“We Need To Rise Up” Militia Activity Spikes In Early Trump Era

by | Jun 13, 2017 | Headline News | 44 comments

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    This report was originally published by Tyler Durden at ZeroHedge.com

    Members of US militias aren’t waiting for Congress and special counsel Robert Mueller to move against the Trump administration. According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, militia activity has spiked in the early days of Trump’s presidency, which could be problem for the deep state and Democratic lawmakers who have joined in opposition to the president, and maybe even for Trump himself.

    An intensifying atmosphere of disillusionment and anger is attracting new members to these groups, which could be a problem for Trump if he fails to adhere to his campaign promises – something that could trigger a backlash from a legion of heavily armed former supporters.

    What would concern me is that nobody gets more angry than a fan spurned,James Corcoran, a professor at Simmons College in Boston who has watched militias closely for decades and has written extensively about the movement, told the AJC.

    The spike in activity runs counter to a trend that’s as old as the modern militia movement, which first emerged in the early 1990s after the election of President Bill Clinton. Typically, militia activity trails off when a Republican administration is in power, but increases when Democrats are in power.

    Speaker of the House Paul Ryan might also want to take note of this trend, because the militias’ suspicions aren’t just aimed at Democrats, but Congress as a whole: Chris Hill, the leader of one Georgia-based militia, told the AJC that he’s worried lawmakers will try to, and maybe even succeed in, scuttling Trump’s agenda.

    “Even if President Trump is able to do the things that he wants to do, he’s still got Congress to contend with. Congress is the same old dog-and-pony show. All they do is fight. They’re never going to grant us more freedom,” Hill, who goes by the nickname General BloodAgent, told AJC.

    A lot of people have let their guard down because he was elected, and I would wholeheartedly say that is a big mistake. … If anything we should use this time wisely. Like the Good Book says, a wise man prepares, a fool takes his chances.”

    Hill says President Barack Obama’s election in 2008 was a defining moment for his group, the Georgia Security Forces, because it signaled that the US was on “the wrong track.” Hill and his fellow militia members were fearful that the former president wanted to restrict gun rights and forever alter their way of life.

    Following a dramatic spike after Obama’s election, there are now an estimated 165 militias in the U.S., Ryan Lenz, a senior investigative reporter with the Southern Poverty Law Center, told AJC.

    But many in the movement feel that the country has been in decline since long before the Obama election. John and Evette DeMaria felt the country was heading down the wrong path, with the military and law enforcement no longer cherished or revered. Yvette DeMaria said she believes protesters have been allowed to get out of control after police shootings.

    The rise of political correctness infuriates the DeMarias, as does the tendency of politicians and the courts to carve out constitutional protections that stray far from the intent of the nation’s forefathers. Yvette DeMaria laments, for example, the legalization of same-sex marriage and the transgender bathroom issue, believing they amount to a war on her Christian faith.

    “We cannot be silent anymore. We have voices. We need to rise up. We need to speak up. We need to find like minds,” Yvette DeMaria said. “We’re going to church every Sunday — but Monday through Saturday, what are we doing?

    The DeMarias told the AJC that they found the Georgia Security Force through Facebook and a pastor friend who had traveled to Gatlinburg, Tennessee, with the militia to help out after fires in the Smoky Mountains devastated the region. Yvette DeMaria said she was moved by the act of charity.

    The GSF is part of the III Percenters movement, which derives its name from the belief that just 3 percent of the colonists rose up to fight the British, the AJC said. The movement has vowed to resist any government that infringes on the US Constitution. Members of the “resistance” who hope Mueller and the FBI step up and remove Trump from office should keep this in mind.

    Via ZeroHedge.com


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      1. All traitors to the US Constitution must die.

        • (((ALL TRAITORS!)))

          • Que up some kind of false flag…

        • Agreed! Hang those that piss on the Constitution.

      2. So its not the Russians it was Trump voters??? Interesting.

      3. When was the last time any militia committed an act of terrorism or shot someone?

        • Trketed, militias never do things like that.

