What Does a Currency Collapse Look Like?

by | Jul 15, 2013 | Headline News | 341 comments

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      1. There is extremely serious events happening in the Middle East right now, and Info Wars deals with


        Currency collapse will occur very quickly when the U.S. dollar has nothing to back it up, especially if OPEC figures out there are far better ways of selling the oil.

        False flag? How about this debacle about double jeopardy that holder and BO MIGHT try to shovel on Zimmerman? Race war, either way is possible. These civil rights charges are nothing but the feds trying to exercise their future police state on all of us. making it never safe for anyone, as the feds can charge you even after a jury acquints you of all charges. Dictatorships do this, find ways of sending people away on trumped up indictments.

        By the way Mac, did you like the article I wrote that I sent to you about how the U.S. is loopholing the 5th Amendment with this civil rights violation garbage?

        • All these protest and govt overthrows have 1 common denominator. It’s all based the serfs realizing they are being played by the elites.

          I agree with the article and i’ve been of the belief that when we collapse the whole world including CHINA goes down with it. As weak as our economy is, the global economies still base their growth off of our economy and the USD.

          What really pisses me off is that I think as grim as the aforementioned scenario is that this is all being planned on purpose. I think the UN and their Agenda 21 program needs to have fewer humans.

          Also with the industrialized economies you need infinite growth and population expansion. The fiat based fractional reserve banking system can only climb so high before it comes crashing down.

          The best analogy i’ve heard is we are in a plane heading towards a mountain at 450mph. You can try and slow it down but regardless hitting a mountain inside a plane is not good whatever the speed.

          • “””In short, there will be nobody riding in to rescue the United States.”””

            The People, armed and angry, will come to the rescue of the United States of America and restore Gods Law. First they have to learn it and accept it as the Supreme Law, which will take a LONG time and few will ever accomplish it. The vast majority will perish and only the righteous will remain before God will step in.

            The United States, the corp, can and should rot in hell alongside the banksters who own it.

            It is the job of Gods People to restore His Law, and the only way to do that now is to stand up and fight for It. When that is done, and the devils servants have been removed from control through the enforcement of Gods Law, He will again protect us from those He has set upon us for our sins against Him and His Law.

            It is written, thou shall not murder. It is a forgivable act to kill the banksters who fight against Him and His People. It is your duty as a bond servant of Christ, and a requirement before He will again protect us from them.

            Next time the devils servant stops you to harass you, present to him a copy of the Bible as your law book and ask him what you have violated. If you haven’t the courage to do that, you deserve your fate.

            Jesus died because he refused to violate His Fathers Law, or accept mans law in it’s place. When the People of the USA are willing to do the same, there will be someone riding to the rescue.

            Not until then should you expect any help at all from, nor is help deserved.

            • Depends on whos interpretation of ‘Gods law’ the people follow. You have on one hand ‘normal peaceful Christians’ and on the other you have the ‘burning the witches at the stake Christians’. Having any religion run a country is dangerous since humans are the ones enforcing the law of God. Whatever the interpretation.

              • Gods Law is what it is. It is to be followed, not interpreted. You follow it or you don’t. There are scant few Christians that even acknowledge it, much less follow it.

                One day, probably later than sooner, the People will realize the Bible is a book of Law. The ONLY book of Law they should recognize. Until then, God would not be protecting His people if He came to our aid.

                I expect much suffering to be felt by so-called Christians in America. Even the Churches they attend don’t recognize the Bible as Law, so how could they be taught otherwise?

                I suspect the Supreme Court (God) will one day judge them accordingly, and they will be disappointed at having been so deceived.

                By the time they find out it will be too late to repent. Jesus will not know them, and they will wonder why.

                Use the Bible as your ONLY Law. Make the corp challenge your choice of Law, don’t challenge it’s law.

                • My point is that it is very hard to convince people of what Gods law is, if they believe Gods law is something else. So to say Gods law means different things to different people. While there is only 1 Gods law, it depends on your interpretation. An example would be “Thou shalt not kill”. Does that mean in defense or does it mean for country or does it mean no killing at all. Not everyone will agree on which is the interpretation so then you end up with different religions like Catholicism, Baptists, United..etc. Not all of these view Gods law the same way for if they did it would seem a little redundant now wouldnt it? If I read a verse and you do the same we might have a different interpretation of that verse. You may claim divine knowledge of it but you have your view of its meaning and others have theirs. Unless God comes to a person in the flesh and says ______, then it is subject to misinterpretation. I will follow God but not some pastors version of what it should be or mean. Just my opinion and not meant to start an argument.

                  • No problem Gravlore. I am only trying to get people to understand there is ONLY one true Law. To educate, not to agitate.

                    God did come in the flesh to explain His Law, in the body of Jesus Christ. There is room for misinterpretation only because it has been purposely done for you by those who would deceive you with such misinterpretations of what is written. Those too lazy to look for themselves are easily deceived.

                    Your post provides a perfect example…

                    “””An example would be “Thou shalt not kill”. Does that mean in defense or does it mean for country or does it mean no killing at all.”””

                    The actual Commandment reads “Thou shalt not murder”, if properly translated. The word kill has been put there by those men who need to be protected from the enforcement of Gods Law when death is the penalty, to give the impression to those they deceive and violate, that they can not give the punishment called for without entering into sin.

                    It is never OK to kill for your country, which is murder for men. It is acceptable for a Man to impose sentence upon another for violations of Gods Law, when that is the sentence called for in the Law (Bible). It is OK to kill in the protection of Gods property during the commission of a crime against God, or His Law, when that is the appropriate action. You are Gods property, so self defense is a given.

                    Jesus founded one Church. The others are those of man, and ALL of them deviate from Gods Law in one way or another. They are not the churches of Christ, and all without fail violate the Second Commandment.

                    Don’t listen to a preacher in a 501(c) corporation, who has been taught the same deception as those who came before him in those institutions of man. They may mean well, but their ignorance can cause a lot of problems for the blind followers.

                    The Bible is the only Law. When America can once again believe and act on that knowledge, there may be hope. Until then, God will continue to allow the deceivers free reign over the deceived.

                    It is a sentence the people must pay for turning their back on God, and His Law.

                    Jesus was not of this world, thus His Fathers Law was supreme to Him. No other law was recognized or taught by Him. No other Law is need to solve our problems, we must merely enforce the Law He has given us in the Bible.

                  • I absolutely agree especially with the “thou shalt not kill” the catholic church killed hundreds of thousands of people in the name of God during the crusades and in MY OWN INTERPRETATION of that particular commandment that whole era was wrong and far from the “will” of god…. So as far as the bible being “law” and the “only law” (judging from the crusaders) its far too dangerous. It would be far better for humanity to “fit back in” with the flow of nature as intended before the technical digital and industrial age and quite frankly if there is in fact a god i think that would be his/her/ITS ultimate goal

                  • As the Bible makes perfectly clear, it is NOT the only law:

                    Therefore, brethren, stand fast; and hold the traditions which you have learned, whether by word, or by our epistle. 2 Thessalonians 2:14

                    There is Apostolic Tradition.

                • Jesus died of His own free will in order to pay the price for salvation for all mankind. He did not die because He refused to violate His Father’s laws.

                  • He was crucified for a violation of mans law. He did not fight the law because his purpose was greater, to pay for our salvation in our own violations of mans law.

                    Had he not held true to Gods Law, history would be different and he would not have been crucified. If we would live by Gods Law, our future would be different.

                  • Exactly. He knew; as His mother Mary knew.
                    Had it not been written?

                  • BI, said. God did come in the flesh to explain His Law, in the body of Jesus Christ.
                    Jesus did not come to exain the law. He came to fulfill the law. That is why he said on the cross. It is finished. Luke 24 :44 And he said unto them, These are the words which I spake unto you, while I was yet with you, that all things must be fulfilled, which were written in the law of Moses, and in the prophets, and in the psalms, concerning me.


                • We had a Christian theocracy in America. They were the Puritans in early Massachusetts and many were burned at the stake as “witches” including an ancestor of my wife. Needless to say we value religious freedom and want to keep the government out of telling us what to believe.

                • We had a Christian theocracy in America. They were the Puritans in early New England. Many were burned at the stake as witches including an ancestor of my wife. We value religious freedom and no government should tell us what we must believe.

                • God’s Creation: Why then are there are so many different churches/denominations, each saying that the others have one or more misinterpretations of scripture? Who should run things? The Baptist churches I went to said that the Pentacostals were o.k. but those Methodist and Presbyterians had it pretty screwed up, as well as those Lutherans. And don’t even bring up those apostate Catholics and Anglicans. Of Course the Catholics think the rest are all heretics and need to be brought back into the one true church. So which group/church/denomination would you find acceptable to run things according to God’s law? And will there be a place for Mormons, JWs and Unitarians as well? Please explain your choice.

                  • I heard that Methodists are just Baptists that can Read and write.

                  • G8, ideally each man must run himself according to Gods Law. That is the equivalent of God himself running things.

                    To learn more about the modern day “christian church”, I suggest this for some good reading and personal enlightenment…


                    A church that involves itself in politics is not of God. The churches you name are not in disagreement with each other, but with God and His Law. The source of many problems is that the leaders of these so called churches each believe they should be running things.

                    Jesus called the preachers (clerics) of his day hypocrites. He would likely use the same word to describe what we have today.

                    America worked at first because most people believed the Bible was the ONLY Law. Today, almost no one recognizes the Bible as Law at all, much less the only law.

                    I am not trying to challenge or question anyone’s individual faith. That is their own business, and between them and God.

                    I am merely trying to point out that the Bible is the Law, The number of thumbs down I receive for pointing this out only confirms that the worst is yet to come for this formerly Christian country.

                    Many think the elite are culling the population of useless eaters. They have no such power. It appears that way only because God is using them to pass sentence on our nation for turning our back on Him and His Law.

                    I choose to live the rest of my numbered days recognizing only His Law. I spent many years studying mans law, not realizing the error of my ways even in the mere recognition of it as law.

                    I have since learned better, repented, and asked forgiveness for my sins against His Law by the acknowledgement of others. Now I spend my days studying His Law, and encouraging others to do the same.

                  • 7th Day Adventist is the only one the believes Jesus died for us AND keep all the commandments of God. Specifically, observing the true biblical Sabbath on Saturday. All the rest are just variations of the Catholic Church

                  • Butch; Col.2:16-17. Every group/sect thinks they got it right.
                    What trully are the commandments? Love God with all your heart, mind, and soul. 2nd? Love one another.
                    Then John 15: 12-17.

                    ” Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone.”
                    (All the rest are variations of the catholic church.)

                  • Hi Gregory8, did you know there are over 1,000 mainstream religions in the world, and they all have only one thing in common – they all think they are right and everyone else is wrong. What if they’re all wrong?

                    Learn them all and throw out what doesn’t work.

                  • …and let’s not forget to mention only ONE example: the Mormons believe that the bible is true, “only in as much as it was translated and transcribed accurately”. They believe the Holy Bible is “inaccurate” and that the book of Mormon, which was written by one single man, is the “true” word of God. Joseph Smith also “corrected” the bible himself, to “restore” the word of God.

                    They even based their scripture on wrongly interpreted Egyptian scrolls of the dead.

                    Every religion believes THEY and THEY ALONE are the true Christians and their scriptures are the ONLY accurate word of God.

                    My point is, everyone believes what they want to believe and find justification for their beliefs however they can. Who knows?

                • Im always suspect of commenters who hijack threads on preperation. This article is very basically telling people to prepare, and you have turnedit into a religious sermon! Hey I get it” there are no athiests in a foxhole” And trust me Im gonna be the first one praying for me and mine if tshtf. But like the author is saying time for prepping is getting short! Not lots of time for huge religious arguments.:-)

                • Most of the old testament laws are not applicable after Jesus died on the cross. But Jesus has told us how to live in the new testament.

              • There were no Christians burning witches at the stake. They killed witches in Israel but Christians have no legal or moral authority to kill unbelievers.

                • Sorry Barn Cat. but over 20,000 witches were burned in one year in Europe. The last Pope was in charge of the Inqusition just befor being promted. No Christians involved? One of my relatives was Gov of MASS when the burnings stopped, wounder why? Could it be that his wife was charged as a witch? One of the lesser known Church figures said: “Judge not least you be juged”; forgot who. same guys said something like: “You can tell a false Prophet the first time he’s wrong.” Do you know of ANY orginizations more judgemental than Churches? Do you know of ANY Church that has never been wrong. I don’t. No Christians involved? Yea sure (Sorry my spell check is dead)

            • Gc, you would fit right in with the muslims in falujah. Sheesh.

              • Before or after the rebuild? Serous ???

              • Ken, not true in any way, but what is obvious is that you fit in nicely with the corp you worship.

                Good luck with that.

            • People like you are going to be the first to be wiped out by the true Liberty Movement.

            • Jesus loves you- go to the church of your choice, and WAIT.
              ‘Sufficiently advanced stupidity is indistinguishable from evil.- Packwood’s Law

          • @ Rodster. I would pull up and fly over the mountain, of course that type of common sense has eluded the masses in what seems like the entire structure of the country and world. In other words stop printing money, and put some value into the dollar. Going off the precious metals standard was the first pin to drop in a long set of all ten pins dropping. The government, all governments have to learn simply self control not to overspend. People are suppose to teach their children this that they can only purchase so much at the store. These politicians must have all had idiot parents.

            One of the worst conceptions of money is not seeing just how much you actually spend, it becomes just a wild number floating around out there. Someone simply sees what they want and they purchase it, usually getting tired of it in a week or month or so, just using the plastic like monopoly money.

            The absolute worst event to happen to the U.S. is when the country stopped being the one whom lends to others and instead borrows. The U.S. lost its strength when they stopped being the bank and the one in control and became the one begging and seaching loans. Now the hole is 17 trillion and the derivatives are off the charts in the QUADRILLION range, that is 1000 trillion’s. Then the country is massively polarized.

            This civil rights issue is really bothering me because it gives the federal government more power. Black people are usually far more racist than any other race, and they don’t even realize that they are the ones that are going to be most vulnerable to the feds cracking down, using the hate crime trump card. There was two blacks in New York that were convicted of doing in some Jewish man because of this civil rights violation. The 5th Amendment and not being able to try someone over and over again, double jeopardy, was a safegaurd put into the Constitution to protect the individual against a tyrannical government that could disappear anyone with finding someone eventually guilty in a series of kangaroo courts. The feds want to use this, perhaps, against Zimmerman that was proven that he was only trying to save his life or from brain injury against an attacker.

            The more I see this country falling apart, I wonder why something has not happened yet. It reminds me of a foundation of a home that has been eaten away with alkaline or the wood supports by termites in practically all weight supporting beams and the slightest vibration and the card house comes down. We are that close to mega SHTF occurring, that close.

            • Quite true and the reason it hasn’t collapsed yet is because TPTB know the end game. They know where this is all heading. They need to continue to perpetuate the lies and the economy while they prepare for the time when we finally collapse.

              I think TPTB are underestimating the serfs as you are witnessing taking place in countries like Brazil, Egypt, Turkey, Greece etc. People are rising up.

              Our problem is that we live in an infotainment society. And there is a collusion between what the Govt and MSM tells the public. The economy etc is all based on LIES.

              That’s why we still haven’t collapsed. But the time will eventually come when it finally happens. 1+1 will always equal 2. This is all about math and TPTB are aware of this.

              • A grim scenario indeed

                My only hope is that if/when it happens, the people
                that survive find those tunnels under Denver and
                elsewhere that TPTB will seek refuge from the storm
                in and plug every air vent that gives them precious
                oxygen and ventilation.
                A fitting grave for those dirty elitist SOBs.

                • People seem to forget that DEATH is the great equalizer. It doesn’t matter whether you are of the 1 or 99 percent. We are all going to the same place. Our time on earth is not very long.

                  • No, we’re not all going to the same place. Some of us will eternity in Heaven and others will spend eternity in Hell.

                  • Years running I have been doing what I can to prepare for the worst. Without knowing what combination of things will befall me, or when. I can’t guarantee that I will live long rather than die soon. While I can work in service of values I cherish, I can’t guarantee those values will prevail. As far as “taking what is mine by executive order” bring it on. I have poison pilled, so to speak, my food supply. Other supplies are rigged so that if I go prematurely, so do they. I have no ethical obligation to meekly die so that the tyrant can pass out supplies I have worked and saved for, to benefit my loved ones, to people who wish me harm. Neither do you. Just from sheer numbers or superior technology they can roll right over me. I hope I will take ten of them down before I die. I am not afraid to die fighting for life and liberty. I am afraid of dying dishonorably. Molon Labe. The 300.

                • The SS had one, We just piled dirt around the entrance and built a lake over it. Never did go in.

              • Dave Hodges is Parroting the usual mantra by all the others who write such articles. CONSIDER: He states all this Massive Power and exec prez orders already signed etc right. And yes hes right, about THAT part.

                But why does every single writer parrot like he does that “The fed govnt is Now awaiting some Major event to unfold or begin that Will THEN give feds a chance to Pounce with lock downs martial laws etc.

                WHY would so Powerfull an Entity as usa fed govnt Is, even require ANY “Events” to happen?

                If they truely desire to do as article states…Why wait for some……Major…..Event-riot-food shortage-cash troubles-or any Other “event”?

                Why cant the govnt simply Do it like atila the Hunn would?

                Of course they have enough power-cash-laws-military-cops-vehicles-NATO’s 40+ nations to add to power if called to do so. So why is it So So Imperative that the govnt MUST Wait untill some “Event” occures?

                Would Every newspaper and tv news MSM, all go along if prez or pentagon or dhs Ordered them MSM’s All to Broadcast as many LIES as needed for convinceing the avg public sheeps to believe it? Of Coures all msm will do that!

                So again..Why do all thses fear mongers insist it wont nor cant happen till some Event does first?

