“We Are At War” – Morgan Freeman Is The Face Of The New “Committee To Investigate Russia”

by | Sep 20, 2017 | Headline News | 32 comments

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    This report was originally published by Tyler Durden at Zero Hedge

    Morgan Freeman

    Imagine this movie-script: a former KGB spy, angry at the collapse of his motherland, plots a course for revenge… narrates the ominous sounding voice of Morgan Freeman.

    The hysteria continues, and this time Hollywood has been enlisted. No this is not The Onion, but yet another serious committee for serious people. Meet the “Committee to Investigate Russia” which launched on Tuesday and immediately garnered broad coverage in pop-culture and entertainment news sites for its release of a short Morgan Freeman narrated video which aims to “tell us the truth” about Russian meddling in the US election. “We have been attacked,” Freeman says in his familiarly reassuring voice while gazing into the camera. “We are at war.”

    Not only did the video burn up social media on Tuesday, but the founders of the lobbying group behind the production, barely one day old, were given substantial air time on cable news from CNN to MSNBC. Of course, it helps that actor, director, and lifelong Democrat Rob Reiner is behind it – he’s teamed up with neocons David Frum, Max Boot, and national security insiders like James Clapper.

    Similar to other recently launched ‘Russiagate’ campaigns and organizations we’ve profiledthe initiative is enjoying fawning mainstream media coverage from the very start. And apparently the historical irony is completely lost on Hollywood, a town which itself fell victim to the original McCarthyite witch hunt and its celebrity ‘blacklist’.

    Meanwhile, it appears the “Committee to Investigate Russia” is designed to appeal especially to the popular masses and consumers of pop media and celebrity culture magazines. For example, the following gushing roll out coverage from entertainment news site PopSugar reads like the “famed” Max Boot himself is on a hollywoodesque mission to save the world from an ‘EVIL’ cabal bent on total world domination:

    The group’s advisory board is a who’s who of the most outspoken individuals in America today: former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, award-winning actor and director Rob Reiner, former George W. Bush aide and current Atlantic editor David Frum, AEI scholar Norm Ornstein, famed military historian Max Boot, and popular conservative pundit Charlie Sykes. And their mission? To educate the public on the threat that we face from Russia and to serve as a central location for updates, news, and information on all things related to the issue.

    But like most commentary on the so-called ‘Russian connection’ there is one important caveat which appropriately skeptical readers will be sure to notice:

    While we still don’t have definitive answers on much of what elapsed during the lead-up to the election — or, frankly, have a plan for what we can do to prevent this sort of thing going forward — what we do have is an issue that individuals on both sides of the aisle are desperate to get to the bottom of.

    This of course translates to “well we know there’s a lot of smoke and no answers, umm… evidence” – but hey, Morgan Freeman’s noble and venerable wisdom-from-the-heavens-sounding voice will make it all true. Reiner told the Daily Beast that Morgan Freeman was chosen as spokesman due to the “weight and gravitas” of his voice. Reiner further explained the purpose as, “We’re trying to break through and explain to people why this is important and that there is a serious problem here that people don’t seem to really grasp.”

    While the public has been assured the committee is stacked with bipartisan experts, it would help if there were any actual… Russian experts. As one Al Jazeera journalist who covers Russian affairs pointed out, the advisory board is made up of the following “experts” (in their respective order):

    • a neocon blogger
    • a perjurer
    • wonk with no Russia background
    • the director of When Harry Met Sally
    • right-wing talk radio guy

    In spite of all the immediate positive media coverage the Committee to Investigate Russia ran into some embarrassing problems the moment its website went live. Actual Russian experts identified a glaring error. According to the independent Russian language news site Meduza:

    The committee even ran into trouble when trying to identify General Valery Gerasimov, the author of an alleged hybrid military doctrine that some analysts treat as the blueprint for Russia’s “information warfare” against enemies like the U.S. and Ukraine. When the committee first launched its website, it accidentally posted a photo of Gerasimov’s predecessor, General Nikolay Makarov. The group eventually corrected its mistake, but not before Russian media expert Alexey Kovalev called them out, highlighting the rather obvious dangers of taking on “Russia” without Russian expertise.

