What Is Causing Extremely Bizarre Weather Patterns To Hammer The Middle Of The U.S. Over And Over Again?

by | May 20, 2019 | Emergency Preparedness, Forecasting, Headline News | 49 comments

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    This article was originally published by Michael Snyder at The Economic Collapse Blog.

    The middle of the country has never seen anything quite like this.  As 2019 began, the central portion of the nation was relentlessly hammered by bitter cold and massive snow storms, and many were hoping for better things once spring arrived.  But then in March the flooding began, and it hasn’t stopped since.

    In fact, this is already the longest we have seen flooding along the Mississippi River since 1927, and there is no end in sight.  By the time it is all said and done, all of the old records will probably be completely shattered.  Meanwhile, powerful storms continue to pound the heartland every few days.  Over the weekend, huge storms struck the middle of the country on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and more are expected on Monday.  So what is causing such extremely bizarre weather to happen?  Is there a reason why weather patterns have shifted so dramatically or is all of this just a really, really strange coincidence?

    Nobody can possibly claim that what we are witnessing is “normal”.  According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the last year has been the “wettest 12-month period in recorded history” for the lower 48 states…

    The continental United States just recorded its wettest 12-month period in recorded history, while also moving one step closer to being drought-free, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

    Needless to say, all of this wet weather has caused a tremendous amount of flooding, and at this point, this is the longest-lasting Mississippi River flood since 1927

    Mississippi River flooding has been ongoing for three months or longer in some locations, making it the longest-lasting flood there since the Great Flood of 1927, the worst flood in modern history on the lower Mississippi River.

    Take Vicksburg, Mississippi, for example.

    The Mississippi River went above flood stage there on Feb. 17, and has remained in flood ever since. The National Weather Service said this is the longest continuous stretch above flood stage since 1927 at Vicksburg.

    And since there is no end in sight for the flooding, all of the old records may end up being broken by a very wide margin.

    Very weird weather is happening out west too.  In fact, several feet of snow just fell in the mountains of California

    Parts of California still resemble a scene out of winter, with a series of storms bringing several feet of snow to mountain areas, ahead of a “significant” severe weather threat across the nation’s midsection.

    The National Weather Service said that a series of Pacific storms are bringing heavy rain, mountain snow, and gusty winds across the West. A winter storm warning was issued Wednesday night that will run through Friday morning for the southern Sierra Nevada.

    In every year there are moments of bad weather.  But that isn’t what we are talking about.  In 2019, it is as if we are being hit with a sledgehammer day after day after day.

    Of course this has been absolutely disastrous for agricultural production.  At this point, U.S. farmers have planted less than half the corn that they were expected to plant by now.  For much more on this, please see my previous article entitled “Total Catastrophe For U.S. Corn Production: Only 30% Of U.S. Corn Fields Have Been Planted – 5 Year Average Is 66%”.

    We like to think that we are not vulnerable to the vagaries of the weather thanks to all of our advanced technology, but that is not true at all.

    And over the weekend, things got even worse.

    Starting on Friday and Saturday, a string of immensely powerful storms devastated communities all over the Midwest

    A plethora of tornado reports began rolling in Friday in Nebraska and Kansas. On Saturday, almost a dozen were reported in Texas and Oklahoma. In Texas, the National Weather Service Abilene/San Angelo concluded that an EF2 tornado with winds of up to 135 mph damage homes in San Angelo.

    Dru Lewis was hunkered down with his family as the storm battered his home.

    “There was a suction … from under the door, I could feel it,” he said. “Then all the windows just exploded. It was just chaos from there until the storm died down.”

    Then on Sunday, more huge storms produced literally dozens of tornadoes across the region…

    Severe thunderstorms continued to rumble across parts of the U.S. Sunday, damaging buildings in Louisiana after spawning more than three dozen reports of tornadoes across five states.

    Several homes and businesses were damaged and power lines and trees were down throughout Evangeline Parish, Louisiana, after severe thunderstorms and possible tornadoes moved through the area early Sunday morning. The town of Ville Platte, about 76 miles northwest of Baton Rouge, was especially hard hit.

    Unfortunately, there is still more to come.  In fact, an entirely new weather system will hit the middle of the country on Monday

    On Monday, a new system will develop off the High Plains and slide east into the Southern Plains. The dry line will interact with an increasingly moist and unstable air mass that will develop across parts of Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas.

