Watch: Venezuelan Police Engulfed In Flames After IED Explodes in Caracas

by | Jul 31, 2017 | Headline News | 30 comments

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    Venezuela was once again rocked with violence last weekend, after the Maduro regime won an election that essentially gave the ruling party unlimited power. The election established a parallel legislative body that was staffed entirely by Maduro supporters, thus allowing the socialist government to rewrite the constitution with little opposition. Venezuela has officially abandoned the remaining vestiges of democracy that had endured since Hugo Chavez came to power in 1999.

    However, the election was widely regarded as a sham that most Venezuelans refused to participate in. Only 18.5% of registered voters showed up on election day. Despite that fact, the Maduro government is treating the election as a great success.

    As of press time Sunday night, the state-run Venezuelan network VTV’s top story on its website declared that the election for the “constituents’ assembly,” a fabricated lawmaking body meant to usurp the power of the democratically-elected National Assembly, a success.

    The election process, it claimed – citing a military official – “went about in complete normalcy” and peace. The head of the nation’s electoral council, Tibisay Lucena, told media outlets that there were limited violent incidents and high turnout among voters. The opposition, she claimed “are a small part of the country, a few small circles,” and the rest “are calmly voting since the early hours – 99 percent and more have come out to vote.”

    In reality, Venezuela was anything but peaceful or normal last weekend. At least 13 protesters were killed, 3 of whom died at the ends of pro government paramilitary gangs. Also included in the death toll, were several teenagers, a 39-year-old political candidate who was shot to death in his home by unknown assailants, and a 30-year old leader of a regional youth opposition party.

    However, the forces opposed to the Maduro regime weren’t the only ones to incur casualties. Seven police officers were injured when an IED, presumably set by opposition forces, exploded in Caracas.

    If Venezuela isn’t in a state of civil war yet, it sure is close.


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      1. It was inevitable!

        • Damn Paco – don’t be fartin’ near the tortilla press. Look what you gone and did!!

        • It was a pretty orange color

      2. Finally those pussies are actually doing something. I thought I had been watching Whale Wars because the lack of action.

      3. coming to an America near you.

        best get out of the cities.

        form your groups

        save your seeds

        prep your soul

      4. Know your enemy. Media libtard, Commie professor, Libtard politician.

        If they want a fight, we will finish it.

        • Well here in Wyo we have both liberals under watch. We know they are liberals cause they only have on gun in their pickup’s gun rack.

          • You said, “we know they’re liberals because they have only one gun in their pickup gun rack”. You should add……. ” it’s never been fired, and their wife only lets them have one bullet”!

      5. I don’t understand what the purpose of these riots is besides showing disagreement. These anti-government riots accomplished nothing except killing and maiming some people. It is a waste. Why don’t they go home and establish their own business and barter system, grow food for themselves, establish their own security so police are not required. In-other-words, if you can’t beat them at the ballot, just bypass them. That goes for us, USA, as well.


        • B from CA, there is a whole lot of truth in what you said. There are too many people wanting other people to do for them, what they should be doing for themselves. I think they call that a “entitlement mentality” or what’s mine is theirs.

          Absent a special relationship, I don’t owe another person bub-kiss. Under western law all welfare systems are merely theft because I don’t have a duty to take care of someone else. Income tax is illegal, immoral and should be repealed. Charity must be voluntary or it’s THEFT and in violation of one of the 10 Commandments (Thou Shall Not Steal).

          Did anyone see that video of the black kids that watched the disable man drown? While morally reprehensible they did nothing illegal. Hence, they were not charged with any crime. They didn’t cause that mans situation so they had no duty of care.

          • Justice, you and I are on the same page about the entitlement crap. I don’t owe any damn thing to anyone either UNLESS I was married to someone. These damn freeloaders need to be given the boot.

          • I just saw this Psychologists say more and more young people are entitled.

            Research has discovered that large amounts of young people are developing an entitlement complex.

            The psychological trend comes from the belief that you are superior to others and are more deserving of certain things.

            This form of narcissism has some significant consequences such as disappointment and a tendency to lash out.

            Pschology Today reports that some examples of entitlement range from the disregard of rules, freeloading, causing inconveniences and like to assume the role of leader when working in groups.

            • Justice, people with that mentality don’t stand any chance at survival.

        • a government wont allow the people to become self-sufficient. it is the same all over in the US. The government tells the people what they can do with their land, their homes, where they have to get their energy and water… the powers that control the money also control the laws and those that would strong arm the abidence of the laws. It happens here, but the people still have “choices” and availability of food and goods and services unlike Venezuela which is why they now riot. Once the unavailability of items comes to pass people wake up to the control they are under which is what will happen here as well. Those that believe that somehow these circumstances also produce an impotent government that will allow preppers to go off on their own are terribly naive and should pay more attention to that powers that are in control during these times (Venezuela is an excellent example).

        • B from Ca,
          These riots are just like BLM riots in France and the US. They are paid anarchists. The guys in black on the motorcycles are military and police death squads working for the government.

          The bright orange flame of the bomb implied to me it might have been homemade black powder with bottles of gasoline attached. I’m thinking crude, but it worked.

          All this crap going down in Venezuela looks like the US deep state intelligence community is about to loot Venezuela. They’ll use th chaos to install a puppet government that will make all the connected people rich. About the time Venezuela is bled dry, that government will fail leaving a vacuum. Venezuela will flounder for years. In the meantime the chaos in the oil industry will be exploited while the deep state gets even richer.

          The daily reports given to POTUS unlikely provide the real truth of what’s going on and who is behind it.

