Watch These Geopolitical Flashpoints Carefully: “There Are Always Triggers And Warning Signs”

by | Mar 24, 2017 | Headline News | 30 comments

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    This article was originally published by Brandon Smith of at the Personal Liberty web site.


    Anyone who has been involved in alternative geopolitical and economic analysis for a decent length of time understands that the establishment power structure thrives according to its ability to either exploit natural crises, or to engineer fabricated crises.

    This is not that hard to comprehend, but for some reason there are a lot of people out there who simply assume that global sea-change events just happen “at random,” that the elites are stupid or oblivious, and that all outcomes are a matter of random chance rather than being directed or manipulated.  I call these people “intellectual idiots,” because they believe they are applying logic to every scenario but they are sabotaged by an inherent bias which causes them to deny the potential for “conspiracy.”

    To clarify, their logic folds in on itself and becomes faulty.  They believe themselves objective, but they abandon objectivity when they staunchly refuse to consider the possibility of covert influence by organized special interests. When you internally dismiss the possibility of a thing, no amount of evidence will ever convince you of its reality.  This is how the “smartest” people in the room can end up being the dumbest people in the room.

    In the survivalist community there is a philosophy – there is no such thing as a crisis for those who are prepared. This is true for prepared individuals as much as it is true for prepared communities and prepared nations. The only way a society can fall is when it becomes willfully ignorant of potential outcomes and refuses to organize against them.

    By extension, it would make sense that by being prepared for a particular crisis or outcome an individual or group could not only survive, but also profit. It is not crazy or outlandish to entertain the idea that there are groups in power (perhaps for many generations) that aggressively seek to predict or even force particular outcomes in geopolitics for their own profit. And, by profit, I do not necessarily mean material wealth. In many cases, the power of influence and psychological sway over the masses might be considered a far greater prize than money or property.

    You can buy slaves or purchase the means to make demands of people at gunpoint, but you cannot put a price on fealty or adoration. This is what establishment elites ultimately want – voluntary servitude from the populace. They want us to beg for their leadership rather than begrudgingly accept it under threat.

    To this end, a Hegelian model of problem – reaction – solution is required. You cannot influence people to volunteer for servitude and submission unless they are sufficiently terrified of the alternative.

    The globalists tend to use what I call a “scattershot effect” when it comes to creating or managing chaos. They set the stage for multiple flashpoints around the world and wait to see which of them works and which of them fails. If you have enough of these flashpoints in place, statistically there is a high probability that at least some of them will succeed. We saw this in obvious form a few years ago when covert intelligence agencies instigated the “Arab Spring” insurgencies in Libya and Egypt among other nations, along with the funding and training of terrorist groups in Libya and Jordan that went on to become ISIS in Syria and Iraq, and at nearly the same time we had elitist lapdogs like John McCain in both Syria and Ukraine helping to foment unrest and civil war.

    All of these engineered events created a wave of global instability that exists to this day. Not only this, but one successfully executed flashpoint has the ability to give birth to dozens of new flashpoints. They tend to spread, like a cancer.

    That said, some flashpoints are more dangerous than others.  Here are just a few of the events I consider the most volatile right now.

    U.S. Debt Ceiling Battle Ahead?

    I realize we have seen this many times in the past eight years under the Obama administration; extreme media hype over possible conflict between Republicans and Democrats in extending the ongoing debt ceiling problem for another couple of months or another couple of years. In every instance, Republicans feigned attempts to reduce government spending and then rolled over to extend. The entire fight was purely theatrical and likely meant to distract the public.

    However, in this instance, certain elements are very different.

    With the deadline of March 15th crossed, the clock is ticking on remaining funds and “extraordinary measures” designed to stretch the federal budget until a vote on a debt ceiling extension can take place. Funds are predicted to last perhaps until this fall. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, a Goldman Sachs alumni, has of course asked congress for a quick vote to raise the ceiling.  This is rather counter to Donald Trump’s original position that constant national debt increases are “embarrassing” to Republicans.

    Given, it is not Trump’s fault that he inherits the most massively inflated liability bubble in U.S. history after Barack Obama nearly doubled the national debt during his tenure (an incredible feat, to be sure). But, this does not change the reality that the U.S. is far beyond its means to balance the budget or maintain the current level of spending. And, I would remind everyone that the official debt does not even including the trillions in ongoing costs associated with entitlement programs or social security.