    Unfortunately, that means very favorable conditions for violent severe weather in parts of this region.

    We are being told that the storms on Monday could affect nearly 50 million people.

    For a long time I have been warning that global weather patterns are dramatically changing, but at first a lot of people wanted to argue that it wasn’t true.

    Well, these days the number of people that want to claim that I am wrong has gone way down.

    Of course, throughout all of human history weather patterns have always been changing, and so change isn’t something that is new.

    But the changes that we are witnessing in our time appear to be taking an apocalyptic turn, and nobody is exactly sure what is going to happen next.


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      1. The great dustbowl in the west wasn’t any picnic either. ITS WEATHER pure and simple.

        • Look it up, read it and weep:

          “Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025”

          Go ahead, roll your eyes, whatever…

          • and?

            Thats not proof every weather event is a part of some grand scheme.

            sometimes it rains more than normal. sometimes it rains less.

      2. Bad but not really a record, check out the flood of 1993 and again in 2008. I well remember the flood of 1993 when 75 miles of our railroad track along the Missourah River was under water for 3 months, many places were flooded for 200 days and 9 States were flooded. So this flood still has a long way to go to be a record. Trekker Out

        • Yep, all those nice loamy silt deposits got dropped where they are from exactly the same sort of weather, IMHO it could get a lot wetter.
          Cycles, it happens, those pushing this as anything other than mother nature flexing are counting on short attention spans and short memories.

      3. The Mississippi will always flood, and every year. The river is in a valley of its own making, which is 3-5 miles wide. The river flows within its banks much of the year, but during the spring melt, the river expands to the edges of its valley. As the pioneers said “miles wide and a foot deep”.

        It is the attempt of man to confine the river to its banks with berms and dikes that has caused the flooding. A dike slows the water flow, and causes a backup upstream.

        The cities and towns built along the river were built in a well known flood plain, by arrogant men that thought they could tame nature and control the river. Move the cities outside the Valley, and return the valley to farming and the problem is solved.

        • Spot on.
          We see that over here, people develop housing, condos, hotels in places low or near the ocean where there used to be shacks or nothing, there wasnt anything of consequence built because Mother Nature would wadh over everything every once in a while,,, but now its a disaster!
          Cant fix arrogance nor stupidity but you can definitely cover it with water!

          • Building development going over this kind of geology, in my area:

            Also, it seemed ordinary, to me, that gases would come out of the old oil field of Porter Ranch. They build over a volcanic field, well beyond the scale of the utilities co, who is successfully sued because of a fumarole.

            It seems to be makework for them, or an excuse to move money back and forth.

      4. Do a little research into Grand Solar Minimum. This cyclic stuff is pretty predictable and it has been predicted for several years that this kind of weather was coming based on the sunspot activity (or lack thereof) of the Sun.


      5. What is causing the bizarre weather? Geoengineering (weather manipulation).

        • ANYTHING TO SELL HIS FICTION BOOKS, that is the reason.

      6. weather modification is alive and well. china is using iodine generators to make it rain over 100’s of square miles to make arable land. HAARP is adjusting the jet stream. Shouldn’t mess with mother nature…

      7. HAARP is happening!
        All part of the plan!
        Control the bread basket, control the food, control the population!

        • Weather manipulation – the rat-bastards are going to try to STARVE us out folks, it is that painfully obvious unfortunately. Guys, something needs to give and quick or we are ALL Dead. When is enough actually enough?? Yes that means we all need to get involved and actually not sit back and think everything is fine and life is grand.

      8. If these guys had a brain they would live in a houseboat. Just like a house but impervious to floods. Damn I’m glad I live where I do. Water goes up, house floats…. water goes down house sits on the ground. How hard is that?

        • Gen,
          Forgive me, I’ve built boats. I’ve re-built wood boats.
          I used to own a 45′ sailboat.
          The last thing I’d ever consider is a Midwestern style lake houseboat!!!!!!!
          I would suggest a Seattle, Portland, or Sausilto style floating home but I don’t know where you’d get the logs in the Midwest.

          • Meh, pontoons are the shit. They last a loooonnnggg time. If you had one it would would be the least of yer worries. Logs really? Imagine living in 3-4 feet of water. A good houseboat cost about as much as a POS trailer they live in anyway. Just anchor it good with concrete blocks in the ground and yer good. No damage to your stuff, safe and secure. Hell you could just set sail to the next state lol.

