Watch: Trump Was Hammering CNN In 1990 For Fake News: “When People Say Something False I Attack Those People”

by | Jul 17, 2017 | Headline News | 34 comments

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    Before hashtags, Russian hackers or fake news were ever a thing, businessman Donald Trump had already had enough of the inaccurate reporting from mainstream media entities like CNN.

    In 1990, the future President joined the network for an interview in which he hammered the interviewer about the news channel’s inaccurate and biased reporting.

    Even then, just as 24-hour cable news networks were in their infancy, it was a shock to reporters, whose credibility had never really been question, especially in front of their own audiences.

    As you’ll see below, Trump not only accuses CNN of getting away with murder in their reporting, but abruptly walks out on the interview after concluding it was yet another witch hunt.

    When people say something false I attack those people… because the news gets away with murder… the news media… they get away with murder.

    The media is so protected and it’s ridiculous they’re so protected… they can write virtually anything… The difference is with me at least with me they pay some price… and I think more people should have that attitude and I think you’d find a lot more accurate reporting, including yours.

    Hattip Slavo, Jr.


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        Patriots needs to know how they look and how they are dressed. So if you all think that chi-com soldiers are not a part of the UN, think again. This video shows them in full uniform with blue helmets.


        • Five permanent members of the UN Security Council: China, France, Russian Federation, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

          Of course Chinese soldiers are part of the UN.

        • It’s Africa….. Who gives a shit.

          • John Stiner

            Africa is the prize, its mineral, energy and potential agricultural production is staggering . China is establishing an economic foothold.

            • Kevin2…the US and its allies will get their share of Africa also, already there in numerous places. Steal and kill, what the US does best.

      2. Ain’t I been saying it

        • HCKS, if the trolls don’t have enough sense to click on the links and see for themselves that they’re real, then there’s no hope for them.

      3. Nothing about this impressed me as much as Trump offering his hand even though he was clearly unwilling to be insulted by negative statements put forth as questions.

        __ Trump is too smart to allow himself to be bullied by this guy.


        • Hey guys, I just want to give you a heads up that I will be cancelling cable in the next few days and will no longer be posting.

          I will miss the 8 plus years that I’ve been reading the articles here, especially the comments, that you have shared. I wanted to stick around until the SHTF but I have had it with Comcast, my internet provide. Plus, I have prepared as much as I can/am will too for now (except food). It’s time to start stashing money away for the rainy days ahead.

          I wish you all the best and good luck in the future!

          • Justice, I hate to see you go. I always enjoyed your posts. Best wishes to you and yours.

          • Justice:

            Good bye. Hope you have some activity to take the place. Reading real books is one way of filling your time.

            I suggest buying and then reading “The History of Science”. Each chapter is a separate story so you can complete your thoughts. The whole book gives you a much more uplifting view of the human experience than a History book. Which is mostly concerned with war, those things that are merely disruptions and interferences in the story of Science. This book changed my life. If you choose to read it, I hope it has a similar effect on you.


          • The thought of giving up the internet brings both a bit of envy and dismay…….

            It really is a brobdingnagian change

            for instance,

            when will you ever read or hear the word brobdingnagian again?

            to bad you cant report back your experience.

          • Take care Justice. I may have not agreed with you all the time but you had an interesting point of view.


            • Be well and be aware!

          • Go with God.

            Take care.

            and as Eppe might say, “Be well”

      4. The power of the Press belongs to the one who owns them. When truth is corrupted through anonymous sources, opinion editorials or because of financial or political reasons this is abuse of that power. The social license given to the news media only extends as far as the reporting of unadulterated truth. Perhaps it is time for consumer warnings “Caution this report contains opinions that may be harmful to your freedoms”

      5. Trump conducted himself very well in that interview. I didn’t realize that even back then he was calling BS on MSM. Trump has been awake longer than most other people.

        • Braveheart, it speaks well of a persons character when they cannot tolerate lies.

          • Justice, you said a mouthful right there. Trump definitely has character, something the neocons and libturds don’t know anything about.

          • Has anyone ever seen Trump hammer them for lies when MSM said something that would benefit Trump? That would truly show integrity.

          • The MSM is just gutter sleazy reporting trying to get the Gatcha finger hatchet Jobs to embarrass people and for some sensational headlines. The bigger the lie the more idiots they attract. Like Tabloid. This is why most of America is dumber that dirt, since they rarely ever get the REAL TRUTH.

            Try posting the truth on here and calling out the culprits and you get put into moderation holding tank. There really isn’t any free press.

      6. Give em’ hell Donny boy.

      7. Did Trump just invent the mic drop?? Haha love it.

      8. Even the truth can be a problem when other earlier truths are not known or reported.

        A Vietcong was shot in the head point blank. The blood spurted from his temple and he fell over. The American public was shocked and crying for an end to the war immediately.

        Pulling out of Nam and leaving our comrades to be slaughtered. The reporter who took that video was later quoted saying he deeply regretted recording the incident.

        Apparently, the guy who was shot had it coming big time. He had murdered many villagers in a terrible way, setting them on fire. Something the American public neither learned or probably even considered.
        Had that info been given prior to running the execution video, certainly Americans would have had a very different gut reaction.


        • That VC was caught at the US embassy attack. The guy who executed him was the Saigon chief of police.

          We had zero justification to be in Vietnam as Ho Chi Minh was our ally against the Japanese. We promised him that we would not allow the French to return. We lied as usual and ended up paying 95% of their war effort. The US stopped a reunification election in the mid 1950s because Ho Chi Minh would have won hands down. The US only likes democracy when its in their favor.

          Ho Chi Minh was a nationalist and the Vietnamese actually have a historic hatred for China. They fought over a border dispute in 1979 four years after SVN fell. Ho Chi Minh could have been a Tito but US arrogance and ignorance, along with the prodding of the Military Industrial Complex has its way over logic. Interestingly it was Vietnam post our influence that put and end to Pol Pots killing fields in neighboring Cambodia.

      9. Now that much of the media has been called out there is little to turn to to get the truth to anything. Now you have to doubt everything and be looking over your shoulder and depend on your gut to decide what to believe. Because of that we may miss some big truths when they hit us in the face but then hesitate to take it in.

      10. Yes Kevin, not shit. That’s what is so scary. Brave the bastards are literally in blue helmets, wtf? it scary seeing the reality of the situation.


        • The Chinese Blue Helmets are there to establish a military presence that will require sooner or later (sooner) bases for support. This is ostensibly benign; we’re just here to help. They are presently economically buying their way into governments as they build the infrastructure. The US is overextended like the British before them. The Chinese see a void and they’re capitalizing on it. The Chinese have no desire to export communism. Communism for the local masses is not in their interests when they own the means of production. Its all about the control of resources.

      11. Been off awhile, the old laptop died, dealing with learning a new one…heard a good line last week, esp. concerning politicians.

        “When you lie once, all your truths become suspect.”

        (Justice, think about a Velocity Hot Spot from ATT. Take your internet with you.)

      12. If I actually came upon a MSM news scene. I’d be tempted to slash their tires. Or kick a butt and run! 🙂

      13. Now the all out attempt to control free speech on the internet, you could see this coming all along. If it happens and I imagine it will, I have little use for free speech restraints. Who wants to read censored content anyway? I read a good article at titled: War, Terrorism, Subjugation and Colonialism vs Peace, Security, Freedom and Sovereignty, dated 9-15-16.

      14. I like a person who is constant in their views and beliefs. At least you know where they stands. Instead of the gutless politicians who flip with the wind.
        That is one really good thing with Trump, he is staying with his beliefs and opinions. Consistency scares the crap of TPTB.

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