“We’re on the Verge of a Crisis” and Global Currency Wars Are Triggering It

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    In financial circles, it is widely acknowledged that the Federal Reserve was about to raise interest rates, but has since changed course and decided to hold firm.

    Why? Because currencies are tanking all across the globe, and a stronger U.S. dollar – a double-edged sword – is making export goods more expensive and hurting international business.

    Welcome to 2015, the year of the currency wars. Things are about to get volatile, so hold on.

    Wall Street bears are warning that a crisis is near, according to CNN Money:

    The bears build their case that a crisis is near [based] on four factors: falling oil prices, stagnant wages, the “two-edged sword” of a strong US dollar and big trouble abroad.

    “Earnings and economic activity are actually weakening, not strengthening,” says James Abate, chief investment officer at Centre Asset Management, which manages over $8 billion. “The growth outlook, to us, is deteriorating.”

    Only a short time ago, the Swiss decoupled from the Euro, signalling trouble ahead and sending markets spiraling. Now Greece is back in debt trouble, and several other European nations are vulnerable. This will spread further. The damage could be severe, depending upon what plays out.

    Growth in China is slowing. The Swiss National Bank ignited a “currency war” this month after a surprise move. The European Central Bank is throwing a life raft to its nations drowning in deflation, and Japan is already deflating.

    On top of that, Greece just elected a leader almost certain to cause tension with other European leaders and tensions are flaring up again between Russia and the Ukraine.

    “Everyone seems to be falling or faltering in some way,” abroad, says Matt Kerkhoff, research director at Dow Theory Letters, an online newsletter. The American economy, “cannot really outperform while all the rest are in shambles.”

    Remember, everything is, and has been for decades, interconnected. As SHTF quoted earlier this week,

    “At a basic level, all markets are increasingly integrated — if Wall Street sneezes, New Zealand is likely to catch a financial cold.”

    Now it figures that if Wall Street catches the flu, the world might catch the plague. And so, Federal Reserve monetary policy is hinging on international conditions during a time of stormy seas.

    Cue Russia, Mexico, Brazil and OPEC nations being tested by devastatingly low oil prices.

    Right now, the Mexican Peso and Brazilian Real are at the tipping point, with the peso at its lowest point since 2009 and the real at the lowest point in 10 years!

    Meanwhile, economic experts are debating whether or not the euro can still be saved, or is doomed to collapse as European states are internalizing control of their economies and repatriating gold to weather the storm should the entire continent be consumed in the swell.

    Motley Fool highlighted the plaguing issues:

    Since last July, the value of the dollar has soared by 15% versus the world’s major currencies, making U.S. exports less competitive in global markets.


    The dollar’s strength is being fueled by multiple factors. Lower oil prices have caused currencies in Russia, Mexico, and other energy-dependent economies to fall precipitously. Since the middle of last year, for instance, the Russian ruble has lost roughly half of its value versus the dollar.

    Monetary policy by the European Central Bank is also playing a role. In an effort to jump-start the continent’s ailing economies, the ECB announced earlier this week that it would follow in the Federal Reserve’s footsteps by buying 60 billion euros in government bonds each month over the next year and a half. Because this expands the number of euros in circulation, anticipation of the news pushed the euro’s value to its lowest point vis-a-vis the dollar in more than a decade.

    Finally, actions by central banks in Canada, Singapore, Japan, and other countries suggest a deliberate attempt to manipulate exchange rates in a broadening currency war. Most recently, Canada cut its benchmark interest rate last week by a quarter of a point, and the Monetary Authority of Singapore said this week that it would take measures to slow the appreciation of the Singapore dollar.

    The net result is that the Federal Reserve has little choice but to delay an increase in interest rates. Doing otherwise would only further drive up the value of the U.S. dollar given that higher rates would attract international capital, and thereby boost the demand (and thus price) for dollars.

    The combination of the returning European debt crisis and the crash of oil prices is serious enough, again, that it is determining Federal Reserve policy.

    Things are that bad.

    Earlier today, Michael Snyder warned that “if the price of oil stays at this level throughout 2015, We’re going to have a total financial nightmare.”

    Now, the currency wars are reaching “hot” levels, and casualties are about to begin.

    With the oil crisis undermining many economies and destroying well-paying job, the Euro is becoming the primary front, though the wars are being fought all across the globe.

    As usual, any remaining national sovereignty and wealth among the population – and their bank accounts – will be the first to be sacrificed to stave off the crisis.

    Already, Mario Draghi, the head of the European Central Bank, has told the world he will do “whatever it takes” to save the euro. According to GoldSeek.com, that means:

    Draghi is willing to…

    1)    Confiscate wealth by cutting interest rates to negative.

