton, Jr


              The Clintons had Private Investigators and ArKansas State Police Investigators KILLED ASSASSINATED cause they were being investigated for SOUTH AMERICAN drug connections and drug smuggling into the Arkansas back country and airports… One of the Clintons CIA planes actually CRASHED FULLY LOADED with COKE!


              Can you hear me now???

              Waking Up Yet as to how DEEP the Rabbit Hole Goes Silly Rabbits!?

            • So you would impose “reasonable restraints” on everyone under 26? If they are immature does that apply to voting as well? Or jobs that involve a great deal of responsibility? Maybe we only allow people under 26 to work in jobs where no one cares if you are mature or responsible? How would passing a law cause someone to stop doing a behavior that they are already doing regardless of its legality? Maybe we will need a big police state or Big Sis to make sure we are not breaking the law? Here is a simpler system: parents are legally responsible for their minor children while they live under their roof. When they are mature enough to live on their own then they become legally responsible for their own actions. Most of the problems in this country can be traced to a lack of responsibility and accountability for one’s actions. Every piece of legislation that is passed these days seems to be in response to an unwillingness to allow individuals and companies to be held responsible for their poor choices.

        • yeah lmao ;0P tee hee be careful… ya might be spanked with a pink furry paddle by the FBI AND TOLD with a lispy voice by a FBI Agent in drag “You’ve been a Very baaaad boy! An muuust be Punished!” ohhhh ahhhh bad boy…;0P pssszzzt

          • You are so hot. You not only speak your mind, you make sure whatever is on your mind is intense as a hot savanna baboon raping session. I really appreciate your tenacity and passion/desperation concerning what you believe. Have you ever had a vaccine?

      2. I realize that there are extremists in every group, but my thoughts are that it isn’t a matter of left vs right. It’s more of a matter of those who grew up and expect others to as well and those who demand a child/parent reign by either wanting to be the permanent child or the permanent parent.

      3. All I can say to those on the left and to those on the right is “Don’t Tread on Me”. If you do you will end up dead on the business end of a AR-15.

        • While I admire the independent sentiment, there is something you should consider.

          Remember Waco, Texas? Look it up if you must.

          Go openly against the government (nutcase or not?) You’ll end up dead, and your name will be inextricably linked to terms like “nutcase”, “pedophile”, etc.

          May want to re-think that whole defiance thing.

          • I am from Texas, I do remember Waco, and I don’t forget.

            • …and you think your AR-15 will hold off a tank, right?

            • no but eventually the tank crew have to (excuse me ladies)sleep eat phuk and take a sheeit… when they bed down for the night Guerilla Fighters can hose the tank down with home made napalm and torch the tank… I don’t care how much technology a force has … in the end the most dangerous weapon in the world is still A MARINE AND HIS RIFLE! We have NUMBERS on our side.. more of us than them… fear turns to anger! When americans finally get P O’d ;0) it’s gonna be a blood bath for the FEDS! They’ll be running for their D U M B s and locking themselves in…

              In the end a well trained infantryman and his squad fighting a good just and morally true battle will win in the end! The civilian factor is always on the side of the Just!

              Morality will win in the end! Desire for FREEDOM is more than a word it is a Heart Felt Emotion an Feeling! And all human beings have it! It is something that can’t be bought or destroyed it is in all of us…

              Odd questioner go and pee on someone elses leg your annoying me! go away Fed Troll dog..

              arm up stock up prepare
              preditor or prey the choice is yours!

            • Have you seen the FLIR footage from the FBI helicopter?

              It shows men rolling off the tanks, setting the fire, and then machine gunning the people fleeing from their burning home.

            • i dont think paul will be in the house by the time a tank rolls around, go around ground from a tank. you can hide from it.

            • Let me lay it out for you in detail…

              I have no problems at all with opposing what the government is up to. I have more than enough of that myself to go around.

              OTOH, pretending that you’re going to make a defiant stand that will make them change their minds? Not seeing that happen. You’d end up dead, the public will associate your name with some lunatic neo-nazi|pedophile|drooling-nutjob, and *nothing will change*.

              No… what you do is take your time, and do it right. Keep a low profile. Quietly build up support. Anonymously spread the word. Vote however you think will change things. Keep your weapons and provisions quiet and hidden, in case they’re needed. Try to change the government peacefully. If that fails, *then* you organize, and *then* you reach for that last box in defense of liberty (you know – soap, ballot, jury, ammo?). Until then, you have those three other boxes that ain’t empty yet – try using those first.

              You do remember the first rule of prepping, right? OPSEC. Whipping out a semi-auto and spraying the first government agent to show up at your door is a guaranteed means of getting you and yours killed. Sure, you’ll get the first dozen or so, but you’re not going to get them all – but they will eventually get you.

            • * Tell me eric, ninaorket: Do you know the firing rate of that little chain-gun slung underneath an Apache helicopter? I do – it’s 300 rds/minute – and they carry a lot more rounds than you can. And no, you’re not hiding from those built-in FLIR cams, either. Now, shall we discuss the ordinance load that a typical F-16 carries?

              The point isn’t man versus a given machine. It’s one man (or at most a handful) with little-to-no public support, versus a well-equipped, well-trained, well-rested, well-numbered, and far more energetic opposing force.

              *They* may have to eat, sleep, shit, etc… but so do you, and they can take turns doing those necessary chores while simultaneously keeping the attack going against you. You, on the other hand, don’t have the manpower to spare.


              “THE WAR is ALREADY HERE and guess what THEY STARTED IT!”

              That’s nice, but there’s a difference between the metaphorical, the potential, the nascent, and the bleeding obvious. Please learn those differences. Also, unless/until the *public* agrees with you, you’re still pretty much on. your. own.

          • phuck that… i’d rather be labeled a nut or a (oooh I’m gonna say it such Taboo) pedo (which I’m not) ( how childish ) ;0P pssszzzzt (sticks and stones) and Speak Defiance than be a puss and cower in fear! odd questioner- lead , step aside or get out of the way… folks like you just piss me off … you want your american apple pie… but your to much a puss to pick your own apples!

            You should be wearing a dress and made to sit in the corner sucking your thumb Sir!

            step aside… before I kick you in the ass with my combat boot just for being an obvious Fed Troll Agent! your in my way… ;0P pssszzzztt

            I suggest all Federal and civilian fed Employee’s are Tarred and Feathered , Hung Up from the nearst telephone pole in town squares (Not Killed) as traitors come the Revolution!

            Especially CIA FBI agents / employee’s!

            They all damn well know what is going on and all turned a blind eye to it!

            By the way FBI puss’s reading this, John Edgar Hoover was a Wig wearing Dress Wearing cross dressing Fairy and sucked weinies! ;0P -pssszzzzt TRUTH! aren’t you sooo proud! lmao ;0) he he hee The FBI’s greatest Leader wore a dress and lipstick! No wonder it’s so corrupt!

            arm up stock up prepare
            preditor or prey the choice is yours!

            • Ninaorket ~ While I admire the fact that you intend to make a stand, I don’t think blowing away a dozen or so people is the way to do it. Nor is blowing up a tank or anything else. Maybe one day, but not yet.

              If ordinary folks, the unaware, see “crazy” stuff like that, all it does is drive them away from being part of a resistance.

              Now is the time for calm, rational voices saying no.

              Now is the time for taking a stand, verbally and publically.

              Now is the time for drawing media attention towards the problems and educating the unaware.

              Now is the time for civil disobedience.

              Now is the time for defying the “stupid laws” and doing it where everyone can see it.

              We need to cultivate the public awareness of the issues, educate them as to their constitutional rights and lead them to stand up for the rights.

              The time may come for violence but it isn’t here yet. It makes you look crazy, it makes the cause look like a part of the lunatic fringe and it scares the crap out of the very people that need to stand up and say no.

              What you propose will have the complete opposite effect of your intentions.

              Ninaorket, in my opinion, YOU are the one that sounds like a government roll, perhaps trying to incite people to incriminate themselves by making comments about violence towards the government.

              OQ sounds like the voice of reason.
              YOU sound like the voice of insanity.

            • DAISY as much as I appreciate respect your Zen Response… you do realize that PEOPLE are Already Dying, American Families are being kicked out of their Homes being Repo’d and destroyed! They are killing themselves and their children! The war is already here Daisy! Can’t you all see that!!!???

              Not to mention what we are doing to the Muslims in the Middle East Gaza Libya Iraq Afghanistan Pakistan and the Blacks of Africa!

              THE WAR is ALREADY HERE and guess what THEY STARTED IT!

              I’m perfectly sane Daisy , IT IS YOU who is INSANE!

              TAKE A GOOD LOOK AROUND YOU, Your Town , Wallstreet , DC and the WORLD!

              Eugenic’s , Death Panels are already here… they drew first blood Daisy! This has been happening for generations… The Fedeal Reserve is the THIRD one now in Operation – Andrew Jackson killed the last Fed Reserve and they tried to KILL HIM TWICE!

              The Kennedy’s, Martin Luther King , Malcom Ex , Lincoln etc etc All died by the Bankers Hands – the Illumiati!

              It doesn’t have to be this way Daisy!

              They Started It , they are 78% complete in their Mission of World Global Banking Domination and WE Must Rise Up Arm Up and put a stop to it!

              Or suffer as Debt Slaves for eternity!

              If you don’t want to fight go to a SAFE Area!

              Your are only enabling them to further ENSLAVE US!

              Do you even comprehend what is happening to wallstreet???

              Get out of our way Daisy!

              Your blocking my Aim!

              Don’t Tread on Me!

              Arm Up Stock Up Prepare
              Pediitor or Prey the choice is Yours!

            • I absolutely never said that I intended to go hide somewhere safe. Let me elucidate.

              It is NOT yet time for guerilla warfare. First, the people must have a rallying point. Patriots fight a losing battle unless they have the strength of the people behind them.

              I agree that terrible things are afoot in the world. However, to end it, no one needs to go off half-cocked. No one for the Cause needs to be written off as a lunatic. That is bad press that makes the rest of us look like we are off our rockers. Let cooler heads prevail for the time being. Teach the people. Let them learn. Let their anger start to simmer.

              It isn’t yet time to bring the fight to violence. The time is now for AWARENESS.

              Violent actions will just bring martial law into effect – I’m talking about REAL martial law – not the inconvenient bullshit being shoved at us by Homeland Security and the TSA. I’m talking about soldiers in the streets – scenes from Sarajevo – curfews – tanks.

              And I never claimed to be sane, btw, but I think I have a better grip on it than you do.

            • i scincerely doubt that Daisy is insane.. you on the other hand are batshit crazy.

            • Mama Bear says settle the hell down before she boots you in the butt and schools you on how to spell “predator.” Don’t you be messin’ with Daisy–girl’s got a lot of sense.

          • Yes, your name will be inextricably linked to terms like ‘pedophile’…..

            ‘They’ can creat reoords to make you as they want to portray you. This is one thing that bothers me mostly—it can be done in 5 minutes, and noone can do squat about it.

            This scares me more than anything–their power. I want my America back..the Republic, not this wishy-washy existence.

            • Being Responsible – Policing Your Own Personal Actions in life – Living By the Golden Rule – are Your Shield from such Gestapo CIA actions!

              Live a Good Clean Life and you will have no worries!

            • They don’t even have to cook anything up… they just take your computer, and suddenly some files are deposited on it. Or, if you already have pr0n in there, they just point to some of the younger-looking ones.

              So, unless you have the world’s best security, are a master sysadmin with constant remote logs that you can point to in court proving your innocence, and only get off on severely wrinkly granny-porn, you’re pretty much ripe for the set-up.

          • odd questioner:

            Perhaps we’ll end up dead, but we’ll go with the peace of mind knowing we chose to fight instead of grovel. A quote “the first one will cost but the rest are free” comes to mind.
            Nor have you looked at the stats. Last time I calculated, there’s 300 (a short infantry company) of us to 1 LEO. I understand the force multipliers of armor and air power, but if your heart is not into it, you will fail.

            • “Perhaps we’ll end up dead, but we’ll go with the peace of mind knowing we chose to fight instead of grovel.”

              …and no one outside of your immediate circle of friends and family will give a damn, if that.

              The only thing worse than fighting for a premature cause, is fighting one where the results mean nothing. Well, I wouldn’t say “nothing”, since you may well succeed in turning public opinion against your cause.

              “Last time I calculated, there’s 300 (a short infantry company) of us to 1 LEO.”

              Unless you have 299 plague-ridden mice in your pocket, “us” means approximately bupkis, given current levels of unrest and the (still) relative apathy of the general population.

              And BTW, it ain’t the LEO’s you have to worry about.

        • AR-15!!! such a toy!!

        • there are some more famouse powerful people who dared defy the American Government, Qaddafi and Hussein, all they really wanted to was start their own currency and get away from the dollar and euro.

