“We Will Soon Find Out What True Censorship Means” – Obama’s Surrender Of Internet Control To Authoritarian Regimes Is Irreversible

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    Saturday, October 1, 2016 was the day that Obama, using the Commerce Department ceded American control over the Internet to foreign nations and the UN.  Naysayers can attempt to whitewash this maneuver and claim that ICANN (the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) is “simply a nonprofit corporation that contracted to manage the Internet when old obligations expired.”  That is completely false.  Once again Obama has utilized a unilateral action on an issue that should be left up to Congress if for just one reason alone: the complete compromise of national security by transferring control of the Internet to foreign nations.

    Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) and other congressman wrote a long and detailed letter to try and halt the transfer and their words fell on deaf ears.  The transfer is so heinous and so dangerous to the United States that four states, namely Arizona, Nevada, Oklahoma, and Texas filed a lawsuit with the U.S. District Court in Galveston, TX to try to prevent it a few days before the transfer took place. A federal judge ruled that the transfer could proceed.  Why wasn’t this action stopped or even delayed? Because George C. Hanks, Jr., is the Texas federal judge who ruled on Friday there would be no delay regarding the transfer of U.S. control of the Internet to ICANN.

    Judge George C. Hanks, Jr. was appointed by President Barack Hussein Obama II.

    Why is the transfer heinous and dangerous?  For starters, prior to the ruling by the Obama-appointed judge and the actual transfer, a letter was written to both the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Joseph Dunford, and Secretary of Defense Ash Carter two days before the ruling.  The letter was composed by 77 experts in the fields of the Internet, cybersecurity, and national security and pleaded for intervention to prevent the transfer.  Justification for stopping the move was explained as follows in excerpts from the letter:

    “As individuals with extensive, first-hand experience with protecting our national security, we write to urge you to intervene in opposition to an imminent action that would, in our judgment, cause profound and irreversible damage to the United States’ vital interests.  Indeed, there is, to our knowledge, no compelling reason for exposing the national security to such a risk by transferring our remaining control of the Internet in this way at this time.  “In the absence of U.S. government involvement in IANA it seems possible that, over time, foreign powers – including potentially or actually hostile ones – will be able to influence the IANA process. Even coercing the delay in approving IP addresses could impact military capabilities. From a broader view, given the well-documented ambition of these actors to restrict freedom of expression and/or entrepreneurial activity on the Internet, such a transfer of authority to ICANN could have far-reaching and undesirable consequences for untold numbers of people worldwide.  It is profoundly disappointing that the Obama administration has decided to press on with its plan to relinquish United States oversight of crucial Internet functions, even though Congress has not given its approval. For years, there has been a bipartisan understanding that the ICANN transition is premature and that critical questions remain unanswered about the influence of authoritarian regimes in Internet governance, the protection of free speech, the effect on national security, and impacts on consumers, just to name a few.”

    To clarify parts of this letter, IANA stands for Internet Assigned Numbers Authority, and the contract made with ICANN was between them and the NTIA, the National Telecommunications and Information Administration, the bureaucratic institution to previously regulate the Internet and assign things such as domain names and identifications, and this overseen by the federal government through the Commerce Department and an almost two decades-old policy of American Internet control.

    Obviously the letter did not work.  ICANN, as mentioned before, is not a simple nonprofit corporation based in Los Angeles, CA.  ICANN has an office in Beijing, China, in the same building where over 30,000 Chinese “employees” work in the State Cybersecurity apparatus.  In addition to the Chinese, other multinational “partners” and owners in ICANN include Russia, Iran, Cuba, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, and Venezuela, all of which are not exactly famous for upholding rights of free speech to their citizens as we used to have in the U.S. under the 1st Amendment.

