Weed-Killing Carcinogen Glyphosate Found In Children’s Foods

by | Aug 15, 2018 | Headline News | 42 comments

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    The known carcinogen and infamous weed killing chemical glyphosate has just been found in breakfast foods marketed for children. A new study has discovered trace amounts of the most widely used herbicide in the country in oats, granolas, and snack bars.

    Concern over glyphosate has continued to grow in the United States in recent years.  Although the chemical may be safe in some amounts to spray on weeds if certain safety precautions are taken, it is probably a lot more dangerous if it’s ingested by a child. Most disturbing, however, is the fact that thirty-one out of 45 tested products had levels of glyphosate that were higher than what many scientists consider safe for children.

    The study, which was conducted by the non-profit Environmental Working Group (EWG) found that many of the breakfast foods marketed to children contain glyphosate.  “I was shocked,” said Dr. Jennifer Lowry, who heads the Council on Environmental Health for the American Academy of Pediatrics. Although not much is known about the effects of the chemical on children, parents and doctors are concerned. “We don’t know a lot about the effects of glyphosate on children,” Lowry said. “And essentially we’re just throwing it at them.”

    We’re very concerned that consumers are eating more glyphosate than they know,” said Scott Faber, vice president of government affairs at EWG, according to CBS News. Faber has been working to improve food safety standards for more than a decade. He said he and his team at EWG conducted the study which included a lab test involving “45 samples of products made with conventionally grown oats.” The researchers found glyphosate, which is the active ingredient in the Monsanto weed-killer Roundup, in all but two of the products.

    EWG used it’s own very stringent standards of safe levels of glyphosate when testing the products, which should also be noted. Because of that, in response to EWG’s study, Monsanto said, “even at the highest level reported… an adult would have to eat 118 pounds of the food item every day for the rest of their life in order to reach the EPA’s limit” for glyphosate residues. Just last week, in fact, a jury in California ordered Monsanto to pay one man $289 million in damages after his lawsuit claimed the company’s weedkillers caused his cancer. EWG’s Faber is skeptical of EPA’s glyphosate limits.

    The World Health Organization says glyphosate is a “probable carcinogen,” and California lists it as a chemical “known to the state to cause cancer.” Monsanto continues to dispute the claim that the chemical is carcinogenic, saying in a statement, “glyphosate does not cause cancer” and “has a more than 40-year history of safe use.”

    As the debate over glyphosate’s safety continues, it isn’t likely to see tests on the stuff cease anytime soon. And Faber isn’t the only person concerned over its possible carcinogenic effects.  “It is time now for them to step up and do their jobs to ban glyphosate,” said Zen Honeycutt, who heads Moms Across America, a group formed to raise awareness about toxic exposures. “We want to trust that what is in the grocery store is safe and the shocking reality is that in many cases it’s not,” Honeycutt said.



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      1. ” Weed-Killing Carcinogen Glyphosate Found In Children’s Foods ”

        This is nothing new. If a person was to actually read the ingredients on the labels of food products. Many will have Glyphosate written on them. Most name brand products that people are familiar with are toxic waste. The Brands we all grew up with, have made a deal with the devil Monsanto. Stay away from General Mills and Kelloggs as a prime example.

        • Everything causes cancer in the state of Kalifornia. Glad I don’t live there.

          • Not only that: Everything in the World has a trace of everything in the world. Note; didn’t say how much. Our labs are so good these days we can find anything, anywhere; I dislike Monsanto to the end; but, someone has to look at reality, you want mass starvation; just get rid of weed killers. Yes, they need flogged for their total indifference to truth, In fact I think this Co, like WEllS FARGO should have been taken out of business under the RICO statutes years ago.

      2. Truth be told that shit is in everything we eat bought from a store.

        • “M”
          This is why OI eat 90% of my own grown food and hunt for my meat.

          • Exactly. Can’t wait til deer season!

            • The deer are probably eating grass or acorns somewhere that have been exposed to glyphosate spraying. Deer travel and you have no idea where they’ve been. The deer are probably also eating GMO corn. Hunters set up feeders of corn for deer, and this corn is not organic, but GMO. Or perhaps the deer’s water source may contain glyphosate run off from areas sprayed. This world is so polluted that there is not much hope left in man’s ability to fix it.

              • Well that sucks.

              • Yes. With GMO, the insane megacorporations were actually trying to breed in Frankencorn that would be weed and insect resistant by being totally careless and unleashing it on the world,with no idea what the effects would be on the environment.

                Already this has negatively affected organic produce and it cross pollenates.

                Spraying weedkiller and pesticides and chemical fertilizers already have polluted practically all groundwater near farming. There are lots of studies on that. And where do the game animals amd fish get their food and water? From these tainted sources. It’s the evil gift that keeps on giving.

