We Have Blown The Largest Bubble In The History Of Mankind

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    Were you to look at official government statistics that calculate our rate of price inflation for food, energy, clothing, and other consumer goods, you’d think that prices were as stable today as they were under the gold standard.

    According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the CPI (Consumer Price Index) inflation rate remains well below the Federal Reserve’s 2.5% threshold. Insofar as the government is concerned America’s core inflation rate is just 1.7%, a testament to the economic prowess of our central bank and Chairman Ben Bernanke.

    And because there is no significant price rise being realized in consumer goods based on the government’s calculations, the millions of Americans dependent on disbursements like social security, disability assistance and nutritional food support will see no adjustments to their monthly stipend. And why would they? Prices aren’t rising!

    Or are they?

    According to Peter Schiff, who is well known for his dire economic warnings leading up to the crash of 2008, the government is involved in a wide array of manipulations and fuzzy-math in an effort to convince us that the price increases we’ve seen in stores, restaurants and gas stations over the last decade are merely a figment of our imagination.

    “What we get from the government when it comes to inflation is not information, it’s propaganda. “

    Citing anecdotal evidence because of a complete lack of transparency from the Fed, BLS and government as a whole, Schiff points to the “Big Mac Index,” which has tracked the price of a McDonald’s Big Mac at restaurant chains across the world for decades.

    Because McDonald’s caters to tens of millions of customers yearly and offers food at a fairly low cost compared to others in the food service industry, it is a fairly insightful gauge of consumer activity.

    According to the Big Mac Index, and contrary to the government’s claims of stable prices, since 2003 when the Federal Reserve really began cranking hundreds of billions of dollars into an already troubled financial system, the price of inflation is more than double what is being claimed.

    The Big Mac has gone up by over 6% per year, yet the government claims CPI is only 2.5% per year. So something’s wrong. Either something’s changed at McDonald’s, or something has changed in the way we report inflation. And I trust a hamburger more than I trust the U.S. government.

    That price [of the hamburger] went up in line with the CPI for sixteen years, and then in 2002 they started to diverge.

    What’s the explanation?

    Look at the chart below, and you’ll see that the divergence started taking place when the Federal Reserve started expanding our monetary base after the 2002 crash (with the largest spikes occurring after the 2008 crisis) and when the U.S. government turned to tripling our national debt.

    Big Mac Index May 2013

    We got news from Tyson foods that showed a big drop in meat processing and pork processing, and an increase in chicken because Americans can’t afford the rising cost off food, so they’re trading down.

    The government claims we’re spending more and prices aren’t rising, but the only reason we’re spending more is because prices ARE rising.

    In fact, imports from China last month plunged to a three month low because we’re spending so much more money on food, utilities and rent because we can’t afford to buy the things that we want because we’re paying more for the things that we need.

    Look, the government is creating inflation. The money supply has exploded. The Fed’s got interest rates at zero. It’s buying $85 billion worth of mortgages and government bonds every month. 

    That’s the inflation.

    You can see it manifest itself in stock prices, in real estate prices, in bond prices… it’s all over the place.

    But the government can’t acknowledge that exists, because they can’t do anything about it.

    Because if the Fed takes away the cheap money, if they raise interest rates, this whole phony recovery that they’ve created will collapse and we’ll be in a worse economic crisis than 2008. 

    So the government cannot tell us the truth about inflation. They’re going to keep lying until people wake up.

    Video via SGT Report:

    It’s a Catch 22. There’s no way out.

    If the government acknowledges what is happening, confidence in the economy and financial markets will be lost and we’ll have a repeat of 2008 or worse.

    If the Federal Reserve stops expanding the monetary base and puts an end to the monthly $85 billion in purchases, the entire house of cards will collapse in on itself.

    So, their only option is to continue on this course. But it is a trajectory that will lead to a collapse so severe that our civilization may not be able to survive it.

    The inflation we’re seeing in the price of our milk, our gas, our electricity and other good and services we depend on is a symptom of a much greater problem.

    We have blown the largest bubble in the history of mankind.

    One day we’re going to pay for it – not with money. But, rather, it will be paid with the collateral that was used to back the loans – our lives.

    Our creditors will soon come for their pound of flesh.

    The government of the United States is already preparing for the economic collapse and the civil unrest that will follow.

    You should to.


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      1. They will come after our retirement accounts, 401Ks, and eventually our PMs. Bank on it. What is ours is theirs and that justifies redistribution (their eyes) while we wait on word of Benghazi, the IRS, Immigration, and whatever distraction they cook up.
        White House Down? It has been for a long time, Hollywood finally has made a couple of movies about it. The terrorist aren’t attacking the WH, they’re in it.

        • Inflation calculator

          Type in a amount and year and compare the ‘buying power’ of the dollar to today.

          For example:


          • Its inaccurate because the food and fuel inputs have been removed from the formula in the Consumer Price Index.

            • It interesting to note on that page the index has been figured since 1913. Gee, why that year? Could it be the banksters were setting up the propaganda machine from the outset to hide their crimes?

              It is accurate for what the banksters designed it to do. Lie using numbers THEY control.

              Most of the bad stuff last century took place in 1913, most well hidden over the Christmas holidays. Thirteen is a special number for the “elite”.

              It is 2013, and the plan for the next 100 years will be launched by years end. Two years have been set aside for restructuring and clean up, so you hear the NWO crowd preaching Post 2015 plans.

              Lady Liberty is 8 1/2 months pregnant with the bastard child of the banksters. If that child is not taken back by the people and taught freedom, there will be no opportunity to do so in the future.

              The time is drawing near to either fight for the freedom of the human race (not just America), or be one of the good men who did nothing allowing evil to rule the land.

              • Inflation….what inflation? A box of maceroni is still a dollar but instead of a 16oz per box we only get 12oz.

                This must be the “NEW MATH” of the future.

                Nowdays most people can’t count change back to a customer so why would you think anyone would even notice smaller packaging?

                Anyone on here been audited lately???? I received a letter yesterday that I am being audited for 2011 returns….REALLY?

                We are so screwed!

                • Starve the Beast.

                  Go underground.

                  Go unbanked.

                  It works.

                • “Freedom ain’t free”, don’tcha know.

                  • Freedom ain’t free, but it can’t be purchased with Federal Reserve Notes…

                • Tina are you talking about the “new math” of 15 years ago or the “new math” of today where they teach the kids that the answer is whatever the government or the “specialists” tell you is the correct answer?

              • While the root of the global conspiracy goes all the way back to the late 1700’s, they made their first really big move in 1913, with both the Federal Reserve Act and the Federal Income Tax. The Federal Reserve was used to put us into debt, and the IRS was the agency used to collect payment on that debt.

                Within 4 years of the above, we were at war. And we’ve pretty much been at war somewhere ever since.

                • Walt,

                  The War of 1812 was the first bankster retaliation against freedom and set in motion the first hundred year plan, culminating in the war of northern aggression to bring the entire populace down to the level of the slaves through the so-called 14th Amendment.

                  The Fed and was established to collect from the newly acquired slaves using the mercantile system we have today, and has ALWAYS existed in England.

                  Now it is time to for them to claim the land, and it is our duty to throw them off.

                  • Walt and GC, you giys are both correct. Except for the, Late 1700 part. If you meant here usa? Then yes. But it actually began in England in Mid-1600’s when the very First Banksters bank got started by Rothchilds family and the old mans 5 sons.

                    Them khazers instigated a War between France and England to cause Both nations to need cash/gold desperatly.

                    Rothchild made a deal with the brit king. Let him have total control of bank of england, and allow for same type system as in todays usa, IE: Fractional Reserve for loans at Usuary/Intrest, and if king agrees rothchild will Gladly “Loan” the english king Gold. I think it was like equal to a Billion dollars in todays terms.(?)

                    Once Rothchild got control of Bank of England, he sent his 5 sons to 5 Other nations, usa-germany(with the warburg family banksters too) France- and if I recall it was the Netherlands banks too. Our usa fed reserve banks was the final nation at least as far as largest gdp or potential gdp nations goes.

                    Today about the Only countries withOUT same type fed res rothchild banksters yet is Iran-N.Korea-Cuba(not certain) and maybe aprox Two more. Basically they now got control of all the worlds banks except those few nations.

                    And THAT is the Number Two main obsticle to their NWO plans. Number One is Us and the 2nd amment!

                    But even if we retain the 2nd and keep every firearm we now possess, do not think That will halt their evil NWO attempts. Once they get every nations banks in Their control. Then it is posible for the Mark-666 system of the Beast(biblical) to be installed worldwide.

                    It Has to be so, as the mark is so folks can continue to Buy and Sell “stuff”. What Other thing or system controls buying and selling like banks and Money does?…None I can think of.

                    Don’t be shocked if Bit Coins Cashless system along with Computerized money(debits) is soon revealed as just Another Hegelian Dialectic swindle. Feds shut it down, then folks get pissed and Demand a return to ok bit coin system, then fed govnt(usa’s) says Ok But…Only the current fed reserve and us congress are able to run it Properly!(riggghhhttt!). Then folks the world over rejoice as if they Won a fight. When in reality a bit coin system is Exactly the type Cashless/computerized method the fed reserve desires all along.

                    Then after its up and running swell. Pass a few new fed laws to get everybody on board. Only thing left for govnt and fed res banksters to do then is. Run non stop propaganda TV news stories how too many folks get ID stolen! Accounts emptied! Gee and Woe! what can the Govnt do to protect citizens money?

                    Wait! Congress/fed res to the Rescue! Pass More fed laws to Demand an Implant chip-ID system! Problems solved, everybody sings Kumbaya! While lined up at Driver Lic sec of state offices awaiting Thier implant chip aka “666” numbers! And the Masses of sheeps will Demand such a “great” system….Fools and idiots. Hellbound also.

          • The U.S. government intentionally started to inflate the dollar around Y2K in order to reduce the value of Chinese held debt.

            That’s why China is going to invade us. I’m gonna go buy some more ammunition. I think they got a shipment in.

            • I’m dead serious. Currency devaluation is part of a broad platform of neoliberal economic policies that began with Ronald Reagan in the ’80’s, were aggressively implemented by Bill Clinton and Gdubya Bush, and are more or less being continued today under B’Hussein O’Bama.

              This is not a conspiracy theory. It’s actual socioeconomic history… except for the spelling of the names. Bill Clinton is actually spelled “BUBBA.”

              I did score a bulk pack of 5.56 this morning. I must be lucky today. Watch your ass, Chinese banker armies!

              • “”Watch your ass, Chinese banker armies!””

                The banksters transcend race and nationality. Still, it is those centered in America that should be watching their ass.

                • You’re right, G’s C. That was over specific.

                  Watch your ass, bankers, carpet baggers, politicians, zombies, RBATs, and anyone else who wants to steal my stuff in the end times!

                  • It just dawned on me after posting my other comment above this one. “IF” anything even close to what I wrote in that post happens And involves the worlds banks. Then the fact that what I wrote about Rothchild banks beginning aprox. 400 yrs ago in England, which Is documented proven facts, then That will basically Blow todays pastors “prophecys” and Explainations of the bible book of rev and end times etc totally out of the water.

                    Because every preacher that subscribes to todays version of the bible explainations bases Everything they preach upon, 1st= The Pre-Trib “Rapture” MUST occure Before ANY remaining book of revelation issues or predictions can happen. Those pastors say Chapter 4 verse 1 is describing that Rapture scenario(I say they are very Incorrect). But if banks are all fed res type and entire worlds banks included, then it means that “Some” of the book of Rev prophesy’s Have already Been occuring and for quite a long time now.

                    As has many other things it speak of has been in a kinda slow motion occurance and for probobly at least 1000+yrs now, maybe Longer yet. If This is true, then all these prophecy-preachers that today abound everywheres, cannot be correct, if they say ONLY After the Raprure will God allow Any other things predicted to happen.

                    My personal belief is Yes they are wrong and also on quite alot more on various other issues they preach on.

                    But if they are wrong about Pre-Trib rapture, how will That affect the current “Trust” so many christians have in so many pastors who preach that today?

                    That alone may be the main cause of a Mass Falling away of the church(the Great apostecy) that Christ Himself says MUST First occure, as well as the evil one or son of perdition(antichrist) Must First be revealed to the entire worlds peoples. Christ says BOTH those things Must first happen before he can Return.

                    I cannot think of a better method to cause such a mass falling away by christians, than if they find their much trusted pastors were all along so wrong on such an Important issue as the Pre-Trib rapture to fly away to safty!…If wrong on the timeing of That? How Many More issues were they maybe also wrong about?

                    Tithing perhaps?! Picture 50 million pissed off christians who never did any preps due to they “Thought” their preachers pre trib messg can be the real deal. How many may demand a Rebate for a Lifetime of “Giving” 10% or more of Gross pay every week?

                    Most folks Hate to find they was swindled right. Especially if swindled by a Preacherman!

                    Think on it. If Nothing else in book of revalation can happen till after a pretrib rapture? That means EVERY prophetic event described. Including the Mark/666 thing.

                    And I do believe what we see occureing with the Banksters today, which began at least 400 yrs ago, is definatly a main component to the future beast number or Mark of 666 predictions. What if them preachers is All incorect? What are 50 million usa christians going to do if shtf Before any “Rapture” event occures? I sure don’t want to find out! I bet alot of preachers sure will though when they go beat the doors down at His crib for “Help Us pastor since You are so filthy rich and we aint got anything stashed away for a SHTF event!” Woe to them wolves in sheeps cloths preachers eh. And the Sheep flock they so fooled.

                    ps: If you Read chapter 13, book of Rev. Thats were John describes First about the “First” beast, aka antichrist, and the very First event atributed to the antichrist man, in vs. 8, is he shall Make WAR against the Saints(aka christians) Many shall Fall by the Sword! the rest shall be taken Captive(jailed/fema camps?).

                    It is Not untill several verses After that any mention of the Second Beast occures. He is whos described as a False Prophet and He is who makes folks accept that 666 Mark number etc. Most preachers today claim it will be the antichrist man who does so. Wrong again huh.

                    Just thought with so many christian folks that read and post here they may find this info good to contemplate on.

              • Seems that before tricky Dick took USA off the gold standard, the biggest, the best, the tallest, etc was always in USA. That seems to have started changing around the time USA formally went off a gold standard. Surely not the only cause, and things were going downhill before that even. Just seems the decline began to accelerate around that time.

                • Annalise, pause for a minute and consider how arrogant that sounds to those of us who are not Americans, and who have done ok over the years without that “blessing”.

                  Now ask yourself what being American has really got you to.

                  • Not meaning to be arroogant. Just pointing out the American decline.

                  • Mr. Eagle,

                    You could make a case for better quality of life in a lot of places outside of the US. That’s a different thing from the biggest/best/tallest argument.

