What if all this prosperity was just an illusion? (Micro Documentary)

by | Jan 9, 2014 | Headline News | 252 comments

We may think we live in the richest country in the world because of easy access to consumer goods, cars, homes, education and health care.

But what if it has all been an illusion?

Let’s start with all the things we HAVE to spend money on…

Health insurance has risen by 85%.

Mortgage payments, despite low rates have risen 81%.

Child Care, well that’s up 100% since that wasn’t really an expense pre-1970.

Taxes have gone up by 28% due to the 2 income family.

What we see is that where the government is involved heavily… costs have risen dramatically.

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    1. Ugly

      It is not an illusion. You see, I am broke because I only have two jobs. I should have three, thus it is all my fault….

      • SterlingSilver

        Whether it be the Benghazi cover-up, the birth certificate lie, NSA spying, Obamacare, NDAA, PATRIOT ACT, criminal acts of war against other sovereign nation states, Food Safety Modernization Act, blatant class and race wars against the people, and a barrage of executive orders ranging from the seizure of all private resources to indefinite detention, the interesting fact is that We the People DON’T GIVE A DAMN! As long as the masses are pacified with obama phones, EBT cards, social security deposits, unemployment, and a healthy diet of media spoon-fed orwellian double-think, the masses will treat the annihilation of their own liberty not just with indifference, but actually with scorn.

        Obama or Hillary could point blank murder someone live in the audience on the The View and nothing would happen other than a bunch of talking points on the news that night. No indictments, charges, prosecution, or lawsuits would hold any weight whatsoever.

        Until the facade of our economic and social fabric crumbles and people miss their 9 meals, the reported stories of the corporate government are no more than entertainment. The Bengahzi crime is nothing more than the best reality show on TV with Chris Stevens death no more important than Snooki losing her apartment on Jersey Shore.

        • Unreconstructed Southron

          Ecclesiastes says it’s always an illusion.

          • Gunner

            Damn well said, SterlingSilver

            • KY Mom

              If You Are Waiting For An “Economic Collapse”, Just Look At What Is Happening To Europe

              “The entire continent is a giant economic mess right now. Unemployment and poverty levels are setting record highs, car sales are setting record lows, and there is an ocean of bad loans and red ink everywhere you look.”

              “I have always maintained that the next major wave of the economic collapse would begin in Europe, and that is exactly what is happening.”

              The Economic Collapse blog

              In recent years, JP Morgan Chase Bank has made LOTS of money with the EBT card program. Think of the funds with the food stamp program that flow through the bank every month and the numerous service and transaction fees they receive with this program.

              Now, Chase wants OUT of the program. Why…now? It makes me wonder what they KNOW, that we don’t.

              JPMorgan to Exit Foodstamp, Other Prepaid Cards Business

              “had become a headache of RISKS in operations and regulations”

              from public records…
              “18 of the 24 states JP Morgan handles have been contracted to pay the bank up to $560,492,596.02 since 2004. Since 2007, Florida has been contracted to pay JP Morgan $90,351,202.22. Pennsylvania’s seven-year contract totaled $112,541,823.27. New York’s seven-year contract totaled $126,394,917.”


              EBT card holders KNOW Chase Bank handles their funds. I believe Chase Bank does NOT want angry EBT holders to show up at their door…when there are glitches/problems with the cards.

              (Chase Bank provides a link to check funds on the EBT card.)
              How to Check Food Stamp Accounts Online (at Chase Bank)
              www dot ehow dot com

              • Swinging on a star

                The vile blood sucking mass media is just as complicit as the regime when it comes to stripping decent, hard working Americans of their freedom, their money and their voices, as well as their hope and dignity.

                When you witness how they swarm over the Governor of NJ because they smell blood, it makes me sick. I am not a Christie fan but come on, this is nothing compared to all the lies and corruption that the regime has perpetrated since the dear leader took office.

                It is my hope that one day, the mass media be held accountable for their crimes against humanity. We live in a corrupt, vile, evil and disintegrating society. Try as they may, the one thing they will never accomplish is removing God all Mighty from the hearts and souls of those who believe and live the way God intended.

                As for an illusion, yes it is all an illusion because it is stuff, just stupid stuff that we can not take with us when we leave this world. Child care, used to be that we took care of our own children, mortgages, used to be that we lived within our means, credit cards, used to not exist and we all lived fine with out them, health insurance, we used to pay as we went and guess what, with the deductibles now and the premiums, you get off cheaper if you do pay as you go. What a screwed up system we have and what a screwed up way we comply with all of it.

                • JayJay

                  Oh, come on, swinging on a star.
                  Closing lanes is much more serious than killing men in Benghazi!!

              • Dave

                KY MOM;
                THAT is a really great point; and one that I never even considered bedfore. It makes perfect sense; though. Morgan KNOWS that system WILL collapse; in the not too distant future; and is thus backing out of the EBT program; knowing full well; that when it does collapse; the masses on EBT will hold them personally liable and responsible. Smart move. I mean; if you J.P’s CEO; would you want half of Harlem showing up one night on your front lawn?

                • Econman

                  Or all of a West Virginia?

            • KY Mom

              Update on the ‘recovery’…

              ‘For Every One Job Added, Nearly 5 People Left the Workforce’
              “In December, the economy added only 74,000 jobs – not nearly enough to keep up with population growth –and 347,000 left the workforce.”
              The Weekly Standard

              People Not In Labor Force Soar To Record 91.8 Million
              The ‘official’ unemployment rate drops from 7.0% to 6.7%

          • Guest


            Very poignant. I find myself feeling directed toward Ecclesiastes more and more these days. It’s almost as if though Solomon were writing directly to our America.

            • TheGuy

              Therefore, since he’s NOT writing directly to Ameria… all of this has happened before.

              Methinks leaders need a history class.

        • Mountain Trekker

          Sterling concerning the NSA. All hope is not lost on California, it seems that it is one of 4 states, that their law makers are trying to pass laws to prevent the NSA from spy on their citizens without warrants. The other three are Missouri, Kansas and Oklahoma. Thanks again go to Edward Snowden. Where are the rest of the states? Trekker Out.

          • Ol' Griz

            Yes Mountain trekker their is still hope.

          • ed

            it doesn’t matter if there is a law against it. The federal government is above the law. Just read the list of scandals (corruption) as proof. Peace.

            • Wilson

              @Trekker and Ed,
              You both make valid points. However, after setting aside and ignoring 14 provisions of his hallmark legislation called Obamacare, I have no doubt any and all spying laws will be ignored. Besides, the 4th amendment protects our privacy and we see their calloused disregard for the Constitution they swore to protect and defend.

              • sixpack

                Yeah, the bottom line is, they’ll do it ANYWAY.

            • JayJay

              They will just do it in secret–duh.
              Nice try, but they will do it openly or behind the curtain.
              We have moved into a serious tyrannical government.

          • BigB

            Yep, we here in California are so lucky that the NSA is being challenged. Probably to make sure the NSA doesn’t leak some truth about what our politicians are doing. Speaking of illusions we here in California have so much money in our coffers that Grandpa Jerry is going to give the school’s (unions) 1.3 billion dollars to make up for what they did not get over the last 5 years.


          • kjhgkjhg

            Oklahoma now requires the exact GPS coordinates of shelters, basements and storage facilities. They need to know where people are storing food and supplies. Oklahoma does not care for it’s citizens.

            • Hoopster

              Scary indeed!

            • TheGuy

              Heh know right where to put the missiles, eh?

              *In my head, sees them programming a Predator drone just like one of those old Big Track toys from the 70’s…*

          • maddog

            MT, I know you like hunting. Just think if your hunting in Californication that they have installed camera’s all through the sierra Nevada mountains to supervise everyone’s bodily functions. They just don’t want to share with the NSA. I wish I could have your optimism that they care about the people’s privacy.

            • Starlifter

              @maddog, If you see a camera shot it or smash it. Just make sure your not in view of it!

              • JayJay

                Maddog–I read a little bit about this months ago.
                The cameras as you call them are so small they will not be recognized.
                I have to wonder what they are for.

                • JayJay

                  The camera is at a central location; the eyes are just that–so small disguised on trees and I suspect a few on top of the limbs not accessible to passers by??

            • Mountain Trekker

              maddog I have no “Illusions” about these laws that are being brought up in these states, no they probably won’t even pass and if they do, the Feds (NSA) would not observe them. But there is nothing worse than someone standing around yelling “somebody do something” and then when some elected offical, even at the State level try’s to do the “peoples work” people say well it ain’t going to do any good anyway. So if we look at things that way, no, there is no hope. “Short Story” when I lived in Missouri there was a conservation area of a few thousand acres that had hiking and horse back riding trails all through it, near one parking area I found a trail counter that was mounted about eight feet above ground, I think to count horseback riders, anyway it kind of angered me but I went on about my business. A couple of weeks later I pulled into a field entrance in the evening and across the field and about 50 yards inside the timber I caught the glare of a lens, needless to say I was instantly ticked, so I pull out and drove down the road and parked and snuk up throught the woods with the intent of destroying the camera. When I got there, to my suprise it was not a camera but a range finder about 15 feet above the ground. There was no deerstand or steps on the tree so I cut a pole and now I have a free range finder. Never saw a lost add in the paper and wasn’t going to leave it on a public use area. If it had of been a camera it would have been destroyed, hunters don’t hang trailcams 15ft high. Trekker Out.

            • Mountain Trekker

              maddog I have no “Illusions” about these laws that are being brought up in these states, no they probably won’t even pass and if they do, the Feds (NSA) would not observe them. But there is nothing worse than someone standing around yelling “somebody do something” and then when some elected offical, even at the State level try’s to do the “peoples work” people say well it ain’t going to do any good anyway. So if we look at things that way, no, there is no hope. “Short Story” when I lived in Missouri there was a conservation area of a few thousand acres that had hiking and horse back riding trails all through it, near one parking area I found a trail counter that was mounted about eight feet above ground, I think to count horseback riders, anyway it kind of angered me but I went on about my business. A couple of weeks later I pulled into a field entrance in the evening and across the field and about 50 yards inside the timber I caught the glare of a lens, needless to say I was instantly ticked, so I pull out and drove down the road and parked and snuk up throught the woods with the intent of destroying the camera. When I got there, to my suprise it was not a camera but a range finder about 15 feet above the ground. There was no deerstand or steps on the tree so I cut a pole and now I have a free range finder. Never saw a lost add in the paper and wasn’t going to leave it on a public use area. If it had of been a camera it would have been destroyed, hunters don’t hang trailcams 15ft high. Trekker Out.

          • Miss DeeDee

            If the NSA did not adhere to the established Constitutinal laws
            Why would it adhere to some silly state law or statute when they
            are in fact immune to any prosecution or penalty imposition.
            — Miss Dee Dee

        • Swinging on a star

          Sterling Silver,

          You are right on target, the dear leader or George Soro’s little minion bitch Hillary, could commit murder in public view and get away with it, (as the dear leader likes to say, PERIOD). Screw the regime, take care of yourself and your loved ones without any hope that this socialist experiment will end because it probably won’t for a very long time.

          Live like you are an island where no one tells you what you can and can not do, keep a low profile but build your own security by praying, working, preparing, living without a lot of the crap that you know you don’t need and setting a decent and honorable example for your children.

          • SterlingSilver

            You sum it up right there. Not a lot more can be done. Live by your conscience and make the day better for those around you and hopefully your life will have been a good day when it all wraps up.

            • Miss DeeDee

              Whenever you make life better for those around you , it most always comes back to you multiple fold !!!
              — Miss Dee Dee

        • maddog

          With all the shit happening that you mention SterlingSilver the commie’s in the lamestream have still found it responsible reporting to spend 2 days already on NJ bridgegate. Ocommie fucks up a whole country and they talk about some fat shit slowing down a few people out spending their ebt money.

        • Johnathan Stiner

          WHAT!!!! Snooki lost her apartment! When did i miss that! Poor Snooki…..

          • TheGuy

            Like a train wreck with that one… almost impossible to look away. She’s like Q-Bert with silicone implants…

          • Nobama

            What’s a snookie?

        • Travis

          I had to share Sterling. Very well said.

        • Patriot

          Obviously that is why this Constitutional Republic now perverted into a “democracy” will self destruct. Then and only then, after ALL the trash has been taken out, will we be able to rebuild.