    As with Hamilton68 before it, this new project will likely become a go-to source of information for mainstream media which similarly lacks in real expertise. Apparently the two-minute Morgan Freeman video is now being roundly mocked in Russian state media, presumably for its ultra-simplistic reading of the fall of the Soviet Union and Putin’s rise to power (Morgan Freeman assures us it was all about “revenge”). Perhaps one of many lessons here is this: you’d better divert some funds toward consulting real Russian experts and journalists before hiring a big-moneyed celebrity to “educate” the masses.


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      1. WTMJ Charles Sykes is a liberal socialist compared to Trump. Sykes was all for the building of two major league sports stadiums and arenas, both using several hundreds of millions of taxpayer monies, and the athlete payrolls exceeding $200 million annually, go OUT OF STATE as very few athletes choose to remain in this hell-hole-taxation state where entitlements are given without proof of ID or citizenship. Sykes is all for the $10 billion of taxpayers money going to Amazon for building a distro center, which in other words, is like the taxpayers paying all the Amazon-Wiscosnin employees for over ten years. And also, the guy sounds like an anal retentive cuk.

        • that child molester morgan is just repeating what he is told yo repeat.

      2. all fine and well Morgan

        but this isnt a Democracy

        so when you get that right, i wont believe you’re a shill, but when you cant even get our form of government right, what else have you got wrong?

        Hollywood ..jeeze guys , really?

        • i stopped listening to ALL actors a YEAR ago….i ALSO stopped going to movies, and i hardly ever even watch them on TV anymore….things are different now, and i don’t think they’ll EVER be the same….at least not for ME.


          Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are in a bar.

          Donald leans over, and With A smile on his face, says, “The media are really tearing you apart for That Scandal.”

          Hillary: “You mean my lying about Benghazi?”
          Trump: “No, the other one.”

          Hillary: “You mean the massive voter fraud?”
          Trump: “No, the other one.”

          Hillary: “You mean the military not getting their votes counted?”
          Trump: “No, the other one.”

          Hillary: “Using my secret private server with classified material to Hide my Activities?”
          Trump: “No, the other one.”

          Hillary: “The NSA monitoring our phone calls, emails and everything Else?”
          Trump: “No, the other one.”

          Hillary: “Using the Clinton Foundation as a cover for tax evasion, Hiring Cronies,
          And taking bribes from foreign countries?
          Trump: “No, the other one.”

          Hillary: “You mean the drones being operated in our own country without
          The Benefit of the law?”
          Trump: “No, the other one.”

          Hillary: “Giving 123 Technologies $300 Million, and right afterward it
          Declared Bankruptcy and was sold to the Chinese?”
          Trump: “No, the other one.”

          Hillary: “You mean arming the Muslim Brotherhood and hiring them in the White House?”
          Trump: “No, the other one.”

          Hillary: “Whitewater, Watergate committee, Vince Foster, commodity Deals?”
          Trump: “No the other one:”

          Hillary: “The IRS targeting conservatives?”
          Trump: “No the other one:”

          Hillary: “Turning Libya into chaos?”
          Trump: “No the other one:”

          Hillary: “Trashing Mubarak, one of our few Muslim friends?”
          Trump: “No the other one:”

          Hillary: “Turning our backs on Israel?”
          Trump: “No the other one:”

          Hillary: “The joke Iran Nuke deal? ”
          Trump: “No the other one:”

          Hillary: “Leaving Iraq in chaos? ”
          Trump: “No, the other one.”

          Hillary: “The DOJ spying on the press?”
          Trump: “No, the other one.”

          Hillary: “You mean HHS Secretary Sibelius shaking down health insurance Executives?”
          Trump: “No, the other one.”

          Hillary: “Giving our cronies in SOLYNDRA $500 MILLION DOLLARS and 3 Months
          Later they declared bankruptcy and then the Chinese bought it?”
          Trump: “No, the other one.”

          Hillary: “The NSA monitoring citizens’ ?”
          Trump: “No, the other one.”

