WEF’s Klaus Schwab Applauds China’s Totalitarian COVID Lockdowns

by | Jun 29, 2023 | Headline News

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    The World Economic Forum (WEF) recently held a “Summer Davos” event in China at which globalist master Klaus Schwab praised the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) for its “new COVID control measures,” which he says were a huge success throughout the “pandemic.” Schwab is rising as one of the key rulers under the Great Reset and the permanent technology-driven slavery agenda.

    Schwab has repeatedly used China as a shining example of what the slave system can accomplish in order to completely and totally control human beings.

    Klaus Schwab Of The WEF Says China Is The “Model For Many Nations”

    At the globalist celebratory event to honor Li Qiang, the eighth premier of the State Council of the People’s Republic of China, Schwab said Li had a “distinguished career in public service, having led the economic and social development of three major provinces: Zhejiang, Jiangsu, and Shanghai.” Not one single politician “serves” anyone other than themselves. Good people do not want to rule over or steal from others, so the notion of “public service” is absurd on its own.

    “He has also been instrumental in opening up China’s capital market, attracting foreign investment, and innovation, and creating new urban areas to address land scarcity,” Schwab added. Over the course of its 40-year relationship with China’s slave masters, the WEF has and “will continue to fight fragmentation and strive for dialogue, understanding, and collaboration as we stand for a future where nations have to work together for the collective wellbeing of humanity,” Schwab said according to a report by Natural News. 

    “We appreciate the long-term support from our Chinese friends. China has made remarkable achievements in economy, in social development, in diplomacy, and in many other areas.” Klaus, the unelected head of the WEF, would go on and on to gush his praise for Premier Li, stating that he is “eager” to learn from Li’s “vision on China and the world.”

    A social credit system linked to a central bank digital currency, your ID, and everything else is the endgame for these sociopaths. Once we comply (and we saw mass compliance with the vaccines, so don’t expect too many to stand up) we have given them permission to enslave us and permanently rule over us and control literally everything we see, think, do, say, eat, go, and own.

    Government is slavery, and they are rolling this out as quickly as possible as more people slowly figure that fact out.




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