      • Rodster

        It’s all an illusion and the magician is The Federal Reserve. 😉

        • Be informed

          There is a lot of illusion going on right now. The money is the easiest to manipulate because there is nothing solid backing it up. The money is just numbers and numbers can be skewed in all directions to suit those that get an advantage from it. I am wondering about the next false flag or real incident that occurs. Either case you know someone will take full advantage of it. It sure seems like we are all entering very choppy waters. Good time to look over what you have for emergencies and see what else you can add because this could come on suddenly.

          • James Donovan

            The dollar being the reserve currency of the world is the only thing keeping the USA propped up. Once that status is gone, there goes everything else.

            We produce nothing to give back to the countries we import EVERYTHING we use from.

            • Anonymous

              One of the reasons our economies suffered so much recently, is because several countries have finally thrown off their yoke of oppression: the US dollar. They have refused to trade internationally using the US dollar, preferring to use their own currencies instead. Every country on the planet has had no choice but to trade for goods with other countries using US dollars for decades. And the only nation that proffited was the US.
              Unfortunately the countries that have told us to ‘shove’ our dollar, just so happen to be the countries that are capable of standing up to the US military.
              And before you all start red thumbing me, just remember, the US Military would struggle to field an effective fighting force capable of anything in 2014. We’re broke, we have no cash or gold reserves, no industry left, and no financial friends to loan us the cash to fight bull shit wars using politician dreamt up fairy tales as excuses to kill foreigners.
              The world won’t collapse when the collapse comes. There are countries our there who are doing quite nicely and have had minimal impact from the Global Crash.
              The US will collapse into Civil War, chaos, and violence. …. Parts of Europe too. If Civil War doesn’t break out though? It means the gov managed to round everyone up into camps before an out break of Revolutionary Freedom, to be …..? Exterminated? Re-educated? Or just starved to death

          • KY Mom

            “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.”
            – Joseph Goebbels

            • Sookie sookie

              The wealth and prosperity were no illusion. The illusion is mankind’s perception that we NEED money to make wealth. It is our actions that produce wealth. Currency is not wealth. TPTB take credit for what wealth we create, but they are not the source. want wealth? Boost your productivity. If you are idle due to a lack of funds, you have bought too deeply into the propaganda.

              • MXLord327

                Good point Sookie sookie, currency is only a “store” of wealth, just like a battery is a “store” of energy.

              • Barn Cat

                You DO need money to make money. I buy and sell stuff on the internet. Right now I have about $3,000 in inventory, about $1,000 in pending deposits, and about $1,000 in inventory that I bought but don’t have yet.

              • JayJay

                You want wealth?
                Become an Amish.
                Gene started giving his expertise of logging to one(he is also their taxi;-).
                This Amish man that owns a log mill wrote a check for a skidder, a loader, a 4 wheel drive for Gene and told Gene when his mill burned 3 years ago(and I remember that happening) he was handed a $450,000 dollar check
                the next day.
                Building began that day!!!
                No bullshit, no paperwork, no hassle, no problems!!
                Amish take care of their own–they may be strange to us, but they make it WITHOUT govt. intervention.
                If our nation’s govt. operated like them, got rid of all the unneeded middlemen–we’d make it.
                Greed is #1 and we will NEVER make it till that happens.

            • mqg25

              That quote from Goebbels is not quite accurate. In fact his assertion along with Hitler in Mein Kampf asserted that it was the Jewish Communist (Hitler) or the English leadership (Goebbels) using the “big lie” for their gain.

              Here is Goebbels’ quote 1941, Aus Churchills Lügenfab, “The essential English leadership secret does not depend on particular intelligence. Rather, it depends on a remarkably stupid thick-headedness. The English follow the principle that when one lies, one should lie big, and stick to it. They keep up their lies, even at the risk of looking ridiculous.”[2]

              • Them Guys

                mqg25: Yes that is very correct. Everyone always posts that quote out of full context to make goebles look ike hes scamming the german folks…As if he’d really say that on the live radio shows he spoke out from!

                And the smart german folks would not realize hes swindling them or what?

                From what I read of it…The actual full in context quote is about a entire Page in length. And as You stated it was an explaination To german peoples on How the english and jewdeo commies scammed THEIR own peoples!

                He was alerting germans to the scam methods used by the brits govnt and russian jew kommie rulers to swindle their respective peoples.

                I never understood how anybody can believe goebles would say that in the way its always presented as a 1/2 of context message to germans and think they would not notice hes telling them or admitting to lying and scamming his Own peoples!

                Waky Waky people…Check for the FULL quoted statement online, its at many websites, and Read the entire full page paragraph. Its a warning to germans to not trust brits nor russian jewish kommies because They use scam tactics and Lies.

                Same as kommies today in usa does…kommies tactics never change. They do change names, terms, word meanings, such as shelia jackson lees attempts to change what welfare is called eh…but jewdeo kommie tactics and goals or agendas NEVER change…IE: they desire and work for total nwo JWO control, by the death extermination of the whites. And death of christians of all colors too.

                Them jewdeo kommies cannot help it since its their religion and master race beliefs imbedded since birth.

                kommies are good at scams too…Look how good they have mastered convinceing Most folks to fear and watch muslims, while totally Ignoreing all the things wrong done by whats supposed to be americas best friends and allies, jewish israel zionists. Ironic since today yutube alone has tons of videos of atrocities daily perpetrated By israeli jewish persons, mossad, and IDF military.

                Read that entire full quote then view a few yutubes of israelis in action…

                • Hal

                  Dang, ’em ‘ere joos is at it agin! Tim Guysberg is back with more of his ignorant ranting about the imaginary joo behind every rock just waiting to jump out and do something to him. I’ll bet they was behind that there poler vortex wuddin’t they? Hell, it even sounds jooish, maybe even polish joos? Seriously, your crackpot ways will be the end of you and a Jewish doctor and his black nurse will probably be trying to save your sorry ass when you finally do die….

              • KY Mom

                I researched the quote. Numerous sources attributed it to Goebbels.

                Here is the complete quote that was referenced to him:

                “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie.

                It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

                – Joseph Goebbels

                • Pissed Off Granny

                  Speaking of quotes, I often wonder what posters on shtf think that Hoover was talking about when he made this statement:

                  The quote from J.Edgar Hoover “The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a CONSPIRACY so monstrous, he CANNOT believe it exists”.

                  Do we believe there is a conspiracy, if so, what is it?

                  Do we believe it is monstrous?

                  Do we choose to not believe it exists?

                  If we choose to close our eyes and cover our ears, why?

                  What is to become of America if we choose to continue to deny the truth of Hoovers statement……..

          • What?


            It’s all about consumerism. TPTB have people addicted to stuff. Keep up with the Joneses. More people equals more sales. Until, all the greatest business minds decide to ship a lot of the jobs overseas. Less income equals less stuff. How do we get it back? Reset? Rip up all the trade agreements like TPTB have the Constitution? Scrap the systems and go back to the Constitution? Y’all tell me. My head hurts.

            • Be informed

              @ What? Free trade will ONLY benefit the U.S. and jobs here when the trading partner is economically equal or better off than the U.S. When a country trading with the U.S. can hire slave labor, pops goes the jobs here. This is a national security issue as the floundering economy means no money to keep up the infrastructure or military. Those that have allowed, supported, and voted for this free trade, especially to China that is aiming hundreds ICBM’s with multiple loaded nukes on them, to undermine the economy and fellow Americans and their stability with good jobs are nothing but traitors and should be tried as such. It is no different than trading with the Nazis or Japanese in the 1930’s and early 1940’s, or with the USSR. Only difference now is the white house and congress now has only one enemy that is NOT foreign, the American people.

              • Average Guy

                Be informed wrote, “Free trade will ONLY benefit the U.S. and jobs here when the trading partner is economically equal or better off than the U.S.”

                And how the hell do you propose to accomplish that?

                Through a better and kinder empire of total control?

                That seems to be what you’re saying.

                You say that, “When a country trading with the U.S. can hire slave labor, pops goes the jobs here.” …the only problem with that is, it’s quite untrue.

                The ‘pop of jobs’ in the unitedstate comes from the mega regulations and taxes that have driven the job creators away. Do you ever stop and think about that?

                You accuse others of being nationalist socialist, but imho, it is you who comes across as such with your calls for control this, control that, “we” need more controls! Ack!

                It’s like you’re durango ‘Krugman’ kidd’s twin in thinking an entity called ‘free trade’ came in like a Pterodactyl and swooped jobs away, when in fact, the job creators were driven away by the very same protectionist plans and schemes of high taxes and regulations which you seem to support.

                It’s like you’re chasing your tail.

                Even Kulafarmer jumps in on this tail chasing by saying a bogieman called NAFTA “killed agriculture”.

                What a crock!

                Regulations, taxes and an over bearing goobermemt is the detriment to farmers in this here unitedstate, not some acronym.

                Sigh. … Eyes that will not see.

                …So, you just get out there and vote now, the bastards need your encouragement to screw it all up even better than before. Do your part to make it even worse, won’tchya?

                • oldguy

                  Until the entire cost of production rises in the third world places and the entire cost of production falls in the USA their wont be any recovery. The UN NWO & Agenda 21 folks decided that the USA blue collar middle class had more then their fair share. So the laws where put in place to redistribute the jobs to other places. This Manufacturing Job loss was engineered and done on purpose. Its just plain dumb to think that those who caused the problem will ever fix it.

                • hammerhead

                  Regulations, taxes and an over bearing goobermemt is the detriment to farmers in this here unitedstate, not some acronym.

                  Yep , farming and manufacturing , etc……
                  Legislation by regulation.
                  If we wanna see jobs go “pop” in the US , then all we need to do is deregulate industry .The jobs will naturally be created and return to the US .

                  As disscused on another thread , its regulations that are driving small business out of business and regulations that send jobs overseas.
                  But then its all by design , right ?
                  A chance for the socialists to put the evil US in its “proper place” in the world ?
                  They just cant stand to see a country founded on god given rights and natural freedoms to succeed , they need control of the people and regulations are just a convenient path around the constitution . UGH!

                • Be informed

                  @ Average Guy. Before free trade this country prospered, this anyone over 35 can contest to with their parents. It use to be that one parent could work and support the family, that is until good jobs were sold overseas. Good America jobs. My God man, dealing with the enemy that has thousands of nukes ready to fire on U.S. targets. I don’t care if government regulation drives companies overseas, there can be something in place that prevents these companies from doing business with China, like Iran, Cuba, North Korea. It is selling off our lives to the Chinese for greed.

                  You can have free trade with countries such as Norway, Germany, etc. that have good economies because it is not economically sound to hire workers to produce products over there in which the workers are paid as much or more. This is where the bulk of profit comes from, the lack of good salaries to slave workers.

                  This country is only so big, it can’t support the rest of the world, and that is exactly what free trade is about, making companies rich that exploit children in sweat shops for 16 hours a day for pennies on the dollar.

                  Do you know whom this benefits on top of the rich robber baron companies the most? BO. Yes BO, because the people over here that are poor because of the lack of good jobs can produce plenty of Chinese junk. Yeah, free trade benefits BO the most because he can keep the public poor enough to reamin dependent on the state, and yet retain enough money to purcahse the token Chinese junk to make their lives bearable enough not to be able to see just how free trade has wrecked the country.

                  Government regulations that suffocate companies of course are part of the problem, but without free trade these comanies would have to grin and bear it because it would not be profitable enough to hire a bunch of slaves overseas. Just remember free trade benefits BO and his cronies the most because the idiotic public can still get their trinkets for cheap and forget about the good times when good jobs were still in this country.

                • Average Guy

                  Be informed, I think this blog post is just for people with views such as your own:

                  Produce and NAFTA


                  Be sure and check out the links, especially the one to the article “Managed Trade Is Not Free Trade,” and “The Moral Case for Free Trade.”

                  Consider also, that what you’re saying is, you’d rather that children in other countries have no job at all, that they should starve as a result and that I and everyone else should have to pay double and triple for a pair of shoes or a computer, all enforced by the barrel of a gun. Why would you want there to be even more guns and badges to make all this happen?

                  And why do you have so little faith in american’s ability to compete without resorting to stepping on necks?

                  Are you even aware that minimum wage laws create poverty and hurt the poor and the middle class? Why would you support minimum wage laws to hurt people and businesses? All so you can get paid more? …That seems very bad. And very fascist.

                • RickInOregon

                  BI you are absolutely right. Before “Free Trade” the american public was quite happy buying american made consumer goods, TV’s Stereos, Washers, Driers, Shoes, Levi’s, Toasters, Coffee Makers………It’s the greedy inbred puppy mill ivy league soulless POS’s that are born into a life of privilege that have consolidate industries, corrupted government, created regulations to keep out or destroy competition and have shipped out our jobs so that they can trade in their 22 year old inbred trophy wife for a new model every two years. They will destroy a thousands families without a second though just to “One Up” one of their fellow inbreds.

