We Call B.S. On Obama’s Release of Strategic Petroleum Reserves

by | Jun 23, 2011 | Headline News | 108 comments

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    After Ben “I Really Don’t Have a Clue on the Economy” Bernanke’s press conference yesterday, we opined that we should prepare for stock market and commodity market declines. The reasoning was that Mr. Bernanke’s only explanation for why the economic recovery has slowed was rising food and energy prices, and Japan’s supply disruptions.

    In order for food and energy prices to come down, all commodities, as well as stocks, would come down as well.

    Not 24 hours later we see the Obama administration taking action to do just that – at least in the energy sector. There are many variables at play, and President Obama just threw one of them in the mix by authorizing the release of some 30 million barrels of our Strategic Petroleum Reserve.

    The impact on commodity and stock markets was almost instantaneous, with oil trading down $4 today and stocks swinging back and forth over a hundred points on the Dow.

    Obviously, the Obama administration and The Federal Reserve are operating in unison in an effort to reinforce “The Recovery.”

    Clearly, from the standpoint of the SPR, this is nothing more than a psychological move on the part of the Obama administration. It’s election season again, gas prices are high, and the American public is demanding action.

    President Obama’s energy secretary Steven Chu cites Libya as the primary reason for disruptions in our oil supply:

    We are taking this action in response to the ongoing loss of crude oil due to supply disruptions in Libya and other countries and their impact on the global economic recovery.

    Curious, because the price of oil was hovering between $85 – $95 before we ever joined the “no-fly-zone” mission. Not only that, but according to many reports, there is no significant oil shortage – at all. Supplies have fluctuated, as they normally do, for the last couple of years – yet prices have more than doubled since the bottoming out in late 2008. In fact, we consumed less oil in 2010 and so far in 2011, than we did in 2008 and 2009.

    So, those prices have to be coming from somewhere else. One reason may the be rise of China’s consumption. The other, of course, is monetary expansion. Then there is the theory that oil reserves globalyl have peaked, and prices will continue to climb going forward. While we are still undecided on the ‘peak oil’ theory, we certainly cannot completely dismiss it. But the fact the supply vs. demand has not had any significant changes over the last couple of years, suggests that neither China, India or peak oil are responsible for current prices.

    The move really makes very little sense, other than the psychological impact it will have on consumers at the pumps in the near-term. The additional supplies will only supplement our daily oil usage for about a day and a half if used all at once, or for about 20 days if we compensate for the supposed supply contraction of 1.5 million barrels a day resulting from mid-east military action. In the grand scheme, as you can see, this does absolutely nothing for our energy prices.

    This is why we call B.S. on President Obama’s determination to lower our gas prices, and why we think this is partly a political move in the middle of an election season (much like the recent order to withdraw troops from Afghanistan).

    [The other reason for the move, explained below, is much more sinister]

    In the following two interviews, conducted in January of 2008, President Obama tells us exactly what his position on higher energy prices is – and if you haven’t guessed, he’s fine with them. In fact, he’s more than fine with them. He admits that his proposed policies would actually rise prices significantly and necessarily to implement his global warming agenda:

    January 2008 CNBC Interview:

    CNBC’s John Harwood: So could the (high) oil prices help us?

    Barack Obama: I think that I would have preferred a gradual adjustment. The fact that this is such a shock to American pocketbooks is not a good thing. But if we take some steps right now to help people make the adjustment, first of all by putting more money in their pockets, but also by encouraging the market to adapt to these new circumstances more rapidly, particularly U.S. automakers

    Cap and Trade Discussion 2008:

    Barack Obama: Under my plan of a cap and trade system, electricity rates would necessarily sky rocket.

    It should be apparent that the President could care less about the price of your gas, your electricity or your food.

    The release of the SPR, while seemingly a political move, may be just the beginning of a coming collapse in commodity and equity prices.

    But what would be the motivation for such an event? For many months now we have suggested that the US government is running out of lenders for their excessive spending requirements. With QE2 supposedly out of the picture, the debt ceiling deal breaking down, and China and Russia reducing their Treasury holdings, how are we to fund our debt issues?

    If the stock and commodity markets continue to rise as they have over the last 18 months no investor will want to shift into US bonds offering near zero returns. In order to shift the trend and drive investment from stocks and commodities into Treasuriesyou must create a crisis in those assets, essentially forcing investors to flee for safety. The safety, of course, is the US dollar (just as it was in 2008).

