“We Have Eight Years Of Serious Damage That Need To Be Repealed” – Obama’s Keeping Busy Before the Trump Inauguration

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    As of this writing the inauguration is now a few days away.  In that time, there are many things that can happen that are bad: big things, and not minor technical glitches.  One of the problems is that readers may confuse possibility and probability with prediction.  This blog is a forum to discuss the possibilities that may occur.  Some do, and some do not, and these in varying degrees.  One thing you may wish to ask yourself: do you really want to see these bad things occur?

    This site is not one that predicts nuclear war or assassinations.  It doesn’t predict the outcome of conflicts, elections, or governmental collapses.  It reports on factors that make these events possible and discusses factors that increase the probability of the events occurring.  The site is meant to present these possibilities and enable you, the reader to think outside of the mainstream media: not just reporting on the events, but considering their overall effects.

    Most of us (myself included) wish to see Trump succeed in office and turn the course of the country around.  There are a lot of things that can still occur prior to his being sworn in.  Look at what Hurricane Katrina did to New Orleans in less than 24 hours.  In the blink of an eye, things can change.  This is why it is important to keep abreast of what is happening and consider all of the possibilities, not just the ones that the majority hold to be doctrine and immutable.

    Obama has been running rampant for the past month prior.  Now we have word that he’s deployed (as of Thursday, January 12) U.S. troops and armored units to Poland.  The following statement by the Russians was reported by ABC News that outlines the gravity of such a maneuver and the threat to Russia as the Russians see it:

    “These actions threaten our interests, our security,” President Vladimir Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Thursday. “Especially as it concerns a third party building up its military presence near our borders. It’s not even a European state.”

    Recently the State Department has been sending more weapons to “rebels” fighting the Assad government in Syria.  There are also further deployments of U.S. troops planned: one of which is to Lithuania at the end of this month.  These are all coming on the heels of deployments to Latvia, Estonia, and Moldova, the latter of which now has American missile defense systems that can also be fitted with Tomahawk missiles and placed into offensive capabilities within a matter of hours.

    In a report released by the Washington Post, Obama is also instituting dozens of executive orders in these last days in office.  The report, entitled With Days Left in Office, Obama Ushers in Dozens of Policies.  But will they stay Seated? The report explains how he is signing off on last-minute orders, such as multi-million-dollar National Monument designations, changes to immigration policy (notably Cuba), and changes instituted for low-income mortgage holders, to name a few.  The article also notes how Republican Senators wrote Obama a letter asking him to cease and desist from executive actions.  The Washington Post itself sees nothing wrong with these actions, as is evidenced by this excerpt of the article:

    In the final days before President Obama leaves office, administration officials are rushing to complete dozens of tasks that will affect millions of lives and solidify the president’s imprint on history. But in many cases, their permanence is uncertain, and President-elect Donald Trump is already pledging to undo some of them after taking office.

    “He is clearly using executive power aggressively and trying to do as much as possible in his final days,” Princeton University history and public affairs professor Julian Zelizer said in an email. “It is clear that a president who was once reluctant to use the power of his own office has changed his heart, especially now that he sees a radically conservative Congress and Republican president-elect are getting ready to dismantle much of what he has done.”

    Both Trump and Vice President-elect Mike Pence have vowed to reverse some of Obama’s key policies as soon as they take office. But it will be nearly impossible to erase all of them in the months and years ahead, and to achieve the maximum impact, Trump will have to accept new limits on his own power.

    Obama also awarded Joe Biden the Presidential Medal of Freedom, an oxymoron in itself, as Biden threatened on national television to conduct Cyberwarfare against Russia and to “embarrass and humiliate” the Kremlin at a time of the administration’s own choosing.  Here this article is more worried and concerned about an overturn of Obama’s policies and “legacy,” and sees nothing wrong with a prognostication of “Trump will have to accept new limits on his own power” as a close.