                • Be informed

                  One other thing I would like to add. I hate government regulations and laws that suffocate all of us like a python’s death coils. I however will not feel sorry for any company that goes over to China and helps to pay for the nuclear weapons in their arsenal that one day could flatten the town I live in and turn the U.S. into a land of burned out buildings and homes. Any company, regardless of lack of ‘enough profit’, that goes over to China and helps build their military into a death machine of mushroom clouds is a traitor and anti-American AND too selfish and stupid to realize that their own greed is helping them into their own graves.

                • JayJay

                  Amen, Average Guy–see my post above about the Amish.
                  Amen again.
                  My husband TRIED to have a truck hauling logs for that was the ONE thing that would sink a log mill, log yard, or any logging business.
                  Know why?? Regulations and DOT…and they did put Gene out of business.
                  He still owes a $2000 bill for having a broken lock on a tool box or something stupid like that.
                  Amen, regulations sent our factories and manufacturers abroad….that and damned UNIONS!!!

                • JayJay

                  Oh, might I add why all these ridiculous regulations??
                  Well, money of course.
                  A damned broken lock on a tool box has not one thing to do with safety, folks.
                  And job creation for the govt.; someone has to check those ghastly, unlocked, dangerous tool boxes.
                  DOT has a list and they read that stupid list until they find ONE regulation to site you with.

                  Keep it up, DOT–you are pooping in your own nest.
                  One violation was so ridiculous, the judge dismissed it.

                • Be informed

                  @ Average Guy. America first. What is wrong with this? Why should this country support the rest of the world and allow poor countries to leech off of it? This country has the most square miles of arable land in the world, yet why would anyone want to add competetion to this from Mexico or anywhere else? Why should American support the poor countries. SELL them the food they need from farmers in this country. This country has almost every mineral it needs, even rare Earth minerals in the Black Hills. This country has enough energy resources in natural gas and others such as hydro, wind, tidal. This country could live just fine without the rest of the world.

                  Yet free trade has killed this country because poorer countries only suck employment out of this country. WE CAN’T SAVE THE WORLD IF WE CAN’T SAVE OURSELVES. Yeah I would tariff the living hell out of countries that have sucked good American jobs out of this country. Any company would have to stay here in the U.S. making good quality American products. Any company that choose slave labor in another country would pay such incredible tariffs they would not dare leave the country. Yes, this country has the luxary of tariffs at any level because the U.S. can exist well without anyone else. To save Americans and the country, I would use the tariff blade like no tommorrow.

                  I ask you this one. Would you rather see people in other countries without jobs or fellow Americans at soup kitchens and scrounging around to make ends meat? Sorry, anyone can call me a facist or nationalist, but I say AMERICA FIRST, GOOD AMERICAN JOBS FOR GOOD HARD WORKING AMERICANS. CHARITY AND GOOD WILL STARTS AT HOME AND FINISHES AT HOME

                • durango kidd

                  Average guy/Clark: No, Managed Trade is NOT Free Trade and I don’t need to click the link to read the article to know that.

                  FREE TRADE is the euphemism that the NWO including Lew Rockwell, Agent of the Crown, uses to sell Americans FREE TRADE / MANAGED TRADE as a FREEDOM when it is a demonic plan to destroy America and enslave Americans.

                  What WE have is Managed Trade (NAFTA, GATT, WTO, TTP) and it is managed to the benefit of the 1%. Free Trade does not exist. Nor will it ever again.

                  You and Lew Rockwell would like Americans to believe that somehow “garage sale economics” could be ramped up and applied to cover global commercial trade. It could, but then it must be, by definition: FAIR TRADE.

                  FAIR TRADE is RECIPROCAL TRADE.

                  So when you promote FREE TRADE which cannot ever exist except as Fair (reciprocal) Trade between nations, you are deliberately attempting to confuse and manipulate the American Sheeple.

                  You are a fucking NWO troll and your favorite authors are NWO socialists!!! No one here is buying that bullshit. The numbers are in. FREE TRADE is the death of the American economy. 🙁

            • lower40

              Amen What?

              when i was growing up my father had a job we had a meager home and that was good ,weekends were spent going fishing ,camping to the beach and just living ,now (even after the bubble burst) every one wants more ,because ,well by god we’re entitled to it ,we have screwed up the whole concept of what living was all about a long time ago ,when the tractor was invented it was to cut down on the amount of time to plow that field ,to free up some time to enjoy life ,what did we do ,take on another 40 acre’s ,when they invented the washing machine to help cut ma’s work load and ease her life ,what did she do ,take on laundry for pay ,i dont have many people that live in my world ,i have never had any asperations to be rich ,or be succesful ,i have alway been content with what the Lord blessed me with ,ive never been a slacker ,always worked hard ,but not trying to chase an elusive dollar bill ,but to have that which my family needs ,im sure my problem is that im a dinasaur ,the first 30 years of my life were simpler times ,now i dont reconize anything ,i truly am a stranger in a foriegn land

              • Mrs S.

                “i truly am a stranger in a foriegn land”. How that touched me, because I feel the same way.

                • Steve

                  You’re NOT the stranger and this is NOT a foreign land.

                  The strangers are the godless, EBT sucking, grossly obese obamaphone crowd carefully grown and perfectly matching the goals of the commie politicians who’ve grabbed power by promising all the wealth of the people who produce goods.

                  The land has taken on the look of foreign due to the previous sentence.

                  You haven’t left your country, it’s left YOU.

          • durango kidd

            While I can’t argue with the basic premise of Daniel’s trailer, I think that there IS a much better quality of life all around for most people who want it. Let’s remember that 50% of the population was stuck at home, like it or not. Now they have a choice.

            Two of the large expenditures today are mortgage and car payment. That $160 mortgage payment he spoke about bought a two bedroom bungalow of perhaps, 1100 square feet. Multiple that payment by 4 or 5 to adjust for inflation and you have a $600 to $800 mortgage payment. That buys a nice, new ranch house in a new subdivision in a master planned community in Arizona.

            How about apartment dwellers? Want to compare rentals in 1970 against the quality of a major apartment community today with community pool, spa, gym, and cable? That doesn’t consider the hot young chicks hanging out at the pool either.

            Car payments have gone up too, but would you rather drive a 1965 Chevy Chevelle SS, or a new Impala? ok, bad comparison. But you get my drift. Make sure you are comparing apples to oranges. 🙂

            The real problem is FREE TRADE that has taken OUR manufacturing jobs that paid real wages for the average working man, and transferred them offshore for the benefit of the Investment Class.

            When I got back from Nam I went to work in the steel mills of NW Indiana making about six bucks an hour as a laborer changing chucks on the giant roll assembly, through which the steel passed. Hard work, dirty work, greasy work. Ever shovel steel grit (sand)? Millwrights made 30k a year, then. Those jobs are gone now, for the most part. But mortgage loan officers are making $100k in Arizona right now, making telephone calls.

            The real culprits are FREE TRADE and unrestrained illegal immigration. The United Farm Workers are against another “amnesty”. Why? They know it consigns them to a life of low wages and economic slavery.

            As long as the American people allow millionaires in the Congress to make the rules; they will be enslaved one euphemism and strip search at a time. Join your local Tea Party and engage the enemy at close quarters. 🙂

              • yourmotherwaswrong

                the durango kidd says:

                “The real problem is FREE TRADE that has taken OUR manufacturing jobs that paid real wages for the average working man, and transferred them offshore for the benefit of the Investment Class.”

                And just who is responsible for this state of affairs… this “FREE TRADE?”

                The individual capitalist???

                Or a Fascist central planning state (government) with all its crony connections?

                What we live under, and are subjected to, is NOT capitalism… and we certainly don’t have “free markets!”

                What we have here is “Crony Capitalism” i.e. FASCISM.

                It’s called The Corporate State.

                BTW… make sure you vote for it.

                Voting is imperative!

                It makes all the difference in the world when you can select the scumbags who would dictate what you can do, tell you what to think, and demand you live your life according to their whims.

                USA… USA… USA.

              • durango kidd

                Yo mama; I don’t don’t disagree with your characterization of the Crony Capitalist State at all. But the best way and the only way to change the situation without Civil War is for political activism by the American people.

                If the American people will not get off their ass to change the political system that terrorizes them one strip search at a time, what is the likelihood of enough of them banding together to make war against, say, the New World Order, the ringleaders of which, could be eliminated overnight and at 500 yards?

                Engage. 🙂

            • Kulafarmer

              NAFTA killed agriculture in the southern US, all of a sudden growers who had been profitable had to compete with third world economies, wages dried up, farms got foreclosed on,,, that was when John Melencamp wrote a bunch of his stuff.
              People who never spent a minute on a farm or ranch want cheap food and dont give a crap where it comes from as long as its cheap. They also want cheap hardware, clothing, etc..etc…etc… These same people are the donkeys who voted for these free trade agreements. They for the most part have never made or grown anything other than fungus under their ass.

              • durango kidd

                Exactly, but what about the opportunity and profit made by the Investment Class, buying those farms and ranches in Brazil, Argentina, and Uragray?

                I was offered a job in Management at the Mill for a major steel company, making real good money after a just few months on the job, but declined to go to College. People thought I was crazy to turn the offer down. Years later, while their paychecks dwindled year after year, every year; mine compounded.

                Just saying. Adapt, engage, or be enslaved. And invest in yourself. I did. It will pay you dividends. 🙂

            • John_Allen


              Per your apples to oranges point, in 1955 my mother died from back-to-back myocardial infarctions. There was no emergency medical service to speak of in suburban Los Angeles. The community hospital ER was set up to deal with auto collisions and sports injuries.

              Thanks to that precedent setting dude at U Maryland Shock Trauma in Baltimore there is now excellent pre-hospital emergency service. And any hospital ER these days would probably routinely treat what killed her.

              Yes, apples to oranges.

              • Average Guy

                John_Allen, what you write seems completely ignorant in light of facts outlined in articles like this one:

                The government knows it’s a medical killing machine


                If you meant to type the truth, you probably should have said, “any hospital ER these days would probably kill the woman, or drag out her misery to make an extra buck or two for as long as they could”.

                You would like it if it were apples to oranges, but it’s more like apples to – what those of whom you support offer as – spears.

                • Anonymous

                  Average Guy,

                  You want a recitation of facts do you? Try these:

                  Having apparently learned little from battlefield medicine in WW2 and Korea, there were few if any quality pre-hospital emergency services in 1955.

                  The life saving cardiac advances, that would have saved my mother and are routine today, hadn’t yet been invented.

                  Now what in hell does this mean: “You would like it if it were apples to oranges, but it’s more like apples to — [what those of whom you support offer as – spears”]

                  Who is it I “support?” Make some sense or shut the fuck up.

                  I don’t know what the exact percentage of cardiac patients who survive the trip to the ER ultimately survive, but my guess is it’s probably around 75% at least. I’m not exactly the most gregarious guy in town and I know half a dozen older adults who are cardiac survivors.

                  If you have any FACTS, from a reputable source, about the medical incompetence of the average ER today, let’s say since 2000, present them. What do I mean by credible?
                  Something from NIH, the American Heart Association etc.

                  You don’t know a single thing about me, so don’t put words in my mouth.

            • Warchild Dammit!

              Kidd,did you really compare a 65 Chevelle with a new impali?!Can I have a shot of what ever you are drinking?!

              • durango kidd

                It was just a little humor thrown in. Not everything is better. WTF! aluminum baseball bats??? Just a little entertainment with the information.

                Call if “Infotainment” and coin a phrase. 🙂

      • Azam

        Im just happy I was able to get into a working adults program and an employer that worked with my hrs. I paid off all my student loans right after I graduated. Now I have that nice expensive piece of wallpaper hanging up collecting dust. I still work at the same company and barely get by. Along with working 3 other side jobs. My wife and I just get by. So much fun living in this world. I should just change my last name to Johnson and sign up for welfare and unemployment. Instead I worked my ass off and paid my bills and I still have nothing. Its crazy how this world works. By the way I couldent even get grants because I made too much money they said. Even though for a single income family I qualify for food stamps. How the hell does that work.
        So frustrated with this world.
        Good luck all.

        • Vicky

          Sympathies to you (Sincerely!). We are in your same position, but are much older. Everything is going to change, although I am not sure exactly how, and you may have a more level playing field in the future, assuming there is one. Good luck!