      4. Careful with that language, boys.
        At the risk of sounding overly critical (and, heaven knows I strive to be tolerant) I must point out a couple of key phrases in the article.
        Tyler Durden is correct in his assumption that Trump’s supporters, should they turn on him, could be a real problem. But the term “…could trigger a backlash from a legion of heavily armed former supporters” is beyond obvious. Anyone who has a ‘legion of heavily armed FORMER supporters’ is in deep trouble!
        And Chris Hill, from a militia in Georgia, speaking of Congress, says, “They’re never going to grant us more freedom.” Of course not! They are Congress! They don’t GRANT FREEDOM to anybody! Congress takes. And takes. And takes. And they never give Anything till after they have stolen double the amount from someone else. And in ‘giving’ a portion of what they’ve stolen, there are ALWAYS many strings attached- loyalty, votes, support, be a good minion, etc. Congress doesn’t really GIVE anything!
        In fairness to you both, this is just me nit picking over the language. I AM on your side. I have no disagreement with what you say, only in the way you say it.***
        *** Did I do it again? Have I unintentionally fallen into ‘Language Police’ mode again? Forgive me.
        I shall now return to my sensitivity training classes.****
        **** 2 credit hr college course entitled ‘Why The Left Is Right (About Everything)’. Taught at Evergreen State College in Washington. Instructors are 1- A trans-gendered undocumented Spanish speaking immigrant vegan, and translated into English by 2- A bi-polar Pakistani Muslim abortion doctor who’s a former undersecretary at PETA. I take the course on-line since they don’t allow white people on campus anymore…

        • “Trump’s supporters, should they turn on him, could be a real problem.” SmokinOkie, I love what you do, but I have to point out that Durden has it backwards on this one point. It should be if Trump or anyone else turns against the Trump supporters, the militias could be a real problem. Neither I nor any of my family belong to any militia, but I can promise if anyone turns against us, we WILL be a problem for the ones who come against us. Bank on it. I’ve heard a few things about that militia, but I tend to avoid such groups. Most likely already been penetrated by feds.

        • that was great
          especially the part about taking the course on-line

          I agree with the article entirely

          this is a fragile time, it can go either way, history teaches us that it goes worse before it goes better

          as usual Smokinoakey
          you are on target at a thousand yards

          the Watcher

      5. The movement has vowed to resist any government that infringes on the US Constitution.

        I find this interesting, but mostly very disturbing.
        Obama & Pals had 8 years of un-Constitutional and rogue Policies.
        Bush Jr. & his Satanist Cult had their fair share of ruining America.
        Then there is Bill Clinton and his entourage – nothing more needs to be said on that.

        I’m sure there are plenty of good people in the Militia’s and mean well – but …

        “Where were you all in the last couple of decades and then some, when the Government has been habitually on the wrong side of History?”

        Are these just words – [“The movement has vowed to resist any government that infringes on the US Constitution.”] … or … is it nobody is organized?

        Only 2 options I see – they are only words … or not organized within other Militia groups.

        Make your move … and a lot of people will fall in line behind you.
        If not … then please go away and stop wasting peoples time.

        • Yeah, I read that line and LOL’d. Really? After the last 8 years of retardation?

          • FTW and NetRanger, good points. They’ve had ever since RUBY RIDGE AND WACO to do something. I’ve been avoiding those groups ever since. All they do is talk. Talk is cheap.

            • Brave –

              “Talk is cheap.”

              Unfortunately … you are very much correct on that assertion.

              Whether it be Politicians or some Spokesperson from “such’N such Group” … it all boils down to words and no action.

              Minus the libtards in this country and abroad … I believe most upstanding Americans would want to see some action. Not necessary in a violent way … but … a movement that transitions rapidly in a fashion that is desperately needed in the world of politics for the betterment for all.

              Will it happen? … not likely … that is the optimistic view of a Government doing right by the people. — unfortunately … I strongly believe violence is and will be the only outcome for America to become reborn again.

              If not … then it is the same ‘ol song an dance, that the Government likes to play onto the populace. They will continue to keep them hopeful and optimistic for a brighter future, while they continue to fuck them in the ass!

