Watch: This Is Your Future: Ordering a Pizza In 2015 (NSA Style)

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    As your personal data from hospitals, insurance companies, banks, retailers, phone carriers, traffic records and every other manner of electronic interaction is merged into massive databases, it will soon be possible for not just the government, but companies you patronize on a daily basis to know your most intimate secrets.

    All of this information will be used to build detailed profiles of your personal habits and qualifications for certain services. Just as your credit report is used to determine your financial worth and capability, a computer will soon determine what you are or not allowed to do.

    It sounds like something out of a science fiction future, but is it really that hard to imagine given the recent revelations that everything you do is being tracked, aggregated, analyzed and archived?

    This is your future:

    (Video via The Daily Sheeple)

    Hattip Satori



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      1. Pizza a perfect Saturday night post.

        • pizza delivered by a hooker.
          with cold beer.

          • Has everyone seen the TV series Quantum Leap made in the early 1990’s? Those whom have not it about a time traveller that through quantum physics is able to jump into people’s bodies in the past and try to change history for the better. Al played by Dean Stockwell is in the future and can access ANYONE in the past through a massive mainframe computer and tell Sam, the time traveller everything about any person. Big brother knowing everything about anyone back several decades. Kind of reminds you of our “friends” at the NSA making sure that every last person has files on them as complete as possible.

            I use to watch Quantum Leap and say to myself I wish I could change some bad events for the better. Now when I see it and Al with that device that can tell you everything about anyone VIA NSA, it gives me that eerie feeling that every last movement we do is actually being put into some warehouse size computer for future use. EVERY last thing we have said and done. This total violation of the 4th Amendment.

            • This brings up something else that is awful that I have been thinking about IF any of anyone of us ever has to defend ourselves against a person of another race, religion, someone that is a homo, or whatever just like George Zimmerman. We could have something dug up on any of us that made us sound like a racist or “whatever” that we once said, so federal hate crime of violating someone’s civil rights can be used. Even after any of us have been acquitted of any crime on the basis of self defense like Zimmerman. Someone breaks into your home high on meth or cracked out and you protect yourself, the feds could dig up this science fiction type tracking of you and use this against you. This is frightening and why I wrote the following as the feds continue to rape the Constitution and the rights protecting the individual:

              I wrote this in defense and honor of freedoms of the Constitution that are being whittled away each month by those that don’t desire any longer to be free or those that want to take away everyone’s freedom. This may sound trivial to some, but NEVER should the government ever be allowed to put anyone on to trial for something that they have been found not guilty of again. Hate crimes are defined as nothing but being charged under a different name, same “offense” in which prosecuters could not prove beyond a reasonable doubt that a person was guilty of. If the federal government did not seek charges on the federal level in the firstplace, then what gives them a right to after someone has been acquitted to charge someone AGAIN because the state failed to get a guilty verdict? Just another example of the federal government defecating on the most basic freedoms guaranteed to us under the Bill of Rights to not be tried over and over again.

              Check out number #4 on this list of what the Mass Media is hiding:


              Civil rights “incrimination” loopholes the 5th. Amendment’s Double Jeopardy safeguard

              EVERYONE under the Constitution of the United States of America shall not be retried after an acquittal, retried after a conviction, retried after certain mistrials and no multiple punishments. This means that any person shall be subject for the same offense to NOT be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb. Simply put the government cannot continue to put someone on trial over and over again until the state “nails” you and convicts you.

              Long ago the idea that someone that was acquitted of ANY crime, “got away” with it, the federal government came up with the idea that they could bypass the Constitution of the United States and charge someone on a lesser charge and still throw the person into prison because they “MIGHT” have had a racial, gender, sexual orientation, or “whatever” bias for a charge in which a jury of the person’s peers confirmed that they were not guilty of. The idea that the federal government could “exempt” this and still get an actual criminal convictions was conceived. Loopholed is this NEW charge that allows the federal government, out of convenience to satisify the protestors and other civilian disturbances that have caused the government problems to “sacfrice” ANYONE suppose to be immune from any further indictments.

              So a person, any person, regardless of race or anything else can be totally vindicated (cleared) of any crime by which the founding fathers of America absolutely bestowed upon us through the 5th. Amendment of the Constitution, and still go to prison because, again, they might have had some prejudice. Civil rights groups love this, as anyone they feel has gotten away with a crime can still be convicted and go to prison. Even after a state’s prosecution failed to prove beyond a reasonable doubt of a crime, a person can still be convicted of essentially the EXACT SAME offense, just a different name of the charge against the person. A certain group’s pressure to get their way and the rights of the individual are totally outweighed by the opinion of the majority or large enough group.

              Since the time of the new civil rights “laws”, groups of any race or belief have ABUSED this civil rights violation clause to make sure that someone was unfairly punished no matter what if a big enough majority felt that the court’s decision was not what they desired. A person found not guilty of anything could still face serious prison time because of their own race, belief, or other reasons if enough people pressured the courts enough through violence or other blackmail.

              The United States government has a policy of not dealling with or negotiating with terrorists that use violence or fear to COERCE any decision that it makes. Yet under the threat of rioting, civil disobedience, or other political extortion large enough groups have done exactly this to FORCE the court system to override the 5th. Amendment’s protection guaranteed to everyone. Even after the suffering and fear that someone goes through and is found innocent of the state’s charges, they still have the fear that they might have to face down more allegations because of the power of enough people that want their own idea of justice. When the rights of an individual are overridden by the wants any majority, that the courts are swayed into action against that individual, only one word can describe such a slap in the face of the 5th. Amendment, RACKETEERING.

              The Constitution of America was written to protect the individual as well as the country as a whole. One of the basic foundations of the Constitution was to safeguard against MOB MENTALITY. The law of the land is that no matter how small a number of people, all the way down to ONE against the entire country that one individual still have the rights assured to them under law. No matter how unpopular that protection of law is with the public’s opinion, that law is still there to protect. The law of the Constitution is there for everyone and anyone, and the second that any group uses their shear numbers or threats of “domestic terrorism” to influence governmental decision to violate Constitutional law and that individual protection, all has been lost for every last person.

              What is good for the goose is also good for the gander. Individuals that use their “membership” in a radicalized group to extort the judicial branches to exercise the civil rights violation clause could in the future be on the same boat facing down an unruly crowd waiting to string them up after they were exonerated of a crime they had been charged with. Feeling free of something that they did not do, now they too would be faced down with years of possible prison and more legal misery because enough people of an opposing group didn’t like the court’s rulings. There are plenty of groups that are waiting to use this “backdoor to conviction” upon anyone, knowing full well all they have to do is have enough of the wrong pressure on the government to accomplish this and bypass the safeguards given to the people by the foundation of the Bill of Rights.

              In the political climate of today’s world you have to walk on the proverbial eggshells not to “offend” anyone or any one classification of individuals. Political correctness on an overdose of steroids would be more appropriate the term. Anyone that self defends themselves or is simply unfairly charged in a crime can be a victim of this political correctness solely based on that someone didn’t like their differences to them. Yes, a white person, black person, hispanic person, asian person, man, woman, Christian, non-Christian, Democrat, Republican, etc. etc., etc. can be brought up on civil rights charges after they are proven not guilty in a court of law, IF the state determines (vagulely) that you acted in someway that was “disrespected” to any person’s affiliation or group that they belong to.

              Crazy as this might sound, someone that is a very strong minded conservative or very strong minded liberal could be charged with a civil rights violation if the state can show that your act against another was based on HATE for that individual based on that person’s belief system. Hence you can be charged with a “hate crime” after an acquittal with the complete lack of transparency simply based on that you “could have” some anomosity towards another. Talk about flushing the reasonable doubt safeguard down the drain and allowing a runaway government expand their judicial powers over the population and individual.

              This is why NEVER can it EVER be considered a civil rights violation when mob mentality rules. Petetioning the government for grievences was never meant as a way in forcing the government to trash any of the Bill of Rights of the Constutitional. However this is exactly is what is the case when the 5th. Amendment and the protection of NEVER encroaching on the protection of Double Jeopardy is desecrated on. Civil rights laws have become completely shadowy, and like the Salem witch trials, eventually everyone is under suspension and already guilty and those in control are the ONLY winners.

              Watering down the Constitution to gratify the wants of any group is the basic principles of ultimate failure of that this protection adhered to ALL of us the past 237 years, and worked remarkably well. As many other bedrock Amendments of the Constitution that are also under constant assault to be changed or dismantled completely. The United States’ policy of not negotating with terrorists is a good one, and needs to be applied when the government EVER even considers using this civil rights law to benefit any mob’s blackmailing thrist for blood over the Constitutional rights of the individual’s protection of not being in any danger of Double Jeopardy.

              IMPORTANT: It should be understood that there is a stark difference between those go against government tyranny( PATRIOTS), and those that ADD to the power of government tyranny by encouraging the further dismantling of the Constitution and all the rights thereof granted to all of us. Attempting to force governmental charges of racism on anyone because a court decision did not go the way of a mob, is further destroying the protection of not being put into double jeopardy. Allow the government more reaching powers to put someone away, and the safety of the rule of law preventing government tyranny will be gone for all of us. Trying to blackmail the government is not blackmailing those in control, it is blackmailing the people’s Bill of Rights and the protection against government tyranny that occurs in any police state. A bad government wants any excuse to make its problem go away, kangaroo court charges upon anyone based on some opaque possibility that a person MIGHT have a racial or OTHER hate undertone is one of these ways. A slippery slope is walked whenever there is ever any encroachment on our basic rights. Charging someone for the same offense, under the false pretext of a different charge that they were vindicated of in a legitimate court of law is blackening out the entire shield of the 5th. Amendment that safeguards all of us from an eventual runaway government power grab of the rest of our freedoms.

