What If the Lockdown Was All A Big Mistake?

by | Apr 21, 2020 | Headline News | 19 comments

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    This article was originally published by Ron Paul at The Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity. 

    From California to New Jersey, Americans are protesting in the streets. They are demanding an end to house arrest orders given by government officials over a virus outbreak that even according to the latest US government numbers will claim fewer lives than the seasonal flu outbreak of 2017-2018.

    Across the US, millions of businesses have been shut down by “executive order” and the unemployment rate has skyrocketed to levels not seen since the Great Depression. Americans, who have seen their real wages decline thanks to Federal Reserve monetary malpractice, are finding themselves thrust into poverty and standing in breadlines. It is like a horror movie, but it’s real.

    Last week the UN Secretary-General warned that a global recession resulting from the worldwide coronavirus lockdown could cause “hundreds of thousands of additional child deaths per year.” As of this writing, less than 170,000 have been reported to have died from the coronavirus worldwide.

    Many Americans have also died this past month because they were not able to get the medical care they needed. Cancer treatments have been indefinitely postponed. Life-saving surgeries have been put off to make room for coronavirus cases. Meanwhile, hospitals are laying off thousands because the expected coronavirus cases have not come and the hospitals are partially empty.

    What if the “cure” is worse than the disease?

    Countries like Sweden that did not lock down their economy and place the population under house arrest are faring no worse than countries that did. Sweden’s deaths-per-million from coronavirus is lower than in many lockdown countries.

    Likewise, US states that did not arrest citizens for merely walking on the beach are not doing worse than those that did. South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem said last week, “we’ve been able to keep our businesses open and allow people to take on some personal responsibility.” South Dakota has recorded a total of seven coronavirus deaths.

    Kentucky, a strict lockdown state, is five times more populated than South Dakota, yet it has some 20 times more coronavirus deaths. If lockdown and house arrest are the answer, shouldn’t those numbers be reversed, with South Dakota seeing mass death while Kentucky dodges the coronavirus bullet?

    When Anthony Fauci first warned that two million would die, there was a race among federal, state, and local officials to see who could rip up the Constitution fastest. Then Fauci told us if we do what he says only a quarter of a million would die. They locked America down even harder. Then, with little more than a shrug of the shoulders, they announced that a maximum of 60,000 would die, but maybe less. That is certainly terrible, but it’s just a high-average flu season.

    Imagine if we had used even a fraction of the resources spent to lock down the entire population and focused on providing assistance and protection to the most vulnerable – the elderly and those with serious medical conditions. We could have protected these people and still had an economy to go back to when the virus had run its course. And it wouldn’t have cost us six trillion dollars either.

    Governments have no right or authority to tell us what business or other activity is “essential.” Only in totalitarian states does the government claim this authority. We should encourage all those who are standing up peacefully and demanding an accounting from their elected leaders. They should not be able to get away with this.

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      1. Certainly Constitution & Freedom loving American CITIZENS would see the Covid-19 reaction by government was WRONG. Our Constitution (Limiting govt. power) & Bill of Rights are not merely suggestions. Too many folks have been elected to office that have no concept or regard for our Founding Documents. The idiot governor of New Jersey is a prime example, “I wasn’t thinking about the Bill of Rights.” The perception of TOTAL SAFETY is a fool’s errand as it can never be achieved. Medical professionals, bureaucrats, & politicians disregarded the LIMITS spelled out in our Founding Documents for a FREE COUNTRY. Demonrats & others have used the LIE of “for the greater good” to abuse CITIZENS’ RIGHTS for well over a century. They continue to try to kill the concept of FREEDOM.

        • Mistake? This is a Coup, a War declared on the American people. Wake up people. Get armed and ready. This is NOT a Drill. Watch the Internet , then the electric grid crashes. You want to feel alone and in the dark. Its coming. Get ready now.

        • Cranerigger, how’ve you been? Hell, I’ve been going against the ‘stay at home’ order all this time. I get out and drive the 10 miles to my nearest town when I feel like it. I’m still carrying on like normal. My relatives who live close to me all have their own home-based businesses and are still open and doing fine. We are the only ones who decide what’s ‘essential’ for us. The Governor of NJ doesn’t surprise me. Not a single damn one of the politicians anywhere ever think of the Bill Of Rights. Well I always think of it because that and the Constitution are the only ‘rulebook’ I live by. Anything else is null and void.