    But here’s the gimmick: Obama’s judge denied the transfer’s stoppage in a U.S. court ruling, and the contract (with a multinational firm with international “partners”) is currently in effect and being exercised.  Now any legal action would have to come before an international court such as The Hague in the Netherlands to challenge the rights of the foreign “partners” in this Internet takeover

    Returning to the actual issues involved with the loss of U.S. oversight to the Internet, an expert in cybersecurity, Bruce Schneier, CTO of IBM’s Resilient and a fellow at Harvard’s Berkman Center, said on 9/25/16 that Chinese cyberwarfare attacks have been on the rise for the past month.  He also mentioned that because of the intricacies and complexities of the attacks, they are being performed by a “large state cyberwarfare unit.”  Internet infrastructure companies have been experiencing cyberattacks that have been intricate, escalating, and testing components of the companies’ sensitive structures.  Schneier mentioned the end goal for these suspected Chinese hackers:

    “A global blackout of all websites and e-mail addresses in the most common top-level domains.”

    This is a pretty deep statement, especially in light of the fact that now the Chinese don’t have to waste their efforts and energies with hacking, since the Internet is in their hands.

    The Center for Security Policy president and founder Frank Gaffney on Septmebr 28  gave an interview to Breitbart News Daily and stated the following critical considerations:

    What they’re preparing to do is to cede, or surrender, the last vestige of American control, or even influence, over what is done with critical functions of the Internet.

    …the point is, if you think that the freedom of the Internet – whether it’s the ability of people to communicate freely information on it, or whether you think of it as an engine for free enterprise, let alone if you understand the contribution that it makes these days to national security – including, by the way, the operations of our critical infrastructure – you will understand that the United States retaining a measure of quality control as to what’s going on with how the Internet is populated with names and numbers, domains, websites and the like, is a very important thing.

    …countries, I should say, like Russia, and China, and Saudi Arabia, and Iran, and North Korea – don’t want us to have any say in this and would like to be able to change things around so that they cannot only restrict all the things the Internet does to help their own people…but they want to take those freedoms – freedom of speech, freedom of expression, freedom of enterprise – away from us, as well.

    This will be irreversible. Once this so-called mechanism known as the numbering and naming function is permanently and irreversibly to some multinational non-profit – which will, trust me, be dominated in due course, if not right away, by the Russians, and the Chinese, and the Saudis, and so on – we’re not getting that back. There’s not anything a President Trump is gonna be able to do about it, if he does, in fact, become president.”

    Gaffney served as former Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence and is more than well-versed in the actions of the “partners” who have just been gifted with control of the Internet by Obama.  And yes, your eyes did read correctly: North Korea and Iran are also “partners” in this tragic giveaway.

    Earlier articles pertaining to EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) weapons and nuclear tests by North Korea, two days before their 9/9/16 nuclear test that was estimated between 20-30 kilotons the company who monitors them by satellite for such actions was hacked into and shut down.  The hackers could have been North Korean, Chinese, or Russian.  With GridEx 2014 the Russians and Chinese know about our systems to protect the electrical grid in the U.S. and all of the computer systems it relies upon.

    And now these countries have control over the Internet.

    There have been many recent postings on all of the independent news websites about denied access to major sites, increased difficulties with e-mails and servers, increased time to access a conservative news venue, and other difficulties within the past two weeks.  I have experienced similar occurrences, for example, when attempting to view Alex Jones’ site, and even here with SHTFplan…where the screen announces “Yahoo cannot link to this website,” or “Website temporarily unavailable,” or such.

    But there’s never a problem logging onto “The Huffington Post,” and no delay reaching the “Washington Post” or any other left-wing site.

    Additional concerns will be surfacing with the new SDR (Special Drawing Rights) measures being “accepted” into the U.S. banking system via “partners” such as the IMF and the effects on the U.S. money supply.  As the cash is being slowly eliminated toward all accounts being solely in electronic funds, how does this play out with China, Russia, and others controlling the websites and Internet where funds are moved, stored, and accounted for?  What will be the effects on inventory and purchases over the Internet?  What about online banking and checks that are issued electronically to pay for bills as well as for goods and services?

    And what about our defenses and our infrastructure?  What will happen with potential response times for missile attacks when DOD servers and computer systems are hacked and shut down?  What about the previously-mentioned power grid?  Several commenters have suggested that an EMP would not even be needed if they just shut down all of the power to critical infrastructure, and I agree with this in part.  They’ll still initiate an attack with an EMP to destroy microcircuits and electronic equipment not dependent upon or interacting with the Internet…what better measure to make military aircraft fall from the skies and “zap” unshielded sources not computer driven or dependent?  Hand-in-hand with that EMP, however, would be the crippling cyberattack.