              EXTREMELY IMPORTANT: EVERY SINGLE PERSON that has ONCE used any racial or other hateful undertone on the internet or other public forum can in the future be brought up on civil rights charges if they have to self defend themselves against someone that is somehow different than there are. You can be acquitted totally of all charges, and IF the federal prosecution can DIG UP anything that you once said, so they can attempt to totally override your protection under the 5th Amendment. You can be tried again for the EXACT same “offense” because you wrote down a racial slur or something about something that you didn’t like somewhere. ONE TINY LITTLE WORD YOU ONCE SAID, “ONE”. A future tryrrantical government works this way, to disappear people out of convenience. “On top of this it makes the honest citizen terrified to defend themselves from the consequences of saving their own life and their family’s lives. It empowers the criminals and causes victim hestitation to use ANY force to protect themselves”. This is how critical it is that the feds are not allowed to EVER use this loophole civil rights debacle to lynch you or anyone else with it.

              • To Be Prepared, you are totally correct. Which is WHY we must remind our fellow citizens that we are suppose to be a Constittutional Republic and NOT a Democracy!! A Democracy is a lynch mob. A Constittutional Republic protects the rights even of a majority of “1”.

                Everytime an elected official says “Democracy” they are lying to you and trying to get you the public to FORGET what we are really suppose to be.

                • @ Spirit of 1776. Wonderfully worded. How soon almost everyone forgets that one phase, “majority of one”. That is until their butt is in a sling for doing absolutely nothing wrong than saving their life, and being used as some cheap pawn in a sick game to cause more race hatred by the government, and by the MSM whores that only want to sell air time to an audience that rather be a mob than an American. An American is someone that respect the foundation that established America, the Constitution. Yeah, that is until the shoe is on the other foot and BO and holder decide that they are some problem that needs to be dealt with, trashing the Constitution, because a group (cult) of their worshippers demand it.

                  • BI: In the usa the forerunner to “Hate Speech” crimes, was when the feds and states first began to issue “Enhanced” Jail time sentences for Drug crimes that Involved possession of Firearm. Recall that era?

                    Most americans then accepted it as a Great crime buster tool, and good way to stop dope criminals. It Failed miserably to achiieve any stated goals, yet most such enhanced jail time laws Remain and are Used daily in courts across america.

                    If a person murders You with bare hands or a knife, they get Less jail time, than if a Gun was used or even Carried. Are You any “Less dead” if killed by knife? No.

                    Liberal antigun clowns convinced Mr. and Mrs. america it will halt gun crimes big time. Total Failure as are most dem lib agendas.

                    But in reality the dems And neocons who did those enhanced jail laws, and more recent PC hate crime laws, which are actually “Thought” crimes. Got their ideas From Lennin in circa 1918 Russian Kommie Bolsheviks.

                    Karl Marx’s pal Engles if I recall it right, is the guy Lennin turned to for advice on How can lennin control peoples “Thoughts” in his newly enacted kommie run soviet russia, that was aprox in, 1922 for the “PC” beginings.

                    Engles informed Lennin he knew of No way and did Not expect to find any method to actually control peoples Thoughts.

                    However! Engles Did tell Lennin “Why not Pass National Laws that BAN, certain words from further use in Public arenas….Then as necessary, continue to ADD more Forbidden words to an ever growing List of words not allowed to be spoken out loud or publicly”

                    As can be expected, Lennin fell in Love with that idea!

                    And lennins very first new law enacted Under the New soviet kommie govnt system, was “Any persons Suspected of antisemitisim in words-or-deeds, gets the Death Penalty by a Bullet to the Back of their Head”

                    A russian or polish or ukrainian etc only had to be “Suspected”(not convicted!) and the CHEKA(secret police forrunner of kgb) would pay a visit, bust down doors, grab the “suspect” take he or she outside of the home and shoot a bullet into the back of their head, dead.

                    Usually the CHEKA would also Kill the entire family, and did the murders Outside the home so as to not require any clean up of massive Blood etc!

                    Then cheka cops called HQ to tell them deeds been done, entire family now dead, home is now Ready for NEW occupants!…Then HQ soviet’s would send in a jewish family to occupy as New owners of home(state really owned it under kommie system).

                    When I first learned of all this stuff in soviet russia, the Very first thing came to my mind was…Todays “Hate speech” laws(hobammy signed it into fed law over a year ago).

                    We are now seeing the begining stages of an exact copy of 1918 russia soviet control by kommies Here in usa, with events such as the Latest, Trayvon agenda, by blacks protesting as usual and demanding “Justice” aka MOB justice withOUT trials, as in soviet russia.

                    Look how Fast that housing agency Zimmer worked for as neighborhood watcher, Paid out Over a $million Cash to Trayvons parents if what I read or heard is truth.

                    If true? They Paid trayvons parents a Bundle of Cash way before even an official Trail of zimmer. Now jury ruled it Justified Kill/self defence. Will Trayvons parents be forced to RETURN that Cash payoff? Yeah when Piggies Fly!

                    And who is the ONLY Race or Group Targeted so far by hate laws?…Whiteys thats who. Same as in Russian soviet Kommie era 1918…ONLY White-Gentiles-and white christians were ever Targeted and Murdered under Lennins “antisemite offence/speech” laws.

                    Only difference so far(For Now that is! just Wait!) is in usa You still get to go to Kangaroo-Courts, Then get Hammered with fines and enhanced Jail times!

                    Only a total Fool today would not realize the Major reason to try so hard at Disarming americans, is so the Kommie usa-soviets, can then Kill Us off also. Just as was done in Soviet Russia back then. And remember…Russia Back Then, Lasted untill 1990! before the soviet bolsheviks were forced to Halt those 150 million murders from achieving greater numbers yet!

                    #1= Disarm Us folks…#2= New fed laws to Ban all forms self defense….#3= Kill off Middle class White america.

                    Good Morning America! Welcome to Soviet Russia Commies, 2013 Style! Where whiteys are All thats still Holding back the tide, the Tidal Wave of soviet total control of Every posible person and Thing one can envision.

                    With the main plan Ideas, Born in 1920’s Russia soviet ussr, and transported to the USA by and For benifit of the Khazer ruler class folks Now in Charge(like it or Not it Is so and You,white america, know it).

                  • Jews were also killed and persecuted in the USSR, TG.
                    Anyone with loyalty, cutural pride/ patriotism or religious devotion to anything other than the state was suspect and subjected to constant pressure to conform. It was as we are becoming, and BI did a great job of laying it out.
                    Trotsky may have been killed as a “counter-revolutionary” but he summed up the worldview of the Left perfectly in one statement: “God is the State and the State is God.” Everything you see from our government is an attempt to produce an omniscient state, an omnipotent state, and the state as the only benefactor of all good a necessary things. In short, a state which can take the place of God in regard to all matters of worldly existence.
                    Like the Nazis and the Soviets before them they have co-opted or at least infiltrated the main churches of this nation, convincing them that the best way to be a Christian is to be a Leftist to the point of getting them to sell out their doctrinal distintives and to throw out scripture for the Left’s own set of virtures.
                    This is a spiritual war as much as anything and I can think of no better way to fight it than in the spirit.
                    “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places.” Ephesians 6:12 NASB
                    2 Cor 10:4-5 says, “For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty in God for pulling down strongholds, casting down arguments and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God, bringing every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ….”

                  • People will still be using Windows 95 in 2015?

                • unless you happen to be a US citizen of Japanese decent when ww2 breaks out ………then the constitution does not apply ……….where were those ” protections ” then ? . Just Sayin

              • IF i ever have to use deadly force, i think i will have to just binge and even a few scores and then disappear into the trees because i will never be able to have a normal life again. Life will be short.

                • One word…DORNER!

                • SIGI: It was mostly Later on after Stalhin took control, and after awhile he got so pranoid for his own safty, he began to kill “some” jewish folks yes.

                  However there are most often exceptions to the rule or to generalizations, lke I made. Yet in no way do those few exceptions change the overall facts that when jews killed By soviets from 1918 revolt era, are compared to the 150-Million Gentiles, mostly all whites and christians, then its like compareing one single Penny-cent to a Million dollar bill(if one existed of course).

                  No matter how a person add’s the totals of innocents killed-tortured-sent as slave labor to Gulags etc, there is no mistakeing the Facts that Russian communisim was invented BY jews. Done By jews, done For jew benifit, and totally Against Gentiles(all who are non jew) but Primarily aganist whites and white christians.

                  I have in older Prior articles at this site here, posted many actual lists of Names-Numbers-Race(in this case jews consider selves a race mainly) and the facts that Proves beyond all doubts that of the aprox 503-505 Top Inner circle Russian Bolshevik kommie leadership “soviet”(which in english means council) all of those inner circle top heads Except for aprox “13” were all jewish.

                  Most all have changed their Birth names from jewish names into Other Lesser jewish sounding names, Marx-Lennin etc.

                  Leon Trotsky’s Birth real name was “Lev Bronstien”(cant recall his middle name now) Karl Marx’s birth name was as one would expect if his Father-Grandad-Great Grandad were All Rabbi’s of the Talmudic persuasions and teachings.

                  I believe it Fair to say that the jewish invention Of Communisim, is really, for lack of better term, simply “Talmudisim For Gentiles”. A Form of talmudic rule and actions and systems intended for Non jewish “Goyim” gentiles. But called “communisim” to hide that from goyims.