      4. We live in a fascist nation. Its supposed to be a constitutional republic.

      5. I think since im 38 and my parents are 63 years old there parents were raised with good morals and religion. not saying you have to have it but as we get new generations of people they are not true hard workers as we used to be growing up. I see so many people that are just rude, not as polite or to help. As this trend continues I think people will start slipping without good parents and peers to really help this new generation. We would never do some of the things some of these kids are doing these days. It is slipping and I don’t think this system on food stamps can last much longer. we are going broke and there will be a breaking point with food prices increasing so ever quickly. I can just say get what you can paid for and start taking care of your family and prep a bit in case of disaster and not hope for the best but wait until shtf.

      6. Independent vs dependent
        Adult vs child
        Responsible vs irresponsible
        Earned gratification vs instant gratification

        I just wanted to keep the list going lol. So mind boggling.

        • Well Fatty,
          Add mine to the the list.
          I can at least respect a true anarchists desire for minimal to no government.
          But to the left of the graphs it is the socialist, commie pig fuckers.
          They would take from you EVERYTHING!!!!!
          And leave you nothing.
          Once they’ve used you, and they’ve taken you, and they’ve wasted all your money,
          And left you an empty shell, you will have become a slave of the lowest order!
          Socialism / communism, are the ultimate sodimisation of the individual, and
          The Soul.

          Slick steps back to appreciate his work…..
          Evidenced by his use of third person.

      7. Mac, I have seen this video 3 or 4 times before. I wish every person in the world could see it. It’s the best 10 minute explanation there is about the 5 forms of government that actually boil down to two that have long term sustainability. Anyone who is not familiar with the difference between a Democracy and a Republic needs to watch this video, think about it, understand it, and incorporate its vital message into their personal philosophy. If everyone grasped the message in the video it would be clear why a government intent on seizing power and undermining personal liberties, has to be stopped. Further, the reason why I go by the name Prepper is because through messages like this, I have come to learn where we are headed. No one knows if we can stop, delay, or affect the downward spiral to death and destruction but at least we can do our best to prepare for it.

      8. http://ca.sports.yahoo.com/mlb/blog/big_league_stew/post/Rangers-fan-ejected-after-throwing-ball-near-Mat?urn=mlb-wp25118

        “Fox replayed the incident to a national TV audience and also showed the scene as Texas Rangers security plucked the fan and his friend from their front-row seats.

        Fans jeered the unidentified man as he was escorted up the aisle.

        A handful of Rangers security guards flanked by a few Arlington police officers then surrounded the man and his friend, demanding to see their IDs and tickets.

        “It was just a Wiffle Ball,” the man could be heard telling the officers.

        The man’s hands trembled as he spoke to officers, but the pair also flashed Ferris Bueller-like smirks and fiddled with their cell phones. Not exactly they way to win leniency and save your pricey playoff seats.

        A Yahoo! reporter was told to leave a public area after trying to get more details on what may have prompted the fan’s whacky Wiffle Ball moment.”

        What kind of government do I want? Not this! This is what happens when one trusts in the Tyranny of the Mob. Remember, “democracy” makes THE LAW, but it is nothing more than a mob of 50%+1+the gun…

        • Michelle: This is a BULLSHIT site unless you are an atheist. At random I selected the “Religion” tab to see what the “Academy” program was about.

          That was enough reading for me.

          I suspect that the prior links were established to lead the “student” to support the “Religion” thesis: that no Supreme Being exists and that it is irrational to believe in one.

          News for you.

          Individuals have reported “contact” with a Supreme Being as long as history has been recorded.

          Miracles happen.

          While personal experience is subjective, it is this kind of testimony that has moved millions individually, and civilizations as a whole, for thousands of years.

          Personally, I do not argue “religion” as I respect the right and responsibility of every person to pursue that phenomena of man for themselves, but I think it is disengenuous to label that tab anything but Atheism.

          Here’s a link for you:


      9. I only wish it was that clear to the masses. I have had many spirited debates with some highly educated people; MBA’, Phd’s in polysci. that don’t get it. State schools and the university system have been working for most of the last 100 years to revise US History and the Constitution.

        We need to get back to the basics, The Constitution and we don’t need 2000 bills and a tax code no one understands to out flank the Constitution.

        • I’d rather start with the Ten Commandments.

          • True, I guess in comparison the Constitution looks like a lengthy document. Point taken, but here is the difference in my opinion; the 10 Commandments are more for the individual or family. The Constitution was written for governing society based on the individual or family.

            Today both have been perverted against the individual or family.

            • So you suggest that people must be held to a moral code, but the government must not?

            • JQP –

              I don’t think P1 was suggesting that at all. He was merely pointing out the differences in audience between the 10 Commandments and the Constitution. Nowhere does the Constitution have a different agenda than the 10C.

              I don’t think the two can really even be compared.

              Apples and Oranges.

            • Remember: the constitution was written by men who accepted and believed in the ten commandments. Both are for governance. One for following the law of God, the other for following the law written by God fearing men.

          • I would start with the ten commandments but move into the Constitution. The constitution lays out government, the commandments lays out how individuals should live. Just my two sents.


            • Thanks Daisy & JJ. JQP I think individuals and especially governments need a moral code. We need a high standard to measure against and that is what is wrong with America. We have lowered our standards on everything and I mean everything.

          • The ten commandments are Gods Law for you. The Constitutions are your Law for the government. God will enforce His law, but you must enforce yours.

      10. two heads of a single ruling party. what we have is crooked laywers ruling like they are kings.

      11. My Fellow Americans:

        Marc Salvo, the author of the above editorial, makes an excellent case of the Left-Right Paradigm, and the distortions that have been incorporated into those basic concepts, but the problems are now far beyond that.

        The US Federal Gov’t has decidedly launched an all out war against America, Americans, and the US Constitution.

        It is now Official Fact that 9/11, OCB, WTC Bombings and other “attacks” against this nation and our people were infact perpetrated by the US Government.

        This is more than treason, as our Federal Gov’t has been completely infiltrated and wholly infected with foreign influence, corporate corruption and individuals of treason and deceit, whose sole objective is the destruction of the USA.

        Since our Treasonous Federal Government is now an “Enemy Force-Of-Occupation” against Americans, and is now using seige tactics to subjugate us, the Law-Of War and Geneva Convention Articles for POW’s come into effect.

        Please help spread the word that the US Federal Gov’t has exposed its real identity as an Enemy-Aggressor that has invaded our lands.

        It is our duty to fight off such enemys of America and to ensure the virtues of the US Constitution are not harmed or diminished in any measure.

        It is simple, spread the following word to the four corners of our country:

        – The US Federal Gov’t is an Enemy Aggressor Force that has invaded America while petenting to “protect” us.

        – Their intend is to destroy the USA.

        – Their intend is to mass-murder Americans.

        – Their intent is to subjugate, dominate and eviscerate the few that survive and intend to enslave.

        – Their Agents of Subversion have already infiltrated every single agency, office and department of the Federal Gov’t at every level, there are no exceptions.

        – The invading army of the Federal Gov’t is far to corrupt, distorted, dysfuctional, warped and pyschotic to repair.

        – It can only be abolished and replaced.

        – It is now our DUTY to abolish this treasonous invading army from our lands.

        – It is time for very American, Every Patriot, Every man, women and child in this country to waken and join the fight to eliminate every trace of these Treasonous invaders.

        – Let us unite under the banner of “Constitutional Minutemen” to organize our countrymen and our allegiances to.

        – Let us recoganize the perils and necessities at hand and prepare accordingly.

        – Let us honor our maker, praise our families and friends, and know the hour of challange is almost upon us.

        – Let us not falter in our efforts, for the future of our country, our homes and our childrens lives are the price of failure.

        May the good Lord look upon us with favor, and grant us the courage, strength and tanacity to eradicate such evil that has infected every hall of this treasonous force which once stood as our leadership, and is now our greatest mortal enemy.

        JD – US Marines – Constitutional Minuteman

        • Nice JARHEAD ;0)… well said! I applaud your efforts… keep it up! And continue to spread the word to your brothers at arms! We’re gonna need em’ too help Hold the Line against the Feds and UN Troops when the New American Revolution kicks off!

          Charlie Mike (continue the mission) Leather Neck… see ya on the line and again… Awesome job! ;0) Cudoo’s!

        • remember Leather Neck , post that the presidency is illegal… CIA controlled and Bank of England / Rothschild Owned/ Controlled and Congress is Israeli jew bought and paid for completely owned! you need to add the meat to your message so people, can have point to start researching what your stating to confirm your facts and learn more on there own! Great Job! ;0)

          • Hi ninaokret,

            I can only hope Americans realize the truth of the peril I outlined above.

            As for naming things like the CIA, CFR, Tri-Lateral Commission, etc, that is all different parts of the same beast.

            The destruction and subversion of the US Federal Goverment that use to represent the American interests was not done overnight or by a single method or apparatus.

            There have been some efforts centuries in the making, subversion, collusion, bribes and physcotic manipulations that have occured over decades.

            This is why I don’t even bother mentioning them unless I’m discussing the mechanisms of infiltrations, corruption and destruction of the government we use to have long ago.

            It is better to just start by acknowledging the end result:

            The US Federal Government Is Now Officially An Enemy Of The US Peoples.

            It Is In Fact An “Enemy Force Of Occupation”.

            Its goal is to DESTROY America and reduce all Americans to peasant class supplicants.

            They are almost there.

            Can we get more Americans to wake up in time?

            I can only pray,.. and keep fighting!

            JD – US Marines – Time To Eliminate The Enemy Federal Government, Before They Eliminate US!

            • Wow , awesome reply… are you sure you aren’t…

              Smedley Darlington Butler[1] (July 30, 1881 – June 21, 1940) was a Major General in the U.S. Marine Corps, an outspoken critic of U.S. military adventurism, and at the time of his death the most decorated Marine in U.S. history.

              “The Fighting Quaker” Re-incarnated???

              Keep it up the pen is mightier than the sword! Great Writting… let me know when your ready to run for president… ya got my vote so far Leatherneck!

              Thanks for the response! Keep up the great writting, remember once written on the web , it’s pretty much permanent as if written in Granite! Your words will help make HISTORY!

            • Hi ninaorket,

              Thanks for the compliment.

              I’m not Smedly Butler reincarnated,…but I do wish I was.

              He is one of my biggest heros, partly for the 33 years he served as a hardcore, highly disciplined US Marine that earned more high decorations than any other Marine, but more so because when they tried to use him to overthrow the US Government, The US People and The US Constitution, he played them to get specifics, then testified before Congress telling all! (Which they then covered up!)

              General Butler couldn’t be bought, bribed, corrupted, conjoled or purchased at ANY price!

              He is the only example I know of, of a true Patriot, loyal to this country, to our values and our Costitution that was wholly incorruptable!

              Smedly Butler is my inspiration and role model for the coming trials and tribulations this country is about to suffer.

              I can only hope that I will be given command of a unit that is dedicated to fighting for country, our Constitution and the fundamental values that made America great.

              I can only hope that Smedly will reach out to me from the other side, and give me guidance in our hour of need.

              JD – Also a highly decorated Combat US Marine.

              PS: I keep Smedly’s book right here on my desk (War is a racket) and have extra copies that I occassionaly give out to people (ISBN #:0-922915-86-5, $9.95)

          • Hey ;0p pssszt , don’t be haters ;0) lmao … barack obama / barry soetoro is a ILLEGAL ALIEN born in Kenya which is in A F R I C A not Illinois ya silly rabbits an a CIA Agent making him an Illegal President AND He is President of the UN Sec Council making him an Illegal Prez again, Plus he’s intentionally Killing americans over seas! AND he’s GAY , making his political marriage a sham! He should be locked up at Fort LeavenWorth Kansas being water boarded and made to do pushups by the Marines there for his crimes to America! He sold all you silly rabbits and your lil’ bunnies out to wallstreet! Goldmansachs!

            And CONGRESS is BOUGHT PAID an OWNED by ISRAEL and Israel last I checked it was populated BY Jews! Silly Rabbits – Just ask MAX BAUCUS of Montana!!! He can tell you all about it he loves the Israeli Cooking and Milions $$$ they give him every year! ;0P pssszt

            Bunch of silly rabbits! ;0) tee hee ;0P gawd read a book huh!

            • AND another thing ya bunch of haters… the jews call you all non-jews “goyim” and guess what ??? they can kill you and not beheld accountable by law! get it… catching on yet? no huh… okay here’s another fact israel is a major hub for white slavery sex trade slaves… many of the american missing teens and children from american streets especially blond and blue eyed children end up in israel. jews don’t like dark meat… they hate it so much they are forcing new african black immigrant jews to be sterilized! yes there are black african jews in africa and israel.

              So don’t be haters… research all i say…it is the hard naked truth of our world and society! a society you are all a active part of and supporter of !!!