                    The U.S. has absorbed every malcontent on the face of the earth since its inception. There’s an up side and a down side to everything.

                • Have you seen the rest of the world? The biggest, tallest and best are still mostly in the USA.

                  I’ve been to China. It’s like the 19th Century with cell phones there.

            • Your amunition ain’t made in China, is it?

              • Nah, I think it’s Russian.

                Joking! it’s Federal.

            • Don’t be buying Chinese ammo – no powder in it!

            • China holds less than 5% of our debt

          • Does the calculator work if you exclude the late 70’s and early 80’s? You also need to input income info to see how well it kept up.

          • We know the data we receive has been ‘massaged to ‘look’ better. The government is now openly telling us they are rewriting history.

            New data to ‘rewrite economic history’

            “The government is about to wave a magic wand and add 3% to our GDP growth.”

            “The US economy will officially become 3 per cent bigger in July as part of a shake-up that will see government statistics take into account 21st century components such as film royalties and spending on research and development.”

            “We are carrying these major changes all the way back in time – which for us means to 1929 – so we are essentially rewriting economic history,” said Mr Moulton.

            “The changes will affect everything from the measured GDP of different US states to the stability of the inflation measure targeted by the Federal Reserve. They will force economists to revisit policy debates about everything from corporate profits to the causes of economic growth.”

            “It isn’t so much that the administration is goosing the numbers, it’s that their defenders won’t mention the changed measurements and use the increase as ‘proof’ that Obama’s policies are ‘working’.”

            American Thinker dot com

        • I have had several conversations with people who are glad that all of the scandals are coming to light about this administration. Maybe my tinfoil hat is twisted too tight but this all makes me nervous about what we are being distracted from or being set up for. Those that control the flow of information are letting this stuff flow freely and I can’t help but wonder why. Don’t get me wrong, i’d love for the sheeple to have a rude awakening and see what they have chosen, and maybe I’ve grown to cynical but i can’t help but wonder what is going on behind the scenes.

          • rainyday

            If one looks at everything going on individually it can all be explained as incompetent leadership doing what they do. If one stands back and looks at everything in its entirety the conclusion is far different. Governmental Intelligence agencies look at trends and patterns. Applying the same logical strategy tells one that damn sure something is up.

            People who ridicule those that see a bigger picture calling them the tin foil hat crowd look at everything from the perspective that its all in a vacuum. Cause and effect eludes them.

            • “””One day we’re going to pay for it – not with money. But, rather, it will be paid with the collateral that was used to back the loans – our lives.”””

              I don’t know about you, but I did not consent to being collateral for the banksters or their corp.

              When the criminals come for their pound of flesh, I’ll be nowhere to be found, just like the REAL value of their paper scheme.

          • That’s an interesting question. It is confusing. Especially if one has committed to a view that all powers are working together and that there are not competing or warring interests.

            I think it helps to remember that if the Obama administration has been “caught” or is brought down, the corporate/elite interests directing things have not been caught. So long as rightists can keep blaming leftists and Obama, and vice versa, the game or agenda can keep moving forward.

            I think that’s what we’re seeing– a revealing to the people an ever yet more intrusive and tyrannical government, while at the same time, keeping the Republican/Democrat blame game going. It is important to the agenda that these things are revealed to the people. It ups the fear and let’s people know to be careful about what they say or do. That’s the goal: make people fearful.

            That’s my best guess anyway.

            • Absolutely right, two sides of the same coin!

          • rainyday

            There’s always something brewing behind the curtain.

          • Exactly! Nice to see someone who has the wherewithal to peek behind the curtain. I only wish we could pull down that curtain the way Jesus’ death pulled down the curtain of the Holy of Holies. Without the dieing part, naturally.

            • Don, one can almost say that curtain ripped and torn down event was the 2nd time Christ Kicked ass. First time was when He beat up banksters at the Temple. Then a second time kinda he beat ass of the Pharisee’s when everybody there was able to look deep into the “Holy of Holies” chamber with the curtain gone, and see that there was NO Gold ARK inside the temple at all!

              Christ exposed how phoney and what evil swindlers them phariss rabbi’s were when for centurys all the reg avg folks trusted that thier ARK/seat of Holies was indeed still inside the temple. That massive expose of swindles probobly did far More effect than the ass kicking done to the money changers prior eh.

          • Rainyday: I have been thinking the very same thing. I feel I have news whiplash. We went from Obama the wonderful to all these “news” stories that paint him in a bad, possibly impeachable light. Gotta wonder if we are being distracted OR he is being temporarily chastised by his handlers for not following orders properly.
            I doubt he worries about being chastised. He has been placed in this position and they went to a lot of trouble to get Obama, not anyone else, him, in the White House. Why? It would have been easier to get someone who actually is a citizen and has less of a back story to cover up. So why him?? Why was he picked by the elite? It is not like he had a impressive record of work before he ran. He was a very junior Senator who mainly abstained when he voted. They put him there to jump him into the White House to be their lacky but why him?

            • C, Why Obamma you asked? Perhaps because since His kenyen daddy was at time of hobammys birth a citizen of Britian. As such due to International and National Laws then in effect,the actual citizenship of a kid Follows what his Father is/was. This makes him an actual Birthright citizen or “subject” of England.(when born that part of africa was under British Rule).

              And after attempting Two major wars to regain usa as an englsih colony again,(1775 and again 1812 wars Both started by brits) and after Huge Losses in both wars, perhaps the english decided to try a different method to recapture the usa and ruin or end our soverignity as an Indep. Nation.

              I have read several accounts which say they document that most every prez we had, has some type Ties to englands royal lines. Such as 14th cousins etc. Also those articles state that Many of usa prez’s are Related like as distant cousins, Even Hobammy! Klinton+both Bushes+Hobammy all are distant realted cousins.

              Not sure if that is factual truths? We have seen far stranger things turn out correct.

              Somethings up though as you stated. Why Him Indeed? Many Other way more qualifid blacks exist in the usa, and most are 100% real blacks, Hobammy is actually a Mulato. 1/2 & 1/2 white & black. Some articles say hes really just 6% max black, and mostly 1/2 white and the rest is Arab.

              Seems the deeper you search, the more mixed up it gets huh. One thing 100% Certain= Hobammy is and has been trained since Birth or shortly after to be a full blown MARXIST Kommie. That is his Main guidlines bar none.

              • I agree with the Kenyan/Brit dual citizenship and that fact alone would make him ineligible for the Presidency per our laws. Even if he clains part US citizenship based on his mother, he can no be born with dual citizenship.
                As to the presidents being related, a man and his grandaughter traced the geneology of all presidents up to Obama and yes they are all, except one, related to one man in the British RoyalRuleing Family. (They made their work public to be verified. The granddaughter took it to school as part of a presentation). What are the odds? It could only happen with help.
                As far as Obama being communist, that was clear almost from the beginning. He used ideas and phrases that sounded like those used by the communists. But so many people who listened to his double talk only heard what they wanted it to mean. Still gotta wonder why him?

        • That’s why my husband is still working. (He’s past retirement age but we can’t afford for him to quit.) I’m sure that pensions, 401Ks or anything similar is going to go straight down the gullet of the government, leaving us to starve if they don’t shoot us first. Who would have dreamed it would end this way?

          • Vicky

            Actually quite a few predicted us being more or less in this position about this time or earlier about four decades ago. They said the currency devoid of a standard will be increasingly devalued and the rate at which it happens will accelerate. A couple of technological advancements held off the decline as increased wealth was created with new inventions. When the catalyst of decline Free Trade was adopted the rate of fall increased dramatically. Maybe its divine intervention or just luck or happenstance but the new found natural gas supply via fracking has the potential to delay the drop. Lady Liberty with no help from Government is trying to tread water while banksters in the boat hit her with oars.

            • Well, you were/are right.

              • I read about it, can’t take credit for it. I thought that as long as one plus one equals two they were correct. I did not spend three decades preparing but did keep out of unnecessary debt and invested watching everything from a different perspective than most. I was called, “the profit of gloom and doom” by co-workers. The direction is obvious but the timing while not impossible to predict TPTB have a lot of tricks to prolong the inevitable and their repeated re-inflation via fiat money injection does re-create short lived and dangerous lucrative investment opportunities. Just when I think, “Thats it” they manage to do it over again.

                Its either a big drop or “death by a thousand cuts” but either way our consumption and hence standard of living is going to reduce significantly. I think unless TPTB have lost control of the situation and are re-acting as opposed to directing (highly possible) the drop will not be of such a magnitude to create instability to a point that the regular military is brought home for civil control. TPTB need them to enforce their world wide control aka Smedley Butler.

                If the US Military is brought home for civilian control WWIII is just around the corner. You might not like that “Cop on the beat” but let him leave his post and look out.

          • Vicky… i was born in a W German DP Camp…
            and i have always thought i would die in the same situation my self directed IRA and my ROTH account which is a ‘custodial account’ i have never considered as accumulated wealth for myself—but only an illusion… so i have modest Stacks of PM & i will divide shares of those PMs to family at the proper time so it can remain portable

            have a nice day ya’ll

        • The utter BULLSHIT the Govt has used to coverup what’s really going on and even more important, WHAT’S going to happen made Charlie McGrath break down on his recent video.

          We all know that TPTB know the end game. It’s ugly and it will scorch the Earth when all the economies unravel.

          But hey we had a winner on American Idol and the NFL starts in 4 months. 😉

          • You need to look at the bright side. We have created the biggest bubble in the history of mankind; we should be proud. Some kind of party is in order.

            • @ Paranoid, I totally agree my friend. Time to “party” like it is 1776. Whether or not the “concept” is popular…the reality is HERE!

            • Tonight I’m gonna party like it’s 1929…

          • And dont forget,
            Dancing with the stars finals on monday!

          • Rod, American Idol may have to take a back seat. First we had Fast&Furious, well you can’t blame Obama for that, everyone knows those drug cartels got all their guns at those pesky gunshows. And then you had Benghazi and that could’nt have been his fault cause it was just a bump in the road, and it’s been so long ago, they just thought that they were having a BBQ and some fire works after a bad movie. And then along comes part of Obama’s Pravda team AP which has been kissing his ass along with UPI, NBC, ABC, CBS, and CNN and all of their affilates. And were suppose to feel bad about that. Now we have the IRS, just a small obscure government agency, that really means no harm and has no real power to do anybody any harm, and Obama hardly even knows who they are. But we must becareful because one day we might have a tyrannt in office. So in the mean time, until something big really happens, CNN will keep all of us sheeple informed about Angelina Jolie’s breast. I wish know one any bad health problems, but CNN give me a break, that’s all I’ve heard for 3 days. Surely there’s some kind of important news going on in the world. Trekker Out.


              • Kraut, I was just going to make a comment when I saw your response. Sometimes my comment is more of a question than a comment. I just read on Fox that there is a divide in the ranks of the boy scouts over whether to allow Queers in the boy scouts. Now if a man wants to be a woman, or a boy want to be a girl, why do they want to be in a Boy’s organization? We have Boy Scouts for boys, and Girl Scouts for girls, So if Queers want to be in an Org. why don’t they start up their own, Queer Scouts and they can be what ever they want, male or female. And since most of these male Queers have no BOOBS, what’s their point in life? Trekker Out.

                • Good question, easy answer. Liberals always want you to force you to partake in their decisions. That’s why most libs who leave a liberal State because they FUCKED IT UP and move, windup doing the same thing in the State in which they moved to.

                  Libs love to spread the pain equally which is why Obamacare was forced on us along with all their idiotic ideas.

                  • Liberals never build anything, that’s the point. They just want to tell you how to use your stuff as they want.

                • There’s nothing I can say in response to that that isn’t offensive.

                • I was a Eagle Scout. It’s fine with me to have a man lie in sin with another man.

              • It’s ok eisen. No one called you a fag. You can relax now. Everyone believes you like boobs.

                • He protests too much. I don’t think he really likes boobs at all.

        • DRD5508: I’m not sure of your analysis. If the govt. comes for our retirments BEFORE the collapse, that would collapse the entire world’s markets because of the panic selling. The govt. will cause the very collapse it’s trying to forestall. If the govt. took them AFTER the collapse, it would be a moot point because all paper investments would be worthless then. So I’m not sure that would work in either situation (pre/post collapse). But I could be wrong. As for personal PMs, unless one was foolish enough to buy them with a paper trail attached to them (check/credit card), then maybe they would be seized, but most folks pay cash and are smart enough not to store them in just one location. And a smart person would NEVER put them in a safety deposit box becasue a bank can be closed by the govt. at any time. So I’m not sure there’s need for much concern about PMs being seized.

          • Reading economic analyses on here is sometimes like watching a dozen carpenters trying to figure out a symphony by peering into the innards of a piano.

          • Jim Rogers recently stated that he believes that the government won’t come for our bank accounts (like in Cypress) to start with. They will use the current economic conditions and the number of people out of work to say something like: We feel your pain and we want to protect all of you who worked so long and now have lost your retirement due to needing to live off of it or your city going into bankruptcy and defaulting on your pensions. So we are going to take care of every one by nationalizing the nations 401Ks ( when you hear that your money is already gone) and then everyone will get a retirement payment. (Probably starting around 80 years old). —-For those of us who went-without to be able to put money into our retirement accounts, that bites big time. While my co workers went on trips and bought new cars and ate lunch out every day, I didn’t do any of those things and invested so I could take care of myself in my retirement years.

          • Gregory8, I agree concerning safety deposit boxes. Lets look at what has happened. First and formost is eminent domain. If tptb can take away your land they can take away anything in your possession. Privately owned gold was (FDR) collected (being nice) by the gov’t. Retirees with medicade/medicare are going through some losses as we speak do to Obama care. How about inheritance tax? Many other examples but yet how many retirement accounts are actually in the hands of the individual? Aren’t the majority of IRAs, 401Ks, and savings accounts in the hands of banks and the stocks? How about the safety of mutual funds. Our SS is in the hands of the gov’t. You think a collapse is really holding them back? The gov’t/Fed Res. are dictating the finacial market now and they(the gov’t) is trying (quite successfully) to over load the system now. What a coup de grace to take our land, our constitutional rights, our money. We are under communistism as we speak, it just hasn’t been completed as of yet.
            Gregory8 I’m not trying to dampen anyones’ faith, just being a realist. Hopefully, the govt doesn’t or can’t get our retirement from us but like anything else with the gov’t, I don’t trust evil.

      2. The traitors in our government have sold our children’s futures down the fucking river. Damn them all to hell.

        • Stay the course and you’ll barely notice the initial impact. I offloaded 90% of my toys to a new location today just in case I have to move quickly. As a result I feel 100% better knowing these supplies are safer now.

          Form a fire team if you don’t already have one and keep your ears and eyes open at all times.