          • I really hope your not one of those people that is a super-carrier of covid19, because if you are and someone dies because of you, well thats a hard pill to swallow if you have a conscience

          • The Deplorable Renegade, good to hear from you. Your BOL sounds great. I’ve been doing some ancestral research lately and found parts of my family farmed during the early 1800s in North Carolina, near what is now Tennessee. Large parts of the southeast USA are great, and there are lots of great patriots. You are one of them.

      2. When you lock down sick people, it’s called quarantine. When you lock down healthy people, it’s called dictatorship. The lock down wasn’t a mistake. It was done with criminal intent.

        • With your $1200 buy 80 Oz of Silver, or an AK 47 and ammo. Get busy. Stop paying on all credit cards but 1, they are unsecured debt. This is not turning around. Blame non-payment on income all cut off. Negative Oil yesterday at Negative -$37 a barrel. Meaning gas should be at .50 cents a gallon right now. Why the price gouging? $1.80??

      3. Problem -Reaction -Solution
        This event was NOT a mistake. Preplanned for at least a decade? probably much longer.
        This is Plandemic.

        The Intentional collapse of the Economy.
        A type of globalist communism seems to be one goal.
        The “new” EVIL system out of ashes of the collapse will be the Internet of Things -5G control grid -AI -Beast System. Understand, the economic collapse is INTENTIONAL and preplanned.

        The globalist Communist are taking down America.
        You are allowing it, by being controlled by fear and obeying Anti-American criminal media/politicians. These criminals are out to destroy America. Broke, hungry, scared, ISOLATED, people are easy to control.

        Chaos is also a goal. Psyop.You are currently in a Global False Narrative Psyop.

        Do Not take vaccine.
        Do Not take the mark of the Beast.
        Turn to Jesus Christ.
        You are in a war. There are no atheist in foxholes. What is going on is beyond your ability to comprehend fully. Too many layers of EVIL-Chaos. *** Nothing is as it seems.
        Satan is about Evil, death, deception and Lies. Without Jesus Christ you will fall for deception.

        Build a foundation of faith in Jesus in order to counter the Evil and Lies. The old man would say, “If you don’t believe in something. You will fall for anything.” Turn off the media. Limit internet use. You are being fed fear-lies-disinformation.

        * Open your business
        * Go to work.
        * Gather with family and friends.
        * Go to church with other believers.
        * Prepare now while you can. Time is short.
        * Pray to Jesus for salvation

      4. When you are banned from buying seeds to plant, but you can go buy lottery tickets, it’s not about your health. When you get arrested for sitting in a park all by yourself, but the Governor can go on stage everyday with his entourage, it’s not about your health. Rise up! I will not live like this.

      5. Of course the shut down was a mistake. Personally, I choose to do the opposite, and will stay in my home until the psychopaths that have destroyed justice, liberty, the economy, and the world are either dead, orlocked up behind bars, since I know for an absolute fact that America is filled with dangerous psychopaths, it is unsafe for me to leave my home. My house is broken into every time that I leave, and things are vandalized and stolen, which constitutes false imprisonment, with the qualifications being that if someone has reasonable belief that their property and or life is in danger, it qualifies for false imprisonment, and my creepy neighbors spy on me and let me know that through gas lighting tactics of repeating or re-enacting things that I have said or done in my home, which constitutes illegal enslavement in addition to dozens of other class one felonies for which they belong in prison. As long as the cannibals like them are not locked up, I am unfree to live my life.

      6. It truly amazes me that the level of people in this country who haven’t personally educated themselves on this bio weapon virus! The Govt along with the criminal propaganda machine has successfully confused just about the entire U.S. population in one way or another.

        If people want to expose themselves and their immediate family and friends to the virus, well that’s their choice (unfortunately).

        Those of us that have actually studied the ramifications of this virus and others (lifelong) will quietly wait things out as the population continues to get infected, reinfected and dies.