    This is, of course, purely theoretical at this point, but it could be one real possibility.

    And if this is the case, then all hell is about to break loose.


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      1. That’s not even one day’s use. smoke and mirrors,smoke and mirrors.

      2. Just another election ploy to BS the American taxpayer,keep dipping into the barrel, and we will be had pressed to find fuel for our jets (Military) to defend the US.

        • Exactly the problem. Those are strategic reserves for our self-preservation in emergencies. If they want to really increase our oil supply, they would allow drilling.

      3. Not to mention that gas is already down from $3.90 two months ago to under $3.50 here in Central Fl. If they were really concerned, (and if this move would actually work, which I doubt) they would have done this back when prices were higher.

        • Hate you. In Northern Washington state, today it was 3.94. 3.80 is low now here. 4.25 is high. Joy! Bloody spoiled East coasters haha.

          • Heh – in Oregon (PDX) it dropped from an average of $3.93 down to around $3.68.

            That said, I haven;t really cared as much when I switched from my jeep (a an I-6 that gets 18 mpg downhill, in a tailwind) to my daily driver (a cheap little 4-banger that gets 32 mpg highway). Yep – it still costs around $45 to fill up the car, but I only do that once every two weeks now. The jeep required a fill-up under the same usage almost once a week, and would cost nearly $60 to fill it at the same gas price. Went from $240/mo down to $90/mo to keep it in gas.

            Since my new job allows telecommuting, and I can literally bicycle to it in 10 minutes, I expect that my own personal gas expenditure will drop even further, to around 1/2 to 1/4 as much. More money for preps, y’all. 🙂

            …and *that* is how you make your own personal gas price discount.

            The car cost me $7k (used), but it is in great shape – it was four years old when I bought it. Not the prettiest thing on the road, but it gets me everywhere I need to be. Meanwhile, I can keep the jeep up as a bug-out/SHTF vehicle (it was originally built as a rock-crawler/daily-driver combo of sorts, and I’ve been on lvl 3 and 4 Moab trails twice in it w/ no problems).

            I guess the point is that the best way to beat gas prices is to set something up so that you have a daily ugly OPSEC-friendly car that gets kick-ass gas mileage, and you keep the bug-out vehicle aside for when you really need it. The car can cost as little as $1k, or save up and spend around $3-5k for one in good long-term shape (drop the prices accordingly if you’re not on either coast).

          • Releasing Oil Reserves Called a ‘Sign of Desperation’ by CNBC


            It would be cheaper to drill for it in the long run.

            • Obama closed the Gulf to drilling and won’t allow it in other areas either so he can push energy costs up and push his Cap and Trade. So he is NOT releasing the strategic oil reserves for the good of the people. But that release is dangerous for this nation. If we NEED oil to defend our selves we can’t drill and won’t have any reserves. What a mess.
              If you and I see the danger, then he does too. So why does he put us in danger by choice? What is he trying to do? Who is he helping?

        • OBAMA IS A GENIOUS! I agree that oil has peaked and was on it’s way down. Now Obama can take credit for the decline in oil prices and believe me he will. Don’t underestimate him being able to get elected again for another term.

          • yup I agree with people underestimating him adn politicians in general along with the masses of ignorant people in this country….plus they still have a lot of time for the false flag and other “emergencies” they are working on

      4. He wouldn’t know “Strategic” if it fell on him. Any of you BO supporters want to defend this? Harry?

        • When have I defended Brock O Bama??

          • You have a puddin face.

      5. I tend to believe the above theory. The treasury market is going to fall because of the end of QE2. But maybe doing this will start the ball rolling anyways. Also lower commodity prices would give more wiggle room to raise taxes down the road?
        Also O’blah blah needs to get relected next year. so. he and his crooks need to create another crisis so they can rescue us all.

        • Problem is that people do not see the USD as a safe haven anymore.

          • They sure ran to it today… You give people too much credit for being smart. Don’t do that, it ends up hurting you in the end trust me haha.

      6. If he really wants to reduce the price at the pump, remove the taxes on fuel!

        • Brilliant plan!

          • Drill baby drill!

      7. Does anybody know if the green from the ink comes off and stains when you wipe with it? If so, how long?

        • Those bills are filthier than the ass you would wipe with them.

          • Damn it sanity, you almost made me spray my screen and keyboard with some good bourbon.