    With U.S. debt at a breaking point, it would seem prudent to institute considerable spending cuts. Of course, where those cuts are applied may become the excuse needed to drive the debt ceiling debate into crisis this time around.

    I am not at all surprised that Democratic senate minority leader Chuck Schumer has recently vowed to throw the debt ceiling talks into disarray if Trump continues to pursue a rollback of Obamacare, the building of the southern border wall, or the defunding of Planned Parenthood. Schumer has specifically warned of a government shutdown designed to prevent the Trump administration from instituting such policies.

    So, you can see why this particular debt ceiling fiasco might be different. With Trump in office, establishment elites do have a perfect opportunity to sow fiscal chaos and scapegoat conservatives in the process. Whether they will follow through or not remains to be seen…

    North Korean Wildcard Returns?

    They’re baaaaaaaack! Yes, North Korea pops up out of the geopolitical ether every two-three years or so to flood the mainstream media with headlines of apocalypse. Every new missile advancement or rocket test by Pyongyang conjures images of ICBMs and mushroom clouds. North Korea appears to be the globalist “ace in the hole” at times. If they ever need a war, North Korea is more than happy to oblige. If they ever need a villain to place at the forefront of a false flag terrorist attack, North Korea is a perfect candidate. And, with North Korea’s “unique” relationship with China, the diplomatic situation and potential for widespread conflict becomes even more tenuous.

    Like the debt ceiling, we have seen numerous instances of heightened tensions with North Korea fizzle out, overblown by the MSM and the Pentagon, perhaps to remind the world why we should continue to be afraid. That said, again, this time feels different.

    Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has stated quite blatantly that pre-emptive strikes against North Korea are immediately on the table. Meaning, the mere hint of a threat, whether real or imagined, could be used as a rational to strike kinetically. Not economically, or diplomatically, but a full bore shooting war.

    Do I think this is possible? This time, yes, more than ever before. If Trump is to be used by the establishment as a scapegoat for collapse as I predicted long before his election, then a situation must occur in which overt military force abroad and at home is solidified. War is the smokescreen by which terrorism, whether real or state sponsored, flourishes.  Martial law being the inevitable result. War can also be blamed for an economic crisis that was already many years in the making. And, war strains and destroys diplomatic ties with peripheral nations, causing more economic distress.

    A conflict with North Korea does offer the globalists a perfect petri dish for directed chaos.

    Oil Market Crash Returns?

    There are many economic analysts out there that are still waiting for an oil market “crash,” and it is baffling to me why they have not realize that the crash in oil markets has already happened. American oil consumption has been falling off the map since 2008. Projections of oil usage made by the Energy Information Administration have been way off the past several years.  Global increases in demand are also stalling.

    While the mainstream media and OPEC hyperfocus on supply and production, the real culprit behind the global oil glut is something that they do not want to address – collapsing consumption. This is why, despite OPEC oil cuts (if they are legitimate), prices have remained static and are now falling once again. Add to this the reality that certain producer nations have been lying about the level of cuts instituted, and yet another oil market reversal will take place.

    The initial oil price collapse from over $100 per barrel to around $30 per barrel was an incredible crash, yet no one seems to want to call it a crash.  Today, the price of around $50 a barrel is barely enough for the industry to break even in most cases. As I have been warning since last year, the $20 jump is temporary. OPEC cuts are minimal, if they are even being implemented at all, and demand continues to falter. Slow consumption plus inadequately adjusted production equals price deflation. There is no way around this fact.

    Why does oil matter?  This should be apparent to most people, but the stability of entire nations and regions relies heavily on the stability of the oil market.  In particular, the U.S. dollar’s world reserve status is tied inexorably to the fact that it is also the petro-currency. Oil market chaos will no doubt lead to a dump of the dollar itself. In fact, the last time oil fell into the $30 per barrel range, Saudi Arabia openly threatened to begin efforts to decouple from the dollar and shift into a basket of currencies as a means for international oil trade.

    The mainstream media tried to bury this story as “empty posturing,” and I think many MSM economists are actually stupid enough to believe that Saudi Arabia dropping the dollar as the petro-standard is inconsequential. What they do not consider is that where Saudi Arabia goes, most other oil producers will follow.

    The U.S. economy cannot survive without the dollar’s world reserve status, and by extension its petro-status. A dump of the dollar by OPEC nations would be absolutely devastating. This is why I highly suggest people take note of oil prices carefully this year, and not underestimate their importance to the wider geopolitical picture.