            • You know exactly Jack Schitt!

          • Rather have about a 36-40’ cat with a cabin up top than a house boat.
            Friend of mine has a nice one, galley and living are up top, births and head in both hulls, super nice boat, he regularly sails to French Polynesia and Tonga, Samoa, think his is a bit over 40.
            As far as just a cruiser i like the Corsair, really nice trailerable trimarans.
            Just had a small earthquake, 10:24AM

        • Some can’t be moved, independently, it’s not impervious to waves, and, due to the need for a harbor, usually can’t be docked away from dozens of other people, so crowded on the watefront, that you may not have a view of the waterfront. The world’s most expensive trailer park.

      9. Hey how is everyone? Just wanted to chime in and comment and ask question both, I have been reading and listening lots about the coming ice age. Does anyone out there agree we will be having an ice age in the near future? I can only speak about the weather where I live St Stephen New Brunswick Canada. Winter usually since I have been here begins late november early December and usually no snow until later in December. This winter here is still clinging on with the temp still getting close to the freezing at night time. Now it is raining raining wee bit of sun and rain rain, you get the soggy picture. Supposed to get some sun this week and I pray we do, at this rate no tomatoes outside until mid the late June, hell maybe early July. lots of ice colder than normal temps, I do believe there is a cooling of the planet and I am sure most folks that come in here know the weather is wonky. Is this a natural cycle? Is it geoenginering? Or is it both? Anyway garden will go in later and thats ok as long as I get some good weather on the other end. You folks out there trust in the good Lord and keep your powder dry and love your family and friends. God bless ya”ll and please remember to say a prayer for us in the great white north that this stupid firearms bill C731 does not pass. Thank you folks and take care.

        • who the hell knows? but one or two years of weather don’t make no pattern to me. we got la neenyuh this year and last, so we see a lil more rain this year in calipornia high desert…..but i don’t see no rain forest yet(although this year i DID see a forest of WEEDS). give it another year or two, and weel see. my GUESS is that it’s a combination of all that stuff you and i mentioned…..could get worse, could get better…..but i got food for years saved up, so let ma nature have at it, i say….welcome to the site! you will find lots of help here to cope with whatever she dishes out….

        • Watch this vid, h ttps://watchers.news/2019/04/14/when-will-the-pole-shift-and-nova-occur/ (take space out of https in link) and the one you will find beneath it. The guy makes a very compelling case, backed up with much evidence. He’s a geologist, not a crank. I don’t want to believe what he’s saying, but it’s hard not to.

      10. Its all because of the libtards, the hot air they spew out of both ends is tipping the equilibrium,,,
        Eradicate liberals!
        Sabe the environment!

        • Nail,
          Good to see you are still around.
          How is the farm?
          I lost most my potato plants this year.
          I’ll try a different technique, it was just too wet.
          12 inches per month thus far, over 62″ on the gauge.
          Papayas, Pineapple, Peppers, and Strawberries are OK.
          I’m going to put in some water melon and Spinch as soon
          as I harvest the sow and rototill the paddock
          she is in.
          Tell us about your Kale.

          • It has definitely been wet,
            My potatos all rotted too, weeds went crazy this year, only things still doing good are the Kale and celery,,, got busy and forgot to deal with cabbage bugs and noew i have holy cabbage, and not in a good way!
            Been starting and picking up medicinal plants, scored a bunch of Awa and Mamaki plants and got a bunch of Olena too, real nice plants ready to go in ground, got a bunch of other stuff off the continent yoo, white willows, highbush cranberries(cramp bark), golu kola, and some nice Hawthorns, all sorts of seeds going, trying to get a bangin medicinal garden going.

      11. Comment CENSORED
        this site becoming a joke

        • I second that. But just don’t call the “believers” idiots.

          You didn’t by chance use the word that begins with “Z” and ends with “ion” did you? For some reason Mac doesn’t want anyone to use that word as if it were a picture of Mudhammud or shit..

      12. Been raining all spring in central Arizona. Raining today, turned to snow for an hour than back to rain.Cant get anything done around here. I know the earth goes thorough natural cycles of drought and rain and all, but I’m sure all the crap they spray into the atmosphere almost daily here may have something to do with it.