    These next few weeks will be revelatory, to say the least, as we find out what measures will be taken by these foreign nations to name and number all users, killing anonymity.  We will soon find out what true censorship means, as all of this will have a drastic effect on the independent news media sites.  Obama succeeded: he won yet again, by transferring control of the Internet to ICANN.  He has won or evaded every battle that has been fought with him.  Now he won the battle to deny the U.S. of the only venue of news and communication that was not completely skewed, controlled, or rubbish.  October 1, 2016 is potentially the date of another day that will live in infamy…the loss of individual freedoms with the Internet guaranteed under the 1st Amendment has now been given away to ICANN and its consortium of foreign “partners” by Obama.

    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at SHTFplan.com or contact him here.

    This article may be republished or excerpted with proper attribution to the author and a link to www.SHTFplan.com.


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      1. Ah well it was good while it lasted. Lived a long time before it got here and did well. Will do so again. When the henchmen come for me I’ll make them pay.

        • PO’d Patriot, same here. Someone targets me only at their own peril.

          • Best to you Braveheart.

            • May you fair well Braveheart. This makes me sick to my stomach. IMHO the Internet was the last vestige of free speech. I hope and pray that history sees Obama for the Socialist, anti-American, moose-limb-sympathing POS that he is. This is one big step closer to a one world government. God help us all.

              • Tread3, welcome, and thank you for those kind words. You’ve come to the right place. Best wishes to you as well.

        • I just dont understand how the internet works . Dont understand why we simply cant build another internet and F these people.
          Its just not in my wheelhouse , but i do get the ramifications of ceding control.
          Just plain irresponsible and traitorous the way i see it .
          I have already stopped and shut down the small amount of internet banking/commerce i conduct . Back to paper and pencil.
          Soon we will have to stop commenting for fear of having government thugs kick in our doors at 2 am , F this crap .

          • I hammerhead will still comment if only to be used as bait to lure them in. Enough already. The hour is late and I grow testy.

          • Hammerhead, anyone who kicks in your door needs to die. Doesn’t matter who it is.

          • hammerhead, you get it. Yes technically another independent internet could be built. However, it would require major communications companies to allow the use of their fiber optic networks, satellites etc. These companies are under FedGov’s thumb. They could have shut alt-media down before but now can do so and blame an international authority.

            Either way, alt-media will be censored. At a minimum we should be setting up some COMM such as AmRRON. Chaos is coming and everyone needs to be able to communicate with their local ‘community’ of friends, neighbors and patriots.

          • People can build something better and many are doing just that.
            examples: blockstack.org & opennicproject

      2. Sure does make ya wanna poopoo in there peepee.

        • Turquoise yes it does…

          I suspect before Christmas any website that sells anything related to firearms is going to be their initial target shut down quickly. So order your guns and ammo in the coming weeks. You may not be amble to get to those website much longer…

          • Rabbit,sorry but need to edit your post(thank me later).I believe you meant to say”order MORE guns and ammo off of the net”.In that vein print/download ect. any info you find valuable,med books/bushcraft/old school med/gardening ect.,any skill sets you have not yet gotten to so have a base of info. to start with,net starts going down some sites believe hackers will just wipe it out,and keep whipeing it out.

      3. You knew it couldn’t possibly last. When’s the last time in HUMAN FRICKING HISTORY that people were just straight up allowed to say whatever? It’s the exception, not the rule.

        As an aside:


        This is so over.

        Like the spoiled children we’ve been since the end of WW2… when we were last man standing… we have just no fucking concept of reality. The world has been alternately crying or patting us on our duncey pointy little heads for decades.

        (You’ve got the brawn… I’ve got the brains… let’s rob and enslave other countries… that’s what you’re really saying, thermodynamically speaking. Hot spots and cold spots).

        And then smack across the face… reality.

        When none of your Wolf of Wallstreet / American Psycho whiny little bastard bullshit utterly FAILS to work (suddenly… gasp… it worked the last 10,000 times… what the fuck???!!)… what are you gonna do.

      4. There is one solution. Cut all the undersea cables. Most of the internet content we’re interested in is located within the US anyway. Then we’d have absolute control of our own internet.