          • spot on 🙂

            (and yep… literally as well as figuratively).

      8. it’s a kansas city shuffle, obama’s got us lookin right, he’s gonna go left….

      9. This is a very bad idea and there is no economic reason to do it.

        1. Oil prices are falling anyway because Saudi Arabia knows that the Global Economy is slowing down which threatens its own economy; and

        2. Saudi Arabia is considering increasing its output even more to blunt Iran’s nuclear advances by squeezing Irans exports of oil & gas by flooding the international markets with its own: to put financial pressure on the Iranian government; which

        3. Is already under serious economic pressure from within as it is, because it has dropped its subsidy of gasoline internally, causing a backlash among the Iranian electorate.

        Everytime this Clown makes an economic decision its the wrong one. He is a freaking idiot. So much for electing a “community organizer” who’s understanding of economics stops at his checking account.

        • Sadly, Obummer is not an idiot. He wants to collapse USA. Most people who voted for him, however can wear the idiot tag.

          • You’re right on that! My first thought was: he’s setting us up for something. I suspect that war will spread in the ME causing severe supply disruptions. Of course, our reserves will be gone by then. That should pretty much finish off what’s left of the economy paving the way for him to execute The Plan.

          • You, guys, giving too much power to O.
            I believe that he himself decides nothing.
            There are much bigger players in charge, but we’ll never know their names as they prefer to stay in the shadows.

          • it’s funny as lately, I don’t hear as much rah-rah for Obummer as I used to hear. I watched a video of his campaign statements, and then , flash foward to now. he lied on each one of those campaign statements. but that’s not a surprise. Also, how long is he going to blame bush for his problems??

            • Only as long as he is in office.

          • Everybody that agrees, step back two steps. That way the idiots don’t have to think about it.
            A supertanker holds roughly 2 million barrels of crude oil.

          • No, he is still an idiot, that’s what makes him the perfect pawn/shill raised on collectivist rhetoric to be the front man for a more global plan being foisted upon us by “smart” men.

      10. I sure hope that Mrs Obama and the girls are enjoying their South Aferican vacation. Do you think that they will bring us back any new dance steps for the’hopie-changie’ dance? Perhaps even a new t-shirt? I havn’t had any new t-shirts for the longest time and the prices for used ones with only a few holes in them keeps going up down at the thrift store to where I can’t even afford them.

        Gee …….. I sure hope that they are enjoying their holiday and that it doesn’t rain or anything to spoil it for then.

        • Yeah she’s gotta a new step called, “Does it make my ass look fat”.

          • It’s not the dress that does that.

            • Maybe she can read picture books over there.

      11. I hope the Bush’s are happy with destroying the country, do you think they love their 50 thousand acre water Aquafer in Paraguay?? They are laughing their asses off after raping this country, along with Death Cheney.

        • I see you haven’t noticed that Bush and Cheney have been out of the picture for two and a half years. There’s a new guy in power screwing things up these days. Get a clue. Sheesh.

          • There is no real difference between the parties. Different methods maybe, same end result. they both take their orders from the same bosses. if this were not so, things would be different. the only party in Washington is the Republicrats. Almost everyone is owned by the same elites.
            if you don’t believe this, refer to the recently passed legislation to allow oil drilling in the Artic, and other previously off limits areas. Funny we didn’t hear much about this hotly debated issue from the past. I haven’t even heard any protest from the environmental movement. maybe they got tired of $4.00 gasoline, and can’t afford fuel to drive to the next protest???

            • Must be a large bed in the WH in order to hold them all. bush and obummer are cut from the same cloth. I am embarrassed to admit I liked bush at first. THAT wore off when he started talking about a “new tone” in Washington.

        • To Harry

          You clearly love to come in to a forum like this one and make your stupid little Bush comments just to piss people off. I am real curious to hear your comments on the current president and defend his actions since he has been in office, if you have the gonads to do so. Speak oh wise one.

          • I’m guessing that some people just can’t let go.

            It also gives them a chance to shout and distract from the fact that their idol is the one in charge screwing things up now.

        • I am always amazed at the selective amnesia world some people choose to live in…
          The last two years decided nothing. Our country is such a mess, nothing can be done about it at this point… (unless someone has the guts to make some HUGE changes… but I don’t see anyone proposing any REAL changes, more of the same, kicking the can farther down the road).
          We’ll have to play Phoenix (the bird, not the city :))

          And if someone wanted to point fingers, point them at Reagan, that’s where the train went off the tracks. It just took us a long time to notice that.

