Watch: They Will Clear The Shelves Within Hours: “Like a Tornado”

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    ebt-frenzy2(Image courtesy Infowars – Panicked shoppers raid local Walmarts)

    This weekend the nation’s Electronic Benefits Transfer crashed, leaving millions of Americans around the country wondering where they would get their next meal.

    One woman, interviewed just minutes after she learned the system was no longer functioning, complained that she was unable to put food on the table. “How am I going to feed my family,” she asked, noting that she has six kids to feed.

    There is a long-held theory that we are just nine meals from anarchy and that within 72 hours of any significant crisis which takes down our ability to conduct commerce we’d see a total destabilization of our society and way of life.

    The events of this weekend have proven this theory wrong.

    Should a serious crisis strike we won’t have three days.

    It’ll be more like three hours, which is about how long it took panicked food stamp recipients with non-functioning benefits cards to completely raze the shelves of their local Walmarts.

    Watch the following video and you’ll get an idea of exactly what to expect if and when the worst happens.

    Well known survival expert James Rawles has discussed this thin veneer of civilization on numerous occasions:

    What is underneath is not pretty, and it does take much to peel away that veneer. You take your average urbanite or suburbanite and get him excessively cold, wet, tired, hungry and/or thirsty and take away his television, beer, drugs, and other pacifiers, and you will soon seen the savage within.

    It will happen fast, as noted by Tess Pennington in Anatomy of a Breakdown:

    As preppers are well aware, when the needs of the population cannot be met in an allotted time frame, a phenomena occurs and the mindset shifts in people. They begin to act without thinking and respond to changes in their environment in an emotionally-based manner, thus leading to chaos, instability and a breakdown in our social paradigm.

    When you take the time to understand how a breakdown behaves and how it progresses, only then can you truly prepare for it.

    This weekend a single system serving nearly 50 million Americans crashed, leading to panic across the country.

    Now consider what would happen if the financial system was hit with a “glitch” or a cyber attack that restricted access to the bank accounts and ATM machines of 300 million Americans.

    For those who think this is not a possibility, consider the words of outgoing head of the Department of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano:

    Outgoing Homeland Security chief Janet Napolitano issued an ‘open letter’ to her successor warning that a cyber or physical event that knocks out the power grid will occur – and it is not a question of “if” but “when.”

    When that day comes the EBT crash will look like a walk in the park.

    It is for this reason that we urge Americans who have not yet done so to develop a long-term preparedness plan that includes food storage for when grocery stores are emptied, water in case utility plants are taken offline, silver and gold as a mechanism of exchange when commerce systems fail, and self defense armaments and home defense strategies for when the looters come knocking.

    Failure to prepare will be nothing short of horrific.


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      1. Yeah, and preppers are the crazy ones. RIIIIiiiiight. To me, the crazy ones are the people that have nothing extra stored for emergencies. Talk about living dangerously.

        • Hey Even though deep down inside, I always thought when we – as a ‘society’ – got to this point, I would feel vindicated for putting up with titles such as “extremist” or nut-case, but I don’t.
          I ‘sense’ the need to be ever more vigilant against what has become so evident – “… sooner – rather than later – I’m going to facing off with the hordes from hell… and they won’t all be government officials…

          • When it happens big time, the shoppers will just
            detour the checkout lanes with their carts full
            and pile out the doors en mass.

            What is a 70 year old greeter at the door going
            to do about it. He will probably join in on the
            fray, for what he is paid at chinamart. It would
            be like trying to stop a buffalo stampede anyway.

            • …and the odds are almost 100%, that most of the zombies who joined in the panic buying, once the dust has settled back down to a ‘normal’ day, will go back to living as before, and be caught off guard in a panic….again….and blame others for this happening…again. They won’t even bother to have an extra set of batteries, bottled water, or a radio….nothing….again.

              Gold Leader standing by.

              • Funny how people are stating to wake up. I had a couple at my work today ask me about water storage and filters. Our controler said an FBI agent relative told him something big was about to happen and warned him to get provisions. I’m not putting much stock in that because he’s a ojangle zombie but it proves a point people are starting to look around. I prefer the zombies to stay asleep because those who can’t think for themselves don’t deserve freedom.

                • @ Indy Colts

                  Whether one gets there from theism or from natural law each and every human being is born to be free.

                  Since I’m not a gear head i don’t pay much attention to his auto writing but when Eric Peters writes about Liberty I listen up.

                  People who have lost in war against government tyranny ( there is no such thing as a government that iSN’T a tyranny) or have been sold out by their ”leaders” might be de facto slaves.

                  Other people, whom Peters calls “clovers” gravitate toward authoritarianism because they want to control what we all do. They have no conception of live your life your way and I will live my life my way.

                  The clovers have an addlepated fondness for government coercion and want more of it, in the mistaken belief that they are and will be among the “bosses.”

                  I disagree with your statement that “those who can’t think for themselves don’t deserve freedom.”

                  From 6 generations of dumbed down government schools and endless statist propaganda 9/10 ths of the American population are incapable of abstract thought.

                  But that doesn’t negate the principle that they were born to be free.

                  If I had a statist relative, and I’m sad to say I have several, i would have them watch the
                  8-minutes long flash animation Philosophy of Liberty.

                  • Hello John_Allen,
                    You need to elaborate on your hypothesis about the inability of students to process abstract thoughts.
                    That’s a very interesting point.
                    Could the race to the bottom, no student better than others be a part of it?

                  • As a college teacher, I see this everyday. Students have been taught specific things and tasks. They can repeat them. Ask them to take two different concepts or tasks they learned and perform a third task that uses skills or processes from the first two and they are clueless.

                    They have no comprehension of what they learn. They can spit our memorized answers but formulating new answers from accumulated knowledge is just not possible for most.

                    Critical thought and reasoning has been trained out of the population in order to control them. Public schools are training a mindless workforce that will do what they are told and vote how they are told. Without fundamental change, this country cannot survive as a free republic.

                  • We have an epidemic of “clovers” going on. I try to tell people (the leftists and progressives I know) that their political philosophy has been hijacked by a globalist agenda that is out for complete power and control, but they just don’t get it. You mention anything to them about how abusive and exploitive entitlements are and their response is always “so, you want to take food out of the mouths of starving babies”. This is what has been programmed into their minds, and I have no idea how to crack that nut. I try to explain to them that their beloved big govt is who created the condition of so many starving babies in the first place and I get a blank stare of bewilderment.

              • What gets me, Gold Leader, is that this WASN’T A PANIC BUYING SITUATION. The majority of those people were cramming their carts with everything they could stuff in them because there was no way to tell what their balance on the card was.

                In other words, they saw an opportunity not only to get the usual free food, but to STEAL EVEN MORE. You can’t convince me the one with forty-nine cents on her card didn’t know it—her friends probably alerted her and she busted her fat ass to get down there and take advantage, over $700 worth.

                What that bitch didn’t realize is, if she used her card, they’d recover the overpayment from her future benefits—she was going to be accountable for it, unless she outright shoplifted it all.

                …I realigned my scope and cleaned and lubed everything today, as well as created a couple of choke-points…after I finished puking.

                • “Just human nature” ? Nah, I don’t think so. This is the evidence of a slave mentality, 200 years after the fact, that has been imbedded in their psyche. It is the evidence of a “gimme, take me, buy me,” sub culture mentality wanting something for nothing.

                  “The fault Dear Brutus, is not in the stars but in ourselves.”

                  The successful blacks in the black community must take responsibility for the culture in their community. Leaders like Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Dr Ben Carson, Alan West, and others must step up to change the mindset and psychology in the black community that too often follows the likes of self appointed black leaders like Al Sharpton.

                  WE know what that means. He personifies this mentality.

                  American values of hard work, self reliance, personal responsibility, perseverance, and individual accountability must be reinforced in the educational system all across America. Get involved where you are at even in a small way. Don’t leave it for someone else to do.

                  YOU can make a difference. Preach the difference. Demand the difference. Be the difference. Engage!!! 🙂

                  • durango kidd,
                    That was inspirational!

                  • That sounds wonderful, but how do you propose that Black people “take back the Black community?” I spent the better part of 12 years teaching in low income schools, giving poor students every bit of my experience (degrees, travel, National Certifications, etc.). The system has been, over the course of several years, RIGGED to keep Black people pacified.

                    I mean to say, certain elements of the govt. want to keep them uneducated and pacified (read: slaves), so they never develop the DESIRE to do better or become productive. Food stamps/housing projects are slavery, they are just too ignorant to know that.

                    Every family I served had benefits, Iphones, new shoes, places to live, and plenty of food. I, the teacher, shopped at Goodwill, clipped coupons, and have a pay as you go phone. Communities all over the country are FILLED with examples of Black college graduates, families, and God-fearing Christians. Where are they? Minding their own business, far away from the Hoodrats and Thugs on tv. They don’t have a desire to “help” the thugs and takers– it’s exhausting and futile. The lawyers I went to high school with don’t rub shoulders with the dropout with 6 kids, for example.

                    I have friends who ran a church run food outreach program for low income people in a neighboring town. They stopped because people COMPLAINED about the free food they were handing out. They actually turned their noses up at the food, getting angry because some of the products were not “name brand” and they wanted different food because their kids didn’t like what the church pantry offered. Now I ask you, what do you want people to do to help people like that?

                    Personally, I have TRIED with every fabric of my being to help my disadvantaged members of my race, but I have decided that the best thing that I can do is to raise my own family, to be with like minded people who are raising their children similarly.

                    Yes, the Ben Carsons and Bill Cosbys need to be celebrated, but most importantly, every person on this planet, regardless of their race, needs to take responsibility for themselves and their own families and stop expecting the answer to life’s problems to come from someone else.

                    Who helped Ben Carson? His illiterate mother.

                    I hate to say it, but sometimes folks need tough love. The financial and emotional teat is dry. I am not wishing for a collapse, but since I belong to the Black family just because of my race, it’s time for an intervention. I don’t hope for a total collapse, but that seems to be what it’s going to take for some folks to get thinned out and some others to get of their — and do for themselves.

                  • @durango kidd, Agreed. Check out this cigar smoking fellow wearing dark glasses on youtube, search david carroll.

                  • Tarheelbilly: I appreciate what you say. It is a thankless task. You are correct about aspects of the American government deliberately trying to keep blacks slaves.

                    The CIA has been targeting the inner city for many decades using the profits from their drug trade for black ops and personal enrichment.

                    On one hand the American taxpayer is funding the DEA and Border Patrol, while on the other the CIA smuggles hundreds of tons of drugs per shipment in government planes under the label of “National Security”.

                    All the more reason that aware Americans must engage the political process at every level in this nation. 🙂

                  • I can get with that, DK. The victim mentality, that they are somehow owed something, runs rampant.

                    Gold Leader standing by.

                  • You speak Truth Kid.It is a generational, indoctrinated mind set.Al Sharpton is a contributor and enabler.”Engage” Americans in awareness and liberty for the “captives”!

                  • Durango, I hope that I didn’t come across too cricial. If so, I did not intend to. I began working with low income students precisely because I wanted to help foster in them the characteristics that my family instilled in me– self reliance, charity, humility, hard work, and compassion. However, after spending more than a decade in the teaching profession working with the community, I left because I saw the futility of what I was doing. I also could no longer stomach the obvious racism (bigotry of low expectations) demonstrated by our government towards low income people.(Of all races, I must say. I have observed damaging messages taught to poor Appalachian children, but the culture of lingering government distrust there seems to make them impervious so government brainwashing, lol!) I quit teaching in July and have moved into a different field.

                    Anyway, the government has low expectations of Black people, so in their mind, they must “help” them, basically, function. If more Black people were aware of their REAL history, then I am sure that there would be more government mistrust. (In the form, I would think, of more libertarian principles, but that’s a different topic.)

                    From their perspective, it’s hard to criticize the government when they are giving you everything. It’s hard to vote for the greater good when that means voting against your own self interest. Thinking, conscious adults are able to make difficult decisions. Addled, drug addicts or grown up crack babies can’t. That may be by design… The result is that you have communities that are not critical thinkers and they are easy to lead and marginalize. Alright, that’s enough of that. 😉

                • This was just a test, to see what the out come would be. When the real sh*t hits the fan? Don’t be anywhere near these type of facilities.

                  ? is, what is in the works on all the generals being fired or dismissed. I have yet, to hear who is replacing the nuke Generals. Anyone hear anything?

                  This country is going down the toilet and it’s being done intentionally.

                  B Aware, B Awake, B Alive

                  • Exactly all this talk about EBT, 17 states down is a big distraction, also to divide and conquer. Why did these two generals get fired. So many questions, I have a feeling the whole shutdown
                    Was another distraction. The big question is what are they distracting us from?

                • Just because there’s no limit today doesn’t mean that the purchases aren’t being debited to the account. I’d just LOVE to be a fly on the wall when these looters get their next EBT card update and it says their balance is NEGATIVE $2334.00! And they ain’t gonna get out of that debt for another 4 1/2 months! No more Skittles, no more Arizona Iced Tea, homies!

                  • If only! As ignorant and incompetent as this system is I wouldn’t be at all surprised if those thiefs didn’t get a free ride on this incident. And I don’t believe either that this was panic. This was pure unadulterated looting of the system.

            • A prudent man foresees the difficulties ahead and prepares for them; the simpleton goes blindly on and suffers the consequences.
              Proverbs 22:3

              In the house of the wise are stores of choice food and oil, but a foolish man devours all he has.
              Proverbs 21: 20

            • OutWest

              I don’t shop at wallyworld but I thought I read that they don’t even have greeters anymore. Too expensive.

              These idiots are going to be the first ones to die.

              • Which idiots, the greeters at Walmart?? or the management of Walmart that fired the greeters??

                • You’re right about that, Wrong my friend.

                  I stop in about twice a year to check out
                  their ammo supplies is all.

                  Whenever I go there though, it looks like
                  the store is holding a manatee convention.
                  What a bunch of seacows.

                  • Poor Manatees! I’m now traumatised for life by that image!

                  • That’s Whale Mart

                  • That’s Whale Mart

              • Still have greeters up here.

              • Interesting thing about the WallyWorld nearest to me. Their prices for many staple items are 10% to 15% MORE than the small regional supermarket chain with a store ten miles closer to me. Example: Gallon milk: WW=$4.19, local store $3.69. Same dairy, different pricing. And I save gas and time. Only time I go into that WW now is when I’ve had to make a raid at the Lowes next door. About once every two months now.

              • They are NOT greeters anymore, they are loss prevention guards! WM has had to step up checking receipts against buggies leaving.

                • And here I thought they were there to make sure you spent enough to let you out the door.

            • OutWest: Great point; I wonder if the stores have some sort of contingency plan to close down WTSHTF? Here in Florida most have hurricane shutters and they’d be wise to use them if they have any warning time. Problem is that most store’s don’t think folks will resort to violence and loot like N.O. or other situations. If not, it’ll be like locusts in a field stripping everything.

          • Jerry C – Bingo ! And those hordes from Hell start even on my road.

            The first few Demons from Hell will be the drug zombie house nearby. Dealing with the “non-aware” houses will be difficult enough. But the brain-fried, users and sellers will be the first lethal threat to us all.

            Everyone, take care and assess all around you many times over.

            • Lest we forget–18 million Americans on “legal” mind and mood altering drugs for their schizo, bi-polar, depressed brains. Those same screwed up brains will be on panic/mania mode when their scripts run out. We can only hope that these ones get culled quickly if there are no further meds coming for weeks/months.

              • javelin, excellent point. The most dangerous people in post-SHTF will be anyone on drugs, whether legal or illegal, and alcoholics. when they can’t get their fix or drink right away, they’re just going to have to be put down PERMANENTLY. that’s the only effective way to deal with them. There won’t be any law or order, police will be at home with their families, along with judges and attorneys. courts will not be in session. All the rules we live by now will go out the window. It’s going to be no holds barred and anything goes. braveheart

                • My drug zombies have a 120 gallon propane tank at their front door. Hmmmmmm…

                  • maybe you can trade them out of it.

                • So what are we gonna do about your alcoholic ass when the “BALLOON” goes up BH ?

              • This is one of the most concerning side effects of a “grid down” situation: the untold thousands on antidepressants who will suddenly and at a most precarious time suddenly find themselves forced to go cold turkey. Even in contemporary settings, such treatment requires a gradual step down in dosage, not complete withdrawal. The side effects are suicidal and violent thoughts coupled with periods of lost emotional control. Once all the addicts to everything suddenly find themselves without _____, that’s when the real mayhem will start.

            • We need to know where the drug zombie houses are at, and then need to deal with them right off.

              Community defense starts at home.

          • Typical herd mentality. People that shop at walmart are just funding theyre own demise. I don’t give a shit if things are 1/2 price there, we never shop at walmart unless it is something we have to have and can get no where else. I have a solution for the foodstamp herd… GIVE THEM A FISHING POLE AND TACKLE AND SOME SEEDS! There ya go, problem solved! Make them do something for theyre food. Maybe throw in a book on edible plants, bugs. OK heres a prep tip for you… instead of bleach for cleaning or disinfecting, buy pool chlorinator granules. I forget the ingredient but it is like 99.5% active ingredient. This has a very long shelf life and a pound of it equals hundreds of gallons of bleach and takes up just a tiny space. Purify water, laundry, sanitize items, etc. A couple of pounds will last you for years!

            • Holy sh*t! There’s someone else who gets this. We don’t shop at Walmart either, and you couldn’t pay me to go in one. People who shop there are adding to their own demise, like shooting themsleves in the foot. And then they complain about no jobs, no local stores, everything made in China. I swear, 90% of Americans are complete dolts.

