Watch This Video Compilation of Epic Disasters from the Past Few Months

by | Sep 26, 2017 | Headline News | 40 comments

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    This article was originally published by Daisy Luther at The Organic Prepper

    Tornado Super Cell Storm on the American Plains. Scenic Stormy Weather.

    Over just the past few months, we’ve seen unprecedented disasters, not just in the United States, but all over the world.







    Everyone is quick to theorize about the cause of such a season of catastrophe. Some blame manmade climate change. There are groups who suspect a rogue planet is wreaking havoc. Others point the finger at geoengineering and weather manipulation. Still others believe we are watching the fulfillment of biblical prophecy.

    Personally, I have no pet theory except one.

    These events are growing more and more frequent. Your life can change and you can lose everything in the blink of an eye. There has never been more evidence that we need to prepare than what we’re seeing happening right now. And preparing isn’t just stocking up, although that is extremely important. It’s learning the skills you need to survive when the material things have been washed away, burned up, or otherwise destroyed.

    The video below blames manmade climate change for our catastrophic circumstances, and I am skeptical of that, so for the love of all things cute and fluffy, please don’t email me and tell me I’ve gone to the dark side of climate change activists. But… I believe in the value of watching the things that have happened on our planet over the past few months all in one video. I believe in the importance of paying attention to current events.

    If this does not convince you that you need to be prepared and that you need to have a survival mindset, nothing will.


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      1. Over on infowars they have a West Point graduate flashing his allegiance to communism and American traitors. His name is Spenser Rapone. I hope someone like us runs into this obvious traitor to the USA. This pussy should not be allowed to have any place in our military whatsoever. On the end of a rope would be fitting.

        • Menzoberranzan

          The concept of political freedom frightens most people as they believe that you have the right to agree with them. Communism is an economic system that while contrary to Wall Street is not incorporated in an enemy realm outside of them. Fighting it in foreign lands has cost the US 100,000+ lives and contributed to bankruptcy. What has the American citizen gained from a capitalist South Korea except competition in the auto industry. If Vietnam was a victory I shutter at how many more US jobs would have been lost to their slave wage potential workforce. I personally couldn’t care if Tim Buck Two is communist and my life and that of my children, grandchildren lives aren’t worth globalist corporate expansion.

          Want to define traitor? Its shipping US industrial capacity to the developing world that pays slave labor wages. Its deregulating the financial industry and have their loses covered by the taxpayer. Its using the US military for Wall Street bullshitting the people with ostensible excuses to gain support as in WMD in Iraq.

        • Menzoberranzan

          If supporting communism is traitorous then quite obviously facilitating Chinas industrial capacity (which is also being used to build up their military) at the expense of our own certainly qualifies far more than some West Pointer wearing a Che Guevara shirt.

          I also believe the West Pointer is correct because as Marx said, “One capitalist will sell us the rope to hang another”. Wall Street, my euphemism for the globalist multi national corporations and banking brethren are seeing to it. They desire the masses of workers to be communist sheep while they are the fascist profiteers at the top.

          • No doubt, Kevin. I am simply singling one out that will become a leader in our Army.

          • Wow in a good communist society you would most likely be shot or imprisoned for expressing anti party views. Read a little history about communism. But go on with your bad self put on your murderous Che shirt. And spit on all who gave you the right to open your pie hole.
            My Father, myself and my son served this nation. But that is a tradition I will do everything I can to end. People like you do
            not deserve anyone’s sacrifice. So yes in the end communism will win. So enjoy your servitude.

            • I’m no fan of communism or fascism but believe the US should protect the US. Its futile and morally wrong use US personnel and money for Wall Streets expansionist wars. If you fired a shot in anger post WWII it wasn’t to protect the USA.

            • I’m no fan of communism or fascism but believe the US should protect the US. Its futile and morally wrong use US personnel and money for Wall Streets expansionist wars. If you fired a shot in anger post WWII it wasn’t to protect the USA.

        • Someone here told this community several months ago that SHTF would happen according to his sources. The people affected by the events in the video above would agree, I think.

          There’s still a couple of days left in the month. 🙁

      2. patience, glasshoppuh, patience….

        • You want epic disaster? Puerto rico has an epic shortage of cash and virtually no one is accepting cards. What have I been saying the last 4 years? HAVE CASH, USE CASH, DON’T BE A CARD-TARD! Even a complete idiot should know this….. or not.