        • Now, there is something to that!

        • Archivist:

          I saw a foreign looking man, probably a Middle Eastern Terrorist, with a sharp shinny object, either a machete or giant scissors, casing those underwater cables. He looked suspicious. If you see something, say something.

          You are right. Very smart, too. We should be Nationalists. To hell with the rest of the world. Let them fend for themselves. We’ve been policing the world and neither we nor the world is safer.


        • Archivist- Your name could be the answer! Start using WebHTTrack to archive whole websites to your personal computer storage systems, for yourself and to be able to make them available when we come up with our own internet.

      5. Since it will be under foreign control, does that mean we will be held to foreign legal standards? Most other countries outlaw opposition speech. They call it Hate Speech. You don’t have to violate that law over there. You can violate it here, and when you travel outside the US, they arrest you. That has actually happened before. A guy advertised Nazi stuff for sale on the internet. And sold to people who lived in Germany. It’s against the law in Germany. He traveled to Germany and the law was waiting for him.

        • Him, the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith, a jewish organization, are the ones who originally pushed for the so-called ‘hate speech’ laws. They’re in effect in Canada and all of the European Union. People in those countries get locked up for speaking their minds against their own government’s agendas. They’ll be pushing for the same thing here before too long. Let someone target me over my speech and I’ll give them something they DON’T want!

        • Him, he was then known as a ‘dumbass’.

          • I agree, but he has right to be a dumbass. We are no more free than he is. Soon, shall we be called dimbass for posting our ideas?

      6. We’re waaaayyyy toooo reliant on the net. It’s a great tool, don’t get me wrong but I think of how much I use it and it’s not good.

        For things that I use I try to get manuals/boods and just have some wits about me if I have to fix or build it.

        • Go “old school.” Buy stamps, envelopes, and make sure that you have the phone numbers for your banks, credit cards, insurance companies, etc.
          Make sure that all of your online accounts will send paper bills.
          I’ve asked to have all of my online accounts deleted (banking, credit cards, Ebay, Amazon, etc.) and was successful in getting most of my online accounts deleted. Many companies however, will tell you that they can not remove or delete your online accounts, so go into those accounts and remove all credit card info and change your address (fake address of course, even use a fake name if you can).
          The terrible thing however, is that EVERYONE including doctors, hospitals, insurance companies, grocery store point cards, Social Security, schools, universities, pharmacy records, psychiatric and substance abuse records, prison/jail records, etc. store all of their records online.
          Privacy is a thing of the past, so do what you can to cut the cord with the internet and your private life.

          In the last week, for the 1st time ever, I tried to view a video on You Tube and a message popped up saying that this video violated some kind of rule and was unable to be viewed in “this” country (USA).
          It’s only the beginning folks, get ready.

        • I am religious and IMO, God is done with helping. There are many reasons to pick why, but the only way the usa will not keep on thw path to socialist/communist hell is to repent and the entire country return to God.

          I am not optimistic.

          • “I am religious and IMO, God is done with helping.”

            Lena –

            Thanks for that statement … because of that … it shows me that you are a true Christian … not some Bible Thumping/Evangelical/Prophecy Fear Monger that appears to get thrown around here from time to time.

            This is the kind of “FAITH” people should have in their hearts.

            Lena spoke truth – all else is heresy and bullshit.

            Thank you for you indulgence Lena ✞

      7. “We Will Soon Find Out What True Censorship Means” – Obama’s Surrender Of Internet Control To Authoritarian Regimes Is Irreversible

        “hey … you can’t do that” – how about some Friday Humor –

        Hitler rants about being banned from the Internet

        Duraion: 3:49


        • Damnit FTW! They’ll probably be the things I miss the most. Even now I miss HCKS postings though in the beginning I thought he was in the outer realm. I realized after he kept posting that I could be wro….wron…..wrong… and kept reading. That ‘ol boy might have it all down pat so I don’t or try not to, disparage any longer (even though Nibiru I haven’t quite wrapped my head around). It has been an interesting ride. One I have watched because I don’t watch TV. I get my news from this site amongst others and skip the drama. The real litmus test will be when they roll up your lane or driveway and you’re out there waiting for them to deploy from their armored ‘coach’. I’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain. My life but a wisp and my gain but a litmus test. Cheers to you and all.