    2)    Permit regulators to seize bank accounts to “bail-in” banks.

    3)    Verbally intervene every time possible provided it pushes yields on EU nation sovereign bonds lower.

    4)    Buy EU sovereign bonds despite the fact that this clearly violates the Maastricht Treaty (the treaty that formed the Eurozone).

    However, what Draghi is NOT wiling to do is restructure ANY EU sovereign nation’s debt.

    Time to chain down anything you don’t want them to take.


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      1. Run for the hills…

        • “Permit regulators to seize bank accounts to “bail-in” banks.”

          For the love of God, please don’t do that in the United States.

          • I am a soldier in the army of GOD. I can assure you that these foul, low, treasonous, unfeeling villains have love for neither GOD nor man. They will gladly steal everything of ours to keep their rotten system alive.

            Ideals Mastering Power Creating All Life GOD IS

            • The Death Of The American Dream In 22 Numbers

              “For decades, the rest of the planet has regarded the United States as “the land of opportunity” where almost anyone can be successful if they are willing to work hard. The “American Dream” has been transformed into a very twisted game of musical chairs.

              With each passing year, more people are falling out of the middle class, and most of the rest are scrambling really hard to keep their own places. Something has gone horribly wrong… We are the generation that gets to witness the end of the American Dream.”

              “The Obama administration tells us that 8.69 million Americans are “officially unemployed” and that 92.90 million Americans are considered to be “not in the labor force”.

              That means that more than 101 million U.S. adults do not have a job right now.”

              “The key to the recovery of the middle class is jobs.

              The truth is that without middle class jobs, it is impossible to have a middle class.”


                • We should start hearing the ginormous sucking sound any minute now, as the NWO banksters start hoovering up the assets of the entire world. That’s what this is all about you know, breaking the world so they can steal it’s assets on the cheap.

                  We need to take them out BEFORE they get away with literally stealing the planet.

              • Rage against the machine.

                • Luddite—

                  I caught that (grin)!!!

                  ..nice metaphorical post, per your handle! Good one.

                  +1 to ya!

              • KY Mom—

                Good post, ma’am!

                ..and if you dig a bit deeper/scratch the surface harder…said depressing numbers are “REFLECTED” in another realm also.

                ..those being the “SKY-ROCKETING” property-crime statistics..

                ..aka.> ..B/E, felony larceny, theft etc..etc.

                Methinks..we ain’t seen nothin’ yet!!! It’s gonna get much WORSE!!!

                Plan accordingly…

                • Hunter, I too expect property related crimes and kidnapping to continue to increase as the economic situation deteriorates. Ferfal, the guy in Argentina, said kidnapping and home invasions sky rocketed when their economy collapsed. I’m expecting the same here, especially with the influx of so many South American illegal immigrants.

                  Consequently, all of my preps have recently been security related (Home, Car and non-lethal protection).

                  Everybody be safe!

                  • When the S well and truly Hits TF, will there be time to worry about the welfare of those assailing us? Somehow, I don’t think so. This is why police and military people are taught to shoot at the center of mass and never to wound anyone. While a non-lethal device MIGHT be up to the job, none of them are any good against multiple determined attackers.

                • Where do you get evidence that property crimes are going up? Maybe in the occasional ghetto, but elsewhere they are going down. Thanks to concealed-carry for one thing, and “castle doctrine” laws for another.

                  • Dunno ’bout your locale ‘Coach’, but our local ‘fishwrap newspaper’ (some will get the reference)….in a county of +90k people…has a (daily) column/pages dedicated to what’s called…the “law log”..which chronicles..who reported what missing/broken into/suffered whatever etc..etc.

                    ..and who was arrested for ‘xyz’ crime(s)!

                    ..not long ago, the average was maybe 3-5 column inches of script…nowadays, its a page & a half!!!

                    ..dominated by my above referencing post, per the majority crimes.


                    ..BTW, ’tis a largely rural county..whose largest city’s population is maybe 28k.


                    The demographic breakdown usually goes as follows”

                    B/E & theft/larceny = white, meth/pills heads.

                    Trafficking per narcotics, DUIs, hit-n-run, home invasions and wife beating = beaners/illegal aliens.

                    ..and as usual, the negro contingent covers all the above, plus rapes, car-jackings, murders and resisting arrest etc.

                    Call it a social/economic sit-rep, per the rural S.E.

                  • I think maybe CONFRONTATIONS might be on the decline because of the ability for us to defend ourselves, but stealing behind our backs is probably going to rise overall.

                    Shoplifting, bedroom window grabs and other inconspicuous thefts are much safer, because the victims don’t know they’ve been stolen from until after it’s over and done.

