Wealthy Elitists Freak Out As Hordes Of Homeless People Take Over Their Neighborhoods All Over The West Coast

by | Apr 29, 2019 | Headline News | 49 comments

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    This article was originally published by Michael Snyder at The Economic Collapse Blog.

    The elite are very “tolerant” of the homeless until they start showing up in their own neighborhoods.  Even though the mainstream media keeps telling us that the U.S. economy is “booming”, the number of Americans living on the streets continues to grow very rapidly, and this is particularly true in our major west coast cities.  More than half a million Americans will sleep on the streets of our cities tonight, and they need help, care, and shelter.  Sadly, as economic conditions deteriorate that number is likely to double or even triple.  Of course many among the elite are all in favor of doing something for the homeless, as long as they don’t have to be anywhere around them.

    For example, let’s talk about what is going on in Los Angeles.  No city on the west coast has a bigger problem with homelessness than L.A. does, and many in the homeless population enjoy camping out on the beautiful beaches in the L.A. area at night.

    But of course, many of the elite that paid millions of dollars for beachfront property are not too thrilled about this.  Sex Pistols frontman Johnny Rotten was a key symbol of anti-establishment rebellion in the 1970s, but now he is freaking out because homeless people are making life very difficult for him and his wife in Venice Beach, and what he recently told Newsweek’s Paula Froelich is making headlines all over the nation

    He told her the homeless situation in his swanky LA neighborhood is so bad that thieves are tearing the bars from the windows of his multimillion-dollar home, lobbing bricks, setting up unsightly tent cities and littering the beach with syringes.

    “A couple of weeks ago I had a problem,” the former punk prince opined. “They came over the gate and put their tent inside, right in front of the front door. It’s like . . . the audacity. And if you complain, what are you? Oh, one of the establishment elite? No, I’m a bloke that’s worked hard for his money and I expect to be able to use my own front door.”

    It is more than just a little bit ironic that a man that used drugs, sex, and rock and roll to shoot to global fame now sounds like a tired old crank that just wants to get the hippies off of his front lawn.

    And he also says that the beach in front of his home is almost unusable because of all the needles and human poop in the sand

    Rotten added of the punks: “They’re aggressive, and because there’s an awful lot of them together they’re gang-y. And the heroin spikes . . . You can’t take anyone to the beach because there’s jabs just waiting for young kids to put their feet in — and poo all over the sand.”

    Well, Johnny might as well become accustomed to his new neighbors, because the situation is only going to get worse as our national homelessness crisis intensifies.

    In Los Angeles, the number of homeless people that have died has risen 76 percent over the past five years, and this has happened during supposedly “good economic times”.

    So how bad will things get when the economy really starts going downhill?

    Up the coast in San Fransisco, some wealthy residents are fighting tooth and nail to keep a proposed homeless shelter out of their wealthy neighborhood.  The following comes from CBS News

    Some San Francisco residents are turning to crowdfunding to raise money to fight a proposed homeless shelter in their wealthy neighborhood. As of Monday morning, the effort had raised over $80,000 of its $100,000 goal.

    Calling itself “Safe Embarcadero for All,” the organizer is appealing to residents of South Beach, Rincon Hill, Bayside Village, East Cut and Mission Bay, saying the money will be directed to a legal fund to pay for efforts to fight the homeless shelter. San Francisco Mayor London Breed has sponsored legislation to fast-track the building of the Navigation Center, which would house 200 homeless people a stone’s throw from Google’s San Francisco offices and Gap’s headquarters.

    How wonderfully “tolerant” of them, eh?

    Of course, it is hard to blame them.  The streets of San Francisco are littered with thousands upon thousands of used syringes, and the number of official complaints about human feces in the streets is going up with each passing year.

    But instead of changing course, it looks like San Francisco officials will probably extend their free syringe program

    San Francisco officials are debating if they should continue a needle exchange program that has left city streets littered with hazardous waste.

    We have made an uncomfortable observation on social media: Thousands of needles are scattered on city streets, most likely came the Department of Public Health’s needle exchange program.

    San Francisco Board of Supervisors expects to approve a seven-year extension of the exchange program, could cost taxpayers a whopping $26 million.