                They remind me of many of todays phony preachers. That teach folks “You Must First pray and TELL God what You desire or need or Want…Before God can make it happen!”

                Oh Really!!?? So as all powerfull-all knowing-always existing-Creator of ALL even things Nasa has Not yet discovered in outer space etc…YET…Such a Powerfull God, is UNable to Provide, whatever, for You or anybody else, Untill that persons Tells God to Do it? (are humans Gods, Boss?)

                What is wrong with that picture. It is 100% Wrong. Many believe in it, but that wont make it correct.

                What IS the Highest Powers on planet earth Besides-God?

                Mans Govnts are. NO other powers exist as powerfull as Govnts. Some nations are More so, some Less powerfull, but every nations own govnt power OUT powers all its people who live in that nation right.

                So again. Why is it so imperitive for some event Must First happen, for hobammy or any others to declare martial law?

                Assuming I am correct here(and you know I am). You must ask. “Is martial law really their true desires? and if so…Is it really to Crush us all, the common folks?”

                OR is it possible exec orders and preps to do a lockdown etc primarily for Really actual events which shall warrent any such stronger policeing etc?

                Suppose Blacks finally keep their last 50 yrs promices and many blacks deepest desires of nationwide riots to Kill whiteys off…”IF” that happens say, Next week…

                What do You prefere? #1 All cops nationwide stand down to allow whites be kiled by savage black attackers?

                Or #2- Cops mobilize to Stop blacks rioters and protect the safty of whites and cities etc?(yes I know us supremes said cops has no law to protect individuals etc).

                But while NO laws exist to mandate cops protect any “Individuals” cops Are supposed to Quell.Halt. Riots and crazed killers attacking whiteys right. And if cops do such then Yes it Indirectly does Protect everybody nationwide. So You’d choose what? #1 cops stand down Or #2 cops Do the Job hired and taxpeyer Paid to do?

                Be honest, folks who truely desire 100% total anarchy as they claim always…Are crazy themselves. It dont take a rocket fuel scientist degree to realize NO nation of substantial size and Population numbers(like usa) can long function nor continue to exist in peace or normalcy of Our expectations of a just civil society, if we replace govnt everywheres with…100% anarchy. Histroy proves nations Need some form govnt.

                Thats why as wrote in the Bible(Gods Creation may want to Read it) in Romans chapter 13 it says “GOD created Mans Govnts”…TO/FOR…The Good and Benifit OF/FOR that nations …PEOPLE…SO they the people Can Live in safty-peace-Prosperity…which will cause All folks to Remain…Happy-Fed-with good Jobs-etc.

                And as LONG as Your/their/anybodys govnt authorities are doing and Acting IN ways of Good For its people, and based on Gods laws and Principals of right ethics and Morals…And govnt remains Just and Fair or equaly treats its people Under that govnt…All Will be swell for All.

                Except of course those who demand “special xtra rights” or wants total anarchy(go find and start your own island and whatever) and Ungodly or atheistic type folks probobly will not like this. Too Bad for that crowd.

                America was founded on the basis of Law-ethics-morals-RIGHTS-Freedoms as Outlined IN the bible, Mainly the New Testement Christ Centered Christian ways. Most every founder of america admited to that too so forget argueing they was atheists as it dont fly. If you aint aware of this Fact…Do your Own research and Find the proofs galore what I said is correct.

                NOWHERES did Christ tell us to KIll bad leaders as some posters says. Read the New testement for every word spoken by Jesus he never said those things.

                And He did say we are NOT to allow any preachers to Juadiaze us, by going Back under Old testement Law which derived in TWO ways.

                #1-God Gave Moses the 10 comandts, and told Moses to write down a few More laws called the “Mosaic Laws”. two seperate issues or law sets. 10 comandments IS still in Force. BUT all the Rest of Moses, mosaic laws, like aprox 900+ laws are NOT still aplicable to Todays Christianity.

                #2- A different set of laws Invented BY Pharisee Rabbis, who began with “Oral” or secret laws known Only by Them, so they can control all others Under the rabbi pharisees(bad evil men, inventing laws/customs/traditions Of/ by Men with NO approval from God like Moses laws had). It later got wrote in books called “Babylonian Talmud” Cabala books-and Zohar book also…

                Todays Judiazer pastors are tring to convince or rather DUPE christians into going Back under Pharisee rabinical laws with Guess Who in Charge!(jews of course).

                I may be wrong, but I suspect Gods Creation, posts are speaking of Old testement laws maybe? If so?

                Those law systems were Replaced 2000 yrs ago BY and With Christianty, and NEW test gospels etc which IS what americas founders Based our BOR-Declaration Indep- US Const upon, along with Blacks Law definitions etc.

                So america cannot exist as an anarchist state and keep the founding docs intact, as that calls for Elected officials as Our govnt workers etc.

                “IF” we are Forced into combat situations BY a crooked govnt and all ELSE fails to remedy it…THEN Yes 2nd amendt comes into play and is aproved by Christ/Bible etc.

                One more Item: Dave Hodges like so Many others, has again used “apples vs oranges” in use of Wiemer germany hyperonflation, and zimbabwee same scenarios.

                There is a whole world of Differences from those hyper states troubles and the usa today. Bad comparisons at minimum. Yet they always All Parrot it eh.

                If this occures, it has to mean That will also happen, because that happened over There long ago. OR it is all they can concieve of so to their mind makes sense.

                Can they tell You what Bernakis Private Fed talks says? Or Hobammys Private talks in oval office? No. Nobody can do that. So GUESSING is all they do.

                Your guess is as good as theirs likley so why put so much Faith in Them? Personally I reject baseing My life upon writers I never even Met! and who ALL are Guessing like everybody else as thats about all we can do for now.

                Bet many folks here got scared by these guys rants, and bought Gold at almost $1800 per Oz eh?…Be Honest! Yes some folks here did…Now its worth $600 Less! Can you really afford to take their word, and end up Loseing that much of “investments”? I sure cannot!

                especially when the first few sentences tells me “An huge Event Must First happen to cause…….” No it does Not need to be so. If hes wrong on That…What else may he be wrong of?

                • A lot of what you say is correct. There has been a lot of money made from peoples fear. One day maybe soon people will learn that they can control there own destiny and not let someone or something control it for them. “We The People” can control our Government when decide to loose our apathy.

            • Be Informed, good evening, and I have to agree. Something is coming soon; I can feel it. The “community organizers” are still agitating the protestors, so the riots could still come at any time. I still believe mega SHTF will be a combination of events. braveheart

              • How many more organized protests in how many cities? The Law of Probability will win with riots. How long will this be drawn out is anyone’s guess, but as it progresses there will be other fires to deal with, to include a financial collapse. Then everyone under the sun will be protesting for one thing or another. Millions of people with their own cause to fight with each other. Fucking stupidity at its zenith. Everyday it gets worse and I see no end to it.

              • Seem strange that even with the leaders trying to make there mobs break in to volinece that are not

                . Is that how truly lazy the masses are.

                • Everyone has a big screen TV by now.

              • braveheart


                They’ve attacked hispanics and whites so far since yesterday…all with the same mantra.

                “this one’s for treyvon”

                swarmed wal marts,trounced cars. etc etc

                Sharpton,naacp, and all the other wannabe rabble rousers are planning massive rallies nationwide..

                Just watch your back..

                This is what a collapse looks like..
                societal collapse promoted by the 4th estate
                instigated by the 3rd estate (judicial branch/doj)
                ignored by the second estate
                embraced quietly by the first estate


                • My work does not allow cc on campus at any time. However tomorrow I will be cc to and from campus. Secure it appropriately for the day. unless they’ll guarantee my safety thought the north end of town, past the soup kitchen where the homeless and mentally ill hang out getting arrested by the popo every other day…

        • @BI: Left you a comment at the pressure cooker art., #1900616

          Keep the FAITH

          • @ Watchman. I read the comment and yes this 7.3 today is showing a energy arc that came from the Washington to Montana area down to Utah, just like back in 1983 when central Idaho had a 7.1. The South Sandwich Isalnds is really just a junction point for many larger plates and when something happens here it shows tension directed toawrds this point from another area. Taking a tape measurer on a globe this worldwide arc goes from the islands to nothern Chile/Argentina and Bolivia to western Peru, to Ecuador to southern Mexico/Central America, through western Texas, to the western Wyoming eastern Utah region, to Idaho and western Montana, to Washington, to southern Alaska, to northern Japan, to southern China, then out to western Indonesia where the mega earthquakes have occurred, out to the Indian Ocean and south of Africa back to the South Sandwich Islands. Everyone of these places needs to be on alert until the end of the month.

            The South Sandwich Islands shows pressure from the South American, African, Nazca, Antarctica, and Pacific plates and means more than 85% of the time something quite large is following. 7.3 is not the largest this region has experienced, but it is up there, and the largest for 1a 100 or so mile radius around today’s quake has ever happened.

            I understand that to some people they don’t understand how this earthquake forecasting is relevant to a money artilce. It is too pertinent, as the U.S. economy is waiting for such a widespread disaster to hit the country to topple it. A large earthquake in the interior of the country will likely still be recoverable. something in the port friendly cities such as the Seattle area would not be so easy to take such a hit.

            I don’t want to alarm everyone over this, but Yellowstone is within that arc of possible future major earthquakes. A big enough quake could and probably has in the distant past caused an unzipping effect of the magma mound. A 7 pointer is more than enough to cause this opening up of the magma buuble if it is close enough the the caldera. The 7.1 in 1983 was 130 miles to the west of the western most edge of Yellowstone’s caldera. This actually has made me a little nervous after reviewing this 7.3 down there. 130 miles is not too far enough, and the same arc as 30 years ago just occurred today. Without much warning an Yellwostone eruption would happen as National Geographic did a documentry movie on this.

            • BI ,
              That arc crosses some of the most volcanic regions of the west coast, when I first started reading your statement the hair stood up on the back of my neck , I was thinking Yellowstone also!
              Could you possibably imagine a mega quake of the San Andreas cutting loose with the Cascadia following along with New Madrid breaking from the strain and on top of that the magma pool below Yellowstone rupturing?
              This is the stuff nightmares are made of.
              Could this truly be the ” big one ” everyone fears. The data exists of a cataclysmic event in the past i.e. craters of the moon national park with its lava flows and more recently Mt. Saint Helen’s in 1980

              I really think this would not likely to be easily survive able.

              Prepare, Stay Alert, Finalize your plans

              Semper Fi 8541

              • I’m a Geologist and I think you can relax on the Yellowstone issue as it relates to earthquakes elsewhere. Not that they could not trigger an event, but that hot spot is only going to erupt when it gets ready. Not arguing that a Moose peeing wouldn’t set it off when it wants to go, but if it doesn’t, it’s not going to.

                • @ Paranoid. Yellowstone is a funny animal. That hot spot could be over more or less amount of rock strata, and it could be ready to erupt right now or in tens of thousands of years. No one really knows other than a very small average of numbers says it is due right now. A fissure can open up into the magma chamber from a large enough earthquake. Just like the cracks that develop in a dam, the structural intergrity of what is holding it back is the real issue here.

                  A fissure can cause a limited eruption which is much more common, 10000-100000 years rather than the 640000 years of a mega eruption. Back in 1959 when Montana had that 7.1, much concern over Yellowstone erupting was all over the geology news. In the 1980’s when Mammouth Lakes had 4 earthquakes from 6-6.6 they raised the volcano alert around Long Valley Caldera to just under red. Earthquakes cause rock to fracture as you know, and given the right angle and proper depth, a large earthquake can cause Yellowstone, Toba, or the many other supervolcanoes to erupt.

                  I have been studying faults and it only takes the proverbial straw that breaks the camel’s back. The Northridge earthquake was a result of the Landers earthquake 1 and 1/2 years previous in southern california. They said that if that 7.4 Landers quake did not happen, that the Northridge fault would have likely gone off sometime in 2040, rather than in 1994.

                  One professional in college I knew was trying to prove that water table differences influenced the eruptions of volcanoes and shallow earthquake faults. The Iceland volcanoes seem to become more active during the spring and summer melt of some of the ice caps. I imagine that also has to do somewhat with the rebound effect of the ground losing or gaining weight. Some of the stress points on the New Madrid fault system lost almost 2 miles of ice from the last ice age, and the fault itself could have been warped to a lesser degree because of this.

                  If a close enough 7 pointer or higher hit Yellowstone I would be real worried, as well most of the geological world. There is what they now estimate to be over 5000 cubic kilometers of mass ready to go rather than the 3000 or so they had thought was there. This is not over the end of civilization if that erupted, but more mass like this means more pressure and less of something to send it to the surface.

                  As you have seen for the past several months the earthquake predictions are getting more and more dead on as I am able to refine my system. Just the same as a 2 dimensional game of pool, the three dimensions of plates around the world follow the same pattern decades ago that they follow today, the plates only move at most a few inches a year. When an earthquake in the Easter Island region leads to a major quake in New Guinea or Northern Japan, the exact same spot getting hit will likely lead to a major quake in the same vicinity again. One earthquake that was predicted in January was 10 miles away from whence it hit 4 years before. This huge quake in the South Sandwich Islands hit in 1983 within a few miles and this lead to a 7.1 in central Idaho. The movement of the Scotia plate in relation to the rest of the plates forms a three dimensional arc around the planet in which the Pacfic Northwest to about western Wyoming and Utah are in this line. Let’s hope that another area in that arc gets hit.

        • I guarantee there will lots and lots of dead scum traitors to the Republic too. I fully expect to die, but some things are worth dying for. I’m as pissed off as I’ve ever been in my life so let them pull their trigger. Because there’s millions of Patriots just like me waiting for it.

        • Be informed I have the utmost respect for you and enjoy your posts. I by no means mean any disrespect to you sit. However you quoted info wars which is an Alex jones run site. I have been reading and watching things that would lead me to believe he is either a government shill or just a guy that spreads fear. His last appearance on idiot piers Morgan just made is gun owners look crazy. But he tends to do that every time he’s in the media. As though he has his own agenda? I just don’t trust the man.

          • @ Action Speaks. I was trying to link the story of Israel bombing Syria again, and I thought this would be an easier link that the other sites covering this. The MSM NEVER seems to cover any of this, and WW3 is ready to break and everyone is fixated on what the MSM and the government wants them to be. To tell the truth what I am a little more concerned about is the way that earthquake in the South Sandwich Islands has lead to before and the arc around the planet that passes miles close to Yellowstone.

        • I call Bullsh*t on two fronts: Math and History. Math because there aren’t enough military and police personnel to cover more than a couple of large cities. 3 million total to cover the 5th largest country in both size and population. Let say the Russians, Chinese and the Euros send a million each, that still only 6 million total for a country of 315 million. Most of these folks aren’t front line combat folks either. So yeah, I call Major Bullsh*t !!! History because there is no record of mass, or even moderate, cannibalism in any county’s history. So I call Major Bullsh*t on this one too. This writer has gotten one thing right that I’ve been preaching about and that’s the paranoid crap about roving gangs. The author understands like I do that poor sanitation due to collapse will lead to water bourn diseases that will kill millions. Any one who’s been in the military, or even the Scouts, knows that field sanitation is vital. A reliable water source is a must.

          • Gregory8: You need research Ukraine, 1930’s Famines that killed 1/3 of entire pop in les than 18 months.(7 to 10 Million starved! Fact) A Forced Famine done By Russian Bolshevik Kommie Jews, and YES many documented reports from Eye witness’s proved Canabalisim DID happen in Ukraine then, as well as Poland-Russia-Hungery(I think too?) all due to Commie revolt that began in 1918 Russia and spread to all eastern europe. Like it or not the Facts document that YES the Vast majority of the orig inventors of communisim from Karl Marx-to Lennin and Trotsky-Kanavitch-and aprox ALL but 13, of the Top 503 kommie inner circle leaders were all Jewish. Even if you yell antisemite or nazi, that will NOT change the Facts. Nor that Yes canabalisim did occure during the last or 20th century!

            LOOK these facts up if you doubt it. I can provide more websites than you can Read if you need me to.

            • Thusly… teams, 1-2 years of food, ammo and a plan.

            • Them Guys: Millions starved, yes, but there are no peer reviewed scholarly papers that show anything more than a few random incidences of cannibalism. I said earlier that there has never been a large or even moderate outbreak of this. What part of that did you not understand? And what is all this anti-Jewish drivel? I, nor anyone else, has mentioned it so why do feel compelled to do so? As for your so-called websites, unless they can provided serious scholarly evidence of anything more than a few incidences of cannibalism, I call Bullsh*t on them as I do nearly all sites that can spout all the crap they want without credentials.

        • With all due respect to Dave, he is not a financial expert. He may have credentials in his field but his field is not Finance or Economics. While he probably means well, He is just another hysterical “hyperinflation fanatic” pissing into the wind: misguided and misinformed. Its not gonna happen.

          Anyone who knows anything about money, economics, and finance knows that the danger WE face is DEFLATION. Our factories are sitting under utilized with over capacity and the American population does not have enough disposable income to buy the things they would like to buy. Aren’t there LOTS of things that YOU would like to buy besides groceries?

          That is not hyperinflation. WE are nowhere near a hyperinflation currency collapse. If fact the dollar is rising and getting stronger despite ALL attempts to lower its value so that America can become “competitive” with respect to the rest of the world.

          The goal of the NWO is to bring “prosperity” to the rest of the world so that there are many billions more consumers with cash to buy the products produced by the factories owned by the Global Financial Class.

          Granted that prosperity for other nations represents a current decline in American wealth and I have been quick to point that out over the past four years here at SHTF Plan. It represents a lowering of the quality of life for many working Americans who expect someone else to provide them employment.