            • Genius-

              You were close on your prep tip, but make sure you only use ‘pure’ Calcium Hypochlorite to disinfect water. Many pool shock brands have algaecides as an added ingredient and that will make you very sick and can kill you.

              More on Water treatments from the EPA and another site as well:



              Also store AWAY from heat and humidity, both can cause it to break down. Extreme heat causes an offgas and fire risk, so storing in tightly closed buckets in the basement is a bad idea. Cool, dry out of sunlight for the win!

            • Thx Genius. Will be getting the bleach alterntives.

        • When you are dependent on others for your existence, you are in essence a slave to them. And so when the GOV. handouts quit coming for good and they will.
          I fear my prepping/skills will be tested to the extreme.

          • When the Federal government becomes your god, it is them that you will bow to and pay homage.

          • Your children are/were dependent upon you for their existence, does that make them your slaves. no man is an island, we all depend upon others to varying degrees. That is why preppers encourage development of communities. Community member are dependent upon others. no one can be totally self-reliant for long.

            • nc joe, you ought to know, depending on Uncle Sam for that check you get for trolling. let’s see what happens to you when that check gets cut off and it will be one day.

              • Brave baby killer. Yeah that’s it joe gets a check for being a troll. You silly old man. Just like the people in the article waiting behind the people who can’t use their cards. Meant to look like all the people in the article are on welfare. The one lady with a comment about how to feed her family. Not everyone on welfare agrees with her. Kind of like the prepper show when the manly prepped cries when a rifle goes off by him. Not all prep are like him. Or are they? Keep typing about drugs and booze as if you are perfect. You are far from perfect. You would let a kid starve because his parents are worthless. Shame on brave baby killer.

            • There really is nothing beneath your level of stupidity, is there? Comparing the raising of children, to sucking off the govt teat instead of working? Damn.

              • Sixpack, ncjoe and the other trolls live in the same fantasy world as the freeloaders.

              • Well played!

            • NC Joe: Did you copy your BS from your Community Organizer? Sorry I mean your Dear Leader?

            • NC Joe: It looks like you’ve been paying attention. We do work with like minded folks who are concerned for their own wellbeing. But it all starts with some personal responsibility. You have to care about yourself and your future just a little and then form a plan. However, Your ‘child-analogy’ doesn’t fit because children by nature are incapable of taking care of themselves, that’s why we parents do it for them. Babies can’t feed themselves or change their diapers so we’re glad to do it because we love them. But as they grow we teach them to do more and more for themselves until they are self-reliant adults. That’s what we here are all talking about; adults taking some responsibility for their own welfare. Most of us don’t mind helping a little but I, and other folks here, aren’t about to spoon feed and wipe dirty behinds on grown men and women. Adults, not children, are expected to care for themselves unless they’re disabled. That’s where “Anonymous” comes in; he/she thinks we’re ‘baby-killers’ for letting kids starve. On the whole that claim is false but none of us is capable of feed large groups of children whose parents failed to provide for them. We’re glad to help but our resources are limited. That’s the problem with letting some adults off-the-hook for their failures by providing all this welfare. The parents begin to think that it’s they entire nation’s responsibility to care for their kids. Well, it’s NOT! Take that lady in California whose EBT card couldn’t buy groceries because of a system failure, she wanted to know how she was going to feed her SIX kids. No one told that stupid cow to have six kids, which she can’t even feed without the rest of us paying for it. There’s an old saying, “Don’t breed them if you can’t feed them”. I and others here will help some folks, but we’re not about to let our families go hungry because someone else failed to prepare. It all goes back to personal responsibility. Anonymous, if you don’t get by now then you’ll be one of the first to go. Can I have your guns when your dead?

            • NC Joe

              “Your children are/were dependent upon you for their existence, does that make them your slaves.”

              Take notice that the role of a parent is to make your children no longer dependent upon you. This is opposite of what has been occurring by government.

        • EBT=Early Bugout Time…when it quits…get the hell outta Dodge!

          • I think you may be on to one of the real triggers for bugout or bunker up. Make sure you prep for keeping people out along with lasting X amount of time.


        • AND NOW you know why the Gubmint has been buying up billions of rounds of ammo. They figure it’s going to take a good 200-300 rounds to take down one of those angry mofo’s. 😆

          Just wait for the real fireworks. I need to buy more ammo.

          • Rodster — I thought it was because
            they were piss poor shots. Stupid me.

            • It might be a little of both, I think.

        • Come on SHTF family, do you really think this was caused by a glitch in the system?? This was pure and simple a test run.. Just wait for it to crash nation wide and then we will see SHTF..


          • I agree 100%. A test run or a mini false flag to scare those fighting against Obama on the budget issues.

          • Yeah, a toe dip just to get a feel for how many rounds of hollow points they will be needing.

        • 3 libtards so far.

        • That’s why i prep. With those BS making a crime of opportunity i’m glad that that i made some sacrifices this past few years. lock and load.

      2. This is shameful!

        For their decision to allow EBT transactions, the Walmart stores was ransacked. Apparently, the people cared only what they could “get” for free.

        We have a small business. I understand that Walmart will have to RAISE prices to cover all the food that was stolen or left to spoil in the many abandoned grocery carts.

        • So the minute their balance showed up again they didn’t want to waste “their” money on food. They only wanted it if Walmart was giving it away. Guess the old saying about no honor among thieves is true. Hope they go thru there video and go after them.

          • Ever notice how these things seem to happen in towns that have generations of welfare slugs!
            No shortage of jobs around,it’s just easier to work the system with 40 of your kin to help.

        • @ KY Mom –


          Soon boys & girls, very soon I fear. While the other ‘children’ are running wild in the streets??? This will be the time to be ‘hunkered-down’ at home with your family.

          Be alert, take care & God Bless to all.

          • you can bank on the fact I wont be anywhere near this debacle

          • May I suggest, for those of you with friends or relatives without gun protection…please, let there be a run on nail guns, staple guns as Christmas gifts. These would be better than no protection.

          • How did your name get a red font?


            • HOLD THE PRESS…

              Washington Redskins drop embarrassing name.

              Will now be known simply as “Redskins”.

              • Who is the Redskins name offending ?? didn’t we kill them all ?

                • Seems to offend mostly white folks.

              • thanks jrs…I just spit water out of my nose…but damn that was funny

              • They need to drop ‘Cowboys’ and ‘Bucaneers’. Those names stereotype White folks. Need to be sensitive at all angles.

                Any others?

                How about LA Dodgers because it is sensitive to draft dodgers.

                The KC Chiefs have got to be next.

                • Fighting Irish!

                  • Good thought. That is true, Irish are not always fighting. that is a stereotype that Irish are continual brawlers. Hence, when people get mad they always say that they are ‘part’ Irish.

                    How about the BYU or WSU Cougars. Is that not an insult to older women?

            • You and any babies you have are not welcome. That’s what we need, another Obama.

          • At work or canning apples. Maybe deer hunting.

          • There are white people in Louisiana? 😉

            • @ shootit
              there was but i left a long time ago.

            • Im white and I live about 20 mins fm this Wal Mart. This town is old and is the Parish seat and there are lots of poor people in this area d/t the timber co.s closing its doors yrs ago. Im ashamed and outraged at this my self.

              However heres a cpl of facts:
              FACT: Just 3 yrs ago when the Hainesvillie Shale was discovered it made more instant millionaires in this parish over night than any other place in America.

              FACT: This is the fastest growing parish and has the best schools in LA.

              There’s lots of money here but those of us that have something of our lives don’t live in that town.

              Just b/c theres a group of people that act like that doesn’t mean you should judge us all. Im prepping for this type of scenario and so should you

            • It was a joke. I have been to LA many times and no my comment was not 100% accurate. My cab driver was from Haiti.

              • I don’t have much respect for people that have 2000 school buses and don’t use them to get out of the way of a Hurricane. The people and the buses both suffered at the hand of their government. I pray for their future.

            • Looosiana folks always wipe out the soup shelves@Chinamart first….
              Its the easiest eats when ya gots no teeths !

          • I don’t believe its Christian-like to turn off the percentage of black america who believe in Libertarian Jesus Christ against OUR MESSAGE OF INDEPENDENCE, LIBERTY, AND FREEDOM BY DIVIDING THE COUNTRY WITH BLATANT DISHONOR FOR HIS OWN COUNTRYMEN.

            Fucking sad day when I have to remind people that TPTB are running this PRISON CALLED EARTH!

            Jusy my opinion.

            – Man who named his daughter Faith

          • all the white folk are broke

          • Been around a few places here and there and I’ve come to the conclusion that it isn’t color…it is more of a class issue. I’m not racist – I’m classist. I hate all trash the same. It comes in many colors 🙂 Then you have your nature vs. nurture theories. Stop breeding! The only good thing about obamacare is that birth-control prescriptions have no copay now!

        • Ky Mom, OutWest, and Ghostrighter, spot on. This will be the biggest challenge any of us has ever experienced. Surprisingly, the EBT problem didn’t occur in TN over the weekend. I was in a Kroger on Saturday and everything was normal. I saw a few people with EBT’s and having no problems with them. Those people are the same kind of people who go berserk on Black Friday every year. If they’ll fight each other over cheap appliances, think how they’ll act over nationwide EBT failure. I still expect that EBT’s along with credit and debit cards will eventually go down all at the same time. THAT is when the balloon will go up. I’m on edge more now than I was right after Sandy Hook. I feel SHTF getting closer and closer. I would LOVE to be wrong about that, but we’ll see. Going shopping again this week. Did maintenance on my weapons and checked all of my supplies over the weekend. Still prepping all the way til’ the last minute and I hope everyone else is too. braveheart

          • Don’t be on edge, braveheart

            You’re strong, confident in yourself, and know
            your direction. That puts you in a very elite
            and exclusive club of 1 percenters, my friend.

            Pity the 99 percent that have no clue.

            • OutWest, I hate being on edge as much as the next person, but things are sadly starting to look promising for MEGA SHTF. Every prepper had better be paying attention and continue prepping. As someone else here posts on occasion, there’s a storm coming on the horizon and I hear thunder.

              • we were told to pray our flight is not in winter and all i can think is winter is coming.

          • BH – how is central TN [around Murpheesboro] for BOL’s – as good as the Smokies? Moving that way in less than 60 days from NE FL. Do not wanna be in a lockdown zone as NE FL will become.

          • EBT is just the tip. What happens when they loose Section 8…. the right to move from the front porch to the back porch, Obutthole phones, free food at school, and free mass transit?

          • BH, you’ve maintained your pieces 3 times in the last two weeks. Relax, they’re cleaned, oiled, safeties on, and ready to go.

            Check it once, then leave it be.

        • This is what makes the depression we live in now different from the one in the 1930s. Back then, people were willing to work for food. Now you have a bunch of dependent sheep that will steal whatever they need. The concept of an honest day of hard work to earn your bread does not apply to the 50+ million who depend on EBT.

          As KY Mom points out, as soon as a balance started kicking in, the scuzzy people ditched their carts and left. They don’t care that Walmart employees have to spend the next several hours putting away their mess.

          These stories and their videos continue to fuel me to prep harder and to mentally prepare for what is definitely coming: mass rioting, looting, shootings, martial law, etc.

          Romans 13:4

          • Check your before spouting off about the depression.

            • nc joe, why don’t you stop spouting off?

              • He is just picking up the slack for E aka Iron Cross. Haven’t seen E lately.

          • For years they’ve been told it’s the haves that caused their problems, and for years they’ve been told that they are entitled to take from the haves. And for years the govt has been doing that for them in the form of the taxes we pay for entitlements. The have-nots are growing in number while the haves are shrinking. This is what happens when you transfer wealth from the working class to the do-nothing class. Soon there will not be enough workers to pay for it as they drive more and more workers into poverty. I think we know what happens next.

            • Sadly, that’s what we are prepping for.

            • @ Reynaldo

              In many ways Federalist America was an elitist society built upon the deference of the “lower orders” for their betters.

              Women, Native Americans, Blacks free or slave and indentured Caucasians couldn’t vote.

              Only literate male Property Owners. A tremendous injustice to everyone, comes the heckle.

              Not necessarily. I have seen a few stray posts in the alternative internet advocating that only tax-PAYING property OWNERS should have the franchise.

              Leaving aside for a moment that as an Ancap I think voting is a scam.

              The point is when the parasites outnumber the productive, given venial political weasels and a government that sustains itself from coercion and theft,

              robbing Peter to benefit Paul unfortunately has become political reality.

              Giving away other peoples’ money is what politicians do.

              What if the productive people pulled a John Gault on them?

              Through non-violent civil disobedience made clear that we will not be stolen from any more.

              Suppose three million folk in your state informed the state theft, er TAX department that they are ALL paying only 75% of what they owe, until the parasite theft bullshit is repealed.

              And what are they going to do? Throw 3,000,000 of you in jail? Lien or levy your property?

              First, few state governments have the resources the IRS has. Second, let them try… it would tie up their courts and administrative tribunals for the next 500 years.

              • You’re absolutely right. As for going Galt, that’s exactly what my wife and I are doing. We’re retiring early in our 50s (only 2 more years!!!) and getting ourselves completely out of the system as much as possible. We’re even going to provide our own utilities like going 100% solar. There’s only 2 ways to end the beast. We either track it down and physically kill it, or we can starve it to death. I realized several years ago (after a heart attack and NDE) that 99% of us spend our entire lives running in a hamster wheel going nowhere chasing a fake dream in order to enrich a few. It is a type of slavery, slavery of the mind. We’re getting out. No, we won;t be able to spend our retirement traveling the worls and cruising in a yacht, but we’ll sure as h3ll be happier.

              • They’ll just slap liens on 3 million homes, and let the interest pile up until they can get around to it.

          • I don’t know why this bugs me, but it does.

            EBT, Medicaid, WIC, TANF and SSI are NOT entitlements. They are social welfare programs.

            Entitlements are Social Security, Disability and Medicare. They are “entitlements” because those getting compensation from them have paid into them and, therefore, are “entitled” to the benefits.

            The politicians have perverted the meaning so they can lump them as one. Hegelian Dialect or sumpin like that.

            Regardless, none of the programs are sustainable.

            Now, I feel better.

            • I think you’re absolutely right, JRS. That’s how they have fooled most everybody, by redefining the meanings of words like “entitlements” , “conspiracy theory” and “terrorist”..hell, they’ve even changed “human being” to “resource”.

              It’s our job to not let that fly.

              • Exactly, look how they switched Khazars to jews. Nothing else compares to the major troubles we have just from That single change of names.

            • JRS, spot on. there will soon be a serious shortfall in revenue available for any of those programs. Nothing out here will be sustainable for much longer. this house of cards can’t possible stand for very much longer.

            • I saw a stat back in 2008 or 2009, talking about if you add up all the welfare program payouts since they started, including housing!, it came up to the same amount as what the National Debt was at that time.


        • What is that saying, “no good deed goes unpunished”. Be very cautious of others after SHTF.

      3. I had said to some people a year ago if SHTF the animals would be looting within 6 hours. How wrong I was, obviously it will be instantaneous. Our country is so fucked.

        • And this was reported in a coupla’ “remote” parts of North East Louisiana… not in a big city. The worst is yet to come.

          • Big cities + wide spread = Very bad.

        • Ours too maddog, ours too. 🙁


          • Its not the same world of that of the greatest generation ready down under, when our countries together freed the world. I believe this time it will be the opposite. The world is about to become a very hard and violent place. Pray, prep and practice, then pray some more. Good luck.

      4. There are certainly more reasons than those listed that will destabilize a society, but the point remains: If you have not prepared for failure, you are doomed to failure. Any number of scenarios may play out and the end result will be the same- chaos and death. You do not want to be out and about when it starts…you need to be home and shifting your plans into defense mode.

        The mobs will be blood thirsty, fast and violent. That is not the time to be out filling your gas tanks or propane tanks. You certainly do not want to be in any mob situation, car jackings and out murder will be rampant. I truly feel sorry for anyone that has to travel long distances, it will be very difficult.

      5. Mac, when is the chat forum rolling out?

        • I know, I know!!! sorry man — so many things happening that I am just trying to keep up — this is at the top of a very short list… I have been saying that for over a year… I know this… but Project Iowa is in full swing and almost ready!

          • Project Iowa?

            • Yeah, Mac named the forum after me. Honored.

              I’m truly a nobody though, thats why name is still in font black.

              • Personally, I like the site EXACTLY the way it is. If it ain’t broke, why “fix” it?

                Mac, how ’bout a new project: Nuke Iowa. 🙂

                • When you dishonor yourself, you can’t get it back. I will keep my honor sir by not dishonoring you sir.

                  GOD BLESS YOU DARANGO KIDD

                  • Iowa: Don’t be such a crybaby. 🙂

                • DK,
                  You take the term ‘conservative’ to whole new level…
                  not, a level I would be proud to espouse.
                  A chat room for this site, would be wonderful additional Mac. A sort of; strange attractor… taking Chaos Theory to a whole new level…

            • Project Nebraska?

              • Nebraska is where Nile Kinnick came from. So I’m fine with that. God Bless.

          • old stomping grounds. I`d say Iowa rocks except for the gay marriage and now endless hog confinements. Talk about stinking the neighborhood up for miles. As it is I`m only 3 hours from the border. tell more 😀

          • Mac, Project Louisiana has got a ring to it! The Louisiana Purchase was perhaps one of the most significant moves made by a young republic that expanded the land mass of the nation exponentially. Likewise this new chat site could expand viewers/participants exponentially as well if you name it ‘Project Louisiana’. No offense to Iowa, Nebraska, etc., but you were all a part of us at one time.