              America gives ISRAEL 600 billion a year in support via your very own federal taxes people!

              so keep being haters… your all paying for your own countries destruction and your very own debt slave enslavement!

              suckers ;0P psssszzzzttt!

            • Barack Hussein Obama is really named “Barry Soetoro” he is a Foreign Student from “Citizenship of Malaysia” born in Kenya! Ya Bunch of Silly Rabbits! His mum worked for the CIA ie… Prescott Bush, George Bush Sr both CIA and now he is a CIA agent posing as your illegally elected president selling YOU ALL into eternal Debt Slave Bondage!

              And HE SHOULD be IMPEACHed! Tried And Jailed!

        • That war was declared in 1933. It is only now that some people are starting to realize it.

          • Hi Gods Creation,

            Allow me to expand on your thought here,

            The US People have infact been submitted to three decisional wars/covert actions:

            1) The Civil War – We we lost our States Sovereignty Rights.

            2) The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 – Where we lost our Economic and Financial Sovereignty Rights.

            3) 9/11 – Where we lost our Individual Sovereignty Rights.

            The enemies of the US Constitution have also replaced our Federal Government with an “Enemy Force Of Occupation”, that is now ready to exrecuse its final act of destruction and subjugation on America.

            I pray my fellow Patriots read this, understand our peril, and spread the word that the US Federal Government is NOT our government, it is only a facade to keep Americans decieved until they are ready to completely take over America.

            They are almost ready.

            Spread The Word To All Americans:

            The Federal Government Is An Enemy Of America, And Americans!

            It is an “Enemy Force Of Occupation”, that must NOT be allowed to succeed, or we all lose!

            JD – US Marines – Stop The Enemy Force Of Occupation!

          • You’re correct, GC. Only a few recognized the war when it started.

            I was very happy when FDR departed this earth, but, being in the military at the time, was cautious not to reveal that happiness. However, his legacy lives on to where the welfare/warfare state is firmly entrenched.

            I frankly don’t think anything can be done about it. We are far gone.

      12. I also Agree with what US Marine is laying down
        people the time is now, this is not the government structure we americans fought for..this is no longer a Republic..

        our Government has been hi-jacked.

        they have become the enemy of the free citizen and the Americans.

      13. Ninety nine percent of the people in this country have been trained to be afraid of freedom, are afraid to demand a choice between two honest and qualified alternatives, that its normal to have a more than 2-political-party system.

        They would rather hold their nose and vote for a globalist or evangelical slimeball who will take away their freedom for their own “protection,” than vote for a 3rd party candidate.

        They will get what they have coming to them in the end, for sure.

        • and we are on the same ark…not by choice…liberty or death no middle ground…good luck to you

        • I would quibble with your 99%. But what difference with 100% of the federals vs perhaps 30% of those who have figured this scam out?

      14. This is far too heavy for most people who’s political belief is focused around obtaining things. As long as they can obtain more things they are happy; “Who cares what the government does, it don’t effect me, games on this weekend”. If they can’t increase their amount of things they are upset; “Hay, something is wrong, I’m not getting what I deserve”. If they loose the things that they already have they are angry, ” What the hell is going on, what am I going to do?”.

        For a fleeting moment the masses may pay attention until they get back to getting more things. Once that occurs it’s time to hibernate again.

        • Oh forgot to say this.

          “For a fleeting moment the masses may pay attention until they get back to getting more things. Once that occurs it’s time to hibernate again.”

          The government is worried because this is not a “fleeting moment” and the masses just might continue to pay attention.

        • Kevin, good comment. You are right, here will be a fleeting moment when enough hungry acquisitive economic slave-robots start asking “What the hell is going on, what am I going to do?” That will start an effort to distract the robots by any means possible such as we’ve witnessed in the past few weeks.

          I think the masses are paying attention to the 99 percent vs 1 percent idea, and how the odds have been fixed against the 99 percent for the last two generations. The middle class folks who have what they want won’t lift a finger to support this protest even if they do agree.

          You know you’ve touched a nerve of the PTB when stereotypical 1-percenter Rush Limbaugh is sounding the alarm about the OWS hierarchy and liberal grand conspiracy from his oceanfront Palm Beach mansion.

          We really really need to break the hold of the Democratic and Republican corruption machines. These criminal syndicates have a stranglehold on the process of government unintended by the founders. They actively resist the establishment of any other political party. This country is being destroyed by these D and R criminals, most of whom are lawyers, go figure.

          • It’s obvious that the economic situation is not a mere recession but rather a permanent change primarily due to the de-industrialization of the developed world. We have a long way to drop before we start to rise again.

            The above being said the masses will continue to loose more things thus fueling their anger and with it increasing their political activity. The power elite through the government will attempt to discredit these protestors like they did in the 1960s. Back then they were the youth or minorities. Now damn near everyone is effected. The brush they will use to attempt to paint these people with a negative coat will be too wide to isolate them from the body politic.

            This is going to get very interesting.

      15. CFR is also a big problem

        look at how many presidents were CFR candidates, Our CIA has been under CFR control from the get go

        a cabal of forign bankers have completely taken over, they run the Fed reserve, they have taken over the executive branch, and Judicial branch

        its an invasion of the CFR , and banksters
        the CIA has infiltrated all forms of government, from local to DC

        The CFR and CIA control the media

        we have had infiltration of our government from different countries and different rules and laws of these countries..

        communists, and communisum is where were headed

        • CFR is just “middle management.”

        • vfr all true to a certain extent and great post … it goes higher though and deeper into the rabbit hole… what we see is only what they want us too see… there is a higher tier of globalist banker leaders hidden from common eye’s – with generations of banker control, telling the cia soldiers hilary clinton and barry soetoro / barack obama what to do… since 1913 every prez has been banker owned… the illuminati cfr bilderburgers etc etc are just minor factions in the global domination family and it’s facism where we are and headed deeper into. Communism constantly fails! Facism though under a fiat currency system lasts as long as they falsify mis-report the markets and kick the can down the road!

          America is BANKRUPT! 46 Trillion in Debt! Some say a 170 Trillion!

          you are only scratching the surface… it goes way deeper.

          And the only way to Kill Poison Ivy is to kill it at the Root! And the Illuminati ROOT is in Europe!

          First we must take control of Local Town Politics, Then State, Then National and Fix the Voting machines as right now they are all being hacked and jacked into so they can be rigged to show false results! Your news is fake and falsified!

          Watch – Hacking Democracy! and see the truth…

          what choice do we have as the courts are all paid off and under illuminati controll and the US Supreme Court is also PAID OFF!

          Only an Armed UpRising Taking back One town at a Time, One State Back at a Time… Till we’ve taken back all America! Can we succeed!

          How else do we Throw off the Globalist Controls and Chains!???

          But through Armed UpRising! They leave us no other choice!

          arm up stock up prepare
          preditor or prey the choice is yours!

          • Fascism – Fascism ( /ˈfæʃɪzəm/) is a radical authoritarian nationalist political ideology.[1][2] Fascists seek to rejuvenate their nation based on commitment to the national community as an organic entity, in which individuals are bound together in national identity by suprapersonal connections of ancestry, culture, and blood.[3] To achieve this, fascists purge forces, ideas, people, and systems deemed to be the cause of decadence and degeneration.[3] Fascists believe that a nation requires strong leadership, singular collective identity, and the will and ability to commit violence and wage war in order to keep the nation strong.[4] It advocates the creation of a totalitarian single-party state that seeks the mass mobilization of a nation through indoctrination, physical education, and family policy (such as eugenics).[5] A fascist state’s government is led by a supreme leader who exercises a dictatorship over the fascist movement, the government, and other institutions of the state.[6] Discipline and obedience to the leader is demanded by the fascist movement to followers and subjects of a fascist state and is promoted through encouraging comradeship and commitment of followers and subjects.[7] Fascist governments forbid and suppress opposition to the fascist state.[8]

            Fascism promotes violence and war as actions that create national regeneration, spirit and vitality.[9] It views conflict as a fact of life that is responsible for all human progress.[10] It exalts militarism as providing positive transformation in society, in providing spiritual renovation, education, instilling of a will to dominate in people’s character, and creating national comradeship through military service.[11] Fascists commonly utilize paramilitary organizations for violent attacks on opponents, or to overthrow a political system.[7]

          • ninaorket–please include the farce and game we play at the voting stations every 4 years…those machines are manipulated/compromised by the elite/handlers and all patriots should wake up to that.

            • Hey JJ no problemo… here we go bro…

              The Voting Machines are made only by Diebold Corp and they are certified by the national election board to be used nation wide… they can be accessed by a remote connection wireless from less than a few blocks away and changed by just adding a wireless router $10. or / and access manually through three seperate computer ports on the machine, ya just plug in a laptop or a PCD personal computing Device with a usb cable and you can change the vote count numbers directly prior to official ballot count or even load up software prior to the election to make it so every third time Candidate 2 get a positive vote , the vote actually goes to Candidate 1 etc etc… it’s software driven and can be changed however creative that programmer’s want to be and it only takes seconds to load software updates/ changes and they can even network the machines together making them that much easier to control and manipulate!!! PHEW… ;0P psssszzzt

              The only way to Protect the Individual Personal Vote Integrity and True Count of each seperate Vote is Hard Paper Ballot Vote and Hand Count with Over Watchers to ensure the Integrity of the Counters! And security watching the boxes once finished at the satelite voting offices to the main state counting area and then a recount for varification! It’s the only way to know and then I’d still be worried something might happen as that which happened during the Florida 2000 primary votes…

              Remember In the 2000 Florida Primaries AL GORE “mr. FAKE global warming is gonna kill all the polar bears with a hockey stick!” actually WON… Not Georgie Bush… georgies brother Jeb Bush Florida Gov at the time helped rig the Election results in favor of George Bush Jr. ;0P

              PHEW ;0) I need to quit reading so much… scary what ones knows at times!

              Hope this helps… ;0)

              arm up stock up prepare
              preditor or prey the choice is yours!

            • I haven’t voted for probably 45 years when it became obvious that my vote wasn’t counted. But it doesn’t matter.

              What might matter is if an election was held and no one participated.

        • No it is not communism! The corporate fascists have appropriated the methods of communism, but it is corporate fascism at work in our lives.

          The most recent studies show that less than 150 companies in the world control 60% of all commercial activity.

          The Top 25 Companies (including Chase and Goldman Sachs control 40% of all commercial activity.

          That is not communism. That is corporatism.

          • I actually heard statistics today on lefty media (not exactly sure, RT maybe?) that “the top 147 corporations control 38.5% of the entire world’s wealth” while following the OWS protests. I’m not sure why the bar was placed at 147, nor the actual source, but I’ll try and dig it up. Of course, it is interesting to note, I’m sure most of you know how fiat currency works, what is the value of debt when the SHTF? At that point, the only value is property, which in the aftermath will likely be determined to have been illegally obtained and thus taken back forcefully, but how should it be redistributed? A question for our forward thinkers.

            • The actual source was a study conducted by professors in Switzerland.

              With respect to the “Aftermath” either the Russian model or the Chinese model might apply, if the original American model doesn’t.

              But psychological studies prove that wealth, even distributed equally and on a level playing field, will gravitate to a certain few who are more adept, more capable and better educated to manage it; even without a manipulation of the law.

        • Anyone can join the CFR if you have an interest in Foreign Affairs, VRF. Even you!

          However, even if you join, I doubt that you will be invited to any Bilderberg Group meetings. 🙂

          Especially if that globalist ho, Angelina is on the menu.

      16. you tube
        look it up..HC even admits it

        type in this
        Hillary Clinton admits that the CFR runs the Government

      17. you tube
        type in

        CFR Members Clinton, Obama, bush, MCcain

      18. this lieing bitch

        type in

        Ron Paul Didn’t Expect This Response From Hillary Clinton – 4/22/2009

        listen to the fuckin lies comeing out of her mouth

      19. Most of us have figured out that the whole left vs. right thing is an overly-simplistic, artificial construct.

        Political leanings actually have multiple dimensions:

        * conservative – progressive (“how readily do you accept change, any kind of change?”)

        * central planning – anarchy (“how much control do you accept of the government over an individual’s life?”)

        * paternalism – laissez-faire (“how much charity do you have towards groups of people who may be seen as disadvantaged or oppressed?”)

        * sanctity of life – sanctity of the group (“how highly do you value an individual human life over the sanctity of the group?”) (note that this is different than the above)

        * sanctity of environment – technology (“how highly do you value

        …and many other smaller ones.

        Notice how party affiliation isn’t included? There’s a reason for that. The reason is simple – the parties don’t mean shit. Over time, they change and morph anyway, as party leaders and ideologues shape and re-form them. The first major Democrat president, Thomas Jefferson, would crap his pants in anger over what his party has become today. Likewise, so would Abraham Lincoln over his.