      • .02

        you need to get over that big lie about sleep. You really don’t need it, instead of sleep you need 2 more jobs.

      • TTC

        -Ugly: hey,grats on being 1st.
        However, You Rock- my sentiments
        exactly 🙂

      • MX Mike

        Working more now, but getting paid less? Try new Acapulco Gold filters…….. the mind reels.

      • maudy fricket

        According to an article on Drudge, for every one job created, five people lost their jobs. Check out an article on Zero Hedge about labor force participation rate. 62.7%.

        • JayJay

          And, the truth is the jobs lost were good salaries or hourly pay and the jobs gained are minimum wage??

    2. Shootit

      The Truth will set you free!

    3. 10mm

      Not “What If”. It’s fraud. Nothing less.

    4. VRF

      Havana 5.1
      Rattles Cuba , and lower end of Florida

      • Rodster

        Yeah, I read about that today. I’m in SW Florida, no problems on my side.

      • Be informed

        @ VRF. This area is on a left lateral fault, the same type of fault (Garlock) in southern California that runs from northeast of Santa Barbara out to near Death Valley. Left lateral means that everything on the other side of the fault moves to the left. This would be the North American plate moving to the northwest off the waters of Cuba. This area experiences earthquakes much like the Garlock, on a rare occurance until it finally goes off 7+. It could show that the North American plate is on the move, this could affect the New Madrid. More likely it has to do with Caribbean plate. Haiti was 3 years ago Sunday. Sometimes faults and plates follow increased stress during certain times of the year. Precursor earthquakes still are pointing to a big earthquake, as the Nazca Plate to the south is very active on the western flanks.

          • sixpack

            Interesting that the company involved, supplies a wide range of mining and water treatment industrial needs…makes you wonder exactly what they’re selling to put in the water on the first place, if it is this toxic in a spill situation.


          • JayJay

            Regarding chemical spill…in the river.
            Prepared??? Oh, not all of them–the picture I saw was a cart full of bottled water!!!
            AND, the article says water won’t be there for days!!!
            How about surrounding counties with fire trucks lending a hand??
            Have we lost all common sense in this fricking nation??

            • VRF

              I would look further into this before buying into it, could be all bullshit..I’d test my own well or water source..

              sorry just my untrusting nature these days to possible fear mongering to sell shit unnecessarily or to get people to conform to some government regulation that they normally wouldn’t if they werent scared into it

              do your own homework

              Im not saying this isn’t legit, but im also not saying it is..think for your self

              • guero

                I live in the area. People have been smelling this stuff for several weeks. They’re also getting sick. The spill is not as widespread as the media makes it out to be, but it also seems to be more toxic than the media admits. Medical personnel are being required to stay at hospitals 24/7 to take care of patients.

      • lower40

        yea ,they claim they felt it as far north as ft myers ,but i didnt feel anything and im south of them ,but im not on the coast either ,thats the last thing we need here is to start having quakes ,as we’re sitting on top of all this poris lime stone ,can you say BIG sink hole

    5. Steve in Ramona

      And pay for it we will in the near future….

      Oh by the way I’m one of those collecting UI….23 years in IT with the same company.
      We get bought and outsourced IT. Laid off 8 months later…isnt this economy great!

      My wife and I are fortunate to have the resources to survive and hopefully I can find another job or work contract and freelance.

      But I have seen lots that are struggling.

      • Darkstar

        Good luck Steve. Been through it myself. Just starting to recover now.

        • Steve in Ramona


          I was laid off on Nov 1st so it hasnt been that long. But i was actually glad I HATED working for the outsource company CSC.

          So a door closes and one opens. It has given me the time to work on our rental to prepare to sell before rates really go up.

          Things will work out as they always do.

          Thanks for the supportive thoughts.

      • Recidivist

        And I’m glad you are taking the money: all too often the cry is heard that unemployment is another form of the government teat. It is not. We all pay into it and you have every right to take what is yours, and then some, back out. Kudos to you sir and godspeed in your endeavors.

        • Oldguy

          Recidivist. We all pay into it? You have every right to take what is yours? And then some? Wrong not one cent was ever taken from any workers paycheck for unemployment comp. Unemployment comp is funded by a special tax on the employers payroll. In the case of federal extended benefits
          (since all government spending is a tax) its a tax on everyone. Its money not worked for not earned its welfare ,dole ect. Unemployment is just another form of social engineering. Its simply robbing from the successful. No matter how you try to justify it and no matter how you try to put positive spin on it Unemployment comp is social engineering just another government regulation a tax that is driving away production jobs. Its a burden that adds to the cost of production.

    6. Northern Reb

      I’m aging myself but the vidio was right. You only needed one pay check to live well on.
      In 1970 I made $2.71 an hour now I’m making $22.72 an hour. I would have to disagree on one thing.
      The more the dollars the Fed’s keep printing the less your dollar is worth, the price of an item has not really gone up that much the dollar has gone DOWN that much. They are devaluating the dollar getting us ready for the fall. Good by dollar hello what ever the new currency will be called.
      S.T.S.F.P. N.R.

      • hammerhead

        WELL REB , as you say by-by to the dollar , keep in mind
        the NAU and that “amero” they been kickin around .
        Also lets not forget the open border we have to the south, and lets not forget the rush for amnesty . seems to add up to somthin .

      • the renegade braveheart

        Northern Reb, Sounds like you’re just a few years older than I am. In 1970, at age 13, I was doing odd jobs for elderly neighbors, cutting grass, raking leaves, even had newspaper route one year. My first real job with paying taxes didn’t come until 1973 when I turned 16. The federal minimum wage at that time was only $1.60 per hour. My, how times have changed. Took $300 from savings from the odd jobs the day after my 16th birthday and bought a 1964 Chevy II Nova, 2-door post coupe, 6-cyl. engine with 3-on-the-tree. Had to put another $200 into the car as it had a few problems but it was well worth it to me. Drove that car everywhere for 2 years. Exactly 2 years after I bought it, I was rear-ended by a U-HAUL truck. I got out with only minor injuries only 1 minute before the car’s gas tank exploded. One more minute and braveheart would’ve been BBQ’d. Man, I loved that car; it was the best one I ever had. At one time, I almost bought another one that had been restored, but I cancelled it. I needed a truck worse. Back on topic, Wall St. and the government need to be made to pay for what they’ve done to our nation.

        • Northern Reb

          BREAVEHEART:Boy, you shre bring back some good old memories. 1970 16 years young, 62 Chevy Impala at 18 bought my first real car 1968 Plymouth with 383 4speed 4/11 posy rearend. Craigor mags. L60 tires. She was sweet. 8 coats of wax 2 in spring and summer 4 in the fall. a bath every week in the winter.
          The good old days, Hot cars and fast chicks and a cold one to wash it all down!;-)
          S.T.S.F.P. N.R.

    7. Sgt. Dale

      Its all smoke and mirrors. When the smoke clears us pour suckers that have been taking care of the Leaches and Zombies will start breaking mirrors.
      They won’t be happy when we start breaking things. I’m so tired fo watch my friends and family work them self to death for nothing.
      Its great to be a country boy, I will survive. When this thing blows its going to be a mess.

      • Northern Reb

        Sgt: Braveheart: and any one else;
        When shtf happens what will you be pak’n and how many mags will you have with you? And why?
        I know what I’ll be carring and I figure about 200 rounds for a rifle and 30 round for my pistol.
        S.T.S.F.P. N.R.

        • PO'd Patriot

          For me it depends on what caliber rifle I’ll be carrying, which will dictate what vest I’ll have on. I have three vests set up for three different calibres. On the .556 for instance, I will carry eight thirty rounders, and six eight round 1911 mags, one Randall #1 (fighter) knife. One water bag (small). This is the lightest of the vests. The other two are set up for larger caliber and with the same number of mags are quite a bit heavier. I also have an Eagle Industries belt which has a few shingles on it for .556 and .45acp. The reason I have what I have on each of these vests is because it is pretty much full as far as the Molle system will take.

          • Warchild Dammit!

            PO,have a full size Molle pack for footing it,about 4500ci with attachments,can vest keep most on front in conjunction with pack or better way to go here,pack is mandatory as at that point need to hoof it.

            • PO'd Patriot

              WD, my vests are lightweight by Tactical Tailor. They are mostly for scoot and shoot scenarios. They definitely would not support that size Molle pack. You would do well using the plate carrier style vest with that size pack as it has more real estate for attachments then the ones I got.

              • Warchild Dammit!

                Well,hits the fan would need to drop pack(hopefully short term!I would like something to carry essentials with ease to get while pack on but something that stays with me in a real ugly pack off situation,going to keep searching for a good combination.

            • Red Leader

              I just checked out the new USMC FILBE Pack System. Very impressive! I will be upgrading my bug out (get home) pack.

              I have a friend that lives in the city. It will be a long walk home. In addition to his pack he has high end fold up golf bag carrier. His carbine, vest and ammo as well as extra food and water fit in very well and every thing is concealed.

              • PO'd Patriot

                Interesting RL. Your buddies’ set up reminds me of the bikes used by the NVA and VC on the HCM trail to move supplies in. Very effective!

                • PO'd Patriot

                  BTW folks, if your looking for vests with the “molle” system and need to “check” your money flow, try the army surplus. The different branches of the military is always turning stuff in to the highest bidder and many “needful items” can be found there. I do buy some things from “Sportsman Guide”, but check to make sure where they come from. Most times they’ll say “imported” if they’re not made in the US. A lot of the stuff I have bought has been made here(USA) and has been acquired through the years. I started acquiring these things from the time I turned 18 until presently at the double nickel (that’s 55 years old to you Eisenprick). Anyway as usual, if I can help anyone I will.

                • PO'd Patriot

                  RL, don’t forget the Marpat system that is being sidelined and are easy to pick up for a decent price.

          • Northern Reb

            PO’d: Thanks for the come back. I was thinking along the the lines of keeping thing light and simple, 2-3mag 30round pouches and 2 1911 2mag pouches, one canteen, knife, 1st aid pouch and 1 goody pouch with food bar or two, gum tooth picks, fire starter, most inportant T.P.
            S.T.S.F.P. N.R.

        • RandomTangent1957

          Smith & Wesson Sigma 40 cal , 1 full mag loaded, & one full mag for backup. The pistol is just to help me to fight my way to my rifle or shotgun. A good knife is also handy….as it may allow you to dispatch bad guys without wasting ammo….also….less noise will help keep from attracting further unwanted attention. There is really no correct answer that fits everyone. Some folks are good with a full size 45 auto…..others like 380. You have to decide what type of weapon best fits you situation….that you can conceal….that you are confident & accurate with. I have seen folks buy huge cannons for self defense….but they can’t hit a barn with it. Remember that generally if you need a handgun for personal protection….it will be in an “up close & personal ” type situation.
          I doubt that you will be Dirty Harry shooting bad guys off roof tops with a 44 automag…. Also…conceded the cost & availability of ammo. I believe that 45 , S&W 40 , & 9mm will be the rounds that will have the most availability.
          Standing by in
          Montgomery County Texas

          • Old Vet

            RT57:You are so right a handgun is used to fight your way back to your main battle rifle, which you should NEVER be without, Never. Yes I know in the everyday world you cannot have your MBR with you always, but when you can there is no excuse not to.

        • Vicky

          I’m probably the only one on here who doesn’t know what “S.T.S.F.P. N.R.” means. Do you mind explaining, or if you’d rather not, that’s okay, too. Am just curious and I might adopt it as well. Thanks!

          • Northern Reb

            S.T.S.F.P. N.R. What it means to me is, Security through Superior Fire Power. It does have other meanings. The N.R. Means Northern Reb.
            S.T.S.F.P. N.R.

            • Vicky

              Cool! I like it! May I borrow it once in awhile?

              • Northern Reb

                S.T.S.F.P. N.R.

        • Sgt. Dale

          Yes I carry all the time now. When the SHTF I will be carrying my USP 45 with 4 extra mags (12rds.) With My M1A at the ready. with a vest set up with 10 mags canteen, fighting knife. small flash light med pack. The rifle will be only if it looks like or there is live fire in the area. Or my M4 6.8 mm with the same set up.
          Then again I might be behind a sniper rifle and not letting the Zombies and Leaches get to close to the area.

      • Warchild Dammit!

        Sarge,side ?What is a decent shooting glove given the super cold temps we had,say the shot is life or death.How does one keep hands warm enuff to feel the trigger yet not lose the feel when trying to protect said hand from severe cold or perhaps given the weather even frost bite,no team on this either giving decent info for prepping,solo.