                    We’re losing more right out of our paychecks than we are to burglars.

              • 101 million Americans without a job KY Mom? Don’t worry, as soon as we push the Russkies into WW3 over our illegal interference in the Ukraine (and just about everywhere else on the planet) we’ll be able to recruit millions of young, unemployed Americans into uniform and ship them off to their deaths to defend our Great Land!!! Considering our recent track record on how we treat every other country, we won’t have too many friends to fight along side us. But that’s OK. we have a 101 million unemployed Shmucks willing to fight for the non existent American Dream.

                The KEY to the recovery, KY Mom, is not the Middle Class. The Key to the recovery is to sell us into a global conflict, so the Industrial Military Corporates can make even more money at your expense!

          • Would be the straw that broke the camels back

          • In April 2012 Michael Snyder and others warned that the regulatory framework for Cyprus-style wealth confiscations was reality in the U.S. If this late you leave more than you can afford to lose of your wealth where it can be stolen you are playing a dangerous game.

            There are several ways this could go bad. Foreign manufacturers could stop accepting Treasury securities in exchange for those goods on our shelves. Day may come when no amount of dollars would be accepted = YOYO for your necessities. Look at where things are made. Except for hamburgers and pornography it’s made elsewhere.

            The thieves-in-charge could devalue the dollar. Your $20 would then be worth $2. How would you feed yourself and pay your bills? I will leave it to people more financially astute than I am to argue the theories. What I care about is covering myself against foreseeable negative outcomes.

            Dollar denominated assets could become worthless. Hope you have your calories, hydration, heat and self defense in hand before that happens. When you are supplied, then think about tangible money substitutes.

            Better years too early than hours too late.

          • free slave,
            they already passed the executive order and or laws to allow for this, they did it awhile back, they knew it is coming or had a good idea it will happen, soooooo with that said I hope you have got your ducks in a row! my friend!

          • I’ve been operating for a couple of years under the assumption that they absolutely WILL do that in the US at some point. And I doubt they’ll exempt the first $100,000 or whatever either. How many people out there have that kind of cash sitting in an account that pays 0.001% interest? I doubt they’ll put in a meaningful exemption at all after they saw the relative lack of public outrage at what happened in Cypress and what’s happening in Greece. People so far have quietly folded when their money was stolen, which means they’ll keep getting more brazen about it until someone starts shooting.

            I keep no more than a month or two of expenses in the bank…and I’m currently in the process, probably at some point this spring officially, of FINALLY coming completely out of non-mortgage debt (and with an almost-new vehicle, yay me). Which means I begin plugging a lot extra toward the mortgage plus stacking in earnest…I’ll be on a first-name basis with every coin/bullion dealer in town by autumn. My ultimate goal is to sever all dealings with banks. We’ll see how well I do. It’s not an easy thing to do the way they’ve set it up.

          • Yes, the bank bail-ins are something I don’t want to see. Also, something that is a distinct possibility ( and maybe an added bonus for our treasonous potus) is that with the collapse of the Peso in Mexico–we could see a new tidal wave of illegals flooding across our unprotected southern borders.

            Treasonous O-bama or the lying girly men republicants who do nothing–either way, the borders are still open, tens of millions of illegals are still breeding anchor babies and tens of thousands a week keep pouring in…..

            November election revival my #$%$@# asp

          • Wake up little sheeple. Greece was just the Beta Test for bail-ins. Surprise…they got away with it. Don’t think the Fed wasn’t paying attention. They are still drooling over the Trillions in 401K’s just sitting there. You have now been warned. Protect it or lose it!

        • Eppe

          No NO. Everyone just stay right where you are at. Freeze and don’t move. Running up a hill is hard.

        • Buckle up folks. Seems for real this time. There are so many indicators, even the seven year crash/boom cycle – 1987, 1995, 2001, 2008, 2015 – pointing to 2015 being a hell of a year. Fortunately for me, 2015 is the year my decade-long prep efforts are 95% complete (you can never be 100%).

          I really feel for those who have no idea of what is to come. But not for those who couldn’t be bothered to pay attention to the warnings, which, sadly, includes my own family. I tried.

      2. Keep only what you need to have in your bank accounts, safeguard the rest, yourself. If you don’t physically control it, you don’t own it.
        Stock up on precious metals, especially, brass, lead and copper.

        • TP,

          You sound like you would be the one to quote from the book of Snodgrass, verses .308 to 5.56.

        • TP, I already follow the same strategy. Most of my cash is in a safe in my home [private banking]. I physical control it and can touch it so I know damn well I own it. I do stock up on brass and lead. The Book Of Maverick, verses .22, .380, .30 Carbine, and 12-gauge.