              • FTW, I have to agree. I see civil war 2 or a revolution as the only hope for this country. Unless the militias manage to discover and remove their fed infiltrators, I see them being seriously undermined before anything even happens. Except for me and my family banding together as our own group, everyone is pretty much on their own. If you’re already in a like-minded group that you already know and trust, so much the better. I was ‘an island unto myself’ with nowhere to go until 4 years ago last month when I first got the arrangement for the BOL. For the first time I admit that joining the family as a resistance group was one of the terms set down for me to get the BOL. At my age [I turned 60 in March] I’m not sure how much I can do but at the time it was either I agreed to the terms or be stuck in the damn city, so I jumped on it. My chances of survival went into orbit as a result. I don’t believe I’ll regret it. Had I turned it down, I would’ve become toast at some point. I’m headed back in august for more ‘drills’.

      6. “…militia activity trails off when a Republican administration is in power, but increases when Democrats are in power.”

        This is because, usually, the socialist agenda is delayed and the socialist/globalist enslavers sit down and go back to planning for the next time they steal the election by lying to the people about their policies and how they’ll “help” us. (Think: AFFORDABLE CARE ACT)

        This time, however, they’re not shutting up. Not only are they not shutting up, they’re screaming and crying and amplifying their BS for all to see. The militias see a change to actually take this country back from the jaws of the totalitarian death spiral we’ve been in for the last 4 decades.

        …and suddenly, even the socialist/globalists are talking about “Constitutionality”.

        Excuse me… EXCUSE ME! Yeah, you, Mr. Socialist, when did you ever concern yourself about the “Constitution” except how to get around it to take our guns, curtail our speech or violate our rights? Huh? When? Yeah, NEVER. But now, now that Trump is in the chair the libtard socialist globaltards say, what used to be the “c” word, every day.

        To them I say: STFU! Is everything a con to those bastards? Of course it is! To the liberty minded, non con artist individuals, they are SICK OF THIS SHIT! …and now that they see what the left really is and they see what the right really is, I think they’re ready. Let the games begin.

      7. The last sentence is confusing to me. I’m not quite sure what it is saying.

        This article proposes that militias are so crazy, they will become what? Violent? Because they were so stupid they thought a TV guy from New York whose whole family and many of his closest advisers are 3ews is going to save them from the deep 3ew illuminati state of perpetual bull.

        Are you smoking crack?? No militia that is not an FBI set up full of European looking 3ews, believed that Trump would or could follow through with all his campaign promises. He is just better than Communist Sanders or Murderess Madam Monster witch Satanist money grabbing, drug running, traitor Clinton.

        Chill. If the Muslims keep being brought in, they are going to get a ticket back home with or without permission from “our” fake government. People will just start policing the streets and keeping order without supervision from useless politicians. There won’t be blood. There will be sweat. Because if Washington can’t do their job, there are plenty of competent Americans who can organize and get something accomplished on their own.

        Don’t underestimate the intelligence and determination of the American people. And yes, this article is right about one thing, Americans are fed up.



        • I don’t know how to do a thumbs up emoticon, BFCA, but, thats what I’d reply with. The nail was there. You had the hammer. You hit it square on.

          The problem is this: The government will make it illegal and arrest you for trying to do the job they refuse to do but claim they’re doing. There will be some excuse like “obstruction” or such that you are “getting in the way”. There is always another lie available when you’re government.

          Remember, everything is a con and they want to be in the position of policing so they can not police. …or rather “selectively” police. (This is not a rub against officers. The fact is those officers take orders and its the leadership that is compromised, not the individual officers.)

      8. I am a militia of one. Don’t bother me and I won’t bother you.

        • SS

          I’m with you. But it is nice to have Allies.


      9. Militias arnt the problem

        anyone awake, and worth a brain cell, knows where the shit is piled up deep

      10. The election process works as can be seen by Trump in office. The Achilles Heel is the Congressional Primaries of both party’s. It takes far fewer votes there to get a good America and its People First candidate. When 90% of Congressmen and Senators get re-elected and even fewer lose at the primary level Americans are showing that they just don’t care enough to get involved.

