Watch This Real Life Photo Bomb As Syrian Rebel Accidentally Blows Himself Up While Taking Selfie With Cell Phone Detonator

by | Sep 17, 2016 | Headline News | 72 comments


We’re not quite sure if these are the good guys, the bad guys or this week’s allies du jour, but the video below is a lesson in how not to take a selfie with a random mobile device picked up from a table full of guns and improvised explosive devices.

Several reported rebels were sitting together and appeared to be preparing for and celebrating a future attack when one of the men was so excited he just had to take a selfie. He grabs a cell phone of the table, positions for the perfect social media pic and takes a snap shot. A clicking noise can be heard, suggesting that the phone he used was a detonator for the IED explosion that immediately followed:

For more real live terrorist “bloopers” check out the video below and see would-be fighters learn how to operate a tank, shoot themselves, and blow themselves up…

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    1. Stolz Vorfahren

      Man, looks like joint CIA/Mossad training manual is degraded beyond repair.

      • Braveheart1776

        Stolz, looks like our trolls have some relatives in Syria. LOL! Both videos were funny as hell.

        • Acid Etch






          • john stiner

            The French deserve what they get. They invited these asshole in.

        • Menzoberranzan

          I wonder if allah is who they thought he’d be? I bet they are in a devil’s hell being tortured right now. No virgins, only their own melted flesh and terror.

          • WhoWTFKnows...

            I have a good idea, We the 99%’ers need to form our own Agenda. We will call it “Agenda 20,” Which is based on “Get them, before they get us,” in Agenda 21.

            All deplorables welcome.

            ~WWTI… A-20

          • Winston Smith

            The ultimate irony would be if they found themselves incarnated as the virgins for someone else to rape and that this was Allah’s way of punishing them for fighting an illegitimate jihad.

      • durangokidd

        These guys are the funniest thing since Curly, Moe, and Larry. 🙂

        • Mr Reynard

          & you can hear very often them calling Allah Akbar ??
          Translated in English.. Oh shit !

      • disillusioned

        <> But at least I took that Verizon bastard with me!

    2. Anonymous

      isis are fecking alien mutant scum.
      they need to be treated as rabid animals & shot dead on site NO exceptions!

      • Stolz Vorfahren

        Anon. save the ammo. ? Just give these mutant more cell phones. lol

        • vocalpatriot

          yes good idea…call them obama phones!

      • Hermit

        If they come to my town, they will go down. These swarthy savages make me sick.

      • Kevin2

        Maybe if the US quits arming them and leaves the Syrian government alone the problem just might correct itself. Remember the people ISIS is fighting, the Syrian government, the US wants defeated.

        • EnkiGodofSumer

          I remember reading an article from a military analyst in 2014 stating that the Syrian “opposition” would be out of supplies of food and ammunition in under 4 weeks if the supply routes from Jordan Turkey and Israel were cut. Giant convoys sent to these ruthless killers by us, the nobel, moral West and her vassals.. for years. It’s sad to reflect, but we are the bad guys, ..perhaps we always were.

          • Winston Smith

            I wouldn’t say we always are, but in the case of many of these middle eastern wars that we are. These people do not want Western style democratic governments and their societies are incapable of sustaining them. The only way Islamic countries can be stabilized is through a strongman dictatorship. Their religion is incapable of peaceful coexistence.

            • enkigodofsumer

              Bare in mind that Iraq had free education and healthcare before we liberated from evil Suddam, Lybia too, the reason we destroyed them oil and money, it’s obvious to see now, is there more evil than wiping out a people for those stupid reasons? The use or oil should have long been banned, yet we are now conditioned to accept wholesale slaughter for control of it..

        • Hermit

          Or maybe issues will self correct if the US stops playing the bitch for a certain chosen species.

      • Juan Two Three

        Right, kill each and every one of these dirty towel-headed mf’er’s, wherever they are and in ANY country! See the towel or burkas, shoot the bastards on site!

      • Sarge

        What else can be expected of a convoluted cult that spends their entire lives reading only one book besides their bomb-making manual. The quran itself is the very cause of islamic violence.

    3. Anonymous

      I’ve always suspected these people are not among the more intelligent members of the Human race.

      Or maybe even actual members.

