Web Bots Predict: ‘Chaos Period And Disruptions Throughout 2017… Secret Hyperinflation Creeping Out’

by | Mar 6, 2017 | Headline News | 63 comments

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    There are billions upon billions of data points being created on the internet on a daily basis. Clif High of Half Past Human has developed a “web bot” program designed to find, aggregate and assess them.

    In his latest report, High’s predictive linguistics data sets appear to be showing the real possibility of serious financial calamity starting over the course of the next few weeks and worsening into the the end of the year.

    According to a video update from SGT Report, the coming economic shock wave could soon lead to a hyperinflationary environment that would see assets like gold, silver, and bitcoin soar to new highs.

    As modelspace is moved forward in 2017, and during the chaos period of March through May, the data accrues for ‘bitcoin’ to become more ‘costly than gold’. As this transition takes place, the data sets have it being a temporal market for many other sets including ‘silver’…

    These sets have a strange occurrence developing as ‘nations’, and ‘central banks’ begin to ‘buy bitcoin’. These sets are providing the ‘propellant’ for the ‘rush’ through 1448 in US dollars on its way to $2300.

    These new data sets have the ‘chaos’ period of these next few months as being ‘pivotal’ for both ‘bitcoin’ and ‘silver’.

    These sets are arguing for the ‘secret hyperinflation’ to be ‘creeping out’. As a temporal marker, these set are going to the idea that ‘silver’ will be the ‘shining light’ as the move into hyperinflation shows in the ‘public consciousness’. These sets have silver rising faster in ‘US dollars’ than either ‘gold’ or ‘bitcoin’. This is merely speaking to the ‘rate of increase’, and not its price during the rise. (Half Past Human ALTA Report – March 2017)

    Last week, Clif High joined Future Money Trends to discuss the specifics of his latest data sets, again noting that physical assets like gold and silver, as well as mining and resource companies, stand to benefit greatly from numerous trends that include not just a new economic crisis, but advancing exploration at the far reaches of the globe, including Antarctica.

    I have some indications of a geographic resurgence in mining…

    Insofar as prices relative to the U.S. dollar, we’re going to go through a period of disruption here from March through May, and then a slight hiatus, and then another period that’s going to be even worse from the end of July to the end of the year.

    During that period of time I expect things like stocks especially to be very hammered by what Bill Holter calls ‘truth bombs’…

    The time to prepare for the worst is now. If Clif High’s data set predictions are accurate – and given recent developments in finance, geo-politics and domestic tensions they appear to be right on target – then 2017 could turn out to be one that will go down in the history books.


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      1. It’s way overdue! Bring it already!

        • Has anyone read on the Common Sense show, where we are allowing the Chinese to buy US Banks?? I believe we’ve about lost our minds!!

          • That’s old news on the banks I first heard in 2015 and Obola was allowing it to happen.

            • All I see is the same Ol’ Hedge Fund’s Paper IOU’s shorting Silver. So what is the real price. About $30/ Oz right now. Twice as what the Paper Shorters claim. I want to see heads hanging from light poles.

              • Zeus, I’d like to see the same thing. To me, neocons and libturds are in the same sewer together.

              • I have plenty of silver, more than I want, will you pay me $30/oz for it?

                Will be sent certified mail upon receiving cleared certified funds.

            • “These sets are arguing for the ‘secret hyperinflation’”

              Cliff argues for hyperinflation but says in other comments I have heard from him that the American people won’t be buying anything because “they don’t have any money to buy anything”.

              The MASS CLOSURES of retail stores over the past two years and continuing to this day is evidence of this lack of funds. Prices do not rise without demand or a shortage of goods and/or services.

              Hyperinflation is not gonna happen. It would destroy the currency (USD) which facilitates the NWO PTB wealth and power. The FED will not shoot itself in the foot this way.

              Apple has almost One Trillion in cash. Other similar multinationals also have large sums of cash and securities; and then you have Harvard with $36 billion dollars in cash in its endowment fund and UC Berkeley with $28 billion in cash.

              The Great Unraveling will be deflationary in value and your dollars will be worth more; unless the BIG ONE hits Kalifornia and the dams break; there is an EMP/CME, or Yellowstone blows.

              Ten dollar bills in number ten cans will be helpful along with what gold and silver you can afford. Save your lead. They won’t be making any more of it after the CHANGES. 🙂

                • Half of Americans are on some form of government assistance, they don’t need to write checks that large since the government does if for them.

