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    This article was contributed by our friend Lior Gantz at the Wealth Research Group. 

    When Larry Kudlow, President Trump’s economic advisor, said that the Federal Reserve still has the ULTIMATE BAZOOKA at its disposal a week ago, many speculated as to WHAT IN THE HELL he was talking about.

    By the time he made that remark, the FED had already slashed rates to ZERO, buying TRILLIONS of dollars in bonds and mortgage-backed-securities, COMMITTED to loaning small businesses ADDITIONAL trillions of dollars and PROCLAIMED, on national TV, that it has an INFINITE AMOUNT of cash at its disposal. But a couple of days after Kudlow’s tease, this past Thursday, Jerome Powell UNLEASHED A H-BOMB upon the world.

    There’s no going back from this.

    On Thursday, the Federal Reserve began buying the bonds, graded as JUNK, and truly brought an end to the free-trading bonds markets. Risk isn’t priced in a NORMAL way any longer.

    When a bank that is the world’s LENDER OF LAST RESORT has gone all-in, we’re no longer living under the same monetary and capitalistic roof we did before.

    The Federal Reserve and the U.S. government have TAKEN A STAND that is of the following thought process: businesses, municipalities and individuals – indeed, the entire country, and for that matter, the entire globe – are NOT AT FAULT for getting caught off-guard by the pandemic. Therefore, there are NO BAD ACTORS and everyone should be MADE WHOLE, in Powell’s words.

    Since this is hurting everyone, with no real way of pointing the finger to ERRONEOUS business practices, America’s politicians and central bankers REASON THAT the “greater good” (as they are calling it) is more important than PRESERVING the mechanics of PURE CAPITALISM.

    Left alone, the market would have IMPLODED. Literally, if the FED hadn’t bailed out the sovereign bonds, the U.S. government would have been left without monies.

    The world WOULD HAVE entered a spiraling depression, which would have been DESTABILIZING and may have led to wars, riots and years of DEVASTATION for all of us.

    Instead, it MONETIZED debt. By simply increasing the dollar money supply, it injected all of the necessary amounts to keep markets alive, but the price to pay for this is NOT YET KNOWN and may end up being GREATER than the current predicament.

    Experimental monetary policy is just that; the FED’s criminal-like actions will have LASTING IMPACT on the world for years to come, but we won’t know it until we can see it IN HINDSIGHT.

    2008 QE programs and ZIRP led to excessive buyback programs, the INTENSIFICATION of the wealth gap in America, the rise of POPULISM, Brexit and many other UNFORESEEN events.


    Courtesy: Zerohedge.com

    Consumers are QUICKLY realizing that shutting down the ENTIRE ECONOMY, in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, is INDEED saving lives – but for each life saved, an ESTIMATED 1,200 jobs have been LOST.

    As a society, we have decided that in this particular case, the price of not MITIGATING and not DISTANCING ourselves from others would be too great. Now, we’re facing the results of these decisions.

    You can’t UNDO the cards that have ALREADY BEEN DEALT. When you decide to get into the mud, you’d better have an EXIT STRATEGY.

    In this case, the decisions MADE BY POWELL this past week will historically be remembered as the ones that STARTED THE RESET.

    The Federal Reserve doesn’t know WHICH WAY IS NORTH anymore.

    As you know, the dollar isn’t a local currency at all. In total volume size, it comes out to about 62% of the global currency supply, and HALF of those dollars are BANKED outside the United States.

    What the Federal Reserve does impacts ALL NATIONS. In contrast to what many think, we already have a GLOBAL CURRENCY, which is the dollar – it’s just not a one-world-currency.

    I’m certain that China, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Germany and Japan have EXPRESSED their DISCONTENT with the Fed’s entrance into the JUNK bond market. The bank’s BALANCE SHEET is outrageous and puts us all in danger. For the first time, I believe that many question Jerome Powell’s capacity to handle this scenario.

    Courtesy: Zerohedge.com

    The above HOCKEY-STICK-shaped balance sheet expansion is, literally, ONLY THE BEGINNING. Their balance is going to hit $10T by the end of summer, at this pace.

    I doubt, SERIOUSLY DOUBT, that in 10 years we will look back and JUSTIFY Powell’s performance as being APPROPRIATE.

    The public has mostly LIQUIDATED its portfolios; we saw ENORMOUS selling volumes, so the working thesis is that the worst of the bloodbath is behind us. HOWEVER, if new UNKNOWN UNKNOWNS are introduced in the next two weeks, other investors, who don’t have the STAMINA to look at their equity crater AGAIN, will sell. So will others who are approaching retirement and no longer BUY INTO the V-shaped recovery model. This may result in TESTING THE MARCH 23RD lows again.

    If that occurs, I will be buying certain companies, which have proven themselves to be DISPROPORTIONATELY mispriced in the recent sell-off.

    This Tuesday, I’ll be revealing my PERSONAL SHOPPING LIST.