        • Why brass, lead and copper??

      3. If bail in is done here…it will likely be your 401k and IRA’s that vanish….it’s not “FAIR” that you have and others don’t
        ‘end sarc’

        • -(snip)-

          “It’s 6:30…do you know where your money is?”

          Awesome post/one-liner, JRS!!!

          ..I’m gonna steal it, if you don’t mind!!

          • lol, Hunter…I stole it from that ex CNBC anchor Maria Bartiromo and she no doubt adapted it from the saying about your kids.

            • “adapted it from the saying about your kids. ”

              You mean the kids that dont really belong to me ?
              LOL , ya gotta love CNBC ….

          • At least you were polite enough to ask before you steal it. Good for you. (baby steps)

      4. The collapse has already happened for lots of people

        I overheard someone in Wally World today talking about people on the verge of rioting in Grand Jumction CO !! GRAND JUNCTION!!! That’s not too far from home for me

        Stay safe , prep daily. Strengthen your families and get out of debt if you can

        Invest in the most precious of metals – lead copper brass and steel

        • Yeah that is pretty close to us as well, we are 60 miles north of Denver

        • Captain Crunch,
          I have family and friends in Grand Junction some have already lost jobs or be cut back. I am about 150 mile S.W. of Junction. The low oil prices are hurting a lot of family’s already, hate to think where it is going to end.

        • anyone shopping in Wally World should be on the verge of rioting, it’s the highest priced store in America

        • I’ve been in GJ. Rioting there? Wow… who wudda thought? GJ looked to me like the Mayberry of the 21st century to me. lol

      5. The collapse has already happened for lots of people

        I overheard someone in Wally World today talking about people on the verge of rioting in Grand Jumction CO !! GRAND JUNCTION!!! That’s not too far from home for me

        Stay safe , prep daily. Strengthen your families and get out of debt if you can

        Invest in the most precious of metals – lead copper brass and steel

      6. Jolly Time… medium high heat in organic olive oil…

      7. Have you all made lists of what you have?
        Maybe a list of foods and expiration dates?
        Other supplies?
        In Venesuela soap and detergent are hard to come by,
        Personal hygene supplies?
        Mouth wash (listerine) tooth paste, floss, never mind trouble getting medical help, a bad tooth will screw you over big time,
        Wipes! I got some wipes for camping and stuff (action wipes) are great for light cleanup, if water is in short supply, daily bathing may be a problem.
        Stuff to think about.

        • I Got a Silver Eagle Monster Box today. No coins, just the box, does that count?

          • You can switch your money from that aspirin tin you used to carry and put it in your monster box.

        • Kula, I inventory my supplies once a month and still prepping. It’s going to be a hell of a wild ride.

        • howdy, i don’t nEad nO DoWgDarn toof Cair juSt suM plires or String & wiSky, i likes wisKy. wots doz bAiThing meen? bee sEEin ye.

          • Anytime someone goes out of their way to make their comment stupid or hard to read I don’t bother with it. That’s you

      8. Waste oil water heater,
        Google journey to tomorrow waste oil heater,
        Search around the site, has some excellent info

        • Correction,
          Journey to forever!

        • @ Kulafarmer

          Thanks. I got to the same place I think using “tomorrow”.

          I built one of these 4 years ago but used a stripped out water heater tank. Mine is even simpler than his.

          They work fine to heat a small area, but I was trying to heat a garage/workshop in the dead of winter. I went back to my barrel woodstove. Mine used old motor oil. I still have it in the shed, though.

          They kinda remind me of the old gravity flow kerosene heat-o-lators we had when I was a little younger. One in each ground floor room with the stovepipe going up through the floors to heat the upstairs rooms.

        • Waste oil around here is selling for over $1.00 a gallon. Our local mechanic has a waste oil heater for his shop. He said people are wising up about the oil. He used to get waste oil for next to nothing. Now it keeps going up and getting harder to obtain.

          • They have a design somewhere on that site using these heaters with a copper coil in it to heat water, a friend over here uses one all the time, same thing, gravity fed drip burner, pretty simple but not super powerful for large areas as a heater,

            • Wanna heat up that oil burner AND piss off the EPA tree huggers ?
              I chop up old tires and burn em in my shop.
              Lottsa heat, lottsa smoke .
              I have an old coal furnace , must wieght a ton !

            • I’m not too enthusiastic about gravity feed. Colt firearms nearly destroyed their entire plant with a gravity feed for flammable dielectric fluid to a bank EDM machines, back in the ’70s.

      9. It boggles my mind that the world still sees the US dollar as the best bet. If it gets too bad abroad, I can see the world rising up against the US as a major culprit of the crisis.

        • In the country of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.