    Overall, the city handed out 5.8 million free syringes in 2018, and a large number of those were simply thrown on to the streets when addicts were done using them.

    Up in Seattle, neighborhood after neighborhood has been taken over by homeless encampments, and many residents are saying enough is enough

    In the past two weeks, Seattle Is Dying has garnered 38,000 shares on Facebook and nearly 2 million views on YouTube. The report has clearly resonated with anxious, fearful, and increasingly angry Seattle residents. Exhausted by a decade of rising disorder and property crime—now two-and-a-half times higher than Los Angeles’s and four times higher than New York City’s—Seattle voters may have reached the point of “compassion fatigue.” According to the Seattle Times, 53 percent of Seattle voters now support a “zero-tolerance policy” on homeless encampments; 62 percent believe that the problem is getting worse because the city “wastes money by being inefficient” and “is not accountable for how the money is spent,” and that “too many resources are spent on the wrong approaches to the problem.” The city council insists that new tax revenues are necessary, including a head tax on large employers, but only 7 percent of Seattle voters think that the city is “not spending enough to really solve the problem.” For a famously progressive city, this is a remarkable shift in public opinion.

    With all of the money that they have, you would think that the major cities on the west coast would be showing the rest of the nation how to deal with homelessness, but instead, things continue to get worse with each passing year.

    And of course, what we have seen so far is just the beginning.  During the next recession, the homelessness crisis will be far, far worse than it is today.

    America should not have more than half a million people living in the streets, but we do, and those in power do not seem to have any solutions.

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      1. You shall reap what you sow. No tears for the ignorant. California is doomed. As is Seattle, New York, Illinois etc. As an upstate New Yorker (and yes, we are mostly Conservative Libertarian types), NY has been ruled by the Liberal elites. I’m 2 steps away from ditching this effin state. Just love my job. Keep messing with me and my constitutional rights, I’m gone for good. Close to the braking point!

        Take your taxes and fascist laws and cram them where the…ok. You get the rest.

        • The saying, ‘drain the swamp,’ apparently came from an Army training video, showing urban sprawl, that reminded me of the ‘Gangs of New York’ movie.

          But, our richest families began as sawyers, millers, and fish mongers.

          Every failure of our communist, state services represents a free market workaround and a business opportunity. The pinkos are forced to buy from you any good or service which cannot be provided through routine job appointments.

      2. Maybe if the city cut down the drug use and got the mentally 8ll off the street,it would be a little less chaotic

        • Johnny Rotten helped bigly to create this situation. Now he get some Karma…

          It will be most entertaining when the “elite” get full blown cultural enrichment from the third world invasion they are inviting in.

          • j said, “Johnny Rotten helped bigly to create this situation.”

            In their own words, the counter culture expected people to make their own music, clothes, industries, and were disappointed to see degradation.

            Machiavellians were using everyday fads, to demoralize people, because human wreckage is a tame source of cheap labor.

      3. Johnny Rotten tried to warn the world about Jimmy Savile decades ago. Savile was one of the creepiest, most prolific child abusers in history. Savile had creepy friends in high places and the freak got knighthood status. The truth about the pervert Savile came out only a few years ago after Savile was dead. I could care less about elitists. However, Johnny Rotten is a real man and a hero for speaking up decades ago at his own risk.

      4. Hope they know there are thousands more working their way to them. It’ll be their “Napalm that they love to smell in the morning”. I hope too that they get over to visit Barak and leave a steamy pile on his door step.

      5. California cities and other western cities (Portland, Seattle) are drug infested hell holes with no law and order to stop it. California people need to exit that state and move elsewhere. It is without hope and un-fixable. Losers will stay there.

      6. It’s classic NIMBY (not in my back yard). I have a vision of cops being called on the homeless and their dope sniffing dog going over to the movie stars car barking profusely.

        • Hahaha

      7. Couldn’t help from laughing at the stu.pid people on the left coast. What did they expect?

        Blame it on their own policies? No, can’t be that!