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      1. Each American is owed back $165,000 from this latest theft of US Treasury by political criminals. The criminal are made more whole, then the rest of us. There isn’t enough rope to hang all of them. They declared war on the American people. Prepare for a ground war here in America. Its a big club and we are not a part of it.

        • The first rule of fight club is…..

          • When life gives you lemons, make soap from fat womyn.

      2. Went to the VA Hospital this AM for my blood test. They told me they only had 25 patients test positive and that was counting out patients. This is a big hospital with thousands of elderly patients. Why is this different from private hospitals? Private hospitals are getting big money from the Feds for reporting Corona Virus cases. So all patients that go to a private hospital with major pre existing health issues and die, are being listed as having died from the Virus. I watched Dr. Birx on TV tell hospitals to do just that. And she said they don’t have to test positive for the virus to qualify. The hospital Docs are told they can just assume the patient has the Virus. The numbers are being distorted higher. Why? To justify the shutdown and looting of our economy by the big government? To create the police state? I smell a big rat.

        • You smell it because it is right in your face. A 1000lb. giant rat from hell. Problem is most people love the rat and feed it no matter the cost. Oblivious to the fact that in the end the rat will eat them alive.

        • Regardless of what narrative is being fed to the public, there aren’t enough tests to test even those that go to hospitals with symptoms of the virus. That is why the authorities are saying what they’re saying! They are CYA because they were negligent (almost to the criminal extent) in carrying out their duties to protect the country from these types of scenarios.

      3. Listen on YouTube:
        Accept – – “Balls to the Wall”
        – – – – – – – – – – – –
        Too many slaves in this world
        Die by torture and pain
        Too many people do not see
        They’re killing themselves, going insane

        Too many people do not know
        Bondage is over the human race
        They believe slaves always lose
        And this fear keeps them down

        Watch the damned (God bless ya)
        They’re gonna break their chains (Hey)
        No, you can’t stop them (God bless ya)
        They’re coming to get you
        And then you’ll get your

        Balls to the wall, man
        Balls to the wall
        You’ll get your balls to the wall, man
        Balls to the wall, balls to the wall

        You may screw their brains
        You may sacrifice them, too
        You may mortify their flesh
        You may rape them all

        One day the tortured stand up
        And revolt against the evil
        They make you drink your blood
        And tear yourself to pieces

        You better watch the damned (God bless ya)
        They’re gonna break their chains (Hey)
        No, you can’t stop them (God bless ya)
        They’re coming to get you
        And then you’ll get your

        Balls to the wall, man
        Balls to the wall
        You’ll get your balls to the wall, man
        Balls to the wall, balls to the wall

        Come on man, let’s stand up all over the world
        Let’s plug a bomb in everyone’s arse
        If they don’t keep us alive, we’re gonna fight for the right

        Build a wall with the bodies of the dead, and you’re saved
        Make the world scared, come on, show me the sign of victory
        Sign of victory, sign of victory

        You better watch the damned (God bless ya)
        They’re gonna break their chains (Hey)
        No, you can’t stop them (God bless ya)
        They’re coming to get you
        And then you’ll get your

        Balls to the wall, man
        Balls to the wall

        • Good one fft. I think it will be more like this…

          Angel of Death
          Auschwitz, the meaning of pain
          The why that I want you to die
          Slow death, immense decay
          Showers that cleanse you of your life
          Forced in
          Like cattle you run
          Stripped of
          Your life’s worth
          Human mice, for the Angel of Death
          Four hundred thousand more to die
          Angel of Death
          Monarch to the kingdom of the dead
          Sadistic, surgeon of demise
          Sadist of the noblest blood
          Destroying, without mercy
          To benefit the Aryan race
          Surgery, with no anesthesia
          Fell the knife pierce you intensely
          Inferior, no use to mankind
          Strapped down screaming out to die
          Angel of Death
          Monarch to the kingdom of the dead
          Infamous butcher
          Angel of Death
          Pumped with fluid, inside your brain
          Pressure in your skull begins pushing through your eyes
          Burning flesh, drips away
          Test of heat burns your skin, your mind starts to boil
          Frigid cold, cracks your limbs
          How long can you last
          In this frozen water burial?
          Sewn together, joining heads
          Just a matter of time
          ‘Til you rip yourselves apart
          Millions laid out in their
          Crowded tombs
          Sickening ways to achieve
          The holocaust
          Seas of blood, bury life
          Smell your death as it burns
          Deep inside of you
          Abacinate, eyes that bleed
          Praying for the end of
          Your wide awake nightmare
          Wings of pain, reach out for you
          His face of death staring down,
          Your blood running cold
          Injecting cells, dying eyes
          Feeding on the screams of
          The mutants he’s creating
          Pathetic harmless victims
          Left to die
          Rancid Angel of Death
          Flying free
          Angel of Death
          Monarch to the kingdom of the dead
          Infamous butcher
          Angel of Death
          Angel of Death
          Source: LyricFind
          Songwriters: Jeffery John Hanneman
          Angel of Death lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

      4. We are paying a terrible price for our diversity and the notion all human beings are equal in ability and values. Hear me out.