            Thanks for the timely article and video. We have plenty of hard working, tough, Libertarians here in Louisiana who are prepping ‘full steam ahead’. We have been in the business of prepping from the very getgo. Get ready folks! A storm is surely coming.

            • How about simply “SHTFchat”.

      6. Just bought my first gun and finally getting my family and fiance on board.. let’s hope things aren’t too late.

        • You’ll only be too late 1 minute after the disaster! Anything you can do now JL will leave you better prepared than 99% of the population!

          Glad you got the family on board with everything!

          • Mac, I live in Canada where gun control is a lot more restrictive. I live in a smaller city of about 90,000 people. Rifles and shotguns are gettable, with the mandatory firearms safety training and justification of need ie. hunting, varmint control etc. Hand guns here, no way. Very difficult to get. I have a family of 5 including spouse, one 12 year old daughter, one adult son, just returned home from college, and an uncle who is staying with us. Financially things are tight, but we have all our ducks in a row, when it comes to preps…except self defense! I worry almost every day how we can effectively defend our home without firearms…it is a real and worrying concern for me.
            We have spears(thanks to Cold Steel) aluminum baseball bats, pepper and bear spray, knives etc. We’ve fortified the doors, are trying to figure out about bars or something for the windows, without looking too obvious, don’t need to attract attention. What I would like from the fine folks here, are suggestions for effective defense without firearms. Or possibly a website or two that addresses this situation…sorry, don’t mean to hijack this thread, but like most folks here I feel that it’s coming soon, and my family is vulnerable in this one area.
            Thanks for listening.

            • Hi there my friend what im looking into is the barricade system for the doors. And then ballistic coatings for the windows. If I can figure out how to get the ballistic film without ending up on another list lol. Good luck I think we may need it…

            • AlexD,

              You can buy pistol crossbows on amazon for $35 that are easy to reload quickly and are extremely accurate in close range. Perfect for inside a house, down a stairwell or short open distances.

              A chest or head shot will certainly be a mortal wound. Mine will go 1-2 inches into the trunk of a tree from 50 feet!

              Also get a couple dogs. They are better than any alarm system and are a first line of defense as well as a deterrent.

              • These are prohibited weapons up here and if you are otherwise law-abiding ( instead of a gangbanger with a few dozen prior convictions) you will be hit with the full weight of the law, and then some.

                • Just the compact crossbows or all? How about Bow and arrows/spear guns? I feel for our Canadian brothers if this is the case. They want the same here too 🙁

                  • Just pistol-style crossbows.

                  • I tried to buy one of those minicrossbows on the internet a couple of years ago. It was seized by Canada Customs and they sent me a very upset “shame on you” letter.
                    They are prohibited. I did not know that. On the other hand you can purchase a full sized crossbow,{FAC requirement is a myth perpetuated by the OPP}, or regular longbow or sword or mattock or whatever medieval stuff that you choose.
                    Personally I would go for a hatchet and a short axe for close encounters. The hammer head is very very deadly.
                    Working with livestock years ago we simply used a 6 lb sledge to euthanize animals. Bear spray/dog repellant is legal to purchase you can get it at home hardware or canadian tire for 11 bucks or so.
                    Don’t forget Cabela’ and have a very wide variety of things, {albeit expensive}, should you want to look. And of course flint lock rifles do not require an FAC. Traditions make a half arsed quality one for a reasonable price. Stick with the .50.
                    Get your firearms license or if you have someone in the house who has one have them purchase whatever toys you should choose. You do not have to have it on you all the time, just be able to get at it. And you do not have to belong to any club or prove that you hunt, that is another myth. If it makes you feel better just buy a deer tag and hang it on the christmas tree. You think we cannot have nice things, that is another misconception.
                    You can buy a CZ 858, norinco 97, versatile remington 870, maverick 88, SKS, heck with a regular license we can own a Barrett 50BMG etc…
                    We are not alone. Huzzah

                  • Actually the Barrett rifles are prohibited by name (the reason behind this is because they found a few of them in an IRA weapons cache in the late 90s) and so are the MacMillan .50 caliber rifles for a similar reason. However there are other .50 BMG rifles on the market we can buy as non-restricted firearms like the Steyr HS 50.

                    As for other very effective non-restricted firearms, there is the IWI Tavor (.223 bull pup, uses AR-family mags, including the very legal LAR-15 10-round mags – say what you will, Israelis know how to make decent guns) and a Chinese made version of the M-14 called the M-305. My wife and I own one each and once you knock off the cheap plastic stock and drop it into a USGI hardwood stock you have a slightly heavy but quite accurate rifle that will also have enough oomph to buttstroke someone in a crunch.

                    As for close-quarter weapons, I would advise most people against something big and cumbersome like a mattock or a sledge, even against a sword. These weapons have emir own dynamics and it is very easy to overcommit and land yourself in a world of trouble unless you have been trained. And learning these things takes a lot of time. If you absolutely MUST go the medieval route, go for an axe closer to a tomahawk in proportions, a 15th century war hammer or if it has to be bladed, a falchion which is more like a meat cleaver on steroids.

                    As for handguns, you do have to belong to a club for those (thank you Ontario CFO bastards) and the storage requirements are actually not that bad – just have to be double-locked unless they are in a safe or vault.

            • AlexD

              Get the book “Improvised Munitions Handbook” US Army from Amazon. The tech # is TM 31-210. Very useful for manufacture of weapons using items you probably already have like a shotgun from 3/4′ pipe. Good luck in Canada.

              • AlexD,

                Also most of the field manuals are free to down load, so you don’t have to waste time or money on them. Go to the Western Rifle Shooters Association page and scroll down,
                You will find a ton of free training on making your own weapons. Good luck brother


            • Alex, when you need a firearm, absolutely nothing else will be as effective for you. I would immediately begin the red tape process to acquire at least one shotgun.

              • ….or get one on the black market.

            • There is only a justification required for Restricted firearms, which are handguns with a barrel more than 105mm (4.05″) in length, long guns with a barrel less than 18.5″ and some with a longer pipe such as AR-family rifles. And that justification is either for work or sport shooting.

              I know, I own all sorts of rifles, shotguns and handguns. Including a Bushmaster AR with a 16″ pipe.

            • crossbow? the modern ones are supposedly very amazing.

            • Hello, new here (watched the site for a while though) I admit to being worried about posting on such sites.. but at this point I don’t think it matters. Always knew the gooberment was corrupt, but only been awake to SHTF for a year.

              @AlexD Get Crossbows if possible, one shot but very deadly & silent. It also goes through most body armors not rated for stab/pierce proof. 2nd option is a metal flare gun, I think some can fit a shotgun shell outright and they have conversion kits out there that allow you to chamber different rounds. Both can be bought without licenses or background checks (least in the states) keep in mind once these two items are together its a weapon and you should follow local laws. Its a Single shot, but with Buck shot it becomes a great defense weapon.

              • Can’t buy “assembled” ammo in Canada without a firearms license. However you can buy all the reloading components you want and only have to prove you are over 18.

                However, it should be noted that flintlocks do not require a license either.

                • Ahh well that sucks, can you buy black powder? I’ve seen people convert a flare gun to use it. Even just a flare could maim someone, but may cause a fire.

                  • Yep, you can get BP and even modern smokeless powder, primers and projectiles. Like I said, for reloading components you just need to prove you are over 18 years old.

            • Try bee spray, aim for the eyes…But only if necessary. As far as the windows go, I’ve been looking at a special film that is used on windows in Hurricane prone areas. Google it online and you can get a feel for what it can do. Stay safe.

            • 90,000 a small city???? I think any thing above 3000is too large but I would rather live where it is a mile to the neighbors. Good luck with your preps and defense,and never stop trying to improve you situation.

              • Yah, 90,000 is small compared to our too close neighbour Toronto. In the Greater Toronto area I believe the population is somewhere between 3-3.5 million. Too many and too close by my standards. Thank you all for your good suggestions. Will try to implement as many as practical. Canadian Vet, what’s your take on the easiest legal in Canada firearm to get?
                Again thank you all for your suggestions.

            • Make your flamethrower. Search on for that.

              • Easiest to get is anything non-restricted. That is basically most of your long guns and a few adaptations with a shorter barrel like mare’s leg-style rifles and a few shorty shotguns. And any of these, assuming you are licensed, you can walk right out of the store with it after paying.

                But I would strongly recommend getting your Restricted license as well and joining a range so you can also legally acquire handguns, shorter rifles and anything in the AR-15 family of guns.

                The process goes like so:

                1- take the Canadian Firearms Safety Course and the Canadian a Restricted Firearms Safety Course; these will cover safe handling and the basic legalities.

                2- apply for your license. You can get both your Non-Restricted and Restricted at the same time and they are on the same application and card.

                2.a – read up on the Firearms Act, learn it forward, backwards and upside down. The average gun owner knows more about gun laws than cops or conservation officers and keep the safe storage and transport pamphlets in your glove box, range bag, safe (if applicable) and all your gun cases

                2.b – research what guns you want. Until you get your license you can’t handle anything in a gun shop but there are forums like canadiangunnutz (dot) com where you can get a lot of first-hand experiences. However you can handle guns, under supervision, at a range (make a buddy. Offer to reimburse him for the ammo and bring coffee if you are going to something like an IDPA shoot — the Tim Hortons Take 10 is ideal for this) or go to Target Sports Canada in Gormley (exit 76 along the DVP if memory serves, North of Toronto) and you can get “lessons” on a gun they have available for that purpose but it is expensive. However Their selection isn’t too bad last I checked

                3 – once you get your license, make sure you have a range membership and get the guns you want.

                I strongly recommend the Remington 870 as a good place to start, along with a .22lr of any kind (great for learning fundamentals). The 870 has all sorts of aftermarket parts available and if recoil worries you the Knoxx recoil-absorbing stock is well worth the price. But do not buy one of the “tactical” variants. Buying a new stock and sidesaddle and getting some ghost ring sights installed (Tac-Ord in Newmarket) will be cheaper than buying a factory-built tactical gun.

                For handguns, whatever fits your hand is great. If you have the money and like the models, Sig Sauer P226 or P229 are a great choice and there are .22lr conversion kits for cheap practice. Those are also widely available for 1911-pattern pistols.

                • Canadian Vet, thanks brother. Good info. will proceed as advised, and keep you and everyone posted.

        • JL, I hope you bought some extra mags a gun cleaning kit, and a good supply of ammo for that gun. glad to hear your family is on board. Now you need to concentrate on getting storable foods, water, water purification items, medical supplies, camping supplies, extra clothing, underwear, socks, insulated waterproof boots for winter, etc. good luck. braveheart

          • JL

            Youtube videos are a great way to learn how to properly clean and maintain firearms. Also a great way to learn how to modify certain aspects to better suit your needs; like adding a quadrail and optics. Congrats on your purchase and welcome to the club!!!!! You’ll know your trully a prepper when people start to assume your crazy and family members accuse you of being paranoid. 🙂

            • Yea I just made the “P” list, my daughter told me I was getting paranoid in my old age. Oh, by the way, she also says they wouldn’t dare make you pay a penalty for not buying the ACA insurance, still holding my breath her good sense will kick in. A few months ago I thought she was “getting” it.

              Has anyone heard any more about the November power down drill?

        • Read “One Second After” then have the wife read it. You’ll have no problems afterwards. She’ll be telling you to get off the dime and work it! 😉

          • unknown suspect – I read One Second After 3 times – the last time more carefully and with a notepad and pen handy. Lots of things in there to think about and consider. If that book doesnt scare the hell outta ya you must be one of the sheeple. I lent the book to quite a few friends, none of whom knew I was a prepper, and when I asked them what they thought of it I got “Holy Sheeeet !!!!” looks. Some are now active preppers and are trying to convince me to be the same – ironic huh? OPSEC, OPSEC …… I dont trust some of them enough to let the cat outta the bag yet……

            I am astounded at the way this movement (thanks to guys like Mac Slavo and James Wesley Rawles) is gathering pace – I tips my hat to you from down under. Take care.


            • Unknown suspect and Aussie, I read “One Second After” a year ago this month. It was hard to put down and also an emotional read. the saddest part was when the guy’s diabetic daughter died. when I got to that part, I literally dropped the book and broke down for 30 minutes. It took me 2 days to even pick it up and finish it. The final chapter where they said they estimated AT MOST 30,00,000 people left alive in the ENTIRE USA I year after the EMP took my breath away and that was only an estimate, out of a population of 310,000,000 or so. In a real-life EMP scenario, I’ll be surprised IF 30,000,000 survive 1 year after the EMP.

        • That’s good. As soon as you can, go to the firing range and learn how to fire your weapon correctly and accurately.

          Also store up on ammo.

          • BE CAREFUL GOING TO A RANGE! Many ranges are watched by the pigs! I know a couple of ranges in Nevada that are watched and they take down license plates, check for registration, etc. Better off going to the woods or desert…

            • There was a State-managed range near my old work location. Just to use it you had to enter your plate number. Some of my co-workers went there, but I never did.

        • Now ammo up, 500 rounds immediately, 250 to train on, and 250 tucked away, not to be touched unless SHTF. Then pick up more as cost and finances permit over time.

          Start by disassembling and reassembling your new piece, oil and clean, work the action, all unloaded, to get the feel of it.

          Also, if it uses a magazine, pick up 3 new factory mags for a handgun, and have 10 for a magazine rifle.

          Finally, get a replacement firing pin or two, and a full set of springs, tuck ’em away.

          • Forgot to add, sorry, find a co-worker or buddy who is familiar with firearms and invite yourself to spend a day with him learning to safely handle your new piece. Time well spent.

            • Smokey, let me add he should also get a good cleaning kit, including the right bore brush for whatever caliber he bought. I would also stock up on extra bore brushes, cleaning pads, silicone cloths, oil, bore cleaner, etc. I’ve got enough gun cleaning supplies to last me for a year, but still getting some more anyway. braveheart

              • Yep, and buy it now cause it isn’t going down in price. Not to mention if you don’t have it when it’s time to have it, it won’t be there.

              • Make your own bore cleaner. Equal parts lamp oil, acetone, paint thinner, and ATF. Doesn’t remove copper, but it does just as well as expensive commercial cleaners for far, far less $$. Also proven to be the best penetrating oil in existence. Store in tight metal cans, or bottles that nail polish remover came in. Otherwise the acetone will evaporate.

        • Triple time, soldier–triple time!!

        • If finances permit buy your fiance an identical gun. Then both of you get into a course run by pro’s that will teach you how and when to use ’em. A few spare magazines and plenty of ammo – cheaper stuff to practice with. Buy good stuff to fall back on for defense – the extra 15 cents a bang wont bother you at all if a couple of dirtbags are coming through your front door with an axe on night!


        • We are just starting too. The last few weeks have made me afraid that, we too, are going to be “too little, too late”.

          • Wow, I go to work and come back the next morning to an outpouring of support, thanks for all the great ideas and encouragement. My fiance and I are working hard to get prepping, he is a bit more reserved on the issue than I am, but trusts my decision-making.

            Donna, I have that fear too, but everyone’s right, if we make a bit of sacrifice now, I’m sure that fear will ease up. I’d rather be a little bit ready, than not at all.

            Thanks again everybody!

        • Wow, I go to work and come back the next morning to an outpouring of support, thanks for all the great ideas and encouragement. My fiance and I are working hard to get prepping, he is a bit more reserved on the issue than I am, but trusts my decision-making.

          Donna, I have that fear too, but everyone’s right, if we make a bit of sacrifice now, I’m sure that fear will ease up. I’d rather be a little bit ready, than not at all.

          Thanks again everybody!

      7. Test, test, test. Training animals to react, next time the run will be even quicker and violence will be added.

        Nice to know that when SHTF I’ll only have to worry about what I should eat first out of my preps.

        • I really hate rice and beans but I have a shitload of them in the storage. Oh well , better than no rice and beans.

          • Red beans and rice is a staple here in Louisiana. Especially on Mondays. We love it. Get some of our spices like Toni Chachere’s Creole Seasoning, Tabasco sauce, etc., and you will not be disappointed. Everyone needs this as part of their prepping supplies. It lasts just about forever as well. We grow a lot of rice as well and it keeps a very long time if stored properly. You don’t want to eat red beans without the rice to go with it.

            • Got a Good recipe for red beans?

              • French’s Chili-O seasoning packets are great. Meat, beans, tomatoes, onions, and Chili-O. And grated cheese on top.

              • Kula, I bet that you are an imaginative guy.

                Red beans, garlic, onions, peppers, tomatoes, spices of all varieties go together. Just mix to your liking and simmer…and onto the rice they go.

                You could curry some chicken, beef or pork for a meat additive if you have it.

                i have shitloads of metallized 1 lb bags of spice…curry, cumin, garlic/onion powder, cayenne, oregano (we raise our own) paprika, chili powder, tumeric.

                Spice is the spice of cooking a meal. Start stashing it.

                We cook fresh, eat fresh every day.

            • And the rice?

              Always looking for good recipes

              • Kula. Paella is a chicken & rice dish. I put sausage & shrimp in mine
                But some are just with seafood. Spain Mexico & everyone else has
                A different one. Mine has never been bad & never used a recipe
                I cook for 2 & put lemon in mine

          • That’s the reason for spices…

            • Don’t buy your spices in the store, go online to Mountain Rose Herbs or the Bulk Herb Store. You can get a half pound or a pound of organic spices for not much more than you pay for a small container in the store.

          • HAHAHAHA

            My wife and I have a joke about rice and beans because I bought a crapload of it too. I keep telling her it will be like gold when SHTF

          • Get some dehydrated onions and bell peppers to go with your beans and rice, you’d be amazed at what throwing in a handful of each will do for your meal. Beef bullion is cheap and tasty. You’ve got the basics, NOW ACCESSORIZE!