      10. It really seems as though the global economic Jinga tower could collapse at any time. I’m really thinking of executing my cache plan. Its time to divide the eggs into several baskets.

        • Alex Jones and Gary North says this time for sure it’s the end of the world, so get prepped ASAP!

      11. So you got your garden seeds,
        Now what?
        Have you considered the big picture?
        Fertilizer, water, how? If the spigot has no water then what?
        Seed saving?
        Preserving your harvest?

        • Our local garden center is calling it quits and put everything on sale. I helped liquidate a lot of his seed stock, all packed for 2015. Most of the ones I got were heirloom. I got a few odd varieties to check out. I might do some crossing someday.

          • Good deal!
            Too bad the garden center is closing though,
            Sign of the times

            • We have Armstrongs out here in the peoples Republic of California. They are far from closing. They charge maybe 25 % more than others, but the information that they give to brown thumbs like me make up for it. Those that go out of business just don’t care.
              Free classes , help with growing “that crop” that your having problems with. I asked as a newbe to growing food if this assortment of seeds and sprouts for edible plants was always the same? (They sell mostly pretty garden plants) The response shocked me. The home grown vegetables sales have increased 3 times in the last 2 years.
              My My there is hope after all.

        • Kula, you don’t need fertilizer OR a bunch of water if you use aquaponics 🙂 Problem solved…

          • Aahhh, what goes in the water?

            • FISH

              • Aaaannd, what feeds the fish?

                • Plants growing on the fish poop.

              • search for “diy black soldier fly bucket”. this will keep the cost of fish food to a minimum.

        • Ever heard of ‘aquaponics’? That’s how hagi has been feeding himself for decades. Why it isn’t common knowledge in good ole US&A I don’t know. Wake up America!

        • not new. always in the back of geologists minds
          Very hard to predict, so CYA rules dictate ‘anytime”.

        • YELP, It’s still there! Could use some snow.

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          • I’ve been trying to reply to someone for over an hour. cleared browser, cache, cookies, rebooted. Mac needs to give his server a good kick tonight!

            • Having problems here also. I post a reply and the whole page just disapers, reload the whole thing and my reply is there ok but it never comes back up by itself.

              • Been having that happen for a week or so, glad its not just me,,,
                Honestly the biggest up side i can see to grid down for a year or so is so the hackers all are out of work and take a slug to their head when trying to rip people off,,, im pretty sure the hackers are the same kinda garbage people who rob homes,,,
                Lights out fuckers, lights out

                • Kula—

                  In truth, the biggest hacker/disruptor is likely the…En-Ess-Ay!!!

                  • Yeah well, “take a slug to their head” still applies…

          • Talon:

            Look back at your reply box. You probably made a typo there. That will send you to moderation…..

            Not to worry….

          • Links get sent to moderation so the administrator can verify you’re not posting nasty pics of your ex or midget porn sites.

      12. HAHAA…finally! Gold and silver rebounded today after yesterdays rout…things are lining up for me to be rich and for the brain dead “needful things” to pay the price of apathy! Im not going to apologize for my post because there are ALOT of ARROGANT ASSHOLES in the world that are about to be humbled. CROW TASTES LIKE SHIT and a bunch of the sheep are gonna get to know what it tastes like. I am cocked-locked and ready to rock-doc…bring it on!

        • you have been gone a while Warface. welcome back

        • True, there is nothing we can do to prevent this balloon, but only an insane person would wish to ‘bring it on’. No matter how much you prep, when it falls apart, there will be nothing pleasant about it except the being over and noone knows how long that will be. Prepare for what’s coming but never stop praying for peace.

      13. Check out Drudge for one of my favorite headlines of all time:

        “WEEKEND: NFL officials will hold balls before Super Bowl”

        • gay

      14. The self destroy is build in the money system.
        That`s because of interest and compounded interest.
        The people that build this debet money system know that it will destroy by them self. It ist not allowed to take or to get interest if you look in the bible. So the interest has to come from Satan and not from god.
        In the old days they did not know the word “interest” they just call it “usury” and it does not matter how high the rate was.
        If you can read german you have to read this little book from the pope:
        Benedikt XIV.: Apostolisches Rundschreiben Vix pervenit vom 1. November 1745
        On usury and other unjust profits

        • thanks for the website tip, it looks interesting for those who can speak german (latin too).

        • Without money loaned at interest, you’d still be living in a 10th century economy. The musloids religious refusal to allow loans at interest is one reason they are still a primitive society. That and the inbreeding.

          • spoken like a bankster.

        • If you want to loan out your money for free and risk its complete loss for no possible gain, feel free to have at it.