        First, trading with a vicious criminal regime (China) has led to not only this unprecedented economic collapse, but most of the epidemics of the past three decades. China is dirty and is doing nothing to clean its act up.

        Putting people from third world countries in charge of important global institutions (the WHO) is also a failed experiment. A third world bureaucrat is not worth the ability of a first world high school student. I know this from firsthand experience.

        And finally, in the past two decades we have flooded our population with people from crappy human stock who contend with many diseases (diabetes, HIV, sickle cell anemia etc.), who have compromised immune systems and cause viruses etc to spread faster through the population.

        We need to radically reverse all of this if we hope to thrive again as a country.

        • Well DUH. But its racist to suggest that whites are superior to all other races. They are, and everybody knows it and are jealous of whitey.
          China- they eat bats, dogs, cats and other questionable sources of food. Primitive.
          The middle east and other muslim countries- They live in caves, screw goats and wipe their asses with their bare hands. PRIMITIVE.
          Africa- Eats bushmeat. Lives in mudhuts. Walks around with baskets on heads. Still haven’t discovered the wheel. WAY PRIMITIVE.

          The list goes on and on. If we went back to our roots and allowed only white land owners to vote, this country would be FAR better off than it currently is. We’d have FAR less welfare thanks to not letting illegals into the country and not importing low IQ foreigners to do our jobs. We’d probably already have a moon base and colonies on Mars. But NO! Thanks to *diversity* we have people that are not qualified in the least at high levels of everything- businesses, higher learning institutions, CONgress, EVERYWHERE. ALL in the name of DIVERSITY!

      5. Not Rothschild, but Goldman Sachs!

        From Encyclopedia.com:
        “Paulson, however, maintained that Goldman Sachs would thrive on its own. He laid out the company’s strategy in a 2002 Business Week article, claiming, “We want to be the premier global investment bank, securities, and investment management firm. We want to have a disproportionate share of the business of the most important clients in the most important markets.” The article went on to report that in order to accomplish this, the company “must gain a lock on providing financial advice to marquee corporations, government authorities, and superrich individuals in the world’s major economies—the U.S., Germany, Britain, Japan, and China.” With its long-standing history of success and solid reputation behind it, Goldman Sachs may prove to do just that.”

        Hank Paulson, the psychopath in charge of 2008 TARP showed just how far Goldman Sachs is willing to go to become the premeier:
        1.) Destroy the Global economy
        2.) Destroy Liberty
        3.) Destroy health
        4.) Destroy national sovereignty

        There is nothing, absolutely no border, boundary, or taboo that Goldman Sachs is not willing to violate to become the premier!

        They have been occupying the White House unelected since 1992, and destroying America and the world since then!

        Evict the bumms from the White House and place them in federal pennitentiaries for life, where they belong!

      6. The Banksters cannot undeal the cards in their hands, which is why they are doing one of two remaining options with a bad hand!

        Fold ’em or Bluff!

        They are bluffing! They are full of shit! Everything proves it! You lose banksters! Do not pass go, do not collect $100, go directly to the federal pennitentiary for life!

      7. Translation, there is NO way all this money (if that’s what you want to call it) can be taken out in circulation in the future without crippling high interest rates. When considering that the massive debts can barely be financed now, at almost zero rates. As a result of all of this money creation for monetizing debts, how will it be possible when debt is forced to be financed at high rates, in an effort to control likely very high INFLATION.
        We are at debt saturation now, at the point when it is no longer sustainable. No point getting upset about it, it doesn’t make any difference now, we have crossed the proverbial Rubicon. The State and officialdom are spending and borrowing money on a scale that proves they no longer even try to control deficit spending. If default becomes an option (and it will), then you will see DEFLATION. Inflation or deflation, pick the poison you prefer. For average citizens, the numbers don’t make an impact because they are so large it becomes abstract.
        Just as physical laws are inviolable, so are laws of finance and economics, they can only be manipulated so long until you cannot control the effect. No one knows when the reckoning will play out. But one thing is certain, the greater the debt, the worse the effect. The debt issue is now intractable, there will be no way to address it without god-awful pain. When it does trip off you better hunker down, way down, and for a long time.
        Ultimately, all this bailout debt is backed up, and piled up, on the tax payers. Central bankers, Wall Street bankers, many hedge fund managers, big investment houses, etc. have their losses socialized, but keep profits privatized. In effect, they get a debt Jubilee at tax payer expense. Average working citizens would never be a beneficiary of the same.

      8. The good old days, diversity was the Irish, the Kraut, the Greek, the Dutch, the Frenchy, the Pole and the Guinny… all living side by side… all men earning a living supporting their large [in numbers] families.

        Today, diversity means a bunch of successful white people that have been brainwashed into hating their race, white people paying retribution [ahem entitlements] to the Aficans, the Mexicans [includes all persons south of the boarder] thus supporting their large families [in gross tonnage, and illegitimate numbers].

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