        Long story short, the parties are worthless. What should matter to the individual is a long hard look at those dimensions up there (and various smaller ones). Also, one should constantly re-evaluate them over a lifetime.

        Because there are so many dimensions to consider, and because no two people think exactly alike, politicians are more often than not a choice of the lesser of two evils, no? Now you know why… 🙂

        Thing is, it is easier for the media, supremely interested in eyeballs, drama, and ad dollars, to simplify things down to the point where every election is a cage-fight tournament. This in turn dupes the ignorant very easily. It also has a nasty side-effect… it tends to polarize people, and suck them into becoming mindless groups, instead of thoughtful individuals. It also makes politicians boil down their positions to appeal to the widest demographic (in order to get the most votes) – or rather, the lowest common denominator.

        …and that folks, is why we’re where we’re at.

        • oh – forgot to finish a sentence:

          * sanctity of environment – technology (“how highly do you value the environment versus mankind’s supremacy over it?”)

          • Left vs Right is a facade. There are only Globalists and Patriots. Anything else is a sub group.

            If they are not a Patriot in thought, word, and deed, they need a target posted on their back.

            One cannot be a Patriot and try to sell Americans FREE TRADE as a FREEDOM. The evidence is in.

            It isn’t.

            • You actually bring up something else that is interesting…

              How do people prioritize their dimensions? You have lots of people who prioritize things differently. A Sierra Club member prioritizes the dimension I called “sanctity of the environment”. A Pro-Life activist (as a Catholic guy I know quite a few), prioritizes the one I called “sanctity of life”.

              Some bring together many dimensions, as you have.

              For example, what constitutes a “Patriot”, exactly? I can assume that it is someone who is individualistic, perhaps conservative in some aspects (as US society was once largely individualistic), leans toward the laissez-faire (as individual initiative is primary), and definitely not the central-planning type. The “Globalist” would be a bit of a polar opposite, yes?

              Did I come close? What did I miss?

              I suspect I did miss a dimension that could be described as a ‘nationalistic vs. global community’ thing, but the nationalism is largely a combination of conservative (as the US was in the past more nationalistic in nature), and individualistic.

              Either way, I think we’re looking at a lot of the same things, just using different definitions for it.

            • OC: I would suggest that “Patriots” could be on the Right or the Left under the typical political spectrum.

              They are essentially, nationalists first, and would represent those individuals who support a Constitutional government as the Founders intended and embodied in the US Constitution.

              They believe that the government that is empowered by US to administer OUR affairs of state, ought to be of, by, and FOR the people.

              The US government, exampled by the past four Administrations have not been FOR the people, but FOR special interests. The special interests of Globalists in particular.

              This fact is evidenced by the legislation that has been adopted by Congress and the impact that legislation has had on the lives of the vast majority of Americans.

              This legislation has been bought and paid for by Globalists to manipulate the “system” to their favor and at OUR expense.

              It is essentially, a zero sum game. Every extra dollar they make as profit within the context of global GDP, they are taking from one of US as lost wages and fewer benefits by exploiting cheap foreign labor.

              The transfer of more than 42,400 factories offshore over the past ten years, and the average loss of 50,000 jobs every month over that time frame speaks for itself.

              It is not incompetence. It is treason to benefit the very few. It is crony capitalism for the benefit of the globalists.

              “Globalists” are primarily the Uber Rich 6,000 families in America that dominate the wealth, media, and politics of the nation, and who manipulate the American economic and political system to enrich themselves at the expense of the 99.98% of the rest of US because, well, because too much is just not enough.

              Worldwide, these globalists are represented by the top 25 companies that control 40% of all commercial activity that is transacted in the entire world!

              Across the globe it probably means there are 20-25,000 individuals or families that control the economic activity of what, 7 BILLION people?

              These globalists are supported by technocrats in government, economics, and media that feed on the crumbs that fall from the table of the Uber Rich.

              They are basically parasites and minions feeding on the Uber Rich. Those crumbs add up for the talking heads, politicians, and lawyers who shape laws and public opinion with propagandas to tilt the table in favor of the Globalists.

              FREE TRADE is probably the best example of that propaganda once you realize that FREE TRADE is not a FREEDOM but a corrupt system designed to make economic serfs of all of US and erode OUR liberties ,as the screws are tightened against OUR personal freedoms.

              These “parasites” include politicians, CEO’s, GB’s, and Lobbyists. They also include bureaucrats who are entrenched in Government. So if term limits are placed on elected officials, the bureaucrats who implement policy and create rules and regulations,would have even more personal power.

              These individuals are not elected but appointed or rise to the top of their particular organization through longevity and attrition. Reason enough for the Chinese Cultural revolution I guess.

              These bureaucrats have the power to move the system for the benefit of the UR or even foreign powers, as it is clear that some dual citizens in American government are nothing more than double agents shaping American foreign policy, and war initiatives.

              SOLUTIONS ???

              Even with their individual differences, Patriots ought to be able to support 12 initiatives that would go a long way to restoring the government that OUR Founders bequeathed to US:

              Restore Glass Steagall.

              Repeal The Patriot Act.

              Abolish ALL executive orders

              Repeal NAFTA

              Repeal Obama Care

              Renegotiate OUR trade agreement with China

              Order ALL Illegals out of the country, now

              Establish term limits for elected reps

              Everyone pays a Flat Tax, even Corporations.

              Require the Federal Reserve to buy ALL US debt as it is created, and repurchase ALL outstanding US Debt

              Implement a 50-50 Minus One Plan government. First cut all federal salaries and benefits by 50%. Some additional people will leave. Then cut all government departments by 50%

              Every year thereafter, implement the “Minus One” plan of eliminating a federal office or department, like the TSA, DHS, DEd etc, until the government has been reduced to essential services of administration and defense.

              Thats a 12 step program WE can believe in. Please, pass it on.

            • That’s what I wanted to see… something concrete, something a man (okay, or woman) can define.

              Thank you.

      20. What kind of government do we have in America? The kind the Constitution says we the people must throw off! I personally believe Sharia Law is exactly what they are looking to impose in the future, we cannot allow this too happen, prepare, be aware, and do not be scared!

        • Hi Copout,

          This is the significance that most people have failed to realize.

          The Left-Right Paradigm is mere distraction now.

          We no longer have a US Government.

          What we have is:

          “An Enemy Force Of Occupation”.

          What was once a gov’t “Of The People, By The People, For The People”, was infiltrated, corrupted, distorted, bribed and replaced by Enemies Of Constitution.

          Please do NOT view the Federal Gov’t as an American Gov’t, it is NOT.

          It now merely represents foreign interests, foreign governments, corporate interests and individuals that despise the US Constitution.

          It can not be returned to the government it was, there is no way to remove the infiltration.

          All we can sensibly do now, is recognize it for the “Clear And Present Danger” it represents to what little is left of our Republic.

          The difficulty the #OWS has had is finding a “common enmey”

          Well, we have one, its the “Enemy Force Of Occupation” disguised as the US Federal Gov’t.

          This is why they are installing the safeguards, and authoritative forces they need to protect themselves when Americans wake up and realize America is under the Command & Control of foreign interests.

          We need to wake up and take action while we still can, or they win,.. and we lose,.. forever.

          JD – US Marines – Fighting To Remove The Enemy Army Of The US Federal Government From Our Lands.

          • US Marines: Yes sir I agree, I also know the countries overturn as of late are all in accordance with the Muslim brotherhood, thus the implementation of sharia law. When the population reaches a certain point, don’t know the exact figures, they will move in stages, with the u.n. hate crimes legislation regarding their demonic beliefs, and that jackass in the w.h. we are on our way to a dictatorship, just as those other countries, it not happening on my watch so help me God!

      21. The best explanation is to discover the source of the Sovereign authority in each type of government.

        In a monarchy, it is the King.

        In a Democracy, it is the people as a collective

        In a Republic, it is the individual.

        What everyone should ask themselves is who it is that protects their individual sovereignty in this Republic. If the answer is yourself, you are free to leave the corp at any time.

        For most, they don’t even know what Sovereignty is. It is simply the highest political power. In America, that falls on you. Unless you give it away.

        If you choose the United States instead, it comes from its financiers and you better like what your masters do to you.

        • GC: No one can, for all practical purposes, can “leave the corp”. That is false if anyone intends to have any material goods, or provide any material goods or services to others, and expect to generate any significant income.

          Everyone pays income taxes. Everyone pays property taxes if they own property, and everyone pays sales taxes as they buy and sell. That is just the beginning.

          GC, that idea is just stupid.

          If you want to live in a homeless shelter, eat from a food bank, or a soup kitchen, or sleep under a bridge, yeah you can leave the corp.

          If it is so easy to “leave the corp”, why don’t you follow your own advice and leave it all together?

          You said yourself that you work a part time job. I guess that means you haven’t left the corp yet, have you?

          It sounds to me as if you are suggesting “do what I say” not “do as I do”.

          You are a hypocrite.

          • I disagree DK. You can buy a blue water sailboat and exit while documented with six winning numbers. Or, a mountain man with a Henry rifle. I have both.

            • Anon: The blue water sailboat might be a possibility for a very select few, not for many.

              A mountain man might get by in Alaska or BC; but again that lifestyle is for a select few, not many at all.

              Speaking of which, Over The Edge has been MIA for some time. He must be holed up in a snow drift somewhere.

          • are you aware of what his “part time” job is? I don’t think it is in the cor with a SS#.
            Also you do not have to pay property taxes………land grant 🙂

            • BJ: GC said he had a part time in the corp. I was just using the information he provided. If he has a part time job in the corp as he said he did, he hasn’t left the corp, has he?

              They know who he is and where he is at. They just don’t give a damn. He is not worth their time or attention. (great life I’m sure)

              Please be more specific with respect to the “land grant” option that you mentioned.

              WE have “land grants” in Arizona that go back to the original Spanish grant by the King of Spain in the late 1500’s, but these lands have been absorbed into the US except as historical trivia.

              These lands are taxable and the taxes must be maintained if the occupants want to keep the land.

              Indian reservations, church property used as a church, and the pastor’s home are the only examples that I know where property taxes are avoidable, if you own property. But except for the reservation the other examples must be owned by the church’s “corporation”.

              Only drug dealers might escape the long arm of the corp and make significant money, but a high profile life style or a mistake would soon remedy that.

              IE if the DD pays cash for a new car it will be noted and reported. If he fails to get a driver’s license or plates, he will likely, eventually, get caught, and he has provided probable cause for search, investigation, and seizure.

              Look, GC is not being realistic about escaping the corp and having a normal life. Its total BS. It’s not good advice for the average Joe or Jo Ann and he needs to be called on it.

              Its bullshit.

            • DK

              Actually, what I said was that I almost had to get a part time job in the corp, but instead started my own business building web sites for local businesses. No license required, and business is sufficient now with room to grow should I care to work harder at getting customers. Took all of a week to get the first job, paid in cash by a very happy customer. Others have followed and will continue so long as there is an internet. I’ve more than replaced the lost income from the drop in sales, which are now steady but lower.

              I did look at jobs in the corp in case the worst came to pass. They all wanted commissioned sales people or clock punchers for low pay with bad hours. I figured I knew a guy who wanted a part time job building web sites, so why not go and sell some for him. I did the selling, then I had my job building web sites. Rather than get a job in the corp, I created my own and God has smiled on me for it. The corp is His enemy as well.

              You are stuck in the corp FOREVER because you fail to believe in yourself enough to do what it takes to make a profit from your skills. You have been totally defeated and feel there is no escape. You can see no way out for yourself, therefore I could not have found my way out either. If you choose to keep on giving it your hard earned money, that is up to you. Slavery is, in fact, a choice in America.

              I don’t pay income taxes, because I don’t owe any. I don’t own real estate in my name because the corp claims to own everybody that owns it, and the property itself. There are Trusts for owning real estate. I own my truck free and clear and it is unregistered in any state database. I do have a drivers license for interfacing when required by PRIVATE corporations, but not from the state I live in.

              Who protects my rights since I have fired the corp? Here’s an example of how free people act when the corp comes calling:

              We had an “anonymous” call made against us to CPS. I closed the door in the “lady’s” face and told her she was crazy. She called the cops to assist her in getting in, a criminal act against me in itself. I refused to answer the door for the cops, who knocked for over 30 minutes before giving up. They left and have never returned. Why? Because I protected my rights rather than submitting to the fictions. They had nothing, I gave them nothing, nor did I give them a change to pretend to find anything. Not even the recognition of their office.

              If you are going to be free, at least as free as you can be in this day and age, you have to act like a free Man acts. You have to stand up for yourself under the authority of the Almighty God and tell them you answer to Him only.

              No, I do not have a job in the corp. I have ZERO financial transactions that attach in any way to a SSN. I have no property that attaches in any way to a SSN.

