Watch: Former U.S. General Calls For Rounding Up and Interning “Radicalized” and “Disloyal” Americans

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    Thank your lucky stars that the former Supreme Allied Commander For Europe and one-time U.S. Presidential candidate Wesley Clark never made it to the highest office in the land. Because if he had, there is a distinct possibility that he would have used our military to take the so-called domestic war on terror to a level not seen since World War II.

    Clark shows his true colors and justifies why Americans should be rounded up and interned if they disagree with government policies. As you watch the following video keep in mind that there are thousands of people just like him, many with dreams of one day becoming powerful politicians and high level government bureaucrats.

    In World War II, if someone supported Nazi Germany at the expense of the United States we didn’t say that was freedom of speech, we put them in a camp. They were prisoners of war.

    So, if these people are radicalized, and they don’t support the United States, and they’re disloyal to the United States as a matter of principle, fine that’s their right. It’s our right and our obligation to segregate them from the normal community for the duration of the conflict.

    I think we’re going to have to increasingly get tough on this.

    Kurt Nimmo of Infowars notes that the difference between World War II and now is that we actually declared war against a uniformed enemy, whereas in the war on terror the government arbitrarily picks and chooses who to classify as a potential threat to the United States:

    Clark is in essence advocating a life sentence for people who have not committed a crime but merely engaged in speech — often reprehensible, yet constitutionally protected — the government considers radical and in opposition to its foreign policy.

    Within the context of this interview Clark is talking specifically about Islamic religious extremism. But it is important to keep in mind that terrorism in America has been redefined to mean whatever people like Wesley Clark think it should mean.

    No matter what topic the training session concerns, every DHS sponsored course I have attended over the past few years never fails to branch off into warnings about potential domestic terrorists in the community.  While this may sound like a valid officer and community safety issue, you may be disturbed to learn how our Federal government describes a typical domestic terrorist.

    Source: Do You Qualify as a Domestic Terrorist?

    Scores of seemingly innocuous activities are now red flags for the federal government. If you home school your child, discuss big government policies in a negative light, or simply declare the U.S. Constitution as the law of the land, you are a threat.

    A federal prosecutor who recently prosecuted a man for selling gold and silver coins as an alternative to the U.S. dollar said the man was engaging in a conspiracy against the United States and treated the case as domestic terrorism.

    Congressman Rand Paul has previously warned that even people who store food in their closets or keep extra ammunition are now suspected of terrorism.

    Given the broad definitions purposely included within laws such as The Patriot Act millions of Americans could be identified as threats to national security and subsequently imprisoned without cause should people like Wesley Clark have their way.

    And perhaps that is exactly where all of this is going.

    As we’ve noted previously, the Jade Helm 15 military exercises taking place over the next couple of months across the United States include training for the rounding up of dissidents and subversives. There is a significant amount of evidence and insider information indicative of a scenario that includes Gestapo-style tactics like secret arrests, interrogations and detentions. In fact, a Texas Ranger recently dropped a bombshell and said that train cars with shackles were part of this summer’s military training.

    Obviously, this training isn’t designed for foreign threats in rural areas of the middle east.

    Perhaps Wesley Clark is already privy to the plan and it is now being seeded into the minds of millions of sheeple who will be convinced of the need to round up dissident Americans should the right crisis strike.

    And be assured that, just like the German people under the Nazis, the majority will not question their patriotic duty to turn in suspected enemies of the state when told to do so.

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      1. One cannot arise. Think massive and spontaneous.

        • At home, on the road, at work, etc… Be armed and ready. Shoot to kill.

          • The Daily Beatings will continue until Moral and Loyalty Improves.

            May I please have another sir!!. Whippppcha!!!

            • though they’re disapprovin
              keep them dawgies movin…

              • This is a beta test, like the govt used Alan Dershowitz to drop the meme of ‘torture’ into the mainstream in 2002- to monitor response and outcry. There was none, so torture went full speed ahead. Now its Clark dropping the concentration camp meme into the media and the response is? nil.
                All these effing ‘patriots’ with their “I’ll get my guns if they ever do that in America”. Meanwhile, a BRITISH outlet, the guardian broke a story of an inner city Gitmo-style complex in downtown CHICAGO where govt is torturing citizens ala Abu Ghraib. There has been ZERO interest in US on it, esp among the “alternative/patriot” media.
                You all are so full of $$$$ we can smell it thru our computers. American roundups will steamroll in, without resistance. You passive pussies will get you you’ve “fought for”.

                • Pray, Plan, Prep, Form Teams…. travel armed and have a plan…. soon…. very soon…..

                  • Man,
                    YUP, that is a must if we are to survive!

                • Davos

                  I don’t disagree with what you are trying to say regarding what Americans have put up with. The one thing that bothered me then about claiming torture still bothers me. According to the wonderful lying news, what we did was water boarding. While it is uncomfortable it is not torture. We do it everyday to our own soldiers at sere school. You feel like you are drowning. Whipadeedooo.

                  I just know that if those in power get there hands on us it will really be torture.