        This will be won or lost on the Soap Box and at the Ballot Box.

      11. I have doubts that Militias that talk to MSM outlets and pose to have their photographs taken to be published in MSM publications are actually Militias.

        Certainly not ones that will last very long if things should actually break down and go south.

        • Anonymous, agreed. I also think they’re bogus. A REAL militia group wouldn’t give the time of day to anyone from MSM.

      12. The militias are mostly obese unhealthy pill popping drunken bums and toxic dumps, who have awards ceremonies like the so-called Oathkeepers, where they live in fantasies and lies like congratulating each other for keeping their oaths to an already DEAD AND DESTROYED Constitution in a collapsing Police State hell on earth nightmare controlled completely by Satanic Secret Society Psychopaths. Please militias please, stop with the drunken insanity and your Big Pharma induced delusions-New Babylon America has already been CONQUERED, just look at the disease ridden, obese, dumbed down, drunken, addicted to everything toxic dump militia members sitting next to you at your next insane delusional awards ceremony for COWARDS!!!!!!!

        • You are referring to all the drunks at the VFW drinking halls all talking Sh!t. lol..

        • Ron, I’ll say it again. You DO have a way with words.

          • Thank you, and when you tell the truth the words flow so much more smoothly and they just sound better.

      13. If you remember militias were on the rise during Clinton’s tenure then the false flag bombing in OKC took place. The media went into a frenzy and demonized the militias and most distanced themselves from any sort of militias. The under current is still there and many I know would still take action if pushed far enough. The Deep State has cast the die and with financial collapse and war on the horizon our situation is not going to end well. Better set you mind and take action now for the hard times ahead. The criminality of the Clintons and Bushes is beyond what most can imagine. The Bundys found out the hard way that the State will commit murder to achieve their objective. Sooner or later everyone will have to face off with the oppression to keep their liberty. The government steals 40% of our income in taxes, inflates our currency (another tax) and to think we stated a revolution over a tax on tea. Not entirely correct but you get my point. I am past all that and setting my life in order that whatever the criminal elite have planned will have little effect on my life. I suggest everyone do the same.

        • Best to wrap our minds around the fact we may need to pay for a reset of our republic with our own blood,
          Im at peace with my creator

      14. Militias, are pure BS.
        If you are really out for change,
        you’d attack.
        Walk into a county council meeting and shoot all
        the members and the cops guarding them.
        Set off a bomb in a joint session of Congress.
        Set off a bomb in a full session of your states
        Start shooting congress critters.
        Start bombing IRS offices.
        Random shooting of government workers as they
        go in to work.

        This is how you fight the government. Running
        around the woods in MARPAT BDU’s with AR-15’s
        and body armor isn’t going to change anything.
        So I claim all Militias are BS. Even most “Terrorists”
        can’t get it right.
        Islam attack on 9/11 was effective, it greatly reduced the Freedoms
        that Americans enjoyed. Go to an airport today, I don’t want to co-operate with TSA, I want to kill them. If Militias want to be effective they have to do a “9/11” and kill the government on a massive scale.
        I don’t think they have the balls. Militias are not for real.
        Militias are a waste of time. Any Militia I’d join, you’d never knew existed, but you’d see results.

        • “. . .Islam attack on 9/11 was effective. . .”

          They didn’t do it.

          (((They))) did it.

          Unless Silverstein is Islamic.

          • Yeah, want to know (((Who))) pulled off 9-11 with remote controlled planes? Just follow the money. Who profited?

        • “Militias, are pure BS.

          I don’t think Militias are completely full of shit.
          Sure … you are going to have your typical “joe schmo/billy bad ass’s” within those ranks – that being said – overall – I believe they do mean well.

          I don’t know this, but I’m willing to bet that there is a network within each State, and possibly intertwined across this nation is some form or fashion. It seems to me that they have enough numbers and the ability to form some sort of ultimatum and or grievances whether it be local, state or on a federal levels.

