Watch: This Is Why Russia Can’t Attack America: New Weapon Has “Near-Instantaneous Lethality”

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    LAWS-lasersOver the last several weeks we have witnessed a complete collapse of the Russian economy, stock markets and monetary system. It is a result of Western sanctions for Russia’s refusal to retreat from its newly annexed territory of Crimea. And though Russia has pounded its chest with military protrusions into Western airspace, including the west coast of the United States, there is a distinct reason for why Vladimir Putin can’t pull the trigger on any sort of military engagement, at least not yet.

    In his Strategic Relocation documentary World Affairs analyst Joel Skousen suggested that, while a World War III scenario is an event that is likely to take place in the foreseeable future, Russia and China are hesitant about any sort of military conflict with the United States because of the West’s top secret, advanced military technologies.

    One such technology that’s not so secret any more but was recently released to the public is the LaWS (Laser Weapon System). It’s a system so advanced that the military says it can lock on to and engage targets with near-instantaneous lethality.

    “Laser weapons are powerful, affordable and will play a vital role in the future of naval combat operations,” Rear Adm. Matthew L. Klunder, chief of naval research, said in a statement Wednesday. “We ran this particular weapon, a prototype, through some extremely tough paces, and it locked on and destroyed the targets we designated with near-instantaneous lethality.” (Yahoo)

    As you’ll see in the video below, the system is capable of tracking moving targets, including aircraft, and literally blowing them out of the sky at the speed of light.

    Granted, both Russia and China are familiar with this particular technology, the U.S. has spent trillions of dollars on military research over the last two decades. What’s most curious is that not only do the Russians and Chinese not know what all this money was spent on, but neither do 99.999% of Americans, as evidenced by a Congressional hearing held on September 10th, 2001.

    Yes, Defense Secretary  Donald Rumsfeld gave that statement just one day before the terrorist attacks of 2001, and according to some researchers the accounting records for that $2.3 trillion were destroyed when the Pentagon was hit (officially, of course, Rumsfeld misspoke and the missing money was the result of an accounting error of some sort).

    We can be fairly certain that Putin is well aware of these massive military investments, and as Joel Skousen suggested, the Russians (and Chinese) have no idea what kind of technology we may have cooked up with that kind of money.

    The Laser Weapon Systems mentioned above are just the tip of the iceberg and the video was obviously released as a propaganda tool in response to Russia’s own propaganda that included airspace incursions and threats of nuclear war. But the United States, despite its shortcomings, still has the most advanced military systems in the world.

    In fact, just a couple of weeks ago, after the Russians had poked and prodded the west with veiled threats of war, residents in London and New York reported hearing loud booms and/or rumblings in the middle of the night. No official story for this has been released, but some researchers suggest the mysterious sounds were the work of the top secret supersonic Aurora project, which is capable of traveling at over six times the speed of sound. The fact that people on both sides of the U.S. military’s Atlantic testing areas heard the sounds suggests that it could have been Aurora, and that it was yet another show of military force to warn Russia that, despite their economic malaise, they have no possibility of winning a military engagement.

    The Russians and the Chinese probably know this and this is why both countries are spending more money on military technology than anything else. That and they are hacking U.S. military networks and military industrial complex servers in an effort to steal as much information as they can to fast track their own military programs.

    Overall, the U.S. is hemorrhaging economic espionage to the tune of $250 billion.

    “This is a national, long-term strategic threat to the United States of America.”

    War is coming to the world. Russia will not stand idly by as their entire way of life is destroyed through economic means. But they are not ready for a widespread conflagration right now.

    Joel Skousen has suggested that by around 2020 – 2023 they will be.

    It is then that we will see what Uncle Sam has been up twenty floors below the surface at remote military installations like Area 51.

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      1. Seems to be a bunch of haters here now, stop and read…

        Life is like a train ride.

        At birth we boarded the train and met our parents, and we believe they will always travel on our side. However, at some station our parents will step down from the train, leaving us on this journey alone. As time goes by, other people will board the train; and they will be significant i.e. our siblings, friends, children, and even the love of your life. Many will step down and leave a permanent vacuum. Others will go so unnoticed that we don’t realize they vacated their seats. This train ride will be full of joy, sorrow, fantasy, expectations, hellos, goodbyes, and farewells. Success consists of having a good relationship with all passengers requiring that we give the best of ourselves. The mystery to everyone is: We do not know at which station we ourselves will step down. So, we must live in the best way, love, forgive, and offer the best of who we are. It is important to do this because when the time comes for us to step down and leave our seat empty we should leave behind beautiful memories for those who will continue to travel on the train of life. I wish you a joyful journey on the train of life. Reap success and give lots of love. More importantly, thank God for the journey. Lastly, I thank you for being one of the passengers on my train.

        • Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm can’t help but wonder if this site is being used by TPTB to spread disinformation from time to time. Make the Russians or others think we might have some technology that they don’t have and cannot defend against.

          All the technology in the world is useless if the CinC doesn’t have the guts to use it. It doesn’t matter if he has the pen if he won’t sign the orders authorizing the use of technology.

          BTW, what happened to all the folks saying that Obama was going to do things differently after his reelection? You know, the folks on this site who kept talking about his, “Tell Vlad after the election…….” comment. Here we may be on the precipice of war and those folks are strangely silent after all their talk of Obama being cozy with the Russians.

          • Most of what Obama is gonna do the next two years revolves around legislation.
            EPA regulations and gun control bullshit.
            Not to mention gutting the military and destroying a bunch of nuclear missles .
            I think all these things combined with his open border policy will greatly benifet Russia in the longhaul.
            Just sayin , i’m not silent .

            • I don’t know any Russians, much less any who want to kill me by “poking and prodding”.

              The western governments are the only ones I see who are antagonizing Russia.

              Why would ANYONE actually WANT a war with Russia?

              That entire concept makes me question an individual’s sanity.

              • All wars are banker wars. The only people to profit from war are the international banking cartels and their operatives. Nations that get out of line or don’t play ball with the money-changers are dealt with accordingly. Take the events of 9/11 for instance. What took place at the WTC complex was a demonstration. Building 7 was not the smoking gun as many have asserted (although important in its own right). The real smoking gun was Building 6… its center was cored out to its basement. That same weapon was also used to reduce 80% of the 200+ stories of structural steel columns at the core of Buildings 1 and 2 to dust. Steel bends, twists and even breaks, under high stress… but it doesn’t disappear. The weapon in this article is child’s play.

                • Yes, and where in this article does it point out that the see eye aaa created the coup in Ukraine last Feb that resulting in installing western bankster puppets in power, all controlled by the ashkenazi bankster, aka TPTB, ….. these bankster will do anything to keep their power and wealth (even risk nuke war) and Ukraine is a vehicle for maintaining this control, … & the Russian-Chinese SWIFT banking [replacement] system is the biggest threat to TPTB right now…..

                  why isn’t this revealed in this and ‘like’ articles – or has this site become a spokesman 4 TPTB ?

                  • Mac is decidedly anti-Russian and he posts anti-Russian rhetoric. Even when he isn’t trying to. I think the last thing we need to do, is pump up more “go take Russia out” rhetoric. It doesn’t matter if we can or can’t, the war will not be as simple as getting the jump on Russia, or them getting the drop on us.

                    I think Mac conveniently forgets exactly who the aggressor nation really is…hint: It’s US.

                    • Bingo Sixpack. I am on the side of any ally who fights againt the ZOG New World Order. Any organization who is out to destroy America is our enemy foreign or domestic. Putin is fighting The NWO. IRAN NEVER attacked another Nation in 250 years. Can Americans say that. Our country is being run by ZOG Hijacker psychopaths hellbent on illegal agression. Take the false flag shooting down of MH17 then trying to Blame Russia. Wake up Sheeple. Anybody who supports or post lies will be called out. Have some balls and stand up for the truth. Didn’t we all learn over the last decade and GWBush where lies get America? Hated and Bankrupt, financially and morrally.

                • Which bankers benefit from the depradations done by the Religion of Peace?

                • Spot on analysis. The Russians and Chinese are smart enough to know the towers had a little help coming down at free fall speed on 9/11. Most ignorant amerikens are still left in the dark believing the gov’ts corny office fire pancake theory. DEW technology is unheard of by 99% of the dumbed down general public, most of which have never even heard of Nikola Tesla.

              • Why? To spread the benefits of the New World Order to the Russians, Ukrainians, and Kazakhs, even it they do not want them.

                That’s why. 🙁

                • If I remember correctly The USAF was shooting down airplanes in New Mex with Lasers clear back in 1972. Old news is one thing but 40+ years old?

