Weather Patterns Go Crazy: Nebraska Flooding Has Broken 17 Records And Farmers Are Being Absolutely Devastated

by | Mar 18, 2019 | Headline News | 40 comments

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    This article was originally published by Michael Snyder at The Economic Collapse

    One record breaking disaster after another has been hitting America in recent months. At this moment, Nebraska is dealing with the worst flooding that it has ever experienced, and the economic damage being done by all of this flooding is going to be absolutely crippling for many farmers. Of course the floods are the result of the “bomb cyclone” that brought hurricane-like winds and blizzard conditions to the central part of the country last week. Sadly, this was just the latest chapter in a very cold and very bitter winter that can’t end soon enough as far as many of us are concerned.

    Unfortunately, a change in the seasons is not going to be enough to restore our weather patterns to normal. Prior to this winter, I repeatedly warned that this was going to be an extraordinarily cold and snowy winter, and it turns out that I was exactly correct.

    So how did I know this would happen?

    Well, it is actually very simple. I listened to the scientists that were warning us that our sun is exhibiting very unusual behavior, that Earth’s north magnetic pole has been shifting, and that global weather patterns are changing dramatically.

    It is not an exaggeration to say that weather patterns here in the United States are literally going crazy. Los Angeles just had the coldest February that it has seen in 60 years, Seattle just had their snowiest February in 70 years, and some parts of California received more than 500 inches of snow this winter.

    And now we are being warned that we could have a very rainy spring, but it is hard to imagine that things could get any worse than they currently are in the central part of the nation.

    If you can believe it, some parts of the Missouri River are going to break previous flood records by up to 7 feet

    The Missouri River was still rising on Saturday evening, local TV station KMTV reported, with a record crest of more than 47 feet expected early on Tuesday in Brownville, Nebraska, about 70 miles south of Omaha in the eastern corner of the state.

    “We’re looking at 4, 5, 6, 7 feet above the highest it’s ever been,” Wight said.

    So far, a total of 17 records have already been set, and according to CNN some of those records have been standing for nearly 60 years…

    Some of the records go as far back as 1960 and some are as recent as 2011, according to a press release from the Nebraska Emergency Management Agency, or NEMA. The majority of the records NEMA listed involved the Missouri River, which crested between 30 and 47.5 feet in different areas throughout the state since Tuesday, breaking previous records by 1 to 4 feet.

    The Platte River in Louisville is expected to crest Sunday at 14.3 feet, breaking its 1960 record by 1.9 feet, NEMA said. The Elkhorn River at Waterloo crested at 24.6 feet on Saturday, breaking its 1962 record by 5.5 feet.

    Other states have been hit by flooding as well, but nobody got hit quite as hard as Nebraska.

    After surveying the immense devastation caused by the flooding, Governor Ricketts attempted to convey the scope of the damage

    Gov. Pete Ricketts and other state officials witnessed a helicopter rescue mission, saw wiped-out bridges, islands of stranded cattle and towns engulfed by water during a flyover of flooded areas Friday.

    The expanse of the flooding made detecting the main channels of the Elkhorn and Platte rivers difficult in some areas, he said.

    “This may be the most widespread flooding devastation we’ve had in our state in the last half-century,” Ricketts said.

    Sadly, the truth is even worse than that.

    This is now the worst flooding that some parts of Nebraska have ever experienced, and with their fields inundated by water many farmers may not be able to plant their spring crops

    While this extreme weather affects everyone in the area, farmers see some of the worst effects. Blizzard conditions and flooding can kill cattle and hogs, and the water-soaked fields may persist for weeks, preventing Midwestern farmers from being able to plant a timely spring crop. Planting delays can lead to lower crop yields or even force farmers to give up planting some fields, which could cut into U.S. corn production this year.

    America’s farmers just can’t seem to catch a break. The trade war has small farmers all across the country on the verge of bankruptcy, and farm debt delinquencies have already reached the highest level that we have seen in 9 years.

    So all of this flooding is coming at a really bad time, and on top of everything else more rain and snow is in the forecast for Monday and Tuesday.