          If you’ve become lazy, unhealthy and numb make a change TODAY so you’re not a burden on yourself or others when the time comes. Eat right, exercise and awaken your senses to your surroundings, blend in and move unnoticed. Ride the city bus through areas you are unfamiliar with, especially if you want to know what the impact will be when it pops. These traits will be needed in the near future. Many more things could be said but you get the jist.

          • Good suggestions, scott. Almost anybody can walk off the excess fat. As far as paying attention, why not learn to track animals? You are forced to be observant of many things, like where are the places alligators come out of the water, where are the wallers, what’s in the animal scat (persimmon seeds? hair? lots of moisture?), where do the feral hog trails lead, where are buzzards circling?
            I like your suggestion about riding the bus. I am going to take a few short bus tours when I get the time. Years ago I took my kids on a “photo shoot” that began in a rich neighborhood, went through downtown, and ended up in a poor ghetto where there was actually a smoldering building and prostitutes on street-corners.
            And what you wrote about blending in and being unnoticed requires observations about how people walk, how they dress, whether they look others in the eye or avoid eye contact, whether they sit stark-staring or act as if they have a purpose, whether their body language says they’re scared or vulnerable or confident or careless or belligerent, and what kind of gear they are carrying.
            Practice looking behind you every five seconds or so when you’re walking the streets, and keeping you head on a swivel.

            • Its a good life skill to know the art of Street Smart once you know it you can adapt it to any enviorement, bush smart, mountain smart, large crowd smart, office smart, you name it

        • Their future and our present.

        • Did you authorize your children’s future to be sold?

          It is probably better to teach your children to live free and evade those who think they have a claim against them.

          • Evade? The time for running and hiding has past.

        • So, how do you really feel?

        • The Hell thing…. God will take care of it. They are fighting God. A fight that they will not win. Jesus is our Savior/Creator and it is toooooooooooo bad they do not realize it. This website would fold if they did realize their Savior/Creator.

        • Is everyone here in the Tea Party?

          Thumbs up if you’re in the Tea Party.

      3. As usual Mac, you are spot on! It is not if, but when the debt bubble will burst. Simple arithmetic shows the debt is unsustainable, unpayable, and ultimately unforgiving. TPTB will kick the can down the road for as long as they can with disinformation, and then strong arm the citizens when the debt crisis hits home. Be prepared, engage your public employees!

        • Peter, ‘..and then strong arm the citizens..’. Well said!

      4. Helicopter ben and tar and feathers goes together like mac and cheese.

        • BI-I think ben would be better portrayed in a hot air
          balloon than a helicopter. No inflation, my hind end.

          • @ OutWest. Helicopter ben would be even better portayed in a one of those levelled dunkers that they use to go up and down over and over until the person went nuts. Just like the debacle that is stock market, up and down to snag the suckers at the high points that don’t want to be left out, then down it goes and so does someone’s life savings. Better yet, visualize ben in one of those large plasic bubbles rolling rapidly downhill right into a sinkhole that is the abyss that will be the economy. You would think ben would be ashamed even deep down, or humiliated to know what he is saying is such utter horse feces.

            Anyway, ANOTHER precursor earthquake on the southeast Pacific Rise. This is again saying that Nazca plate is getting ready, and/or several other plates to do some serious movement. This exact area in the past has lead to earthquakes in the Caribbean, Taiwan, Japan, Phillipines, New Guniea to Fiji again, and many different locations in Central and South America. I am beginning to look at something more in the high 7 to mid 8 range.

            • Among other smaller earthquakes, I see another hit South of Africa (5.7) and 50km NE of Namie, Japan (6.1) in the last two hours.

      5. Amen, Mac! The future is so bright, I’ve got to wear shades.

      6. We all know it coming,how long do we have before the balloon actually bursts ?


      7. All you have to do is look at food packaging. Instead a pack of 10, its a pack of 8. Instead of a half-gallon, its only a pint and a half. Etc, etc most people don’t even realize it. The new sales price of something is the old regular price just 3 months ago. If your not trying to grow your own food, better start now

        • And a paper towel or toilet paper tube gets bigger and bigger, and the rolls get shorter ( I noticed this on toilet paper when they wouldn’t fit our holder anymore because they’ve cut a 1/2″ off the size of the roll, and the damn rolls fall out in the floor…ours has a little spring loaded tab on each end, not a solid roller. ).

          Dial soap….take the wrapper off and look at a bar now….instead of a FULL bar, (like it appears in the wrapper ) they’ve made the mold so it’s “scooped” out on one side to save material….probably 15-20% less soap than the older bars.

          And finally, the biggie….Smucker’s “strawberry” jam….dump a whole jar out on a plate and LOOK for strawberries….they used to be plentiful….now it’s mostly sugared jelly and very few pieces of actual berries.

          But nah, there is no inflation…..

          • And Van Camp’s is doing the same darn thing!!
            Either I got a messed up batch of cans (on sale) or they’ve started leaving out the beans with the soup now–all the cans have is soup in them, no beans.

            • They tie a string on a bean and dip it in each can as it goes by…

            • JAYJAY fuck the beans eat what god gave you deer rabbit
              you can bring them down with a CCI 22short low noise
              eat until you puke stop eating that store bought shit
              everything you is free for the taking in the wild
              he gave it to us so use it

              • There actually is a disease you can get from eating wild rabbit.

                Then you talk berry berry fuddy.


                Q. How do we know Elmer Fudd wasn’t a packing kind of guy with a couple of bitches?
                The dude had style. See how all the men shave their heads now. He was a trend setter.


                Just injecting a little humor into the inflation nightmare to come.

              • swampratt,
                Down in LaFourche Parish, ‘dem nutria make a fricassee de bon gout!
                Take they livers and catch you a pot of goujon!

              • A deer with a 22 short. Like punctuation this advice is lacking.

          • This is interesting from a historical perspective. Back in the day when things were stable packaging was quite plain. Now packages have an esthetic appeal that just so coincidently saves product.

            I been to several countries and observed that the prettier the money the less its worth. Notice how decorative our currency has become.

            • That’s so it will look nice when we use it as wallpaper in the near future.

          • Hey, now that you mention it…that last pound cake I bought didn’t weigh no 16 ounces either. And that new “improved airflow” charcoal with the grooves cut out of it is another scam to cut down product.

          • Exactley why I make my own gotta have the berries in there. I really don’t like treasure hunts.

        • We have a pantry and a few weeks ago, I bought some more canned beef stew to replace what we’ve used. Usually the wife buys the food, so when I went and bought the stew, I was surprised that the price was the same as last year!

          Cool… Maybe inflation isn’t that bad…

          Then I went to put it on the pantry shelf, next to the stew I bought last year… The new can is 4 oz. smaller!

          • Yeah.. I tell the wife the same about my Johnson…it’s smaller…just inflations.

            Sorry…more humor.

            Feel free to wack me Mac.

            • I doubt Mac wants to wack your johnson…

        • I was stocking up on canning jars and noticed manufacturers have introduced a pint and a half jar; it is getting harder to find q wide mouth quart jar at a reasonable price as prices have increased significantly. Mylar bags are still reasonable on sale, but oxygen absorbers have gone up.

          • How much ?

            I’m still getting quart size wide mouth Ball jars for $9.50..,,,

            • Walmart is selling quart wide mouth jars now for $10.98/dz. I can get regular mouth quart jars for $9.50, prices are in store.

              • PATIENMOMMA you said you live south of Jackson I live
                north of Jackson in Huntingdon glad to know fellow preppers are close

          • The quart an a half has been around for a long time. It’s just that retailers haven’t stocked them.

            I recently found 10 cases from an estate-sale.
            They cost me $40.00, and a few bucks for gas. We plan on having them full of green beans, field peas, and corn by summers end. The 24 oz. size is perfect, for two healthy eaters, to make a meal with.

        • EastTenn: Excellent observation, there’s been a slow downsizing of food products for some time. When Hershey’s came out with their ‘new’ bar with the air pockets I said holy crap, they’re selling bubbles instead of chocolate, but at the same price. I’ve also noticed air pockest in ice cream as well. Same volume, same price, just less actual product by weight. To keep most of the sheeple quiet, companies have had to slowly downsize their products rather than just increase the prices. The insideous rise of inflation.

          • Potato chips= bags of air.

            • The air keeps them from getting smashed. The product has been downsized, though.

      8. Once again, this is what these so-called intellectuals and professionals — democratic and republican — politicians have brought to the USA and to the world. The “professional crooks” of the last thirty plus years, once again, democrats and republicans, have brought this mayhem to the people of the earth, once again, while enriching themselves and their pals. They and their children, and their children’s children, are set for life with the best education, the best healthcare, the best of everything that the planet has to offer, all the while lying to the people while smiling for the camera. Bill Clinton left the white house nearly penniless; now he’s worth over a hundred million dollars. Bush-boy had over five hundred million donated to build his library — his library! You’ll remember that nine billion dollars in cash, one hundred dollars bills went missing in Iraq, which to this day is still unaccounted for! Are you getting the picture of what this so-called democracy is all about? How much more of this are people going to take? And now it’s illegal to record cops beating and killing people in Chicago! Enough!

        • Merlin, Clinton isn’t worth a dime in my book (I’ll bet yours either). As for illegal to record cops in ChiTown; criminals hate recorded evidence of their crimes, there is no defense against it.

          Have a great weekend folks, take care braveheart. Enjoy the weekend and get your minds off the evil hitting us for a bit. Even Mac has to get away once in a while?

        • The question you ask,….”How much more of this are people going to take?”….. is like asking, how much more credit can i get?

          As long as people can get credit to buy more shit, they don’t really care what the greedy, crooked politicians do.

          Yea, there are a few of us that stopped playing the game a long time ago and became concerned for our country; but there are too few, and too late, to change anything now.

          It’s all in God’s hands, and we just have to ride out the storm as best as we can.

          Once people start having to rebuild from nothing because they were living “too high on the hog”, they may begin to see the problem of the borrower being a slave to the lender.

          But, on the other hand, some people never learn. They have bought in to the lie that having “stuff” makes them happy and appear successful.

          I say; Learn to live the simple life and keep the worldly expensive shit to a minimum.

      9. Howdy, Peter. I think they’re going to reach the end of the road soon, so then there’s no place left for the can to go. With all these other events taking place right now, I can’t help but think SHTF is just around the corner. My prepping is back in overdrive. get everything you can now while you can. braveheart

        • And what do you suppose they’re going to do next to distract us from the collapse of the economy and all the scandals that, somehow, Ovomit knew nothing about?

          • So long as nobody revolts, the scandals themselves are their own distraction from government’s war against the people. Even calling it scandal puts the focus on personalities and careers and Democrat vs. Republican maneuvering. Of course, we’re all calling it scandal because that’s how it is repeatedly referred to in media. The scandal meme and the media yammering provides a bubble of protection around the violation itself. Eventually the noise dies down, and spying on the media is the new normal.

            I do think something big is coming up. It feels like the artificial scripted events have really stepped up. I wouldn’t even try to venture a guess as to what it will be.

            • “I wouldn’t even try to venture a guess as to what it will be.”

              Pentecost is tomorrow, and through history it marks the end of an age. The age of grace might end, because the world has rejected TRUTH, and has returned to Babylon, as it was in Noah’s day, mixing their seed with man kind, etc …

      10. Big Macs ?? They’ve gotten so bad the styrofoam container they come in tastes better than the sandwich. ( Yes, I’ve tried both ).

        How anyone can use a BM as an index for anything, other than how crappy something can be and still be loosely classified as food, is beyond me.

        • You take that back!!

        • Stupid hillbilly. If you don’t like Big Macs, don’t eat ’em.

      11. Howdy, DRD5508. The real terrorists are everywhere within the Beltway. My nickname for DC has always been “Wonderland On The Potomac”. Of course now there’s nothing left to wonder about. braveheart

        • Braveheart, Here in the country we call them citiodts.

        • Before there was a computer on every desk I served a hitch doing publications marketing. Ink on paper mailing lists. Demographic screens. Affinity lists.

          @ braveheart,

          DC has a large number of federally employed, think tank employed, lobbyist employed, etc. MOST of those folk are not Chiefs they’re indians. Useful idiots in the cold war sense but not Chiefs.

          if one cross-references home sizes and prices in places like Great Falls and McLean with subscription lists for Ivy League alumni magazines. Owner/pilots of business jets. Any social climber can afford a country club membership. Only the big boys can afford to fly their own planes.

          IF one were looking for the decision makers rather than the order takers … that MIGHT BE how to find many a power elite vermin.

          Note to the Utah Data Center: I”m not doing any of this. Yet.

      12. Dont mean to hijack the thread but I had an interesting run in with a sheriff at my house issueing me a summons. The summons is for a company with a similiar name to mine but not mine. My company is an llc and the company being sued is inc with a different word in its name as well.

        My wife was home and said I wasnt there. I called the sheriffs office to clear this up and relay my name, ss# and credit have nothing to do with the summons. They told me they only have the business name to serve its officer. So now im forced to hire a lawyer or go to court myself and prove my innocence, not them prove im guilty.

        Any leo out there know about what course I should take?

        • First you buy a pressure cooker………….

          Just kidding,
          Isnt our system wonderful

        • Ummmm, if what you say is true, he served the wrong person. Why would you be liable to do anything? Why would you even show up? The summons is for X and you are Y. I wouldn’t even spend energy thinking about it, let alone show up with council.

          • yeah, they will only try to Randy Weaver him, no big deal, right?

          • Wolf, ‘not so much’ is right but for peace of mind, talk to a lawyer and have him on speed dial just in case you are falsely arrested. Make sure others have the number also. I talked a few years back to a lawyer on something similar; nothing ever came of it but I had a lawyer on speed dial.

        • Send it back to the court as an error in service, the forget about it.

        • WOLF shoot the commie sheriff he knows who you are he’s
          being a commie prick

        • Call the Prosecutor and explain it to him, personally. The Sheriffs’ Office doesn’t give out legal advice, or shouldn’t, anyway.

          The Prosecutor should see that you don’t need to show up. They don’t have time to waste, either.

        • Wolf 359
          I’m no use on legal matters but your comments hit me today because of a situation with a friend of mine. His family owns a property in the city with an old shed- it’s all boarded up and there’s nothing inside. They just haven’t gotten around to tearing it down.

          A few weeks ago, some “transient” was breaking into the shed and my friend went out and chased him off. He didn’t even have a weapon, he just yelled at the bum. A few minutes later four or five police cars showed up and hauled my friend off to jail for threatening the transient.

          My friend had to come up with $7000 bail, hire a lawyer and go to court. The person who made the accusations has vanished but the judge still told my friend that he would go to jail for a long time if he ever threatened anyone again. (That is, he will be punished if he chases someone off of his property who is trespassing. And this friend didn’t have a gun or any weapon and he only told the guy to get lost because he was calling the police.)

          This is so crazy! I am definitely looking for an alternative place to live but the news from everywhere is so depressing. I am beginning to feel that there is no place that is sane anymore.