                  • Any type of real info on laser weapons dropped off the face of the earth in 1972 or 73. The US Army was making tank to tank kills back then at Aberdeen Proving Ground, but the problems were that the power supply for the tank mounted laser had to be towed in a separate trailer, and mirrored armor was very effective, but easily degraded by conditions in the field. In 1985 or 86, Aviation News & Leak mentioned that the flying laser lab (a modified c-141) out of Moffett Field, CA had made air to air kills against a simulated MRVed missile.
                    If anti laser technology was far enough advanced in the 80’s that satellites and ICBM warheads could feature laser protection by superheating substances in the nosecone that would shed a layer of smoke particles that deflected and minimized laser energy received (which is admittedly a few seconds at best) then we can easily assume that laser technology is undoubtedly rather far advanced in 2014. It’s not science fiction. These systems are in limited use and one can expect to see them in greater numbers with the passage of time, the pace of which will be dependent on the perceived need/threat.

          • “Most Western Banks have stopped pricing USD/RUB. As such, FXCM can no longer offer this instrument to our clients and will begin closing any existing client trades in USD/RUB effective at Noon EST today, December 16th, 2014.”

            Russian Consumers Scramble To Spend Their Plunging Rubles

            “The dramatic collapse of the ruble in recent days has not triggered outright panic, but it has prompted a rush to change currency and to stock up on durable goods such as furniture, cars and jewelry before they become even more expensive.”

            As one anxious shopper noted, “none of us know what’s happening. We’re all worried that the currency will keep falling.”


            • KYMom – Absolutely the Ruble has gone from about $35 Rubles to $85 Rubles to the dollar in just a few short months. Russia has raised interest rates from 10% to 17% overnight.

              These psychopaths love to destroy countries. Saudi Arabia is the culprit by dumping massive cheap oil on the markets. Ever see Saudi Boots on the ground? Ever see Israeli Boot on the ground. NO MORE AMERICAN BOOTS ON THE GROUND PERIOD.

              The Majority of the Hijackers on 9-11 were from Saudi Arabia. NO MORE BUSH FAMILY CARTEL MAFIA IN THE WHITE HOUSE EITHER.

              • Amen.

              • If Putin is truly a master chess player as many often use as an anology—his next move is not to strike against the USA.
                The genius salvo would be to cripple his oil production competition–namely the Wahabiists in the House of Saud.

                No Saudi oil production?..The world would be clamoring for $150 a barrel Russian sweet crude……..

                • Now how would he do that? I’d like to see the scenarios.

            • KY Mom – the upshot is that due to the economic sanctions that were put into place by Obama. They’re now coming to fruition. I’d say that Obama poked the bear. While Putin is inking deals with the Chinese to put in pipelines to China, it will take time for those measures to take effect. However – and this is a big one – if Putin already had the pipelines built and was waiting for the “other shoe to drop” vis a vis the Ruble collapsing.

              Thus, setting up his bid to rule Russia by fiat and usher in a new “Soviet”, with Ukraine a mere roadblock on the road to the new “Soviet”.
              Be well.

              • Putin tried by subversion to take over Ukraine, and when the Ukrainians put a stop to that he resorted to invasion.

                So just who is poking who again ???

              • If the US wants to play Economic Terrorism. All Putin has to do is to urge China to call in their loans and debts China has on the US. And China stops buying American Debt. It could get pretty ugly here in America as the Dollar plumits to Zero value. This is war as Obama plays checkers yelling King Me and Putin plays Chess saying Checkmate.

              • Cat Herder,

                You make some good points.

                I hate to see any people facing a currency/economic collapse. It is the very young, the elderly and the poor that suffer the most.

                The manipulated economic numbers are not just here in the U.S.

                The Baltic Dry Index shows the true strength of the global economy. The Baltic Dry Index is the barometer that gauges the shipping dry bulk commodities around the globe.

                Just by looking at the Baltic Dry Index tells me MANY economies around the world are weak.

                For comparison…
                Baltic Dry Index

                May 20, 2008 – 11,793 points

                June 2014 –
                The Baltic Dry Index Is Down 60% Year-To-Date; Worst On Record (Zerohedge)

                December 15, 2014 – 845 points.

                What many people don’t realize is that the economies of the world are so interconnected.

                Take care. Keep praying and prepping.
                KY Mom

          • I agree
            The laser weapon they are showing has to stay on the target for some time to be effective .
            So what happens if
            1- if multiple trajectories have to be destroyed at the same time, specially if they are hypersonic missiles like Sunburn .
            2- if the said missiles surfaces act like a mirror reflecting the firkin laser.
            The defects on this laser system are too many,I just wanted to point out the obvious .
            One on final note, You simply do not poke a BEAR.
            Napoleon and Hitler learned it the hard way, Russians are descendants of the Vikings.
            Look in your history books and See how they destroyed the Khazarian Empire.

            • Enki,
              you are correct about that laser, i will not divulge how or why i know so much about it ,but i know what it can and cannot do, it is NOT as viable a weapon as it is being portrayed to be! it is very limited.

            • EMP… Game Over…

            • It seemed to me that there was no tracking at all, just a guy with a joystick and fire button. I guess they would give him drugs to improve his response time.

              Since the weapon is a laser light, I guess Russian missiles should be covered with mirrors like a disco ball. See if the computers can tell where the laser will wind up after bouncing off of one of those.

          • And what would this magic weapon do when a nuclear torpedo would blast the hell out of the whole ship? Obviously it is totally useless. It is also useless against space weapons or e-bomb (electromagnetic bomb) which is a weapon that uses an intense electromagnetic field to create a brief pulse of energy that affects electronic circuitry without harming humans or buildings. One blast in a distance will completely destroy electronic circuitry, thus disabling any type of machine that uses electricity, including computers, radios, and ignition systems in vehicles.

        • Remember USS donald Cook?

          No power, no laser No targetting system, no laser

        • Oh my the Joke thief is Back. Religion is a Hoax Joke Boy.

          • I really do like this site. However WWTI, you are causing me to get out my boots and shovel in order to get through your deposits of hatred towards others. Can’t you just keep your negative comments to yourself?

            If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all. Plz!

        • So eppe whats your take on Russia? You know the article topic? Nobody wants to hear your pussy marsh mellow stories that have no relevance to the topic. Try Hallmark cards website.

          • WWTI, I do appreciate the survival tips you post on occasion, but what is your beef with Eppe?

          • WWTI- Have a snickers bar , yer just not yourself when yer hungry. Grouch.

          • WWTI…If there was a vote on popularity and contributions to this site between you and Eppe, you would lose bigtime…cause you are a asshole.

            • What ever potato head.

        • Let’s not forget that lasers are LINE OF SITE weapons. I’d like to see the tests that pit this laser weapon against a flock of missiles fired from over the horizon, traveling at 600 MPH about ten feet above the water while the AEGIS system is being jammed with the Russian AEGIS radar jamming technology that was recently used against one of our newest destroyers in the Black Sea. One unarmed Russian fighter with a jamming pod sent that destroyer running for safety and the crew into despair knowing that they would have TOAST, if that fighter had been armed with an anti-ship missile.

          These futuristic weapons are all fine and dandy when pitted against attacks in controlled environment tests. When real shots are fired in anger this thing will be about as useful as an anchor in the middle of the Atlantic.

          • So phalynx would not have gotten the sea skimmer?

            • Nope. the Russians have the ability to turn the Aegis system off remotely, as they demonstrated to the crew of the USS Donald Cook, who promptly shit their knickers and ran to the nearest safe port.

              As for the difference in spend, much could be accounted for by the US military’s well reported propensity for spending $1000 on hammers for smashing windows, and similar overpriced crap, whereas the Russians focus on cost effective stuff like using pencils on their space stations instead of spending millions trying to make bic pens work in zero gravity.

              • The Russians and Chinese get more for their dollar also. Our wages and costs are much, much higher than theirs.

        • Seems to be a bunch of haters here now, stop and read…

          Netanyahu Applauds Christian IDF Soldiers; ‘We Are Brothers!’

          Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday told a pre-Christmas gathering of Christians in Nazareth that they and the Jews are brothers, and that Israel will never cease to defend Christians against the forces that seek to harm and destroy them.

          The gathering was organized by the Israeli Christian Recruitment Forum, whose spiritual leader, Father Gabriel Naddaf, was singled out repeatedly by Netanyahu for his untiring efforts to encourage young Christians to join the Israeli army and fully integrate with Israeli society.

