We Are Change Chicago Calls Out Al Gore *Video*

by | Dec 11, 2009 | Headline News | 10 comments

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    A short video from We Are Change Chicago shows activists confronting Al Gore, Global Warming and the New World Order agenda at his recent book signing.

    To ensure the public that the media and Al Gore are aware of the facts that prove global warming to be a hoax, patriots from WAC Chicago marched to the book signing. Scattered throughout a crowd of a few hundred were members of WAC Chicago ready to ask Al Gore what he thought about ‘ClimateGate.’


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      1. Think what you want of Al Gore. He is not a climate scientists. I think we should trust the climate scientists. There is a broad consensus among them that the Earth is warming due to human activities. They have sample air pockets found in ice and rock from the last 100,000 years and today the levels of carbon in the atmosphere are unprecedented for that period of time! We’ve driven the Earth into  uncharted territory now. It takes a special kind of arrogance for an average citizen to claim to know better than the men and women who’s job it is and who’s lives are devotes to studying such things. Anecdotally, we can all see how the Earth has changed from photos of glaciers and coast line just 80 years ago. Do we really presume to think that humans can dump billions of tons of carbon pollution into the atmosphere a year, every year, without consequence? Just a rise of 2 more degrees will be an EOTWAWKI event.

      2. So ignore the 30,000+ scientists that signed a petition saying the science was a fraud?

      3. Of course! Ignore those idiot scientists. Thats what liberals do: They deride anything that doesn’t fit their agenda. Truth? Deride it. Facts? Deride them. It takes a special type of idiot to look at a chart that Al Whore puts up and not realize that the carbon charts are what they are because of the way he’s put them together. Just a little skew an, bam! CO2 causes global warming… If you left it unskewed and unmodified you would realize that global warming causes high CO2 levels, not the other way around. Silly rabbit! Facts aren’t for mere citizens!!! THE MAN IS A FUCKING LIAR! ANYONE WHO BELIEVES IN MAN MADE GLOBAL WARMING HAS EITHER NEVER LOOKED AT THE FACTS OR HAS A VESTED INTEREST (READ THAT AS GREED) IN PROLIFERATING THE LIE. STOP LYING TO US!!!

        Hidden agendas are usually evil or greedy. In this case, both terms apply. Go ahead, attack me you lying butt heads! Your three trees and data modifying programs are no match for my Truth Fu!

      4. Hey! And how about those WACs! Yeah, man! Those guys and gals have balls! Congrats and kudos for doing something for the truth.

        In years to come we’ll realize this is all about greed and the globalists will be locked up and reeducated, this time with truth instead of propaganda.


      5. Let me be clear – I DO NOT KNOW whether or not man-made global warming is a serious threat, as I believe the science is not yet settled.  However, I do think it would be nice if we could clean up the planet – if for nothing else other than aesthetics.

        That being said…

        Regardless of whether or not he is right, Al Gore is a fraud.

        If he was really all that worried about global warming, he would NOT be flying a private around nor have insanely high electricity bills.  Period.

        That same thing could be said regarding the 140 private jets that were flown into Dopenhagen…and the Mercedes limo’s they used to drive to it from their various hotels, etc.

        Re Greg’s comment – again, I think the science is not yet settled…however…I do not think the “concensus” is as strong as you suggest…

        Re the notion that the earth’s CO2 levels are “unprecendented,” I openly invite EVERYONE to search Google images for “carbon dioxide vs temperature” graphs…I have seen several with literally vertical blips of carbon dioxide for the present time…BUT most do not…NOR does the one Al Gore uses:


        Go to like 3:45 in that video – it shows Al giving his presentation of CO2 vs. temperature.  Both CO2 and temperature look perfectly cyclical to me.  Now look at the far right side of the two lines…I see no “unprecedented ” levels of either CO2 or temperature anywhere on that graph.  It is cyclical…and we are near a peak right now.

