Watch: Trump Gives CNN and The European Union A Major Smack Down: “You Can Tell That To Your Fake Friends At CNN”

by | Jun 11, 2018 | Headline News | 26 comments

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    As President Trump met with European leaders at the G7 Summit, many news organizations reported that the relationship between he and leaders of Germany, Canada and Japan are strained. So much so that as President Trump was speaking to reporters a journalist from CNN asked him about the globally viral reports, to which the President amusingly responded:

    Reporter: There was a sense that the America’s closest allies are frustrated with you and angry with you… and you were angry with them…

    President Trump: Who are you with out of curiousity?

    Reporter: CNN

    Trump: I figured… fake news CNN… The worst…

    But while Trump always takes the opportunity to jab at CNN and highlight the inconsistencies and obfuscations in their reporting, the real meat and potatoes of his response turned out to be one of the most powerful moments in his Presidency thus far as it relates to his position on global trade and tariffs.

    Highlighting trade deficits and unequal trade practices by “America’s closes allies,” Trump noted that, while his relationship with G7 leaders is a “10” on a scale of 0 to 10, they are indeed frustrated with his unwavering America First principles:

    The relationships I’ve had are great… and you can tell that to your fake friends at CNN…

    The relationships I’ve had with the leaders of these countries… I would really rate on a scale of zero to ten.. I would really rate it a ten.

    That doesn’t mean I agree with what they’re doing and they know very well I don’t… so we’re negotiating very hard on tariffs and barriers.

    As an example, the European Union is brutal on the United States… and they know… when I’m telling them they’re smiling at me… it’s like they know the gig is up… the gig is up… there’s nothing they can say… they can’t believe they got away with it…

    So it’s going to change… and if it’s not going to change we’re not going to trade with them.

    For those who prefer not to watch the above clip, it can be summed up in a few seconds by this well known CNN Smack Down video:

    *Warning: Some viewers with snowflake inclinations may find this video disturbing*


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      1. Whoever is in charge of this site. Does anyone have a copy of threat war warning pamphlet the Swedish Gov put out? I’d like to see an English copy of it. Sorry for interrupting the post.

        • ht tps://

      2. It is nice to finally see a President be an American first.

        • Truly is America first. If you need it you will pay more for it, and the government keeps that extra money you pay — and it doesn’t even sound like taxes.

          Alternatively you can wait for 4 or 5 years and hope that someone builds a factory to produce it and pay even more to help cover the extra cost of manufacturing and the cost of building that factory. Wow…inflation.

          And America gets it first!

      3. Poor liberals getting the crap slapped out of them. Laughing my frigging ass off… just saying I myself find great and rewarding entertainment in trolling and gas lighting leftist liberals and its quite easy just disagree with everything they say then when they are about to break just tell them its not their fault they are stupid nieve uneducated and out of touch with reality cus they were “just born that way” and for iceing on the desert end it with like the queers and the coons.. lol

        • what’s it like being retarded? it must be fun being dumb as a bag o’ hammers.

          • Liberal alert !!!! Beep beep beep

      4. Gotta love how he shits on the Deep State Network.

      5. Trump acts like a lot of people I know. They like him because he won’t take any crap off of others.

        • Not sure what you’re getting at John. 1:16 is the Foreign Legion.

          • Looks like a midget soldier.

        • It would have been fun to have had a firecracker go off as the french troops proudly waddled by ,, they would have run, hidden,, and hoisted their white flags,, white flags are known to be the most important piece of gear for french soldiers. KF

        • Evidently there is no size limit.

      6. Trump is Great!

        You have to give credit where credit is due, and in this case, Trump has stood up to the sacred cow news media better and bolder than anyone could have imagined any President would ever do in a million years. Bravo, Trump!

        America First !!


      7. trump is a con man of the hiest calibre. you see soon when all EU attacks. stupud amercans!

        • highest calibre & Stupid Americans. Learn to spell you dolt!

        • If you want to insult us “stupud amercans” at least learn how to spell correctly. Iem tu stoopid an’ mae naught undrstood yew nex tiem.

      8. ANYONE who takes on the MSM and globalists is good in my book.

      9. GOD is with Trump all the way !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      10. A free market, without entanglements, leaves middlemen nothing to bargain with.

        • T asked, “Who are you with out of curiosity?”

          A too-big-to-jail, whose press credentials are conditional, upon your sayso. He is with you, or dismiss him with that magic pen, which was the catchall excuse, for all ills, during the BO administration. It’s legal in the left hand, but not in the right hand? If BO was illegal, let’s see the charges.

      11. I love my President

        Liberalism is a demented Satanic Cult

      12. DJT best president ever

      13. THIS is why I voted for him.

        THIS is why I’ll vote for him again in 2020.

        The way he verbally demolishes the NWO douchebags in politics, media, sports, everywhere…is AWESOME!!

      14. The truth is the truth. Trump never deviates from the blunt truth. As President Truman said, “Always tell the truth. That will astonish some, and gratify the rest.”

        Sign me,

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