          “On the first of December, I took my own son, Avner, to the recruitment center in Jerusalem. He volunteered to become a combat soldier in the Israel Defense Forces. The next day…Father Naddaf took his son, Jubran, to the recruitment enter in Tiberias. He volunteered to become a combat soldier in the Israel Defense Forces,” Netanyahu recounted to strong applause.

          “We are brothers!” the prime minister exclaimed. “We are partners! Christians and Jews and Druze and Muslims who together defend the State of Israel.”

          Turning to a group of Christian soldiers attending the event, Netanyahu stated, “We are brothers in arms. I commend you on the will to be full partners in contributing to and defending this nation.”

          Netanyahu noted that it was not always easy for Arabic-speaking Christians to so fully join themselves to Israel, but vowed that “we will firmly support you against all that would harass you.”

          Echoing what Father Naddaf has been busy instilling both in local Christians and Western leaders, Netanyahu pointed out that Israel is the only place in the region where Christians find safe haven.

          “Christians are suffering in the Middle East,” said the Israeli leader, recalling the recent “shrinkage and disappearance of entire Christian communities, communities that were there thousands of years, since the birth of Christianity, entire communities that are erased in one fell swoop, brutally, savagely.”

          Netanyahu insisted that all who would criticize Israel and work toward the birth of a Palestinian state that would most likely fall to Hamas must “compare this [regional situation] to Israel, the only nation in the region where the Christian population is growing.”

          from: ht tp://

          • FreeSlave…. Should I laugh or cry with your BS posting…..The zio tribe might be your brothers but they are not mine. Go show this crap to the Non Jewish American soldiers who have lost arms and legs and to the families of those who lost their lives over the ZOG initiated wars. You f%$^&ind useful idiot.

            Why don’t you ask your brothers in the IDF to go and fight instead of our American kids? I bet you can’t since they are only good at killing kids and women and ask for ransoms for some imaginary fricking historical BS.

            • Stolz,

              It’s clear that you hate Jews. Question: Do you hate all Jews just because they’re Jewish or do you hate only some Jews, but not all Jews?

              • Freeslave…As I posted over and over I don’t hate Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Atheists or anyone under any adopted beliefs as long as they don’t harm others. Hate is not a right word you have used. If anyone under any adopted spiritual beliefs harms others then I see them as the enemy who must be destroyed as easy as 1.2,3. My problem with Jews is not about their religion rather is about their Zionist adoption to perceive themselves as a superior race therefore giving themselves the rights to destroy others via manipulating wars and most importantly financial destructions of other nations and innocent human beings. Do I see the other faiths the same way? You bet if and when they follow the same path of the Zionists. An example is ISIS….should they be destroyed? 100% and without mercy BUT when you look back you see their creation was an adoption between Saudis and the Zionists in charge. Look at the crimes against humanity in Ukraine….who is behind it and why? The net answer is I see the Zionists in charge of criminal banking cartels and anyone who follows them and is part of their organization as the enemy since they are.

                • Stolz,
                  Good response. Words of truth.
                  Personally, I have never met a Jew who wasn’t about Demonizing White People or Christians. They particularly like to Demonize Germans. They always have some racket or scam, extorting money from every Non Jew they deal with. The Jews love Power and Control. Government , Banks , Media. Jewish scams like Wall street are where working class Americans get fleeced.Jews Love Extortion. The Israelis are extorting land from the Palestinians and they love testing their “Iron Dome” system and they have proven that they are really good at Killing Palestinian Men, Women and Children. I am a White American and have no Arab descent at all, but I think when the Jews are finished murdering the last Palestinian and then move on to Killing Syrians and Iranians, what ethnic group will be next? ZOG Amerika starts Wars for Israel so in reality American Soldiers have already died for the Jews and the Industrial Military Complex that they control.

                  • Chaos: “Personally, I have never met a Jew who wasn’t about Demonizing White People or Christians.”

                    I have. Plenty of them. I have met Jews who intermarried with “White People.” And I have met Messianic Jews who believe that Jesus is Lord and Savior.

                    • FreeSlave… You are either a Zionist yourself or someone like Glen Beck who’s head is way deep into the ZOG’s you know what. Awaken people worldwide are increasing in numbers each day. They are currently the silent majority but wait under they start their roar.

                    • Stolz,

                      One simply has to be an honest and clear thinker to spot the fallacies undergirding your toxic prejudices.

                  • Chaos Von Chaos.. What can I say about your post except AMEN.


                    • You mean forbidden, not allowed, no longer accepted.


                      That’s great that you want to show off your excellent vocabulary Mr Orielly………but you don’t need to impress us here.

                • Stolz: “My problem with Jews is not about their religion rather is about their Zionist adoption to perceive themselves as a superior race therefore giving themselves the rights to destroy others via manipulating wars and most importantly financial destructions of other nations and innocent human beings.”

                  #1. Perhaps there are *some* Jews who think they are a superior race, even though I haven’t had the opportunity to meet them, BUT NOT ALL Jews do. And many, if not all the Jews I know don’t think they are a superior race.

                  #2. It’s so ironic that you should say that when it was Hitler who pointedly proclaimed the SUPERIORITY of the Aryan Race.

                  #2A. So then are you going to tell me that Hitler and his death camps were a Zionist conspiracy too? C’mon, think for a change, willya?

                  • Free Brain….”#2A. So then are you going to tell me that Hitler and his death camps were a Zionist conspiracy too?.

                    Answer: YES.

                    • Stolz,

                      Do you have evidence that supports your claim that Hitler and his death camps were a Zionist conspiracy?

                    • I can’t answer for Stolz…….but John Q Public has shown evidence that does in fact support this claim.

          • NetenYahoo is just looking for support for his dwindling Kabal Zog Nation of thieves. He is a lying scumbag. When did Israel ever put any boots on the ground to ever protect Christians? Answer NEVER!!

            • WWTI,

              Priest to UN: Israel is ‘Only Safe Place’ for Christians in Middle East

              “The Jewish state is the only safe place where the Christians of the Holy Land live in safety,” Fr. Gabriel Naddaf, a Greek Orthodox priest from Israel, told the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) in September.

              “The earth of the Middle East is soaked with the blood of Christians being killed daily,” Naddaf said in testimony released Wednesday by the non-governmental organization, UN Watch.

              The priest pointed to the grim statistic that the Christian population of the Middle East has gone from 20 percent at the start of the 20th century to only around 4 percent today.

              “If we look at the Middle East, Mr. President, we realize there’s only one safe place where Christians are not persecuted. One place where they are protected, enjoying freedom of worship and expression, living in peace and not subjected to killing and genocide,” Naddaf said.

              Algemeiner, a Jewish newspaper in the U.S., reports that the Christian population of Israel “has more than quadrupled since its independence in 1948, from 34,000 to 158,000 in 2012.” It also notes an increase in the number of Christians living in Israel in 2013, citing figures released by the Israeli Central Bureau of Statistics.

              This makes Israel “one of the few Christian communities left in the Middle East that is still growing.”

              “Christians and Jews live in Israel not only because Christ was originally Jewish, born in Jewish Bethlehem, but because they share a common destiny, and a true hope to coexist in peace,” Naddaf explained.

              Does the world acknowledge Israel for protecting its Christians? Many in the international community have chosen to criticize Israel,” he complained.

              Naddaf called this criticism of Israel “a double crime” because by their criticism, “the international community helps those striving to annihilate the Jews, the Christians, the Druze and the Yazidis for political ends” which, he added, “unfortunately contributes to exacerbating the humanitarian crisis in the Middle East.”


              ht tp://

              • Who the hell wants to go to the Midfle East?. Jews stole and squatted on Palidtinuan Muslim territory. Why should Americans support land thieves and Genocidal psychopaths?

                • WWTI: “Why should Americans support land thieves and Genocidal psychopaths?”

                  Americans didn’t in WW2, and went to war with Hitler and National Socialist Germany.

              • FreeSlave ….. Check this out…

            • WWTI,
              Absolutely Right. In fact Israel KILLED Christian American Soldiers when they attacked the USS Liberty in ’67. Israel has a Horrible track record when it comes to protecting Human (Non Jewish) life. They do love their Pre-emptive strikes and Invasions though…you know all the things that the Germans were accused of pre World War II.
              I have a Random question for the General Public.
              Why were there Dancing (and Celebrating) Israelis on a rooftop in Jersey City when the WTC Buildings 1, 2 and 7 came down? After they were detained by New Jersey Police and handed over to the FBI…Why have we NOT HEARD a thing about them? They Disappeared…Imagine that.
              My answer is that the Self Chosenites don’t give a Rats ass about any Non-Jew or “Goyim” (Cattle) as they like to call us.