    4. Jim in Va.

      They don’t recognize the Geneva convention. So be it…….kill em all.

      • Juan Two Three

        Right on Jim in Va.!!

      • Genius

        I don’t recognize it either sooo….

        Picked up my killer deal on freeze dried food today 🙂 I miscalculated the number of cans, it was 70 cans for 400 bux. All of it is stuff I like too! Still about 5.60 per can WOOT! Some old lady died and her kids gave it to the moving company and he didn’t want it and didn’t know what he had so I scarfed it!

        • WhoWTFKnows...

          There are 3 branches of the US Military teamed up with ISIS, and they are all fighting each other shooting at each other, then this just happened, The US mistakenly bombed a Syrian Airport. 70 dead of Assad’s military.

          ~WWTI… Opps wink wink. Russia is pissed.

    5. rellik

      There are no mosques here.
      If I knew of one I’d invite
      some local kids to
      deal with it.
      I never violate any Federal, state or
      local laws.
      I get around them.

    6. Asshat

      After watching this we cannot destroy these guys cmon. This confirms what I thought about our troops they’re weak for not being able to kill an enemy like this. Why do people have such respect and admire our forces for doing nothing to stop this evil. Me I took my flag down and it’s gonna stay down. Our forces are humanitarian Salvation Army troops. What a joke if I was in military I’d want out because of incompetent leadership. Troops should not be handing out bottled water they should killing enemies. It seems America has become bleeding hearts for humanity. We should rule the world if we ever do someday I will put the flag back up. This crap about the military protects us is lies. You protect you or be a victim you decide.

    7. Sgt. Dale

      What beautiful thing when these Ass Holes blow themself up!!! Then again Shit that means less I will get to shot at.


    8. Braveheart1776

      Sarge, I was ROTFLMAO at both videos. If THAT’s the kind of muzzie morons we have to deal with, then it’ll be that much easier to defeat them.

      • eppe

        Stupid is as stupid does…

        • Braveheart1776

          Eppe, I was thinking of WWTI on the first video. LOL!

          • eppe

            I could write some mean shit on that, but I am a better man by not doing so.
            Wish others would do the same.

            Why berate each other, makes no sense???

            • Juan Two Three

              BECAUSE these fuking dirty towel-headed bastards want to kill you! What, you want to call them you best friends???

            • eppe

              Since I have been accused of never writing prepper articles, here is one.
              Early 90’s I made a tray to mount on the exhaust manifold on the Nissan truck I had at that time.
              Take any meat, vegatables, spices, fluids, etc and seal up with aluminum foil.
              Place in tray and drive 2 hours.
              Killer to eat once you pull into deer camp..
              Thanks Alby Mangels…

              • eppe

                That Nissan was bought by my father, sold it to me for 800$. Best buy ever, had 60k mikes drove it to 180k.
                Cool part was you could be cruzing, turn off the ignition for a second, it would backfire like a .22.
                Made a few BLMs jump. Lord forgive me, but it was funny as hell…

                • eppe

                  Back then no one would shoot back at ya…

              • WhoWTFKnows...

                That’s not a prepping tip, that’s stupid. So in order to eat a hot meal you have to go drive around for 2 hours and waste half a tank of gas to heat up your dinner. WTF? 20 years you claim you prepped, and do you know how to start a camp fire to cook your food yet? Stupid is.. In fact that pretty Red Neck Stupid…

                Thanks for the laugh moron.


          • WhoWTFKnows...

            Yeah Brace, I thought it was you again and Hcks.

            ~WWTI… We know it wasn’t eppe, cause he has no guns.

            • eppe

              What ever you want to think…

              • WhoWTFKnows...

                You said “They have the weapons, and I have the BOL.” IN reality You have neither.


                • eppe

                  Only in your fucked up mind.
                  You have no idea.
                  Try something new, you are getting long in the tooth…
                  Too bad you cannot agree on a 4th truce.
                  But you have always been a prick, so what can one expect???

                  • eppe

                    Try sitting on your left hand till it is numb.
                    Then masterbate thinking it is someone new…

                  • WhoWTFKnows...

                    Truce?? You broke the first 2, moron. I don’t negotiate with liars.

                    Ever try to read the articles and comment on something relative to the articles? Are you really that f-n dumb?