          I would like to give this advice: step back and look at the big picture. Put your emotions and biases aside and try to see that is really going on. Look for cause(action) and effect(concequences). And ask yourself who would benefit from this or that action/law/decision, etc.

          • We just like bashing harry back. Which part haven’t you figured out yet. You probably miss the peanut farmer.

          • Train went off the tracks with Wilson in 1913.

            • No selective amnesia here or there.

            • amen

      12. IMO, I think there’s been a little talkey, talkey going on between the U.S. and Saudis, basically stating less wheat and corn production in American this year, so they hope they can receive some of what the U.S reaps by lowering oil prices, but TPTB are actually calling the shots! It’s all an illusion to get the dumb and stupid to think they really give a rat’s arse about America. The wheels have been spinning for sometime and things are going to continue as long as possible to keep the status quo going until checkmate. The reset of the world needs to happen, because there is no good to come out of the evil cabal running/ruining this world.

      13. OWEbama is a brilliant idiot . We know the people behind him are pulling his strings and he is doing exactly what those powers want. The world economy stands at the edge according to their plan . Releasing our reserves is just another way to stick to us in the end ,when things collapse and we need fuel well then OOPS !!! we don’t have any . They have put themselves in a good position for Absolute control. No jobs, no money , rising prices , more and more regulations , When the people get desperate enough they will do anything .Sadly some of the stupid blind deaf & Dumb Libs already do

      14. At least she can now say that she is proud to be an American and has visited Africa.

        • Leave her alone. She is engaging in shared sacrifice (she only took 10 friends along).

          • What’s your definition of shared sacrifice.

            • This trip only cost $50K a day. Everybody must give up something.

      15. Most Stupid Cons have their heads up their asses, they love to be controlled by fake religion, abortion and the love of their braindead leaders, especially the likes of slimy newt gingrich, sarah palin, michelle bachmann and soon to be president of a dying nation, rick the dick perry.

        • Leave Newt alone. His presidential campaign has just hit a few bumps in the road (LOL). Sarah is out of politics but rakes in cash by pretending to be in. Michelle is a wannabe (but it is fun to imagine her in a slimy sex scandal).

        • You forgot to mention the Koch brothers in your talking points!

          Booga, Booga, Booga!!!!!!

      16. When a finger points at the moon the imbecile looks at the finger.

        • And then he (liberal) wants to sniff it.

      17. Boy oh boy, from what I’ve seen of Oscama, I don’t know
        how in the world he’d stand even a snowball’s chance in
        hell of getting re-elected. It’s scary to think that
        there are actually people in Amerikkka who would even
        CONSIDER voting this clown back for a second term.

        • “The danger to America is not Barack Obama but a citizenry capable of entrusting an inexperienced man like him with the Presidency. It will be far easier to limit and undo the follies of an Obama presidency than to restore the necessary common sense and good judgment to a depraved electorate willing to have such a man for their president. The problem is much deeper and far more serious than Mr. Obama, who is a mere symptom of what ails America . Blaming the prince of the fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince. The Republic can survive a Barack Obama. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as those who made him their president.”  an anonymous American

          If 2012 doesn’t turn things around it might be time to split this country in half and separate the sheep from the goats.

          We are seriously circling the drain. The foreboding big flush might be close to taking us beyond the pale.

          • I suspect that there will be more than a two-way split. I hope at least one part has the sense to stay out of the UN.

          • In USA common sense is not so common anymore.

        • He probably lost a few supporters who were college students in 2008 but are now un/underemployed.

      18. Never underestimate the stupidity of the Amerikkan voter, after all, they voted bush in for a second term!

        • and, I suppose, you would have preferred Gore? Tipper finally got a clue and bailed on his overly globally warmed self. Smart lady!

        • You’re just a little gay right?

        • Looks like the repubucs are ready to throw another election. They obviously prefer being subserviant to their masters and (literally) bedfellows the dimocracks.

      19. they will after the big crisis happens. Bush wasn’t popular at all until after 9-11

      20. 30 mil barrels in the world market really isnt that much. The banksters have so much fiat money, they control EVERYTHING, and the price of everything! WE ARE IN DEEP DODO. I need some brandy for my coffee! When the ponzi collapses, they are going to take all of us with them! Hold on to your butts, for time is short, its their “sampson option”

      21. My life, your life, my money, your money, my kids, your kids. These are things they dont give a shit about! I hope they just take our wealth(like bankers have always done)but I am fearful they are taking us into BIG war, one that touches us all! I might just skip the coffee, just go straight brandy this morning!