          All they have to do … is publicly speak their mind to the Media and or crowd of their concerns of how this country is being ran. There is more than plenty of people in this country who embrace the Constitution Of The United States.

          Those people who truly devote themselves to protect and uphold the Constitution and our Bill Of Rights are not Republicans nor Democrats.

          Those people are Constitutionalist 100%

          Whether they realize it or not … the time for left vs right, blue vs red days are over. These Politicians … all of them … deserve their day in court. Pull the “Rico Act” on all these sons of B1tch’s – Guilty by association – any so-called “good” politician should immediately resign or take the chance of getting caught up in the mix.

        • These Organized Militias are great decoys to keep the Feds busy, while us 100 Million armed “Lone Wolf” Militias will be taking care of Biz on the back end. We got the best OPSEC in the world. Got your mental lists implanted in your skulls ready to deploy in a minutes notice? Get prepared. You dont need no stinking arm patch to defend America and the Constitution from all Traitors and enemies foreign and domestic. Keep stacking and keep your powder dry.

          • 4GWF

      15. I do wish people would at least read Article 1, Section 8, Clauses 15 & 16 of the US Constitution. Article 2, Section 2, Clause 1 also. Then there’s Article 1, Section 8, Clause 12 and Article 1, Section 10, Clause 3.

        You see, unless the officers are appointed by the state the group calling itself a militia is, constitutionally speaking, no different than the Crips. If the officers are appointed by the Department of the Army they are part of the clause 12 Army.

        10 US Code, Section 311 is the result of the 1903 Dick act and other acts of pretend legislation and is not congruent with the Constitution. People are fed up and no one can seriously have any respect for the government that ignores Hillary’s crimes and supports illegal immigration.

      16. ” People are fed up and no one can seriously have any respect for the government that ignores Hillary’s crimes and supports illegal immigration.”

        but … after all … that is the AmeriKan way.

        If Hillary goes down … so does the Government … there’s just too many people involved without the Government collapsing on itself.

        Hillary … like many that hold themselves on the High ‘N Mighty Status are untouchable. Only the people below her will see time in jail/prison or die of a mysterious suicide.

        This is how the Amerikan political spectrum works.
        It’s business … and nothing more.

        Don’t forget to vote … they need and depend on good, hardworking slaves to support them. [sarcasm off]

      17. Rellic….you are my new hero! Nailed it!

      18. Looks like the dude wearing the boonie hat has a Marlin Model 60. That’s a squirrel gun
        supreme. I thought militias trained with militia grade weaponry.

      19. If the militias haven’t been paying attention to the war in Afghanistan it’s not a good idea to have a large group of people in one place, if they go against the government in groups like that they will be easy targets for drone strikes. Militias could have been effective had they done something in the 90s. We now however live in the age of the lone wolf. Just because your “alone” don’t mean there is no support system. I live way out in the country and all of my neighbors are lone wolves so if the need to fight happens the lone wolves can easily start a pack, we all have copious amounts of armament,many of us are veterans, we all own our own farms and produce our own food , we all know each other and we have a yearly community BBQ shootout so we know each others capability. We have a active firefighter/emt, a bunch of retired army vets, a couple who work for l3 communications and have access eotec and
        Numerous other mil-spec items, there is a gunsmith, mechanic, electronic engineer,a few oil roughnecks, and everyone else is a multi skilled farmer or former Leo. The last thing we want to do is create some militaristic group,we know what we’re capable of in a group but we’re not communist or socialist hell most of us aren’t very social at all.

      20. If i take a stand against the government most people wont follow thru on their word

      21. I think they’re missing the real reason. They’re equipping and getting ready to fight the left’s violent attacks on Conservatives. The left needs to be shown they’re a cancer on this society and their Communist, Socialist, Progressive ideology is going to be stopped in its tracks. No more force feeding of their B.S. Time to put a stop to it.

      22. Congress does not grant or take away basic rights Basic rights are not a the whimsy of politicians Being situational aware I have noted the movement of young moslim men through my town acting very security concious No one seems to be aware of this movement. Groups of 6-12 men some obvious body guards for long bearded men whom they resspect greatly

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