          • of course they must be able to identify who is squatting in your shed, as well as yourself, so in their minds, cops MUST be called to document the alien invader…

        • Wolf359: I hate to keep repeating myself to everyone; but never answer the door, especially when it’s the cops. If you’re worried about a family member locally, then just ask what they want through the closed door. If they don’t want to tell you except face to face, then it can’t be beneficial (warrant, summons, etc), so don’t open the door. Here’s a big tell-If you live in a town that has a police dept. but the Sheriff shows up, you can be sure it’s no good, so don’t answer the door. Now you’re going to have to pay an attorney a couple of hours work to send a letter to the court explaining that you’re not that person/business. Sorry pal.

          • Sage advice, my wife spoke through the window to the sheriff thankfully, but she only did that because our dog would go wild if she opened the door and it would be tough for her to handle.

            I have spoken with my attorney again today and brought him my most recent credit report showing I have no credit line with the plaintiff and the real defendants contact info I got last nite. Luckily my attorney is a family friend so it cost me nothing. She said not to bat an eye.over it and it will be done monday morning. I still havent heard back from the sheriffs dept yet though. They may have looked into it as well and cleared the mix up.

      13. Correction, my company has is1 word then llc. The compsny theyre looking for is 3 words inc. We share just one word yet the sheriffs are at my house.

        • @Wolf359, every state and almost every county is different. Plus you don’t state what court in which the action was filed. Just saying there are different rules for different courts and jurisdictions.

          However if you will look at the summons and see what court you have been ordered to appear in then all you need to do is go down to the court house and speak with clerk and explain the problem. Take identification with you. At the same time put it all into writing with the explanation that you are not the person that was served. Mail this letter certified, return reciept requested to both the court clerk and to the attorney of record for the person who had you sued.

          That is about all that you can do except show up in court on the time and date as descibed on the summons and tell the judge what has happened. Most likely before court the plaintiffs attorney will meet with you out in the hallway and after you tell him both you and he will go to the clerks office and he will file for a dismissal.

          And if you just ignore it the person who was supposed to be served will not show up for court and will get a judgement against him or her. Should not show on your credit but if it does there are three credit reporting agencies in which you send a letter to asking for that information to be stricken off your credit record. They will have ten days to gte a response from the court and if they do not get one they will take it off your credit record.

          And just as a caveat, I am not an attorney and you may want to consult with one to verify what I have told you is applicable where you live.


          • Thanks everyone for the input. Much appreciated. I ended up going down to the company which was mistaken for myself and explained what had happened. To my surprise they were very apologetic and forthcoming and told me they knew about the lawsuit but havent heard anything recently. They gave me they’re contact info incase a sheriff came back but we were still confused about how the mix up came to be.

            • Good to hear. Average LEO like me, even at county level, doesn’t really deal with that kind of stuff.

        • @ Wolf359

          Did you file incorporation papers with the Secretary of State of your state? Are you regulated by the Occupational and Professional Standards agency of your state government? Do you have a contractor’s license if you’re in that industry? Insure your company vehicles under the business name? if you do business as a d/b/a did you have to register and document your business name?

          If you have any of those documents present them to the sheriff. MIGHT save you retaining a lawyer unless you absolutely hafta. Of course, they probably know you think for yourself and maybe they’re messing with you.

          • Wolf359

            Is it possible for you to contact the listed plaintiff’s
            attorney directly and inform them that the sheriff served their summons to the wrong company?
            That may get the ball rolling. Plaintiff’s attorney will be
            just so happy to hear that 😉

            • That’s the first thing I’d do.

              The attorney handling the case doesn’t want to go to court against the wrong person/company. It would get them nowhere.

              I wouldn’t waste a lot of time worrying about this. I would imagine a simple phone call will resolve the whole thing.

          • Yup, fully insured, filed in my state,certified sale and use card. Theres no contractors or professional license required for my work.

            I spoke with a rep from the sheriffs dept and she said they only have the name of the company on file from the court. I repeatedly asked to verify my name, soc, terms of service with the credit agency. She had nothing but the name of the company sueing.

            Ive left two messages with the sheriff deputy who was here with a brief explanation. Ive also contacted my lawyer but it being friday afternoon, not much can be done.

            My concern is this guy or other deputy popping up at any time and serving me papers and regardless of the facts once that happens I am obligated to attend court and prove its not me theyre looking for. When it should be them proving their case.

            What concerns me now is at any time or day

            • continued…
              some sheriff popping out of no where or knocking on my door in the middle of the night and causing a scene where this misunderstanding could get out of control.

            • Talking to the Sheriff’s department is going to get you nowhere. They are just the messenger….the means of delivery.

              Talk to the attorney for the plaintiff. They simply got the wrong company.

      14. TnAndy, I’ve also noticed certain products we all get less of now. As far as a Big Mac is concerned, I’ve got preps that beat the hell out of a Big Mac any day. braveheart

      15. Great article, Mac. Now, just a slight correction. Because of inflation, it is no longer a ‘catch 22.’ It’s now a ‘catch 33.’
        And, about that toilet paper issue. If everybody would just pucker up a bit (in light of what’s coming) we wouldn’t need so much to wipe with. Problem solved…

        • Soon we will be eating less. You eat one banana you shit one banana. The smaller roll of toilet paper is just ahead of the curve.

          • Ok, that made me smile.

        • Smokin—You’re really hitten’ my buttons today!

          Years ago I knew an old Englishman that lived alone in the woods. He was a health nut and kept a pail of water
          with a sponge in it beside the toilet to wipe his butt
          with. He said that Americans were an unsanitary bunch
          because dry toilet paper could never get you clean.

          I think he would have fainted if he saw a skid mark in
          his shorts.

        • @ Smokin Okie, keep plenty of Prep H on hand to for the extra pucker factor. lol (btw, I absolutely LOVE reading your posts. They always put a smile on my face or a good belly laugh)

        • Yes eisen. You are a manly man. You don’t have to constantly look for assurance.

      16. How much is the National Debt in Big Macs? Let’s see… $4 for a burger. Debt is approx $17 trillion, divided by 4 = 4.25 trillion Big Macs to pay off the debt. I’m thinking McDonalds could bail us out in about a week and a half.

        And if we further break down the equation, we see- 4 and 1/4 trillion burgers is
        8 and 1/2 trillion pickles,
        2 trillion ounces of special sauce (whatever that is),
        166 Quadrillion sesame seeds (damn, those sesame farmers are gonna be busy!)
        And…nearly 400 lbs of actual beef. Wow!

        Next question- Does it come with fries?

        • Smokin—

          and how much of that 400 lbs of beef do ya think is Mustang burger?

          • Ha!

        • >>And…nearly 400 lbs of actual beef<<

          LOL… To funny!

        • about pissed myself when i read the “nearly 400 lbs of actual beef” part good stuff Okie

          • Aaron its a rat burgar

        • Mickie D’s is not N. AMERICAN Beef.

      17. A nation of laws my ass, we’re a nation of lies.
        Obama the liar, the press lies, Hillary is a liar,
        the economist are lying.
        All we can do is maintain our personal honor and not
        let this lying filth drag us down to their level.

      18. The rich rule over the poor, and the borrower is slave to the lender. Prov.22:7

      19. Bumper sticker on one of the family veehickels: Name one thing government does well besides lying and murdering people. It is to the dishonorable vermin’s advantage to sustain the sheep in their fairy tale that everything is fine for as long as possible. While demonizing us. Electoral politics cannot remedy this. One on one conversation, as Durango Kidd counsels, and prepping are all we can do about it.

        In other news, had a lesson yesterday with a professional firearms trainer. He had me aim at one of the patches used on Shoot & See targets: one inch in diameter at 50 yards. “Sir, there’s no way I can hit that.” “Do it.” Got half on and half off at eleven o’clock.

        He said something I’ve never heard before: Aim small, Miss small. I feel like a child who has just discovered that those funny black symbols on a page, decoded in the right order, mean something.

        He said the professionals aim at the smallest thing they can distinguish through their scopes, such as somebody’s shirt button at 1000 yards. Gotta laugh. I’ll never be that good.

        • @anonymous6.8

          It is a line out of the movie The Patriot with Mel Gibson. I just watched it the other day. Sounded like good advice.


          • I like his instruction of aim for the officers,
            We could alter that slightly to read polytitchians

          • Really liked that movie especially the crazed tomahawk scene, with things that are going on nowadays makes one wonder if we are all going to have to do like Mel did in that scene after they TRY to disarm us. Get that crazed look like Mel does & then go batshit crazy in defense of our family. Note to self…order a couple of tactical tomahawks asap !!!

      20. Well folks I apologize, a but off topic but after watching the IRS hearings today it is clear we cannot believe anything thing that comes out of Washington. I am still sooooooo mad about all this “targeting” business. What the heck!!! And no one is RESPONSIBLE! I am rapidly moving from anger to sadness. Sadness that this great country has come to this.

        • Their mistake was to not come out and say they were doing that from the beginning. Think about what some of the law enforcement agencies are putting out there such as “right wing preppers” or anyone who doesn’t like the govt. are potential lone wolf terrorists. Now all the news has to say when we start getting arrested is “arrest made today on a right wing lone wolf prepper terrorist” and the sheeple will automatically think, “oh good, another one of those crazies off the street.” People are lazy and will think what they are told to think most generally (company on this site excluded of course) and if they are told that something is true they accept it without question. Had they come out and called the TeaPartiers terrorists from the beginning I guarantee we wouldn’t be having any congressional hearings.

      21. Howdy, Anonymous 6.8. Yes, the “government employees” are just as blind and ignorant as the rest of the nonprepping population. There’s going to be nationwide horror and tragedy when TSHTF> braveheart

      22. Meanwhile, enjoy the pullback in PMs and buy what you can… if you can find it!!


      23. I just need to vent a little,
        Know some of you think im retarded im sure,
        This whole thing with the IRS and the upcoming obamacare and the fact that the government is positioning itself to tax the crap out of us is a little more than upsetting,
        This crap actually makes me furious to the point that my demeanor turns demonic.
        Why the hell do any of us have to fill out any more forms for any more government crap?
        Why should i have to be destitute in order to qualify for any sort of tax credit towards insurance? And further more why should any of us be subject to a progressive fine if we dont by insurance that is acceptible to the government?
        They can kiss my furry white ass!
        I will NEVER comply with your new law and I will NEVER pay you a dime for any of this crap.
        An illegal immigrant can get free healthcare through medicare, but i get told i need to pay for a policy that will cost me 600$ per month or more depending on what i want added to it.
        There are no inexpensive plans, there are no state exchanges with bargans,
        The lady on the phone from DHHS told me perhaps i should get a second job to be able to pay for insurance /:@$&”?(;£%#¥.+^(@4u
        These pricks can go straight to hell.

        • Who do they think is going to pay 600.00 a month? Idiots….

          • Not idiotic if you understand the plan. They’re ushering in communism. When free-enterprise becomes too hard for the little guy, he’ll need and support the handouts. Their new system will be born and you can forget freedom. No government dependent is free.

            I’m not happy saying it, but that’s where this is headed.

        • Kula

          You’re only young once, but we can be retarded forever.
          If you are retarded, then I don’t feel so lonely anymore.

        • ~~I will NEVER comply with your new law and I will NEVER pay you a dime for any of this crap.~~

          I thought so too since I don’t work and am not subject to filing Income Tax…but they can take it from our SS checks each month.
          I just stopped the medicare deduction for my husband and I don’t want it either when I reach 65.
          It’s not much, but why pay for something he won’t use.

          • JayJay…Could you explain what you mean by stopping the medicare deduction? Do they take a medicare deduction out of your SS check?

            • No, my husband’s when he reached 65; like 10%.
              He doesn’t need it.
              Medicare covers what he needs without that supplement.
              The lady explained it clearly; if he has VA, he more than likely won’t ever need the supplement.
              BUT, file as early as you can, like 3 months before 65 to catch the decuction. I didn’t know about it and the letter alerting us about the deduction came too late.
              One check had the deduction but was mailed quickly and the next check is the correct amt.

              Simply done. All taken care of.
              We AIN’T giving 10% for nothing.

          • What twists my shorts is that ” ILLEGALS” get better treatment for free than people who where born here!!!!
            WHY the fuuuuu are we punished for being REAL Americans?

            Should I renounce my citizenship,apply somewhere else,and come back to get all the free shit?

            NO,because I was raised correctly by freedom loving AMERICANS……

            When the time comes, I will be hell on wheels to take MY home back!!!!!


        • No, Kula. You should get a second job to pay for her useless job! The middle class is supporting a voracious bureaucracy. Eventually the parasite can kill the host.

          • Fat chance, thats our system and definitely our state in a nutshell, all the parasites, right now they outnumber the workers, so the state is raising fees on everything to feed the parasites, i personally know 4 people who closed up shop and said no more,
            Im headed there,

      24. Howdy, Rainyday, and you bring up some very important points. As Daisy said in an article earlier this year, “We preppers are the last group of independent thinkers in this nation.” She couldn’t have been more correct. I learned about independent thinking as a kid. Although I went to public schools, what I was taught was balanced out by things I learned from my family. I learned early on to never believe any government official about anything, except when they say they’re going to kill me. I never accept anything any politician or other govt. official says on anything as gospel without questioning it. I’ve never subscribed to “group think” and never will. Nobody tells me what to think or what I can or cannot say about anything. In order to know what the real world is really about, being an independent thinker is most essential. If you become liberated from brainwashing, it is the best thing you can ever do for yourself. braveheart

        • @braveheart: Right on, brother. Also was raised to think independently, probably why I have been self- employed my whole life. Also raised to believe that taking charity was parasitic at best. That said, was raised to be generous to others. I’m 63 now, look 50, cause I keep real fit, don’t drink, never touch anything pharma, and eat only fresh organic stuff. Fortunately, most of my family is long- lived and healthy. My Mom is 96, and surprisingly a good driver still.

          A lot of us saw this bubble coming decades ago. Aside from inflation, the biggest change I have seen the past 40 years is a monumental breakdown in the quality of education, and a complete collapse of morality and integrity, due in large part to the collapse of the family. Men are raised to be wimps, and I am blown away to see guys in their 30s talking like 12 year olds and acting like 8 year olds. A completely different world today, with our populace set up like lambs before the slaughter. But they haven’t gotten all of us. There is still a bunch of us good old Southern boys, not too mention folks in the flyover states who have not been wussified, and who remember the old America we grew up in, and still know how to hunt,to fish, and to look after our families, no matter what. We’ll never cave in.

