Retired Green Beret: “Give All Of Washington D.C. and Congress An Enema To Drain The True Polluting Substance From The Swamp”

by | Dec 21, 2017 | Headline News | 60 comments

Do you LOVE America?



    So, let’s cite a few passages from President Trump’s National Security Speech:

    “Throughout our history, the American people have always been the true source of American greatness. Our people have promoted our culture and promoted our values. Americans have fought and sacrificed on the battlefields all over the world. We have liberated captive nations, transformed former enemies into the best of friends, and lifted entire regions of the planet from poverty to prosperity. Because of our people, America has been among the greatest forces for peace and justice in the history of the world. The American people are generous. You are determined, you are brave, you are strong, and you are wise.”

    Determined, brave, strong, and wise. Certainly, the President wasn’t referring to most of the population? Maybe he was in Wal-Mart, looking at these determined, brave, strong, and wise citizens:



    But the generosity? Here is the “generosity” in a nutshell, for those can see it for what it is, just after that section:

    “Fourth and finally, our strategy is to advance American influence in the world, but this begins with building up our wealth and power at home. America will lead again. We do not seek to impose our way of life on anyone, but we will champion the values without apology. We want strong alliances and partnerships based on cooperation and reciprocity. We will make new partnerships with those who share our goals, and make common interests into a common cause.”

    Here’s some more generosity, of the “Black Friday” type…with the determined, brave, strong, and wise, once more:


    Yes, it sounds very similar to the imperial hubris we have heard parroted for the past half a century and more.  Look at this oxymoronic sentence:

    “We will not allow inflexible ideology to become an obsolete and obstacle to peace.”

    Not allow inflexible ideology? And if our government is the unbiased “factor” to determine what ideology is inflexible, perhaps it should examine itself, first, as we are the ones not to compromise. Just the statement “we will not allow inflexible ideology,” is an inflexible statement; ergo, perhaps the government should fold.

    We are at a very important juncture right now. The President made this speech to galvanize public opinion and support with ratings at about 60% disapproval. There is no clearly defined (let alone productive) foreign policy, with gross inconsistencies throughout this first year of the President’s term. Praising Russia for cooperation and sharing of intelligence to thwart a terrorist attack, just months after we expelled all Russian diplomats from the Russian embassy in California, as well as forcing them to vacate properties…in under a week.

    Granted, all embassies (American and foreign nations) are full of spies, however, such a forced eviction has not improved relations with the Russians. The North Korean situation takes center stage:  as mentioned before, North Korea only has two options. They can either relinquish their nuclear weapons and submit to western hegemony as another IMF and World Bank vassal, or they can continue in their present course.

    The punch line: they possess nuclear missiles with the capabilities of delivering an EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) attack, or a nuclear strike against American cities. The President of the United States just stated (as printed above) “America will lead again.” What better leadership example than to do a 180-degree turn, and try…make the attempt…to extend full diplomatic courtesy to North Korean leader Kim Jong Un? What better strategy than to roll out the red carpet, and treat him with the courtesy of a leader of another nation…one with nuclear missiles…and show yourself to extend the hand of diplomacy?

    The President owes that much: owes a legitimate attempt to help to protect the 320 million people of this country, who do not have a Mt. Weather or a Cheyenne Mountain to retreat to. He owes it to 320 million American people who are in the crossfire. And if Un is unresponsive? Then the attempt was made. Lead by example and take the first step, for the welfare of the millions…ours, and yes, theirs.

    Any who may be smirking will lose such skepticism if the city their family lives in suddenly becomes a dust cloud spiraling into the upper stratosphere.

    There was much the President said that was worthwhile, but he said most of it in the present tense…as if we are “there” already, and not that we have a long way to go. To credit him, the Obama years almost destroyed this country. We are now as the hollowed-out exoskeleton of a cicada…clinging to the Tree of Liberty, but emptied, with barely a pulse.