                    ~WWTI… Run off now, go play Redneck tinfoil chief. lol

                • Plan twice, prep once

                  Been watching you troll the site and especially stalk Eppe for a while now. Gotta say Eppe shows real class and you don’t.

                  You WWTI, come across like a real jerk to a casual observer.

                  You need to stop demanding people provide you with personal/ private details and information, it violates terms of use and makes you look like a some kind of creepy informant.

            • Braveheart1776

              WWTI, those 2 videos were better than the shotgun video by a long shot.


        Yeah but they wont have to use weapons like that over here.
        Obama has them the finest weapons our money can buy id imagine….

    9. incognito

      Thanks for the chuckle. Love it.


      Yours truly,

      Ideed KaBOOM.

    10. nubria 123

      Look like the democrats keep losing there voting base.

    11. tuesdayissoylentgreenday

      I am surprised Obama is not calling for a seven day waiting period before taking a selfie…

      • Nailbanger

        Im surprised hes not calling for a day of mourning

    12. B from CA

      I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

      War is hell.

      Many a good man has died from friendly fire.

      In the old wars many wounds were butt wounds.

      It’s funny until your own ass gets blown to smithereens.


    13. Charlie

      Was that a note 7…lol

    14. Randy

      what videos I cant find them all I can find is comment section….. I pushed only link and it took me to some buddy hustle deal to get the best or you will suffer or die if you don’t buy this or these come on….or better yet hurry listen buy before this gets shut down comeon …
      okay I feel better heres my addy above could you send me the links to these videos of dummy’s blo w in self’s up thank you

    15. LaManiac

      B from Ca, you can’t be serious,cry? From laughing maybe.Just rewards!
      Maniac –out

    16. Brian

      Glad that I wasn’t chowing down on pizza when I saw that!

    17. Captain Crunch

      As some of you may remember I mentioned I was adopted when I was a baby. I’m 32 now and met my birth dad today. That was way cool.

      On another note , the emergency meeting of the UN Security Council was just walked out upon by the Russian ambassador to the UN. The us got called out for being Isis. Fùcking game over

      • Nailbanger

        Same here, never met em never want to

    18. WhoWTFKnows...

      I’d like one of those .50 Cal auto’s mounted on my vehicle. Hell Yeah..


      • WhoWTFKnows...

        & Belt Fed..

    19. B from CA

      Off Topic:

      Trying to get in shape?

      Don’t waste time. You can do more by using this alternating method. Walk for five minutes, then run for three minutes like you’re being chased by an army of wild animals, give it all you’ve got for a full three minutes, then walk it off for another five minutes; repeat two more times.

      This short work out can be done on a tread mill. It can be done going up and down a steep hill. Give it all you have on the climb then slow down on the downhill.

      For more sound advice stay tuned. This advice came from one of the world’s best.
      I tried it and found the results surprisingly effective.

      ••. Be well all. Your health is your greatest wealth.

      • WhoWTFKnows...

        Need to have that spare 100 Yard dash in your back pocket, so at anytime, you can sprint away from a problem. Do so, and go around a few corners. When was the last time you ran a 100 yard dash as fast as you can run? Zigging and sagging, Yes do some warm ups and stretching first,,…. No need to blow out a knee or an ankle, playing weekend warrior. ha.


        • WhoWTFKnows...

          Zigging and Zagging… like somebody is shooting at you. Way harder hitting a moving target.


    20. PO'd Patriot

      Think we can get Hillbitchery to do one of those videos? Maybe another one of those selfies?

      • PO'd Patriot

        Stuck in Moderation again.

    21. swinging richard

      The pool of virgins is shrinking fast.

      • Plan twice, prep once

        Muslim heaven run out of virgins? Nah, there’s lots of pigs wearing lipstick.

    22. Asshat

      Funny Nissan forklifts at work backfire if you turn the key off. Guys get pissed cause they think a disgruntled employee is shooting. There is no shortage of disgruntled employees.

    23. navyguy

      Yep that “let me take a selfie” song needs to be playing in the background… oops..

    24. Anonymous

      obama’s cousins and brothers

    25. Smitty

      This was an assassination. He reaches to his right pectoral area and depresses the bomb initiator.

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