    Resurgence Of Terrorism?

    In my article ‘Globalists Want To Destroy Conservative Principles – But They Need Our Help’, I predicted increasing terrorist attacks over the course of the spring in Europe and the US.  I have also recently predicted that if there is a resurgence of terrorism in the EU, Marine Le Pen will win the French presidency.  So far there have been multiple small attacks in France, sporadic riots throughout the EU, and now the latest murders outside the UK Parliament.  Such attacks have not yet been sparked again in the U.S., but I still expect that these events will increase before summer.

    Terrorism in itself does not necessarily represent a “geopolitical flashpoint” unless we are talking about something on the scale of 9/11, but it does tend to act as a building catalyst for other major government and social shifts.  The rise of what the globalists call “populism” (their favorite scapegoat now for every crisis under the sun including crises that have been gestating for nearly a decade) could be directly linked in part to the forced mass immigration programs in the EU and the U.S., as well as expanding terrorism.  Every attack will bring certain western nations ever closer to a more nationalist government.

    As this process continues, the danger of globalists and central banks pulling the plug on stock market support surges.  From terrorism, to populism to economic collapse – this is the narrative that the public will be sold in the near future.  It is a narrative that could scar the world for generations to come if we do not continue to expose the REAL internationlist culprits behind our ongoing fiscal instability.

    Standing Watch

    Whenever any alternative analyst writes an article concerning threat assessment, we fully expect that some dimwits out there will jump to the accusation of “doom and gloom.” I’m not sure that anyone really takes them seriously, but let’s think critically for a moment, shall we?

    Civilization is fragile and finite. It always has been and most likely always will be. The continuation of peace and stability, even at a micro-level such as a neighborhood or a town, requires vigilance and preparedness. Governments spend billions on think-tanks and working groups whose sole function is threat assessment. They might only be assessing threats to the power elite and not the citizenry, but they exist all the same. No one accuses these think tanks of “doom and gloom” whenever they present an analysis that is not the most optimistic.

    I hardly see how it is logical to deny the common public the right to our own “think-tanks,” or to be skeptical of our current “stability.” The fact of the matter is, alternative analysts (myself included) have been proven right time and time again in our predictions and warnings, all while mainstream analysts regurgitating endless false optimism have been proven indelibly wrong. We do not promote “doom and gloom.” We present reality.

    Great social and political changes never happen in a vacuum. There are always triggers and warning signs.  Sometimes these events are naturally occurring, sometimes they are created. In either case, to stay watchful and mindful is pure common sense. This does not mean we need to be in a state of constant panic. On the contrary, as I mentioned in the beginning of this article, the prepared have no need to panic.

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      1. Stay on the lookout for propaganda. I’m surprised that so many people on a prepper site so easily believe what they see in the MSM. Question everything. Remember, the government in Wash.D.C. isn’t yours anymore. It’s theirs. There are no good guys any more. Just their guys. All governments are corrupt. Remember the word “Globalist”? Who do you think owns “your” government? Not you. Not me. It’s a big club and you ain’t in it.

        • You have been warned! Again and again and again and again and again and again……..

      2. Good piece Brandon, its good to observe what is going on around us and think it over a bit,but for most the only thing we have control over is that witch is directly in front of us and in many cases we dont really even have control over that. Things have been too good for too long, perhaps im being a bit pessimistic but everything around us seems to be a buzzing hive of instability, will it come home to roost? Or not?
        Who knows, but good analasys as usual, Thanks!??

        • Scum elites, scum muslim trash, scum illegals, etc. etc. Do we have enough bullets for them all? Yes.

      3. I have copied article and moved to word doc – ABSOLLUTELY UNABLE TO READ THIS with it JUMPING TO THE VIDEO AD EVERY 5 secs – You MAY wish to fix because right now – will be reading with NO ADS!

        • Lisa Marie, thanks for your message.

          It appears that a third-party ad is causing this. Working on it.

          We appreciate the head sup!


          • Yep, the third party being a alphabet agency of the govt. The ad is still there.

      4. These manipulations and threats to make people follow through fake promises or do what I say or else… goes back to man’s beginnings. It is not only the elitists, it goes to the lowest form of humanity in our society.

        Maybe I am antisocial when I don’t panic like the rest of manipulated masses, but I see the big picture, standing outside the vacuum bubble. I won’t be a part of it as I sit back and watch them implode because I am independent and prepared.