      22. I cannot understand a president who would use the SPR for political gain. It should be “reserved” for emergencies only. What is he thinking? How will we have oil for defense in a real emergency?

        Besides – history shows us that anytime the SPR has released some oil, the price of gas goes up. The price going down is temporary. He can’t be this stupid. It’s a setup. Any why is half of it coming from the US?

        • How will we have oil for defense in a real emergency?

          The corp only needs oil for offense. It’s job is not defending anyone other than its officers, and only then when they are enforcing the corp policy in violation of the law.

          The only defense from the offense of the corp is being self sufficient. Build a solar power system because the corp will never control sunlight.


          • We need a “like” button

            • The real reason for?

      23. another fact we need to look at is
        1.oil is dealt in american dollars
        2.dollar value is falling
        3.it takes more american dollars to buy the same amount of oil.
        4. so to get the same value they(opec) need to raise the price of oil.
        we have asked opec to increase production and they refuse because they get less money for their oil(they have their own economy to worry about) so the U.S. taps in to the reserves to show opec the middle finger…..just my opinion. what we have to worry about is if they(opec) ever decide to trade oil in the euro or another strong forgein currency other than the dollar we will be paying $7.00 at the pump. this will get interesting

        • c and b

          Hussein, and Ghadaffi, both tried to sell oil in other currencies, one gold the other the Euro. The petro dollar was enforced through the military of the US.

          If you want to know which governments are considering or trying to sell oil in something other than the US dollar, just look at who the US press attacks as violators of human rights.

          WWIII will start when China and Russia hook up with Saudi Arabia to force the dollar out. That is in progress now.

          Any country that tries to protect its economy from the dollar fraud is committing an act of war against the corp.

          • Not until China & Russia controls the open seas. Just takes a small boat of idiots to disrupt movement on the seas even though Russia knows how to deal with pirates at sea. They feed them to the sharks & quickly.

          • When they do the arabs will get to see how “culturally sensitive” the Chinese really are.

      24. I was just talking about dh’s truck driving brother and JIT (just in time) at the grocery…and dh said when he goes to the parts house, it’s JIT there…they have to order simple things that should have been on the shelf!!!

        OFF TOPIC: One church member(before I fired them) told me they were also discussing the ‘dragging feet’ of the insurance company about their parent’s burned house.
        Also, have you noticed how long it’s taking people(our neighbor with tarp on roof)to get their roofs repaired?? It’s been over 4 months for his house.
        Now, my brother is a roofer of 25+ years, and there’s no reason for ‘dragging feet’ syndrome.
        The conclusion she and I came to was…the insurance companies are in beg damn trouble, folks, even with the premium increases in homeowner’s.

      25. you guys are doing exactly as the powers that be want you to do. You’re arguing about who’s fault all this mess is. it doesn’t make any difference. it’s not a political thing, it’s a class warfare thing. The PTB(powers that be) are trying to bring everything down. Both sides take orders from the same people. That is the reason nothing ever changes. as long as we have a two party system, nothing will ever change. Both sides want you to think each is different. perhaps a difference in methodology, but the end result is the same.
        Your life, my life, is no better off with either of the past moron presidents in office. The only competition between administrations is who can tally up the most, or the best lies. remember, all of us are being played to the max, through distraction. While they are watching you argue over Bush, clinton, Obummer, or any other president, they are screwing you in the rear with no lube. Get over it.
        just watch how Obummer orchestrates his plan. When ever he gets too low in popularity, we have a crisis. Do you people think this happens by accident?? Wake up!!! The whole system needs to have a do over. We are in a process of that now. When the economy collapses, and people look for someone to blame, and figure they were being screwed by every administration for a long time—things may begin to change. But these four year cycles we have to elect a president are a joke. the PTB don’t care who you vote for as they own both sides. again, wake up.
        Watch each day as the collapse comes to a neighborhood near you. have a nice day.