      15. For those interested “my patriot supply” has 720 servings of coffee for $97 it has a 25 year shelf life. First storable coffee I have seen.

        • For those that care, unopened instant coffee in glass jars seems to keep forever, no matter. Regular coffee in the old steel cans does also. Don’t know how long the new plastic canned stuff lasts. but the vacuum seal is still tight after 5 years. You got to watch the long term storage people. No fault of theirs; but they will sell you long term packaged salt. For only 5 times the price you can get it and pour it in a jar.

          • Paranoid, I have a few glass jars of instant coffee in my preps never been opened. I’m not crazy about instant but I figure it’ll do in a pinch. I’ll test one of them soon. Gotta have that java.

      16. @Talon
        It means the NSA needs another source of identification. Just put in an email address in the box provided it doesn’t even have to be real. Their system will start to recognize you for later elimination.

      17. This is a 3-part reply for mxdmta4. Macs server is giving me a headache!

        @mxdmta4 This will be a 3 part reply. Macs system is not letting the full reply through, I think because it is long.
        I read your posts and see that you are good with numbers. That is excellent. I started prepping by couponing. a little at first, then alot. once I had my daily food pantry stocked, I started putting my money to preps. I’m posting links to some videos.
        But the VERY FIRST THING I would do, is go to couponmom.com and register as a user. she has videos and you can put in your zipcode and select your local store. It will match the local sales to the coupons. This was nice for me because I didn’t spend hours looking through circulars. HOWEVER, circulars in our area have lots of coupons, so pay attention.
        One website for getting started is; http://www.stockpilingmoms.com/getting-started/stockpiling-101-series/
        for online coupons I use redplum.com and smartsource.com
        I do not sign up for other online coupon sites because they want your mobile phone number and email and they will spam you to death….unless you want to set up a dummy email just for that.

        • I think I got it in two parts….

          The key here is to get everyone you know to save you their coupons from the paper. You can go so far as to order coupons from places like couponclippers.com
          I have a notebook where I track rock bottom prices at each store, so that if I’m out and see what I think may be a really good deal on something not on my list, I can do a quick check. ALWAYS GO WITH A SPECIFIC LIST. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING YOU WILL NOT USE.

          Also, print each stores coupon policy. very important. China mart will price match competitors, which can save you trips to other stores. Sometimes RiteAid, CVS, and Walgreens (which i no longer shop at for 2nd amendment reasons) have GREAT sales, but they sell out FAST. Got to be the early bird or get rainchecks.

          Initially it will feel like you are spending a little more money because you are buying extra of the sale items. But after a month or two, Take the money you’re saving and buy rice (not the instant garbage), beans and lentils to use a meal extenders and begin a base of preps. Start with a goal of 3 days food, then increase it to a week, etc. Then you won’t feel so overwhelmed.
          I make my own laundry detergent… thefamilyhomestead.com/laundrysoap.htm one double-batch lasted me 18 months in a HE washer. 3 bars fels naptha, one box borax and one box washing soda cost me 12.38 at the time. you only use 1/9 th of that to make a single batch.
          make your own dishwasher detergent: wellnessmama.com/12217/homemade-dishwasher-detergent/
          Many household cleaners can me made using baking soda, vinegar, dawn dish detergent and lemon oil. I hope this helps you. You could even try watching some extreme couponing episodes, though I don’t believe in the waste of buying things you won’t use. Some people donate free stuff to food pantries.

      18. Speaking of wealth confiscation, in Canada the wife gets over 50% of the husband’s assets in divorce.

        The women who support feminism are tools for Big Government.

        When women have more rights than men, decadence, moral decay, deflation and civil unrest follow because feminism is cultural Marxism and has nothing to do with helping the family unit.

        God made families for a reason, and because cultural Marxism have taken over and turned many women into single drifters living to work in their corporate job, many men go their own way, the MGTOW movement, and the economy suffers

        Let the economic collapse begin, and let the women rush to Big Government to protect them from the “evil white man”.

        As long these Marxist tools don’t infringe on MY RIGHTS, I have nothing harmful to say to them. Marxists are SCUM, FILTH and Parasites and it’s time the world economy gets a cleanse and reset so that Big Government and the Nanny State do not take over our lives in future generations.

      19. This is gonna end about as pretty as Diane Feinstein making out with Debbie Wasserman-Shultz while Barney Frank twirls around the pole twirling his ruby red tassels…..

        If you just threw up in your mouth at least a little on that one, you may be patriotic American.

        • Laugh a little , puke a little – repeat

        • Damn that’s scary enough…l’m sleeping with the lights on.

        • Well written… though the visual images will probably be keeping me awake all night!