              Go figure…

              Being free means being invisible to the corp to the greatest extent possible. It means stopping the corp if it comes to call on you by not acknowledging the “power” the officers claim to have. It means acting under the authority of your Creator in the exercise of the rights he endowed upon you the minute you were born.

              You post below this one shows your frustration and hopelessness. You are not looking for ways to leave the corp, you are looking for reasons to comply. Your tone indicates extreme fear of what might happen if you actually did take matters into your own hands.

              It is that fear, built into you by the corp, that will keep you a slave for the rest of your life. You will never be able to leave the corp if you are afraid of it, but if you lose that fear you will find it is not very hard to leave and disappear.

            • GC: If I misread you about your job scenario I apologize.

              But it doesn’t change the fact that your advice to exit the corp is poor.

              The corp is everywhere and there is no LEGAL way to avoid it (unless you are independently wealthy) and still have a reasonable income and a comfortable life.

              If you are independently wealthy that wealth is measured and tracked by the corp.

              If you have your own business as you say and you are not reporting your income, you are committing a crime and continue your activities at your own risk.

              Others should not emulate you if you are breaking the law and you should not be encouraging people to do so.

              I am not a slave to the system. The corp works for me, I do not work for the corp. I am a capitalist. My capital works for me. Everyone should incorporate.

              I own the means of production and the best kind of production at that, considering the trajectory and velocity of the economy.

              I am master of my destiny.

            • GC:

              I personally take issue with those who evade taxes. It’s dishonest.

              Our taxes go to support valuable and necessary services (they are suupposed to, anyhow.)

              If you do not pay taxes you also should not……

              ~ drive on publicly maintained roadways
              ~ call 911 in the case of an emergency
              ~ be personally shielded by the acts of the military, whose wages are paid by taxpayers
              ~ partake in social security benefits
              ~ allow your children to be educated in a public school
              ~ use city garbage pickup services
              ~ receive treatment at a hospital (yes you pay for the treatment, but the government pays to keep the hospital itself open)
              ~ receive an education or take a course at a non-private university
              ~ take advantage of scientific progress that began as government-funded research
              ~ NOT get murdered by a convicted felon housed in a federal or state prison

              The list goes on and on. If you NEVER use any of these things, then good for you.

              If you do use these things, then you are STEALING them. YOU are taking advantage of those who pay taxes. YOU are getting for free what others pay for.

              Sound like another group of people that everyone likes to trash? Hmmm? A different version of those who do not contribute to society but still reap the benefits?

              Tax evasion – you’ve really hit a sore spot with me on that one, GC.

            • GC: If you are the beneficiary of a Trust that owns real estate, you are in the Corp!

            • How do you feel about selling a U.S. coin and having to pay taxes on it?

            • DK or Daisy,

              I would appreciate it if you could tell me what Law has been violated? What law requires me to pay any tax to any thing, that is not being paid. You seem to think that I am somehow evading taxes, yet have provided no basis for me to owe a tax other than your own ignorance and misunderstanding of the tax laws. We must all make our own determinations about tax liabilities, and I have done that. You should first understand where you fit in before you try to make determinations for me.

              As for stealing by traveling the public roadways or using technology, what on earth are you talking about? Stealing is against Gods Law and I have no part of it, but are you supposed to live under a rock if you refuse to submit to slavery? I don’t think so.

              You are free to live your life trembling in front of the corp if that is what you choose, but to presume I have broken any law for my refusal to do so is ridiculous. I will believe you if you can point me to a link to the Law that makes traveling on the public roadways a crime, or to the tax you claim I am supposedly evading.

              You choose to use a SSN and W-4, so you have a liability attached to everything you earn with it. Without those documents, VOLUNTARILY signed and put into force by YOU, there is no tax liability to the fed corp.. That is what the law says. It might do you good to read some of it.

              Go to sedm . org and you will find some very detailed explanations of the “tax” laws, using the codes and Supreme Court cases. Get ready for months of study, but in the end you will know who you are and where you belong on the totem pole.

              I have never evaded a tax. I do not participate in the limited liability the corp offers through its Social Security franchise. I answer to the Almighty God for what I do, and follow His laws.

              I guess you still answer to the corp. That’s fine for you, but I refuse to do so. And no, it does not make me a criminal to protect my Creator endowed rights in the face of criminals.

              The criminal is YOU, for aiding and abetting a legal fiction in it’s battle with God and His creations.

            • durango kidd says:
              October 24, 2011 at 1:41 pm

              GC: If you are the beneficiary of a Trust that owns real estate, you are in the Corp!

              Not exactly. Perhaps the LLC that established the Trust in a different state could be in the corp. Or maybe the LLC that established that LLC. Perhaps the Trustee, using a common law name not like mine when acting as Trustee. Somewhere down the line there are ties to the corp, but not by the Legal Fiction that has a name like mine, and not with a SSN or other legal disability. That is all that is important. I can make my corporate (fictional) NAME disappear, but not physical property.

              The corp is there to steal from individuals that use a Social Security Number in their commercial transactions, including employment.

              You can own property tied to the corp without being the corps property, but only if you do not hold it as an individual under the legal disability of the Social Security franchise. Outside of that commercial franchise, the United States suffers a want of jurisdiction.

              We all seek freedom in our own way. Mine is to disappear. You and Daisy seem to think there is some crime taking place when a Man claims his freedom. As long as you believe that, there will be no freedom for you.

              The corp may come along and off me one day, IF it can find me and wants to. I will die free, but only once. Then I will go home to God and be even more free.

              Study the laws and learn your place in the world, then fight like hell to protect it. As long as your place is in the corp and it owns your body and soul, there is nothing to protect.

              I would rather die escaping slavery that to accept it and live it with no recourse but to come here and complain about others who have done what you dream about.

              Next time you want to go anywhere, check your permission slips and papers and make sure you bring them all with you. Your master may want to see them.

            • You really don’t understand what I’m talking about, GC? I know you aren’t stealing by sneaking into someone’s home and taking their property. You are not robbing a store.

              However, you really should not accept the benefits that taxpayers fund – all of those things I mentioned above, if you refuse to pay for them yourself. Can’t you see how it is ethically wrong for you to take advantage of those things if you, yourself, refuse to participate in funding them?

              I am not be an expert on tax law, and I know there are loopholes in everything. I’m sure you have done your due diligence in finding ways to get around those laws without actually breaking any laws. I also understand that you have managed to justify all of this, using your beliefs to do so. It is my understanding that the Bible tells us to follow the laws, though, to “Submit yourself for the Lord’s sake to every human institution.”

              You may be sticking to the letter of the law. However, one of my favorite sayings is this:


            • Daisy,

              I believe it is you that do not know what you are talking about.

              Your quote, I believe was “Submit yourself for the Lord’s sake to every human institution.”

              The corp is not a human institution by any stretch of the imagination.

              I am unaware of any loophole in the tax code that pertains to me. In fact, I am unaware of any of it that does. It does plainly say, if you read it, that “wages” can only be earned under a form W-4, voluntarily submitted and with a SSN. if you do not have those documents in force, put there by you, then it is impossible to have an income tax liability under the Internal Revenue Codes.

              It is not difficult to understand, people like you are simply to lazy to read it and take the time to understand it. Keep on getting you tax advice from the IRS. It is your currency and your time you are giving away, not mine.

              As an aside, not one single penny of what you send the IRS pays for any government service. The income tax is only a device to remove currency from the system to hide the debasement.

              Nothing I do is LEGAL, but everything I do is lawful. Only corporations have a legal existence, as statutory creations of privilege. I have no obligations under any statute that I am aware of.

              Trying to teach people like you is like trying to teach colors to a blind man.

            • GC: I would just ask you to say “Hi!” to Wesley Snipes when you meet him. Because you will meet him if you generate any real money and do not give the Corp its due.

              Whether you call it wages and salaries, or not, makes no difference to me! 🙂

              You can try to diminish your footprint to the Corp if you want, and that is legitimate. I do not believe that it is possible to generate significant income in a lawful way outside of the corp and have a reasonably normal life for the masses.

              That’s why your advice is poor for the average Joe or Joann; DK or Daisy. I do not believe that you have a normal life.

              Now you may have a church that is small enough to avoid the attention of the Corp, and you may have property owned by that church in a Trust, and you may have donations through the church that sustain you; but I would suggest that such a lifestyle is minimal and is not average or typical if that is your process.

              Your scheme may work for you, meet your needs, and satisfy your life goals; and if it does, good for you. But whatever your scheme, it is not average or typical and you should not be promoting to the masses.

              It would only have poor results for them, and they would not have to worry if the next knock on the door was IRS instead of CPS.

              I would suggest that the better option is using the many advantages that the corp provides to become rich, or successful and pursue “life, liberty, and happiness” in a lawful way.

              Most people who do not succeed do not know how to use the many advantages offered by the corp to pursue one’s American Dream: (or a Canadian Dream if you live on the fringe of Viagra Falls, like Daisy 🙂

            • DK says to GC

              “I would suggest that the better option is using the many advantages that the corp provides to become rich, or successful and pursue “life, liberty, and happiness” in a lawful way.”

              Again you imply that I must be working some “scheme” or acting somehow in an unlawful manner. Of course, that supposition is not supported with any fact, or even a cite of a law. In reality, I am simply refusing to be a part of a criminal scheme perpetrated by those who do act in an unlawful manner.

              By all means live your life as a happy slave, and advise others to do the same. It is far easier to remain in the corp as a slave than it is to be responsible for yourself and exist with full liability for your actions.

              You can continue to exist as a commercial fiction owned and controlled by criminals. That is what they expect, their investment in you has paid them nicely and will continue to for as long as you dedicate your life to it.

              Just be aware that when you get home, God will not know you because you have chosen to be something other than what he intended you to be. You have forsaken Him in deference to a legal fiction that works against Him and His laws, and His creations.

              I will be glad to say Hi to Mr. Snipes for you should he ever come by my house. Your continued insistence that I must be some type of a scheming criminal that will end up in jail does not concern me.

              It is not wrong to be Free, not is it in any way illegal or unlawful. I honor all of my obligations, but I am very careful about who I obligate myself to.

              Your ignorance will cost you a currency fortune over your life time, and more than that when your life is over. You will find that out for yourself.

              You can choose God and His law, or the corp and it’s law. He knows the difference, and He knows your choice.

      22. There are two types of people in this world; those that want to control others, and those that want to be left alone. Party affiliation, label, etc., it doesnt matter because it all boils down to those two things. Do you want to control how others live their lives (for their own good of course!), or do you just want to live and let live?

        As repugnant as the behavior of others can be at times, as long as it does not interfere with how I live my life I am morally bound to respect their lifestyle choices if I expect my own choices to be respected. Why this is so difficult for everyone to follow I don’t know. If you are biblically inclined this would be known as the Golden Rule.

        There is very little in life that should be our governments concern if the above were adhered to. A military to protect us from other countries that do not accept live and let live, and a system of courts for men to protect themselves from their fellow man who forgets this concept. Anything outside of this mandate is excess and should be ruthlessly rooted out.

        • I wonder where the woman’s right to kill her own unborn baby fits in this equation. I’m pro-life, but do I have a right, as a member of a society, to tell this woman she has no right to kill her unborn baby?

          To answer my own question, I think “society” does have a right to tell this woman she is wrong in killing her own unborn baby because “society” has taken on the role of advocate on behalf of the baby. Society, in this example, takes on the role of defender/advocate of the those in our society that are defenseless.

          • how do you feel about the innocent unborn and born babies we kill in the middle east, based on lies??

          • Good words T, I agree this is one the most horrible acts imaginable!

          • Does a woman killing her unborn baby interfere with how you live your life? Or do you think that you know better how to run others lives than they do? Do you plan to pay for her child that you forced her to carry to term from birht until adulthood? I suspect not; you only like the idea of telling others how to live their life as long as you are comfortably not involved.

            A woman who chooses to abort her unborn baby for whatever reason must live for the rest of her life with the consequences of her action. Don’t assume that it is always done lightly. While there might be those who do it as a form of birth control or for trivial reasons, those women probably have no business being mothers in the first place. Or do you believe in sentencing those born to such mothers to a life of abuse and neglect at the hands of stray boyfriends, or foisted on the the backs of taxpayers through every assistance program imagineable?

            Abortion and infanticide have been practiced clandestinely and at times openly for most of human history. When another mouth to feed means starvation for some or all, or a defective infant is born who will be a strain upon a mother with plenty of other normal children requiring attention and duties in the fields working to grow the food the rest of the family will need, the defective or unwanted infant was sacrificed for the survival of the others. Look up infanticide sometime if you do not believe me. Sucks, but it has been a way of life as long as there has been humans and scarce resources. Only in our modern time of plenty do we have the luxury to worry about the moral aspects of birth control, abortion, and infanticide. Enjoy it, because the day is fast approaching when survival in it’s most elementary forms will take priority over your precious moral dilemmas.