                • Fuck you davos

            • First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
              Because I was not a Socialist.

              Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
              Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

              Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
              Because I was not a Jew.

              Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

          • Little by little they turn an open society into a closed society… it happens little by little.

            People may be upset by what he says but no one will do anything about it. Then more words by more traitors to the Constitution. They TEST us to see how far they can go. And then try more stuff until they bagged us– that is their goal.

            • It seems to me like our government, govt agencies, congressmen, etc have all become KIDS. There are not enough like minded PARENTS to put a stop to this thinking of Testing the Parent to see how far they can go. We can look at society now and see that parents are not doing what they are supposed to be doing when raising their children.

              So we basically have a Kid mentality in congress. You play my way or I will…… executive order you to death. And the parents just stand by and watch

        • Hey Wes, why don’t you just go f*&% yourself

          • I think he already does. And enjoys it.

            • I think what scares me is, he is framing this as a method to fight “the war on terror” i.e. “Islamic” terrorists, WHEN WE ALL KNOW GOD DAMNED WELL THAT IT WILL BE TURNED ON US, the American patriots. He’s as transparent as saran wrap.

              The sheeple will initially buy into it thinking it means they are safe from govt, er, I mean, terrorist bombs and shootings.


              And nobody is going to see it coming.


                There is bound to be a civil war soon… unfortunately, half the population are so utterly clueless!! Like P. C. Roberts says– they are still in the Matrix and potentially our enemies.

          • Over at The Daily Sheeple, “Obama’s Plan To Take Guns From Seniors and The Disabled.”

            • As someone who is a financial adviser has already pointed out, this will include retired doctors, scientists, and lots of other perfectly capable people who elect to utilize a professional financial adviser to manage their money !

            • Brave

              They can shoot just as good as we can. I am glad for that. We will all have to confront whats coming.

        • GW Bush’s Grandfather was charged and found guilty of “Trading with the Enemy” in WW2 and never went to a prison or camp. It depends on your political connections.

          • Cite a source please. Do you even know the man’s name?

            • His name was Prescott Bush & he was a Wheeler/Dealer on Wall Street who helped finance Nazi Germany in the 1930’s.He was even active in dealing with Germany in 1942 after we entered the war.because of this his assets were seized by the government under the Trading with The Enemy Act.All of this is confirmed in documents in at least 3 different places.Bush was also a ringleader of the plot to overthrow the government in 1934,the people involved were so rich & powerful that the government feared indicting them & they all walked away free!

              • Prescott bush was a junior partner at Brown Brothers Harriman, at the time the largest private banking firm in the world. Yes, they had a lot of contact with German firms in the ’30s. So did great many other large companies and banks in the USA. Fritz Thyssen’s accounts were actually disguised by Thyssen through use of front companies in Holland, and a front company in New York called Union Banking Corp. Bush was handed the accounts to manage by his senior partners, notably Averill Harriman, a man to whom Lloyd Blankfein cannot hold a candle. Bush did not develop this project on his own. Bush’s assets were not seized. What was seized was assets of UBC, which were then held for the duration of the war. As were the assets of all Germnan companies, including, for example, Bayer, Krupp, I.G.Farben, Daimler, Zeiss, Dornier, and hundreds of others.

                BTW I learned some time ago from an elderly ex-employee of BBH that Prescott was not in fact very bright; that in fact he could barely write a coherent business letter. Like AlGore today, he was very well connected, but he was by no means even capable of being a successful Machiavelli.

                His personal fortune, by the way, came from his relationship with William S. Paley, the founder of CBS.

                The current accusations still floating around the Innertubes were developed out of political hatred for his son and grandson, and are being whipped up again by some greedy lawyers who think they can sue the family for some absurd amount of money in reprisal for what the Nazis did. If you believe any of it you are a tool.

            • (Prescott Bush was censured by the US Congress 3 times for trading with the 3rd Reich. This is easily verified- simply Google ‘Prescott Bush Nazi’)

              • heyduke

                I say this on the matter. In the beginning of the war on terror I was on board with the patriot act. I liked Bush. This was a terrible error on my part.
                Now it does not matter whether we liked Bush or any other politician. It is my belief that they are all in it together. There maybe a select one or two that are not. My question there would be if they know what is happening then why have they not blown the whistle?
                I understand they may fear for there life. It has gotten to the point that we all should in my opinion.

                • I have come to the same conclusion. I was so into it I rejoined the Army to fight the War on Terror. What an IDIOT I was. My eyes are fully open now.

        • This guy (Clark) was barely relevant 8 years ago, why is anyone listening to him now? BTW, where’s the “Big Roundup” that was so talked about for Jade Helm? Is it so secret that no one even knows it? I called B.S. on this hyper-paranoid fantasy months ago and will continue to whenever I hear such outrageously stupid crap.

        • “Radicals”–anyone who doesn’t believe the MSM bullshit. (In other words, one who is awake). Also, the American revolutionists were “radicals”.

          “people who don’t go along with us” (that is, the goals of the elite, the 1%).