    In a News Max article by Jason Langsner entitled In Perplexing Move, US Approves Natural Uranium for Iran, the Obama administration has approved a transfer of uranium from Russia to Iran, as noted here:

    “…according to an Associated Press exclusive report from January 9, 2017, the United States has approved a “huge shipment of natural uranium from Russia” to Iran “in a move approved by the outgoing U.S. administration and other governments seeking to keep Tehran committed to a landmark nuclear pact.”

    AP reports, based on two senior diplomatic sources who demanded to remain anonymous, that “116 metric tons (nearly 130 tons) of natural uranium” has been approved to be transferred, which according to the Institute of Science and International Security is enough to make 10 simple nuclear bombs.”

    There are already many theories in place of how the inauguration (if it is held) will proceed, as well as the things that may derail it before it happens.  There was an excellent piece put out on by Josie Wales of www.theAntiMedia.org that gives a recently-released quote of Edward Snowden’s characterizing Obama’s last minute actions that transfer almost unlimited government snooping powers into Trump’s hands.  Entitled Snowden Slams Obama After Expanding ‘Unchained NSA’ Surveillance Powers for Donald Trumpand here is Snowden’s statement from Thursday, January 12:

    As he hands the White House to Trump, Obama just unchained NSA from basic limits on passing raw intercepts to others.” 

    Obama (in another executive order, EO 12333) removed restrictions from procedures that now allow all 16 of the intelligence-gathering agencies to share information with virtually no limitations.  In this vein (do you recall the sealed manila envelope marked “from #43 to #44” that Bush, Jr. gave to the incoming Obama back in 2009?  Who could know what was in that; however, in this light it is business as usual for the incoming administration.

    Each administration blames the predecessor for what is instituted and for what has occurred, yet the new administration does little or nothing to change any of it.  Obama has no checks or balances upon him in these last few days.  Trump will certainly have a lot to clean up should the inauguration occur.  Let’s hope he follows through with his campaign promises, as once a law or executive order is instituted, it is difficult, if not next to impossible to remove.  In this case, it is not only laws or EO’s that need to go:  We have eight years of serious damage that need to be repealed.

    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at SHTFplan.com or contact him here.

    This article may be republished or excerpted with proper attribution to the author and a link to www.SHTFplan.com.

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      1. Obama’s Chelsea Manning ‘Pardon’ Proves The “Russian Election Hack” Story Was One Big Lie

        “How does Obama explain the sudden about face and forgiveness for Manning’s intelligence “betrayal”, that jeopardized the “fabric of US democracy” and “endangered US national security”?

        Are we to believe that John Podesta’s emails are worthy enough for conflict with Russia, but Manning’s classified document release, that exposed the highest level of US military intelligence information, is now considered forgivable?”


        • If the beeutch won the popular vote [by cheatin and stealin] then how can the demcraps claim the Russians hacked the election ? What did they do hack into the electoral college? what a bunch of stooges and imbeciles braindead emeffers!

        • Well not exactly. It seems the chap couldn’t even get the fire started and he couldn’t get the job done. Shame.

          • Build a man a fire and he will be warm for a day.

            Set a man on fire and he will be warm for the rest of his life.

            • good one!

              • 2nd that lol! What congress and senate should be mandated to do is repeal at least 10 laws per day for the next 20 years. NO new laws, only repealing. And get rid of 2 grant programs per day and shitcan foreign aid.

          • Must’ve been a millennial….

      2. I don’t see anything unusual happening. A bunch of snow flakes getting hauled off to FEMA Camps maybe, for being disrupters. Which if they can get past 2 Million Bikers as a Human Chain around the ceremonies,….

        Anybody laying a glove on Trump will suffer massive backlash. Anybody and your entire family and race, religion or nation will be destroyed Biggggtime!!

      3. Divided States Of America:
        Part #1
        Online or On aire 1-17-2017

        ht tp://www.pbs.org/wgbh/frontline/film/divided-states-of-america/

        • It will take a bloodbath to truly fix this country. Liberal progressive communist scum along with the scum illegals Islamic trash plus the corrupt politicians and their lackeys all would need killing or thrown out of our country completely.

