Watch This 8th Grader Deliver The Most Creative Graduation Speech Ever… In The Voice Of Trump, Hillary and More

by | Aug 9, 2016 | Headline News | 19 comments

Do you LOVE America?



    In what could possibly be the funniest and most creative graduation speech ever, 8th grade student Jack Aiello takes on the role of your favorite Presidential candidate while recollecting his junior high memories.

    Two words: Nailed It.

    This is one you’ll want to share with friends, family and especially your own kids:

    (Watch At Youtube)


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      1. Saw this the other day. This kid is great. Loved it.

        • His Bernie Sanders was classic !

      2. This kid has got a future in show business, politics, or whatever his little heart desires to do. Perhaps a night show talk host. It’s for these kids we have to clean up the mess this Country is in.

        • Well said Brother….well said.
          Even from over here in Australia….am right behind ya.

      3. Sarge, the kid is really sharp and I can’t believe he got away with this at a PUBLIC school. BTW, how did the land search go?

        • Well!!!!
          We found the perfect place. BUT!!!! the guy wouldn’t clean up the mess he had there and wouldn’t show us the property lines. The were a couple of things like that we ask to be done. ALL TOGETHER only 3 things. It fell through.

          We are still looking. I just hope I can get thing set up before TSHTF!

          Thanks for asking. Stay safe.


          • SGT, It may be better going through a Realtor for purchasing. They are under much stricter rules for full disclosure of all the negatives. So the guy would not show you the property lines. Like WTF is that all about? Is that where he has the dead bodies stacked up or something, that he did not want you to see, or was he just lazy?

            I walked all over my BOL property, before purchase, several times, and was told everything. The Realtor I used was fantastic, brought maps, and lots of other good info about the area. For Buying Property, it is worth using a Realtor, surveyor, and if there are buildings, get a good home inspector and sure it may cost you $250 to $400 but their will uncover thousand of dollars of possible damage or etc, that you can include in your bid price as a tool for price reduction, or getting items fixed before the closing. Be specific with a Realtor what you are looking for, and have them show you more than just their offices listings. MLS, Zillow, etc. Personal sellers are trying to sell and will not tell you everything. As you found out. What are they hiding? You made the right decision. Walk away. Its a learning curve..


          • I paid $500 prior to the closing to have my BOL property professionally surveyed. I needed to know the true elevation and also the exact property lines, and how far the set back to build from the high water mark, or they called it “Top of Bank,” from the (lake and Canal).

            Come to find out in the completed Survey, it is actually 1.1 acres larger than the property listing stated. So I won that additional acre of land, for free in the price, I figured. Information is power. Since it seems there was no record on file that it was ever surveyed, It took them 20 hours, they claimed to get a true survey done, and had to go way up the road to find a marker as a starting point. I bought raw land and I also needed to know exactly the area of road access easement for my driveway off the dirt private road. And to shut up any neighbors who bitched where the access road really was.

            Sometimes people just drive where there are no trees, but you need to know exactly, before you start putting up fences gates, laying gravel, etc. And you sure don’t want to be driving on someone else’s property to access your property. Sure don’t want to buy land locked property either, without an access easement to a main road. So keep doing your homework.


          • Sarge, sorry to hear that. Better luck next time. You did right turning away from it. the owner sounds like a shady SOB to me.

          • Always have a survey done, and always have a title search done. Also get title insurance just in case.

            You might also want to have the lines marked so everyone else can see.

            • Well after a survey is done they put the orange or Pink flags in the ground by the property lines and corners, or Pins or stone markers. Always take photos of the pin in relation to a tree, etc. And run a line or string from marker to marker, and paint it, or put some markers in yourself on the property line, if you are going to put up a fence. To make sure the fence is on your property. Good fences make good neighbors from just walking on and being snoopy. Then put up your NO Trespass signs right away to keep the F@ck off your property. lol All good advice and comments above.

              Yeah for sure do a title search, buy the insurance, and make sure their are no liens on the property, or neighborhood associations or assessments filed against the property or hidden hazards or like it was a previous dump or pit, or in an airport flight path or zone. Never buy property next to any military base or installations what so ever. They will screw you over and noting you can do about noise, or oil dripping from planes.

              Buying land from a personal person or on land contract, can also get you in trouble. As you could put money down and they take a loan or something on it, like not pay the taxes, or who knows. Go to a title company and pay the guy some $$ to take a quick look. I did that and found out all the problems with my neighbors property and tax liens and association liens they have on their property, that I was also going to put an offer on to increase my land size.

              Buying property you really have to dig for all the info. And really go scope out your neighbors to see what they are like. Meth or gang problems etc, out in the boonies. Do the neighbors keep their property tidy and debris free, or is it a shithole? After all you are going to have to live next to them for years.

              ~WWTI… Good Luck.

          • Do your due diligence, scrutinize the property disclosure, talk to potential neighbors, title search and insurance through a legitimate title company, survey, and … if something doesn’t look or feel right, listen to your instincts! Sellers who are on the up and up will have nothing to hide and will disclose EVERYTHING.

      4. Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!

      5. It seems like the brainwashing isn’t working.

      6. Write that kid’s name on the ballot!

      7. Gotta check back into that kids life in 10 yrs.

        He was really good.

      8. On the two biggest crooks, Obama and Killary, this kid killed it.

      9. The kid has to much going for him to enter politics.

      10. I love that kid. This is why we should never give up.

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