        • Sgt. Dale

          My best answer I can give you is something with a leather out shell with some type of fur lining. That is what I use.
          For the most part when it is that cold you had better do everything you can to keep your hands warm. Like put them into your pockets, or some type of muff like hunters use. I know you are not suppose to put your hand in pockets, but what good is a frozen hand/fingers when you need then, and you can’t feel them. I can tell you in a fire fight if your hands are cold you will not be think about it.

          • maudy fricket

            If we want to bugout without drawing attention to ourselves we might have to carry only what we can conceal. A kel tec 5.56 pistol takes AR15 mags and will fit into a top open nylon briefcase (17 inch). Leave the case unzipped, the pistol w/round in chamber and full mag in the magwell and surprise bad people, I can shoot thru their vests and they thought I was unarmed!

            • Warchild Dammit!

              A short barreled AR with stock drop will do that also,some folks limited to what they own,hence,as always,find multiple uses for all tools if possible.

          • Warchild Dammit!

            Thanks,am looking for something that can use the bow and a rifle with,some feeling at least without outside weather complications.Times get tough hunting is all year long with perhaps other issues though hope don’t have to contend with at least am a bit ready for.I after posting ? thought perhaps light inner liners with a good feel for lack of better word with a fold over glove/mitten while on wait for that shot.I will try a combination with bow and air gun(decent enuff trigger) to at least get a idea of workable combination is,find something good will post results.

    8. Socrates

      Yes, an Illusion. So MANY have taken the blue pill…

      “You take the blue pill, the story ends. You wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill, you stay in wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.” ―Morpheus to Neo

      • Warchild Dammit!

        As I have said before,would have screwed with Morpheus and taken both pills!That said,good thing Warchild never went to those parties were people filled bowl with different pills/called it a salad/and folks just grabbed some and ate away!I have nothing against folks enjoying life,just at least know what you are getting into!

    9. Mountain Trekker

      Just let me say, when I walk down the aisles of a supermarket, whether it be WalMart or any other store and see all the bounty that GOD has given us, I am thankful. But your free to think of it as an illusion if you so desire. We may not always have this bounty, but give thanks to the LORD or who ever you think provides it for you until that day comes. Trekker Out.

      • Warchild Dammit!

        I will go with nature(tis my god)along with some help from humans,will try my hand at more growing this Spring which means sooner then I think time for seedlings!

    10. Patriot One

      It is just an illusion. Welcome to a world of modern propaganda 24/7!!! Knowledge is power and the government is collecting all data on your life. That argument with your wife, your driving habits, your inequities, an affair, a lie and yes criminal acts.

      Now the government is collecting your DNA, health records and the confidence between you and your doctor. When you go to the doctors this year there will be new paperwork and questions about your lifestyle. Not the usual stuff like do you smoke and drink and how often, but like do you own a gun? How is it stored? Tell me about your sex life?

      My advice is to not answer any non health related questions and refuse to fill out new forms. Your doctor already has all your information, make them go get the file. Remember they can’t just hack in and download a paper file. Keep your records low tech.

      • buck

        Took kids to the doc this year and they had a list of questions that the nurse asked directly to my kids. All minors. I didnt let them answer any..guns in the house . Can you swim. Seatbelts in the car are a few i remember but there were lots more. They asked my 13 year old if he was engaging in any sexual behaviors..

        • Patriot One

          More erosion of parental control. Soon they will answer the government and not the parents.

        • Hoopster

          Same thing happened with my 12 year old granddaughter. Asked her about sexual activity, condoms, SHE IS 12 YEARS OLD!! I took the sheet of questions and answered them myself. The question regarding guns was”DO YOU HAVE ACCESS TO GUNS IN YOUR HOME? She started to say ‘yes’ but I reminded her of the word ”access”,(all guns locked up in safe)..That is when I took the paper to complete it. It is sickening.

          • Sgt. Dale

            They are also asking these quest, and more to adults. I got one like that and I answered the gun question. by Hell Yes Stupid I’m a Cop! I looked at the questions I had answered and wondered why they need them. Had nothing to do with my cold/flu that I had.
            I took it to the desk and told her that I didn’t want him as my doctor. She asked why? I told her I want to see his answers to these questions before I give them mine. She said what good would that do you. I said EXACTLY!!!!!
            I kept the form and walked out. As I walked out four other folks walked out too. One woman said “I didn’t have the guts to walk out” Then I heard you and you gave me the strength.

        • JayJay

          You need to change doctors..soon!!!

        • Northern Reb

          If they ask me or my wife any STUPID questions I just tell them I’m envoking my 4th and 5th amendment righs, and just smile. So far all I have gotten from them is DUH!!!
          S.T.S.F.P. N.R.

    11. Burt Gummer

      The elites have enriched themselves by impoverishing us with debt. They will then further impoverish us by forcing us to pay the debts they incurred. They are like locusts, sweeping in to devour and destroy and then onto greener pastures.

      • John_Allen


        I may be misunderstanding your point. Or maybe I’m not.

        The elites, to the extent they own the political process, have put in power people who have run up government debt. Runaway government spending, the majority of which is for entitlement programs that by millions of individual choices, are politically
        untouchable. All those unfunded mandates.

        If you’re speaking of personal, consumer debt … the elites did not do that To Us. Yes, banks made consumer debt attractive. But except for the folks who were driven to bankruptcy by medical emergencies, etc. irresponsible people who can’t go into a store without blowing their entire wad Did That To Themselves.

        What proves my observation is there are people who pay cash and have never been in debt in their lives. Who live in the same “go into debt” culture as everyone else.

        Are the elites evil? Yes. But managing one’s money responsibly is still an individual choice.

        • BlueH20

          John Allen:

          Once upon a time, the average working guy didn’t have access to personal credit beyond maybe a tab at the local grocery store, farm supply or bar. For whatever reason, if he wanted or needed something, he had to save, make do or do without.

          Now, anyone has access to credit and our credit *scores* are our public profile, instead of our local reputation. That was necessary, since we are now more mobile.

          Once upon a time, most people had never traveled more than 100 miles from their homes (excluding military service or a pioneering trek) and that trip may have been once, as a senior in High School, a conscripted grunt or a once-in-a-lifetime relocation looking for opportunity.

          Now, anyone can take that credit card and travel anywhere, paying the trip off afterward. Pay it off responsibly and the interest is a low currency unit amount and the price paid for the opportunity.

          We look at a big ticket item and calculate the payments/time to pay it off. It can be done responsibly, paying little interest. Every merchant even offers a 6-24 month payment plan with zero interest!

          Because the merchants pay the credit processors a fee, they can offer to waive that fee as a discount to responsible users of credit. They can offer this to strangers! They consider it positive to increase volume of business. Yes, some people cannot manage this credit and default and pay huge interest penalties, but more manage to accommodate and utilize the privilege.

          It is even possible to use the credit to pay for everything in a life, pay it off in full before 30 days (usually), pay no interest and receive a bonus for discounts on travel or a small % back to spend as you wish or even to reduce the total debt. People can even do this electronically, using credit just like cash.

          Once upon a time, only the wealthy had these opportunities and even they had to carry a Letter of Credit if they wanted credit somewhere away from where they were known.

          Now, a responsible person can have the same ability as regards recognition of their responsibility anywhere, from anyone.

          So, you can use credit exclusively, pay it back as you decide is responsible and pay either just as if you had used saved up cash, over a short amount of time, or even over a longer period and still not pay any penalty.

          Responsibility means the same as it did 100 years ago, it’s just that the opportunities have increased. There were likely as many deadbeats, unfortunate or irresponsible people then. And there was no such thing as legal bankruptcy for the masses in the instances of irresponsible fiscal behavior.

          My parents, born in the 1910s, had a story about being laid off, out of work and unable to make an important payment. The person they owed took his own cash money out of a drawer (not a safe) and made the payment for them. They paid it back promptly when Dad’s factory went back to work and Mom found a new job. No interest, BTW. They were always amazed, late in life, that they had personal universal credit equal to over a year’s income available to them.

          The women in my family, at least on one side, always worked. Not at anything fancy and sometimes they sold the skilled work of their hands. It wasn’t any big deal. It was just they way it was. They took off to have their babies and went back to work when the kids were older. This goes back 3 generations.

          We are prosperous. We are productive. We have capital as a country and as individuals. We work far into life, beyond a time when our parents could even think of still working, because our health is better, our living conditions are easier and our jobs are less onerous.

          Combine all that with ethics and skills to repair and maintain whatever needs it or to make it from raw materials in the first place and for the majority, we live in an affluent period. It could all go down the hole and the responsible, productive and skilled individuals will still be fine. They not be *fine* in the same way as before a crash, but they will survive and not in a box in a ditch, either.

          My parents taught us: always have three plans; always have more than one way of earning an income. The more strings to your bow and the faster you can shift your economic weight, the better off you will be. They lived through WWII and the Great Depression of the 1930s, plus the economic ups and downs of the post-War period. They never had investments and they always saved. They lived long, peaceful lives. They were very average folks.

          Anyone can do it.

          As for the elites and the National Debt and Deficit, I have been hearing this for over 50 years. The Great Depression was a function of overextended credit on the part of investors, yet many people lived average comfortable lives during that period.

          Nations come back from default, too. Once upon a time, the GBP was the reserve currency. Britain lost their Empire and also suffered huge infrastructure damage in WWII. They are still struggling with their Welfare State and a huge immigration problem. They have as superficial a culture as we do. They have a large National Debt and an institutionalized elite. Percentage-wise, very few are starving in the streets or living in dumpsters. They are still a First World nation with nowhere near the resources and capital of the US.

          Even our mismanaged nation can survive its evil manipulators.

          • hammerhead

            blueh2o good post .
            The US CAN survive its evil manipulators with personal responsibility , you are correct .
            BUT who is gonna be personally responsible first ?
            I dont see it happening , to many freeriders and slackers.
            How will we survive with a nation of takers ?

            • BlueH20

              Hammerhead, I believe the takers are going to take one in the shorts and soon. They will see cuts.

              Not enough workers to support the takers and the workers tapped out due to insurance costs and utility costs, as well as food and fuel, taxes already too high.

              Long story short, producers will continue to be responsible because that’s all we know. Takers will whine and probably attempt a turn to crime, because that’s what they know. Everyone, especially the street smart poor, will be turning to off-books hustles to make ends meet.

              Eventually, the herd cannot be milked any more and the government will be forced to austerity, losing the support of the takers who were promised the redistribution from the middle and upper classes. Yeah, they can take some of the 401k and IRA monies, but you know, a lot of that is less than it was, even with the market rise. They will print, I suppose. Every government that can will do that. At some point people will put more value in batteries and other barter goods.

              My best guess is that the supporters of the fascists on both sides turn off voting and by default a responsible government gets in and, over time, digs the nation out of its slump. Meanwhile, the rest of us, producers and workers, will have to be responsible for ourselves.

              When there’s nothing left to take, even takers have to hustle.

        • A

          I think he was refering to QE.and corp welfare with the Taxpayers footing the bill.

      • Warchild Dammit!

        Iceland sets a good example of how to deal with that Burt!

    12. Jim in Va.

      Soon the illusion will disappear,then all hell will descend on everybody. It will be bad and people will die. The politicians will pay for it big time!

      • Chumly

        Obama is getting ready to cram a great big suppository up everyone’s rectum so far that it will lodge in their aortas. Get ready folks, it’s coming.

    13. logicrazy

      The smoke will clear, and the mirrors will break. Don’t know when, but then we shall see what is real or fake.

    14. Plan Twice, Prep Once

      People need to know that regulations have been changed, now allowing the FED to create their own trading floor. The central bank, which is not a federal institution with controls or supervision, can now trade stocks, commodities or currencies to manipulate their prices and movements of prices. They can print money and use it to manipulate any stock or commodity they choose.

      Yup doesn’t the stock market look pretty? Well it’s fully manipulated now. There is no free market place. The government has most state pensions and federal pensions invested n the stock market. They can’t afford to loose control because the government is on the hook for government pensions at all levels.

      This over control of the markets will only forestall the coming crash. When it does happen it will be all the bigger. Instead of being a market correction, it will be delayed a few years and will be planetary in nature.

      • buttcrackofdoom

        we done ALREADY delayed it for decades….time’s short, prep well!

