“We Are Doing Putin’s Job For Him”: Globalist Traitor John McCain Laughably Claims That Releasing A Memo Exposing FBI Corruption Only Helps The Russians

by | Feb 2, 2018 | Headline News | 78 comments

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    With today’s release of the so-called FISA memo, many within the government and media have been quick to attack not only the contents of said memo but also the very idea of transparency in deciding to release it to the public in the first place.

    From James Comey pathetically claiming it was a nothingburger when it exposed his direct corruption, to the likes of CNN who have run continuous coverage attacking the president and Republicans for releasing the memo rather than actually focusing on its contents, it is clear that the deep state apparatus is running scared.

    Now, globalist traitor and public anti-Trump critic John McCain has weighed in on the memo’s release, predictably attacking the idea of transparency while once again bringing up the laughable excuse that releasing it somehow helps the Russians.

    That’s right, in John McCain’s sick mind, exposing widespread (and possibly illegal) corruption within the FBI and the DOJ is a terrible thing because it magically helps Putin.

    McCain’s statement on the memo release reads:

    In 2016, the Russian government engaged in an elaborate plot to interfere in an American election and undermine our democracy. Russia employed the same tactics it has used to influence elections around the world, from France and Germany to Ukraine, Montenegro, and beyond.

    Putin’s regime launched cyberattacks and spread disinformation with the goal of sowing chaos and weakening faith in our institutions. And while we have no evidence that these efforts affected the outcome of our election, I fear they succeeded in fueling political discord and dividing us from one another.

    The latest attacks on the FBI and Department of Justice serve no American interests – no party’s, no president’s, only Putin’s. The American people deserve to know all of the facts surrounding Russia’s ongoing efforts to subvert our democracy, which is why Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation must proceed unimpeded.

    Our nation’s elected officials, including the president, must stop looking at this investigation through the warped lens of politics and manufacturing partisan sideshows. If we continue to undermine our own rule of law, we are doing Putin’s job for him.

    Not only is McCain using the tired excuse that doing something that hurts the deep state in turn helps Russia, the globalist puppet is also directly shilling for Robert Mueller despite his obvious bias and anti-Trump sentiment.

    While we already know McCain to be a globalist insider, he may actually have another reason for blaming Russia as he was the man who actually passed the Trump disinformation dossier to the FBI itself!

    I reported on this shocking fact at the time:

    In the wake of the release of a disinformation dossier on President-elect Donald Trump, it has been revealed that none other than establishment Republican John McCain was responsible for passing the document to the highest reaches of the FBI.

    McCain, of the apparent belief that this information was extremely important, actually passed the documents to FBI director James Comey last month, according to a report by The Guardian.

    “The Guardian can confirm that the documents reached the top of the FBI by December. Senator John McCain, who was informed about the existence of the documents separately by an intermediary from a western allied state, dispatched an emissary overseas to meet the source and then decided to present the material to Comey in a one-on-one meeting on 9 December, according to a source aware of the meeting,” the Guardian report reads.

    “The documents, which were first reported on last year by Mother Jones, are also in the hands of officials in the White House.”

    When you consider the above report, it makes perfect sense that McCain would attack the memo’s release for he was directly involved in the conspiracy against Trump in the first place!

    With that being said, after today’s memo release at least the American people will know who is and isn’t working against the democratically elected president based off their own responses to this ever unfolding scandal.


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      1. “Grave Concerns” that the corrupt individuals will be exposed. They’re worried that the US Government will follow the rule of law and return thereby operate within Constitutional restraints.

        • Kevin, usually I tend to agree with you. Not this time. I don’t think there is any real worry being felt whatsoever. Listen to the responses from the liberals. They’ve bags of excuses already being put out over the media. The outcome will just be more or Mueller’s investigation, some more inquiries and panels of legislators kicking the can down the road. I see it that this is a setup for the mid-terms and a Democrat end-run back to control of Congress. Thus, totaling stymieing any possible swamp-draining. The longer it takes to throw the rope over the tree branch and haul them up…. the more likely it ain’t going to happen. I repeat what I keep saying – it is time to act. All of us. The 3% or whatever percentage is still left at this time. And why the hell not? Don’t you all feel it? The sense of dying inside?

          • I never thought any real substantive change would occur however the Deep State and Shadow Government are paranoid fearful that it may. As I stated in previous posts no one will go to jail nor even lose their pension.

          • You are right on the money–Justice delayed IS justice denied.

        • McCain is obviously suffering from extensive brain damage from his malignant tumor and it is affecting his mind; what little he had to begin with. That’s the only rational conclusion one can draw from such obvious insanity.

