“We’re Going to Need to Go Outside of the Law… to Stop Obeying the Laws”

by | Nov 25, 2013 | Headline News | 410 comments

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    SHTFplan Editor’s Note: Forget left and right, republican and democrat. Some issues transcend political lines. This is one of them.

    Via SGT Report and Daily Represent

    Don’t let your preconceived notions get in the way of this one. Although Matt is reading from Howard Zinn’s 1970 speech ‘The Problem is Civil Obedience‘ and the words are not his own, Matt Damon is one of Hollywood’s biggest stars – and as such, he has a lot to lose. The praise-worthy fact is that he chose to utter these powerful ideas, publicly.

    In a time of universal deceit – telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” – Eric Blair, aka George Orwell

    When self made mulit-millionaire Matt Damon talks about a “reallocation of wealth” he’s talking about Wall Street, Bankster, military industrial complex multi-BILLIONAIRES. He’s talking about the Oligarchy. He talking about the UNTOUCHABLES. When Democrat Matt Damon refers to the Declaration of Independence in a public forum, we have approached the very edge of the tipping point.

    Listen to this one.

    “But to establish the principles of the Declaration of Independence, we’re going to need to go outside of the law. To STOP OBEYING THE LAWS that demand killing, or that allocate wealth the way it’s been done, or that put people in jail for petty technical offenses – and keep other people out of jail for ENORMOUS CRIMES.”

    And Damon concludes with these words: “People in all countries need the spirit of DISOBEDIENCE TO THE STATE.

    We say, Amen brother.


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      1. “Resistance to Tyranny is obedience to God.”

        • If you don’t understand resistance, NOW is the time to learn it!

          • “Resistance To Tyranny” by Joseph P Martino is a great place to start. Lots and lots of advice on what exactly to do and how to build and form your own team.

            • Peterson.

              Build your team? Been at for a good time trying to build a team. Percentage is real low to accomplish such a task.

              • When I said build & form I ment assigning tasks and training. The book does a fairly good job of explaining militia type bootcamp shit.

                • Peterson.

                  Although your information is good, to be blunt.
                  The likelihood of people banding together to be a fighting or resistive force (from My experience in trying to.), is all BULLSHIT! Yepper I got all caught up in an idea and I might as well talked to the trees.

                  Example here at SHTF. You can take the fifty or so regular posters and the skill levels are not compatible or cohesive on many subjects.

                  • BINGO.. This is what I keep saying! STOP feeding the beast by carrying out bullshit orders! DO YOU HEAR ME, cops, soldiers, people in general. For the 20th time just because some phsyco in a suit writes some shit on paper doesn’t make it law! Anyone who enforces this shit is the biggest piece of crap there is! The enforcers ARE the enemy! Obama isn’t going to take your gunzz THE ENFORCERS WILL! It’s about time someone stood up and said this. Doing the wrong thing for a bowl of stew is worse than pathetic. Educate those you know who are enforcers, point it out to others, then maybe we have a chance…

                  • I agree with you 100%. As things turn more shitty the likely hood of people banning together will most likely increase some what.

                  • My thoughts are the only way to form a cohesive group for SHTF life is similar to being in the military. If the people that come together after a SHTF scenario aren’t going to “fall in line” similar to what the military doctrine is….well, it’s not going to work well. I’ve tried to get my neighbors and my family involved and they just don’t care. Most think I am nuts so why bother? I keep preparing and working to survive the calamity that is coming…whether it is man made or nature or from outer space….on my own.

                  • So true!
                    Trying to get organized will be like hearding cats!
                    Things will have to come completely unglued, and even then it will be amazing if there is much of an organized anything, look at Syria,
                    Its gonna suck!
                    Am glad i dont live on the continent!

                  • Just wait until these worthless BO or other tyrant supporters start to arrest people for dissension under the false premise of disturbing the peace. Just wait under you will be required to be a conformist of the state. Just wait under your free speech is ONLY what has already been pre-screened like some nice North Korean type government. Just wait until ALL free thought will be banned like MOST of these worthless internet sites are doing all over the internet under the false stipulation that anything the inmbecile owner and/or government brown nosing commander of the site doesn’t like is considered bashing. Just wait until these bastards tear up and burn the Constitution.

                    Just wait, just wait……… Then act like a Tasmania Devil with a blur under the fur. Spread disobedience like candy at Halloween.

                  • I wonder how long it would be before someone would force a person with a giant blow up hand with the middle finger up and a picture of one of these glorious “leader” at the top of the middle finger, to put the hand away. I wonder right now, present day laws, how long it would take before someone’s freedom of expression would be banned with such a symbol. I wonder how long before some government official steped on the First Amendment. I also wonder how such freedom of this expression would hold up in court. I wonder whom most people would choose to head the top of the middle finger.

                  • Genius is such a keyboard commando… probably wouldn’t stand up to the assistant manager at Wendy’s for burning his fries.

                  • “If we don’t all hang together, we will definitely, all hang separately!”…..Ben Franklin(English Rebeller)

            • Really? You guys are going to follow Howard Zinn and Matt Damon? can you even understand the meaning of stupid? If you give those two clowns the time of day that shows what a joke most preppers on this site are.

              • Where did I state that I was? I’ve been at this shit for quite a few years now

                • Yeah, trolling is hard work.

              • I don’t know Howard zinn, but I do know Matt Damon was a very outspoken advocate of teachers unions. Many videos of him speaking at union rallies, speaking against pay for performance etc. he later pulled his kids out of public schools. Maybe he’s changed his tune. I don’t trust the intent of any of it.

                • Howard Zinn is an admitted communist revolutionary and in my book responsible for most if the useful idiots running this country that feel that government not God is the grantor of you inalienable rights. He is responsible for other useful idiots like Matt Damon who takes his kids out of public schools not because they indoctrinate our youth but because they don’t indoctrinate enough. To quote him ” I took my kids out of public schools because they are not as progressive as I would like them to be”. Just like most him and other actors, we now know the thoughts of most waiters and bartenders that have been handed a pot of money. He want redistribution just as Long as it isn’t HIS money. I would call a hypocritical pos but that would be an upgrade.

                  • The prominent “progressive” historian Howard Zinn, whose books are force-fed to young people on many college campuses, was not only a member of the Moscow-controlled and Soviet-funded Communist Party USA (CPUSA) but lied about it, according to an FBI file released on Friday.

                    The file, consisting of three sections totaling 423 pages, was made available on the FBI’s website and released in response to a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request from this writer.

                    Zinn taught in the political science department of Boston University for 24 years, from 1964 to 1988, and has been a major influence on the modern-day “progressive” movement that backed Barack Obama for president.

                    Although Zinn denied being a member of the CPUSA, the FBI file discloses that several reliable informants in the party identified Zinn as a member who attended party meetings as many as five times a week.

                    What’s more, one of the files reveals that a reliable informant provided a photograph of Zinn teaching a class on “Basic Marxism” at party headquarters in Brooklyn, New York, in 1951. A participant in the class said that Zinn taught that “the basic teaching of Marx and Lenin were sound and should be adhered to by those present…”

                    Zinn was included on the “Security Index” and “Communist Index” maintained by the FBI. The “Security Index” was more ominous and included individuals who could be detained in the event of a national emergency.

                    I would look to the founders on this subject. This man is part of the problem, not the solution. Howard Zinns books are the problem, removal of the books would seem to be a very disobedient act.

              • No kidding.

                He may be saying the right kind of words, but in the end, following that dolt would be like following Robespierre or Lenin instead of Thomas Jefferson or George Washington.

                listen to what he’s saying people
                “To STOP OBEYING THE LAWS … that allocate wealth the way it’s been done

                He’s still a HARD left, anti-capitalist douche that’s talking about redistribution of wealth.

                • “Resistance to tyranny is obedience to…..” not just God, but in the case of all those people everywhere who MEAN well, DO well, and live for peace, prosperity, and LIBERTY for ALL. It’s not just to God, but for that which is RIGHT by higher consciousness.

                  Gold Leader standing by.

                • The American Revolution was a political upheaval during the last half of the 18th century in which thirteen colonies in North America joined together to break from the British Empire, combining to become the United States of America. They first rejected the authority of the Parliament of Great Britain to govern them and then expelled all royal officials. By 1774 each colony had established a Provincial Congress or an equivalent governmental institution to govern itself, but still recognized the British Crown and their inclusion in the empire.

                • Matt Damon is all for redistribution of YOUR wealth.

                  • Matt Damon does NOT want to distribute your wealth! Geesh! How ridiculous! He cares and gives of his OWN money to help poor people in other countries who don’t have clean water!

                    Stop worrying about someone stealing your money! The only people stealing is the U.S. government and they’re doing it to EVERYBODY!!!!

                • Just because someone is not a republipuke doesn’t mean he doesn’t love/worship God– it simply means he doesn’t believe like you. Perhaps he doesn’t believe in money at all. It certainly doesn’t mean he wants to come get your money… so stop being afraid of it!

                  TPTB may pretend they care about the little guy and want to distribute wealth. In reality, they don’t give a shit about anybody except themselves. They want to destroy the rest of us– and they will if they can divide us. So stop with the liberal versus right winger crap! Its about US (the poor and the-soon-to-be poor)versus the top upper class. period!

              • JW:
                You are right on target. Damon is a Obama Socialist.
                If it wasn’t ,for us Cops that are in the middle of all this SHIT. If it wasn’t for cops like me, and soldiers with my mind set, you would have nothing it would be all over. They won’t act because they know that they will have to face off against us and they would get there asses kicked!!!! Don’t all cops and Soldiers in the same box.

                You can bitch all you want there is someone that is going to be in power. Someone will rule and other will follow. Its up to us to see that they right guys are in power. No mater how is in power and what they are doing someone will find fault with them. and say everything is up[side down.
                AIM SMALL MISS SMALL

                • Howdy, Sarge, and AMEN to your comments. braveheart

                • Seriously, cops are the drone enforcers of the ruling class and our extorted taxes pay for the pigs to brutalize, rape and murder Americans. Screw cops, they’re already the enemy in my eyes.
                  Never trust a pig.

            • That book and the new one called “Gunny’s Rules” sits on my shelf. You can form teams… be a leader or find a leader to help you. Practice what you preach, and work hard at being reasonable yet strong and un bendable. As far as Matt is concerned maybe his parts in the Bourne series and the Elysium move have opened his Progressive eyes as to what is really going on in the world. PRAY, PLAN, PREP, FORM TEAMS…. The clock is ticking….

              • Just bought the book. Thanks for the suggestion!

              • Ermey’s book, I mean…

          • I’ve been resisting already, for years, in an extreme way.
            That’s all I’ll say on the internet…


            • GV,their coming and anyone who doubts that is next in line to die or go to a fema death camp,ITS going to take more then resisance now,the 69 week of DANIEL ends NOV.28,2013,then all hell breaks loose,earthquakes,marshal law,invasion,WAR in the streets,power off,NO FOOD,the whole system will go to pieces,AND THE POWERS THAT BE, KNOW IT ,they been planning for this a while,you guys better be ready,THE BELL IS ABOUT TO RING…………

              • November 28th hu? I doubt it.

                • And I still wouldn’t trust a hollywood bone like matt damon. He can read all he wants. What’s in it for him?

                  • He’s reading from a speech by Howard Zinn? One of the worst haters of traditional America that MIT ever spawned? Zinn would say that as words o encouragement to Obama to keep breaking the law and burning the Constitution. Is this Hollywood hacker advocating THAT, or watering the tree of liberty? I think the former.

                • Wrong, never trust anyone who sets dates for anything to happen.

                  • Really. Dates make me laugh now days. Especially my birth date…

                  • AT least he set a date and isnt trying to sell us some gold.

                  • I’d rather buy some gold.

                  • My wife set/picked the date 25 years ago. 🙂

                  • You do it all the time !!!!!!

              • Good to know you know Gods timeline. It must be liberating to sit at the right hand. Can you give me an exact time so I can hit the gas station a couple hours before it falls apart?

                • People need to read there bible in a mindset of first century. It wasn’t written to us, but to those people back then. so when you read Matthew 24 and think, man I need to watch for this stuff, your wrong. Matthew 24:34 all of these things will come to pass in this generation.” That all happened a long time ago. Stop throwing the end times around because you make Christians look like idiots. I have a question for anyone who disagrees. Daniel was written 500 years before Christ and it was told to be sealed up because the time of the end is not near. When Jesus is around, Da
                  niel is unsealed, interesting. At the same time revelation is written and it was told to not be sealed because the time of the end is near, soon, at hand….2000 years has gone by with no ending. What’s up with that? What’s happening to our country is our own doing. Evil people in control for numerous years. We get what we deserve as a whole country. Unfortunately for the people on this site, it sucks but we can only continue to prep at this point.

                  • They promise them freedom, but they themselves are slaves[a] of corruption. For whatever overcomes a person, to that he is enslaved….2 Peter 2:19

                • you should already have your extra gas stored. But try 6am to beat the holiday rush.

              • arizona.

                What a goof ball. The 69 weeks ended at Christ’s Crucifixion. The 70th week is coming soon. Please read. Wish you well.

                • Christians, for lack of a better answer, claim that the 70th week will take place when Jesus returns in his second coming as a king. The problem was caused because Daniel mentioned a total of 70 weeks, and then he specified 7 plus 62, leaving one remaining. The Christians say that the first 69 weeks were consecutive, then there is at least a 1900 year gap,and sooner or later the 70th week will occur. This is obviously a very forced explanation, born of desperation. Because of this, you take the statue that was in King Nebuchadnezzar’s dream and cut off the feet to make your disconnect, therefore making the bible fit your theology instead of the other way around. Once again, this isn’t end times, just end of America as a great nation.

              • Kinda sounds like what you have been hoping for for several years.

                We will find out and wait for your next prophesy for the Doom and Gloom Fall of mankind.

                Meanwhile I will continue to prep and reload those empty casings. Will pick up another Ruger 10-22 when they go on sale Friday.

                Enjoy and may God show you the way!

              • Who is this Marshall Law guy, and who gets to declare him? Good thing I know Marshall arts. Sorry, getting tired of not seeing martial before law.

          • Want to try a little resistance and still be within the law. Well the next time you see one of those (Sobriety Check Points) or what ever they call them in your state, just turn a block ahead of it, and try going around the block. You’ll get to see what a Police State looks like, if this ain’t tyranny I don’t know what is. And the courts uphold this crap. Just don’t try this if you’ve been drinking. Trekker Out. Si vis pacem, para bellum!

          • Nuclear war is fast approaching between Israel, Saudi, and Iran.

        • SGT Report:
          Absolutely right. The statists champion revolution when it involves the overthrow of existing traditions, faiths, morals, and all the components of a free society (a Republic) of independent people.
          Also completely correct is the reference to preconceptions (the inculcation of the concept that obedience to authority is paramount in whatever form it may take) and the stultifying, pacifying effects they render on a population.
          What to do when the regime passes a law illegally (through lies, deceits, and other obfuscations), exempt themselves from adherence to it, and rig the court system to render regime-approved verdicts?
          The answer is found in the Declaration of Independence that (until around 1953) was actually considered to be a part of the United States Constitution. The Declaration explains, in other words, that when the “old guards” are corrupt and lacking, they must be overthrown. It is explained as a duty.
          The regime doesn’t dare permit this, because of the tie-in with the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution.
          Those writings encompass these two powerful ideas: the right of the people to bear arms, and the duty to expel domestic tyrants.
          The administrations of the past to the regime of the present couldn’t allow the people to be able to have both defense and a recourse to tyranny “lumped” into the same document.

          The most eloquent summary can be found in one of the tunes by the Police (Synchronicity Album, I believe):
          Poets, priests, and politicians
          Have words to speak for their positions
          Words that speak for your submission
          Noone’s jamming up their transmission

          Being Jewish, I add Rabbis to that list. The “Pastoral Initiative” instituted by the regime affords the establishment-hand-licking puppets the “opportunity” to maintain their own positions while selling out their congregations. They preach the politics of conformity, the hollywood icons preach the politics of globalization.
          Meanwhile the Stalinists and Statists are sharpening their knives for the great culling….the great culling, my countrymen!

          Our forefathers knew them then, for the genocidal tyrants they were, and now those even worse are in the seats of power.

          Do not fear them, the oligarchs and nabobs, or these theatrical puppet-people of Hollywood. When the time comes, they will fall.

          Hang tough, everyone. Every day above ground’s a holiday and every meal’s a picnic!


          • “De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da”

            Don’t think me unkind
            Words are hard to find
            The only cheques I’ve left unsigned
            From the banks of chaos in my mind
            And when their eloquence escapes me
            Their logic ties me up and rapes me

            De do do do, de da da da
            Is all I want to say to you
            De do do do, de da da da
            Their innocence will pull me through
            De do do do, de da da da
            Is all I want to say to you
            De do do do, de da da da
            They’re meaningless and all that’s true

            Poets, priests and poiticians
            Have words to thank for their positions
            Words that scream for your submission
            And no one’s jamming their transmission
            ‘Cos when their eloquence escapes you
            Their logic ties you up and rapes you

            De do do do, de da da da
            Is all I want to say to you
            De do do do, de da da da
            Their innocence will pull me through
            De do do do, de da da da
            Is all I want to say to you
            De do do do, de da da da
            They’re meaningless and all that’s true

            (De do do do, de da da da
            Is all I want to say to you
            De do do do, de da da da
            Their innocence will pull me through
            De do do do, de da da da
            Is all I want to say to you
            De do do do, de da da da
            They’re meaningless and all that’s true)

            zenyatta mondatta

            Makes alot of sense in these days.
            I have often been called out by many as “Sting” because I look exactly like him, just wish I had his money….
            Gordon Matthew Sumner was his given name, he has to be the best lyrisist ever but I digress. Who else could come up witha rhyme for fruition. I hope that everyone here can cope with what is coming up, it will not be pretty. This seems to get harder every day and yet the sheeple seem to stand around baying. I hope the best for all, it just seems that the worst is gonna happen, and many of us are gonna be in “dire straits”. Do not dispair, if we believe in GOD, all will work out in our favor, I hope. But it does make one wonder. I still dream of a problem in the San Madrid. I hope we will all survive, those at the “SHTFplan”. Hope for the best, plan for the worst.