          A currency collapse will not happen, but a significant drop in the stock markets will; perhaps somewhere between 30-50%. That ALWAYS happens when greed and exuberance exceeds reasonable PE ratios based upon corporate earnings. Nothing to see here. Get your cash out of the market and move along until it bottoms.

          WE are in the Last Days and ugly things will happen eventually. We have God’s word on that. They will not be triggered by “currency collapse”. They won’t even be triggered by war in the Middle East that will last for many years yet.

          Many of you claimed that WWIII was right around the corner over Syria because Russia would get involved. I said, “No. Russia will sit this one out”. Now We know that Russia has evacuated 30,000 personnel from Syria and is leaving Assad to his own devices. devices which Russia will gladly sell to them for dollars or gold. Do you think Russia is accepting Syrian Dinars for those missiles? LMAO! 🙂

          The FED will attempt to stimulate the economy between now and November 2014. alas the best laid plans of mice and men often go astray. Expect a second leg down in the economy later this year. That will not trigger hyperinflation, as any dollars printed for QE are designed to replace the losses of the banks and keep them solvent: which is why it doesn’t matter how much cash the FDIC has on account.

          Invest in gold, speculate with silver, and hoard your lead. I have given that advice for 4 years and it is as relevant today as ever. And oh yeah, save your dollars in number ten cans if you have any extra.

          Engage your employees because God helps those who help themselves. Bury your head in the sand and “drop out” at your own risk. Had the Founding Fathers rolled over We would all be singing God Save the Queen; instead of the Star Spangled banner.

          Engage. 🙂

          • Nice post DK. I tend to agree with you and I’ll add that there’s a chance that the can could be kicked down the road quite a while longer if the US can get it’s natural gas and oil exports up and going soon enough. When/if that happens, you’re going to see the masses believe that we’ve returned to prosperity when in fact we are once again just delaying the inevitable even longer. Maybe by then I won’t be around to see the collapse.

            • Domestic production of oil & gas is already up and is overtaking imports.

          • @DK Concur. Inflation would need a rapid increase in velocity of money, yet QE, as you properly state, is strictly for bolstering bank reserves, and money velocity is very tame indeed right now. We do have inflation, about 9% according to shadow stats, and that, coupled with loss of good jobs, is putting the squeeze on the middle class. I see more of a long- term, Japanese style stagflation, but not hyperinflation.

            I also see PMs doing very well over the next couple of years, and I have encouraged my employees to prep, and some are. Doubtless some think I’m just a crazy old loon, but that’s okay.

            These days, I take the rantings of prognosticators with a grain of salt. Who, with any certainty, can predict precisely how it will all play out? I do know that long ago we left the Age of Reason, and that our system devolved into one of heavy corruption, little adherence to principle, a cultural wasteland, and anti- God chic. Puppet fraud Obama, the real Manchurian candidate, was icing on the cake. You gotta be FKM!….. I’ve spent 30 years of my life building a business, living by God’s principles, to see our world coming apart, thanks to the wannabe technocrat statists and central bankers and God knows who else?

            So yeh, I’m taking this very personally, and I am plenty pissed to see our Constitution and our God- given liberties trampled. Hey, I don’t want to shoot people. I don’t want a civil war. But I will protect the people I love and our God- given right to be free. The upside to all this is that we have a lot fun prepping, going to the range, selecting new firearm toys to play with, planning our garden, and getting the mountain hideaway in good shape.

            • Good post Ralphie Boy. How anyone can thumb it down is beyond me but it shows the ignorance of some people here, who claim to aware.

              Obviously they are not.

          • Oh yeah….”It’s different this time”.

            Ignore hundreds of years of the history of fiat currencies.

            Never mind that virtually all of them ended in collapse and their becoming worthless.

            The dollar is different….right?

            I’ll laugh at you when this comes about DK….but I doubt you’ll show your face then.

            • Hey Walt! Always good to get your perspective, especially when it is wrong. It gives me a chance to educate the masses. 🙂

              There are differences this time in that the Dollar is THE world currency, at least in the West, and the FED is the lender of last resort.

              The mechanisms that the FED has at its disposal to manipulate the supply and demand for money and the economy in general are unmatched in the history of the world. So in that respect, yes, it is different this time. 🙂

              America is not Germany in the 30’s, Zimbabwe, or any other historical example to which you would like to point.

              Demand for dollars and American debt is strong. Moreover it is essential to the global economy. That doesn’t mean that I approve of the NWO globalists and their financial rape of America, but it is my recognition that the state of the world economy while precarious, is manageable.

              When the Middle East war spreads to Iran and Israel, the dollar and gold will increase in demand. You seem to be a very bitter person Walt.

              Why is that? 🙂

              • @The durango kidd

                The world is moving away from the Petrodollar, it can’t be stopped. And Washington is doing everything in it’s power to ensure the slaves don’t flee the Empire. How dare they!

                Why do you think your government is at war with the rest of the world? Hint: It has nothing to do with terrorism.

                Why Iraq?

                Why Afghanistan?

                Why Libya?

                Why Syria?

                Why Iran?

                Why the Patriot Act?

                Why the NDAA?

                Why the NSA?

                Why the metastasizing domestic Police State?

                The psychopaths who claim to rule us would rather burn down the entire world than give up power and see us live and let live.

                You seem to be onboard with that program.

                “Why is that?”

                • YM: What you say is true. But I am not “on board” with that and had you been here for the past four years, instead of just a couple months, you would know better.

                  The world is not moving away from the “petro dollar”. In fact the power of the petro dollar is getting stronger; its just that the power base of the petro dollar is moving away from Saudi Arabia and it is likely that the USA will be independent of imported oil in a couple of years, again.

                  Projections show the USA production surpassing Saudi Arabia in barrels of “oil equivalent in a few years. Do your homework. 🙂

                  • You dream my friend.

                    China and Russia have other designs.

                  • China (The CCP) is in bed with the US NWO. In fact, the NWO PTB are pushing China to the top to increase their wealth. There are a number of links to China at SHTF America. I suggest you locate them and use them.

                    You might want to educate yourself. The US and China economies are joined at the hip. Catch up. Russia is holding out and trying to keep the Rothchild GB at bay, but they have joined the WTO and will be required to toe the line for investment capital or be left behind.

                    Why do you think Russia exited Syria? They do not want a confrontation with the NWO if push comes to shove.

                  • As a Geologist I wish there was a good way to bet a $1000. Those frac wells have a decline curve a lot like falling off the Grand Canyon. 5-8 years this boom will be a memory.

                  • Paranoid: as a geologist you should be thinking energy rather than oil & gas. Big developments and implementation in Alt energy. Check it out.

              • There is one more key difference between the US Dollar and the other fiat currencies that were mentioned above. The ‘printing’ of dollars is not under the direct control of the politicians.

                I consider this setup similar to the ‘two key’ system for releasing a nuke in that two independent people (groups in this case 1) congress and 2) the Fed) are required to take the actions required to create a hyper-inflation event.

                Finally with working class wages being stagnant, or decreasing, when corrected for inflation keeps aggregate demand level (at least in the US). Given that 70% of the US economy is driven by consumer spending and the consumers have less and less money demand, and therefor prices, must decrease over the long run.

          • The Durango Kidd says:

            “With all due respect to Dave, he is not a financial expert. He may have credentials in his field but his field is not Finance or Economics.”

            Well DK, please tell us about your Economic credentials. What qualifications do you have? What degrees do you hold?

            “the American population does not have enough disposable income to buy the things they would like to buy.”

            Ya, because of Inflation! The 1913 dollar will now buy you .03 cents worth of goods or services. But there’s no meaningful inflation according to the “deflationary fanatics (government and DK).” Hyperinflation IS a very real threat people, dispite the claims of so called experts in money, economics and finance!

            “If fact the dollar is rising and getting stronger despite ALL attempts to lower its value.”

            That’s because EVERY other country in the world with a central bank is doing the same thing we are: PRINTING MONEY. It’s called “Inflating the Money Supply”. It’s called “Debasement.” The dollar remains strong because others are following us into the toilet, not because our currency is “getting stronger.” It’s called, the “Race to the Bottom.”

            “The goal of the NWO is to bring “prosperity” to the rest of the world so that there are many billions more consumers with cash to buy the products produced by the factories owned by the Global Financial Class.”

            You can’t really be serious! The NWO wants to bring the world population down to under a billion persons or so! Have you not read their own “white papers?”

            “A currency collapse will not happen.”

            EVERY fiat currency in the history of the world has eventually collapsed. That’s a fact. “American Exceptionalists” refuse to acknowledge such. The petrodollar’s days are numbered.

            If you think Russia and China will sit on their hands while the United States runs amok in this world, you are crazy! Those crazy bastards in DC think the same way you do. When DC gets nuked because of American hubris, I suspect you’ll change your delusional tune.

            “The FED will attempt to stimulate the economy between now and November 2014.”

            The Fed has been trying to “stimulate the economy” for about 5 years now. Has it worked? Has it?? The short answer is NO. I suspect MOST clear thinking people would agree.

            “And oh yeah, save your dollars in number ten cans if you have any extra.”

            Strike that DK. You’re gonna need wheelbarrows, not #10 cans.

            That’s just my .03 cents on the dollars worth.

            • Your Mama: I have posted my credentials here before and they are in the archives. I have two degrees and held three professional licenses before an early retirement. I ran 15 major markets nationwide for a major bank that still exists. I have more than 30 years experience in the banking, real estate, and financial industry.

              For all of that I do not consider myself a financial expert (although I could qualify in Court as an expert witness) because the field is so large and diverse with many specialties. In comparison to some of the people her, like you, without that education, experience, and special expertise, I am a financial genius. 🙂

              • The durango kidd says:

                “For all of that I do not consider myself a financial expert.”

                Then why do you say: “I am a financial genius.”

                I think the genius is confused!


                • I am a financial genius ONLY in comparison to your utter ignorance. In a land of pygmies, even a dwarf can be king! 🙂

                  • Yourmother is a boot licker that loves to troll everything people post. GO AWAY!!!

                  • Hey Genius, dwarf and pygmy are synonyms terms.
                    Which one are you again?

                  • @dk 🙂 A good chuckle at that last sage comment! Frankly, I appreciate your background and education. Good point about the petrodollar and the strength of USA reserves, far greater that most people know, and I say that with a 30- year background in the oil and gas industry.

                    Taking this a step farther, It appears that new discoveries in Australia are indicating potential reserves greater than those held by the Saudis. Alaska is also atop a veritable sea of oil – a well known fact among petroleum industry insiders. But remember, facts rarely get in the way of the peak oil kool aid drinkers who have been convinced, against all logic and reason, that it will be the end of cheap oil that will doom us all. Bear in mind that no country matches the USA in terms of technological expertise in the oil and gas industry, and this means continued rapid economic growth in this sector – witness the good economy of my home state of Texas, and boom times in the Bakken basin. In fact, for all of those moaning about their personally dismal economic state of affairs, buy some luggage and move to the Dakotas. No shortage of high paying jobs there.

                    You are spot on about China, a nation with pathetic oil reserves, and a country with a state managed economy that is already suffering high inflation and slowing growth thanks to the folly of technocratic management. China is yet another myth – the myth that they will overtake us all (that’s what they were saying about Japan in the 1980s). They are going to need the gold they are hoarding to buy energy from us. Hey, find me one state controlled economy that ever succeeded.

                    So I remain skeptical of prognosticators whose only goal is to keep us shivering in fear, trying to convince that it is only them that have the answers – typically leading to more state control. Just think about the great scientific minds who wrote great tomes of apocalypse warning the world back in the early 1970s that we would all be shivering and starving to death in the early 1990s as the new Ice Age dawned?

                    That’s why I suggest that all of these adrenalin producing proclamations be held suspect and thoroughly researched. The PTB want to scare he hell out of us so we will run into their entwining arms for comfort and protection, the surest way to self- emasculation.

                    I do not doubt for a minute that conditions will continued to be engineered by these NWO technocrats that will make life very tough short term, the reason I prep. But I am not buying their horse shit for one minute. And no liberty loving, independent thinking human being should permit themselves to be suckered in either. And this is the gross underestimation of the NWO. These wanna be elitists have the hubris to believe themselves far more intellectually capable than 99.999 % of the rest of us. The Greek playwrights understood this 2000 years ago, classic stories of great Kings fallen thanks to the fatal flaw of human pride.

                    Apologies for being so verbose tonight, but DK, I agree that some of the people who post here would be well served if they actually took the time, with some measure of healthy skepticism, to dig deep and get a grip on the facts before inserting footing the proverbial mouth.

                • RalphieBoy: China actually has some serious shale oil potential: maybe in the top three to five nations in the world. They don’t have the technology or experience yet to release it. But they will.

                  Africa is a HUGE continent and except for some drilling around the edges, the continent has hardly been tapped. Wait until the reserve data comes in for Tanzania, Mosambique, and Madagascar (not to mention the recent discoveries around the Horn as an extension of Saudi arabia).

                  It will make the potential in Australia pale by comparison! O’bummer should be using his black heritage to increase OUR influence in Africa.

              • Yomammo Fails to mention that back when the dollar Was worth 100%, Prior to 1900, the avg DAYS wage for Most jobs WAS $1.00 Per Day worked.And it remained One dollar Per day worked wage, for a very long era. From early cowbay days till Henery Ford began to raise a days wage pay to $5.00 per day worked, around 1930’s era.

                So while Yes a dollar was worth a Full 100 cents, wages were FAR Lower than todays and wages since 1970’s if not prior to 1970’s. So dollars buys less yes..But you Have way More dolalrs for each day worked to buy stuff.

                You also when stateing how fed prints more dollars, You Fail to account for all the older bills the Fed Burns to ashes every day. You types seem to believe every dollar printed since 1913 is still floating around the world in somebodys pocket or back accnt.

                They do NOT still exist. In Fact, I dont recall the exact numbeber, But the fed reserve Has a set Standard for AGE of all dollars printed in all denominations from $1 to $100 bills printed. It is somehweres like 14 yrs old Max and it gets tossed in their Furnace to burn to ashes and be Replaced by NEW CRISP bills.

                To believe on one hand TPTB desires a strong us military to polcie and Maintain banksters total world control to lead to a NWO soon, then on Other hand believe TPTB can maintain such mass military global Powers yet do so by destroying or Allowing ANY Other nation to dump or destroy the usa fed res world reserve ability?

                Is total absurdity. Yomammo is the type person that Can believe Two direct Opposites in the same Mind, at the same Time, and believe alothough the Two things are total Opposites, they are BOTH True at same time!

                Gravity Always causes you to Fall DOWN! Because sometimes yes You Can Fall UP too! No wonder regardless what dk or others actually Write, Yomammo reads a totally different sentence of words NOT written there. Then pre configures an entire argument Based upon those NON written words that are NOT there! And thinks he, Yomammo is who is correct!

                Phyco experts here: Is That whats called “Cognitive Disonence”? or however its spelled?

                is the meaning of that, folks able to believe two distinct Oppoisites as True at same time in same mind?

                Its like liberals who tel you “There are NO absolutes”..Yet That very statement IS an absolute! and if you try to show a liberal that point of Fact, they just cannot get it! It is too deep of thinking for them I guess, also they can never admit when wrong. And some folks wonder why americas so fucked up.

            • YM: The FED is not and has not tried to stimulate the economy. That is the line of the Lame Stream Media pushing their propaganda to fools like you who believe it.

              If the FED really wanted to stimulate the economy beyond a 2-3% rate they could easily do so by releasing all that money “stuck in the Banks” to the public.

              What the FED and the LSM does not want Americans to understand is that the Great Bank Bailout of 2008/2009 continues unabated and the American taxpayer continues to make the GB whole while they gamble with our money.

              You are an economic idiot! 🙂

            • You seem to have a gross misunderstanding of how this really works. Here is a good synopsis of what has actually happened over since 1913:


              Here is a chart of inflation adjusted median wages since 1913:


              In short, while you’re right in stating that the dollar has lost 97% (or whatever) of its ‘value’ since 1913; it doesn’t matter in the slightest since the increase in wages exceed it and had the effect of increasing the median income 5X (again, inflation adjusted). Furthermore, inflation benefits the borrow (which almost all of us are) at the expense of the lender. Deflation is bad because it causes people to delay large purchases and increases the cost of any debts they may have. This leads to a ‘deflationary death spiral’, see the great depression for an example.

          • Sorry, but I call you wrong on deflation for one reason, If you can argue against it, go for it. “”The Gov is not going to stop spending more than it makes and the Fed is going to print what it needs.”” If you never stop printing, eventually it’s garbage.

            • Paranoid: What you say is true but inflation, even double digit inflation is not hyperinflation. It only seems like hyperinflation when consumers do not have the money to purchase anything but gas and groceries.

              • As they hang you does it matter if the rope is rough?

                • No. Neither does it matter if the rope is long or short. Still, a hyperinflationary crash is fear mongering when people should be concerned about how the peoples money is being used to underwrite and subsidize a few at the expense of the many.

                  Engage. 🙂

              • BS DK.

                So in 1913, if made $9,000 per year, I would now, in 2013, have to make $300,000 per year just to stay even (the Feds own statistics).

                Is this a result of inflation (money printing), or a lack of Federal Reserve Notes in circulation (monetary deflation)?

                Being a “financial genius”, maybe you can answer that.

                • It is inflation over 100 years. It is not hyperinflation.

                  • The durango kidd says:

                    “It is inflation over 100 years. It is not hyperinflation.”

                    And that’s your response? LOL.

                    I’ll drop your name for a Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences.

                  • Absolutely! Nobel Prize? Thanks for the nod! 🙂

        • Search Quantum Dawn 2 … two days from now. They always do a false flag under some type of drill or simulation. This time all the chess pieces are in place to take down common Americans. They won’t know what hit em. The blame will probably be Snowden saying our national security was compromised. Race tension, gasoline prices approaching $4/gallon, Russians and Israelis positioning themselves over Syria and Lebanon, DHS head stepping down, the list goes on … they create the crisis and come in as the solution. General martial law is almost here.