          • Po’d –

            If you want to follow HCKS ideals – look no further than reading Dave Hodges articles … HCKS is practically a clone of Dave Hodges – his writings/information resemble too much to be a coincidence.

            I do not say that about HCKS to be hurtful – It is what I have gathered my intuition on with the posts he had put up.

            … also … I am not bashing Dave Hodges … at times … he has information that is useful – most of it is Fear Porn & anti-China/Russia 100% of the time as if this is the true enemy that we face.

            If you get hooked on bad intel (fear porn) … chances are you may come off a bit unbalanced(paranoid) to others.

            • PO’d P and FTW, I would also miss HCKS AND Acid Etch/Eisenkreuz. Acid will always be Acid with his high caps but this year he has been making some good posts for the most part. HCKS’ only real problem in the beginning was his spelling but even that had improved the last couple of months he was on here. I agree about Hodges OCCASIONALLY has some useful info but he always makes it out to be Russia and China being our worst enemies. While they may become our worst FOREIGN enemies, muslims included, our biggest DOMESTIC enemy by far is the US government. The best thing about bullets is that they don’t discriminate. Equal opportunity killers.

              • Brave –

                HCKS and Acid make good points … disagree with Hcks … he calls you a troll and banned from SHTFplan … lol … Acid .. well … keeps to himself for the most part and doesn’t let the negativity get to him.

                Some men/women are tough … others … not so much … but their input is still important …

                How many times have people stomped on me or vice versa?

                Plenty … and we still communicate with each other … right or wrong … we deal with it and over come it … bonding/strengthening … is what we are doing … agree 2 disagree … bicker and piss ‘n moan … feed from it … build from it … grow from it … and move on …

                Tomorrow may be a brighter day for each and everyone of us … I may have my doubts … and somebody else may be more optimistic then me. — don’t matter … cuz …

                At the end of the day … we should all still be friends.

      8. The first country who proposed the internet control was Israel. Don’t be fool since this is all Zionist planned at work.

        Destroy the cancer.

        • Once again Stolz – you are very much correct … who could argue with Truth?

          … and on that note … some more Historical reading pleasure for those who want to know.

          “Holocaust” declared 7 years before there was a “Holocaust”


        • Stolz:

          A colon cleanse might help. Get rid of backed-up feces.


      9. I won’t do business on the internet like I did before 2008. When Obama took over and announced he could shut down the internet, the NSA spying on everyone, and many hacks into businesses on-line, I never did on-line money transactions again and closed down my business website.

        There are too many people addicted to this internet, and it wouldn’t kill me to see it gone and people get involved in a real life.

        • Woogie, I survived without the internet in the past and I’ll survive without it in the future.

          • Without a doubt – the internet is a wonderful tool – but as you say … I survived and gotten by without it … and I’ll survive without it in the future.

            It has been an eye-opening experience throughout the years … deciphering what is “fictional & non-fictional” News.

            With a little effort investigating and time – it didn’t take too long to figure out what is bogus and what isn’t. ?

            • FTW, same here about the net. I’ll miss it in some ways but I always knew there was some chance we would lose it. I always knew I was right to keep my shortwave radios in reserve; also, plenty of batteries for them is a MUST.

          • BH;
            Your comment makes me think of a conversation I had some time back with a friend. We both lived in L.A. in the 70’s and worked in the trades. Fabulous high rises were being built along with other very advanced structures of all kinds. A bunch of fuckweeds weren’t standing around with their cell phones stuck to their heads, there were no computers on the job, and still it went smoothly. More smoothly than it does today. Still, it is frightening to think that we would have to go through life without ever having the opportunity to see what Ginger and Mary Anne look like today!

      10. Lotsa hand wringing going on here.

        My only question would be: If it is so critical to the national defense, why hasn’t Congress addressed it by passing legislation in the YEARS that have gone by since this was agreed on?

        Whenever something is passed off to the public as critical to “national defense” it means somebody wants tax money to do something.

        • Never mind…

          I forgot they were too busy deciding on which bathroom to use.