          • In a dark cave to where no one venture, the crafty serpent gathered the wolves and hissed unto them, “gather together unto yourselves and go to attack the sheep which reside in small enclaves in your territory, kill them, mall them, scatter them and strike fear into them throughout the entire region and feed yourselves with their flesh. The Alpha wolf responded, “Why shall we do this, will we not bring the wrath of the Eagle?” The serpent ever so cunning and subtle hissed in a low hiss, “for we shall be likened unto them as a shepherd, filling them with hope and direction to gather them unto ourselves and look to us and our staff, with wonderment and awe shall they come to fight for us and be our fodder. As for the Eagle, we are in its nest and know all of her and she sleeps and feeds us. Nevertheless, when we are through, shall cast the sheep’s lambs unto you as payment to do as you please.” The wolf with a grin said, “O’ masterful serpent that is why you reside in the dark where the light cannot expose you and hide in places that they not only cannot see, but do not want to see for fear. That is why you rule with cunning genius and with such subtlety. We shall make it so for you and we shall feed.”

            • Most excellent Quadrateq 🙂

              BTW, we have a few wolves here 🙁

            • A man is not improved by becoming a sheep.

        • Oh God,

          I thought Skousen was a real-estate broker. Since when did he become a self-appointed expert on world military power?

          Skousen, your analysis is totally wrong. All Russia has to do is attach micro thrusters to each one of our GeoSync Military timing satellites and press “fire”.

          And just like that, within 90 minutes, the entire U.S. technological weapons arsenal will become null and void. Do you really think that they don’t know that they have that capability? They are constantly in space for a reason you know.

          Plus, don’t underestimate the role of a hungry man. They have a cause…..survival. Our people on the other hand are apathetic at best. The pussification factor of the U.S. is at an all time high.

          Maybe 1% will fight, but the rest, after 72 hours, will find the first available Russian gruel line and start singing hail to Lenin.

          Get a clue Skousen. You’d have more credibility if you told me about a property 20 miles outside of Moscow.

          • Cellar, Skousen has done this for years, he just figured out how to make money on the fear porn, like many others. I have read him for years, same old thing, but many say the same thing. I guess the real question here is:
            Who does one listen to?
            Like in investing, who do you listen to?
            In prepping, who do you listen to?
            In real world life, who do you listen to?
            Alot of what we do is what and who we listen to?
            I look at it in a contraninal way, and do the opposite of the mainstay, but who knows who is right?
            Wished I had a crystal ball, even if it only went 24 hours ahead….

            • Not to you Celler in particular, just you asked the correct question….
              We all cannot predidtate what will happen in time, but will have to go with the flow, no matter what happens….

              • @Eppe,

                I suppose you’re right. I was too hard on the guy. I apologize. Everyone has an opinion which is just as valid as the next guy’s. It’s why we are all here in the first place.

                I just got used to his week-end relocation articles (which I enjoy by the way…and yes, I know I’m in the minority) and then wham, I get hit with military analysis on par with Jane’s.

                Thanks Eppe for the constructive critique.

                • Amen Cellar, we are all here to learn something, good, bad, or indifferent. That is what makes this site what it is. I wish the hate could dissipate, but this is a equal opportunity verbal discussion.
                  We are all supposed to be on the same page?
                  Makes one wonder???
                  Thanks, Mac, you have done wonders….

                  • Agreed.

                    Seen the latest? They’re “coming to America…”

                    ht tp://!

                  • What we got here is eppes 5th grade circle joke. LoL

                    • what can be said except, small things amuse small minds?

                      here’s a joke:

                      man gets force fed religion by dim-witted parents, goes to church every sunday, reads a book full of bullsh1t, give his money to his masters, gets promised an after-life in heaven, gets sh1t on by intelligent people for being a retard fool who believes to world is only a few thousand years old, gets old, dies with an asscrack full of crusted sh1t, becomes food for the worms and becomes their excrement and the cycle repeats for this old tool’s retarded dim-witted offspring, the world continues to suffer.

                    • forgive any typos or bad grammar…like religious nutbags, i too sometimes don’t think clearly when spewing a bunch of nonsense.

                • I googled Skousen at some point and I believe he was a fighter pilot. Don’t know about you all but it gives him a lot more right to an opinion on weapons systems than me.

            • We sure don’t listen to you e-snail. How about posting some hard facts instead of marsh mellow meaningless comments.

              • Give it a rest, snail boy. eppe has more right here than you.

              • WWTI – Thanks for your relevant and well thought out post , i will be forever greatful.

                By the way , i saw a woodchuck diggin under my pole barn earlier today.
                The closest thing i could find was a 410 , didnt work out so good , he kinda lingered awhile.
                Hope that helps , thanks again.

              • You are a freakin asshole. Shut the fuck up. Nobody wants to hear your shit.

                That is for you WWTI! Are you white or a Muslim?

                • Eppe took 2 weeks off to plan this little adventue here today. This is an adult site discussing world events. The 5th grade joke site and meaning comments is just wasting space. Move on kiddys.

                  • A joke for you WWTI, SINCE YOU ARE FULL OF IT…

                    An Irish man was walking through a field, sees a man drinking water from a pool with his hand.
                    The Irish man shouts ” Awa ye feel hoor that’s full o’ coos sharn (“Don’t drink the water, it’s full of cow shit.)
                    The man shouts back “I’m English, Speak English, I don’t understand you”.
                    The Irishman shouts back, “Use both hands, you’ll get more in.”

                    • Eppe, keep them coming. Another good one.

                    • More eppe IQ of 25. Ever notice he has zero knowlege on sny subject matter just middle of the road meaningless comments that have zero gravity. I have no respect for cowards that would put a teenage daugher out in front as his fist line of defense. And his wife that eont let him buy any gun bigger than a .22. Spineless snail.

                    • you remind me of an old sh1t-stain, that comes around to hang with the younger people and tell lame jokes, but before you actually get to us, we sorta sigh and say *ughh not THIS guy…*, and we then start to fan out so you do get a chance to kill our buzz…

                      i would be nice if lame people would get the hint that they’re lame, but lame people try so hard to be liked…and that’s why it’s pathetic.

            • “Who do you listen to”

              Yup, that is one of the hardest things to discern. I suppose the correct answer is to listen to Him….but He is hard to hear sometimes…especially with all the noise and voices.

              You forgot the hardest one…..”which Bible do I read?”

              • The babble is fiction. Try History books science books chemistry anthropology, archeology, physics, economics math you know books or real substance. Quoting cut n paste jokes only makes that fool a joke. You ate what you eat and reap. People can choose to be a product of stupidity. Eppe is an example of a minion with no depth into any knowlege of any subject and cant ever comment on the substance of the Article. Like I said the attention span of a snail. And why that is his new nickname.

                • For the wisdom of this world is foolishness with God. For it is written, He taketh the wise in their own craftiness.
                  Because the foolishness of God is wiser than men; and the weakness of God is stronger than men.

                  1Cor 3:19 and 1:25

          • Cellar Spider, when I saw Skousen’s name in the article I instantly knew it was BS. Russia and China are not exactly way behind us in technology. Especially China, thanks to the technological secrets Bill Clinton gave to them. All either one of them has to do is launch one missile with an EMP warhead and have it detonate over the Midwest, then it’s game on. Skousen might be top-notch in real estate, but he doesn’t know shit about geopolitical affairs.

        • Eppe, that’s the best description of life I ever read anywhere. I’d give you a thousand green thumbs if we still had that feature.

          • RG you should get out of your cave once in a while. Seriously expand your mind. Talking about choo choo trains sounds like a 5 YO kids story.

        • yeah…you pray to your god, while real non-fiction people work on ways to defend your freedom to preach about your fictional delusions over the computer…

          religious people are such a burden to human progress. smh.

          • Christianity made progress in the West possible. Without it, we would still be living like the muslims still do.

            • don’t be an old fool, old coach…without the intervention of religion, science and technology would be more advanced today. there’s proof of ancient technological attempts in ancients times that have been completely obliterated by religious fanatics so they would put more control over their people…but then again, it’s known, you religious nuts like to turn a blind eye to proof…i’d tell you to look at the facts and do your own research…but you’re stubborn mind is already made.

          • KARMAgeddon. Perfect name. The stoopid sheep who chase the Biblical fantasy will be some of the first to die in SHTF. As they die on their knees praying in an execution style, clinging to their book realizing nobody is coming to save them. It will be a pathetic sight, like the KoolAid drinkers at Johanisburg.