        • Your right on the money Greaseman. I defended George Bush up until the illegal alien / amnesty issue came up during the last years of his presidency. That finally opened my eyes. He never turned down a spending measure during his entire term in office. As an example, look back at every president since Carter, all of them have uses solar power as a campaign issue, yet not a damn one of them took any action. They all promise the same sh!t. They are two sides of the same coin, maybe if we could quite spending so much time arguing over left and right, black and white, liberal and conservative, democrat and republican, we might just realize who the real enemy’s are in this country. Big banking, big pharma are two of the biggest.
          There is no recovery from that they have done to us! This oil deal is nothing but a political ploy to prop us his sagging pole numbers. Too bad so many Americans are too damn stupid to see it.

          • OK,

            You’re right. But don’t wait for the corp to provide solar power. build your own system, one piece at a time if that is what it takes.


            • I’m not waiting, I already have 20×210 watt panels bought, working on building the ground mounts right now. I’m not playing around at prepping.

              My point was just to illustrate how every candidate for the past 2 decades has promised the same damn thing. They just take turns on the play book.

          • OKDurango,…. oops I mean OKPrepper

            OKPrepper, you sound like OKDurango. One of his agenda is bashing Bush, and his agenda are so close to George Soros. Sometimes I think Durango is George Soros’ twin, LOL….

            – Bush built the fence along about half way, and had to stop because of the left-wing’s environmental issues; you know kill the little flowers.

            – Then he listened to his so-called phony advisors to build a virtual fence using cameras and electronic sensors.

            The left-wing started screaming about that also. I don’t think it works, but Bush has tried to do something about the border.

            OKDurango, sorry I mean OKPrepper – you failed to mention anything about George Bushes’ efforts, didn’t you? You know why? Because you are here to destroy him and sell your left-wing agenda.


            I don’t have any agendum, I call a spade a spade.

            • I thought Durango was me?? Your are one screwed up broad….or “it” who knows. I hope they watch the doors closely, you getting out would definitely be a bad thing on society

      26. The real BS is the Muslim spending a dollar to suck up a barrel of oil from the ground and then sucking us dry for a hundred bucks. And what do we do. We spend 400 billion dollars and the blood of 1600 Americans for these savages.
        Until the cancer of Islam and its savages is dealt with, the US economy will NEVER recover.

        • While we keep the Persian Gulf and Suez Canal open and “not free”. And then there is the idiots that want to bring all the military home. Think about that for a minute.

        • I am shocked and offended. Muslims worship a pedophile, chop off a few thousand heads and mutilate a few million girls, and that makes them savages?

      27. You are all placing the blame on the wrong people. Its not the politicians,its not the corporations,its not the bankers, its the MUSLIMS. You are all a bunch of fucking conspiracy idiots whose heads will either be sliced off or nuked off by the savage Muslims who worship a pedophile and a moon cult god.

        • DERRICK,

          not to bright are you? You may be so far gone it is pointless to try to turn you around.

          It is the banksters, that owns the corp, that buys the politicians.

          The only thing wrong with the muslims is they inhabit oil rich countries and don’t allow interest on debt. The bankers want to steal the oil and then charge them interest on the money they need to buy it back.

          They are not fighting you, they are fighting the corp because it has invaded their territory.

      28. They said this deal ‘crashed and burned’, but that was on June 15th. Here we are a week later, releasing our reserves – our sweet, light crude……



        Plus, does anyone out there know if we topped up the reserves after the Katrina release? I did a little research, but couldn’t really tell. I know there was a moratorium on buying for awhile after then.

        I agree with many of the other commenters that there really appears to be no reason for this…gas prices are down ‘somewhat’ at this time. As preppers, we like to prepare for a ‘rainy day’, and while many of our skies may be pouring out water these days, this is not the ‘rainy day’ we’re preparing for. Me thinks we’re getting raped and looted, plain and simple.

        • That’s 4′ 11″ of beautiful TNT with a brain!

          • She has more cojones than most of the men in the republican party!!!

            • Not to mention the jumbo dump truck full of “steers” on the other side of the party.

      29. Right on the money about releasing oil from the SPR is just a political ploy. As pointed out, 30 million barrels is a drop in the bucket.

        What can you expect when we are moving into another election cycle and Obummer’s poll numbers are almost the lowest ever recorded for any POTUS.

        Remember pulling troops out as a campaign promise? Well 10,000 by end of year and 33,000 by the end of next year. Did I have a brain fart or wasn’t there a 30,000 surge of troops last year? So effectively, we are pulling 3,000 out by the end of next year compared to the numbers before Obummer got elected. Never mind that it will be mostly support troops as contractors take over logistical supply deliveries.

