“We Now Have Urban Ebola” In Congo, WHO Warns Of “Potentially Explosive Increase” In Cases

by | May 18, 2018 | Headline News | 58 comments

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    This report was originally published by Tyler Durden at Zero Hedge

    Experts fear an “explosive increase” in Ebola cases after an outbreak in Congo entered a “new phase” and spread from the countryside to a city.

    The BBC reports that Health Minister Oly Ilunga Kalenga confirmed a case in Mbandaka, a city of a million people about 130km (80 miles) from the area where the first cases were confirmed earlier this month.

    The city is a major transportation hub with routes to the capital Kinshasa.

    Forty-four people have been infected and 23 people are known to have died.

    Senior World Health Organization (WHO) official Peter Salama said the spread to Mbandaka meant there was the potential for an “explosive increase” in cases.

    “This is a major development in the outbreak,” he told the BBC. “We have urban Ebola, which is a very different animal from rural Ebola. The potential for an explosive increase in cases is now there.”

    Mr Salama, the WHO’s deputy director-general for emergency preparedness and response, said Mbandaka’s location on the Congo river, widely used for transportation, raised the prospect of Ebola spreading to surrounding countries such as Congo-Brazzaville and the Central African Republic as well as downstream to Kinshasa, a city of 10 million people.

    “This puts a whole different lens on this outbreak and gives us increased urgency to move very quickly into Mbandaka to stop this new first sign of transmission,” he said.

    The BBC adds that the WHO said it was not recommending any trade or travel restrictions either within DR Congo, for example between Mbandaka and Kinshasa, or internationally.

    But Mr Salama said that 13 countries in the region were boosting border screening measures and said DR Congo itself was increasing exit screening measures.

    “The good news is that the DR Congo population is very used to Ebola outbreaks,” he added.

    “They know to protect themselves by avoiding mass gatherings and mass funerals. They know as well that traditional healers can amplify the outbreak.”

    As The Daily Mail notes, it is the ninth time Ebola has been recorded in Congo since the disease made its first known appearance near its northern Ebola river in the 1970s.

    Ebola is most feared for the internal and external bleeding it can cause in victims owing to damage done to blood vessels.

    The Mail reports that health workers have recorded confirmed, probable and suspected cases of Ebola in three health zones of Congo’s Equateur province, and have identified 432 people who may have had contact with the disease, the WHO said.

    Supplies sent to Congo included more than 300 body bags for safe burials in affected communities. The vaccine will be reserved for people suspected of coming into contact with the disease, as well as health workers.

    The vaccine requires storage at a temperature between -60 and -80 degrees C, tricky in a country with unreliable electricity.

    “We are now tracing more than 4,000 contacts of patients and they have spread out all over the region of northwest Congo, so they have to be followed up and the only way to reach them is motorcycles,” Salama said.


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      1. They need to stop having sex with monkey’s
        Muslims need to stop having sex with goat’s

        Europe needs more of these folks


        • having “sex” with monkeys is not the Ebola problem

          EATING them as bush meat, especially the brain, is the problem.

          prep your souls

          • So avoid Urban Congo. In other words, Avoid: Detroit, Memphis, Shitcago, Philly, Atlanta, St Louis, Gary Indiana, Baltimore, and Washinton DC – “Dark Country”

        • Women youtubers screwing their dogs, and neighbors dogs….

          • What the hell have you been watching?


        • Jak: Muslims are no good, vile, lazy, welfare seeking, con artist, Rat Bastards that believe it’s okay to abuse women and small children. HANG them all!!!! Wake the hell up dumbass America.

      2. Ebola virus so rapidly and totally metabolizes and consumes all available vitamin C in the bodies of the victims that an advanced stage of scurvy is literally produced after only a few days. Scurvy is seldom fatal as a primary condition;
        In the classic form of scurvy that evolves very slowly from the gradual depletion of vitamin C, the immune system is compromised enough for infection to claim the patient’s life before extensive Hemorrhagic blood loss occurs.

        Scurvy represents only a partial depletion of vitamin C; the body still has a LOT of vitamin C compared to zero, which ebola causes. Absent ANY vitamin C, blood vessels become very weak and start to lose blood, and platelets are unable to trigger clots. So death by ebola is caused by massive internal bleeding, which can be stopped simply by taking enormous doses of vitamin C until the immune system kills the virus. Hemorrhagic fevers attack populations low in vitamin C.

