“We’ll Never Give Up” – Protests Erupt Across World Over Gov’t COVID Tyranny

by | Nov 22, 2021 | Headline News | 7 comments

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    This article was originally published by Tyler Durden at ZeroHedge. 

    AP News calls them “far-right,” but tens of thousands of freedom-loving people marched against new tyrannical public health measures, such as partial and full lockdowns and health passports and mandatory vaccinations, across Europe.

    Demonstrations against new virus restrictions were observed in Austria, Croatia, Italy, Northern Ireland, the UK, France, Germany, and the Netherlands. Outside of Europe, protesters were seen in several cities across Canada, Australia, Japan, and even the US. Some marked Saturday as part of a “Worldwide Freedom” rally to protest COVID-19 restrictions and vaccine mandates.

    Some of the most intense rallies, which turned into riots, were in the port city of Rotterdam. Clashes between protesters and police began Friday and continued through Saturday night.

    About 30 minutes away, protests transformed into riots in Hague.

    Protesters across many European cities shared commonalities as they marched to preserve their lives and liberty. Governments are attempting to plunder that via increased COVID restrictions, mandatory health passports, and forced vaccinations.

    The worst of restrictions, or rather the government’s plundering of liberties, was in Austria, where full lockdowns begin Monday. Nationwide lockdowns are expected for at least ten days but can be extended to more than two weeks. Then by Feb. 1, the government will make vaccinations mandatory (only 66% of Austria’s 8.9 million people are fully vaccinated). Good luck with that one.

    Saturday’s march in Vienna’s massive Heldenplatz square had many chanting “My Body, My Choice,” “We’re Standing Up for Our Kids!,” and “Resistance!”

    One of the biggest protests might have been in Zagreb, Croatia’s northwestern capital, where Citizen Free Press reports as many as 100,000 flooded streets to protest the government’s health passports and new COVID measures.


    In Rome, thousands of demonstrators gathered in the capital’s Circus Maximus to protest against “Green Pass” certificates required at workplaces, restaurants, cinemas, theaters, sports venues, and gyms, as well as for public transportation.

    “People like us never give up,” read a protester’s sign.

    The pushback against totalitarianism is spreading across Europe. Usually, “Europeans generally are more compliant than Americans when it comes to government orders. But even there, citizens are protesting governments seizing power in the name of public health,” said American Thinker’s Thomas Lifson.

    People of the world are awakening to government tyranny plundering their life and liberties as the Davos Man, the world’s elites, and their political puppet officials are becoming more unfavorable than ever. The increasing discontent among citizens and their respective governments is dangerous – this is how revolutions begin.


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      1. Until the ancient bloodlines who ARE the NWO are removed they will never stop in trying to not only control the world but reduce the population by 2/3.

        • You got that right. The ancient bloodlines are still loyal to their ancestors that is why the world continues to be in chaos. They are hanging on to their old value systems that continue to keep screwing the rest of us over. We need a NWO but not from the ancients. It has to come from us, the people under the age of 65. WE CAN CHANGE THE SYSTEM. And what I mean about our NWO, is following the 10 commandments, equality for everyone, (God said that every man was created equal, did he not?). No one is above the law, EVERYONE IS EQUAL. Etc.

      2. As the vaccination rates so do the number of cases and the number of deaths from Covid.

        There are more deaths this year, with a larger percentage of the population vaccinated, than there were last year without vaccinations.

        But the Beast will have it’s way with the people looking to it as their savior and taking his mark (a vaccine?) to worship and show homage to it,

        The Beast will reign supreme, for a short while, and those who follow him and his orders will curse and persecute those who don’t.

        Then it’s time will end and just rewards will be dealt to it and those who have cooperated and followed it.

        Chose what you are going to do and be prepared to do it, it will not be an easy path to follow and very few will choose it.

      3. Thanks from Croatia.
        BTW, new scandal in Croatia. She is in this “government” body, which pushes vaccination. She said yesterday, that “vaccines are usually tested on poor children in Africa and Asia, but now it needs to be tested on someone else’s children in Europe, so that they can be safe for her children”. She is starting push for vaccination of children in Croatia…


      4. They say there’s power in numbers. So, why can’t we somehow band together from all parts of the world and fight this tyranny together? There’s a lot of us on the same page. Otherwise it’s all going to get worse. Why are the 1% still ruling over 99% of us? I don’t get it.

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