          • Grill chicken and cube.
            Chop cabbage, onion, green pepper, and carrots, mushrooms–sautee in oil in skillet.
            Cook rice following directions.
            Layer rice, sautéed veggies, and chicken after cooked.
            Pour sweet and sour sauce on top.
            Home made Sweet and Sour Sauce:
            heat 1/3 cup vinegar, 4 TB brown sugar, 1 TB ketchup, 1 tsp soy sauce and bring to boil.
            Mix 2 tsp cornstarch and 4 tsp water to thicken sauce.

            How can any American not like chicken stir-fry with sweet and sour sauce??

            • Right on JJ…our dinner this evening. Local pork roast cooked all day in crockpot with our own garlic, onions, carrots and parsnips.

              Pork was shredded and put onto a local made flour tortilla a few of the cooked down veges on top, shredded purple cabbage from the root cellar and fresh homemade salsa…

              We have 2 biz’s and still have time to grow our own food and can/store it.

              Think I’ll bake a couple apples from our trees for dessert.

              People can eat well if the want to and it costs little.

              • As a teenager, I spent countless hours in the kitchen rolling torillas. Those are some of my fondest memories.

            • Mmmmm sounds delicious… thanks for the recipe for ss sauce… I’m giving that a try… 😉

      8. We are going to have to come to the realization that all we think that is “normal” will soon not be. If this is a slow descent into second world country or a collapse the end is the same. Be several payments ahead on the house if you have a mortgage. Have six months to a year of food on the shelf. Have a way to defend it. FORM TEAMS…. Alone you are dead. I do not know how much more people need to see before they get on board….. PRAY, PREP, PLAN, FORM TEAMS……….

      9. I dont live far from where this video was shot. The local walmart here on Sunday was fairly normal. This just reinforces the need to have at least 1 month of food on hand and the ability to produce more. Equally important is knowing others that hunt, garden, fish, etc that you can barter with. The S is about to hit the FAN!!!

        • 1 month?
          shit! lol…. try for 1 year

          at least get close to 6 months

          • VRF, I’ve almost got my food stock back up to 1 year and sparing no expense to do so, while getting other necessary items at the same time. A true prepper thinks in terms of years, not months.

            • Brave baby killer. Yeah that’s it joe gets a check for being a troll. You silly old man. Just like the people in the article waiting behind the people who can’t use their cards. Meant to look like all the people in the article are on welfare. The one lady with a comment about how to feed her family. Not everyone on welfare agrees with her. Kind of like the prepper show when the manly prepped cries when a rifle goes off by him. Not all prep are like him. Or are they? Keep typing about drugs and booze as if you are perfect. You are far from perfect. You would let a kid starve because his parents are worthless. Shame on brave baby killer.

              • anon – welcome to your hornets nest.

        • A month’s worth of food simply means you’ll starve a little later.

          Should we ever get to the point of needing a month’s worth of food, there will likely NOT be a re-supply coming, for a LONG LONG time, because so many people will have died out, the supply system is broken for many years to come.

          Produce more ? Easily said, much harder done.

          Assuming things go south at EXACTLY the right time,( spring, early summer ), most food crops take 60-90 days to produce. If things go south in November/December/January, you have 5-7 months before you have much to eat in most locations….and that assumes you have seed, tools, WELL prepared ground, the knowledge to produce, and preserve, food.

          Counting on hunting and fishing is also likely to be a bad plan. Whitetail deer and wild turkey virtually disappeared from east of the Mississippi in the Great Depression….when there were a LOT less mouths to feed. I’d imagine everybody with a rusty 30-30 and a fishing rod will deplete everything walking, crawling or swimming around.

          Better plan would be to stock a year ( or more ) worth of food, and be raising food (and put it up) for practice right now….while Walmart is still there to back you up while you learn how to do so.

          • Keep in mind the effect of pests. Snails and slugs decimated our squashes this year. Thankfully we still have the option to buy what we did not produce I managed to get a good crop from a bean experiment(growing from old ones that weren’t fit for cooking and consumption) but who knows about next year? I plan to read up on my intended crops and their inherent pests and to have strategies in mind on how to deal with them as organically as possible. As noted above, if trouble hits months before you could even hope to be harvesting food, a month’s worth won’t get you though. You need more.

            • Have a little input on the snails and slug issue. Read in, I think it was mother earth news, to save your egg shells, crush them up and put them around the plants. Apparently the snails and slugs will not go through them or at a minimum will make your efforts at controlling them more realistic. Hope that helps, dj.

              • I’ll try that as protection for the Napa cabbages I set out this weekend.

          • My mom said meats were in short supply during the depression,
            I would bet the same will be true in the coming tribulation,
            Canned meats it is!
            Amazing how good some stirred up stew of oddball foraged greens and roots and a can of corned beef will taste when theres no such thing as a grocery store anymore,
            Or if the stuff is there in the store but it costs 200$ for a can of pok n beans!

            • Look into non-meat proteins and the “complete proteins” you can get by mixing vegetarian sources. Quinoa is a good high-protein grain and you can mix it with rice )just be sure to rinse it very well first to remove a layer of saponin from the outside).

          • ***A month’s worth of food simply means you’ll starve a little later.***
            Amen, TnAndy–Amen.
            Think in terms of years–that’s where you start; not months.
            And no, I do not have hair cuts or colors, sculptured nails, new clothes (yard sale only), no magazines or daily papers, cars are 10 and 20 years old, no cable, just for a start.
            We are bare basics as we can get here. Trust me.

            • I think a Months worth of food is better than nothing.

              • Yep–you’ll starve a month after the collapse, instead of 3 days.
                Face facts and do something about it, folks.
                Cut out those frills like cable and get ‘r done.

      10. this is why, as ridiculous as zombies are, its a good idea to prep for them… EBT sheep are zombies. look at pictures of black Friday. all of those black Friday zombies could one day be at your door.

        • Actually you are very close to the truth. People who haven’t eaten in 3 or 4 days tend to shuffle along and mentally slowed are referred to as Zombies.

          • Easy head shots

            • Kula — you don’t have to lead em much. lol

          • JayJay, I just finished reading that article. I could’ve written it myself also, except for the part about stealing form other people who are still alive. if I came across some dead people that had anything I could use for survival, I would take those items because the former owners were already dead and could no longer make use of said items. JayJay, I believe as you do. While I’m still alive and capable, I will defend what I have with the help of “Bertha” and the rest of my “ventilation team”. But once I’m dead, it really won’t matter then. braveheart

          • not sure what that had to do with my comment.

      11. Gun up. I won’t be out shopping, and anybody who thinks they’ll shop at my house will not find it a cakewalk. I have been telling people for 5 years to wake up and almost none have listened. They should have.

      12. Maybe when the Bible talks about locusts, this is what it means.

        • So true,
          Much is reveald as metaphorical

          • Maybe in Revelation. In the Old Testament they were talking about literal locusts.

            • “liberal” locusts…..there you go, I fixed it for our current conditions…….lol.

              soooooo……if you use you EBT offline, and ring up a purchase, where that purchase is recorded on a credit card style receipt with your signature, won’t that receipt be applied to future EBT deposits to cover the purchase?

              soooooo….it is possible that these “einsteins” might not see a positive balance until their debt is paid?

              Does that fit under “Reap what you Sow” ?

              …..some fava beans and a nice chianti……BA.

      13. Like I’ve said before- it was not a failure, it was a probe, a test. They got the data they were after.

        • Agree. This would not have been so well publicized otherwise. But a test for what…?

          One guess as to the reason…..Maybe it was to turn public opinion against EBT recipients as dishonest, ungrateful, violent, unpredictable, unruly, etc., etc. And reason for that would be to solidify public support for a drastic reduction, if not cutoff, of EBT benefits. Then there would be wild, mass, uncontrolled rioting. And a need for a police state as never before in our history.

          The counter-intuitive argument is that Obama would never do that to his constituency. He wants to grow dependency on government, not wipe it out. However, his argument could be that the country can’t afford it any longer — which it can’t — and that would be extremely popular with the working majority (just barely) of Americans. It would be class warfare at its finest. And remember, Communists come to power by doing what is popular with the masses.

          We must impeach him and remove his minions before he completely destroys this great nation.

          • Anonymous, I couldn’t agree more. class warfare is always the “troubled waters” in which the communists and fascists prefer to fish. They’re guaranteed to catch SOMETHING in those waters, ALWAYS.

          • I think in the case of the EBT “outage”, they’ll use the reaction of the public to judge what resources need to be pre-staged, and in what quantities and locations they’ll be most “useful” (to them- not to us). This, just like Cyprus, was a pilot project.

            • CWinOR, I agree with your assessment. They’re just throwing small round rocks in the pond and laughing at the ripples. Just wait until the boulders are launched. Sad to say this won’t wake my sister up and here my parents live five miles down the road from her and they “get it”, but she just doesn’t want to be troubled. My sister and her husband have a wonderful farm, garden, fruit trees, mature blueberry bushes, deer. I’ve set at their dining room table, eating dinner and watched Old Mr.Tom, jump a hen’s bones and give her a dusting that would put Elvis to shame. Damn near spit a mouthful of mashed taters on my B-I-L sitting ‘cross from me. Still, both him and her just don’t want to know. But folks, these little probes, the EBT cards, the barricades, the shutting down of Fed Parks, the forcing of people out of their lake homes on federal land, the Syria debacle, the whisper heard over the mike when Putin and Osugar were together last year before the re-election, and the façade of the two party’s spilt over debtlimit-gate. I’m sure there are others but they’re probably just splinters in the woodchip pile. Keep your chin up and don’t look down. Eyes to the front, head on a swivel, and ear to the ground. I come out of the fart sack(bed) about 4:15 this mourning (sinuses), ground up some beans and fixed a pot. Got into my office and pecked away at some invoices (I despise paperwork). I’d of much rather stayed with Mrs, POP. She was warm, her hair smelled good (kinda funky) (guys know what I mean), but she needed her sleep, so I slipped away, dropped some food in the cat’s bowl and went down to the chicken coop to throw them some bait, give’em some fresh water and pick up the eggs. The sun was just comin’ up and the geese on the pond were clucking and murmuring. I stood there then and renewed my vowel that whoever wants this is gonna have to kill me to take it.

              • Good post P.O. sounds like you had a great morning. I’ve really got to finish my new coop up.

          • on twitter, there were quite a few people saying that white people’s EBT cards were working. that it is an attempt to starve black people.

            more likely, social media is going to be used to ignite the race war on a higher level than the random fits and starts it has been.

            • Figment, some of the blacks have been using twitter, facebook, etc. to make threats on white people since the 2008 campaign and nothing is ever done about it. Let some white people do something similar on those same social media sites and the DOJ will go on the biggest witch hunt anyone ever saw to find them and prosecute them for “hate speech”.

          • He doesn’t need millions of people on his side; just the vast majority of the carrying capacity. He needs percentage of population, not set numbers. He can afford to lose huge numbers of people as long as he retains the rest and converts the producers to his side by demonization of the takers. Then he has both sides supporting him( at least in theory).

          • Anonymous – Thank you for that reasoned out analysis. We must all start to plug-in to these events and how they are used to manipulate us. Anything that turns our anger from D.C. is a diversion.

            Gal in California (No jokes about CA, it is a lovely state)

        • Thats the thing,
          The senate and administration will allow an impasse in negotiations over the debt ceiling,
          Similar to how they are blocking publicly owned monuments and parks they will crash the EBT and SS system with sn ISF event hopeful it will be blamed on the TP and GOP
          It will backfire, bedlum will ensue,
          Voila! Martial law for all,
          Remember the group in DC dont give a crap about u n me they only care about posturing and power. Tell me these millionaires couldnt forego their grossly over inflated paychecks to help with the shutdown? And just freeze all purchasing to keep things rolling as close to normal as possible?
          Its ALL a setup.

          • They don’t care about individuals. They see collectives to manipulate. The outliers don’t matter- it’s mass movements they want.

          • The amount of money one has is relative: You just said what the poorer among us are saying about the things we have. If someone honestly worked for what they made, whether a little, a lot or a middle of the road, why does anyone have the right to take it away to give it to anyone else?

            • @ AE,

              theft doesn’t become something else just because the government does it.

              “The government” doesn”t really exist in the same way that hydrogen has 2 parts to oxygen’s one in water.

              It’s a mental construct we’ve been brainwashed to think is “real.” For about the last 12,000 years somebody has always wanted to control and loot his group.

              It’s just people who belch and fart like everyone else does. The critical difference is
              they think they have the “authority” to dictate to and steal from the rest of us.

              The libertarian Non-Aggression Principle holds: If i as an individual don’t have the authority to purloin the contents of your wallet, I can’t delegate authority I don’t have.

              Doesn’t matter if one person or ten million are party to the theft.

              The ultimate question is: do you own you or does someone else? if you own you, your honest ability exercised over time (your work) produces fruits that belong to you and you alone.

              Nobody has the “authority” to help themselves to what you have honestly produced.

              No matter what self-serving description they trump up it’s still theft.

      14. A dry run by the administration maybe, maybe next time it will be all states instead of 16, then martial law

      15. Walmart prices have caught up with the other grocers, not long ago their prices were much lower than the competition, no longer. All the commodity prices are being manipulated higher. Walmart stores are falling out of favor for lower price shoppers. The store looks like a mecca for third world people, just like America looks today.

        • Hi , and welcome to ‘Wally World’ !! The Fed Gov’t.Corporate sponsored ‘Company Store’. Bring in your SNAP ,National ID or RF chip and get what you want !! We are always open for the ‘GRAB & RUN ‘ crowd ,and since we can’t identify you ,there’s NO PROBLEM !!….Prepp ON !!….mm

        • What did you think would happen after china-mart put all mom &pop shop out of Business, I’ve even noticed bigger Businesses go under because of junk-mart. Soon the gov will control wal-mart witch inturn will control the sheeple, but not me I dont suport china.

          • PA farmer, it’s high time wallyworld started feeling the kind of pain they’ve inflicted on other businesses. I saw a report 3 weeks ago that their 3rd quarter earnings for this year were much lower than expected and a lot of the stores have too many containers with unsold merchandise they can’t give away. I don’t feel sorry for wallyworld one damned bit.

            • BH, I just wrote Similar statement down a few

      16. Why does it always seem that its the same race that riot, Try to steal, shoot,burn and bitch instead of trying to help each other. Just saying.

        • I have wondered that very thing very often. I know a few folks of…racial persuasion,shall we say, that are stand up people. The other 98-99% aught to be given a free trip back to the lands of their forefathers. That would be tax money well spent. It often seems the white race is just too willing to go with the flow and try and avoid conflict. Or maybe thats just the American public…

          • Yes sir i agree. I served with some outstanding men of there race. But like you said 98-99% could leave any time and i would be glad to hold the door for them.

      17. First, let me lol! Second, if this isn’t 100% proof that our society has become nothing more then lazy,uninformed,freeloaders then you will be in that same line fighting for the same food/goods they are. THEY are testing us all and seeing how we will react under certain situations! The collapse is already upon ass people and if you can’t see that then go play GTA V and eat some cheetos! Stop trying to wake people up because many will only come after YOU when they realize you are prepared and they weren’t. Many of us here and abroad will be stuck defending what’s ours. When this happens, you will have to treat these people like blood hungry zombies! Get your gear ready cause it’s coming!!!

        “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”
        – Benjamin Franklin

      18. Apparently, the trucker’s strike (blessings on those who tried) fizzled, but my husband and I stayed home all week-end anyway in support, and bought nothing. We did go to Wal-Mart Friday evening, early, and it was strange. The location of our nearest Wal-Mart is in a small city about twenty miles from us and it’s both dirty and dangerous. There was certainly something in the air on Friday because my husband came into the store looking for me, saying he didn’t like the atmosphere in the parking lot. The mix was probably 60/40 black to white and some really loud cursing, hitting and shoving among the random black teens. One black mother captured all of her kids who were running from her and pushed them against the wall, calling them the most unbelievably filthy names and punching each of them in the head with her fist. I notified “security” who shrugged and ignored it. If those kids live to grow up, they’ll be animals. At this time, there was no problem with EBT or SNAP cards, as far as I know. I always pay with a check, but am in the minority. Point is, finally, that WM is always a volatile situation and I’m just surprised the building is still standing today. We go to Wal-Mart about once a month, and think we will change locations, even though it will require a longer drive.

        • You would have to tie me to a rabid mule and shoot both of my legs off to get me to stand foot in a walmart..all out protest on my part to even be found in their parking lot

          and 50% of my reasons are the people that shop there, the other 50% is the people who own the dam place

          • the walmart near me is clean with courteous employees. The shoppers are also friendly with very little buttcrack hanging down. There is a number of Keystone Light bellies putting the shirt buttons under alot of stress.

        • Be safe. If it took you two hours out of your way, I would not go to that part of town ever again! It reminded me of New Haven CT during the 1970’s. there are parts I still wouldn’t go in…

        • I am always armed if I go in Walmart but I rarely go.

      19. Walmart, in a effort to increase market share here in Florida against Publix, is now honoring other stores buy one get one free offers. These grocery wars are not lowering prices.

      20. Bottom line: These people stole…and once they found out they COULD be accountable, they ran like thieves.

        Wal-Mart’s stockholders should swallow the losses and fire whomever made that BS decision. Better to have outright closed the freakin’ store until EBT got back on-line, with armed guards (I am sure Bloomberg could have recommended a few)…their losses would have been much less.