    Determined, brave, strong, and wise? The teleprompter told him that: he certainly wasn’t looking out of the window and viewing actual people. Our people have promoted our culture and our values? And just what would those be?  Reality T.V. shows and professional football players who take a knee in a foreign country, and refuse to stand for the anthem of the United States, but will stand for Britain’s anthem?

    Yes, there is our value system: not even pride or loyalty to respect the U.S. when in a foreign land… a nation that we fought two wars against, then saved in World War II.

    Their right to “take a knee” exercised their right to freedom of speech, while they also exercised the freedom to make complete jackasses out of themselves. Such freedom was earned for them and is maintained for them by their betters

    Pat Tillman was one of those betters: standing for something he believed in, and remembering that he was an American…something he held higher in importance than being a professional football player in the NFL. We can learn much from the example that he set.

    It’s from the ground up that we need to return to our basics, and give all of Washington D.C. and Congress an “enema” to drain the true polluting substance from the “swamp” of D.C.  We are long past the tipping point, and possibly past the point of no return, but we still must try. From the President of the United States down to the rest of us…all of us…We the People. Hopefully we’ll have one more example to go by. Lead from the front, Mr. President, and be a Statesman…and act as the Commander-in-Chief as a last resort.

    You have the power, Mr. President, to destroy many nations and enter a war, but do you have the strength to not do this? Remains to be seen. If you care about the American people and the United States as much as you say you do, then the choice is simple, even though the execution of it will be tough.

    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at or contact him here.

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        • Trump will do what his owners tell him to do.

      1. If Trump really wanted to drain the swamp that is DC

        he would have to get his ass off the drain first

        • Trump, ten minutes after he was inaugurated, signed onto the War Powers Act, which has removed my common law courts and my Bill of rights, in violation of the 9th Article to that Bill of Rights, hence, I am without my rights under Trump, who under the War Powers Act is a dictator.
          Is this all right with you? dam sure shouldn’t be



            • both criminals , so as a cop how do you explain that comment?

              how about Neither one , we deserve much better , dont you agree?

              • and at this point Hilary is out of the picture,(thank god) we have to deal with the Traitor we do have, so you even bringing that dead horse up as an argument, is lame.

                this is about our country , our Bill of Rights and Constitution of this Republic

                • To drain the swamp you need to get rid of the swampmaster (central banks). Then dissolve the US corporation and go back to common law. This will never happen as most people are too stupid to even comprehend who owns them and that in fact they ARE slaves of the US corporation plantation.

                  • hard to argue with that

                  • (Website only a labor of love, but “comments” wanted it.)
                    Genius is 100% correct! The X#$% Central Banks are the Swamp Creatures. But s’pose I am stupid, but didn’t get this old without getting some sense: I supported Trump to do this. I trust the guy for he is not in it for money or power, but because military men asked him to run and poor guy loves the country which has been so good to him.

                  • Its not just the Central Banks – But Who Runs Them.!!!!

                    And JFK told you that: It’s the Secret Societies.!!!!!

                    Zionists – SkullNBones – FreeMasons – Jesuits – Etc – Etc

                  • Our news outlets were gobbled up by Google and Microsoft and a few others​ for the brainwashing of the masses ànd has been largely successful and would have been unstoppable if not for the monkey wrench NAMED TRUMP.

              • MW
                both criminals/ YEP. Who would have chosen Donald or Hitlery because that was all we had at the time.

                We only had 2 choices. I rather have Donald that Hitlery.

                Oh HELL yes we disserve better. But we just had the 2.

            • That’s true Sgt Dale, but unfortunately, so far he’s a big disappointment. Yes, she’s is worse. I just feel he’s gone back on his promises and favors the wealthy. I don’t trust people like that.