            • eppe.

              “If I Ever Lose My Faith In You”


              • amen brother, we seem to be beating a deaf drum, but one day many will wake up….

            • I never realized what Sting was saying in his music. I listened to him when I was very young. He’s a wonderful artist. You’ve inspired me to get his cd’s back out and dust them off again 🙂

        • ….. from my cold dead hands …..!!

          This should ever be the credo of the free

          • Resistance doesn’t mean going “Braveheart” right out the front door. 90% of it is just straight up sneaky harassment.

            • Peterson, this time I’ll try to be civil with you, but what is your problem concerning me?

              • Peterson, PS, I forgot to add, what do you mean by going “Braveheart” out the front door?

                • Blasting everyone you see that looks hungry near the front door…. you’ll die trying to save a bucket of your food….

                  I couldn’t be generalizing your statements a bit, but it seems like your thoughts on hanging on to and guarding your food storage is your main concern, maybe I have you wrong tho buddy???

                  • Yes, Peterson, you misunderstood some of my posts. It all depends on certain things. The best thing I can hope for is that no one stops at my place. If they just pass on by, so much the better, but I’m not holding my breath on anything. Mac has brought us articles on this subject before. I know what the Bible says about helping the poor, but there is a risk in giving food to any strangers who show up at your door. how do you know they won’t tell someone else who’s looking for food? You don’t know until you get, say, a small crowd ouitside hoping to get something. There are limits to charity; there has to be. I’m not going to do anything that would reduce my chances of survival. I’ve worked too hard and invested too much money in preps to just start giving things away left and right. What kind of prepper would I be if I did that? A foolish one, I think. I never said I would shoot anyone UNLESS they made a wrong move on me. I hope like hell to avoid such a scenario, but I know it could happen and I have to be preparded for it. I don’t want SHTF to come, but we all know it will, only question is when. I prep for the worst and hope for the best just like everyone else here. braveheart

                  • Someone will be coming by your house if things go to shit there buddy…. I’d say count on it.

                  • Well spoken, braveheart

                    Give BERTHA an extra ration of chow tonight

                • I think he has a man crush on you braveheart you don’t even need to make a comment and he mentions you.

                  • The term and phrase do fit together nicely! lol

                  • Newbee, I doubt that very seriously.

                  • Peterson, I hope for their sake they don’t. I’ll do what I have to in order to protect me and mine, but it doesn’t mean I’ll enjoy it.

                  • braveheart.

                    The ‘Petersons’ of this world are probably folks realizing something is wrong and just cannot accept the fact all of this is coming from one of their own.

                    Yes, the destruction of USA is rapidly occurring thru the Democrats. I would reneg that statement, but this Senate and Filibuster rule now has me convinced we are witnessing the beginnings of a dictator.

                    So Peterson is confused and jelous. He does not want to prep, but knows he should. Thus his anger is addressed to those that are prepping.

                    Peterson wants to prep, but he is a tightwad. Probably on a tight Govt pension where he only gets $5,000 per month plus free healthcare.

                    So you must see it from his angle. If we would all just pitch in and give, then he would be prepping too.

                    But no. He will just go the easy way and mob attack some prepper. That is todays USA….

                  • Ugly come on now! lol

                  • Peterson.

                    It is like this. I didn’t believe too much of this stuff until about year 2010. Now I know we are heading for a one and very massive collapse.

                    All I can say is–

                    I hope you are preparing the best you can. Good luck in what you do.

                  • Thanks Ugly! Hope you are getting after it also.

                • You copy there BH?

                  • Peterson, I’m still among the living. what’s on your mind?

                  • You already replied, I just didn’t see it in time.

          • Howdy, OutWest, and I’m with you on that one. braveheart

            • I know, braveheart

              We recognize our own

              • OutWest, thank you. I know how to recognize them too. I’m waiting to see what Peterson’s problem is today. If he had left my name out of his post, I would’ve ignored him, but he sai “Braveheart right out the front door”. I’m curious about that one.

                • Brave, give a chance, who knows who we are dealing with, he might be one to deal with soon, but he has trashed you before. I myself have had a hard time forgiving those who have screwed me over. It is a hard gig to forgive, but who knows….one day you could be buds… You never know…

                  • Bh, do not take me wrong, I am just saying that some who have done me wrong found out that I am for real, and we worked out things, just saying…who knows, I wish I could say… But some people just spout off, then find out you are truthful. Give life a chance…i have been screwed by many, and it is hard….we grew up in the same time span, so I know what you mean, been there done that….

                  • Eppe, I just got home and read your post. I was doing some heavy thinking driving home. I stuck my foot in my mouth earlier that upset Snake Plisskin and I never inteneded for that to happen. TO EVERYONE here, let me put this in perspective. I’ve been coming to this site since May 2012 and I fell in love with it the first day. I love the debates that take place here and I love being a part of those debates. I never want to be at odds with anyone here over anything if it can be avoided. Look, I know who the real enemy is and it’s our own government. we would be a laughing stock if they could see us having at each other on this forum every day. I just get so damned sick of the attacks on the good people here. It’s not enough that we’re attacked in the MSM 24/7/365, then we get other people on here that question our sanity, etc. I just wish we could all pull together so we can better face what we all know what is coming to this land. Eppe, you do make a valid point about forgiveness. I don’t know the backgrounds or what anyone on this site look like, etc. It’s true that I can never know for sure unless I can meet that person and get to know him/her. To Peterson, you did have a legitimate concern about my position toward people approaching me for help and I responded to it. You don’t know how much I agonized over it before adopting my position. One side of wanted to reach out and offer some help. Under most other circumstances, I would help and I know it would be the right thing to do. But in a SHTF scenario, people’s minds will totally change and not for the better. How do I know that whoever I help won’t tell other people they can get food/water from me? I have to expect that they would betray me. Nothing will be normal in any post-SHTF scenario. Lord forgive me, but I just can’t see helping someone supposedly in need only to get betrayed by those same people. I know plenty of other people here agree with my position. Peterson, I know we’ve had a few differences on this forum and I’d like to put an end to that right now. I want to bury the hatchet. I understand we won’t agree 100% on everything, but that’s OK. Let’s just agree to disagree. I can live with that. Preppers don’t need to fight each other. We’ve got a whole nation of enemies as it stands right now. Why add to that list? To everyone, I’m going a step further. BI, you and NP once advised ignoring the trolls and maybe they’ll go away. I’m even backing off the trolls. I need to save my energy for the real fight that’s coming our way. I hear thunder…..there’s a storm coming.

                • Braveheart. Because you are the gun ho I will lead the SHIF charge guy

                  • FBP, if you want to lead, go right ahead, and I’ll follow, as long as you know what you’re doing of course. I know we’ve had a few differences in the past and I’d like to put all that behind us. let’s save our energy to fight the real enemy. braveheart

                  • braveheart.

                    You don’t need to apologize to any prepper or non-prepper. Most of us understand that things are said at the spur-of-the-moment.

                    I think we all have some ‘nervous’ energy in us because we know what is happening and we just ‘wished’ that millions more Americans would see this. But they don’t. They prefer the ‘deaf-dumb-blind’ approach. Kind of like ‘see no evil’, ‘speak no evil’, and ‘hear no evil’. As long it is not affecting them today, they just don’t care.

                    That is why I am preparing the best I can. I am getting tired of talking about this to others, because they just don’t want to hear it. I think millions of Americans will miss the comet Ison because that requires them to look up instead of down at their iPhones.

                    Keep going and good luck.

              • one of the main problems we have in this country is what i like too call Plantation democrats

                basically dems that think that we have too act like the good old plantation days where the entire country is nothing but there own land and every one on it has too be taken care of like the slaves.

                only the difference is the New ” slaves ” are nothing but the welfare class and unlike the old slaves these new ones don’t produce anything except Babies

                your typical plantation dem thinks welfare must be expanded

                health care Must be provided by the tax payer or if need be the Govt ( single payer option )

                food and housing must be given no matter if the person can work or not and certainly don’t ask any one too produce ( work ) too assist in paying.

                if you need an example of a plantation Democrat just look at harry ( puke face ) Reid

                Nancy botoxy pelosi

                and Bob Beckel on the five on fox

                all typical and the head master would be Obammy

                skittle shittin unicorn

        • Yeah, I saw that video! Cool! The thing is this: the Jews went along with the laws even though they were immoral and unjust. Look what happened to them!

          In the Niger Delta, when Shell Oil company came along and destroyed the wetlands, which had provided the people with fish and clean water, the people went along with the laws, peacefully protested, and were killed by their government. Finally, they issued Shell a warning, “leave our land or die!” and started bombing Shell’s equipment and assassinating anyone working for Shell…THEN things changed for the better.

          Mahatma Gandhi refused to obey laws of the land that were unjust.

          There is a book called, “Terrorists or Freedom Fighters?” According to new revelations, the government now considers anyone who peacefully protests or disagrees with the government– as terrorists. (Read recent post by Chris Hedges).

          We have a responsibility to fight for justice, I think.

          • Anonymous, AMEN to your comments. We have more than justice to fight for. braveheart

          • Imagine if Mahatma Gandhi had been Russian or Chinese under Stalin or Mao. We would’ve never heard of him. The moment he would have started protesting under either of these regimes he would have been taken out back and shot.

        • Is this the same Matt Damon that was so enamored with Obama in 2008 that he almost pissed himself when introduced to the him (Obama)?

          Is this the same Matt Damon that thinks that teachers unions, in fact all public employee unions, are one of the best things to ever happen to this country?

          Is this the same Matt Damon that came out in that celebrity video decrying the Second Amendment and that were not enough gun control laws, while making and having had made many extremely violent movies where he and other cast members killed others with abandon using guns as their primary weapon?

          That Matt Damon?

          • yep , the same matt damon who thinks no boders and one world government is a good idea , yep that guy .

            • BORDERS

          • EXACTLY!!!

          • Yes and he’s reading Howard Zinn, A Marxist, the inequalities that had to be corrected in this speach that Zinn was speaking out against were what was done to the Native Americans, the African’s who were taken as slaves. Notice Damon kept Nixon and Brezhnev and did not update to Obamma and Putin. This was written back in 1971 and he argued there had to be a massive redistribution of wealth.

            People don’t get excited over flowery grand words of revolution. You will be a tool for the cold calculating socialists and statists who have had their eyes on the prize for 40 years now. You think they are speaking for you? Their words were against an America with more liberty, property rights, speech rights (no PC speech codes), prosperity, than you can remember. The changes in PC speech, two income families, wealth redistribution, regulation of life from the feds – those have been their gains in the last 40 years. Zinn and Damon are calling for more and more, and when you fire the first shot they will get their every desire. The federal government will recreate this country in its entirety. We will be equal, under their boot, enforced by law.

            Dulce Et Decorum Est

            • dude, that was very well said. Strike the word dumb out of your name. You don’t sound dumb to me. Your points are well taken by me. I’m not about to become anyone’s “useful idiot”.

            • You are so right! 10 thumbs up from me.

        • Yes, I’m going to obey God and not our would be masters. It’s ok to get angry. I’m surprised God hasn’t destroyed this country yet.

          • He doesn’t need to. He’s watching us do it to ourselves. Sad Face….

        • Hatred in any form is diobedience to God.

          • God says to hate what is evil. Read your bible

            • So the ONLY time ever mentioned that Chrsit got angry enough to USE violence to Beat the asses of every money changer aka jew banksters in HIs era inside the temple was a Mistake on His part?…Or Jesus was a jew hater too?

              try to first READ a bible prior to use of it.

              • Thank you for participating in my study on the Borderline Personality on the internet study. I believe that I have collected sufficient data to substiante that although the prison system is filled with Borderline personalities who were apprehended by law enforcement, there are a substantial number of pre offenders such as yourself who are eroding the nations moral fabric. I assure you , you will cross the line one day and spend 1-5 in a lock up for your inability to appropriately interact with others who subscribe to an opinion different than that of your own. I would gladly administer to you the MMPI at no charge to assist you in the proper identification of your specific Personality disorder. That way you would be able to obtain the medical/professional help you require.

              • They Guys. Actually the people who Jesus threw out of the Temple were money changers not Banksters. A money changer was an individual who exchanged currency from foreign relms for a fee so that worshipers would be able to tithe in the appropriate coin. this pissed Christ off because they were doing buisness in a house of worship. a temple a synogog.Please get your facts straight before you open your mouth and reveal how ignorant you are.
                By the way Another time Jesus showed anger was in the synagogue of Capernaum. When the Pharisees refused to answer Jesus’ questions, “He looked around at them in anger, deeply distressed at their stubborn hearts” (Mark 3:5).
                So may I please suggest that YOU READ YOUR BIBLE PRIOR TO THE USE OF IT ! you just got owned bitch !

                • Whoa !

            • 9 Let love be without hypocrisy. Abhor what is evil; cling to what is good. 10 Be devoted to one another in brotherly love; give preference to one another in honor;
              Actually it was Paul to the Romans who said hate what is evil. Read your bible

        • Unreconstructed, I’m going to have to disagree with your point there. Religion can be as cruel a tyrant as any secular authority. Look, as an example, at the various hard line Islamic groups out there, or even the Christian zealot militias across Africa. They reject secular authority all right but replace it with their own brand of tyranny in the areas they control.

          I’ll be the first one to admit I’m agnostic, but I agree there is something out there. But so long as there are men out there who claim knowledge of these divine things better than other men, then there will always be those who will become tyrants because “God wills it”.

          • Canadian Vet

            I have a WW2 NAZI belt buckle that says, “Gott Mitt Uns” which translated is GOD IS WITH US.

            Who’s side is God on in war? Everyones, just ask them; communists excluded.

            • Maybe communists too.

          • I have to agree with you CanVet. There are magnificent manipulators and there are master manipulators. They both play religion like a fiddle when it suits their needs. Its usually for war, profit or power, all the same thing to them. I am not religious or agnostic because I believe in mankinds need for a god at least until we can advance beyond greed and corruption. I don’t know what to call that, heathen maybe, infidel most likely. I am up here with you and thanking you for your service and your comments while I stack a little higher, for our brothers to the south.

          • Tell Thomas Jefferson, CV. You’re disagreeing with him (and Benjamin Franklin) who was not exactly known as a ‘Bible Thumper.’

            • Unreconstructed, Franklin and Jefferson were still mere men. Yes, they were instrumental to the creation of your country but that does not make them prophets or gods. They were just men at the right place and the right time and if they hadn’t stepped up to the plate, someone else would have.

              And while I have to take your word for it as I have not read any accounts of their stances or opinions, if I disagree with them then it is still my right.

              Not to mention that these men who drafted the Constitution were those who stood to gain the most from it, namely large landowners and the wealthy, particularly merchants, of the day.

              • They certainly had the most to lose. Survive, its death. 🙂

                • Survive Its Death

              • Yes, you have the right to think anyway you want, but that kind of thinking is why you Canadians still allow a queen to run your country, CV.

                My ancestors kicked those inbred megalomaniac germans out our country centuries ago (thanks to men like Tom J.)

                Slavery is state of mind.

                • The British Crown hasn’t had any say in how we run our country, internally or externally, since 1931. Yes, we still have a Governor General as a titular head of state but it is a mostly ceremonial position kept as a concession to our history. In the facts, things are run by the Prime Minister.

                  And by that same token, is the Queen dictating how the UK is run, or are Parliament and the PM actually in charge?

                  And perhaps Canada was born in conference rooms, with ink instead of a bridge at Concord with a gunshot but it doesn’t mean I for one do not value true freedom. And perhaps you ought to educate yourself about other countries before you criticize how they are run and the people who live there.

                  Otherwise, all you are displaying is the typical American-supremacist crap no one outside your borders cares for.

                  • Let me help you.
                    1) In google, type in “Queen disbands Canadian parliament 2008”.
                    2) Wake up before it’s too late.

                  • Then, stick your hand in your pocket, pull out a cent, and look what queen’s engraving is on it.

                    Then I’ll ask you to name a country who has a king/queen/emperor/dictator/fuhrer/tsar on their coinage that is not run by that person.

                  • Every election, whether a regularly scheduled one to a snap election from a vote of no-confidence or as requested by the PM, Parliament is disbanded under our Parliamentary system. And it is done under orders from the Queen/ Governor-General. So that particular headline is beyond misleading.

                    Also, Parliament can be suspended by prorogue, which is ordered by the Governor-General as the titular head of state but only after the Prime Minister requests it.

                  • With reference to currency, EVERY country that isn’t Muslim (as portraits and effigies are considered idolatrous) has the likeness of people significant to their country. Having the Queen’s picture on our money is a tribute to our history. For the same reason you have your founding fathers and dead presidents on YOUR currency.

                    Or are the United States the only country allowed to pay tribute to their origins?

                  • In addition to my last with reference to currency, you claim that any symbols on a country’s currency represent the true masters, right?

                    Then by that token, then the USA would belong to a number of groups as your currency is lousy with Qaballah, Masonic and Illuminati symbols.

                    Or is it all fortuitous coincidence, or a tribute to the ties your Founding Fathers and their ideologies?

                    But then again, thanks to your American-supremacist bias, you’ll probably claim your own arguments don’t apply to your own situation .

                  • The big difference, Sherlock, is that the people are on our federal reserve tokens are DEAD, which is history.

                    You only put dictators that are still alive on money.

                    You’re blind.

                  • You Sir are out to lunch. The British Monarchy still exists. Like it or not, it is still there and we are still a former British colony that became independent in its own, although not in warfare. Perhaps to you gaining independence without bloodshed doesn’t count but I’d bet gold ounces to stale donuts your Founding Fathers would have much preferred a diplomatic solution instead of years of war.