        • Actually, you could say it would be a triple jeopardy? We all know they will do whatever they damn well please, because in their minds, they are better than you or me.

          3 words:
          Trans Pacific Partnership

          IMO, I think they want to gather as many countries into a binding deal, that would keep the worthless dollar alive and kicking. The Usurper and Thief is trying to get Fast Track Authority on this plan, because it’s his plan and he doesn’t want anyone to see the final cut.
          Look at how well NAFTA has worked out for America. Everything is being done by design. Those that think they can rule by tyranny are just fooling themselves, because when chaos ensues, all bets are off the table.

          If you haven’t already started, I would sell anything that is not of necessity!!! Do not go out and buy the new electronic gadgets, unless it’s something that can be used for defense, food preparations, communications, and all around sustaining you and your loved ones lives.

          It’s a scary thought not knowing exactly how this economy is going to collapse , but collapse it will. Everyday, is just another bonus to live your life as it is now, without having to protect oneself and those around you from those that look to do you harm or far worse?
          Having trust worthy friends is a mainstay of any prepping, so know who you can trust deep to the heart. Plus remember, generosity after the SHTF goes viral, can be a savior too. Not everyone will be an animal banging at your doors/defenses. But, that also goes to say, you will have to be firm hearted on your actions of what you do. Never let your guard down for one instance, life depends on your clear thinking and level headedness.

          B Aware, B Awake, B Alive

          • Soapdish, the last time the head monkey was in China he tried to promote the Trans Pacific partnership and was roundly laughed at by all the Asian countries he tried to sell this lame pos idea to. Asia is setting up it’s own trade networks via China and Russia. The Yuan and gold to be used in trade settlement. They don’t want any further exposure to US dollars. Of course,this event was never covered by the American media, the sheep must believe king dollar will always rule world trade.

        • OFF TOPIC:
          Holder & the gang are obviously out to get Zimmerman. If he can, he shouldflee. The typical black mentality shows here: “I’s jusified no matter what I do!” Holder is demanding a return to the “duty to retreat” laws. Why do I have a duty to retreat from an attack?

          • Bob,I’ll throw my 2 cents in for what it’s worth. I think holder was ordered by the chimp in charge to go down to Florida to pacify the primates. They have no viable case against GZ and they know it. The only option they can pursue with any chance of success is to overturn the stand your ground law. This was simply an exercise in buying time, holder can claim they are investigating the GZ case for months, same for stand your ground. Believe me,6 months from now the negroes will have largely forgotten the old traymonkey,as the media will have countless other circuses to exploit.

            • I wish I had a compound where I could offer him refuge for a while.

          • Bob: Holder can order lunch but he can’t order a state to rescind a law that’s on the books. Here in Florida, also know as the “Gunshine’ state, we have many fine beaches where he can go pound sand till the sun goes down but he can’t force us to change our laws. The people of Florida have spoken through their Legislature and Governor, and we’re just fine with our “Stand Your Ground” thank you. There have been a number of folks who have misused the law and they are facing long prison terms, but that news hasn’t made it out of Florida. Guess it’s not sexy enough.

          • Why do I have a duty to retreat from an attack?

            So that ghetto scum negroes dont get killed when they attempt to rob,rape,kill….YOU!

        • All that I can say is keep your eyes on the Detroit situation. Those people will lose forty to fifty percent pf their retirement accounts, and their health care! Every municipality in America is licking their lips and watching. You already have a protest movement over this trial situation and one beginning to stir in Detroit…but it will spread and the masses will react based on emotion in disregard for logic and reason. This could be the spark that ignites the powder keg. The subhumans will rise up and try the murder the humans! The science fiction story will morph into a shocking horrible reality!!!

      2. Q. What does a currency collapse look like?

        A. Exactly like my checkbook register.

        • FMCG: Actually, no. Your lack of cash is symptomatic of DEFLATION where consumers do not have money. Therein lies the ignorance of so many.

          Multiply your situation my many tens of millions of americans and what you have is the American economy teetering on the edge of a deflationary spiral.

          • DK: Yep, right on the money. And if we do see a true Deflationairy event in usa, when Many folks try to Sell all types of stuff to Get CASH Dollars to Buy food or pay rents etc…Who will get to BUY that super cheep priced Deal on say, a nice Motor home, or corvette etc?

            The guy there with a bunch of silver coins or some gold?

            Or Me with a hand full of Hundred dollar bills On the spot right NOW no messing arounc weighing gold-trying to find where to convernt gold to Cash dolalrs Before his kids starve or house forcloses etc?

            He will accept US Dollars, way Fewer than usual cause hes Flat broke and needs dollars as his bank-grocery store-Gas station Only will accept us dollars too. NO credit cards-NO personal checks-CASH ONLY…Same as in Cyprus we saw Posted Here gas station signs with “CASH ONLY for Gasoline”! NOT gold, Not silver not checks CASH Only or zero gas for You. DEFLATIONAIRY!= Lack of CASH on Hand.

            What do folks not yet get DK?

            • Them Guys: I don’t know what they don’t get. 35 people gave FMCG a thumbs up before I explained what is really happening and how to properly interpret his lack of cash. Two more people have thumbed his comment up since then.

              It demonstrates the lack of economic savvy in the American people and explains how the Globalists were successful in stealing the American means of production under “Free Trade”, without those who would be most effected by it from sounding the alarm.

              There are none so blind as those who refuse to see. 🙂

              • DK, there was a an article here a few days ago: deflation is the first sign of hyper-inflation. FMCG above has no money as inflation of necessities has sucked it away; so, he (like middle America) experiences your DEFLATION. To him, deflation, he can’t buy stuff. To the factory, DEFLATION, they can’t sell stuff. But, very clearly, we have high to hyper-inflation in investment assets such as commercial property, housing, stocks, and gold. There is a very high inflation of money-credit; only neither you, I, nor FMCG is the receiver of that. Those that are (government check writers, investment banks, elite wealthy) can’t spend their money-credit fast enough: there just simply is not enough stuff on sale for them to spend their money buying. This is why the stock market is just going up-up-up-up: its an obvious place to park their nearly free cash-credit.
                In the computer programming field you would be amazed how many government projects there are. The government ignores health epidemics like autism and obesity but spends hundreds of billions reading our personal emails and listening to our personal phone calls.

                • I read that article and it was wrong. More fear mongering from Alt Media trying to sell you fear and their newsletter for only $49.95 a year.

                  When you make an argument try to separate the apples from the oranges and I will be glad to respond to your inquiry.

                  We do not have hyper inflation is commercial real estate.

                  • I am really quite tired of your arrogance. I’m not sure who appointed you the resident finance expert, but your belittling, demeaning tone is really offensive. Obviously, we’re not all as smart as you, but we do know how the economic mess is affecting us, and we don’t need you to explain that we just don’t understand it. What I DO understand is that I have started to automatically just scroll past your comments.
                    Please don’t feel obligated to respond to this poor dumb uninformed post.

                  • Sickofitall: Feel free to scroll past my posts all you want. Its not taking any money out of my pocket. 🙂

                    Arrogance? No. Supreme confidence in what I say is true. In fact in almost ALL cases it is just an explanation of BASIC, fundamental finance, or economic principles designed to enlighten my fellow preppers so that they are been able to understand the economic mess that they are in; and how they can adapt financially to protect themselves.

                    I do with money what Daisy does with her garden. Stick you head in the sand if you want. It makes no difference to me. YOU will be the one who suffers from the lack of knowledge.

                    I got MINE. Get yours. 🙂

              • You have to be a complete imbecile if you think the Fed will ever allow a deflationary collapse to happen. Why would they let banks (read themselves) suffer when they can literally do a helicopter drops of cash and buy (save)ALL the debt in the US to put on their books. Deflation will cause banks to go under… They will not allow this to happen.

                Go read this article (EVERYONE) and you will see how it will be done… You will be glad you did.


                • Hawk: If your post is directed to me, I agree with you, in that the FED would never allow a Deflationary Collapse. That is exactly what they are trying to avoid at the present time.

                  In a hyperinflationary environment the Central Bank has control of the printing press and fails to control it. A deflationary spiral begins when consumers quit spending money.

                  There is a limit to the ability of the FED to manipulate the psychology of the masses.

              • @durango kidd

                People have money! There is no lack of “dollars.”

                Inflation renders the peoples money worth less!

                Price inflation is preceded by dollar inflation (Printing).

                “There are none so blind as those who refuse to see.”

                You got that right.

                DK says:

                “Multiply your situation my many tens of millions of americans and what you have is the American economy teetering on the edge of a deflationary spiral.”

                That is incorrect. What we have is an American economy teetering on the edge of a hyperflationary spiral.

                They have a lid on it… For now!

                • Its right. DK, did you read the article linked a few days ago? DEFLATION does in fact occur at the beginning of hyperinflation. E.g. FMCG has no money to buy non-necessities so the manufacturer sees DEFLATION. In fact, its the INFLATION that has drained him dry… just as he put so eloquently. There is so much money-credit out there the Gooberment spends hundreds of billions reading our emails and listening to out phone calls, the investment banks bid the stock and gold into dizzy cumulus, and the elites can buy themselves new bodies instead of getting old and dieing. There is HYPERINFLATION in commercial real-estate (brand new strip mall near me standing vacant for almost 4 years now as the rents are above sensical but the investors have so much free money-credit they don’t live in the real world. You, I, and FMCG are just not in the club with the free access to money-credit. Yes, we experience DEFLATION; but, the assets are in high INFLATION.

                • YM: They do have a lid on it (hyperinflation) and the FED has the mechanisms to keep the lid on. Recently a talking head asked one of the FED Reserve Governors why there isn’t more inflation (using official numbers) and that FED Governor replied:

                  “I don’t know!”

                  That of course was one of the biggest lies that I have ever heard. Of course he knows. The reason is clear to anyone with a BASIC understanding of economics. The money is not making its way to Main Street; only Wall Street.

                  • durango kidd says:

                    “The money is not making its way to Main Street; only Wall Street.”

                    Ya but it WILL, and they won’t be able to stop it! The horse is out of the barn. The Fed will not be able to control the hyperinflationary monster it created. It’s baked into the cake.

                    It’s not a question of “if”, but “when.”

                  • YM: “Ya, but it will!” That is the definitive example of your utter ignorance of how the system works. 🙂

              • Or in your case, he who paints his own picture and won’t look elsewhere. Someone answer my question above: How can you get deflation if the gov keeps spending more than it takes in and the FED keeps printing it in ever increasing amounts..?

                • Paranoid. Look up Inflation, hyperinflation, and deflation for an understanding of their differences. You can’t argue a point with someone when they do not know the definitions.

                  To answer your question above: If the excess money that is being printed does not reach Main Street and the hands of consumers, then you cannot have hyperinflation.

                  Understand also that DELEVERAGING which is taking place in mortgages and toxic securities, DESTROYS dollars. Lots, and lots of dollars. To a large degree, the FED is only replacing dollars that have been destroyed by the collapse in market value of these mortgage and toxic securities under QE.

                  Hope that helps you. 😉

                  • Yep, I agree. We really do have “two Americas” to quote an infamous politico. Those controlling the gooberment debt press and those controling the FRM credit press are in hyperinflation. Those who work for a living are in heavy deflation. Those 1/3 of Americans who ride on our backs? Don’t know what they are doing. Hard tocall it inflation or deflation when you are paid for doing nothing.

          • This is one thing that I agree with DK about. The government is pumping all of this money into the economy because they are scared to death of deflation. The fact that they have pumped all of this money in, and we are still just treading water if not sinking slowly, is very telling.

            Inflation in things you need to survive…food, gas, medical care. Deflation in just stuff: property, cars… Look at the workplace, hours being cut, less money and taxes being paid. The people whose hours are being cut, their dollars are devoted almost entirely to meeting their needs, chasing after higher food and medical costs, living paycheck to paycheck.

            Food packages are getting smaller and smaller and the prices are remaining the same, if not rising.

            At some point, this will all have to end. Whether it ends in inflation or deflation, its going to be miserable.

            And the talking heads on TV every day will “never see it coming” once again.

            • Prepped: In truth the FED has not pumped all that money into the economy. They have pumped all that money into the banks and the banks are using it to mitigate their losses from deleveraging and to increase their capital reserves.

              Double digit inflation is not hyperinflation.

              • When you don’t have enough Value to eat and your kids die because you cannot afford the necessary stuff, feel free to debate if it was Deflation, inflation, hyper inflation, recession depression or whatever. This Argument is just AS STUPID as HOW MANY ANGELS CAN DANCE ON THE HEAD OF A PIN. IMHO

                • How many Angels can dance on the head of a pin? It depends upon the song.

                  If your kids are hungry go to your local food bank, apply for food stamps, or look for a soup kitchen.

                  If you can’t feed your kids, maybe you shouldn’t have had so many. Planning and foresight is the responsible approach and I don’t have any sympathy for the Catholics who create kids they cannot afford to feed, clothe, or educate.

                  • I said “your” kids, anyone I’m responsible for will be fine. And I know the definitions, And I don’t care about them. Economists are just like the two hillbillies arguing abou wheather they wre looking at deer Tracks or cow tracks, when the train hit them.

      3. First?

          • at least he dont smell like fish

      4. Oh well. Do what you can and don’t worry about stuff you can’t do anything about.

        • Amen. Currency collapses have happened before and there are so many U.S. dollars in circulation that long-term hyperinflation is mathematically impossible. The dollar would have to go completely to zero meaning currencies from third-world countries also backed by nothing would be viewed as safer money.

          It is much more likely that we will go to war so we do not have to pay off our debts. Perhaps that is why we are picking fights all over the world today. Whatever the cause, reducing depending on dollars is the key to survival. Instead of paying for water and sewage, be ready to harvest your own and have a private sewage system. Same goes for food, shelter, and safety. Be an owner or be owned.

          • “Trade Wars, Currency Wars, World Wars”

            – Gerald Celente

          • Your well needs to be at least 100 feet from septic system.

          • Hyperinflation is a 100% mathematical certainly. The only question is when. I think hyperinflation will start when panic selling of the dollar starts with individual investors who can switch currencies very easily. According to Zero Hedge, 1 in every 15 dollars in existence are held by private citizens in Argentina. They could decide to switch to the Swiss Franc tomorrow and those dollars could find their way into our economy. As it is, they prop up the value of the dollars in circulation by staying in everyone’s mattresses.

            • Barn Cat you are dumber than a mud fence.Really! While you are entitled to your opinion, those opinions are not supported by the evidence. Its total stupidity manifesting itself from someone who doesn’t have a clue.

              Only the people in Argentina have their dollars tucked away in mattresses. Argentina has experienced runaway inflation before, and financial collapse, which is why they have their excess cash in dollars.

              I will check out the ZH article but I wouldn’t be surprised if the “1 in 15 dollars” didn’t refer to the dollars in Argentina; not in circulation worldwide. I might be wrong but I doubt that Argentina has 1 in every 15 dollars that has been printed.

              That would be an enormous sum.

              • How would any here or zero hedge etc Know if the fed/bernaki simply took alot of dollars fed Back to usa, and tossed them all into their huge furnace used daily to BURN to ashes excess old wrinkled bills?…Whats to stop them from ADDING a trillion more dollars to that furnace and destroy it so it will NOT reach the Masses of poeple in usa? if the masses do NOT have a truckload of cash to spend wildly…HOW Can Hyper inflation happen?

                And “IF” usa dollars began to print in denominations like Zimbabwee did with one bill is a Ten Billion dollar note?

                Then You can go work a few weeks or Less and use that to Pay off entire existing home loan-school loans-car loans etc credit card balances!

                And every single Bank nationwide will collapse.

                Really think TPTB are That stupid?

                • @Them Guys says:

                  “Whats to stop them from ADDING a trillion more dollars to that furnace and destroy it so it will NOT reach the Masses of poeple in usa?”

                  You can’t burn electronic, keystroke credits to worldwide accounts you moron!

                  Maybe, if TPTB were willing to engage in cyber bank heists, they could burn “dollars”, but that move would be obvious and cause a negative reaction. Virtual money will not burn. Not without provoking a gunfight anyway.

                  And TPTB think it’s best to push a “cashless” society.

                  “Really think TPTB are That stupid?”


                • Them Guys: Dollars are being destroyed at an astonishing rate. That is what happens during deleveraging. While the losses of the GB’s are made whole, the wealth of the Middle Class has been destroyed by 40% since the 2008/2009 crash.

                  That 40% represents an astonishing amount of dollars no longer part of the money supply.

              • The Fed is creating $85 billion in new dollars every month. And that’s only the amount we know of. Either you fail to understand economics or you’re a government troll.

                • @Barn Cat

                  DK is a Fascist troll.

                  He posts subtle State Propaganda to confuse questioning minds. He’s a Statist.

                  “Engage” is Collectivist code. Just like “Lean Forward.”

                  Q: Who benefits the most from pushing the “Deflationary” meme?

                  A: Government.

                  Not you, not me, but them!

                  So, why would DK advocate the governments policy of QE (a deflationary position that presupposes a lack of liquidity)?

                  A: He’s a Troll.

                  The man (I assume), is telling you not to worry. He says, hang onto your government issued paper. Who else would tell you this? Who benefits from a system like that?

                  I think you all know the answer to that question.

                  • YM; No I am not a government troll. I am not a member of the Cyber Squad. On the contrary I can assure you that I have a “file”. Your mind is already confused from a lack of formal education.

                    Engage IS a collectivist code. If we do not come together to oppose the NWO PTB they will complete their enslavement of US. You will be most affected as my wealth makes me part of the 1%.