              • Anonymous, I don’t know where you’ve been but have you not noticed all of the opposition Trump is facing? All the Obola/Hillary holdovers still all over the govt.? All of the MSM still putting out false stories about Trump every day? Even the polls put out about his ‘approval ratings’or ‘job performance’ or ‘popularity’ are nothing but libturd propaganda. did you not notice that in the vote on the tax reform bill in the House and Senate NOT ONE SINGLE DEMOCRAT voted for it? They ALL voted against it BECAUSE IT LOWERS TAXES ALL ACROSS THE BOARD INSTEAD OF INCREASING THEM. Hillary is definitely the crook, NOT Trump.

                • Trump is like Gen. Custer at The Battle of the Little Bighorn except most of his troops are firing at him, too.

                  • Custer was a dumbass. and he wasn’t a general.

                    • Whooosh.

            • As the last forty years have shown , the red team gets two terms then the blue team gets two terms . The next time the blue team gets it . As history also shows as the blue team gets closer to destroying America as with the Kenya turd boy we just had . This next time will be the last of our country as we know it . You know what to expect so stock up and prep now . Just got done reading the
              The BALK by Billy Roper and it has many facts that give a look into the near future.

          • Prove it!!! Untill you do you are part of the problem.

        • Right now the drain is plugged with over 9000+ seal inditments. The seals will be broken soon. Just a little more patience….

      2. I believed in Trump when he said he would drain the swamp. Now HE is part of the swamp. If I could take back my vote, I would. Look at all the swamp creatures and snakes in suits he appointed. Scaramucci and Omarosa just two of many who are no longer there. Tillerson is on his way out too, along with the 20 others who have been kicked out or left on their own. They didn’t turn on Trump. They were swamp creatures to begin with — the morals of a snake.

        Nothing but drama coming out of the White House. He turned it into a circus. So much crap on a daily basis we can’t even keep up with it. One distraction after another.

        He brought people in who were very wealthy but also greedy, crooked, corrupt and self-enriching so they’d quietly go along with his evil self-benefiting agenda tax plan, that is eventually going to backfire on all of us.

        For one example, he just *personally* saved hundreds of millions with his new tax plan, which will barely help the lower and middle classes. It’s designed for the rich, including all of the extremely wealthy crooks he brought into his team and his cabinet and administration.

        Only rich people (like the multi-millionaires and all the billionaires) he brought into the White House will benefit, and they knew that, they had it all planned from the get-go, headed up by Trump himself. He’s not being set up, he is setting us up. Time to pull yourself out of denial and wake up to the truth.

        To make matters worse in 2024 we will be paying that so-called “tax break” back. You’ll soon see that only the rich are going to benefit from his new tax plan. Yet many here, way too supportive and trusting in Trump and his team of billionaires, continued supporting him. Shame. Don’t complain later when the shtf over this and you’re paying back the crumbs he just threw out to the common people, the lower and middle classes.

        • The tax plan doubles the standard deduction, saves me a shitload! I benefit big time from it as a lower middle class income earner. If down the road I am paying some of it back it’s ok at least I got some relief and the payback will never be as much as what I am saving now. Works for me!

          • Genius, not only is it peanuts (while the rich benefit to the extreme) but the little extra money in your checks are earmarked for next years higher health-care premiums that are coming soon. They’ll be here before you know it.

            So don’t spend the extra crumbs you get all in one place.

            You’ll need them for when your health-care premiums go up, and anyone who doesn’t have THEIR specific idea of a minimum medical/health-care insurance will be fined for it at tax time.

            The other issue is that the rich benefit *enormously* from this new tax plan, which is why he brought only extreme wealth into his Administration. Apparently, you don’t see anything wrong with that. Wait till your health-care premiums increase and the crumbs he threw your way go towards that, not for paying down bills or for savings.

            • I get health insurance as a benefit from work. From what I saw on the news obamacare mandate was effectively eliminated with this bill. I don’t know but thats what they said. The crumbs I got add up to a LOT for me. The rich get richer and that flows downhill usually (we’ll see). Somebody has to build and maintain those yachts and planes and toys. I get to write 20 grand more off on my taxes now (pretty damn good). That alone is way better than if there were no change or tax hikes.