          • Menzo

            You are correct.

          • Agreed.

            • BIG YUP!!!

          • Dead right. The question in the article: “One thing you may wish to ask yourself: do you really want to see these bad things occur?”. At first glance or thought – no. But on reflection, there is no other way really. So? It’s time that tree of liberty got ‘watered’.

          • Let the fun begin, I’m plenty PO’s, would not mind dusting a few Banksters. Not these low level employees just working, I’m talking about the wall street Ivory Tower Shysters, Paper shorting PM’s, and laughing about it.

            Just put them and me in a locked room for about 20 mins.

          • Unfortunately probable.

          • The dark dark sinister cabal is orchestrating these anti-America activities as well as terrorist attacks to destroy us from within. And they’re using the dumb libturd tards and mzlmz to do their dirty deeds.

            The jihadi in chief is taking it personally that We The People didn’t vote for the obnoxious turd queen to be his successor, so now he and his globalist cohorts are taking it out on the Donald and his supporters.

            What Donald Trump represents is the antithesis of the globalists/luciferians/illuminati/shadow gvmnt. The US is standing in the way of the nwo agenda, and they will NOT stop with their plans for world domination.

            Our fight has just begun.

      4. Ron Paul Sums Up Nobel-Peace-Prize-Winning President Obama In One Short Sentence

        “…Sounds about right for a president who bombed 7 nations and became the first in U.S. history to be at war every single day of his eight year administration…”


        We All Lose: Obama’s Legacy And What It Means For A Trump Presidency

        “After eight years in office, Barack Obama leaves our nation with a weakened Constitution that has been dealt one crippling blow after another by court rulings and government overreach… and endless wars abroad, and with a citizenry more broken and oppressed than ever.”


      5. Drain the swamp. Which may include using the runoff to water the Tree of Liberty.

        • I like that

          • FS, damn right. Can’t let that tree get dehydrated.

      6. That’s one common black bastard.

        • Obama is a mediocre half negro.

          • FS, yes he is 50% negro but 100% nigger.

      7. Just the idea of government is itself already a corruption.

      8. It’s going to take years to reverse a bunch of progressive crap in this country. The fight will be on all fronts, across all the cabinet agencies, congress, the federal courts, the budget, staffing levels, taxes, all of it.

        May we live in interesting times, as they say.

        • sounds


      9. Obama just carried the ball a bit further but the play started with both the gutting of Glass Steagall, NAFTA and China Free Trade, both done by Bill Clinton and 911 (false flag), Patriot Act, Afghanistan (false flag collateral), Iraq (false pretenses) done by Bush 43.

        One needs to look back a lot further than 8 years.

        • Yep. All the way back to the Civil War at least.

          • Menzo and Kevin2, that’s right. All the way back to Abe Lincoln. The shoeshine boy has plenty of company in wrecking this nation.

        • I can name one President that I believe furthered globalism / elite control the most and that is hands down Wilson. Franklin Roosevelt with gold confiscation, Johnson on ramping up the costly in blood and treasure Vietnam and the failed “Great Society” and then of course Nixon for abandoning Bretton Woods putting us on pure fiat currency. I previously gave Bush and Clinton their due.

          From the above perspective Obama has more symbolism than substance of serious damage as the first paragraph outlines SERIOUS.

      10. Any award to national embarrassment Biden for his plagiarism??

        You all probably forgot, but Biden was forced to drop out of the prez race in the 1980s for lying about plagiarism in a paper he did earlier. Just google Biden+plagiarism to verify, as I leave the fake news to MSNBC, CNN and ABC

        • TEST

          Being a former Delawarean they have a saying there, “Say it ain’t so Joe”.

      11. I don’t think the USA will be like it was in my youth in my life time. I can only hope and pray that it gets there before all of my Children die. I would love to see my grandkids grow up and live through the times like the late 1950’s and early 1960’s like I did.

        I do believe that very soon there will be blood flowing. I just hope it waters the Tree of Liberty.