                    I got MINE. Get yours. 🙂

                  • YM: NO, I do not advocate the governments policy of QE. It transfers the wealth of the American taxpayer to the Uber Rich Global Investment Class and absorbs their losses at OUR expense.

                    I am trying to explain why QE will not generate hyperinflation to people without the benefit my education, experience, or special expertise. it is a gift. it is free. You do not have to purchase my newsletter or subscribe to my website. I do not need your money.

                    Deflation is not a “meme”. It is an economic condition that develops when consumers do not have enough discretionary income to purchase what they want. This condition can develop from mass unemployment or too high a savings rate.

                    Do some research. You are in desperate need of a financial education. 🙂

                  • Government certainly doesn’t benefit from deflation because is destroys the TAX BASE.

                • BC: Yes the FED is creating $85 billion a month to buy bad securities from the banks. Some of that $85 billion represents losses that the banks would otherwise have to mark to market by law and deduct those losses from their balance sheets.

                  These losses would lower the banks liquidity ratio below the required legal capital requirement and they would technically be insolvent.

                  Unless and until that money is released to the public in the form of loans, and thus is circulating within the economy, it doesn’t matter (with respect to inflation/hyperinflation) how much money is “printed”.

                  With the new money (capital) from the FED the banks cover their losses, meet their liquidity (capital) requirements and increase their (capital) reserves: which is why the banks now have 1.3 trillion of excess (capital) reserves on deposit with the FED.

                  You are the one who fails to understand “economics” and how the FED works. I suggest you take some classes and do so serious study to alleviate your utter economic stupidity.

                  Or try reading Gary North. That would help you. 🙂

                  • The durango kidd says:

                    “Or try reading Gary North. That would help you.”

                    Well, it would appear you haven’t read Gary North!

                    “I have spent my career arguing that price inflation is highly likely, and price deflation is nowhere to be seen. I have written for four decades on why Austrian monetary theory is correct. The central bank can inflate and is likely to inflate. Prices will rise.” ~ Gary North


                    If you’ve ever read Gary North, it’s been very little!

                  • The durango kidd says:

                    “Deflation is not a “meme”. It is an economic condition that develops when consumers do not have enough discretionary income to purchase what they want.”

                    And that condition is properly called “Inflation!”

                    There is NO deflation.

                    It has nothing to do with a lack of “money,” and everything to do with currency debasement (money printing). Inflation.

                  • yes there IS inflation. But even double digit inflation is not hyperinflation which Dave hodges claims is about to break upon US. Not gonna happen.

                    Your quote from Gary North doesn’t refute my statement or any of my arguments. try again. Why suggest that it does? LMAO! 🙂

              • Violence is the last refuge of the savage, profanity and name calling the last refuge of the (You figure it out) When they make you God you have the right to judge, till then; stuff it. You still have not answered the question: If they don’t stop spending and printing at the ever increasing rate they are; why won’t the money become garbage? And I don’t care what you call it.

            • And what other country has enough currency to trade into. When are is worthless most of the rest will all ready be dead.

          • Hyperinflation is inevitable for the USD. All coutries hold USDs on their books as “reserves” and to trade with… The dollar is losing its reserve status, just look at all the currency swaps and bilateral trade agreements bypassing the USD. Sooner or later, but inevitably, all those dollars we printed up (exorbitant priveledge) to be shipped over seas for free shit and to “give” these countries dollars so they could conduct trade with… will come back home. Countries will be start spending all these dollars when they fear they’re going down in value (significantly). They’ll be buying energy, food, materials… and the price of all the stuff, especially in dollars, will go through the roof. And then it is game over for the USD and they will have to wait until the dust has settle to try and start a new currency system in the US.

            • (This comment was moderated above due to link)

              You have to be a complete imbecile if you think the Fed will ever allow a deflationary collapse to happen. Why would they let banks (read themselves) suffer when they can literally do a helicopter drops of cash and buy (save)ALL the debt in the US to put on their books. Deflation will cause banks to go under… They will not allow this to happen.

              Go read this article (EVERYONE) and you will see how it will be done… You will be glad you did.

              Go to FOFOA BLOGSPOT and search for Inflation or Deflation.

              • @The Hawk

                You are correct.

                The only ones peddling the Deflationary trap (crap) are the Fascists/Collectivists/Statists.

                Gotta keep the Establishment (the State), Established!

                Q: Without “funny money”, how would they be able to fund Amerikan Fascism, and it’s requisite Police State?

                A: They couldn’t!

                • YM; No deflation? Try telling that to the ten million people whose homes are underwater; meaning that they owe more than the market value of their house. 🙂

              • Hawk, I have been beating on DK for his name calling and absolute opinion on no hyperinflation, I’m afraid I Have to call you out also. Even tho I believe in the inflation you support; everyone who is worried about deflation is not a fool. Just suppose for one moment. There is a major crash in Europe, D Bank, one of the largest in the world goes down. The Derivative market panics, (Which it Will) $500 TRILLION dollars of paper wealth becomes unsaleable. The top 5 banks in the US go under 4 hours later, as they would, and every bit of callable debt in the world is called. Margin Debt. lines of credit, the whole mess. JP Morgan in a much smaller problem offered 10 Million in a month for 1 today. You think we wouldn’ have DEFLATION on an incredible scale? CASH would be king.

                • Cash WILL be king for a short period of time. Key word there… SHORT. Then the FED will step in and buy up ALL that worthless debt (derivatives, mortgages, everything) and put on their books, which will cause hyperinflation. They will not allow a deflationary collapse. It has NEVER happened… and won’t, especially now that we have a FED…

                  Read the FOFOA article I mentioned. It is absolutely terrific. Even a big time deflationist for 20yrs+ switch to hyperinflation after reading it… his name escapes me but I think FOFOA mentions it in the article.

                  • I won’t argue, the FED will try. The FED can do billions in a day. Not trillions in an hour. The Fed couldn’t stop Continental Illinois from going bankrupt in a few hours, 30 years ago. Now it takes nanoseconds.

                  • Paranoid: Thirty years ago when Continental went bust the FED did not have the computer capacity to input digital money into the Continental Bank account at the FED.

                    Today they do and can buy “assets” even toxic assets, from a crippled bank in a matter of seconds.

                  • They cannot buy 500 trillion. That’s the lowest value I’ve seen on the derivatives the banks have. Most of them in the 5 big US Banks. So we have a disagreement. But As I said I think inflation is the way they will go. But no way I’m putting my nuts on an anvil just to show how much I think that.

                  • Paranoid: I am not an expert on derivatives and the aggregate sums are astonishing; however in the USA 96% of those derivatives are owned by by the top 4 banks. Its a very incestous relationship.

                    In the event that a major portion of those bets went astray, the FED could just “good bank”, “bad bank” those assets as they did with the Savings and Loans back in the eighties and the derivatives would disappear from the balance sheet of the banks just like the S& L’s disappeared.

                    Once those assets were marked to market value with a steep discount, Hedge Funds and speculators would rush in to buy them at bargain prices, just as they have done with assets from FANNIE MAE or FREDDIE MAC.

                    Accounting is as creative as painting the Mona Lisa. 🙂

                  • The great depression was a deflationary collapse. At it happened 13 years after the fed was created. The problem was the fed pursued a tight monetary policy and allowed the dollar to deflate significantly with the associated demand destruction that followed.

      5. What does it look like? I think we already know, it’s already here. Former Middle Class Guy’s check book register and my bank account statement, look no further.

        • More ‘creative accounting’?

          U.S. debt has been EXACTLY $16,699,396,000,000.00 forthe past 56 days.

          CNS News

      6. Link not working BI ? Or did somebody already pull it ?

        • @ Southern Border. It was working fine when I sent the comment, someone must have pulled it or the site is down. It talked about about the massive Russian build up after Israel decided during the last new moon window to destroy a large number of Yakhort anti-ship missiles in a port of Syria. Russia has been pushed to the brink. I will never send a dead link as a reference for others to read, someone decided that this was not for the internet. I am looking at it right now on the saved section of my computer and it is interesting to read. I hope later they get it up and running.

          • the link may not work, however you can go to that site and find the link to that article on that specific site it still works i went there my self yesterday and read about it

          • BI,
            It looks bad re Russia getting involved in the Middle East war, but I don’t think it is going to happen yet. The Bible shows Russia involved in a Gog/Magog War (Ezekiel 38/39) that happens after the war of Israel with all her near Arab neighbors. Look for the destruction of Damascus and an Israeli victory over the Arabs next.

      7. BTW, nice article. Prep, prep & more prep !

        • People say to keep on prepping to infinity, however if you are going to do this, it had better be balanced. Don’t forget to do the math and see what you have – take an inventory just like any business would do. You would not want to be overstocked or understocked in any particular type of material goods. For example, I started with food. 15000 calories/day x 365 days as a minimum for my family = 5475000 calories. Do people have any idea what this actually looks like? People grossly underestimate what it really takes to survive. It took me six hours to do a calorie count but suddenly I had peace of mind knowing that I had enough. Move on to water storage/purification methods. First Aid/medications. Blankets/clothing/tools. Finally, after all of that, ramp up purchases of defensive tools. Start with a Brooklyn Smasher if you cannot afford firearms and ammo. A crossbow and many extra bolts. The battle rifle is a must, and learn how to use it once you have all of the above stashed away.

          Here is a must watch video by MainePrepper:

      8. “Young women will sell themselves for a can of food for their children.”

        Better get a couple more cans of food.

        • monty hall: there’s a SHTF article from
          like 2 1/2years ago,or so(might have been
          Selco’s ?)- Where this is discussed in the
          comments section… IMO, it’s worth
          Perusing older articles on this site…..
          …something about stalking up on Raviolis….

        • Yeah well young women truly go the extra mile for their children today.

          All the way to the store to get a coat hanger… pretty much.

          So spare me the sob story imagery.

          • Oh come now Ms. “I have access to 11 forms of birth control”.

            The Nazis didn’t rack up this much of a body count.


        • Ill teach them to shoot and garden and give them space on our farm for a safe haven, if TSHTF and people are starving i would rather help them eat if i can, than see them have to hit bottom.
          Island rootz
          Island community.
          This isnt the mainland and Aloha means more than hello and goodbye.

      9. Don’t be afraid. In the event of an actual emergency we already have authority to take control of the means of production and distribution channels. Oil will still flow, refineries will still operate, and gas will still be available for purposes deemed necessary by the collective. America can feed itself. All we need is worker bees willing to exchange a day’s labor on the state farm for a loaf of bread.

        • We import two thirds of our oil. Most of it will be seized by the government for governmental and agricultural use. Very little will be left to the average consumer. Besides, the national power grids will go down once nobody can pay their electric bills anymore. Without power there is no industry.

          • You need to do way more research before you speak. Nothing you said was true. All of it was old school thought for scare tactics. Shame on you.

        • @ Government Guy…

          Twelve people who have mush between their ears like this? Unbelievable. Twelve statists sheep like what you posted.

          You have no “authority.” From the Constitution which you violate all day every day?
          Which to Oshitstain is “just a piece of paper?”

          By “executive order” from the tyrant in chief? He has some authority to direct employees in the executive department. But NO AUTHORITY to legislate to all and sundry. He has no authority armed free men will respect when our lives are on the line.

          Just as Lenin and Stalin collectivized all the property, food included, by force mostly?

          How do you propose to do that to 315 million Amerikans? Combining all the military with all the police plus all the federal gestapo agencies is only a few million people. Most of the military, as a poster above noted, are not frontline combat troops.

          Most of the military and police shooters will go home to defend their families. So you are going to “do that” with what muscle?

          Let me break you the news dude. You aren’t taking any of my honestly acquired property unless you are willing to die trying. Because some of you will die trying.

          My food stores are poison pilled. If my loved ones and I die prematurely our supplies are rigged to go boom. We who prepare have no obligation to provision the tyrant and some of us won’t.

          Bring it on. Molon Labe. The 300.

          • @anonymous6.8


            1. A sharply ironical taunt; sneering or cutting remark

            2. Something that nobody on the internet can ever recognize.

            • It takes a mind capable of thinking to process sarcasm and wit.

              • The Thinker says:

                “It takes a mind capable of thinking to process sarcasm and wit.”

                So very true.

        • Your “authority” to take anything of mine ends when you reach my front door.

          Bring it.

          But you “government guys” better make sure your will is up to date.

          • Walt, good to see you here. Want to add to the ‘better get your will updated’; when an older man tells you something, it isn’t a threat it is sound advice.
            Kudos/Thumbs up Walt.

        • The govicorp may have the “firepower and muscle” to take control but they have no authority to violate the rule of law and the rights of individuals…firepower and authority are NOT the same thing…in America the govt has to operate by the rule of law and the consent of the governed…I realize they do not operate by the rule of law so therefore the consent of the governed has been removed…anyone with an ounce of sense has already withdrawn their consent…not saying that what you are saying is inaccurate but that doesn’t make it proper or lawful and I wont be cooperating with anything unlawful!

          • Reb, Dream on, When was he last time you think the Gov worried about legal authority?

            • You didn’t comprehend what I said did you?…I said the two(firepower and authority) are NOT the same thing..I DID NOT say they wouldn’t go ahead and act like they are and do it anyhow!

        • There is a difference between power and authority. We see if you have the power.

      10. We do not have two years left in the american economic engine? I dunno about that? Ive been expecting things to go south for several years. So far they are propping things up. As long a the EBT goverment stipends & freebees keep flowing its not gonna happen. I personally would prefer a series of great mega clatyclism,s to a burst monetary bubble. Those bunkers the elete have just possibly will be their tombs. We can always hope. There are laws of cause and effect. call it karma or gods punishment but eventually everyone gets what they deserve and deserves just exactly what they get. What ye sow ye shall reap. Im confident the UN and NWO will fail they are not immune to the law of Karma. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best.Try not to do anything that could endanger your innortial soul.

        • Panic selling of the dollar could start tomorrow. I doubt we have two years. I’d be surprised if we go six months.

          • The fed would just soak it up. There is not as much currency out there as you think their is.

            • Money was worth something in 1930s-1970s.

              Then came the casinos.

              When money ran out, just bring in more poker chips. When gone, bring in more.

              Up the ante!

              It is a game of bluff that is now running dry. The Piper is here and now wants his pay. Everything you own is now his pay.

              So pay up!

            • Barn Cat is right. It’s not dollars, it’s several Trillion of T Bills. And the Fed would be helpless, not because it couldn’t do anything, but because people would not continue to let us have a 40 Billion dollars a month balance of trade problem.

      11. Scary stuff to be sure. And it begs the question, “How the hell does one prepare for this!!?” Certainly no preparation plan can fully insure safety & survival. But we can all certainly agree that no awareness of the threat and no plan and no preps guarantees disaster.

        Well, I’ve prepped as best as possible. If God helps those that help themselves we may be OK.

      12. “You will retain ownership over nothing including food, water, guns, ammunition, your house, your car and even yourself.”

        While I have no Rambo illusions, I can tell ya taking it is going to be real expensive for the FIRST gooberment thief that shows up.

        And I think that will be the case in a whole lot of places. So much so that replacements for previously filled positions will be hard to find.

        • I agree totally. I know I will not survive a running fight long if they come, but it will cost them. Do not worry though, everyone visiting this site will be scheduled for elimination. Chuckle

          • Come to my place. We will drink good liquor, shoot blue hats, and go down with style

            • sounds good to me.

          • Think of it this way, Jim (another Jim), the men at the Alamo won. Thru their sacrifice a great victory pursued. Many of us will either be with those at the Alamo and many will be with Sam Houston.

            There will be sacrifice for the greater cause!!! Our individual courage will dictate.

            • I agree but the French guy that buggerd out the night befor lived. I’ll go down ifI have to, but I’d rather as George P. said; “Let the other guy die for his country.” Also once the S startes I have no problem booking out and shooting them in the back.

        • Howdy, TNAndy, and i’m with you all the way. The first thug to force their way into my home will die, along with the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc…..you get the picture. braveheart

          • I agree, but remember, these days some of them could be babes: Try to only wing them, you never know. Nights get cold.

            • Anyone coming at me with a gun is genderless as far as I’m concerned.

        • I tried to give (2) thumbs up on that one.

      13. Sum Ting Wong. Wi Tu Lo. Ho Le Phuk.

        Wai I Sav.


      14. The sad thing is, you just can’t get many people to even consider this scenario as a possibility. There are even some on this site that would like to believe this just can’t happen. I don’t know the certain future, but I am certain how this has played out in the past in other places. This time it will be the whole world at once, which makes this even more dangerous. Just as the article states, genocide is a common occurrence during a currency collapse.

        • I doubt there will be cannablism. There is livestock and food available. It would take a large nuke war to cause the scenerio in the article. Riots, looting, infation, no ebt, and fema camps is probable as it has happened in other countries before.

      15. Read a book if you can called “America, the daughter of Babylon” by Allen Bonck. He wrote it several years ago, it’s good reading and let’s you know that we are going to become an uninhabitable nation. Maybe not a bad idea to move somewhere else outside of America. Since we know that this is going to take place for sure, we should start moving and placing our eggs and basket in a different location that can help us later on. Not to mention those people with children, give them an opportunity to exist somewhere else.

        • I want my kids and grandkids with us, but it would be real difficult getting the younger ones quiet. Unless they are watching TV, they can’t hardly shut up. Seem so much more hyper than our kids did. Besides using Benadryl on them, any suggestions?

          • cut out all their sugar intake.

          • Discipline, with actual consequences.

          • The word “no” works wonders in my house.

        • It’s going to be a worldwide disaster. Leaving the country won’t help. Not unless you’re a billionaire and you can hire a private army of locals somewhere in South America.