            • Defective children? How sick, disgusting, and twisted of a comment! You should be ashamed of yourself. God said he knew us before the foundations of the world. He expects us to have compassion, not murder in our hearts derived from our selfish interests. How do I know? My granddaughter was born with medical problems, the joy, and beauty can’t be measured, it is a Gift!

            • @Copout,
              I do not believe that I ever advocated killing the defective or even advocated abortion. I merely pointed out what is established historical fact, ie., babies, even normal healthy ones have not always been desired especially when resources are scarce. There have been a number of euphanisms that infanticide goes under and I would agree that it is a repugnant practice. That being said, you can still be against something and not have to go out and compel everyone else from doing it. Do you think there were no abortions performed before Roe v. Wade? Do you believe that if you repealed Roe v. Wade that there would be no more abortions performed? I agree in the repugnance of abortion but I believe even more strongly in the freedom of the individual to live his or her own life. Save the religious BS for another site; you can have your own religious beliefs and not impose them in the form of legislation on non-believers.

            • MHM: Sorry, i am not religious, dont care for religion, i care about relationship, I just wonder where is the line drawn on the issue of rights. Didnt mean to offend you, however i was, you see the childern and the elderly have a place in my heart, the two not being able to defend themselves. I guess do whatever you want in this world is ok? No i dont think so, of course i am speaking for myself. Responsibility? who needs that it is just a nuisance. All this crap going on in this world is because someone ruled hey, its not hurting anybody, right! Try and have a nice day, this too shall pass.

          • society has no authority over the individual…

        • The man who speaks to you of sacrifice, speaks of slaves and masters, and he intends to be the master…Ayn Rand

        • The dreaded “A” word.

          People on both sides of the discussion get very riled up on this subject for very good reasons. I clearly see both sides of the argument.

          What some without a uterus have never considered is this (and I’ll use a personal example):

          I am a better mother because I had a choice whether to become a mother or not during an unplanned pregnancy.

          All of the details of such a decision vary by the person and the situation. For me, making the conscious decision that, yes, I intended to bring this child into the world and give motherhood 100%, meant the difference between going grudgingly into motherhood, resenting the child, the father and myself, or going into motherhood with joy and resolve.

          The choice, that is our legal right in the US at this time, works both ways.

          Now, some of you will jump up and down and tell me I’m a horrible person for this thought having ever crossed my mind, and that’s okay with me.

          • Would you then allow the prospective father to have the right to the same decision. God knows many men became fathers “grudgingly”.

          • @Daisy
            My point exactly; the individual should have the choice to make decisions regarding their own body and not the state or a BS concept like “society”.

            • Only after they watched a few.

          • TMI

      23. If Dr. Ron Paul does not win the Republican primaries we are so screwed, that is if we can even make it until November 2012 without falling into anarchy. It still fascinates me that the media still wants to pretend he does not exist. It’s going to be painful to get ourselves as a nation back on track no matter who is in office we just need someone who has a proven track record of ethical behavior and fiscal responsibility. This has to be done, our current system is mathematically unsustainable and they keep pissing away money with the sole intent of inflating our way out of the bill. I know I’ve always said I wanted so much money I want to wipe my ass with $100 bills, I just might get my wish in the near future.

        • Exactly right. RP is our last best hope and even that is going to be a hard pull. If he gets the nomination and doesn’t get wacked like Kennedy did I will be surprised.

      24. awaiting moderation mac. Thanks.

        • Right there with you. I seem to spend an inordinate time in moderation hell as well.

          • MHM: I thought you stated you were a non- believer, seriously?

      25. @ Mac

        In view of increasing instability, what do the experts say accounts for the relative stability of gold prices these last couple of weeks?

        • it’s all as rigged as a 3 dollar bill… thats why… wallstreet is Las Vegas in 1000. suits… it’s all rigged and the house always wins… every single countries cental bank (except for four rebels) is tied to the world bank… and that is tied to the imf… ours is the federal reserve obviously a privately owned company… if you want to protect your money here in america open an account at a credit union in north dakota which has a value based state bank… other than north dakota all of america is rigged… Even the US CONGRESS are legally allowed to use insider trading to buy and sell stocks! you try it and you’ll go to jail like martha stewart did! it’s illegal for the peons debt slaves!

          gold should be 10,000. an ounce and silver 700. an ounce 15 to 1 ratio guestimate… they are intentionally holding it all together with lies and super glue… it all actually crashed in oct 2008… they just been printing money adding 0’s to everything like crazy just to say they are shoring up banks and countries… bottom line is it’s all b.s.!

          the goose is cooked… burnt actually… buy silver. store it at home… or your just lying to yourself like most of the sheeple out there!

      26. in the end …

        it’s going to be …

        those with Guns…

        killing those without! ;0P

        arm up stock up prepare
        preditor or prey the choice is yours!

        • Or as Clint Eastwood in “The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly” says “You see in this world there’s two kinds of people, my friend. Those with loaded guns, and those who dig. You dig”.

          • niiiiice ‘0p psszzzzzzzzzzzt love that movie!

          • Those who beat their swords into plowshares usually end up plowing for those who don’t.

            • We as a World Wide Generation of Peoples!

              Should Fight the NEW AMERICAN REVOLUTION – Now!

              Destroy the Illuminati NWO Bankers control – NOW!

              We Must Fight Now as Freedom Revolutionaries…

              So our Children may be Statesmen…

              And their Children may be Artists!

      27. The declaration of war/rule over the people was covertly and illegally granted on December 23, 1913.

        Thankfully most of us here know this and see the patterns. It’s also us who’ll forge the new path to liberty and responsibility in each area of life.

        For Liberty,

      28. Since we already have an oligarchy, it is not hard to figure out at what chapter we currently stand.

        How many of you have had an incident in the last year or two whereby a neighbor or an acquaintaince tried to interfere with something you were doing…because they determined you just shouldn’t be doing what you’re doing?

        As an example, my sister lives in a subdivision with an association. There is one homeowner who does basically nothing but drive around trying to find houses that have kiddie pools (they have been outlawed by the home association). So then Ms. “Kravitz” turns the homeowner into the residential equivalent of Homeland Security…and you can guess the outcome….”You have 30 days to take down that EVIL kiddie pool.” They have been cited for having their Christmas lights on a month too long…and the list goes on and on and on.

        And this is just on the local level.

        We are being inundated with insane Federal and State “Ms. Kravitz’s Laws.” My husband and I joke that everything in Michigan (where we live) is illegal. You sneeze…it’s illegal. You fart…it’s illegal. They are doing those illegal traffic stops in Flint now, and Michigan also signed up to begin that face recognition software starting in January.

        Everything is becoming illegal…yet nothing conforms to the Constitution of the United States.

        And those idiots who claim that “Well, by golly, in this day and age, we have to gut the Constitution because, well, golly gee whiz, it just can’t keep up with the totally immoral, unconstitutional idiots we’s gots running the place….SO WE’S GOTS TO DUMB THE CONSTITUTION DOWN soz those po’ folks understands it and we protects them!!! YEEHAW!!!

        I know what’s coming…and it’s nothing but a dictatorship head with an oligarchy body. We have had thoughts that the current prez is angling for that pie in the sky whereby he actually doesn’t have to be elected anymore…that scenario would not surprise us in the least.

        And when you have people leaving your country, you know it’s the beginning of the end.

        Right now, they’ve started locking us down.

        • I would have to say that that nosy Ms. “Kravitz” is a prime candidate for a lynching when the SHTF. Because those will be the types of sheeple that will be on the lookout for those of us who look a little too well fed, or who might have a hoard of food in our garage or a garden behind that high solid fence. For your own good and that of your families you will have to kill those people. And nosybodies should be killed on general principles anyway. MYOB!

      29. “My names Anderson, Bloody Bill is what they call me. Red legs”?
        Josie nods.
        Anderson-“You’ll find them up in Kansas”. “We’re going up there and we’re gonna set things right. ”
        Josie- “I’ll be comin’ with you”.

      30. Socialism, communism and fascism are all variations of left wing political belief. Hitler was left wing not right wing. The founding fathers were right wing.

      31. the founding fathers were independents and fascism is all right wing

      32. Well, we’re there. It’s official everybody, we’re an oligarchy!

      33. Never really seen that party graph before…….wait…wait…oh yeah first saw about about a 3 years ago…..Thanks Glenn Beck

        • glenn beck is a damn NWO SCHILL traitor and puppet of israel… he should be given a wedgie just for general purposes, kicked in the cojones and then tarred feathered and hung (still alive) in the noon sun too contemplate why he is such a narcisistic arse!
          ;0P pssssszt

          • you’ve gotta be kidding me… the SOB was just in ISRAEL offering free BJ’s to any Jew at the Weepin’ Wall! COME ON peeeople! your all friggen FUX NEWS flouridated morons! Enjoy your DEBT SLAVERY and NEW GLOBAL BANK VAT taxes! MORONS!

      34. To return to a republic as was established in the constitution we have to abolish the 17th amendment, add in term limits, remove all retirement benefits for congress, cut their pay to that of the military, eliminate the ability to bribe by lobbies and corporations, for a start. If this American experiment fails it is due to the progressives, liberals, social justice idiots and the failure of the people to kick the bums out.
        Look who was elected president because the people are being bribed with free stuff, more free stuff if you give us your freedoms for your own safety.
        This republic is finished if obama and the senate keep power and we don’t cut this oversized government by 75%, spending by 60% and pay off our debt and that is just for starting cuts.
        Rant off, luck all

      35. Birds properly balance both the right and left wing to fly properly

        • Shame you’re not a bird cause your brain could use that ability to balance.

          • PO’dpatriot,
            Hmmm, so you are a comment stalker too, interesting.

            Mac do you allow comment stalkers?

      36. There is no such thing as “right” and “left.” There is only right and wrong. Politics doesn’t rule the world. God does by maintaining the constancy of the elements. The type of government that most closely emulates the Kingdom of Heaven is the Catholic Holy Anointed Royal Monarchy (CHARM.)Within a decade, every country on earth will be ruled by a Catholic holy anointed royal monarch. That is God’s will, and no power on earth can prevent it from being implemented, just as no power on earth can stop a solar super-storm. members.toast.net/louisbarta

        • Louis: You are truly delusional! :-)I suggest that you read Revelation. Its in the Bible. what’s the Bible you ask?

          That is the book upon which the Catholic faith is based, but which the Catholic Church doesn’t use.

          The Catholic Church in Rome will soon be destroyed as it’s Satanic Priesthood has become infested with perverts, child molesters, and Satanists.

          This Satanic Priesthood has burned incense to Satan in St Paul’s Cathedral according to a retired Catholic Bishop who was bludgeoned to death in Philadelphia for his criticism of that Church.

          Here’s a link for you:


        • I have no more desire to live in a Christian theocracy than a Muslim one. Not everyone here is religious or wishes to replace a secular government nightmare with a theocratic government nightmare.

          • Moon, one does need Christianity or Islam to bond with their God. But I do hope you know there is higher authority that must be answered to. Its source is inside of you and you must find it.

            Nobody want a Christian or Muslim government. We just want one that honors the Laws of God and the People.

          • Well said…

        • WTF??!!

          Do you mean the goverment will say that no leaders can lead a normal life?, that they NOT get married to a woman? which will only lead to men succumbing to natural urges by molesting the only “targets” available to them, young alter boys?

          Dude, I am not even sure how the catholic shucrh is still in business, that whole preist cant get marries is theworst idea of all time. How can people still support that organization. If any other organization has such a long long pattern of deviate sexaul behavior, it would be wiped from the Earth…whya hasnt this happend to the Catholic church….. that is messed up.

          Please dont me wrong. I am not a religion hater. I believe in a higher power, I just do understand how an orginazied church can have rules which go so against what is natural to humans. It is a major FAIL.

        • Religion is like a penis: It’s fine to have one, it’s fine to be proud of it, but please don’t whip it out in public and start waving it around and PLEASE don’t try to shove it down my children’s throats.

          • Nobody needs to do that. Your children will find their own way to spirituality just fine. You can only hope they make the right choice and don’t end up with bald heads at the airport.

          • Beefcake –

            I must borrow that analogy! PRICELESS! 😀

      37. the narrator was John McManus, of The John Birch Society. I had not seen this video for a while-it’s as telling now as when I first viewed it. Robt Welch began JBS in late 40’s/early 50’s….he, as some others began to notice ‘questionable’ policies/actions by our fed gov….1-the Federal Reserve Act; 2-turning over Eastern Europe to a regime WORSE than the ones we bested in WWII; 3-)this I feel the most imbicillic or conspiritorial or telling….)3-during the trials of Julius & Ethyl, it was demonstrated they were part of a ring-A RING of traitors/spies….this ring was NEVER sought out & prosecuted…..chew on that morsel & let me know how it tastes!