              • DK,

                I went to a mall yesterday to pick up a cake for my son’s birthday and was shocked at how empty the place was. We are all in big trouble if something does not change in the economy. A lot of folks have set their hopes up pretty high in the new administration but confidence may begin to wane if they have nothing substantial and positive to show. Hopefully all Americans can benefit from the economic changes, not just the supporters like in Venezuela and Zimbabwe or the previous Democrat regime in this country. Surely the unsustainable ‘gravy train’ of the last 8 years is coming to a halt! Then what? Bankruptcy and default are the result of unserviceable debt and there may be a ton of folks out there who bet wrong on the outcome of the elections and overextended themselves. Those ten dollar bills may come in handy when things are being sold for pennies on the dollar.

                Louisiana Eagle ?

                • ” Surely the unsustainable ‘gravy train’ of the last 8 years is coming to a halt!”

                  The “gravy train” was and is, the Status Quo’s attempt to hide what is really happening in the country; which was the theft of the American economy and the American means of production, and it began long ago with FREE TRADE by GHWB, continued by Clinton, institutionalized by GWB, and punctuated by President Obola.

                  This unprecedented wealth transfer from the Middle Class to the global poor and multinational corporations was and is, a NWO Programme to impoverish Americans, and destroy America. All of it part of the Hope and Change designed to transform America into a Third World country by our elected leaders.

                  Treason by any other name is still TREASON !!! OWTFH !!! 🙂

          • “…the data accrues for ‘bitcoin’ to become more ‘costly than gold’”

            This is INSANITY for a digital commodity. It’s the Internet Age parallel for “tulips”. The rush to bitcoins is and will be a Chinese and European phenomena as the Yuan is crushed by flight capital and the euro is crushed by “exits” from the EU.

            Don’t get sucked in.

            Banks will not be buying bitcoin. They have a digital currency of their own for security between them and these digits will not be increasing in value but providing security and value stability against fiat currencies.

            Think of them as Digital SDR’S. And no, you can’t buy any of them. Yet. 🙂

        • No doubt!
          Do you have a secret for keeping the ticks off of you there in MO? Or just lots of bug spray ?

        • It’s not nor ever was overdue because it’s not going to happen ! If after the past 8-9 years you don’t see that then there is no hope for you …..put your tinfoil hat back on because they aren’t donecdragging you along

      2. Tell us something we don’t know.

        • I need to buy some extra Brooks jogging shoes and other higher priced stuff as prices will go up like always. We just replaced our 16 yr old sofa, 6 yr old TV, have 20 plus yr old appliances haven’t replaced yet. Gotto watch sales.

          • -laura ann-

            Just listened to the latest podcast on X22 Report. All the financial algorithms are going
            haywire. Sounds like the bottom will fall out by the 3rd quarter of 2017. Many of the
            market savvy heads are selling and the dumb money, aka suckers, are getting into the market thinking the gravy train will keep rolling. When the bottom falls out, this country
            is going to turn into Garage Sale Nation. People will be so desperate to pay their bills
            and survive. They will be selling lots of good stuff for pennies on the dollar. Sadly,
            one persons misfortune will be another persons gain. I’m trying as much as possible to
            make every dollar count. There’s a lot of last minute prioritizing going on now with many
            folks. They can smell trouble brewing like never before.

            • Joey : Went to exchange an item, got pair of Brooks shoes half price, would have bought another pair, no more in my size. I have read and heard about this so called financial dysfunction since the early 80’s and the ones who loaned me books and newsletters then, are now in the cemetery. No one can give a timeline today, as in predictions in times past. Many are burned out and stopped prepping mainly with food supplies and water. Retired folks are downsizing and they don’t want to leave a bunch of crap for their heirs to toss out, and yes they do toss out and sell the good stuff thinking their parents had “issues”.

      3. Is Clif High related to Michael Snyder? LOL!

        • No he is related to DBH.

          • Tacoma, come on now. Can’t you take a joke?

        • HCKS; that is from 2014. a little late ain’t it?

          • Jim in VA, that video is definitely late. If HCKS can’t provide a link to a more recent video, he ought to hang it up.

            • Or a more verifiable video.

              Stuff like this never turns out to be verifiable as to what it has claimed.

      4. The Inflation chart you will not view or hear about in our government run media!

        Is Inflation the Legacy of the Federal Reserve?