                Who knows, maybe all these freshwater fish kills are partially the result of these practices. We know that some mass bird kills are the result of poison and notby design through eliminating starlings.

      3. Weed-Killing Carcinogen Glyphosate Found In Children’s Foods

        (((Who))) would benefit from such a thing?

        • “pay one man $289 million in damages”

          The damaged person. Do you have any?

      4. Trace amounts of everything found in the environment are going to be found in our food supply if you look for it.

        That’s because we allow our food supply to be produced in the general environment instead of restricting it to being produced synthetically in strictly controlled laboratory conditions.

      5. I don’t think they put in in foods purposely.
        I think its in nature and gets in?
        Why would they??

        • You don’t think they put this in foods on purpose, is this sarcasm?
          Of course they deliberately put it in there. Read the very top post. Look in your pantry and read the can and box goods you have.

          You have this deliberate act of food poisoning along with the wonderful chemtrailing too. We eat and breathe toxins that the Government provides for us all. To think that this process is not done on purpose, is a person who is not fully awake.

          All a person has to do is look at any city water plant.
          All kinds of chemicals with fluoride that is not good for consumption.
          If they are doing that to our water, they are doing it to our foods an air.

        • They sure do put it in on purpose.

          It is used as a desiccant when sprayed on foods. It helps dry out grains faster for transport/storage.

          It also has a patent on it as an antibiotic. They know it has that function. IBD ???

      6. Everybody that drinks water will die!
        Water must be a poison.
        I’m sick and tired of all the un-named
        poorly sourced “experts” fear porn.
        I repudiate you!
        I use salt. I use real butter.
        I eat beef. I eat eggs. I hate Kale(but I like Spinach).
        I have a Diesel car. I use Honcho2 on my
        fence lines. I use chemicals to improve
        the lives of my animals, health of my garden,
        and my life in general.
        Use chemicals wisely.
        Like water used incorrectly they
        may kill you.

        • The only way water is going to kill you is if it’s tainted with harmful bacteria, chemicals, or you drink too much water (water intoxication).

          • Nor,
            You miss my point.
            BTW you forgot drowning.

            • Killed over 1500 one day years ago.

      7. “Trace amounts”. If only that statement was accurate. There are trace amounts of lead in the air you are breathing right now. The problem is that our food contains significantly more than trace amounts of poison.

        If you grow your own food it most likely will be healthier. If you live near a golf course or your neighbor regularly sprays chemicals you get your share of the poison.

        Europeans and Russians banned microwave ovens, GMO food, and many chemicals used in the USA.

        Imported jellies from France are just organic fruit and real organic sugar, nothing else. I use them to top homemade desserts, and an occasional piece of toast. Learn to bake. Use aluminum free baking powder.


      8. Listen up. The reason glyphosate is in your food is directly the result of a farmer not following good farming practices. The minimum between spraying and harvesting is ten days – and that is pretty tight. Prior to harvest many farmers will spray the grains with roundup to kill it uniformly and begin the drying process for harvesting.

        What happens is many, many farmers don’t wait. The time after spraying is necessary to allow the residue – the actual glyphosate to come off the grains by rain fall, dew, oxidation – all the things that naturally clean the grains. So when a farmer just sprays and a day or two later begins harvesting, the ACTUAL chemical is harvested. Now it’s in the food supply. Then it’s in your body.

        • Hello Farmer

          I know that this practice is used by many farmers. But this is considered an “off label” use by the makers of glyphosate.

          My question then is: Does this mean that the manufacturer cannot be held liable because it was not being used according to their directions?

          Since Monsanto has been found liable in civil court for damages in the millions, could this put farmers at risk for litigation for “improper use”?

          • In order, not sure/dunno/maybe

        • Farmer;
          Thank You. I will do some research on what you say. I have used Round Up over the years and everyone who grows food other than tomatoes on their porch has as well. Weeds are incredibly invasive and if you don’t have a bus full of laborers out every few weeks to hoe and otherwise cultivate you are doomed.
          Same people all cry about chemicals used on their food and in the next breath complain about the price. If you don’t grow a fair amount of your own food pay the premium for the “organic” and hope it is legitimate. Oh, wait! I swore I would quit commenting here!
          After re-reading I wonder why you would use a defoliant 4 days before harvest. Please explain. I am a little slow.

          • Lay down fabric and metal rebar rods to hold it down. No more weeds and less watering.

            Its the glyphosate in the family of Monsanto’s offerings – the kind used to stop growth allows for the entire field to stop growing and begin ‘dying’. The wheat or whatever has to be dry to harvest – it’s basically grass – same reason you don’t mow wet grass….anyway, the alternatives are natural and unpredictable (better and more expensive) or swath the field – better and more expensive.