            • Anonymous, the tax bill KILLED the individual mandate for Obamacare. Not required anymore. You really are out of touch.

          • You got your puny tax cut. Fat dumb happy.

          • took away your 4000 exemption for each dependent so almost break even.
            the people that got really screwed are the married middle class with 4 or more kids. i use to be able to itemize my house mortgage and property tax and charitable deductios

        • how do you expose the corrupt? you appoint them to high positions where they get scrutinized… and then taken out. pretty smart move, eh?

        • Anonymous, you sound like CNN.

          • You sound clueless.

      3. I wouldn’t classify these Walmartians Eaters as average Americans. They are leaches on America, sucking the blood of hard working average Americans. The only way to stop this is to stop the money going to government. I mean really folks when was the last time you saw a welfare recipient who was skinny???

        • Patriot One, good points. I never saw any small freeloaders ever.

        • The only way to stop this is to stop the money going to government. even if the government did not receive a red cent from any taxpayer. You would not and cannott stop the flow. The government just borrows from the Fed who creates petro dollars out of thin air. And it is not actual paper currency. Its digital currency numbers on a spread sheet. Bush Jr had to spend more than every president before him to keep the collapse at bay. Then Obummer did the same spending 8 trillion in 8 years. trump will have to spend 8 trillion in 4 years to keep the economic collapse at bay.

      4. I’m not sure which way to take this article. On one hand, it seems pessimistic and points out the negatives. The other, seemingly a belief in the nation as a whole. As for extending anything to NK/Un besides a hearty slap in the face? Hell, that’d be like inviting a rapid dog to Christmas dinner. From the comments, it looks like I’m not alone in my uncertainty. I come down to this – it’s not going to be talk that alters the state of affairs of this land and world in the near future. It will be violence and war.

      5. Good article Sir.

        Rebuilding the Country? You first need to start with the POS’s pictured above. 8 years of Obummer has destroyed the soul of this country, agreed as many of the politicians during and before Obummer. AND we still have a LOT of those Looters in Congress now,
        BTW zero Socialist/Communist/Liberal SHITS voted for the Tax Bill. Yet they will take credit if it works.
        The ONLY way to “drain the Swamp” is for the American people to vote them OUT!!!!! But does anyone believe those POS’s above want a change for the better, they still get their “Free Shit”.
        Disgusting absolutely Disgusting.

      6. He makes it sound like Trump expelled the Russian dignitaries. That was during obummers reign before Trump took office.

      7. Don’t drain the swamp! Instead, throw in thousands of huge alligators!

      8. Looks like Miami-Dade.

      9. Walmart and obesity seem to go hand in hand. Where can I throw up?

        • Anonymous, LOL. I saw the picture of those 2 land whales on that electric scooter. That is so pathetic.

          • That is typical here in NEFLA. I stop in Wally every other night for entertainment since wife works second shift at the Field Hospital here. I have been at Wally and sen these land whales complain about NO Public transportation available. It’s funny because they demand that management get them 1 immediately. It’s even funnier when they get on 1 and it is dead as a Coffin Nail because the previous Land whale did not return it and left it in the parking area or didn’t plug it back in.

      10. This shit has already reached event horizon a long time ago… Only way now is forward… To whatever end there is… Forward.

      11. Slow motion collapse is the most likely scenario. Misery over the long term. Social unrest. Lower life expectancy. Did I say long term misery? I’d like to double down on that one.

      12. To this day, “draining the swamp” has failed to succeed. How about we attempt at “flooding the swamp”?

      13. We’re fucked there’s no out of this baby boomers sold us into slavery it’s just a ride now. Jews run everything, we’re cattle.

        • Bob, boomers just continued what was started waayyyy before their time. Lincoln sold us into slavery with the US corporation. Wilson was 2nd with the fed reserve, FDR was probably a close 3rd. I see brainforce suppliments are on sale, you might try some!

