WH Is Preparing To Launch “Clandestine” Cyberattacks Against Russia: Biden Could Start A WAR

by | Mar 8, 2021 | Headline News | 20 comments

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    Joe Biden appears, for all intents and purposes, to be making an all-out effort to start a war. The White House is now preparing to launch “clandestine” cyberattacks against Russia. The only question remaining, is why the mainstream media is telling us about it.

    Citing officials familiar with the operation, the New York Times said that a “series of clandestine actions” aimed at Russia is expected to begin over the next three weeks and that the cyberattacks are intended to be “evident” to President Vladimir Putin and Russia’s intelligence services, but not to the “wider world.”

    The definition of clandestine is: kept secret or done secretively, especially because illicit. But this hardly seems secret when every mainstream media source is reporting on it. It is certainly illicit, however. So why are they telling the public intentionally making the use of the word “clandestine” a complete lie?

    Predictive programming to set up a war with Russia perhaps, and manipulate the masses into accepting another war. That’s just speculation, but once you apply critical thinking to this story, it stinks in more ways than can be counted.

    In an interview last week, Jake Sullivan, Biden’s national security adviser, told the Times that he supported carrying out clandestine operations that would be “understood by the Russians, but may not be visible to the broader world,” arguing that such actions would force a “broad strategic discussion” with Moscow.

    The allegedly imminent cyberattack has been framed as a retaliatory measure in response to the high-profile SolarWinds breach. The hack, first reported in December, provided backdoor access to a widely used network-management program distributed by the Texas-based SolarWinds company. The hackers were able to use the exploit to compromise the systems of more than 100 commercial firms around the world, as well as nine US government agencies. Described as one of the largest and most sophisticated cyberattacks. -RT

    Of course, all of that is if you trust what comes out of the mouths of the ruling class and their hired propagandists in the mainstream media.

    Pay attention, stay prepared, and polish those critical thinking and discernment skills.  We have to all start to wake up to what’s going on and at a faster rate unless we want to see our children living in invisible chains that will be impossible to break.


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      1. Speaking of war, Prez Bidet better hope there is never a war on insanity.If there was,
        Touchy Feely Joe wouldn’t stand a chance!!

      2. Great, just what we needed –
        A fake president starting a real war.

      3. “unless we want to see our children living in invisible chains that will be impossible to break.”

        There is no future for kids. And there is nothing you can do about it. Yet people keep pooping them out right and left. You can hardly go anywhere now that there isn’t people and it gets worse by the day. Human life is the cheapest commodity on earth now. Glad we don’t have kids to face the fked up future they would have. Overpopulation is creating hell on earth, imagine what it will be like in 50 years…

        • I agree: I see no evidence the world’s population is shrinking but I do see an exponential increase in the darker, dumber races pretty well everywhere I travel to.

          Where cities never had black ghettos, black ghettos they now have.

          I see Brutt economics asserting itself as China becomes more powerful. Those darker folks are going to be harvested one way or another, for data, organs, labor, p#ssy, land etc. In the last instance the power goes to those who have the wealth and the power to issue credit and debt. And since Africa is completely dependent on foreign aid and assistance, they will be the ones harvested.

          • Wow. Ignorant.

            • Only to people that can’t do simple math. Like most folks, your thinking is about as deep as a sheet of paper…

          • As speculators, we have the power to issue credit and debt, without leverage.

            Anything short of vapid blasphemy or direct persecution of my own kind — I would strongly consider being an accelerationist.

            Anyone who lives next door to an urban jungle, say, on all four sides, is no longer, philosophically libertarian. I defy you to tell me so.

            “My relationship to power and authority is that I’m all for it. People need somebody to watch over them. Ninety-five percent of the people in the world need to be told what to do and how to behave.”
            — attributed to Schwarzenegger

            That is a work horse, for the lack of a better word. What I want is power and the right of first refusal. Then, I can believe in that figure of speech: “future positive”.


            Squeeze that blood from their turnips. Breathe all that good air. I bet, they make more — twice as fast.

        • The writing has been on the wall since the mid 90’s but most people did not want to read it.
          What did people expect after our US manufacturing base was evsicerated and our population continued to skyrocket?
          Too many people and too few GOOD PAYING jobs is not long term sustainable.

      4. Yet again the same question keeps popping into my head regarding Biden.To all the
        record setting millions and millions who allegedly voted for this guy – How’s that
        working out for you??

      5. “supported carrying out clandestine operations that would be understood by the Russians” Even more importantly, would any of it be understood by Joe??

      6. Recently read that 35 people had gone deaf and 25 people had gone blind in the UK after receiving the mRNA covid “vaccine”. Hopefully,
        anyone who is even remotely consider getting this garbage
        will please reconsider.