                    And we respect our origins. And we chose to do so by featuring the Queen on our currency.

                    You are entitled to your opinion as well. But don’t you dare presume to tell me how other countries are allowed to respect their past and origins.

            • Actually, as Benjamin Franklin got older he became agnostic. Some of his famous quotes were “Lighthouses are more helpful than churches”, “The way to see by faith is to shut the eye of reason”, and “I have found Christian dogma unintelligible. Early in life, I absenteed myself from Christian assemblies”.

              • Never would have guessed that from your name.

        • I believe it was Thomas Jefferson who said, “When injustice becomes law, resistance is duty.” Peaceful resistance is best, civil disobedience is something that we all need to learn going forward. There are many ways to defy the rulers that be.

          Resorting to arms should be the very last thing. There is a lot to learn, from the many insurrections that have taken place in these here United States. Some actually occurred soon after the Revolutionary war, before there was a strong federal army. It never did end well for those who rebelled even if it did bring about some much needed change and attention to the plight of the oppressed.

          The best place to change things is at the ballot box as long as this system is still operational. Too many of our countrymen are too apathetic.

          I certainly would not take anything Matt Damon said too seriously. He and most of the Hollywood liberals are part of the problem and why this country is in the shape that it is.

        • No its not. A meek ,gentle Spirt That renders to Caeasr’s that is Caesar’s; and unto GOD the things that are GOD. Mat22/21. Resistance is rebellion and rebellion is not of God. Its is the works of the DEVIL. If Jesus rebelled and resisted the cross we would not have salvation through his work. We should let God be God and flow with his plan to redeem this earth. The tyranny that is on this planet is being used for Gods plan to cleanse this world by the return of Jesus Christ. Fighting against tyranny is a loseing battle. The only battle that we win if your a true Christian is the battle of Armageddon. Resistance is a cheap piss ant word for CONQUER. And conquer i have already done through the blood of Christ.

          • I’m glad the founders of this country didn’t believe that nonsense. This country would have never come into being.

            You’ve got a very poor understanding of the Bible in general. And I suspect you’ve let your pastor beat you over the head with Romans 13 and convince you that obedience to the state is obedience to God in all circumstances.

            That’s an error.

            Check out chuckbaldwinlive.com for a TRUE Biblical perspective on a Christian’s responsibility to government and what his response to tyranny should be.

            As an aside, the tyrants are already working within the churches and trying to garner the support of pastors nationwide to assist them in securing the obedience of their congregations to the state.

            You should be aware that Hitler did the same thing. That didn’t turn out so well for the world, now did it?

            • Do you really think another great revolution for state will happen. Come on. What a bunch of B.S.. It will never happen. You will never see people downing their blue and whites, loading up their muskets and fighting a modern army. Nat-ah Nat-ah Nat-ah. The only mighty revolution we may see is maybe on ones own front door when a intruder might be a danger. Nationwide it will NEVER happen. The mentality of this country let alone its moral values are nothing but a joke ,say to carry on a intensive battle against a waring nation. Besides if one could muster up a army sutible to withstand the N.W.O,s army , it will never have the GRACE and MERCY of the Father. It is not a time to save. It is a time to loose. Who so ever seeks to save his life will loose it I.E. the modern day blue coats. But who ever seeks to loose their life will gain it. I.E. the true Christian. All the hot air putting forth to save a evil corrupt nation could be put forth onto saving lost souls for the body of Christ.

              • The same argument you make now, could have been made in 1775.

                And using your logic, David would never have faced Goliath…let alone slain him.

                You evidently are need of a moral backbone. Suggest you find one before it hits the fan…..or roll over and die if you prefer.

                You are also in need of some education to correct your thinking. Start here:


                A couple of quotes from Sam Adams for you.

                “If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.”

                “It does not take a majority to prevail … but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men.”

                • You better brush up on your evening news Walt. THIS NATION IS NOT MADE UP OF PEOPLE AS THE PEOPLE WERE IN 1775 OR 1942. This world of 2013 loves its evil and to get enough revolutionaries as your self to fight against the Anti Christ with 10/22,s and Ar,s WILL NEVER HAPPEN. Folks like yourself have nothing better to do but to build yourselfs up and try to stop the boredom that probably engulfs your life with fairy tales of LEE MARVIN storming the beachs of Normandy. Resistance to Gods plan will never prevail. Its 2013 not 1775 or 1944. Dream on. In this land of pedophiles , drug use, and aborted babies; you want to go out and put on your camo, don your longrifle and sidearm and try to save a dying ungodly planet. What a joke you and your kind are “as stated once before on this site. :In so many words. “Stay seated in your easy chair pretending your a revolutionary for a dead dying cause”. Remember and i,m sure you will that “HEROS ARE HARD TO FIND”. And that is what your goal probably is. That is to become somekind of hero to yourself because your interests in life are probably nothing short of nill. If your so gun -ho on fighting the N.W.O. try to make it to fight in the real battle. The last battle. Armaggedon. Go get-em commander WALT.

                  • Better to fight for a lost cause then to be a lost cause…

            • I bet if the germans knew all the nazis were getting resettled in america , they would have given up fighting in 1942.

              • I bet if the Germans knew that in 1933 national newspaper headlines across Both america and all europe would read “Jews declare WAR against germany” and some had “World JEWERY Unites! Declares WAR against Germany” with attached stories/articles stateing that every german regardless where located or in what nation Must be Exterminated untill none remains and germany forever persihes…etc etc etc..

                I Bet if the german folks knew ahead of time That would occure in 1933….Then germans would have acted way sooner and Booted Out Nation wrecker Khazars more like 150 yrs before their era and hitler was even yet born!

                Ironic hardly any folks ever question Why? What Reasons happens for one group to always get booted out of every nation they ever were Hosted by?…As in for example…What exactly do they do wrong for that to occure?…Only a total fool can possibly believe that group never did or does Any wrongs to create such animosity in every nation they ever are hosted in eh.

                The Only other option is to somehow believe that all is going swell for a couple Hundred yrs, then all a sudden on a avg normal day like say a Tuesday 9am, any month of year, all a sudden 100 Million Non group member nation citizens all awaken from sleep that day, and by sheere coincidence all 100 million folks think the exact same idea…..Yeah ok lets boot em all out, Today!

                Sorry I reject such coincidence…I will go for they sure Must deserve being Booted out when Every nation and peoples to ever have hosted that group ends up booting em out. Indeed actual Historic evidence research shows that Is exactly what and how it occured in 109 nations so far the past 2000 yrs. Always preceeded by ruined banks, ruined society, ruined churches, universities, MSM’s all of them, and total ruined State Govnts or Fed gov as we calls it. Then after all That happens for 100 yrs if not longer, thats when nations finally retake their country back from those infamous Nation Wreckers.

                Am wondering when it is Americas turn eh.USA=#110? TIC-TOC kommies, Tic-Toc….

                • Sir, You are ignorant filth. How dare you make such evil and sick comments.

          • Was Rehab rebelling against the Jericho govt for hiding the spys?

            Was David rebelling against the Isrealite Army commanders when he took Goliaths head off?

            Was Daniel rebelling against Xerses and the Persian govt for his denials of their laws?

            Was Moses rebelling against Pharoh for removing their slaves?

            Was Jesus rebelling against the money changers in the temple?

            Wake up read your OWN BIBLE not your church doctrine.

            Just one last question , Will you rebell against the governments request to recieve the mark of the best or will you just recieve it just cos…?

            • Beast

              • Boss Hog: Indeed RE: will they accept that Mark too?

                Actually it seems that “Most” who preach wrongly to OBEY ALL Govnt Factions and Orders as mandated by Romans chapter 13 etc…..ALSO are who preach “What me worry? We will get Pre tribulation troubles times Raptured away and never suffer any cuts or bruises or worse yet”

                Many folks here question “Why so much american Apathy and such overall Lack in careing for americs future etc?”

                Re Read what I wrote at begining of This post. Thats your answer folks…Prep-NOT-Care NOT-Worry Not-just OBEY ALl govnt dictates, claim its romans 13 mandated, and await that big Pie in Sky Fly Away to Saftey!

                “IF” Only That Sky-PIE had ANY Crust with which to Hold it all together eh…Or even Valid biblical teachings!

                Pastor Chuck Baldwin, former Prez Candadit, fully explains the TRUE meanings of Romans 13 in its Entire full chapter…Only Just and Godly good govnt is to be Obeyed…When gov goes Bad…Switch to LUKE 22:36 “Sell Coat and BUY swords!” them swords aint for picking your teeth with nor smeereing Jam on yer toast with neither!

                • Do you profess to practice Christianity. Even the Devil can quote scripture. Example: “Matthew 4:5-6 — Then the devil took Him up into the holy city, set Him on the pinnacle of the temple, and said to Him, “If You are the Son of God, throw Yourself down. For it is written: ‘He shall give His angels charge over you,’ and, ‘In their hands they shall bear you up, Lest you dash your foot against a stone.’ ”
                  The Devil was quoting Scriptures from Psalm 91:11-12.
                  You should be wary of ANYONE telling you “what the Bible says.” You are evil and misleading God’es people. I hope you rot in Hell you Devil !

                  • hmmm…as I recall, God said that he didn’t want anyone to go to hell…that his children are to be imitators of their heavenly father…and that the children of the evil one act like their father…think about it 🙁

          • You need a spinal transplant.

        • Matt Damon is an awesome actor, and an articulate speaker. But, how far does anyone think he would really take what he just said?

        • until this holly-weird mental midget admits obama, as so called head of this regime, is to blame for our current plight, i aint buyin the bull

        • Our country has been taken over by communist.

        • Ludicris. Resistance to tyranny is simply the right thing for a human to do. No more, no less.. Not really a choice, obey god or obey government. Both options sound the same. If you religious nuts had your way, slaves would still be beaten and villages of the unbelievers burned!

        • there is no god, for all the gods are dead.

        • I are completely wrong!
          Obedience to GOD’s Law would stop them in there tracks!
          Disobedience to GOD’S law is what this is all about! WAKE UP!

        • There was one 300 miles off the coast of South Carolina on Oct 8th, 4.5 mag. about 8 miles deep. confirmed on different websites. info from USGS and GEOFON. That same day,2 US army generals and One admiral were fired. I have not been able to find any archives on increased back ground radiation along the coast and The African Continent doesnt seem to have any Rad monitoring sites that are posted on the net(that I can find).

        • @ Wilson. I remember this one and is not too uncommon for this region to experience something in the mid 4 range. This area is a fracture zone extension of the northern section of the Caribbean plate. Part of the Caribbean plate has a strike slip area like the San Andreas and you can kind of think of the earthquake activity in Nevada as an extension of the San Andreas the same as the earthquake off of South Carolina as an extension of this region of the Caribbean plate. Haiti was left in ruin by a side to side earthquake rather than the thrust kind. A 7.0 in Haiti that had been like the thrust type seen in Northridge or Kobe, Japan at 7.0 would probably have killed double as many people.

          • @BI,
            Thanks, just trying to tie things together.

      2. I’d like to be more happy about this. I like Matt Damon, both as an actor and a director and that he may have joined the ranks of Oliver Stone is encouraging.

        But there are still too many JayZs, Angelina Jolies and Miley Cyruses out there for me to get too excited. Hollywood is still a highly controlled den of elitists, and until that changes, hollywood is still on my hit list.

        • Be careful here, that Oliver Stone is one of those revisionist boys w/ a camera and audience to help him rewrite history to his liking.

          • Calgacus

            JFK the movie was damn sure more factual than the Warren Commission Report.

            • Stone is a tool of the government. Warren report is no different than every other gman report to cover their asses.

              Just do some basic searches on Stone and his movie and see what you come up with. That movie aint our historical reality.

              • Author Historian Michael Hoffman(if I recall who wrote the book correct from memory?) Recently, few months ago had a new JFK-Final story- facts published. His book is over 1000+ pages and from reviews I have read about it it seems to be the most in depth updated factual based truth conclusion as to who really killed JFK.

                The writer is also a truth teller of ALL past historic events, such as WWII, nazi camps issues etc etc…Including Todays woes america suffers from etc.

                A Very smart historian investigative truth teller Bar None!….He also has a website of his name I believe is the http www address Much good stuff to read there also.

                I believe hes one of the few if not Only JFK book writers to have actually included what roles were played by Israel and/or zios if that applies to the facts. Writers who always refuse to “Go There” in anything they write online or in books never fully tell entire truth…1/2 truth is as bad or worse than outright Lies sometimes.

                • I guess your hatred of everything is the truth. What a piece of shit.

        • I think even the hardcore progressives and liberal have said a loud “Holy Sh*t” when they saw what Obamacare was really about and how it is in the process of transformatively f*cking over everyone in sight. Young, old. Rich, poor. Black, White. Educated and uneducated alike. It makes no difference to Nancy Pelosi and her filthy rabid ilk.

          Notice how the degenerate progressives who still support this unconstitutional turd no longer refer to it as Obamacare? Well they own it, all of it, and we’re going to make them take a nice big juicy bite of the sh*t sandwich (without the bread) that they created. Sorry about the graphic imagery. Rant over.

          • YH

            Is that what’s on Pelosi’s mouth, rabid froth?

            Hell, I always thought it was obama cum……

            • OutWest,

              The froth on Pelosi’s mouth could be from any numerous of putrid sources. I’m putting my money down on rabies because the idea of Nancy Pelosi having sex of any kind is disturbing enough to convince me that Eugenics was a damn good idea!

            • OutWest

              She has it so far down her throat she can’t get any on her mouth. That is rabid froth.

        • Sixpack don’t be to happy with Matt cause he’s just like all the rest of those Fake Phony Hollywood Liberals that reach millions with their liberal rhetoric. He’s no different than all those you named. Take Miley Cyruse everyone is so excited or upset with her antics,well give me a break. One day she’s dancing and jumping around and every little teeny bopper is so in love with Hanna Montana, then once that role is over it’s time to change her image to a more adult role, Hollywood says go out there and do something. Soooooo what do you call a female schock jock! I don’t know! Anyway now she has all of the adults attention. So all these big Liberals put their message out there to millions and we get on a little blog and put our message out to a few hundred. Wonder who has the most influence! Trekker Out.

          • WASP, I liked your article but don’t be using my closing line. Trekker Out. Semper Paratus!

          • What do yu call Mylie? a stupid Coal Burner!

        • I agree sixpack but, at least it’s someone the retarded public might listen to. Regardless who the messenger is the message is the same. Good to see someone the idiots might listen too saying this…

      3. For those who want to live and inherit eternal life through Jesus Christ, then they will have to go outside the law. Otherwise, they will receive the mark of the beast because the “law” says to.

        • I think that is 100% true because the powers that be don’t really want us to follow the real God, instead want us to follow them and accept the mark. We should obey the law of the land (Romans 13:1) unless it violates God’s law in which case we should obey God’s law since God’s law is higher.

      4. People like Damon and most of the other so called stars in hollyweird think that their opinions matter. But in actuality they are nothing more than publicity whores. They will suck up to power voluntarily. They puff themselves up like they matter.
        The way to knock them out of their perch is, DONT PAY TO SEE THEIR MOVIES!!
        Make them pay for what they say. When producers are looking to select a lead and a co lead, they’re looking for Big Bang for the buck. If they know that a prospective lead in a unpopular and mouthy shit that can’t keep his mouth closed that will cost the movie at the box office and millions in the bank, they’ll put his ass in the round file. These people need to be held accountable for what they say.
        Punks like Alex Baldwin, what a despicable fucking ass!

        • I don’t give a rat’s arse what any celebrity thinks. My family, my closest friends, perhaps. Not a celebrity. Ever. Doesn’t affect my life in the least.


        • I dont know, many of these folks are like you or I,
          Just working their craft and doing a job, we all have opinions and are free to pronounce them, many people i can agree to disagree with if our ideas are different, and we can move on, some are so opinionated that we cant see eye to eye and they need to be right, my views are my views, not my neighbors, maybe not all the same as Matt, but he is entitled to an opinion and view just as you or i are. If my view is different than his should i pitch a fit and not watch bourne supremacy? What good will that do? And how does that make me look? Unless someone has done something that is so agregious that it affects my life, i pretty much can just say oh well, we have a difference of opinions, Matt isnt trying to take our rights away, or make us buy insurance, or limit wat kind of lightbulb we can use, so I think i can pretty much not have to deny myself something to prove some invisible point. If even 100,000 of us boycott a movie by a certain actor, do you think they would even notice???
          If we go and stand out there with a sign that says Im boycotting this guys movie because i dont like his opinion, hows that look?? Mmmhmm,
          Anyway, i get your point, theres a lot of actors i may not see eye to eye with politically but i know for sure whatever i think isnt going to matter one iota to anyone but me, sorta like this mini diatribe i just punched up here, nobody cares, its just my opinion and nothing more, does it make me bad? Or my kale any less nutritious? Or make people want to boycott it? Most likely not, but if someone did, its up to them!
          Anyway, sorry to go all crazy here

          • I See what you’re saying Kula but, thats the way it used to be but not any more, not today. Don’t think for a second the left wouldn’t jump into our shit neck deep for what we think and believe and they do it all the time.
            These people are frauds from the getgo. They make their living being something they’re not nor ever could be. They mostly have slid into some kind of drug induced mindset that they are something special. They’re actors that’s it nothing more. They’re not heroes, or astronauts or worriers or anything real, they’re
            Wasn’t it just a couple of weeks ago Mr Damon asserted acting on set was like being a soldier in Iraq? Really??? What a WOUSSE!!!

      5. When a lib starts to make noises that sound reasonable, they are trying to disarm you so they can get onto the next round of imposing their vision of utopia upon you.

        Some will try to distance themselves from Obama in order to look like a thinking reasonable person when they are endorsing Hillary for president.

        Now that Obama’s numbers are down the rats are jumping ship, don’t get fooled.