          • SUPPLEMENTS

        • The sale took place in 1913, that’s when America’s fate was decided. All you see now is the bill coming due, and the face of evil, removing it’s mask…

          • That is why there is a need for ‘target practice’….in addition to prayer… address the ‘face of evil’….imho….Semper Fi

      14. But Trump said he would not gain from the tax bill over and over. Lies have no consequences.

        • Rich people, wealthy real estate developers and Wall St are the only ones who will end up benefiting. Oh, and Trump and his kids.

      15. It should be noted, that some of us voted for Trump for the sole reason of breaking government…a wrench in the gears if you will. Why Trump? Republicans hate him, Democrats hate him, hell, everyone hates him! THAT’s who I want in there! Government’s been broken for eons, but since the advent of real-time information exposing them (and their ways), they’ve come out of the shadows and in broad daylight, stuck their middle finger up at those whom they’re supposed to represent. As a voter, I want nothing more than to break sh*t, government in particular. Trump represented the wrecking ball to turn gov’t on its ear. Flawed, he is, but if it wasn’t for his massive ego and love of the USA concept, we’d have had a Pres. intent on shutting websites like this one, down.

        God willing, maybe Trump will cut a path for future non-swamp candidates who believe in the American experiment. We can only hope.

      16. alpha, excellent points, well said.
        91% of media reports are anti- Trump.
        Seems like 100%.

      17. Face it we had a choice between a pile of poop and a stack of turds. We weren’t voting for Trump as much as we where voting against Hellery and the main stream media. We knew deep down that Even if he was the real deal? Trump wasn’t going to be allowed to Make America great Again. And he so far has turned out to be ineffective. We are a nation in decline. Its pretty much over for the republic.

      18. Declare DC a foreign criminal enterprise…and….wage a ‘WAR on the Swamp’ as we do against everything else…..oh. we haven’t won a war against anything in over 70 years….maybe we could ask the UN to come in and ‘police DC and arrest the criminals that work there…..seems to me that since the UN takes our tax dollars ‘we the people’ could get some benefit from them….which is long over due…….OR we can just wait to re elect the same scumbag politicians and complain in comment sections as usual….easy pesy…imho

      19. I like some things Trump does. He reconized jeresulem as the capitol of isreal. I don’t give a hoot. But the Un tried to say that the USA a sovern Nation cannot move our embays to wherever it wants. and the had a vote. and most voted against the USA. Now Trump is saying those who voted against us will no longer receive our money. and the USA is done paying for the UN. I like that.

      20. Trump is not America’s savior. Trump is America’s judgement.


        Why just look at millions of Americans sitting on their ass thinking Trump is going to “Drain The Swamp” all by his lonesome.

        America: We Played the Flute for you and you did not dance, we sang a dirge and you did not mourn.

      21. I agree Trump will not make America great again. Not gonna happen. The Republic has morphed into a mob rule Democracy. The USA is a nation in decline. But I like the fact that Trump rattles folks cages. I was thinking that for the most part the public sector is always voting against the Producing & making private sector. And by doing so they are destroying the very thing that enables their Taking Parasite existence. Its gone past the tipping point.

      22. I am a middle-class married with for kids I will pay more with this new tax bill Since I no longer can itemize my home mortgage property tax and charitable deductions which used to be around $10,000 per year on top of the 12,000 standard deduction now I cannot get that plus I lose all my exemptions which is 6 or $24,000 on top of that and instead get a $24,000 standard deduction and 4000 more in kid credits for 28000 total write down in income
        last year my tax write downs totalled 46000 with my 24000 in exemptions and 22000 itemized deduction and 4000 credit for kids.
        which is $18,000 lower than what I typically get today. plus my health premium goes up by 1400 a year next year.. dang the best tax reduction in history for middle class.
        sorry but you have all been sold out to the wealthy again don’t fall for it suckers

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