Watch: Tucker Carlson And Tulsi Gabbard Breakdown Trump’s Decision To Stop Arming Al Qaeda In Syria

by | Jul 26, 2017 | Headline News | 31 comments

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    The United States’ foreign policy in Syria will likely go down in history as the most hypocritical policy ever enforced by our government. After 9/11 the US government eviscerated our privacy rights, militarized our law enforcement agencies, groped us at the airport, and waged multiple wars that cost thousands of American lives and trillions of dollars, all in the name of fighting terrorism. Then when the Syrian Civil War erupted, our government turned around and began arming self-proclaimed Al-Qaeda terrorists in the region, and called them “freedom fighters.”

    Fortunately this utterly stupid covert program was ended by Donald Trump last week. The media responded by saying that Trump had leaked state secrets by admitting the program exists (though pretty much anyone who bothered to research the subject has known it was real for years), and that he was appeasing Russia by ending the program.

    Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbards, who tried to pass the Stop Arming Terrorists Act in Congress, and who has been fierce a critic of the CIA’s attempts to arm rebels in Syria, recently spoke with Tucker Carlson. They broke down the insanity of this program, as well as the media’s ridiculous reaction to Trump’s decision to end the program.


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      1. As the Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young song went, “Its been a long time coming”.

        My hat is off to President Trump. This is one of the three reasons I voted for him the two others being Trade and USSC picks.

        • A factoid, that happened, but looks erased from the anals of Google, Then Sec of State Colon Powel under Bush2 paid the Taliban like $21 Million Dollars in about April of 2001, just months prior to the 9-11 attack, then refused to hand over Bin Laden when the war took off. I think this fact was also well documented in the Michael Moore’s documentary movie Fahrenheit 911. I have the DVD movie stashed away somewhere.

          I wonder how much of that money was used to fund the 9-11 Attacks courtesy of the US Tax payers.

          And of course the Iran Contra scandal by Ronny Raygun, more funding to overthrow governments.

          Regardless is Trump claims the US Government is halting funding to the Rebels also known as ISIS, the CIA’s, Drug profits keeps the payroll flowing to all of these terrorist organizations. Why if there were no more terrorists the CIA would be jobless.

          If Trump really want to be my Hero Stop all funding of the CIA and Israehell. Cut it all off and watch world peace flourish.

        • Kevin2, I also take my hat off to President Trump. One of the best decisions he’s made so far.

          • This is eerily similar in context to JFK withholding support at the Bay Of Pigs.

      2. Interestingly from the CIA’s own web site the demographics of Syria show that its 10% Christian. Christians are in the Syrian government because its not religiously based. Conversely the SOBs that the US supports against “Evil Assad” cut off Christians heads.

        The war on terrorism is a war of terrorism that the US and its allies like Saudi Arabia fund and support and use them to overthrow moderate nations like Syria and Libya. Its an absolute disgrace. The situation in the Ukraine is very similar as the US intelligence agencies and military are largely hired enforcers for globalist business. Its been going on for a long time as USMC Major General two time recipient of the Medal of Honor Smedley Butler said, “I was a racketeer for Wall Street”.

        The facts may be difficult to accept but the US is not wearing a white hat.

        • Hmmm. Not a peep about Eretz Israel.

          • They’re funding it too.

        • Kevin2, truer words were never spoken. The ‘war on terror’ is really a war against the American people. So I feel no obligation to follow anything this govt. says nor feel any loyalty to it.

      3. MORE IMPORTANT THAN THE BS WAR: Taxpayers to take $3 billion more up the ass!! Foxconn Technology Group announced at the White House Wednesday its plans to invest $10 billion to build a massive display panel plant in Wisconsin that could employ up to 13,000 workers **** but would require up to $3 billion in subsidies from state taxpayers. **** SO IN OTHER WORDS, Foxconn builds a plant, likely at no cost to them, Foxconn will pay no property taxes, and the remainder of the $3 billion from the taxpayers will ensure Foxconn never has to pay any of the employees wages for ten years. ALL PAID FOR BY THE STUPID TAXPAYERS OF WISCONSIN. ———– VOTE NO ————

      4. K2,

        US policy in the Middle East is a mess! For sure! The different players, allegiances, alliances, all make for a very daunting job to sort out. My heart goes out to all the innocent people caught in between the feuds and fights. Our government has helped to complicate the situation even further. I would not go as far as to label the US as a terrorist State but I agree that the situation is an absolute disgrace and our involvement comes out short in many fronts. Part of the problem is of course our system of government that changes policies and plans according to the party in power making it difficult to develop long term policies and plans. Consistency, honesty, and loyalty are not our best suits.

        Louisiana Eagle

      5. There is no question about it, any nation that funds and arms terrorists regardless if the aim is religious, political or an ax to grind is by our own definition a supporter of terrorism. The US isn’t a terrorist state. Like many employers it contracts it out.

        Interestingly from the CIA’s on World Fact Book Syria is 10% Christian. Christians are in the Syrian government. Syria is not a theocracy. All religious faiths are protected by law. Conversely the Islamic Fanatics cut off Christians heads.