      5. Talked to a cop that my Dad knows , and has for years ,mY ol man is 80

        he’s retired now and let this tid bit of info out

        All those traffic ticket moneys….60% of the money from those go to pay the Judge’s retirement for that district you got the traffic ticket in

        About “safety” eh?

        fuckin racket folks

        ask why would he lie about that? No reason..and I know its true because I put an end to a case just asking after it had gone on for over 5 months where the 1099 for this case is and that I would like a copy

        all prosecutors have to file taxes on their gains .. they dont like too .. and they dont

        but if you bring the IRS to the table they start getting itchy

        plus it calls out their other lie about No Quotas… uhuh yeah right
        its policing for profit, and pensions folks not ours, theirs

        • “quotas” Yes. That’s why the smarter drivers typically watch their speedometer near the end of the month when quotas have not been met, and chances of being the small fish that got away with 8 mph over, will diminish.

        • I was just talking to a 70yr old guy that got a traffic ticket for not using a turn signal. He said that he was going to go to court and take pictures of his car to show the judge that the cop couldn’t see whether he had his turn signal on or not from where he was on the side of him. For more than a few reasons that I won’t mention here I told him that he was wasting his time. He was also pleading his case before that to a cop that was in line behind me. That guy changed checkout lanes. I guess he didn’t want to lie to the guy about his chances in court.

        • Where I live in NE GA, the last weekend of every month you see more blue lights on the side of the road especially the interstate.

          These tickets are mostly written by small town cops whose jurisdiction just happens to have a section of I-85 run through it.

          I have suggested to the Legislature that they ought to ban city officers from enforcing traffic laws on the Interstate and leave that to the County P.D. (where they exist), Sheriff’s Dept, or the State Patrol.

          Obviously the larger cities with extensive interstate miles would have to be excepted.

          In conversation, I don’t even refer to them as LEOs anymore.

          They’re Revenooers….<bb

        • In our county traffic ticket fines go to the Public Schools. Court Costs go to the court.

      6. That’s one reason we are illegally in Syria
        We were not invited, deep state central
        bankers need the oil and the pipeline to
        go through there main finance is the petro
        Deep state central bankers need a war to cover
        up what they have been doing. The government
        “Should always fear the people,” not the other
        Way around.
        It’s true the founding fathers would be shooting by now!
        Good point in article (organize people)

        • Don’t know how your name got on my reply anonymous that’s strange this is not from
          Anonymous have a good one.

        • Problem is that there is little to fear from a population of knuckledragging dumbed down troglodites…

      7. The founding fathers would be shooting by now? Shooting whom? Avoid generalizations.
        You must identify individuals, groups, organizations. You cannot have a shooting war with
        people hiding behind veils and curtains. The puppet string pullers are not out in the open.
        They insulate themselves with layer upon layer of protection inside institutions. The same
        institutions that you unwillingly support just by identifying as conservative, libertarian or
        liberal. Christian, agnostic or atheist. They have been conquering and dividing the poor
        souls on this earth for eons. If they threw a war and no one showed up, there would be
        your victory for mankind.

        • Groups listed above. Kill them all and no big problems would remain. That’s a dream of course as there are too many girly men to do the job.

      8. The book, None Dare Call it Treason, said years ago that nothing happens by accident. It is all planned.

      9. We’ve got more flash points at home than overseas. I thinks our hands are too full to deal with crap here than overseas.

        • That, by itself, is exactly what they want.

      10. “Terrorism in itself does not necessarily represent a “geopolitical flashpoint” unless we are talking about something on the scale of 9/11,”

        As in another false flag, inside job?

        Or is this someone who pushes “planes destroyed the buildings?”

      11. Oil Market Crash Returns?

        There is another variable regarding oil and the US dollar reserve currency status. This arrangement has oil purchased exclusively in US dollars which gives them value. Its maintained by consumer nations needing oil and producer nations having more than they need thereby fulfilling the export demand. If the consuming nations with some oil, through increased recovery technology and increased vehicle efficiency become self sufficient or even significantly reduce their oil imports then by default less US dollars are required. There s an axiom in the energy business, “No cheap form of energy goes unused”.

        It appears that the USD will be a victim of oil recovery technology. The ramifications of this, its destabilizing effects and fallout open up many possibilities. Short of some magical traditional economic revival in US wealth creation to displace the fraud based post Bretton Woods oil peg, one must entertain the probability of a massive drop in the value of the USD.