      20. I went in to work this morning the place was such a cluster fuck. I showed up an hour early. To help get things back in shape. It was the worst I have ever seen things the manager quit. I don’t know what the fuck they are doing. I’m glad I put things back for hard times. They are definitely coming. It’s like this feeling you get when something just isn’t right. The business does not want to invest the $ and it’s time to expand the operation. How long can a company run without the space and tools they need. It’s at the point where their gonna lose customers. So many people on comp never seen it like this before. Can’t get people with the right skills because of pay cuts. I have been building up my supplies for 5 years now. I’m where I feel I don’t need to acquire more. So I use and rotate my supply’s. It’s working for me well if you have too much you will not be able to manage it. I’ve given food away to my church because it was starting to get old. I keep everything close to it’s best by date. I’ve eaten stuff way past it and it just doesn’t taste as fresh. I’m sure some of the vitamins have weakened in the food. I’ve said before I’m a believer in keeping tools and materials around I don’t scrap all my metal. I want to have it around too. For tools this all depends on where you live if your living in an apt I would keep a hacksaw bolt cutters a crowbar a couple hammers I find everything works better when you hit it with a hammer. Screwdrivers vise grips different style pipe wrench a heavy walled pipe about 2.5 feet long and other small basic tools all in a portable tool box. If you live in a 1 family house like me in a suburban area have a tool shed or a garage. I have all the apt tools plus bailing wire small fence wire plywood sheets a big box of 2 inch exterior screws cost like $30 a skill saw a hand drill. Couple tape measures a chalk line 2 by 4 lumber. I can go on and on but you get the idea. don’t waste your $ buying tools you will only use 1 time just rent those do what you need to and bring them back. Think about the tools you use the most and buy good quality tools like craftsman. Not that junk at hf tools that stuff sucks it’s ok for small odds and ends but not power tools there is a reason craftsman don’t make that stuff in china. Oh and keep your car or truck in top running condition this is your most valuable tool I honestly couldn’t live without my truck. It’s worth maintaining it vehicles are very expensive nowadays. I just put $ into mine and it was worth it plus I didn’t really have a choice. Coffee lasts the longest if you keep it in bean form then grind fresh when you want it. I’m no coffee expert though. I’m gonna pick up a bucket of morning moo powdered milk. My kids will flip without milk I don’t really drink it I put it in coffee and sometimes have cereal the bucket claims to have 801 servings. I forgot how many gallons that comes out to but it’s a lot of milk. Can be used for cooking people say it’s good as long as you chill it overnite .nobody is gonna be fully prepared it is impossible. But I’m a boyscout from way back and be prepared is what it is all about.

        • Anonomyous, How are we going to chill the milk if the grid is down? I think that’s the only thing I’m lacking.

          • Gadabout buy Augason Farms powdered milk (no I am not a paid advertiser) make what you need. Also if you have one of those old crocks my ancestors use to store the milk in one of those in the spring water(lid on top of crock) with a wood box surrounding the crock to hold it in place. My Dad told me it was just as cold as a fridge. Good luck.

          • In the old days before refrigeration, milk went from the cow directly to table. Milk doesn’t sour in the teat.

            You would be surprised at how long the milk you currently drink, sits around waiting to be processed. They have to boil it to kill germs, not from the cows like they want you to think, but from sitting in various containers, often in open air and from people handling it along the way.

            It’s not a closed, sterile system like they want you to think.

        • The world is going down the drain … and you are worried about MILK???
          HAVE YOU no knowledge about canning foods??
          Even the Mormon Church knows that information. In fact, you can buy quart containers of milk -shelf stable, that will last two years ….produced by the Mormon Church. It get it at Dollar Tree for $1 per quart. Or you can can/preserve milk. You can buy powdered milk — nonfat, or WHOLE powdered milk. You can by powdered buttermilk, powdered or freeze-dried ANYTHING…. online. And many freeze-dried foods last 25 years.
          Provident Pantry, Mountain House… or many items are available such as on “beprepared” dot com.

      21. The volgelzang 55 gal drum stove kit is a good thing to put back you can line the drums with sand to prevent burn through and drums can be found all over . Wher I live there is dead wood everywhere that is up off the ground and dry. A washboard and the laundry bars and a sewing kit ya I know it’s not manly. But if you blow out your pants it’s nice to be able to fix them if you need to. I have extra boots too. Don’t buy cheap boots. Spend the $ here you can get away cheap on other things.

        • You have to cut a lot of big openings and drill a bunch of holes in steel to mount that kit. The cutting you could do with a cold chisel and a hammer. The holes? good luck without electricity. Hand powered drills can do it, if push comes to shove, (if you’ve got one.)