          Damn right I’m prepped. Amazing to me that most people have been so conditioned not to see it coming. We have a completely unprecedented situation today, and the end will doubtless be very ugly indeed. Loving silver at $22.20 an ounce. Been buying the stuff a little at a time for years, now. Back when I was a kid in the 1950s, my Grandpa would pay me one silver dollar when I worked for him, and let me know it was real money. I still have some of those old dollars, and bought a lot more since then. I learned to shoot when I was 11, and to hunt when I was 12. Been fishing as long as I can remember, and yes, been fixing cars and trucks up since my early teens. So game on, NWO. Good luck trying to conquer us good old boys.

      25. Howdy, Kulafarmer. I totally agree with you and you’re NOT retarded. your points are well taken by me. Although I have coverage, i don’t know if it will meet Obamacare standards and I don’t really care. just give it time, the whole system in all aspects will collapse like Humpty Dumpty falling off the wall. braveheart

        • I can wait, when they want documentation ill play mail tag with them,

      26. Liar Liar pants on Fire….

        No Inflation… HA,

        get ready for the biggie, we are know seeing the WH with many scandals. Something must be done to get the monkey off their back. Funny how the ammo has dried up…. Scandals , possibly equals riots…. or Martial Law being attempted because of the riots… Or war in the middle east. So many ways the False Flag can jump…

      27. SSDD sadly enough. It’ll keep going until it can’t and then we’ll still be the ones paying for it.

        One way or another the party always ends and someone has to pay the bill. And anyone that thinks the ones doing the spending are going to be the ones paying well all I can say is god bless you for being a glass half full person.

        As for me and mine our glass is 1/4 full and dropping fast.

      28. ***27.4%*** This comment found to be only 27.4% off topic by the American Academy Of Blog Commenters***

        I was sitting in the truck stop, contemplating my navel, and it occured to me- Society has been getting smarter for generations. Witness the expressions found in our popular music. In the roaring 20’s many people in America had it good. Even bell hops and cab drivers were ‘diversifying’ into the stock market. Everybody was getting rich and all figured the good times would never end. So, to musically enshrine our optimism, we sang

        “Yes, we have no bananas,
        We have no bananas today”

        Now, who could argue with logic like that?
        Of course, the roaring 20’s blew up into the Great Depression. (my parents lived through it, and they didn’t think it was all that great) A memorable song from those lean times, which practically became a new national anthem to the millions of poverty stricken folks, was

        “Once I built a railroad’
        I made it race against time,
        Once I built a railroad, now it’s done,
        Say, brother, can you spare a dime?”

        The full lyrics of the song are profoundly telling of the people’s realization of past glory and current misery. This may have been the apex of intellectual content in our music. Or so we thought.
        But, then came World War II. The Depression vanished as America’s boys went off to war (again) and everybody back home had a job. Many items, like sugar, meat, gasoline and car tires, were rationed. But, for whatever was available to buy, there was money flowing again. So, to celebrate, and show they’d learned their lesson from the last batch of hard times, Americans all sang

        “Roll out the barrel,
        We’ll have a barrel of fun,
        Roll out the barrel,
        We’ve got the blues on the run…”

        And if Beer Barrel Polka wasn’t strong enough for you, there was always “Rum And Coca Cola” another huge hit. Americans were gonna get sloshed, but they’d learned their lesson. No more hard times. No more taking things for granted.
        Then came the Fifties, a time of transition. Basically, transitioning from remembering the hard times, back to being stupid and forgetful. Musically, we were transitioning as well. From smooth crooners like Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra, (guys who could actually carry a tune) to a more Urgent, Passionate sound. Yep, it was the birth of Rock & Roll!
        And to prove that we were evolving as a species, into something higher up on the scale of mental ability, we proved it with

        “You ain’t nothin’ but a hound dog,
        Cryin’ all the time!”


        “You can do anything,
        But lay off of my Blue Suede Shoes.”

        Surely, this proved that we were on our way to permanent greatness, right?
        It must be so, because next came….THE SIXTIES!!!
        The huge number of absolutely Profound songs of that time, make it impossible to list just a few. But, perhaps the enlightenment of the whole era can best be summed up by:

        “Inna-gadda-davita baby,
        Dont you know that I lo-ove yo-ou”

        If ever a more stimulating statement has been made, I haven’t heard it! Obviously, the human race had reached an insurrmountable peak. But wait, there were yet higher heights to attain. And we proved it when the music of the 70s brought us the deep, introspective, philosophical words:

        “J-J-J-Jive talkin’
        It’s all very fine,
        J-J-J-Jive talkin’
        Just isn’t a crime”

        Now, humanity could finally rest. We’d topped out as a species. Surely we could NEVER hope to get beyond that…
        But we did! We had the 80’s and even deeper, more meaningful ways to express ourselves. Like:

        “You’re too shy shy
        Hush Hush,
        Eye to eye,
        Too shy shy,
        Hush hush,
        Eye to eye,
        Too shy shy,
        Hush hush…”

        Profound? Absolutely! And, with a name like Kajagoogoo, who’d be foolish enough to even question the sincerety, the wisdom, of those eloquent words? Well, nobody….for a while. Then, as if to show that humanity might NEVER stop achieving more lofty goals, we had this, in the 90s:

        “I’m gonna knock you out,
        Mama said knock you out,
        I’m gonna knock you out,
        Mama said knock you out”

        Obviously, LL Cool J was even smarter than Mr. Googoo (or Kaj, as his friends call him). There was just NO WAY we’d ever top that…. Ah, but we once again underestimated the enormity of the human thinking capacity. And, we’d forgotten the contributions of the Country/Western philosophers. They took their rightful place atop the pile of humanity, when Kenny Chesney said:

        “She thinks my tractor’s sexy,
        It really turns her on,
        She always starin’ at me,
        As we’re chuggin’ along,
        She likes the way it’s pullin,’
        While we’re tillin’ up the land,
        She’s even kind of crazy,
        Bout my farmers tan”

        So, there it was. Finally. The absolute zenith of the human thought process. I could stop looking for things to ever go beyond that. But then….just a few months ago, I heard:

        “Hey I just met you,
        And this is crazy,
        But here’s my number,
        So call me maybe”

        Evidently, there truly is NO limit for us as a species!

        • Smokin—me again

          When our eyes are looking up toward the sky,
          It’s hard to see where our feet are going.

          Damn— I’m cynical today……

        • No, must listen to this. Every word.
          Steppenwolf’s Monster:

          ” the police force is watching the people, and the people just can’t understand. …because the people grew fat and got lazy, and now their vote is a meaningless joke…they babble about law and order, but it’s all just an echo of what they’ve been told… there’s a monster on the loose and it’s got our heads into a noose…and it just sits there watching…


        A mother and her young son were flying Southwest Airlines from Kansas City to Chicago.
        The little boy (who had been looking out the window) turned to his mother and asked, “If big dogs have baby dogs and big cats have baby cats, why don’t big planes have baby
        The mother (who couldn’t think of an answer) told her son to ask the flight attendant.

        So the boy went down the aisle and asked the flight attendant, “If big dogs have baby dogs and big cats have baby cats, why don’t big planes have baby planes?”
        The busy flight attendant smiled and said, “Did your Mother tell you to ask me?”
        The boy said, “Yes, she did.”
        “Well, then, you go and tell your mother that there are no baby planes because Southwest always pulls out on time. Have your mother explain that to you.”

        Keep the FAITH

        • NO

        • Must not do anything eisen says.

        • Oh Lord! I laughed til I couldn’t breathe!!!
          Then I emailed the link to my sis and she called a few min later…SCREAMING with delight! Her husband (a vet) was in the background howling!! Thanks for making our day, JayJay!

      30. Idea’s are dangerous

        stop using your minds

        your All Losers

        Except your TAX DEBT Slavery

        now kneel to the NWO ZOG FEDGOV and the cia red commie created false puppet dicktator obama !


      31. I don’t like government.

      32. Interesting. Just read through all the comments (all very good) and noticed something peculiar… No trolls. Have they been called off?

        You will know things are going down when the Propagandist in Chief, world ‘leaders’ & high up gov’t officials are suddenly nowhere to be seen. Yes, we are fast approaching that day.

        • Slap Happy

          I think Mac must have set out some poison peanuts
          for the vermin trolls.

          The little rat bastards probably couldn’t resist
          taking a bite ought of them, just like they take
          a bite out of us when we’re talking to each other.

          • Sequestration

            • You got it ed. Troll funding down 80%…

        • Stop whining about the trolls. You old people got glass jaws.

          • Eisen. I am comfused by your troll statement. You normally write “fuck off troll” when you get your ass handed to you. You are a walking contradiction. Lies and odd standards. You have eisen standards and everyone else. You older than me guy have a passive aggressive way about you.

      33. What do you call several pop-tarts in NY bit in the shape of a gun?

        An arsenal.

        • what do you call the group persecuting that child?


        • Coming out of a semi-automatic, tactical, 4-slice Assault Toaster. Duck!

      34. GDP numbers are adjusted by bogus inflation numbers. So, if there’s 3.0% growth, and 1.5% inflation they say that GDP rose by 1.5%. But when adjusted by real inflation of about 10% according to shadowstats.com, that means the economy SHRUNK by 7%.

      35. Hell is coming with a vengeance
        The End is Near
        The USS Titanic has already hit the iceburg and is going down. People are still asleep in their rooms, in bed, safe in the belief that this ship is unsinkable. NOT realizing they are already under water and going down fast, the water just has NOT reached their cabins yet. But any moment now the water will come rushing in with the force of an explosion, it will be horific and unstopable. It will instantly crush all those who did not head the early warning that they might want to go on deck and get a life perserver and a seat on one of the early life rafts. And just like the Titanic we will not have enough life rafts for everyone either.
        Good Luck, God Bless and Keep You and Yours
        Prepare like your life depends on it – IT DOES!!!

      36. “We’re surrounded. That simplifies the problem.” LG. Lewis “Chesty” Puller

        Keep the FAITH

      37. I knew all this inflation shit was coming. I’m NOT a fan of the boomers. I saw their selfish ilk taking power and knew they’s screw things up. I saw this for decades.
        A three generation business thriving. Then the boomers get their hand on it and it fails.
        I’ve seen this cycle. They don’t know how to work. They all have “MBAs” and know shit.
        Not one of them can change a fan belt, their oil or anything.

        SO… I bought a double. The $10K in rent I get is offsetting all this inflation for me.
        For now.

        Boomers. Just do us all a favor and die off.
        You’re own kids hate you. You destroyed the stability of our world with your numbers.

        You are like a plague. Now we’re all supposed to bow down to socialism and pay for your retirement you did not earn. Screw 401k…they will steal that to pay for the boomers old age. Be warned.. only stock silver…they cannot find it..so they cannot steal it.

        Sorry boomers… I enjoy watching your asses die off.
        Your numbers trashed the economy, the environment and the world.

        Generational hate is the new racism.
        And you all deserve it.

        You knew nothing of sacrifice, hard work or community.
        The Me generation.

        Die well fuckers.

        Yeah…we rent to a couple of boomers upstairs…I just raised their rent. ha
        Take that.

        • Hate will never give you peace; you are eaten up by an emotion which will destroy you. Think, gain wisdom, out smart those who want to do you harm.

      38. Eisen, I just finished watching the video you posted. very interesting and scary.

      39. Big Mac Index…

        I like that.

      40. To everyone, check out the video eisen posted a youtube link for. The video is worth your time. interesting and scary ans hell.

      41. When you smell stink, you bring up the IRS and do some firing to get the stink OFF of you. Stink better now? I’m a professional.

      42. Is it time to buy heavy metal medicine man? U asked for it, you got it.

      43. I’m getting stronger as a result. A few years ago I coudl only carry $40 worth of groceries. Today I can carry $100.


      44. Right now you have bubble, and it is not having to do with the economy, YET. More earthquakes on the southern portion of the planet down by Antarctica. Something massive is building. The last three, two have reoccurred that eariler this week shook. The new one has an interesting past. This new area of the west Chile Rise only had 8 out of 10 times when a major quake occurred within 15 days, but this plate boundary harolds in the big ones.

        Back in September and early October in 2009 after this area was hit; a 8.1 occurred in the Fiji area, 7.6 in Sumatra, and the Vanuatu area had a 7.8, 7.7, and a 7.4. In August of that year a 7.5 occurred near Burma after this region has a quake. Also Mexico got hit several times, including two that were within 300 miles of the California border. Yet another precursor quake indicating something very large to mammouth coming. What do you bet that the good old government knows about this and may be partially why the military buildup around some of the country, because these southern quakes are going to trigger one or more of the major U.S. faults? Then say good bye to the U.S. economy and hello to BO martial law.

        • While there are some very smart people who do very sophisticated work in the USA I don’t have confidence that our congressional and executive branch watchdogs are smart enough to correlate earthquake movement from one continent to another, world-wide economic issues and crowd control.

      45. Came across this and thought I’d share.

        An emergency room physician told me that
        a woman in her late 20’s came to the ER today
        with her 8th pregnancy.
        She told the first doctor she saw: “My Mama told me that
        I am the breadwinner for the family.”
        He asked her to explain. She said that she can make
        babies, and babies get money from the State for
        the family. It goes like this:

        The Grandma calls the Department of Child &
        Family Services, and states that the unemployed
        daughter is not capable of caring for all her kids.
        DCFS agrees and tells her the children will need
        to go into foster care.

        The Grandma then volunteers to be the foster
        parent and receives a check for
        $1500 per child each month in Illinois.
        Total yearly income:
        tax-free and nobody
        has to go to work!
        In fact, they get more if there is
        no husband/father/man in the home!
        to mention free healthcare (Medicaid), plus
        a monthly card entitling them to free groceries
        and a voucher for 250 free Obamaphone minutes
        each month. This does not include WIC and other
        welfare benefits…that they are “entitled” to.

        Indeed, Grandma
        was correct that her fertile daughter is the
        “breadwinner” for the family.

        This is how the liberal politicians spend our tax dollars. When this generous program was invented in the ’60s,
        the Great Society architects forgot to craft
        an end date…
        No wonder our country is broke!
        Worse, the Muslims have been paying attention and by mandating that each Muslim family have eleven children, they will soon replace the voting bloc above and can be running this country within 25 years. Read the above again, until it sinks in and then ask yourself if your Children, Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren will survive these severe changes to America!!!
        Are You alarmed yet? Is anybody listening?

        Is this a GREAT COUNTRY or what…?
        Don’t forget to pay your taxes!
        There are a lot of “breadwinners”
        depending on you! !!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Here’s a big breadwinner: General Electric. General Electric made billions in profits from the destruction of Iraq, yet paid no taxes to the US government. So, we, the taxpayers, footed the bill for destroying Iraq, and we foot the bill for paying GE (and Halliburton, etc.)to repair it again, and they don’t pay taxes.

          That’s the real breadwinner, right there!

        • The welfare state is also why i now refuse to give it my all in my business,
          Ill be damned if i will bust my hump to make a profit only to have to turn 1/3 of it or more over to the government to pay for these programs and to pay the wages and benefits of all the government employees,
          Screw them all
          Atlas will shrug
          Who is John Gault.