        • Rick, when any lib starts sounding sensible, a red flag pops up in my mind and it should it in everyone else’s here. You can go to the bank on it being some kind of a trick.

        • Beware of the messenger who lives on the left. Some of the problems the left dont like seem to be the same problems we dont like. But with them its always a twist.

          If Damon really believes we should stop obeying the laws that demand killing then he should be pro life. Who wants to take the bet that he isnt?

          From what Ive seen these people want the audience and the platform. Just like that fat bitch Oprah. They speak out of both sides of their mouths. I dont trust them a bit.

      6. Sooo…Is Matt Damon doing anything more than we are on this forum?

        Should he be?

        I mean, I guess I’m doing my part, too, albeit with less resources than Mr. Damon.

        I’m posting anti government statements on various blogs. Is that enough? Should I be doing more?

        • Eventually, yes, we will all need to be doing more, especially if we want to be free. If we allow this incremental creep that has been going on we will all be slaves.

          • KULAFARMER,your wrong,THEIR after your children,they plan to kill everyone over the age of 45,and enslave the kids not you.their going to KILL you…..and everyone who opposes them,so get ready ,they will be coming…….

            • Right November 28th. Hey that’s only a couple days from now.
              And about what time will this happen? I hope it’s not during the football game…

              • Or during my turkey dinner, im making a feast this year, going all Food Network on that thanksgiving feasts ass! If they dont bring too many guys they can join in! I probly have seen them around, small island!
                But seriously, NSA and by extension DHS, what the hell would they pay anny attention to me for? Not like im an ultra right wing organizer! Sheesh, im pretty sure they have checked me out, not much going on and im sure im on a list but not THE list, or even THE SECOND STRING list, theyll be like yea, dude barely pays his bills and 99.6% of the time is around his house or farm!
                Same 6 or 7 people he calls or texts regularly, waste of time!

                • Thumbs up there kula , ya 99.6% of the time at home on the farm .
                  I must have a busy construction business ! LMAO
                  No hideing anymore , is there ? haha
                  surveilance state and all .

                  • Definitely no hiding!
                    Its impossible if you are even close to a responsible productive member of society.
                    Only people who can hide are criminals or folks wjo are homeless or transient!
                    Even folks in the good old Redoubt arent anonymous, had to buy their property, right there it was public record of the transaction and is searchable by meets and bounds, boing, there they are right in that commercial satellite photo that is zoomable to be able to read liscense plates in a parkinglot.

            • Arizona.

              They are heading your way. Jump in your bunker fast and hurry and put on your anti-thermal suit.

          • One step that everyone can do is to refuse to participate in Obamacare.

            A tax rebellion would probably be one of the best things that can be done, and it’s something everyone can do.

            • We are fortunate they allow people to opt out, even if it involves a penalty.

              • Don’t pay the penalty.

                • Don’t pay the penalty!

        • Anyone who thinks lefty Matt Damon is in touch with the values the folks here represent, is a fool.

          Notice he didn’t mention the Constitution, just the Declaration of Independence. He wants a leftist Occupy-type revolution in this country and is saying so quite clearly in between the lines.

        • Yes he is acting different than what most do on this site, he’s getting paid to read what others have written. The ones that do that on this site are called trolls.

        • we can do alot more JRS
          I choose to be the loud mouth at the town hall and school board meetings .
          the eye rolling and groans when i walk in tells me i am gettin the message out.
          I think its gonna take many years to fix this , so i wanna make sure the kids know what they need to do.
          Everybody can do something more.

        • At this point in time, I would hope that many of you are already part of your state/local militias. If not, it’s past time. Get to it.


          • how does one find out about local militias I looked online and so far I cant find anything any ideas

            • militia=target, guerilla is best! Loose organization is harder to stamp out.

              • Newbee: Just go to SPLC and ADL kommies websites and every org, group, person et al etc that them Two orgs has Listed are Patriotic and/or christian types of americans.

                Just remember their MO and whatever They write or state is the Exact Opposite of facts and truth.

                As those two Kommie orgs project their tribal guilt upon others to Hide their true motives and overall plans for destruction of america. Kinda like Mat Damon and his pals does.

                But very likley that them two website orgs has the best and largest lists of every known and unknown progun-pro usa, pro Whitey, patriots located anywheres within usa borders.

                • Them Guys, you left out the ACLU that Commie Org works the same. And just like this Damon guy they may come to the conservative side on an issue but it’s just a smoke screen, and man does it give us a warm and fuzzy feeling. It’s just like some of these emails I get that show some coservative statement that was Suposedly made by a known Liberal,its such Bullhockey. Next thing they’ll be trying to tell me Jane Fonda was trying to fool the VC. Trekker Out.

                  • Mountain Trekker: Yes you are correct! And Thanks for the reminder on ACLU kommies equals exact Same as SPLC and ADL. In Fact them kommies have a Grand Total of over 300 such Orgs within Our nation. So many orgs that they invented another org group called something like…”The Presidents of US jewish organisations” with Over 150 seperate orgs Presidents in One group that also acts as an individual seperate org also!

                    Most folks are unaware that a group of americans that number Less than 2% total POP, has so Many group-Orgs to represent Theirs and ONLY Their intrests.

                    As compared to the Largest POP group of, White americans, who far as I know has a grand total of…ZERO orgs to represent Our white intrests…Seems everytime anyone attempts to start up an org for Us, it gets infiltrated By one or more of that group of “300” other orgs….Then totally destroyed by every major MSM outlet nationwide within weeks at most. If MSM cannot Find true real Dirt to expose?…They Manufacture dirt and report That as truth!

                    Indeed americas been Hyjacked by a bloodless, bulletless, Kommie Koo. Everyone celebrated an end to communisim in 1989-90 when that Wall was torn down in E.Germany…Silly Rabbits! Kommies never ended! They just came Here to USA and Joined forces with the rest of kommies that first arrived upon american shores in 1880’s with daily Boatloads stacked and waiting to Off load more Kommie Russians and Poles etc at NY Harbor.

                    Heres an FYI for You Mountain Trekker, incase you didn’t know it.

                    The word kike was first invented and used, when those early 1880’s and forewards arivals from poland and russia came and off loaded boats at NY INS-Customs. Many were not able to Write or not write in english, so for a personal imigration paperwork signature, they were told to just sign name with an X, and a witness will also sign to verify it etc….Well being highly Opposed to Jesus and His “Cross” symbol, they refused to sign name as an “X” as thats to close to a “Cross!…So insted they were allowed to use an “O” in place of an “X”.

                    The Letter “O” in yiddish was spoken as “Kikle” or “Kikel”, so after while when INS customs fed agents at NY Borders processed them in, they began to refer to their groups folks as “Kikes”…So Thats how/where that word originated. Not very important I know..But myself I always wondered why or where various nick names got first used or invented and Why…So Thats Todays freebee FYI for all here!

                  • Them Guys. I see you mentioned the SPLC. HMMMMMMM. Still pissed that they broke up your cloven hoofed Klan meetings. You are a dick.

          • GV,
            Even our militia is unraveling. Maybe 50% are doing what they are ordered/asked to do, including checking in. Less than that are going to training. It’s bad up here… any suggestions?

            • Small, local, tight groups are my best suggestion.

        • Damon’s an actor. That’s all he knows. That’s all he does. Never forget it.

      7. like getting trialed for rightfully standing your ground?
        Oh its probably already happened.

        Will it bring forward the old street justice of the cowboy days? sure it could.

        Maybe one of these knock out thugs will get gut pumped with a 45 as the guy walks away, never to be known who it was
        people have to be willing to report a crime, I think that mindset is slowly changing to didn’t see, hear or speak about it mr. gov thug

        • VRF — wouldn’t change a word of that comment

          • I know NOOOOTTTHHHING
            (Sgt Shultz in Hogans Heros)

            • Kulafarmer,

              Very interesting.

              Arte Johnson, Laugh In.

      8. Really? Since when has Damon become a patriot? You have got to be kidding me. Must have been after the last time he had his accountant file his taxes. Matt Damon is a turd.

        • Public figures always have a hidden agenda. They say one thing but are trying to acomplish another thing all together. Like Obama with this new deal with Iran. He says its so they can have nuclear power but its realy I way to start a new war. That is all.

      9. RickinOregon and Sixpack:

        Your posts are to jog us back to reality. Thanks!

      10. the sandyhook report is supposed to be released soon today. get ready for another session of gun-grabbing cries.

        im sure the report will say “20 children and 6 adults died, directly caused by the NRA, gun owners, and white Christians.”

        • Report said he acted alone.
          I saw the video before it was yanked and there were 2 guys in the woods being chased. Who else saw that video? These idiots think were not paying attention but we arent the ones with obamaphones and ebt cards.

          • Calgacus, I saw a video taken by helicopter of a man being chased into the woods who was apprehended by police.

            • Have you seen that 9/11 BBC Brit reporter on Live TV when
              told in Ear piece Mic, that Buildg #7 Has Just fallen too?…While TV viewers like Me were able to see that Buildg #7 was STILL Standing!!! Then after they reported “This Just In! Breaking news! #7 Has Fallen!!” it took several long seconds more for #7 to actually get “Pulled” aka Fell down same as twin towers did previously. That got Disaperared Faster than greased lightnng. Good thing it got loaded to Yutubes videos eh!

              That few seconds BBC reporter claims of buildg #7 Fallen while Still Standing is ALL one should require to Verify we was LIED to about 9/11 events. Anybody that sees that proof video and still rejects we were Lied to by MSM and Fed govnts and the usa Prez!…Is a total lost cause with head burried so Deep a Catapiller D-10 Dozer cannot Yank their head from their own Ass.

      11. “We need a declaration of interdependance amoung people of all countries of the world….”

        YEA RIGHT , looks like ol anti gun matt is a socialist as well as just another hollyweird asshat.
        Wait till its HIS money bein redistributed , his song will change . That one world bullshit will end fast.

        • He’s reading this, he didn’t write it. Its 40 years old. Didn’t you notice the reference to Nixon? Its from Howard Zinn a Marxist Sympathizer and no great friend of our constitutional rights or America as a powerful sovereign nation.

          • Exactly, (not so)DumbDude.

            Zinn’s words may SOUND like patriotism or advocacy of limited government; but they are neither.

            When Zinn brings up the Declaration of Independence, the ONLY thing he’s referring to is the line “all men are created equal” which Zinn intentionally misreads and misrepresents as forced equality of outcomes, status, and wealth.

            When Zinn talks about laws that require killing, he’s talking specifically about the draft for Viet Nam, and about war generally.

            When Zinn talks about laws that “allocate wealth the way it’s been done”, he’s talking about the free market, and how our government FAILS to do enough to redistribute wealth from the rich to the poor.

            When Zinn talks about laws that “put people in jail for petty technical offenses”, he means the “racism” that causes jails to be filled primarily with black people.

            When Zinn talks about laws that “keep other people out of jail for enormous crimes”, he’s speaking of the “War-Crimes” committed by every U.S. President that has sent our military to fight overseas, and every Congress and SCOTUS that has allowed it.

            One may or may not agree with these things; but what Zinn says CANNOT be taken at face value. He is expert at sounding patriotic while advancing ideas and ideals which are counter to principles upon which this nation was founded.

            When he writes, “People in all countries need the spirit of DISOBEDIENCE TO THE STATE,” he means the American system of government and economics. He means disobedience by radical Leftists to the United States circa the 1960′ & 70’s.

            If the “State” were a communist totalitarianism, he would never have suggested such a thing as “disobedience to the State”.

            Be not fooled, the man was not a Libertarian, nor patriot, nor simple anarchist, nor your average mind-numbed liberal.

            Howard Zinn was a dyed-in-the-wool communist. And he was expert in couching his communism in the language of the patriotic constitutionalist.

            • Yuri, welcome aboard, and you’re exactly right about Zinn. I remember hearing that same POS when I was a teenager in the 70s. He was one of the biggest commies in my younger days. braveheart

            • Yes, since this got dragged up into modern consciousness I have decided I will have to read his history book, so I can know a little more of what to expect from the folks that will support these ideas.

              It will not be easy stomaching this. Look at this wikipedia description of the first few chapters:

              Chapter 1, “Columbus, the Indians, and Human Progress” covers early Native American civilization in North America and the Bahamas, the genocide and enslavement committed by the crew of Christopher Columbus, and incidents of violent colonization by early settlers. Topics include the Arawaks, Bartolomé de las Casas, the Aztecs, Hernán Cortés, Pizarro, Powhatan, the Pequot, the Narragansett, Metacom, King Philip’s War, and the Iroquois.

              Chapter 2, “Drawing the Color Line” addresses the early enslavement of Africans and servitude of poor British people in the Thirteen Colonies. Zinn writes of the methods by which he says racism was artificially created in order to enforce the economic system. He argues that racism is not natural because there are recorded instances of camaraderie and cooperation between black slaves and white servants in escaping from and in opposing their subjugation.

              Chapter 3, “Persons of Mean and Vile Condition” describes Bacon’s Rebellion, the economic conditions of the poor in the colonies, and opposition to their poverty.

              Chapter 4, “Tyranny is Tyranny” covers the movement for “leveling” (economic equality) in the colonies and the causes of the American Revolution. Zinn argues that the Founding Fathers agitated for war to distract the people from their own economic problems and stop popular movements, a strategy that he claims the country’s leaders would continue to use in the future.

              Chapter 5, “A Kind of Revolution” covers the war and resistance to participating in war, the effects on the Native American people, and the continued inequalities in the new United States. When the land of veterans of the Revolutionary War was seized for non-payment of taxes, it led to instances of resistance to the government, as in the case of Shays’ Rebellion. Zinn wrote that “governments – including the government of the United States – are not neutral… they represent the dominant economic interests, and… their constitutions are intended to serve these interests.”[8]

              Chapter 6, “The Intimately Oppressed” describes resistance to inequalities in the lives of women in the early years of the U.S. Zinn tells the stories of women who resisted the status quo, including Polly Baker, Anne Hutchinson, Mary Dyer, Amelia Bloomer, Catharine Beecher, Emma Willard, Harriot Hunt, Elizabeth Blackwell, Lucy Stone, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Margaret Fuller, Sarah Grimké, Angelina Grimké, Dorothea Dix, Frances Wright, Lucretia Mott, and Sojourner Truth.

      12. Matt Damon talks a good game, but let’s see him follow up with something meaningful. Sixpack, I’m just like you about Hollywood. Mel Gibson is the only maverick I know of in there. A certain group in Hollywood has been trying to destroy him for 2 decades and, BTW, they do have some Jewish-sounding last names. Mel Gibson has really proven himself to em over the years. It won’t be any different for Matt Damon, but I’ll certainly give him a chance. braveheart

        • Hammerhead, is that true about Damon being anti-gun? If so, then I’ll disregard him.

          • braveheart , yep , true , remember the video that came out after sandyhook ?
            He has also spoke out against guns as well , i am sure you could do a quick youtube search and find him all over it.

            • Wasn’t it that stupid “Now’s The Time” video those asshole took part in? LOL

              • Peterson, you mean that video all of those actors were in? I saw another version of it afterward showing clips of certain violent movies WITH GUNS BEING USED of the same actors and actresses calling for gun control. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

                • Ya that was the one BH, I also saw the one you are talking about that showed how big of a hypocrite those bastards really are.

                  • When the liberals want to take up arms you know it is some serious shitbon the way. And it will be one of the comedy roundups ever.

            • Damon is a statist, pure and simple.

              When he talks about disobeying government, he’s talking about any government that is administrated by those on the right.

              (Sorry….but there IS a political left and a political right…and I’ll be happy to debate anyone who says that there is not.)

          • I believe Damon is anti gun. And he will stay that way until the zombies knock on his door for “trick or treat” and he has nothing in the house with which to defend his family, except a baseball bat and hockey stick.

            It will be a “Damascus” moment for him and he will embrace the Second Amendment quickly, in a would’a should’a could’a second, but it will be a second too late.

            All actors and artists rely on the American public for their income. They are entitled to their beliefs, but if they want to influence the public dialogue against American rights, Americans should boycott them.

            Engage. 🙂

            • dk

              Matt either has armed security or a weapon himself or both.

              Hippocrates are extremely common in anti gun circles.

            • Damon doubtlessly has armed body guards. He doesn’t need a gun. That’s why he can speak out against them.

              Like all liberals…and Hollywood liberals in particular….he’s a hypocrite.

          • Here’s one you’ll flip out on Sly Stallone is anti-gun I thought I’d die- but add him to the boycott list!

            • Rambo???…. SHIT MAN!!!

            • Matt Damon types of liberal komies is why Neyanyahoo has been rabidly active building more and more settlement housing units near tel avaiv. In antisipation for a vast influx of new dwellers headed for that rabid state, pre planned as a kommie-mafia getaway state where the laws never allow for extradition regradless what evil crimes has been perpetrated by their own. One can Wager a bet that they also have secret laws to allow for non members as long as they have enough spare cash to pay for an exemption to reside there. Theres nothing they worship more than money…Other than their own self worship that is. Just wait you soon will hear of a “special” settlement housing section being built for non tribal memberships for wealthy kommie libs, politiions, preachers, and Hollywood actors and MSM types also.

      13. Coming from Hollywood , I wonder is this real ? Perhaps it is a set up , so TPTB have
        a good reason to declare Marshal Law & lock everything down. The main stream media
        Will jump right in , blame Preppers, Tea Party, Conservatives, Gun Owners, Christians, Former Millitary, and anyone else they can target. While I am all for going back
        To the Constitution, I do not trust Hollywood .
        Montgomery County Texas

      14. When did Matt do this? Just curious the date this was shot.
        In my mind,
        The possibility that we will all just stop going along with the government, is the biggest threat to TPTB.
        IF we all were to stop going along and just said NO,
        what would that be like?
        I personally love the idea, have many family members who think im crazy to do something so dangerous.
        But why not? Why do I have to live in fear because of all these damn bullshit rules that have been piled one on top of another until we are all afraid to even speak our minds about the corruption and bullshit that is going on around us? Why are we afraid to stand?
        I say screw the government, their ability to govern is dependent upon you and I being willing to allow them to govern us, they have betrayed our trust, so NO MORE!
        They can go to HELL!