        • Could be a good way to entice people to sign onto the “International ID Card.”

          Want to use the Internet?
          Sign here on the dotted line, here’s your “surveillance #”
          You have forfeited your “Rights”
          Here’s a “do & don’t” list for the internet.

          Violating the laws and rules of the internet is a punishable offense – Fines & possible Jail time may be enforced.

          … Iduno … may not happen anytime soon … but that scenario is more of a probability down the road.

          • FTW,there will be many ways to have fake ID’s ect.,free speech becomes jailable offense well,time for more then worrying about the net!The net is so hackable that to control that well will basically kill the net.That works against the common man but actually probably works better for us,no background checks/cops computers down/feds down ect.,so,maybe then time to say goodbye to the net till a more free world reappears down the road,that will require a lot of WORK!And yes,that is my “official” post in this article.

            • Warchild, I’ll let the net go before I sign on to any ‘international’ BS. Braveheart just won’t play the globalists’ game.

      11. Let’s go back to using BBS’s and Telephone modems. Besides the phone bill and rather slow speed, it was fun and there weren’t all the bandwidth sucking graphics to worry about.

      12. Obama has been planning and dismantling this country for years and we nor Congress have done nothing to stop him. We are so done and any other so called free country still out there.

        • every congressional republican is a whore imo. they have been selling out the country since 2010 for their own benefits(i.e. legal insider trading for congress).

          on second thought, congressional republicans would give whores a bad name.

      13. There will always be workarounds/ways to keep up sites and info. flow,and hell,gets so bad no real good workarounds hackers will trash the systems pretty damn good.

        As for foreign laws,well,you going to obey them,go off in the night with the feds they want to enforce them?

      14. This is one of the most damaging things Obozo could have done and the Republicans did nothing to stop it. All one big cabal of crooks and would-be dictators. I have litle respect for any of them now.

        • “1984” is here.

      15. Uh Tex,when did you have any respect for em and,well…..why.The closet I came to respect any was a native for you,Ron

      16. Okay, guess I’m not getting it, if it’s impossible to transfer it back, how was it possible to transfer it in the first place? Guess it’s a matter of willingness on the new owners’ part. But, we built the first one, couldn’t we build another one, maybe give people a choice, be censored or choose freedom? New domain extensions shouldn’t be that hard to come up with. Probably butt heads with the old system though, need to figure out a way to either get around it or through it. We could call it Internet Free America, that would sell! Of course, if Hillary becomes POTUS, that’s only ever a pipedream, but then, so will Free America be.

      17. Currently in Europe. Amszing how many websites are blocked. Related to muslim terrorists, migrants, guns, ammo, can’t load them.

        • “Related to muslim terrorists, migrants, guns, ammo, can’t load them.”

          I’m shocked ! (note sarcasm please)

      18. Much ado about nothing.

        The web has been compromised for better than a decade.

        TPTB have it in their warped minds that they can take all that is yours, including you life, so the worry over Domain Name interruptions or the end of mainstream Internet is small potatoes. They can have their abomination, I continue on the fringe….think Dark Web.

        I Do Not Consent.

        Hot buttered love at 300 yds…..yep.

        They’re gonna need a bigger boat.

        Be safe….get your Shark on……BA.

      19. if we cant get the control back then lets have all those involved with the decision executed. that should send a message.

        • Soulson –

          A article back or two … you were all about voting.
          Now you are calling for executions?

          Not saying you are wrong with your thinking … but … damn … make up your mind … Vote or Execute … h’mm … what to do here …ponder .. ponder .. ponder …

          I say …’da hell with voting … establish and execute Codename “Elite Culling”

          Make the World a safer and cleaner place to live for all!!!

      20. Hot buttered love at 300 yds…..yep.

        lol – “give them a ? Headshot from me ‘bro!”

      21. Looks like this transfer makes the Internet international territory. If this is the case, the US Federal Government and all States require their data only be located on US controlled servers in the USA. Since the Internet in the USA is now Internationally controlled, international rules apply so Federal and local US governments should no longer be able to regulate or police the Internet in the USA. Further, they may no longer use Cloud or Managed IT Services as that is currently illegal under USA law. Finally, the USA must treat all Internet incidents in the USA as International incidents. They have removed our Internet border.