      8. The whole thing is really simple. Democrats pass laws and most of us follow the law even if we think it is stupid, like that National 55 MPH crap we had to suffer with for years. We are good worker bee citizens.
        Democrats don’t know how to deal with people that don’t give a
        fu ck about their laws. We see it with drugs, illegal immigration, guns, human trafficking, and crime in general. Democrats only make thing worse. I am not aware of any Democrat Party policy or law that improved society as a whole.
        Most Homeless don’t want to be homeless to be sure, but the problems these cities experience are from the people that refuse help on the terms of the Democrats that run the government. I’d rather live free in a tent under a freeway, than live in some dystopian prision as a slave, if those were the only choices I had.
        Until you address the problem of people’s desire to live their lives as they see fit vs. how the Democrat party thinks you should live, this problem will only get worse.

        • Rellik, you know I’m on the same page with you about the Dems. I’m sure some of the homeless would love to go back to what we consider to be a normal life. But let’s face it, there’s a certain percentage that have substance abuse problems and don’t want to be helped at all. So what’s to be done with them? Hard question to answer. But for the ones who are willing to work I say give them one chance to prove themselves to an employer. They either swim or sink. If they swim they’ll be alright. If they sink then they can hang it up. I can’t help but LMAO at the freakin’ elites who supported policies that made people homeless in the first place. WTF did the elitists expect?

          • Deplorable you said, and i quote” But let’s face it, there’s a certain percentage that have substance abuse problems and don’t want to be helped at all.” end quote. Fine,since they don’t want to get clean then lets have the city provide them with a hot shot, and be done with it.

            For those of you that don’t already know this, a hot shot is an overdose. Using this method the city could set up a hot line to call, to let them know where to pick up the dead body’s.

            After the hot shot there will only be a one time cost to the tax payers to pickup and dispose of their body’s. We could even use one of those mobile cremation trailers that the horse ranches use, then dump their ashes in the city owned land fill, that should save the tax payers even a few more bucks.

      9. Parasite culls. Folks who enable culls are not solving the problem. Let a person set by your fire and they will be warm for as long as you keep the fire going. Set that same person on fire and they will be warn for the rest of their life!!

      10. The world is too crowded. No, I’m not advocating for genocide or eugenics. But there are mountains of plastic garbage piling up everywhere…mostly in shithole countries that empire gets to send their waste to. Some is recycled, but not much. It’s cheaper to just make more plastic. That’s what light, tight, fracked condensate is especially good for…feedstock for chemical plants. There will be more and more “manmade” materials created from these hydrocarbons until it piles up even here. Already China is refusing to take most of the US trash it took for years. It has it’s own pollution problems. Landfills are now becoming overwhelmed here in the states. Plastic is, for the most part, not biodegradable. It just stays around and eventually infiltrates anything and everything. Nanoparticles are in all the waterways and much of the ocean fish.

        Soon, like yeast in a petrie dish, we will consume all the resources while polluting our environment until it kills all.

        The world will no longer be too crowded.

        Buy my book.

        • Jrs your full of it. Every thing in about and around the planer is a Natural thing. many natural things are harmful to organic life. However ” man made” isn’t the proper term. man isn’t making anything. Man cannot make something from nothing. Man cannot make something into nothing. All man is doing is combining natural things into useful stuff. The planet eventually breaks down and recycles everything. A good example is the rubber worn from car tires. If your theory was correct. there should be huge piles of worn off tire rubber alongside the roads. That hasn’t occurred. because the worn rubber is so small its very quickly recycled by the planet. The sun breaks down plastic very quickly. that plastic island out in the Pacific is teeming with sea life. And the polar bears are also doing Ok.

          • Sure, Old Guy, it’s all natural…no problem. Lets go back to the days of Love Canal and Three Rivers on fire. I guess that stuff was natural hydrocarbon based, too. Plastic is toxic to humans and even if it wasn’t, it takes more than a few lifetimes to break down. There’s sinkholes around here just full of plastic junk that was there 30 years ago. Steel rusts and breaks down a lot faster than plastic. Where ya gonna put it all when these other countries won’t take it? It’s going to be a big problem shortly.

            • If every couple on average had 2 kids that would DOUBLE the population. Plus the shitty aliens, THAT WILL FIX IT FOR SURE! Forced sterilization is the only way out of this mess. Or just slowly die in a hell beyond belief.