          • Maybe I wasn’t too clear on what I am talking about or what the book and even the Bible says. America will be uninhabitable. You cannot exist in radiation. I believe like the author of this book including the author of the Bible, that America will be no more. It will be destroyed in fire and nuclear war. It’s not about having back bone or being unpatriotic. It’s called survival. Sometimes, you do have to run in order to live another day. I know a lot of people think to stand and fight. But what about your children? Especially if they are small. How can you leave them to die on their own? You will have to make an escape to other nations where unfortunately we have been painted in a bad light by our government officials and their policy’s. The Bible says that we will all go back to whatever nation we originated from and where we will be most accepted. Not all people will want us there. Some will be violent towards us and want us to leave after causing so much destruction around the world because of our officials and those that used our armed forces for their own enrichment and power. You won’t need a billion dollars, all you will need at that time is someone with a good heart and a boat capable of taking you across the Atlantic or wherever. You won’t need an army, but just someone who will care enough to help you. Besides don’t go to South America, we have made many enemies with all of our neighbours south of us. Most other nations especially third world nations will be better prepared than anyone else. They don’t rely heavily on the American dollar in some cases on any ones money. They are still living off the land and I think a basket of eggs will be worth a lot more than any amount of ammo or guns or gold you may want to give them. This will be a very humbling experience for many people from America. Other people of the world have never slept in an air conditioned house or have driven a car. These same people might actually have to show you how to grow whatever food grows in whatever climate that you might find yourself in. Just pray on this and think what would happen to you if America no longer existed tomorrow? It’s good to know how to farm, or have some experience dealing with farm animals or some medical experience helping the sick or something like this that is actually needed by people in order to live.

            • Indio: Your claims “Bible says” of folks will move back to wherever they came from. Is BS. It nowheres says that in ANY valid bible. Where should white native americans Born here go to?

              The bible does NOT say usa of any other nations by name is going to be nuked. That is just somebodys own interpretations, and very wrong far as anybody who read the bible knows. Perhaps You need read a good bible yourself instead of “Books” by Others telling You what the bible says.

              If whats to happen is whats actually written for Last days final stuff…NOWHERES else in entire world will remain safe. Gods wrath is to be poured out worldwide.

              Unless you can live on the Moon, there is zero places to go to. PS: whatever you do do NOT use a Scofiled Bible for interpretations! That will really mess your head up.

            • With respect…theres no such statement in the bible…no where does scripture say America or even the western world in general will be nuked or destroyed or made uinhabitable in any other way…people think that just because America is not named in the bible that she is gone…but maybe she just gets to the place where she cant get involved in world affairs(too broke to care) or maybe she gets smart and says to hell with it all and we become isolationists again….I mean why does it always have to be some horrible event…maybe we all win and we tell the world to go pound sand we aint gittin involved out there anymore we learned our lesson and we wont be stopping any more dictators..wont be fighting any more wars to protect anyone else…fortress America may well become a reality if liberty loving,America first, types like us take power and drive these globalist PTB out of the country…I mean that’s what were fighting for isn’t it?…IT COULD BE ANYTHING!…too many so called prophets and seers out there writing books about who Babylon is and what will happen…too many people weakening the hands of those who wish to defend America and our way of life,and that’s a crime…I think alot of folks are gonna be surprised and maybe itll be me but in my gut I don’t think so…stand up for your people,your nation…shes all we got,I was born here,this is my land of my nativity ,I wont be going to any place else!.. just my 2 cents… “Live free or die tryin”

          • BC: You are right about that. The idea of leaving the USA for a “safer” location is a fantasy someone wants to sell US to get rich.

        • According to Doug Casey….that is exactly what we should be doing.

          • Remembered from Three Days of the Condor decades ago.

            The Alsatian Gentleman [assassin] who had been sent to kill him advised Robert Redford’s character to leave the country.

            “They will continue looking for you. It will be like this. A warm spring day. Someone you trust. A becoming smile. A car will pull up. The door will open ….”

            Redford’s answer, “I’m an American. When I’m gone too long I miss it.”

            I might not live very long. But I will stay and fight for the America the anti-Federalists
            intended us to have. The Constitution itself says nothing about liberty for the little guy. The D of I and the B of R do.

            We are born to be free. A full belly, copious distractions so we don’t notice the chain around our necks … is not a life I want for myself.

            If someone has the wealth to buy himself a comfy hidey hole elsewhere … leave. See ya.

            If you don’t have the backbone to fight for what is worth fighting for we don’t need you among us.

            Over the years and across the miles isn’t it odd how that same thought echoes across multiple situations?

            The tyrant already knows who I am and where to find me. Molon Labe The 300.

            John Allen
            Fairfax Station, Virginia

            • John,
              I think in the end if enough of us stand up and get in their faces , they will back down In the end these people are cowards and require others to do their bidding. Most of the rank and file .gov workers will in the end say no and will not follow the upper pay grade people , we do get it and have a concence . When push comes to shove most will side with the American people , we did take an oath to support the constitution and bear true faith and allegence against all enemies both foreign and domestic. Personally I live by my word it is the only true possession I have.

              Unfortunately I can not be as brave as you due to my work position to post my real name and place . I am sure it’s only a matter of time before the TPTB will find out, but for now OPSEC and deniability. I am vastly more useful to help others this way.

              Good luck my friend you have big brass ones.

              Semper Fi 8541

          • I love Doug Casey. His voice sounds like the guy from the show “Alf” back in the ’80’s. Yeah, his advice is okay too.

      16. The Criminals Have Seized Power

        Authored by Paul Craig Roberts, via Jim Quinn’s Burning Platform blog,

        How do you change the direction of the country when power has been seized by the ultra-wealthy criminal class? When the financial, economic, political, military, judicial, and media organizations have been taken over by criminals who are looking out only for their financial interests, the few citizens who have the courage to speak the truth become enemies of the state. There is no non-violent solution to this state of affairs. This is what Fourth Turnings are all about.
        Coup d’etat — Paul Craig Roberts
        The American people have suffered a coup d’etat, but they are hesitant to acknowledge it. The regime ruling in Washington today lacks constitutional and legal legitimacy. Americans are ruled by usurpers who claim that the executive branch is above the law and that the US Constitution is a mere “scrap of paper.”
        An unconstitutional government is an illegitimate government. The oath of allegiance requires defense of the Constitution “against all enemies, foreign and domestic.” As the Founding Fathers made clear, the main enemy of the Constitution is the government itself. Power does not like to be bound and tied down and constantly works to free itself from constraints.

        The basis of the regime in Washington is nothing but usurped power. The Obama Regime, like the Bush/Cheney Regime, has no legitimacy. Americans are oppressed by an illegitimate government ruling, not by law and the Constitution, but by lies and naked force. Those in government see the US Constitution as a “chain that binds our hands.”

        The South African apartheid regime was more legitimate than the regime in Washington. The apartheid Israeli regime in Palestine is more legitimate. The Taliban are more legitimate. Muammar Gaddafi and Saddam Hussein were more legitimate.

        The only constitutional protection that the Bush/Obama regime has left standing is the Second Amendment, a meaningless amendment considering the disparity in arms between Washington and what is permitted to the citizenry. No citizen standing with a rifle can protect himself and his family from one of the Department of Homeland Security’s 2,700 tanks, or from a drone, or from a heavily armed SWAT force in body armor.

        Like serfs in the dark ages, American citizens can be picked up on the authority of some unknown person in the executive branch and thrown in a dungeon, subject to torture, without any evidence ever being presented to a court or any information to the person’s relatives of his/her whereabouts. Or they can be placed on a list without explanation that curtails their right to travel by air. Every communication of every American, except face-to-face conversation in non-bugged environments, is intercepted and recorded by the National Stasi Agency from which phrases can be strung together to produce a “domestic extremist.”

        If throwing an American citizen in a dungeon is too much trouble, the citizen can simply be blown up with a hellfire missile launched from a drone. No explanation is necessary. For the Obama tyrant, the exterminated human being was just a name on a list.

        The president of the united states has declared that he possesses these constitutionally forbidden rights, and his regime has used them to oppress and murder US citizens. The president’s claim that his will is higher than law and the Constitution is public knowledge. Yet, there is no demand for the usurper’s impeachment. Congress is supine. The serfs are obedient.

        The people who helped transform a democratically accountable president into a Caesar include John Yoo, who was rewarded for his treason by being accepted as a law professor at the University of California, Berkeley, Boalt school of law. Yoo’s colleague in treason, Jay Scott Bybee was rewarded by being appointed a federal judge on the US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. We now have a Berkeley law professor teaching, and a federal circuit judge ruling, that the executive branch is above the law.

        The executive branch coup against America has succeeded. The question is: will it stand? Today, the executive branch consists of liars, criminals, and traitors. The evil on earth seems concentrated in Washington.

        Washington’s response to Edward Snowden’s evidence that Washington, in total contravention of law both domestic and international, is spying on the entire world has demonstrated to every country that Washington places the pleasure of revenge above law and human rights.

        On Washington’s orders, its European puppet states refused overflight permission to the Bolivian presidential airliner carrying President Morales and forced the airliner to land in Austria and be searched. Washington thought that Edward Snowden might be aboard the airliner. Capturing Snowden was more important to Washington than respect for international law and diplomatic immunity.

        How long before Washington orders its UK puppet to send in a SWAT team to drag Julian Assange from the Ecuadoran embassy in London and hand him over to the CIA for waterboarding?

        On July 12 Snowden met in the Moscow airport with human rights organizations from around the world. He stated that the illegal exercise of power by Washington prevents him from traveling to any of the three Latin American countries who have offered him asylum. Therefore, Snowden said that he accepted Russian President Putin’s conditions and requested asylum in Russia.

        Insouciant americans and the young unaware of the past don’t know what this means. During my professional life it was Soviet Russia that persecuted truth tellers, while America gave them asylum and tried to protect them. Today it is Washington that persecutes those who speak the truth, and it is Russia that protects them.

        The American public has not, this time, fallen for Washington’s lie that Snowden is a traitor. The polls show that a majority of Americans see Snowden as a whistleblower. It is not the US that is damaged by Snowden’s revelations. It is the criminal elements in the US government that have pulled off a coup against democracy, the Constitution, and the American people who are damaged. It is the criminals who have seized power, not the American people, who are demanding Snowden’s scalp.

        The Obama Regime, like the Bush/Cheney Regime, has no legitimacy. Americans are oppressed by an illegitimate government ruling, not by law and the Constitution, but by lies and naked force.

        Under the Obama tyranny, it is not merely Snowden who is targeted for extermination, but every truth-telling American in the country. It was Department of Homeland Security boss Janet Napolitano, recently rewarded for her service to tyranny by being appointed Chancellor of the of the University of California system, who said that Homeland Security had shifted its focus from Muslim terrorists to “domestic extremists,” an elastic and undefined term that easily includes truth-tellers like Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden who embarrass the government by revealing its crimes. The criminals who have seized illegitimate power in Washington cannot survive unless truth can be suppressed or redefined as treason.

        If Americans acquiesce to the coup d’etat, they will have placed themselves firmly in the grip of tyranny.

        * it’s time for Freeman Patriots to go political pig huntin …

        IT’S NOW OPEN SEASON ;0p

      17. It seems that something will happen one day, but people have been calling for the end every other week for the last 2 decades. Stay prepared but time lines can easily discredit a writer with good intentions and sound information.

        • Sorta like the boy who cried wolf yea,

      18. fuck camp fema it would probably be no diffrent than it is now we do all the work and i am sure there would still be lazy non-productive scum being provided for I will take my chances on the other side of the fence Die free at least Done workin for them when shtf B SAFE OUT THERE

      19. OOOHHHHH It will look a lot like Greece only we have more preps so some of us might last a little longer!

      20. OK part of that article is completely nuts Really all the animals will be gone! Way too many Chipmunks!

        • Yes, all the small game will be killed for food. I’d kill the chipmunks so my cats could eat.

        • Yep I was walking around in the creek today. lots of fish and crayfish. seen plenty of raccoon & beaver tracks. Seen storks & other water turkeys plenty of water cress and cattail. I pigged out on ripe blackberrys even if the goverment takes all of my domestic livestock and other food. Ive still got plenty of traps & snares. A fish trap works 24 x7 They cant take self reliance & know how and redistribute it. Those kudzu roots can be food. prickly pear can be skinned and eaten. Im of the mindset to never give up and go to a FEMA camp.learn to know how to use plants for food and medicine. Some medicinal plants are Goldenseal, ginsang, willow bark,burdock root, thistle just to name a few, sasafrass and catnip make a good medicinal tea.

      21. Sorry about that I didn’t mean to comment 5 times! Don’t blast me I’m no drone

      22. Serious question for everyone. If this article is what is coming, why don’t I go buy a new truck, take out a loan and spend it on gold, silver, food, and bullets…….whatever you wanted to spend it on to prep? Serious question because my bugout vehicle is crap and a newer one would be great! Thanks.

        • Remember you still have to live with this system til it dies.
          And timeing it is impossible.

        • Because in reality, the Mad Max scenario that many people seem to think is going to happen will not actually happen that way. Whatever is going to replace the dollar should it collapse will be carried over to your new life. Run up a $50,000 debt loan and the currency collapses, do you think that whoever you borrowed that from is just going to forget about it? You might get a reprieve from making monthly installments for a bit until things are put back together but when they are, you’re still going to owe 50,000 somethings (dollars, credits, euros, whatever).

          What will likely change is that your job will be gone along with many many others. So now you owe $50,000 and have no income.

        • Everyone is wrong. What’s in this article happens, everything will change. Who will ever know you owe 50k on a new truck, or loans or whatever. You buy 50k worth of gold and the price jumps up to 10k an ounce, your rich and can pay it off anyway. Or if you were to buy a survival retreat. Who cares if you loose your job and you can’t pay. This scenariohappens, who is going to repo it????

          • I think the important thing to remember is that disorder is only temporary. Short of an EMP / CME burst or apocalypse, there’s not really anything that would prevent some form of government from popping back up – good or bad. Temporary may be a month, may be a year. But banks the size of what they are today do not just disappear. Who keeps track? They do. Who will repo it? The people that they hire to repo it and I’d imagine that repo would be a pretty busy job when no one can make payments. I’d be a repo man if it meant feeding my family. And so would anyone else.

            This fantasy that everyone is going to have all debt forgiven and everything is going to reset even isn’t likely at all. It’s certainly not likely enough to run up debt and cross your fingers that the apocalypse will “save” you.

      23. If it goes down like this article says world war III will occur in very short order as nations attack their neighbor to secure resources.

        My thoughts have been for some time that while the power elite have created the institutional groundwork for this what is happening is spinning out of their control. They desired a far more stable and controllable grab of power. We’re seeing the incipient stages of global chaos that no one can accurately predict the outcome will be.

        • K2, That’s why the banksters back all sides. They’ve pretty much gotten what they wanted from all the conflict they have inflicted for centuries. This time? They might be surprised….

      24. I can hardly stand to go out in public anymore, people are so damned ignorant and blatantly stupid I wish they would dissapear. Just maybe the idiots will perish and the people with brains will conquor the pigs and take our country back. Anyone wishing to have control of others would be killed. Natural law would prevail, no victim=no crime. No more banks, no more BS law, people would be responsible for themselves. 99.9% of the population now don’t even know what freedom is and are to stupid to ever be free so fook them, they deserve every bit of the fruit of theyre retarded labor. Government is slavery, religion is government, both are just forms of mind control. Troops and cops are nothing but dogs for the PTB and the worst mind controlled slaves. Politics and police/ troops are some of the most sought jobs by phsycopaths. I dont expect many people here to even lift a finger to figure it out just like joe public, they are lazy ignorant mind controlled idiots that would rather die than face the truth. But the truth IS the truth!

        • I can relate to this. If you want to see a great representation of the public, go to Costco on a busy day. Pick a spot out of the way by the food section and just people watch. Watch all of the cattle, completely oblivious to their surroundings, graze from one food sample station to the next. I noticed some people were so self-absorbed that they didn’t even care that they were holding up 50 people waiting to get by just so they could inhale that little sample of free food. I watched people yapping to each other, pushing their cart down the middle of the isle, while people going in the opposite direction had no room to even move and they never even realized what they were doing.

          I get tired of the public so quick these days.

          • Arkadan and Genius.

            Lots of stupid people out there. More road rage than ever. The more asses you have, the more shit you have to put up with.

            I have had my fill of them.

      25. it should’ve all occurred several years ago. It can occur any day. But it could go on for another two years. There seems to be no limit to the machinations of the corrupt digital master(Z) of finance — BUT BE ASSURED, THERE IS!

        Take advantage of the unintentional blessing of such extensions in time of the inevitable to prepare even more, FOR ITS COMING AND IT WILL BE A LONG TIME IN RECOVERING!


      26. Oh just in case some of you have a desire to seek truth be it in agreement with you or not, heres a website with a LOT of good material for your reality check… http://www.whatonearthishappening.com I dare you to refute the info!

      27. The government won’t bother confiscating food and sharing it with others. They want as many people to die as possible. It fits with the UN’s Agenda 21 goal to remove 95% of the world’s population and get it down to the “sustainable” level of 500 million. And it fits with Satan’s agenda of killing and destroying as much as possible. I believe the global elite are Satan worshipers and they believe the lie that they can be like God. You can always find idiots who think that with the right technology humans can live forever.

        And don’t forget–the goal of the collapse is to bring about the one-world government talked about in the book of Revelation. We’re on the verge of entering the End Times. That will officially begin when the world leader signs a 7 year peace treaty with Israel.

      28. Most people fear a collapse. I welcome it. Bring it on and lets get this shit over with… I’m tired of working to support the half of the population that pays no taxes and does not want to work. I’m disabled so telling me that you can’t work without an arm or leg is nonsense. No more handouts. None.
        If your coming to take preps be prepared to die. Most preppers have fangs.

        • Yeah, my next door neighbor has been telling the county he cannot work because of his back..but he’s in his garage rebuilding cars and put in a backyard golf course. ha.

          Lazy shit.

          See what goes on?