      46. There are two things you need to do that will guarantee your survival: 1) stay out of debt: the government and the financial markets are going to turn it up and try and get as many people as possible into debt. Don’t let this be you. 2) be mobile: mobility is critical. A debt-free free man who can move at an hour’s notice is the man who will survive.

        There is a tsunami of tax increases coming down the pipe. You better have planned for this and have a strategy. They will use the taxes to keep you trapped. Every time somebody thinks they are on top of things, another new tax comes through the mail box. Don’t be the sucker. Do what the wealthy do: follow their examples. Always track what they are doing.

        • Frank,
          I certainly can agree that staying out of debt is essential. As far a being mobile, where are you moving to?? Anyone in a large city is “cooked” already. Anyone thinking about moving to the country, better get there. Trust me they are Night and Day, and for me a huge culture shock.

          I also believe if you follow the wealthy, you will always lose. You are always already a step behind. They can can keep blowing this bubble until they can’t. At that point, I am sure that they already have their contingencies thought out. FDR made a comment about
          “There are no accidents in politics”. Some think tank has already war gamed the contingencies, to think otherwise is extremely naive.

          We are being driven, hounds to the hunters on many different levels. 1.Media 2. Financial 3. Political. (not necessarily in that order). They will have their NWO, the story has already been written. To live through it will be quite a ride. Keep prepping, nobody will do it for you.

          Potato out

          • My thinking is if you need a bug out, why are you still there.

        • Who cares about debt? How are they going to collect? I am old and racking up debt because I don’t care anymore. If they want the money they can dig me up and search my pockets because I plan on dieing several hundred thousand in debt.

          • Same here King,same here.

        • Mobility is overrated. You need to live in a safe area where you can keep at least one year’s food and water. Besides guns, ammo, a way to heat your home and cook your food. Unless you have a good place to bug out to, being mobile means you’re going to die.

      47. @BI and everyone: To me it looks like a major conflict is coming to the Middle-East in 90 days or less. It will end up involving the whole Middle-East and the very start of WW3 is at the door. No it is not all Israel’s fault; several outside concerns are behind a lot of this. When the calamity of WW3 starts there will be NO WINNER in this one, because every nation will be fighting for its very own survival every nation.

        Maybe a Mega- Quake will start WW3 I do not know, but it is going to start soon no matter what starts it; it is going to happen sooner than we all will like. Like I’ve said before every weapon known to man will be used, no one, no matter where you live will be safe. I know this is all Doom and Gloom, but this is the world we are living in today.

        Stand Tall and Prepare for the events that are coming.

        Keep the FAITH

        • Israel will strike Iran
          Irans allies in South America will strike the USA
          China and Russia will bomb israel out of existence through Hesbola and many other groups who have been repressed by the israelis.
          As a result of the upheaval the economies of the world will collapse
          Martial law and government usurpation of resources will be rampant
          The ensuing martial law in the USA will bring on the start of a coup between patriot groups and the Government of the USA through DHS and various local and state LE Os
          The USA military will be streatched thin by desertions to join the fight at home between patriots and the government.
          Europe will be turned upside down because of the monetary crises and the inability of the various governments to deal with middle eastern extremists,
          The people of europe will largely be reduced to fighting with swords and shovels as they were disarmed by their governments long ago and the UN small arms treaty prohibits the movement of small weapons.

          • While this scenario would make for good TV, I just don’t think it approaches realism. China and Russia may back Syria vs the US or other interests but will not provoke a response upon their respective homelands because of some shit-heel Syrians. They will want to protect Syria as a trade partner (and importer of shoddy military surplus), but won’t go to war for Syria.

            I think we may be close to a nasty confrontation in the Mideast and it would be naïve to think that Iran and Israel will not be major players. I would expect something like the Osirak raid, but the Iranian response is difficult to predict even for me. Iran will respond though, you can be sure of that.

            • @ J.Roy. Monroe Doctrine, the U.S. will not allow an enemy to be operating in the hempishere that can threaten the homeland. Reason WW3 almost started with Cuba. Russia WILL NOT ALLOW itself to be any further encircled by the west and NATO. Syria is a strategic point for Russia, loss of this will box Russia even more in. Georgia was flattened by Russia in 2 days when Russia felt that Georgia was going west and planning about joining NATO. Ukraine has been warned that if they even think about joining NATO that they will be invaded immediately.

              Syria is an important chess piece geographically. Just the same as the Caspian Sea region is for Russia, along with control of the natural gas and oil there. I personally guarantee that Russia will launch their ICBM’s and SLBM’s and nuke the U.S. and NATO countries before they are boxed in anymore. A country that is completely encircled by their enemy has already lost the war before the battle has started. Syria and Russian’s western and southern borders are a NO GAME for Russia to lose. It would be like Mexico falling into the Chinese hands. The U.S. would launch their missiles before this would happen the same as Russia will launch their nukes before being any further surrounded by their enemy. This is a true fact and why WW3 hangs in the balance over there.

              • Valid points, Be Informed, but Russian didn’t become directly involved in either of Israel’s hot wars with her neighbors and I don’t see any reason that would change now. The idea the Russia is somehow boxed in…I just don’t buy it. I agree with your perception of the classic Russian paranoia and inferiority complex, but I can’t believe they would go to war over this. There is just no way that scenario results in any kind of a win for them.

                Also, Georgia was a former Soviet territory, which they perceived as home ground. Syria has never been a Russian province. So I don’t think Syria and Georgia are of equal importance to Russia, now or ever.

                • @ J.Roy. Syria is the only real access to the Mediterranean ports that Russia has, lose this and Russia loses another piece of the Geographic puzzle. Russia has armed Syria with S-300 anti-aircraft missiles manned by Russian crews, and Yakhunt anti-ship missiles. Iran has bitched for years now about not getting their S-300 that they paid for from Russia. The fact is the Russia did not try to give Libya or any other country advanced Russian arms. Why now? Because it is critical for them not to be encircled anymore.

                  I am right now looking at a map of the ex-USSR, and the satellite states of the USSR, and this was a massive buffer zone that protected internal Russia from immediately being hit by their enemies. Now you look at a map, and Moscow is about 400 miles from NATO controlled Lativa or Estonia, and St. Petersburg is about 70 miles. During the days of the USSR , Moscow was almost 1500 miles away from the enemy. Russia paranoid, I would be if I was the leader of that country.

                  The ONLY two countries that can prevent the U.S. from complete global dominance are Russia and China. You encircle them, thus neutralize them, you can control the world. Russia and China are not manure stupid, they understand this and WILL NOT allow it any further. Either or both of them will take their chances with nuclear war before losing the battle and war before it is even fought. The United States would absolutely do the same thing.

                  Russia has no true warm water port other than what is in the Black Sea. Russia needs Syria for their navy. Besides this each side, the western allies and the eastern coalition needs as many countries as possible to place their armed forces. This is why the U.S. tries to use the excuse of terrorism to place their airforce bases, not to get the terrorists, but to counter-balance the eastern coaliation’s forces. China is extremely active in South and Central America in place like Venezuela, Panana, Ecuador, and others. Russia is trying to get back its old USSR allies and continues to attempt to court the favors of muslims that don’t hate them. The Sunnis are the most anti-Russia, and the Shiites are more pro-Russia and China. Assad is really fighting against a Sunni rebel base.

                  Now, if you don’t believe just how boxed in Russia is, check out like I have an old USSR and satellite state map. Then check it out now, with countries that are now NATO. OUCH! Next check out all the places that surround Russia that have U.S. air bases. Double OUCH! Russia is encircled and they know that to lose anything else would be catastrophe for them.

                  I am not pro-Russia, I just see the facts of the matter and try to see it from their point of view. You do this with anyone that can end human civilization within a hour. Russia is big time boxed in. Please check out what I have suggested and you will see what I mean. I have dealt with maps and Geography all my life.

                  Trust me, Russia is encircled and it is a miracle that they have let it get this far. Let me explain why they will not and have the ability now to stop it and didn’t during the 1990’s. Two words; OIL PRICES. Russia is the number one exporter of oil, beyond even Saudi Arabia. During the 90’s the price of oil was about $10-$20. No money for the military. The past several years the oil has been on the average around $80-$110. At one point it went down to about $40 a barrel or as high as about $150. Still the $90 range is about average. The extra money has allowed Russia to rebuild its military and now is no longer weak. It also has an ally in China. Thanks to the SOB’s that have sold off the U.S. to China, the Chinese have massive amounts of money to buy Russian hardware and build their own. Now both countries are strong enough to stop any further advancements on the doorstops of their territories. This means the conventional and the nuclear means to stop it. Both countries know what encirclement means, be conquered and will ABSOLUTELY NOT ALLOW IT.

                  • J Roy and BI very interesting discussion. Thanks. You have given me lots to research further.

                  • Russia has always had southern ambitions and the desire for their own warm water port, but those ambitions have always been aimed at Iran, not at Syria.

                    Russian policy has been supplying Syria (and Egypt, and Iraq et al) with military hardware since the end of WWII as a check to US allies in the region (Iran up until the Islamic Revolution, and Israel through present day). It has been argued that the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan was done to secure a flank on Iran for its eventual conquest and we all know how well that ended for them.

                    I think there is some merit in your ideas, particularly your understanding of Russian paranoia, but I don’t think you are taking into account the breakaway nations in the southern portion of the former Soviet Union. Russia cannot dominate or even control these bankrupt states, let alone Syria.

                    Russia has imperial ambitions but lacks the imperial strength to capitalize upon them.

                  • In addition, Russia has faced direct invasion by foreign powers and this is a strong memory. One common wedding tradition is to visit the grave sites of those who died in WWII. And Putin is probably a better chess player than any of our leaders- I am sure he uses the same strategic thinking when making political decisions. What worries me most is that I have feeling that our current leaders (Obama and entourage) as so narcissistic that they have no understanding of what effect their own actions will have on others.

          • Isreal won’t do shit unless confident of USA doing the heavy dying. On their own, Israel couldn’t take Iran because a fight with Iran would not be a quick victory and Israel would run out of steam, especially as their homeland started incurring some large scale damage.

        • The Dark ages was a cosequence of the european powers loosing their foothold (crusades) in the middle earth (middle east). This was partly alleviated with the trade routes to the far east being opened around the Cape of Good Hope southern Africa which brought the return of prosperity to Europe. The point is ever since the 1st world power Babylon who ever controls Middle Earth controls the world. why did Alexander not invade west? Hitler sent one army east through southern Russia & was stopped at Stlingrad & the caucasus the other army through North Africa & pushed back at El Alamein (Egypt) The Zionist/Jesuits now control the the middle east through the strong dilusion state of israel. I feel very sad for so many Christians who have swallowed that Jesuit invented dispensational LIE

          • I thought the dark ages happened before the crusades.

            • dark ages also known as the middle ages was from 500 to 1500 the worst period being the 1300 with the black death/plague period ended with the reformation & ages of discovery

        • The Restrainer came on Pentecost, tomorrow is His birthday.

          Pentecost marks the end of the age, could this be the end of the age of grace, the redemption of believers ?

      48. When the levee breaks mama u got to move

        • Sick of it. How highs the water mama, waters up to the old cows knees, chickens roosting in the willow tree’s, five feet high and rising.WASP. Keep your powder dry!

      49. If that piece of “Rat dung” Charlie Rangel is outraged by the IRS (Missteps ?????). I wonder where the real scandal is occurring???

        You don’t see DEMOcrats eating their own; unless the left hand is at work, while the right hand is entertaining the audience.

        My guess is there is another shoe about to drop (or maybe a pressure cooker).

        Potato out

      50. you want fries with that bubble?

      51. Bubbles? Bubbles? We don’t need no stinkin’ bubbles.

        • I hate that I know that the quote is Ozzy

      52. There is a certain extremely evil beanie wearing tribe behind it all! The USA will never make a comeback until these evil vermin are rounded up and gotten out of government, big finance and the media!

        • Truth…the trouble with all these dual citizen, Israel firster, Ashkenazi Zionist government officials is they don’t see the tsunami coming when the Khazars throw them under the bus. They are being used the same as the rest of us to enrich the international bankers that rule the world.

        • Disconnected Nov. 5th, 2008–one of the best decisions evah!!!
          Husband learned to read!!!

          • When cable cost went UP several years ago, we DOWNsized. “Starter Basic” suits us just fine. We get about 25 channels for around $15/mo. Hubby is a Civil War buff and does crosswords, I knit and crochet, we both enjoy working in the garden and doing various home projects.
            JayJay, your comment reminds me of a quote by the inimitable Groucho Marx: “I find television to be very educational. Whenever someone turns on the set, I go into the other room and read a book.”

      53. You can’t believe anything coming out of the government, especially from the Bureau of Lies and Statistics.

        Peter Schiff used the Big Mac index…I have always used the “McDonald’s Index” to track suffering.

        I take my kids out once every couple of weeks to our local McDonald’s for breakfast. Before the stock market crash about five years ago, more or less, the McDonald’s was standing room only, or you would have at least a very long wait to get a table. After the stock market crash, it was a ghost town. After a couple of years ago, people started coming back, but it wasn’t anywhere near the level prior to the crash.

        I also call it my “McDonald’s Suffering Index”. I live in an affluent community, and McDonald’s is where the less affluent tend to congregate and hang out. If people are too broke to eat at Mickey D’s…well, I track the people I tend to see out shopping at the beginning of the month when the SNAP payments come in too. Between the two, even here in the land of plenty and then some, there are a lot of people suffering.

        BTW Okie, LOVE your commentary above! I always look to read what you have to say. You have a big fan here in CT!

        • CT if your going to use the Mickey D’s index. I think you would have to watch what people orders. If they order off of the value menu and get a $1 burger, they probably have money, but if they order the $5 big mac burger, they’re probably poor and on Govmit aid. Trekker Out.

          • AND driving a newer-model car AND flashing a Smartphone AND wearing $150 tennis shoes AND sporting a salon manicure AND…(sigh)

      54. Still gonna be years before it goes down

      55. Yep!

      56. War Goat, f#$% you! Not even Eisen crosses the lines you just did. So f#$% you!

        • War Goat = Eisencrap

          Probably the same person.

        • Braveheart not sure what War Goat said, but Eisen will cross any line. When he made statements like he did about the people that were killed and maimed in the Boston bombing.WASP.

      57. Nothing will change until we are no longer afraid to say the word jew in a negative context. The JEW banker media mafia is ruining the USA. Jews have all our politicians in their pocket.

        • Stop being jealous of the rich Jewish bankers. There’s nothing stopping you from converting to Judaism and going into banking to make a better financial situation for your family.

          • it’s like people who whine about gov’ment workers wages and benefits–nothing stopping them from filling out an application and eventually getting a gov’ment job of their own.