      2. This would be the General Wes Clark who was told to bugger off by the British General Mike Jackson when he tried to start WWIII in Kosovo, would it? He ordered a British armoured column to engage and remove some Russian troops who had got to an airfield first. Captain Blount (now singer James Blunt) refused and was backed to the hilt by Jackson. Perhaps Clark could be found something useful to do – perhaps a brick-laying course in a secure remedial centre for example. For the next ten years.

        • Caratacus, he sounds like the same one. He was also in command of specop troops at WACO and was one of the first generals on the ground in Iraq for Gulf War 2. I don’t know how much innocent blood is on his hands, but he can definitely go f#$% himself. His name should also be on patriots’ lists for you-know-what.

        • The very same Gen. Clark, indeed.

          The left adores him because he is a uniform they can trot out and claim how pro-military and patriotic they are, as long as he keeps toeing their party line.

          Kind of like John Kerry and his Vietnam service. If he hadn’t thrown some medals into the pool in Washington DC he would have never been on the ticket for VP.

          I think he was a two-star general, they are a dime a dozen in the Army and the rank confers no special esteem.

          • I despise both “parties”– that is, gang members– they are all equally repugnant to me… the Bushies as well as the Wesley clarks, etc.

          • Unfortunately he was a Four Star. How he made it that far is beyond me.

        • 100% correct Caratacus. 200 Russians soldiers raced 100 km (?) into Kosovo with a handful of armoured vehicles to secure Pristina Airport before the Allies lunched there Invasion into Kosovo.
          It very nearly started WWIII because of Clark

          As for Capt. Blunt who stood his ground and refused an order that would have started WWIII, an interesting point is that his fiancée is the Grt Grt Grt Grand Daughter of the Duke of Wellington of the Battle of Waterloo fame. i find that very very interesting

          • Didn’t know that, Cede! A Wellesley eh? Good genetic match that – perhaps the defiant gene hasn’t been bred out of all of us Brits yet 🙂

        • If nothing else, the bastards are making it easy for those of us paying attention to know who is part of the problem

      3. An army of one?

        • The US Government is very frightened and paranoid of the US Population, and they should be. After bankrupting us $18.5 Trillion deep and another what $270 Trillion in unfunded liabilities. The zog foreign policy road map our Govt followed got us there. Id take a Big Saw and cut the Government in half following my Budget. At least half of all Fed workers are dead wood, useless sacks of bones feeding on the US Tax payer’s dole.

          • WWTI, they damned well better be scared of us because they know we have the potential to take them out.

            • Braveheart … Have you ever seen the movie “Lawrence of Arabia? My favourite part is where Lawrence is on his camel leading his men into battle screaming “No Prisoners!!! No Prisoners!!! In a happy, touchie-feely world, I’d like to think that those are the last words our criminals will hear when the mob finally burns Rome to the ground!!!

      4. Nothing new under the sun.

      5. Mac, I wish you’d get it figured out. Now, when I have not had this problem from this IP addy at home for a very long time, I now find my comments in moderation land.

        Why is there a moderation land anyway? Wouldn’t it be a lot easier to let it be open for anyone to say whatever they want?

        • I am not sure what is going on with your email/ip… If we turned off moderation you would amost immediately see hundreds of spam comments from bots hit the comment areas… We get something like 10,000 a day and have filtered literally millions of these over the years… It’s absolutely nuts !

          Apologies for any inconvenience — not sure if resolution here because this is a third-party filtering plugin.

          • BJ,moderation land is a a silent corner where we can contemplate life and it’s meaning!I would like though with trusted handles that avoid moderation the allowance of live links to peoples ?’s/comments,tis easily done,becomes a spam attack can like the pesky thumbs be removed.

            BJ,hope you soon have learned the error of your ways and no longer languish in the purgatory that is moderation land!

            • @ Warchild

              I understand your thinking about station licensing. Simplex and duplex VHF and UHF are pretty much a “plug and play” technology—internet-based applications not so much, but those applications (EchoLInk and D-STAR, for example) are not likely to last into very troubled times.

              HF is not so much a “plug and plug”proposition. IMHO Skill developed from practice, understanding, and refining the technology matters more with HF.

              If your interest in comms is for local use, your plan seems reasonable.

              On the other hand, for those who look towards regional, transcontinental, and transoceanic HF use, it makes no sense to wait until “Judgment Day” (Sorry, just saw the new Terminator movie) to start learning those skills. To practice HF skills now, unlicensed, would be to invite disastrous interest of the wrong people.

              Different missions, different approaches.

              • Aiiieee typo: “HF is not so much a “plug and play” proposition.”

          • Mac

            I am still having the same problem. I did change internet providers. I now have us cellular. Maybe that is the reason. I also post from work at times.

            Not sure how to correct this.

            Thank you for what you do though. Many people are greatful and owe you.

            • I think there may be an issue with AKISMET filter long your email address — will look into this and hopefully solve it soon with a user account option.

              Thx mike!

              • You are welcome and thank you.