    15. buttcrackofdoom

      2 things to compare. when i was a kid in the 60’s, my dad worked in a plywood plant in oregon. he made decent money. he had a healthcare plan. he had a retirement plan…things were pretty good for us(parents and 4 boys). mom didn’t work because she didn’t HAVE to. they drove older cars, but things were ok. then in the late 70’s, the plant closed and life for THEM became MUCH harder….i’m sure if you asked dad, it was SHTF time. he never worked again(he was around 55y/o, i guess. my point being, that was the way it was for a MAJORITY of americans, moms didn’t have to work. fastforward to 2013…BOTH parents HAVE to work! it’s very rare to see a one-parent-works household anymore that is actually making a decent living and supporting their kids in a decent lifestyle..hell, now we got sisters, brothers, moms, and sons living together to help out. point 2 has to do with value of money. in 1964 a decent used car could be had for 125 dollars. let’s say my dad had saved 125 paper dollars in 1964….in 2013 he could have only bought a bicycle with that money…BUT, if you had saved 125 dollars in SILVER in 1964(the last year they minted all-silver coins), in 2013 you could still buy a good used car to get to work! i bought 125 dollars face value dimes for 3000 dollars last year, and SOLD a good used 1999 beetle that was good transportation for exactly the same price…..THAT’S INFLATION….BAM, in yer FACE, you wake up and realize what it means!… those are the storys i tell people to illustrate the FED’S effect on inflation. you just don’t see it until it’s too late.

    16. Ugly

      Ugly’s Thoughts–

      .Einstein was wrong. A bad rumor travels faster than light
      .You can lead Ugly to water, but he probably doesn’t have a water filter
      .if time is true, then who owned the first watch?
      .if time is true, then how did we start with zero?
      .never go trail walking with a guy named Cliff
      .when your gas gauge shows empty, it probably is empty
      .Life is short. Don’t make it shorter by worrying.
      .did you know that the present is only an instant nano-second? The future is +nanosecond and the past is a -nanosecond. I thought you may wanted to know that.

    17. NinaO's Mom


      as individuals like fingers we are weak

      together like many fingers closed into a fist we are strong dangerous lethal

      if anyone needs help preparing for what is coming or has problems they need help with or needs help with education knowledge even starting a biz from home to get a lil’ more money coming in …

      let us Veteran Preppers @shtfplan know … we can help you get things fixed or started no matter how big or small .

      Together we will Survive and Thrive in the harder times coming .

      just post your questions and we will guide you .

      good luck and there is no such thing as a dumb question , its only dumb if you don’t ask it .

      so ask and you shall receive , our help .

      N.O; ;0p

      • Canada Canuk

        @NinaO’s Mom…Thank you for your generous offer. I know this is off topic, but I want to be more organized. Only certain things can be stored in a ‘basement’…and I am running out of space in the house/closets etc….finding it hard to ‘find stuff’….there has to be a better way. (too many bags/boxes) HELP! take care, CC

        • Warchild Dammit!

          Canada,besides having a stash at other friends homes as backup bug outs I store a lot under beds in containers,is actually amazing how much dead space even a apt. can have when one really looks,a house,damn!I also try and figure out multi uses for items,saves money and space.

        • NinaO's Mom

          @Canada Canuk … Respect .

          try … Ziploc Space Storage Bag – with a few ceder wood balls or moth balls + moisture dry packs … write down a list of contents put in bag so you can see it then just suck out the air with your vacuum cleaner nozzle .

          you can store dry goods , foods , anything non-perishable in it . works , then you can long term store it in your basement , any where really , keep out of direct sunlight or near heat source ;0) and it’s very dry , organized . store it at least 20 inches off the floor and away from walls so fresh air flows around it please and no moisture build up .

          15 Bag Space Saver Set
          by Ziploc

          Price: $24.13 & FREE Shipping on orders over $35.

          15 Bag Space Saver Bags Set featuring NEW Turbo Valve, NEW Double Zipper and durable multi-layer construction
          4 Enormous Bags (1 Jumbo 35″x48″ and 3 Extra-Large 26.5″x39.5″)
          8 Big Bags (4 Large 21.5″x33.5″ and 4 Medium 18″x22.5″)
          2 Suitcase Travel Roll-Up Bag (18″x22.5″)
          1 Carry-on Roll-Up Bags (13.5″x19.5″)

          Product Description
          Jumbo size fits 2 comforters and 4 pillows. Extra-Large size fits 1 Queen size comforter and 2 pillows. Large size fits 10-12 sweaters. Medium size fits 5-6 sweaters. Suitcase size fits 1 jacket, 2 shirts, and 2 sweaters. Carry-on size fits 2 blouses, 1 jacket, and 1 sweater.

          *does anyone else have a suggestion please ???

          see link …

          • NinaO's Mom

            PLEASE NOTE :

            *** this link is for Canadians only ***

            if you are American and live in the USA … GO HERE —>

            see link …

            • PKLauLau

              Warchild Dammit: That was awesome…..!!!!!


          • slingshot

            If you lose power making your vacuum devise inoperable, you just lay the bag on the floor and press out the air and reseal.

            • JayJay

              ***If you lose power making your vacuum devise inoperable, you just lay the bag on the floor and press out the air and reseal.***

              OR..get a brake bleeder from Harbor Freight.
              I have one and it works well.

        • Ugly

          If out of room and cant find anymore space for stuff like solar panels, solar generators, silver coins, camp trailer with wood stove, ammo, and others, you are more than welcome to store those at my place. I try to help whenever I can….

        • Vicky

          We went through everything during Christmas break which was back-breaking and I never want to do it again. Threw away a few things that had expired, OTC meds, mostly, and stacked everything in boxes, neatly labeled with a printed list, which merged into a master list. I also printed the expiration dates of all. Some expire in 2025! My husband built shelves in a back bedroom and that has become the defacto store room. We had a child leave for college which left one room vacant and it’s harder if don’t have that option. We used all space under the beds before, and one closet. It was becoming a real mess and I couldn’t find anything. We also bought long, narrow totes and stored things under the couch and the two chairs in the living room. A real nightmare for cleaning and dust. I even had one set of meds and soap in a tall, antique wooden box which was pretty, and stored it behind the TV. If you have a coffee table, exchange it for a trunk and fill it up. Try to cram as much as possible in one section of kitchen cabinets and use the remainder for storage. It doesn’t make preparing meals very handy, but you can keep several years of food preps in the newly empty space. Good luck! I’m becoming really enchanted with the idea of a large, spacious, uncluttered home, but being prepared is more important.

          • Warchild Dammit!

            Vicky,dust gets under coaches and beds,oh boy?!……Warchild may be due for some cleaning as a single guy!

        • Anonymous

          Husband recently removed the electric furnace in hallway including duct above it because we only use woodstove. I wanted more storage area. Wow, now have much more cupboard area.

          • JayJay

            Most folks on this street have 3 or 4 bedroom homes. I have a 4 bedroom and there is only me and Gene.
            I don’t have lovely bedrooms with armoires and fancy beds with fancy bed covers—I have storage rooms with space still left for lots of cases, jars, and buckets.
            What if I lived in my 2 bedroom house from 6 years ago??
            I’d have one bedroom stacked to the ceiling.
            Fashion be damned!!

          • Chumly

            I tore out both of my toilets and dug a pit and put a grate over it to shit in. I now have room for a big berky water filter.

      • slingshot

        NinaO’s Mom.

        I agree with you when questions are asked, they are answered. Not enough questions. Lots of time, money, and material can be saved. Things to be aware of. Identification of pitfalls and drawbacks. How to plan, implement and manufacture items. Force multipliers.
        Tooling, Material and Knowledge and Skills.
        Although I allow myself to be drawn into political and other emotional subjects, my primary purpose here is to teach survival and learn from others.
        What you and I have are the “Hands On Experience” and the exposure to many survival subjects. It will be hard for others to perform our perfected skills without some failure at first. Not to give up. Keep at it. Try plugging a tire leak.
        NinaO’s Mom. There are not enough students.

        • PKLauLau

          Slingshot….respectfully, yes there are lots of students….most I believe are still behind the scenes taking notes like crazy and trying to form their questions.

          If anyone is interested, we found an easy, fast, really good bread recipe. I also found an article on how to make your own yeast for that bread. I’m figuring most of you already know how to do all this…but still being a newbie, it was good information for us.

          Also, if anyone is in the desert and needs information on how to look for edible, medicinal, tool plants, etc. I am doing research on that and will post if there is interest.

          I thank all you “hands on experience” veterans! Seriously….thank you.

          Oh, and please google Moringa Oleifera Tree and plant some….


          • buttcrackofdoom

            i AM interested in desert plants that are edible.

            • PKLauLau

              Buttcrackofdoom: Yea….I will post soon…look for your name.


      • KY Mom


        Thank you for that kind and supportive post!

        If anyone needs to order some seeds, here are some good links.

        Look for “Heirloom Seeds”. You can purchase them online in a bundle (for a garden) or select the varieties you want by the packet.

        Here are a few websites that sell heirloom seeds:

        Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds —– http://www.rareseeds.com

        Seeds Savers Exchange —– http://www.seedsavers.org

        My Patriot Supply —– http://www.mypatriotsupply.com/
        *through January 17th, 25% off all seed packets

        Heirloom Solutions —– http://www.HeirloomSolutions.com

        Emergency Essentials —– http://www.beprepared.com
        (This is a huge website! They sell garden seeds, plus all kinds of useful preparedness items. Type in ‘garden seeds’. *They only sell seeds here in a packaged bundle.)

        Hope you find what you are looking for!
        KY Mom

      • KY Mom

        I am trying to recommend a good seed saving book for a friend who is a beginning gardener.


    18. incognito

      A home-run. First rate journalism.

    19. .02

      The history of fiat money, to put it kindly, has been one of failure. In fact, EVERY fiat currency since the Romans first began the practice in the first century has ended in devaluation and eventual collapse, of not only the currency, but of the economy that housed the fiat currency as well.

      Why would it be different here in the U.S.? Well, in actuality, it hasn’t been. In fact, in our short history, we’ve already had several failed attempts at using paper currency, and it is my opinion that today’s dollars are no different than the continentals issued during the Revolutionary War. But I will get into that in a moment. In the meantime, I will show you that fiat currencies have not been successful, and the only aspect of fiat currencies that have stood the test of time is the inability of political systems to prevent the devaluation and debasement of this toilet paper money by letting the printing presses run wild.

      • Slick One

        Shame EBT cards dont devalue like paper!
        Was at the store and saw two third worlders who couldnt speak a word of english, their tab was $364.00 paid with their EBT card. I cant tell you I much I enjoy supporting the ghetto and the third worlders with my hard earned money.

    20. .02

      The first attempt with paper money came in 1690 with the issuance of Colonial notes. The first Colonial notes were issued in Massachusetts and were redeemable for gold, silver, corn, cattle and other commodities.

      The other Colonies quickly jumped on the toilet paper money bandwagon and began issuing their own paper currencies. Like a broken record, the money quickly became overissued. The lessons of John Law and others were definitely not learned. It is not good enough just to say that a currency is backed by commodities. It actually HAS to be backed by commodities. Essentially, it was still a fiat money, and in a short period of time, Colonials became as good as toilet paper.

      The next experiment came during the Revolutionary War. Big surprise — the issuance of paper money was used to finance the war efforts. This time, the currency was called a continental.

      The crash of the continental was spectacular, and the phrase “not worth a continental” was coined. This brought on a large distrust for paper currency, and until 1913, toilet paper money in the U.S. wasn’t used. Enter the infamous Federal Reserve and its monopoly on money and interest rates. Now we have the greenback.

      • .02

        some cut and paste there..but all in all is an illusion, you keep the game going until the eventual crash, and crash it will no matter what anyone or anything does.

      • The Old Coach

        Paper money most certainly was used during the Civil War, by both sides. From the end of the war until the 1913 many large banks issued “paper money” as well.

    21. Ted Kennedy

      Castro is still alive? He just might make it through another president with wide pant suits and ice balls on the beach.

      • PuppyPrepper

        Are your posts some kind of code to someone? Because they make no sense. . . . .

        • SmokinOkie

          Not a code, really. Ted just covers lots of topics in very few words. Mainly, I think it’s because of the high cost of 4G down there….

          Ted- Wear a hard hat if you go to the lake. And Tell Bobby I said Hi.(next to you, he was always my favorite)…

          • Ted Kennedy

            Did… Aperture & process pp. Once you pass CPA on innocence, you can’t negate regress, even when culminating. When MIA celebrates, it’s not happenstance. “It’s a small club and you’re not in it.” Sorry pp, I’m roaming.