        • They should have limited it to fifty dollars. That is plenty to feed a family or what ever they have for a couple of days. Stupid to make it no limit. We are getting a peek at the America of the near future. Just wait until they ram the coming amnesty through. It will no longer be our nation, not that it is now.

          • John, why shoulda Wal-Mart. gave them anything if I go in with no money are they gona just give me free food I dont think so, what makes the EBT people better than me, a workn man.. Wal-Mart. was stupit for doing it, and I dont feel one bit sorry for em..

      21. When I look at this video I asked myself what happened to our nation? Who were the architects behind the scene to create the parasite hoard that is getting larger by minutes?

        • Lyndon Johnson and Ted Kennedy for two of them. And the entire Democratic Party seems to be dedicated solely to maintaining their taxpayer-financed constituency.

          Not to mention the upcoming Undocumented Democrat Amnesty.

      22. As I understand it, the shoppers weren’t panic-buying, right? They knew the EBT system was down, so they were able to load up on free food. When it was announced that the system was back on line, they abandoned the full carts.
        Yes, in a SHTF situation, the shelves will empty quickly, but that’s not what this was. This was opportunistic thieving, akin to looting during a riot.
        It didn’t matter to these people that they didn’t have enough on their cards to cover their overflowing buggies. They were out to steal from WalMart like they steal from you and me every day.
        47 million people are on food stamps in America.
        I’ve never heard a single “thank you”.

        • you should post your cell phone number over at Walmart and they can call you with there Obama phones to thank you.

          • Atleast that one guy in the video still has his dennis rodman bulls jersy. He’s been rep’n that for 20 years now

        • SilverSax, sad to say you’re right. Far too many, BUT NOT ALL, of the 47,000,000 on EBT’s are thieves. they’ll steal from anyone and anywhere they see even a half-opportunity. No work ethic, no sense of responsibilities, no sense of morality, no self-respect, no esteem, no integrity, i.e. nothing good about them. the same kind of people who go berserk on Black Friday every year. They’ve been brainwashed with the BS about being “entitled” to sponging off working people’s tax money. NOBODY IS OWED ANYTHING BY ANYBODY ELSE OUT HERE! You either survive through your own wits and your own efforts, or you don’t. when I was a kid growing up back in the 60s, if you didn’t go to work, you didn’t eat. that’s how it used to be until LBJ started “The Great Society” aka the freeloader programs as we know them today. LBJ was a stain upon the great state of TX. he was what Michael Savage would call a ‘red diaper doper baby’. Just as red as the Chinese flag. I’ve never heard a single thank-you from any of these freeloaders either. They all just take it for granted that their freebies will always be there. They’re in for one helluva rude awakening when the house of cards finally falls. braveheart

          • @BH- there’s a name for critters like that: Animals. it is that simple.

            • CWinOR, I can buy that. I can think of worse but I’ll leave it at that.

              • me too- but i was being as close to PC as is possible for me.

        • Thing is the EBT cards will act like a debit card that has gone over what is in the account, so rather than having 200-300$ when the card gets recharged they will have 0 in some ases or whatever the balance is after purchase is deducted, even with the EBT there will be no free lunch

          • Wal-Mart will be submitting a demand on their next EBT payment. They will pay for this just stupid on Wal-Marts part not to put a limit on how much could be bought.

            • Our local. Store had a limit of 50 dollars on each card this is in arkansas

            • Our local. Store had a limit of 50 dollars on each card this is in arkansas

        • I say “thank you” from when my folks had to use them for a short time in the Carter years.

          • My family had to use them during the same period- and I’m grateful they were available, as a STOP GAP measure, until we could get back on our feet (despite the best efforts of Carter to enslave us).

            I recently ENCOURAGED my recent ex-wife(who is in nursing school full time) to get on the dole for everything she can. While this may run counter to everything I would normally believe, and her as well- these are NOT normal times. Since the other side has use Cloward-Piven to such great effect, I figure- WHY THE HELL NOT?! For starters- I want this gov to fail just like they do, just for different reasons. That as well as the fact that I’ve been working full-time since I was 5 and paying into the system since I was 10. And I’d rather some of what I’ve paid in to the system went to someone I know needs it, deserves some help and that is actively trying to better themselves. That and the fact that if wetback INVADERS get it- then I want her to help push this broken-down cart over the cliff…so we can rebuild it! US on one side of the country- and the anti-Americans on the OTHER side of it where they can wallow, once in for all, in the bed they shat.

      23. We don’t have Walmarts close to the city here. It’s mostly white but Philidelphia had problems. The one Walmart they wanted to put up close to us, ended up collapsing the hillside where a mental institution once was. Walmart tore it down but the people who lived and worked there for years knew the mountain was unstable. Walmart was trying to skate out on the cost of repairs to stabilize the hillside. It was a real mess! Most of the mountain came down on route 65 and onto the railroad tracks. The trains had to be re-routed. I call it a blessing in disguise….nobody wanted it there.

      24. I seen the article the other day with the six kids. She looked pretty well dressed to me with earrings on and nails done and nice clothes. Looks like she is doing just fine leaching off the rest of us.

        Looking at her saying that she has to suffer because of someones stupid mistake that shut down the system. YA the stupid mistake was having six kids and not having so many you cant support them. That is not fair to us and to the kids you bring into the world.

        Sort of reminds me of the lady with 15 kids who thinks someone should be held responsible for taking care of them. That’s always a good video to watch.

        • Six kids, six daddies none of whom pay a dime to support them. The face of the New America.

          • If you can’t feed ’em- don’t breed ’em!

            • It’s in their african DNA Period. We keep being told to believe there are zero differences besides surface skin color. Bullshit!…95% or more of these folks act no different than if you watch an older black and white Tarzan movie from late 1930’s to mid 1940’s era.

              They dress different in america today yes. But their every action is akin to real actual tribes of african Zulus etc in tarzan movies.

              Instead of a camp fire to dance wild sex crazed dances around, here today its sex crazed dances around the Ghetto Blaster radios.

              If you went to either the Detroit african festival ethnic week at the detroit river area near Cobo Hall, where every day avg africans party all week. Or you went to detroits Fox Theater all redone in its orig granduer where high priced africans in a TUX and expensive designer dress that costs $2000, are at for some big monky down function.

              BOTH will show the exact Same end results. Within 10 seconds of any Loud african Rap music, or Motown black music is playing, both the reg avg festivle group as well as the High priced crowd in a Tux and costly gown dress group…BOTH will immidiatly Jump up, and begin to Boggie down. They will do what I call the “Monky Down”, most calls it Dancing.

              It takes meere minits for them to get all worked up into a wild Jungle type Frenzy and begin to release their Inner african dna self.

              Thats when you will notice what you are observing is a cross between that older Tarzan movie’s actual tribal african uncivilized savages, mixed with what seems identical to those various types of Monkys-Chimps-Apes-Baboons-Gorillas, that you viewed the day prior when you went to visit the Detroit ZOO and observed all those different types of monkys and gorillas at the zoo.

              Except of course you quickly note how well behaved the Real zoo animal apes and chimps and baboons acted when compared to the african Human apes and monkys.

              And it is the exact same results be it at the illustrious Fox theater event with the fancy Tux’s and costly gown dress’s, or its simply the summer one week long ethnic african week festival at the river front near cobo hall.

              Their wild frenzyied dancing mixed with that Bongo drum constant repetitious beating, over and over for hours on end does something that releases their inner dna jungle bunny actions and attitudes. Then it is a short hop to real actual wild uninhibited sex acts…Then Bingo! every 9th month another new Mouth to feed!

              Thank God they are unable to produce Litters like dogs every 9 WEEKS!!!…They would if they could and even after ten litters of a dozen “pup-Monkys” each 9 week litter, they’d still keep screwing to make more.

              These type people are Not the same as white folk. Thats a Lie that there is zero difference besides “skin color”. They are way different in almost Every possible way shape or form. That includes mentally also.

              Even after being in the civilised white nations for several hundred years now, they still act way more and closer to african jungle life than in any form of copy whites and act civilized or normal. They cannot act white as they are not white.

              And like it or not this makes for a Very Dangerous thing for the whiteys regardless if its usa or european nations or canada. After resideing in detroit from birth till age 43 yrs old, when I moved 18 yrs ago North..I can Testify honestly and Most acurately that when God decided to seperate everybody at Babylon while they built their Tower there, and God sent them all packing to many seperate areas He Knew what He was doing all right!

              The fact that european khazars brought non whites into white nations during slavery times was BY design, to eventually destroy the whites in every whitey nation bar none. There can be NO other conclusion as I have Never yet met a single white Male nor Female that has ever said “Gee we sure need More Black africans in america huh”!

              Rather its always the exact opposite, every white I ever heard speak of this issue in my 60+ yrs has everytime said something more like “My God! Why did anybody ever bring hese people into america? What could they possibly be thinking back then?”!!

              I will Tell you what they were thinking…That the best most efectual method to Ruin and utterly destroy every white nation, city, country, lands, was to import as many non whites, especially africans into said white nations and wait for nature to run its course in several hundred years later.

              And a Book written In England, in 1912 by a admitted Communist party Head member of the entire england kommie party, called “Our Racial Plan For America”…Proves me correct in, Spades!

              Written BY Israel Cohen, himself a jewish kommie and Proud to admit it, wrote that book precicely to outline what kommies planned on doing to Us whites in america.

              Today we are the folks seeing and living thru everything Israel Cohen wrote of 101 yrs ago from his perch in merry ol england at his kommie HQ of englands kommie party.

              His book specifies creating situations to Boost africans Up higher in Pay and Prestige, while at same time, forceing Whites Lower and Lower, untill jew kommies Here in usa and hollywood etc can eaisly convince already brainwasshed white femals, to screw blacks to make Biege babies and brown babies in the overall kommie jew plan to exterminate all whites Planet Wide.

              Thats no racisim, nor antisemitisim, just simply Facts and a Book written outlineing the true jewish kommie plans from back in 1912. They Knew whites are way too smart, way too strong, too numerous, for the kommies to destroy by force of arms. So kommies like Israel Cohen divised insidious evil anti white racial plans to get whites to litterally screw them selves into a white genicidal end. So Far how goes it eh?

              Why has their racial Plans worked so swell against americans and whites especially? I will tell you that also.

              Because Most whiteys have Fallen for every stupid Race based PC and anti white and white Guilt based propaganda they have heard pounded into their heads since small kids.

              And not just have believed it, thay also Practiced it and did so to the Inth’ Degree! Most american whiteys has well surpassed every kommies dreams of white desruction ever planned.

              It is NOT yet too late to awaken, get Rid of all forms PC, all forms Guilt for being white, and Stand for Take NO More Crap! Not from blacks, feds, jew kommies, zionists, dems, libs, or neocons. But You who are awake MUST awaken Others. That wont happen if you cower or hide in the basement or a cave so no others can find you or take your preps. Screw that attitude and go wake up others and tell it like it is period. NO PC and NO more whitey Guilt crap. And non whites who do not like the New whitey You? Fuck em all. If you want to see america “Fixed” again….You need to consider these Facts. Then Act to awakn others, other whiteys especially since thats whos been targeted.

              That goes Double for all you Christians here, who keep whining and crying how you plan to remain silent and speak to no others due to Fear they may come to take your preps etc at some unforseen future date.

              Is That how Christ said christians are to Act? NO!

              He said YOU are the salt and LIGHT of earth. And to NOT Hide your Light under a bushel basket where it does you or others zero good.

              In todays venacular that means Speak Out, Tell others whats wrong and Why, tell them who did what, tell them How to awaken others. If the orig 12 apostles Had Your “Hide in a cave so my preps dont get swiped or I get harmed” attitude the Gospel would still be unheard of anywheres else but Jesus’s Home town!

              Be that Light and light the world on Fire with Truth and Facts to awaken as many others as possible. Or remain in Hiding, and Perrish when even preps won’t be enough to save your ass. If I am wrong? Show me the biblical verses that say we should simply Quit! Just cave in and give up so the evil bastard enemys and “adversaries of God and of ALL mankind” can takeover and eliminate Us from the face of this earth. I missed that verse. Show me it. Or Get Busy!

      25. Have you guys ever worked your ass off on a simple game of checkers and towards the end you realize that you have worked yourself into a position that it matters not where you move, your oppenent’s next move wins the game? This is what Obama, the Media, and whatever powers that be have done. He is in the catbird seat calling all the shots now. He will win either way. America has been played and defeated this round. If he gets Bamacare fully instituted and under the umbrella of Federal dollars, we loose because it simply continues the bankrupting of America. If we stick to the US default route, we loose due to obvious reasons. The Shit needs to go ahead and hit that fan. We need the great reckoning to begin. It is the only way to save the country. The one party system is upon us. Three partys will never happen. The repubs are lost and the divide among them only worsening not strengthening. The sooner we get used to this, the sooner we can get through these very necessary times that are ahead.

        Sorry so senical, but after having gone to Washington this past weekend and watching reality as I lived it vs. what was portrayed by media and internet, I see more clearly than ever why the American sheepizen is in severe trouble. You guys are right, dark days are ahead. Godspeed.

        • Gontoolong, I know how you feel, but ob forgets the Patriots are still in the game. ob wanted gun control an didnt get it, nor did he get Amnesty for the Illegals. He back doored the health care witch looks to be falling apart and no funding at this point. Boner was gona cut a deal This weekend and President Reid wouldnt Accept.(and I said thank god) we are getting more people on board every day.Veterans Memorial has woke a lot of sheep up. now all we have to do is keep are boot on are Representatives neck and I think we can win this. I’m not gona Minimize this thow I know ob holds the Ace card Martial law..

          • Undocumented Democrat Amnesty is coming up for a vote again soon, keep your eyes open for it.

        • Gonetoolong…How DID it go? I didn’t see much coverage on teevee…some on RT. Some coverage on ZH.

          • The rally was overall awesome. My 4 kids were protesting and having a ball. My boys helped bring the barrycades down and can actually be seen on Fox and Friends in a couple of clips. They got a kick out of that when we got home. I got to talk with Ted Cruz and Todd Palin. We talked with the Lawn mower guy Chris Cox from South Carolina. I would say prob about 1500 people showed all told. My kids also got to meet some of the WWII vets and thank them for giving us a country to live in. Some out there are trying to make something out of a guy that showed up at the white house with a rebel flag. I never saw him. He may have been a plant for a photo op, not sure. There were a few black veterans present as well and no racism that we ever saw. There were a couple of Vietnam vets that were about to blow a gasket over the general state of affairs we are in as a nation.

            Everything was going fine until the cops showed up and blocked the road so the truckers could not come by the memorial. This honestly seemed like the cops were attempting to “poke the tiger” so to speak. There was no problem until they showed with SWAT vehicles, lights, sirens, and about 10 cars, motorcycles, and bikes. I really feel it was a dare to see if they could provoke an incident to make the statement “Hey look at the violent teabaggers”. This is just my opinion as an observer.

            We got the Lincoln memorial open as well. Beautiful site it is. The dumbass cops were trying to place the barrycades back as hundreds of people were in the memorial. That did not work. Overall it was a great morning for my family.

            We were not part of the White House protest, but did see as we were leaving that they had riot police in full gear and an armored vehicle. We also saw the snipers on the roof.

            My wife and I were a little dismayed this morning when we viewed the Million Vet March website (the primary organizer of the event). They did not like that the Tea Party crowd was present and was railing against Obama. I hate to tell them, but without us mostly Tea types that were present, they would have had about 10 people. I am not exaggerating. The people I saw were pretty much all on the same page and it felt good. Overall a really good trip. I just wish it had been a few hundred thousand of us show up. I think most Americans simply don’t give a shit anymore for a variety of reasons.

            • That Trucker guy the General Lee is it? Was on RT tv news with some younger guy too. That other younger guy was not very adept at answering the RT female reporter show host’s questions. That General Lee guy spoke very well.

              However..One thing he got me worried of is when he began to outline his truckers group org’s Plans to create a State Conventions to do a Con-Con! aka amennd the us const.

              Several very smart attornys at newswithviews website, Edwin Viera, Publius Huldah(a women const athourity lawyer) and one more I cannot recall the name now, all have articles that detail step by step why those folks calling for a con con are wrong to think it can be controled from becomeing a Runaway affair that ends with an entire new us const and a bad ending.

              I am aware that Radio guy Mark Levin has a new book that says thats not possible as delegaets Can be told to do this or that and made to adhere to it. BS! Its way too complicated to list here. Go read reasons why Mark Levin and Chuch Baldwins Son, Tim Baldwin are flat out Wrong as once delegats are conveened there is NO laws, standards, mandates to stop a runaway constutional convention.

              And the us const mandates us congress appoints delegates and rules the affair weather they Or 3/4th’s of states calls for the con con.If I recall right what Edwin says.

              Its a Bad bad idea all around. I know Not why that general lee trucker guy is talking of states doing a con con?…Somebody better wake him up Fast before he gets it going too far. The most likly scenario to a con con will be that the us const is replaced by that new one already written and waiting at Georgetown Univ for the Right moment to spring it on us and END the BOR for good.

              Other that that the trucker on RT tv news didn’t say much else we aint heard already.

      26. People do not plan to fail but most fail to plan!

      27. The 50’s and early 60’s were when competition capitalism worked. I remember gas at under 25 cents a gallon and gas wars among competitors with gas under 20 cents and varying prices. Today we have collusion capitalism where all prices are the same no matter where you buy what you need. This is the beast, collusion capitalism, that dooms our future. When ever increasing profits are all that matters, we will all end up broke and dead.

