Watch: These Are The 5 States Hillary Must STEAL From Trump: “If She’s Successful It Will All But Block Trump From Presidency”

by | Oct 31, 2016 | Headline News | 29 comments

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    The fix is in.

    If the latest flurry of emails from the Clinton Camp prove anything, it’s that Hillary’s organization has been actively manipulating and rigging the Presidential election from the get-go. We know for a fact that she colluded with Democratic National Committee to marginalize Bernie Sanders. We know her mainstream media cohorts gave her debate questions ahead of time. We know that she actively hired and organized actions in Chicago and elsewhere to make it look like Trump supporters were violent. And we know from recently released John Podesta emails that they have been tampering with polls through over sampling. We also know that dead democrats all over the country are voting in the Presidential election.

    Thus, it stands to reason that if there’s any way to rig actual election outcomes either through hacking electronic voting systems or other ballot machinations, the Clinton campaign will do everything in their power to take advantage of it.

    In the video below The Daily Sheeple’s Weekly Word explains that there are five key states that are actively being target for election fraud:

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      1. The only thing at this stage is: Black Rifle Matters.

        • SV
          I agree 100%! If Hitlery steals the “ejaculation”, because that is what it will be if she wins.

          Just double checked the sights, cleaned up, and loaded all mags. Man now I have empty AMMO cans. Going to have to do something about that.


          • Ooops,someone needs to go shopping,again!Sigh…….,never thought of that,you fill every magazine does create a lot of space,hmmmmmm…..

          • Sarge,

            I started to spend the money on food and water. If my current ammo inventory is depended assuming I shoot 30 round constantly for 60 days every 10 minutes then I’ll use the concept called:

            PAFDE (pick up ammo from dead enemies).

          • YEP, Everythings Right, when the magazines are packed tight.

            -WWTI. LET Er’ RIP!!!

          • SGT. Dale

            Good to see you are prepped.


            How much protection do you really have?

            Are you relying on what materials your home is constructed. Did you fortify/strenghten your entrance points. Do you have extra material you can stack to stop Rifle Bullets. Is your body armor level 4.

            Not throwing stones at you. Yesterday I pulled out the body armor. Then positioned solid blocks as a firing position. Put a few potted plants on it to camo. Hehehe.
            Today I again began to move stone but have not brought myself to put it in place.

            I am waiting for “it” to happen. Should the banks fail, Internet goes down. Electrical goes down or Martial Law. Then I will implement the rest.

            I have a real Bad Feeling.

            Hillary and whoever backs her are NOT going to let this go.

            • Anon
              Let me try to tell you/answer your questions.

              Been prepping for 35 years.
              Firearms? Let just say I have enough to arm myself my Wife with everything to take out targets from 600 to 1000 yards to 6 inches away. Twice. Also keeping family members equipment.

              Level 3 vest. I have worn a vest for 30 years and know that once they get wet and until dry off they are WORTHLESS.

              I live in an house that was built in 1885, and added onto in 1925. The house sets off the road about 1/4 mile. Let us just say that if you get close to the house there are little thing that just might discourage you from coming any closer. If you get into the house I have a DOG that will bite you if ordered to. There is a chicken in every pot in the house if you get my drift. Around 5 years of food and water purification (creek about 30 yards away, night vision. Best of all there are around 50 people coming to this BOL. So my biggest protection is my family and my group.


              • SGT Dale

                We are going to do just fine.

                Oh Yes. Old Guy’s Rule!

          • I remember wheeling a dozen ammo cans out of a show, two bucks each, some years back, thinking, ‘How am I ever going to fill all these?”….

          • MegaSports in Plainfield, IL, on Rte 30. That’s where I go Sarge

            • Test:
              Been there many times that is where I got my Kimber Pro Carry 2 at. Nice place but a little high on the price side. But then again they just about everything.


      2. even if she were to win, the “deplorables” will KEEP digging, until they FINALLY dig her GRAVE…so to speak…..well maybe literally…she’s going DOWN. there’s nothing they can do to keep her out of prison….pay U.S. now, or pay U.S. later, it’s going to happen….it BETTER, for america’s sake.

      3. Finally, a new article. All I can say is that the hildabeast appears to be going down for real this time.

      4. The Alinsky-ites will stop at nothing to further their Progressive (stealth-communist) agenda. For the liberals that don’t like to read, see “Hillary’s America”, a film by Dinesh D’Souza.

      5. Comedian Lenny Bruce said it best: he felt the real pornography out there was war; that violence against the human form was much worse than a potty mouth or man and man, man and dog, woman and woman etc.

        We have American voters who will vote for Hillary because Trump had a potty mouth; they would rather send their daughter to war than tolerate a man saying the word p#ssy.

        It is because Americans have had the real consequences of war censored from public view that Americans stand as the only people in the world who think fighting wars is fun, a luxury, or a great way to make a buck.

      6. Lenny Bruce was a degenerate scum bag working toward the destruction of the morals of the baby boomers as part of the Communist manifesto.

        He did not originate the idea that war was ugly. The psychology is to get one to allow something obviously perverse because there is something worse.

        You remind me of him and his kind, always putting ones brain to sleep and awakening ones automatic response/reptilian brain/animal instinct. All with the same destructive motive.

        And what is never stated, once the lesser evil is accomplished, the greater evil is easier to put into motion.


        • I understand your point and agree one needs to have a good morality and a code of ethics. I also believe supporting families and family values is important. But to fixate on men having sex or some such thing as the worst evil with all that goes on in the world, I do not agree. I also do not think gay sex leads to the atrocities of war, like you seem to believe.