                  Kinda like this Sigi:Marxist Communisim derives From Jew talmudisim, which In turn, talmudic judasim derives straight out of Satan. Anybody who but researches even a small portion of talmud will see the truth in that statement. The entire tamludic teachings revolve around Jews are Humans, Goy(gentiles) are NOT human but Are Animals, like Herd or Cattle types animals.(hence the word Goyim=Herd-cattle animals)

                  Anything-everything Done TO all goyims BY jewish persons is always OK and expected and Encouraged by talmudic teachings/verses. This includes: Lie-Steal from-Kill goyims, is never a crime Nor Sin when a jew does it to gentile goys. Because jews are so special self chozens, they Deserve to be treated seperate and special compared to All goyim. Their Major Goal besides self worship, or Group jew self worship is the absolute worship of…Money!

                  Kinda like the Janus aka two headed roman god, only for talmudics the two heads represent #1 selves #2 Money.

                  That has not even touched upon the pure evils talmud promotes for jew males of Child sex with Goyim small girls and boys!…The more a person reads of talmud, the more he realizes how self centered, and perverted, and evil its teachings are. It makes muslims Koran Pale in comparisions.

                  Its too bad we dont have mandatory learning demanded for that talmudic teachings in every school in usa, as a warning Guide of sorts. I guarentee, if More folks and especially Christian folks researched a little of talmudic stuff….Things be a whole lots different today.

                  Anyways, while I omitted referense to jews killed in russia, it is mainly because my main concern is My race and christianity. And that so fewer killed were jewish folks as stated above in this comment. That in No way means I do not care about them as innocents also.

                  It just gets tireing to always need to satisfy pc requirements and note every race or group when the main issue is about others, like the trayvon issues. Yes some blacks act good etc. Most do not from personal experiences I have and general stats of crimes etc I know of. But Yes indeed! I care when blacks or jews or arabs or all other innocents get killed or screwed. I may not mention em all every time. That don’t change it though Sigi.

              • Be Informed,

                Snowden said exactly that in his first interview… Paraphrasing: He said all of our data and conversations are being stored for future analysis and, at the whim of any agent, statements we’ve made over the course of years could be strung together to make an innocent life look like that of a guilty terrorist.

                • Here it is verbatim:

                  “Because even if you’re not doing anything wrong you’re being watched and recorded. And the storage capability of these systems increases every year consistently by orders of magnitude to where it’s getting to the point where you don’t have to have done anything wrong. You simply have to eventually fall under suspicion from somebody even by a wrong call. And then they can use this system to go back in time and scrutinize every decision you’ve ever made, every friend you’ve ever discussed something with. And attack you on that basis to sort to derive suspicion from an innocent life and paint anyone in the context of a wrongdoer.”

                  • The worst part of the storing of personal info, phone conversations and emails, is that it can be altered to make it sound like someone is breaking laws.

                    How can one defend against that? The more a person tries to defend themselves, the more shit can be dug up on them.

                    It’s better to just stay out of the lime-light all together, especially if one has no “divine protection”.

                  • Will they then lock me up and provide meals? …because I’m kinda getting sick-n-tired of going to work and paying taxes. Always a bright side 🙂

                  • GV: I have not followed close all of that “Snowden” stuff. Have you heard he or any others explain How snowden being a highschool Dropout was able to get such a job with such High security clearances, and then after just 3-4 months on the job, gain massive access to such deep intel and operational systems at, was it Booze and Allan corp?

                    I just am very curious after seeing so many recently exposed scams and swindles in so many sectors. And maybe its just me, but I do find it Very hard to believe any person who is a dorp out of highschool in Todays world was able to get such a well paying, top secret type job.

                    For all I know even that stuff is incorrect info about Snowden. If its true though, well I think something Very Fishy is going on with the “snowden Caper”.

                    If you can provide any answers or xtra info on it, I thank you in advance GV.

                    Oh also, basically what so far snowden has done/provided was already Known by most folks at least since Klintons Echalon revealings 20 yrs ago almost. That to me adds to the Mystery of it all. That such a Big deals now made of telling us the same info we knew of with Klinton era.

                  • Leslie, may I suggest you read the book “Gray is the Color of Hope” by Irina Ratushinskaya (non-fiction and has nothing to do with 50 shades). When they send you away to prison because they think you deserve it for what you believe and say, they will not treat you well. 3 hots and a cot would be luxury. All this cable and state-of-the-art excercise equipment, libraries, etc. that the Left now claims is necesary for the human rights of prisoners will be kept from you and other prisoners of concience, reserved for the run-of-the-mill felons.

                  • GV how stupid can we be. Seems we have to be slapped up side the head before we learn a lesson. It’s been going on all around us for decades and we just didn’t catch on. We all just have to flood across the border into Canada and take jobs that the Canadians won’t do and work for cash under the table and then send all the money back home, and the NSA(Never Seen Again) won’t even know what we’ve been doing. This should even be easier for us than the Mexicans. Cause when we slip into Canada we’ll blend right in, we speak the same language and were white, but this will only work if your not one of the entitlement crowd. But then again they may be able to do it too, since Canada is even more Socialist than America. Just don’t know if I should do it now, or wait until my retirement fails. I am open to suggestions! Trekker Out.

                • Big F*cking Deal! The NSA has shown itself to be a paper tiger. It couldn’t properly vet a 29 year old contractor; it couldn’t catch him hacking into every data base they had; they, the CIA, and FBI couldn’t stop him from leaving the country; and these combined agencies couldn’t stop him from spilling all of this. And folks here are still worried? So unless you’re a real life “John Connor” you don’t have anything to worry about. The clowns who work in these windowless building don’t give a damn about our little lives.

                  • Why are we worrying about having our conversations twisted by our corrupt government? They are so into out-right lying about other countries, they accuse them of having weapons of mass destruction, chemical attacks on their civilians, then cannot even prove these accusations. If they are not afraid to out right lie about other countries, why would we not believe that they would do the same against any of us if they had the motivation? They wouldn’t need ANY of our taped conversations. They would just make up anything they wanted without hesitation. You can find the definition of these types of people in your psychiatric textbooks. Our grandchildren will someday ask, why didn’t more people say or do something to stop this madness. Well, we at least tried. I don’t believe that we can stop it. I think that God will use some force of nature to somewhat control their cockiness.

                  • George Satayana said, “Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

                    When in the past did we see a big and not always so accurate government spying on the minutia of “little lives?”

                    Think about Solzhenitsyn’s Gulag Archipelego. Millions of people disappeared into that system. I have photos of a friend standing in an arctic meadow where one of the camps once stood- most of the people sent to that location died of exposure, but many were worked to death.

                    The justification for the camps was economic. They did things sort of like our volunteer CCC (depression era make-work scheme) they built a lot of pre WWII infrastructure. After a while they needed more workers. Soon the police were given an arrest quota so they could keep the camps operating.

                    “In order to achieve this quota, the Secret Police simply fabricated cases against ordinary, innocent people (vividly described in Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s short story “One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich”).

                    If they didn’t care about the little lives of those who dare to disagree with them, why the use of bureacracy as a weapon against not only conservative groups, but against homeschooling parents, adoption credit-takers and others who don’t march to the tune of statism?

                    How many times have you heard that claim that they would like to rid our nation of about 25 million people? If they know what everyone thinks, it would be very easy to take out those 25 million who would otherwise be opposed to them and fighting to return America to the freer nation of its founding. Reason enough to not want to see them continue this project and reason enough to be concerned over what they have on you.

                  • To all the “thumbs down” clowns-you Bozos are legends in your own feeble little minds. There isn’t one of you that’s a blip on anyone’s radar unless you are former special ops types. The rest of you losers are nothing more than a bunch of fat little mall ninjas who never even made it out of the Boy Scouts let alone the military so stop thinking that government has got you tagged. Playing war games on your Play Station/XBOX doesn’t qualify as experience you sad delusional little children. Sleep tight and don’t let the bedbugs bite kiddies.

                  • Actually, whats really funny is that at least civilian contractor background checks are being performed by other civilian contractors. Also, the background check backlog is so big (I can’t remember which agency handles civilian background checks) that you’re automatically granted an interim clearance when you apply. I know this works at least to the secret level, no 100% about top-secret.

                    How deep can the checks be if: 1) There is a MASSIVE backlog that must be cleared, and 2) the contractors are paid per background check ‘completed’. I assume that there is a significant amount of ‘rubber stamping’ occurring.

                    I largely bypassed the civilian background check system because I arrived in the civilian world with an active military clearance. Therefore I didn’t have to jump thru any hoops, mine was just ‘transferred’.

              • Don’t be taken alive.

                • And Dont go to The light Alone!

                • SIGI: I have a Question for you. Its ok if you prefer to Not answer it. But If I recall right in a different article I think you posted that you are Russian. If so, or yes you are, are you also an Russian Orthodox Christian or perhaps Greek orthodox etc by any chance?

                  I ask only from personal curiosity is all and if you rather not answer I understand the need to remain anonamous etc. Thanks if you do answer.

              • Be Informed,

                Here is a short video that exposes the truth about Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman.

                It was a trial by media.

                Title: AFTERBURNER w/ BILL WHITTLE: The Lynching
                Youtube dot com

                (direct link below)

                  • KY Mom: Thank you; Trayvon Martin was a hoodlum who got what was coming to him. Zimmerman saved the state of Florida tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars in police, court, and incarceration costs. Zimmerman also save one or more people in Florida from the grief of being his next victim. In a few weeks as the nonsense dies downs the DOJ will come out with what they’ve known all along and that is that they don’t have a civil rights case against Zimmerman. Another win for the ‘good guys’.

                  • KY Mom – That video is AWESOME!!!!! Everyone needs to watch that in its entirety.