        • “The possibility that we will all just stop going along with the government, is the biggest threat to TPTB.
          IF we all were to stop going along and just said NO,
          what would that be like?
          I personally love the idea, have many family members who think im crazy to do something so dangerous.
          But why not? Why do I have to live in fear because of all these damn bullshit rules that have been piled one on top of another until we are all afraid to even speak our minds about the corruption and bullshit that is going on around us? Why are we afraid to stand?” —- BINGO Kulafarmer! Ditch the fear, forget what your relatives say, start living!


        • yea kula , i get the feeling that this is old.
          and out of context as well , hell, it my even be a script hes reading for a part.
          i dont like or trust matt damon , he is a government propagandist , at best.

        • Kulafarmer, I’m with you on that. i refuse to live in fear of government. That’s no way to live. If it’s my time, then so be it. Better to die standing up fighting for what you hold near and dear to your heart than to be on your knees, hands tied behind your back, begging for mercy from some evil butcher about to put a bulletg or two in the back of your head. Like my namesake in the movie said, “Every man dies. Not every man truly lives.”

        • The PTB do not want OUR participation. They do not need OUR participation. OUR participation IS the threat to them. It is the one thing they fear.

          Refusal to accept unconstitutional laws is participation. Lawsuits against those who violate OUR rights is participation. Voting against incumbents is participation.

          Unless Americans become politically active and remain politically. The NWO will slowly but surely tighten the noose around OUR necks.

          Engage your employees or be impoverished and enslaved by them. 🙂

          • DK – Iwish i still had employees to engage , LOL.
            But your right , ya gotta be vocal and push back .

          • Im as politically active and vocal as i can be, living in a heavily democrat state where the unions call the shots makes it a sure thing their people will be running things, but i still bitch to my reps, get the same tired form letters back every time, i would move but hey, its 75, trades are blowing a nice 9mph here at the house, its a bright sunny day, and the only way anything will freeze here is if the world is ending! The kale is growing, cupboards and fridge are full or all sorts of stuff, so guess it aint so bad, not that it couldnt get bad but right this minute its good, ill take it one day at a time.

            • sounds nice , 21 degrees and its snowing……..
              not growin nothin in this in the ground .
              i gotta go clear ice from the watertanks because i havent installed heaters yet….. love it .
              still savin money for an island visit , dont know when or where but we are savin .
              be well

              • same here. Got the horse trough heater plugged in and the wood stove in here 24/7. Ground is already frozen pretty deep.

                • Stay warm friends!
                  Hope your winter isnt too cold.
                  Every form of refuge has its price, if i act like the government doesnt matter its quite nice here, expensive! But nice. I just got lucky. Real lucky, thanks to the grace of the good Lord.
                  If your going to visit, stay away from Oahu(Honolulu) only thing worth visiting there is Pearl Harbor ant the Arizona and other memorials.
                  Maui is nice, Sunrise on Haleakala is awesome but bring something warm its usually in the low 30s before the sun comes up, Kauai, Waimea canyon is killer, Napali coast, incredible views Big Island all are nice, lots of sights, the volcanoes are kinda cool.
                  Would spring for helicopter tours on those 3 islands or a small sightseeing tour plane that skips around all the islands,

                  • @ Kula…The key is to adapt. I am a Ca native. I stay outside working on projects until sunset. I just take half hour breaks every 3-4 hours, dress properly (wool and sorel boots) and plan ahead. The very cold winters and mountain terrain keep the population migration way down,it makes people more independant, and helpful when someone has a problem such as auto breakdown, cattle running loose, etc. The recreation in the winter is great as long as a snowmobiler doesnt run you over as they are hauling ass. Some have over 250HP and will do over 100mph. Seems that someone hits a tree and die every year. Keystone light probably is a contributing factor. I think they should “ban” the trees, so I cut my “fair share”.( thats a joke for the eviroweenies)

      15. Ironically, Matt Damon is anti-2A. So while he talks about civil disobedience and overthrowing the corrupt government, he doesn’t want people to have the tools that will be most effective to resist the state; guns.

        Mao observed that “political power is born from the barrel of a gun.” Indeed. For any chance of success, you *must* be armed with something beyond an attitude and mere words. Otherwise, you civil disobedience becomes an invitation to the police-state for them to rob you, maim you or kill you.

        • Capitalist Eric, if that’s true about Damon b eing anti-gun, I’ll disregard the bastard. F#$% Matt Damon, Hollywood, govt., etc.

          • Why don’t you just zip it, you are embarrassing yourself and we can’t watch anymore.

            • POI — “We”???

              Have you got a fly in your cockpit, Lindburgh?

              I think you’re asleep at the joystick, schtick.

              • OW, don’t get me wrong, I don’t dislike BH, but his emotional state is disturbing sometimes, seems like a trainwreck about to happen.

                • Personofinterest

                  Yes, most of the patriots on this site

                  could be described as being wrapped a

                  little too tight, myself being among

                  the worst of the lot.

                  Extreme awareness brings equal shell shock

                  as part of it’s baggage.

                  If you don’t want to suffer the same fate

                  as us, run my friend, away, as fast as you can.

                  • Its fine here on the fringe.

          • Every true american patriot must understand this…The Kommies overall agenda plans has Always been the exact same. Ever since 1918 russian revolution that was fomented by kommies and their false hope for a utopian “equality” for All folks. As outlined in the Protocols the kommies and agitators Knows that there is no such thing and never has been, and never will be any such animal as full 100% equality for ANYTHING In the entire universe of creation.

            A simple gander at the birds in the yard tells you that each species is different and none are equal per se. Same for animals. Like dog breeds are different etc.

            The kommies put out calls for equality Everything you can dream of…Then agitate revolution by the masses. Then once revolt occures…Bingo! You will have full blown communisim same as Russia had. Out goes every promiced plan for every form equality ever mentioned. (Inter-dependancy is the new word for equality)

            Then the only form of equality will be 99.99% folks are Poor, downtrodden, disarmed, starving, Peons…While the remaining .01% at the Top remain like Hillerys and all similar to her.

            Revolt to destroy white america and all it acomplished is main reason for so many tens of millions of illeagles infiltrated since 1965….The top kommies are training them and most africans to hate whites, hate what america stands for and was founded upon and then when given the okay, to begin killing revolts across the nation. Russia redeux.(Franfurt Cultural comminisim, Is their current method of Training and Has been since mid-1930’s in the usa).

            After you read all the various daily articles at most websites, go research the protocols, the marx manifesto 45 kommie Goals, and various other written materials from the many kommies over the past 100 yrs and then you will know the true plans and be better prepared to deal with it all. One cannot fight an enemy unless one Knows who and what that enemy really is. And most enemys and evil doers usually Hide behind False names, False orgs, scam opps, and they Always, ALWAYS make Much Use of Front men and women to hide behind to keep folks unaware of the true agendas and whos behind it all…Always!(for great example research Who founded the NAACP, and used one single negroe man, also a cpusa member kommie, as the Main front Man for the origs 6 naacp russian founders to hide behind till the Late 1980’s! Learn that truth and amaze self and friends when you alert them to it also.)

            And zero amounts of naysayings, or wishfull thinkings, or refusals to believe truth is going to change this.

            They are past the point of dumbing down society, teaching falsehoods galore, re writting history, and robbing blind every person, state, city, county and local monetary source they could locate. The Only agenda plan Not as Yet acomplished is to foment an actual revolution.

            And to much dismay of some here who seem to clamor for a revolt, that plays into the kommies hands perfectly.

            Think Wisely and Use your Heads before acting from anger emotions as thats all played by their designs to foment revolts. They desire an entire worldwide mass revolt to usher in kommisizim as a NWO they Own and control. Don’t give them what They want.


        Have no use for this turkey

      17. Another Hollywood idiot bitching about rich people. Get rid of the fed, free trade, and corporatism and there wouldn’t be wealth disparity.

        • Eisen, you make some valid points. After all, he is an ACTOR.

          • Old man,

            I hope you get picked for the knockout game. I understand you get more points for the elderly.

            • Eisen.

              Why did you say that? Braveheart complimented your post.

              • Braveheart is a punk. He deserves it.

                • Eisen, watch yourself or I’ll get a Jew after you.

              • Ugly — the bad Eisen

                …..you know….. the duality …..

                Good Eisen, bad Eisen

                • OutWest.

                  You mean like–Good Cop, Bad Cop scenario?

                  • sure Ugly — more than one troll
                    using the same handle

              • He said that because Eisencrap is a punk-ass bitch. (Pardon my French…but there’s really no other way to describe him)

            • Eisen, you said something I agree with, and, hey, I even gave you a green thumb for a change. Since you still want to show your ass, I’m going to make one exception to my earlier post and tell you to go f$#% yourself. Plus, this ‘old man’ can still kick a stupid young turd like you if it came down to it. braveheart

            • You’re a worthless POS…you know that?

              It is my prayer that fate allows me to somehow see you get the butt-whoopin’ you so richly deserve. And it’s coming. One day your big mouth will write a check your ass can’t cash. And it’s going to be hilarious watching you get your big trap closed.

              • Above comment directed at Eisencrap by the way.

                • Which one, there is ether a imposter, or eisen is bipolar. I think someone could be using his name because of the time difference between replies.

                  • Not bi-polar….schizophrenic.

      18. If he doesn’t like how wealth is distributed in this country, he can give away his money to show us all how it ought to be done.

        Until then, just another Limousine Liberal crying in his caviar.

      19. Daniels 69 week ends NOV.28,2013,can you guess what that means?opening of the third seal,for you devil worshippers,THAT MEANS a major FAMINE is coming to america,and it will all go to HELL AFTER THAT,WAR,red dawn,invasion,blood running down every street in america,plagues,viruses,desease,every nightmare OBOOZO can throw at america,and money will be the least of your worries…STOCK UP,food water,ammo,this is a shit storm of BIBLABLE levels,get your bullet proof umbrella out, YOUR GOING TO NEED IT, and THE LORD very soon…777aej………..

        • No doubt a big disappointment is coming your way in the days ahead but you are not alone. People have been thinking this is the end for 2,000+ years. I do not blame you or any that think like you, however, you are now in the minority. The majority of us want to live and let live and enjoy life. Try it, you just may like it. Stop thinking so negatively and that negativity will leave your life.

        • Yup! Waiting for Thanksgiving…

        • Are you referring to the 4 red moon thing?

          • That 70th week of Danial was invented to verify the falsehood of pre trib Raputerists teachings.. They needed to find biblical verses they could twist and spin to somehow verify what many others said, is Not what the bible says. So they extended the orig 42 months in Rev chapter 13 thats 3 1/2 yrs of antichrist, into a full 7 yrs time frame and pre trib rapture to keep “Fixing” all the Holes found in their Many false teachngs and beliefs.

            They convinced folks that one week of days equals a year for each day so hence a 7yr trib period. Why didn’t they use 1000 yrs for each Day from where the bible states “One DAY with the Lord is same as 1000 yrs as We know time to be”?….Just because in one bible section a “Day” meant a one year time for something not related to anything else biblically, don’t mean now That time frame “switchero” of a dayy=one year can be used for Their falsehoods as some type “proof” of pre trib rapture and 7yr trib period.

            Why would anybody want to believe that stuff when they can Read in Rev Chap 13 where John the revelator first makes mention of the first beast aka antichrist?…Because all who have read that rev chapter Knows that it states “42 Months” which is 3.5 yrs NOT 7 yrs.

            They Had to add 3 1/2 yrs or 42 More months to explain how all that stuff can occure and zero christians are still here?…So they invented pre trib rapture event, and THEN it all breaks loose!….When you ask them pastors to explain how come the other bible trib events shows christians are STILL here ON earth?

            They say “Oh christians are Gone before any events happens, Then its UN believers who Will become believers after that rapture event and it is THEM who goes thru evils and hard trib times etc!…”

            So the ONE True Jesus Church aka complete Body of all earths believers is Now split into Two halves? one that does believe, and the Other 1/2 who are going to Later join up?…So How can they have a 7 yr LONG wedding of church and Christ if 1/2 the church aint there till 7 yrs are finished?…Hmmmmm…I guess since they also Justify that when jesus began ONE church Body of saints believers, what jesus Really meant was “One Body divided into 1000+ seperate parts aka churches aka denominations equals ONE complete Body/Group? And the church Is the “bride” yet Jesus marries only 1/2 of the bride? which 1/2 pastor? Upper 1/2 or Lower 1/2 or is it Right and Left side halves of Bride waiting 7yrs for other 1/2 to show up?

            And the More Tim LaHaye and Hal Lindsey and Many other such 501c Mandated “preacher-Teachers” one believes in the farther away from biblical and Christ truth one gets!

            OyVey! the Goyims are setting dates again!! To soon Fly Away! while Millions of NON usa christians are and will still be suffering greatly eh…Rekon Only american christians gets pre trib troubles Raptured to safty?

            Is That type thought Arogance? or Just delusional? or perhaps Both!

            • The Pre-Trib rapture doctrine has only been around since the 1820’s…and it was just concocted then. J.N. Darby is pretty much the generally accepted “author” of the doctrine, and it was promulgated and thrust into the mainstream of Evangelical Christianity by none other than C.I Scofield (compiler of the Scofield Reference Bible).

              So…..since the first century, the doctrine of a Pre-Trib Rapture has only been around less than 200 years, and has only been broadly accepted by mainstream Evangelical Churches for the last 100 years or so.

              If you want an interesting experience in learning, study the life (and shenanigans) of C.I. Scofield.

              Here are some links for starters:



              I think I’d be suspect of any doctrine that has its source in someone like C.I. Scofield.

              And by the way….if you will dig into this deeper (it’s mentioned in the second link by the way)…Scofield was aided by the globalists (i.e. Illuminati)

              That should give one pause as well.

              I grew up under dispensationalist teaching (i.e pre-trib rapture), but as I read my Bible and heard the messages that came from the pulpit supporting it, I became increasingly skeptical over the years, as it appeared to me that those who preached the doctrine were relying upon very sketchy scriptural interpretation.

              I have since become convinced that the teaching is a heresy. And 1800 years of church history….and the fact that it was NEVER an orthodox doctrine until the last 200 years should be evidence supporting my position.

              • Sir, this guy doesn’t rely on facts. His heart is dso full of hate he is blind.

                • Justice: You continue to attack me Personally. And in the Most Vile ways. My Heart is filled with the Holy Spirit, and there is No greater truth source avail anywheres. I do Not equate facts based documented proof and infos as Hate of anyone or their race or group etc. Thats foolsih.

                  You Do seem to harbor a most vile evil type hatred towards me and all others here that post info You dislike or disagree with…Then You attack Me a Child of God in your unquestionable defense of Satans seed off spring as the Bible states about those You so defend!..You Love Satanic evils or what? Thats one super mixed up attitude you possess.

                  You sound like a student, Posterboy example of the past few yrs of fed govnt DHS-Hired, SPLC and ADL “teachers” that hold seminars that are used to mandate “sensitivity” and “Multicultic Diversity” classes where most all of todays police-sherrifs depts-State police-FED fbi ET all fed-cop agencies-and of course YOU Prison Guards aka cop wannabees. Are taught such nonsense as a “belief system”.

                  Thats where they fill Your small mind with all that nonsense that all who speak truth(like Me and others here) all white males, progun types, conservatives, Pro americans, are all homegrown potential terroristic threats.

                  They teach over and over every Holyhoax claim already debunked, even debunked By Jews! Honest Jews who also speak truth. I assume them types are akin to Me in that I hate NOBODY. I Do Hate Frauds-Lies-Scamers-Swindlers-and asinine attacks by some fool low life such as You seem to promote yourself as on a near constant basis since you first began posting here.

                  And I will say again for the record, unlike Me and most Others here who make ANY sort or type claims, We use documented quoted statements, Links, Book titles and authors By Name, etc etc as Our Solid Proofs…Proofs that for some Uncanny Ironic unknown issue, You as well as Your few Pals, likley also prison guards you work with, are simply unable to Grasp and its very Obvious none of your “group of Dupes” has Ever actually Read or researched ANY such proofs or infos or links we always provide.

                  What have You and them fellow Dupes of Yours ever offered as proofs to back up all of Your slanderous and False claims and Vile name callings of Me, Tactical, PO’d Granny, John Q Public???!

                  You have Never met me, you do NOT know who I am personally. Yet seem to believe if You and your Dupe Group pals dislike or disagree on My or Other named posters post as info. That you then get a Free Pass to make Vile hatefull statements that YOU and pals KNOW is NOT true and you have zero to back Your falsehoods and vile name callings with…

                  That is very Childish at minimum. THIS Is an Adult site fool. Why do You few idiotic clown reject all forms of factual based truth, and continue to make total assholes out of yourselves, as you do Prove That in every reply or post. Thats about ALl your duped group is so far capable of Proving it seems..But Why would anybody desire to Prove themselves such foolish asshole idiotic clowns, that so Obviously Lack even the smallest Iota of Knowledge of american and european past couple hundred yrs Historic knowledge of?

                  I’d Wager you and your dupe pals never acted so dumbed down or un knowledgable, Untill you began to Attend those SPLC-ADL trainers Kommie propaganda classes as has occured to so many other once normal LEO and Guards type folk…There IS a Real good Cure for that you can achive.

                  Its easy as, Read-Research-Learn-Remember-Facts based Truths..That also Includes such facts truths on Jewish issues also weather or not You like it that way.

                  Even small 12 yr old children knows enough to Not do vile name calls on a person who simply has Posted some Info that is Quoted from another person responsible for the origination of said statements…Such as various RABBI or Jew persons made statements that I or others copy and Post up Here to Educate folks like You with!