            • i wouldn’t be so sure… these types of nut-sacks will still cling to the belief/lie that when their darkest minutes are upon them, that they’ll still have the relief or even relish in the idea that a “heaven” awaits them after their sad existence comes to an end…i just hope, the process is long and unbearable before they reach it.

              human life has suffered for too long at the hands of religion, i just wish the favor can one day be returned and this world can finally be rid of this cancer.

        • Please don’t go,eppe,I need your stories

          • Eppes stories are irrelevant and stupid. Go away.

        • Food for thought: The SR-71/A-12 was developed in 1959 and still holds all the speed records. It was the last slide rule aircraft design.

          Are we to believe that we have not improved on that in over 50 years?

        • Well, I’ll say it Eppe- Well said, good job!!!!

        • Nice imagery.

        • Thank you Eppe, for that story about our lives as if we were passengers on a train. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours, and same for everyb ody else on this site!

        • Recently, I found a site sayn that a US Navy Capt was arrested for refusing to turn over US launch codes to the UN who had been intending a First strike against Russia on March 17, 2015.

      2. Here we go again. Please pass the popcorn..

        • Yep , Russia and China continue to bulk up on military might and our dear leader chooses to strip away any remainder of a fighting force we have left.
          If the US no longer has a ground force capable of fending for itself , the nuke option is more likely.

          I guess we should just enjoy the lower cost of gas and STFU. Talkin about it is all we can do and that dont seem to fix anything.

          • At this rate rate Russia and China will just say, fuck it. Give me that secret suitcase with the secret code to launch.

            • Obama would personally deliver it to Putin if he thought he could get a gun ban passed . LMAO !

              • You relly re n idiot if you belive what you just said. You obviously have been brainwashed by propoganda.

                • Lay off the meth, boy.

      3. That’s a pretty sweet lazer! I agree that we’ve built all kinds of crazy stuff at Area 51 and other secret underground bases. I wouldn’t be surprised if we have working “UFO’s” with military capabilities. The Nazis were working on that stuff 70 years ago. We’ve probly figured it out by now.

        • Not to mention what might be in space on board a satellite. RRG = Reagan Ray Gun as I recall. Didnt I see where China is working on satellite killers of some kind that they just tested? They wouldnt be working on this so to sell this to the US like the rest of there JUNK… It aint over till there is no more ammo I’m afaid…..So in the end everyone just launches everything they have and that will be the fat lady singing…Unless they all belong to the same banker driven farce/false flag. Think about it…….

        • If they are bringing this out now, just imagine the weaponry they have concealed that came from the beings with ten times the intelligence of the industrialized war machine of the USSAG.

          The advanced intellegience left over from Noah’s flood, and those that escaped the great roundup of the Nephillim, are working with the evil minds of TPTB.

          Why wouldn’t they; the flesh boys & girls/leaders, of our gov, have sold their soul; so they are right in bed with the…”dead men walking”. Repent, is not in their vocabulary and die a painful death, they will.

      4. All these countries strutting around like a bunch of peacocks will bring ungodly devastation to the planet. The survivors might be the unlucky ones.

        • Yep, shoot the damn thing at my house first in the middle of the night when im asleep, some things are not worth surviving, ill bet the next world wide conflict will be one of them,
          They have one of these lasers here that they have been experimenting with shooting down space junk, so far it doesnt work

      5. Just remember that once we thought that having “the Bomb” would keep us safe from the bad guys. So just how well has that worked out in our never ending global war on terrorism? The world knows that the FUSA as a world power is in the decline as a world power. Our glory days are over with and gone. We are commiting national suicide, the same way all the other former great powers have done; over extention of empire and over spending. Our future can be summed up in two words; We’re screwed.

      6. Manufacturing War: A Primer

        “Of course, the people don’t want war… But… it is always a simple matter to drag the people along… All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism… It works the same way in any country.

        So said Hermann Göring, Hitler’s right-hand man, before he committed suicide while facing the death penalty for war crimes in 1946.”

      7. There is no way of telling if this lazar “thing” is operational or not?

        However, The West destroyed Russia’s (USSR) economy once, does anyone really believe that Putin is going to stand by and allow it to happen again?

        Congress today passed a military aid bill for the Ukraine which includes offensive weapons. Again, even if you don’t like Putin, does anyone expect the Russians not to react?

        Crisis is planned for the US. The economy is looking worse, the protests haven’t stopped, and the Repubs are Barry’s bitches. (Send more KY to Congress)

        Putin needs to keep his powder dry until we’re fighting each other………that’s what I would do.

        • RE: Rumsfeld’s speech – Part of the 9-11 Conspiracy is that days before 9-11 the heliport just outside of the Pentagon building was being worked on. It is stated that a rocket popped out of the helipad and launched into the pentagon. Since these is not a single airplane part ever found in the Pentagon Rubble. Which coincidentally happened to hit the wing of the accounting office where the $2.1 Trillion was missing. And that was to mask the missing money.

          So ask this question, what false flag are they going to do to mask the $18 Trillion Missing National Debt money they squandered? I sure as hell am not paying a single dime of that debt. Go ask Halliburton, Carlyle Group, General Dynamics, Boeing, Raytheon, etc.

        • These idiots in DC are poking that Russian bear with a dull stick, sooner or later they are going to react, russia has far more people with far more national pride, the USA? Not so much anymore, theres lots of us who do but we are far outnumbered by the turds like the assholes of the SPLC and their ilk.
          God save us

          • My concern is an internal revolution in Russia and the most loyal in charge / control of the nuclear weapons, thinking they have nothing to loose as a firing squad will get them anyway decide, “I’ll take you with us”.

            You treat nuclear armed nations with respect regardless what you think of them. You allow them, “wiggle room”. Its been a strategy since the Cuban Missile Crisis when we “conceded” to removing missiles from Turkey that were going to be removed anyway.

          • YEP, nationalism is on the rise in Russia , Putin has a 85% approval rating at home.
            Pinstripe nazis are in the streets in Germany .
            And in the US ? We got what ?
            Two political parties divided in factions and the people are being divided by politcal correctness, politics , wealth and race .
            What country is gonna last longer ?
            Divide and conquer….

          • Kula, no disrespect, but Putin tried by subversion to take over Ukraine, and when the Ukrainians put a stop to that he resorted to invasion.

            So just who is poking who again ???

      8. Heard retired General Jerry Boykin on the radio yesterday. According to the General, with all of Obullshit’s spending cuts, our military will not be able to defend the continental United States in about 5years.

        • These Crybaby Generals are Paid shills by the MICM. Military Industrial Complex Mafia. They have ZERO Credibility. Remember the Defense budget is like equal to the next 20 countries put together. They need to go something worthy with their lives and do something positive for humanity instead of weapons to destroy humanity. I say cut the US Military in half and close half of the 1000 bases down world wide. Time to declare War on War mongers.

          • WhoWuddaThunkIt

            We’re in agreement on this. Interestingly Eisenhower warned us too.

          • Start killing off globalist banksters, and the world will stand down. Nobody wants to get to another war, except the NWO psychos who’ll get richer with our blood.

        • Pete N Repeat

          Bet a dollar to a dime that the distinguished retired General is now working for a defense contractor; its MIC in action. The same logic had us possess at our peak 31,000 nuclear weapons. Its insanity.

          The US spends about 10x of our nearest rival and more than the entire world combined friend and potential foe alike on offense…opps I mean defense.

          Could we be invaded? Nope and thats without the use of nukes. Ships have to transport an enemy to our shores, good luck with that. An attack with nuclear weapons warrants a reply with nuclear weapons. As long as we have a return address to reply with an ICBM we deter.

          • Most all these retired Generals are double dipping used as promo fear porn whore spreaders as our nation is fleeced. More than half the National Debt is military waste. What did we gain from Afghanistan or Iraq? NADA NOTHING BUT A BIG FAT BILL.

            • I think the defense budget is closer to 30%. Regardless 30% of the US budget is huge.

              “What did we gain from Afghanistan or Iraq?”

              How far do you care to go back? If one uses USMC Major General Smedley Butler the 2x CMH recipient book, “War Is A Racket” as a guide you have to ask yourself, what we gained from any war.

              I feel especially sad for the Vietnam Vets. I see some of them very proudly wearing identification and I’m torn. How does one praise the individual for their obvious sacrifice and courage in what they believed was a nobel patriotic cause when the cause was wrong?