        • Sebastian,
          You might be right. Linus Pauling was a genius.

        • Yes, and the book you have read is: CURING THE INCURABLE by Thomas Levy, MD and it’s an awesome book.

          One night, I was surfing YouTube and watched a speech he gave about this. After 8+ years of college, I have a medical background and could not believe what he was saying. I could follow the chemistry, etc. but had never, EVER, been exposed to such a concept.

          So, Sebastian you are correct and I would encourage everybody to track down Dr.Levy’s YouTube speech and buy his book. It will change your life.

          P.S.: Linus Pauling was wrong in only one way: He did not recommend HIGHER dosages. The effects of Vit. C are dose related and just about everything can be cured/prevented with the correct dose….as it was done in the late 30’s in curing Polio….read the book.

          • Centurion, I recently bought a pound of powdered Vitamin C and will probably get more.
            I remember reading about dosages and it may have been by Pauling and regarding cancer treatment:
            Take 1000mg. per HOUR and increase dosage gradually until symptoms of diarrhea occur, then back off the dosage slightly.

            One more thing. In the book Coconut Cures the author states bacteria cannot survive in coconut oil.
            (Viruses are different and your mileage may vary.)
            You need about 3 tablespoons daily for optimum benefits.
            We fry everything in it. Start with using 1/4 the amt. of other oils.
            Like colloidal silver, coco oil should be in your storage.
            rellik, yeah, I went off topic too. My bad.

            • Ketchup, very on topic and a damn good post.

            • Ketch,
              As a fellow island guy,
              forgive my off subject.
              I have lots of coconut oil, as
              it stores forever. Thankfully
              both wife and I like coconut
              so the added flavor in fried
              food doesn’t bother us.
              Look up “Local Moco” and fry the eggs
              with some coconut oil.
              You will think you are in Hawaii!

              • We grow Pinapples here in FL. Just cut the tops off soak them in shallow water a few months until roots form and then plop them in the ground. 2 years you will have pineapples. My Ratio here in FL- 100 Pineapple plants produced about 20 pineapples nnually in July Aug, then they go dormant 1 year and other sprout comes out to produce another. So keep planting pineapple patches all over the place year after year, Recycle the tops, They grow great in semi shade under a tree. They are frost sensitive, so consider in warm climates or in a green house. I am beginning to think the entire Green House concept and heirloom seeds will be my on-site grocery store in SHTF. Lets get busy and be food independent, Homesteading. Eat fresh food daily, NO GMO Frankenstein disease crap food for me. YOYO- You’re On Your Own in SHTF.

                • TSB
                  We grow White pineapple.
                  different from the yellow
                  ones and very, very much sweeter.
                  Local store will trade us beef
                  for our pineapple crop or anything
                  we grow so I don’t worry about the
                  paperwork BS that drove Nailbanger out
                  of the farm business.
                  I don’t have to
                  worry about frost.
                  Keep on prepping!

            • I just finished watching a series of YouTUbe videos concerning taking LARGE doses of Vit-C (10 to 15 grams per day) to combat virus infections. What else did I learn? Well, one of the authorities on this said EBOLA is a 500 GRAM per day infection…….Yep………..he claims to fight EBOLA, medical workers, and those infected, will have to be put on IV infusions of 50 GRAMS per hour immediately……in other words, when this EBOLA epidemic spreads, it will kill off a massive number of Africans…..be mentally prepared for what is coming and start taking 2 grams every hour as soon as ANY signs of EBOLA show up in America……it is going to spread horrifically….

          • Thanks for the info.

      3. Is Bill Gates behind these outbreaks ??. He is always talking up being vaccinated !!!???

      4. Monkey jerky.. it’s on the menu. What’s the chance the WHO created this Ebola around the same time as the HIV was created? Who is more despised Africans or Aids victims? Why is facebook pulling youtube videos that promote CBD oil from cannabis while calling it dangerous and potentially deadly when all research touts the healing properties. The existing medical system is a fraudulent entity with police state protection.

        • I believe the book you refer to is called “THE RIVER”, by Edward Hooper.

          The author goes to great length to show AIDS was introduced into humans due to the use of contaminated Monkey Kidney tissue/cells which were used to produce the Polio vaccine. Smart move.

          He documents the capture of monkeys, that had the simian version of AIDS, and how they were sent to the US and sold to the pharmaceutical companies that were making the Polio vaccine. NOBODY bothered to check the monkeys for any diseases. Why should they…………..

