What Could Go Wrong? Robot Dogs Are Getting ChatGPT (AI) “Brains”

by | May 3, 2023 | Headline News

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    A team of artificial intelligence engineers has equipped a Boston Dynamics robot dog with OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Google’s Text-to-Speech voice, giving the robot an AI “brain”. This is what creating a real-life Skynet-like robot looks like.

    The ruling class has already used these robot dogs to make sure people stay in line and don’t dissent.

    NYPD Deploys Robot Dog To Catch “COVID Violators”

    So what could possibly go wrong?

    According to a report by ZeroHedge, in a recent video posted to Twitter, machine learning engineer Santiago Valdarrama showed how the robot-dog can interact with humans via a voice interface faster than control panels and reports.

    “These robots run automated missions every day,” Valdarrama said in a Twitter thread, noting that each mission could be “miles-long, hard-to-understand configuration files” and “only technical people can handle them.” When paired with ChatGPT and Google’s Text-to-Speech voice, a user can ask simple questions to the robot about “configuration files and the mission results.”

    “We can now ask the robots about past and future missions and get an answer in real-time. ChatGPT interprets the question, parses the files, and formulates the answer,” he said.

    According to Interesting Engineering, a Chinese startup company called Hengbot has already created “Sparky,” the first robotic dog in the world with musculoskeletal limbs. The robot can run, jump, and do tricks like a real dog using advanced artificial intelligence (AI), claims the company.

    Sparky, “the canine robot has a mission to ‘blur the line between technology and life’ by developing machines that are agile, nimble, and warm to the touch,” said a report by Robotics & Automation News on Thursday.  “With its musculoskeletal limbs and advanced artificial intelligence, Sparky is a ‘groundbreaking innovation’ that closely resembles a live animal. It can run, jump, and perform tricks just like a real dog.”

    In the short term, integrating a ChatGPT AI “brain” into robots may appear harmless. However, there’s a dark risk of this massive artificial intelligence push, giving rise to intelligent robots in a Skynet-like scenario. The ruling class isn’t doing this by accident. They want and desperately need AI to be integrated into every aspect of human life. They normalizing it right now, and before too long, won’t need humans to police each other, they’ll have the AI do it.

    Rabobank: The “Rise of the Machines” Is Here

    It is starting with dogs.


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