          • In fact you are probably 1000 times more likely to be robbed using electronic currency than just using cash. I have NEVER been robbed of my cash, I HAVE been robbed of card tard currency 3 times. Power out, no problem I HAVE CASH, atm not working?, no problem I HAVE CASH! Internet down and can’t buy anything with cards? No problem I HAVE CASH! Bank error or lien on my account? No problem I HAVE CASH! Lawsuit or judgement freezing an account? No problem I HAVE CASH! Want to buy something in private or from a private person? No problem I HAVE CASH! GOD WHY CAN’T PEOPLE GET IT THROUGH THEIR HEADS? Ok that’s all I have to say lol…

            • Genius, BRAVO! I always have a lot of cash on hand myself 24/7/365. Most of my transactions are with cash. Can’t fix stupid. Can’t fix people who won’t use cash.

            • Cash will be KING when the CRASH hits. Make sure your money is out of the banks and buried in plastic peanut jars in the back yard.

              Unless of course you have an abundance of GOLD BACKED YUAN !!! LMFAO !!! 🙂

      3. Every once in awhile you have a rash of stuff happening like this. Mother nature gets ADD and goes bonkers and then calms down for awhile. Its been like that for eons and will do so again in the distant future. We’ll have to just deal with it. Build an ark!

        • Agree. There is no average day of weather. Also, the fire in western US and Canada is something that finally has come to bite us. With fire suppression over the last century or so and the death of acres due to the pine beetle it was inevitable.

      4. Its similar to the stuff that happened about the time of the Exidous? My pet theory at this time (A wise person can change their mind a pig headed fool never does) is its a Magnetic pole shift. I certain its not caused by Fat Al’s man made and man mitigated glowbull warming. Its exciting and interesting a new clatyclismic disaster before the last one gets finished. Are we having fun Yet?

        • Old Guy, If it is indeed a pole shift do you think it will be a slow gradual process or do think there will come a time when it gets very sudden and violent? Earth crustal displacement?

          • Pole shifting is usually a gradual over time event. However lately the North magnetic pole has been shifting over a hundred miles every year instead of the inches and feet per year it averaged in the last century. So if the poles reach a tipping point and we have a reversal that will happen very Quickly like in a matter of seconds. that will cause great crustal movements ocean slosh , earthquakes , volcano eruptions, places sinking below the ocean and new land masses rising from the sea. Some plates will dive under others and sink others will upheave as they ride over others. If we have a reversal it will be a stone age lifestyle for quite a long time.

            • Why did cavemen drag their women around by the hair?

              Because if the dragged them by the feet they would fill up with dirt…

        • Yep, OG. I change my mind OFTEN about what 2+2 equals.

      5. When the shit hits your eye like a big pizza pie that’s apocalypse.
        lada dada dee lada dada da
        that’s apocalypse.

      6. Many years ago, I kept hearing about earthquakes are increasing, storms are increasing, we are doomed, etc. So I decided to do some actual research.

        Here is what I found about earthquakes.

        I listed all the earthquakes worldwide of 8.0 and greater from 1900 to 1989. I grouped these by decades to make it easier to see the trend. I was doing this in the 1990s, so the 1980s was the last complete decade.

        1900s – 39 major quakes
        1910s – 28 major quakes
        1920s – 19 major quakes
        1930s – 17 major quakes
        1940s – 19 major quakes
        1950s – 13 major quakes
        1960s – 13 major quakes
        1970s – 9 major quakes
        1980s – 4 major quakes

        Do you see the pattern? For at least 90 years, the number of major earthquakes was actually decreasing.

        There are a lot more smaller earthquakes reported now for two reasons. We have more news now than over 100 years ago, and we have better seismographs in more locations now than over 100 years ago.

        Disasters don’t come measured out in steady doses. They come in seemingly random bunches with calm spaces in between. Because of the “butterfly effect,” I don’t believe we’ll ever figure out the pattern during our lifetimes or perhaps ever.

        People need to check the actual historical records before they claim this or that period of time is the worst or best as far as various disasters. We’ve had worse hurricanes in the past, we’ve had incredibly hot/cold/wet/dry weather in the past, and we’ve had worse earthquakes in the past. Some daily weather records are broken every week. That will continue as long as the earth stands.

        • Archivist, EXCELLENT work. I looked into earthquakes, too, because of Christ’s comment about earthquakes and the end times. I take Christ’s words seriously. The key issue is, what does frequency mean? Overall earthquake activity? Just frequency where it impacts humans? How deep? Should we only relate it to death toll? Of course, 100 years ago measurements were not like today, either! In Mark 13:8, Christ tells us “Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be earthquakes in various places, and famines.” This does NOT say anything about increasing overall frequency!