          • Again the petty issues (by comparison) Who’s going to piss in what bathroom are nothing more than diversion tactics to elude the masses.
            Until the term TPTB is abandoned and people start naming names… the charade will continue.
            George Soros and the elusive Banker from the monopoly game ain’t gettin it
            Everyone knows the chain of command trickles down from the Universities and Think Tanks.
            If we are afraid to call them out then this show is pretty much over … Is it not?

      7. She will not be taking Florida! And if she steels this WE the people will not stand for it and were going to do something about it…



          SINCE CIVILIZATION’s CREATION, ELITES HAVE BEEN RUNNING THE SHOW! Look at history, EVERY populated area has been subject to an endless line of self-proclaimed royalty, government or clergy, who use armed thugs, willing to victimize others NOT part of the ELITES who employ them, to enforce ELITIST will.

          The time for revolution bullshit in AMERICA came and passed in 1929. The asshole ELITES sealed the deal in 1933 when the government corporation was created, and TITLE DEED TRANSFERRED EVERYTHING to the bankers by declaring bankruptcy. Revolt now is simply…Too Little, Too Late.

          The best thing that could happen now would be the sudden onset of a big meteor, CME, or Nuke attack to drastically reduce the herd without allowing the ELITE scum to slither into their hidey-holes, so they’ll die too. While were at it, let religious zealots go meet GOD (In caps to denote the corporate entity) too. Religious freaks spend their lives on their knees praying to meet him, make it so!

          I have spent 40 years on this planet playing by other’s rules, and gotten nowhere, I’m not going another 40 continuing to do the same. I don’t injure other people, THEREFORE, no crime has been committed! CORPORATIONS have no rights over a person! I used to hate street gangs, the AB, the HA…For what? they’re only using the same tactics GOVERNEMENT uses against us! You want to hate somebody, hate yourself for not organizing with other people like you and standing up for yourself! The logic in the saying, “There’s Strength In Numbers” – the strength of an individual is only as strong as the group of thugs that come get you if you fuck with that individual! Remember that the next time the Highway Pirate pulls you over because HE determines your not “safe” – After all, you were driving faster than HE thought you should have, and your wallet is just as good as the next guy’s to be extorted…

          P.S. Here we go again with the moderation/censorship…Mac can’t ya fix Dis? Same Username, E-Mail for 6 years, Moderation still telling me to use a E-Mail (Even a Fake One) to get past the bot…SO FRUSTRATING!!!

      8. “Lenny Bruce was a degenerate scum bag working toward the destruction of the morals of the baby boomers as part of the Communist manifesto.”

        Its still “shooting the messenger”. The war in Vietnam was far more immoral than what Lenny Bruce was arrested for on stage. George Carlin sued it up with this “seven bad words” diatribe. There are bad intentions, bad actions but no “bad words” when feces head is somehow more acceptable than shit head.

        I’m a Libertarian and real fond of the Declaration Of Independence, Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness. It can’t be a bad concept as its “Endowed From Our Creator”. I disagree with government being the moral arbiter as true immorality is malum in se not malum prohibitum. Its especially offensive when sanctioned government murder, virtually always for international business, and justified with ostensible lies, is not just legal but a duty.

        If morality is moving lockstep with government 1955 I want no part of it.

      9. BREAKING NEWS!!!
        How they plan to steal the election using Fractional Magic.

        ht tp://

        Live Free or Die…the final countdown

      10. from CNN

        Donna Brazile, the acting chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee, resigned from her role as a CNN contributor earlier this month.

        In a statement, CNN said it was “completely uncomfortable with what we have learned about her interactions with the Clinton campaign while she was a CNN contributor.”

        more at:
        ht tp://

      11. Since they are manipulating the polls electronically.. surely there are enough technically savvy patriots to undo the fix??
        There just has to be a way to not cheat just stop their cheating so our rightful President who was voted to win by We the People is seated in the Whitehouse.


        Trump could win the popular vote but still lose the election.

        That is why Hillary is so convinced and The Main Stream Media because of the electoral vote count in states that have always voted democratic.


        By the way. In the town I live in there are three places to early vote.

        One is in the projects where no white person goes.

        One is at a school near a project where no white person goes.

        One is at a church where both black and white can go in relatively safety and minor verbal harassment.

        My city is mostly a SSI/welfare city.

        No trying to sound racist but I’ve never seen this voting configuration in the 20 plus years I’ve been here.

      13. Hillary is done. She might win the election, but will be impeached. So really the vote is between Trump or Kaine.

      14. If you want a laugh, have a read of the pro-Hillary nonsense being published in the likes of the UK’s Guardian, Telegraph and Canada’s Globe and Mail. As if written by Bill himself: no mention of the well-documented criminal activities of Hillary. Just stuff about how people don’t like her because she is a woman.

        I personally think the world is in for a hell-storm no matter who wins. Too much is coming unstuck and the war ducks are all nicely lined up in a row.

        On the plus side, us older dudes will get laid a lot when they draft the young pups and send them to fight on the eastern front. Look for tanks to be colloquially called ‘n#gger cookers’ as their mostly black and Muslim crews get baked off by Russian Kornet missiles.

      15. It’s down to 4. CO has been infiltrated by the liberals and the uniparty and is to corrupt. In the primary cruz didn’t win CO, it was given to him. And starting this year they have sent mail in ballots to everyone registered whether they wanted one or not. On top of that they changed it so you can register the same day to vote using a utility bill for proof of identity.

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