Watch This Incredible Video And Decide For Yourself: Did Hillary Clinton Cheat At The Last Debate By Using An Embedded Tablet Device In Her Podium?

by | Oct 26, 2016 | Headline News | 19 comments

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    New Wikileaks documents show that Hillary Clinton, in association with the mainstream media, was given debate questions ahead of time. It’s also been rumored that the former First Lady may have used an ear piece at one of the debates, giving her a significant advantage.

    Last week footage of the final Presidential debate begain circling the internet and showed that Clinton may have been using some sort of screen at her podium. While many dismissed this as a lighting effect, an investigation by Piper McGowin at The Daily Sheeple suggests that Hillary may have actually been using some sort of tablet device.

    The following video will leave little doubt that something just wasn’t right at the last debate. As you’ll see, Hillary, who claims she was merely taking notes, was actually reading directly off of the podium, almost as if someone was feeding her answers and bullet points.

    Moreover, and quite damning, the notes Hillary was supposedly taking were were being written down with a pen that didn’t have a tip on it. So, either she wasn’t taking notes, or, she was using a stylus on an electronic device.

    Watch this incredible video and decide for yourself:

    (Watch directly at Youtube)

    For an extensive breakdown of the Wikileaks notes that add further legitimacy to the claims that Hillary’s podium is loaded with cheat-tech, we encourage you read Leaked Emails Reveal Hillary Can’t Speak for Very Long Without a Podium

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      1. Duh!!! You could see the glow from her podium several times. Who knows it may have been OK, because it was so blatant.

        • this is the first time I have seen the pen thing mentioned. she couldn’t have been writing anything and the zoom in from the video shows it!!

          wow. no shame.

        • It would have been obvious to anyone anywhere near the stage. Even Trump would have noted a light glinting off of her beady little piggy eyes (and / or) from the podium itself.

      2. I would be surprised if she WASN’T cheating.

        If she is elected to the presidency, just watch the kleptocracy take off in high gear. You ain’t seen nothin’ yet, as they saying goes.

        Our work ethic will become slavery to provide the money for their perks, power, and the proletariat to keep them in office.

      3. It’s not a question did she cheat? It’s how did she cheat!

      4. Hitlery cheat? No way!…and Bill didn’t have sex with Monica either. (sarcasm)

      5. We have had Democrats in the past like FDR, Truman, JFK, LBJ and I’ll even include Carter. We knew what they were and why. That’s OK.

        Then came along Clinton, then Obama and God forbid, maybe another Clinton. One word that describes those 16 years is FRAUD. Lying about everything, weaponizing government, corrupting morals whenever and however possible. Trying every trick at their disposal to wear and rasp down the productive people and cultures of America, which I think was carefully engineered to destroy us. I don’t believe Hillary gives a shit about anything except becoming 2 items in history; first female president and first first-lady to become a president. She’s very sick, but far sicker mentally than physically. If she wins, America will absolutely need God, soon!

      6. Hillary is the second greatest fraud perpetrated on the American people, behind Obama

      7. Why do we find it so hard to believe that the domestic enemy will cheat? Watching too many Hollywood owened by who movies? What do we expect? They declared war on Germany in 1933 . It seems like war by way of deception has been declared on us now? And in the end they will buy up all the destroyed property for pennies. And pay the starving masses pennies to rebuild it for them. Just as they have done time and time again. We should be used to it by now. Soon the mesia with the iron rod with their blood on his robe. Will change everything. O come soon regardless. Our lamps are full . And we can’t wait to help.

      8. Gee. Hillary did a really good job delivering her lines. She opened with her arms out in a friendly manner. She moved her Hans to emphasize strong points. And she smiled quite nicely even when, especially when, Trump hit home. I’m impressed. She even spoke deliberately when she had trouble reading. These are signs of a very well trained public speaker. No wonder she commands such exorbitant fees for public speaking. When I grow up, I want to be just like her. Well, as far as her ability to deliver a prepared speech. Or, debate, whatever; what difference, after all, does it make.


      9. tablet + stylus??

        Is that cheating? Are you not allowed a tablet to take notes?

        No really, I dont know

        • She was reading something every few seconds. The podium was rigged.

      10. END OF DAYS.

      11. She cheated, her eyes went to the podium every few seconds and Trump’s eyes did no such thing.

      12. She sure is a good magician! I didn’t know that the podiums were not subject to pre-debate scrutiny. Why did Drumpf not run over to her and point the thing out with his little fingers?

      13. I saw this in the first debate and so did many others. I sent a note to the trump campaign that they should demand a glass podium but I guess i dont have an important opinion.

      14. Hillarys a scumbag but this seems to be a stretch

      15. Is it possible – maybe – that Trump was handed the Republican ticket in order to get Clinton elected? He has always talked about running – but why now? Who else on the extensive Republican side was ‘qualified’ to make Clinton look ‘good’? Perhaps the whole election is wool pulled over our eyes.

        • Yep, it’s possible. May be the case, too. But who would believe it?

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