          • I’ll bet you anything it’s those Jewish hackers again.

          • Hey Mac… can you speak to my “Moderation”?

            You hit me with the ban hammer when I doxed DK!!!


            Everything I wrote was true.

            Are you interested in truth Mac???

      6. Clark had sucked his way up the ladder. He has always been a socialist suckass. It doesn’t surprise me that he would WANT to do this.

      7. Wesley Clark is a TRAITOR.

        He should be fighting for the American People and the “Constitution Of The United States”, NOT for The New World Order.

        Wesley Clark is a Globalist working for the “Bankster”

        Frigging Traitor!!!

        • D and J, Clark is one of those who would willingly harm US citizens if he was still serving. If he came to harm me, I wouldn’t have any problems putting a bullet in his skull.

      8. Then he should detain himself for being disloyal to the Constitution!

      9. Another democrat tell us that he knows better than our founding fathers. I thought he took an oath to defend the Constitution??? If that is defending the Constitution I’m the king of the world.
        By the way I only know about internment camp For the Japanese. I don’t any camps for the Germans or Italians. I could be wrong, please correct me if I am.
        S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

        • Reb ,were a couple,actually folks either soldiers or captured as spies,was not the round up of US citizens of Japanese descent though.

          • In WW2, we had a combined POW camp for German and Italian POWs. After the war, the camp was closed and was turned into one of the main military supply depots for the military. During the Clinton defense cuts, the depot was closed and sold to the city for commercial development. clark is a POS who needs to be on our lists. He’s already on mine.

          • Warchild:
            In the town I live in we had a POW camp during WW2. They laid the brick streets that still can be drove on today. I was told that better than half stayed and became citizens and brought their families over. There still is a large German and Italian population here.
            S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

            • NR, as I stated earlier, we had a huge combined German-Italian POW camp here in Memphis during WW2. After the war and the prisoners were released, the same land was turned into one of the main supply depots for the military. In 1946, the Army brought in some German mustard gas bombs they captured intact and buried them on part of the land. The depot was right across the road from a big neighborhood. For many years afterward, local residents complained of coming down with mysterious illnesses somehow related to those chemical bombs but the Pentagon kept blowing them off. Finally during the Clinton defense cuts, those weapons were dug up out of the ground and hauled off for destruction. The depot was closed and turned over to the city for commercial development.

        • I know of no internment camps for NAZI sympathizers of which there were many (try Prescott Bush and IBM’s Watson).
          After the war commenced, for some strange reason, German POWs were brought here to the United States and held. I personally have seen the detention center at Wright-Paterson AFB in Ohio. As I recall it was Bldg 110. What a bizarre place. The murals painted on the walls look like something out of Dante’s Inferno. The closest thing I can think of are the murals at Denver International Airport.

          Anyway, Clark is and always has been a POS.

          • Man,between the murals and the red eyed mustang DIA is one weird place,along of course with the masonic cornerstone of structure open to public view also!

        • Roosevelt initially wanted to intern citizens of Japanese, Italian, and German descent as potential threats. He decided to intern only the Japanese on the West Coast, due to the Japanese Navy being the superior force it was after Pearl Harbor and the threat of naval landings. Hawaiian Japanese were not interned, the islands were considered lost in the event of invasion and interment was not worth the ships and fuel to send them to the mainland.

          German and Italian citizens were not interned. It was pointed out to Roosevelt that a third of the US population was of German or Italian descent, and internment was only going to deprive the military of a third of it’s manpower, the factories of a third or more of it’s workers, and require a million soldiers to run the internment camps. They considered moving non-internees out of some cities and putting internees there in their places, like Cleveland and Akron, but dropped that idea, too.

          So many citizens of German and Italian heritage stood in line at the recruitment centers after Pearl Harbor it became pretty plain that internment was not necessary.

          Hundreds of them were jailed, however, because they were perceived as a genuine disloyal group, such as officials of the German-American Bund, Italo-American Fascist clubs, and such political organizations, many of which were funded from Berlin or Rome.

          POWs were shipped to Canada and the US from Europe to get them out of the bombing areas and put them to work in the farms. My mother’s farm near Wichita had German POWs working on it, others had Italian POWs. They had to keep them separate from the other or they would fight.

          • The Italians faced many restrictions, such as being prohibited from traveling more than 5 miles from their home. Many Italians were rounded up in California or prohibited from movement in what was called an Exclusion Area. Most of these were Italians who had not yet gained citizenship, in some cases because they were elderly and did not feel the need to get documented. Many Italians were forced out of business, including Joe DiMaggio’s father. AS a fisherman, he was prohibited from the coastal areas where he worked. The families of these people call this their “Secret History” because they were embarrassed and ashamed at their treatment by the US government.

            Around 10,000 Germans were also interned during WWII. They wanted to intern more but the sheer number of German-American citizens made this a difficult proposition to carry out. (This is also why the government did not implement full internment of Italians.) Germans also faced confiscation of property and work restrictions. Thousands of Germans from Latin America (including some Jews who had fled Germany) were sent to the US for internment.