        Maybe the hypocrite Occupy leftists ought to start their protests in the Oval Office. Or at leasty Solyndra

      39. ‘…the State, which subsists on taxation, is a vast CRIMINAL organization far more formidable and successful than any “private” Mafia in history . . .’

        This is absolutely true. Just read the article on Lew Rockwell about the right to overthrow government in the Declaration of Independence.

        We live in a MOBOCRACY. I have seen so many corrupt cops and detectives in the 26th precinct of New York City, I cannot even begin to tell you. Bribes, drug trade, prostitution rings, racketeering, mob contacts, etc. They’re affiliated with organized crime, and Internal Affairs looks the other way. I speak regularly to Captain Hart about this, and he’s also completely indifferent. They’re all unionized also, so they’re basically in bed with each other. All politician bastards. Nobody can blow the lid off them. This is the Monster that Italian Catholics like Giuliani create.

        It really makes you wonder about things, and gives you lots of sleepless nights . . .

        I have come to believe that government/goobermint is the concentration of force to conduct criminal activity. Taxation is Theft, and War is Murder. It’s that simple.

        It does not take so much to protect people’s life and property from their own neighbors. Heck, I know most people do a pretty good job on their own, since they believe in the Golden Rule and right vs. wrong for the most part.

        Once you have Mob Rule, you can call it whatever you want: Communism, Fascism, Socialism, Crony Capitalism, etc. It’s all the same thing because it’s the concentration of force to get away with whatever you want.

        I never even graduated college and I know that much.

      40. 🙂 Great political jokes 🙂

        What do you call a thousand dead politicians at the bottom of the sea…? A nice start!

        How do you keep a politician from drowning…? Take your foot of his head!

        • Why? You have to keep your foot somehwere. It is dangerous to let a snake go once you have pinned him down.

          • I would only move my foot to place a shot! 🙂

        • Should have been… 🙂

          How do you keep a politician from drowning…? Take your foot (off) his head!

      41. after TSHTF I just want to see my family safely through to the other side of the impending disaster…the political definitions are helpful reference points to be sure….

        but if the power goes off, the lights go out, the water makes us sick, the cops stay home, the army turns on the citizenry, the politicians retreat behind their armed security and iron gates, food production/distribution fails to keep up with demand, hyperinflation makes the USD worthless, street gangs take-down and loot whole towns with their combat experience in the U.S. armed forces and illegal weapons, mexico encroached into U.S> territory by force, evangelical doomers prosthelytize that America’s economic collapse is actually the end-times etc. etc.

        Who will really care what kind of political system we will eventually accept as long as we don’t have to fear death, starvation, disease and war every day.

        Look out the window and imagine your local area devastated like Port-Au-Prince or Sarejevo….that’s what is going to happen to us no matter how D.C. spins the truth to buy itself another 4 years to rob us of our earned wealth.

        • It’ll become a feudal state like The DARK AGES or just play the game FALLOUT 3 to see how it’ll be… in towns less than 10,000 town cops will become the lords, knights, men at arms and each county sheriff the king! towns will barackade and those living outside of town will by picked clean by rovers , the golden hoard… same deal with military bases they’ll last longer and will be better fed than the civilian communities… cities will be hell , canabilism within 3 to 4 weeks once food runs out… everything within a tank of gas will fall victim to the gloden hoards from the cities… within a year 90% of americans will die from violence or starvation… awesome ;0P psssszt! Buy lotsa Bar b Que sauce folks! They say humans taste like piggy’s – pork! ;0) yum yum yummy! love a cook out! lmao ;0)

          • I truly don’t think that you are quite sane.

            • Daisy Daisy Daisy i’m a agnostic realist who likes to read and do research… i suggest you research D U M B bases and UNDER GROUND military train tunnels.

              your government , department of defense and military seem to think as i do, as well as the dhs… they are all prepping building FALLOUT shelters and stocking up!

              Even the russians are building 1000’s of fallout shelters through all russian cities… and china is as well!

              the private fallout shelter companies here in america are reporting major new contracts from government employee’s , gov retires’s , wallstreet pro’s , doctors and new fed dhs an military contracts…

              the illuminati bilderbuggers just built a seed ark vault for pure plant seeds and animal dna from all over the world in the artic of norway… hmmmm wonder why

              under ground storage facilities are reporting record boom in business last two years…

              obama just went to the denver airport under ground military fallout city which is right below the airport for a national war time exercise for few days, just a month ago!

              And the IRS JUST BOUGHT A HUGE AMOUNT $$$ 3 million dollars OF body armour , remington shotguns and .40 cal auto pistols and pallets crates of ammo … the irs … tax accountants a private company – wtf

              and all the federal reserves are increasing their own paramilitary private security armies at each privately owned federal reserves!

              even wallstreet execs are packing heat now … applying like crazy for permits to carry concealed…


              and ummmm ;0) you call me insane?

              i’d rather be considered a litte insane and alive with a fighting chance properly supplied and trained , than ignorant dead in the gutter from the golden hoard , assaulted raped and killed or herded to a fed fema camp for slow kill eugenics!

              keep shooting your kids up with mercury arsenic and drink flouridated water… everything will be just fine daisy! ;0)

              But thats just crazy ole’ me! ;0P pssszzzzt

      42. U.S. Rep to U.N. Says Obama Wants Senate to Ratify Arms Treaty

        BELLEVUE, Wash., Oct. 19, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — The Obama administration “is seeking advice and consent” for Senate ratification of an international small arms treaty, and also supports the inclusion of small arms in the UN Register of Conventional Arms, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms learned today.
        The disclosure is found in the text of a statement to the First Committee of the 66th session of the UN General Assembly, delivered by Laura E. Kennedy, the permanent United States representative to the Conference on Disarmament. CCRKBA obtained a copy of the statement.
        In her statement, Kennedy recalls that the United States in 1997, under the Clinton administration, signed the Inter-American Convention Against the Illicit Manufacturing of and Trafficking in Firearms, Ammunition, Explosives and Other Related Materials. However, the Senate never ratified the document, and there was no interest in pushing the treaty during the Bush administration. American firearms rights activists have steadfastly fought against inclusion of small arms in any such treaty.
        “More than half the members of the Senate have already advised Barack Obama that they will not ratify any treaty that threatens the Second Amendment rights of American citizens,” noted CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb, “so it’s not clear why he is – according to Kennedy’s revealing statement – suddenly seeking Senate ratification of this measure.
        “If the Obama administration is this eager to push adoption of a treaty that’s been gathering dust for eleven years,” he added, “one can only imagine how fast this president will want to see action on the proposed global Arms Trade Treaty.
        “This suggests that Obama fears he may be a one-term president,” Gottlieb stated, “and he feels a compelling need to finally bring his anti-gun agenda to the surface and push it through. We have known all along about his desire to bind this country to an international gun control scheme, and now Kennedy’s statement confirms that.”
        With more than 650,000 members and supporters nationwide, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms (www.ccrkba.org) is one of the nation’s premier gun rights organizations. As a non-profit organization, the Citizens Committee is dedicated to preserving firearms freedoms through active lobbying of elected officials and facilitating grass-roots organization of gun rights activists in local communities throughout the United States.
        SOURCE Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms

        • great info post – thanks… ;0)

        • Damn, another low life Kennedy in the gun control woodpile. Need another Bolton at the UN. He told them last time to take that treaty and place it where the sun don’t shine.

        • BTW, if it did by chance get ratified, then it might open the door for foreign troops wearing blue helmets to go door to door and confiscate firearms.

          • The guy or gal with the most blue helmets at the end of the game …. WINS!!!

        • Obama has no power to do that, unless you give it to him.

      43. Once a government is committed to the principle of silencing the voice of opposition, it has only one way to go, and that is down the path of increasingly repressive measures, until it becomes a source of terror to all its citizens and creates a country where everyone lives in fear. –Harry S. Truman

        Get the TSA, DHS, FBI, DEA, BATF out of here!!!!!

        Why doesn’t the TN state legislature ban the TSA from our land and country? Why doesn’t LA rid itself of its fascist governor? Why doesn’t NY get rid of CFR? Why don’t TX and AK secede rightfully? Why doesn’t SC become the Palmetto Republic? Why doesn’t VA (“Sic Semper Tyrannis”) nullify unconstitutional federal laws? Why do WA and OR not become Cascadia? Why does CA not legalize harmless drugs and let free non-violent offenders? Let New England be its own God-forsaken hellish nightmare!

        I want back the Republic!

        No taxation without representation!

      44. The average of the world’s great civilizations before they decline has been 200 years. These nations have progressed in this sequence:

        From bondage to spiritual faith,
        From spiritual faith to great courage,
        From courage to liberty,
        From liberty to abundance,
        From abundance to selfishness,
        From selfishness to complacency,
        From complacency to apathy,
        From apathy to dependency,
        From dependency back again to bondage.

        (a reminder of which stage we are at this point in time; need a hint??)

        Happy federal reserve day—I think they miss my comments showing on their radar.

        • Oh – is it Federal Reserve Day, again, JJ? I thought tomorrow was Federal Reserve Day. Maybe every day is Federal Reserve Day!!!

          That Federal Reserve – they are so darned popular!


      45. If you think we still have a republic, you’re right, you just need to know how to access it:


      46. yental says:

        October 22, 2011 at 6:43 pm

        I hope with every fiber of my being that other veterans are “onboard” with your understanding and determination to FIGHT this monstrous system with the same level of dedication and commitment you appear to represent. When the time comes, I don’t want to be behind you, I want to be beside you.

        How many truely understand the nature of the fight that is on our doorstep. How many will care/activate before it is too late?

        I believe that the true nature of OUR near term choices is TOO MUCH for most to accept or plan for. And I’m not talking about “personal prepping”. That is important. But personal involvement cannot stop there. Are WE willing to take the fight to them.

        Defense and preparation are important. Offense ultimately WINS the “game”. Carry on.

        Thank you yental… ;0) but it’s probly best ya stand behind me… I’d hate to have a Dick Cheney huntin’ flash back and shot ya with my .45-70 ;0P!

        Honestly I belong to a veteran group here in montana and most vets are not so quick as too what is happening here honestly… hunting and drinking beer an women is their points of interest here and smoking pot for the older vietnam ones ;0) Montana is a big FOX NEWS gov programming Republican State lotsa flouride in the water here if ya know what I mean and the montana vETERANS aDMINISTRATION actually is making a list of all PATRIOTIC VETERANS here in state, what guns they own and where they live contact info and they are turning it all over to the DHS MONTANA office in Helena Montana so they can track us veterans… no BS! Truth! The Montana Veterans Administration has Mental Health Doctors watching and posting on this website actually!!! No BS! MontanaMike who posts here on this site works for the Montana VA and is a FED VA Troll!

        So some Vets are waking up, but most are fearful of what is coming and they aren’t sure what to do! Especialy those with families and members of their families in the military – To be honest!

        In the end it’ll probly only be 3% once again who stand and fight, just as the minutemen who fought in lexington mass , concord mass and at valley forge with george washington colonial army!

        Hopefully 3% will be enough this time around!

        Be Safe Yentil… Great Movie by the way , you sure got a big nose though for a gurl ;0) and we’ll see you on the LINE! I’ll be the guy with the Long Gun .45-70! ;0) Thanks for the Cudoo’s!

        arm up stock up prepare
        preditor or prey the choice is yours!

        • Hate to hear about the mindset of most Vets in your area, but understand the obstacles you describe.

          The “right” 3% might be enough, the “right” 20% could probably guarantee it.

          We are all “afflicted” with the same “terminal condition”. LIFE. And no one gets out “alive”. But that doesn’t mean WE have to live what LIFE WE GET as debt slaves and sheep.

          The alarm has been “going off” on OUR collective clock for some now. Can’t afford to keep hitting the “snooze” button anymore.


      47. why should the gods of dc do thier satanic rituals in 3’s and we get to choose between to starve or eat poison? cancer or aids ? Its time to eliminate all these uselss positions …. getting your tax money to fix things in your hometown has become like a money hording lotto with all the action of a 10 year auction. if people really want a job ,its time to take it.

      48. Oligarchy/Corporatocracy.

      49. DHS Job Fair for Illegals

        “…how has the Obama administration chosen to address the pervasive problem of illegal immigration? By bestowing on iniquitous individuals the gift of free education, promised amnesty, taxpayer-funded entitlement programs, and jobs that the perpetually underemployed would be more than happy to fill.”