          +1 on the sewing kit, though. If you are going to bug in, an old treadle operated sewing machine would be great. If n not, a sewing awl would be worth having.

      22. Well…. if there is a meltdown, I’m sure all the SHTFPlan readers will agree that we can be thankful all the Learjet leftist cronies, Hollywierd rhinestone commies and Michelle-Marie Antoinette Obama won’t have to give up THEIR posh digs, shopping binges on Rodeo Dr., or monthly uber-luxe vacations (I hear Michelle is renting out the country of Lichtenstein for just her and 800 of her leftist cronies from the People’s Thugocracy of Chicago next month… and speaking of which, where WERE all those cries of “racism” when the white guy, Rahm Emanuel, beat out two minorities for his coronation?

        • The limousine libtards are ONLY all about being against racism when it suits their purposes. A great many Afro-mericans are VERY unhappy with all the illegals coming in and sucking up all the jobs that they used to get. And the chief Obamunist not only allowed this to occur, he encouraged it. Oh, well. They voted for this SOB. Too bad that the rest of us who did not still have to go along for the same ride. 🙁

        • Thanks M!!!

          Copy that, sir.

      23. Good comments, all.

      24. It seems that all currencies are a mess. I was able to trade some 22lr rounds for some 1oz silver.

        • What a stupid move ……he won and you lost !!!

          • Saying that WITHOUT knowing the circumstances is not very bright, IMO. Maybe he has a crap-load of .22 ammo and very little silver? Maybe he’s a responsible adult who knows what his situation is and in that context did JUST the right thing? In a good trade, both parties give up something they need less and gain something they need more. .22 ammo IS a great trade item, which is why many of us have thousands of rounds stored.

      25. “It boggles my mind that the world still sees the US dollar as the best bet. If it gets too bad abroad, I can see the world rising up against the US as a major culprit of the crisis.”

        I’ve done a fair share of overseas travel and you’d be SHOCKED at the naivete many nations have about US dollars circulating in their (fragile) economies. They’re, literally, clueless about the PRIVATE “Federal” Reserve and the big ponzi scheme its existence entails. Total fukin retards. I guess the Hollywood Dream Factory is doing its job in the propaganda department.

        Anyhow, it will be interesting to see if these idiotic nations will rise up and blame the US for this mess, which they should.

        Can you imagine if it was Muslims, Hispanics or Blacks who was RESPONSIBLE for this financial shit?? All Hell would break loose and gun owners would be having a field day looking for blood. But because these banksters LOOK just Anglo Euros, they skate by without any worries. White privilege definitely has its benefits in these circumstances, me thinks. 🙂

        • It’s not about “white privilege”, whatever the f*** that is. What it IS about is the uber wealthy working against the rest of us in every way that they can.

      26. I know this is really BAD to say…
        But when the shit hits the fan, I can’t wait to SEE the despondent look in the faces of my idiot friends and college classmates who think I’m ‘paranoid’ — always talking about dollar collapse or how the Feds in DC are NOT their friends.

        It has gotten to the point where I just keep my thoughts to myself. It’s sad though. To them, I sound like a broken record. People you grew up with or became good friends with during college. And we always thought adults were crazy. But now, look at them! They are in for a whole lot of hurt — and I will be more than HAPPY to LAUGH right in their faces saying “I TOLD YOU SO, mother fuckers!”

        I will have NO PITY for my ignorant sheeple friends. None whatsoever!!

        • You are so right. It IS a bad thing to say. Those poor bastards will be in a world of s**t with no way out of it. Their lives are very likely to be “nasty, brutish, and short”. This is something that most of us would not wish on a stray dog, let alone a fellow human being. Not saying that we have to get all mushy inside over the misfortunes of others but we surely should not hope that they happen or gloat about them when they do. Some of these people no doubt have kids who do not deserve to suffer because their parents were short-sighted. Just MHO.

      27. @Ed_B
        The ostracizing and the regular “Do you have to keep bringing THAAAT up again??” responses from my idiot sheeple friends when I TRY to wake them up about the coming financial disaster eventually wears you down. So much that my attitude towards them now is “Fuck it! You’re on your own!”

        Nice post! The comments at that SGT Report link are definitely an EYE OPENER. Very encouraging.

      28. The big difference between the BRICS and the US petro-dollar is this. Russia and the BRICS have been buying up TONS of gold…. and their own currency will be backed by gold… as it should.
        The U.S. petro-dollar is only backed by over-worked printing presses.
        And all that printed money will be worthless on the world market …and that devaluation will trickle down into your own pockets. Take heart though, you can still use all those Monopoly game dollars to burn in your fireplaces for warmth, or decorate your walls with them as wallpaper.
        In the meantime, I suggest you all learn the barter system –really well!

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