          Yeah…let is all collapse.

        • @ armed Pat…. I have only 1 thumbs up to give you.

      29. In every one of my comment posts I have stated 12-24 months. I know that some folks say that these articles are just adds to sell gold. When everything and I mean everything points to 12-24 months and the bottom falls out you just have to wonder. It is going to happen. I will say it again … stop trying to save the un-savable. If they don’t get it now there done. I have very good friends that I know are going to have a bad time of it IF THEY survive. I am done “throwing pearls to swine”. If you are in a major city consider finding friends with property out of the city and forming groups. Plan now because time is running out. Please enjoy life. Go to a movie… have your friends over for dinner…. But get prepped and keep it to yourself and your team. If you don’t have a team you best work on that. As the article said… you can’t stay awake 24 hours. We as a large group of patriots just have to outlast the sheep 6 months. Even most of what will be left of federal governments (worldwide) will be too weak to do anything but protect themselves. Prep, lay low, live to rebuild (and fight another day) and pray. Stay healthy… if you are not … get healthy. The end is near and the best thing we can hope for (as Christians) is a pre-trib Rapture and the jury is still out on that. (this is not a post to discuss that just sayin). I have to get back to my insider threat training at work (oh joy). Please help each other and get ready something wicked this way comes. On the bright side, ammo is getting cheaper (as are rifles). Prep, Pray, Plan.

      30. “Extreme hunger will lead to humans hunting humans as a food supply”? Really? I’m not saying this can’t happen, it just seems the author disappeared into his own extreme imagination rather than using examples from history.

      31. I’m going to let this just rest at the bottom of the comments.
        Technology has evolved, has humanity evolved? This is our test. I’m not saying that defending yourself is wrong, as a matter a fact I’m with you all the way on that. I’m just saying that kill, kill, kill is not the only answer even if “The Bible” is the “only” law. Who put together the bible? Who oversaw it? The same ones who are still in control now?
        This is where group think and higher thinking has to diverge. I personally hope that we have two more months before anything really bad happens. I’m in the process of selling my home and looking to move back to my home town and getting some land. Lots of farmers back there. I’m not fearful of what is to come. Why should I be? We all die anyway, but I refuse to hate humanity for it’s ignorance. “Forgive them father for they know not what they do”. A collapse will be bad but that doesn’t mean that we have to be. This is a paradigm shift. We need to all go Amish in a way. They had it right all along. That’s where I see the flow of life leading us, back to our roots. This existing system doesn’t serve us. We tried it and look where it brought us. It’s disgusting. We step back and start from where we came from, what’s so scary about that?

        Thank God for Jesus and all the other religious leaders and the Saints. They all had the overall view of God. Our religions, our dogmas that arose from them, these are the things that divided us. We need to forget our differences and remember that we are all humans and that we are all on the same team. Help one another. Love one another. God WILL PROVIDE if we just trust in this.

      32. This is how it’s going to go down.
        #1. You might not know it or realize it, but your bodies Immune system has already been compromised, by the aerial spraying of ethylbromide, Aluminum and Barium.

        #2. Obummer already signed an executive order, giving special training and “permission” for the USPS to dispense drugs and prescriptions, door to door in the CONUS. The order also have them biological equipment and training.

        #3. The Signs and warnings are written on all of the walls, corona virus,Murs, Birdflu, SARS, Norovirus.
        Even the CDC, Fema and the WHO, having been warning everyone to “be prepared” (make a Kit, get a bag, be ready) http://www.ready.gov

        #4. The Media will be utilized for a media shock and awe campaign, showing everyone live video of mass bodies being burned, Fema and CDC quarantines, the Armed DHS backed USPS will come a knocking door by door to give you a nice shot, one way or the other, noncompliance gets you and you family a oneway ticket to camp Fema.

        #5. Hording will be abolished by marshal law, your neighbors and friends will be so scared, they will turn you in for a reward.
        (Hope you all have kept your preps secret)

        It will be like nothing you have ever seen or imagined.
        All I can say is good luck, God bless & Keep your powder dry.

      33. Cannibalism? By the size of some of the hams out there, I’m gonna hafta build a bigger smokehouse.

        • First you have to remove the “Hover Rounds” from their butts.

          • In the Depression, jackrabbits were called “Hoover Hogs”.

            Wonder what we’ll call ’em this time around?

            • ‘Bama Bunnies???

        • Bahaha. I’m going to have to move back to Kentucky. Lots of big hams roaming the Walmart parking lot after midnight.

          • Hey, watch it. Kentucky is proud to be at the top of the list for obese residents!! 😉

        • While watching The Bible..one segment showed cannibalism.
          Hard to take in.

      34. Reading the part about the toilets backing up, the garbage not being collected, and the rats?

        Yeah that.

        This is why, I can prep for a layoff, I can prep for a PERMANENT layoff, I can prep for something approaching Argentina just barely. Anything beyond that?

        Unless I got a boat and know how to use it I’m dead.

      35. What? you forgot the champion of hyperinflation, Hungary. 1946. From Wikipedia:


        “Hungary, 1945–46[edit]

        Main article: Hungarian pengő hyperinflation

        Hungary went through the worst inflation ever recorded between the end of 1945 and July 1946. In 1944, the highest denomination was 1,000 pengő. By the end of 1945, it was 10,000,000 pengő. The highest denomination in mid-1946 was 100,000,000,000,000,000,000 pengő. A special currency the adópengő – or tax pengő – was created for tax and postal payments.[37] The value of the adópengő was adjusted each day, by radio announcement. On 1 January 1946 one adópengő equaled one pengő. By late July, one adópengő equaled 2,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 or 2×1021 (2 sextillion) pengő. When the pengő was replaced in August 1946 by the forint, the total value of all Hungarian banknotes in circulation amounted to 1/1,000 of one US dollar.[38] It is the most severe known incident of inflation recorded, peaking at 1.3 × 1016 percent per month (prices double every 15 hours).[39] The overall impact of hyperinflation: On 18 August 1946, 4×1029 (four hundred quadrilliard on the long scale used in Hungary; four hundred octillion on short scale) pengő became 1 forint.
        Start and End Date: Aug. 1945- Jul. 1946Peak Month and Rate of Inflation:Jul. 1946, 41.9 quintillion percent[40]”

      36. Want to see what a currency collapse looks like? Stick around awhile it’ll get here too soon. The wannabe’s are starting to work themselves up in a frenzy over Martin/Zimmerman. All of em shouting and instigating the dumb (m)asses. Wait when they go to use the EBT card and all zeros come up when they’re in the grocery checkout. Now I hope I’m coming up out of the beer aisle when it happens cause I’m going to grab something to sit on and crack the cap on that cold long neck and enjoy the show.

        • Never go to the North Side.

          Roll up the windows kids…

        • fkn savages

      37. Somebody white is going to get hurt/killed over Trayvon M.

        Oh, wait, it’s already happened…

      38. I believe this could be dragged out a little longer if they do the immigration stuff they wanna do.

      39. On the News.
        Protest rally/prayer gathering in L.A. has turned to disrupting traffic and damaging cars. Police involved.

        Go Trayvon.

        • He is gone.

        • Did you expect the primates could remain peaceful?
          The chimpout has begun!

      40. Any future Constitution must eliminate the requirement that the government be the equalizer. No more discrimination lawsuits, civil rights lawsuits, affirmative action.

        The government must be impartial in employment and services. But in the rest of the country. We have the freedom to associate with who we want. Hire the best person for the job. And not have the government push liberal agendas on us.

        • I’m pretty sure the current Constitution covers that just fine.

          • Have you heard of Affirmative action Omegamoron?

            • Affirmative Action isn’t in the Constitution

              • Let me make this as simple as possible.

                The next Constitution will make sure that the government has NO authority to regulate who you hire. AND will do NOTHING to regulate who you associate with.

                People like people like themselves. I’m not going to use the government to force my way into some group that thinks or believes differently than me. And visa versa.

                When you have Muslims going to Christian schools and complaining about the crosses in every room. And then suing. You know there’s a problem.

        • All you need to fix the system is the following at all polling stations during federal elections:

          1) Literacy tests…yeah I said it! If you can’t read the issues then you can’t understand the issues….so all you can do is vote on the candidate’s race or sex.

          2) Drug tests (even random drug testing will scare-off the liberal-supporting crackheads)

          3) Screening for outstanding warrants and back child-support payments.

          There….that should just about be the end of the democratic party.

          • 4) You need to have skin in the game. Prove that you pay taxes and that you own real property(land, business, vehicle, etc.)

          • Oh, heck, Rifleman, you forgot the most important:
            4) on welfare more than 5 years and no proof of job seeking

            • touche

          • Rifleman,
            No. 1, yes. But I would never submit to a dehumanizing drug test and I am not a Democrat.

            • I’d piss in a cup on gay TV if it would prevent 100 or 1000 knuckledragging crackhead illiterates from showing up at the polling place.

          • You as the American Citizen have the solemn duty, especially in view of all the sacrifices made by our forefathers and servicemen and women in the armed forces to:

            Definition of a Politician: One who seeks re election.

            Through re election, the politician becomes a magnet for corporate influence money. The corporations get laws that are favorable to them, and the politicians get filthy rich. A fascist state evolves.

            Our forefathers would applaud a citizenry that on a regular basis repeatedly throws out politicians.

            Furthermore, if politicians saw that their chances for re election were slim, they wouldn’t gravitate to political office like leeches in the first place.

        • Beg your pardon Sierra Dave but there is no such thing as a government that fosters individual liberty and private property. They are all founded upon, and sustain themselves from, coercion, theft and murder.

          Our glorious heroes the “Founding Fathers” had no problem sending good old George to step on the Whiskey Rebellion. Might has been mistaken for right from the beginning. By “beginning” I mean since 10,000 BCE.

          Those who want “smaller government” or “less government” just imagine themselves the ones in charge. We don’t need leaders. We need liberty.

          Human society has evolved for a million years. Government as a formally organized monopoly on force has existed for perhaps ten thousand years.

          Voluntary cooperation among peaceful, productive people, every adult among them having a say, can work if instituted by people whose conduct describes those terms.

          Claiming that because the parasites run our current show that it has to be that way does not hold.

          There is no such thing as a government that does not steal from some to benefit others. Does not coerce by its very nature. Does not murder individuals conveniently defined as “other, and therefore whose lives are not valuable.”

          If one values liberty and private property government is not the way to have them.

          I can hear the yapping beginning already. To which I say, anarchy and chaos are not the same thing. Voluntary, peaceful and productive versus the looting mob.

          John Allen
          Fairfax Station, Virginia

          • Amen Sir.
            You get it.
            The Constitution has failed, an epic failure, for the same reasons all other empires failed, centralization of power.(This is what God warned us about, our demand for a “King to rule over us.”)

            The Whiskey Rebels understood, and had their own money, alcohol. The Feds said no way, and George Washington stepped on them. If they had stood up and fought harder, the Federalists would have collapsed.

            Confederation is the term you look for.
            Distribution of power and bottom up money.

          • PM…I’m not sure that the Constitution HAS failed. I actually believe that it was written to precisely do what you said… The centralization of power to the federal government. I’m of the opinion that the Bill of Rights was added to placate the common man. The amendments after the tenth were a perversion of the Bill of Rights. Being a Constitutional lawyer, Barack knows this and uses it to his advantage to consolidate his office towards dictatorial power. Unfortunately (for him), those pesky ten amendments are a thorn in his side he is trying to overcome and he seems to be succeeding. I know you favor a new Constitutional convention. I’m not sure if that would work. I personally am leaning to the anarchist way of life whereby the only “law” needed is the Golden Rule and the Ten Commandments.

        • The Last Great experiment in men governing man, is an epic fail…
          Centralized government leads to absolute power, always. Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely, but centralized power corrupts whole societies. Centralization attracts evil like moths to a flame, so they can speak “sweet words on the tongue, that grow bitter in the belly”. The words of the Collectivists, who run the Tower of Babel, and turn you into bricks in the wall of conformity.

          In the future, we should learn our lesson… money IS power… and if there are any more constitutions…
          let it be a Constitution of a Confederation of the Kingdom of God.

          No man can ‘represent’ another in councils.
          Money should be free, representing the labor of men.
          (regardless of what form it takes)
          Private banking should be outlawed, let the Temple of God take its place.

          Men, whether a believer or not, must recognize that we got a better deal with our rights from God, than the privileges of men.

          The currency MUST collapse, that is a mathematical certainty. But the power of evil to keep it going and to play games is a certainty too. Let us take their power unto ourselves, that the Rule of Gold (He who has the Gold makes the rules) is overcome by the Golden Rule.

          Us white folks are our own worst enemy. So smart, so dumb, at the same time. We are destroyed by our own lack of knowledge. We have rebelled in kings and empires for thousands of years, and they always end up the same way. God said He didn’t want us to have a king, that is the lesson of Samuel and Saul.

          So how has all that King stuff worked out for us?

      41. The Beginning was written and we studied it.

        The End was written and we will live it.

        What are Ones and Zeros worth? Is lettuce seed of more value than a mutual fund? Is Gold more refined than pure Water? A Flower can tell you more about life than all the worthless philosophers and experts.

        What is happening on a world financial scale will shake us more than a 10.0 earthquake under your very own house. Men will fear, moms will cry. Children left in wonder.

        Just get ready.

      42. If and when the scenario unfolds many will live and many will die. Many of the prepared will die as well…..it is what it is and it will be what it will be.

        I’ll do my best to deliver my family and friends who work with me safely into whatever future awaits the American people (screw everyone else)to the point where it kills me. However, with a total collapse looming as foretold by so many non-MSM sources….what is going to keep the hundreds of nuclear power plants and reactors from eventually cooking-off and melting down rendering the planet uninhabitable?

        We collectively hold the knife to our own throats as well as to the throats of every species that shares the earth and wants no part in our drive to total self-destruction.

      43. I was wondering the same thing, seems tptb can just willy nilly apply laws however suits them,
        Wonder when folks will finally say enough is enough and kick these jacks trying to rule us all to the nearest tree or lamp post and string them up. Seems the so called “representatives” need to be schooled a bit in what “civil service” means
        Bunch of assholes, every last one of them,

        • There is the constitution/bill of rights version of the law…and then there is their law…they do not respect the rule of law…that men have natural rights just because!…so they only go by their own rules…their own laws…thus a man can be tried and found innocent then tried by another separate entity if they so desire…nothing to keep a future defendebt from being tried locally,state, and then federal…THEN sharia and tribal and gangland and whatever other godless group feels its got some power…God help us!

      44. When millions of lives are at stake, when we face another Holocaust worse than the first one, when Israel faces annihilation, and when nuclear world war lurks in the shadows, this is no time to play footsies with cowards. We need true Patriots to stand up and take back control of this still GREAT NATION. The perils we face are many and huge; anyone could and more than not topple this Country. We have to replace all of our so called leaders now before it is too late to do so. How we do it is known to every true Patriot, but the Patriots are too scared to start, yes I being one. Let it be known that when one stands up and says; I’ll lead the way I’ll be in the first line to say I will follow. My whole life I’ve been paid from the neck down, but I do know what is RIGHT and what is WRONG. Time is slipping away quickly now for us to do what needs to be done, talk is not what needs to be done and we all know it! When someone does stand up and says Follow me and take it back, we all had better ruck up, shoulder arms and go: ALL OF US!
        That’s my fellow PATRIOTS is what needs to be DONE NOW!

        Keep the FAITH (III)

        • 10 hrs. and waiting

          Keep the FAITH

      45. There will be plenty of boomers to eat. ha ha

      46. So that’s where we will dump the concrete down the air shafts to seal in the elite forever. ha

      47. This is just completely wrong for the time being. The world is running TO the dollar, not from it. This is due to the calamities of the failure of the Euro and Yen. While the writer is correct longer term(2016 this will likely be true), for now, its not, and investments in gold and silver will be obliterated.
        Dont be on the wrong side of this trade.

        • Weidemier ?sp said that even though the dollar bubble will pop, the dollar and the us will do better tHan the rest of he worlds economies. Aftershock.

      48. I remember reading a short story way back when, can’t remember the title or the author, where the worldwide economy collapsed and in the US, a New Dollar was brought in at a value much greater than the “old” dollar but all debts only changed currency without adjustments for the change in value, leading to most people and their descendants becoming a mass of indentured servants with no real way to get out of that system.

        Is it sad it seems plausible to me?

        And like its been said so many times, with fiat currencies collapse is inevitable. Period. What will precipitate it is up to debate, and whether it will be the cause or a symptom of SHTF will really be a moot point when those who are holding enough tangible assets (or enough people willing to do violence on their behalf) go about the business of setting themselves into positions of power.

      49. “professionals at the Department of Justice”

        HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA….funniest thing I have read all week…..

      50. what happened to to having a printer friendly version for friends to read

      51. I don’t like it when people use that phrase – God helps those who help themselves. That is totally unbiblical. God will help those who can’t help themselves as well. He is the one true God who loves ALL of us – we are ALL His children! He doesn’t want to see even one of us go hungry or be in pain. And it’s our duty by His law to help. James 1:27

        • when you decide to come back to reality the world will still be here…those betting on a magic sky wizard to fly down on a magic unicorn are in for a very rude awakening.

        • @ Ppod…Yes.But he will not help those who can, but won’t help themselves. Those that can till the soil but will not…..shall not eat. Feed the widows, orphans and elderly.

          • Exactly, ppod, you don’t get it.
            He will help shoulder your burden, you will turn to Him for support, but He will not till the soil for you.
            By the sweat of your brow you shall eat, or not.

            • All folks are Gods Creations. But Only them what believes in Christ, Gods only begotton Son, are Gods “Children”

              Satan also has children. Read John chapter 8 vs 44 for a clue who satans Main kids are. Read Rev chapter 2 vs 9 for more info on who (Khazers) are ruining america and all white nations. They aint Gods childrens. “ye are OF Your Father the Devil(satan)” is what Christ said to them.