      22. This is grounds for Obama’s immediate IMPEACHMENT. It is against American laws to allow a foreign entity to own or control any part or our media, that includes TV, radio, phones, newspaper and internet.

        House of Representatives, you’ve got to end this lawlessness now. Impeach Obama before the election.

      23. Just wanted to say i really enjoyed sthfplan.com while it’s still up.

        Well, i’m off to download all the free porn possible before they shut down all the sites.(just kidding)

        Will be interesting to see what sites are ruled “extremist”, i’m netting the “climate skeptic” sites go first.

        for those who wondered what living in china or russia is like, you’re about to start finding out.

        “Enjoy the Decline !”

      24. A most bazaar thing happened today. I just needed to burn a DVD of pictures. The Win 10 PC in question was not connected to the Internet, I’d left it in a room with no access and out of wifi range. It would not let me burn a DVD, until it was connected o the Internet. I’ve done a lot of IT over the years and this just sends my spidy sense off the cliff. Really, I can’t burn a CD unless Windows 10 can report to some entity on the Internet and get permission or some similar theme?

        I like CNet.com for information on computers, it’s about as reliable and neutral as I can find. It’s a great place to look up how to secure a Windows 10 PC, and take it from me you need to secure your Windows 10 PC.

        Microsoft encourages you to use their cloud. Win 10 also has a key logger that grabs everything you type including ID’s and passwords, turns on your camera and microphone and basically bugs your house. Everything is grabbed and mirrored to the cloud, and is available for review or government use on demand. There’s a reason Windows 10 was free.

        Even after you secure your Win 10 ten PC, then Microsoft pushes an update to you, after the update averything is wide open again. Print out the steps you did to secure your PC, because you’ll need to redo it literally monthly.

        I also had a problem with two Microsoft updates that insisted on modifying my system CMOS settings, really? WTF? It crashed my system. Check your CMOS, if you have Win 10. Make sure all your settings are as you intended. Consider putting a password on your CMOS settings.

        • Dude & Dudess’s of SHTFplan Clan –

          Stop using WINDOWS as a OPERATING SYSTEM … WIN10 … for the first time … why is it FREE?

          There’s a catch … of course there is … and it’s for all the wrong reasons.

          Windows users will be comfortable using LINUX-MINT 18 … FREE DOWNLOAD … about 1.8GB … IMAGE BURN to DISC … forget dual boot … use full disk… and say bye bye to Mirco(scam)soft …

          Up yours BILL GATES … !!!

          • P.S. –

            Never … ever … ever … use a CLOUD to store information.

            That is a free for all to gather information … and you can NOT DELETE it … stop being duped into things that seem to be wonderful …

            For your own safety … stop voluntary your information to others. It is out of your control … once you do.

      25. I was born in Mississippi, a poor black child. My greatest disappointment in life is that I have no rythem.

        After years of employment as a tap dancer, I finally got canned and became a monk at the Shawlean Temple atop a mountain in China. I got tired of hitting myself in the head with chopsticks, so I went to Isreal where they let me fire a machine at Palestinien school children, which has really improved my aim.

        I hear you people don’t like censorship. Fuck you. Censors are as American as Gafelta fish. Get used to it. Six million dead (censored) can’t be wrong.


        • Just give the censors plenty of work to sort through.

      26. Letters.

        Just imagine if, in 1775, the colonists just sat at home and wrote letters. Then read scrolls about cosmetically/surgically altered celebrities and that was that.

        I will say this. Over the last 8 years, our Republican elected officials have done NOTHING except cry in pink ties and mumble submissively. They FAILED to represent those of us who voted for them.

        So write your letters, you elected peoples. I will tell you this. YOUR LETTERS ARE WORTHLESS! Letters antipodal to what the recipient is in favor of and letters alone that “demand” action only serve to confirm to the recipient that YOU HAVE NO FIGHT. Your letters, Mr. Senator, WILL NOT be read.

        HERE. Send THIS guy instead (if only he was still around). For he had more passion, bigger balls and more success handling the powers that be than you and your letter writers ever will:

        • Bx:

          How to raise 13 million in less than ten minutes.