              • Genius? I thought you were smarter than that!

                Maybe you were thinking short term.
                Then yes.
                Generally it is thought to have 2 kids maintains the population, because the parents die and then there are 2 less. So, you have mearly replaced yourself.

                Worked correctly when people died at 40 (1700s 1800s) but now we live to 80 so we have grandchildren and great-grandchildren we hile we are still here.

                • My bad, it quadruples…

            • Ive left plastic milk jugs out in the sun and in three months they shattered whewn I kicked them. Stuff buried in sinkholes and landfills. That’s sequestered carbon. And when we dig coal ect. we turn loose sequestered carbon. I usually just burn plastic. I knowthe smoke is toxic just like the natural things it was made from where toxic.so what? In the end its a wash Even Steven. Man isn’t causing climate change. and man cannot mitigate climate change. You greenies are bigger idiots than the democraps. Wait We must embrace that Looney otasco democrap new green new deal or we are all gonna die in a few short years.. Explain how man is creating any new element from nothing. You do know castor beans in their natural state will kill you?

              • I burn plastic, too. I didn’t say anything about climate change. Reading comprehension is a good thing to learn. I am talking about the huge, increasing amount of plastic that is created and how it is piling up on land and in the water. When your drinking water gets too polluted you will die same as the rest.

                • ” I am talking about the huge, increasing amount of plastic that is created and how it is piling up on land and in the water”. That’s where the flaw is in your assessment. Man isn’t CREATING anything. You cannot make something from nothing. Rearranging natural elements is not creation. its not adding anything. So if the natural elements that plastic is manufactured from are not piling up on the land and water. then what is made from those natural elements takes up exactly the same volume by weight.

              • so will Castro beans

          • OG, usually I agree with you.
            But by your logic, if it’s from the Earth, it isn’t toxic..?
            Drink water from a cool spring, die early from levels of arsenic.
            Happened to an Oregon rancher on his eastern Or. ranch.
            How about lead in gasoline. Should we go back to that?
            What’s a little brain damage among friends.

            • Think back not one of Fast Al Gores inconvienent Truth predictions even came close to happening. I loved the leaded gas. washed parts in it with my bare hands. siphoned it and occasionally swallowed a bit. Drove the farm tractor with no muffler and the exhaust outlet would be chalk white from the lead coating. on a cold day when the wind would be right the warm exhaust felt good on my face. And In old and still healthy? My logic is if it from the earth its a natural thing. and since everything is natural man,s activities have no way of increasing or decreasing the volume of things that could be harmful to organic life. Killer bees are natural things. now just what does those killer bees eat or use to manufacture their poison? some natural thing! same with poison plants they use some natural thing to make their toxic poison. My cow eats green plants and makes methane gas and cow farts are natural as can possibly exist. However since for every action there is a equal and opposite reaction. For every so called bad thing man does there should be a equal so called good thing happen. But not so with the greenies! mans activities and now my cows farts do not follow the first rule of Pyhsics. everything man does according to them is bad pollution and killing the planet. They fail to acknowledge That you cant make sumthin from nuthin. or make sumthin into nuthin. When you can accomplish that feat you can create perpetual motion.

              • So, you missed the arsenic tainted spring water…
                lead causes brain damage.
                Do you drink strychnine, too? 🙂
                It’s all natural.
                You’re half right this time, OG.

                • I don’t think that lead is as bad as claimed. Us boomers played with toys that where painted with lead based paint. We shot game with lead pellet shotgun shells and quite often didn’t get all the pellets from the meat. A older neighbor is font of squirrel. So I gave him some I had shot. The next week he went in the hospital. and they took X rays. They asked him when he was shot? The X rays where showing number 7 pellets in his intestines. a few days afterward the X ray did not show any lead. LOL. Many city water systems used lead pipes. Most All the baby boomers where exposed to lead on a daily basis. and we never suffered any ill effects. We used to melt lead and pour into molds and make lead army men& lead sinkers ect. And also asbestos. I used to use a skill saw and saw up 4×8 sheets of asbestos. and changed out the asbestos brakes on semi trucks and blew the dust off with a air hose. and my lungs are fine. Im 68 and can out work most folks who are thirty years younger than me. I think the fast food. processed hormone and gmo fed meat animals are far worse and kill more people than any so called pollution. look at the lard asses. Pot gut and huge tits. The children mature at 10 years old and have a pot gut and huge tits. even the little boys need to wear a bra. We raise out own meat. we are all rawboned lean no excess fat. I never once took my children to MC Donalds. They brought their own lunch to school. We don’t drink sodas. we do drink beer& wine. I just ate a barreque pork sandwich. Pot belly pig fed on indian corn that we grew . You folks worried about a bit of arsenic. Heck when I was a kid we dusted the cotton field with it to kill the Boll Weevils. You folks go and buy poison food and then try and blame you health problems on pollution. Your eating toxic food.