                  • @ KY Mom. So true that it enrages one towards the way the sticken rotten mass media lies, butt faced lies to the people. Especially crackerjack crapload news, known by its abbreviation CNN. Excellent video, at least there are some people out there that want the truth and are willing to try to show it to those that still want the truth. Thank you for this link.

              • What everyone seems to forget is the 10th amendment which states”any powers not given to the federal government remains in the state’s hands “. So Obama ,holder and all the other racebaiters can not do anything legally.

                • The State… AND THE PEOPLE!

                • BI: Yep. And Remember All folks who seek and or speak truth..They will call you a Nazi Raysiss no matter what you do, so you may as well Go All Out.

                • Its not that we have forgotten it…its that they ignore it…

                • Since when do they show any regard for the law? Since when is anyone holding them accountible to the laws they’ve already broken? Unless we can get some law enforcement to step up, they will not stop.

            • yep interesting show, I do believe the limitation was he could only go back within his life spans time so the time he was born to the time he went poof into the machine.

          • why not the Feds do it all the time, with our tax money

          • Paying for pizza is cool. Paying for sex makes a person a loser. Judging from 26 thumbs up, working girls should buy ads here.

        • If you shoot your neighborhood drone it could be your next door neighbor’s double meat pizza in transit. You know, the guy who is always peering over the fence, wanting to borrow your drill, or invites himself over when you are having a BBQ with a few friends…..

          Lock ‘N load 🙂

        • I suppose pizza smuggling will become the next
          crime wave statistic on the DHS list.

          • Screw ordering it in, make your own. My father used to prepare and freeze the ingredients for his famous pizza and thaw them the morning before planning to make a couple. The day of he would just roll out the dough, put it together and slap it in the oven.

            Me, well, I just make them to order from fresh high quality ingredients, particularly the meat coming from my butcher.

          • I will eat/consume the food of my choosing. Wonder what they would do if I parked a car in front of their house with a video camera pointed at it 24/7? Could get interesting.

            • Yes you will consume the food you choose. This is a parody not a real thing.

          • If the smuggling is committed by Illegals the stats won’t be kept. Wouldn’t want to give credit where credit is due, would we?

        • Back in the 90s I worked for a company that built data mining software. I can assure everyone that this would not have been science fiction even back then. Imagine how advanced this software is now 15 years later. They can predict your decisions, your future habits, even your thought processes just by looking at your historical data and creating models of what you did. This is the same thing the NSA is doing, creating profiles (data models) of each person based on what they say, what they buy, and who they communicate with, not at all unlike in the movie Minority Report.

      2. OK Mac you pull this one out to mae me look bad. I was owned.

        Chive On

      3. They now have a BACK DOOR GUN REGISTRY through FISA

        • This is why you never buy a papered guy ever

          And yes you can go though life with never buying a pistol or non selective fire rifle for your whole life.

        • They’ve been hitting everybody’s “backdoor” for years. Paychecks, April 15th come to mind.

      4. Sounds to me its time to either make your own or stop by on the way home and pickup hot-n-readies. or just do business with cash , no cards or shopping online

      5. We can all have a chuckle over this but…
        If we don’t stop this madness it won’t be far from the truth…

      6. wow…in order to stop this the American people really would have to behave like terrorists… wonder that TPTB already are preparing for that day to come.

        ***sigh**** I could go for a double meat combo pizza right now.

        • Thats like the 3% of the American revolution.

        • a specialty pizza from the local Pizzaria made to my specs. Sausage/pepperoni with green peppers/black olives and Chicago style sauce on a thin crust with the cheese on top. Shake a little crushed red peppers on and, UMMmm good, especially with ice cold beer.

          • You Forgot the Anchovies! Mmmmmmm….No pizza is complete without anchovies!

            • Now I know you’re crazy 😉

              • Somebody doesn’t have a sense of humor.

      7. I believe it.

        I thought this would be still 10-15 years away last year, but given that we know now the NSA has been recording basically everything; all they have to do is start organizing and routing the information and as a computer guy, I can tell you once they have thing organized how they want it, routing it so that you are most useful and least costly is easy.

        its quite possible that in 2015 this is reality and thats less than 18 months. enjoy whats coming, you have no other choice. i’d have a double meat pizza now while you still are allowed.

      8. Today, there really are about 10 things we know about America, as of now, and very soon to come:

        1. No freedom of worship
        2. No gun ownership
        3. Heavily watched by Big Brother
        4. Dollar Collapse
        5. No Voting (probably already counted)
        6. Possible ethnic cleansing
        7. WWIII
        8. Truth-tellers are silent by action
        9. No home ownership
        10. etc

        Our troops are now in Syria while the Sheep watch the Trayvon event. Probably 30 more Trayvon’s died tonite by their own colors. I’m sure other innocent folks will be at wrong place at the wrong time.

        To tell you the truth, I never visualized America falling this fast. America is in third world mode.

        I see zero recovery for America. The Bad Days are here. Just be prepared and get ready.

        • @ Ugly

          I see a possible scenario whereby #7 will set the stage for #4 and martial law. All other categories will follow except for #3. Because #3 is already here and being done. When the “Big” NSA Data Collection Center is completed this year it will house the first exaflop machines (1 quintillion instructions per second).

          Nothing will be “sacred or private” any longer.

          If this doesn’t set the stage for Antichrist, nothing will.

          Oh yea, just to add some new understandings about the “Mark of the Beast” scenario. As there will be 7000 of the fallen angels returning with Satan to operate his “One/New – World System”. There will be a plan to “chip” the masses. Not only will it be a tracking device and personal ID link to “all” stored data on that individual; there will be DNA upgrades installed into those accepting the chip/mark. Only, the upgrade (as they will call it) will be a downgrade by changing the DNA structure of an individual and making them a Demonic Hybrid. Therefore, as God has spoken; they will be doomed for eternity if they “willingly” accept the chip/mark. Don’t ask me to document it, just believe it is real and will happen.

          Some say it won’t happen in our lifetime, but it is here and knocking at the door. The exponential chain of events that lead to the very day, may well be set to unfold over the next two years.

          Plan for it and most importantly; Pray for it!
          The sooner it happens the sooner we get rid of this mess that evil men have created and pushed upon us.

          • The Antichrist is the man of lawnessness and if any one word sums up our present government it is LAWLESS. That said, many other governments are lawless as well. Prayerfully watch and wait (prep while you do that of course) and be ready for anything.

          • PissinginWind.

            I agree with your post. Also, I do believe the Anti-Christ is alive and well and waiting for his turn. Who is he? Don’t know, but we will find out fairly soon….

            The tracking chip is here. It was mentioned in Bill Gates book, ‘The Road Ahead’ in 1995. But we know it is here and it will be used for all aspects of human life. The currency system is not lasting and a new and effective one will be implemented.

            Most people will accept all of this as we have already accepted the fact that most of our financial transactions are without currency and are already digital.

            We have gone from the 1970s of using mostly cash to the 2000s with using mostly credit and digital technology. The iPhones and iPads will speed that even more.

            Here we are.

          • Hey Pissin’inthewind,

   and document ALL that you say so let me recap:

            a- Martial Law will be declared soon and from what I can see, in my view only, soon is probably anywhere from 8/20/13 to 10/5/13 (or shortly thereafter).

            b- Martial Law will be declared because the entire banking system worldwide will collapse.

            c- This collapse will result in food riots and food wars because the dollar will lose all value.

            d- The Mark of the Beast will be/is an RFID chip that we will be told will help us acquire food and other goods BUT Our Lord told Maria and John several things about it:

            i. It will immediately remove His gift to you of free will;
            ii. You will hear voices commanding you to do whatever the antichrist has directed;
            iii In the chip are diseases designed to kill hundreds and hundreds of millions of people;
            iv. Any person who accepts the mark of the beast will immediately be consigned to hell.

            e- Men in black uniforms (there are already 15,000 Russian troops training in our country by conservative estimate) will come to take to detention centers for murdering/killing/exterminating all who REFUSE the mark of the beast and He said soon Bibles will be outlawed and our government has not only purchased 6 bullets for every child, woman, and man in our country, it has also purchased 30,000 guillotines for those who refuse the mark;

            f- Our Lord said that when Martial Law is declared it will be time to go to His Refuge Places;

            g- At that time everyone is to invoke her/his Guardian Angel who will lead you to such a Refuge Place and on the way there you will be rendered invisible to any and all evil doers and the refuge place itself will be rendered invisible and be protected by God’s Angels;

            My friends, can I continue to be honest with you?

            2 very close family members think I’m nuts and need a psychiatric evaluation but I can assure you as I did them that I am not psychotic and quite sane.

            Two, having studied and researched all the above I have absolutely NO doubt about anything I’ve written here.

            Three, I think Edward Snowden was SCARED TO DEATH about what he was privy to and what he saw or has knowledge of.

            MANY people are ASLEEP, all NUMBED OUT by their 722 Cable Channels every night.

            Four, God is quite ANGRY at the evil in the world BUT He desires ALL His children to be in his Kingdom and some of the requirements for that will be turning to Him to avail yourself to His Divine Mercy.

            Five, Christ has said He will work GREAT Miracles to PROTECT His Faithful.

            Six, Christ WILL RETURN SOON to DEFEAT the antichrist and throw all his followers into hell.

            My friends, I am not against anyone here owning registered weapons but please, make no mistake:
            – when it goes down it will go down in ways NO movie has EVER depicted;
            – when it does down there will be TOTAL, and MASS chaos and disorganization;
            – when it does down there will be legions of law enforcement both domestic and foreign suddenly present in most of our communities;
            – when it goes down you MUST keep your WITS about you and THINK;
            – when it goes down you would be wise to pray, turn to God for help, and invoke your Guardian Angel to be rendered not visible to all evil doers including troops and others already implanted with the chip.