      28. Im betting this was a test

        just like the tests on airline security..a dry run if you will

        TPAB wanted to see how quickly things would go to shit when the plug got pulled..well they got their answer.
        It will go back to normal, and all those with normalcy bias, will not heed this as a warning..

        when their other fabricated disaster or system failure happens , the circus will be in full swing
        and 99.9% of those that were surprised by this, will be surprised again, and the S will hit the fan hard and fast

        this was just a test..hope you didn’t fail it

        if you did, I hope your awake now, if to be you

        • Could be a test or maybe ocommie did it to tell the tea party people if they don’t fold he will turn loose the hoards. Either way, again its another day of nothing good. This chaos is now happening everyday and sometimes multiple times per day. No way to keep up, and I’m sure its not a coincidence. Hope we get the party started soon.

        • VRF,

          You hit that right on the head, Test run at its best. Only the awake people see this and like I told my GF now is the time to kick it in high gear. She finally saw what I have been talking about for the last few yrs. Hope my friends here have been doing good, my health problems are much better now its time to play catch up..

          CATIYMF-NOMI Shall I move,

      29. Looks like experiment

      30. Vicky, we did not spend any money or sell anything Friday-Sunday either. Our small contribution to support the patriots who protested the out of bounds government.

      31. Where else are they going to test us?

      32. This crowd had more to do with Walmart removing the credit limits on EBT cards because of the ‘glitch’. It was like looting with free credit or with a stolen card. It was ‘gibs me dat’ after word got out that Walmart was giving away stuff on worthless cards. I’ll bet whoever authorized that limit lift is looking for a new job. As soon as the system came back on line, they walked away from the full shopping carts. If the stores had said, OK, take a gallon of milk, a loaf of bread, and a package of hot dogs and put it on your card until we can get it working again, this wouldn’t have happened.

      33. Hah, when I viewed this on my phone, there was an ad for Clark Pest Control at the top.

        Too bad they wont exterminate these types of vermin.

      34. Question:

        Many here have noted being ready to confront the mindless hordes who will attempt to steal their preps. What does one do with all the bodies that will amass outside their perimeter. Stockpile lime? Gas/diesel for burning. Have a backhoe on hand for mass graves. You have about 3 days to dispose of the corpses b4 the diseases start to develop.

        Awaiting all responses.

        Thank you.

        • Arrange them as a moat around your house, set them on fire to ward off enemies; is that the answer you’re looking for?

          • Would take much fuel. Smoke attracts attention. This was posted as a serious question. History has many examples of this problem (1918 Flu pandemic, 1905 Texas hurricane, S.F. earthquake, ad infin.)

            • Not to mention the scavenger birds and animals who would come to feast on the carrion.

              • Im think between 300 to 400 yrds should befar enough from the house, I’m sure the Animals take care of thing from there..

        • Great question. My first thought was that in my situation (suburban subdivision), it would be easiest to load ’em all in pickup trucks and dump ’em in the landfill. Those neighbors who didn’t participate in the fighting could do the loading.
          If the trucks weren’t running (EMP), I guess we’d improvise some sort of sled to pull behind the 4-wheeler.

        • Take them a far enough distance away that you wont smell the stink. hang them from trees with barb wire and let the buzzards have a feast. On the TV program Dead wood the let the china mans pigs eat unwanted corpses.

        • Lotta deep sinkholes out back in the woods…they will sink into the mud and some archaeologist will find the bones a thousand years from now.

          oldguy got the best idea if you got hogs.

        • Burial and lime is the best way. Machinery is going to be crucial, for digging and transport.

        • @cossack55

          Neighbor’s back yard. At night. Among their junk cars. Won’t be noticed for “about 3 days.”

        • If it’s summertime, there’ll be a lot of happy buzzards in my neighborhood.

        • Buzzards got to eat, Same as worms.
          Josey Wales.

      35. Another miss use of the word anarchy….. really wish people would figure out what that word really means.

        • WOW DAN, I see another person that understands anarchy 🙂 Anarchy isn’t chaos it simply means lack of rulers or masters. Anarchy is TRUE freedom!

      36. You try a situation where there is nothing left in OTHER stores and where NO ONE that has anything is ONLY accepting cash money, or ONLY precious metals or other barter items of value. This is the philosophy of the prepper/survivalist DON’T have to suffer throgh this.

        People act crazy, NOT at the first disappearance of food and other necessities, after they start to feel the hunger pain. Ever see the dumb asses at a drive threw fast food restaurant at around lunch time? Imagine the way they will react after 2 or more days without anything to eat. We are not talking about the pioneer days where someone will go a week without anything to eat. NO. We are talking about some serious fat so belly busters here that are use to their daily fill up of crap. Hunger to a person like this is dangerous.

        Another reason why anyone stupid enough not to at least try to put what they need away is going to suffer and must be regarded as someone to stay away from. Lots of ammo and firearms to stop the Pillsbury dough boys and girls in their tracks when they “try” to demand that you give them your food and supplies. Most of them would probably just run away at the mere sight of a firearm and then go die off somewhere. Still it is always better to let as few people as possible let them know that you are prepping, as in practically no one. Loose lips sinks ships.

        • Bi
          I learned as a kid that living on an island you need to have a supply of food, even if its beef in the freezer and canned stuff with an extra bag of rice, i dont understand these people who are running around like chickens with their heads cut off when we have a storm or tsunami warning,
          Its always satisfying to just shrug it off and check over my stores then relax like any other day, but some folks just never learn do they.

          • Kalu I think you said it, when I was younger if you didnt get gas by 8:00pm too bad for you, now you have till 10:00. Towns 60mi round trip, for me so when you go you make “list” an get what your gona need for a while. City dwellers have the Convenience of everything at their fingertipes, so they biy as they need, witch could be on a Daily basis, witch will bite them some day..Im glad I’m Self sufficient.

            • Have a friend staying with us from Florida. Can not get it through her head that we are in a small town and you need to stock up. It’s like there is nothing between the ears but air!

              • Don’t use a 22 on a doughboy…it would just get lost in all the rolls of dough…eww that was ugly..but true.

                Need something that will penetrate layers unless you’re good at hs’s.

                Yuck, I hate having to think like that….but…

              • Are you sure that it is air? I have met the type and wonder if that if being kind.

        • BI, once again you’re right on target. Along with the dopers and alcoholics, the “Pillsborough Doughboys and Girls” [I like that one] will be very dangerous and should be avoided if at all possible. If any of them come to my place, I will greet them with “Bertha” and rack her slide to let them know we both mean business. Hopefully the sight of that will be all the convincing they need. braveheart

          • oops,,the above was supposed to be here,

      37. This is the only site I post comments. You folks are the only preppers I have talked to. Sure Iowans have lots of guns, but I’m not sure my state wont turn into the Crazies movie.

      38. I agree with one of the statements above. Just a test to see how the controlled lab sheeple will respond in a situation. A bit off topic, was wondering if anyone is aware of the feds in canada are rewriting the treaties and taking away many rights and fed money given to them in their old treaties. Can not have small sovereign governments existing to bring in the nwo. As russell means once said the usa is one big reservation. The native americans were the first test controlled population for full control. Now look at all the people using ebt cards. i see some similarities. And what are the native population in canada going to do?maybe another oka,wonded knee? Just curios. Well take care andGod bless. Try yourbest to not be dependant on the government for anything.. You will be much better off.

        • @mikeincanada, you are not alone. There are more of us up here, quietly going about our business preparing and hoping to meet up with like minded individuals for mutual support in troubled times.

          • NC and mike. Canadian Preppers Network. There is usually a group in whatever province you live in. I’m in S. Ontario

        • I’m a 40 or so minutes drive from Cornwall and I hear you about the Natives. The Mohawks only care about our laws when it directly benefits them, like their tax-free status and free-money-because-we’re-Natives checks.

          And we all know how gutless our government, Provincial and Federal, is with these animals. Look at Caledonia and the more recent rail, road and bridge blockades. I know Howell-armed they are and the only agency that can stand up to them is the Canadian Armed Forces. Christ would I ever like to see their so-called Warriors try to argue with an infantry company and their LAV 3’s, provided they are under Afghanistan ROE.

      39. Funnily enough, I got a taste of the horde mentality while shopping last Friday morning for the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend. I was in Costco, early, I thought, to beat the crowds for a quick in and out but 5,000 others must have had the same idea. Anyway, I was working with the crowd and keeping my eyes on business when I ended up in the middle of a testosterone fueled, aggressive bust up with two huge men using shopping carts as weapons. The one was pretty pissed that the other was trying to pass him in the aisle and the guy that passed him hit an old man in the back with his cart and then started menacing the other guy. This wasn’t even over any food, it was just over ‘territory’. With that amount of aggression just simmering below the surface, I contemplated the scenario should there be a run on the grocery stores. It was a sobering moment indeed! …..and this is in Canada! Canada, meek and mild with a populace of quietly grazing sheep… I shudder for the future.

        • @Northern Cousin &Mike…things are going ‘south’ here too, tonight on CBC radio, they said that folks going to the food banks in Montreal are up 50% in past couple of years……Toronto up 40%….guess it must be pretty rough for families in those cities as lots of people are working for min. wages or have lost jobs. take care all, CC.

      40. Sad but true, as the old saying goes. The animals are running the zoo. Once you let the chicken out of the coup you can’t put him back, or was it a cat. Oh well there’s no turning back. Trekker Out.

      41. If we knew then, what we know now… we would have picked
        our own cotton… Just sayin

        • there wouldn’t be such a sense of entitlement amongst the ignorant populations had we done just that- picked our own cotton, cleaned our own houses, built our own railroads instead of forcing foreign laborers to do so….whitey did them wrong now he must make right- right? this is not rascism, but i’ve had conversations with black folks when i lived in the city who preached that they wished king hadn’t come along and integrated society, bc they hated white people soooo much….rascism goes both ways, as does love and acceptance. tolerance is just as bad as blind ignorance. i just choose to be blind in love, including loving all those ignorant f#*ks.

      42. October 17, 2013 is the moment of truth.

        • Yeah, I’m real nervous about that day too. Making a couple more shopping trips between now and then, everyone get everything you can now. braveheart

          • Get a couple cases of Chicken-in-a-can. Save the bones for bone broth.

          • BH – dude there is NO way the jews will allow the “default” collapse. They know it means THEIR end. Ain’t gonna happen. This is all a big diversion. Take a breath.

            • Patriot Man, I sincerely hope you’re right and Oct. 17 passes like any other day, but I’m not getting caught with my pants down, regardless. braveheart

              • Look for the diversion and keep an eye out for that which can’t be seen.

        • why do you say that? My kids are supposed to have an emergency drill at school that day…. think i’ll be keeping them home….I know there is a solar flare due to hit us about that time….possible massive grid failure…anything else i don’t know?

          • That’s the current “D-Day” for default should Mr. Lawlessness chose to let that happen, and I believe he will since he thinks he can pin it on the conservatives.

            • Sigi- you hit that on the head! Barckalypse is NOT, and CANNOT be the Antichrist- but he IS the Lawless one that ushers him in.

              • Somewhat bible dumb here, but why can’t he be the antichrist?

                Simple terms…simple…simple…simple

                • well, first of all THE antichrist, not just another anrichrist, is satan himself; cast out of heaven in the 6th trumpet, 6th vial and 6th seal. he will be put on display appearing as saviour of the world. THE antichrist, satan himself, has a very specific time of rule and adoration as saviour of the world. very specific events are told as well. also, the two witnesses will be showing and telling the world that the so-called saviour of the world, when its in total chaos, is a fake. two actual persons who will be murdered by satan 3 and a half days before Jesus returns. also 7 thousand fallen angels will be occompanying him. those are the 7 thousand who die instantly upon Jesus return. satan doesnt get destroyed until after the white throne judgement, after tribulation, after Jesus returns and after The Lord’s Day(thousand years of teaching with full recall, flesh no longer existing for humans). things like obama being THE antichrist and rfid being the mark of the beast are perpetuated to throw people off. if they think THE antichrist is past and that the rfid mark is past then they will think its over and the phony saviour presented is the real one because of lies like obama being THE antichrist. there is more

                • The antichrist will demand all worship for himself and will blaspheme and denounce God and Jesus Christ. So far Obama hasn’t done that. The AC will also make fire fall from heaven and other signs and wonders. Obama hasn’t done that either. Not everyone thinks that the AC mentioned in the Bible as a particular person is Satan himself, but the AC will certainly have Satanic powers that will be unlike anything or anyone we’ve ever seen before. For that reason many will follow him.

          • How would we know if it was a solar flare or some DHS brown shirt flipping off the breakers and they tell us its an EMP?
            Nobody would know,
            Sorta like the MSM didnt cover all the bikers, or truckers, or veterans, yes the numbers were far short of 1mil but the fact that a few dozen trucks a couple hundred bikers and maybe 2000 vets and supporters were there is significant,
            Can you imagine what we would be doing today if any of the pigs had injured a bunch pf these folks?
            Wouldnt be playin tiddly winks thats for sure!

        • Oct 17 is my birthday, if they default Ill jump for joy! It would be a great birthday present. I tired of waiting Just as soon take the bull by the horns and get it over with!

          • Old guy, I wish you an early Happy Birthday.

          • Congrats O.G! You’re getting older! Well…that beats the alternative…doesn’t it?

        • April 17, 2013 might look a lot like April 26, 1992…

      43. There are three levels to be concerned about.

        State and Local.

        Two of them you can not do much about when it starts but you better be up the date on your level.
        In any case people in so called authority are going to be barking orders at a stupid populace and like now do not believe what they spout. The only statement I want to hear is, “Your on your own”. Just like the L.A. riots.

      44. When this crap started happening.. I mulled over, is there anything I should pick up, just in case this doesn’t get resolved quickly ?

        Thinking… thinking… thinking.. nope. Already got everything that we need. Literally everything.

        Being “paranoid” does have it’s advantages once “paranoid” is changed to “wise” by virtue of the events unfolding around you. Of course, technically, posting on this website proves me less than “wise”. But oh well. It’s fun and informative.

        • oUch,
          I have been doing the same exercise with a lot of the same results. I have only been going to the store once every 4 to 6 weeks for about 2 years now. It’s good practice at figuring out what ya need and what needs to be resupplied more often.

          If I got work right now that the shtf I would probably make one more run to get more barter stuff like cigs, alcohol, tp, and maybe hardware type stuff.

      45. Too bad it did not happen to every Wal-Mart store.

        • Sling – hahahaha – Perfect

      46. After reading and analyzing the over 700 posts from yesterday and the many postings of today, and thru much scientific analysis and observations and mathematics–I have come to this conclusion.

        Do not rely on Wal-Mart for your food source when the panic hits and SHTF….

        • UGLY


        • better yet, don’t rely on anyone when panic hits and shtf, but be prepared, bunker down, and say some prayers!

        • Don’t be anywhere near Wallyworld on that fateful day. Those SOB’s might as well be zombies. They will get nasty in a hurry. That in itself ought to be enough reason for anyone to prep somewhat. Just to keep you from fighting for scraps at Wal-Mart.

        • if you have to rely on anyone when the S hits TF–you have NOT been paying attention.

        • and stay far far away from people like this

      47. I have a question. How are people that are barely scraping by now supposed to prepare for the coming food/water and everything else shortages? We are not thieves that would go into a Walmart or any other store and take food or anything else that we could not pay for. How do we even start to “prep”? This is very scary.

        • have skills that will help your family get what you’ll need. If you can’t afford to now, there is still hope in just being a decent person with skills and compassion. If you’re barely getting by and don’t qualify for SNAP, etc,or are too proud to try, there are always food pantries… shelf stable goods from pantries, or even seconds of perishable goods can be canned dried, etc…
          we scrape by every winter, with little to no income, and still manage to stash supplies for SHTF. you might be surprised how frugally one can prep, and still be prepared!

          • Thank you for the advice. I use to be too proud to apply for SNAP but finally did and my 17 year old son and I qualified for $16 last month. They lowered SNAP in October and this month, we got $14. We live in rural WV and there are no food pantries or anything like that available. My son still gets SS (survivor benefits from my husband who passed away 9 years ago) until he graduates this year. Work is difficult to find down here because of distance, price of gas, all part-time work when it CAN be found and minimum wage. Not excuses, I know that other people are much worse off than me. We currently rent from my in-laws who live right next door to us. As of the end of November, I have to be in a place of my own. My in-laws are throwing me out but allowing my son to stay in the house because he will turn 18 in November. They told me to either apply for disability or leave the premises. I am capable of working and do not want to live off of the system. I just need to FIND a job (or 2 or 3 :/). I am on a lot of medication but it does not affect my ability to work. Earlier this summer, they wanted me to have my car repossessed because sometimes I get behind on payments and it is difficult to catch up. But I DO. No car would have meant having more income but it would have meant relying on THEM to get anywhere I needed to go. I refused to be at their “mercy”. So now, come next month, I still have a car but no job and no income. I am from PA but do not want to go back until my son is out of school. He is self-reliant but he is my youngest child and I do not want to “abandon” him. He is more than happy to know that he will have a house all to himself. I don’t know many people down here and certainly nobody that I could stay with temporarily. My family are all in PA. But again, nobody that I could (or would) let me stay with them until I got on my feet. The last thing that I want to do is inconvenience anyone no matter where I end up. My family is not a close one as you can “see”. It’s not that I am a bad person or any trouble and people just don’t want me around. I have 2 sisters that “could” if they wanted to but would never offer to let me stay with them. I do not want to be a bother to anyone. At this point, I am starting to feel desperate but trying to stay hopeful. Back in July, I was hospitalized for thoughts about suicide. I do not want to go “back there” mentally again. So far I have tried very hard to remain positive. I do not want to kill myself any longer; all I want is a job and a roof over my head and to be able to pay my bills and I will be happy. My son no longer “needs” me but I “need” him. He is my child and I would feel miserable about hours and hours of distance between us until he is out of school. He says he does not need me, that he will be fine on his own. He is very independent. Most of the time, he doesn’t want me around, (I am hoping that is typical of most teenagers his age). I am at a loss trying to figure out what to do. If I was not desperate, I would NEVER publicly write something like this and put it on the internet for strangers to read. I know that it does not belong in this “when the SHTF section, but I am at a loss as to what my next step should be. No HUD down here, I have already tried that avenue. It is closed until further notice. Low-income places have mile long waiting lists. As far as a job, I did not go to college so I have no “career” type skills. I was a stay-at-home Mom. But I am not stupid and will give a job 110%. I just do not know which direction to go in at this point. All because I refused to have my car repossessed and I refused to apply for SSI which could have could easily turned me down the first time like they do to most people. Then where would I have been? My in-laws are very controlling and I will be more than happy when I no longer have to deal with them. We RENT this place, we do NOT live here for free. They have never reported our rent as income to the IRS. They call it a small “maintenance” fee per month. We paid $400 a month for 4 years and then last year, they lowered it to $300. But it is still INCOME as far as the IRS is concerned. I am not as stupid as they think. My father-in-law told me that I did not have “the brains” to work. I beg to differ. Sorry this is so long. I feel like a fool for even writing this but at this point, what do I have to lose??? xx

            • Cry out to God…..He won’t forsake you.