              The last war, maybe only war since the Revolution was WWII and the business involvement before and during (read Trading With The Enemy) was WWII.

      9. Time Will Tell …

      10. Russia has nuclear weapons with a penetrable delivery system.

        Thank God we’re both probably sane enough not to employ MAD; at least on purpose.

        • @Kevin, there are places in this world where people will kill you for your shoes. Neighbors have killed each other over a garden hose, or even an insult.

          Every weapon ever invented by men to kill other men have been used. Including Nukes!

          The Gatling gun was supposed to be so terrible that it would stop all war, how did that work out?

          It’s nice that you have such faith in our Leaders,… dimwit!

          • So far the greatest peacekeeper to date has been nuclear weapons. Europe roughly every 40 years self destructed up until both sides possessed the ability to completely destroy themselves. They deter war because for the first time in history those that cause and lead the war would probably become casualties of the conflict and rather rapidly at that. The King, President , Potentate, Dictator has a pretty good idea that he and his family will not survive the exchange; that is sobering. Nuclear weapons have never been used when a nuclear reply was probable hence MAD Mutually Assured Destruction.

            Nuclear weapons are in so much of a class by themselves that they cannot be compared to any previous weapon. The destructive power of a stone verses a conventional bomb is far closer than said bomb and a thermonuclear warhead.

      11. Russia is not ready and or willing to go to war right now? Mr. Skousen says around 2020-2023 no way they will wait that long, at the rate that Russia is going down it’s going to be a whole lot sooner than 5 years or so. I have one question to ask all of you; are you willing to bet yours and your families life’s on that assumption, I for one am not. Sorry Mac to disagree but Russia will do what they think they have to maintain their life style just as we would. War in this world could start tomorrow make no doubt about it what so ever. Laser’s are the weapon of the future but will they take out a sub, surface, and aircraft at the same time attacking from any point of the compass. Again I’m not betting my families or my life on it. Prepare!!!

        MTCFMF!!//RIP America.

        • Copperhead, I agree. Skousen is full of shit.

      12. Russian Ruble is collapsing fast. Let’s see if Putin shuts off the natural gas to Europe and along with China dumps treasuries and equities. WWIII

        • Monsantoid- No doubt Putin could kill half of Europeans by cutting off all energy supplies for the next 4 months. See how that works for ya NWO Tribe.

          • “See how that works for ya NWO Tribe.”

            Acually. that would play right into the hands of the NWO.
            Good point.
            There is nothing more needed than millions dead to push forward global socialism ( UN Agenda 21).
            Useing Russia to obtain that goal would be a leap forward, so Putin needs to be careful and not accidentaly support the NWO by being used as a pawn.

            • Wrong Hammer. You don’t even know what you are talking about. Go back and play in eppes sand box.

              • Stop with the Putin man love stuff and think outta the box .
                Russia is being played for a fool .
                Their pride is being used against them , think .

        • Shutting off the gas would suicidal. Russia needs every penny of foreign exchange that it can get.

          All Putin has to do is pull the covert inivasion forces out of Ukraine. But he can’t, because for some years now he’s been running a full court press of jingoist “Mother Russia” propaganda to keep his people from noticing how bad off they really are economically. (This was the subject of a good piece by a Russian ex-pat about 3-4 months ago, which I failed to bookmark.)

          If Putin is playing chess, he’s damned bad at it. He’s down to two pawns and a rook to defend his king.

      13. U.S. Gov’t. Seeks Excuse to Nuclear-Attack Russia

        “When French President Francois Hollande urgently side-tracked his return flight from a diplomatic mission recently, in order to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin in a private room that had been scoured ahead of time to eliminate any possible bugging devices, there was much speculation as to what it was about, and rumors of a planned American “false-flag” event to blame on Russia as a pretext for going to war against Russia were rife.”

        • Satori

          First this is madness but assuming that this occurred what the hell would the Democrats say to this (not that a lot of them would no longer be among the living post retaliatory strike). The “Peace Party”. The President against war with a Secretary of State that was the head of Vietnam Veterans Against The War condones an attack with nuclear weapons?

      14. If this U.S. is completely secure and safe, then why did it create a so-called Department of ‘Homeland Security’ to protect us from all kinds of boogey-men? For example, what to stop a foreigner from carrying a nuclear bomb across the Southern border in a little red Ryder wagon?

        • The DHS is one of the most UNPATRIOTIC ILLEGAL AND UNCONSTITUTIONAL things that satanic POS bush created, It was created to protect them….not us. DHS will be the army that comes after us.

          • Yep. That’s why they call it “homeland” security.

      15. Something tells me that the truth is somewhat less than “near-instantaneous lethality”. I’ll bet they’d be lucky to get 50%. And what about if the atmospheric conditions are not ideal. I have no doubt it would be very effective in space. Earth, not so much. But here’s an idea. Lets be friends with them and not be on a warpath to destroy every country that doesn’t grovel at our feet. No wonder we have so many enemies.

      16. Nice bow and arrow set, but the ship the “laser” is on can be sunk by stealth subs.

      17. Wasn’t there just an article about a US ship getting completely blacked out while a Russian plane was flying by it?


        In other news…

        HEY!!! All you Republican supporters, (yeah, that’s you KY Mom), how do you feel now that your good-old-boys fully funded Obamacare AND amnesty for millions of illegals?

        • KY Mom is NOT a neocon, so watch it there, Billy Hill.

          • He didn’t say she was a neocon, he called out Republican “supporters.”

            And when you look at KY Mom’s posts, it would seem that she is in fact a republican “supporter.”

            • BJ, with all due respect, you’re wrong about KY Mom. she provides links to some very interesting articles on various topics that I would otherwise miss. In my mind, she does provide a valuable service here. I consider Republicans and Neocons to be one and the same since 9/11. I don’t believe KY Mom supports either party.

              • You are right, she posts some great stuff, no doubt about that.

                But she has also posted stuff that would lead one to believe that she 1. still votes and 2. she votes to the right. She seems like a very sweet, sincere Godly woman….just a wee bit still asleep is all.

              • braveheart,

                Thank you for your support. I have been busy with work and family obligations.

                Thank you again!

                KY Mom

                I see many dismal economic markers, I try to warn others and also share prepping tips.

          • Hey braveheart, it appears reading and comprehension is not one of your finer points. Please do pay attention if you’re going to start running off at the mouth, it will help you keep from looking, well… stupid.

            I have full respect for KY Mom, but she is admittedly a Republican supporter and has argued that point with me before. Respectfully.

            So how about you sit down now and let the adults talk. Mkthx.

          • LMFAO @ “Watch it there billy hill” You sound like an idiot. 😀

      18. Russia ready in 2023? oh, no…much sooner than that. With the sanctions and plummeting oil prices the Great Bear in the east will get desperate.

        • WNCM, welcome back. I think sometime in 2015 will be ‘party time’, I’m afraid. I just can’t see the Bear putting up with the NWO’s BS for very much longer.

          • I’m here every day, just been oddly quiet for a while!

      19. I actually love to see the US being powerful enough and able to protect itself at all-time but such high tech weapons even if is true and capable of doing magic only protects the interests of the same scum bags who are in power destroying our daily freedoms and way of life. So if someone targets the fricking whore house of the WallStreet and the HQ’s of the ZOG owned banks using this laser system then God bless such patriots.

      20. Russia has it too..don’t think for a second they can’t counter anything the US does.

      21. What a bunch of hooey! Really? Let’s see, we watch a laser weapon system hit a small target that is within visible range. Imagine that. That weapon system won’t stop a EMP or nuclear warhead from detonating over the U.S. Putin doesn’t give a crap about the weakened U.S. military and it’s little toys. Fact is the U.S. and IMF caused the Coupe’ in Ukraine and Russia is laughing at the U.S. wusses who started all this. Keep up the B.S. propaganda stories about how powerful the U.S. military is all the while Obung Hole has GUTTED the military. What a bunch of shiiiit!

        • Russa did a fly over and left the American ship disabled and in the dark. It limped away into port and a dozen of the US Crew resigned. What does that tell ya. Only idiots play war toy propaganda. Iran stole a US drone right out of the sky and flew it to Iran for disecting. Hackers around the Globe could shut down the US in a weekend if they wanted. Ever read an FBI cyber report? If the psychopaths running our government keep this up, we will all pay.

      22. Don’t know & don’t really care. Russa lazers ebola etc. They are a whole bunch of things that I cant do anything about. So ill continue to not worry about them. No use giving stuff you have no control over free rent in your head. We might get some snow & ice this weekend. that’s something I can prepare for. Cut fire wood today.