    Those that follow my work on a regular basis already know that I talk a lot about how our planet is becoming increasingly unstable. Earthquakes and volcanic eruptions are becoming more frequent, and global weather patterns are doing things that we haven’t seen before.

    There is a very complicated relationship between the sun, the Earth’s magnetic field and our rapidly shifting weather patterns. If the behavior of the giant ball of fire that our planet revolves around continues to become even more erratic, that is going to have enormous implications for every man, woman and child in the entire world.

    So keep a close eye on the sun. Most discussions about “climate” assume that our sun will behave the way that it always has, but that is not a safe assumption.

    Things are changing, and the catastrophes that we have seen so far are just the beginning…

    GetPreparedNow-MichaelSnyderBarbaraFixMichael T. Snyder is a graduate of the University of Florida law school and he worked as an attorney in the heart of Washington D.C. for a number of years.

    Today, Michael is best known for his work as the publisher of The Economic Collapse Blog and The American Dream

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      1. I’m sure the author’s time at the University of Florida law school, work as an attorney in Washington D.C. and publishing fear porn blogs has afforded him ample opportunity for scientific research.
        If you can’t tell s**t from Shinola that’s on YOU.

      2. Magnetic pole shift, sun anomalies, volcanic activity, industrialization, are all possibilities; but what about HARP?

        Did the powers that be create a means for weather modification and not employ it? Or, are the movers and shakers playing God? Are they preparing to create famine by messing around in farmland, Nebraska?

        Corn is in almost everything most Americans eat. Get people dependent on it, then take it away and gloat.


      3. I don’t agree that “our planet is becoming increasingly unstable”.
        It has always been unstable and always will be unstable.
        We are living on very thin layers of “stuff” floating on liquid rock. Everything is always moving, tearing , grinding, and colliding. We are being bombarded by radiation from a what is just a medium sized star( our sun). It’s actions have a direct and dramatic affect on our entire planet. Our star cycles because it is dynamic like everything else in the observable universe is.
        I feel badly for people suffering and dying in natural disasters, but it is never going to stop.
        We prepare for what we think can happen, never believing that the disaster will happen. I have gone through life with the understanding that if things can go bad, it will. You can’t stop it, but you can prepare for it.

      4. Just wait till the Dust Bowl Bomb strikes this summer. Coming soon to an area near you. Best hit them supermarkets hard through June.

      5. The last 10,000 years the earth has been very stable.
        People do not realize that this rock has been COMPLETELY covered in ice three times in its 4.7 billion year history. Thick ice Mile thick – Now thats climate change.
        What we are experiencing is nothing

        • Jak,
          Also significant portions of the mid west were once covered in salt water, a Sea if you will, but that was 100’s of millions of years ago.
          Why do you think they find sea creature fossils at high altitudes of the Rockies?
          The Earth is dynamic and always changing. The arrogance of people thinking we pitiful creatures can destroy or control such a mechanism as Earth is laughable.

          • Rellik,

            You are 100% correct – and it is laughable
            Its the sun always has been always will be
            Humans need to get over themselves -we are still very ignorant and primitive

          • theory is that that level of the rockies used to be at sea level, and was thrust up during an abrupt Earth change.

            Kind of like why there are frozen Mastadons in Siberia.

      6. Surprised he isn’t selling magic magnetic bracelets to all the UFO-flat-earthers that visit this webshite.

      7. If we completely deindustrialize by shipping manufacturing to the developing world, go 100% solar, sine “We Are One” with conviction the carbon to atmosphere will stay in the developing world that has become the developed world. They’ll have unusual weather which is largely an improvement. Yep, that’s the ticket.

      8. Here is something the last recorded FEMALE ORCA WHALES have died off of the California Coast.

        There is only a POD of 27 MALE only ORCA WHALES left.

        I wonder if any of them can get a sex change.

        • DON’T put that idea out there! The government will spend $Billions trying to do it (or claim that is what they spent the money on).

      9. Here is something the last recorded FEMALE ORCA WHALES have died off of the California Coast.

        There is only a POD of 27 MALE only ORCA WHALES left.

        I wonder if any of them can get a sex change ?