                  Yet NOT Once has You or your duped group pals here, ever, never, complained or called any Rabbi or Jeruselem Post Newspaper out as a “jew hater”!!…Why Is that so, Foolish one?

                  If You attend a Motzart music piano concert, and dislike the Music…Do you verbally attack the Piano player too? For simply playing musical Notes that Motzart wrote 200 yrs ago?…No, cause If you did that in a Public setting all present would say “Who Is That fool Asshole dude in that cop wannabe prison guard outfit”? “Why is he bashing the piano player if he hates Motzart?”

                  I rekon I need not list anymore reasons for Your and your crew pals assininity and lack of Maturity eh, as You types always know just what fool asshole idiots you are taken for right…So Have a swell Thanksgiving and same goes for the Rest of your dupe group crew of truth Haters…I shall say Prayers for you all to awaken and Learn true truths so you all can catch Up to Us here ok!

                  Glad to be able to Assist in Your awakenings to real Factual Truths……Them Guys

                  • You are pure evil. You claim to be a Christian and yet attack others.

                  • Your Borderline Personality disorder is compounded by your schizo affective mentality. This probably has been the result of years of abuse and your grossely exagerated sense of entitlement. So as you continue to abuse substances such as alcohol and others know that without the professional help you so desperately require you will continue on the path your’e on and remain mentally and emotionaly repressed and ill. Thank you for the Thanksgiving wishes and I’ll not reciprocate as you are too hateful and sarcastic an individual. It’s easy to see that you are socially isolated and a product of an abusive upbringing. Thank you for contributing to my study and when published I’ll be sure to spend the money you earned me on something nice.

          • 4 red moon? No, but the two comets are cool–Ison and Encke.

        • arizona.

          I don’t want to break the bad news to you, but you are about 2000 years late (but, better late than never).

          Lets talk about the real issue coming and that is Daniel’s final week. That is, the Beast and the Great Tribulation.

          • The real real issue,,,
            Not getting killed in a black friday stampede on thanksgiving morning!

      20. Start Resisting, by Stop feeding the Beast. First by knowing your pain threshold of resistance. Either stop paying all taxes all together, or delay filing your taxes, then fail to pay your taxes on time, or delay paying in full, by setting up a small payment plan, to delay payment over time, regardless of the costs. Show up to all tax hearings in your district and bring all your friends and demand these taxes be lowered. Stop voting Republican and Democrat and vote for Independent people who support your rights and the constitution. Ignore propaganda from politicians and whocommit criminal activities,cosing up to corporations and then wrap themselves in the flag, talking corporatism/patiotism. Talk all young people away, from Joining the Military, and get those who are in to Quit now. Lay down your swords and resign from the war on the world pushing oppression and tyranny. Without dumbed down prostitute soldiers to fight the unjust wars, there will be no wars. All of this is perfectly legal, and part of the No Violence act of defiance and resistance. If we the people are united, we will again be the United States, instead of the current devided slaves to the system of America.

        • I do manage to “engage” the local employees when they attempt to raise school and real estate taxes…or want to float another 30 year bond for roofing or HVAC that wears out in 20 years.

          However, when it comes to national “select your favorite employee” day, I lay on the couch until my nausea passes.

      21. TPTB fear organized opposition. During the Vietnam war, the police state infiltrated the public opposition. Recently the OWS protesters were smashed by government and corporate dictates. The present spy state on steroids watches and listens to all Americans to prevent the cohesion of like ideas and minds spreading. They are well aware of growing dissention. TPTB have their moves set, covering all possibilities in response to mass protest. The people need a united thinking to gain traction against the usurpers infesting our republic. Truth would be a start.

      22. Matt Damon better be careful what he wishes for…it may not go his way.

        • That reminds me of a “discussion” I once had with someone that favored “wealth redistribution”.

          They weren’t that keen on the idea after I pointed out that they were not considering all the continents and that once they did, their future nirvana would look more like Ethiopia than The Hamptons.

      23. When the “Party” loyalists (R’s & D’s) wake up they’ll realize that we all have a lot more in common than they think.

        We just want to be free to pursue our dreams without interference. We will follow the basic laws so that no one is harmed by each others activities.

        Freedom for the individual is what we crave. What we expect. What we need.

      24. I think the patriots purged from the military should have stepped up by now. Their silence is troubling. Maybe they need to know we have their back. Probably their severance package dealt with this probability and they don’t want to be found in the dump like some others.
        Onesies and twosies will be slaughtered. We must go large, or go home. It is now our inheritance. Damn, I knew it was coming but didn’t think I’d live to see it. Well, the beginning at least. I smell historical events in the air, economic collapse with side of tyranny all covered with a sprinkling of radiation. To those who do not recognize the odor, it smells like shit.

        • GrandpaSpeaks,

          There’s an old Asian saying, “May you live in interesting times”. Of course, this was not a nice thing to say to someone, it was more of an insult or a curse.

          By the way, I’m always glad to see your name pop up as I scroll down the page. You are quite insightful and concise.

          • “Looks like there are a couple of Politicians hanging around perpetrating some kind of myth on us all” And I believe the Beach Boys were right about California Girls. Mind you, the last time I was in California was the summer of 69. It seems to me things there have changed a little since. I remember driving down 101 in a brightly colored school bus coming into San Fran with 28 hitchhikers in the bus. We were “singing songs and carrying signs” all full of hope and comradery. What happened to create this present mess? It is what didn’t happen that allowed it. But some things haven’t changed, we still need to “stop, hey what’s that sound, everybody look whats going down”. I offer this “For What Its Worth”. My scroll stops at your handle also. May you fare well. (With respect to CSNY, that song has proven to be timeless, unfortunately).

        • Grandpa speaks,
          Yeh that is the smell of a battlefield , stench , sewage smell mixed with spent gunpowder and the taste of bile in ones mouth. I just finished a three day exercise simulating a perimeter protection scenario in a grid down event . Weather was brutal extreme cold, windy , standing watch a 2:00 am in the cold is no fun. Be prepared if this goes real time you are going to be cold, hungry thirsty and bone tired. Your best friend is an esbit stove and a MSS sleep system!
          Personally the concept of smaller units 4 to 6 individuals trained in basic infantry tactics would be useful, too small to attract major force attention, but could Link up with others to form larger units for major operations then disperse back into smaller units after action has been completed . Then Further dispersing down into 2 person units fading away from the action into the background. The main idea is to give the impression there is no front or an organized resistance to fight, be no where and every where at the same time. Harass them! be a one shot paddy, give them no rest fight them on our own terms at a time of our choosing when the balloon goes up.
          I kid you not, it is going to be an absolute nightmare of the first order ,those of us that have been though this know.
          Those of us that have returned from that place of blood and hate transformed and forever changed know forged by trial of fire. But the price to do nothing when the time comes is higher than we can possibably imagine not for us but for those unborn generations that come after us. A worse fate than paying the ultimate price for Liberty exists , do nothing the result will be the same, we die but we die with the full knowledge that nothing remains, our sacrifice will have been for nothing . I cannot die, if I must, with that burden on my conscious. I will fight if pushed without any alternative. there is no choice LIBERTY OR DEATH




          Semper Fi 8541

          • My odor stinks, your odor raises my hackles and destroyed my sense of smell. Bless your heart, may you be seen on the other side of this…thing coming.

      25. What law? The law doesn’t apply to government officials, wealthy elite. Nor to foreign companies operating in America. The laws are made for those who obey them: working middle class Americans. Its like a joke on the honest people.

        • my neighbor asked me for directions to Hati. I told him, #1 Infiltrate 40 Million Mestizos into usa, #2 locate a prior marxist trained anti white african born negroe.

          #3 Give that african antiwhite negroe the Keys to the front door of the Whitehouse 1600 Penn Ave. and #4 also supply the african mulatto with an Unlimited expense National Credit Card.

          #5 then just Wait awhile longer and You shall Be in Hati.

        • Read this somewhere, I like it. I think it sums up the point that article’s author WISHES Zinn (via Damon) were making:

          The Rule of Law is dead. Behave accordingly.

      26. Matt appears to be a fake to me. Have to read from a script. No eye contact to audience. An actor with no skills in public speaking?

        • Slingshot, I was thinking the same thing when I saw the video.

        • Ignore all actors… They get paid to recite what someone else wrote.

      27. As a matter of example, last year I brought up some illegal practices of one of the top 20 companies to the Department of Justice. An executive with the company admitted they were using L1 visa workers as staff augmentation workers – clearly illegal. the result, an Indian exec with the DoJ sai they are dropping the case.
        There are laws on the books; but the government refuses to enforce these on large companies. Its as if the laws are written to pretend to the working Americans that laws exist; but, in reality they are not policed and not enforced unless somehow an American worker makes it a public embarrassment to the DoJ.

        • DOJ spelled backwards is…ZOG. In Fact one can take EVERY Fed agency that now exists, and when spelled backwards each one spells…ZOG.

          • I can’t say the men controlling our world are Jewish; but, certainly the federal government is a puppet government. $50,000/second of waste. How do we stop it?
            — truth out

      28. To: Braveheart

        “A certain group in Hollywood has been trying to destroy him for 2 decades and, BTW, they do have some Jewish-sounding last names.”

        I believe, Sir, that you should seriously reconsider such a statement. I posted last week and lauded you (among others) for your good posts and clearsightedness.

        Just because I am new to posting does not mean that I will shrink from criticizing what I believe to be in error.

        Take John Kerry, for example. His birth name is Cohen…he’s Jewish and was adopted by Irish Catholics. I never looked at him as Irish. I never looked at him as Jewish, either. I look at him for what he is…a traitor, a social climber (2nd marriage) and a statist, among other names and characteristics I will leave unmentioned.

        Braveheart, you’re better than that. The Mel Gibson thing was not a besmirched actor seeking righteous reinstatement…he has problems with alcoholism, violence, family problems, and spousal abuse. He’s entitled to his opinion..as are you; however, his actions speak for him more eloquently than any “group in Hollywood.”

        I served 22 years, in two declared wars and more than half of those years in combat both with the A-detachments and commanding one. My son is a Marine heading for Afghanistan for his second combat deployment. My dad and father-in-law served in Vietnam (my father-in-law died in combat). My grandfather served in the OSS in WWII (five purple hearts, by the way).

        We’re Jews, so are we in “that group,” I ask you? Are we?

        John McCain, Patty Murray, Joe Biden, they’re statists and traitors. Sean Penn is an avowed socialist; is he in “that Hollywood Group?”

        They all have Irish surnames. For me to allude that their actions are on a basis of race would violate the doctrine of the free will of sentient human beings and their understanding of right or wrong. It is the person, not their makeup. Their actions speak for them.

        You’re better than that. Or was I wrong?

        Snake Plisskin
        MAJ, United States Army Special Forces (ABN), Ret.

        • Snake. Judge a man by his words and not his actions. I for one appreciate you and your son’s service to this country. One thing I’ve learned here. There is no shortage of hatred, bigotry or intolerence for differences of opinion.

          • Redneck:

            The guts of you saying there is plenty of hate, bigotry, and intolerance here.

            What the hell do you call your comment about me being “Tranny, themguys being themgays, and tactical being testicle”?

            What do you call that kind of post Redneck?

            I see that no one commented on your asswipe post. You and your “elite” followers never have the intelligence to prove a post as not true, instead you just write tripe. You are not even intelligent enough for me to call you a troll.

            You and your moron friends are not fit to wipe the butts of the people you try to make fun of with you ignorant dirogatory remarks.

            • Pissed off tranny you are lower than a Troll. I noticed that when there was a discussion referencing welfare recipients you refrained. Hmmmmmm.

            • It’s called freedom of speech Pissed off tranny. Don’t like it ? It’s a constitutional right. Just ask Dem Gays or testicle.

              • The hatred message here is the reason I have refrained from commenting on many articles. In the past, people would just give them the red thumb and move on. When I start seeing more green than red thumbs I figure the people here promote their “hate” message. Thanks for taking a stand guys against the racist message that has taken over SHTF

                • The hatred message being posted daily by Them Guys, Tacticle and Pissed off Granny has turned off numerous readers. I for one have noticed that whenever someone takes a position other than their hate message all three of them join together to attack that person. Thanks for speaking your mind. I’m sure Mac is probably getting tired of their crap as well as it will cost he and his advitesres money in the long run.

        • Snake, with all due respect, I have to stand by that statement because, as a director, Mel Gibson has produced some movies about some controversial subjects that have been hostorically confirmed to be true and a certain group of power people in Hollywood, MAYBE NOT ALL of them Jewish, but some have been confirmed to be, have been trying to destroy the man for at least 20 years. It’s because he’s a maverick and NOT like the rest of the crowd. That’s why he’s shunned by so many. I don’t mean to imply ALL Jews have any evil intentions toward anyone, but I think you have question the intentions of the ones in Congress, especially Sen. Diane Feinstein. You can google this and research it for yourself but it’s a FACT that every piece of gun control legislation introduced in Congress since the 1980s was sponsored or co-sponsored by someone with a Jewish name. I could only wish that was not true but, sadly, it is. I don’t think race is a motive at all. BTW, I have veterans in my family as well, so thank you for your service and welcome to our community. I hope you’ll stick around and I’ll try to be more careful with my comments. BTW, my grandfather took part in the liberation of Dachau. Very horrifying and sober experience. I do try to judge people based on their character and nothing else. My late wife was a refugee from Cuba who came from a well-educated Catholic family. she lost half of her family to Castro’s butchers. Once again, I’m sorry for any misunderstanding. sincerely, braveheart.

          • I meant to say a certain group of people who are the real power in Hollywood always feel threatened by anyone who is independent minded.

          • Its NOT “race” rather it Is Talmudic Judaisim teachings and the entire 4000 yrs history of such teachings. Even Chrsit Condemned Pharisee talmudic teachings etc.

            Many jewsih folks claim jew as a race when convienient even though recent verified DNA research confrimes 98% are askanazi Khazar dna mainly. At other times they claim it is Only a Religion. Still other times they claim it is BOTH Race and religion!

            Do the research on 750 AD Mass conversions of Kazarian Khazars who converted to Talmudic Judaisim. Then aprox 150 yrs later it became Russia and Khazars were kicked out or fled and went to Western Europe and began to call themselves “jews and jewish”…

            Talmudisim is NOT from old testement hebrew based religion. Its based on Babylonian Phariseisim since 3500 yrs ago.

            Just research the Many Past articles at THIS SHTF site for many posts that offer many infos and links and actual Rabbis quoted statements of what the deal is.

            Yes NOT all jews do evil…That goes for every group of people. But that wont discount that Yes Hollywood is around 99+% Jewish owned and Run. Even several prominant jews celebrty writers has admited to this fact.

            Same for who invented communisim and then used it to mass murder the Largest number of persons in All recorded History and in such brutal tortures and deaths that no others save for Rome tossing christians to lions in arenas even comes Close to compareing…AND it was at Least 90% Russian Jews who were Lennin, Trotsky ET AL.

            You mentioned Irish names etc…Well Leon Trotsky Head of red army military and Personally murdered Ten Million souls of white christian russians, poles and ukrains, His BIRTH name was LEV BRONSTIEN aka jewish…Same for Karl Marx. BORN Name of Mordecai Levy also Jewish and his father, grand father and Great grandfather ALL were Talmudic judaic Rabbis…Coincidence only?

            Well when out of aprox 500+ TOP russian 1918 Kommies inner circle leaderships, ALL but 13 were jews…Is That simple coincidence? Nope! Its a born/bred/ Master race belief and uses communisim as its main Tools.

            Communisim=Talmudisim for Goyim gentiles. I have numerous times in past articles posted many quotes etc and links etc FROM jews as well as non jews that fuly documents and verifies this stuff…Do your Own homework and you too will learn of it.

            ps to state such facts is NOT racist nor antisemite(khazars aint semites anyways) its simply Facts the equals Truth. Hidden truths yes untill the internet made it so easy to learn about.

            Seems ONLY white goyim do not get to bitch when so many groups blames whiteys eh…While Jews and negroes are always innocent “Victims” and All others are Evil Nazis waiting to pounce on some poor innocent jew…Then you awaken to it all and learn Factual Truths…We were LIED to on ALL we was taught the past 50+ yrs. Includeing WWII and holyhoax exagerated claims etc..Believe what ya want to…I prefere well researched truth based on documented Facts. Regardless what race or religion it involves.

            • Anti Semetic garbage !

        • Snake Plisskin.

          Major, you are the first, that I have read, to comment that is not of lower pay grade. You have been there, done it.

          Are we just a bunch of wannabe’s, running around in the woods or a bunch of Bunker Freaks.

          Command Decision. Tell us the truth.

          • The first rule of prepping is , Before you shoot you must ask the person, what type of Religion he practices. Saves on ammo I guess. Actually I am up for a game of, “Survival Jeopardy”. What! No Takers?
            I see I am very deficient in the religion category.
            Let’s see. I do have a King James Bible and a Book of Mormon. No Koran or Torah. Have to get me copies so I hold them out the window when fired upon. Who knows, it might help.
            Civil Disobedience. Hmmmmmm. Now that’s a good one.
            Tea Party, NRA, Occupy Wall Street you name. Anything happen? Thousand Man March. Million Man March. Anything happen? They are still screwing us. Forget about Race Or Creed, it’s the MONEY!
            Well, there is no Knight is Shining Armor or no Lone Ranger to the Rescue.
            The only ones doing any serious training are the Bad Guys.
            Like LAPD said when the shit got bad. “You’re on your own”

          • @ Slingshot…You may have described yourself, but you have no idea what other people’s background/past is. No idea. And its nobody’s business.

            • Gone Under.

              Straight Answer. You are right. It is nobody’s business. I am trying to figure out if it is worth the effort to encourage and help others.

              • I have horses. I fill up the trough, its up to them to drink it. If you spend too much effort, you will surely be disappointed.