          The man is incompetent now and should be removed from office. 🙂

          • This is most likely true as I’ve noticed as you ‘progressively’ lose all rational thought you become ‘progressively’ more a liberal leftist.

          • DK, McCain has had brain damage ever since his time in the Navy. He totally destroyed a Navy fighter jet and wasn’t even a decent pilot but his daddy BIG SHOT ADMIRAL MCCAIN made damn sure his boy wasn’t kicked out of the service. Then he was shot down over North Vietnam and turned traitor to make his life ‘behind the wire’ easier. There’s no telling how many of our other POWs died because of his treason. Even after his release and return to the US nothing happened to him. Big Daddy Admiral McCain was in charge of the coverup over the USS Liberty affair. Junior has long been the biggest cheerleader for the neocons to get us into WW3 with Russia. McCain is always saying we need to destroy Russia. I would be willing to put McCain on a plane with a parachute, fly him over Russian territory, and kick his sorry ass out the door. If he survives his landing then Putin and company can do whatever they like with him.

          • I suspect it’s worse than you realize. I have it on good authority that brain surgeons accidentally removed McCain’s brain altogether, leaving only the tumor behind to do all of his thinking…

            • If that’s true, one might think he might act smarter, more coherent…

              Instead, cretins like McCain will continue “sowing chaos and weakening faith in our institutions”…

        • Super Bowl is on today. My wife and I have watched it every year until this year. Disgraceful NFL gave all veterans the middle finger. Politely asking people to stand for the anthem is too political, they say, while taking a knee in disrespect isn’t. Fuck the NFL.

      2. McLame needs to be declared unfit to remain in office and replaced. Arizona is not being represented now, if they ever were during his time in the Senate.

        • Texan, you hit the nail on the head, and it’s worse with jeff flake..he is a proven and self admitted liar. we here in Az. are absolutely NOT being represented.

        • Couldn’t agree more. His reelection was rigged in 2016 – slipped right past the media – he was declared winner on national TV with only 1% of the vote counted, and 4 hours before votes for president were announced. How’s that work? No one we know knows anyone who voted for this parasite.

      3. McSh*tstain needs to be investigated for his own string of crimes, malfeasance, traitorous acts. Or just tossed into a wood chipper. Whichever is easier.

      4. What the hell is taking that tumor so long?

        • It’s still looking for something to eat.

      5. McCain, please just retire. You got mesmerized by the HOUSE OF LORDS (Senate) and lost context and perspective. This is a Constitutional Republic.

      6. So It does help the Russians that’s a good thing. The Dems and traitors have been painting the Russians as bad guys who meddled in the Election. The MEMO exonerates the Russians of meddling. Nothing wrong with that truth coming to light. McCain is a Traitor who received bribes in the sale of uranium to the Russians.

        • Yes! McCain and the demorats want a war with Russia and this memo stops the warmongers in their tracks. Who votes for this piece of S*it anyway? Free lunch crowd hero strikes again!

      7. HA! That’s ironic coming out of McCains mouth! I wonder if someone said the same thing about him when he wet-started his plane on the deck of the USS Forrestal during the Vietnam War! McCains doing the Viet Congs job for them! How many American sailors died that day because of the accident McCain caused? 145 men?
        LOCK HIM UP …. AGAIN!! TRAITOR 2.0

      8. “Grave Concerns?” The only grave concerns John McCain has is how soon he will be in one.

      9. It’s classified…a matter of national security:
        They’re closing in on our a**.

        News flash grandpappy McCain ..
        the my pillow guy is a double agent.

      10. McCain needs to be retired,hes a democrat in sheep’s clothing. He has no love for Trump and is involved in unseating him.

      11. The Russian collusion investigation is like an attempt to start a bonfire in India during the monsoon season. Waterlogged firewood, tender and matches make it impossible to start enough fire to even create smoke.

      12. McCain passed off as presidential material, that’s how O’bummer got in. Well that and being G.W. Bush’s follow up and cover up, a perfect seamless transition. McCain is the present day chief war pusher whose trillions of war funding suckage threaten humanity the world over. A Dr. Frankenstein creation.

      13. Msnbc libtard swamp media just publically stated “people need to take to the streets! We need a revolution!” And they were all in agreement and then said it again! If shtf, start with them! The libtard swamp media is the head of the snake! Following the fangs (obama the Lawless one, and killary the satanist)! They started all this trouble!

        • Mccain is the little rattle at the end of the tail of the snake!

        • I hope they do, easier to spot te enemy when they advertise it,,,,,,,
          Lotsand lots of ammo

        • YUUP!!