    22. SmokinOkie

      When I was young, my uncle Skidrow (in a brief moment of semi-sobriety) told me the secret of life. Here’s what he said:

      Life is ALL an illusion. This world is an illusion. You, me, this nation, the world, the whole danged universe as we think we know it… it’s ALL illusion.
      Everything you think you see, all that your senses perceive … NONE of it is real.

      [‘Then, what IS real?’ I asked]

      The truth is- we are all the figment of an imagination. Or, more accurately, the components of a long, on-going dream. It is the dream of a 10 year old boy with a flying pony who lives on a distant planet (somewhere to the left of Alpha Centauri). The only thing that’s real is the kid. I forget his name… Timmy or something like that. It don’t matter.

      [I began to get worried. ‘What happens when the kid wakes up?’]

      Then we all disappear. Gone in an instant. And, actually, that don’t matter either. Since we was never really here to begin with.

      [I was scared- ‘But I don’t want to disappear! I’m only ten years old myself. And I never had a pony, even one that couldn’t fly. I want to LIVE!’]

      [He patted me on the head and said]

      I wouldn’t worry too much about it if I was you. the kid’s been snoozing for 10 thousand years. And he’s obviously a heavy sleeper. Heck, he might’ve fell off that pony and gone into a coma. Most likely, you’ll live to a ripe old age… Now, be a good boy and fetch my rumatiz medicine…. And don’t ley yer Ma catch you with it.

      • What?


        Darnit! Just tripped over the Dog’s chew toy and knocked over the table and chairs. Hope I didn’t wake

    23. posseecom

      The grand illusion indeed..

      We are in the slow descent to hell on earth..

      We are all but worker bees laden with pollen(taxation)..fattening the hive for the queen..and then discarded..

      Enjoy the day


      • Basstard

        I just heard this morning that over half of the house and senate are millionairs. I hate that I have to contribute to that corrupt heap of scum. Unless a huge # of people refused to pay taxes, we are just stuck. Pisses me off.

        • oldguy

          Basstard A huge number of folks already are not paying taxes. they are drawing from the government teat. a big part of the problem is parasites are paid millions of dollars to play games that involve chasing around balls. And producing makers are mostly swapping nickles. Boycott all sports. Boycott even High School Sports. Don’t allow your child to play sports. Why allow your child to help make some overpaid parasite coach,s living?

      • Slick One

        About time the workers started using their stingers! 🙂

    24. Npgh

      It depends on how you define “wealth”. If you are the richest person in the world and don’t have someone to love or loves you back is your money going to comfort you in hard times. If you are the richest person in the world and don’t have your health, well, doctors can only do so much. If you are the richest person in the world and don’t have Jesus as your savior, your soul will die after your physical body dies.

      • PuppyPrepper

        Actually, our souls are eternal. It is all a matter of where that soul is going to spend that eternity.

        I certainly prefer eternity in Heaven with The Lord Jesus Christ than eternity in the lake of fire with Obam. . . I mean Satan.

      • Archivist

        My father used to say that the rich were not different from us. A rich man can only wear one suit of clothes at a time. He can only eat until his stomach is full. He can only drive one car at a time.

    25. Boss Hog

      Off Topic @ Gold Leader
      I read your reply to my comment, and I am humbled by your response. You have dissplayed a rare quality my friend and I wanted to publicly share that I appreciate it and thank you. Your ability to see things from anothers perspective is indeed refreshing. May you and yours have an awesome day.
      humbled hog

    26. Dirtygreek

      Sigh…its always been an illusion,even in Jesus’s time. It all started with the ”money changers”,JC got pissed at them and even Islam talks about it. PAYING INTEREST ON LOANS EQUALS DEBT SLAVERY!!!!!
      Its where it all starts and carries on to this day. Oh,mix in a little greed,selfishness,cognitive dissonance and complacence…all part of being human and this is the result.
      Some say the end is near.
      Some say we’ll see Armageddon soon.
      I certainly hope we will.
      I sure could use a vacation from this

      Bullshit three ring circus sideshow of freaks

      Here in this hopeless fucking hole we call L.A.
      The only way to fix it is to flush it all away.
      Any fucking time. Any fucking day.
      Learn to swim, I’ll see you down in Arizona Bay.

      Fret for your figure and
      Fret for your latte and
      Fret for your lawsuit and
      Fret for your hairpiece and
      Fret for your Prozac and
      Fret for your pilot and
      Fret for your contract and
      Fret for your car.

      It’s a bullshit three ring circus sideshow of freaks

      “Mom gonna fix all soon,Moms gonna put it to the way it outta be…”

    27. Dirtygreek

      I get this feeling that most people on here have an internal struggle between wanting change and fear of change. The owners owners of this site always focus on fear,but I dont see any topics on change. Im guessing fear is good for business 😉

      • Warchild Dammit!

        Dirt,do not believe it is the fear of change but the knowledge that the change is unfortunately going to be very ugly though it does not have to be.I am still young enuff to be a pain in the ass but old enuff not to fear the change but actually see the cost(and loss) that change will bring.I do see the human race arising from it’s self immolation and actually doing very well like the mighty phoenix,it’s that in between time,well,that is why folks come here and share knowledge and ideas so more can get thru that in between time and perhaps with some work and a dab of luck see the phoenix shake the ashes off it’s wings!

      • RandomTangent1957

        “Change” means different things…to different folks. For some folks…it is the coins in their pocket.
        For the Obama crowd…change means punishing anyone who is successful….& taking what they earned…to give it to someone that did not earn it. It means more invasive big government control…more regulations, more spying on everything & everyone. All in the name of making things more “fair”. If you listen to the occupy groups….they should be able to change how business pay their employees…& what they do either the profits. If you listen to the folks that want to believe that the old way of voting in the two party system….will put things back on track….then getting their candidate elected in 2014 may help CHANGE things back to how they were in the good times …( good luck with that…..while I still will go & cast my vote….I think our course is set & they can’t fix it for us… Just sayin..) For many of the “regulars” on this site… “Change” is a two sided coin. On one side is the total train wreck we see coming. It has been like when you are driving in the winter….you go to apply the brakes…but you realize you are on black ice… & in a 4,000 missile …and you are not in control. If you have ever been in this situation ….your mind tells you that the vehicle is actually speeding up ! That can’t be true….but loosing control creates panic … Right now….we are all that guy going down hill…on the ice….we want to slow down….but things are no longer in our control. Okie can probably tell many stories about when you apply the brakes….& look back on the mirror…..& can now see the side of that 53 ft trailer getting bigger & bigger….as it has decided to pass the cab. You notice things like…damn…..there is a lot of ice hanging off the trailer….the top rear clearance light is out…shit….that pole is getting close….hope I don’t spill my 64 oz mug of coffee……it is all like a slow motion dream…..& then there is the CRASH ! Wow…what was that ? I believe that most of us here…are in our own slow motion out of control slide down the hill….toward what may be a terrible crash. Where we are located….how we react…how well we have prepped….and perhaps some dumb luck….will make the difference on whether we make it…& survive to the other side of the coin….the Change where we work to reset things to the way this country was founded….under the Constitution….with liberty & freedom……no more massive government police state. Back to get up….go to work….earn a living….keep what you earn. Don’t wanna work…no problem….you won’t be weighing 400 lbs sitting around watching Oprah…eating Bonbons. So I guess what I am saying is there is the Change we are in now…..which none of us wanted. The change we see coming…..that will not be any fun either. Then there is the change after SHTF, where we hopefully put things back on track…after getting rid of all of the Statist Liberals…who have for the past 50 years promised to make everything fair. Things are about to get a lot less fair….than most of us have ever seen. Get over it. Get prepared the best you can. Many of us were hoping to be able to retire in the next 10 years….& maybe have some fun….instead of being on the road…in a truck stop or hotel room from home & our families….working 60 – 80 hr weeks….
        Instead…we will probably never see those dreams. I pray that many if us will survive….to get to the other side & help getting things back on track. If we are really lucky….one day we may be able to get together & tell the stories of ” where we were when it happened”…..how we got home….how we bugged in…or bugged out. Prepping plans that worked perfectly….and all
        The screw ups. Here is to having a beer one day with Mac, SGT, DPS, Braveheart, Smokin Okie, & the rest of you out there ! Live today & enjoy it to the fullest. Prep for the worst… I hope to see All Y’all on the other side of CHANGE .

    28. Old Vet

      I will tell you what not illusions are: People who work for a living, are out voted by people who vote for that living. Cold hard facts.

    29. NinaO's Mom

      The Constitution of the United States of America …

      Is the supreme law of the United States. It provides the framework for the organization of the United States Government.

      The document defines the three main branches of the government: The legislative branch with a bicameral Congress, an executive branch led by the President, and a judicial branch headed by the Supreme Court.

      Besides providing for the organization of these branches, the Constitution carefully outlines which powers each branch may exercise. It also reserves numerous rights for the individual states, thereby establishing the United States’ federal system of government. It is the shortest and oldest written constitution of any major sovereign state.

      The United States Constitution was adopted on September 17, 1787, by the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and later ratified by conventions in each U.S. state in the name of “The People”; it has since been amended twenty-seven times, the first ten amendments being known as the Bill of Rights.[2][3] The Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union was actually the first constitution of the United States of America.

      The U.S. Constitution replaced the Articles of Confederation as the governing document for the United States after being ratified by nine states. The Constitution has a central place in United States law and political culture.

      The handwritten, or “engrossed”, original document penned by Jacob Shallus is on display at the National Archives and Records Administration in Washington, D.C.

      see link …


    30. VRF

      Steve Miller

      Fly like an Eagle

      Through the Revoltion

    31. Be informed

      This doesn’t matter if Iran is this close to a full nuclear arsenal or not. It is that Israel is willing to act on this or not. IF and when Israel hits Iran, it is almost certain that World War 3 has begun. This article shows how close Israel is to launching an attack. Right or wrong on either side, it is the end results that affect all of us is all that matters.


    32. TnAndy

      May have been an illusion ?

      WELL OF COURSE IT IS…..you can’t print your way to real wealth.

      What you can do is fool a lot of folks and use printed dollars to transfer REAL WEALTH to your house. We’ve been doing that to the world for years now, and the banksters have been doing it to everybody.

      Sooner or later, results of the illusion will be seen, if not the manipulation itself. The bankers will work hard to blame the results on something else, and not reveal the source so they can recycle the exact same play book again and again.

    33. maudy fricket

      Just as people in the old USSR had to read between the lines in Pravda and Tass to look for accurate info, so must we. Example, the government and MSM tell us everything is great and we’re in a recovery. Last week 4 of the NFL playoff games weren’t sold out until large corporations stepped in at the last minute to buy the extra tickets. When is the last time 4 playoff games weren’t sold out? The hiring numbers for Dec. 2013 came out today. Only 74000 new jobs. That’s about as bad as it gets. The spin is that it was cold in December! Like it’s never cold in the winter? Unemployment, they claim, today is now 6.7%. Only because people have run out of unemployment coverage and are no longer counted. Those people usually don’t ever get new jobs. They live with relatives, go on SSI, get welfare, go to jail, sell drugs, or go in the military if they’re young enough.

      • Calgacus

        Everythings going like the plan, man.

        So at 6.7% and a good economy turnaround why do the dems want more unemployment benefits? Think the gop would use this to fight em?

    34. NinaO's Mom

      First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out– Because I was not a Socialist.

      Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out– Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

      Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out– Because I was not a Jew.

      Then they came for me–and there was no one left to speak for me.

      – Martin Niemöller

      • Oldguy

        When they come for me my firearms will speak for me. I wont surrender peacfully

    35. NinaO's Mom


      VA Feds Tell Veteran He Will Lose 2nd Amendment Rights Because of vietnam war PTSD .


      the VA is a FRAUD



      Arm up Stock up Prepare

      Predator or Prey of the NWO ZOG the choice is yours

      N.O. ;0p

      see link …

      • NinaO's Mom





        N.O. ;0p

      • buttcrackofdoom

        that’s their back-door way to confiscate our guns. i know when i go to see a doctor, there’s a question on the paperwork, “are there any GUNS in your house?” by LAW, you don’t have to answer that question! remember the guy on doomsday preppers that lost his right to own guns? don’t let it happen to YOU! tens of millions of americans will be filling out paperwork for obamascare in the next few months…..PAY ATTENTION!…wrong answers will be VERY harmful to US!

        • Sgt. Dale

          That is why my brother and I took all the guns but one from my folks house.