          He tried over and over to get original sourced materials, journals, lab notes, etc. from those who created the Polio vaccines used in Africa (tested in Africa). He goes so far as to locate and explain that the very first known infections of AIDS were the exact same locations that received these Polio vaccines. The exact same populations…hmmm?

          PS: Many of the originally vaccinated children in Africa, who got this contaminated Aids infected Polio vaccine, got Polio as well until somebody figured out to give the children large doses of Vit C, which for some reason, prevented them from contracting Polio from the vaccine.

          There is SO MUCH to this.

        • Aljam: Because YouTube is part of the “Machine” and their vile agenda. YOuTube is run by a bunch of Commie son’s of rat bitches.

      5. “The good news is that the DR Congo population is very used to Ebola outbreaks,”

        Oh great, what’s the bad news?

      6. Breaking news! The radical left has successfully allowed another mass shooting at a Texas school! In this day and age, it is criminal negligence to have insufficient protection for children at school. They don’t care how many kids die, in order to achieve their political goal of disarming us.

        • Him, probably another MK Utra programmed false flag.
          “We’ll blame it on the girl that dumped him.”
          “He didn’t get a participation trophy in t-ball.”
          “Suspended for shooting spitballs in 4th grade.”
          Criminal negligence fricken’ everywhere.

        • Him,
          Your post is really off subject.
          That is not uncommon here.
          You should add to your comment
          that American African politicians
          that are of the race that brought
          Ebola into the world, want to disarm
          us and turn people like me into a felon.
          Better fit.

        • This one does not fit the narrative. A shotgun and 38 revolver was used, not the evil “fully” semi automatic AR-15 assault rifle.

      7. Walking talking puking shitting bio-bombs imported by diversity and no borders courtesy Obama era policies and a nutless WHO to INSIST on a complete QUARANTINE that would prevent the spread…coming soon on a plane near you. ENJOY!

        if you love your Ebola you can keep your EBOLA, Daddy insane Hussein Obama promises kept!

        • One of the items I added to my preps was 5 bags for pool shock. I don’t have a swimming pool.

          Pool shock is chlorine. Two tablespoons of pool shock makes one gallon of chlorine bleach when diluted in water.

          One small bag of pool shock costs about $4.00 at home depot. It will make 75 gallons of chlorine bleach.

          I figured if there was an epidemic I could bleach the outside of my house and the front porch to help decontaminate any viruses.

          • Hey John,

            Watch your supply very carefully.

            I’m talking, check it every month!!!
            The container/packaging WILL break down.

            I started with just vacuum packing the 1 pound packs.
            The stuff will attack the poly bag over time.

            I ended up shifting the stuff to glass jars with Teflon seals on the rings.

            When you transfer it to glass, do this on a day with a breeze. Stand on the upwind side and still do a Lil’ at a time. That stuff will KILL you. I’m now looking into buying my own chlorine generator to make mine own when needed.

            To those who read this, take my word for it and DO NOT STOCK PILE!!! Save your money and your health. If you want to keep like a pound of it, put the pack in a mason jar and away from any type of metal (it will rust the crap out of any nearby)

            Y’all be smart now, and learn from us idiots. 😉

            • Forgot to note…

              It’s calcium-hypochlorite you want.
              If you want to get some. 🙂

              ht tp://www.hydropool.com/cgi-bin/hydro/item/Pool-Chemicals/POOLIFE-TurboShock-78-Pool-Shock-1-lb/22405.html

              Like this stuff.

              Stay away from any other stuff that has clarifiers and other crap in it. READ THE LABEL!!!

              Y’all enjoy the rest of the weekend. 🙂

              • One step ahead of you. In mason jars in the lawn mower shed. Far away from the house and people.

                The brass lids for the mason jars only last about 3 years.