                • No I don’t drink strychnine. however apple seeds do contain it. I also don’t let a poison snake bite me or eat castor beans .Like I said many natural things can kill organic life. However Man combining natural things together does not increase the net amount of elements on the planet. Everything here is always here in some form some manner some how. and the Planet over time recycles everything. Man cannot create any extra stuff. You cannot make something from nothing. What ever you make the elements its made from where already here in their natural state. and will eventually return to that orginal natural state. The planet has trillions of years to do so.

                • Half Right? JRS claims we are soon going to have a extinction level event from too much plastic and no place to put it! Now how turning natural occurring elements into plastic some how increases the volume to the point it crows out life on the planet some how circumvents the fact you cannot make something out of nothing? That is simply a bullshit theory. not even partially true it will never happen.

      11. ” In 1975, the U.S. Supreme Court restricted the rights of states to incarcerate someone who was not violent. This was followed up with a 1978 ruling further restricting states from confining anyone involuntarily for mental illness. In 1975, the United States Court of Appeals for the First Circuit ruled in favour of the Mental Patient’s Liberation Front of Rogers v. Okin,[1] establishing the right of a patient to refuse treatment. Later reforms included the Mental Health Parity Act, which required health insurers to give mental health patients equal coverage.”

        This was the beginning of the end.

      12. The illegals crossing the border are leaving circumstances that these homeless are in. The illegals are finding employment, most are not criminal although there is a significant percentage of violent criminals among them. So non English speaking people find work that puts some roof over their heads (granted often with government assistance) and natives do not. I’ll bet that the most common denominator among the tent living homeless is substance abuse.

      13. The cost of living on the west coast prevents a lot of lower income people from renting/buying a property. Inflation is killing everybody and the west coast dems are bankrupting everything they touch. Many of the homeless are mental patients or can’t afford medicines needed to get better. A tent is a lot cheaper to buy and those nice warm public beaches are easy to populate. As for the elites on their beach front properties…move! It’ll get worse before it gets better.

      14. Wrote Michael Snyder the Socialist “America should not have more than half a million people living in the streets, but we do, and those in power do not seem to have any solutions.”

        What would Michael have the taxpayer do? Spend an additional $250k each year on each of these fine gutter people? Give the scum of the world free EVERYTHING?

        NO, I say cut them off, no more free anything. Have them rely on their family or their church for a handout while getting a fucking job.

        • Or try and rob me or break in my house and get your head blown off.

      15. Right On Kevin2. If you take a closer look at those homeless drug addicts they are not from Mexico, at least not for now but just wait a few years .Got ammo ?

      16. Poor Johnny Rotten. “These homeless bloke’s are pooping all over me private beach,throwing syringes everywhere, and put up a tent next to me front door !” He should set up bear traps all over his beach and yard, now there’s a punk rock solution to his homeless people problem.

      17. Have the homeless in SF clean up the shit in the streets. If not then the current shit crew should take their daily gatherings and dump it on the homeless encampments. Think they will leave?

      18. Back in the day one of the Pistols last gigs had J Rotton saying at the end to the audience “ever had a feeling youve been swindled?”. He betrays everything of a generation, the twat that he is. Go back to advertising butter or whatever it is.

      19. These rich ‘punks’ need to get wise: stop voting for useless, lazy left wing politicians (as soon as they get elected they spend their days taking bribes and arguing if black lesbians are more oppressed than clit-free burka babes).