        • AGREED!!
          hero, my ass! he gave that up when he turned commie.

          • McPain was never a hero. He got captured, that doesn’t make anyone a hero. It means he screwed up.

      15. McCain just needs to go ahead and die. He was a traitor as a POW in a Vietnam concentration camp. He killed fellow sailors with his careless actions aboard an aircraft carrier. As a senator he is a total JOKE. The only person he represents is himself and as a globalist he serves everyone BUT the U.S.A.
        Do us all a favor John, go ahead and die.

      16. Sure glad he never got the launch codes and the closest the hilderbeast ever got was the Russian reset button.

      17. “..Mccain..Claims That Releasing A Memo Exposing FBI Corruption Only Helps The Russians”
        Oh, and keep the fbi corruption secret doesn’t??

      18. Hey John, 1% – is the 5 year survival rate for old senile brain cancer victims.

      19. McCain is not long for this earth. He is a RINO, and serves the deep state. His departure in whatever way, is not soon enough.

      20. McCain is on his deathbed.

        As Instapundit would say, “Faster, please.”

      21. Arizona is a great place. I can’t understand why the people vote for this guy. Unless it’s a bunch of east coast retired rats?

      22. The domestic enemy .Is all around? Be ready? Extreme measures ? Finally? Hopefully finally?

      23. i think comey’s been SLEEP-TWEETIN’….. to HIMSELF!

      24. I need some help gents.I’m a bourbon lover ( tequila too) my question is what bourbon should I buy to celebrate John Shitstain’s passing ? I’m think of getting a bottle of Pappy Van Winkle .

      25. Cain killed Able.

        If you are able, you’re dead.


        • oh so funny ~ you must be a comedian?

      26. What the non-sequitur? LMAO! Time to send ol rebel home to be with mommy and the nurses. At what point do we determine this dude’s faculties should be legally challenged.

      27. ” many within the government and media have been quick to attack not only the contents of said memo but also the very idea of transparency in deciding to release it to the public in the first place.”

        Translation: Everyone implicated in the conspiracy rejected the claims and the media wing put out their narrative.

      28. My brother-in-law died of the same type of brain cancer that McCain has. It severely affects your ability to think. Whoever is behind McCain and pulling his strings, should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves. His family and friends should step up and persuade him that “enough is enough!”. Resign and spend your last days with your family! History, if told correctly and honestly, will judge your performance in office. No more waste, fraud, and abuse in government. Stop the ridiculous sham of an “investigation” of Russian interference in the last election. Too much time and taxpayer dollars has been spend on this witch hunt!

      29. McCain is a walking dead man who is trying to protect his legacy. He is and has been a shady individual all his life. If it were not for his father McCain would have been kicked out of the service with at the very least a bad conduct discharge.

        • yeah, someone got to McCain a long time ago.
          Sold his soul..

        • BigB, McCain and his father are both traitors. His father is already rotting in hell. Now it’s time for the son to join him.

      30. Conservatives have been played. We neutered ourselves by swallowing the Whopper-of-Fake-News that Republicans are ‘on our side’. Like Chuck Baldwin has been preaching for years, ‘There is not a dimes worth of difference between our coveted Republican Party and the evil old Democrats.’

        Who is Chuck Baldwin? He is the Constitution Party Presidential nominee who you should have voted for. But no, you had to have McCain.

      31. Mc has brain damage. Our politics are a mess. Our children would be better leaders. Stop the silliness and MAGA.

      32. McCain was in the chain of custody of the phony GPS docs presented to the FISA COURT…maybe he submitted an affidavit as well…release the supporting documents!

      33. It’s call defending the Constitution John…something you should try someday.

      34. Says the guy that delivered the dossier.

      35. “If we continue to undermine our own rule of law, we are doing Putin’s job for him.” McCain is detached from reality.
        If we fail to maintain high fidelity to our laws our society will fail. Which is exactly what the commies are trying to do. McCain seems to be blind to this fact. Or chooses to ignore it when it suits him.
        The Night of Long Knives will soon occur in the U.S. if these clowns don’t change their ways.

        The Communist Takeover Of
        America – 45 Declared Goals
        ht tp://www.rense.com/general32/americ.htm

      36. Why is that mentally unstable feeble old fool still alive?…Oh, I know…God hates us.

      37. McCain is one of the Keating Five, who helped Keating defraud investors and the elderly, and caused a recession, with the Savings & Loan scandal. McCain married into a crime family. McCain sent birthday greetings to a Mafia Godfather in Tucson. McCain is corrupt, so corrupt, he’d be in prison, if he were a normal American citizen. The Bolles murder was the killing of a journalist about to expose the McCain family wealth’s origins in major crime. McCain is as criminal as his friend Hillary. Their criminal lives tie them together.