            While these numbers are much smaller than the numbers of Japanese-Americans who faced internment, these populations did face government action that deprived them of their homes and businesses. The government would have likely done this on a larger scale if they had a means to carry out their desire to do so and, at the same time, maintain the war effort.

      10. Hey wes,get fucked!I realise in speech you are talking muslims (no spell check,won’t capatilize muslim!) but we in country who disagree will be next,so wes,get fucked by a rino!

        • WD I won’t capitalize for the islamic savages either. I’ll be giving them some ammo though.

          • 0,won’t capatilise realtor/any govt. firgure heads/puppets/or any religion,tis just my thing though.

          • Zero, same here. I’ll have some “lead and brass refreshments” waiting for them.

            • BH. It won’t be long until it is open warfare. I bet on us here. Scum muslims can either die or get the fuck out.

              • Zero, they’ll never go back to their sandboxes voluntarily, so we’ll have to ‘help them find allah’.

      11. The chilling effect that this has upon otherwise protected political speech is significant. I dare say that officials that are presently occupying and have recently occupied the highest political offices in the land in their youth would have very well fallen into the radicalized definition. To name a few both Clintons and our present Secretary of State regarding US conduct during Vietnam war. Certainly the recipients of National Guard M1 fire at Kent State would we miss appropriately labeled radicalized.

        This is just another component of a slippery slope increasing in pitch and being greased with more lubricant that has not only the potential but the probability to eviscerate the Bill Of Rights rendering the document hollow.

        • Kevin2, no way is clark or any other POS chilling MY speech.

          • Braveheart

            Neither is it being currently used. Let the economy fall apart and tens if not hundreds of thousands routinely march on Washington in peaceful protests that have the capacity to effect true meaningful change. Inject a few false flag incidents to demonize the protesters and have their leadership incarcerated without a grand jury and sit back and watch. The “chilling effect” will decapitate those gaining grassroots political power. Go back 4+ decades and give both Johnson and Nixon the power to continuously lock up the primary and secondary leaders of the anti war movement and watch that cause unravel.

            • Braveheart

              Oh you didn’t see any anti war protests in the USSR regarding Afghanistan and that war was very unpopular there.

              • Kevin2, the scenario you outline is plausible, sad to say. Peaceful change is totally out of the question now. We lost out on the only chance for that when Ron Paul dropped out of the presidential race. Civil war is coming to this land and there’s no stopping it now. The ballot box has failed. Now it’s time for the cartridge box.

                • I’m of the mindset that peaceful change is not only possible but the only viable alternative. The place for it is in the primaries. Anything else is madness as the end result would be far worse. Think of the revolutions in history and the successor was worse with pretty much one exception the US. We have no Jeffersons, no Monroe’s, no Caesar Rodney today. Leadership with integrity and honesty are in very short supply, so rare we barely recognize it when we see it as it takes us by surprise.

                  • Kevin

                    I have to disagree sadly. I can see no way to have peace because we have spent so much. When welfare and EBT stops I see no way for peace. Too many are dependent on government. I wish I could agree. I hope so much that your are right.

                    Prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

                    • The power vacuum resulting from a revolution would be far most likely filled with a tyrant. “Power Corrupts And Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely” so in relatively short order a new SOB will then feed from the hand of the Global Elite.

                      Too many are government dependent because Government facilitated the deindustrialization of the US in specific and developed world in general at the bequest of the Global Elite.

                      We had the most unusual of circumstances almost 240 years ago when men of means and power put everything they had, including their lives on the line to create a unique form of Government. I just don’t see that quality of potential leadership today nor the fabric of self reliant citizens to support it.

                  • those who are in the primaries for us to choose from are not elected their selected. and in the final election we have a choice between selected cantidates. Voting for the lesser evil isn’t going to do any good. There isn’tnot hasn’t ever been and never will be a political or ballot box solution. voting is futile.

                    • Only choice people will have is more of the same.
                      Candidate Clinton or Candidate Bush, everybody else running towards the Primaries is a distraction.

                    • Do NOT vote for candidates for public office (vote only for tax/administrative ballot issues). It only encourages the bastards. Politicians need to know that Americans do not legitimize “official” crooks.

      12. It all boils down to this: One flea can drive a big dog nuts. How say you fellow FLEA’s.

        Lt. Murphy: “Never give up the fight”!

        Copperhead Out!!!

        • Copperhead, we ALL need to be fleas for the feds/NWO crowd.

        • If we are seen as fleas, that certainly explains why they are trying to kill us.

      13. Tis one of many reasons folks prep Kevin,rather just for natural disasters but feel more danger from our own govt. then any natural disaster,and more imminent.

        • Warchild, I feel the same. I’m more concerned about the feds and a foreign invasion than any natural disaster.