      52. I think there will be greater tyranny and poverty but I think the government will stay on top of it. Why do I think this? Because we have already been through repetitive crises and each time the government adapts and morphs to the new circumstances.

        History shows us people can take a high degree of degradation before rising up. US society is far too fractured now to have any cohesive opposition to the government. It’s done.

        We are going into a techno-fascist future and it is already very advanced and all the control measures are in place right now.

      53. The USDA is so full of shit!

        they say “It wont live in the US”..oh but its fucking alive and ate its way out of the China made Table that was shipped over here, so It survived the ride, and aite its way out and was still alive when they bagged it and froze it, also there was a second bug just like it still in the Table

        Tell us some more bullshit USDA


        Oh , just on another note, people stop buying shit from another country, we make fuckin tables right here and they employ US workers feeding their American families..ok?

        • Amen! USDA is a corrupt group of lying criminals! See no truth,hear no truth and tell no truth!…twixt them and Monsanto well have nothing to eat but bark(ahh…scratch that the beetles will have eaten all the trees)evil,evil parasites!

          • The Monsanto Family of swindlers are “Moranos” so what else would we expect from them.

      54. Arkaden is absolutely correct about anything owed by an individual would hardly be forgiven. The government would erase its own debt like chalk on a chalkboard. Someone that owed a certain amount would still be responsible for it in some whacked out credits or something if there was no monetary system left around.

        A true Mad Max scenario however would be lacking the ability to enforce much of anything because of the severe die off for whatever reason that would cause this. I put such a scene as something that would resemble something from the movies either “The Postman” or “The Road”. The more dependent that the people have become on the modern world, the more will die when those services are no longer provided. If modern techonology is lost because of something like a solar EMP, then the enforcement of anything will be extremely localized.

        I remember first watching Mad Max movies and it reminded me of society simply collapsing without the holocaust type event that would flatten it immediately. Right now there is so much that in my opinion will happen to set a stage for dominos falling one by one, that ugliness will follow because people cannot live without their food delivered to them, the water coming out of the faucets, the heat and cooled air, the basic sanitation.

        I think everyone will agree with me on this one, the true terror is that the government is allowed to gain more and more power over the people and RFID chips are implanted into everyone. In other words everyone is turned into mindless drones that have no real thoughts of their own and everything is totally controlled like a hive mind by the queen, THE ELITISTS. That would be a nightmare far worse than any thermonuclear global war could bring. The government though is planning this. The second that those horror chips are put into people, your brain waves and your conscience can be controlled and manipulated. Lobotomy by nano devices is not science fiction any longer. To me that would be the absolute worse hell on Earth anyone could experience, enslaved in your own body.

        • Im f the opinion There are a lot of folks with the mindset and resolve to never accept A RFID chip or be a tenant ina fema camp. There are thoseof us who womt ever comply We will die fighting first. Gernomio Gave us and surrendered. Spent the rest of his days in a small jail cell miles from his home. Ill not follow his example. Im pretty shure I will not survive very long in the aftertime of goverment martial law. but Ill try my best.

        • Be informed

          I see now where the anti-propaganda ban has been
          lifted and the government can now feed thousands
          of hours of pure BS to the MSM a week at will.
          Uncle Sam double-speak delivered right to our door.
          Tokyo Rose was a bloody amateur in comparison.

      55. Currency collapse = no electricity, cell phones won’t work, no food on the shelves of stores, no gas to be bought ?? And exactly how does a currency collapse stop cell phones ( just to pick one ) from physically working ? Does the collapse of a currency mean that electrons no longer flow ? Please.. somebody has far too much time on their hands.

        Of all the currency collapses that have occurred in “modern times”.. they were not country ending.. Yes, such a thing provokes war and great difficulty.. but there is still a Germany today, still an Argentina, still a Mexico… wild eyed claims of such things do not forward the argument nor encourage people to prepare; as they should.. it just makes the “claimer” look just plain silly.

        You might not be able to afford to pay your cell phone bill or pay for a gallon of gas; but they will still be physically available.. ahhh.. but if you can’t pay, then it is effectively the same as their not being available.. no, it isn’t. A currency collapse does not stop commerce.. it just makes it take more fiat to get it. Again, HUGE difference. Still gonna suck though..

        • When the currency collapses. Power companies will lose the majority of their revenue and not be able to buy oil or coal or natural gas to fuel said power plants.

          What remaining power that comes from Nuke, Dams, Wind, will go to government infrastructure. Both State and Federal. And in between will be a vast no mans land of no power and survival of the fittest or best prepared.

          • Power companies will still receive there oil and coal and profits. It will just all be gov controlled.

        • Ouch..like in Europe.
          There WAS drugs to be had, but the pharmacy couldn’t GET the drugs from the companies producing the drugs–it’s a little plan called consignment, pay for delivery in 30-60 days.
          The pharmacy after a few months had no money to buy with because no money was saved and no one had cash to buy even if they did stock drugs.
          Sound familiar??
          The popular household finance system today.
          This situation will be one of the first conditions with a collapse, I believe.
          Producers seeing there is no currency with which customers use to buy will not give credit–therefore, no employees needed if no products made.
          A terrible cycle to be sure.

          • JayJay: what You described, lack of cash to buy for most folks, IS a Deflation of money. Such mass lack of cash to spend and buy cannot ever cause Hyper inflation.

            Normal inflation maybe some. Maybe prices remain stable since folks aint buying products etc. Stores will Lower prices to attract customers that do have cash. And also to get Rid of items with Expiration Dates, like foods or meds etc.

            How do kmart stores generate More folks to Buy kmart stuff? They have a Sale and Lower prices. But still make profits by more volumes sold due to sales.

            What jay jay wrote is the likley scenario, it has already begun, and will never result in any Hyper infaltion situation. Only when avg folks has alot of Cash to spend can it happen.

            Inflation prices is not the same as Hyper inflation.

            Higher prices like we see today on foods etc, is not same as prices doubleing every hour or every 15 minits like germanys hyper events did. Seems too many folks cant see this.

      56. What’s the plan for a slow collapse that doesn’t have too many big events spread out over the course of 1-3 decades? Against all logic this society has stumbled on as it slowly rots… If the rapid collapse scenario doesn’t happen, how do we deal with a slow one? It seems to be the worst scenario because the PTB would have time to continue strengthening themselves as they have since 9/11.

        • Who thinkgs the LA mini-riot from last night will continue to grow? Who thinks it was just a minor event that the local press tried to boost?

          • It’s going to be difficult to get riots out of the rallies they’re having. I expected them to happen immediately. Now it looks like they’re not going to happen at all. I bet Obama and his minions in the media are terribly disappointed.

          • I believe they were all to lazy yo back up their threats. All that violence would require work.

            • Violence occured in Kalif monky protests. RT news was showing video of it with tons of cops with more teargas canisters than could be carried in one cops tool belt!

              Lots of cops too. Seems this time they aint going to sit back to allow black rioters and looters wreck everything in their paths like rodney king era did.

              Far as I am concerned, if african savages riot and do harm or destroy stuf they do not own, I will CHEAR Loudly if I see cops busting it up, and if it causes african heads to get cracked by cops?…Good! About Time somebody puts them ape savages Back in a Cage so to speak.

              I was unable to watch more than 25 seconds or so and changed channle. I get too pissed off seeing them wild jungle minded savage Beast-Sub-Human africans doing this crap. And so far NOT a single black nor any MSM talkers has mentioned it was NOT WHITEYS who snuffed trayvon!

              Every fuckin african savage beast and spooly haired jungle Bunny, reporters interviewed Kept bashing Whites for it!

              Too bad cops do not drive down center of street with a Ma Duce Twin .50 Cal, barrels ablazeing and mow them animals down.

              OR if its Compassionate Concervatisim they prefere?

              Fill every now empty 40 ft long china shipping crate full of african savages, and ship em all to africa One Way!.

      57. MT and Kula,
        Amen and AMAN,
        Read my post above.
        We have been ‘ruled’ for almost sixteen hundred years, by the ‘law of God’, first the Holy Roman Empire, then, the ‘Divine Right of Kings’, then The Democratization of the laws of God, all under a Church system that is run under a book called; The Bible.
        Believe it or not. The combination of money, government and religion, is the System that Babylon invented. This is the System for Elites by the Elites… only, they also ‘invented’ portions of the Bible to suit themselves.
        I know, I know, this is ‘heretical’, but, I am a Heretic. So F* them. They killed the Saints called Heretic, they killed ‘in the name of God’, they conquered to ‘spread Christianity’. But, what ‘God’ did they worship above all?
        The Idol god, Mammon… the ‘god’ of money.

        Money IS power, and power IS money. The Rule of Gold, that he who has the gold, makes the rules. We cannot imagine any other way, because why? Because WE LOVE money. We want to be like THEM. Thus, the love of money is the Root of all evil.

        Money should be free, no interest, only based upon the labor of men. NO more capital, no more collective fighting each other, money can become a constant. If money is from the bottom up, there will be no more competition for ‘short’ funds… this is the hook in our jaw. That sets us against each other, and divides us into the legs of ideology, mind vs emotions. Left vs Right, all fighting for money.

        Think about it.

        • Piper: your money description of it should be intrest Free and based on Labor IS the same system Hitler tried to do, and did do for just under 5 yrs to bring back germany from wiemeier destruction, brought on from WWI treaty of versailes etc.

          And that system to begin it Requires the Booting Out of Banksters. And that is Precicely why in 1933 when that system began in germany, Judaica ie worldwide jewery declared War against germans and their nation of germany.

          Today we can expect the same results. Banksters will declare war on Us. And if again the usa govnt swindles americans to jump into another war like usa govnt Did in both world wars previously, its likly we’d end same as germany did. Utterally destroyed by corrupt fed govnt, its military, led and Controled by, again, jewish bankster kommies. Seems more like a No win situation by waiting too long. Our Parents Gen should have awoken when we were 2 yrs old or not yet born even. Now its multitudes worse and far too Later it seems.

      58. In all seriousness now……stop with this currency collapse , its not gonna happen ….this has been a topic for at lest 4 years now . Just like the bank runs , attacking Iran , ww3 , martial law and on and on . This is ALL speculation at this point

        • But its so fun to post about.

        • AMEN Piper Michael!!!!

          A few years back I was driving back from Cali. On the radio they announced Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. I burst out “Get off your pedestal you sacred Cow!”

          That’s exactly what the Zimmerman shooting is about. Gangsta culture becoming an acceptable and protected lifestyle.

          I too have given thought to joining some White Supremacy group for protection.

        • You do know these damn ebonic subhumans well, Id thought you were Dr.Jane Goodall for a second. 2,000,000,000 thumbs up for your post.

          • Excellent point about the bikers,guys. Shows us that even a primitive, emotion based negro brain is able to process JUST enough information to keep themselves from mindlessly wandering into a situation that will get them killed.LOL!

      59. Studies show that retirement causes dementia for people after the Boomers. Unless you are rich! I’ve thought about this for just a few minutes and I’m not crying yet.

        Most of us were created equal, but none of us was born equal… Buy Au & you will be Kingly.

        Damn, Jeantel is a supermodel.

      60. I been hearing this for five years now I m taking their is a lot money to be made off of fear.

      61. One thing unmentioned in the article is just how far the US – and the banks that control the US – and the US Dollar, will go to protect it’s status.

        We killed Gaddafi. We killed Saddam. We will kill anyone who threatens the dollar. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, and believe these ‘terrorists’ leaders had to go, I suggest you become a tad more educated about The Real World.

        Finally, good to see all the religious posts being voted down – and off. The world has no time for that nonsense, anymore, as it only serves those in power to control your feeble minds with the distraction of that stupidity.

        Time is running out. Most of you WILL be slaughtered – especially the religious idiots amongst you, or you will end up in a “camp that doesn’t exist”, even though these camps are already patrolled and funded, and the government recently put out a procurement for bids for the ability “to run a complete, small city; meals, trash, waste, water, cleanup, “burial detail”, etc.

        • hahahaha…struck a nerve with the religious idiots!

      62. I get you man!…been there, born in the sticks and raised not to look at a mans skin color…never was racist…but learned to look at people differently after working in Ohio where the blacks made sure this hillbilly knew where he stood and where he could and could not walk…who he could and could not talk to(and that don’t work)…naw I wont ever give into hating anyone due to their color alone but now their actions and culture?…that’s another matter… to my knowledge where Im at there are no blacks within about 20 miles and I don’t go where they are…don’t know any blacks( or latinos) personally and Im not looking to…sad but that’s just how it is…I wish things could have worked out differently but it is what it is…just to say I understand where youre coming from…be safe!

      63. @ Piper… she should have sprayed him with her pepper spray.(buy her some bear spray) She shouldnt “carry” until she has the mindset to use it, and you know why. People got to stop taking shit off the thugs.

      64. I am not a Racist, but I am feeling very sad to hear all of these stories, where people of all colors are hurting innocent’s…just because they are a different color!

        I am also very afraid for all of you that are near inner city gangs and thugs, I chose to leave and make a simple life in the great northwest, where there are no Big problems like the inner cities have, and the fact that here in the Great American Redoubt states, we are very well armed, and have great friendly communities of god loving, church going people, that know how to raise crops, cattle, horses, food, and truly believe in community, I never thought such places even existed when I was growing up in the KRK (Kommunist Republic of Kalifornia), even though I now make less than my career paid me in the KRK, now there is no stress, no gangs or thugs, peace and quite, and I make a make living, to stay within my means, strictly sticking to my basic needs and prepping.
        I am not saying its perfect, because there is no such thing, and crime still happens everywhere, murders, robbery, rape, etc…. Because people are people…that will never change!

        I guess my point is, I hear a lot of complaining from people whom are sick and tired of there situation, but never take a leap and do anything about it, why complain if your not willing to change your surroundings, and have and make a better, safer life for yourself and family.

        I sacrificed everything I owned, and made the leap..
        and now, three years later, everything is as it was…I have gained more from the temporary loss of liquidating everything, and now I have a better sense of security, planning, preps, and knowing that I have friends , family and community that will stand together when it SHTF.

        there are always options in life, it just depends on how willing you are to remove yourself from your safety box….and relocate to a better life for you and your family.

        added note, since I left the KRK, my father, brother, nephews and nieces have all made the move up here as well.
        and within the next 4-6 months, my mother, sister and close family friends are all doing the same thing as I did… liquidate, relocate, rebuild.

        Please don’t take my post wrong, I know that some people are buried and cant even conceive the thought of a cross country move , where they do not even know anyone, and to leave family and friends behind, but if you are a true prepper, and you want what is best for you and your family, you sometimes have to make sacrifices, I did that, a lot of my friends were naysayers, blinded by the media, and dancing with the stars…and do not believe, there eyes are wide “Shut”….not open to any change and refuse to believe what is happening all around them.
        So do you spend the rest of your precious time trying to convince them and change there minds… I say NO, NO, NO
        stop wasting your time, and get your family to safety ASAP.

        you know that feeling you get, when you should have gone another route in life, and now your regret your decision?

        Do what you need to save you and your family…before
        its too late!

        God bless you and yours, stay safe, and keep on prepping!

        keep your powder dry!

      65. Come to Wyo, no issue about packing, just if one is all you want

        • Paranoid, what are you saying! Don’t you remember, Wyoming is FULL. Trekker Out.

          • True, but Casper has 50,000 people; There’s got to be one liberal, somewhere, we can chuck into Colo.

      66. During the economic meltdown in Weimar Germany, Yugoslavia (1992-94) and Zimbabwe (2007-2008), there were no confirmed cases of cannibalism. Sure, there’s WAY more people in the USA now than in any of those places combined but I doubt people will start eating other people during a collapse of the USD. I’m sure there will be millions dead from starvation, disease, fighting, the government cracking skulls, etc but I just don’t see cannibalism happening.

      67. Piper Michael–Respect!


        He got it.

      69. One thing unmentioned in the article is just how far the US – and the banks that control the US – and the US Dollar, will go to protect it’s status.

        We killed Gaddafi. We killed Saddam. We will kill anyone who threatens the dollar. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, and believe these ‘terrorists’ leaders had to go, I suggest you become a tad more educated about The Real World.

        Finally, good to see all the religious posts being voted down – and off. The world has no time for that nonsense, anymore, as it only serves those in power to control your feeble minds with the distraction of that stupidity.

        Time is running out. Most of you WILL be slaughtered – especially the religious idiots amongst you (who learn NOTHING, like our leaders, from history), or you will end up in a “camp that doesn’t exist”, even though these camps are already patrolled and funded, and the government recently put out a procurement for bids for the ability “to run a complete, small city; meals, trash, waste, water, cleanup, “burial detail”, etc.

        I also realize why my comment won’t get posted; It’s not wasting my time on the idiocy of religion, which this whole chatboard has basically turned into. IF……..this all goes down, good luck with your ‘god’.

      70. i’m amazed at how the same people who predicted the last 3 financial crashes with precision are predicting this next one to be worse then 1929 x10 and all most people can do is argue and bitch and moan about who thinks they know more than the other as it sits now the bubble is inflated and the needle has been produced how long till it pops? how long is a piece of string but it is mathematically inevitable hope u all have your gardens growing

      71. There are some who feel that this time it will be different… They’re right… There are those who think it will be worse… They’re probably right, there are those who think that the Fed is your friendly neighbourhood policeman…

        Nope, they’re there to protect the rich, and their spoils.

        The Chinese and The Russians have old scores to settle. No they’re not about to send missiles into the atmosphere, or tanks across the steppes. They don’t need to this time.
        The dollar might be appreciating (as measured against other paper currencies – it is.) BUT measured against REAL, TANGIBLE, RAW MATERIALS AND RESOURCES

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