        • “US policy in the Middle East is a mess! For sure! ”

          When the same actions are repeated with the same results the results are desired. They want the nations destabilized with governments all so fragile that they’re one small coup away from replacement. Such nations don’t attempt to dictate a sovereign policy and do as their told by the globalist internationalist business interests. Libya had the highest standard of living in the middle east and now its rivaling Somalia.

          Dos not listen to their words. Watch their actions.

        • It’s not that Assadism in Syria is good. It’s that the real Free Syrians who’ve been fighting him are the ones the Western powers-that-be created “ISIS” for, to confuse gullible Americans into thinking that “ISIS” are the Free Syrians. Then, attacking the real Free Syrians is done by “attacking” “ISIS”. That way, the Western powers-that-be can clandestinely support their man-in-Syria (who they keep there as a bulwark against any further Arab Spring revolutions that might spell the end of Western Big Business control of what little is left of the Middle East’s oil that keeps Big Business in business–and in power over the people).

          • The wake of the US policy in the middle east has been destroyed stable governments replaced with chaotic unstable governments. This is the result because this is the plan. “Arab Spring Revolutions” are not spontaneous uprisings but rather CIA Funded and Supplied Revolutions to facilitate the former. Stable governments can dictate policy and the most holy of them is, “Thou Shall Accept Only US Dollars For Oil”. The second commandment is, “Thou Shall Allow Internationalist Business To Have Its Way”. Strong governments (with stronger friends with nuclear weapons) can violate commandments. Thus god (the US) gets involved to rid the earth of the sinner.

            The sermon has ended.

      6. Off Topic:

        I was wondering. If a woman chooses to stay home and take care of her husband and children, do you think the husband should have to pay at a higher amount on his taxes? After all, his wife is “working” for him. Especially if she is a good cook, keeps the house clean and sanitary, drives the kids to activities like sports, music lessons, and boxing or martial arts. What if she makes clothes and knits or crochets? What if his wife uses her free time for Political activism? What if she grows more food than the family can eat and she exchanges her Apple pies and Cinnimon Apple sauce for bullets? Should he pay more in taxes? And what if because she is not exhausted from working two jobs, she is more interested in making love and having more children, shouldn’t the man pay the government for the privilege of his wife’s time and attention?


        • The man should not be taxed more for his wife. HOWEVER! The single or married persons with NO KIDS should not pay more in taxes while the parents get a big assed deduction! If you have kids then YOU are responsible for your choice! People with no kids should never have to pay for schools, parks, or ANY kid related shit. Sounds FAIR to me….

          • The whole BS thing is like me saying “I want a 67 Chevelle and I want the govt. to force people at gunpoint to pay for it. All the maintenence, upgrades, parts, etc. I also want a big shop to park it in and a dragstrip to drive it on. After all it is MY BABY! And I need a big assed tax deduction for having it too! How does that sound???

            • Genius, sounds like if you marry your car you should both get free health care. 🙂

              • Damn right, and free car washes and high octane fuel too! After all it is the exact same principal…

          • Genius,
            I don’t normally respond to you because you are so
            But the kids I have paid for and raised are paying your
            Social Security, Medicare, pay income, and local taxes.
            They all cost me and you a fucking fortune.
            How much is a smiling face,
            and a kind word worth, when you
            are lying on your death bed?

            • Oh really? So YOU paid for your kids schools 100% and didn’t stick it to everyone else did you? I PAID FOR MY SSI AND MEDICARE AND INCOME AND LOCAL TAXES 100%. I don’t need your kids taxes I have and continue to pay my own. Where is all the money I paid for SSI and MEDICARE? I want that money back! In fact I want to line item veto ALL taxes that I don’t want to be a part of. Your kids should get the benefit from their taxes and YOU should pay for their schooling instead of foisting it on everyone…. Your opinion is pure socialist/communist. And you say you hate liberals/commies? I guess your brand of communism is better than theirs, jesus what a rediculous reply….

              • “They all cost me and you a fucking fortune.”

                Oh and why should your kids school and parks etc. cost ME a fortune?

                • If you don’t want your ass handed to you and your hypocracy pointed out, don’t reply to my posts.

                  • Like I said,
                    I don’t normally respond to you because you are so
                    I’m going to have a beer.
                    and enjoy the ocean view.

                    • Of course you will. You have no reply. Maybe you might think about what I said while sipping that beer. Enjoy…

      7. Genius, people in hell want ice water and that just ain’t gonna happen.

        • DB,
          I’m not worried about hell,
          it is the “lake of fire” that
          gets my attention.

          • “I go to Heaven for the weather.
            I go to hell for the company.”
            -Mark Twain

            • I love Mark Twain 🙂

        • Braveheart, ya I know huh. Thats the way it is in our socialist/communist country. I think the founders would puke if they saw us now. Sad some people are communist ideology yet have no idea that they support it. Goodbye critical thinking…

      8. Idiots in the deep state miscalculated that Russia would not back Assad. Anyone with any historical and geopolitical awareness knew Russia would act.

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