      14. Spain has supposedly clamped down on free speech, making remarks against elected officials against the law. No doubt your opinions will be criminalized if directed against the U.S. warmongers in any shape, matter or fashion. Murderers are going to do what they do best, which is to terrorize citizen’s into complacency. The majority here in the states will snitch on you and sell you out in a heartbeat, gutless docile automatons. Protect us from the threat they will demand without seeing those they call for are the real threat. False flags will increase to achieve the desired outcome. Steady as she goes, you can think freely, just don’t express it out loud. The American people are pissed and concerned but are conditioned to feel helpless. Welcome to prison police state America. Send us your poor huddled masses because we aint paying these greedy scumbag natives another cent.

      15. hmmm
        “disloyal Americans” to be rounded up

        so that means all the NSA types who are violating the Constitution ?
        and about 95% of politicians are to be locked up ???

        what’s the problem with that ???

        • Satori, AMEN to that one.

        • Any Government employee who has taken the Oath to the Constitution and violates it in actions or speech should be charged with Treason.

          Btw/ here in N FL today, there was a caravan of 4 wheelers 2 dozen+ vehicles all flying the Confederate Flag as they drove down a busy road. I honked for them..I was going the other way. So try that sheet here,… and you will see blood a sqirting..

        • Satori:
          that would be the first place I would start. plus I would go to DHS, IRS, EPA. Federal reserve, TSA, DLM and a few more, but that would be my starting points.
          S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

      16. “Radicalized”, that describes the criminal usurpers at the top like no other word can. “Disloyal”, who would be loyal to a system that seeks to impoverish and imprison it’s native population?

      17. While I disagree with pretty much ANYTHING msnbc puts out; this is clearly a spin on words.

        The article talks about context, I think it’s important we keep it in that respect.

        He was CLEARLY talking about muslim extremist, I would hope we can all agree on that

        • We can certainly agree on the context of the discussion as being centered around muslim extremism.

          However, it is CRITICAL to keep in mind that The Patriot Act, NDAA, Terror Watchlists etc. were also pushed through under the guise of protecting us from Islamic extremism… Yet, look where the law enforcement arm of government is actually focusing their efforts — Once you open the door on this it will be applied across the entire spectrum of “threats” identified by the government.

          It should be crystal clear that everyone in this country is now considered a terrorist, is suspected of terrorism, or is “suspected of being suspected of terrorism” unless proven otherwise (which is impossible to do in most cases).

          Thx for your comment Jim,


          • Mac, while clark may have said muslims I don’t doubt for a minute he meant native-born US citizens but just wouldn’t admit to that. Bush declared a war on terror in the name of fighting Islamic terrorism but it’s really been a war against US. clark is just one more traitor to add to our lists.

            • He was, after all, a strong supporter of the musloid side in the Kosovo war. And he got a hefty $$ boost from them after the war for a coal mining venture in Albania. I trust him about as far as I can throw a Buick. One handed.

              • Old Coach, the US supported the WRONG people in the breakup of Yugoslavia in the 90s. The Serbs were our ALLIES in WW2. They helped rescue and get back to allied lines hundreds of American and British airmen who were shot down attacking the Nazi-held oil fields at Ploesti, Romania. Those muslims in Bosnia were no different from muslims anywhere else. During WW2, Bosnian muslims served in Hitler’s SS and committed atrocities against the Jews there. all of those different groups there had hatred toward each other going back many centuries. Hitler had some of his best troops there and couldn’t keep those groups apart to save their asses. Josip Broz Tito and his heavy handedness were the only reason the country remained stable after the war and until his death. Once he died, it was all over but the crying. We would’ve been better off staying out of that.

                • Good summary, BH. I would only add, for the record, that Croats in that region also allied themselves to Hitler.

                  There’s an essay I just saw yesterday on the Innertubes here about what went before the Srebrenica “massacre”. (I failed to bookmark it.) After reading that, I understand full well why the Serbs finally blew their stacks.

                  BTW there’s quite a few Serbs in Detroit, where I used to live, (well near Detroit). You can’t tell them from normal Americans, except for the architecture of their churches. Unlike what has happened to Dearborn.

          • When DC is listening to what ilk like Mark Potock of SPLC are saying there can be no mistaking their direction, just look at the chatter and read read read,, the direction is clear, the true patriots are not on capitol hill nor controlled by them.

          • Agree completely, it’s why I really like this site, there are a lot of good views here. (albeit some more far off than others). I just wanted to point out that it does have to focus on contexts given three days ago we (myself included) were up on arms this guy in TN wasn’t found out/ tagged long before his actions.

            I made TS-special access clearance 5 years ago, I wonder if I could even renew today the way things are and how we’re put into little boxes of good bad or trouble!!??

            Keep the info coming, I’d love to hear more from locals near the JH15 opareas.

            • Sailing Jim, welcome. you’re in the right place.

        • Jim

          Like everything else the operative word is ostensible. In essence, “We’re doing it for this reason” while in reality its for, “that reason”.


          : being such in appearance : plausible rather than demonstrably true or real (the ostensible purpose for the trip was for the children but in reality it was golf).

      18. Clark was a brown noser from day one. He would end up being a Quisling.

      19. I’m surprised he wasn’t calling them ‘fun camps.’

        On a serious note, this POS and his ilk are gearing up for a Stalin-esque purge of America. They are deadly serious about it. When they say they want to round up real patriots, you should take them at their word.