            The evil one knows how armed you are and wants to seduce you into exhausting your weapons instead of turning to the God who made you who Loves you and wants to give you His Protection.


            • You need to check this with scripture. It’s pretty clear that one will have a choice of immediate execution or taking the mark. You won’t be fooled and if you reject it you don’t stick around to starve or forage, you die. If your soul is right with God, why stay here?

              • Sounds like Another “CULT” complete with some Lead guy whom God Speaks to audibly. Why not Read actual Scriptutres? Because most of that guys info is nowhere mentioned in the bibles I own. So far, Nobody is Privy to any such insider info of become Invisable! etc etc.

                I been saying for over 40 yrs some type computer component will likley be what the 666 Mark is and how its implemented. But I also always tell folks to READ their bible and Pray for Guidence because I cannot say for “certain” I am correct. Nobody can. Unless maybe a system Is in place and ready to go and a few true insiders know of it.

                There likley wont be no invisibleness to it though.

                Rev ch 13, describes the revealing of antichrist, and by verse 7 or 8, says the Very first thing he shall do officially. “He shall Make WAR with the Saints” Many will be killed, the rest taken Captive.”

                A few verses later it describes the 2nd beast aka a False Prophet(sure is many to choose from with so many todays false preachermen eh!) That false prophet is who it says will cause folks to recieve the Mark etc.

                It dont say antichrist causes folks to take a mark. The 2nd beast aka false prophet is what it states does so.

                Also in chapter 13 rev it Plainly states the antichrist will get 42 Months untill his End comes. Thats 3+ 1/2 Yrs…NOWHERES does it say “7” yrs like most pastros teach today. Thats invented falshoods from takeing a few Words Out of context from book of Danial, not even an entire full sentence! Out of context few words of “One week” and preachers twist it into 7 yrs, peace contract with israel, pretrib rapture escapisim falshoods.

                Danials 70 weeks were all finished Long ago from 500 BC era to 165 BC era. Long prior to Christ was born.

                Toss them scofield bibles, get rid of Darbyisim too, and Read what the scriptures actually state. Make good use of some factual historic book that deals with Those BC eras danial was wrote in. Check actual Names of cities and nations used in Danials chapters, and have been Changed by other kings or leaders etc as time moved fwd.

                Asyria is mentioned alot in old testement. See any such asyria today on any Maps? me neither. Nations Names change. So does who the people are that reside there at different eras. You need consider these issues too when deciphering the real bible meanings.

                IMHO: Nobody can really understand the bible very well unless they trow Off first 99.9% of what todays preachers has taught them to believe in. Then RE read your bible, along with Valid Text book of Historic names of areas-lands-peoples-etc from Those eras 2500+ yrs ago.

                • Them Guys say,

                  Everything I said is all at so before you declare a priori that none of this is true or will take place, I strongly encourage you to READ the Messages at that site as well as those at

                  IF you do, you will learn that Revelation does indeed speak of the False Prophet and the Mark of the Beast and I did NOT say that people would be FORCED to take it. Those who do NOT take it WILL be killed!

                  The Mark of RFID Chip will be the deceptive means by which people will be told that it will help us access food and other needed items but as I explained in my post, that is all a bunch of horse manure!

                  With sincere respect to you, Sir, the problem with WHAT you wrote is that it is filled with half-truths AND is written out of laziness, because if you ARE person enough to read each and every post HERE, at THIS site, then what ELSE can explain or Would explain your choosing NOT to read the two websites that I give as sources?

                  But I LOVE what you wrote when you say you recommend to others TO read their Bible AND to PRAY for GUIDANCE!


                  AMEN, sir!


                  Because God’s Holy Spirit will help EACH of us DISCERN the truth AND what God WANTS us to do.

                  My point is that Christ wants to save as MANY souls as HE CAN so the MESSAGES at are PRECISELY HIS way of SHOWING us HOW we can be protected.

                  As I said, when it all goes down, it will go down so fast, so quickly, that guns notwithstanding, EACH of us WILL need SUPERnatural help.

                  We are told to INVOKE our Guardian Angel when Martial Law is declared or shortly thereafter, and we will be shown WHERE to go AND we WILL be PROTECTED.

                  The Beast will NOT win, unless, of course, we are too lazy to outsmart him.

                  – The Lone Ranger

        • Ugly, I agree.
          For the innocent, law-abiding patriot in America, it is like musical chairs here and every day, there are less chairs.

          • JayJay.

            I can’t blame MSM too much. They are telling a large audience what they want to hear. It seems many Americans are apathetic towards the truth. It is pretty much a ‘who cares’ as long as I am not being bothered.

            Or, it is a ‘what I don’t know cannot hurt me’….

            When the economic meltdown occurs after the money printing has ran its course, we will see that ‘what we don’t know can hurt us’. And it will hurt all of us at varying degrees.

          • @California Resident.

            Unfortunately, but that stuff goes on all the time. It doesn’t matter when a white kid is killed. That isn’t very ‘news-worthy’ and won’t get much of a response.

            The only thing I know is that we seem to be dividing our Nation further and further. And yes, I believe many Democrats are enjoying this type of division.

        • Did Anybody Else LOSE Internet connections from aprox 4:00 PM sat afternoon,untill went back on at aprox 2:00PM Today, sunday afternoon? Am curious if it was just My mich area lost connection? Or nationwide or region wide loss?

          It definatly Was due to problems at Server which is CenturyLink for my area connection. Only info I got was recorded messg that problem was with Server and expected back on 2pm sunday. Any others have such troubles?

          I at first wondered if feds shut it down to avoid twitter messg’s by blacks wanting to roit and protest across 100 cities as tv news stated was to occure over weekend. Aint heard nothing on that either!

          Was there Any protests or rioting by blacks over weekend?

          Useless tv msm news fails to report any important info, too busy standing “baby watch” in Britian for some kid to be born! Or reporting the lastest fat reducer pills for women to lose weight etc. No real or good news info anymore. Man 20+ hrs of zero internet ability was Missed alot!

          • We were ok here in that time frame.

        • There was a political cartoon in the local paper today, courtesy of Rob Rogers of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. It showed the dome of the US capitol building blown off by a mushroom cloud. Two citizens standing by say to each other “Good…Now we can start fresh!”

      9. I remember when this video first came out years ago. Everyone told we I was nuts and laughed it off as a parody. I got hammered with, “Yeah Joe, you’re just fucking paranoid.” or “You should get checked out if you think this can happen.”, and then the truth comes out. Now, all those assholes that would say that stuff won’t talk to me because they’re either still living with their heads in a hole, or they think I’m going to rub in their faces. What the hell, all I ever wanted is for them to get a clue and RESIST THIS SHIT!

      10. Another major earthquake forecasted correctly. 6.9 New Zealand’s Cook Strait, this is between North and South Islands. On July 9 at 8:43 AM on the article about Health can kill you with the push of a button, it was forecasted that North Island New Zealnd was one of the areas that was targeted to get hit by July 24. This was on comment # 1872932.

        Mac, is there anyway I can get to all my comments records about all the times this theory has been successful in forecasting major earthquakes? I was reading something on the USGS that no one has ever successfully predicted major earthquakes, and this is like the 30-40th time this has worked. I might want the USGS to eat some crow if I get in one of those moods about the horse manure that the government feds us.

        • Just call the NSA and get a copy of your posts!

          • Kula tell me they lied! I called the NSA and asked, and they told me you wasn’t really a farmer. Trekker Out.

        • I admit, I search each story for your posts about earthquakes. It would be ENORMOUSLY helpful to me – and I assume many others here – if you had a dedicated place on this site (or another) for your analysis/predictions/announcements.

          Once again, thank you for taking all the time and effort to analyze and report here on earthquake activity (though I’ll add I enjoy all your posts, no matter the subject).

      11. Listen in all ya want NSA…pretty boring here!!! A whole lot of nothing…….and really dont give a shit!!

      12. Me and the misses make our own homemade Pizza and use non GMO wheat. We use bacon from our slaughtered hog (sorry PETA), cheese made from the raw milk we trade eggs for, our own herbs and vegies grown in our garden, and chicken we raised…… hmmm no double meat issues here and no pimple faced kid in a tuner car showing up to deliver. Oh and it is cooked in our outdoor homemade wood burning Pizza oven. Dose steaks nice to… oops… sorry PETA.

      13. Reminds me of the movie “Eagle Eye”.

      14. @ B.I., Thank you for you post on double jeopardy, and a remedial lesson regarding the 5th Amendment. The laws protecting Our individual rights, those once reasonable rules of the republic for which We, at least some of us, still stand, and for which many others have paid the ultimate sacrifice, must NOT be alienated…we have a serious dilemma with the “fast-tracked” erosion of our Constitution and our Nation of laws that once regarded the individual as the embodiment of it’s soul.

        The emergence of the Digital Age provides anyone, especially bottomless-budgeted information manipulators a.k.a. shadowy alphabet agencies hiding behind awkward acronyms, polluted politicians, false flag events, and “the curtain”, unlimited opportunity to alter the past at anytime in the future. These sinister minions can and do actually cut and paste us into and out of existence on a whim. There’s very little separating fact from fiction based on the average “consumer’s” mental state due to long-term conditioning by mass-media, MSM television news, advertising and “reality-bites” shows. Every 10-30 seconds we get a conflicting message on television, whether it’s the real news that we are seeking, the floppy “we’re now telling you what we’re going to tell you after these important upcoming messages from our sponsors who we don’t really endorse” local news channels, engaged/disengaged celebrity parody “daily news” shows, zealous fat-burning ab-cruncher infomercials, anti-human-anti-depressant-anti-healthy “unnatural” experimental FDA drug dealer advertisements, or even that nasty metal-to-metal pelvic hip replacement bladder mesh vaginal wall uterus erupting baby aborting diaphragm medical malpractice lawyer hotline tip I get to watch during dinner…EVERYTHING the sheeple are being conditioned to believe can be turned on its head from day to day, just as written in Orwell’s 1984 per the Ministry of Information, or misery of disinformation as we all clearly know.