      38. The Establishment Republicans wanted him as President. That speaks volumes.

        • B-I-N-G-O! Ah, but he had an ‘R’ after his name. Conservatives bought the ‘Whopper-of-Fake-News’, that the Republican party are the good guys. And they are still clinging to lie.

      39. Hey, Texas we have tried to elect any one else. God is removing him.

      40. The “civil war” actually was fought over slavery, with the North wanting to enslave the South, then the rest of the country, then the rest of the world.

        This is the New World Order, or The Order emanating from the New World.

      41. Lol in any case it doesn’t appear the left will leave the Prez alone anytime soon.
        When it comes to Trump you love him or hate him. To many Albertans he reminds us of our beloved King Ralf. To those who don’t know about him give him a quick google. All hail King Ralf.

      42. Sarah Huckabee told a CNN reporter you all need to get over your Russian fever. Ive heard the lies about the bad evil Russians ever since I was a Child. Ins school the had us get under our desk and kiss our asses goodby. And It was all because Shafty Kennedy thought he could take cuba away from castro and give it to his wealthy cohorts. And Russia said hell no. Now we get the same crap. Trump want to take north Korea and give the mineral wealth to his Gxw friends. And and both China and and to a lesser extent Russia are saying Hell No.I think the military at present since they have a very good puppet with Trump now have no use for their former Dimocrap patsys. So they have told Sessions hands off. We don’t want lengthy trials and endless appeals. They will take them to GITMO and a Military Tribunal will find them guilty. Simply quick and easy. Plus they get to divide up all the forfeted wealth.

      43. McCain has morphed from Republican In Name Only, to Rational In Name Only.

      44. Seems only one thing left? Prep for what’s seemingly more obvious by the day.? Must keep labor costs down? By any means nesesary?

      45. Well one thing is for sure.

        Democrats ARE doing Putin’s job for him. Or should I say Kruschev. Or should I say Stalin.

      46. Yep
        He’s right
        It’s going to help the Russians

        No doubt

        Gonna help them help us keep you right here where we want you
        While we prepare the ropes


        • youre retarded

          john mccain is an unmitigated absolute disgrace

          i cant believe i ever voted for him

          he is the archetypal rino

          he has allied himself with those who want to destroy this country

          and to the extent you agree with him you are a disgrace too

          pro tip: dont cop to being a john mccain fan boy in public-nobody likes him even the democrats they just use him as a tool to whip on simple minded republicans but hes too stupid arrogant jealous and prideful to notice

          hes a sellout and bad for our country it will be a great day in america when hes no longer in the us senate

      47. Turned in over 600 pages of tax lein fraud in Montana to FBI. After they made statements joking about them erasing hard drives at 3am and telling local commissioner that theft must be paid back, they dropped the investigation. FBI is a corrupt political organization. To this day, HMC LLC buys over 80% of tax leins in Ravalli county that generates a 9% return. How the hell does any company get 80% of tax leins when in other states, any company would be lucky to get 3% because of the intense competition for such a good return? All media refuses to print our story or even view the 660 pages of fraud. All Republican central committee members, legislators and judges refuse to look at our evidence. Good damn luck getting justice from anywhere in this country! We need to bring back public hanging for corrupt government officials.

      48. I seldom wish for bad things to happen to people, but this idiot has outlived his usefulness. And whatever respect and honor due to him for his service to this country has been used up by him with his stupidity and downright treasonous behavior over the years.

        He needs to just go off and die so we can be rid of him.

        I will not mourn his passing.

        • AMEN….and the sooner the better….

      49. Dirty politicians like McCain are easily manipulated and extorted by foreign powers. McCain is more of a threat than Trump ever was.

      50. Let’s not forget John McCain’s actions in the overthrow of the Lawfully elected Government of Ukraine….then there is his betrayal of American Servicemen in Vietnam.

      51. john mccain used to be a us naval graduate fighter pilot pow war hero us senator presidential candidate

        now hes just another sellout asshole politician in washington dc

        i cant believe i voted for him

        it will be a great day in america when he and his other scumbag butt buddy flunkies jeff flake and lindsey graham are no longer in the us senate

      52. Please remember that Sen. McCain was beaten and tortured in Hanoi (with regard to which some of his fellow prisoners have described him as other than a war hero), and that he now has an ominous return of the cancer, ABOVE the shoulders.

        Torture and cancer. Not a good combo. Could explain his fresh-from-the-planet-Zolar behavior.

      53. Traitor John, I pray for God to do his work…..imho

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