              • Amen Dove, GOD has always taken care of my family when times were hard. We’re not rich but we have more than some. I’m saying a prayer for you and that GOD would lead your footsteps. JESUS is always with us.

            • Sorry to hear about your problems. You seem to have the right attitude. The job situation here isn’t much better. I hope your sons independence is just a phase as well. My 14 year old has an independent streak as well. Just be thankful he isn’t like so many others who feel like they have to be a sponge on family forever. You have found a good group of people here. We will keep you in our prayers.

        • See if you fit the eligibility for your local food bank. Those are privately run. They do get a lot of due-date limited food from stores, but if nothing else you can live on that while you prep for the future. We got hit hard recently so we’ve been there. Another suggestion: look for seeds and garden supplies on sale now. Most will still work next year. Go to the library and study gardening. Go to thrift stores, Craigslist, Freecycle, etc. to get equipment cheap or free. If there are still yard /estate sales where you are, those are great for stocking up on old candles, soaps, cleaning and bathroom items. Old windows can be used to construct cold frames t get a head start on gardens in spring or year- round crops in mild climates. It’s tough starting out poor, but it doesn’t have to be a death sentence.

        • Friend, you are much better off then most folks who are used to having the so-called good life. Folks like us already know how to make do with little . It wont be much of a curve . The ones who have been spending $5 a day at Star bucks instead of preps will crack when it all falls apart. Dry Beans and Rice and salt are cheep and a good starting place. Do something pro-active!

        • For starters??
          Disconnect from that propaganda machine!!!

          At $70 a month, I have saved $4130 since 2008, November.
          And imagine those paying more for cable.

        • If you need one, buy two, if you need two, buy four. Also, you can buy a small bag of beans for $1.50. Stock up what you can when you find killer sales. Make every penny count by couponing, checking the advertisements.

          • Got 4 yogurt cups at 20 cents each today. Spouse came home not knowing with 4 more cups of yogurt. We’re livin’ high off the cow I guess.

          • So, $70 of cable buys me 45 bags of beans…or (7) 25 lb. bags of rice!!!!
            Hey, folks, your kids can’t eat cable!!!

      48. I’m surprised that riots didn’t start the very minute the cards didn’t work. I wonder if TPTB are disappointed. They did their best to create race riots with the George Zimmerman case but failed there too.

      49. This is why i ordered all my ammo. canned everything i could, plus froze all the beef, chicken, veggies that i think or thought i wanted or needed. walmart is only for paper products ie tp, handi wipes stuff like that. everything else is ready. the only thing that gets delivered is fuel when needed and they come when called. on a lighter note the local pd is going to have an auction to get rid of non- needed items( this is after we got rid of the pd, fired 1 demoted 1) so i told sweetie that i was going to buy a wrecked police car cause we could use a great field beater just to teach the local retirees to drive. THIS OUGHT TO BE FUN wildman out

      50. As far as I’m concerned the readiness foods the evangelist Jim Bakker offers on his site is the best thing going right now for anyone who doesn’t have a whole lot of money to spend but still want quality readiness foods for The Time Of Trouble. Right now I have enough stuff to easily let me get by for at least 6 or 7 months. This stuff is pretty good too. Like the bean burgers. So easy to make and very good. Look, I don’t care how anyone may feel about Bakker. This is not about him, it’s about you and what he has to offer. It’s about being prepared for that Time Of Trouble that’s going to surely test us sooner or later. Just thought I’d this information with you guys. Peace.

      51. You all I’m not prone to vulgarity…



        And make no mistake!!! this was a test!!!

        These ASSHOLES that partook and set this up…
        I can’t tell them apart…Animals…scum…

        They gotta look up to see the belly of a snake…

        • Jerry stop insulting Animals like that. Really. Animals are a FAR better life form than the atrocious and quite despicable animal called homo sapiens.

          • I know I know, they just make me sick…

            These sickos are really going to pull the trigger…
            You don’t do this kind of test unless you’re close to zero hour…

      52. the really disgusting part about this behavior is the fact that most people do actually have some food in the cupboard. they either don’t want to prepare and eat what they have or they don’t know how to prepare it…this behavior says a lot about the American lifestyle and I find it disgusting.

        • That was my first thought, “What, these people are going to starve in the next couple of hours”?

      53. He who makes a beast out of himself takes the pain out of being a man.

      54. He who makes a beast out of himself takes the pain out of being a man

      55. You think this is bad, wait until the social security checks, medicare payments, military retirement and federal retirement checks stop.

        • along with the check you get for trolling.

          • Along with the check planned parenthood is sending brave. Advocating to let kids die. Wow.

            • Troll, I don’t get a dime from planned parenthood and I don’t advocate to let kids die either, so go f#$% yourself!

        • NC Joe.

          Go ahead. Make my day.

          Now that you have made mine, I’ll add to your post.

          By 2016, there will be at least 60 million retired Americans earning Social Security and some other forms of Govt Pensions that have been earned and maybe some un-earned in terms of amounts recieved. Add to that another 60 million on EBT, welfare, and other free-stuff.

          That is 120 million total (60 mill + 60 mill)

          Lets be conservative and say that each folk requires at least $2,500 per month when you consider everything. Thus that comes to:

          120 mill x $2,500/month x 12 month/year = $3.6T

          Yes, $3.6T !!!!

          That does not include the expenses for education, illegal immigration, military, wars. etc.

          In 2013, it is estimated that $2.8T will be paid in taxes. Yet, our Govt says deficit spending is around $1T this year.

          Folks, I have something to say so please have a seat and listen. Please sit down, all of you. I hate to break the news and tell you this but–

          The Govt could be lying to us on how much is actually being spent.

          We probably have annual spending deficits more in the range of $3-4T.

          All indicators are showing this, such as:
          .lack of job growth
          .USD index in the 77-83 range since 2007
          .inflation of what Bernie says
          .unemployment higher that what we are being told
          .USA invading countries messing with the dollar
          .Countries leaving the dollar as world reserve
          .people want the dollar dominance away from oil

          What can we do? Very simple. There are about 85 million Americans working full-time at 40-50 hours per week. We need $4T more to balance the annual spending budgets of feds and states.

          Simply work more so you can pay in more. That is the New American Dream.

        • Yes and no,
          These baboons we saw in these videos are a whole nother kinda stupid, there are MANY people who receive these benefits who are good people.
          Still know what respect is, are honest, etc…
          If there is one thing we all need to be aware of it is to not paint things with too wide of a brush!

          first scenario
          two people come to my farm and explain that they are in need of something to eat and is there any way i could help them out, maybe they could help me in the fields in exchange for veggies of some kind of work around the house,
          I would most likely load them up and form a loose alliance that will keep them fed with more than they could imagine. We all end up being best of friends and they turn out to be a vegan sous chef and a very handy naturopathic practitioner who greatly compliment our neighborhood!
          Second scenario
          Two people come to my farm, just start helping themselves to whatever, trashing stuff along the way,
          Bang bang first fucker is a double tap to the chin and forehead, bang second goes down with half her shoulder sot off, bang stops moving, well never know who they were, other than thieves.
          I just got me some high quality calcium and nitrogen for my compost pile!

          • OR a really good Do Not Enter sign using the bodies hanging from a tree??

            • I was thinking just the heads,
              Waste not want not

          • There’s another scenario : Two hundred people come to your farm, just start helping themselves…

            Think community defense.

      56. What happens iif all those people get busted for fraud and loose ebtforever?

        • In such case make sure you are not fat since they’ll eat you.

      57. Would Congress leave D.C. if they had to work for nothing?

        • No. They make millions in bribes every year. The govvie check is used primarily for hiring call girls or 18 YO pageboys.

        • Would Congress leave D.C. if they had to work?

      58. More like don’t wait til the last minute to stock up. Why subject yourself to such madness. I am sure there would be people in the parking lot taking things at gunpoint. By that time you should be on your way to somewhere else if that applies to you.

      59. i don’t know you so i can’t speak for your circumstances.

        However different your circumstances are from mine i do know one thing.
        When the money center banks that hold among six of them 75% of the deposits in the US take a hit on the derivatives market, they Will Steal All the Money You Have in your account.

        uS FDIC BOE 10 December 2012, joint paper: Resolving Globally Active, Systemically Important Financial Institutions.

        You are an unsecured creditor not a depositor. They own your deposit from the moment you make it.

        Just as Hitler announced what he was going to do in Mein Kampf, which I haven’t read in decades, the power elite by Cyprus and the policy above have announced what they will do. When they decide to do it.

        Leave your neck where they can put their jackboots on it and you have invited them to do what they do.

        How will you feed your family with no money? Most here have various reality based answers for that. Those that don’t better wake up fast while you still have time to protect your interests.

        Just as with clean water, filters, and ammo there is no such thing as having too much Celox gauze and powder. Expensive little buggers, yes. But when you need serious bleeding stopped your cash ain’t nothing but trash. chinook medical, colorado.

        • Gee I hope my 2.43 cents is safe :} will the FDIC cover me?

        • Cayenne Pepper is a great clotting agent.

          • my grandma used to use flour…

            • We used dry dirt.

              • Arrow root flour or yarrow.

      60. In light of this I thin I need to go for a walk and go buy some stuff I’m short on. Wanting to stand with the truckers I didn’t do it this weekend.

      61. I think what will unfold will depend on the scenario. If we warning before hand, I would expect stores to sell everything out in hours or less. If there is no warning and transportation is an issue along with the ability to pay for food it could be very different. I survived a few ice stormed and major blizzards. If we knew it was coming the stores would be empty in no time. If it hits with no warning, the sores could close due to lack of power or ability to process sales and lock the doors. if they lock the doors, then we might see rioting in a few days if things don’t appear to get better and we would see looting in days. So timing is key, a warning stores will sell out before hand. No warning, the stores will be closed. So, prepping is your best option.

      62. When the SHTF hits… you should start feeding the birds and squirrels with some old bread.

        Think about it.. After a few weeks.. you cannot get meat?

        I’d just open up the back door..and fill the shotgun with birdshot I bought…a few cases of it.

        Fresh meat!

        Squirrel sandwich any one?

        Yeah….we’re getting close to shtf day/year.

        Things will get very very bad.

        There is no more “normal” anymore.

        What the preppers have really bought themselves is peace of mind.

        However…if the SHTF does hit.

        You know the govt. folks will come knocking.

        They will cross ref. your IP address with the prep. sites you went to..and also get the records from your supply houses you bought from.

        They might already have you in a table in a db.


        Be ready to move your shit and when they come knocking…

        Yeah…all that stuff I bought in 2007….I ate it …all of it.
        It was yummy.

        Pretty much we’ve been taken over by commies.

        The new reality is…
        You don’t hire dems.

        They caused this. Commies at heart.

        • no. “dems and republicans are all ONE party and all controlled by jews. Learn this.

        • This is actually funny — when my son was younger, he made us a bird feeder as a present, but accidentally made the glass side of the feeder too short and so when we put the seed down on the sides of the bird feeder, some of the smaller birds get trapped inside and we have to run outside to lift the top and free them….if SHTF, muhahahahhahahaha.

      63. I practice situational awareness. Weve had a couple power outages in the past couple years>at first,everyone is friendly and they band together,after a bit of time the stores lock their doors,in fear of looting and robbery,then you notice cars stranded and blocking the roads because they run out of fuel,then you start to see the general attitude of the people on the streets turn to ummmm ‘grumpy’,no smokes and no beer and ATM machines to get money to buy dope from their dealers,then some folks who need meds start panicking,then you start to see emergency services and police services and ambulance services get overwhelmed by the calls for help.
        Im at home all happy that ive prepped but i cant sleep as i know how quickly it can escalate,then the power comes back up and things slowly start to get back to normal. Ive seen this a few times,all within a span of 48 hours. After a week without electricity, id imagine were approaching martial law. Then were F—ed!

      64. I watch this default debacle, and this is decades in the making. DUH government, you don’t spend what you don’t have. DUH government you don’t borrow so much that one day you can’t even pay the freaking interest on all the loans. DUH government you don’t sign over trade agreements that EVER cost Americans good jobs. DUH government your boss and whom you serve are the people. DUH government when there are good paying dependable jobs people want to work because it gives their families security and extra money to work with. DUH government welfarfe states continue to fail all over the world, look at the trash heap they call Greece.

        IF the debt is not stopped, the default by choice now will not be a choice later. DUH government. Of course a police state type of martial law type government this is exactly what they would want, people failing and totally dependent on the state for everything. NOT so DUH government, just f$%^ you type government.

        I have been watching the seismic maps and you know before a massive fault breaks the thing locks up so tight that there are no real earthquake activity. There have been 14 divergent plate boundary earthquakes that tell a tremendous quake is coming, 2 other that say something in the low 7 range. 16 of them that say a major quake on the way. The one today says 100% of the time in the past. The Juan de Fuca plate where the Cascadia fault is has been dead quiet, this is a concern. It could be India, Japan to Kamchatka, Central Indonesia to Samoa, Central America to northern Chile, or one of the other dark horses. OR it could just be the Pacific Northwest or Alaska.

        This whole issue of the default and government shutdown is going to take complete second to the catastrophe that would hit the Pacific Northwest and/or Alaska from what appears like a great to super quake on the way. I have been calculating out what a 9+ in the Aleutian Islands would do. Hawaii would be hit from a series of waves swinging from from the northwest, not like the usual north with an Alaskan quake. This wave would encircle most of the island chain because the undersea topography. Wave size would be 25-40 feet with a much larger if the quake reached into the mid 9 range. Everywhere from Baja California up to Alaska would be hit with tsunamis from 15 to 75 feet. California would have 20-30 foot tsunamis.

        This would be because like with Indonesia and Japan the shallow sea floor would rise up and magnify the amount of water being moved. The 8.7 earthquake in Indonesia did not cause a massive tsunami because of there not being enough dynamic overshoot of energy to lift up the shallow sea floor. The 8.7 earthquake in the Aleutian Islands decades ago was just such the case also. If this one reached over 9, the same mammouth tsunami waves can be expected as in Japan and Indonesia. The shape of the west coast would funnel in such tsunami waves from the Aleutian chain.

        If the Cascadia fault goes, then the shape of California will protect it from the blunt force of the waves. The closeness of it will still mean 10-20 footers. It is likely that the sea floor will be thrust up like in Japan, perhaps a bit more. All ports in Washington and Oregon will be destroyed. They handle about the same volume as the Los Angeles port. This will put a serious hurt in the Asia Pacific trade. having two states with their western shores essentialyt annihilated for months or years will take a hard hit on the economy. The Cascadia fault should break between 8.9 to 9.2 in size with a top of 9.3. That will be enough in all likelihood to cause what happened in Japan to happen in Washington, Oregon, and British Columbia. The energy though seems to be slightly favoring east Asia and the south Pacific. That could change.

        IF the massive earthquake likely to hits nails Alaska or the Cascadia fault then this whole government shutdown and default will automatically become an off news story. BO would have to agree to something and so would congress. Of course any other national emergency would do the same.

        The whole point is there are bad “vibrations” in the air. I can see what is coming in the geophysical world from past records and from the general movements of the plates, but I have to admit I am totally clueless about the other issues. Today I saw seagulls flying in circles, several of them actually bumping into each other in flight. This you just don’t see even if it is very windy. Something is really wrong.

        • BI,

          I heard that there was a major earthquake…do you know where it was? Is there a tsumani warning also?

          • SG – I think the 9.9 quake was in LA and a few other states around walmarts, caused with the thunderous herd of EBT zombies with average body fat ratios of 92%, heading there all at once when one of them tweeted: FREE S*HIT at WALMART!!!! No reports of a tsunami yet.

      65. nigmart

      66. your tax dollar at work. How sweet. I wonder how much of the perishable meat and dairy had to be condemned by sitting in the carts before it could be restocked. I am sure it is a sizable amount. Truly makes me sick and even more pissed off. Paying for all that waste and their fucking existence. While people on fixed incomes struggle to get by, the (have nots ) trashed the entire store. I am sure prices will go up to pay for the loss. If you say scything about it you are either picking on them or are a racist. Welcome to the new USA. What the fuck happened to this country????

      67. This was warring for all of us. It happen because of test. The back-up of it failed and coming Nov.13 and 14 anything could happen with their back-up. There test electric grid, do you feel safe after this weekend?