        • Now there’s the real deal….not the phony Selco.

          • BJ, before you call Selco phony, why not go and check out his website at You’ll find a lot of very interesting and useful survival information there. I’ve taken Selco’s course and highly recommend it. Selco has ALREADY been through a MEGA-SHTF scenario; his country breaking up into factions and going to war with each other. He survived the siege of Sarajevo and is providing essential information on what all of us can expect when the balloon goes up. So MY prepper tip to YOU is go visit his site and study it very thoroughly before passing judgment. I don’t pass judgment on food before trying it out first.

            • BJ is a yappy little chihuahua running around under the legs of Selco, who is a 110 pound German Shepherd by way of comparison.

              “lookit me – lookit me – lookit me – Ima dog too, Ima dog too!”

              • Did you read that in a book….LoL

                I am not a dog at all, IOW I don’t think or claim to be anything at all like a Selco (if he is real) or a Ferfal.

                Your post is kind of weird, really. I think it was supposed to be an insult, but wound up more weird/strange than anything. For a person who likes to use words like verboten, I would of expected a better attempt at an insult than that??? Then again…..maybe not!

              • And actually Old, I used to have a Jack Russell and that would be more analogous as far as dogs and me 🙂

                I really miss Pogo.

            • He has some great tips….yes. But I believe he and his story is phony….jmho I believe he is a business man and in today’s world there is a lot of money to be made off of the whole prepper thing.

      23. Fancy electronics. Lasers don’t work well in foggy and other types of weather. Drones depend on satellites as well as “smart bombs”. Technology can create dependency and vulnerability as well. If the US had some secret super weapon they would had use it against the Russians a long time ago. They are trying financial warfare because they are idiots, watch (like Putin said) for that boomerang.

        • For lasers just put up a big mirror and reflect the beam back at the ship shooting it. No brainer. Now go play flashlight tag kiddies.

      24. From AlertsUSA earlier today:

        POTUS to sign bill adding sanctions on Russia and providing LETHAL AID to
        Ukraine. Russia threatens possible preemptive use of full military force in

      25. Three letters. EMP. Not only would an EMP strike on the U.S. level the playing field somewhat, but we would be in NO position to engage in any long term engagements as our military would be needed on the homeland for obvious reasons. And if an EMP strike takes place in the winter period, well we already know what the result would be….

        • I am with ya JOHN , that is what i prep for.
          EMP scares the hell outta me.
          Nuke bombs ? Please target my house , I dont wanna be around for that.
          The pain and suffering for survivors would be terrible.

          • An EMP is nothing. Its the idiots 99% ers that have no clue or coping skills. Just like that idiot couple that got locked in their car for a few days cause their key remote stopped working. Come to find out all they had to do was flip the door lock on the side door pannel. Idiots will parish cause they have Zero coping or 5th grade IQ stauts.

        • Liberty John

          “.. we would be in NO position to engage in any long term engagements ..”

          What makes you think any exchange with a superpower would last long enough to be classified as long term. WWII was a long time ago in an entirely different time period. By the end of the first day the nations involved would be unrecognizable.

      26. life goes on. the government is trying to control, as all
        governments have done for 10,000 years and lots more i’m
        sure. what would i have thought of “my government”
        if i was living as a viking in 1200? GOD BLESS AMERICA
        and by that i mean the people, all the people, even the
        stupid shitheads that do not agree with me. opinion are like
        assholes, everybody has one, and they all stink but mine!!!!

      27. Impressive technology but I cannot imagine the US has mass production of such weapon much less perfected the technology. China has laser technology too, maybe Russia as well. If we deal with what we do know, that is Russia’s Topel M is resistant to laser so they say. And Russia’s Topol and Satan missiles are tops in the world with the Topal being the fastest object on the planet a Mach 24. The next war will be very different from anything we have seen in my opinion, with computer warfare being a key factor. Long range fighting will occur and the US is losing International support. Germany is already to jump ship as they are too dependent on Russian energy as most of European countries are. A winter conflict could be beneficial to Russia and China as the US will have to expand it’s self imposed role as world police and that may stretch our resources much too thin, lasers or not.

        • At one point the evil looking operator with glasses appeared to be operating a control that looked like a game station or xbox. I would have felt more secure if it looked more like Capt. Kirk’s console.

      28. It’s all by design. Remember the Sochi Olympics. No western leader went and the MSM was in an anti-Russia and anti-Putin propaganda offensive before the western backed coup in Ukraine. When MH17 was shot down, they instantly blamed Putin. Skousen thinks the war won’t happen until the 2020s but that’s just what he thinks. This thing is accelerating fast. The ruble is collapsing, the senate passed the Ukraine Support Act for lethal and nonlethal aid plus more sanctions (sanctions are an act of war), and Russia has been warning that world war is inevitable if this continues. Ukraine is the flashpoint to watch, let’s see if the puppet regime starts an offensive to try to take the east and how Russia and NATO responds or if there’s another false flag to blame Russia. While Obama has been demoralizing and dismantling the military, Russia is getting ready and is modernizing their military. They do have the capacity to attack the US, and win. If Napoleon and Hitler couldn’t defeat Russia, Obama has no chance and there would be no better chance than now with a weak inept president and the west in decline and divided.

        What comes after the world war? This is also what everyone should be worried about. They got a lot out of WWII. The UN, the creation of Israel, the global economic system reset and reorganized at Bretton Woods, and the rise of communism.

      29. Oh Please…….what nonsense

      30. Amerikaka is setting the stage for it’s own “Suicide by Russia.”

        that laser is not a game changer, it will only force the russians to develop weapons laser shielding, an change russian military weapons deployment and attack tactics.

        And the russians have proven time and time again,

        if you mess with them they will kill you.

        Making Russia look upon a Surprise First Attack Nuke option more favorably as amerikaka tries to tighten it’s isolating economic noose around russia’s neck.

        Amerikaka is only hastening it’s own self destruction by zionist jew and freemason Greed.

        Keep poking the Russian Bear Amerikaka and you will pay a dear price with the very lives of your children an then their children death and blood.

        Amerikaka is truly a Zionist Jew controlled Idiocracy!

        Keep poking the Bear Amerikaka, an you shall truly reap your just reward!

        • How bout a big mirror?

      31. Ha ha!

      32. Man, who puts this blatant disinfo out, I really wanna know?.. Either this guy is a paid shill, drinking the cool aid or hes really that brainwashed, stupid and uninformed. Regardless of whether you approved of the Ukrainian government or not it was a democratically elected government of Ukraine and the U.S. corporation (US government) overthrew it in a coup. Crimea petitioned to Join Russia and the Crimean people voted to do so. Russia did not “Annex” anything. As NATO has had the CIA,the Israeli Mossad, Military forces & Mercenary forces in Ukraine since the US overthrew it and put in their puppet government it has been shipping hardware in there and still doing so as we speak. This butt wipe has the nerve to demonize Russia. I am a proud American and this illegal, treasonous US government is the provocateur who is desperate for WW3 to cover their Zio-Nazi banksters economic ponzy scheming collapse. It is not acting with the consent of the American people and I refuse to allow some shill like this to aid and abed these criminals by peddling their propaganda in the name of my nation.

        • Very well said.

        • Absolutely on the money Eddie! And literally millions of dumb ass Americans believe just the opposite because of the lieing mainstream media and the criminal federal government.

      33. Truer words have never been spoken!

      34. I’ve seen that POS work…there is a defense, just gotta see it.

      35. Big deal. This “weapon’ is nothing more than a novelty. Much like the stupid “Mother of all Bombs” they touted before the most recent gulf war. It also was never used.

        I doubt this little laser pointer will do much against a hoard of supersonic missiles or MIGs.

      36. How does one get ahold of Mac? I’d like to send him a kite

      37. Russia is collapsing from the fall in oil prices all put on by OPEC which is trying to kill the United States efforts at Fracking. They raised interest rates to 17%. This is the same thing that happened under the second worst president in our history, Jimmy Carter…. he brought us a deflationary depression/recession.

        Russia collapsed once already after Reagan got done with them. I am not convinced a second collapse will have any affect on us, unless they to nuclear on us all……

      38. This article just told the Russians they have nothing to fear.

        Quit giving people false hope. It will just prevent many from taking steps to avoid war or worse yet…

        Prevent them from taking steps to protect their family while thinking that the reich’s super weapons will save them.