          Mr. Rogers, a class act.

          __. Thanks for the video. I spent an hour watching him afterwards.


          • You are welcome, B from CA.

            WHAT, if any, programs and/or role models do our children have on television now? WHO, if anyone, actually has the courage to take all they have, risk it and “put it out there” to fight for what is right?

            Mr. Rogers, who in his soft-spoken manner, was our REAL LIFE George Bailey (aka James Stewart, “It’s a Wonderful Life”). People can mistake a mild-mannered, morally sound and soft-spoken common person as “weak”. A person has to wonder, as with “George Bailey” how many children AND ADULTS drew inner strength, self-esteem and self-confidence from Fred Rogers. In his programming as well as in real life, Fred Rogers never stopped doing all he could to nurture (i.e. STRENGTHEN)our nation’s youth.

            Because we who grew up watching him now know that he was, in real life, tougher, stronger and more of a fighter than most of the “tough guys” seen today.

            Our country’s institutions have removed God. In so many ways, schools and television shows have pushed politically-correct agendas and unrealistic “role models”. So many of the shows targeting children portray parents, teachers and those in authority as “dumb” and encourage disrespectful behaviors. I blame THOSE things for the rise in violent and otherwise delinquent behaviors in youngsters.

            “Mister Rodger’s Neighborhood” and “It’s a Wonderful Life” are absent from the lineup anymore. There are no shows that compare. I guess they are antipodal to the way the powers that be want them to be “programmed”.

      27. Coward coddled boot licking American’s could care less, football is on and the beer is still flowing for the drunken bum cowards.

        • 95% of vitamins sold in the United States are synthetic. Be sure to find a high quality multi-vitamin for your preps. I’ll give you some suggestions. But this is a topic worthy of discussion. In a food shortage, good quality supplements will become a matter of survival. Actually, we already live in a food shortage, at least a nutritional shortage.


          • Foraging for REAL FOOD will aid in survival, so MANY weeds you can live off of that are all around you-people will starve while they walk all over dandelions and other plants while looking for food

      28. the US government not in controlof the internet might be a good thing? The internet is like a untamable beast. No matter who holds the whip & chair the beast will not be fully controlled.

      29. I work in the IT business:
        To be clear 97% of the worldwide wide web or internet is virtual private networks (VPN) controlled.
        Corporations to individuals use these systems for privacy and security
        Just ask yourself (FREE) Yahoo mail was compromised January 30, 2014
        Then http://www.csmonitor.com/Technology/2016/1005/Report-Yahoo-secretly-scanned-emails-for-US-government

        Yahoo’s compliance in 2015 to scan hundreds of millions of emails is the first known case of a US internet company agreeing to a spy agency’s request to search all incoming messages.
        Sep. 23rd 2016
        It was just announced that over 500 million Yahoo accounts have been hacked and compromised, in what seems to be the single biggest cyber breach ever. Yahoo further disclosed that the breach dates back to 2014, the same time when Yahoo publicly announced of a Yahoo Mail breach that was caused by unauthorized access to user’s accounts it was unknown, back then, how many accounts have been compromised
        The Yahoo breach follows a rising number of other large-scale data attacks, and hackers’ methods for gaining access to our personal email accounts in order to steal our information and identities have only become more sophisticated.
        If you have concerns go to this link: https://prism-break.org/en/all/
        If you do not have the skill sets ask your children or a trusted IT person.
        Most of these systems can be set up within a week.
        Web Servers based in these countries for VPN are good: Romania, Switzerland, Netherlands, Norway and Iceland have strict privacy laws. (That is not subject to the United States Patriot Act).

      30. The internet is not owned by the americans but they down own the microsoft windows spyware and google who runs spyware scripts on most web-pages including this one.

        They allso own Youtube and Twitter and both are being used to censor the internet so stop talking stupid about loss of control when the USA is the problem

        ICCAN can block the DNS but it cannot censor content on web sites and someone here is just being silly, Chicken Little

      31. There are workarounds. In the eighties it was fidonet. Today it is meshnet

        • Meshnet, here is how to make one;many: wndw.net or villagetelco.org/mesh-potato

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