      12. I read the memoirs of a woman who was living during a period when hunger and poverty was widespread. Until they got chickens, things were terrible. Afterwards, they had plenty of eggs to eat. The egg has been called the perfect food. It can be eaten alone or added to other foods like flour and sugar, vegtables, cheese, and more. Eggs are an excellent item for bartering to acquire the other things you need.

        Like everything, there is knowledge that can make or break you. My mother bought baby chicks for us, they died because chicks must be kept warm. They are not as fragile when they’re older. Eggs don’t need to be refrigerated if you don’t wash them. Store bought eggs are washed but will keep better if you put oil on them. I use the old oil that has been on the self a while if I buy eggs. But the eggs my hens lay, I refrigerate without washing. I give the chickens diatomaceous earth every two or three weeks to keep the eggs clean. It kills parasites which can make the shells dirty. It also keeps the shells hard. It keeps teeth strong in humans and kills some parasites that affect humans. I keep a large vessel of water. It must be heavy or they will turn it over. I use the inside part of a large slow cooker. At the suggestion of another poster, I add vinegar to the water.

        The droppings get swept up and used as fertilizer. It, too, has value for bartering. Build a shed to lock them up at night out of wood with open spaces for ventilation, Covered with wire so they can’t fly out. Chickens can fly but not very well. They don’t hurt when they peck, mine don’t. They have personalities and they do make nice pets. The eggs are nice, too.


        • Ps:

          They come back into their shed at nightfall, so you can let them wander off on their own without supervision. Lock them in the shed if you spot a chicken hawk in the vicinity. The coyotes will show up and eat them if they aren’t in the shed at night.


          • B form CA;
            Many years ago I asked my grandmother if the Depression was very hard on her family. She lived on a small Mississippi Delta farm. My grandfather died in 1929 leaving her with the farm and six children at home. She replied that she hardly knew that there was a depression. She had a large garden and put up the vegetables. She had a couple of milk cows and a flock of chickens. She stated that if she needed any spending money she would take eggs to town to sell. We need to take note today. Those chickens might come in handy.

          • I saw the information you just gave on eggs on a prepper show that was on the National Geographic channel. The woman on that show said that if you take store bought eggs and coat them with mineral oil that they would last up to a year in your refrigerator. Well I can attest to that. I have gone through dozens of dozens of eggs, some as old as 12 months, and have never come across a bad egg. The white may yellow just a little, but they are as good as new other than that. It was also suggested on the show to turn the eggs that were returned to the original cartons over once a month. You know, just flip the whole carton over…. What? Someone might do them one at a time right?
            I have eggs at the bottom of the frig that I bought in September and I expect no bad ones from that batch either if I eat them in the next couple of months.
            Oh yeah, and I guess you can bury some in the yard too if you think that the critters won’t find them. Just find a nice cool place I suppose. But I wouldn’t know how long they would last at that higher, but still cool temp.

      13. We do not need oil. Get your facts right. USA is number one exporter of oil now. 44% of our wells are DUC (developed underutilized capped). That’s right, it takes 7 months on average to drill the oil week and cap it for future use. It takes less than 10 to uncap it. The next major run up in oil prices everyone should scream gouging if they do not uncap our wells! USA strategy has been to use everyone else’s oil and ours last. Last one standing wins. Now you get the picture don’t you…..

        • I don’t think that your information is totally correct. This country will not be exporting oil at the price it’s at now because it costs more than that to get it out of the ground. Though they will surely start exporting or selling it back to us if the price is right.
          The problem too is that they are pumping poison into the ground to get this oil out. Or as with tar sands causing all sorts of environmental problems along with the return on investment issue. Another thing is that this oil is not owned by the government so it can sell it to you as if it’s yours and you are only paying for processing. And if they want to send it to China because they are the only ones making anything, that’s what they will do, and you will be left with the environmental damage forever, not the profit. I see fracking as the last rape of the country. I guess you see it as how they want you to see it. Though their eyes covered with rose colored shades on. It’s good for the country.

      14. Is saying you hate murderers, serial killers , child molesters, hate Speach? How can anyone talk about hating another human being ? If you don’t hate them do you like them ? Or are you just neutral ? Luke warm? Well then it’s by by time for you? Or you are our new world? The new world order? Sounds great unless you got kids?

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