        I work with Chinese companies to offer the latest data science and we use that to clear the human trash out of neighbourhoods. We do it quietly and when we are done the home values double and the quality of life is restored. My Chinese clients do not want their kids living in ‘hoods filled with koons and moo-slimes. They have worked too hard for their money.

        Mr Rotten needs to learn some Mandarin and hire our company. He could soon be wriggling his toes in the warm, crap-free sand.

      20. We tried feeding the birds one winter. Lots of cardinals , buntings and other birds winter over in Arkansas. What happened was eventually the black birds took over and chased the others off. and the hawks came and roosted waiting for a easy meal. did they kill and eat the black birds? nope I suppose blackbirds don’t taste good? they waited on the songbirds. We soon realized all we where doing is enabling the blackbirds and hawks. You cannot change anything by enabling. Enabling isn’t a viable solution. Jonny Rotten needs to build a good wall. Place a mean bull inside. Bet he will not have any more problems. Then build a out of sight catapult on the roof. collect the bulls manure and sling it on the beach at night. aim for the camp fires. He could be having the most fun .maybe capture a paper wasp hornet nest and sling it out on the beach. a basket of snakes or rats. The possibilities are endless.

        • I was thinking electrifying his fence, if that is legal where he is. If not, there are so many ways to make it hard to scale a fence like lots of extra thorny bushes such as roses.

          • Ive been planting a hedge around the premeter of my places. Osage orange. Hawthorn and false orange. I plan to eventually have a 6 foot wide inpeneratable bramble.

      21. The fed grant dept subsidizes migrant, alien, and indigent renters.

        The homeless are offered a choice between “crisis housing” and jail, either of which involves moral authority and some sweat shop labor.

        Work houses, Indian schools, and slave plantations seem to have been run this way. Talk like this, on a sailing ship.

        It’s not just plain work. If you do wrong, someone is supposed to make you wear an albatross around your neck. Constant, moral instruction, from your social betters, like in a sleepaway camp.

        Entry level labor is mainly being reserved for urchins from out of these establishments — the kind, who Sanger wouldn’t like.

      22. To give an idea of how bad it is I regularly drive the 110 freeway to downtown Los Angeles to my office. For 10 to zero miles of downtown every freeway overpass and underpass has 50 to 200 tents. They are drug addicted and the mentally ill drug addicts. It looks like Mexico. The drug addicts empty their 10 gallon buckets of urine, vomit and poop onto the freeways with traffic underneath. Can we please stop saying it homelessness. These people want to live this way and take drugs. The legalization of pot had made the situation worse now these scum smoke meth openly and crack openly pretending its weed. California is lost I can not see it improving. Disease in Los angels is skyrocketing with restaurants having E. coli contamination and Hepatitis from all the dirty streets and no rain to wash the filth away.

        • I saw an interview of a homeless gal (forget where on the internet) and she said that almost all those she knew in the homeless population were druggies. She refused to stay in the usual encampments for that reason.

          Currently around the greater metro Washington DC area, the homeless are mostly all working poor up against monetary problems of various sorts. Homeless encampments are still discouraged and destroyed but they always find somewhere to land. I’ve talked to a few as I come across them in a store or whatnot and they seem intent on improving their situation while regarding their homelessness as temporary. Not saying there’s no drug problem in the area; I avoid anywhere that looks dicey.

      23. What we are seeing is a cultural problem. People fail because of their poor cultural habits and behaviour. As an example, black culture on the whole does not respect reading, knowledge, the great figures of science, but instead worships thugs and spend their days in “who is the biggest bad ass gorilla” competition.

        Asians on the other hand, value education, respect for elders, good social behaviour. And thus they excel in life.

        All it takes is one month of being immersed into a bad culture for your life to go downhill. That is what happened to these people. They got high and then they got addicted and then they made bad decisions. It just takes a month for your life to fall apart.

        That’s why you should never live beside, nor work with, bad cultures. Google only has 1% of its staff who are black. My dad, a professor, tells me he never has blacks make it to be good enough for him to supervise them for graduate work. Most are Asians with a handful of whites. That’s life telling you how it really is.

      24. I miss Kentucky Mom.

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