        You can probably guess who they plan on sending to the fun camps.

        The second civil war has already started.

        • AC, let those bastards bring it on. I’ll have “lead nutrients” waiting for them.

      20. I don’t see any problem with what Wesley Clark said. Anybody promoting terrorism SHOULD be in prison.

        • BARN , Are you an angry tea party terrorist ?
          Or just a free speach terrorist ?
          Maybe an i disagree with obama terrorist, its all about what the .GOV wants to call terrorism , and it aint islam !

        • Barncat, Wesley Clark is the traitor here, not any of us. he supports committing crimes against the American people. he promotes committing atrocities against us. He is not someone to be trusted. Please wake up before it’s too late.

      21. This is a little off topic, but a few years ago I saw a “Zombie Survival Map” which showcases government supply depots and contractors locations. As a former defense contractor, I can verify that the locations were extremely accurate. This map would be good to study for when resupply is necessary. These depots house everything from oil filters to mass casualty kits. Maybe someone could repost it?

        • TOM, How bout you repost it ?

          • That’s a freakin’ video game site……..

      22. Wesley Clarks a Hillary supporting douchebag!

        • Can you imagine Hillary Clinton getting a douche with those big old nasty cankles hoisted up in the air while Wesley Clark sticks in the nozzle and washes out all the crap that’s been up in there for dang near 70 year? What a nightmare.

      23. The fascist filth making preparations for their FINAL SOLUTION of de-population, and the coward pussy Zombie boot lickers cannot wait for football to begin. No way the coward pussy Zombie chemically altered dumbed down fascist boot lickers can wake up in time, there is absolutely no way.

      24. For all the upper crust who think they know everything; WELL this is for your eyes only=== IF YOUR GOING TO BE DUMB YOU HAVE TO BE TOUGH!!!!!! Words to live and die by.


        • Copperhead, the dumb won’t know how to be tough. They will be toast.

      25. Public info shows that Clark is both a Rhodes Scholar (British loyalist who wants to help England recapture its “colonies” here”) and a CFR member. The bigger question—is he a member of The Pilgrims Society, which controls these better known groups? Contact your State lawmakers and register vigorous complaints about his dangerous statements.

        • Charlie, I didn’t know he was a Rhodes Scholar AND CFR member. Very interesting. That speaks volumes. all the more reason to have him on a list.

      26. This is not me so I’m not worried this pertains to radical Muslims in the us kicking their asses is loyal not disloyal. The depopulation plan is for all the useless eaters and unskilled and uneducated. The free shit army is needs to be rounded up. People let’s face it the working folks cannot support an ever growing population of useless eaters the planets resources can’t be pissed away like this. I’m sick of useless bums living off the fruits of my labor get rid of them do the world a favor.

        • Ass hat many times much of what you state rankles. However you have a valid point on this one. the too few making producers cannot sustain all the taking parasites. Let the culling begin.

      27. They might have data on all of us etc. With this new Watson computer to determine who is a threat and who is not, they may have a good plan to roadblock all the cities and keep people trapped in during a crisis and determine which ones need to be seek out is going to fail. There are way too many variables and they can get a good idea what the masses might do while under tyrant attack but they will fail I believe. Too many questionable troops that will not go along with that kill order and others that will. So many unpredictable people out there that keep their mouth shut and will not even show up on their radar who will do major disruptions to their evil plans. I bet they are hoping people for the most part turn on each other and keep people trapped in the big cities and deal with them that way, but too many issues will happen and many many smaller groups that will fight back. I just don’t see them pulling it off unless they release something on the people that sickens them all or the majority and they wait till they start dying off and simply sit back, then after 90 percent of the people are dead they use mass numbers to go it and round up the remaining.
        They might have the advantage but people who believe in freedom and being right with this earth will give them a serious run for their money or even turn the power structure around.

        • I am positive we will be trapped in cities. The “road construction” projects have not made any driving easier and have not fixed any potholes. Instead, huge concrete walls are being built on each side of the highways and all the vegetation is being killed with RoundUp. Now there is talk of an eight-foot high fence for the Pope’s visit to Philadelphia. This is in addition to the “no-drive” zones and severely curtailed public transportation. The masses will be funnelled and completely unable to escape….all in the name of “security”. I have the bad luck to have to work and thus be involuntarily incarcerated at my workplace for possibly five days….or risk my job…we were forced to sign a paper a few years back. Look around your city…is it a cattle chute? Would like to hear from NYC and DC residents how will you be restricted for “security” for the Pope’s visit?

      28. The British tried rounding up radicalized colonists in the 1700’s. It didn’t work.

        • Yeah but now we have Round Up.

      29. It is interesting that General Wesley Clark has to reach back 70 years with “The Good War, WWII” and neglect the more numerous and recent activities committed by the US like Vietnam, supporting dictators across the globe and overthrowing democratically elected governments.