      8. I think we all should be afraid….very. very afraid. I was in international business, for 12 years. I sold to Europe, Asia, Australia, Central and South America. I trid to sell to Japan but they are tough and you need to be Japanese owned to get any business. ( we were not we were a US company). Russia and China had not opened up yet, so that was not possible for us to do business. How much business did I do with Africa?…NOTHING…nada….zip. Africa is SO corrupt that unless you are paying off someone you are not in the “club” to rape and pillage the people to steal their wealth. Russia and China are big “developers” of Africa as they are adept at stealing,bribing terrorizing…etc. They are almost as good as the USA….WHY AM I TALKING BUSINESS on a post about EBOLA?…..To raise the point that Africa is so corrupt that I don’t think we have a snow balls chance in hell to contain Ebola. It will be a world wide epidemic and we will have a “red p;ague” like the world had a “black plague” in the Middle Ages….IF you think a border guard or gov’t official WON’t look the other way regarding the transmittal of items across the border, for a bribe…you are in ” la la land” and deserve to live in California which is going to the dogs, and to the illegals defecating in the streets out there..!!!…I suggest you read the book..”The Hot Zone” which describes the first contact Western medicine had with Ebola and the futile attempt to find the cause. It is still believed that it came from a monkey and that humans either had sex with it or ate of the flesh of a diseased monkey,.. but the germ has never been found to data. Ebola can be transmitted BY AIR which the book mentions and WHO and UN do not bother to tell you…!!!!!…I believe Ebola to be one of the plagues the Bible mentioned in the “last days”. IF you think I am a fanatic becasue I mention the Bible do your own research. The world gov’ts were described in the Book of Daniel when he described a statue that represented all the world gov’t that were going to be,. then the toppling of the statue, meaning the end of this system of things. We are living in the days of wrong is right and right is wrong,.. also fore told….and ONE WORLD GOV”T is being discussed as a reality ( The NEW WORLD ORDER) where you must have the “mark of the beast” in order to buy your daily bread. What more proof can you want?…It was all foretold and we are in it, now. Ebola is just one of the signs….

        • My God anthony, I hope you’re wrong. If Ebola or some other variant should leave the African continent………. I don’t even like to imagine what that could mean for the world…. or my family and their families. All of our families.

        • the book “Spillover” by David Quammen

          is the better read.

          Very informative on where Ebola and other viruses “spillover” into the human population.

        • So…. your saying Africa is a shithole?


        • Had a conversation with a guy at the UN who handled procurements. I told him about all the corruption stories in the newspapers about the UN. He pointed out that 90 per cent of them were related to the the UN missions in Africa and/or involving African-origin UN staff. Later, when the Ebola outbreak happened, I saw the same thing: it was the WHO Africa office that refused to tell anyone about the outbreak until it was too late.

          Same goes with all the peacekeepers screwing kiddies for food etc.: most of it is happening in Africa. The UN is always finding African staff who have committed crimes popping up working somewhere else in the UN. There are many corruption cases ongoing at the UN involving African staff.

      9. Ebola is not the only problem.

        In the Congo, the average IQ is the same as the IQ of a retarded person in the USA. The people there suffer from poor impulse control. Quick to passion, these people are different from us.

        White do-gooders, always helping, have taken a small harmless bunch of “savages” (happily fighting among themselves, whom were never more than a few thousand poor but free souls) and turned them into millions of, potentially dangerous to us, parasites, with all manner of diseases.

        The WHO should get out of the Congo. Let the natives return to their natural state of tribalistic, canabalistic, free range jungle dwelling.



        • B from CA,
          “The WHO should get out of the Congo. Let the natives return to their natural state of tribalistic, canabalistic, free range jungle dwelling.”


        • BCA: Well, you are 1,000,000,000% Correct friend…it’s nice to see and “hear” the truth for a change. Once flipping again, the vile, mentally damaged Liberals are at it again and we all get to reap the joys and benefits of their foolish and ridiculous behavior. We cannot do Anything with either group but put them 6ft. under period!!

        • James Watson, one of the discoverers of the double helix DNA, did a study in which he scientifically proved that blacks were dumber than whites.

          He basically was able to show that European whites evolved from a different group of people than the African blacks though his DNA research.

          Of course he was crucified by the liberals.

        • Africa would have been fine if they kept the population under control. The problem is the governments there can’t handle their populations and their development. But now the population is growing like crazy but governments can’t control it.

          The Chinese and the Russians never hire Africans to work on their projects because they just do not trust them to do the job. They make very basic deals: basically bribe the local politician for resources, move in a Chinese work crew, build the infrastructure, then loot the resources as quickly as possible. Rinse, repeat.

          The current plan is to ship the surplus Africans to Europe and the US/Canada while the Russians and Chinese loot the resources from the continent. Eventually the West will look like Africa, and China and Russia will look like the West once did (China is nearly there).