        Source: American Thinker

      50. What form of government do we have? One that can be summed up as corrupt.

        What I find interesting is that people (sheeple)can “feel” something isn’t right, but they don’t know what. They can’t explain what it is because they aren’t educated about how the “system” works, but they know they aren’t happy. Sure, there are plenty of folks who are unhappy because their consumption lifestyle has been thwarted and they want that back. However, there are plenty of folks who would just like a job they can support themselves with. This isn’t going to happen, and so some of the masses are waking up.

        My thought is this: If we got rid of all the BS laws, crap that have sent our jobs overseas, created a flat-tax rate (where regardless of income, everyone pays the same percent of tax on their income), and eliminated the ability of big business to pay for the outcomes they want (buying out those in elected office) that would be a good start. There is so much more that could be done, but we need to start somewhere!

        • Hi Fed Up,

          Allow me to offer an observation:

          Many of the BS laws and reulations you state we would be better off without were put in place with the intent to cause greavious harm.

          The biggest lie that Americans keep allowing themselves to believe is that the US Federal Government is an American Gov’t which is here to protect the interests of Americans.

          THIS IS 100% WRONG.

          The US Federal Gov’t is NOT an American Gov’t.

          It has been infiltrated, corrupted, distorted, blighted and subverted in every way imaginable.

          It now soley represents Foreign Interests, Foreign Agents, International Banksters, Corporate Greed, and Pyschotic Individuals who have their own view on “Global Governance”.

          It is NOT here to protect Americans OR The Constitution.

          It IS an “Enemy Force Of Occupation”.

          It is here to DESTROY American values.

          IT is here to EXTRACT every ounce of wealth from us.

          It is here to ELIMINATE the US Constitution.

          It is here to Subjugate, Enslave, Murder and Impoverish Americans.

          The US Federal Gov’t IS the enemy!

          The US Federal Gov’t can NOT be fixed, repaired, corrected or brought back to its Constitutional base in any way.

          The sole purpose of the US Federal Gov’t is to DESTROY us!

          The US Federal Gov’t IS the enemy!

          There is ONLY one workable, long-term solution: Abolish this Enemy Force Of Occupation, The Federal Gov’t, which pretends to represents us, and replace it as Jefferson said we would one day have to do,…again.


          JD – US Marines – Fighting To Expose The Enemy Within Our Borders, The Federal “gov’t”.

          • I agree wholeheartedly with your sentiments with the exception of the idea that the Federal Government can’t be fixed or brought back to its constitutional base.

            If all americans were educated on the constitutional rights and their sovernty as individuals, then we would make the changes that are so desperately needed to restore our country back to its original intended greatness.

            It is just my opinion of course, but maybe that’s because I am hopelessly optimistic that some day america will right its course and it won’t dissolve further than it already has.

      51. Zionists prefer unarmed Goyim. They have been working for decades to disarm the Amerikan sheeple while shipping their tax dollars of to Israel and packing the country with violent Third Worlders… the latter being a recipe for the eventual final solution of the White problem in Amerika on the South African model.

        Here is a brief listing of the Jews who have worked to disarm Amerikan Goyim for decades:

        Emanuel Celler, 1968: The Gun Control Act of 1968 comes from NY Congressman Emanuel Celler. Amerika’s ground breaking and most far-reaching Gun Control Law comes from this Jew, who also helped write the Immigration Reform Act of 1965 that has led to white Amerikans decline from 90% of population in 1965 to just 66% in 2011.

        Howard Morton Metzenbaum, 1993: Senate Bill S.653 was sponsored by this Jewish Senator from Ohio. The Bill bans specific semiautomatic rifles. In 1994, he also sponsored the Brady Bill, which imposed long waiting periods to buy handguns.

        Diane Feinstein, Senator from California since 1992: The Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994 comes from San Francisco Jewish Congresswoman Diane Feinstein. The Bill bans the possession of semiautomatic rifles described as “assault weapons.” Supports licensing and federal registration of all gun sales. Voted NO on allowing firearms in checked baggage on Amtrak trains. Voted NO on prohibiting foreign & UN aid that restricts US gun ownership. Voted NO on banning lawsuits against gun manufacturers for gun violence. She herself carries a weapon for personal self defense, and also lobbied strongly for the Bush/McCain Amnesty for Illegal Third Worlders in 2007.

        Charles Schumer, Jewish Senator form New York since 1999: While serving in the House of Representatives in 1994, Schumer authored the Assault Weapons Ban with California Senator Dianne Feinstein. Supporters of “gun control legislation” give him much of the credit for passage of both the Assault Weapons Ban and the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act despite intense lobbying from opponents. The Assault Weapons Ban, which banned semi-automatic rifles, shotguns, and handguns possessing certain cosmetic features, expired in September 2004 despite attempts by Schumer to extend it. He was one of 16 Senators to vote against the Vitter Amendment, which prohibited the confiscation of legally owned firearms during a disaster. While in Congress, Schumer has simultaneously served as Chairman of the Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations and has pushed for “emergency” shipments of US Military rifles to Israeli squatters on Palestinian land, even as he worked to disarm Amerikans besieged by violent Third World criminals.

        Alan Dershowitz, 2001: In a speech to a Jewish audience at the Jewish Community Center of Creve Coeur, Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz gave voice to the “offcial” Jewish position regarding Goy Amerikans and firearms: “I support abolishing self-defense. No one has the right to take responsibility for their own defense. That’s what the police are for. Everyone who is arming themselves for self-defense are wrong…. I’m in favor of broad controls on guns. If I oppose individuals defending themselves, I have to support police defending them. I have to support a police state.”

        The American Jewish Committee: This “civil rights organization” which has been described by the New York Times as “the dean of American Jewish organizations” boasts about the number of Gun Control Laws they have helped to ram through. According to their own Website, “The AJC has a long history of supporting Gun Control Laws, including the Federal Gun Control Act of 1968, the Federal Assault Weapon Control Act of 1989, and the Brady Handgun Prevention Act of 1993.”

        In closing, I pose a question to all the white Evangelical, Born-Again Christian Zionists, who as I write are sitting in their trailer parks pining away for Armageddon and the final victory of Israel over the goyim: Both you and the above mentioned foreign agents (who openly call for you to be a disarmed and made an utterly defenseless racial minority in a Third World Amerikan police State) are feverish supporters of Zionism. Do you see anything wrong with this picture?

        • great post…

        • Anon, I have been preaching this for months..noone will listen.
          We are in a country run by foreigners or dual-citizenship characters that have no allegiance to America; just look at the foreign aid at a time when we can’t afford foreign aid.
          Communists?? Naaah, just many different loyalties and not to America.
          And, please no lectures on ‘every American is not native American due to geneology’.
          This is much different. Check and see how many were born here?? You’ll be surprised.

      52. I’m as fed up as the rest of you with what is becoming of our country. Until the actual revolution starts, I have two coping mechanisms that (partly) preserve my sanity. One is to go buy more ammunition every day. The other is to peruse the…

        Daily News Headlines

        Cards Bash Rabgers In Game 3; Gov Perry Unsure Of Meaning Of Southpaw, Accuses St Louis Of Using ‘Left Wing Pitchers’

        Massive Copper Theft In NYC: Statue Of Liberty Missing Left Arm, Torch And Both Ears

        Southern Baptist Occupy Oklahoma State Legislature: Vow To Outlaw Abortion, Gay Marriage, And ‘Those Baggy Drawers Them Teenagers Are Wearing’

        Elvis Returns With Aliens In Mothership; Lands In San Francisco, Nobody Notices

        2012 Election Update: Obama Promises ‘A Chicken In Every Pot’; Tyson Makes $3Mil Campaign Contribution, PETA Threatens To Withdraw Support

        Vermont Gov Howard Dean Offers Free Marijuana To All Who Resist Proposed Military Draft; Offers ‘Pot For Every Chicken’

        Lions And Tigers And Bears Oh My: Ohio Deputies Shoot Wild Animals; Scarecrow Wounded By Ricochet Off Tin Man, Dorothy And Toto Flee To Undisclosed Location In Kansas

        Unemployed Autoworker Arrested In New York: Detroit Man Accused Of Trying To Sell Two 16 Foot Long Copper Ears To Scrap Dealer In Albany

      53. The debate over who and what we are, is over. Now, it’s might makes right. Those that are strong enough to prevail will win and survive. Everyone else will do what they are told or die. Study Lebanon in the 1980’s for what to expect. Representative government was a noble experiment that was subverted and died. Lock and load.

        • agreed…

      54. It is reset time.

      55. I have grown to like this community, I guess I should sign-up for a regular account. So many different vantage points, several are are even intelligent and thoughtful, and even provide evidence for their arguments. From my casual reading over the past few weeks, I interpret most values here to be of some variety of libertarian persuasion in the typical left/right.

        So, I’d like to try something, a little social science experiment if you will. Anybody care to take a look from a different vantage point and provide comments? From a strictly scientific view, laws are immutable (ex: gravity), while rules (man made limitations) exist for one of two reasons.

        The first, as in any game, is to produce an artificial obstacle to an otherwise easy end. Any game without rules would be won by the first person to stand up and say “I win!” That, of course, would make the game pointless as it would provide no value to the game (entertainment to the participants).

        The second is to compensate for an oversight or failure in the system for which the rule is created. An over simplified example I like is a typical circular saw. While it would be regarded as common sense not to touch the spinning blade as you might loose a finger, it is still a rule that is imposed due to a failure in the system — the failure to provide proper safe-guards to prevent you from touching the blade in the first place.

        Now granted, when the circular saw was invented, the technology did not exist for a simple tool to do anything but what the operator did with it, much less detect the presence of a human finger in the blade’s path. That type of capability does exist today as a result of human advancements in technology, but is unused due to the high cost.

        If you take the rather simple scientific view of rule (or so called “laws” that are man made), it could be argued that the United States Constitution itself was flawed, as evidenced by the introduction of the Bill of Rights. Should it not be our goal to eventually overcome the constraints of governance through advancement of human understanding, technology, and simple mutual respect, to eventually reach for a stable, furthest right of the newly introduced political plain?

        Always, the first argument I hear against this train of thought is “human nature.” So I always ask that people define their terms – and most can’t. Usually they’ll fire off with some unsubstantiated associations of greed, power, self-interest, etc.

        In many prior social science studies, it has been determined that so-called “human nature” could be limited to the necessities of food, water, and shelter – the survival instinct if you will. Some go a bit further to suggest a social requirement as well. These are pretty prevalent, a quick Google search will provide a wealth of information, but I can provide specific examples if requested.

        Unfortunately, those above listed associations are actually learned responses, and have been shown to be adopted in the very early stages of human development – in all cases, as a result of either real or perceived scarcity.

        So what about it? Is the far right of the “True View” political plain the inevitable goal of humanity? And before anybody calls this question OT, I suggest this as a plan to be made. When (not if) the SHTF, what are, or rather should be, our goals when society begins to pick itself back up? Do we strive for the goals defined by our “fore fathers” at the beginning of this great society, which have failed twice in history (that I know of) and are heading for a third failure? Or, do we reach even further? Am I completely out of my gourd in this train of though?

        • I find less fault with the original goals/intent of our forefathers and more fault in repetitive generations failing to ensure that those ideas/admonitions were heeded.

          WE were warned about about a centralized power monopoly on a Federal level. WE were warned about the inherent danger of private banks issuing our currency.

          The Federal government was designed to answer to the states, not dictate/mandate anything to them. What was intended to be a “representative” form of government that answers to the people, has become a blatant oxymoron.

          WE were left means to deal with the system that now enslaves US within those original documents. However, a constant barrage of MSM/GOVERNMENT propaganda and the insidious none stop assault on OUR rights as spelled out by our forefathers has left the vast majority of US completely ignorant of our inherent POWER.

          Do WE need some other system on the “backsided” of the SHTF? Possibly. Or, maybe WE need to better guard it on the next go-round with a truely investigative fourth estate that can’t be bought and controlled by “outside” sources. And how about following through with both the definition of TREASON and the accompanying punishment in a fair, but rapid process.

      56. In case anyone would like to watch the entire production where the above clip, “The American Form of Government” is taken from, that production is entitled, “Overview Of America” written and narrated by the President of The John Birch Society, Mr. John F. McManus. Please go to http://www.jbs.org and enter the title in the search bar and up it will come for your viewing pleasure. At the JBS website, you will find so much documented information, plus and most importantly, a plan of action to develop the much needed sufficiently informed electorate, absolutely necessary for our country to begin electing statesmen who will abide by the Constitution.

      57. there is millions of americans with chronic pain. it is almost impossible to get enough pain meds to control your pain. WEED DOES WONDERS FOR PAIN AND SEVERAL OTHER MED PROBLEMS. IT SHOULD BE LEGAL FOR THESE PEOPLE. WHAT A SCREWED UP COUNTRY WE LIVE IN.

      58. Obama is a faget who does not like the change america has chaged

      59. Obama is selfish little brat who can’t take a hit

      60. and he thinks he so bad by putting chips in babys heads

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