        How much political mileage can they squeeze out of the WWII?

        • To the left, WWII is ‘The Good War’, no conflict since has been acceptable to them. They will use it for political mileage forever.

          As long as Hiroshima and Nagasaki are accepted as war crimes and interment of Japanese-Americans in 1942 as examples of US racism and aggression, that is.

          The left will only go so far, you know.

          • I don’t know where I fit into your political spectrum as I think WWII was the only acceptable war including WWI. The flag raising over Iwo Jima is the advertisement to legitimate all other military actions.

            • WW1 & WW2 were both started with false flags to push the bankers agendas. Historically as humans for the most part are a failed species. We thrive on theft, corruption, deceit, and power. People like us that want nothing to do with said above have always been in the crossfire of the Elite and always will be for generations to come.

              • FTW

                While what at you said is true Hitler and the NAZI’s had global conquest on their agenda. WWI was Imperial Germany and WWI was just another European war posing no threat to us. Actually if Germany won WWII with was actually WWI part 2 might not of ever happened.

                While we might have had a heads up about Pearl Harbor Japan did attack us warranting a response. We downright lied to the Vietnamese promising them no French return post WWII into Indo-China.

                • Oh, NAZI Germany declared war on the US too.

      30. I’ve worked with and for very wealthy people, mostly tech business owners in Silicon Valley, CA & NYC, and in a SHTF scenario the wealthy will kill each other because they all want the power and control. They won’t be fighting over food or water, as they will have that in great supply.

        But they will fight each other for control/power… guaranteed.

        Psychopaths (aka: TPTB) really aren’t the brightest bulbs in the pack. Being a psychopath means plotting and planning, but being without imagination. I’ve studied these people up-close, had a front-row seat, and know their disorder and weaknesses.

        Can’t put a bunch of power-monger control freaks in a bunker and expect they will thrive and survive for very long. As soon as one of their many needs isn’t being met and they aren’t getting their way they go freaking ballistic – I’ve seen it many, many times. Regardless of their IQ, their coping skills are very limited.

        Survival is dependent upon cohesiveness and cooperation, not competition/back-stabbing. Very few elite and wealthy will survive.

        They smile at each other and then stab each other in the back. That’s what psychopaths do. Being a psychopath means being without loyalty and being hell-bent on winning at all costs and at everyone else’s expense.

        • CommonCents

          Interesting observation and analysis of what happens when a mass of powerful arrogant devoid of empathy people are all put into close contact for an extended period. Imagine the behavior of their spoiled children in that environment.

          • All you need is one entitled, arrogant pos in a group to disrupt the entire group. With them, it’s most of them, including their offspring. I’ve witnessed this dynamic many times, when they can’t be in control and have their way they turn into maniacs rather quickly.

            Survival in catastrophic events or SHTF scenarios is totally dependent upon empathy, compassion, cohesiveness, cooperation and especially loyalty AND trust… none of which they possess. If one is controlling, uncooperative and disloyal they can’t be trusted and well, there goes all your energy — keeping an eye on them.

            All the prepping, food and water and supplies in the world and they will off each other in the name of power.

            And speaking of arrogant, the Bible doesn’t say “The arrogant shall inherit the Earth.” It says, “The meek shall inherit the Earth.”

        • I can just imagine the power struggle that would erupt among the elete who will be bunkered together in places like Mt Weather!

      31. It is foolish to think that all is well and always will be in the United States. Our country is beyond help, but it is too soon to start shooting.

        • Don’t shoot till you see a commie’s eyes.

      32. Only liberals reserve the right to intern American citizens and the people who the liberals intern would be anyone who disagrees with them.

      33. I think he is referring to the people in Washington.

      34. Wesley Clark? The Same Wesley Clark that led Bill Clinton’s war to steal Kosovo from Serbia? Wesley Clark now has energy company interests in Kosovo, as does the Sec. of State at the time, Madeleine Albright. They’re not dishonest are they? We now have an Army base there to keep the terrorist leader of the KLA in power so they can steal the energy profits from the people. The KLA are a Muslim, Communist, Albanian terrorist organization. Didn’t bother Bill Clinton at all. Oh yeah, the President of Kosovo is Hashim Thaci. He is listed by Interpol as a leading heroin smuggler to western Europe.

      35. Clark, you Dumb Ass, try looking in the White House if you’re worried about Disloyal-Americans… Just saying.

      36. It’s hard to tell who’s telling the truth from information presented by the MSM. After all it’s mostly propaganda and fear mongering to control the public. Many are fooled by what they hear unless they already have a firm foundation of who they are, what their values are and for that which they firmly stand. And yes many things change as we become aware of how things really are. We adapt as truth is revealed.

        Not everyone is cowed by the fear mongering press stories and inappropriate government behavior. Some just get pissed of as when the school yard bully thinks he has another victim only to get his nose broken and pounded to the ground. Doesn’t that mental picture bring a bit of lighthearted joy to your soul.

        I commend you if it does and encourage you to man up if it doesn’t. Live free and let the bully become the victim not you.

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