        …and as Stossel explains there, there appears to be a lag between increases – WITH TEMPERATURE going up first – a notion that even some hard core global warming activists acknowledge.

        Even the graphs with those recent “vertical blips” in CO2, show decreasing temperatures over the last decade (use Google images).

        I’ll rephrase my stance – I’m am not saying that man-made global warming IS NOT a problem.  I am simply suggesting that the science may not be settled yet…

        …and based on the performance of world governments’ recent “Holy crap! We gotta do this NOW or the world will END!” projects (e.g., the stimulus bill), perhaps we should make sure we get this one right before we bury the global economy even more.

        Just a thought…

      6. I’ve been reading for 15 years how if we don’t curb global warming we’re all going to die. I reserve the right to change my opinions as I learn new facts. Guys, if you say the science is all fraudulent that’s GREAT! That would be the biggest relief of my life to learn that the science was bad, the Earth is just going through a natural cycle, and everything is going to be okay. Show me your sources of information that is not funded by ExxonMobile and I’ll read it with an open mind. I would greatly love to learn that Global Warming is just a myth.

      7. Where is my “that was easy…” button?

        Oh! Here it is!


        Man Made Global warming is about greed, subjugation of the masses and theft. The MMGW hoax is designed to enslave, not save. I’ve read and looked at the science from both sides. People that fall into the idea are ignorant! Lets worry about polution that really hurts the planet. Mercury. Aluminum. etc.

        The same people that are worried about MMGW are probably poisoning themselves with Aluminum Chlorhydrate with their antiperspirant, tempting the fate of lymph cancer (and other cancers).

        MMGW is a conspiracy of the greedy using the ignorant as their tools.

        I knew this years ago. Finally, if you look at the REAL science, it will piss you off when you realize that it is all a complete and utter hoax. Now with climategate, their dishonesty has been exposed. I wonder how many MMGW proponents ever take the time to read some of the files associated with the climategate hack? Probably none because they don’t care about truth or reality, no! no!, that would adversly affect their bottom line.

      8. Greg, if you’re concerned about the millions of dollars oil companies have contributed to fund research on the debate, perhaps you should be even more concerned about the tens of billions that governments have spent by providing grants and funding to crooked scientists to promote their bad science, lies and myths.  If you doubt there is corruption among those scientists, you are woefully uninformed.  Simply research climategate on the web.

        If you think it’s a good idea to follow the money to find the truth, and it usually is, then do some research to see that the overwhelming majority (orders of magnitude more) of money has been spent by those to stand to profit from carbon and climate taxes… the governments of the world.

        You say you’ve been reading for 15 years that we have to curb global warming or we’re all going to die.  Too bad you weren’t reading 40 years ago when they were all saying we were going to freeze to death due to a coming ice age, or in the 1920s when scientists claimed the planet was warming uncontrollably, or even back in 1895 when scientists warned we were heading into another ice age.  Sure seems like a catastrophe is coming… too bad they just can’t figure out if we’re all going to burn up, or all going to freeze to death.

        The point is, if you choose your sources of information so narrowly that you only get one opinion, then you’re very likely going to be continually misled by those who stand to profit from their lies.

      9. ExxonMobile????

        Greg, I’m referring to information AL GORE uses.  Watch that video clip…at around 3:45.  Look at the graph.  Look at the current levels of CO2.  Trace a straight line towards the left side…CO2 has been higher several times in the past 500k years.

        Then search Google images for similar graphs.  Many other global warming activists use the same thing.

        A couple of years ago, I saw some super global warming dude on Discovery Channel using the same thing (I can’t find a clip).

        When I saw the graph, the very first thing I thought was “Wait a minute…the timing doesn’t make sense…”  I only recently noticed that the previous levels of CO2 were as high as they are now.

        Five years ago, I was in your boat…but now, like I said before, I just don’t think the science is settled.

        Also, Patrick raises a good point – in the ’70’s, I think there was a big “global cooling scare.”

      10. Thats what I’m talking about lol 🙂

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