      10. I wonder what psych drug he is on

        • South: It’s a thing you may not be familiar with: The TRUTH about Africans and black rat savages in Europe, what is left of the U.S. etc, etc. ALL are a genuine cancer.

      11. White man feeds Black man.
        Black man over reproduces.
        Black man keeps on with unsanitary behavior
        Black man gets hideous disease
        White man cures Black man

        Black man over reproduces…..this time he demands to live in Europe…………..

        Rinse, repeat, repeat……….

        • Centurion: DING DING DING winner winner, Chicken Dinner my friend. Absolutely correct! Liberals are as dangerous as Ebola or worse….wake up & see what is really going on folks. Us white people, especially White men are under attack 24/7/365.

        • Makes me want to move to Idaho.

      12. Dying from some disease is one thing but if I die from a disease from some part of the world whose name I can neither remember or pronounce, then I will really be pissed off!

      13. Instead of restricting travel, they want everyone to take a vaccine.

        I hope everyone saw that coming!

        Funny how Bill Gates said there would be millions dying from some disease and we need a vaccine against it and the VERY NEXT DAY this EBOLA story hits the headlines and continues in the the headlines daily, and now they are including talk of a vaccine.

        Pre-programmming. Putting it in your mind slowly, over time, so you think it should be done.

        • What better way to push your agenda than to create a crisis.

      14. Don’t worry, folks. The WHO won’t get fooled again. 😉


      15. Don’t think this Eboli can’t rip through America and Europe, or better, end up in Mexico and we get a massive “million migrant march” right to our Southern Border.

        Then, the choice is we start firing the .50cal or we get a massive Eboli invasion. The future, no matter how you feel, is going to be HORRIBLE and VIOLENT. And, we asked for it.

        Every “White” nation has a huge 3rd world population inside. We Americans were STUPID enough to bring them in as cheap labor, but the Europeans were even more stupid. They could see what a disaster “diversity” is, yet they allowed themselves to be brainwashed and then take in MILLIONS of non-White, 3rd world, Low IQ “refugees”. Well, that is how Eboli is going to enter Europe.

        BUT, the good news is the migrant communities will get the infection first and worst. Whites are smart enough to self-segregate and hunker down. Sure, many who are too stupid to stay in White Only areas will get the infection, but most Whites will survive……we survive best when the chips are down, and THINKING and SELF-CONTROL are the keys to surviving. We have that advantage…that White Privilege….thank you very much.

      16. Cultural appropriation is a big no-no whenever a white man screws a black woman.

        How dare the blacks steal Western [white] medicines, Western [white] invented appliances and electronics.

        Those blacks should remain true to their culture. No phone, no light, no motorcar, not a single luxuary.

        The lions make the kill, they eat the lions share, then the hyennas eat, then the buzzards, then the black people clean up whatever remains while waiting for $400 billions worth of American aid.

        • Cultural appropriation only applies to white people.

          If blacks appropriate, then they are fighting against white privileged.

      17. Another potentially explosive outbreak. Just like 2014. Experts advised those brave enough to Christmas shop to wear protective gloves. They said the virus could be lurking anywhere. They were wrong as usual.

      18. the CDC guy who disappeared for a couple weeks before they found him in the river, dead, was working on Ebola and had concerns about an outbreak in major African cities. he knew to much.

      19. People in the Western World have weaker immune systems than people in Africa. This comes from the western diet and a sedentary lifestyle. Add to this that the median age in the western world is higher than it is in Africa. The immune system weakens with age. Fortunately, we have better containment and treatment facilities.

        There are people in this world working on diseases that are even more effective at killing people than the natural diseases. Doesn’t speak well of humanity as a species. Good time to become a hermit?

      20. People in the Western World have weaker immune systems than people in Africa. This comes from the western diet and a sedentary lifestyle. Add to this that the median age in the western world is higher than it is in Africa. The immune system weakens with age. Fortunately, we have better containment and treatment facilities.

        There are people in this world working on diseases that are even more effective at killing people than the natural diseases. Doesn’t speak well of humanity as a species. Good time to become a hermit?

      21. So, when does the “urban ebola” get fed-up living in the cities and decides to become “suburban” ebola?

      22. Hey, what a perfect opportunity to for the government to neutralize dissidents and political enemies.

        These sociopaths are so clever.

        You’ve got to admire their unbridled ‘hutzpah’…..

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