          Hillary: “The State Department interfering with an Inspector General Investigation on departmental sexual misconduct?”
          Trump: “No, the other one.”

          Hillary: “Me, The IRS, Clapper and Holder all lying to Congress?”
          Trump: “No, the other one.”

          Hillary: “Threats to all of Bill’s former mistresses to keep them quiet”
          Trump: “No, the other one.”

          Hillary: “I give up! … Oh wait, I think I’ve got it! When I stole the White House furniture, silverware and China when Bill left Office?”
          Trump: “THAT’S IT! I almost forgot about that one”.
          Everything above is true. Yet she still gets the Democratic votes. Could there be that many stupid people in this country???

        • MW
          You hit this one right on the head!!!

      3. Another self aggrandizing Hollywood idiot to avoid watching his movies.

        Do we have any list sites out there that track anti-American Hollywood morons?

        • sure….it’s the list of screen actors guild…

          • it’s the list of screen actors guild“…

            Ha! Ha! Great answer…

            • tanks!

      4. Morgan Freeman has excellent voice control and acting abilities. Haaving played the role of God in several movies doesn’t hurt. Since President Trump was elected, he has shown himself to be tractable and willing to make deals. A lot of Hillary supporters have had second thoughts about her. For that matter, some Trump supporters see Trump as reneging on his campaign promises. If the President follows the constitution, his powers are limited. The process is set up so that no one has unlimited powers. Putin may be a former KGB officer but he is also reportedly the wealthiest man on earth. He is promoting the best interests of himself first and of Russia second.

        If you want to stop foreign interference in our elections, a good place to start is to stop non-citizens and dead people from voting in our elections. Take a good look at the voter rolls in the major Democratic cities.

      5. This purveyor of fantasy is still a slave despite the surname he has chosen. How can one ever believe an actor? How do you know when they are not acting? He doesn’t understand that we have just rejected one in the election he now disrespects. Oblivion awaits him, Jennifer Lawrence and Cathy Griffin precede him. Dwayne Johnson is on deck. Reality always Trumps fantasy. Now that surname is one that fits the man.

        • The Rock announced that he’s running as a Libertarian in 2020.
          Looks like he won’t get the black vote.

      6. Get ready for the “COMMITEE TO INVESTIGATE THE UNITED STATES CORPORATION GOVERNMENT”, which will be in the form of Citizen Tribunals, and the criminal treasonous PERGURER and murderous genocide supporting Corporate Whore James “Wittingly” Clapper will be one of the first in a long line of treasonous filth in orange jumpsuits standing trial for PERJURY, TREASON, SEDITION, GENOCIDE, CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY, AND CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY.


      7. Freeman disgusts me. NO problem from these leftist hypocrites with the overt, public meddling by Obama in the Canadian or Israeli connections. Typical “heads I win, tails you lose” hypocrisy from the fascist left.

        As a Canadian (dual with US) I am OUTRAGED, as are a lot of other Canadians, with Obama’s explicit, public interference in Canada’s elections. Investigate THAT, you fascist leftists, including the despicable, vile Freeman. See http://canadafreepress.com/article/the-obama-machine-takes-over-canada for just one story.

        But yes, Morgan, you vile Learjet leftist, we ARE at war: Justice, the Constitution, freedom vs. your leftist fascism. So at least you got one thing right

      8. Want to investigate something? Let’s investigate Learjet leftist and Hollywierd limousine liberal HYPPOCRISY.

        Oh wait, someone already did that. Pick up Peter Schweizer’s “Do As I Say, Not as I Do: Profiles in Liberal Hypocrisy” Then ask your pudding-headed neighbor about the verified FACTS he presents.

      9. https://youtu.be/OUqRXQbg4Ik

        Morgan is just an angry useful idiot polotcal prostitute… kind of like the head useful idiot being used to organize his herd of mindless indoctrinated sheeple followers.