        • Was thinking about that the other day Sarge. Sure did make me feel right blue. Was talking to my son at the supper table about his bug-out bag. Heck of a topic at the supper table ain’t it. We got done and I took him in my office, opened the safe and handed him a series 70 Colt and told him ‘happy birthday’. Told him to take care of it and it would take care of him. He’d been lusting for a 1911 for some time now.

          • Best 1911 made.

            • Yes they were. The seller took very good care of it, even had an ambidextrous slide release installed. The only series 70 I have left is a commander in the satin nickel finish.

          • PO’d Patriot, I was thinking about that yesterday myself. The America we grew up in will never be back. I don’t doubt that for a minute. But surely to God we can make some improvements here and there for future generations, if nothing else. I do Know that if the hildebitch had won, I would’ve written off my home on election night and we’d probably have a shooting war by now. Trump’s election bought us some more time, at best. SHTF is still coming, in one form or another.

        • Sgt. Dale,
          I agree, I don’t think the country can ever be the way it was when we were kids, for one there are to many people now and they don’ think like we did as kids. two because there are so many more people, most of the places i went hunting and fishing are now housing sites and the fishing holes are no trespassing. three, the attitude of the families and the general public including working for a company, those times are lost forever.

        • Sgt Dale

          “I would love to see my grandkids grow up and live through the times like the late 1950’s and early 1960’s like I did.”

          The post WWII years was an anomaly. The developed world was destroyed and hadn’t yet recovered to become competition. Post Korea up to Vietnam was a hay day for Americans. I have thought that the best year to be born was 1936. Too old for Korea, too young for Vietnam, good employment was plentiful. I think it all changed on November 22nd 1963. From that day on its been downhill.

          • I have made a career of studying human behaviour and economics. And you are right: Americans mistook an economic anomaly – a boom from WWII – into believing the country would carry on like that forever.

            What has happened since is this: the economic reality has set in, with the population becoming more third world like and living standards first stagnating and then, on a global basis, going into decline. But, but, the military industrial complex and the global control grid has privileged itself and made sure it has not suffered but actually flourished in this context. And this has made Americans even poorer because the money that could have gone to education and health and infrastructure, has gone to this control grid.

            The control grid is not going to give up its grip. This means it will need to control the population in the most financially efficient way. Look for the digital noose to get tighter and tighter. India is the template and the beta test. The government knows the general US population has become more n#gger like: badly behaved, in poor health, poorly educated with low IQs, lacking social graces and good deportment.

            • Frank Thoughts

              Your analysis is well thought out and worded. I agree 100%. We’re not going back to happy days 1955 but we damn sure shouldn’t be where we are either. The main cause was that “The Greatest Generation” trusted the government in the aftermath of the Great Depression and WWII despite plenty of evidence to support the contrary. Now that its painfully obvious that we have been snookered main stream America isn’t so trusting. Looking at George Orwell 1984 and below a scene from the movie Animal House I can’t help but think that both art imitates life and life imitates art.

              From Animal House


          • My father was born that year. He is a good and decent man, worked hard all his life, saved and was frugal, and because of that has enjoyed a very nice retirement these last 15 years along with Mom, who was born the next year. Their lives were not exciting or remarkable, but incredibly satisfying and productive.

            I look around me today and I don’t see many like them anymore…but when I was growing up it seemed most of the adults were like them.

            • jaxx

              “I look around me today and I don’t see many like them anymore”

              Damn sure the bar has been lowered. I have heard people praising some father because he works, pays his bills and doesn’t drink away his paycheck. Likewise a parent proud that their kid never been in trouble with the law and graduated high school. In the day this was normal, not something to brag about. Fathers normally worked and paid the bills. Children got praised for graduating college and being on the Dean’s List all the way through, not just graduating high school and keeping out of jail.

              The societal standard for wealth has moved inversely to the standard of morality.

      12. Sgt. Dale, that tree is really thirsty right now and WILL get its drink. that blood may start flowing on Friday in DC. 2 more days…..