      7. I saw a video that stated that physically, the entire human population would fit within Australia with enough room still to move about. If there is truth to over population, the TPTB
        allowed such growth in populations so that they could with “extreme prejudice” kill off most of us for kicks. They could have instructed beforehand to limit population birth rates. Remember this, everything they do serves their purpose and only that. They purposely allowed us to purchase unlimited firearms just so they could confiscate them. Just my opinion.

        • @makeready, exactly! The psychos AKA TPTB always have some kind of an evil motive behind their lunacy which makes sense only to them.You can bet that if they are pushing the overpopulation bullshit – it is by design.Everything they do
          is done with some type of grand evil ultimate purpose behind it EVERYTHING!!!

      8. The majority of the masses dont care. They’d only give a hoot if their iphone died or the Audi on the drive was repo’d. It’s easy to herd sheep with a bucket of food n a good dog!

        • @BOXCART54, I think that is the biggest problem we face that so many just don’t care.
          For many who have become accustomed to having everything readily available – they don’t care.However, if the day ever comes when they no longer have cell service,cannot find any food at a supermarket ,and lack the basic necessities of life such as fresh,clean drinking water – I think that would be a huge wake up call.That is why more of us should do everything possible to depend on ourselves and prepare and be self sufficient. That way when the shtf – we will have a better chance of surviving.

      9. And the Russkis won’t know what hit them….

      10. If this article is true, it only continues to prove one thing, prez JB is a puppet, an errand boy, a flunky, absolutely nothing more. Aggressive policy, right or wrong, is the product of an active mind, he displays symptoms of stage 2 dementia. If one examines the staff around him (which were not really appointed directly by him, only rubber-stamped, and even that was nothing more than a formality) there are a large number of neo-con esque officials who will conduct policy that does not place the Amer. people first, and everyone knows it. In addition, they are leftists who believe in the supremacy of gov’t and support the limiting of rights that empower citizens. JB is merely the face that projects the lie that official policy is conducted in the name of the people, and befuddled JB believes he is actually acting in behalf of the Amer. people.
        I’m no friend of Iran, but it does not, I repeat, does not represent an existential threat to the US. Furthermore, we have to eventually stop trying to maintain hegemony over the world at any cost, or assisting our “allies or friends” in their quest for hegemony in their regions. In doing so we only recklessly, we frivolously waste Amer. blood and treasure and resources and Amer. good will. If these foreign entities want wars and hegemony so be it, but let them spend their own blood and wealth.
        We cannot continue getting involved in the Mid-East and help wrecking that part of the world. We have spent trillions (almost all of it borrowed money), and lost or damaged thousands upon thousands of our own lives, and the end product is nothing to show for it except ill will and contributing to generations of instability there. My G*D, what is it going to take to wake people up, to stop this madness. For now on, if political leaders and officials want to conduct wars or send expeditionary forces, let them send their own kids and families, keep the people out of it.
        We are told we still have troops throughout the region to protect Amer.’s interests and maintain peace; there are no bounds to officialdom’s lies and hypocrisy. The former prez wanted to pull them out and bring them all home. Nope, now they have sent more on ventures that won’t help the Amer. people in any way. All I can say is don’t do it in my name.
        As for Russia, the neo-cons have been in hyper drive to get the US in a war with Russia since they threw off communism. The likely reasons seem to be as much personal as political. Russia is rapidly re-Christianizing, they don’t yield or bend to Amer. power, and they have frequently stymied neo-con goals in the Mid-East. The interests of the neo-cons are not compatible with the Amer. people, do not serve the Amer. people, nor were they ever meant to do so. They actually, truly, really, literally, see Amer. people as nothing but cannon fodder for their policies and goals. These “clandestine operations” have always existed and always will. Too bad, if only every country would just mind their own internal business and deal with their own problems. However, the State here is among the guiltiest, the State even has an incredibly extensive and intrusive domestic spy system against we citizens. The wise policy for citizens is to believe the opposite of what we are told, or merely believe nothing at all.

      11. That’s a joke,we start a war with Russia who has a real military with real soldiers. Lets see now,the US armed forces has all of those pink pantie wearing Trannies and Phaggots. When they are done having their 60 day purge getting rid of the real men in the US military, the ones they say are right wing extremists. Now we have a politically correct woked Queer peter puffing Sodomite military, good luck with that you Bozos!

      12. Threats like these against a heavily armed superior fire power nation like Russia are fuggin insane. Cyber attacks against Russia by this shit stain nation called the USA, are also known as ‘unprovoked, overt acts of aggression’, also known as WAR shitheads. All of you moms and dads, granny’s and grandpa’s round up the kiddies and let them know they are about to be vaporized, because the so called adults in this nation are busy running around wearing diapers on our faces, worried about how to pay the rent and get the latest greatest 14.2 acre TV screen to watch our favorite degenerate scumbags from hollyshitwood and the nfl and nba WOW us…

      13. bhtf?!

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