      10. Freeman’s ideology is well known as far left and very Afrocentric. No surprise there.

      11. Another hollyweird ‘professional pretender, liberal fake elitist, who works in the communistic center of the entertainment world’. Like anybody cares to whom or what their politics and views are. Most conservatives in the entertainment field…..don’t mix with liberals because they know it is a closed society. That is why Johnny Carson, (a conservative with Nebraska values,) never liked to party or associate with them in his private life. Liberal entertainers try to intimidate, and manipulate public opinion with gossip, spying, harassment, etc., etc. when known conservatives break into the entertainment business. I have heard many stories from many celebrities about the rank prejudices they encountered. I think Doris Day and Dolly Parton were conservatives who have said how difficult it is to work with liberals.

      12. Just another in a long line of self righteous self important asses that like to hear themselves talk.

      13. Stick to acting Morg. Just remember your script lines. No one gives a rats ass about your liberal views.

      14. Freeman is just another black crybaby with false complaints about white people and America. I’m so sick of hearing ‘Russia, Russia, Russia!’ Look in my ass to see if any Russians are in it. [SARCASM]

      15. Hah.Freeman.One of the biggest racists in our country. Big P.O.S. that he is.

      16. Don’t forget to check out Hillary when you bring up the subject of Russians.

      17. Hollywood REGURGITATION.

      18. I agree 100% with all the above posts. This jerk is another Hollywood idiot that I will no longer watch. – The Emmy’s ratings tanked to an all time low. – Football, NFL ratings are also in the toilet. – No one in the real life world gives a rats ass about any of Hollywood’s world’s viewpoints. – I also HATE that so called comedian called Corbin, everyone I know can’t stand the piece of shit.

      19. Everybody with a brain knows that it doesn’t matter who you vote for: the outcome is the same! the elites win, we lose!!! So the idea that Putin would go to all the trouble to try to “influence” the elections is IMO, absurd!!! Like… what the f… difference does it make who wins? Its all a game…! THE OUTCOME IS ALWAYS THE SAME!!!

      20. Morgan Freeman- take yo’ ass back to Sesame Street. Clown.

      21. So, ACTORS decide when wee go to war now ?!? 😉

      22. The only war is going to be with these rainbow flag waving liberals! I’m more and more convinced that will be a big part of the tribulation period. Cleaning house.

      23. I don’t mind watching Freeman subsequent to this. He’s a decent actor.

        I couldn’t care less what he fronts for. He’s probably getting paid big bucks to do this precisely because he is a good actor.

        The joke is that everyone backing this are the same buttheads who started the oh-so-successful Iraq war. How is it these morons are still being listened to? Oh, wait, conspiracy between the state and the media. Financed by the military-industrial complex.

        So, nothing new here. Everyone will forget about this by Friday.

        If the US starts a war with North Korea, the US is going to LOSE – big time. What will happen is NK will eventually lose the conventional war, resort to an insurgency ten times the size of the Iraq insurgency, supported by China – even if China doesn’t personally enter the war, which they probably will – and then the US will be forced to withdraw just like in Iraq. The end result will be a new armistice and more problems for the next sixty years.

        If the US and/or NATO ever get into it with Russia, the US and NATO will LOSE – big time. At least, if the US doesn’t just nuke Russia. Russia has the territory, the population and the military smarts to defeat the US and NATO on its own soil. All the war games done over the last few years by the Pentagon about a war between NATO and Russia have given NATO the advantage – but Russia eventually won anyway.

        The same applies to China.

        Any nuclear war will result in dozens of US cities destroyed – which is not exactly winning.

        So forget about the US “winning” anything for the next few decades. They lost in Vietnam, they lost in Afghanistan, they lost in Iraq, and they will lose in North Korea, Iran, China, and Russia.

        And probably Venezuela, too.

      24. Term Limits. Mandatory Term Limits at both the local, state and federal level.

        Mandatory Term Limits would solve those who believe the Russians have hacked our free elections. Term limits would limits that Russian Agents masquerading as U.S. Senators, Congressmen and women, and House Representatves. Term limits would limit the damage these Russian Agents could do to our government.

        Mandatory Term Limits would solve the problems a fully-dysfunctional government that has used “The Russians Are Coming! The Russians Are Coming!” as an excuse for why they refuse to govern according to the will of the people.

        Mandatory Term Limits.

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