We have the gold! And We Don’t Manipulate Stocks! (According to The Fed)

by | Sep 26, 2009 | Headline News, Precious Metals | 3 comments

Do you LOVE America?


    Rep. Alan Grayson questioning The Federal Reserve’s general counsel about stock market manipulation, gold reserves, and more. Great weekend entertainment.:

    Hat Tip to LAPD77 at WhenSHTF.com…


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      1. Day-um.

        Grayson, for better or worse, sometimes reminds me of The Predator stalking its prey.

        The first movie – right after when Dillon (Carl Weathers) finds Mac’s (Bill Duke) body (sorry, Mac!)…he’s hears “anytime…”, swings around and looks around up in the trees – past the shimmering figure standing up, against the trunk of that tree.  He pans back around…thinks he sees something.  The eyes flash.

        Game over.

      2. Grayson comes off as very arrogant sometimes, but I think it is his complete disdain for the federal reserve and all it stands for which is mistaken for arrogance. He is just the kind of bulldog the American people need to expose the Fed’s fraud.

      3. Well, I was kind of starting to like Grayson, until that nonsense he rambled off today…

        …not that I’m a big fan of Republicans either.

        Both parties suck for the most part…and both are to blame for this mess.

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