        • Stop being jealous of the rich Jewish bankers. There’s nothing stopping you from converting to Judaism and going into banking to make a better financial situation for your family.

      58. This irs scandal smells like a chaange is coming that won’t benefit the average person.
        unless it brings down this corrupt administration.
        Even then I feel like they are gonna throw the sh@# at the fan and it’s going to get on everything.

      59. I wondered about this too, and it’s because the CPI is an average of the factors evaluated. The price of natural gas declined significantly (thanks to fracking at the expense of the environment) so it nullifies the increase in other goods. Anyone who doesn’t rely on NG but does rely on COLAs is pretty much boned. Now they’re pushing C-CPI under the assertion that people like me who can no longer afford kerosene will just switch to an alternative source. That’s not only an outrageous expense which isn’t feasible on my budget ($3500 to install a wood stove to code – it’s illegal to move the one in the barn into the house, which makes me wonder why I still have to pay fire insurance and why I’m not the one who decides if the low risk of burning is more acceptable than the high risk of freezing, but I digress…) what they didn’t mention is that because I got a $29/mo increase in my Social Security this year they penalized me for that extra income and cut my food stamps by $42/mo. Now I not only have *less* income, I have to pay more sales taxes on my groceries because I’m using more cash. That, my friends, is how Uncle Sam honors his contracts. Oh well, since ground chuck/pink slime went over $4/lb and even fresh chicken is over $2/lb now I reckon I can just switch to cat food…

        • Tuna costs the same as cat food.
          just saying.
          I just refused the deduction for Medicare on dh’s SS check as he reached age 65.
          It isn’t much, but 10% of that check can be used elsewhere rather than going where it needs not go.
          I can’t see contributing more to the unsustainable budget of this bankrupt country.

          • Yeah, these days it’s pretty close… and the darn cats won’t even eat that garbage anymore. I’ve seen what’s happening to our food, I don’t even want to know what’s going on in theirs. I’ve got an orchard and a couple vegetable plots, I just can’t work them like I used to and it’s tough to get by when hunting is so restricted. With all the regulations and permits required I can’t even afford to sell apples at the farmer’s market anymore.

            I agree with the author that the root cause is inflation, my comment was really just an anecdote to illustrate how they massage the numbers to make things look better than they are. If you take that one item (although I think sugar and a couple other things were marginally down as well) out of the equation the rate jumps to over 6%. They give with one hand and pick our pockets with the other.

            I don’t mean to complain about my own life, I’ll manage one way or another, it’s the systemic corruption and constant lies that really grinds my gears. I’m no spring chicken and my days are numbered anyway, my fears are for the generation that will have to live with the fallout… don’t ever assume someone is going to be there for you when the chips are down. There is no honor among thieves.

            I worked my butt off all my life to own my own home, and now the biggest threat isn’t crazed bombers or post-apocalyptic raiders, it’s the jackbooted tax man. I was better off without the government’s help and I should have listened to the natives before I trusted them, but I guess it’s like my grandmother used to say… we grow too soon old and too late smart.

            • I was at DG yesterday and for the life of me can’t recall the item that was $2 the last time I boughtit, which was only 3 months ago..it is now $2.70.
              That is 30% increase by my calculator.
              Will remember the item after I push ‘send’.

        • Maybe you could live in the barn.

          • Aye, but that won’t keep the pipes from freezing… and more importantly, why should I have to? I lived under a tarp for years and worked hard to improve the quality of my life. That’s what America used to be about… those who put forth the effort could keep what they built and those who don’t have to live with the consequences of their decisions. These days I’m surprised I don’t have to consult a committee and file a greenhouse gas report every time I need to fart. Society has no obligation to help me, but as long as I’m not hurting anyone they can just leave me and my property alone.

      60. @ Watchman. Someone extremely high up in this government once told me that one or both of the following would likely start World War 3. This would be Geography and/or Energy. Energy is one of the most important issues for running your country, but also one of the key issues for winning a war. The Japanese and Germans flat ran out of fuel in WW2 and this rapidly increased them losing. That whom controls the energy to run the war machines has a huge upper hand. The countries that have the best areas to launch attacks and counter-attacks has a huge advantage. Control of the Horn of Africa has been a top prioroty of both the U.S. and Russia for a long time for example.

        The Middle East is not only important in regards to energy, but also is a junction point for so many different reasons, including across oil and gas shipments out of the region. As I mention to J. Roy above, it is really about Russia no longer being boxed in. NATO and the U.S. promised Russia back in the 1990’s that even though it would lose the stellite states such as East Germany, Poland, etc. that the USSR states would not fall into NATO hands. Well, this happened with Lativa, Estonia, Lithuania, and placed NATO forces within minutes of Moscow, when before they had a buffer zone of several hundred miles. Russia did not have the strength to protest this and “allowed” it to happen.

        Russia is hated, but these people are some of the most intelligent people there are. There is not a snowball chance in hell that Russia will allow any further encirclement of their country. It would be a far better choice for the survival of their country to stop the boxing in before they literally cannot launch their missiles to prevent invasion. You box a rat in and they will fight. Russia has enough nukes to destroy the U.S. and all NATO forces completely. The U.S. would do the same if Canada and or Mexico was to fall into enemy hands. It is what I call a doomsday appraoch to prevent a doomsday of their country. Right or wrong morally, it will happen if Russia is any further threatened with their survival by being surrounded.

        China has the same problem with Japan, South Korea, and even Vietnam and India. You cannot encircle China either. But this is exactly what the U.S. has been trying to do with all these air and other military bases around the world. China and Russia know that if the U.S. and their allies can put enough air power, and this includes predator drones in the sky to take out as many ICBM’s lauching pads, even mobile and rail based, that they could stop catastrophic destruction to the U.S. and other allies. At least enough to survive.

        This is the biggest danger right now. The U.S. and other countries have this illusion that they can actually win a nuclear war and have damage that is recoverable in the short term. There is no more MAD mutual assured destruction anymore in the minds of these leaders. The mere fact is that the U.S. would die as a country if less than 50 metropolitian areas were hit with nukes. Russia and China would likely hit the countries with at least hundreds of nukes and maybe thousands. In other words 5 ICBM’s with 10 multiple reentry vechicles could destroy the U.S.

        The U.S. and NATO feels though that they can intercept almost all the missiles with enough air power from aircraft to drones to these anti-missile batteries. It was totally insultive to me for the U.S. to say the anti-ballastic missiles placed in Poland were to safeguard against Iranian ICBM’s, when a simple look on a map showed that Poland borders from north to south Russia’s western border perfectly. Russia of course knows this and heavily armed their enclave Kalingrad, which borders Poland, with a massive amount of cruise missiles to take out the anti-missile shields if and when the time came necessary to do so.

        People don’t understand just how complex this is. You are so correct with what is coming. Yes a geophysical event can start it because it would affect the energy equation part of it. Like that person once told me, it is not idealism, religion, or other reasons, it will be Geography and Energy that starts WW3.

      61. Remember not so long ago they were saying howmany great new jobs were “made”? and that the unemployment numbers were looking so much better


        tell these people

        No. 1 Los Angeles-Long Beach-Santa Ana, Calif.
        Initial claimants: 27,042

        No. 2 New York-Northern New Jersey-Long Island, N.Y.-N.J.-Pa.
        Initial claimants: 8,693

        No. 3 Riverside-San Bernardino-Ontario, Calif.
        Initial claimants: 6,562

        No. 4 Chicago-Joliet-Naperville, Ill.-Ind.-Wis.
        Initial claimants: 5,513

        No. 5 San Francisco-Oakland-Fremont, Calif.
        Initial claimants: 3,011

        just the tip of the ice burg

      62. just to show they (congress) may decide to simplify the tax by adding a national sales tax. This on top of the current system should help.
        And still they won’t tax stock transactions.

      63. Should have said just to show they are doing something.

      64. “too” not “to”. Anyway, I think the substance of article is on point.

      65. Prices arent going up it is true but………….
        look at the quantity you get for that price

        Dog food 1.19 for 16 oz can NOW 1.19 for 14 oz can
        Bar soap 12 0z bar .59 NOW 10 oz bar .59
        BAcon use to be sold by the pound is now sold at 12 oz package at 16 oz price nNO NO price arent going up its true but the quanity is going down so price per unit is going up just a political side step word game

        REVOLT OR PERSIH AMIR I K A B4 its toooooooo late

        • Same with coffee – remember the standard 3-lb. metal can? Now it’s around 34oz. and the “can” is plastic. Orange juice always came in 64oz. cartons; now what looks to be the same size carton holds 59oz. Also noticed boxes of granola bars which used to contain 6 bars are the same size but contain only 5 bars. THERE IS ROOM FOR THAT SIXTH BAR IN THERE, YA BUNCHA SKINFLINTS!

      66. I suggest we move away from the money system entirely. We no longer need it. We have the technology and resources to have plenty for all. Jobs are not coming back due to technology taking them.

        Look up the resource based economy via the Zeitgeist Movement and the Venus Project.


        Movies on netflix and youtube.

        Also there is one for; Culture in Decline also on youtube.

      67. To everyone, I srrived home about 30 minutes ago and discovered someone had tried to do a home invasion on me, but they failed. A window A/C unit in my bedroom was pushed in against a dresser I had placed next to that window and the window was up. I checked very carefully and found everything was just like it was when I left home earlier in the day. The very first thing I checked was my gun safes and they were all still intact along with all my preps. I was more concerned with the guns than anything else in the house. Otherwise I’m OK. Whoever it was just better be glad I wasn’t here when he tried this stunt. God might have mercy on him, but I WON’T! NOMI CATIMF braveheart

        • braveheart, I bet it was eisenkraut! He didn’t want your guns, it was your AC he was after.WASP.

          • I think Eisen was coming for your toilet paper stash 🙂

        • Be careful Braveheart, could be someone checking to see what you have before coming back. May be time to vary any routines you may have. Be safe and holler and your TN friends will come to help.;-)

        • check the place for bugs, wire taps, hidden cameras. Talk to your neighbours. You do know them well enough for this, I hope. Who has been hanging around, any new vehicles in the street all that OPSEC stuff.

      68. Walt, say what you will about Eisen, but I don’t think that was him. Although he is irritating, I’ve never seen any of his posts come on as strong as War Goat. in fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if War Goat turned out to be Finx or Ncjoe. Whoever he is, I still say he can get f#$%ed. Those comments were totally uncalled for. braveheart

        • A braveheart. That was strange about war goat talking about eating rabbit and the danger of disease, which is tularemia that is cooked out even if infected. Then making humor, and then unloading. Ncjoker is hardly like this as this Full Metal Jacket Private Pyle is sitting massaging his rifles thinking about taking out a bunch of innocent people that he has convinced his mind are all those that “wronged” IT. Cockroach finx is just a back end of a mule and again has absolutely no sense of humor. Eisenkreuz just wants to irritate everyone over 30, but doesn’t actually hate people here or wish suffering or death to come to them.

          I think war goat is someone new, maybe sent by the BO gang to try to rub people a certain way to get them to say something that will make the site seem too radical to be left on the net after BO starts signing more executive orders to censor the internet. It always is suspecious when someone wishes that people on this site would die. Someone like this is either blowing off steam like a broken down train or actually wants this to happen. Ncjoker is one that has fantasies about mangling the people here and belongs in a straight jacket. War goat I have no idea what is up with this.

          With all that is going on, you would think people would come to the site and try to obtain some information on how to survive than going crazy on the keyboard. Hope all is well with you.

      69. @ RICH99. You say it will be years before it goes down. Maybe, but I sure as hell would be preparing for what other SHTF event that could hit. Remember Hurricane Sandy, how everyone was concentrated on it being nothing because it has Category 1 winds, and I said it was not the winds, it was the pressure. I saw that sucker at under 28 inches of pressure and I said, God those people are going to get it “bad”. While everyone said storm surge maximum 6-11 feet, I could see it was going to be 14-16 feet, it was 13.88 feet. The news media of course did an awful job of preparing people for what was really coming.

        Right now there is some serious indications of a very large earthquake(s) coming as the whole southern plates that border the Antarctic plate from the western part of the Nazca plate to half way across the African plate is going nuts. We also just had 4 X flares that if it grew above about X-15 or so could flatten the planet with an EMP. The volcanic activity has also increased a lot across the ring of fire. That is just the geophysical part of it. You also have WW3 brewing over in the Middle East, and several bad viruses that are floating around that will likely mutate, then all bets are off. Don’t forget ever about black swans with something no one expected.

        If you or others don’t expect anything with the economy to happen. Then please don’t overlook the other bad ass crap in the world that can over boil at anytime. Just one solar flare that is Earth directed and it is back to late in the 19th century for most of the planet. One terrorist group with a few bags of weaponized anthrax or some smallpox and the country is gone. Preparation should NEVER be for just one possibility, it should be for many or all the MANY terrible events that can easily end society and civilization, or at least make it extremely difficult to survive without supplies and the knowledge on how to survive the aftermath.

        • I’m going back to bed and pull the covers over my head. Maybe someone can tell me when it’s safe to come out again.

          • Merree,

            You CAN come out again…when you See the Light of the NEW DAWN just touching the Sky…stay DOWN till then.


      70. :Off Topic: Any Leos’ :
        I need links- tryin’ to find
        someone who Worked in law Enf..
        who Fucked me… yeah, not like it sounds…

        • – Need to find a Data-base 4 LEOs’: Namely, to See if that pooodle-dick idiot is preying in a new town.

          HINT: he Bails before shit gets hot.


          Oh, and luvs sweet Under-age thangs…….


      71. Back to arguing about 5.56×45 compared to 7.62×39.

      72. The solution is to make more money. This is all too big. If there’s a bear in camp..you just need to be faster than the slowest guy.

        I pressured my co. for a raise and got a five figure raise.

        You do so well at your job…they fear you will leave.

        Be a leader. Run the fucking place.
        Take ownership of things.

        There you go.
        Inflation issue solved.
        For now.
        But you have to keep ramping up and aligned for the next thing.

        I went to see Star Trek, the new one at a huge mall.
        The place was empty.
        In the past the movie theater would have been packed.

        This means there is a depression on when folks cannot take the family to see a hot movie.

        • I’ve never seen any of the Star Trek movies, but the old TV shows I did watch. I used to daydream that I was Captain Kirk and at the end of every episode, I gave Lt. Ohura the Captain’s log.

        • Be Informed! I see where they just arrested Adam Kokesh, now who couldn’t have seen that coming? It looks to me that we are being encircled just like the Russians, while in the back ground they are talking about cutting food stamps to scare all the sheep into submission maybe this is another reason for the military to turn on our own? Even though i don’t think the sheeple have the courage to do anything other than what their told to! Your thoughts??