                • Update… 2 BUFF’s (B-52 bombers) just flew un announced through the chinks air coverage crap near Japan. The chinks didnt scramble planes. I would bet 2 things. The BUFFs were not without fighter support and HNIC wants to start a war/martial law.

                • Gone Under.

                  Maybe I have spent too much effort already.
                  Going to ground.

        • Hope your son makes it back ok bud, God be with him and your family.

          • Second that kula,
            For those that go in harms way for the protected , life has a special flavor the protected will never know.

            Semper Fi 8541

        • It is easy to blame groups we don’t understand. Few Gentiles speak Hebrew or understand much about Judaism. It is easy for some to blame Jews.

          Given a choice between Jewish and Muslim neighbors, what Christian has to think twice about which he prefers?

          The proof that the Jews are on the side of right is that among Israeli army veterans there are those who report on the excesses of their fellows and strive for peace. There is no muslim equivalent. If the arabs took Israel the aftermath would make the rape of Nanking look like a church picnic.

          Muslims are the garbage of the world and they know it and hate it. I will stand by that statement and have good reason to do so. If I am prejudiced against muslims I have good reason to be so from personal experience.

        • Snake,

          I wish you could have found this website a couple of years ago. It used to be about prepping.

          • Cali. girl,it still is.Everyone I believe country wide just cranked up a few more notches as things seem to be getting darker.Still good articles on prep and many suggestions from different readers/other recommended sites ect.

          • Cali Girl

            I totally agree. Prepping is what brought me to this site and hate is the reason I have stayed away. Still love the articles but some of the company is questionable. What is to be gained from typing line after line of hate. I don’t know any Jews and don’t really care what people think of them. Is the goal to get this site labeled as a hate group?

      29. Does Matt Damon really, truly believe what he was reading, or was he just chosen to be the orator for his high profile? Either way, I liked it and maybe, just maybe, another one is now awake.


      30. Guys

        Will make this real simple, are you willing to go into a camp or not? This is ugly, but unfortunately it’s what we have to face.

        Why were we born in this era.

        • NO.

      31. Sounds like an agent provocateur spouting government sanctioned anti-government rhetoric to stir up a bunch of fools to do something stupid which will elicit exactly what the government wants. The article is simply too out of context. Who was he talking to and to what level of disobedience does he refer? He is really full of himself and obviously out of touch with the rest of the world. To begin with he’s a mega-rich superstar and no one gets to be that way without sucking up to TPTB in ZOG land. Democrat/Republican, right/left notwithstanding. I remember something about him supporting Obama… and gun control…? Now, having said that, I’ve wondered several times lately how I would know when the right time to start shooting and who should the target be or if that would be the right level of civil disobedience.

      32. The one word people need to remember concerning all of this is: ACTOR.

        Actors are people get PAID to pretend they are someone else. Some of them are quite convincing. The real people are the ones who don’t suddenly shift gears from a lifelong pattern of leftist, liberal moon bat brainwashing however.

        Once engrained, the damage is most likely terminal. The main thing to remember about celebrities is that once they go against the establishment…they “will never work in that town again”. Actor James woods is a good example- he went against the grain regarding Obummer and he even acknowledged he will probably never be able to find acting work again.

        It’s nice to see Damon utter some words…but ACTION is louder than words. Let’s see his career tank and his millions vanish. That way you know he has been true to his word.

        The other takeaway from all of this is still not the declaration of Independence OR the Constitution- it is The Bill of Rights. The U.S.Constitution as written was *heavily* discriminatory against the common people. James Madison and some others noted this and saw the over bearing powers of the State/Federal government OVER the people. The Bill of Rights was ADDED to correct these shortcomings.

      33. MANY of the comments here are just TOO funny

        apparently there is some sort of litmus test you must pass

        and guess what ???

        NO ONE can ever pass it

        NO ONE !!!

        not even people posting on this site

        just because,in my opinion, for example
        someone is “wrong” on one issue
        doesn’t make them wrong on everything

        people wake up one at a time
        little by little
        no one is “right” on everything are they ???
        people evolve

        if there is someone here who has it ALL figured out
        by all means identify yourself

        we’ll put up some sort of statue
        and buy all of yer books !!!

        • Ten thumbs up!
          You hit it square on the head!

        • Satori-

          That’s why I said ACTION speaks louder than words.

          Matt Damon is a typical leftist hypocrite. He has amassed a huge fortune via guns and violence in Hollywood. In real life however, he abhors them- even believes (stated publically)that we should do away with them.
          Clint Eastwood and Charlton Hesston also made tons of money via Hollywood portrayed guns and violence; but have supported the 2nd amendment since their early childhood. Politicians are famous for lying and saying one thing…whilst doing another. I know of a current president that also says “Do as I say, not as I do”.

          The real proof as they say, is in the pudding. I still say most actors are liars just like politicians…you cannot say one thing in public, but live your life another. You are either a firm believer in your convictions and what you say and do or you don’t. And that my friends IS the ‘litmus test’.

        • I would agree, but for one thing:

          Zinn does not say what he means, nor mean what he seems (at first) to say.

          He says things that could be read many ways, depending upon the reader’s ideology.

          What he says SHOULD be read in light of HIS (Zinn’s) ideology … communism.

      34. Ok, this is a little off topic, but I suggest everyone read the post on RT.com (Russia Today News) Just thought it that there are enough folks on here interested that you might want to know about it.

        Military hand-me-downs: US police getting leftover armored trucks from Iraq


        By the way RT often reports on thing that we don’t hear about in mainstream media

      35. Matt Damon contribution in 2012. Via opensecrets.org
        Do you really think he has changed since donating to ‘Faux-cahontas’ out in Massachusets? Has he spoken out against the Obozocare disaster? The NSA?, etc.

        Donor name: Damon, Matt
        Cycle(s) selected: 2012 2010

        DAMON, MATT
        SANTA MONICA,CA 90405 SSG FILM CORP 4/23/12 $2,500 Warren, Elizabeth (D)
        DAMON, MATT
        SANTA MONICA,CA 90405 SSG FILM CORP 4/23/12 $2,500 Warren, Elizabeth (D)

      36. So… when does Mr Damon open up just ONE room in just ONE of his zillion dollar homes to just ONE person his Dear Leader has put on food stamps. Just curious. Hollywierd Learjet leftists. All hypocrites. Yes, he has a few points right; even Hitler did. But his flavor of socialism – which he doesn’t even freaking practice – is an utter disaster. And Zinn is a crypto Commmie, too.

        • Howard Zinn and Obama would be asshole buddies. Zinn will be one of those at the camps selecting who gets gassed and who gets shot. he is a psychopath. Like Anita Dunn who admires Mao. Good to see so many preppers who have absolutely no idea about who the enemy is. Scary.

      37. Because of a lack of action from citizens since 9-11, the people have been stripped of their supposed freedoms. The NDAA will allow the administration the “legal” right to secretly remove any growing leadership of citizen opposition forces. Executive Order 13603 gives the president unlimited authority to take control of any and all resources. HR347 outlaws protesting, ending the 1st admendment. It will be illegal to criticize the president and the government. If you violate HR347, you will immediately be arrested and charged with a felony. This is the planned enslavement of the American people, soon to acted out. This is outright treason.

        • Well,if acted upon then seems I and millions of others will be felons,armed felons at that!

      38. “Socialism (lit. ‘government’ in French) is the great fiction, whereby everybody endeavours to live off of everybody else.”
        – Frederic Bastiat, 1801-1850. Any, why yes! You are indeed correct. Leftists STILL have no idea why this has never worked, and CAN never work

      39. Civil disobedience is worthless when fighting tyranny. Gandhi wanted the Jews to use civil disobedience against the Nazis. That wouldn’t have worked. Civil disobedience only works against governments that have something resembling a conscience. That’s why the Civil Rights movement in America worked in the 1960s. It wouldn’t have worked in the 1870s.

        • Exactly right.

          I’ve never understood why this is such a difficult concept for some people to understand.

          Civil disobedience MIGHT still work in America at this point; but I think we’re very close to the point where it will only land you in jail, … indefinitely. After that, inevitably, comes the point where civil disobedience will only get you dead.

      40. Civil disobedience only worked for Ghandi because he was dealing with Brits. If India had been a colony of the USSR or China Ghandi would have disappeared never to be heard of or known to history. Ghandi proposed and practiced totally non violent disobedience but I suspect it may not be all that effective in our respective countries to eradicate deeply entrenched corrupt, greedy, self serving interests.


        • “Civil disobedience only worked for Ghandi because he was dealing with Brits.”

          Ahg, do not understand how Yertle’s turtles make the stack so high he can see, and without the stack of turtles he’d see nothing?

          “Resolve to serve no more, and you are at once freed. I do not ask that you place hands upon the tyrant to topple him over, but simply that you support him no longer; then you will behold him, like a great Colossus whose pedestal has been pulled away, fall of his own weight and break in pieces.” – Étienne de la Boetie

          It’s The One action statist everywhere fear and rage against.

          • It’s a dumb quote. Stop supporting the tyrant??? If you have wages you have taxes automatically taken out. That’s supporting the tyrant, isn’t it? How would that philosophy have helped Germany get rid of Hitler or the Russians get rid of Stalin?

            • I agree.

              If withdrawing your consent worked, you wouldn’t really be dealing with a tyrant at all.

              If it’s even POSSIBLE to withdraw consent, the tyrant isn’t very good at tyrannizing.

        • Think Kent State everyday only with a hundred times the fatalities. When the gloves come off it will be no time for demonstrations. Those who do will die.

          • Who said anything about demonstrations, John W.?

            Is the concept of, “Resolve to serve no more” really that hard to grasp?

          • John,will be demonstrations but of a attack/violent nature.Folks will demonstrate country wide in retaliation with hit and move attacks ect.Will be a sad but perhaps necessary time in this countries history.

      41. DON’T sign up for Obama Care!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      42. Ya, that’s all well and good but it is still coming out of Matt Damon’s mouth. He is a Democrat who has repeatedly voiced his opinion AGAINST our RIGHT to BEAR ARMS. I don’t trust Matt Damon for one second.

      43. Every person on this blog better know which side is the correct side. Damon is a ready made (about to be ) discarded douche bag. These commies will be turned on by the greatest of deceivers and killed in front of you and yours. Stay out of our way. Assist only those that are ready to fight under the law. Accept no person that murders, steals, or commits crimes .No hatred and NO REVENGE! Just justice.
        Peace on earth to men of good will.
        If your a bad guy , it’s over for you badass!. No matter who you trained with or even if US Mil. sanctioned by , we will hunt you like the desperate animal that needs to be put down..
        Best Regards

      44. Do you see any of this guy in the mirror:

        “I hunt deer. I do quite well with 4 or 5 rounds in my deer rifle. I agree to perfectly reasonable regulations on magazine size. I never liked those black rifles anyway.”

        “I curl up in front of the television for 10 hours straight to watch The Game. I loves me my beer. i don’t see why those guys over there need to smoke that weird stuff … yeah, put them in prison and throw away the key.”

        “I’m a proud patriot. I pay my bills and my taxes. Everyone should pay their taxes or face the consequences….” [sic to all three of the above]

        Don’t flatter yourself that you are “the resistance” or that you’re “ready for it” if what you are is a closet authoritarian.

        The only political distinction that matters is “Does this policy or person foster individual liberty or do they foster statism?” Statism … the worship of government authority.

        The state has no legitimate interest in dictating what a competent adult in private can smoke, swallow, or inject. But claiming an interest creates the opportunity for enormous advances in statist totalitarianism. The bogus “War on Terror” is a branch-off of the bogus “War on Drugs.” What they have in common is the are both a war on individual liberty.

        Have you read the Second Amendment? What part of “shall not infringe” don’t you understand.? “Nibbles” about details have nothing to do with “safety” and everything to do with eventual confiscation.

        Cooperate with the grabbers on one small … to you … issue and in the near future they will be back to confiscate your “permitted” firearm.

        Do you own yourself or does someone else? Do you own the fruits of your honest labor or does someone else? If you can’t reach into your neighbor’s pocket and steal his property you can’t delegate power you DON’T have. And a million people claiming the delegated power don’t have it either.

        If you write on a piece of paper, “I have a right to rob you” does that give you the right to what’s in my wallet? What if you write it with a feather pen on parchment? What if your wife and brother in law witness it? What if fifty-five members of your Elk’s Lodge all sign it?

        The “Founding Fathers” have no more right to steal from any of us than you do. Taxation is a euphemism for government theft. If you think that’s normal, natural and perfectly ethical … you aren’t the resistance. You are a slave.

        Government survives from coercion, theft and murder. If you wink at any part of that


        you are complicit with the worst excesses of it.

        Don’t sit there and flatter yourselves that you’re ready and able to “be the resistance”

        when most of you are quite comfortable in your complicit statism.

      45. This is all such BS.. I’m off to go watch some porn and jerk off.

        Good luck with all that.

        In the end…nothing will happen…..
        You’ll all get older and it’s all a waste of time.

      46. I used to think that truth could be found in the words uttered by man, but there is none. Only perceptions, deceptions and obfuscation reside there. I believe that truth can only be found in the Word of the Lord.

        If the End Times are truly around the corner, all earthly preps are irrelavant. Only those that can save ones’ soul have true value. Life is not worth a dime with an empty soul.

        I know there are many here who have no use for these words and I understand that. There has been a deliberate distortion of truth to drive one away, those who denegrate faith by contrary actions. Faith is a powerful ally, that’s why it’s attacked by those without any.

        My late mother would say, live by the Ten Commandments and the Golden Rule and things will be ok.

        I’m going to be ok…

        • “If the End Times are truly around the corner, all earthly preps are irrelavant.”

          Well that hardly seems true, and seems to be quite the opposite of being a follower of Christ.

          In the meantime, how can you feed those who are hungry, if you have nothing, yet you had the chance to have something?

          How can you seek out the thief who stole your cloak and give him your coat – and more – if you have nothing to give?

          I think you are sooo missing the point.
          If some people want to keep their preps to themselves, that’s up to them, but if you had a chance in a time of bounty to have things to give and didn’t take that opportunity, … well, I just wouldn’t be so smug about it.

          Insert image of Jesus handing some food to a hungry man, here, x.
          Notice the lack of time limit.

          • Perhaps you missed the deeper meaning AG…

            If your soul is empty, you won’t give to those in need right? You will keep it all to yourself. You will not heed the Word of the Lord.

            I am not missing “the point” nor am I “smug” my friend. I am well aware of what is expected of me on this earth.

            Be well

      47. The government is in big trouble. So are we. The government is going to implode and take a lot of us with it. A big foreign war is likely. Don’t take part in it. Don’t let them have your kids for it. Thye’re not fighting for freedom, nor are they fighting terrorism. They’re fighting for a word called Hegemeny. Globalist Hegemeny. I wish I had learned this decades ago. The Globalist agenda is what has destroyed our country. Our currency was destroyed to finance them and most of our other problems are related to that.

      48. Elderly New York Jews are being targeted for the knockout game. See, there is a silver lining to social decay.

        • Eisen, there’s something seriously wrong with you trying to justify what those young apes are doing. Let them try it on me and they’ll get some hot lead.

        • Eisenkreuz,
          Do you consider yourself a NAZI? Or, do you merely hate Jews, without the other parts of the NAZI platform?

          Honest question. I’m not a regular reader-commenter, so I don’t know if you’ve explained this before. I’m curious about your Anschauung.

      49. Off topic…

        Federal Reserve details plans to counter ‘bank runs’.

        (also posted on Drudge Report)

      50. Okay, so did anyone notice the article on drudge about the LEO being charged and arrested for raping A 19 year old during a traffic stop? I know how much you guys love LEOs.

        • Pity,if the crime was commited hope they hang the fuck.That said,would no more call all leo’s rapists anymore then I would call all priests rapists.The wall of silence better not be thrown up if any aware of this crime in his dept.,my hope is all are horrified and probably want to shoot the sob themselves.Leo’s though soon need to make a decision on where they stand when it hits the fan,they act like minions of the tptb they will be the enemy.What is worse is the halliburon type outfits hired to be mercenaries for the feds in country,treat them accordingly.

          • apparently he had been recently suspended, cause unknown. they don’t release details except that he managed to get her to the back of the cruiser. maybe to get out of sight of dashcam? article sounds like it’s a pretty tight case. My husband cousin is a state cop and a good guy. but i think a lot of these guys are on a power trip to begin with.

      51. Hey JOG…whatdaya make of this?

        “But this time, something different seems to be happening. The north pole already reversed its polarity several months ago — and so it’s now the same polarity as the south pole.

        According to the most recent satellite measurements, “the south hemisphere should flip on the near future,” said Todd Hoeksema, director of the Wilcox Solar Observatory at Stanford University.

        He didn’t seem concerned about the phenomenon.

        But scientists are watching the sun carefully to see whether cycle 24 is going to be an aberration — or if this solar calmness is going to stretch through the next cycle as well.

        “We won’t know that for another good three or four years,” said Biesecker.

        Some researchers speculate this could be the start of a prolonged period of weak solar activity.

        The last time that happened, during the so-called “Maunder Minimum” between 1650 and 1715, almost no sunspots were observed. During the same period, temperatures dropped sharply on Earth, sparking what is called the “Little Ice Age” in Europe and North America.

        As the sunspot numbers continue to stay low, it’s possible the Earth’s climate is being affected again.

        But thanks to global warming, we’re unlikely to see another ice age. “Things have not started to cooling, they just have not risen as quickly,” Biesecker said.”

        Is this just BS becuz they don’t have an answer?

        • news dot yahoo dot com/calm-solar-cycle-prompts-questions-impact-earth-213912384 dot html

      52. Everyone must remember that Damon is a gifted actor. There is no reason to believe that anything that comes out of his mouth is nothing less than a performance.

        Extreme scrutiny needs to be applied to anything that is spewed by the Hollywood crowd.

        • “There is no reason to believe that anything that comes out of his mouth is nothing less than a performance.”

          That is so true.