          The US intelligence community is the dirtiest team on the field, it’s only about winning. It’s only about US hegemony. Any world player that can possibly get in their way they just destroy. It’s like a football team offense that just sets about breaking the knees of the best players on the other team, they totally lack any moral foundation. What they do makes no sense to any rational human being. These people operate a secret shadow government manned by psychotics.

      6. wait until russia takes over rest of ukrain by force next year

      7. Watch/learn from their mistakes,and be ready.The first mistake was people there gave up their firearms.Yes,I know against tanks/jets helicopters ect. need more,but gives you some tools having firearms.This was a planned attack against the bikers,govt. supporting bikers have been attacking citizens in various places around the country,some times even killing them,was payback.They now have to think when they go on “duty?”,is this my last goodbye to family.

      8. They are not entitled, they are hungry.

        Lack of food, formula, staples, work, money that is worthless.

        When you have lost everything, you have nothing to lose.

        These are not communist revolting against the capitalist, these are people revolting against the communist.

        This is what they want for us?? This Socialist/Communist Utopia.

        It has not, does not, and will never work.

        Pure communism sounds good to the novice.

        Read Animal Farm, that explains the reality of it. All animals are equal, just some animals are more equal than others.

        • Make yourself independent.

          Women and mothers shouldn’t waste their life being a tax slave. Reject materialism. Accept full responsibility for your family by giving your husband your whole heart and strength. Educate yourself on an ongoing basis. Homeschool your children (even if you learn together). Breast feed your babies until they are able to eat. There is no need to depend on the system for formula.

          I believe women working and feeding babies formula is part of the (((globalist))) plan for our destruction.

          Every girl and woman should know the domestic skills of cleaning, cooking, gardening, spinning, weaving, sewing, managing household finances, repairing small lightweight things around the house.

          Women can take some of the pressure off their husbands, allowing the men to be able to compete in the workforce.

          Women can keep their children from being polluted with Communist propoganda by educating them yourself.

          At the very least, women can soften the fall if and when America goes into a tailspin like Venezuaela.


          • Interesting remarks about mothers breast feeding vs formula.

            Two wonderful births in our family. One mother could not breastfeed, the faucet just never ran. Of course everyone took turns feeding that baby. That baby now sees a half dozen people as momma. That baby is now in a corporate daycare. This baby already had tubes installed due to repeated ear infections.

            The other Mom had no problem feeding her baby. In fact she could probably have feed several! That baby sees no one else as mom. When mom pumps and freezes the milk the baby will take it from Dad in a bottle, but most times, that baby would rather go hungry and wait for mom to return. Mom will need to return to work soon, but granny and grandpa will be daycare. This baby is super healthy.

            Both babies are quite healthy aside from ear tubes in the one, and well adjusted. Baby #2 however has a different view of anyone beyond mom and dad, granny and grandpa, while baby #1 will trust just about anyone.

            Baby #1 is almost a year old, who is trusting of nearly everyone. Amazing but this baby loves beautiful women. He’s a little letch. Hold this baby and walk back in forth in front of the TV especially when the news is on with an old guy and young gorgeous woman in split screen. Or worse two women. He won’t take his eyes off of the prettiest woman. Now I have to say this kid at a year already has the ladies at day care fighting over him, and he is working it. When we went out to eat as a family a couple nights in a row, this kid has eyes for only the hottest women. One night we had a frompy middle aged waitress. Well this kid looked at her like, wtf, take me to another restaurant. She even comment how she sensed he didn’t like/trust her. A minute later an 18 year old hottie walked by and this kid was on task. Smiling and working her? I was cracking up. I’m really very sure this kid ain’t gay at one year. LOL!

            Babies are such a hoot, when it was mine, I was too nearsighted to notice the detail I now notice.

            My whole point, I understand what you are saying B fron CA. Child development is incredibly complex, and to interject one more perspective, Satan insanely smart.

            Imagine this #1 child I described, who is obviously crazy heterosexual trying to figure out which bathroom to use in grade school?

      9. Coming soon to America. People best get their game on,or they will be under the military’s boot too.

      10. The trick is not to fight tanks and helicopters. Fight men who put their pants on the same as you. Fight them when they are alone and off duty. Be invisible and quiet. Don’t let them know who you are.

        • OTC,
          Plus 500 points.

          If you can take their force multipliers, all the better.

      11. Thw oil-rich countries like Venezuela were marked by most of the oil revenue going into the pockets of a few while the majority of people got comparative scraps. As long as oil prices were high, the scraps were good. Oil prices fell and the scraps dried up. This is true in some of the oil-rich countries of the middle east. The benefits that the Government supplied ordinary people are being cut back. Look for trouble.

      12. So Maduro sold out the majority of the Venezuelan people for the NWO, 99% or more voting in his favor according to the nation’s electoral council. Was there an opponent representative? But only 18.5% bothered to vote, the peoples majority voice was plainly ignored. Same deal here in the US except the two parties are one and the same. No matter how you look at it, a fixed sham of an election.

      13. The problem is the 2 nd. . Amendment. Many Americans wonder what part of Shall not be infringed The cops don’t understand. Don’t ask don’t tell, isn’t that difficult. These are fundamental rights believed fron God. To protect your children and elderly Effectively.

      14. “If you’re deceiving yourself, you are deceiving a fool or a crazy person”. Any Venezuelan who thinks there can be a peaceful resolution to Maduro and the socialists is deceiving himself.

      15. This will go down in history as the only civil war fought over lack of toilet paper.

        • @George, I think they’re lacking a lot more than just toilet paper.

      16. If the unit of currency goes any lower in value, the toilet paper crisis sill resolve itself!

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