        Our beloved P’sTB can photo shop our voices along with any images and/or excerpts of our lives we’ve inadvertently provided them, as the age of CGI is upon us…may God help the good defeat the evil! They censor, edit and rewrite telephone transcripts…don’t believe me? Have a google phone number? Call yourself, cuss yourself out, blurt out anything you wish to say.. just for the record… it’s YOUR call to YOURSELF so YOU should know what you said, and it should be private right? Look how it gets distorted…I mean blatantly distorted…they make sh*t up if the computer can’t keep up…it’s NOT a science it’s an experiment…it’s CRIMINAL and it’s happening to all of us.

        And for the record, I’m now calling myself a White White American Individual. There’s not a lick of pepper on this salty cracker and English is my primary language of choice. Goo Goo Gah Gah was my language of birth and Mandarin Chinese might come in handy some day too, just sayin’.

        PS…I’m hooked on globalincidentmap ( for my live earthquake updates and NOAA’s space weather warnings ( with a prayer we never experience the infamous Stratworm.
        Keep looking up…and smile when you call me that!

      15. Actions speak louder than words. Is anybody actually doing anything to reverse the slide into tyranny in the u.s.a.? The escalating series of events attacking liberty in America have been met with meek opposition from the citizens. Their game is to smash dissent before necessary numbers unite to force needed and demanded change. The people still have the power, yet need to reject the divide and conquer agenda of our enslavers. When people put aside their petty differences, a change beneficial to all will become reality.

        • We have not yet reached “critical mass” so keep on seeking and spreading the Truth…it’s a constant battle and one day we shall vanquish evil…at least that’s how the story is “supposed” to end. Watch you backs…Paranoid People Live Longer! God Bless the Good and remember, “actions speaker louder than words” and “words are our thoughts in action”…make ’em count!! America is a good Republic and it CAN be fixed, it’s a crappy capitalist democracy (stakeholder driven corporatrocity)…we just need to stick together as “A People” invested in Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness…all “willing” demographics included…because we can ALL get along, as long as we avoid MOB RULE democracy and stick with the principles set forth by this republic’s prophetic Founding Fathers. We are all equal when at the bottom of the barrel.

      16. what a switch, everything on the site predicts that there will be no 2015 and now we’ll be eating pizza in 2015

      17. Everything you say, do, type, text and think will be used against you….. You have the right to remain conspicuous in the court of the government……. what’s mine is mine and whats yours is mine – Get used to it……

        • They can’t track what you think if it hasn’t left your brain as some form of communication.

      18. Guys , I originally wanted to post this on the drone article but it may not get read.
        Some disturbing things from work on Friday.

        Do you realize that the FAA has a component that works with DHS , I.E. air Marshall service,
        The FAA is integrated into DHS for a lot of things (OPSEC PRECLUDES ANYTHING ADDITIONAL) it is a growing agency recently taking some redundant tasks from NASA which has become a shell of it’s former self.
        IT seems a lot of our federal agencies are becoming politicalised and militarized with the agency heads being replaced with the Kenyans political appointees while the rank and file are being sequestrated ,
        (At least certain employees who do not fit the Kenyans ethnic profile are) and are encouraged to inform on your co- workers ( insider theat program it’s real I know I get the .gov emails) to remove those who do not fit the profile or speak out , discrimination is not discrimination when those in power weild it.
        I accepted my .gov job because my prior employment Engineering did not have any opportunities due to the 2008 economic collapse, I had to rely on my previous skills from my younger days luckily I have keep in shape and can still meet the standards of a PMC not fun at this stage in life but it puts food on the table. There are a lot of .gov workers that are preppers and believe in the Constitution , Bill of rights et al, and are on this site. Chime in tell us of your recent work difficulties let others know what the POS’s in high places are doing in your division.
        There is a lot of discontent in foggy bottom. Read Snowden, I think the wheels are about to come off this administration.

        I think the whole system will soon self destruct and then its “Katy Bar the Door”
        I will be very suprised if it holds up until October , the month most leftist revolutions seem to occur, I do not in my humble opinion think we will last till the 2014 elections before we face as a people real difficulties, as BI posted ” there is a bad moon rising”

        Finialize you preps, Get Fit, Organise your neighbors if they are willing, Trust in God

        Semper Fi 8541

        • Night breaker

          We need more like you posting that are gov employees.

          How severe is the whistle blower doctrine amongst your fellow workers..are many afraid of repercussions or are most all too willing to comply with mandates?

          This reminds me all too well of the tenacious web of the East German Stasi before their collapse..and all they had was physical hands on/paper doc/ info on everyone..not the high tech we have today..

          I had to quietly chuckle when Congress just stated they are attempting to”limit” nsa covert opps here in the states..what a they really think we are all morons?

          Congress and all the alphabet agencies are equally despicable and none can be trusted from the top echelons.

          God’s speed to those of you on the inside,,,keep posting and keep exposing these bastards..



          • A lot of people are very afraid especially the contract people. more so, some are willing to rat others out for personal gains it is becoming a very hostile work environment I am pretty safe I managed to surround myself with like minded individuals at work we only discuss things among our selves out of office ear shot if possible. Still trust no one.
            We have to walk A VERY FINE LINE with what we post to avoid severe repercussions IT IS like East Germanies Gehime Statspolizi, I don’t like the way it’s GOING DOWN.

            Stay Safe , watch your 6’s , Prepare the basics (water , food , shelter , defense)

            Semper Fi 8541

      19. Look at the numbers people!!!.. “There are many more of us…than there are of them” …

        When there’s an infestation of pests in your home.. What do you do? You don’t wait until the pests run you out.. NO! You Run the pests OUT of your home!!

        When the time comes… History will repeat itself.. And man will challenge man’s existence on this earth.. Not because man is evil.. It’s because man came from the Same tree the Ape evolved from.. But I strongly feel that a “act of God” will intervene before this happens to buffer man’s self destruction .. May it be by Natural destruction .. Or plaege.. This will humble Us all – Because at the end of the day.. We are all created the same.. There is No ONE on this earth that is more superior than anyone else.. Just because of the position they hold in government or how lucky they’ve been in amassing wealth.. ( If god decided to Humble us All.. Money and or Power wouldn’t make a damn bit of difference)

        I sure hope that you all don’t “Hate on me” Too much on my views!

      20. Is it still $8 for carry out M-Thur? Hawaiian with wild boar/Dole apple. Book it Okie. I lie in a good neighborhood.

        • Ahhh….Teddy….you just dialed NSA’s number!! You really should be more CareFul!!!…….mm~

        • Teddy, you fat bastard! Extra crispy crust down there?

        • Ted, you get that pie yet? Delivery boy left 6 hrs ago. He was on a blue Schwinn (3 speed, banana seat) with chi-ching bell on left side of handle bars. Satlink is back up. Call me on the private line, let me know if he made it. Otherwise, will put out APB….

          • I keep getting the “out of office” song. Staff got the pies. Tell Bob to give himself a one handed clap in the V.A. geriatrics pool while wading. Tell him his wife has more class.

      21. Does anyone know if this nsa site is hardened against emp? Would this facility still be powered if we lost the entire electrical grid:?

        • My vote is to breed the “crazy ants” that invade electronic systems and turn them lose near NSA establishments. When one of them dies, it sends out a chemical signal that attracts hundreds more to the point they fill up the device and short it out. I have dealt with infestations of regular ants and they managed to outsmart almost everything I used against them.

        • Good question. As bad as it would be left alone, if our enemies were to invade and get the lot follwing and EMP- the mind boggles!

        • Their website says that they have 60 diesel generators but only enough fuel for three days. They say they hope to have a computer system online by 2018 that can break AES encryption in an actionable time frame. They are advertising for employees who would like to work in domestic surveillance.


          They just broke ground on a second data center at Fort Meade, which will be nearly as big as the first. They plan on opening it in 2016.

          • They also have a dog kennel, in case anyone needs to know.

          • Fort Meade, is probobly the one that will be run and manned by Israeli Mosad agents. One to spy on usa folks, another to spy on rest of world folks. With Actual HQ split between London-Telaviv-New York. DC is just a Diversion of sorts.

            The Only missing info now is: Will Bibi NetanYhaoo make a surprize visit to usa and attend grand openings?

            And if he does visit usa again, will all 535 members of us congress and senate again Kiss his worthless Ass?

            Finally due to such Raw kommie actions by the Resident Primate, hobammy, should Congress shorten its Name to..”CONGO”?

      22. Zimmerman’s lawyers should inform the police chief in writing that he has 24 hours to deliver the pistol to George, else face a lawsuit and possible criminal charges for denying Zimmerman his civil rights! Both sides can play that game. Holder should also be named in the lawsuit.

      23. As if all this were not bad enough, I just read that Helen Thomas had died and been tragically taken from us. I haven’t grieved this badly since I read Teresa Heinz Kerry was hospitalized.

        • Helen Thomas is is dead? How can they tell?

          • How many servers did she take to the grave.

            • Secrets

      24. can they stop by the store and drop me off some ammo to go with my pizza? I wonder how much the surcharge for that is?

        • The other day someone sent me a idea for a new convenience store. He was going to call it ATF. After reading this article maybe he should name it FAT.