        Smoke and mirrors is all for an electorate that can’t do basic math and has a selective photographic memory for Am Idol or other nonsense, but can’t remember basic history. Work diligently and you will get your just rewards. Too few see the mess and too many refuse to listen.

        At least there is talk about drilling in the NPR on the north slope. Latest figures predict another 700,000 barrels a day into TAPS if they drill in the Reserve. Already the envirowhackies are screaming about not enough enviro-data and the risks.

        An gas up here? $4.98 a gallon for regular. Nearest friends I visit live 3 miles away, so I ride a bicycle. No fat-asses in this cabin. Dumb-ass? Only me in the cabin and the answer depends on who you ask.

      30. Let’s drag everyone out of congress and hang them from the trees around the capitol building. Leave them swinging for sevral days with full media coverage so our state and local officials get the idea of their future.Americans have had enough and when the politicians get their payback—we won’t have any compassion or mercy for them at all. They think it’s good enough for us right?

      31. Lindsey Williams did say the elites wanted to keep the price no higher than $5 per gallon for the whole of summer or maybe later. So maybe this is what Obama is doing?

        End of 2011 into 2012 is going to be out of control.

      32. Forget everything you know, go to Ron Paul’s website and look at the 257 Foreign Free China Trade Zones, where they will hire only Chinese, use Chinese Military to Guard these Zones and Pay no Tax to the USA. We have been sold out and have no Future. Your Kids are Literally Fucked!

      33. Dont be suprised if you see obummer reopen all the closed oilfields he closed(or caused to be closed) and they publicly report the discovery of more oil than we can burn in centuries and a major decrease in prices all while the mid east burns to the ground,crazy stuff coming….

        • REB: Speaking of Lindsay Williams, google “Gull Island”. WE have more oil in the Arctic than Saudi Arabia, and it has been withheld by the Globalists in government from America so that they can push their agenda upon US.

          Enough oil for America for 200 years. Current technology also could provide enough oil for the US for 70 years if allowed to pursue the Monterrey Shale.

          America has all the oil, gas, and energy it needs forever if the Globalists in government would allow the private sector to develop it.

          Energy shortage is a hoax, “Peak Oil” not withstanding. By choking off cheap energy for America, the Globalists can engage the American people to intervene in the Middle East.

          Get the picture?

      34. Good news! The president & BiteMe thinks we can still spend our way to prosperity the queens are getting married up in NY for political reasons. All is going as planned.

      35. Good News! The wars are over, the economy is recovering, the nuclear waste is all cleaned up, the gulf is all cleaned up, there is full employment, no one on food stamps and everyone in the usa is rich now. Now if we could only stop those queers from getting married. A friend of mine got cancer, because queers can get married.

      36. Gas is $3.45 here in northern Michigan. It’s better than it was a couple weeks ago.

        Mobama is a stupid f*ck!

      37. Follow the oil and you will find this is going to Europe. Not the good ole USA. You see the refineries in Europe are designed to process the sweet crude from Libya. Well they are not getting any from there ight now and they will have to increase prices in Europe. Thank goodness we do not pay those prices anywhere from 8.80 to 12.00 per gallon.

        US refinerys are designed to process most crudes from around the world. Basically depending on the type of crude you are hauling is where you will head in the USA.

        This is not a political ploy for the USA but it is support of Europe. Thus we taxpayer are again paying for a dam bailout with our oil we bought years ago.

        Europe is already bailing out all the dim witted coutnries that ran out of other peoples money and face a big time crash if they are not careful.

      38. Guys, guys, guys. You are WAY over-thinking this. I am not an Obama apologist. But the reasoning behind the release of the SRs is real simple. Most of the rise in oil prices has been speculative. You know that. The amount of the release was minor, not sufficient to effect supply ratios significantly. The purpose was to inject uncertainty into the speculative markets. This is why the release was coordinated between a number of countries and the IEA, and NOT ANNOUNCED. A bunch of the speculators took it in the shorts with this move, and the governments signaled their willingness to hit the market without warning at any time. The result was to drive a substantial number of speculators into other (less risky) markets and thereby to re-establish a greater, though not complete, correlation to the supply-demand calculus.

        It was the smartest financial move of Obama’s administration.

      39. This is about votes and steering attention away from the issues . This is only the calm before the storm. It will provide the sheeple with a small sense of security , and then BANG

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