        Jan. 17 (Bloomberg) — In today’s “Single Best Chart,” Bloomberg’s Scarlet Fu displays how inflation has increased in the 100 years since the creation of the Federal Reserve.


        “Inflation is taxation without legislation.” Milton Friedman

        • “Inflation is taxation with legislation.”

          Legislated by (((Federal Reserve Act))) of 1913.

      5. There right but I hate when people give a date the economy is a fluid dynamic you just don’t know but it will happen soon.

        On the economy and geopolitical event’s really like the X22 report (not the X22 spotlight) real charts and good insights on X22 report.
        Not to take away from anyone here.

        • Anonymous, I NEVER trust anyone who sets a date for anything. They’re NEVER right.

      6. That’s right keep up the fear porn, we must not have a day let alone a week of quiet and peace.

      7. Well maybe the web bots will be a little better at reading the gypsy’s crystal ball then say all the other palm and trend prediction soothsayers.

        • My crystal ball is working. I predict the TSA will employ even more invasive pat downs. Nobody stopped them when they started this BS several years ago. I wouldn’t be surprised if they do prison style body part searches one of these days. All for your flying safety of course. The airport is the perfect testing ground for hands on privacy invasion because flying is necessary for some.

          • Hands on is the key term here. I won’t fly anymore. I cannot bear the thought of some stranger putting their hands all over me. Totally creeps me out. Might have to walk or bike everywhere in the near future

      8. We already have hyperinflation. A dollar is worth how much? Isn’t it 98cents? After I put in my 2cents here, I won’t have any money at all. ???


        • B from CA, what makes it worse is when you have to FINANCE the 2 cents, LOL!

        • I meant, didn’t the value of the dollar drop 98 cents, already.


        • A dollar is worth what it can be traded for.

          I suggest a Big Mac as the standard for evaluating it, something available and commonly in trade worldwide and consistently the same over many years to use as a standard.

          • Let’s see. I have a nice gold necklace I would like to part with. How many Big Mac’s would I take for it. LOL.

      9. Hell with it. Let’s just do this thing and get back to rebuilding. Enough talk. Everybody that’s gonna be ready is already ready.

        If, after the SHTF you come to me and offer to give me gold for food I’m going to laugh at you. LMAO. I can’t eat gold. You’ll be better off offering to trade seeds or bullet molds. Lighters also. Lamp oil too.

        And ladies? FYI… I’m at the age where I’m unaffected by feminine pulchritude. Best bring your splitting maul and weed pulling gloves. You’ll probably need those if you want to eat and stay warm. If you have a good hunting dog you’re probably in with me. No useless yappers though. Same with kids. They don’t work they don’t eat. Simple as that.

        I’m an old school hard man. Lived most of my life off grid and eating out of the garden. Turn on my gen-set once or twice a week to charge batteries and get on the interweb. I finally broke down and installed gas lighting in my hermit cave. Love it. Civilized and sissified. That’s what I am now. Got me some gas lights and I can see at night. Even got me one of them there fancy e-reading devices.

        Don’t need no gold. Need mantles for the gas lights. Files to sharpen up shovels too. Axe handles. Nails. Handsaws. Belt knives.

        Do y’all truly not see the foolishness of “precious” metals?

        Gold and silver never made a good axe-head. Never cut a tree. Silver bullets might be good for killing a werewolf now and then but I don’t see them running around too often. They might even actually be handy to have around.

        Best y’all focus on useful items. “Wealth” is a matter of perspective. All the gold and silver in the world won’t feed your babies if there ain’t no food to be bought.

        • PM’s may come in handy for medical and dental emergencies. Just saying.

        • CB

          “And now you know the rest of the story.”

          Paul Harvey.

        • CB, why not have it ALL ?? “Metals,” and all the Prepper’s stuff, combined ?? –Disabled Vietnam Vet: 68-70

          • I suppose you could, but to what end, Thomas? Personally, I’d rather have a pound of salt than a hundred pounds of gold in a SHTF situation.

        • Everyone knows you can’t “eat” gold or silver. But what do you do to prepare when you have 4-5 years of food, unlimited water, paid off house, 10’s of thousands of rounds of ammo and dozens of guns? I need somewhere to put my money. Gold/Silver is it.

      10. Considering that all the snowflakes concentrate on the web I don’t doubt that there is a bunch of chatter now. Their little minds are ready to blow because their big leaders told them it should.