        Truly a sad situation no matter what occurs…

        • Annonll, you have NOT followed this entire fiasco. Original estimates presented to politicians & bureaucrats projected deaths-in-the-millions. These projections were based on highly flawed modeling & data gathering, an unprepared medical community, as well as politicians & bureaucrats easily convinced to jump-to-confusions. After certain medical professionals scared the snot out of the politicians, they were granted their wish and CITIZENS RIGHTS were stomped on to “save lives.” This misconception that giving up RIGHTS will create a panacea is at the heart of the problem.

          In a FREE country, the healthy young person is not incarcerated to hope for more safety for people like me (old).

          • I have and your missing the bigger picture. We (globally) are still in the beginning stages of this pandemic of a virus that was altered in a lab.

            There is no cure, no vaccine available and I personally would be highly suspect of any vaccine for this particular virus.

            The virus has significantly slowed down due to a global shutdown and nothing more! Had countries not shut down, you would have seen a much higher infection rate and a much higher death count.

            The virus is still spreading, albeit more slowly than if the world had continued business as usual. This virus is nothing short of a bio weapon, plain and simple.

            The only way to get a handle on this virus right now and to open up the economy is for EVERYONE to wear a mask – PERIOD!

            The mask isn’t to protect you from someone else, it’s to keep a person who may be asymptomatic from spreading germs to others.

            No fault to you, I understand that this pandemic is confusing to people because of so much disinformation, but make no mistake about it, it is a virus that will keep infecting and reinfecting as people begin to return to work, thus wearing a mask is the ONLY solution at this time unless you want to see a resurgence of cases and deaths.

          • Cranerigger, AMEN to your comments.

      7. TOR will not give anyone anonimty or secrecy in communications. All hardware, software, internat providers, servers, and email providers have the cabilities to see all communications unencrypted, as well as all websites visted.

        End TOR now to end corruption by the government and tech sectors!

        The majority of TOR activity involves illicet activity and was developed by the military and is fully financed by the government and is frequently used for entrapment by police.

      8. Herd immunity does not imply that “the herd” will not contract a virus, it implies that “the herd” will survive and not be defeated by a virus, just as very few people die of a common cold. All viruses are the most contagious prior to symptoms and can be transmitted by the majority of asymptomatic people. This is not specific to the coronavirus. Every human being has unique biology and the central planners are foolishly treating people as mice and believe that anything that works for any mammal or any human will work for all. Some people have allergies, pre-existing conditions as well as different immune systems which means that simply because one treatment method worked for one individual, it may be too extreme or inappropriate for another individual. Severity of the illness with must be taken into account. WHO is hocus pocus smoke and mirrors! Always has been, always will be! It’s a racket! You can get rid of a head-ache by cutting off someones head!

      9. These Nazi Governors and Mayors need to be taken out and hanged. Televised around the world. I’m waiting for someone to take a shot at one of these Nazi’s.

        • Trump could have refused to acknowledge to the governors that it was a state of emergency. He should have said. “No. It isn’t an emergency. You’re an incompetentent money grubbing psychopath and you’re full of shit.”

      10. Philip Giraldi reported in his article today, “A Government Against the People” that the only small businesses that are receiving loans made available through the emergency relief are Israeli companies.

        Giraldi also said that the shake-up in the intelligence agencies continues, with loyalty to Trump and Israel being the only litmus tests, which was obvious to anyonne that has been reading various legislative acts that have handed national security over to Israel, lock, stock, and barrel. The only people left in the intelligence agencies will be either complete imbeciles, double-agents, or a combination of the two.

        Obviously, Israel and the Jews are panick stricken since they were guilty of the 9/11 attacks, and it is undeniable that the entire financial system, tech sector, and media are totally controlled by Jews, who have been 100% guilty of outright financial fraud, not limited to those in the financial sector, but the Jewish population at large who has disproprtionately benefited financially from an economy that has in fact been based on outright financial fraud that is defiant of all logic and math, which demonstrates that the goal and acheivement of the Jewish run financial and tech sectors has been to enrich the Jewish population at everyone else’s expense, even to the point of destroying the economy and country, and it was all done through the Jewish controlled media.

        Who are the real racists here? Follow the money! 70% of Jews in America are millionaires. Considering that there are many Jews that are not of working age, or have been in the job market for a very short period of time, I would have to say that that is extremely unbelieveable that it is not a direct result of racism that favors Jews at the expense of everyone else!.

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