      25. @ MadAtchew. New Zealand was within that ring or arc about 11 days and then they had that 6.9 or 6.8. The USGS, that I seldom trust downgraded it to a 6.5, still a mjor earthquake. GeoScience in Australia that is much closer to the source rates it a 6.8. The South Sandwich Islands earthquake is what really concerns me still because the Pacific Northwest and to Western Wyoming and Montana are within the arc of this 7.3 precursor quake. Ugly knows what happened in 1983 when the same spot had an earthquake in the Sandwich Islands of 7.1. Idaho had a 7.0 and move Borah Peak moved up more than a foot.

        You are so correct about the fast track of the erosion of what has kept this country together for the past 237 years. While many other countries have gone through upheavels and plenty of despotic dictators and having the crap bombed out of them, the United States has remained free because of the Constitution. Now these idiots want to get rid of this that has protected them, their parents, grandparents, etc., calling it archiac and out of touch with today’s world. Since when has the freedom of the individual and a country EVER become some fossil?

        Then the MSM portrays the Bill Of Rights as the reason why children are shot at a school. That the very Amendment that safeguards from a tyranny from taking over the government, they make out to be evil. The attack on the 2nd Amendment is not only wrong to protect the inner workings of the country from itself, but to protect the country from foreign invasion by having a well regulated civilian army to be a necessary back up to the regualr armed forces.

        I see attack after attack on the Bill of Rights. Even the 9th Amendment that guarantees that the Constitution is correctly read and followed. The 5th. Amendment being loopholed is not only a violation of the 5th, but also a violation of the 9th because the 5th. is not being followed like it was suppose to be.

        I tell you, someone once said that lawyers were going to be the death of the country. Not those attorneys that are trying to uphold the laws of the land and protect everyone. The scum bag lawyers that want to warp around everything to benefit their own pocketbooks and their masters own political agendas are the true traitors of the country and the idiot’s own survival. This is why it is so important to constantly remind as many people as possible about what freedom means.

        • Is China in the arc? Also, Oregon had a 4.2 today. Thanks B.I.

          • @ Boo. Here is the arc to watch for until the end of the month, maybe August 1 that occurred from the South Sandwich Islands 7.3 quake.

            Central and nothern Argentina
            Northern Chile
            Western Peru and Ecuador
            Guatamala and El Salvador
            Southern Mexico
            Western Texas
            Utah, Western Wyoming, Idaho, Western Montana
            Western Washington and far northwest Oregon
            Southern Alaska
            Kamchata Peninsula
            Kuril Islands and Northern Japan
            Far eastern China
            North Philippines
            Far west Indonesia, where the 2004 mega quake occurred
            All the way around the southern portion of the Indian Ocean
            Back to the starting point

            Anyone can use a tape measurer or flat piece of string on a standard size globe or larger and follow this arc or circle around the planet. You will see how the string or tape measurer curves with the contours of the planet and how it is not a straight line like we would see on a flat 2 dimensional map. The next large earthquake should follow this line. I fear that the Pacific Northwest is most at risk because the previous earthquakes on these plate boundaries have lead to major earthquakes in the northwest. There is also a type of energy from the recent earthquakes that seem to be pointing to between about 40-54 degrees north and between 110 and about 126 degrees west.

            The Chinese quake today was about 700 miles to the west of this arc. The other areas to watch that seems to be a starting point for a lot of the energy is the Atacama desert to southern Peru, and especially the Kuril Islands to eastern Russia. Of course all the areas are primed right now, and all these areas when this region of the South Sandwich Islands has been hit with a 6+ have had a major earthquake within at least 30 days, most 15 days.

            • Thanks BI,
              Whenever I hear of an earthquake, I check for your interpretations. You get the information up amazingly fast.

      26. In truth…it will only be worse.

      27. I think the black white thing will die out as the races are mixing in time.

        • Black-White miscegenation only produces more Negroes.

          • Obama is black but he is half white… and there ain’t no good half either.

        • Considering we all came from one original couple, the more mixed the ethnicities the closer to the original perfection the offspring.

          • So African mud huts (pick any period – those of 213 B.C. are interchangeable with those of 2013 A.D.) are “perfection” and the moon landing was just a mutated fluke? You’ll have to try harder. On another note, I just took a piss into a glass of Dom Perignon — since it’s all based on “water,” what’s the difference? Drink up!

            • Wow are you a warped mind or what? Probably an “or what” poser who comes here to make the community look bad.

              • In whose eyes does the expression of an opinion such as mine “look bad?” Blacks? Jews? The $PLC? Or perhaps you were referencing my comment from the viewpoint of diseased and brainwashed Whites who can be seen pushing scowling, simian-visaged “babies” around in strollers.

                There are no taboos here, and your attempt to elect yourself community spokesman and define what constitutes “acceptable” opinion (a technique of zionist regime trolls) falls flat.

      28. Yea i,ll stop that from happening. Time to grow my own wheat, have a big garden and raise some butchering animals. I will make my own pizzas!

        • If you raise a cow, the FDA requires an RFID ear tag and a electronic tracking database for your “farm records”. Heck, you even need a license to keep a bunny-rabbit if you’re a magician. So far I haven’t seen chickens or goats wearing tags, however. Not around here, but then this is also an area where some guys distill “spirits” in the back of the barn. I love my B.O.L. ! !

          • @ @ Old Coach…….So that’s why a bear wandering though my backyard, had a collar with a box that had antennas on it and a big 66 painted on it’s side !! Poor animals have to precede us, by being Bagged-Tagged- Followed every where they go !!……mm~

      29. Al Qaeda’s Sinai commander was Bin Laden’s physician Dr. Ramzi Mowafi, a chemical arms expert

        Dr. Ramzi Mowafi, Bin Laden’s former physician leads al Qaeda forces in Sinai

        DEBKAfile Exclusive Report Jul 21, 2013, 6:36 PM (IDT)

        For more than two and a half years, Dr. Ramzi Mowafi, once Osama bin Laden’s personal physician, has led the most dangerous terrorist group in Sinai, Ansar al Jihad in the Sinai Peninsula, debkafile reveals. A charismatic figure and able operational commander, Mowafi has gathered a following of 7,000 to 9,000 armed men. Incoming intelligence showing Dr. Mowafi to be organizing a large group of Sinai terrorists for a major cross-border attack in Israel as well as on Egyptian forces has kept IDF border units on high alert for the past two weeks.

        Keep the FAITH

        • So Where does Debka file get Their main info from?

          We are expected to believe this guy with 7000-9000 men is going to cross israli border and attack egypts armys also?

          Sounds like debka gets info straight from netanyhaoos HQ office, or else SPLC-ADL sources perhaps.

          Then again maybe their main source info comes to debka file Via NY Mayor bloomberg…Not much can be trusted from any of those sources as all has the same agenda, all lie when it suits them to, especialy when they are Instigating and stiring up Another war or revolt so they and their zio banksters can profit massivly.

          • OOPPS! Forgot to note Chemical weapons should be the First Clue it is BS reporting by israeli jewish rabid warmongers. Kinda like GW Bush’s WMD Lies to decieve usa into another war For jews. If they lied on WMD’s in 2001? and yes they sure did! Why would any sane person trust or believe any similar info again? Especially from those sources that are run by zionists.

      30. This thread is meandering in all directions, so here’s a link for you. I wasn’t in this mindset in 1977, I was 22 then, I don’t even remember this! So some of you may not either. Just another reason that history has given us for prepping.

        • Also, this was in the midst of Son of Sam, economical downturn, extreme heat, etc. lots of reasons to stay home!

          • That was a lot of Pontiacs stolen from the dealerships. Seeing that they were the only ones taken made me laugh.

      31. To restore order in a civil disturbance, a control force must isolate the disturbance area to prevent the disturbance from spreading. It must protect the people, facilities, and services likely to become targets of attacks in a continuing disturbance. It must exert control over the disobedient crowds. It must establish control of the disturbance area. And it must neutralize any special threats that arise.
        Federal forces can expect to do one, some, all, or any part of these operational tasks. Which operational tasks they perform and to what extent depends on the kind of disturbance and the reason for federal intervention.
        Useful measures for isolating an area include barriers, patrols, pass and ID systems, and control of public utilities. Some measures may be in place before the disturbance. Civil authorities usually have a means to control public utilities. Street lights, gas, electric, water, and telephone service must be able to be turned on or off to support control force tactics. Passage into and out of the isolated area must be controlled. Persons connected with the disturbance should not be able to move into or out of the area. But emergency medical personnel, public work crews, media members, and others may need to enter or leave the disturbance area. And persons residing within a disturbance area may need to travel to and from work. Installation and/or municipal contingency plans usually include a pass and ID system to allow authorized personnel into and out of restricted areas. To be effective, a pass and ID system must be carefully planned in detail before it is needed.
        Unimpeded government operations are essential. Public transportation, communications, and other public services and utilities also must continue operations during periods of unrest and tension. Disruption of such services works hardships and increases unrest and the possibility of group violence. The control force must prevent acts of interference with public functions and help maintain those functions.
        Control of a civil disturbance area usually does not require the imposition of martial rule. The role of the military is to support, not supplant, civil authority. Thus military forces never take over. They issue orders and regulations only to support and enforce civil law and to restore civil authority.
        The concept of martial rule is unusual in that it is not written, neither in the form of law nor as a military regulation. Martial rule is based on public necessity. Public necessity in this sense means public safety. Martial rule usually is exercised at the direction of the President. But state authorities may take such action within their own jurisdictions. And local military commanders do have emergency authority if time factors would thwart effective action. For example, after the 1906 earthquake General Funston ordered buildings in San Francisco dynamited to halt the spread of fire. At the same time, he announced and enforced measures against looting.
        Whether or not martial rule has been proclaimed, commanders must weigh each proposed action against the threat to public order and safety. If the need for martial rule arises, the military commander at the scene must so inform the Army Chief of Staff and await instructions. If martial rule is imposed, the civilian population must be informed of the restrictions and rules of conduct that the military can enforce. The information, whether announced by proclamation or order, is given the widest possible distribution by all media.