        Discussing this trend with several more level headed individuals this morning we agreed that the problem started with “participation trophies”. Poor snowflakes expect instant gratification and to have life their way every time.

        Might be why dissatisfaction reigns supreme!

      11. This guys track record is SO BAD it’s amazing that every response on here wasn’t the same as mine ………….LMFAOOOOOOOoooooooooo

      12. Tip of the day.

        Those who hunt already have the jump on this idea.

        How about decoys to help bring in the food. Depends on where you live.

        • Here’s one for ya anon

          A little tip on taps we all know about putting tape on our cameras on laptops, pads etc if you take an old pair of headphones cut the end off, plug it in the computer and it recognizes the plug in and will shut off your Mic in most cases.
          Little tip on tap.
          (Just for reading)

      13. What’s left but to inflate lifes basic necessities such as food, water and shelter to unaffordable levels? The system has run its course, human life worth little in today’s world. I read that big pharma in concert with vaccine pushers have spent 880 million dollars from 2006 to 2015 to protect opioid medications and prevent cannabis legalization. Vaccine manufacturers have paid out over 3 billion dollars in vaccine damages. 134 vaccine bills introduced in 35 states in the first 7 weeks this year of the US legislative session. This represents an assault by pharmaceutical companies to force dangerous vaccine products on the entire US population. Pure evil to the nth degree. Paid off legislation buying our supposed representatives.

        • aljamo, talking about opioids, drug companies dumped 780 Million pills into West Virginia.
          Enough for 400 pills per person.
          Coming soon to your state.
          Might be worth a write-up, Mac.
          Several sources, here’s one. Remove the space between ht tp.

          ht tp://www.wvgazettemail.com/news-health/20161217/drug-firms-poured-780m-painkillers-into-wv-amid-rise-of-overdoses

          • Ketchup:

            Buy that excess up. Keep it with your preps. If TSHTF you can either be a pusher (joking) or you will have a supply in case there is a legitimate need. Have you ever seen that scene in “Gone With The Wind” when they amputate without pain meds?

            I have a strong feeling, once they turn kids and bored house wives into drug addicted whores, they will stop the flow. It might become impossible to get them. If there is an actual physical Revolution, or massive civil unrest, where people are in agony from traumatic injury, TPTB could lock the hospital doors, and Walmart being the only Pharmacy, what are you going to do?


            • Why are drug dealers called pushers? My observation has been that they have to beat off customers with a stick.

              • “. . .they have to beat off customers with a stick. . .”

            • many kids and bored house wives already are whores or worse, have been for a long while

      14. Well,things start really going south tis hard to reach out to the upper puppet masters but their next level down and the rest of the minions,well,they are in reach.Know the ones in your area,be ready to deal with them when times get real lively.

      15. Next !!!

      16. There are natural cures for almost everything.


        • Agreed. That is my next area of study.

        • In abundance, most it is called herbs. I eat or drink them every day, mostly because they taste good. It is called food

      17. Good. I didn’t buy all this ammo for a family heirloom. Freedom is much better to pass on to our children.

      18. Paul Craig Roberts was speaking on Tump’s attempts to help the economy. In previous history economies turned bad and people were layed off. Politicians adjusted taxes, the FED tweaked interest rates, and spending increased, so people were recalled back to work.

        Roberts says this is impossible, even if Trump and the FED did everything right, after eight years in Obama’s economic toilet, there are no factories left to open, or jobs left to recall people to. If spending improves, the money will just go to China. With no middle-class, no one working, and no resources to start new business, there can be only very slow growth if that.

        Big business has a lot of cash on the sidelines, but big business doesn’t innovate, they survive by buying small creative businesses that don’t exist.

        • I agree there are no easy answers as DT seems to suggest. The old paradigms are completely dead and the massive debt is unprecedented. We have never been here before in all of history on many levels. There is no simplistic answer to anything that exist before us. Which is exactly why our skills and abilities are critical points going forward. If you are not capable of physically working to grow your own food and to protect yourself you will suffer in the future. And the future is here. Those with the most and best skills and the correct mindset and physical health will thrive.

      19. The impending collapse of everything story has been told since the 1950’s. Harry Brown’s book How to Profit from the Coming Devaluation, 1970, told the same story being told today. The story will come true some day. Until then, I assure you living in fear is a loser. Buy physical things that make money. Siting in cash means inflation takes away your buying power. That happens even without a crisis.

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