          • @ Thinker. Daisy did a nice little write-up on this, and basically what it adds up to for Adam or anyone the stirs the pot of free thought, they end up being targeted. The government doesn’t want anyone to think for themselves, and it is the same tactic that doesn’t work countless times before, turning someone into a live or dead martyr. The government is so freaken stupid, and that goes for practically all governments. If they would just allow freedom marches and not make a big deal over it, most of whatever is being discussed would blow over. People have no attention spans, and one or ten marches of anything lose steam when no one makes a big deal over it. The government, ignorant in their own making, however decides to try to make the individual go away that makes the situation even worse for them. Governments get some sick with power that theyu can’t even figure out the best way to keep it.

            A smart move from the government, which I doubt they are capable of, is to immediately release Adam and proclaim that we don’t jail freedom and freedome of speech. Yet like the Syrain government, the likely outcome will be in which the government digs themselves in deeper in their own manure. I hate stupid.

            Cutting food stamps is exactly what they use to do in animal performance parks when the animals did not act like what was demanded of them. They would cut a meal of two away from the animal in the show. The animal very hungry would then figure out that the only way to eat was to do exactly what was demanded of them. These wild bird parks the birds were kept near starvation so that they would never try to fly away. Cruelty and sadism at its best. The government is no different, and people trapped in a hole will do anything to avoid going hungry. Evil is the control. Fu^&en government.

            The people are being encircled in this country but this is from the majority of the masses own choice by putting these ass wipes into office again and again from one party or the other. Two heads of the same beast. The people that see this like on this site are the minority and of course are not at fault.

            Won’t matter much when the missiles are aloft around the planet. Russia is sending 12 warships to Syria, including their only fully functioning aircraft carrier. Other aircraft carriers should be operating soon that they are manufacturing as fast as possible. If Syria was not som important to Russia, then why all the armament is flying into the area like a bat out of hell? If Israel decides to strike Syria again, they have said bring it on. Israel could annihilate Syria without nuclear, but hardly with Russia there. Israel can let the advanced arms get to Hezbollah and eventually have to pay for that decision, or try to stop them and get Russia after them. Either way they pull the hand grenade pin.

      73. Mac last year Febuary you did an article 5 stages to collapse how about a review where the usa & the world is at

      74. MINEOLA, N.Y. (AP) — In what police are describing as a crime of opportunity, a wanted man with a criminal history dating nearly 15 years entered a front door that had been left open at a New York home near Hofstra University.

        A short time later, the intruder, Dalton Smith, and a 21-year-old college junior, Andrea Rebello, were both dead. The two were killed early Friday by a Nassau County police officer who fired eight shots at the masked man, hitting him seven times but also accidentally hitting Rebello once in the head, Nassau County homicide squad Lt. John Azzata said Saturday.

        Smith was holding Rebello in a headlock and pointing a gun at her head before he turned his gun at the officer, Azzata said, prompting the shooting.

        “He kept saying, ‘I’m going to kill her,’ and then he pointed the gun at the police officer,” Azzata said.

        Hows that gun control working out for ya NY?
        and why is this convicted felon out? huh Judge? Prosecutor?

        we should be able to sue the pants off these Judges and Prosecutors that allow these thugs , and predators back out with us!

        • Get ALL over THIER sad-asses VRF!!

          Yeah buddy, indeed, “How IS that Gun-Control” working out for you all up in NY? WELL, I’M SURE!…Eh? After all, you’ve got your ‘Crack-shot’ LEO’s there to keep yoi safe, Right? Ask Ms Rebello to attest to thier ‘skills’….let me know when you’ve heard from her, and No…seance’s don’t count.

          “How Long Oh LORD, How long…must we suffer THESE FOOLS?!”


          • Oh, BTW FYI…I don’t think that VRF or I mentioned that Ms Rebello was HEAD-SHOT by the officer-involved during the course of the altercation, hence my allusion to ‘seances’…draw your OWN conclusions as to her current ‘status’…


      75. More police state details.
        Alabama has just sent letters to all their doctors and physician assistants giving them two weeks to prove they are US citizens or they will lose their license to practice.

        • That notice spread around a couple years ago, proving to not be true.
          Same one or new?

          • The information two years ago was when the law was first passed. No action was taken until this last week. Notices were mailed out demanding verification within two weeks. This comes from a physician in Alabama.

      76. Merree;They should just paste and print like O did!

        • Great idea. I suspect that these verifications get sent into a central location, looked at once, then filed somewhere. In many bureaucracies they appear more concerned about checking off the items on the list rather than making sure it is accurate.

      77. Solar Update

        In the last hour the avarage Solar X-flux (as always, measured on the Low Band, 1.0-4.0 Angstrom) has risen markedly, at roughly C-2.2, and is now maintaining that transiently. This behaviour MAY or MAY NOT signify the impending onset of additional flaring. To date, the behaviour of 11748 has NOT been characteriatically ‘normal’. which may be explicable on the basis of sub-surface Solar electro-magnetic potenitals which we are, naturally, unaware of. The HMI series of imaging purports to be ‘Helio-Siesmic Magnetic Imaging’ but allows us only the most rudimentary ability to infer what is below the surface of the Sun proper. Updates to follow thereon as warranted.

        As an aside to all things Solar, I was in Kansas City yesterday, specifically, Cabela’s…whereat they had on-hand a large variety of powders, bullets and dies of every sort. At least 5 variety’s of IMR were there on-hand (4895, 3031, 4832 and other as well) as well as numerous Hogdon and others. If you abide in the KC vicinity I would recommend that you effort yourself to get there while supplies are available. It was also the case that many several caliber’s of new, unfired brass were available as well. Get to it Folks!


        • From the first moment we see a massive flare from the Sun erupt, just how long would you estimate before the EMP hits the planet. I think everyone wants to know this one.

          • Howdy BI!

            That’s the 64 dollar question Friend which I attempted to answer a bit ago in forum. To wit, here’s the rub: The SPEED of any ejecta is TYPICALLY a function of the MAGNITUDE of the genitive Flare, Eh?

            As such then, the Carrington Event arrived some 16 hours later…the Quebec event arrived 14 HOURS later… anomalously, as it were. Were something on the order of an Earth-Facing Flare to occur, at or above X-30 I would hazard a DIRECT estimation that WE here, would have something – possibly slightly LESS – than 12 hours in which to respond.

            Were the genitive flare larger still, then less time, obviously….remember though MATTER is fully bound by the Physics which Messr Einstein laid forth, and that as a matter of fact, once the energy’s involved become VERY large then the concomittant accelerations are therby limited…ie, there is NO WAY for the resulting ejecta from any such to arrive at the Earth in Less thn 8 hours, post-flare, Why?…’Relativity’.

            The only way somesuch could get here from any ‘non X-300 event’ (read as a Super-Nova, something OUR sun is NOT capable of…it’s mass is TOO low) would be (in consideration of normal energetic distribution processes)
            wby ‘Divine Intervention’ alone…which strangely we don’t SEE much of lately…at least NOT in the Human Sphere, Eh?

            Remeber as well what I put forth a tad bit ago…there is NO WAY to presage the initial ‘EMP wave’ which would affect the sun-facing side of the planet from the radiant blast (Photonic)..it COMES at the Speed of Light. Only the Later CME can be ‘defended’ against, EH?

            I AM here for a little bit Friend…should you be minded to formulate any cogent questions which I could answer – here – I would stay to do so…soon, the Mantle will pass on the Solar areana to the only one here who MIGHT be able to help the other’s…yourself. I will wait here for a time…this might be the last time such is allowed by Fate, coincidence…


        • Additional Update,

          IT appears that the genitive region involved in the current up-swing in Solar activity is NOT 11748…but is instead 11750. This region is rather also smallish, like 11748 but is at this time near to passing ‘into shade’ around the South-Weatern limb…ergo, there is no real threat therefrom. Just a minute or two ago it was the case that a ‘spike’ was occuring on the X-flux plot…I do not beleive that it will be significant though…


          • @ JustOneGuy. Unlike a surprise EMP from a nuke, the planet would have probably minimum 12 hours to prepare. Talk about panic on a worldwide scale, knowing that the end of everything that so many have come so in need of for survival will be gone in a half of a day. One thinks about how would you safeguard you car from the EMP. Computers and other electronics could go into a faraday cage. Then you think just how long would you leave your shortwave protected before you could get any news about what is happening. Take it out to listen to the news and get it fried.

            This would be a very interesting article in the future that you or someone else could do about the time before a solar induced EMP hit the planet to protect what you have, and what to look for before you could take devices safely out to get information. What the world would do to hunker down before the storm hit. A lot of people would still like to have a functioning source of transportation after this, even with limited fuel. How to safeguard your car before the EMP hits 12-16 hours later. I bet you could do a total kick butt article on this if you would like to. I sure would, and I am sure many others would throughly enjoy reading it. 🙂

      78. Howdy BI,

        It will – must needs, be ‘someone else’ – I’m afraid Friend. A small delay was neccisitated by ‘mechanical difficulties’ with repect to my ‘prime mover’, but only that, a short delay in my departure. By my curreent lights, THAT will occur on or about 9 June, once I have validated the repairs to my transport, as required and as one would expect, before engaging across a long distance.

        I CAN tell you this though; the CARS will likely NOT be the problem…some bit ago the Services (military) ran a significant battery of testing to ascertain just WHAT the thresholds were for the variou articles which MIGHT rendered inoperative by any such as an EMP ‘Blast-wave’ such as would be incident from a nuclear weapon or from a major Solar incident. The conclusions they obtained were somewhat startling…though it WAS the case that most unshileded elctronics were all but intantly ‘fried’ it was also the case that 7 out 8 of the test vehilces so subjected to, were NOT rendered disabled. And Yes, that very much does leave a ‘Mad Max’ type of post-apocalypse ‘theme’as a strong possibility…until the fuel is gone, that is. Everyone SHOULD remeber that Crude oil CAN sit in the found for ten’s of millions of years and STILL be Crude oil…once refined though, a ‘clock’ starts to tick with respect to all such, especially for GASOLINE. It IS highly unlikely that any ‘gas’ – anywhere – a year or more later would serve to be an adequate fuel for nearly anything that was desined to run on such…even ‘stablized’ fas might well be useless only a year of two later. Deilsel is ANOTHER matter..IF adequately ‘anti-fungaled’ and stored in adequate conditions THAT might last several years altogether: it should alway be taken that the ‘lighter’ the fraction under consideration, then the FASTER it WILL degrade…

        That said, were one to be seriously considering the matter at hand with the intent of surviving it, relatively unscathed it would be the case that ANY article which you REQUIRED – for to survive in the World post-facto – which was of an electronic nature would have to be – APRIORI – ‘safed’ in a Faraday cage continuously since you would NEVER ‘kmow’ when the incident shock-wave’ froma Nuke or a Solar excursion would actually happen, Eh?. Explicitly, you would HAVE to have a FULL back-up ‘set’ of all such tucked safely away in storage, else when the momment came there wold be a 50/50 chance that your local vicinity might WELL be on the Sunlit side of the Earth….and therby TOASTED, to a nice ‘Golden Brown’…

        As stated, the CME thing would be sumething for which warning existed…but NOT the details of which simce it would be all too likely that communications would be severely dirupted post-facto, throughout and up to the time the CME arrived here at Earth. Remember too, little that is NOT connected to the grid (including the ground straps from the Service panel of your residence …WHICH MUST BE PHYSICALLY CUT prior to the arrrival of a CME!!)- would be affected…

        Do not forget though…at the level of CME that we are positing here, there WOULD be terrestrial SEISMIC efects to be expected post-facto…the torque’s induced on the core of the Earth when same was suddenly subject to a 1000 nT (or GREATER) Solar field with that field NOT being in alignment with the terrestrial field would, of course, serve to force a momentum transfer from the core to the suurounding mantle…whether an actual change of hypothetical flows or simply a change in the relatively static ‘base pressures’ underlying the crust would be largely irrelelvant…an EFFECT would be seen, absolutely.

        As a last thought here, consider also this; In the wake of any such event how would you KNOW that an ‘All-Clear condition’ existed?….Global communications would likely be off-line for an indefinite, possibly LONG period, Yes? Therefor to surmise that the ‘danger was over’ might very well BE the DANGER…these things happen in waves, do they not? Placed into that specific circumstance I would not for a MINUTE consider ‘unpacking and unshielding’ my precious equiptment for at LEAST a full WEEK after a mandatory safe period of 4-7 days (post-flare)…soooo, say two weeks!..unless it were a DIRECT MATTER OF LIFE AND DEATH to do otherwise …just sayin’ here.

        Oh…one final note hits me here, one I should mention. The testing done by the military was – to the best of knowledfe – done with the then-standard type automobiles…that means external sheet steel construction, Yes? As such then these ‘almost’ are in a Farady cage by that virute…but NOT all! Some auto manufacturers today – one of whom is Saturn – have for some time been replacing the metal panels on thier car’s with polymer relpacememnts…as you will imagine THAT changes the equation, as it were…to ‘No Protection at ALL”.

        I am YET about today Friend – but somewhat on an ‘in and out basis’, should anything else occur to you, ask,
        I WILL ‘hear’ you…and respond. 🙂


      79. Solar Update,

        Another flare, reaching to near M-class, a C-9.9 occured at 17:50 UTC. This time it was ANOTHER region…what appears to be the remnants of previously seen and enumerated NOAA 11731, just on the cusp of returning from it’s back-side transit, currently just beyonf the Eastern limb. Solar activity remains elevated at this time post-flare…


      80. ’tis the same in all western countries…

        Just the other day in Australia mining magnate Gina Rinehart said Oz was on the same path as the Eurozone and the government should stop treating the mining sector like a giant ATM. How true…
        Good old PM Gillard said it was BS of course,”we’re a strong economy”,blah blah, we’re AAA rated,blah blah, no risk of doing a Eurozone,blah blah, government economists know what they’re doing,blah blah.
        Good on Rinehart to stick it up the government and tell it like it really is !

        100% governent effin’ BS !
        Strong economy? It’s a FIAT currency like all the others, and part of the global economy and affected by that economy!
        Doing well ? Yeah,like record unemployment, worst retail figures in six decades,parabolic money printing to keep the scheme afloat and everyone suffering financial pain.The number of people who have to choose between food or power is increasing at an alarming rate, just like the cost of food and power.
        Homelessness has gone crazy, the jobs market is terminal, it’s almost cheaper to die than to live.
        AAA rated ? Rated by corrupt halfwit agencies. Yep – they’re worth listening to.
        Economists know what they’re doing?
        Yeah, so name a few who’ve put their reputations on the line and predicted events before they happened, like Celente does.
        Deathly silence..not one.
        What a surprise.
        Nope, this game is global and the countdown timer to game over is running, FAST.

      81. It’s very easy to say there is no inflation when food and fuel prices are left out of the equation, as the gov’t and fed do when they calculate inflation.

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