        Taken from FM19-15 Civil Disturbances

        Keep the FAITH

      32. Maybe an ID to buy a pizza, but no ID to vote.

      33. I think the Antichrist is probably going to be a Muslim.

        * No offense to the Jew haters.

        • Reading my bible: Which bible verses says you should hate muslims?….And why do you confuse Discernment, and then Righteous Reproving and Rebukeing of jews when appropriate, as some form of jew hater?

          Are jews somehow immune to critisisim when clearly in the wrong? Or is it that folks should never question anyting jew related?

          And was Jesus a Jew hater for despiseing and Rebuking Pharisee Rabbi and their talmudic jewish followers?(check/read John 8 vs 44 and Rev 2 vs 9 and rev 3 vs 9)

          Or was Jesus a jew hater when he so rebuked the temple Money Changers(jew banksters today) that Christ made a three cord braided Whip, and kicked their jew bankster asses, then Threw their sorry jew bankster asses Out of their temple?

          Or good thing you are reading the bible as its obvious you need more research eh!

      34. I sure hope the pizza man that shows up at the door isn’t THIS GUY!


        Isn’t THIS THING

        Thanks NSA. Since you already know where we are all the time, isn’t it the next logical step that you can now send someone to let us know that you know where we are all the time.


      35. ‘Earl’s Pizza, Laundromat, and Small Engine Repair. How can I help you?’

        “Howdy, Earl. It’s Bubba. Can ya make me one of them supremes on a thin crust? And have Jimbo deliver it on his Harley. I aint got time for your old ford van to break down in route like it did the last three pizzas we ordered?”

        ‘Sure thing, Bubba. You need any sody pop with that?’

        “No. But have Jimbo stop at the quickie mart and get us a 6pak of Bud.”

        ‘No problem. I’ll tell him to remember and take his fake ID. They got a new cashier and she don’t know him yet. Anything else?’

        “Yeah, now that you mention it, send along a couple of them shiney spinner lures. The ones we was using out at Mud Lake the other day. And a 7/16ths end wrench. I gotta change battery cables on the Evinrude… Oh, and Bubba, are you baby sittin the twins tonight?”


        “Then, wash yer hands before ya make the pizza. I heard Marge say today the twins both had a touch of the poops.”

        • Okie sorry I hit the thumbs down by mistake. I liked this one.

      36. My name was Antonio West. I was the 13-month old child who was shot in the face at point blank range by two black teens, who were attempting to rob my mother, who was also shot.

        I think my murder and my mommy’s wounding made the news for maybe a day, and then disappeared.

        A Grand Jury of my mommy’s peers from Brunswick , Georgia ruled the black teens who murdered me will not face the death penalty… too bad it was me who got the death sentence from my killers instead, because Mommy didn’t have the money they demanded.

        See, my family made the mistake of being white in a 73% non-white neighborhood, but my murder wasn’t ruled a ‘hate crime’.

        Oh, and President Obama didn’t take a single moment to acknowledge my murder. He couldn’t have any children who could possibly look like me – so why should he care?

        I’m one of the youngest murder victims in our great Nation’s history, but the media didn’t care to cover the story of my being killed in cold blood.

        There isn’t a white equivalent of Al Sharpton, because if there was he would be branded a ‘racist’. So no one’s rushing to Brunswick , Georgia to demonstrate and demand ‘justice’ for me. There’s no ‘White Panther’ party, either, to put a bounty on the lives of the two black teens who murdered me.

        I have no voice, I have no representation, and unlike those who shot me in the face while I sat innocently in my stroller – I no longer have my life.

        Isn’t this a great country?

        So while you’re out seeking ‘justice for Trayvon’, please remember to seek ‘justice’ for me. Tell your friends about me, tell you families, get tee-shirts with my face on them, and make the world pay attention, just like you did for Trayvon.

        I won’t hold my breath.

        I don’t have to anymore.

        Keep the FAITH

        • BI: Good description of events etc. Sounds as if you been busy studying the enemy camps “protocals of zion elders” road map plans to accomplish most of what you wrote and most of what we see occureing today in the usa.

          I seen an online ad for a newer brand of KKK org at another website recently. Cannot recall actual org full name now. Something like “white christian knights” or similar…Ad says its an org for whites to have white representation etc. Hard to argue that point is sorely needed eh. Todays whiteys are the Only race or group without a formal org to be our reps and to garner Protections as a Group of likeminded whiteys folks.

          Be very carefull of joining any org though as FBI or SPLC-ADL is highly likley to have Infiltraitors infested into it. I do think its time for sure for a white based org concerned for whiteys rights and safty. I always found Bikers a good choice when still lived in Detroit areas.

          Not many bikers up north mich compared to detroit though. Aprox 25 total Harley riders near me now at last count. Problem is all they seem to desire is gather on a wed each week, ride to Every Bar for beers within a 50 mile radius, then head for home when 2 am bar close!

          I pass on that as I do not consume booze at all, and it aint worth the fellowship with 25 riders if every week someone goes to Jail for drunk driveing or crashes his harley, then you get stuck dealing with it. Sure wish more bikers like detroit were near here. They take care of BIZ real swell when necessary BI!

      37. conspiracy theory
        turned into conspiracy fact

        CDC Admits 98 Million Americans Received Polio Vaccine In An 8-Year Span When It Was Contaminated With Cancer Causing Virus

        and ever remember hearing of this little “accident” ??

        Live Avian Flu Virus Placed in Baxter Vaccine Materials Sent to 18 Countries

      38. @ Merree. More earthquakes this morning. Just as said above these new earthquakes are following the south Indian Ocean, or the southern African plate. A 6.1 in the Marion Islands, and a 5.0 in the South Indian Ocean region, both precursor indications of what is coming. The one in the Marion Islands leads up to major earthquakes in New Guinea many times, south and east China and eastern Russia which correlates with the South Sandwich Islands quake and the arc I was talking about, and the Philippines and Turkey.

        The earthquake in the South Indian Ocean region also targets the Banda Sea and Philippines region many times, Fiji and the Kermadec Islands. Here is the ominous sign. On December 8, 1980 there was a 5.4 within 4 miles of this morning’s quake, that close. In 9 days Vancouver Island had a 6.7. Again the Pacific Northwest. No coinicidence as this is again within that arc from the 7.3 South Sandwich Islands quake. It is now safe to say there is a 50% chance of a major earthquake in the Pacific Northwest which also includes Idaho, western Montana and Wyoming, eastern Utah, and eastern Washington. It still might bypass this area and hit another region of this arc, but the odds are increasing in the northwest. There is a defintite pattern emerging as earthquakes follow the same sequencing as they did decades ago in which those records show.

        Something else I forgot to mention yesterday in the South Shetland Islands a rare earthquake occurred there that future earthquakes have been in Southern Alaska and eastern Russia, both on that circle. There was also a 5.4 in southern Argentina that has never even had a 4+ ever recorded there. The plates are gearing up again for something large.

      39. Here are some of the reasons we cant trust MSM

        CNN president Virginia Moseley is married to Hillary Clintons Deputy Secretary Tom Nides

        CBS President David Rhodes is a Brother of..Top Obama Official Ben Rhodes..who changed Bengazi talking points

        ABC President Ben Sherwood is the Sibling of Obama special Advisor Elizabeth Sherwood

        all of this and more( way more this is tip of the ice burg shit) plays into why and how the MSM is complicite in whats going on and what is and isn’t being reported and how its being reported

        it is playing a part in the lynching of the innocent Zimmerman
        it is playing a part in what you hear or see in all the scandals surrounding DC and this presidency

        It is playing a role in the one sided race baiting in this country..

        the media is bought and sold, just like the banks

        • Nice listing. Good to copy and paste to friends. Thanks.

          • For Extensive Major Long Listings of Most major MSM-TV-Radio-Newspapers-Magazines-Owners-CEO’s-Prez’s-VP’s-Boards of Directors.

            Also: Names and Photos of the above msm honchos, as well as Names and Photos of every Unseen face Behind SPLC-ADL-AJC-etc.

            Check out website of, www dot incogman dot net ,Look for onsite Links to his various site pages dealing with all such MSM related names/photos Bios info.

            And also his website has named Lists of Main Major players who surround the Prez/whitehouse advisors-staffers-various other titles of Prez’s hand picked that advise and surround him, with pages of info on Past prez names of same for Bush(both I think are avail) and Klinton as prez.

            Be sure to Note actual Percentages of who and What type folks they all are. Then consider and compare to Less than 2% usa POP total. Makes one go..Hmmmmmm, Hmmmmmmm….

            oh and Also: His website has Tons of articles And color Photos of Many antiwhitey Chimpouts you Never will see on TV MSM’s! Articles/color photos of Victims AND Black Perp-attackers of white victims, some going back several Years!

      40. Been working on that homemade pizza sauce today. Wonder how many hard I should can? Six months worth or two years?

      41. On drudge today. (What we already know) a good article about militarization of police. May wake up sheeple friends. Also Feds mapping EVERY neighborhood to eliminate segregation. Gangs increase 40% under Obama. Pope says this is jobless generation. and it goes on.

        Garden kinda stinky this year. Ants and heat burned a lot of the plants, but the blackberries are LOADED! The rooster is not bothering any of the neighbors, so I guess I can keep him. Will be nice to raise chickens for meat as well as eggs.

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