      9. Why do they put ethylene glycol in our
        food?? They put it in ice cream! It is anti-freeze!!
        My mom always said, ” if the products you buy
        have more than 7 ingredients, put it back!!! ”
        That was before they poisoned the flour, grains,
        fruits, veggies and milk products with glyphosate
        chemicals. Monsanto’s motto should be
        “”we morph little boys into whining little sissy girls.””

        Monsanto saw the damage coming…..and sold to
        BAYER!! They should hang Monsanto with
        400 billion dollar lawsuit. (Chump change for them.)

        Deep State needs to twist in the wind for a decade or so.

      10. My mom always told me, ” If you buy store products
        and it has more than 7 ingredients, put it back on the
        shelf.” Thank God she is dead now,(RIP) because she could
        have never believed what horrors our govmt puts
        us thru. She canned everything from apples to
        watermelon pickles. (Four wash tubs of jars per year).
        Monsamto should have to swing in the wind for a few
        years….along with the rest of the DEEP STATE. billionaires
        who are destroying this country.

      11. Of course the food supply is unhealthy in order to make you sick so you need big pharma drugs to medicate, but they make you sicker. The government supports this Americans as guinea pigs setup fully through the FDA. It’s one big circle jerk of profits before human health. The entire medical system is part of the deceit from top to bottom. Doctors have no knowledge or interest in natural healing methods that have been proven for thousands of years. This is not a health care system, it’s a keep them dumb and sick system. Glyphosate is par for the course and is a bigger problem than currently acknowledged. Life expectancy in the US is definitely becoming shorter by design. Russia does not allow these poisons, they care more for their populations health and other nations seek their agricultural production.

      12. The ducks and geese in Michigan eat off the lawns and golf courses all summer then fly right into the south for the hunters to harvest and eat.

      13. Hey Farmer FarmerAnd put away the DDT NOW NOW
        and so on and so forth

      14. Hey Farmer Farmer put away the DDT NOW NOW
        and so on and so forth

      15. You will be more than happy to wrap your gums around some glysophatel laced gmo’s after the crop failures

      16. Who’s moderating tonight?
        Lars he blows?

      17. I have never seen Glyphosate listed in a food ingredient disclosure panel as someone claimed up the comments page. The words listed there are difficult to pronounce much less to know where and what these conconctions are derived from without doing a Internet search. I realize complaining about it changes nothing. This society does reflect we are what we eat. I ate Quaker Oats for years at breakfast sweetened with banana and added cinnamon. Who knew the secret ingredient?

        • Aha…oatmeal and cream of wheat for breakfast day in and day out as a kid. Milk and sugar to sweeten it.

          What secret ingredient?

      18. I doubt this story is true. Roundup doesn’t get sprayed on oats

      19. A major concern is loss of sperm motility and concentration in Western civilization. Pollution is a likely candidate and it very well may be things like glyphosate.

        Want to be alarmed? Just look it up.

        This is a major aspect of the post-apocalyptic film “Children of Men” as there are no longer babies being born due to routine miscarriages and then sterility.

        There’s a cost to just acting in an ignorant manner and acting cavalier and pretending these chemicals won’t harm you. The wast the gets absorbed and into the food chain, and then in our bodies.

        It is certainly within the realm of possibility that depleted uranium used in munitions is aspirated in tiny amounts and harms soldiers. Physicians are deeply concerned and believe it has altered the mutagen rate in places like Iraq and caused birth defects.

      20. Once you realize that the WHO is a tool of the Trial Lawyers Association of America, you will understand the motive of their “probable” finding. Kalifornia EPA is not even worth discussing.

        Hell, even the supper freaky European Union has categorically declared that glyphosphate is NOT a carcinogen.

        Wait till Kalifornia jurors find out that their milkshakes are made from frac fluid.

        Just remember, this lawfare crap from the Democraps is the reason we elected Trump.

        SCOTUS forever!!!

      21. There’s been an insidious premature onset of puberty in American female adolescents for decades. Look it up. It demonstrable as pediatricians and gynocologists use the Tanner scale to measure physiological effects.

        It’s theorized that due to urbanization and the prevalence of oral contraceptives that are excreted out through micturation, that this is doing two things. It’s triggering this early onset of breast development in female adolescents. And it simultaneously is fostering effeminate boys.

        Likewise soy is a phytoestrogen and increased soy consumption is also implicated.

        Additionally, when certain plastics are heated in microwave ovens, they give off estrogen-like compounds and taint the food.

        It’s not just the Millennials are socially immature and have dismissed ancestral skills, but there are physiological effects from altered unhealthy lifestyles and careless water purification.

        Between all of that, is it any wonder that 72% of Millennial so-called men cannot pass basic training? In one study, which I found shocking, in terms of grip strength, Millennial men and women were found to be EQUAL! This is horrifying!

        Ultimately this makes very poor breeding stock as weaklings give birth to weaklings.

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