      13. We have had DECADES of “serious damage” to our health, and citizens dying all over from the American Holocaust and Chemical Culling, so how about lets repeal that genocidal death machine FIRST, and ARREST all the psychopaths involved.

        • It hopefully appears that one of them will be flyin the marble kite shortly. Referring to NWO GH Bush. Can’t be soon enough.

          • PO’d Patriot, I saw that article earlier at breitbart. Bush Sr. AND his wife are both sick. We can always hope…..

          • That treasonous demon CIA MONSANTO PSYCHOPATH and his witch wife will be spending eternity in hell starting very soon, along with all the treasonous filth who helped the monsters destroy our county.

      14. Get rid of the(((federal reserve bank))). Reinstate E.O. 11110 from JFK.

        • Chauffer.. I ben saying that too now for some time. JFK knew the problem. EO-11110. JFK also had the same problem with the CIA as well, as what we have going on today. JFK said he wanted to bust them up into a million pieces. Trump is smarter and will play the chess board on these fools.

          There is a book out called “Three Days in January,” When Eisenhower was handing the presidency over to JFK and warned everybody then about the Military Industrial Complex Mafia. No disrespect to the Mafia, They did not target women and children like the CIA does.

          “Three Days in January,” By Bret Baier examines President Eisenhower’s farewell address

          Looks like a similar read to what is going on right now, and what Trump Faces like JFK did. I think Trump is not taking any chances and going to map this problem out and take them out one by one. Its our only hope to save our country.

      15. I hope all of you have your gear ready.

        Hard to say how this will spill over should it get going in D.C.

        In which states do you envision having the most trouble? Riots and disorder in the streets.

        Miami Fl. should go up in flames.

        • Baltimore. My daughter lives there and that’s where I’ll be headed with my toys if’n it cooks off.

          • PO’d Patriot

            You’re better off getting her out of there. Philadelphia is preferable.

            • K-2, rather have her home here (out in the boonies) still tryin’ to persuade her to come here for at least the weekend.

        • Anon, if my hometown blows up with the rest of the country, then the BOL will be my new home. 98% of my supplies are already here in storage. IF there’s a successful coup attempt against Trump, that’s all she wrote. GAME ON!

      16. Mac, that picture of the shoeshine boy crying is priceless. He’s crying because he knows that Trump will be attempting to save this country.

      17. When a bad decision means missing a wonderful opporturnity, you usually can’t reverse the damage. In fairness, some of the bad news for America, would have happened regardless of who was POTUS. There are discoveries on the near horizon that could improve America’s future but America might not be able to take advantage of them.

      18. Let’s see if they shoot out some transformers or large electrical junction boxes to put out the lights.

        Can happen in a small neighborhood too.

      19. Anon, the homies ain’t good enough shots for that. They’d have to be REAL lucky.

      20. Freedom is a responsibility as Jefferson stated. So we have to stay involved like never before.

        To rid ourselves of Marxist crap for the next 50 years or so, means we have to step it up and remain consistent for the Constitution and Bill of Rights!

        So many people have freely stated to me, without being asked, that they are ready for a BIG Reversal of Leftists Policies and they want it done quickly! People are FED UP!

        Unless you poll the areas Hillary did win, I do not believe the country is as polarized as the PTB/MSM want us to believe. People are angry!

        The world is watching us and hoping Americans and our New POTUS will lead the way!

        So with that lets start winning until we are tired of winning! Then we will win some more!

      21. I heard on todays radio broadcast of “What Really Happened”,that obama and his family are using the 747 that is used as AF1, to take a vacation in.Since he won’t be the president it won’t be call signed as AF1 but is it legal to keep using it as his own plane,even tho he is not the president any more after Trumps swearing in?

      22. barry passed the baton to another zio controlled putz, the damage will continue

      23. More like we have 16 years of undoing so we need to get busy.

      24. __
        __ T W O M O R E D A Y S ••

      25. Poland doesnt even share a border with Russia, whats putin getting worked up about…

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