      10. Hey guys WAIT, what about what Al Gore said about global warming. YOu mean to say that Al Gore is wrong again. Heaven forbid, the world is coming to an end, Al was wrong again. ( there, I said it and I’m happy )

      11. There are only 8,711 flood insurance policies in force in the entire state of Nebraska.

        NOBODY there has flood insurance.

        I have no sympathy for them. Florida has almost 1 million policies in force for comparison.

        Source: ht tps://

        • Florida has a million flood insurance policies because it’s surrounded by water and regularly gets hurricanes.

          Nebraska has under 9,000 because it’s surrounded by land and sees more tornadoes than floods.

          Consider the states before you declare a lack of sympathy publicly.

          • oooooohhhhhh

            I guess flooding only comes from the ocean. I stand corrected. Dip shit.

        • much of Florida is also built on a swamp, and that insurance is mandated in those regions. Are you saying insurance should be mandated..?

          Its a gamble, you insure for the greatest risk. You don’t insure for every single possibility.

      12. The Mississippi River is currently undergoing flooding from MN all the way to the Gulf Coast and it does this every 2-3 years. I should know since I only live 5 miles east of the river. Nothing unusual here.

        • …but but the news people said it was HISTORIC!

        • since I only live 5 miles east of the river.

          But it smells like you live right on the river’s edge!

        SO FAST *

        It’s the close passing of the Planet Napisiti, look-up the info & documentation on this at (Montana Sky Watchers 1&2) on their Facebook page.. Napisiti is greenish/copper in color & it’s called the rain bomber..

        • Great a drive by planet whose nick name is Nappy.

        • Napisiti… umkay.

          and your sole source of scientific background on this is a Facebook page of people who don’t know what a cloud is or how they form.


      14. Oh please, this planet has been doing this stuff for eons,before man ever kept records. It isn’t going to change no matter what we do and we are stupid to try. If it hits your area…deal with it.

      15. You had me until “the giant ball of fire our planet revolves around”…I would love to see the REAL science that supports that hypothetical system

      16. Grandpa said don’t live in river towns. They flood.

      17. Sorry this happened to them, now they know what it’s like to go thru a Hurricane here in the Gunshine State. Yawn & double yawn.

        Mac, the country is about to catch fire, the Commie’s are rigging the Electoral Collage so Trump can not get re-elected. They’re threating to pack the Supreme Court. Sheriffs all over the Western states are resisting new unconstitutional gun laws. Venezuela and France have anti-socialist riots, almost everyday some place an article on a coming Civil War gets put on the web. GET REAL DUDE!

      18. The earth is cyclical, always has been and always will be. Modern humans have been fortunate to have lived in the last several hundred years of relatively stable weather and climate, but these changes we are seeing are all normal. The planet has and will go through worse. Humans will need to adapt. The systems we have put into place for food, where we live, and even how many of us there are have all been based on this relative stable environment. We aren’t going to be able to continue as we have. Changes are going to happen, either willingly or unwillingly. Adapt or die.

      19. 200 million years ago the midwest was under a shallow ocean. Maybe it’s coming back.

      20. When it floods, people get to high ground. Fat chance of that in Nebraska. The idiots that want to blame all of the recent weather disasters on human activity and carbon dioxide levels are already sounding off. It’s the cyclical activity of the sun!

      21. Farming is a tough business even when everything goes right. I really feel sorry for these farmers and the animals affected by this flooding. It’s inevitable that there are going to be some big price hikes as a result of this flooding. I guess this means I will be adding to my food storage sooner rather than later.

      22. I am from Eastern Nebraska…two things..

        1. this a natural process – happens routinely
        2. there is no such thing as a poor farmer in Eastern NE / Western Iowa….

      23. The Native American Indians living there say the floods were caused by the US Corp of Engineers terrible flood management since the 1930’s.

      24. The Native American Indians living there say the floods were caused by the US Corp of Engineers terrible flood management since the 1930’s.

      25. Apparently the author never looks up. In the morning sun sun sun. Around 10am jet trails that widen into a haze and around 2-4 the sun is gone. It happens over and over again. Just look up and quit playing with your phone. Its not conspiracy its documented and accepted. And you have to accept it.

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