      39. Very hard for me to get a clear picture of who is behind this rekindling of the Cold War. Does ANYBODY really believe Barack Obama has the stones or inclination to start a nuclear war with Russia. So if he is not driving this bus who is, the Fed, the Pentagon(with its 1500 purged flag rank officers canned by the administration) I fail to see how the decimation of both countries would benefit either of them. The international banking consortium might be able to pull it off but why take such a risk, you don’t have to be Henry Kissinger to figure out the enormous risk this places on the entire world. Do these cold calculating people really believe they can control anything once we start lobbing these damn things at one another. The Middle East , Aisia and even parts of Europe would go up like a bonfire within days, maybe hours of a U.S., Russian nuclear exchange. The NWO would have very little world left to rule. I can’t help but draw one of 2 conclusions. First there is something unseen at work here, or second that madness has infected the halls of power, like Powers Boothe said in Red Dawn when asked why the war started,”Maybe we just forgot what war is like.” I have never really believed the conspiracy theories about some sort of Illuminati type organization that called the shots but recent events are causing me to reconsider.

        • Maybe it is to destroy this country? I think most of the major players would come in on Russia’s side, i.e. China, N Korea, Iran~N~friends.


          They all know an out of this world catastrophe is coming and this is a big distraction or a fight for stuff to take into hiding with them?

          Possibilities are endless.

      40. 😉 It’s funny to think this weapon is more than a toy able to deter nuclear attack … This article is missing some crucial points on how lasers and nuclear missiles function. Disappointing analysis.

      41. It appears that war is already under way..economic war that is.

        currency wars..

        Goldman Sachs has already drawn blood on any Russian transactions via the ruble…surely the rest of the vampire squid will follow.

        The reduction of oil prices is the key trigger…inflicting wounds to Russias petroleum export profits..

        however..russia and china do have agreements to trade in their own currency basket and circumvent the global western partnership of petrodollars…

        should get quite interesting..


      42. In her book, “Where Did the Towers Go?”, Read Dr. Judy Wood’s description of the space-based (SDI) directed energy weapon (DEW) used to vaporized not two, but all WTC buildings except #5, which was left 80% intact. See the photographic and forensic evidence neither the government nor the media released. Don’t believe it? You won’t see or hear her interviewed here or on InfoWars. Guess why?

        • Yep. Got her book a year or two ago and watched her videos on youtube. Never gonna hear the truth on the lieing mainstream media and never from the corrupt and criminal federal goverment.

          • Out of curiosity….if the buildings were vaporized and not hit with planes, where did the passangers go that were on those flights?

      43. Hubris must be bulletproof. Maybe they can use this amplified light to illuminate the USS Donald Cook and all other weapons systems when they go dark. Followed up by the silent undetectable subs. Sticks and stones indeed, Albert. All you left us with were the idiots. Rest in peace, there will be none for us.

      44. When peace becomes full of sin……………………..

        War becomes lawful.

      45. This is the most retarded post I have seen so far I will be laughing when russia shuts this down with some $5 piece of electronic warfare device this page is now unliked

        • you’re damn right !!

      46. Bullshit!

      47. Even San Marino can make a high powered laser (and put it in Space).

      48. An anti-ballistic missile (ABM) defense system would have minimal impact on a nuclear strike launched by Russia. They already deployed ABM systems in the 1960’s; Nike-Zeus and Spartan. As soon as they MIRVed (in the late 1960’s) ICBM’s this rendered ABM systems near useless.
        The U.S. knows this as well as Russia. Why do you think both the Soviet Union and the U.S. stopped deploying such systems in the 1970’s and 1980’s. ABM causes a disruption in the strategic nuclear balance. Hence the ABM treaty of 1972. ABM systems are political tools not military.
        As for laser targeting of warheads, same scenarios applies, however I the laser would be much faster and more efficient at killing warheads/missiles. But, if you have 300 missiles inbound and then 6-10 warheads now you have thousands of warheads that have to be killed some of which are decoys.
        As for EMP. Some people think that militaries have these big powerful EMP weapons. All bullshit. The only way to generate EMP powerful enough and on a large enough scale to effect a very wide area is by detonating a multi-megaton thermo-nuclear weapon 100-200 miles above the atmosphere.
        Besides once this nuclear weapons effect was discovered decades ago. Therefore, everything in the military has been EMP hardened; wires, computers, electronics, everything. So to paralyze the military using EMP its not going to happen. What will happen someday people will be going on with their daily lives see a flash then everything goes dark and stops working. It will be terrifying because very shortly you know what’s next.
        Taking out Military Sat-Comm (Satellite Communications) won’t stop it either. Yes the military does rely heavily on Satellite Communications but they planned for this scenario as well. Redundancy on top of redundancy. How do we know they don’t have agreements with AT&T, DirecTV and Dish network to use their satellites in the event the military sat-com is destroyed. They might have military satellites that are currently used for non-military communications and look like a commercial satellite. They’ve had decades to plan for this eventuality and haven’t left any stone un-turned.
        There’s many things we don’t know and base many assumptions on what little we do know.
        I do not believe Joel Skousen when he says nuclear world war III will happen around 2020-2023. Personally, in my opinion, if things don’t change and the Unites States don’t change the way they treat superpower level countries such as Russia and China, it will happen much sooner than 5-8 years from now. More like 1-3 years from now. How much longer do you think Russia will be willing to put up with the way they are being treated by the USA ? Several analysts, experts, trends predictors, and psychics said it will be 2015-2016.
        I hope it never happens ever. But since the whole world has taken notice the extremely hard war drive the United States is on against Russia. How much longer can Russia hold off on action against the U.S. Russia is not stupid they see how they are being pushed into throwing the first punch so the U.S. can attack them in their own defense and say Russia started.
        This war even if it starts off using conventional weapons, as soon as whatever side considers itself starting to lose they will start using nuclear weapons. Probably tactical at first. But then nuclear escalation prevails and each side will want to do more damage to the other in retaliation for the nuke strike against them.
        This war will not be the firecracker, watch at home with popcorn wars of the past 20 years. It will cause complete and total devastation. All in 90 minutes or less.
        Most people can’t even conceive the sheer power of thermonuclear weapons and most view them as an extremely large and powerful chemical explosive. People don’t know or realize the radiation, EMP, blast wave, thermal wave, the fire, the fallout, the blindness, the 3rd degree burns, destruction of ozone and nuclear winter caused by these weapons. That’s why they are quick to say “we should just nuke them already”.
        Right now 10% of the people in America think we should go to war with Russia over the downing of the Malaysians airliners. Americans think Russia shot them down. Does this alarm anyone about how wrongly informed the public is concerning Russia and Ukraine ?
        Now in the news Putin: “I Will Move Nukes Into Crimea. Does this concern anyone that Putin is moving nukes into Crimea. If true it sure looks like Russia is on a buildup to war. Yet, nobody bother to ask is this in response to NATO/U.S. moves in the area. The ball is rolling and we are perilously close to war with Russia. Does anyone even care ?
        America needs leaders like we had in the past, for example like Reagan who met with Gorbchev many times to try to prevent nuclear war and keep dialog between America and Russia ongoing. Or even Nixon who met with Brezhnev many times for the same reasons.
        Why does the USA want war with Russia. We’ve heard all kinds of reasons for their natural resources, their wealth, to maintain hegemony. I don’t think we know the real reason.
        BigBluedrew posted a comment and a quote: Powers Boothe said in Red Dawn when asked why the war started, ”Maybe we just forgot what war is like.” That quote speaks a thousand words.
        IMO to resolve this mess the United States must immediately open in person dialog with Putin and talk about compromise and concessions to try to diffuse the whole situation and come to terms on the Ukraine and missile defense for starters. Why not try working with Russia for a change.
        Truly and sincerely if this whole dangerous situation is not calmed down and soon some people might be hearing and I quote from the Movie “The Day After”
        Joe Huxley (John Lithgow): [speaking into his shortwave radio] Hello. Is anybody there? Anybody at all?

        • I think your statements are based on when we had an effective military. It has been decimated in the last 6 years. We may have spent a lot of money on laser’s, but everything else is run down. Today’s military is not the same military we had.

      49. The Russian won’t start it but they are more than willing to finish it.

      50. Any “top secret” super dooper weapons we might have the Chinese WILL have and VERY SOON. They will get them one of two ways. They will BUY the needed data from a corrupt politician….that’s how they got the technical know how to develop MIRV’ed missiles….they bought it from Slick Willie in the 90’s along with a lot of other goodies. Method two….the one they favor nowdays is much simpler, easier, cheaper and much more effective.
        They simply log into whatever computer network they wish to and STEAL THE DATA directly. Our cybersecurity in the USA is a farce.

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