      68. Attn: Preppers – How to feed a family of 4 for a YEAR for under $300:

        Food grade storage 5 gal buckets + lids around $6.00 at lowes.

        • RE Food for $300 — Another GREAT site with similar info:

      69. Does ANYONE know when regular ole’ bank credit cards will go “down” also and stores will say: “Folks – buy anything!” I need to know, to reserve a Peterbilt. Thanks.

      70. There isn’t much to say that hasn’t been said about these thieves already. It’s sickening. However, I hope everyone who lurks here doubting if they should prep or not gets this one as a wake up call.

        These “gimmies” and the others who keep their heads in the sand (non-prepared folks who can, just don’t)are the ones we all will have to deal with in droves if the S actually hits the fan. These thieves were just taking advantage and thought they would get lots for free -fact is, once the system sees the overdraft it will come out of their “allotment” in future months until it is “paid off”. So, they get a little pain for their thieving, and for the most part, things go back to business as usual.

        Now, picture what it will be like when those cards don’t work ever again…and the stores close…and the electricity goes off and doesn’t work for a while (or ever again)…

        Again, if you are lurking here, doubting if you should be preparing some basics and building those preps for the long term, consider yourself warned about what you can expect to see happen.

        Hope today finds everyone looking through their supplies and double checking their lists. And if you are a doubting lurker, this story finally pushes you in the direction of beginning to prepare.

        Fed Up

        • So I was wrong. The thieves will not be held accountable. I just read a follow up story that indicated china-mart will have to absorb the loss. While I don’t feel bad for the corp. having to pay for their stupidity, I’m disgusted the thieves won’t be held accountable. Even more pathetic.

          Fed Up

      71. The people in the video were not freaking out because the system crashed, per se. At that particular Walmart the EBT cards stopped showing the balance left on the card.

        A manager at the Walmart called their headquarters and asked what they should do and they were told to continue accepting them anyway.

        So, all the leeches spread the word (via smartphone likely) and soon they overtake the store and emptied because even if they had a balance of $0 on their card they could buy as much food as they wanted.

        This lasted from about 7pm-9pm Saturday. Reportedly, there was one woman in line when the system came back up. She was attempting to by $700 worth of stuff, and her card had a balance of $0.49. She was furious that all the people in front of her got their stuff and she had to leave with nothing.

      72. Just like forecasted in comments:

        # 2461426, Visa Article at 8:38 AM Sept.30
        # 2501737, Not Normal Govt article at 9:01 PM Oct.1
        # 2577071, US Treasary Article at 3:59 PM Oct.4
        # 2725807, Report Security Breakdown Article at 9:50 Pm Oct.12

        Philippines just hit with a 7.2, 2 miles away from a town that is sure to be completely flattened.

        This system works too well. Earlier I said at least a low 7 range, it happened right in one of the targets areas mentioned and right on time. Just like when the northern Nazca plate was hit in 1975, it happened again. The nazca plate was hit 13 days ago.

        Here’s the thing. 7.2 is not enough energy to justify all the other precursor quakes. Either more major high 6 to low 7’s are coming OR the great to mega one is still coming. It is now wait and see AND look for more precursor quakes. ALL other areaqs remain in danger that were listed until at least Oct.21

      73. Haven’t been near a store for well over a week, so I couldn’t tell you if there were any problems down in the city…I tend to not go to town often and adding to that this has been the time when the truckers were asking folks to hold off on buying things to help them…don’t plan to go to town till Friday at best so I think Ill be safe by then…let em eat their EBT cards when things do go south!

      74. Fed Up said, “There isn’t much to say that hasn’t been said about these thieves already. It’s sickening. However, I hope everyone who lurks here doubting if they should prep or not gets this one as a wake up call.”

        Outstanding, well put Fed Up! We have witnessed the mentality of those in the inner cities, the grocery store cleared out in a nice neighborhood by DC when a huge blizzard hit about 3-4 years ago. The beatings on you tube of the thugs with the gimme low life mentality.

        I was driving E bound on 8mile, the out skirts of Detroit Saturday morning, I lost count of the people wondering with the bottle bag in hand and 5 people with signs, Help Me, I’m out of work with a family.

        Once into the N. suburbs life was normal and people hadn’t a clue of the dangers lurking.

        • @Cujo…

          Very nice to see another suburban Detroiter here. Work in the city, been seeing this kind of stuff for years. Live about 30 miles outside of city. Also been seeing the entitlement mentality 5 days a week for the last 20 years. It truly does wear on me.

          @BI…I thought about you when I heard about the EQ. You were spot on! Please keep us informed.

      75. @ Southern Gal. 7.2 earthquake was right in the middle of the Island Bohol, at a depth of 35 miles which might save lives. The town of Balilihan was 2 miles away from the epicenter but could have been miles away from the hypocenter, where the earthquake’s energy hits the surface. I zoomed in using Google Maps and the area is forest land, but there are small cities nearby. Unless this is upgraded to a 7.5, it is very likely you can expect more major earthquakes in the areas listed before on these comments.

        It truly always amazes me how predictable the planet is. When you see all these divergent plate quakes, you know that a large earthquake is coming. Politics, BO, congress, and other governments are not 1/4 as easy to forecast. Until Oct. 21 at least, the planet remains in danger of a much larger quake or some more major quakes in this size range.

      76. “Failure to prepare will be nothing short of horrific.”

        As has been said, “He who fails to plan, plans to fail”. Trite, perhaps, but also accurate.

      77. I followed the EBT withgreat interest as I question its alleged cause. If you were able to call an 800# which permitted you to spend $50.00 then a computer glitch is questionable, If the system permitted you to spend $50.00 it could have also permitted you to spend the entire balance on your card, unless of course there is an issue with the availability of money. The fact that no one rioted or looted is a positive sign, however give it a week or so and see how people will behave. I have no doubt that looting will start. Abd for that reason we militarized our police departments. Police will not respond in cruisers but with MRAP’s. The poor people will be offered govt. housing and food in our “camps.” It all makes sense. There will be marital law declared in some cities, like Detroit, LA, possibly NYC, where there will be thousands of starving people and looting will be the norm of the day. I think this little computer glitch was nothing more than a teat run for the real thing. What makes anyone think we can continue feeding 50 million Americans?

      78. @ DynaChrome. This is disturbing as the Philippines plate is completely surrounded and being squeezed on all sides. The pressure from this earthquake shows a back feed from the Asia and Australian plates and more pressure directed right towards India and China. Think of the way a police car will try to hit the side of a get away car to swing it around. This is what just happened with the Philippines plate, this swing around has added to the chance that India and/or China will get blasted with a huge earthquake. More divergent quakes on outer plates will tell whether this is it or bigger quakes are coming, and likely where.

      79. A Survival Tip by Ugly

        RE: What to do if shopping when SHTF

        Preppers. We know the day is coming. We also know one of our biggest fears is to go shopping for a few things and then suddenly hear over the loud speaker that the debt ceiling limit has been canceled and SHTF.

        Then all of sudden riots and fists a flying and people scrambling to get all of the food. All you wanted was a gallon of milk, butter, and dozen eggs.

        Suddenly 5,000 people in store and there you are caught in the middle of the melee. You hurry, get goods, and get to cashier as fast as possible. Then all of a sudden, you realize–You Got Cash!

        Oh Shit!

        You look back and see 200 others are also in line and you, the dumbass, came with cash. You are now pegged as one-of-those! How do you escape that one?

        No problem. I have developed an EBT card that looks real but is for holding your cash. You see, you take out the card, smile at the 200, and lean towards cashier and slip out the $50 that is hidden inside the specialty compartment within the EBT card. When handing the $50, tell cashier to keep quiet, keep the change, and give you three steps (alittle Skynard) to get out the door.

        You are safe.

        • #1-(and I only need 1)if I am at a store, it is to buy an unusual item I don’t have (like almond extract) because I am a prepper and need nothing.
          I leave and that odd item doesn’t get bought; neither does that recipe get made.

      80. We have seen this through the decades, and not just this weekend.

        We will not have a week of normality before the Gibsmedats come boiling out of the urban kraals.

        We will not have three days of Walmart “just-in-time” inventory to feed the hordes and keep them sated.

        We will have only HOURS.

        1965 – Los Angeles – the arrest of a young black man in Watts incites a crowd, which spawns a riot, within one hour of the arrest;
        1968 – across America – the death of Martin Luther King touches off rioting in several cities within hours of the media broadcast;
        1977 – New York – the grid goes offline at 9:30PM, the looting starts around 11PM;
        1992 – Miami – Hurricane Andrew’s winds haven’t even died down before the malls are ransacked;
        1992 – Los Angeles – the verdict is announced for the Rodney King Trial, and almost immediately, the city burns;
        2005 – New Orleans – the looting started even before the storm made landfall;
        2011 – London – a protest over a slain gangbanger turns violent and within four hours, Greater London descends into mayhem;
        2012 – Long Island, NY – in the wake of Frankenstorm, enterprising looters dressed as powerline repairmen sneak past the martial law cordon and pillage, with 24 hours of the storm;
        2013 – Oakland, CA – less than fifty minutes after the verdict in the Zimmerman Trial, demonstrations “spontaneously” erupt, but in Oakland, fires and unrest break out…

        Hours, people – not days, hours.

      81. @ braveheart. I have been so totally caught up with this earthquake issue that I have not even had time to read the other comments like I normally do. I laughed at your comments directed towards NC joker that I think has a new assignment to try to sound like someone less than totally nuts. For too long nc joker has come on to this site and attacked Mac, the articles, and the people here to gain any respect for something that sounds good. I just can’t think too much of someone that wishes that ALL of us were dead and don’t deserve to live. That was totally classic when nc joker said wait until all entitlements dry up and you said including the check for trolling. Braveheart did some ass whooping tonight.

        I have to get back to trying to figure out whom is going to get it next as a 7.2 or 7.1 is not matching enough energy patterns I have seen for the past two weeks. More is likely coming, and I don’t like the swing back of the Philippines plate directed towards the northwest, China and India.

      82. Good Evening Everyone,

        A rather disturbing thought occured to me after having read a blurb about the current ‘progress’…or lack thereof, with respect to the budget talks. A close read of the Constitution of the United States of America holds a disturbing possibility here, to wit: One of the enumerated powers of the Executive branch is the power to EITHER SEAT the Congress by fiat…or to DISSOLVE said Congress by Executive order. Yo don’t have to take my word for it here…go look up the Constitution over at Wiki…There you will find it writ BOLD. To be ure, uch authority – to dissolve – hads never been applied by anyone inhabiting the White House previously…but there’s always a FIRST time for everything, isn’t there?

        Given that Fox is reporting that The Prez won’t even mmet with the members of the Senate – LET ALONE, the members of the House, even at this late date in the process….I am actually beginnning to wonder IF – on some level – someone, somewhere in the Executive branch is thinking that the latter of the two aforementioned options might JUST BE ‘Do-able’ at this stage: think o the reoning here…a grid-locked, inneffective COngress, threatening the Welfare of the Nation…the words of Rahm Emmanuel keep coming back ty me here again, ….and aagain, hauntingly – relative to ‘Crisis’. Oh well , time will tell I suppose….just a little tidbit to engage your imagination for the eve though I do wish it were a more ‘Cheeery’ one. 🙁

        On another note, 11861 continues to seperate and simplfy while the trailing segnment of 11864 still contains two opposing polarity regions in near proximity to one another…thankfully, the regions involved are relatively small, hence limiting the potential available energy which could be emitted via a CME.

        After all the ‘who-ha’ the last few days relative to the itty-bitty, teensy-weensy ARMAGEDDON level EBT failure, are you all STILL SURE you don’t WANT to ‘bug-out’ sometimne rather soon…say, Oh by Thursday maybe? Rest assured, THAT is a picture of what will happen Damen und Herren…but moreover, AMPLIFIED a thousand times…just sayin’ here.


        • @ JustOneGuy. I have been watching the GOES X-Ray flux chart very closely and waiting for a true mega spike. Anyone did you see what happened above on comment# 2752613? On the third paragraph fourth sentence down I said the other two precursor quakes shows a low 7 range earthquake, and 8 minutes after a posted it, 7.2 in the Philippines. I freak out everytime this happens a major earthquake a short time after a send a comment. This time 8 minutes later. I am still trying to figure this out.

          The planet still remains in a dangerous state. As I mentioned the Philippine plate has shifted around and focused more energy in the direction of India and China. I am waiting to see the big red circle on iris earthquake site showing a 8+. Maybe the world will be spared and just get some more major earthquakes, the energy is still saying more to come.

          • Good Evening BI,

            Scrupulously accurate, as usual, I see! 🙂

            I AM becoming more and more concerned about the near total lack of activity – of significance – along the Pacific Northwestern coast…with all that you have lately detailed, well…allow me to be blunt here: I am getting VERY concerned that another 1960’s type of Alaskan disaster might be shaping up. Twice in two weeks, WE have ‘felt’ something move underfoot, where we are, here. I am rrelatively sure that by way of the lay of the land at our location that the potential destruction would be minimal…but nearer the coast, maybe NOT.

            With repect to the Solar circumstance at present, it is much as I relayed above…there will STILL be some episodic flaring in the mid to high C-Class range, but little else in my estimation based on thre latest hi-rez HMI imaging. That is, unless, of course we have ANOTHER high-mag GRB pulse zip through the Solar system. I have wathced this VERY closely for quite a while BI, and it is almnost ALWAYS the case that the incidence of flaring increases DRAMATICALLY once such has passed through…as well, the response is VERY rapid.

            Do you remember when we had the last X-Flares back in the Spring-time…YUP, those occured right on the heels of the Super-GRB. In that case none of the spots – initially – was of a size to suggest that THAT level of response was probable, or even distinctly possible, yet still…

            Keep an eye on things Friend…I’m PRAYING that what is now doesn’t ‘become’ somethinjg we’d rather NOT experience, on the West Coasst, that is. Keep up the
            good work FGriend…I’m always watching.


      83. Fear mongering BS. The EBT system was fixed pretty quick, Sat night if you pay attention and I know alot of you are bummed. It wasn’t any “test” to see what the people would do.The clearing of the walmart happened because they had UNLIMITED access to the system uncapped, not because it went down. Misleading and kind of a sad attempt.

      84. @ JustOneGuy. I concur about Alaska. The 9.2 in 1964 was much farther east than what I see as horrendous. In 1957 the Andreanof Islands was hit with a 8.6 and in 1965 the Rat Islands was hit with a 8.7, but no mega tsunami. These earthquakes were not strong enough to force an uplift of the shallower sea floor like in Japan and Indonesia. The Aleutian Islands is one of 5 places in the world capable of a mid 9 to maybe 9.7 or even 9.8 TOPS type earthquake. The worst place for the entire west coast for an earthquake forming tsunami is the Aleutian Islands because of the angle at which the tsunami waves would hit the west coast and channel them in. The Cascadia fault would be a nightmare for Oregon to British Columbia, but not California. A mega quake in the Aleutians would send a very large tsunami from southern Alaska along the entire west coast to almost central Mexico.

        The Chile earthquake was 8.8 but did hit Hawaii like forecasted because it was not quite strong enough to force the shallow sea floor up. From past earthquakes, unless they are not too deep, it seems like that 8.9 to 9.0 threshold is necessary to create an ocean wide type of massive tsunami. It is essential for the sea floor to be thrust up very near to the top layer of crust to get these very strong tsunamis. A very shallow type of great quake, say 5-10 miles or less in depth could cause that mass thrusting up of the sea floor to create a big tsuanami. It appears though that 8.9 to 9.0 is the number to look for.

        The 1960 Chile 9.5 earthquake easily created this mega tsunami as Japan 10,500 miles away had 20 footers hitting the coast. For a tsunami wave to retain that much energy across 10,500 miles showed the tremendous power of that earthquake. The Aleutian Islands are about 2500-3000 miles from California for example. You could see what a similar size earthquake up there would do to the coastline less than 1/3 to 1/4 the distance and being funneled in by the topography of the coast. Then there is the problem of Yellowstone being linked to any earthquake activity in Atka, Alaska that is within the Aleutian Islands. Yeah, I am watching this as you are carefully watching what is going on the Sun. It would figure if all of us got a nice big fat black swan event crashing in.

      85. EBT cards, how can the Gov use them for control. Maybe these glitches are just a switch on/off test for select areas.

        There is an UN Constitutional E.O which divides the USA into 10 Regions. Maybe the EBT can be programed so one could only use it in their region assisting in a lock down making it virtually impossible to travel.

        In a rebellious area, turn them off until you comply. Yea, I see more behind the EBT cards than assisting others. I can foresee every having one, money is what they allow you to have and is nothings but bits & zeroes for the purpose of control.


        I saw this today on Drudge, I am not some communist shill like some dumbass shit anonymous retard said yesterday, I am just an employee in the grocery department at walmart and I happen to believe that something big is about to happen in America, and for some reason Walmart is a part of some kind of effort, I hope to continue to stay employed here because I am using it as a gauge to see where we are in time, where I should take my family to safety and escape from whatever it is that they have planned for us all, I will tell you people what I see and find as soon as I can.

      87. I heard the Koch Bros., Freedom Works, The Tea Party Patriots, The Tea Party Express, are all going to feed the poor during this government shutdown of food stamps. Right?

      88. Can cleverness be an internalized, bitter, sarcastic joy? Is it safe to do the Texas two step in a fast growing gated community after 1996? How will I know? What’s one in ten times ten? Tell your friends the answers are there for the taking. There goes the volcano. I suspect we have the wrong kinds of friends in all the tv stations the NSA would ever want to integrate. So, yes, possibly, stay pretty calm, blah, blah.

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