        • VRF

          My doctor wont ask that question..we shop at the same gun stores, and shoot at the same club

          he says its none of anyones buiz and he aint giving up shit

          that’s why hes my doctor

          I’d be finding another doctor if mine ever asked a question like that of me

          • buttcrackofdoom

            my guess is he won’t be working soon if obamadon’tcare stays as was written. it IS in the ACA….make sure you got some guns spread around(and ammo for ’em too)….you won’t be ABLE to find a doctor that don’t ask that question SOON!

    36. Nopittypartyhere

      So, news this morning….. Unemployment down to 6.7% with ONLY 74k jobs added. I call freaking bullshit. That’s December numbers.

      Also did you wee the HUGE chemical spill in west Va? Related to Coal industry. An Obama incited ‘accident’ to push people to shut down the coal industry? Six counties cannot drink, bathe, cook, wash clothes, etc with the water. It contaminated the entire supply, including the river if I understood the brief news flash.. Showed people in the store buying ice to melt and bathe in…really? How about baby wipes to bathe with and save that ice to DRINK? We need to paper the area with prepper leaflets while they’re hurtin…anybody got a plane? LOL

      • A

        be ready for QE taper. TPTB said Unemployment must be under 7.

      • buttcrackofdoom

        the EMPLOYED percent of the working-age population is still UNDER 60%,(it’s right there, buried in the gubmint’s employment report) which means in effect, we have OVER 40% UNemployed people in america….pass it on and let’s stop spreading the party line here on SHTFPLAN, at least. why the HELL do we let the media get away with this crap? the TRUTH is right there for all to see.

        • REB

          Absolutely correct…just another pack of lies TPTB spread to placate the masses into be-LIE-ving their lie!

    37. Frank Thoughts

      As craven and nasty as much of the elite are, the current economic problems are the result of the mass of the people not managing their financial affairs well. People became lazy and very greedy and thought money, literally, grew on trees. They squandered the gift handed down from their grandparents of prosperity and peace.

      It is human nature, I suppose, but most people are going to have to suffer hard to feel the pain and learn from those mistakes. Pain is good for a person who has made mistakes. It clarifies and sharpens the intellect.

      Most people I encounter are still gibbering idiots – child men and bird-brained women gabbling on about nonsense from the TV and the latest diet fad. That is the reality. You know change will come when Kim Kardashian makes a speech on live TV about how important Das Kapital is as a work of political economy. When that happens, hey, give me a poke and say “Frank, the revolution, man: it’s on!”

      • Achilles Heel


        I would indeed see KK making a speech of that sort as an indication that change had come at last. But, you and I both know that that will happen right before Jeebus descends onto the 50 yard-line at the Superbowl Halftime Show. In other words, never f**king ever.


    38. maudy fricket

      Visit: theconservativetreehouse.com, as often as you can. They investigate incidents the MSM tries to hide. Go there now and you won’t miss out on breaking sories. Then come back here.

    39. freespeach

      I know this is going off topic but I received this in an email and it started to piss me off. I got into it about 12 minutes and had to stop watching, I do plan on going back to finish it. Many of you may already know this but just in case you don’t I felt the need to share.

      It appears to be on the up an up and I hope that the link is still good.

      Agenda: Grinding America Down – just over an hour long.


      May God continue to be with each and everyone of you.

    40. Npgh

      what’s up with commenting on this site? I posted earlier from my home computer and went to check now on my work computer and my comment isn’t here? I really like this site and could offer up a lot on local information but nothing gets through quickly. I didn’t post links or curse words.

      • 1happycountrymom

        It’s glitchey from time to time.
        Don’t take it personal.
        Take a break, walk away, come back and try again.

        Keep preppin’!!

      • buttcrackofdoom

        try a few cusswords…glad to help! seriously though, mac is VERY lenient here and the comments section is PRICELESS(maybe even MORE expensive) to ME….keep trying! and enjoy the education.

      • newbee

        I find that once it goes threw moderation you will be able to view from multiple devices. It should be there from the device you posted on

    41. maudy fricket

      Are you aware that the US is in a Declared State of Emergency? President Clinton, thru an Executive Order in 1995 declared a State of Emergency. Every President since has continued the declaration thru Executive Order. Obama recently (Nov. 2013) renewed it again. Didn’t see that in the MSM, did you?

    42. AnneMarie

      Well, it’s not called the American “Dream” for no reason, starry-eyed folks with big expectations were tricked and sucked in. A dream, American or otherwise, isn’t real. Dreams are expectations that will probably never happen. The American Dream is an illusion that has sucked many people in; now it is seen for what it really is. The big awakening to reality is happening, be prepared to be jolted out of your dreamworld.

      • buttcrackofdoom

        it’s called the american dream, because you have to be asleep to believe it!…george carlin

    43. MongoPissed

      I attended a funeral in Camarillo CA last week. I spoke with a relative, a Jewish investment broker, who was winding down his business. He said the economy is on life support, and that his remaining clients were the unsophisticated, who wanted to invest their money in whatever their favorite TV “economist” said was hot, and he in good conscience could not do this any longer. I talked to a cousin who owns the largest privately held building materials company in California. He has supported his company for 3 years, to the tune of $3 million a year out of his personal savings and investments. He hopes to turn a profit for the first time since 2008. He is also questioning the direction of our economy. He is on his way to Indonesia to attempt to buy bulk cement, where he was outbid by the Chinese on his last trip.

    44. Warchild Dammit!

      Styx said it well,saw this tour as a kid in 1977(was awesome,little theater!):

      “The Grand Illusion”

      Welcome to the Grand illusion
      Come on in and see what’s happening
      Pay the price, get your tickets for the show
      The stage is set, the band starts playing
      Suddenly your heart is pounding
      Wishing secretly you were a star.

      But don’t be fooled by the radio
      The TV or the magazines
      They show you photographs of how your life should be
      But they’re just someone else’s fantasy
      So if you think your life is complete confusion
      Because you never win the game
      Just remember that it’s a Grand illusion
      And deep inside we’re all the same.
      We’re all the same…

      So if you think your life is complete confusion
      Because your neighbors got it made
      Just remember that it’s a Grand illusion
      And deep inside we’re all the same.
      We’re all the same…

      America spells competition, join us in our blind ambition
      Get yourself a brand new motor car
      Someday soon we’ll stop to ponder what on Earth’s this spell we’re under
      We made the grade and still we wonder who the hell we are

    45. Anonymous

      HEY @MAC



    46. Old Vet

      Commentary: Be alert to U.S. hidden agenda in South China Sea

      by Xinhua writer Wu Liming
      BEIJING, Jan. 10 (Xinhua) — Countries around the South China Sea should have clear vision when it comes to the U.S. strategy of hyping up issues in the region, and return to the path of direct friendly consultations.
      On Thursday, the United States played up the South China Sea issue again by pointing fingers at China’s new fishing regulations. State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki told a news briefing that the regulations were “provocative and potentially dangerous.”
      Washington’s accusations are unreasonable, as China’s fishing regulations are in line with international practice and aimed at strengthening the protection of fishery resources and maritime environment. The United States itself has similar ones.
      It is not the first time Washington has meddled in this region. Over past years, the South China Sea has become a new frontier in U.S. strategic pivot to Asia.
      In July 2010, Hillary Clinton, then U.S. Secretary of State, initiated a discussion about navigation freedom, security and U.S. “national interests” in the South China Sea at a meeting in Hanoi, Vietnam.
      Playing up issues again and again in the region, the United States is resorting to the old trick of “divide and rule” — first it stirs up tensions, disputes and even conflicts, then steps in to pose as “mediator” or “judge” in a bid to maximize its own interests.
      Countries around the South China Sea should see clearly the U.S. strategy and tricks, and see through its ambition to manipulate Asian affairs just to maintain dominance.
      History has repeatedly proven that more often than not, the involvement of a superpower in disputed areas complicates the situation and brings tragedy to parties concerned.
      If countries around the South China Sea are under any illusion about the U.S. strategy and start to abandon consensus and understanding when it comes to resolving disputes in the area, they risk turning into chess pieces of the superpower and paying an unnecessary price for any confrontation or friction.
      Therefore, concerned countries should demonstrate wisdom in resolving issues in the South China Sea through direct friendly consultations, and be on guard against being a pawn for U.S. ambitions.
      It is also time for Washington to stop playing old tricks and take a role in advancing peace and stability in the area, otherwise it will be deemed unwelcome in the region.

    47. REB

      PreparedPastor…you affected by this water problem in WV?…be safe!

      • Sgt. Dale

        Can you say false flag? Why did HLS get all that water and food for the area a few months ago?

        • REB

          Sarge…crossed my mind of course…I always question what appears to be obvious…it could well be TPTB up to no good…kinda hoping PP can shed some light on whats going on…in the mean time Im hoping all our brothers and sisters in that area are okay!

    48. REB

      Lots of life is often an illusion…lies we tell ourselves…because we lie to ourselves when we wouldn’t dream to lie to anyone else…believing delusions created by us in our own minds…which then lock us up in a box of our own making…of course we often have help from the outside but we are the ones who allow it to take root in our lives and become real…believing others lies and our own…and then being chained by those lies…unless and until we question things,I mean really question things…until then nothing changes…the old maxim of “question authority” isn’t enough…you have to question everything and I do mean everything and everyone…everyone…yes even them/him/her!…you cant build a better life/world if you build it on the same lies/misconceptions and false premises that held up the previous failed life/world…you know in your guts when something isn’t right…too often we ignore that and make any excuse we can to justify why we continue to do what we do…kinda like the lady who gets free from a lazy abusive unfaithful piece of trash only to wind up with another(or the same one) one later on(Im not picking on the ladies,guys have the same shortcomings and often more)usually its because they didn’t change their way of thinking and went right on believing whatever ideas they had about relationships/life that they did before…and it usually fails…it starts with one person but on a larger scale we can apply this to peoples/familys/tribes/nations…we can not build a better life/world for ourselves and our children if we keep believing some of the same goofy ideas we have believed in the past…hence the “questioning of everyone/everything”…keep the good and trash the rest(youll recognize which is which when youre honest with you)…then maybe you/we will be able to narrow things down to the things that work(like freedom) and get rid of the things that don’t(like the need for govt to look out for us and oppress us)…Id argue that the revolution that will change America has already started…in the hearts and minds of people all over this nation many just don’t recognize it yet…it just has to spread to more people and it will…then it will begin to show up in our day to day…but until it does YOU be the revolution you seek in your own life…lose a few pounds…eat better…kick a habit you dislike…ditch those abusive persons/people in your life…learn to say the words NO/YES! and mean it…learn to hold your ground and to hold your loved ones closer…learn how to say I love you to those whom deserve it and mean it… find ways around the “system” in your life…little ways to just unhook a bit from those who without the right to do so are holding you back from being good and achieving your potential… and yes sometimes you gotta look in the mirror to find that troublemaker…but whomever/whatever it is…identify and then deal with them/it…itll be tough but you resolve to be tougher…don’t back down…ask the tough questions of whomever/whatever and demand clear answers and then take charge of your situation…if we cant master our own lives its gonna be difficult to master TPTB and the world after them ,besides it will make you feel/act/think better in the meantime regardless!..thanks,I hope that makes some sense to someone…

    49. Old Vet

      As for the unemployment figures of 6.7%, the only thing I can see wrong is some Gov. Suck-A$$ put the decimal point in the wrong place, in between the 6 and the 7 not behind the 7 that’s all.

    50. Kulafarmer

      Wonder what that big round thing is that NASA captured on its solar telescope????

      • Canada Canuk

        @Warchild….oooooo,that was way to cute, watched a couple others as well. Thanx for shareing with us! take care, CC

    51. DrPT

      Good video, but I am in the medical field and I do know the price of a Doctors visit and you save way more money with insurance companies. Well, it was before obamacare. So that was untrue.

    52. Dan Morgan

      It wasn’t an illusion until NAFTA in the 90’s when they destroyed the economy and shipped all of the jobs overseas. It has been an illusion since then, Enron made it clear what TPTB were going to do, namely “Cook the Books” and steal everything they can get their hands on. The Dot-Com bust reemphasized that a few years later. 911 and imaginary terrorists everywhere diverted everyone’s attention a few years. Then the Great Recession set in a few years later with QE money printing into infinity started; of course all going to the thieves that destroyed the economy in the first place. Now that they’ve picked the bones clean and moved all of their stolen loot overseas. They’re coming after our Freedom and our Lives. And most people are still to stupid to see all this and that these are demon spirits who’ve ‘come to steal, kill and destroy.’

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