      13. This could be God’s judgment on the U.S., only God knows. Everyone will have an opinion, but we’ll just have to watch and see. We are long over due though.

      14. Look at actual history and the solar minimum that has happened and now the sun is going into a rather deep one, and the bottom is not even till around 2034. So get used to it.

      15. Mother nature is pissed at all the idiots that thing they can change the plant by adding carbon tax.

        • Sgt. You need to post more 🙂

        • Bingo Sarge….

      16. The Chinese have an active program to modify their weather. They claim significant progress. The Chinese are now growing food in areas that were dry grasslands.

        The world is a sphere. Change something on one side and it effects the rest. There is a balance to nature.

        There are also rumors the US has weather control systems of its own, is it possible the deep state is controlling those systems, and exploiting it for political leverage?

        The weather is still close to normal averages as extreme as it seems. US weather has only a short historical record. Unlike Europe the US doesn’t have a couple thousand years of weather records, so it’s easy to set new weather records.

        • The weather here pisses me off enough and we don’t have it near as bad as a lot of folks. Fookin rain just won’t quit! It snowed last night grrrrr.

        • PTPO,
          Darn, you just can’t please anybody, when there is drought, we pray for rain and snow, when rain and snow arrives we complain about floods.
          There just doesn’t seem to be a way to make us happy.
          Personally I prefer wet.

      17. Check out Peter A. Kirby’s “Chemtrails Exposed: The New Manhattan Project” for documentation of the creation of a massive Weather Modification program in the U.S. after WWII. This is a unique book, and Kirby’s research goes far beyond aerosol spraying, to the Deep State operations that support global weather modification. Also, NASA is now reporting that the Earth is experiencing record levels of cosmic rays due to the increasing Solar Minimum that Dr. Valentina Zharkova has presented evidence may persist through mid-century.

        • Thanks, Bruce!

      18. Try pulling the plug on all the HAARP machines on the planet then see what changes..

      19. Chemtrails. Deep State trying to kill humanity.

      20. There is ample evidence that the ever changing climate is changing due to cyclical changes in the sun. The net result is major changes in air currents and in precipitation patterns. There is disagreement about when it will get seriously underway, how long it will last and how bad it will get. This isn’t man-made global warming due to carbon dioxide levels. These theories predate man-made global weather change. The bottom line is the impact on crop harvests (particularly grains) and the increase in food prices. For most of us, we need to know how to produce as much food as possible under protected conditions and in limited space.

      21. Sunspots affect cosmic rays which cause clouds. More sunspots, fewer rays. We are now in a solar minimum, causing more cosmic rays and more clouds, the type that reflect sun. It was predicted we’d have a cold winter, which we did. Also it follows that we’ll have more precipitation due to all the clouds. CO2 is not really an issue, contrary to popular belief, but it certainly has great political use. Truth is coming out- we’ll see in a few years as the solar minimum lasts for several years. The research over last 20 years is out of Finland and shows convincingly that cosmic rays are the cause. IPCC is playing dumb and diminishing the effect.

      22. And this isn’t global warming. The sun has gone quiet and we are witnessing the effects of a cooling climate. This is very similar to the weather they were experiencing in the 1700s.

      23. Michael Snyder is an idiot.

      24. The earths magnetic field has been weakening, easily researched fact, this allows for more of the suns energy to reach the earth which luckily at the moment is in minimum, but it is starting to change back to head to maximum in the approximately 11 year cycle. It also allows an increase of the effects from cosmic rays, which for some still unknown reason cause increased cloud formation, hence wetter weather. Combined with tour solar system exiting a gas cloud into a much increased cosmic ray field, well, Read this…

        As a HAM operator I have followed the effects of the sun on our ionosphere for over 30 years. It effect the ability to transmit/receive over long distances. With the decrease in the strength of our magnet field, effect on the earth from relatively minor coronal mass ejections have the effect of what used to take larger ejections. For instance C class flares can cause auroras as big as what large M class flares used to make. If the sun returns to a normal 11 year cycle high, it will be an interesting decade that is coming, combined with everything else going on. Look up the 1859 Carrington event if you don’t know about it already. It would not take much for our modern electrical society to be shut down locally (as in continent) or planet wide if that kind of energy penetrates our magnetic field again.

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