          How-fucking-ever; even the most hard core Marxists can come around. Just ask Walter Block. A very hard core freedomista today, if there ever was one.

          Let us just hope this is just one more?

          Wouldn’t that be cool?

          I don’t know about you, but if I was to do an about face as he seemingly has done, I’d do it just like that too.
          I’d have to read from a sheet of college ruled paper to make sure I get my words right, so I say what I mean.
          And I’d be nervous as all get out.

          I don’t give the guy the benefit of the doubt because of his past. But I do know that people can change.

          At any rate, for those of us who struggle for freedom and liberty, his words most certainly ring true.
          Of that, there is no doubt, eh?

          • “”How-fucking-ever; even the most hard core Marxists can come around.””

            I don’t know about that, its outside the realm of my personal experience.

            Everything about this is highly suspect. As others have pointed out, Zinn himself was a Marxist and an eloquent speaker often using doublespeak to seemingly say one thing and mean the opposite.

            I did find error with my original statement. It should say that anything that comes out of Damon’s mouth should be considered nothing MORE than a performance.

      53. Hmmm…might be time to sleep lightly and with one eye open. I am no leader by any means and I see none on the horizon. Actions are louder than words and all I hear are words…words that can get a lot of people hurt or worse especially without that leader. Turn your boat into the wave and hope you float over it. Time to grit your teeth and keep your head down.

      54. Those that know the truth don’t need to hear it again. Besides what kinda angle is matt Damon working on this time to add to his already enormous bank account? People like that only speak when they need another million dollars.

      55. There is a point of no return when a despotic government has pushed people too far and then the most common response is “IF I CAN’T HAVE FREEDOM THEN I WELCOME DEATH”.

        All these authoritarian governments have been too blindsighted with power and control to even keep their iron fist over the population. They are too ignorant and sick with ruling everyone to even understand when they have crossed that threshold in which people are willing to die for freedom and fight like wolverines to get that freedom back.

        • Informed agree,though I think will fight back more like a rabid badger!

        • Or , if I can’t have freedom from my government , I’ll take it!

      56. I bad politicans & elected officials make unlawful rules. The only thing that implements them is the enforcers. LEO,s judges local elected officials ect. Since we cant go after the bad officals we are left with taking care of the person sent to enforce. If we have a LEO judge prosecuter game warden ect. We take a lesson from alexander Hamilton. We Tar & feather the Tax man. Only today we do it different. Vandalisn! we burn that enforcers home. We shoot holes in their car. if they get another place vehicle we do it again. make every local enforcer deathly afraid to be a enforcer willing to subvert the counstition. one lone wolf person can vandalize by himself and tell no one and never be caught. that’s exactly how the mob keeps the government at bay. The citizens will need to become ruthless.

        • Before resorting to physical action, shouldn’t an attempt be made to sway the enforcer to your cause?

          A “lone wolf” would need to exercise extreme discipline and hyper-awareness of the “surveillance society” that surrounds us.

          • Sway the enforcer? Nope if their not a good enough person that they would refuse to obey and enforce an unjust law no persuasion except for extreme measures would change their position. And If you swayed them to their cause it wouldn’t help. The powers that be would send someone else. I know of a LEO who was a terrible bully let that badge go to his head.
            wrote tickets right & left. his house and personal vehicles where bullet riddled when he was at church. He became a worse tyrant. then someone shot all of his parents cattle. he was infuriated mad at everyone. He woke up one day and there was a 5 gallon can of gas and book of matches on his front porch. He left and went someplace else. The lesson taught was that you can only police a people to the extent that they will allow you to. At a certain point folks will have no respect for law that don’t respect them.

      57. When damon talks about wealth re allocation , I hear, the 99 % of the entire world that has 2 % of the global wealth. Is going to have too learn to share that 2 % and like it

      58. I don’t give much credence to what anyone in hollyhood has to say about anything. Especially politics, govt, etc. I don’t see a reason to trust anyone. At this point I trust no one at all in politics.

        A long time ago I put myself out there and protested against the things I thought was wrong. I tried to make a difference in the world. I tried to get people to wake up in my community, but instead I was literally spit on by someone.

        Most Americans have become zombies now. They are too wrapped up in their own lives to care about anything but themselves, their materialism, and what’s on tv. Most people are willingly getting their vaccinations and flu shots. Most are continuing to do what they are told, when they line up at the airport so TSA can molest them before boarding their flight.

        Whenever I think the line in the sand has arrived, with some specific event, I’m wrong. The TSA recently started putting pods in the airport. You must walk into them, stop, wait for the door to open to let you out on the other side. What do people do? They giggle, laugh, and think it’s cool. It’s a time machine, wait, no, it’s like star trek, wow, neato. They are too damn dumb to see what is happening before their eyes. When friends complain about TSA molesting them at the airport, I say to them “Don’t fly” and they look at me like I am crazy. “Don’t fly??? I can’t DO THAT!!!”. Yes, yes you can. You have more power than you know, but hey, go on and continue to line up like cattle at the stockyard.

        The reason our country is on a downhill slide is not just because of those in power in DC, but because American citizens are ALLOWING this to happen to them.

        As I have said, I’m done trying to wake people up. Now, I turn my attention to my family, my preparations, my life. I will find a way to go underground, and survive.

      59. A Thanksgiving Lesson

        “Did you know that our Pilgrim forefathers tried communism when they first landed at Plymouth Rock?”

        “The colonists struggled desperately for two more years. When spring arrived in April 1623, virtually all of their provisions were gone. Unless that year’s harvest improved, they feared few would survive the next winter. The Pilgrim leaders decided on a bold course. The colony would abandon its communal approach and permit each person to work for his own benefit, not for the common good. …

        Once they replaced communal efforts with individual responsibility the differences were dramatic—and life-saving. Men went into the fields earlier and stayed later. In many cases, their wives and even their children (some barely past the toddler stage) worked right alongside them. More acres were planted, more trees were felled, more houses were built, and more game was slaughtered because of one simple change: People were allowed to keep the fruits of their own labors.

        The Pilgrims arrived deeply in debt to the London merchants who sponsored them. They worked for more than 20 years, as individuals and as a community, to pay off the crushing burden.”

        (Full article at the link below)


        • Thankfully they were smart and honest enough to admit they were wrong unlike the immoral jerks we have in washington. Great article!:)

      60. Off topic…

        I know many are facing difficult times – layoffs, reduced hours and pay, illnesses, family difficulties, etc.

        This is a short story and offers hope and encouragement.
        May you have a good Thanksgiving!

        Thankfulness in Tribulation
        “The truth is that being thankful is a daily decision—not just on special days surrounded by food and family—but every day through the highs and the lows. As new challenges come my way, I have to again learn to look for everything good.”

      61. Matt Damon was awesome in waking up and realizing the truth. Now, let’s see some action. Probably not, everyone will wait for someone else to start acting and so on thus, no action will begin. So the status quo continues.

      62. No one is going to stand up until the dollar menu is gone and cable TV isn’t cheap anymore. It’ll take something unplanned (or planned if they’re crazy enough) to put people in the 1776 era mindset.

        There are a few good people willing to spread the word and fight tyranny but until there is less to lose by fighting as opposed to just sitting back and being complacent we’ll see nothing revolutionary.

        We’re stuck between a rock and a hard place, we’re watching the constitution being eviscerated, strong, independant and motived individuals being struck down before they could effect any change, the small handful of real statesmen are playing it safe with a couple exceptions and so much more.

        The Snowden leaks, wikileaks and a few others have helped us realize how bad things really are, mainly just reinforced what most of us already knew. I can say that I didn’t feel vindicated by Snowden or Manning, I wasn’t surprised and mainly just absorbed the reports for what they were, well known, well established information.

        You want to wake people up, wait another 6 months until they sneak some repressive gun legislation in or make all the limitations on the first amendment more solid and accepted.

        You’d be surprised how much progress they make with their control freak agenda when they use the word ‘terrorist’ or ‘security’. Those Who Sacrifice Liberty For Security Deserve Neither. We can blame all of this on a complacent people buying into marketing, this artificial ‘Amerikan’ dream that’s only real when you’re sleeping.

        I’m only in my mid – late 20’s and I already see the curtain being pulled on us, I just hope the revolutionaries start leading soon because political correctness is our biggest enemy. Until people have less to lose by fighting the system we’ll see nothing of particular value liberty wise, once unemployment goes above 40% and banks start charging depositors MAYBE and only MAYBE will we see the sleeping giant awaken.

        I may be blindly optimistic but I really feel we have started to win the fight, they have more money, better weaponry and far more tools at their disposal but we have numbers, eventual solidarity and resolve when put in harms way. Human nature will win this fight, the clock is ticking and we’ll soon see what our neighbors true colors are.

        The fight has only just begun, we’re fighting for our lives and don’t think otherwise.

        • Rick,70 million background checks for gun sales under obama,not to mention how many private sales/built their own ect.I do believe folks see possible draconian laws and are already prepared for those laws.

      63. Although i agree with what Damon says he is the same idiot that was a big supporter of Obama so why does he not come out and now denounce him? He was fooled by the hope and change and is still not man enough to admit it.

        • Or…he’s still working for the puppeteers who wanted the Kenyan Kollectivist Kommunity organizer Kweer to be president pretender, and now want him to be their scape goat for anarchy (hence all the pre-election propaganda comparing him to old Abe Lincum.

      64. What the hell is wrong with you morons? Matt Damon is as much of a Marxist as the one he is quoting and the ass-hole who sits in the Dark House.

      65. it’s well past time for the pitchforks and torches….THAT would be the best outcome of all this turmoil….when the pitchforks come out and we show the politicians we mean business …..that’s the only way to get our country out of this mess…..things are the way they are because that’s the way they(politicians, ALL OF THEM, from city council all the way up to congressmen) WANT them to be! people ARE cold and hungry NOW, but i suppose it will have to get a little worse before they ACT…..i just hope it happens before it’s to late and our problems have to be resolved with GUNS instead of pitchforks……wakey wakey america(ns)!

      66. Atka, Alaska is heating up again, 5.2 up there. Atka is connected to Yellowstone. Anything bigger at Atka and you can expect swarming of small earthquakes and some magma movements in and around Yellowstone. Watch this area in Alaska for increased activity in Yellowstone. Happened everytime in the past as far as I can remember.

      67. Off topic

        Something i was thinking about while i was down picking kale this morning, by the feds and local police arresting folks on felony charges over whatever, even if not yet tried and convicted,
        Creates a whole class of people not allowed the means of protecting themselves, and also excluding them from being able to vote and have a say in the process that governs themselves and others.
        So all these new gun laws etc, that are felonies, remove people from being able to resist tyranny by the normal means,
        So what options are they left? They are no longer able to vote for representation, so are they still required to pay taxes? No taxation without representation.
        Theres a whole heapin helpin of questions that can go along with all of this

        • And you can bet if they had guns before, they have guns now..I would never be disarmed ..especially if I felt it was done to me illegally ,, hell I’d buy more then I have now if that were the case and I’d buy some of the baddest of the bad.

          criminals of all people, understand what the gun is all about. And will never allow the goons to un- arm them
          Make me an outlaw..I’ll be one with a gun no doubt about it

      68. Matt Damon, New England liberal commie? Ever hear the term “useful idiot?” If he ever said anything remotely controversial he would be silenced immediately via made-up scandal or mental breakdown. Remember how Charlie Sheen went nuts not too long after he stated publicly he was a 9-11 truther? TPTB own Hollywood & all the actors.

        When you hear a celebrity calling for ending the Federal Reserve, abolishing the income tax, restoring ALL our Constitutional rights & calling out the Zionists then I’ll listen….

      69. Damon is a good actor but he is a OBULLSHIT Socialist. He want to start something that would make Government take over completely, and rule without anyone being able to stand up against them.
        The way I look at it is that we are wanting to fight the wrong bunch of people.
        The people we should be standing up to is the people that are trying to take God out of everything. If we would just go back and say you worship the way you want to and let me practice my Religion the way I want to we would be OK. and we would have all this crap coming down on us.
        The only thing I would add to this is that you can’t kill a human being in your worship. If you believe that drugs like the Native Americans used in there worship SO BE IT. Just as long it doesn’t infringe on others.
        I don’t care if you are a Jew, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, or atheist. Just don’t expect and rights over the other religion.
        Render unto Caesar what is Caesar, and to God what is Gods. There is going to be government and you should render unto them until it starts getting into Gods LAW. Then you stand up to them.
        I know people are going to give me thumbs down and that is OK. We have a right to speak our mind. (for now)
        Let us have a good debate. You might change my mind! How knows, but it is hard to teach and OLD DOG new tricks.

      70. We must disobey. However, it must be lead by people with power. In other words, if common slaves like you and I do it, we’ll just be eliminated and nothing will change. The only way disobedience will change anything is if it happens en mass (30% or more of the population, extremely unlikely), or if it is done by people in power like a Governor, mayor, president, or industry leader. Obamacare was a great opportunity for this to happen, but it didn’t. All it would have taken was for 1 state governor to say “no, we won’t implement it” to begin the revolution. But not a single one did. And that is why I’m discouraged: we have 50 governors and not a single one has an ounce of courage or leadership. All it would take is for one industry giant to say “no, I won’t pay $3 million to a retarded lady that spilled hot coffee on herself” or “no, I won’t obey the evil demands of a union, OSHA, EPA, etc.”. All we need is one person of power with the courage to stand in the face of tyranny. And in 300 million Americans, there is not 1 with that courage. Everyone talks a good game, but nobody has the courage to actually act. “…land of the free and home of the brave”, I wish that was true.

      71. Careful. Sounds more like a Marxist revolutionary to me….

      72. Good Day to all.

        For California Girl and Redneck: I thank you both for your nice comments and your hospitality.
        For Braveheart: Consider your foot not in your mouth with me, as everyone has made such mistakes in their lives. I suggest, Sir, that you focus your efforts and concentrations upon things of importance. I hate socialist, knee-jerk, liberals who claim to be Jews and do not follow Torah in any way, much more than you. I have read your comments the entire time you have been posting, Sir, with never a comment….until I could assure myself of commplete anonymity. Do you have this? Do you have a secure e-mail that cannot be compromised?
        If the answers to those two comments were in the negative, I highly recommend redirecting your focus of concentration. You have a fine, analytical mind. Don’t waste your thoughts on things that do not matter.
        You’re an American. Focus on that and how people act. Focus on service, to your country and countrymen. Focus on righteousness.

        For Slingshot: Yes, what you are doing matters. You are not a “wannabe” or anything deserving a derisive moniker. You are a patriot, and an American. Continue to train.

        So my question to all I have addressed herein, and all who read this site: do you want more?

        If I have ten responses that bespeak sincerity and the desire to follow instructions borne of practical military experience and schooling….then I will give you what you need to start the ball rolling, so to speak. I’ll show you how to do it, here, in these sites.

        One more thing. I state that we all have our “dark” sides to contend with to maintain dignity and seek after good.
        Please do not misconstrue my openness and good intentions for weakness. I will fight to the death for any of my countrymen and my nation….but will not allow either of them to kill me.
        And that other side of mine? It is far darker and more experienced than you can imagine.
        Keep it civilized, stay focused, and be well. I await your responses.


      73. at one point or another, george, tom, crispus, and the gang had to say,”fuck thee, king goerge!”.

      74. Y’all realize Matt Damon is a fruitcake, right?

      75. Human brains evolved to work in a certain kind of world. That world was basically tribal in nature, and it tended, in most circumstances, to experience very little change in the life of a single human, and to change relatively little over the course of generations.

        Here are the ways in which our current world is different from the world in which the brain evolved.

        And please, do not broadcast your irreducible stupidity by showing an exception to the numerous generalizations that I make by quoting a small example exemplified by yourself. For example, if I say that now almost all people are X, your claim that you are not X simply shows that you are barely literate, and probably have a room temperature IQ.

        In the past almost everyone died within a days walk from home, or about 50 miles. They also knew their neighbors, and probably mated with someone within 25 miles of where they were born. Do you know even 1/4 of your neighbors?

        Our minds were designed to learn stuff and then, at about the age of sexual maturity, to stop learning stuff. In most cases, 15 or 20 years was all the time that it took to learn most of the stuff a person needed to know, and things did not change. Clearly that is not the case in todays world

        Now I realize that a large number of people reading this have no idea what science is or how it works. And even though they happily make use of the tools that scientists made possible, and when they are sick they go to hospitals where doctors perform their magic, they still prefer to believe that the theory of evolution exists only because evil scientists are part of some great materialistic conspiracy. You who believe this can go away now, because what follows — well, I might as well be talking to my dog.

        Please enter the two words orwells boot into any search engine. The first item to come up, after paid links, and usually under the name factotum666, will be a 6000 word article that I wrote in 2009, and has been at the top of every search engine since late 2010

        The article shows how nature and evolution worked to make most humans st00pid, that is unwilling or unable to learn from any source other than authority, and obedient to those authorities. That is how we naturally are. While that worked well enough up until the 18th century, such mental structure no longer fits well in the modern fast changing world, and may work against our survival as a species.

        Just saying that we should not defer to authority? Well, that is like saying that we should stop praying and start thinking independently. It is akin to saying that we should all try, at least once, to practice homosexuality. I suppose that most of us could do it, but it is not all that easy. It goes against who we are.

        So, the real nature of our problem is how do we address the problem of our inbuilt wiring that makes almost everybody tend to defer to authority?

      76. Do Not Join a Group especially on the internet. If your group is any kind of threat you will be infiltrated if not now then later. They will or already have your IP’s etc.
        Unfortunately, your best bet is to get ready individually and when the SHTF you will be able to detect friend and foe better. I know I know it’s contrary to united we stand but, if you join organizations now you will have no anonymity or guarantee of safety. The Nazis did this in 1935-39 and it was a low tech society then. They just drove around with their list and picked people up…never to be seen again. Stay Stealthy my friends. Of course they would never do this in Boston…right?

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