          I watched until this vid until that utterly scientifically ignorant comment about in the past 10 years we have seen 100 yr storms every few years, etc. Sandy was a 100 year storm, due to LOCATION. Otherwise, it was a vanilla CAT ONE. And worse, if people didn’t built right on the ocean doorstep, we wouldn’t have these issues; same with paving over ground that used to absorb water. We have has ZERO Cat 4s hit the US in the previous TWELVE years. ***ZERO.*** I don’t know the duration of the Labour Day Keys hurricane of 1935, but winds did hit 185, and barometric pressure was LOWER than Irma.

          It is, as you say, Anon, that people need to check actual historical records. Weather records are broken every week. In fact. August 2010 was the world’s record low EVER in the world, in Antarctica, when it hit -94.7C (-135.8F). No worries: if it was a record high, it would have been global warming, BUT a record low was ALSO has to be global warming to these types.

          I appreciate Daisy’s comments, but the vid fell a bit flat. Worse, faux anthropogenic global warming is simply a BIG GREEN MONEY scam, where the Financial Stability Bd recently estimate there would e $93 freaking TRILLION spent on global warming over the next 15 years. People will be DYING thanks to this diversion of funds (probably half into Al Gore and his cronies’ bank accts).

          • Hey..

            I agree with the theory that our planet continually goes through extreme weather and that it has always been like this..
            God damn, even Ice Ages are ocurring from time to time and we always have an Ice Age at the Pole regions…

            The weather has always and will always surprise us animals… It should unite us, force us to celebrate our common freedom and lifeforce.. It should make us be happy just to be able to breath fresh air and dig holes with showels together..

            I am a Viking decendant from Denmark.. Ive been travelling and living in Venezuela for 2 years all together.. I survived a lightening storm where 1 lightning “ray” actually hit just right besides my sailboat..

            Monkeys drowning is normal.. Pigs being slaugthered is normal.. Fish eating other fish is normal..

            We should just try to prepare and form good, strong communities!
            And we should definately unite and try to ban and fight Islamism everywhere it exists…
            That type of mental psychopathy only deserves to be put out of it’s living state…

            And remember, the Planet does not Stand, and it never has.. It floats in a gravity-locked pattern in space.. So you should write:
            That will continue as long as the earth floats around with it’s atmosphere and ecosystems”

        • Thumbs up ! 🙂

      7. I appreciate you noting, Daisy, that you haven’t gone over to the BIG GREEN MONEY dark side. Just again, for reference:

        1. 2017 was only the FIFTH busiest hurricane season on record. We are at historic lows since the Civil War in hurricanes. See Dr. Phil Klotzbach at

        2. Since 1970, there have been four Cat 4 hurricanes to hit the US prior to Irma; in the same number of years leading up to 1970, there were 14

        3. It has been 12 years since the last Cat 4

        3. Several decades ago, tropical storm Claudette caused 43 inches of rain to hit Houston in 24 hours. What caused Houston was the steering air currents that stalled the system. Harvey had more rain, but took more days to reach it. I give the nod to Claudette myself.

        4. According to Colorado State Univ. hurricane researcher Phil Klotzbach, there have been years in the past where there were THREE Cat 4 hurricanes in the Atlantic. Hurricane center spokesman Dennis Feltgen said this year, before Jose petered out, was “Unusual, but not record.”

        5. In terms of deaths, Katrina lost, if I recall, around 1,200 or so, and the 1900 Galveston hurricane (Cat 4) killed between 6,000-12,000 in 1900. ABC reported 31 dead in the US a day ago. Every life lost is a tragedy, no record for Irma there.

        6. Photos of Buffalo Bayou in Dec 1935 had water levels measured at 54.5 feet. Last report I had showed 38 feet at the same location, though that wasn’t final and total was probably higher. Houston’s population has grown 10x since the 1920s, much of it now covered in parking lots, bldgs., etc. that don’t allow water to percolate down. Again, really bad, but no record

        7. Dr. Roy Spencer, who did his Ph.D on hurricanes, said the 1935 Labour Day hurricane that hit the Keys had the lowest barometric pressure ever recorded, with 185 MPH winds. Sorry, no blue ribbon for Irma with that either.

        8.) Re. Cat 4s, “There’s been years where we’ve had three,” said hurricane center spokesman Dennis Feltgen. “Unusual, but not a record.”

      8. This isn’t nothing NEW. We just have better info coming in around the world.

      9. Well ive seen 6 of those 100 year floods in the last decade. And two where record setting. And there are more and bigger quakes on the pacific ring of fire than ever before. What about mt st Helens? and all the volcanos erupting at this time. And the North magnetic pole has been shifting towards Siberia at record distances the last 10 years.

        • Too bad you don’t read history, Old Guy. Been listening to the same mantra for decades. Archivist just cited facts about earthquake frequency you just blew by. Sad. And what about Mt. St. Helens? Well, for one thing, it is getting close to being 40 years ago that it blew up. No news flash there.

          There will be geological upswings and downturns, end of story.

      10. Nail and I live with the all the listed threats
        and then some, year round.
        Wildfires, Floods
        Hurricanes, Drought,
        Earthquakes, Volcanoes.
        We also get Tornadoes,
        Tsunamis, Blizzards, et al.

        Except for a Hurricane(it was only a tropical
        storm when it finally hit) I’ve experienced
        all the listed disasters, in my 17
        years here.

        We are prepared for all of these as
        best as we can, because preparation is
        not something we opt to do, it is part
        of our day to day existence.

        Granted there is not very many people here
        (less than 200,000 on my island)and that
        makes it easier.
        People put away for what we know is
        going to happen, because we know it
        will occur.
        Bugging out generally is not an option.


      11. Watch This Video Compilation of Epic Disasters from the Past Few Months


        • Let’s see now…..earthquakes and one hurricane in Mexico, Texas Florida and Puerto Rico hit by hurricanes, wildfires in the West. Someone’s trying to tell us something.

      12. Hurricanes come with solar cycles that they are just starting to understand. Hurricane activity follows averages as well. With no significant Hurricanes hitting the US in the last ten years, we were due, and averages hold.

        Simple weather also produces produces averages, where I live we have been light on snow for several years years now. Will it be this winter that nature makes up for it? The worst I’ve seen is one storm dropping three feet of snow in 24 hours.

        An article I read on solar research says they might have figured out why the Suns cycles appear somewhat random, a new computer model with three layers rotating on different axis seems to produce observed patterns. It would be a shame if the research contradicts global warming, which would likely result in a cancellation of funding for the real science that might predict future climate and weather events.

        • PTPO
          If you are referring to the Sun’s rotation differentials, very few on this site will understand that. I’m not sure I do.
          But the Sun’s rotation is different at different Latitudes (I’m not sure that Latitude is the correct term to use). Keep in mind the sun is not solid, like we wrongly think the Earth is. The Sun is a very big ball of Gases and elements that happens to be a Fusion reactor.

          • Rellik,
            Physics hasn’t a clue how high pressure high energy plasma truly behaves especially in multiple layers of differing mass elements.

            The article I read left me with this image. Take a three layered sphere, add some defects to each layer, hot or cold spots Is a good metaphor. Now rotate those layers on three separate axis. As the defects line up they create pathways of lesser or greater transparency to trapped energy. The seemingly random storms on the surface occur when the defects line up allowing high energy to escape.

            When I read this I imagined a great algorithm for computer encryption. We have designed safes for centuries that use three discs with randomly placed notches. Line them up with the dial and the safe opens. Imagine a lock with three spheres rotating on dynamic axis trying to align a few holes to open it up. You need to not only figure out how many degrees of rotation, but the orientation of the axis of rotation for each layer to open it.

            In the case of the sun and we on earth, to predict storms that would hit us, we’d need to not only crack the sun’s combination, but include an additional layer, the spherical orbit of the earth. When all four layers line up a storm on the sun, hits the earth. The probabilities are astronomical, but I believe predictable since we can observe the sun.

            Back to a computer encryption algorithm. Imagine an algorithm that only works if you stand on an exact GPS location. Or worse both parties communicating stand on their specific spherical location. Ok the math is giving me a headache.

            Funny story. A long long time ago, I was asked to help in a geographic reevaluation of distributors serving customers. We had a database of post offices that including their latitude and longitude. I wrote an algorithm that fully handled the spherical geometry to provide the distance between any two zip codes in the US 50 states and all US protectorates and territories. It accurately corrected for latitude and longitude anywhere on the planet. It sucked at finding the closest vendor if one of the Great Lakes was near by.

            After crushing this problem, and moving on, weeks later my daughter came home from school and said, “Dad, oh god we are doing spherical geometry at school, when in real life would I ever use this”? Sweet heart, let’s talk…… I did tell her that even though I worked in a company with over a hundred degreed engineers, there were only a few who could do what I had done, what you can do, it’s in our DNA. Today she works on Wall Street, she is an unparalleled force to never underestimate. All my children likewise are at the top of their fields. Genetics do matter.


        I see collapse in every nation
        dollar’s droppin – hyperinflation
        panic in the streets
        and riot police bringin on the guns

        isis usin terrorism, elites pushin globalism
        got their fingers in every system
        everyone say f UN

        marshal law, fema troops
        buyin ammo, cans of soup
        somethings bout to hit it seems to me

        stir the masses, incite and frighten
        shame and blame all the white men
        everybody else a victim
        in this united states of socialism

        Fish are dieing, birds ain’t flyin
        somethin weirds goin down
        really not surprising
        when you think of all the crazy things we’ve done

        can anybody tell – we’re on the road to hell?
        can anybody say – there’ll be no price to pay?
        for being stupid, crazy, foolish, lazy
        shameless, arrogant and greedy
        idolize the vain and sleezy
        self-indulgence, unbridled
        don’t you know we’re all entitled?
        but we’re gonna pay the price
        for the things we left behind

        well this world we made is goin to heck
        but I think we’ve brought it on our neck
        hundred ways we could bite the dust
        or the dust just might bite us

        earthquakes on the new madrid,
        yellowstone blows it’s lid,
        san andreas might be next they say

        wildfires, tidal waves
        tornados, flooding, hurricanes
        famine, drought and on and on it goes

        pandemic flues – mass infections
        or coronal mass ejections
        either way, just takes one to ruin your whole day

        bird flu and ebola
        better go dig a hola

        markets crashin… looters trashin
        terrorists again attackin
        just a normal day on cable news

        people look for one to lead us
        antichrists come to decieve us
        power hungry jezebels and phds abound

        playin ignorance and fear
        to stay in power, profiteer
        proclaiming peace where there is none found

        but policies don’t matter much
        when everybodys out of touch
        with truth and reason, wrong and right
        insanity is the new enlightened

        well this just in – experts think
        normal people soon extinct
        high court rules common sense a crime

        they’re adding new ammendments
        to laws of nature and the 10 commandments
        remove the cross and all the others
        light the whitehouse in rainbow colors

        fish are dieing, fields are fryin
        somethin weirds goin down
        really not surprising
        when you think of all the crazy things weve done

        can anybody tell – we’re on the road to hell?
        can anybody say – there’ll be no price to pay?
        for being stupid, crazy, foolish, lazy
        shameless, arrogant and greedy
        idolize the vain and sleezy
        self-indulgence, unbridled
        don’t you know we’re all entitled?
        but we’re gonna pay the price
        for the things we left behind

        pledge allegiance to this flag
        for which our fathers bled and died
        so we could now enjoy the rights of this modern age

        freedom from religion
        purging all judeo-christian
        while tolerant of every flavor
        of freakish, deviant behavior

        we honor all the most disdained
        take pride in what once was shamed
        change the laws of God and nature
        swap your organs choose your gender

        here’s to the new face of bravery
        moms guard the right to kill to their babies
        and men and men in matrimony
        what the heck are people smokin?

        bow to the state-approved religion
        politically correct, the new dominion
        don’t resist re-education
        we’ll mark you a homophobe, a hater

        yes old glory ..still it waves
        oer this new land of debris, home of depraved
        when there’s nothin left worth to save
        it’s gonna all come down

        but we don’t need more education
        multi-cultural indoctrination
        outlaw prayer, now a pagan nation
        under Gods indignation

        well fish are dieing, birds ain’t flyin
        somethin weirds goin down
        really not surprising
        when you think of all the crazy things we’ve done

        can anybody tell – we’re on the road to hell?
        can anybody say – there’ll be no price to pay?
        for becomin stupid, crazy, foolish, lazy
        shameless, arrogant and greedy
        idolize the vain and sleezy
        self-indulgence, unbridled
        don’t you know we’re all entitled?
        but we’re gonna pay the price
        for the things we left behind

        • Bill,

          Thumbs up!!!
          Checking out your site, and have enjoyed some of the music.
          Thanks for sharing. 🙂

        • Thank you

      14. Damn, that was one long song, but pretty much on the money

      15. We are now entering what should be the warmest period between ice ages. There is no way to know what to expect. Climate is not as static as we have been lied to believe. It has been several thousand years since an ice age and several thousand more before the next one.
        ( research the Milankovitch Cycles )

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